SIS Archives -- January 1999

Name: Hank Silvers
at two with nature

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 21:12:34

ole: Yes, I'm looking forward to the new release. . .knowing full well that if it doesn't sell, it'll also probably be the last one.

But who'd have thought at the start of the '90's that there would be any new music at all? The glass is half full, and the CD changer has room for (at least) one more. . .

Name: TheKatyDanFan
Leave my friends

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 20:38:03

You nameless posters seem to be jealous that Clas and Michael C. Packard are not only scholars, but gentlemen, as well.

Just Katy

Name: oleander
one more thing

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 19:09:17

Rose--Sorry to take up more space, but forgive me for not saying this before: I am way with you that someone who would call a woman that, and then preen about it, is an insecure misogynist pig's asshole for whom there is no excuse.

Name: theDandyLion

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 18:22:59

Fuck you losers. Clas is one of the more interesting posters on this guestbook.

Name: oleander
you and the night and the music

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 15:53:01

Figured that posting during Superbowl would be pretty lo-profile around here. Maybe some of this nasty Michael- and gay-bashing will work itself out somewhere else over the next couple of hours. Got Bill Evans on the 'phones--"On Green Dolphin Street"--mmm, what a pleasure. Speaking of keyboards in SD, boy would he have been a dream guest soloist.

Mu--Kudos to youdos. You know my feelings as well for that solo in TWM. BTW, you should stop correcting your spelling. I'd kind of like to hear the shitory of bat wongs. BTW, the OED says that "niggard" is "of obscure etym.," possibly French.

Herm--I read with delight about your morning tunes. I have written here before about my own subjection to the hypnopompic stereo-- I often wake up with someone's party raging in my head, but never a week straight with the same tune! Most recently, I did have "Book of Liars" two days in a row. Keep me posted. Maybe it's like subliminal DMX.

Doc K--Second weekend! Then we can hang!

Razor--agree with you as usual, and you always have such a calming effect on things.

Geena--hey girlfriend!

Rose--I think I liked a lot of what you said, but though I read it twice, all I could think was "She doesn't give a rat's ass about Denny Dias." Of all people! He has never dissed SD in public, has never tried to peddle his connection with them (that I know of), and comes across as a really nice guy in his piece on the ODP. As well as having sublime chops and being the catalyst for the seething elements of Steely Dan. There are a lot more likely candidates for your disdain. Saying that about him is tantamount to saying you don't give a rat's ass about the Dan. Of course, within the confines of what you consider fair (as opposed to free) speech, you can say whatever you want.

Big Fan--LOVED your Tales of Dias. VERY jealous. Hope he's tempted to do it again.

lovebob--checked out "Link," which is a novel about a search for the missing link by a hunky young UCLA grad with a wide-open grin who, unless Mr. Becker has surpassed even himself in parody and obfuscation, has no apparent relation to him.

GKJ--thanx for the nomination, but I note with relief that the Joker has stepped up to the plate.

Roland--Hang in there, listen to "Aja," follow your heart, and teach your parents well.

Hank--I have a feeling that, now that we have assurance that there actually WILL be new Dan, and soon, it will be even harder to wait than it has been the last couple of decades. But as the Steely Ones said in Metal Leg #1, "Steely Dan fans, we like to think, are probably the ones that can keep it up for the longest." I sure can.

Name: correction
get it?

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 13:23:39

No, Bobby it's.. Michael C. Fudgepacker

Name: Bobby Handupme

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 13:13:38

Hey R.O.C.K!

Welcome back! Yeah, as DeRoyd says Clas has changed a lot, he's no longer obsessed with the dog, his new obsession is with The Shakers. I think he might be joining some new religious cult or something since being on the wagon. He calls me quite often in the middle of the night, but I can't understand a word he says.
Oh yeah and like DeRoyd says stick around, the new SD record will be out soon and there will be a lot to talk about, especially from some of the asshole men who frequent here. It's just so typical of us to think that we, as men own this place and women are just bimbos to rag on. I guess we'll always have a 12 year old mentality, no wonder they score higher than us on scholastic tests.

Well gotta go, DeRoyd is coming over and he says we're gonna make fudge. He's just so silly sometimes.



Name: DeRoy Murdock

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 11:20:56

Welcome back R.O.C.K.! Clas has changed since you've been here last. I think it has alot to do with his being on the wagon. He still calls people at their homes in the middle of the night, but the calls seem pretty harmless. Anyway, stick around here R.O.C.K., the new SD record will be out before you know it and besides there's alot of new bimbos here to rag on.


Name: Edd

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 08:58:40

re: Schwinn
Spending money on music toys is always better than dumping your cash into some studio owners pocket, although I might have made some different choices.
MDR-X4?? Do you mean MDM-X4 mini disk recorder?

Name: R.O.C.K.
in the U.S.A.

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 08:27:23


I'm back.


P.S. Who wants to bet that Pissboy won't attend any shows this time, either?

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 02:01:46

Any World That I'm Welcome To, I got it Ruby!

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 01:57:10

Peter North - NOW I got it, you're the actor!

Schwinn - that was a wise decision.

Lester - men and woman, money is money.


"Restoration of Lake Ponchartrain holds lessons for this area

The editorial "Protect grass beds in power project" (News Journal, Jan. 27) is absolutely true. Sea grass is a very important part of keeping our waters in good health as well providing food, shelter and spawning grounds for marine life.

An excellent example of what happens to our water is the recovering of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. For approximately 30 years the lake was written off by the politicians. It had been destroyed by polluted drainage and the industries of the area.

Over seven years ago a group of local citizens formed the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation to reclaim their lake, and they are doing it. One of the major projects was planting sea grass, and the results have been great.

The water is clearer and crabs, shrimp and fish are again populating Lake Pontchartrain. We could learn a lot from what happened to Lake Pontchartrain and keep Santa Rosa Sound and our bays healthy for our children and grandchildren.

Congratulations on an excellent article. Let's all work together to keep our waters beautiful for generations to come.

Beverly H. Dufrechou "

So, what does this tell us? NO pissing in the water during the lessons! That's what it tells us.

Name: Peter North
Raise up Your Glass...

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 00:44:01

Indeed advance congratulations may be in order for the Broncos, because Terrell Davis is basically God. However, I will be rooting for the Falcons, especially because Eugene Robinson has just become my hero (check Sunday's sports section).

Name: Schwinn

Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 00:27:01

Clas: I looked at the Roland stuff and, yes, it's good. Their new HD 8-track is a steal at $1,700. However, I did my research and just bought a slightly used Sony MDR-X4 for $400.00.

Now, I must qualify my purchase. It wasn't totally price motivated. I've heard some tracks bumped from the Sony over to Pro Tools and I was impressed. I often find myself in a situation where me and the boys are improvising and wanted something to capture those rare gems on the fly rather than attempting to reproduce the magic in the studio.

After adding an Alesis Nanoverb, Nanocomp, ART pre-amp and a "hot" condenser mic, I feel I'm beginning to produce some damn fine sounds.

In other words, the $1000 I've invested is far more thrifty than the 13 hours of studio time it would buy at my favorite studio. Especially considering the way I drink and carry on while the clock is running.

Edd: Any thoughts? BTW, the Warner Brothers, eh? You da' man!

AND: Congrats to the Broncos in advance.

No Raw Flame in Months Ending with "R",


Name: Stetson

Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 22:45:06

allright one day after a viking nighmare i think about interests i might have had before training camp i type "steely dan" in alta vista no record for NINETEEN YEARS but i play them all the time and no one will be there but hmm under banyan tree with an active board and reading posts and WHAMMO la times says 2 against nature in june and a tour to follow and my viking nightmare is over thank you walt and don

Name: TheStranger
throw out the hardware

Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 22:09:43

rose darling,
you've got the best monicker in the place cause your're the girl who's dreamed.

kind of strange that i liked charles brown anyway and then find out later he's also a guy walt and donald toured with.

who else plans to be at the south. calif. stop on the new dan tour? i expect it will be irvine meadows again. good thing to talk about, isnt it?

Name: !!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY/FUCK!!!!!!
Location: san fran, ca
Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 11:10:34

katy- I know that Elliot Randall and Larry Carlton did almost all of the famous solo work on songs like DTMA, RITY, AND HD.

St. al- u the man!!! Thanx peg

Original(the poster formally know as LESTER THE NIGHTFLY)- I know what vh1 thingy your talkin about i missed it also, it had something to do with retracing their roots, kinda like what madonna did when they went back to here old apartment in NYC!
Would u care to share your chords with me? my real e-mail is

stranger- What ever!

Big Fan- thanx for the link, I see that the Dan is as popular as ever with everybody in LA, oh boy a whole sentence about the new one, I'm surprised they even mentioned it. "I hate LA", "We hate it!" Also I found your lost post from monday, good words!

motorscooter cop- "WOULD U CARE TO EXPLAIN" i dont know what the hell your blahbing about?

Clas- Looks like u just want female Danfans there huh, busted!


Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 10:15:42

Thanks to Peg "3D" Totzke, we were able to recover all but a few of the missing posts. Say now, wasn't that nice of her?


Name: Clas

Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 06:25:51

Yeah, RubyBaby, I forgot to ask. What is a "tom boy"?

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 03:37:05

Oh Roland!

Did you know that my SignMakerMachine is named Roland? And my XP50 is also a Roland, and my digital piano, yepp, ther's a Roland too.

Name: Clas
cold as a stone

Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 03:30:37

RubyBaby - it was not hard to put him to sleep, over one night he could'nt walk or eat or drink, he just yelled. But you're right, love never dies.

But tell me Ruby - WIGSTKL or whatever, what song is that? My brain stands still.

The KatydanFan - thanx. Nisse is a nickname for Nils. Like Nils Lofgren, Nisse Lofgren.

Dr Mu - that was a weird story. The only word I can think of in Swedish is "nedriga", nedrigga, with hard G's. (nedrig - singularis, nedriga - pluralis).

Minah - thanx, I'll send it.

Hi Lisa!



I will charge 7 dollars and 95 cents for 45 (fortyfive) minutes (come on, it's cheaper than five old issues of "Metal Leg").

The transportation out to the midst of The Bridge Over Lake Ponchartrain you have to take care of yourself. And I would be glad if someone could give me a ride.

And I don't know about rainchecks. Maybe later when I get a weatherforecast.

Name: Pretzel Man

Date: Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 01:15:20

Michael C. "fudge" Packer? LOL

Name: JustKatyAgain
Special Post for Roland

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 23:17:55

Roland: Welcome to the Guestbook, Katy Lied is great, my favorite, as you can probably figure out. In Charlie Freak, the line is "Three weight ounce, pure golden ring, no precious stone." I understand what you're saying, you're in a difficult position, please remember most parents want what they feel is best for their children and they're often motivated by trying to somehow protect you, even when you don't see the need.

You mentioned, Don't Take Me Alive. I love that song too, very much, and I wrote my interpretation of it which Oleander will post at her next editing of her page (her page is called Fever Dreams on the Home Page in case you want to go see it---you click on the album cover to see interpretations of the songs on that album) My interpretation of that song relates to what you have said. I hope you get to read it sometime.

Wishing you well,

Just Katy :)

Name: TheKatyDanFan I on the other side of tomorrow?

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 23:05:01

Gee, I was only out of here for a few days! I take it there are some rules in here now? This is going to be so interesting!

New CD? New tour dates? Will I truly, finally, see them in concert sometime in the next year of my life?? Can anyone in here get advance tickets somehow?? (Original Lester, I'm 5'4" so I'm having a petit mal !)

Lately have been discovering what that creative guitar player is doing in Daddy Don't Live in That NYC No More, I just love it. And I love the keyboard in Everyone's Gone to the Movies, I just think I have to play that right now! I'm playing it already on my steering wheel and I know they're starting to wonder....

Question: Is it almost always Donald on the keyboard? And is Walter usually playing guitar? I know there are other lead guitarists, but who are the main ones, isn't there a Drew Zing (I need a quick lesson on this. I can't remember it all!)

KD: Welcome, and please, flatter yourself all you want, you'll be in better shape if anyone decides to try to remove any of your self-esteem!

Ruby: I'm with you on your observation re: AWTIWT, and I think that's true of many of the Dan songs. Often the best prose/lyrics come from deep down, I think, and it seems we go deep down mostly when pain is forcing us to go there.

St. Al: Great to see you over here. Did we do something wrong? We said some bad words, didn't we?

LTNF: Except for your SHOUTING, I got a kick out of your post. (Maybe we better not talk about sweet sweat and making love to SD music, though!) Glad you're enjoying your weather., I knew Henry Hyde reminded me of someone.

Chilly: Didn't you ever notice that the Dan has a lyric for nearly everything you'd like to say in life?

Clas: So sorry to hear about your Nisse :( I'm sure he's listening to the Dan in the sky now. (What does Nisse mean? Is it an affectionate Swedish term? I like it.) You are inviting us to shaker-classes in New Orleans? Aww, and I won't be there, can a girl take a rain check on your invitation?

Fezo: I'm sure I did listen to Duke in my parents' home, they had all that music on all the time! It's in the recesses of my mind somewhere. I'm sure it's worth digging up.

Josie!! You better write before the wedding, or I won't even know the color of my Matron of Honor dress!

Michael C. Packard: Keep trying, I think you are misunderstood, sorta kinda!

El Supremo: I want to say that I you an awful LOT!

Just Katy :)

Pardon lengthy posting....

Name: Keith Jackson

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 22:59:13

Whoa, Nellie! It's only two minutes into the FIRST quarter and here's the score:

Nature: 123
The Dan: 0

It's too early to judge how this will affect sales of TNO, but I think it's obvious the Dumbfounded Duo's insistence that the game be played in the Custerdome didn't give them the advantage they were expecting...

4th and 99,


Name: Witch Queen
o the swamplands

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 19:45:58

GKJohn: Ah luv ya baby!

Technology for Country Folk...

1. LOG ON: Makin a wood stove hotter.

2. LOG OFF: Don't add no more wood.

3. MONITOR: Keepin an eye on the wood stove.

4. DOWNLOAD: Gettin the farwood off the truk.

5. MEGA HERTZ: When yer not careful gettin the farwood.

6. FLOPPY DISC: Whatcha git from tryin to carry too much farwood.

7. RAM: That thar thing whut splits the farwood.

8. HARD DRIVE: Gettin home in the winter time.

9. PROMPT: Whut the mail ain't in the winter time.

10. WINDOWS: Whut to shut wen it's cold outside.

11. SCREEN: Whut to shut wen it's blak fly season.

12. BYTE: Whut them dang flys do.

Name: Original Lester

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 17:17:51

I can't stand it. I'm so anxious I'm gonna have a grand mal. I must hear Two Against Nature NOW! I must see the VH1 special NOW! I must see them live NOW!

Speaking of VH1, I once caught the tail-end of a special which, I believe, pertained to their '94 tour. I'm sure somebody else has seen this and may have it recorded. What about the '95 Late Show appearance? Never saw it.

Figured out the chords to Peg last night. I should have taken the time a long time ago, 'cause it wasn't that difficult compared to a lot of their other songs.

Feed me more SD CD/tour/vh1 special rumors PLEASE.

Name: myra Eyeful

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 15:52:48

After giving a 3 hour deposition, i have a new respect for Monica and other witnesses that have to sit and give sworn testimony to a bunch of strangers who want to screw you. Roy Scam wants to know if I have anything else in common with Monica-hmmm!


Name: Joe M

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 15:33:35

St Al, Pete,

Thanks bunches...

Good news indeed.

Name: Rose Darling
just sauntering on in and meandering on out

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 15:30:14

Deleted posts? Ah crap, I miss a few days and have no idea if anyone inhaled my last bombastic post, other than LTNF.

Welcome to KD.

LTNF, you are actually CORRECT in that the weather has been pretty fab-u-lous. Getting on the warm side again though (wish it wasn't.)

Eviva, where are you?

Name: KD
Location: waco, tx usa
Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 13:12:11

Hello to all! I am new to this site and the internet. I am really happy the site is back in order. I thought something was wrong with my system or perhaps you all thought I was an idiot after you read my first entry (1-26-99) and decided not to let me back on. I shouldn't flatter myself so much before therapy hour. It's time for meds,I better run.

Name: rubybaby
i forgot to say

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 12:23:32


Name: RubyBaby
uno dos tres quatro cinco cinco seis

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 12:18:24

Clas: I'm sad with you about the passing of Nisse. It took strength to let him go, didn't it? But I'm also happy that he lived a very long and good life with you. You'll have fond memories of him. Love never dies.

I was listening to AWTIWT the other day in the car. I never realized before that song was probably born from much pain.

My theme song these days is Owner Of A Lonely Heart.

I was reading the Words You Should Never Use In A Song (from the official site) and made the following observations:

1) Since when should Steely Dan have a list of words to never
use? What are they becoming?

2) "fairy" is one of the words listed. However, they already used that one. "Maybe he's a fairy..." from Thru With Buzz, is one of the best lines in the whole damn song!

3) the word "calculus" was there, but crossed out. Does that mean they will use "calculus" in the future? And since they already used "Avogadro's Number" in a song, isn't the use of calculus a moot point?

4) some of those other words are medical terms, and while they are disgusting, not many will really know what they are. Take "fistula" for instance. Most listeners will just hear "fist to ya". Or the word "bolus". Most listeners will probably hear "bowl us". So why not use 'em? Be brave, Don & Walt.


Name: TheStranger
not so secret history

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 11:57:05

lester of the night,
the thing is, les, we can't be sure richard simmons is your daddy. it's just an educated guess cause he was at the head of the train. at least now you know why you feel that urge to prance around in an exercise video.

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 09:09:43

Here is a little more information I received from Pete Fogel the other day. Now, before you e-mail him asking him a bunch of questions, DON'T, just DON'T. There probably isn't much more to say.

I'm really not sure if SD will be touring the same venues this year because
they may be getting a late start. So because of the colder weather, that
would knock out at least some of the sheds they've been playing. But who
knows? Because I've also heard they might be starting in July. They've also
been talking about doing small venues in the major cities for multiple
nights, that would cut down on touring.

Some more happenings/rumors: They'll be doing a live performance for either
a video or PBS special or both in late March/early April, here in NY.
They're also considering doing some live shows here to try out the upcoming
album. Also, it looks like VH1 will pick up "The Making of Aja" for their
classic albums segment. I know it will be shown in England in March or
April, but I don't know when it will air here. Ah, I think that's all for now.
Thanks Pete!!

Name: DrMu
better hook up a spell check to Eudora

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 07:57:49

that's "history"

Name: DrMu
why, oh why

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 07:55:27


Name: DrMu
get ready to censor

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 07:53:08

Clas: We'd like to hear your perspective. I'm not sure if I have the story completely straight, but the individual (I don't have time or the energy to look for on his name) in question was a high ranking official in the Washington, DC city administration. At a cabinet meeting, where some of the members happened to be African-American he was complaining about the "niggardly" budget. I've heard it used from time to time This word according to the dictionary comes from the Swedish language and means "miserly or stingy." Is there a similar word that is current Swedish use? It, of course, has no relation to the derogatory word "nigger" which is derived from the Spanish word "negro" which means "black."

It would be analgous for one of European-American descent to become offended by these sentences: "HONK if you use sunblock in the winter" or "wipe the cheese and CRACKERS off your face. "Honk" and "Cracker" are derogatory terms for white (or as I call myself - lighly pink) people.

We'd all like to be sensitive to the feelings of others and most African-Americans are descendents of slaves, an unfortunate part of our shitory, but this was a bit over the top. Today, I heard that there is tremendous pressure on the DC mayor (who is at a tremendous disadvantage not being a cocaine addict) to reinstate this individual. As it turns out, this person is openly gay and gay rights groups in the area are coming to his aid.

Name: Big Fan

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 07:19:48

Here is the link to the LA Times article. Info is at end of article. Label will be Giant. I have a smile on my face...

Name: lisa
set it @wffff

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 06:38:50

i'm all tingly and feel just like queen latifah! could it be true? the much anticipated new one? if that all-knowing master of dandom kinky says it's june 8th, then by god i believe it!

O-lei: i'm highly retro myself this week, though i haven't had time to develop many new obsessions...however, i HAVE allocated enough space to fixate on some 70's funk and soul...i am so down with the brothers johnson it's not funny...makes me want to go out and buy a bass (not an ale, a guitar).

and where in the hell is luckless pedestrian??

Name: motorscooter cops
@behind the late show billboard

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 03:52:03

VVVVVVVVRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM! the car sped by,leaving only twigs and leaves spinning in its dust behind it.
WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT HANK!!! Slim cried out. The driver lost his baseball cap out the window as he drove by. Hank says, pick up that cap, Slim. Slim picked it up. Hank yells, Well, what's it
say! Slim replies, N Y..that's New York city! C'mon hurry up! Let's get that feller. They fired up the scooters and tore off to catch that flying car. They tried everything to get him to pull over. Finally, the driver caught a glimpse of them and pulled over. Needless to say Hank and Slim were pretty pissed off! They approached the car and said, Hey Cityslicker, didn't ya see us back there, Christomighty! We been chasing you for a good two miles now! Didn't ya see that speed limit sign back there! It's pretty obvious Slim, this guy's drunk or sumpin! Let me see your license and registration sir, and step outta the car.
Easy fella, no sudden movements now. Let's see here, says here
you're supposed to have glasses on when you drive. The man replies, I do have them on. Hank says to Slim, I don't recall seeing them on him do you, Slim? Why no Hank, I believe you're right, he didn't have them on. The man replied, oh this ridiculous! Hank says to Slim, I think he needs an eye exam. Give me a paper bag Slim, and cut one eye hole in it. The man protested wildly. Look here fellas, they have laws against this kind of thing. Put the bag on him Slim, Hank says. Slim puts the bag on him and then asks, can you see? The man losing all his patience exclaimed, Why of course I see that and while you're at it don't you have something a little more fashionable, maybe something in a wire FRAME! Hank says, hey Slim we got us a real funny man here, a real comedian! now SPREAD em, city boy! The man says, ok fellas do you know who I am? Hank looks at the license, Well lets see 6'2", 170 pds., David Letterman, you mean the David Letterman the TV guy? Yeah that's right fellas "Americas Sweetheart" got my own TV show. You know BROADWAY, New York. Well Mr. Letterman that changes everything says Hank. You wanna tell us why you were doin 140 in a 30? Dave says, My mom baked some pies and I like em, when they're hot! How about I send you guys some tickets to show, you know call it even. Hank says, Well that's right nice of you Dave...but we can't do that!
Courthouse is down the street and they take Visa and Mastercard.
Have a nice day.

now someone here...WOULD YOU CARE TO EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 02:41:34

StAl - first my cat, and now - you're leaving us! (that CD, is it on its way or not?)

Oleander - fine, I don't like it when you're not here.

Dr Mu - " You can get fired for uttering a word of Swedish origin..." That sounds interesting. Would you care to explain?

Schwinn - hi!

Zeke - hi!

Name: Sven Gali
the tears of Brian Wilson

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 02:33:30

I wish you were here looking over my shoulder and seeing these needles for yourself! They are hopping around like nobody's business! I opened the back door and the dog didn't come running inside which is spooky. The cat is more happy than is usual. I am shaking like a little Deutsche Coupe.

Whatever happened was a good thing I think. I've forgotten all about those missing posts which is for the best since I've never known an inside joke to be funny to an outsider.

That is just like this band! They wear knee pads under the cover of night and then claim it would be foolish for them to learn how to skateboard in the dark...

Sultan of Schwing,


Name: Jack O'Speed
@what no cussin, shit, oh sorry

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 02:29:22

sorry, damn it.

Name: Socrates
At last a voice of reason

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 02:11:11

First of all, if anyone actually sabotaged the recent postings because of Peter North's vulgarity, that is pathetic. Amidst all of the venom and slander that has plagued this guestbook over the past month, it is amazing that someone would take deepest offense to what Pete was posting. Second, I remind you that most of you worship a band named after a sex toy taken from an excerpt which was no less "vulgar" or offensive than anything you have read on this guestbook. For God's sake, the home page has your SD definition spelled out loud and clear. I'm surprised none of you have come weeping to the guestbook over your recent anguished discovery that Becker and Fagen may have written a few lyrics laden with references to sex and drugs.

If somebody aside from St Al did indeed wipe out posts, that is, in and of itself, wrong. There is yet much more wrong in censorship.

No problem if you want to post hatred, derisive names, or threats of physical violence; but God, of all things, no "vulgarity."

Peace out

Name: Schwinn
alive with pleasure

Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 at 01:18:51

Michael C. Packard: I thought you only liked girls.

St. Al: A year ago I suggested "Nature Cruise of the Century" for the title of TNO. Any chance Kurt Vonnegut will see some residuals?

Also: Not only do the Dan begin rehearsing for the Summer Tour in April, '99, but Phoebe Snow is learning how to enjoy Eden Roc.



Name: Peter North
Did you say vulgar?

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 23:04:29


Is your nickname "fudge?"

Name: Pat Buchanan
From the Right

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 23:02:28

Mr. Packard: Welcome aboard the family values bandwagon. I highly recommend you post on the William Bennett guestbook, and make sure you stay in church on Sunday and miss the Super Bowl.
Well, I must be off to bomb an abortion clinic.

Take care, Mikey.

Name: oleander
oh yeah, that's better

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 22:44:28

They are indeed back up. Mu, that letter had me in stitches too--is that the reason for the spools of thread? Don't miss the Steely Shopping Network, speaking of threads.

Name: !!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFUCK!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 22:15:40







sorry for the caplocks!!! i just couldnt help myself!!!

Name: they're back UP

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 22:02:47

offical site is back up -- and there it is, Hank:

"Two Against Nature" in the Pathfinder Chat

Name: TheStranger
still in my listening to miles davis' kind of blue phase

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 21:39:14

st al,
i had some really good insults posted on here for lester of the night to read and you up and lost them? you know, for all the money i'm paying you i think i have the right to demand better service...... actually, thanks for your labor in behalf of this asylum. and thanks to joker for volunteering to help. you have touched me by your example. next time i elbow an elderly woman pedestrian out of my way i'll let her keep her jewelry.

june release date? two against nature? previous dan stuff was in horse and buggy LP days. CDs are longer. this is getting good.

remind me to tell you about your mother and richard simmons.

Name: oleander
whose cadillac izzat

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 21:35:57

Hey all, what up? Thank you, St. Al, for making it at least momentarily unnecessary to archive 10 days of GB. I can't get to the Official Page either. I LOVE it when that happens, since it usually means they're coming up for air. And--juicy rumors with a ring of truth... it's like a long hot bath with Nightfly on and candles all around.

Jokah--You the host with the most. Great visit; let's replay.

Clas--Never gone for long.

Chilly--Get over it. This is real.

Zeke--Workin' on it. Believe me, I'll get back to you, and thanx for your help.

RS--don't lose that wrong number.

lisa--this week: Earth, Wind, & Fire and WAR.

Mu--Sorry about all the scrambled e's.

Name: yes

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 21:25:09

Hank -- I remember that too! They were kicking around names for the '96 tour at that point. I guess they liked it.

Name: Hank Silvers
c/o Hugo Spaak

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 21:14:41

Re: the latest rumor -- I believe this one. Kinky posted some time ago that June 8 would be the day. And I still can't reach, but there somewhere, I believe, is a chat where DF seemingly brainstorms "Two Against Nature" as the working title.

Name: bob tedde
Location: SD, CA
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 21:10:26

FEZO: funny you should mention Becker and prose. I was just reading people (I read it for the articles, ok?) and saw a book review for a novel entitled "Link" by Walt Becker. It's described as an "irresistable sci-fi thriller; a mix of Indiana Jones-style adventure and X-files spookiness." The review is mostly favorable except for the remark "Becker Bogs down his dialogue with wordy scientific soliloquies." Hmmmm....It's all becoming Crystal clear.


Name: Michael C. Packard
Location: Stormy Night in the Pineywoods Forest of Deep East Texas, USA
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 19:33:43

Howdy, DanFanGangLand!!!

Well, I suppose "Schwin", as we Oklahoma 'natives' are, make 'good' on his promise to delete "Peter North's" vulgar comments---thank goodness.

So, St. Al, maybe Microsoft ain't working too well here, but we love the Guestbook, anyway, and all of your hard work to put a place for us DanFans.

Well, since the SD "memorabilia" page isn't constructed yet, I thought I would offer to trade a "Large" and "never worn" 1994 SD tee-shirt for someone who wants to trade for either Thomas Jefferson Kaye and Shades band with "American Lovers" and "Jones", Walter and Donald's work, or an excellent CD or high bias tape "SOUNDBOARD" recording of the Tokyo Bay 21-track set of Steely Dan live.

At least, when people are kissing and hugging in public (although it CAN get carried too far) is much better than where I live, where people beat their wives, make them mow the lawn, and drag people behind pickup trucks, Geena.

So, El Supremo and JustKaty---some of us are happy you are DanFan "newbies" and so much-in-love. So, since you love posting here, I have no personal objection. I DO have objection to Peter North's comments, however.

Looking forward to Walt and Don's new one, St. Al, and thanks for sharing the 'title' with us, as we know you have one of their email addresses.


; )

P.S.: I am serious about trading the tee-shirt, Gang!!!

Name: BigFan
Location: Waiting Anxiously,
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 18:31:08

Between the lines - yes official sight seems down - no surprise with changes yesterday, more are probably beeing done today, rumors abounding, some truth, too!

WTG St Al thanks for update, good news for sure!

Name: gretchen lupkas
Location: prospect, ct usa
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 18:18:39

How do you get into the chat room?

Name: Original Lester

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 18:06:54

June 2, perhaps? Original Lester's birthday and the anniversary of the release of Sgt Pepper.

Off to buy my copy of the LA Times...

Name: checking the lines

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 18:05:03

can somebody please tell me if you are having trouble connecting to the official site?

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 17:45:23

MAN I love a good rumor...

"According to today's (1/28/99) LA Times, the new record has a title and a release date. 'Two Against Nature', to be out in June. Just thought you ought to know so you can share with your regulars."

Name: Fang The Wonder Wolf
big place w/concrete thingies

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 17:44:44

Willy, Willy, oh Willy. Clever, Crafty, Sneaky ol' Billy Boy. He'll toot that horn anytime, anywhere, anyplace. He loves 'em all - big and tall, short or small, who cares?

A zip badda de-bop ahooowa eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yeah!

Name: DrMu
Don't dream it's over

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 12:55:23

fezo, Steve, Walt,

Now due to sore ribs I can't concentrate after trying to partake of a quick lunch muched on unfortunately near the computer. Maybe Mr. Broberg meant Fixx the 9th under the Philiean calendar as the release date for the single (it appears that Phil doesn't known the difference bettween punk and metal, but then that could be interpreted as a great complement).

It is nuts in DC. You can get fired for uttering a word of Swedish origin (well, maybe if that had been the complaint!) that I've heard the president of Bard College use on Wm. F. Buckley's show... and then there's the 100 idiots who occupy the Senate can't figure out how a trial actually works!...hey, catch a rurun of Mason or even Matlock - done in 48 min + commercials!


Name: Steve Vin
dazed@ the dude ranch

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 10:43:29

Hey Walter....we don't need a new album!

Just keep writing!!

You're a cross between Dennis Miller and Robert Klein!

If I hear "Captain Kangaroo" (aka Henry Hyde) speak again I think my ears will fall off!

....Monica Lewinsky is the "Hi de Hi de ho of Washington" (sung to the lyrics of that Old Cab Calloway song).....

coning soon......Steely Dan Comedy Album!!!!

Name: fezo

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 08:50:46

Uh oh

"Hey Craig" letter on updated official website refers to the new project as being behind schedule, but only a wee bit so maybe our hopes for a '99 release won't be thwarted.

The letter is otherwise hilarious. Damn, Becker is a good prose writer. He should write books.

Name: Houston

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 06:36:21

Saint Alphonzo, this is Houston, we've been appraised of your problem down here, unfortunately none of the boys here have a cached copy of the Mission before the Class IV malfunction (seems like it's SOP to flush the cache after spending Miller Time downloading porn -- like we can't track that -- but I digress).

We suggest moving into the LEM and asking around for someone's transcripts and reloading the info back into the control pod to submit. I'd also look into possibly locating that Linkboy fella in the LEM and containing him for subsequent courtmarshalling -- we have to pin this on's a moot point that he knows the password is case-sensitive and he can't get on a decent enough port to properly FTP files to us anyhow, 'cause that won't get mentioned to the JAG, will it?

Provided you can get a virus-free copy of the transcripts from the masses, we've got your back down here, Saint Alphonzo: oh, and the next time you're net-surfing, the boys in Bridges & Routers want some "fresh URLS with all the young fly honeys", whatever that means.....


Name: Big Fan

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 06:34:20

WB Guestbook!

I had the silly premonition that the GB had gotten overflowed due to excessive hits concerning something about the new CD, which often happens to college boards during recruting week. This was fueled by the fact that changed it’s face between the time I left work and got home yesterday. Now does anyone know…

1. What record label the new one is going to be released by - Giant, WB, etc.
2. Since Walter, et al are cyber friendly you would think that any impending release would be heralded on the internet, yet I have not seen anything.
3. A release after all of these years should be preceded by a marketing blitz of some kind, even if small. The idea of a pre release single is more in keeping with this marketing strategy - a tease of what is to come.
4. This makes me believe that nothing will be happening as early as Feb or March, but the reports of a summer release are probably more accurate.

Name: Sociable Hermit
Ist Cup o' Coffee, So I Don't Quite Get It Yet

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 06:30:47


Why and how could anyone remove postings? I tried to get into here about 8:30 last night, but it never connected.
And who is the suspect?
Shall I get a rope? Or will we handle this in a civil manner?


Name: Zeke
got my meaux jeaux workin'
Location: but it just don't work on you,
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 06:30:22

Man, did anyone see the tribute to Muddy Waters last night?
Holy sheepshit!!!
Jimmy Johnson on piano, Buddy Guy, Phoebe Snow (man can she wail!), Koko Taylor, Charlie Musslewhite, Greg Allman, John Hiat, Keb Mo and many more. Great show. Very Classy.

Ole: Long see no time. Any luck?

Name: foxinsocks
could I have been anyone other than me?

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 06:20:20

Good Morning DanFanLand. I'm still sleepy. Despite my general lack of sleep, let's see if I can think of a couple of pleasant little anecdotes for you guys and gals............
Well, Crap-ola! I can't think of a single thing.
I'll try again when I'm awake, and my brain is too.
I'm going back to bed~

May good vibes and great jams follow you always~
Fox =^..^=

Name: Chilly Willy
Location: Rockville , Md. U.S.A.
Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 05:52:04

Steely Dan is the most unique and talented duo I've ever heard.
I've been reading these postings. Boy, there's a lot of weird people out there. Okay, so I'm a little strange but I'm not weird. Have you lost your own identity or do you all talk like Steely Dan writes their lyrics. That's great for songs because it's literature and art, but get real, people!

Name: Clas

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 02:04:32

Minah - email me please!

Oleander - where are you?

Name: Bruce Hornsby's Mother
salt 'n peppa

Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 00:20:37


And right when you knew you needed some help. Gone. Sayonora. Vamooskie.

Did I tell you about the call I received from Sweden?

Moist Cookies,

Mrs. Hornsby

Name: testing
Whats up

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 22:46:29

Name: bud

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 22:00:20

StAl. u2bdaBALLS

Name: Original Lester

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 21:34:05

God love you St Al. Thanks Joker. I got a little scared for a moment there.

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 21:23:39

Ok, as you can see, the guestbook posting from the last couple of days has disappeared. This was caused by someone who shall remain NAMELESS. This presents a problem in that I will have to hopefully scrounge up a cached copy from someone in order to attempt to preserve the previous postings. In the history of this guestbook there has only been one other time that I actually lost a significant amount of posts.

I hate it when that happens.

Oh yeah, thanks to everyone who has volunteered to handle the maintenance of the links page. It looks as though Rudy, a.k.a tHe jOker is going to take care of business.


Houston, we have a problem......

Houston PART 2

Thanks to peg, a majority of the posts have been recovered........

Name: JamaicanDude

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 11:16:42

Clas: for the best in beginning shaker lessons, may I suggest a different shaker made by LP. It's called "Shake It", and is in the shape of a long tube, made of a light metal. It's easy to control, which will appeal to the beginners, and has a nice sound. The shaker you recommended is made of a soft plastic, and the resulting sound is too muffled to cut through the rest of the jammin', mon.

Oh, yeah, and how you been, dude?

Name: Demi

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 10:39:48

Clas- How many times has your cat died in the last year?

Name: FYI
let's get it on

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 10:37:20

"Hey Doc, don't ya worry" Don't believe that stuff on Broberg's site just yet. He prints out anything people write to him without checking it out first. If anything,
it's only a SD rumor page. Don't get your hopes up just yet Doc.

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch travel agency

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 10:21:21

I knew if I watched the GB long enough some preliminary news would finally start surfacing. Let's keep it up out there newshounds!!! I want to plan my summer vacation... 5 shows minimum!

Zeke: it looks like the second weekend of the Jazz Fest is the one I'd most likely attend. I'm beginning to look forward to it!

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 09:37:23

Monday 25 januari I had to put my cat Nisse to sleep. He was 18 years old and he had a good life. He listened a lot to Steely Dan. Now he's gone but I still see him in the corner of my eye and I look over my shoulder but he isn't there anymore.


My Strenum Agony is pretty good these days. In fact, it's so good that I am considering to hold shaker-classes in New Orleans during the Jazz Fest. So, I guess it's going to be crowded so please don't hesitate to sign up.

Oleander ?

Ruby Baby ?

Katy Dan Fan ?

Geena ?

etc etc

PS You have to bring your own shaker. The best one is the one who looks like two handgranates tied together with two (2) rubberbands. Latin Percussion®.

PS PS The lessons are taking place on the midst of the Bridge Over Lake Over Ponchartrain, that one who leads up to Mandeville and the mental institution they have there.

Name: Peter North Fan Club

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 06:13:28

Leave Peter North alone! His posts are still better then 90% of the crap I read on here. I really think Peter could be a great help to all the up-tight women that post here. Girls let Peter North into your world, let him spread is love with you/on you. Your world will becum a better place. Oh yeah, Schwinn watch out, Pete's know to swing both ways.

Name: fezo

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 05:24:56

Anybody out there ever listen to any of (besides the obvious) Duke Ellington's music? I've always read what a musical genius he is but have never actually heard any of his stuff.

One of his recordings showed up on the $1.99 page in latest mailing from whatever record club my wife is currently in. Also on the page, New York Rock and Soul.

Given my reliance on postal delivery for most of my musical pleasure, I am totally clueless as to the concept of a CD single. Is it the new version of a 45 or is it a substitute for a full-scale disc?. Four tracks seems like a lot for a "single"

Name: Edd

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 03:14:18

"Please, Mr Sullivan" was done by The Warner Brothers.

Name: George Michael

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 02:33:47

Les/LTNF - I would like you to handle me physically. Meet me in the washroom.

Name: !!!!!!!!!!Lester the Nightfly!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 02:23:14

Roland- Hey hows uncle Lee? Do u have any insite to weather it was just him or was it a cue-de-ta? Anyway I love hearing about rebellion, tell your dad to kiss your ass and Dont Take Me Alive!
Thats my favorite Dan Tune Also! Definately go get Katy Lied, get them all. Tell Grandma and StepPa I said Howdy!

Josie- I'm doing just dandy, not quite fine yet but just dandy!

Rose- Oh my god we agree on something! Well I think thats fantastic! Friends?

Stranger- You sound really tuff! Almost as tuff as Richard Simmons but not quite! You big brute, oh rip the shirt, how cliche'! Hey your hurting my wrist, I bet u just want to wrap me in plastic and beat me with a stick! Sweet dreams cupcake!

I cant seem to work out and break a sweat to steely dan, I've tried but with no success. For working out I need Metallica, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Motley Crue, etc. But I have made some sweet sweat to Steely Dan if that counts. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has, how about u Danomanics out there? Is there any mus ic better than the Dan of Steel to make love to? You tell me!
Barry White is not included! That one is too easy!



Name: Roland Oswold
I Don't have one of my own yet, sorry.
Location: Houston, Texas U.S.A.
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 01:23:15

HI y'all!
My name is Roland Oswold and I am probably the youngest person on this thing. I am 15 years old but I'd be dead now if my Father caught me writing this, or knew I was listening to Steely Dan, or any other Devil music for that matter As if it's not tough enough growing up in Texas with the name Oswold, even though we spell it differently, my Father became a real serious Christian a few years back, so we can't listen to anything unless he approves of it first. He does not approve of Rock and Roll. In August, something, I won't say what, happened and my brother, who won't let me use his name cause he is a PUSSY, and I went to live with my Granma and step granpa in Paris, Texas. We found a whole bunch of stuff that was my Dad's when he was a kid,in an attic above the garage. We found a whole bunch of records, and a stereo to play them on, about 200 of them in crates. I didn't know hardly any of the people or bands and we spent the next few months listening to as much of them as we could sneak pas t my Gram. She didn't mind us listening to Rock and Roll so much, but we were pretty sure she would be seriously pissed if she caught us messing around in Dads old stuff. The 2 bands we liked the most were The Allman Brothers and Pink Floyd, but we already knew about Pink Floyd, and my favorite STEELY DAN. Royal Scam kicks butt!! We also like Pretzel Logic. What do they say right before they say "pure gold and ring of precious stone" in the song Charlie Freak? We also found one called Katy Lied, but it was empty. Is it a good one? We also found a double of greatest hits but one side is just too beat up.

We are back home now, since January 12, but I can sneak onto the computer when it's late like this and I did a search for Steely Dan and found you. I can't believe you all are here all the time talking about Steely Dan. I also found the homepage, but this is easier to understand. I thought maybe they were broken up or something, but this is very cool. We find ways to listen almost every day, usually at scho ol on a walkman, and now that I know the names of all the albums which one should I try to hear next? If Katy Lied is good, we will probably try for that because we spent so much time looking at the cover and reading the words. I really like the words to Black Friday and Throw Back The Little Ones. You can probably guess my very favorite Steely Dan song. Don't Take Me Alive. In a couple years, I'll be 18 and can listen to any damn thing I want.

Is there a Steely Dan song called Back Jack Do It Again? I heard it on the radio, it sure sounds like them. I didn't like it as much though.

Name: Dr. Hardgroove

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 00:21:18

Peter: Let me reitterate that Schwinn's promise to erase you is no idle threat. Yes, I realize you are probably nothing more than a harmless, slightly overweight Jerry Springer fan just wanting a little attention--but that doesn't matter to the big guy. He doesn't watch TV. Once you start wearing the First Amendment like a loin cloth you are in serious peril.

So, Peter, don't you want to be a good boy and limit your self-gratification to the confines of your sock? You're old enough to do your own laundry, right?

Secretly Hoping for the Worst,

Dr. Herald Hardgroove

Name: bud

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 00:01:42

damn Rose, that was the BALLS.

Name: Josie "the joyous" DanFan
slipping on the ice....

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 23:31:57

Hey Dan fans,
Is it true? Is it really really true? This thing is actually coming together? Could it be through all the bickering and name calling thats been going on that the possibility is out that the rumors MIGHT, just MIGHT be true? The New One?? I'm not holding my breath, but my eyes will twinkle a little bit brighter for now.

Just(mysister)Katy: I promise I will write!! It's the vicious cycle of I know I need to do so I put it off, and the more I put it off the more I realize I need to do it. I will get it done before our wedding!! Shh..don't tell mom!! And in your defense, I know when your in LoVe you can't help but wanting to share your happiness with the world. It can be annoying, but I think it's sweet!! All I can say is be true to El Supremo, and yourself..and as for the others..forget about it!

D in the Fl Room: Hiya!! Feeling better and rested now?

KD: Welcome, strap in tight cause it's a long sweet ride...

Rose Darling: I finally had a chance to catch up on some of p ost in the past week. I want to say to you that I admire you for kicking some Newbie rock sista friend!

Herm: What's up?

Lester the Night Fly: Hey buddy haven't talked to ya in awhile, how ya doin?

Well I must go, busy talking to fasinating people..


Name: Peter North
Where's the love?

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 23:25:06

Schwinn: That's right, talk dirty to me. Let me be your bitch.

Incidentally, I am thrilled at the "Aja-esque" possibility with the new CD's direction. Perhaps they will be picking up where they left off with Gaucho.

Free love. Free speech. Non-violence. Steely Dan. Not much else to life.

Stop the censorship. Stop the hatred. Thank You. God Bless.

Name: Schwinn

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 22:50:03

Our boys will begin rehearsing for their Summer '99 tour in early April. If a CD single is indeed to be released on or about Feb. 9th then that would substantiate the information I've received.

Edd: "... and I think it's gonna' be alright. Yes, the worst is over now. It's the mornin', the sun is shining like a red, rubber ball". That Cyrcle? Also, Edd, do you know who wrote the song, "Please Mr. Sullivan"? I think I bought the 45 in 1966.

Hi Geena! Did you throw the bum out?

Rose: If you ever quit posting on this site I will hunt you down and make you regret the day you ever entertained such folly.

Peter North: I think you're a woman. If not, then get the hell off this board before I kill you.

Replacing My Mercury Fillings,


Name: TheKatyDanFan
What a place, I love it in here...!

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 21:05:20

GBers: It's the sense of humor (what do you call more than one sense of humor) in here that makes it such captivating reading. I learn something about SD and can't believe how much I laugh in between. A great combination of posts! Someone should turn this into a real book other DanFans could buy-----ok, ok, with just a tiny bit of editing, maybe! And the title of it could be what Ruby shared: We Are Responsible For Our Own SteelyDan Pleasure. (was that original Ruby?)

Thanks, guys, for the Santa Ana clarification.

Come right in, Stetson, to this world you're welcomed to.

Babylon Sister: Keep on dancing!

Josie: Hurry up, I'm on the edge of my seat by now!

Lord of the Rants: You're probably right, but when I see TNP and others getting so upset, I can't be totally quiet. I want to help them deal with it all!

One more thing...

Inasmuch as there is a primary need in the GB for true comraderie around things of the Dan and only a secondary need for discord, confrontation, insults and the like, El Supremo and I offer ourselves in the role of lovers of the Dan who are only mildly annoying. This, as opposed to displaying downright disregard for the sensibilities of those who frequent this GB. Surely you can appreciate our position. To totally drop our love for one another in here would be to deny some of those who need to vent about things like this now and then the opportunity to do so. Yet to continue with too great a degree of intimacy would probably not be wise, either, as we'd be burned at the stake like some others before us. (Geena, I didn't realize that was you, I'm sorry that happened, truly, and I'm glad to see you back. No wonder you've been trying to give us a clue. With the possible exception of only one of ES's comments upon returning home a few weeks ago, we have gone from a medium level to a low level in here, check it out.)

Henceforth, we vow to not embrace in subways or cyberspace in plain view of normal people, and we also vow to not gush or mush to any offe nsive degree in said places, but instead agree to show only modest amounts of attention and affection to each other, just enough to be mildly annoying to some of the people some of the time. We promise in the names of Don and Walt!

Just Katy :)

Name: KD
Location: waco, tx usa
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 20:48:54

Let me first say how knocked out I am to have found this place. I am fairly new at this so bare with me. I am a life long Fan-O'the-Dan and somewhat of a maverick in my community. I shall wander no longer. Fill me in on the lingo,I am having a difficult time understanding some of the postings but am eager to bogart the space for a while with my 2 cents. Ciao!

Name: Tour is going to happen in July
Possible New York Club Dates

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 20:30:37

The New One is almost a reality!

Name: Rose Darling
Socializin' and Not Listening to the Dan Today, CunNingly

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 20:18:11

Fezo: Ah, always glad when you're around. (Stranger, you too!)

Hello to Chris Paukert, o scurvy one. Pop that vitamin C !

Ruby Baby:
Guess I've got it pretty good where I live. Dan is always on the radio, frequently in the grocery and other stores, and the classic rock D.J. I know loves to play sets of Dan songs when I call him up from work for requests.
One of this new year's resolutions is that I'm gonna get a bicycle and get a boom box for the basket and I'll be cycling around this town and singing my crazy little heart out along with my Dan cd's !!! Spreading the faith, sister !

Katy Dan Fan and MCP: Thanks for the pats on the shoulder.

WELCOME BACK BABY! You've been missed !
You might be right about Kinky, but to me, all attacking criticism is the same, whether presented in highbrow or lowbrow form.
I have no respect for cyber cowards who post things they would never dare say in person with people (LTNF, we might agree on something there !)

To Geena et. al.
Fezo's analogy is exemplary. However, what goes on in here at times is disgraceful to free speech. With all freedoms and rights, responsibility and laws go hand in hand, or the uglier side of freedom incarnates (anarchy.) In NON-virtual "public" space, vituperative losers who are abusive have immediate consequences to deal with (namely, removal from the scene or threat thereof, etc.), especially if the the abuse continues on and on.
I am grateful for this basically wonderful guestbook and its many stoically devoted and intelligent members. I don't presume to tell St. Al how to administer it or opine that I know how to solve its occasional problems. I mostly agree with his recently "crankily" posted "rules." But for argument's sake, unless particularly vituperative posts are removed, and some meager amount of civility demanded to post here, the abuse continues and harasses all of us here. Forgive this apparent challenge to free speech, in this place where all we are is our speech.. This pl ace is like the Steely Dan Happy Hour in a weird way, but at least real bars have bouncers who throw assholes out now and then. Anyhoo, what remains for now are our best defenses against the negative and nasty: humor, detachment, and indifference to the offenders.
The fundamentalist type sermons of those Steely Dan's Witnesses (not to be confused with Jehovah's) who terrorize all to fanatical Dan devotion by threatening that our souls are lost, and assuring us of torment in hell if we don't pray to the Dan in every post, are becoming more laughable to me every minute. I refuse to be "saved" !
Well, any of you Witnesses verbally knockin' on my door, prepare to meet the Anti-DanFanatic as I will continue to stray from the holy path and discuss any topic I want, as long as there is reciprocal interest. The hellfire of my words will consume you !
And I still believe in the Dan and Its mission ! Hallelujah !
Sue me if I post too long !

Reprints of this speech available by writing to:
Eas ier-Said-Than-Done
P.O. Box Yadda Yadda Yadda
Thoughtful State, USA In A Gadda Da Vida Baby

Name: DrMu
a Viking funeral?

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 19:10:59

Could NOT verify the 2/9 date locally...but, then this is Texas and it's not Garth Brooks - I'm going back to work and let those of you out there with better sources do the digging.

Name: DrMu
The Coming is So Close???
Location: Grapevine,
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 18:40:24

Steve O': This is the latest snagged from Mr. Broberg's official RUMOR page. I'm uncertain of the primary source s take with the usual grain of salt...add lemon and Cuervo Gold if you've got it.

"The musicians included on" the new one:
"Guitar: - Wayne Krantz, Dean Parks
Drums: - Sonny Emory, Ricky Lawson, Michael White, Vinnie Colaiuta
Bass: - Tom Barney
Keyboard: - John Beasley, Ted Baker, Joe Sample
Vibes: - Steve Shapiro

Latest rumor's about release date: March 23, 1999.

The style: - More "Aja-esque" than "Kamakirish." ?

The first new Steely Dan release in years is rumored
to be a CD single: -Scheduled for release on
February 9, 1999.  It will include the following

    1.    Not Now, Thirty-Eight
    2.    Cash Only Island
    3.    Terra (Fried)
    4.    Bliss Idiot"

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 17:50:15

Hank Silvers....thanks for the link! I checked out the real audio files and the real video stuff too. Really cool site the guy has there. Feel free to pass along any other Dan related sites!


Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 15:45:18

I highly recommend Julian Coryell's "Duality" but, in spite of an interesting surpise at the end, found Deacon Blues to be among the weaker cuts.

"Red Rubber Ball", performed by The Cyrkle, was written by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodsley of The Seekers.

Name: Peter North

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 13:56:32

Thank you St Al for validating my presence on this guestbook. I shall let a load fly in your honor.

Hey Original Lester, I was partly responsible for that snowstorm. After all, Bakersfield isn't that far from Hollywood. Let me know when you guys need replenishment. Also, I agree with your assessment of the GB messages (how could I not?), and I wanted to add that once the Dan releases a CD and complements it with a tour, there will be very little else that is discussed in here for quite a while. Of course, I may still put my own twist on everything.

Shooting my love on all of you,

Name: GK John
Shweet Shoul Shounds are Shtirring my Shoul

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 13:40:38

RIP Charles Brown NYR&S survivor...

Hey Dan-Heads- I just spent a weekend re-acquainting myself with the Crusaders 3-disc set, the Golden Years. Listen Danamaniacs, THIS is something you should not miss! Joe Sample, Larry Carlton et al in their "Golden Years" of the late sixties, early seventies showing the world what live and studio jazz playing was all about.

I also got to play my vcr copy of Heavy Metal late Saturday night. I still love that cartoon! Stupid plot and all! DF's "True Companion" was a perfect soundtrack choice. Anybody out there bear a striking resemblance to Taarna? or maybe Kath?

Geena- Ciao Bella!

Mu- Ahhh! Boyce & Hart! "Sweet Pea", wasn't it? or was it "Red Rubber Ball"? I forget. But I'm pretty sure I recall Mickey Dolenz on "Stepping Stone" not Mark Lindsay. Still and all, you're more than a match for me!

St. Al- So sorry man, I'd be very honored to do this service for Danfans, but my schedule barely allows me to post but once or twice a week. Not that I have a web page any way... I nominate Oleander for the title (St. Oleander?) after scouring her most excellent site, I couldn't think of another more appropriate candidate. Style, grace, eloquence and dedication... What more qualifications do you need? Ole? How 'bout it?

Witchy- Yoo thot ah fogot all 'bout yoo cher? Nah-ah girlie! Ah got anudda one fo yoo... Ef ah cud only 'member wher ah leff maf teef ah'd sang it fo yoo... Damn!

Name: Steve O`
@work w/flu

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 12:41:51

Hey thanks for the post about Charles Brown....sorry to hear of his passing.....he was a class act and it was very classy of
Donald & Co. to add him to the Rock 'n Soul Revue......

re: new release rumour- Tomas Broberg's site lists a new Steely Dan cd single is tobe released on 2/23/99!!!!

re:the flu....has anyone else got this f%$##ing flu....I've been sick for 5 days....used up all my sick time.....maybe I'm alergic to the Impeachment hearings , which I am listening to like a zombie.............stay healthy people!

Name: Den

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 11:27:11

I'm opening for the Pope today. We are at this moment, driving through hundreds of thousands of people. They are EVERYWHERE.

I've been preparing for this for years. I have missed the cheering fans. This is just great.

JP even let me melt down some of that gold in the Vatican repository to put a new finish on the Steely DanMobile. We have become friends, and I am honored to be pulling up to the TransWorld Dome, leading the way for my friend, JP.

Don and Walt and Roger have already been here with some others, and think that it'll do just fine come Summer.

I'm feeling pretty spiffy today. and kind of proud. Thank you all for your interest. I'll be in touch.

All Shiny,


Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch lunchroom

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 10:25:53

St. Al: Saw your message. I wish I had the time to administer the link site, too. Don't worry, somebody will show up.

Name: Charles Brown Dead
RIP former New York Rock & Soul Member

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 10:24:32

Friday January 22 10:00 PM ET

U.S. blues pianist Charles Brown dies aged 76

OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) - Blues pianist Charles Brown, who wrote the Christmas staple ``Merry Christmas Baby'' and
was a major influence on Ray Charles, died of congestive heart failure, his booking agent said Friday. He was 76.

The Rosebud Agency, a San Francisco firm that represented Brown, said the pianist died peacefully in his sleep Thursday
evening at Summit Medical Center in Oakland.

Best known as an originator of the West Coast ``cool blues'' sound of the 1940s, Brown was scheduled to be inducted into the
Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame on March 15.

Earlier this month, an all-star group of musicians featuring Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker, Charlie Musselwhite and Maria
Muldaur staged a concert in San Francisco to help cover the ailing Brown's medical costs.

Although confined to a sick-bed on wheels, Brown made a surprise appearance at the event before he was ushered out by his
medical team.

Raised b y his grandmother in Texas and later trained as a chemist, Brown moved to California and by 1944 had become a
fixture among the Central Avenue jazz and blues district of Los Angeles.

He went solo in 1948 and enjoyed a string of Rhythm and Blues hits, but his career began fading in the 1950s.

Still, Brown enjoyed renewed popularity after making a well-received comeback about a decade ago. His most recent album,
Honey Dripper, was released in 1996.

Name: Chris Paukert
Location: East Lansing, MI USA
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 08:40:25

Just another scurvy brotha . . .

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 02:16:11

I feel compelled to once again re-iterate the rules of this guestbook, so here they are.....


Uh, upon consulting the "Idiot's Guide to Steely Dan Guestbooks," I found that there are none... Ain't that a bitch.


Name: The President of Italy

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 at 00:34:03

Truth be known, Denny Dias has been a productive citizen of Italy for years now. Almost every Italian youngster has an autographed pick and at least one enterprising student submitted a stunning replica of a Steely Dan sheathed in faded, blue overalls at last year's science fair.

Endowing the Arts at a Fever Pitch,

The President of Italy

Name: Stetson
Yes I'll be there

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 22:38:12

Well, it took some time but I finally got here. Long ago we would drive to a remote place in a whipped, blue, 1970-something Toyota, turn on the cassette player and laugh because it was so good. The words, the tunes. The tunes, the words. The Dan. I'm glad you're all here and that I found this place. It feels a little like the Toyota.

Name: TheStranger
trying to be peaceful

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 22:31:57

not sure if it's the same charles brown. the one who passed away sounded like randy newman tries to sound & was resurrected by bonnie raitt, who invited him on a tour after he'd been washing windows for a living.

don't leave without sipping some of this merlot.

oh, you big brute, i'm so impressed you know you can physically handle anyone in here. what's your plan? scratch our eyes out or slam us with your fake armani handbag?

Name: TNP
book em, Dano

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 22:14:22

Herm- Now this is what I call a Steely Dan guestbook. Your story is amazing! It has substance and meaning. Let me ask you Herm:

what kind of drugs did Denny do back in the 70's? Denny always looked like he was tripping. Was he that fucked up or was he just that into his playing? Dias looks real spaced in those video clips and old pictures I've seen. So Herm, does Denny let you into his private world? Did he get along with Baxter? I could see Denny wanting to knock him out. I'm sure he hated the way Skunk use to jump around the stage, like a monkey and all. Is DD making a solo record? Does he sing on it? Does he still wear those strange night gowns? Does he still have those same overalls? Please Herm, tell me/some of us, everything you know! Man, Dias is a tastey player. You're one luckey Hermit!

Geena- It's been such a long time since you've posted, I'm putting you back on my list as a newbie. Yes, I felt alot better after I called Rose Darling the"C" word. Thanks for asking.

Man, do I fee l better now!

Name: Babylon Sister
anytime, anywhere....

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 22:03:55

Hi Gang!

I haven't been here for a while, but have thought of you guys regularly! Good to see some familiar names here, it's comforting. Hope you all are well, and I wanted to share with the rest of you with the same New Year's resolution, that "Our Boys" make some damn fine exercise music! Yeah, "Sweatin' to Steely"!

Watch out summer, here I come!!!

Baby. Sis.

P.S.-- Todd is touring with Ringo's All Star Band, and will be here in San Diego on 3/14--I'll Be There!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Name: JosieDanFan
covered in paint, and dog tired....

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 19:40:04

Hey fellow Dan Fans,

I jsut got home from work, lucky me got to paint stockrooms, which wre infested with creepy men who have staring problems. I'm just lucky I was armed with a roller full of paint so I could whack one of them over the head if they got too fresh..I only had to whack one.
It's been so long since I checked in that I don't think I will even try to catch up. I do see that Geena is back..Missed ya girl!!

David in the Fl Room: I miss ya man, we keep missing each other.

Katy: I promise I willl send you that e-mail telling you all about Mr. Wonderful. I'll be damn if he doesn't just keep getting better!

Hermit: Ya know I think it is the squirrels. Just yesterday I caught some watching power rancher videos, and the other day they broke into my house and ordered the nudie channel, they left some change to pay for it though. The squirrels aren't that bad, it's when they invite those fast haired chipmunks in that the real trouble get started...

Catch you all later...


Name: Big Fan
Location: Anywhere, USA
Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 19:30:14

Funny, I had promised myself I wouldn't post here again for a long time, but the events of the last few days have made both laugh and cry. Besides SD, one of my biggest enjoyments in life is college football. I frequent many college football message boards, and if you want to read lude, foul, childish, immature, vulgar and yes sometimes funny in a dark sense comments, visit the boards of these teams on a big rivalry week - like Pitt/PSU or OSU/Mich or Tenn/Fla or anybody Vs Nebr. Most of these boards have had to do one of two things - either they have a constant monitor that deletes offending comments ASAP. The others are a sign in type where you need a password. This Guestbook has a way to go before it is that bad, but it is close than you think - I can't let my 8 year old in the room when I open it up without fear of what he might read. I've been a part of this guestbook since the fall of '95 and it has always been a little on the raged edge camaraderie wise. I for one believe in the 1st amendment and hate the boards that edit peoples thoughts - because the next thing you know they are not just deleting the trash talk, but peoples honest opinions, even if negative about say the coach - who chooses? Point is, I know St. Al will not monitor this board and delete the offending comments, maybe somebody else will -who knows? I believe we went through that about 2.5 years ago. I'd hate to see him have to pull it because it got out of hand. BTW obviously I know who I sent info too - but I would never tell. I hope this all works out because I for one would miss it.

Anyone who wants a copy of my thoughts on Plymouth last week who hasn't gotten it yet feel free to send me an email. I for one will use my real email address from now on.

Now some SD stuff. Dinky Dawson's book is bizarre if nothing else. The chapter on SD touring in 74 is priceless. I especially liked the fact that he details in full the relationship of Jerome (Mister SD or whatever) Aniton to the band and how he came to do the intro at the last concert of that year in Santa Monica.

What can some of you jazz aficionados tell me about Julian Coryell's version of Deacon Blues?

PS: Beer - it wouldn't be right without it

Name: DrMu
can't refuse

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 19:28:14

Hank: kudos to you scurvy brother!...MS's really snappy. King of the Bowery from that site is just outsanding!

Roy Roy: I knew that...just can't hear any of the stuff they recorded themselves in my head...was only 7 or so stompin' down the street with the "transistor.' Did I miss anything? - no way they could croon in anguish like Little Anthony.

Ole: are you with us, docta? My e is back n' runnin'

Name: HolLyWoUlD

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 18:23:24

it's sweeps month here.

it's a countdown kinda night in


Name: Geena
An Editorial

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 18:05:00

Hello everyone, I am finally taking my nose out of my books for a while to come up for a little air. I need a break! I hope everyone is well. I haven't had much time to scroll thru all the posts I missed, but I did catch the last two weeks or so. It's business as usual in here, except now it's down to slanderous name calling. What has become of this place? Sorry if this post is long, but I haven't used up my usual bandwidth in a while.

Who is The Newbie Police? Was it really necessary to say what you did to Rose Darling? If you are who I believe you to be, then I'm very much ashamed of you. Didn't your mama teach you any respect? And did you feel better after you called her that derogatory name for the female genitalia? Tsk, tsk. If you want to talk about Denny Dias, then open the discussion and quit complaining. It doesn't matter if you don't spell correctly, but abusive name-calling makes you seem imbecilic. Steely Dan hasn't put out a new recording in many years, and there really isn't muc h to talk about, unless it's a topic that's been rehashed many times over. I'm sure any discussion regarding SD is more than welcome. So during the quiet times, should we discuss the circumference of the mole under Donald's chin when he was on stage in Newark? Or how many mosquitoes landed on Walter's guitar in Detroit while he was in the middle of playing Kid Charlemagne? And how many of them were males? If you don't like what someone is saying, then use your scroll button and go past it. To El Supremo and KatyDanFan, let me just ask this: Have you ever sat on the subway or in a waiting room and the couple sitting across from you are making out? Does it not annoy you to the point where you want to scream "get a room"! I think it's wonderful that you are both so much in love and I'm sorry that you don't spend much time together, but there is a time and place for everything. Please don't take offense to this, you can do what you want, I'm not the administrator of this GB, but may I suggest a hotmail a ddress? I know, I know, some of you are probably saying "she should talk", but I realized after being flamed to hell, that it was indeed annoying, so with regard to those I've tormented, and to please everyone, I put an end to it.
Rose Darling, I agree with some of the posters in here that TNP is not Kinky. Kinky wouldn't stoop so low as to use such language; he's above that. Kinky has a lot more class than we know. Those who hide behind their usual alias here just to flame someone are showing their cowardice. I bet they'd never say those words to your face. You go girl!

One final thought before retiring to my books: StAl put up this page for all of us who love the music of Steely Dan. Yes, sometimes there is nothing to say, and oftentimes we stray from the subject matter. I think Original Lester said it best, when he said "We all need to be able to express ourselves with little shame, barring slurs directed at one's ethnicity or sexuality". When you attack others, you're causing much disrespe ct to StAl. I know this man works his butt off to maintain this page in order to give us an outlet to express our feelings, whether it is Steely Dan related or the top news/sports story of the day, after all we are only human. And having been in the music business, I can attest that even musicians don't like to discuss music all the time. In fact, it bores most of them. Let's give StAl the respect he deserves so much and let's agree to act like civil human beings towards one another. I'm sure he'd appreciate it. I'll be back in a few weeks, hope it gets better in here.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming…..

Name: Q

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 17:09:01

PS Denny RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Q

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 17:07:37

As someone who has been noted in the past for his failure to clean up spelling typo's, I just want to qualify that I am not "Newbie Police"(given for any of you GB Conspiracy Theorists.

Geez I can't wait to go to the store tomorrow and pick up my copy of the new CD !


Name: Sociable Hermit
Here At The Western Cave

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 16:23:23

I was asked to keep all of the information that I was privy to a secret, but I can see that I must now divluge everything. Well, maybe not everything. At least not right now. Everything would take a lot of time and space, so perhaps I will dispense them in installments.
Part 1:
The reason Denny Dias hasn't performed in 25 years? He's been living in a cave about 400 feet away from mine. Now, I haven't been in seclusion nearly as long as he has, but when we met, some three weeks after I took up residence here, we became as close as if we had been together for 25 years. I was reluctant to start a friendship, considering that I had just ditched society, but he was very helpful as far as how to survive and where the best drainage areas were when you had to relieve yourself. As time wore on, we began conversing more and more. I still was unaware of who he really was. Then, one night he told me he was a musician. I told him that Maynard Fergeson was subletting my apartment. This must have relaxed him a b it, because suddenly, he started talking and I swear, he didn't stop until late the next day. Once he told me his name, I knew who he was. Of course, I was skeptical at first. I mean, anone can go around living in a cave and say that they are really a guitarist that hasn't been heard of for over twenty years. But then he showed me pictures, and press clippings, and guitars. It was him. I was sharing the forest with the legendary Denny Dias.
The reason he split society was that he became disillusioned with the rigours of touring and recording. He felt like he was losing his individuality, and by being alone for a while, he hoped to regain a certain sense of who he was. Well, he laughs about it now, but he certainly didn't expect to stay for 25 years. After two years, he felt secure enough with himself to reapear in the real world, but, by that time, he had forgotten everyone's phone number and couldn't call for a ride. When he finally trod back, he looked so different that no would recognize him. (Which I don't get. I picked it up right away. Who knows...) He was met with such repellant attitudes, that he said "screw it", and went back to the cave. Funny thing is, he's alot like me as far as communication goes. He's on line, too. Receives mail, chases squirrels, and, (drum roll, please), keeps in touch on a semi-weekly basis with our two heroes, Donald and Walter.
Tomorrow, I will tell you about my first time meeting them, and the role I will be playing on the new record.
So, stay tuned. Same Bat-time, same-Bat channel...

Name: rb
excuse me

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 15:29:19

That should have read:

Guestbook Reaction To The New One:

(before the Newbie Police quote.)

Name: Original Lester
Wake me up when the wolves come out to play....

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 15:27:04

Here in Bakersfield, CA, enjoying a day off because we got our first real snowfall since 1989. I know for most of you snow is hardly a novelty, but around here it is more rare than a solar eclipse (before '89 the prior "snowstorm" hit in 1974). Woke up at 4:00 AM to a Rockwell painting. Surreal to say the least.

New Les: At least you can spell "misspell."

To everyone: Let's understand something, here. We are SD fans who haven't much of a clue exactly when a new CD or tour will become reality. In the meantime, we need to entertain ourselves among free-thinkers whom we know are not easily offended by much of anything, a trait probably true of most devotees of Becker and Fagen's work. Most of us are losing our minds in anticipation of something new. We all need to be able to express ourselves with little shame, barring slurs directed at one's ethnicity or sexuality. Don and Walt would want it that way (although I agree they wouldn't give a crap what we say or think). Most of the posts, though often offensi ve, raunchy, scathing, or punitive in nature, are funny. The only posts I would like to read less of are the ones in which GBers take the high ground to assert their need to focus on their SD issues. Fezo, I sure as hell wouldn't want to talk about the Redskins for very long either, since they suck ass.

Name: RubyBaby
growing outside your door

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 15:19:13

Oleander or Joker: What's the 13th song like? My collection is pitiful compared to that of most die-hard SD fans. I have a few vinyls, the boxed set, Nightfly, Kama, 11 Tracks and 2 cds of pre-Steely Dan that sound like demos. And 3 t-shirts (Barrytown High being one of them.) So, I'd love to hear more about that song.

RoseDarling: The gym I go to RARELY plays Steely Dan. The stores I shop at rarely play Steely Dan. The parties I attend rarely have Steely Dan playing. The radio stations I listen to rarely play Steely Dan.
Let's face it - We Are Responsible For Our Own Steely Dan Pleasure.


The Newbie Police:" I was in KMart pretending to shop for the new one, when I spotted a yellow puddle on the floor. I had to drop to my knees to lick it up. I love when that happens!"


Name: Lord Of The Rants
With Lightbulb Over Head

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 15:16:42

Hey, I've got a great idea for all of the legitimate posters in here.

Let's IGNORE all of these assholes and only communicate with the people that are decent and deserve a response. Now, I'm aware that I am right now using an alias, and that may run counter to my argument in some people's minds, but the reason I do so is so I don't incur any further crap from our resident idiot.

So, here's my suggestion. Ignore it. Let it babble on and be abusive as much as it wants. But do not respond, because that is what it wants. Then maybe soon it will go away. And even if it doesn't, then hopefully it will stink into it's tiny mind just how stupid it really is.

This is not intended to form an elitist clique. It's intended to ease some stress and frustration in this GB. When you see a name that you don't recognize, then read on carefully. If it is filled with vitrol, then scroll past. It's simple.
If you agree, then pass along some word of warning to the others as the days go on. Attacking the asshole only makes it feel a stronger sense of importance. It needs to know that it is bothering people. Cur off it's life support, and it will slowly wilt away.

Name: Les
out of the

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 14:15:30

You 2 faggots r way off! You should know me by now, I dont use fake names, if your being an asshole I'll just come out and tell u. See I'm not a pussy like u guys. Words dont hurt me and I know I can physically handle anyone in here, thats not the problem. Its just that I can not post in here unless some sanity is restored and since I have nothing new to ask or add about our boys I'll remain in the woodwork! I have better things to do.
But I am watching, so play nice!

What is the big deal about spelling every word correctly? I havent noticed but I'm sure I misspell a word here and there.
Who doesnt? Its not a big deal so get over it! Losers


P.S. I still cant get into the chat room, can someone please tell me if I'm doing something wrong or is it just down right now? I havent been able to get in there since new years, whats up!

Name: The Newbie Police
walking the walk

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 13:38:42

Hey- Keep guessing everybody. So far no one is even close to guessing who I am. So what if I type real fast and can't spell to perfection. At least I know who Denny Dias is. That's more then I can say about most of the people who post here. If Steely Dan's new record came out today nobody here would give a shit. I can see it now.

Steely Dan's new one hits record stores today!

Guestbook Reaction to the new one:

Newbie Police- What a great solo by Walter on Jack Of Speed. What do my fellow guestbookers think?

Michael Packard- I was in line to pick up the new SD record and this girl said I was cute so I asked her out.

Rose Darling- Who cares about the new SD record? Those guys have done nothing the past 20 years, pluse I'm on the rag again today.

Clas- My dog thinks the new one stinks. Every time I put it on, he farts.

Ruby- I was shopping at K- Mart today and Walk between the Raindrops came on, I wet my pants.

Most of you people don't give a damn about anything that has to do with th e Dan. So go ahead and make fun of my spelling. Just remember I'm having the last laugh :)


Name: fezo

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 13:33:36

Roy: UVa teams cause much too much heartache with their inconsistent play to be my favorite team. The 'Skins are either really bad or really good. Easier to follow and not get into drunken rage induced bar fights.

Stranger: Is that Charles Brown of NYRSR fame? In a lot of ways, his was my favorite cut on the album. He always reminded me of Roy Orbison. Kept doing the same music he always did, but it always sounded fresh.

Who took his place on the Rock and Soul tour? I can't remember the guy's name. I do remember that he was very slow to leave the stage at the Columbia show and that Fagen (is that right spelling police?)had to ease him off with repeated "Thank yous"

Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 13:03:47

fezo: Good bar analogy. One might also extend the analogy to consider that some bars are places where angry people go to look for a fight. I thought UVA was your favorite team.

Dr. Mu: They also wrote "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight" recorded by a grpoup called Boyce and Hart.


Name: ChequeMateNOT

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 12:30:57

Well Dear, the "Boy" part is at least accurate. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHOHOHOHO

Name: Exchequer of Spelling
rounding up the usual suspects

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 11:56:53

Your second guess is what I thought exactly!!! I think TNP took what he wrote about Dias from previously written text and applied in his own words. The first giveaway was when he posted twice. That was also his first post, Mayor Rudy is the only one who does that most of the time. He also can't spell worth a crap. Lester the Nightfuck might be Peter North, and the only reason I say that is because his posts are reminiscent of a pre-pubscent boy. He's too obsessed with his private parts much like a 13-15 year old high school boy.

It's Santa Ana, one "n" for the spanish name

Exchequer signing off for now.

Name: TheStranger
weather report from l.a. -- no santa ana today

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 11:51:38

don't like something on the gbook? go past it.

yeah, it's santa ana wind. the source of the name is debated. around here it means wind off the desert. happens very occasionally and makes life dry and warm. raymond chandler wrote about it quite well, exaggerating its effect. but that was b.a.c. (before air conditioning)

terrific blues pianist and vocalist charles brown died over the weekend in oakland, ca. much admired, much copied. former chemistry teacher.

been listening to miles davis' 'kind of blue' cd. just about perfect but so melancholy.

Name: Hank Silvers
c/o Hugo Spaak

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 10:43:20

Dr. Mu, jOker, et. al.: To hear "Medical Science," check out the most excellent page at

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch browser

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 10:32:38

Jeez... A toast! Here's to posting on the GB only for the reason of placing a bookmark. Is there anybody who'd want to re-read some of the crap below?

Name: JustKatyDanFan
Have to say it

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 10:26:36

Each time my faith begins to waver, there seem to spring up a number of posts, one after another, which once again confirm there is intelligent life in the GB. And so I continue.....

Question I have: Is it the Santa Anna winds or the Santa Ana winds? I got Anna from the lyric pages, but a few in here have used Ana. Perhaps the Exchequer of Spelling could help me out here!

JK :)

Name: theDandyLion
watching the detectives

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 09:34:16

Spellbinder: At first, I thought it might be (Mo)Lester the Misogynistic Nightfuck...but upon further inspection, I believe some of TNP's thoughts are too high brow to have emanated from the swill that passes for his brain.

Perhaps Lester's meatpuppet is signing on while he sleeps?

My second choice is Mayor Rudy, (im)poster extraordinaire- another who needs to acquaint himself with a Webster's (NOT the little black guy, Mayor).

Can i get a witness?

Name: DrMu

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 09:14:39

joKeR: It's "Medical Science" and I'd love to hear it sometime.

Answer to trivia: "Come a Little Bit Closer" was penned by the songwriting DUO Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart who were quite busy during the 60's. They also wrote the Monkees' "Last Train to Clarksville" and a nice Monkee record "Valerie."...wish I knew who was responsible for the guitar. Boyce & Hart wrote the song "Hurt So Bad" recorded originally by Little Anthony and the Imperials and in the early 80's by Linda Ronstadt (stirring vocal). I also think they wrote "Stepping Stone" which was a hit for Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Name: Exchequer of Spelling
at the helm

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 09:01:59

DandyLion: Yes, I do see the similarities and I have a feeling I know who it is. It's definitely not Kinky, he may be crass, but at least he can spell and put together a sentence properly.

You wanna go first at who you think it is? This person has been silent for a while, I bet we'll get him to come out of the woodwork.

Name: jOker
..(another uncomfortable silence)

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 08:02:50

[cough]{throat Clearing}
(regulars stirring old drinks) last week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit & dine with Oleander again, and afterwards she satisfied my Jones for some unheard-of material by playing me the 13th track from Walter's solo album, from the Japanese import: what was it called again, Ole?

Absolutely brilliant, it was: makes me wonder WHY would he not put that on the US release. Just when you think you've heard it all.....i need to hear it again - jo+K=ER

Name: theDandyLion
my maine thang

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 07:34:04

Spell Chequer: I'm glad you took the time to critique TNP's pathetic babblings...does anyone besides me see a similarity between this imbecile and another no-spellin' prick on the GBook?

I'll give you a hint: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll guarantee it IS NOT Kinky...he may be an asshole, but at least he can construct a grammatically intact post.

Name: fezo

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 07:24:10

A couple of years ago a new sports bar opened up during the football season. I went by three or four times and was someone bummed because the clientele declined to limit their conversation to the topic of my favorite team, the Redskins, and likewise, did not limit their bar t.v. viewing to 'Skins game and/or highlights of past 'Skins games.

I found another bar. I did not keep returning to the new bar to berate the customers about their conversation and viewing content.

Name: Exchequer of Spelling

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 07:15:13

TNP: Your misspelled and mispunctuated words are followed by the corrected version:

gutiar = guitar
chops" = "chops"
answerd = answered
LA = L.A.
Be-bop = be-bop
Your gold teeth II = Your Gold Teeth II
hasen’t = hasn’t
Dias’s - Dias’
rats ass = rat's ass
when when = when
admmiration = admiration
loosers = losers
fuckin = fucking

Also the following quotes were taken from your posts:

"miserable c**t"?
"I want my Steely Dan and I want it NOW"!!

And how old are we?

Name: Doppler

Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 at 03:18:27

Schwinn--that's why young men can only go to Boy's State once.

Name: Schwinn

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 23:19:53

In 1975 my scholastic achievments earned me the opportunity to work as a Congressional Page. Every legislator had the same system: 1. This inbox contained messages from Lobbyists. 2. This inbox contained messages from other duly elected associates. 3. This inbox contained messages from the constituency. My first duty at 6:30am every Monday morning was to "empty" in-box #3 because it filled up much faster than the others. "How odd", I thought, that the most important box was paid the least attention. When I brought this up to the Senator to which I was indentured he put his arm around me and opened the blinds to his window, revealing the white grave markers of Forest Lawn. I immediately grabbed a letter opener and jammed it into his heart. No sooner had I felt the gravely resistance of the dull blade breaking through his breast-bone than I realized I had probably interpreted the Constitution wrong.

And So it Goes,


Name: Peter North
I've got it!

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 22:58:07

Can we all get along?

What we need is a guestbook all-stars orgy. Then there would be peace. Come on, "Love your mama, love your brother." And when I'm ready to unload, "run for cover."

I love the piano on Bad Sneakers and Dr Wu.

Are you with me?

Anyone looking for romance tips should rent Blowing in Style, a classic starring me, Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, and Lisa Lipps.

Name: JustKatyDanFan
"....I should know by now that it's just a spasm..."

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 20:02:17

Sickman: (One more post) Sorry you're disappointed with the site. Some others share your feeling from time to time, although I believe if you came here regularly you would find DanFans whose posts you would enjoy following, as well as some fans who might even become friends. And there is more Dan information in this GB than you might think. Don't give up so fast!

TNP: Of course I'm a real DanFan. Who else would put up with people like you in here? LOL. I find it very comical that you draw more attention to me than I do! And then you get a bunch of others on the subject of Katy and before you know it, no SD talk again! As I said before, I'm not MORE important than anyone else in here.

O Michael: You're a very sweet guy, let me repeat, a very sweet guy.

RoseDarling: Hang in there, those Santa Anna winds might blow TNP outta here first!

Oh and El Supremo, hmmm....gee, we hardly said anything lately, except in response to someone attacking us! I bet TNP thought I was serious when I sa id we'd be sharing our daytime and nighttime activities. Must have scared him nearly to death!

Just Katy :)

Name: Spell Checker Bitch

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 20:00:57

Hey Newbie, what is a "gutiar?"

Name: Rose Darling
Where is the Language Police When You Need Them???

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 19:59:08

NEWBIE: That was a little better. Informative. Although I still don't have to give a rat's ass about Denny, and perhaps I won't just to piss you off, I do know of his history with the Dan. I didn't need you to tell me, Le Douche Head !
For me, without Don and Walt behind the wheel drivin', there still would be no Dan and that is my point. I'd rather be informed about the minutia in their musical lives than anyone, but that doesn't necessarily exclude Denny or other Dan contributers/ collaborators. But you gotta admit, not playing out for 25 years is still lame ! Especially if you got the chops to do it !.

P.S. If you ever want to Instant Message me again, Kinky, and continue this harassment, feel free. It's so obvious you need someone to fill the gap in your life since Geena left.

Name: Self Taut

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 19:50:47

Be Right Back, need a drink refill.
OK, carry on.

Name: The Newbie Police
Ok Rose, sit down and get a pen.

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 19:35:39

No Rose Darling, Now I'm going to educate you a bit.

Denny Dias is a gutiar player that helped form Steely Dan. He grew up in Hicksville, L.I. and one day put a ad in the Viilage Voice reading "Bassist and keyboardist needed for new group. Must have jazz chops" Well guess who answerd the ad? That's right Rose Darling, it was Donald and Walter. In 1972 Denny flew out to LA with D & W and with the help of Gary Katz landed a record deal with ABC Dunhill. Jeff Baxter, Jim Hodder and David Palmer were added to form Steely Dan. Dias played on the every SD record but Gaucho and helped form the Steely Dan sound from the very begining. He also played on the Dan's only tours in the '70s. His jazzy Be-bop style was a real nice compliment to the rock n' roll gutiar sound of "Skunk" Baxter. His solos on Do it again, Bodhisattva, Your gold teeth II and Aja go down in Steely Dan history as some of the best gutiar work ever. For what ever reason, Denny went into musical retirement only to make a come back 25 years l ater at a small club in Plymouth MA. From the sound of Big Fan's letter Dias hasen't lost a thing and sounds better then ever. There you go Rose Darling a little mini lesson on Denny Dias's history with Steely Dan. Still don't give a rats ass?


Name: Michael C. Packard
Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 19:26:19

Howdy DanFanGangLand!!!

Rose Darling, don't let 'em get to you, kiddo!!

Newbie Police, learn how to use "spell check", buttwad!!!

It is "advice", not advise, Texas Ranger.

Listen to "Aja", gang, and mellow out! I love the whole album, which is why "Rumours" won the Grammy that year, cause Walt and Don don't want to play-the-political-game!

Denny Dias is one of the most prolific "moo-major" chord guitarists alive. Read the Steely Dan "Songbook" for references.

I said I admired the love El Supremo had for his wife JustKaty, nothing about MY sex life.

Saludos, as I listen to "Live In Nashville, 1993"

; )

Name: Rose Darling
Yeah, Posting Again, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah !!!

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 19:04:05

Dr. Mu: :)

Point taken. And thanks for (as is usual I believe) posting it along with your steady moniker. Everyone should have as much balls as you do !!!

Name: Rose Darling
You Keep On Wishing That I Care, Darlin' !

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 18:57:56

The Newbie Police:
Re: " I think it's people like you Rose Darling that mess up this guestbook."

Swallow a reality pill. Your badge and gun are being confiscated until the medication kicks in. You obviously haven't been around here that long. You can say whatever you want, but I'm not solely responsible for the constant wandering from the Steely Dan topic as I am only one of many posters here. Most of the lousy, useless posting comes from motherf#ck@rs like you who have nothing better to do than bitch and moan about the others. You anonymous s.o.b.'s are so pointless, putrid and pathetic. Call me whatever name you want, you think it's gonna change my point of view ? When I started posting here, the same shit was going on before me and will, in case you don't get it, go on without me (don't get your hopes up.)

Start your own New and Improved Loser's Guestbook, and by the way, if you want your Steely Dan now, go put on the cd. You don't need me to chew out, or these folks either !

D on't you GET it, if you're not Don and Walt and company making the music, and you're just sitting around talking about it, you're already qualified to be a loser? JOIN THE CLUB.

P.S. You and Sickman's posts just took up a lot of space waste and beyond your worthy opinion of Denny Dias, basically educated no one. But you entertained yourselves at least.

Name: DrMu
while I was away

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 18:47:59

NP: you do a very poor Kinky, but your point is well taken.

RD: Darling, you SHOULD watch that rearview next time. Dias is God. Let's not forget his virtually uncredited bop run sandwiched by Carlton and Randall on Green Earrings.

Name: DrMu
I just type my daily post
Location: bad mood on the rise,
Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 18:41:29

Sickman: Sure I've quibbled on the GB from time to time, but why not for the first time just say something personal? SO WHO THE FUCK ASKED YOU??!!! We're truly shaken and dismayed by your tone of disappointments especially with these lies about the Dan's demise buzzing around! ...and I noticed your post had NOTHING TO DO WITH STEELY DAN EITHER!!! Thanks for enlightening us with your vast wisdom. I'm sure every question you have has already been addressed here - you could have wasted (er... spent) those two weeks in the GB Archives where you could find the info directly or references to Hoops Digest, Metal Leg, etc. St. Al provided this venue to say whatever the hell we want especially about, but not restricted too the Dan. Even I can only post 2/3 of my posts with a direct on tangential Dan reference. Jeez how much fucking dead air can one fill? 18+ years??! BTW, welcome.

Name: Newbie Police
Your outta here!

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 18:27:11

Rose Darling- Don't give a rats ass about Denny Dias? Why should you? After all he was the one that got Steely Dan together in the first place. Dr. Be-bop has laid down some of the coolest guitar licks as any guitarist has, on any SD record. I think it's pretty fucking great that he's out playing again after all these years. I think it's people like you Rose Darling that mess up this guestbook. Anybody that can make a remark like you did should not even be allowed to come on here. I think your just a miserable cunt. Yeah, who cares about Denny Dias on a Steely Dan board when when we can talk about JustKatys love life. This place as turned into a mutual admmiration society for loosers like you and Michael Packard. Steely Dan is about Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll. I don't think D & W ever thought a bunch of wimpy ass mother fuckin computer nerds would be running around here talking shit about Denny Dias! If you people have mental problems, tell it to a doctor, some of us don't want to hear it. I want my St eely Dan and I want it NOW!!




Name: Sickman
Location: Bangcock,
Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 17:46:59

I've been a Steely Dan fan for years and I've visited this site on and off for over a year. I love all the links and the lyrics page and often I read the post in this guestbook. I think that maybe 20% maybe less of the post in here r helpful and they let me learn something that maybe I never knew about my favorite band Steely Dan. However the 80% and these are not accurate figures of the posts on this guestbook are filled with garbage and hate and personal messages to keep in touch with one another (ever heard of a phone?) With the exception of a few and I guess you know who you are, you people are a bunch of fucking nerds!
I can't believe I share the same interest in music with a bunch of hatefilled no life living computer geeks. I've even noticed that there are people that actually post here once a day or more, jesus get a life! Maybe I just caught you people on a bad week? I was thinking about going through the trouble of picking out a nickname and posting on here, but after reading the post on here o ver the last 2 weeks, I think I can live without it. I look forward to any reaction you may have, I'm sure I'm not alone in my thinking, If I offended anybody I apologize, but hey the truth hurts sometimes. By the way about a year ago I did post on here a couple of times to find out any info I could and back then there were about 10 or so on here and nearly ever post in some way had something to do with Steely Dan.

Name: Rose Darling
Ah, the Irony of It All

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 17:23:14

Hi Newbie Policeman ! Regarding your post: " I think D&W would rather be laying on a bed of nails, then have to listen to El Supremo and JustKaty making out on a message board reserved for SD talk."
Let's see, you chew out Miss Parker for presuming what Donald and Walter might like to see in here, then you commit the same offense yourself by presenting your own assumptions. First three letters of assumption are... ?

Cops, always bending the rules for themselves. Figures.

Who in this whole place has a f*#king clue what Donald and Walter even or ever think about this guestbook?

While we're on the subject, I'd venture to guess they wouldn't give a rat's ass about this guestbook or its content. They've probably got better things to do.

I personally don't give a rat's ass myself that Denny Dias played a concert. After 25 years??? What the hell has he been doing all this time, resting on his laurels?
For those so into endless discussion of those with careers spun off the Dan, there' s always the Dandom Digest for that blah blah blah ! (Which is occasionally interesting, not meant as a put down.)

The Katy: Thanks for the well wishes. Stomach pains under control, I'm happy to report.

To whomever asked what everybody's favorite Dan keyboard solos are, for me the intro in "Fire in the Hole" and the ending of "Throw Back the Little Ones" rule. And all piano in "Any World."

Name: The Texas Ranger
what a wimp

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 17:07:31

Michael Packard- So that's your problem, no love in your life. Maybe Peter North can give you some advise on how to get laid. A good f#*k should loosen you up a bit.

Take Care Cowboy

Name: ...

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 16:40:13

I start with Steely Dan
> in
> April. (pertinent)

frankly, if i saw this here, it wouldn't prove a darned thing.
but since you asked...

that's all ...

Name: Michael C. Packard
Location: Warm day and cool night in the Pineywoods Forest of Deep East Texas, USA
Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 16:29:27

Howdy, DanFanGangLand!!!

Interesting posts, and I have lived in Orange County, Dr. Mu, so I appreciate your explanation of the Santa Ana winds I asked about.

Yep, I have felt them "bad news" winds, Witch Queen, kiddo!!!

Newbie Police, please learn how-to-spell Denny Dias name correctly, and why didn't you elaborate on his set??

Normally, I am a passive and faithful DanFan of some almost 28 years, and "Night By Night" is one of my favorites, Original Lester---although the Denny Dias guitar solo in "Your Gold Teeth II" is awesome!!

Smile and be happy!!

El Supremo and JustKaty----wish I had the love in my life, like you two do----must be nice!!!

Peter North, just keep on making your porno flicks, and leave the Guestbook archives alone, okay dude??


; )

Name: Dream Police
scoping out the room for some trend

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 15:27:14

Micah Filippini: Gotta set those lifetime goals higher, man. By the way, who's "Fagan?"

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 14:22:30

Fred: OK, pardner! You need to go take a look at the email message that was forwarded to you. Then highlight the pertinent text... do a control+c then go to the Guestbook post page, then do a control+v in the "comments" section and hit "submit addition"!!! If you do this then we can all feel the same sense of confidence that our boys are still alive and kicking!

Name: fred

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 13:20:09

i received, via e mail, a forwarded message that leads me to believe that a tour, or at least preparations for a tour, begin in april. if they have been "dumped", this person would know.... i think.

sorry for any ambiguity... as it is, maybe stuck my neck out too far.

if i find that's so, i'll claim it.

cap on head,

Name: Someone Tell
Me It's Not True

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 12:17:43

Was Steely Dan dumped from the Giant/Revolution record label?

Name: The Newbie Police
telling it like it is

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 12:15:49

Ms. Parker,

No,no,no,excuse me while I handcuff you and lock you up. How in the fuck do YOU know what Donald and Walter want? I think D&W would rather be laying on a bed of nails, then have to listen to El Supremo and JustKaty making out on a message board reserved for SD talk. But what does ANYONE here know anyway? Denny Dais just played his first show in 25 years and all anyone here can think of, is how to defend two newbies that don't have a clue! This place is getting bad. Will the REAL Steely Dan fans please stand up.


Name: Micah Filippini
Location: denver, co usa
Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 11:33:23

my lifetime dream is to hang with Becker and Fagan and do some lines in my cadillac

Name: JustKatyDanFan
Such creativity shouldn't go unnoticed!

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 08:46:02

Peter: ROFL....... praying you don't bring your wife in here :)

RoseDarling: Sorry you were under the weather, lots of bad bugs going around-----hope you're feeling better by now!

Love that Mister (and MIss) Parker's Band!

Just Katy :)

Name: Peter North
Tit for Tat

Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 01:04:32

Some of my favorite mushy messages:

I.D.Y.= I did you
I.S.Y.= I screwed you
I.R.Y.= I rimmed you
I.F.Y.= I felched you
I.B.Y.F.B.O.= I boffed your fucking brains out
I.W.T.S.M.L.O.Y= I want to shoot my load on you
L.M.D.Y.F.= Let me decorate your face
If you would be so kind as to let me cum on your tits

Try it sometime, she'll love you for life.

Name: Returning Champion

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 23:49:08

Dr. Moo: Would all those baseball allusions relate to the back-cover art of 11TOW? Or am I confusing a good swing with vandalism?


Name: Miss Parker
got @ light

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 22:20:03

Newbie Police: You are so typical! Some idiot puts up a LONG and pointless cyber petition - a complete waste of space & time, and you guys do what? NOTHING!
Then 2 people spend a tiny bit of space saying loveyawantyaneedya and they zip it up into small, efficient fragments and you're all over them.
This is just what Don & Walt would not want. Excuse my smoke (as I blow it into your face).

You may just have to be re-deployed. How about a Celine Dion page?

Name: Just KatyDanFan
TNP......for your eyes only

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 20:11:29

TNP: Thanks for the wish to have a nice day! Please allow me to post something much more worthy of your criticism,

El Supremo: You are, without a doubt, not only my husband but also my best friend, lover, confidante, and of course fellow DanFan. I love our life together----nothing anyone says or does can ever diminish that. Although we've toned it down in here, for some reason I have this urge to let them see what our life is really like. So tell you what. I will report on everything we do during the day, and you can report on those great nighttime hours that we share. Let's see, we'll have to start keeping a journal for all this, I'm quite sure every detail will be appreciated! Ohhh, and we get to start with the weekend, when there is so much to report!

Michael C. Packard: For whatever that outburst was worth, thanks. Feel sad for TNP, though.... and rather than convict them of low-life, charge them on their own projection of no- life, when the best they can do is give citations to peaceful, happy couples. I mean, talk about crime! I hope when we're hauled in they hand-cuff us to each other and put us in the same cell! Then we can at least figure out a way to.....

JK :)

" licks and rhetoric don't count much for nothing..."

Name: DrMu

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 19:30:26

Oh Michael: you're kidding, right? All you have to know is "bad news" The closest thing we feel in Tejas are when the hot winds come out of the southwest from the Mexican mountains in the summer...NOT a refreshing breeze @ 101°! The Chinook winds coming down from the Rockies of the western Plains work the same way, but are a pleasant break during the winter there. Most of the time Cali gets a seabreeze providing farily mild conditions most of the time. The Santa Anas are easterly winds that come off the Santa Ana mountains down to the LA basin. They're pretty hot because as air descends in altitude, it is compressed, forcing the air molecules closer together colliding for often like bumper cars on amphetamines - kinetic energy rises and so does the temp...also the air originates in the desert, so it's hot and dry to begin with. Anyway the Santa Ana winds are famous for catalyzing brushfires during the summer when there is not much rain.

Name: DrMu

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 19:12:37

Another hint: there is a commonality with Walter and Donald

WQ: what about...
1) "when's the staggered start for fourball?"
2) "that head has a large sweet spot"
3) "your really gave that ball a lick"
4) "they'll need to take fewer strokes to finish succesfully today"
5) "my shaft flexes more for greater speed"
6) "let's play one more hole"

Name: DrMu
don't stand in his way

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 18:57:23

fezo, RD and all: close...Neil Diamond, of course, wrote a number of songs recorded by the Monkees ("I'm a Believer", etc), and his first song sold was recorded by, yes, Jay and the Americans, but it was not "Come a Little Bit Closer" and I don't think Little Anthony & the Imperials recorded a Diamond song, Hint: A Monkee (missing) link has some great guitar solos.

OL: Khan's "True Companion" licks send chills up my real well with the spacey synth tones

Name: Witch Queen
Of New Orleans

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 18:45:13

GK John - Darlin' yore last post had me a wonderin' if you be kinda sad fore me. Ah nearly fell off mah spahked shooz an damn near hit mah head on the side o the warshin' machine outside on mah front porch! You sed you gonna trah an fergit mah nayme? Well shugah, ah gotchoo baybee, you mahne!! Ya'll come on ovah and Ah'll put on sum o that Kamakeeriad an weel drank sum o my daddies moonshahne. Don't be fraid, ah got awll mah teeth!

Rose Darlin' - Thank you, ah thank a little laughter nevah done hurt no one, now go brew yerself up a batch o chamomile tea fer yer upset tummy.

Michael C. Packard - You ever felt those Santa Ana winds? Wooohooo baybee!!!

Here's a little sumthin' for ya'll:

Top Ten Things That Sound Dirty in Golf But Aren't:

10. shaft is bent
9. After 18 holes I can barely walk
8. You really whacked the hell out of that sucker
7. Look at the size of his putter
6. Keep your head down and spread your legs a bit more
5. Mind if I join your threesome?4. Stand with your back turned and drop it
3. My hands are so sweaty I can't get a good grip
2. Nice stroke, but your follow through leaves a lot to be desired
1. Wait up...I need to wash my balls first

Name: Original Lester

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 18:16:10

ES- The keyboard solos that instantly come to mind are on Do it Again (Fagen) and Black Cow (Joe Sample, I believe). Also, the piano lead-in to "Hollywood, I know...." on Glamour Profession. I'll think about more later. Oh yeah, Fagen on the Memphis Blues Again version of Do it Again. That's wild stuff.

Name: Michael C. Packard
Location: chilly and starry night in Deep East Texas, USA
Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 17:15:08

Howdy DanFanGangLand!!!!

El Supremo, chill out, prickhead, the 'Newbie Police' weren't even a protozoa before you were a DanFan. Anyway, don't let them bother you and your wife.

On to other topics, the "Santa Ana Winds" from "Babylon Sisters", do any of you have any thoughts about these winds?

Hoping you are having a GREAT one!!!


; )

Name: El Supremo
drink your big black cow and get outta
Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 16:50:18

Hello, DanFanDom!!!

Close your eyes,now---to the 'Newbie Police', you said, "Eat Shit and Die, well----I say "Fuck You, and the Horse You Rode In On!!!

Sorry, Gang---had to do this!!



BTW, love you wife, JustKaty!!

Name: Rose Darling

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 16:40:37

Elton John's "Crocodile Rock" is blaring from outside. It's enough to make me hurl up my already queasy guts.

No Pepto Bismol on hand, but I feel a little better as it only took a little while to catch up on what's been going on in here. There really is something to that scroll button after all !

Dr Mu: I've been too busy to catch up in here til today. Knew three of your songs in the pop quiz you posted Jan 16th.

Ruby Baby:
Damn, I'd take up going to a gym if they'd only play the Dan there, lucky !!! And, anything but that "jungle music," please.

Witch Queen, at times, you're one of the few redeeming qualities in this den of iniquity. Your bumperstickers list was your best post yet. I'm plagiarizing it indefinitely.

David in the FL room: How ya doin' buddy !

FYI: Dan Fest '99 census takers, I shall not be there.

Name: The Newbie Police

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 16:40:36

Warning: For El S and JustKaty only

GAL (get a life)

EA ( enough already)

GUAB ( give us a break)

UE (use e-mail)

ESAD (eat shit and die)

Have a nice day

Name: El Supremo
and act like I belong
Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 15:32:48

Hello, DanFanDom!

I concur with Original Lester's guitar solo from Steely Dan's many choice guitarists.

I would like to know what is your favorite keyboard/synthesizer solos, now.

There are too many for me to list, as I love 'em all!!

JustKaty (wife-for-life)



Always and forever---Love, Your Husband,


Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 13:47:38

favorite Dan guitar solo? that would be like asking which is your favorite child!

I do love the intro to Hey Nineteen though....

Name: fezo

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 11:15:32

Dr. Mu: Same question, different answer. Neil Diamond in composer mode is the link shared by all three artists?

Name: Original Lester

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 11:05:25

Dr Mu- I took my info off my Aja liner notes, but I thought Khan didn't sound right on that one.

Now that I re-check it is Graydon. Khan does rhythm. Thanks for the reminder.

Name: Zeke
@ broken

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 07:46:57

Doc: you gotta be kiddin' me?

For 1999 Jazz Fest information, on your tool bar click on Search,
type, "New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival". Go to the JF web page and soak it in.
The headliners are announced sometimes in Feb. No, I have no notion what weekend Dan Fans will be there, only 1 person on this site has mentioned to me, he/she will attend so there are no clear set plans at this time. There are a plethera of Pubage to raise our glasses. As I said in my earlier post, let's have a fess' chat to answer some questions. I recommend staying in the quarter, The Monteleone on Royal St. or Chateau Le Moyne, French Quarter on Dauphine St. check with your travel agent for the best rates in the Quarter.

Name: DrMu
why doesn't Mobil Fidel. provide the complete liner notes?

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 07:25:37

OL: Got to agree with you on fave for sure...would like to add the solo on Thrid World Man. I kind of release the tension and anduish that infiltrate Gaucho. Hey, didn't Jay Graydon do the solo on Peg?

Name: Original Lester
Go to Lost Wages....

Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 00:48:15


You can catch me any Saturday at the Luxor with Carrot Top, Yakov Smirnoff, and Nipsey Russell. Also, I'll be opening for the Bruce Willis Tribute to the Music of Bruce Willis at Planet Hollywood.

Name: pupil
@I love those eyes!

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 23:44:07

Howdy you funny people! Original Lester, you are one funny dude, and I mean split my gut laughter!!!!That's all I have to say right now, cuz I can't stop laughing, I swear! Gotta go, I'm
late picking up my date, we're going polka dancing. You kill

Name: KatyFanFan
re: guitar solos

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 22:56:11

Original Lester: Special ditto on guitar solo in beginning of Don't Take Me Alive, and in Your Gold Teeth II. And I'm sure on the rest of them also, though these two stand out immediately for me. (Going to check out the rest of them again.....)

JosieDanFan: How are ya doing, sis!

El Supremo: Hugs to you, sweetheart!

Just Katy :)

Name: Original Lester
Yes, I can count

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 21:15:39

...or top eleven if I may.

"This says eleven."

Name: Original Lester

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 21:13:14

My woman continues to rule. I came home the other night to find Bob Dylan's The Bootleg Series, a 3CD-set of rarities. Riveting acoustic version of Idiot Wind.

I had no idea Denny Dias still performs. Does he do anything on the West coast? Doesn't he live in LA? I have been fascinated with his guitar playing, and I find it surprising that Don and Walt did not put him to greater use on the later albums. I still think the solos on Your Gold Teeth II are among the very best on any SD songs. On that note-

My top ten guitar solos on SD/Fagen songs

1 Carlton's bridge solo on Kid Charlemagne.
2 Carlton- intro- Don't Take Me Alive
3 Dias-everything- Your Gold Teeth II
4 Baxter (I believe) at the end of Bodhisattva
5 Either Dias or Carlton-bridge-Aja
5 Steve Khan- True Companion intro
6 Steve Khan- Peg bridge
7 Becker- Josie bridge
8 Becker and Carlton- I Got the News
9 Baxter- Rikki
10 Steve Khan- My Rival

Honorable mention to Dias's sitar on Do it Again, which is just ridiculous for a guy who was playing an instrument for the first time.

Name: Monty Hall
@let's make a deal

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 14:48:02

Hey Gang!Are they behind door#1, door#2, or door#3? I need to find Walter or Donald so I can get authorized permission to duplicate some music onto mini disc. Don't want to break any laws. Back to Shoe horny!!!

Name: DrMu
@ the little cafe
Location: just the other side of the border,
Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 13:21:06

fezo: on the right track...try again

GKJ: "Jay Black" was evidently the bogus persona used by David Blatt who was the lead singer for virtually all of the time they were popular. The original founder was John "Jay" Traynor who left the band in 1962.

Name: fezo

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 13:15:36

Dr. Mu: each of the three recorded a song written by Carole King?

Name: GK John
Funw@y West

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 13:03:09

Mu- Gosh! This is fun... Jay Black is the name most Americans know about. There is no truth to the rumor that he and Gary Lewis (of the Playboys) are brothers... Your turn Roy.

John Henry- I see another fast gun has joined the fray.

Name: DrMu
@ the station

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 12:58:53

Bonus Q2: What does J & A's "Come a Little Bit Closer" have in common with Little Anthony and the Imperials and the Monkees?

Name: John henry
records galore

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 12:51:40

That would be "Ol 55" by Tom Waits, later done by the Eagles, Sarah McLachlan and maybe others

Name: DrMu
with bad man Jose

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 11:21:23

Roy wins the virtual simul-post answer and gets to go to the bonus round. That was indeed Jay & the Americans pre-Don and Walt by a few years. D & W, who went by the bogus personas Tristan Fabriani (sp?) and Gustav Mahler (husband of Alma and one the last great classical composers before the "modal" period), joined the touring band after Jay & the Americans had a comeback hit with a cover of the Drifters (?) record "This Magic Moment." Q: Was the lead singer named Jay?

Name: GK John

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 11:10:54

Roy- You're just too damned fast! Thanks for the scoop... I knew it was something like that. Here, try this one on...

As I pulled away slowly, feeling so holy
God knows I was feeling alive.

Name: GK John
Not @ ILS

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 11:07:10

MU- "Come a little bit closer" by (if I'm not mistaken) Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge?

Isn't that a damned shame what happened to the guy in Switzerland who was running the International Lyrics Server? You would think that the SOBs running the music industry would be glad that people are interested in listening, singing and playing along with their artist's music. But NOOOOOOO! It's got to be plagiarism to try and get the words to "Long Cool Woman"! Do you think Don & Walt will lose any money by letting folks get familiar with their songs and lyrics posted on the web page? I think they'd be kind of flattered!

Big Brother is watching!

Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 11:04:42

Doc: Come a Little Bit Closer by Don and Walt and Jay and the Americans. Actually that was probably pre-Don & Walt.




Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch browser

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 10:13:29

Clas: Thanx for the URL. I was surfing last night and found several NO JazzFest sites... but none of them were willing to share the list until early February. There are some very interesting choices to be made. I guess that I'm leaning towards coming for the second weekend... although I'd really like to see the Zawinul Syndicate... decisions, decisions...

Name: DrMu
I got a program

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 07:09:59

GKJ: Here's one for you: "'re my kind of man, so big and so strong..." song and artist?

Name: Flamar

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 06:54:13

Ann is my wiff.

Name: Freddy Lamar

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 06:51:14


dan quayle will announce next week...he'll be running for president.

disregard this announcement.

there will be ann announcement next week.

thank you.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 03:17:25

Doc Kelly -

RubyBaby - great, I never heard that low tom till you meantioned it. It's like on the solo on "Bad Sneakers", no, not really, it's different; 1 2 3 4 / 1 2 3 4 (low tom on 4th) 1 2 3 4 / 1 2 3 4 (low tom on 4th)...

Name: That Damn Fan
@egg noodles

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 02:08:42

Hey GREAT to see some old favorites are back! Still missing a few though. Steely Dan, ahhh...loved by millions! They know that too. Them tunes still pumpin over the airwaves! I wonder how it actually feels to be that kind of a musician, you know a "musician's musician" that must feel pretty damn good! Anyhow,
have to go now, the Rolls is here, feelin' good vibes. Bye,bye

Name: Peter North
If you're feeling lucky

Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 at 01:14:00

Cover your front teeth and suck on my pole.

Name: Todd
you know he's a BIG FAN
Location: to far, from the show
Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 23:56:17

BIG FAN, Sounds like you had a great time at the Denny Daiz(sp) concert last night in Plymouth. I'm surprised the sound system sucked. You would think with Dinky their it would have sounded really good. I always wanted to see Denny play live. You luckey dog you.

Name: les

Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 22:57:25

Is anyone else still having problems getting into the chatroom?
Just curious!!! ..


Name: foxinsocks
we're wearing nothing, nothing but our shadows

Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 16:14:30

Ladies and Gentlemen, Life is good in my little neck of the South. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, it was determined that I couldn't go to a DMB concert at a college where my best friend goes, because I'm not a student there. At this point, I was horribly upset. As if the fates were alligning against me, my mother broke her ankle the same day it was determined I was not allowed to go to the concert. It was looking to be a bad day for the Fox. Well, my mother decided, in a Lortab induced stupor, that she wanted a couple of things from Wal-Mart. As I was browsing, I happened into the music department, and LO & BEHOLD *angels singing* there was the new Dave Matthews album a week early. I didnt' think I had the money to get it, so I, the dutiful daughter, put it back so i could get the stuff my mother decided she wanted. Well, this is where it get good. When I went to pay, all but one of the things my Mom wanted were on CLEARANCE!!!!! With the money left over, I rean like an idiot to the music department, and bought that CD. I am currently listening to it, and it is FANTASTIC. If you like acoustic jams at all, this is a good album to have. Oh, and it gets better! All of my friends up at the College Dave was playing felt bad cuz i couldn't go. In a sweet attempt to make me feel better, they all chipped in and bought me a new t-shirt. I love those guys. Life is good.
I realize that there is no SD tie-in there, but I wanted to tell someone REAL bad. Thanks for reading, the to of you who did. =-)
I'll talk to you guys later.
As always, may good vibes and great jams follow you always.
Fox =^..^=

Name: Ben Folds
On C. O'B.

Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 15:15:48

Don't miss FEAR OF POP's first ever live performance,
featuring Ben Folds, William Shatner and the infamous Eddie
Walker on drums on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN this
Friday, January 22. They will be performing "In Love", the
first single from the Fear Of Pop album, Volume I. Make
sure you tune in!

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch calendar room

Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 10:28:46

Zeke: OK, now I've got a feeling for what's been organized... relatively little. The last Saturday in April is the 24th. Is this when the Jazz Festival begins? Does the festival last 10 days? Who are the known headliners? Better yet, is there a JazzFest website? Do you have any notion as to when most of the GB'ers will be there? Is there a pub of choice for an actual GB'er gathering? Do you (or anybody else) have any recommendations for a hotel? preferably not in the $150/night range... unless that's all there is.

Name: Big Fan
Location: Anywhere, USA
Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 09:54:14

Anyone who is interested on my thoughts about last night's show at Sean O'Toole's, please email me at

Name: Zeke
Docta,Docta, gimme' the news

Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 08:46:18

Doc: Good question! As I said before I'm glad that there are some GB'rs who are making plans for the Fess'. As far as "who" will make it, is still a little unclear. I will be there both weekends.
Personally, I'd like to plan a little get-together for both weekends. Anyone from the GB is more than welcome to attend,
including Don and Walt. I say let's plan a date and time for a Fess' chat. Someone put it together, announce it on this board, and I'll be there.

Don't know who: but someone a while back mentioned seeing a Leo Kottke show. Man, I am a huge Kottke fan from way back. Good to see another here. He puts on a great show, and he's quite funny.

Otis Redding on the box today. Now there's a man who could wail.


Name: Sociable Hermit
Flying Higher Than Ever Before....

Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 06:29:38

Well, I don't know if this is considered an improvement or not, but today was the first morning in over a week that I did not wake up with, "Glamour Profession" in my head.
Hold your applause.
Today's song was the theme to "Power Rangers In Space".
It's got to be those damn squirrels.
At least, I hope that's what it is.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 04:32:37

Doc Kelly - the Jazzfest, last weekend in April to the first weekend in May. Are you going? I am, would be nice to meet you.

Fezo - as you understand I was a little "under the table" when I talked to her, don't remember much, but I'm sure it wasn't Bruce's mother.

RubyBaby - yeah, you really understand why I love that song so much.

And yes, we call it bridge in Sweden too, but a bridge leads in to the refrain. I guess a part in a song that only comes once in a song is called "stick". Edd?

Name: Noodles
@yeah,let's all egg clas

Date: Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 02:00:43

Just kiddin, man! I hope you're feelin alright. Hey, if you get a few cartons, it might take some time but leave them in the shells and with some time, practice, and patience. I bet you could put ol' cool hand to shame. Sorry, this post has nothing to do with Steely Dan, maybe next time. I'm missing a few people
around here. Get well soon Clas. I've got some spare porn e-mail,
if you need some, hmmm...

Name: TheStranger
ruthie will give you the silver key

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 21:36:05

my dear mr. spacely,
hmm, i see you are dreaming about an aol chat room. as your unlicensed physician, i strongly urge you to remove yourself from your compputer for no less than 72 hours. if you don't think you can handle, wear a patch.

very truly yours,
etc., etc., etc.

Name: Peter North the Great
Peter duz

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 19:02:32

Correction, Fyodor. Your hometown was named after yours truly. Sure, I wasn't born yet, but they knew I was cumming.

Later, I served as inspiration to Soviet missile technology. How do you like them battle apples?!?!

Name: Dostoevsky

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 18:53:38

Clas, Clas, Clas, take a Russian history class. Dostoevsky lived and wrote in St. Petersburg when it was called...St. Petersburg. Incidentally, St. Petersburg has also been called Petrograd (after Peter the Great) and Leningrad (you should know that one). Stalingrad, on the other hand, was the new name Josef Stalin gave to Volgograd, well south of St. Pete. If you would like to forego an education check out the following:

And to think that you actually live in Europe.


Name: RubyBaby
give the old man's best salute!

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 18:35:04

Clas: You are such a baby when you're sick, thus proving you are a man.

Let's see...40 degrees C is 105 degress F. Has Lena tried to fry and egg on your forehead yet? If not, suggest it to her. At least you'll get some attention!

Fortunate Man is a very moving song. The interlude ( I think we yanks call that a "bridge" but I'm not sure) is indeed beautiful. I think it saves the whole song from being melancholy. His use of the one bass drum beat in that part is great! It lends intensity without ruining the flow. Now can we talk about the lyrics?

The lyrics could have been written by you. The line that stands out in particular for me here is, "I was taught well, taught well,
To be the strong one and keep it inside..."
That's the Swedish way, is it not?

"But sometimes I sit by the freeway
and howl out at the dark, dark sky..."
What else can you do some days?

Well, I see a lot of you in that whole song. But know that you are a fortunate man. You have a lot going for you!

My favorite song is the next one - Sneeking Up On Boo Radley.
It reminds me of my childhood a lot. I was a real tom boy. (I'll explain in an email.) And of course I think of To Kill A Mockingbird. The movie is kind of dark & depressing, but the book has a better flavor. Books are usually better for me.

Drink a ton of water! Take 2 aspirin & call bob tedde in the morning! (I couldn't resist! Spank me in New Orleans.)

love ya

Name: Mr Spacely
@far out folk

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 14:10:10

Hello Dan Followers, I had the craziest dream last night. It seems that I was in an AOL chat room with a bunch of strangers when lone behold, none other than Mr.Fagen hiding under an fake name appeared. It was cool and very strange all at the same time. I woke up with a silly grin and it hasn't left my face yet. Later.

Name: GK John
Ticking @way the moments that make up a dull day

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 11:27:33

Fezo- Nicely put! I had a similar experience with "Echoes". It all started with a pair of Koss headphones and a hashpipe. I was trapped in a radio... No, wait... That was "Wish You Were Here"... Damn! I went and fuzzed out again! BTW, did you ever listen to "Fearless" (off Meddle) with headphones on and the volume cranked? What did you think? Or were you able to think?

Mitch- Can't you tell that Clas is Tolstoy having a little fun with us?

Razor- Well said.

Brook Lynn- Welcome. I also post only under this name, though you won't find me anywhere else but here. Let me make you feel more at ease... J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!!! Well, now you know the charmer under me.

Josie- I thought everyone in the Great White North used tire chains from November to April. I might have peed before I laughed about it! Steady girl!

And lastest but not leastest...

Witchy- Yoo shore do tawk purdy! Even tho ah knowed whut yore poppa sed 'bout de devil an all dat. Ah cain't hep mahseff cher!
If'n yoo lahked thet there Little Feat toon, Ah've got a few more ah'm jest waitin ta spring on ya. Oh yeh, If'n ah see you in thet there leatha' thong thang, ah ain't comin' a courtin'. Ah'm 'fraid its gone be more lahk jest comin'! Jest to show mah tru feelins, here's a short one fo ya...

Gonna take me a ride on a riverboat
down to New Orleans
Got pocketful of money and a liquor bottle
Gonna drink away my dreams

I don't really want to leave
But sure I can't stay
I'm gonna get on that riverboat
and gamble my life away

She makes me fly like an eagle
higher and higher every day
Cause in my mind and in my dreams
I can't get her away

Gonna sit down at that poker table
Five card stud's my game
Gonna try and forget that crazy woman
Gonna try and forget her name

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch travel agency

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 10:06:58

So, when is the N'Orleans danfest? Where? Hotel of choice? Zeke the local contact? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Name: YGK
Location: New York, NY
Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 06:45:13

Brook Lynn: any chance you are actually in the 4th largest fair City in the States? or are you merely a twisted Dan Song/NYC Borough Title?
no jibes here, I don't even know you....


Name: JosieDanFan
oh vey...snowblindness!!!

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 06:29:05

Hello Fellow Dan Fans!!!!

Yesterday coming home from work I normally catch a ride from a relation that also works with me. well as we pull out of the parking lot we were hit by the blinding sun which had been melting the snow just enough to freeze into ice... needless to say the driver couldn't see shit, and managed to somehow slide around 180 degrees and not hit any oncoming traffic..way to go!!

They worst thing that came out of it is we almost peed our pants from nervous and hysterical laughter. I don't however want to relive this experience anytime soon. The line in Deacon Blues was flying through my mind though... "..And die behind the wheel." I an still very much alive though.

Herm: It is so wonderful to have you back...
:o) missed ya!

Darling Sister Katy: I will e-mail you with the details..

David: Hi there sweetie!! miss talking to you..let me know when you are on please.

Foxinsocks: That used to happen to me at work att the time...they's play Steely and follow up by a lame lame song...but it made the Steely song that much more appreciated to me.

GK John: the feeling in MN right now is a somber one..I know I'll survive, but we all had hopes of gong all the way, and when the were dashed from us, it put a serious damper on the party. We always have next year to get over the choking at the last minute...:o/

TTFN folks...


Name: fezo

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 05:29:17

GK: Floyd has the opposite effect on me. It sparks me to want to lower my consciousness into a drug-induced haze. I have a Pavlovian response to it. I can almost spell the burning buds and taste the fifth bag of Doritos. And since I'm in a sharing mood . . . I still explicitly remember the best hallucination I ever had to a Floyd song . . . listening to "Echoes", I suddenly found myself floating down a river on a raft with the horizon like those perspective drawings you did in sixth grade; everything perfectly symetrical on either side and the water disappearing into the center point in the distance, while tanks on either side of river fired flares at me.

Clas: so did Mrs. Hornsby mention a recent death in her family? If it was her husband, you were talking to Bruce's mom. If it was her brother or brother-in-law, you were talking to his aunt.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 02:47:52

Fyodor - let me get one thing straight. When Fjodor Doctor Jevskij was around, S:t Petersburg was called Stalingrad.

Didn't you go to school?

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 01:43:40

You... you... you woman are talkin about how hard it is with travail and labour pains and all that shit. I've had a cold, and when a man's got a cold it's damn serious biz, I tell you.

I've been in bed for two (2) days, with fever, probably 30 - 40 degrees (and that's Celsius, so you know what we're talking about here, don't you?).

I also had several attacks of coughing (can you guys imagine what coughing is doing to my Sternum Agony?).

And I am VERY disappointed with my wife and my dog Pompe (Pompe is a Great Dan, a Great Dan-fan as well). They were just acting like things around home were normal.

With a dying person in bed!

And Ole, don't come to me and talk about feverdreams!

El Supremo - yes, isn't that great? Aunt Hornsby.

She reminded me of those good ol' days when a man was a man and a woman was Scarla O' Horror. Damn, so classy. I could almost see the old white plantationhouse while talking to her.


Maybe I Am Opening A Catering Firm In Hollywood!

"Real Food For Reel People".

Or A Catering Firm For Steely Dan Only!

"Royal Ham".


On Bruce Hornsby's song "Fortunate Song" there's an instrumental part in the middle of the song. We call instrumental parts in the middle of songs "interludes" over here in Europe, did you know that, yankees?

Well, that interlude is so sublime you can't notate it! It's so cool. Makes me cry.

Name: Fyodor D
From the streets of St. Petersburg (West sieede)

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 23:33:08

Yo Leo. I'd kill you, because it might make the world a better place. However, my conscience will only torment me thereafter. Sorry I can't oblige....

....and go fuck yourself.

Name: Leo Tolstoy
Awoken from the dead

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 23:23:35

None of these posts compare to my work. Blasphemers! How are the Red Wings doing this year? Anybody got some fucking vodka? And why didn't Yakov Smirnoff get a show to replace Seinfeld's slot? I mean, whaaaaaaaaat's the deal? I rule over Dostoevsky's sorry ass any day. HEY FYODOR: BRING IT ON, BITCH!!!!

Name: Brook Lynn
6:05 outside the stadium

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 22:46:40

Hermit: I haunted this site for over a year before I ever got up the nerve to post. This is only my second time. I'm waiting for the usual welcome wagon to belittle me with obnoxious jabs but until then I'd like to say, "Thank You" for giving me the courage to throw in my two piasters.

Now, about Glamour Profession. I really LOVE this song. Especially the bass line that seems to "dribble" like Michael Jordan right before he takes a shot. I think the song is ultimately about point-shaving, the mafia, drug smuggling and every other related activity. "Spend the quarter": Hmmm. A quarter of professional sports? A quarter ounce of blow? "Just to shine the silver bowl": Uhhh, the Silver Dome in Michigan? Licking the powder off the big guy's silver spoon? Or is it just another way of saying "all that glitters is not gold"?

Anyway, glad EVERYONE is here. Is that Brut or charisma I smell?

Just for the Ride,


Name: mitch
who the hell is norton utilites?
Location: honeymooners,
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 22:26:37

dr. mu thanks for your reply. this lingo is greek to me. these posts are getting to be like War and Peace, when is Leo Tolstoy going to post?

Name: Razor Boy
Location: Kanata, Ont Canada
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 21:26:59

For as long as I've been a Dan Fan, lo these 25 odd years, it has always intrigued me what Donald and Walter's thought processes have been during this time. The ability (aka talent, gift) to create a sound that is as mystical, enthralling (sp?)and/or inspiring, which is further augmented by their enigmatic personalities is a rare thing to me. I have thought to myself several times that they either determine that "we'll make our music on our terms when ready," or "we'll get around to it when we feel like it," or "it's not that important really, it only matters to us eventually anyway."

What a powerful hold they have on us. Make us settle for whatever they have given us, and we'll get around to producing something new. There is nothing at all wrong about the fact that a studio effort by Fagen and Becker has not been released since 1980. I envy their commitment to the things they deem important, and shake my head in marvel because what they have given us is timeless. I await with much anticipation for whatever they give us, knowing that when it comes, it won't seem like so long after all.

Ruby - hope you are feeling better.


Name: TheKatyDanFan
"....when the demon is at your door, in the morning it won't be there no more..."

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 19:35:05

Herm: Great to see you! Was about to tell you again that you are missed! Your description of what a mind and heart can go through now and then in the GB is probably more common than you think. But is it worth it to keep coming back? Yep! I didn't know I had CRS until Oleander explained what that is, in fact!

bob tedde: Wasn't able to catch your music on Dr. Laura's show and I am very sad :( about that. Hope I get another chance sometime soon. Anyway, it sounds like El Supremo should come and visit in person.

Peter: LOL

Stranger: Now there's a most interesting description of the cha cha.

DanMoment: Started car, SD in tape player, but I caught a glimpse of my Amy Grant tape in the car and thought I would listen to that this morning, "for a change." Got out to clean the ice off the windshield, and from the car comes the 'soothing to my soul' sound of Any Major Dude, and about five seconds later I thought...."Gee, whatever made me think I wanted to listen to AmyGrant?!" And it was SD all the way to work, as it is every day.....

El Supremo: Thanks so much again for spoiling me with all the Dan music, t-shirts, songbooks a KatyDancingDanFan could ever want! You're the best! ILY!!

Just Katy :)

Name: Witch Queen
of New Orleans

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 19:13:56

Awww GKJohn, Thank you fore yer sweet song! Ef ah didn't know bettah, I thank yore tryin t' be sweet on me, butt like mah daddy sez, when you mess wit da Witch Queen, you messin' wit da devil. Ah thank Ah'll send a little cajun spice yore way, now would ah evah give you anythang if it wuz bad fore you?

Ah'm gonna put on mah Miss Diana Rigg/Miss Uma Thurman outfit and wait fer ya to come a courtin'.

Yore shugah Queen

Name: Peter North
Ready, Aim,....

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 18:53:18

Hermit: How's about a shot from me? I could probably hit you from where I am. Just give me an idea of general direction from Hollywood. It might be messy, but it's totally worth it. Think of it as a bonding experience for a couple of SD nuts.

Speaking of Limbaugh, do you think he'd have a problem with me? I want to contribute a good Republican in the next election, but they tend to not care for my genre. The Religious Right is always trying to put me out of business. Still, I want a capital gains tax cut. What a dilemma!!!! Do you suppose Liddy Dole would have her picture taken with me? How about a motion picture? I'd do her.

Name: Miss Pam

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 18:08:55

I've spent the last few evenings with my nurse's hat pinned on and trying not to catch the flu from my husband! Looks like I missed a lot.

Hermit: Glad to see you back. Don't worry too much about the phantom lyrics, at least it's a good song. When my "mental jukebox" goes off the tracks it is usually something truly hideous and it will often go on none stop for several days. The worst yet was "Muskrat Love" for 4 days straight. (Oh the humanity of it all!)

That's all for now (I just heard a sneeze from the other room.)

Is anyone EVER in the chat room?????

Name: GK John
Good Morning Good

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 13:22:19

Herm- Good to see you back. Whenever I feel I'm slipping in a funk or emerging from the depths of unconsciousness, it's Pink Floyd's clock sequence that jumpstarts the senses. This is a holdover conditioning (CSR?) from my college days when someone first said to me, "Would I ever give you anything if it was bad for you?"

Mu- I'm always missing out on the good questions! I DID have the first three! However, I could only pick out the Christopher Cross song on Lester's next. BTW, only people in intensive care wouldn't get "Hello, It's Me".

Josie- Chin up girl. "Cheer or Die" is the Viking fan's slogan and when you've been a fan as long as I have, you realize you do more dying than cheering. But it was a sweet ride this year and one for the record books although Anderson picked a hell of a time to miss one. Look at it this way... Anderson hits that one, they're up by 10 with 2 minutes to go, it's over! That's all right. We'll be back next year. Billick or no Billick.

Name: DrMu

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 12:46:40

Mitch: Edd is correct as usual. Norton Utilities does works best if you boot up the machine with the program in the CDROM or your drive (it can be pre-installed and used directly from the hard drive as well - but for major problems, this works best). NU has either the PC or Mac operating system built in (check your version and machine). Just click on the Norton Disk Doctor Icon to analyze for problems. If there are no problems with the disk and the file just got erased by accident, use the "Unerase" program. This works MOST of the time, but no guarantee. Good luck!

Weird Dan moment: Went to turn on America's favorite ? nag and there was Ruxh Limbaugh's last segment being into'd by none other than "Reelin' in the Years!" Did catch Rockola's I Feel Fine only about 5 mines later - not bad!...and now it is nice and quiet in the office.

Name: TheStranger
you must know it's right

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 12:23:27

yes, my biorhythms have been off lately as well. my mind mambos while my body goes salsa & the result is a mutated cha cha through life.

i seem to recall you declared you're of the virgin persuasion. i was wondering if this is just according to president bubba's definition of sexual relations. yes, i know this is a perverse and personal question, but what the hell, you brought it up. let me rephrase that. ahh, let it stand.

Name: minah
yeah,yeah, where do I write...

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 11:56:59

Bob - Thanks to you and cohorts for making the 5-hour drive as worthwhile as my first trip to see The Damned in Feb. '96 - good to see you and Peg again. Rockola is truly a finely tuned machine, man, the friends that were with us said you were the best cover band they'd ever seen. Of course, I was there for the live Dan fix (which you guys supplied as nicely as I remembered), and to finally see those oil-wrestling pictures of Kinky (pass the Ipecac, O). Standouts for me: Dirty Work, Caves, and Haitian Divorce which you guys delivered with as much emotion as the originals…a blast indeed!

Peg - Many thanks for taking such good care of us, if anything was worth seeing up here in Cowland I'd offer to do the same…

Cheers to my fellow Gber's - my advice: go find some live Dan - it's a worthwhile attitude adjustment.


Name: Sociable Hermit
Just One Victory....

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 10:37:02

foxinsox: I tried sending you an e mail regarding Todd, but it was sent back as undeliverable. I don't know why, I used the address you provided. Oh well...
Go to and type in Todd's full name. It will bring you to a screen with names of various Todd sites. Click on (if that's not it exactly, it sure looks like it enough). This is a very cool site filled with Todd lovin' posters, some of who are very keen as to where to get rare merchandise.

I'll try e mail again in future. Never know, maybe it'll work.

Phantom shooter: I got the gear on now. Fire all you want. My guess is that instead of hitting me, you'll wound an innocent bystander. Everyone careful on the campus quad.


Name: Phantom Gunslinger
taking potshots

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 09:04:28

Herm- Is that you? You know what they say, If you can't take the heat, get outta of the kitchen/guestbook.

Name: foxinsocks
why are you diffferent, why are you that way? if you dont' get in line, we'll lock you away

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 09:04:15

ok, now i remember.

Herm ~ welcome back dear. You were missed. Oh, and I wake up singing lyrics with no signifigance all the time. About three weeks ago, I woke up singing "I can't Dance" by Genesis. *wierd*

Witch ~ ROFLMAO I cant' wait to use some of those on some of the pervs at my waitressing job. I'd forgotten just how disgusting drunks at a bar can be :-)

ok, I'll leave you alone now.
Good Vibes and Great Jams~
Fox (again) =^..^=

Name: foxinsocks
leading me all around in circles

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 08:56:21

Mornin DanFanLand

David in the Fla Room ~ you had me worried for a little while there.....yup, that's Kas on Mimi gets mad. *grin* That's prolly one of the best albums of all time. Thanks for playing, I wish i had a cool parting gift to give you, like a lifetime supply of Ovaltine or something. :-) As it is, I can simply highfive you for being so damn cool. ;-)

Speaking of Ovaltine, did you ever notice that Ovaltine commercials are often coupled with Gold Bond Medicated Powder commercials? Perhaps they're the same thing...perhaps not. But either way, I'M not gonna try it.

If anyone knows where I could get my grubby little paws on some Utopia/Todd Rundgren mp3's, I'd certainly appreciate it. I've got a plethora by all my favorite artists, but NOTHING by Todd. I've even got some Yes in there! Fox needs Todd!!!
If anyone DOES happen to have some or know where I can get some, please e-mail me at I'll give you all the Ovaltine/Gold Bond you care to drink.

Well, two of my three jobs are located in a mall, and last night at work, I heard a bit of a familiar melody. So I finished with my customer, and drifted towards the front of the store. Once I got there, I caught another bit. Well, almost predictably, a brain fart ensued, and then it FINALLY dawned on me that it was Deacon Blues. I just stood up front, straightening magazines and singing til it was over. I almost retched when I heard Kenny G come on right after the Dan. It was BAD. But at least I got some cool music at Work.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I was gonna tell you something else, but have commenced to brain farting again. All that's coming to mind is the Scene in "the Three Amigos" where El Wappo says "Would you say that I have a PLETHORA of pinatas?" Crap. Now I gotta go watch that movie.
May good vibes and great jams follow you always~
Fox =^..^=

Name: GK John
B@you St John

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 08:38:30

Hey Witch Girl! Ah noo thet ef ah send yoo sum Jerry Reed ah'd git a speshul sump'n in return! Now, lessee whut happin when ah sen anudder one, cher!

Serious blue eyes, so pale and so shy
Look closer 'cause she's got that look in her eye
Red hair that sails on a soft southern breeze
Fingers that fly on accordion keys

You ain't seen nothin', 'till you've seen my cajun girl
She's really somethin', my sweet singing cajun girl

Cook cajun, speak creole, and lay on the spice
Her fancy so free on these Saturday nights
She sings and she plays at the parish hall dance
Big city chanteuses just don't stand a chance

You ain't seen nothin', 'till you've seen my cajun girl
She's really somethin', my sweet singing cajun girl

Might find my dream, just West of New Orleans
If you pole up the Bayou St. John
Oh when twin fiddles play
And she squeeze on her squeezebox til dawn
All night they carry on!

Tell long-legged Lucille I must send my regrets
It's nothin' she's done, it's just someone I met
With innocent heart, true talent so rare
She bloom on the bayou, this flower so fair

You ain't seen nothin', 'till you've seen my cajun girl
She's really somethin', my sweet singing cajun girl

Name: Sociable Hermit
Sounds of arousal

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 08:30:42

Ahh, when you awake, it's Havana, 3 AM.

Often with me, it's Toledo, 9 AM

And I'm not even in Toledo.


Name: JokER

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 08:05:10

nice to hear from you again, herm:

myself, i get a bunch of ducks quacking in my head when I wake up/come to; except for tuesdays, when perez prado & his orchestra kick in....[{]

Name: Socaible Hermit
A New Day Dawning/A New Outlook Spawning

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 07:21:25

Every morning for the past week, at the exact moment that my mind slips from unconscious to conscious, I have been greeted with this line from this song, without fail:

"Local boys will spend a quarter
just to shine the silver bowl.
Living hard will take it's toll.
Illegal fun
Under the sun"

What that has to do with anything; I'm unsure. I never have any memory of a dream where this song or line would fit. All I can imagine is that my subconscious mind is trying to pass along some information to my conscious mind. But if that's the case, then why must it be so cryptic? It feels like some cheesy night time soap opera: there's a shot in the dark, a body falls, a shadow on the wall quickly disappears. To Be Continued... Only with those, at least in a week you find out what happened. I'm not finding out anything. My "To Be Continued" seems to have been followed with an abrupt cancelation of the series.
As a human, (really, I am), I take some comfort in knowing that I do have a certain amount of control over my mind. Or, at the very least, I am pleased that it often works in concert with it's own compartments and keeps me apprised of it's goings on. Like the boss's son who just inherited the company: theoretically, he's in charge, even though he has no idea what he's doing - but at least he's constantly being updated so he doesn't feel like an idiot. It's really a big sick joke when one part of your brain feels the need to play little games with the other. If, indeed, that is what's going on.
It could very well be those goddamn little squirrels singing in my ear just before I wake up. And if I find out that they're to blame, and I wasted so much time analyzing why my brain needs to analyze unimportant information that it provides to itself, I'm having me a big pot of squirrel soup this weekend.

Yes, oleander, beware the rebounders. I may have the earrings, but unlike Dennis Rodman, I do not plan on dyeing my hair and marrying a supermodel. I find that sometimes it's better not to make plans at all. (My subconscious mind suggested that I add that last sentence. Again, what that really means, I do not know...Hey! A squirrel! Damn...)

To JosieDanFan and Foxinsox: Thank you for your wonderful comments. I will always try to keep in touch.

To Brook Lynne: Very funny story. And nicely written. Hope I keep hearing from you. To answer your query - no, I do not use the name Sociable Hermit anywhere other than here. The main reason - ? I don't really go anywhere else. (I know, I'm sad.)

One last thing. A brief explanation for my brief disappearance and my brief unraveling: I picked the name Sociable Hermit for a reason. My personality dictates, in fact demands, human contact, but I often take things too personally and consequently recoil in cynicism and anger, and feel the need to step away and be alone. (Yes, I know. I'm constantly searching the forest for loose change so I can save up enough for a decent therapist.)
Anyway, I was going through some crappy period about a week ago, and the last thing that I needed was some phantom gunman to take potshots at me. I can usually defend myself quite well, but there comes a time when you question why you put yourself in the situation where you would need to defend yourself. Know what I mean? Why keep going to the same restaurant if when you go there, you're always treated poorly by one arrogant busboy? But, after a while, I realized that I had too much fun and made too many new friends in here to allow some little turd to ruin it for me. Sorry Stranger, and anyone else who I lashed out at.
I feel better today. My gyroscope seems to be functioning much better, also. Things feel right. Maybe I will make a breakthrough yet.



Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 07:13:59

Bob Tedde- I Didn't make myself clear..MK played in the Studio Orchestra on the Arsenio show(a few years back) and,was acxtually in Frank Zappas Band For a Bit....check with him. I could be wrong...It's a brain cell thing.

Foxinsox-Well? did I redeem myself? Was it Kaz singing Mimi?

JDF-Hold your Calls "We Have A winner!"

RoseDarling-Hello..haven't talked to ya ina while


Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 06:58:16

Mitch - The file is probably still there. If you have (or know someone who has) Norton Utilities you can probably recover it...

Name: fezo

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 05:14:28

Heard on the radio this morning . . .

Sherman Hemsley of "Jeffersons" fame and Jon Anderson of "Yes" fame have co-written an concept album focusing on the mystical significance of the number seven. A fall release is planned.

Now if this unlikely duo can come out with an album together in 1999 why can't Walter and Donald?

Name: mitch
lost photo jpg

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 23:14:31

does anyone know if a disk with picture on it,somehow was erased from file, is it still on my floppy???

Name: oleander
tryin' to make that final deadline

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 20:57:27

Anybody go to Danfest Chi-town? Report!

Mu--That's great. I love it when you get technical. I figure it's solar, far enough into the near future they've worked the bugs out.

jeangarcon--I think if someone has found their way here, that qualifies them as tu. A Dan copain. Ah, the democratic English language--you don't have to worry if you're talking up to, down to, or even singular vs. plural.

RS--Compulsive Response Syndrome, and I don't think I'm the only victim. But perhaps the worst, since even Kinky can't slow me down. And don't go to your DSM IV to look it up--I'm negotiating royalties with them.

OL--The version of 2A I've got is the one with the first little bit cut off, but I'd be glad to send it to you, with a few other interesting snippets of Dan. Just give me a week or two. I'll e you. BTW, the skyscraper story is another apocryphal bit about how they came up with the name.

JDF--"Everyone is leaving"--I don't think so. PS, beware the rebound.


Blue--the milk ad had me in stitches.

Doc K--Well, here's hoping. Keep us posted.

Danspotting: Took my kids to the mall today (reluctantly) and heard TOOM as we strolled. It dawned on me that Dan-zak is a marvelous subliminal conditioning of the American public and is priming it to respond overwhelmingly to the New One. Hmmm--I smell a study. Mu, let's oil up the grant-writing machinery.

My computer is going to visit its grandpa tomorrow, so see you all in a few days.

Name: bob tedde
{be creative here}
Location: correctionville, ca
Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 20:56:36

Corrections: Being told now that the Dr. Laura Show airs live from 12 NOON to 3PM. AND i should probably mention that that's Pacific Standard Time.

Also David: Was MK with Frank or Dweezel Zappa on Arsineo? I'll have to ask him about that one. Have you heard Broadway the Hard Way? Mike is all over that one. He is in fact the co-lead vocalist on the first tune "Elvis Has Just Left The Building"


Name: bob tedde
Location: sd, ca
Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 20:41:39

David: Add monster keyboardist to your list of Keneally accolades. Mike is an auxiliary member of The Steely Damned, and in fact saved our butts yet again this past Saturday, by filling in for our often AWOL first chair keyboardist Mark Moorehead. That's Mike on the LLB version of 2nd Arrangement. (Which, I'm happy to say I finally heard yesterday, to say I think it falls in the realm of acceptable.) He's also responsible for the horn arrangement on that tune, a feat he tossed off in a frighteningly short period of time. That's him again on the Kings soundbite, but not on Haitian. MK's musical amazingness is second only to his awsomeness as a human being. You can find out more than you ever wanted to know about MK by going to The Obvious Moose Website at

RE: "Good work, dude" (in regards to the Laura thing)....Ugh. Wait 'till you hear it first. I have my doubts.


Name: TheKatyDanFan
watching for email....

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 20:29:52

Josie: Are you kidding, sister? What are you waiting for? Send email asap! You should know Mom wants a report from me!

WitchQueen: Absolutely ROFL

Bobtedde: Thanks for letting us know. Will try my best to listen!!

Just Katy :)

"....I detect the El Supremo...." ILYM!!

Name: Witch Queen
of Nawlins

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 19:02:11

Some bumper stickers I've seen in my travels the last few days:

1. Well, this day was a total waste of makeup.
2. Make yourself at home! Clean my kitchen.
3. Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?
4. Don't bother me. I'm living happily ever after.
5. Do I look like a freakin' people person?
6. This isn't an office. It's Hell with fluorescent lighting.
7. I pretend to work. They pretend to pay me.
8. If I throw a stick, will you leave?
9. Therapy is costly, poppin' bubble wrap is cheap! You choose.
10. Did the aliens forget to remove your anal probe?
11. And just how may I screw you over today?
12. And your crybaby whiny-assed opinion would be...?
13. Allow me to introduce my selves.
14. Sarcasm is just one more service we offer.
15. Are those your eyeballs? I found them in my cleavage.
16. I'm not your type. I'm not inflatable.
17. I'm trying to imagine you with a personality.
18. A cubicle is just a padded cell without a door.
19. Stress is when you wake up screaming & you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet.
20. Adults are just kids who owe money.
21. How many times do I have to flush before you go away?
22. I just want revenge. Is that so wrong?
23. You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing.
24. Nice perfume. Must you marinate in it?
25. Not all men are annoying. Some are dead.
26. Chaos, panic, & disorder - my work here is done.
27. A woman's favorite position is CEO.
28. Ambivalent? Well, yes and no.
29. You look like sh*t. Is that the style now?
30. Everyone thinks I'm psychotic, except for my friends deep inside the earth.
31. Is it time for your medication or mine?
32. Does this condom make me look fat?
33. How do I set a laser printer to stun?
34. I'm not tense, just terribly, terribly alert.

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 19:00:31

Hi Everyone!
Bob Tedde-I'm Impressed....Mike Kenealy is a monster Guitarist
Played with Frank Zappa and ,on Arsenio Halls old tv Show
I remember Meeting and hearing him in San Diego once...maybe at the Bacchanal? Can't remember...looking forward to catching the Dr. Laura Bit...Good Work Dude!
JDF- Hi Kiddo!

Name: Frank
Teamsters Union 501
Location: the borough which was once, a furrow
Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 18:58:27

O'Lester: I remember dese two skinny, faggy lookin' college-type guyz which use 'ta hang 'round the site in the summer of 1969. They'd watch from a balcony across the street and read their faggy lookin' paperbacks. We were hoistin' steel beams by crane and block n' tackle when those two long-hairs, the blond and the brunette, or whatever you call a guy with dark long hair, come strolling by with a bottle and a paper bag towards their lookout. So I shouts to them: "Hey, buddy! Get a job!!" They stop, look at each other for a second, and laugh hysterically...they musta been high on dope or somethin'. So I sez, "What are your names?" ...and they tell me two faggy names like Tristan and Gustav or some such. They shake their heads and start to leave, when the blond shouts from across the street "Hey, what is that thing you're building, a fuckin' Steely Dan?" I thought he was comin' on to me or something, I'd heard about guys like this from my cousin Rosa in San Francisco, so I sez "Oh yeah, well my Steely Dan thermos would like to meet upside your head." Just then a young man and woman drive up to the two long hairs: a red head girl and a short, balding guy - I saw him around the city a lot later - he could really play the piano. I think he got some gigs on TV or somethin'. So she's talkin to the dark haired one, I'd seen her with him before a number of times, come to think of it. Anyway, he reaches into the bag and asks her if she wants a number. She shook her head - she look kinda straight-laced to me. They then wave her of saying "That's OK." What was her name? Nikki, na that the girlfriend of that Prince-guy faggot. Naw, it was Rikki, yeah that's it. Anyway, a few years later my nephew Vince, a real pot-head, show me dis album by some group called Steely Dan, and inside are the two guys who used ta hang out! Holy fuck!!

Jeez, that thing about Nikki reminds me...about 15 year later I wuz workin' in Jersey with my pal Harry for Westinghouse crating out kitchen appliances. Anyway, we're hauling some stuff into an Passaic store when I catch a glimpse of that faggot purple Prince's there on the MTV doing a video with makeup and the whole shebang - Hell, they all had makeup. So I sez to Harry, "Well, that ain't workin.' That faggot's got his own jet airplane. He's a fuckin' millionaire." This English guy standin' besides "Yeah and the chicks are for free." Two years later, we're going through the Passaic store and the English guy is singin' our conversation on the MTV! Can you fuckin' believe it? Where are my fuckin' residuals!?

Name: bob tedde
"anything you want"
Location: sd, ca
Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 16:17:03

Hey there. Here's the quick and dirty follow up (as promised):
On Friday, Rockola performed a commando like session ('live' to mono DAT) in a 10' x 9' studio (read:radio studio) for use by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. The music is to be used to take the show in and out of commercial breaks during her broadcast on Tues. Jan. 19th (yes, that's tommorrow) and/or Wed. Jan.20th (iffy on the latter) Dr. Laura's show is broadcast live in most markets from 11:am to 3:00pm. A great deal of her affiliates re-broadcast the show at a latter time the same day. Once again, keep in mind, if you listen in that we were playing using a vertual band set up, meaning there were no guitar or bass amplifiers, and electronic drums (the Roland V-Drum system.) I was supposed to get a copy of what we did soon after it was recorded, but that didn't happen. So i'll be hearing it for the first time as it airs Tues. (gulp) Our performances were far from flawless, and in some respects, we intended them to be that way. We were going for the sound of a live band, as opposed to a sterile studio demo. I hope we succeeded.

Also, can't remember who asked but the answer is : Mark DeCerbo: "Baby's Not In The Mood" (Bizarre/Straight 1991) Mike Keneally:"Hat" (Immune 1992), Mike Keneally:"Boil That Dust Speck" (immune 1994) and Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins: "Sluggo" (Immune 1997(?))

Also, thanks Molecule Man for the oratorical interp. I was starting to think i was getting to the point where only ME understood me, and that's when it's time to wrap the egg cartons in salami and head for the Nimbus Obi!


PS. Lovely to see you at the show Minah. Was that a blast or what?

Name: Original Lester

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 13:10:25


You're kidding, right?

I mean, I believe you about the construction lingo, but you realize that Don and Walt were a great deal more interested in the literature of William Burroughs than in the world of construction, do you not?

Name: JosieDanFan
woke up with a smile on my face....

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 12:02:39

Hey fellow Dan fans!
I still miss Herm, please come back. And Geena, and Bodacious.
I've been listening to Kamakiriad a lot lately, I had forgotten how truly awesome it is...I just got off of a 11TOW kick...that kicks booty too!

Darling sister Katy: Ahhhh...he's so wwonderful, if you want I will e-mail you and tell you all the details... :o)

I've got to go now guys...see ya!!


Name: Frank
Lunchpail in my hnad
Location: Queens, NY
Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 09:42:44

Brook Lynn: Don't belive that crap. Steely Dan was a nickname I heard some drunk college brats use for a skyscraper I worked on in the '60s.

Name: Blue Ray
gotham shudders

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 03:18:38

Me too, Brook Lynn. I read you loud and clear.

Steely Dan was originally a fictitious, high-pressure dildo with bonus reservoir but later evolved into a real band with 11 top 40 hits! It was a painfully moody arrangement that eventually gave us household names like Skunk Baxter, Michael McDonald and a slew of other talented artists you're sure to become familiar with in the weeks ahead.

I keep waiting for Donald and Walter to appear on a billboard together wearing "milk" moustaches. It's not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but it would sure be a step in the right direction. And besides--who doesn't need a little more calcium?

Me Myself and I,


Name: El Supremo
any news was good
Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 02:47:51

Hello, DanFanDom!!

Hoping you have a super GREAT day, today.

Clas, that's great about you talking with Hornsby!

Brook Dunn----I believe Steely Dan started out as a 'dildo', put a 'fez' on, and ended up being a 'rubber band'.


JustKaty (Wife-For-Life!!!)

I Do, Most Definitely!!!!!



Name: Original Lester

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 02:41:22

Congratulations to the Falcons, clearly the best team in the NFC West. That goes out to you Niner fans who continue to believe that your team is God's gift to football, or Western Civilization for that matter.

New ones from grammy-winning albums:

a)"Tell me who of them will come to be?"
b)"You are all I long for/ all I worship and adore"
c)"I don't believe in painted roses or bleeding hearts"
d)"The canvas can do miracles"

And a best new artist winner:

"Love is stronger than thunder."

None are intended to fool anyone, so don't be insulted if one seems obvious.

Food for thought: Which Latin American countries have been mentioned/alluded to in SD/Fagen songs? I don't know the complete answer to this.

Name: Brook Lynn

Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 at 01:33:26

Am I here too late for anyone to appreciate that I'm posting with my real name and that I will NEVER post as anyone else? Why would I? Why would anyone? I'm so full of witty quips that I want people to KNOW when I've said something of note. Do you think Steely Dan would have been able to collect that cool hundred grand from the rappers who sampled Black Cow if they went around releasing records under different names?

That said, I'd like to state my opinion that Sociable Hermit was doomed from the start by the name his parents chose for him. It's not that Hermit is such a bad last name, but Sociable for a first name? What were his parents thinking? I've gone back and read Sociable's posts and have discovered a bright, promising young man hindered only by a poor parental decision. A decision that must haunt him everytime he answers the phone, opens a letter or whispers his name at the carry-out window of his favorite pizzaria.

Yet, despite this limitation clearly not of his own making, Sociable Hermit insisted on using only his genuine, legal name at all times. And he did it proudly. Whether giving us valuable underground survival tips or courageously defending himself from the cowardly mockers who hit him below the belt using fake names, Sociable Hermit had the guts to always be himself. And now he's gone. And believe me, he has far too much self-respect to come back to this place as anyone but...Sociable Hermit.

So, in a funny way, I guess I'm here for Sociable Hermit. And though my extensive research on the internet has yet to find one person in the entire world with that name, I know he's out there somewhere and is pleased with my decision to always use my real name no matter what I say, when I say it or how I choose to express it.

Yes, you can always depend on me to file my taxes, sign my checks and post on this board as:

Brook Lynn

P.S. So who/what is Steely Dan? A band or a dildo? I'm trusting someone to give me an accurate clarification. Oh, and please answer using your REAL name, ok?

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch travel agency

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 20:28:20

Ole: I might be able to take a trip down south if I was to start planning now... assuming my Jayhawks don't go too far in the NCAA tourney thereby requiring the consumption of accumulated vacation while attending the annual migration...

Name: RubyBaby
& the be@t goes on

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 19:42:40

OK, major Dan moment here:

Had the reletives for Christmas, then got the flu, hence I went for a month without real exercise. I feel like flubber. Anyway - I finally made it to the gym yesterday. Instead of the usual jungle shit they play over the speakers, they do some obscure classic rock stuff. The did 2 Dire Straits in a row, a little known Bowie classic, Toto & Clapton. But since I'm so out of shape, I'm wilting fast. I take a rest on a broken rowing machine. Then, I hear the beginning sounds of FM. WHAM, I'm rejuved! I'm so jazzed that the rest of my workout is cake! There was a noticeable energy boost to the entire gym population. Gotta have Steely Dan!

Today in church we sang a rather up-beat song called "Covered." (I'm in the choir!) After that, the preacher got up & said that the beat of the song isn't important, it's the words. Well, I beg to differ. The beat of the music is just as important in the overall expression of the song.

Sometimes it's even the "little" things that make the piece stand out. I love the last piano trill (is that the right word?) at the end of Rikki. And I'm just noticing the important role that the horns in Night by Night have. They're largely in the background, but the song would fall flat without 'em. This is one reason I love SD - they paid attention to detail! Thanks Donald Fagen!! Thank you, too, Walter Becker for your kahunas.

Dr.Mu: Your secret identity as The Answer Grape has been revealed!


Name: TheKatyDanFan
just lurking lately

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 19:41:55

DanFans: Have spent some time over on Oleander's lyrics page, and what an eyeopener it's been. Thanks to Oleander and others for posting there, helping relative newbies like me get a better sense of what Don and Walt are talking about, or at least might be talking about!

JDF: Sounds like things are looking up for you, or were until today's football game! Hang in there and of course, I'm counting on you to fill me in, sis, regarding this new DanFan you met!

Michael C. Packard: We're waiting for ya! Hey, some days it's warming here in PA than in Texas! You'll love it here, we promise.

"Fixing a Hole" and "God Only Knows" You guys have a way of taking me back in time! Two songs I still know by heart!

Joining in the fray: Anyone know this, artist, album?
" man's a jester, playing Shakespeare...."

El Supremo: Now be careful not to be too boisterous, just be your sweet self----I'm missing you in the GB once again...

Just Katy :)

"....this one's for real, I already bought the dream..."

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 17:58:33

Foxinsocks ! I'm kicking my self Now's Kasim singing "MIMI GET"S MAD" from POV...

Name: JosieDanFan
hanging my head...

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 16:30:22

Made my boys lose in over time!! And Denver won..I ain't watching the Super Bowl this year!!!
I'm gonna go shoot a Falcon now..see y'all later..

Name: foxinsocks
we were above, you were standing underneath us

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 14:41:01

David in the Florida Room ~ no, that was a damn good guess, but it wasn't it. *grins* I'm so proud of myself. Try again, please.

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 13:51:15

Hey Dansters, I've not gone into"Lurk Mode" just Yet.

Foxinsox- It's "Bad little Actress" from Utopia's album "UTOPIA"


Name: LMYentl

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 11:59:43



g. friction ??

Name: DrMu
mechanical musings

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 11:34:42

If Kamakiriad is the "politically correct" steam-powered Japanes car, what fuel was then used to make the steam??

a) Wood? Traditional but bulky, inefficient thermodynamically, contributeing to "deforestation," produces pollution and carcinogenic (mutagenic) hydrocarbons, and adds CO2 to the atmosphere.

b) Coal? Common for steam engines...More efficient than wood...but puts out soot and other particulate pollutants, and CO2.

c) Leftover hydroponic vegatables? Inefficient, must be dried before burning...same problems as (a).

d) Solar? Possible if auto is very light, "bat wongs" are next-generation solar panels, one lives in the Deep South, and 20 mph is as fast as you want to go.

e) Hydrogen battery? Whatever happened to these? Did they go the way of the IGY world?

f) Mr. Fusion? The sun-Ra II model?

Name: foxinsocks
heheh I see TODD LYRICS!!!

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 10:16:14

Oh, Crap. Now i can't remember who asked the Todd Trivia Question, but it warms my heart to see it. :-) Here's a bit of Todd Trivia for you...You gotta be a DIE-HARD fan to know this one....
You know the Artist, just name the song, Album, and *for extra credit* the singer.
"She could squeeze off a shot/ just as soon as look at me/ she don't say a word/ yet every word is true"

What's this about Herm not coming back??
Herm!! You gotta come back! We need you in here! If you didn't come back, you'd be the UN-Sociable Hermit!!!! please? *pout*

Well, Ladies, Gentlemen, and DanFans, may good vibes and Great jams follow you always.
fox =^..^=

Name: DrMu
answer sheet

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 08:05:14

Roy: you're more than on the right trail (I was looking for album); JDF, too

Which of the following lyrics is NOT from a Grammy winning album:
a) "Rose he knows he's such a credit to the game..."
from Billy Joe's song "Zanzibar" from the 1978 Grammy winning album "52nd street". The worst line from a very good song. "Zanzibar", "Stiletto", "Rosalinda's Eyes", and "Half a Mile Away" have a Dan-like sound and production (I bet "Aja" was an influence on this album). The hits My Life, Honesty, and Big Shot are IMHO the weakest part of the album. Brilliant in potions, but less consistent than The Stranger.

b) "...stops my mind from wandering, where it will go"
That's indeed from Paul's "Fixing a Hole" from Sgt. Pepper, the 1967 Grammy winner for album of the year. My favorite song on this album. Sgt. Pepper and The White album are my least fav. of the fab four. Donald and Walter meet at Bard that year, I think.

c) "...but what good would living do me?"
Yes, that's from "God Only Knows" from the landmark 1966 "Pet Sounds" by the Beach Boys. This album was the inspiration for Sgt. Pepper, and arguably the best album of this group. Roy, this album is the only one here which did NOT win for album of the year. Ol' Blue Eyes beat out "Pet Sounds" and Der Beatles "Revolver" that year. Donald's thinking about learning design and studying overseas.

d) "I never knew a girl like you..."
Line from "Rosanna" by Toto on "Toto IV", grammy winner in 1982 beating out Fagen's The Nightfly and Paul's Tug of War.

e) "...but above all I wish you..."
Witless Houston belts out the banal Dolly Parton song "I will always love you" from the 1993 Grammy winning album "The Bodyguard" produced in a wretched "Star Search" mode by David Foster. Yuck!!!! Beat out Fagen's "Kamakiriad" and Joel's "River of Dreams", and Mr. Sting's "Ten Summoners Tales." BTW the upcoming Grammy's for 1998 will be the first to feature Producer of the Year.

Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 07:21:53

OL: Too easy. "Hello, It's Me" by Todd Rundgren and/or NAZZ. Counter trivia: Which version became a hit first?

Doc: Too hard. My guess is that "God Only Knows" failed to win a grammy; although I don't remember "Fixing a Hole" being widely acclaimed at the time. In fact, none of the songs on Sgt Pepper or the White Album were huge commercial succeses as singles. Magical Mystery Tour, on the other hand, had about five million sellers.


Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 07:10:03

Lester: Too easy. "Hello It's Me" by Nazz and/or Todd Rundgren. Which version came first?

Doc: Too hard; but maybe after a few days of mental marination.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 05:58:41

Hey JosieDanFan, did you know that I talked with Bobby Hornsbys mom or aunt last Friday night? Wonderful woman, so much class, she lives in Virginia. We talked for almost fortyfive minutes, about his local band, how nice Bruce and Bobby are, and why Bobby is standing in a hat, shorts and with a briefcase on the innersleeve on Bruce Hornsby's latest album "Spirit Trail". And why I called all the way from Sweden just cause I love his shaking on the same album in question.

We agreed that Fortunate Son is the most touching song on Spirit Trail.

Do you wanne know why he's wearing only shorts, a hat and a briefcase on that innerslevepicture?

Name: JosieDanFan
let's here it for 180's!!

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 05:43:39

Hey Dan Fans!!

Just a few short days ago I swore off men..didn't want to look at another one. Too much trouble and pain. But he walked in and my life began again... I think I've found him. And get this..he likes Steely!! She shoots, she scores!!! I can't believe how fast this is happening, I can't explain it, I've never been this sure about anything. I promise not to do anything TOO dumb, and get myself into trouble. But if he's trouble..I'm there!!

I can't believe this!! Everyone is leaving, I will miss you B.C. and Herm, even Lovebob. Please return soon...

Herm: if you see this (God I hope you do) I can understand your reasons for leaving..But please know and remember that you do have some friends on here. Please please please e-mail me!! I dont want to lose contact.... dancing with me cheek to cheek... Lady In Red too easy man! I can't remember the guys name though.

Dr Mu: don't know which one isn't a grammy winner but i can name most of the songs and albums.

1. no clue..shoot me
2. Fixing a hole Sgt Pepper's lonely hearts club band
3.God only knows..the version I know is on a Manhatten transfer CD Swingin'
4. no clue..shoot me again...
5. I wish you love..I know the Natalie Cole version, off of Take a Look...did I at least win a pat on the head?

Katy: Hi sis..miss ya!

David: Miss you too!!

Well GBers, I must go. I'm tired, been up all night talking
(so fabulous!!) Here's to hoping that our friends that have strayed come back soon, happy and safe.

JDF ( Just Darn Fabulous )

Name: Original Lester

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 02:07:31

Good God, Dr. Mu. Do you really think anyone will get that? You should contribute to Mark & Brian's "You Can't Win." Item b is the only one I have any clue on, and that would probably hold true for most of the GBers.

Here's my shot at it:

"I'll come around to see you once in a while/ or if I ever need a reason to smile/ and spend the night if you think I should"

Artist and song. Most likely to be figured out by a boomer. No prizes, just quoting one of my favorite songs.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 01:10:03

Myra - I heard June.


The Shaker.

I'm sad to say that I hear a little untight shakerplaying in the midst of the third bar on Swan Song Part Two on Bruce Hornsby's Spirit Trail.

Bobby, I called all the way from Sweden, and now I hear this.

I feel like crying,


Name: Tony
@the zone

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 22:09:14

Hey Donald and Walter, I Love You, Manne! I've
climbed, what do I need them for? All
I need is a little cord.

Name: Original Lester

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 19:22:39

Alright, some of you have a copy of The Second Arrangement, and I don't. My email address is right there. I will send a tape and return postage. Now, I need some cooperation.

Such a long way to gooooooooooo

Name: Peter North
Countdown to Ecstasy.cum

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 19:18:08

As for me and the new album, you know that the coming is so close at hand.

I feel alright.

fox: With or Without You

Name: DrMu
pop quiz

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 19:17:51

Which of the following lyrics is NOT from a Grammy winning album:

a) "Rose he knows he's such a credit to the game..."
b) "...stops my mind from wandering, where it will go"
c) "...but what good would living do me?"
d) "I never knew a girl like you..."
e) "...but above all I wish you..."

For extra credit: name every song and album.

Name: Schwinn
The Lemming Sisters

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 18:46:20

foxinsocks: U2: With or Without You

Clas: Yes, all the way from Sweden!

No Driver on the Top,


Name: Auntie M
@nalogie annals
Location: Ammonia Ave,
Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 18:36:27

Can't Buy a Thrill = Please Please Me
Countdown to Ecstacy = With the Beatles
Pretzel Logic = Beatles for Sale
Katy Lied = Rubber Soul
Royal Scam = Revolver
Aja = Seargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Gaucho = Abbey Road

Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 16:33:06

I heard a brief Steely Dan reference on the radio the other morning. The Tom Joyner Morning Show has a semi-serious advice to the lovelorn feature during which they were recommending to some listener that she dance partially clothed for her husband, and Miss Dupree, the funny gal with the Moms Mabley voice shouted in the background "Shake it Babylon Sister!". I guess that falls into the 'any publicity is good publicity' category.

lisa: The first step of your therapy will be to nurture that affinity for older men. It's healthy. Honest.

Oleander: Let's see, CRS... CRS ... I used to know what that meant.

bob: One last word on the Beatle subject: I bought a Beatle bootleg album , I don't remember exactly when, probably about 1970, and it had rough Beatle versions of "Teddy Boy" and "Maybe I'm Amazed" . It also had some demo quality versions of songs that have been on Beatle albums. The McCartney songs sounded just as Beatle-worthy as the others, despite the fact that they became known later as post-Beatle solo songs and were thus considered inferior in some way.


Name: Jiminey Cricket
Here At the Western World

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 15:39:52

Is it true that Donald & Walter recorded the entire new album a year ago then trashed every single track and started over with a different group of studio musicians? Does anyone think they will ever release the "original" album? It would be interesting to compare and contrast the two different versions of the same album.

Name: Marian
the Librarian

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 14:37:02


Entertainment Forecast 1999/Music

by Tom Sinclair
Music junkies normally rest up after the holidays, when the deluge of releases slows to a trickle. But dust off those headphones-the floodgates are about to open.
NEO--ALT-ROCKERS If you can't get your fill of white guys with guitars, keep your peepers peeled for platters from Sebadoh (The Sebadoh, February), D Generation (Through the Darkness, February), Blur (March), Fountains of Wayne (Utopia Parkway, April), the Verve Pipe (May), Ween (May), Atari Teenage Riot (May), G. Love & Special Sauce (spring), Smash Mouth (spring), Third Eye Blind (fall), Ben Folds Five (spring), and ex--Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell's solo debut (May). PLUS New entries from Beck (summer), Wilco (fall), and, if you like white girls and guitars, the Cranberries (April).
HIP-HOP, IT DON'T STOP On the real tip, the hardcore beats will keep coming from the likes of Nas (I Am, March), Ghostface Killah (May), Snoop Dogg (Topp Dogg, spring), C Murder (Bossalinie, March), the Roots (February), Krayzie Bone (Thug Mentality, March), Too Short (I Can't Stay Away, March), and the inimitable Ol' Dirty Bastard (later this year). Though recording hasn't begun, Wyclef Jean promises the Fugees will have Class Reunion out by year's end: "We're definitely gonna get back together to record that real soon." (Melky Sedeck, featuring Jean's little brother and sister, will release their debut album this spring.)
CLASSIC ROCK REDUX Let's do the time warp again with upcoming discs from the late Jimi Hendrix (Live at the Fillmore East, February), Neil Young (April), Tom Petty (spring), Don Henley (fall), Jeff Beck (March), Steely Dan (summer), and Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris (February). In March expect to see Van Morrison's Back on Top and Sammy Hagar's Red Voodoo. Keep an eye out for boxed sets from Bad Company, Buffalo Springfield, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Also blowin' in the wind are newly remastered Dylan reissues keyed to the resurgence of Bob-O.
MO' METAL Steel your ears for a live Korn album (later this year), as well as onslaughts from Rage Against the Machine (March), Pantera (summer), silverchair (March), Stone Temple Pilots (summer), Limp Bizkit (summer), and AC/DC (November). On a lighter note, there's the return of Def Leppard (fall).
SOUL MEN Break out the bubbly and heat up the massage oil for Barry White's Staying Power (spring), along with the latest from Babyface (March), the Neville Brothers (February), Ginuwine (spring), Tevin Campbell (spring), D'Angelo (spring), and Jamiroquai (spring). Also Discs from crooners BLACKstreet (March) and Mint Condition (April).
THE HIPPIES' Revenge Collective Soul will unleash Dosage (February), and the Spin Doctors threaten to return from the dead.
THE SENSITIVE LADS The male troubadour tradition is alive and well, as Ron Sexsmith's Whereabouts (spring), Paul Westerberg's Suicaine Gratifaction (February), Billy Bragg (September), and Freedy Johnston (summer) will prove. And if you're in the mood for a little insensitivity, try talk-show host Jerry Springer's country album, due this spring.
PURE POP for now people Prepare for a saccharine overdose with offerings from 'N Sync (May), OMC (fall), the U.S. debut of Titanic chanteuse Sissel (summer), U.K.'s Billie (April), and the solo bow from New Kid Joey McIntyre (March).
GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS It looks like another vintage year for women in rock (pop, hip-hop, R&B...). Besides Joan Osborne's looong-awaited follow-up (fall), look for CDs from L'il Kim (spring), Diana Ross (summer), Missy Elliott (May), Sophie B. Hawkins (May), Jennifer Lopez (April), the Breeders (June), Alana Davis (summer), Bjork (September), En Vogue (September), Paula Cole (fall), and Mrs. James Brolin (fall).
NUEVO WAVO Major skinny-tie alert for old-wave types: Blondie (No Exit, February), Iggy Pop (spring), and the Pretenders (May).
MIA The lesson of the Universal/PolyGram restructuring seems to be that even big-shot recording artists are subject to downsizing: The fate of previously scheduled albums by Paula Abdul and Radish is anyone's guess. As one stunned survivor of corporate consolidation opines: "Things are changing so fast. I just can't keep up!" Tell us about it.

Name: Myra Eyefull

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 12:48:31

My son just informed me that the Jan.1999 issue of Entertainment Weekly reported that Steely Dan will be releasing a new album this summer. I don't know if someone has already announced this since I only skim thru the GB recently to see if anyone is on a subject that I could contribute to or comment on.

I'm done now-

Name: johnboy

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 08:47:54

Oleander: I didn't suggest you needed anything to get you going.....(there's nothing wrong with your french, though using the pronoun "tu" (as opposed to "vous") might be considered a bit familiar in the circumstances).

Lesterthefruitfly: "fagboy"?!! Thought that up on the way home from your last Mensa meeting, did you? Are you sure that the can of "woopass" wasn't KY? I hate to disappoint you, but I won't be going to New Orleans. But maybe Kinky will show up and you can challenge him to a race in your new car.....I'm sure you'll blow his doors off.....

Name: Zeke
on hold for the monkey woman

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 06:48:12

Jammin' The Boston Rag thx to Mike P. Acoustic guitar is sort of hard to detect in the Dan. I kinda like that. While at the Hard Rock in Orlando, I was checking out the guitars on one of the walls. There was a white Ovation Acoustic guitar, a bronze plate below it which said it was used by Dean Parks on Do It Again. Ya think?

Ole: I'm checking.

"Tobbacco they grow in Pekiiiing"

Name: foxinsocks
you can be a DanFan and a DaveHead,too@ Under The Table and

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 05:39:49

My Lord!!! I leave for a couple of days and this plcae turns into warzone '99. It makes me feel a LITTLE better, tho. At least I know I had NOTHING to do with this one.

Lester ~ 1) I was a LITTLE girl when I first saw that SCTV skit. My dad was convinced that Michael McDonald was just God's gift to background vocals, and still feels that way, so far as I know.
I've never in my LIFE heard him belly laugh QUITE like he did at that skit, unless you want to count Steve Martins "Christmas List" (If I could have just ONE Christmas wish, it would be for all of the children of the world to join hands and sing in Perfect Harmony) or the WKRP in Cincinnatti show where they boombed the town with Turkeys on Thanksgiving. (As God is my Witness, I thought Turkeys could fly)
2) the Answer to your Trivia question is "Lady In Red" by Chris BeBurgh. I know I misspelled that, are you gonna deduct points?
3) here's a trivia lyric for you "slieght of hand and twist of fate, on a bed of nails she makes me wait."

Witch Queen ~ ROFLMAO The sad thing is....I KNOW people like that....

Lisa~ I do the same thing, don't worry about it, hon. Right now I'm on SUCH an Indiana Jones kick it's not funny.

Herm ~ *highfives you* don't take shit from NOBODY. you da man :-)

And for you Newbie Police ~ At the risk of being arrested, BACK OFF! I WILL listen to Dave Matthews Band to my little heart's content, I WILL discuss the new album when it comes out on the 26th (I was mistaken about the date) and YOU WILL like it. Don't make me get my Irish up again. This is one little female that it
is NOT a good idea to piss off. Capice?

to Everyone, may good vibes and great jams follow you always.
Lord Knows there's not enough in the world today

btw before i forget, WHERE THE HELL IS MC????
I know he's home.......

Fox =^..^=

Name: poinDEXster quotient
Location: Churmin' Hoax, CA Anyworld
Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 03:35:42

NEW ONE UPDATE: According to sources near,....well....the source(s), The NEW ONE is being directly reorded to a monsterously large hardrive. No tape involved whatsoever! The boys plan on mixing their masterpiece on Jan. 1, 2000! Great news! What could possibly go wrong?


Ygk - Y2k. Coincidene? You decide.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 03:17:35

StAl - that cover better be in no less than 600 dpi, else I can do one myself, and probably better.

Schwinn - did you get my emails? Something strange happend, glory train passed through them.


I've got a cold and I feel very sick. Sternum Agony is pounding. Pompe gives a shit, have to piss anyway.


Name: lester the nighty nitefly
sad songs say so much@ boo hoo

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 23:42:00

Song Trivia: "I've never seen u looking so lovely as u did tonight, I've never seen ya shine so bright."

Sue- Welcome from Florida!

Pam- When I cant sleep I come here also, it puts me to sleep every time, lol!

Peter- Thats pretty funny stuff, I'm surprised no one has given u shit yet for your vulgar posts, u have my vote for most vulgar poster 98'

Willie- thanx but I usually hit clean up!

Doctor- Momma always saiddd, Life is like a box of caulklets, ya never know what cha gonna geeaaattt! If they cant party with the big boys dont show up! Keep us informed.

Bo-Girl- Why am I alright? I'm trying my best here to be a "Chauvinistic agist pig" and u have the nerve to call me alright.
I see I'm gonna have to start getting more rude around here.
Bogus Disclaimer: I'm just joking of course!

El- did I miss something Y is bogus poster giving u shit? I think your the nicest, maybe a little too fuckin sweetest guy in here, next to me of course.

Eviva- Have fun on your trip, I assume thats what almost snow bound means, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm never wrong, lol!

Well my 10th High School reunion is just around the corner! Should I go? Maybe I should dust off my platform shoes and take the moth balls off my bell bottoms and iron that oversized collar on my favorite polyester shirt, wait a minute its my 10th not my 20th! Actually my look is still the same from the 80's I would just have to go find a skinny tie for this event!

FOR THE BIG ONE- does anyone know what that is suppose to mean at the end of Hey Nineteen? or is it just giberish or am I just the only one who has heard this saying at the end of that song and I'm really just crazy? Someone please explain this to me!


Name: encore-leander
autre fois

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 22:29:19

Miss Pam--In my VERY rusty French (Put it through your grinder, Joker), it's roughly this: "Your site succeeds on an aesthetic level, but without a lot of emotion, like a Steely Dan album, say 'Aja' or 'Gaucho.' But I've been a fan for a long time. I love all their albums, especially 'Royal Scam.' In spite of everything, I fear a new album. Better to rest on the superb memories of the seventies, no? Too many reunions are disappointing. French greetings to Donald & Walter. When will the guys put on a concert here?" And he closes with "good winds to all." PS, I like it that you archived.

Name: oleander
another scrambled message

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 22:11:17

The real reason the rumor shit makes me ill is that some lurker would sink so low as to try to kidney punch this lovable, cheerful group--us, I mean. Anyway, what if the Dan DID mess around in the studio, take a listen, and say, aw, forget it? What else would be new? There are many who have been building up for The New One, and would be disappointed, but what would we do? Go back to our previous status as fans of the best nonband ever. Biz as usual.

Not that for one second I think this would actually happen.

Keith--Hey man! How've you been? Still singin'? Rather than try to recapture those golden moments now, in this dark night of the soul, go archive the GB from 8/20 on for a few days. You'll get the fresh idea.

Sue--Welcome back. I remember you, and recently we have seen many second comings. How about Pearl?

Bode grrl II--Thanx, and don't be a stranger.

Dr. Doom--I resent your throwing around the hallowed title I worked so hard to attain. You give us a bad name. C'mon, this is a party; people come & go--step out to the liquor store & come back, retire to the deck for a dalliance and drift back in, sit in the corner & watch, get catty by the wet bar, pick fights, make up, go take the babysitter home. This is not rats leaving the sinking ship.

Michka--Bienvenu. Non, je ne suis pas d'accord. Je ne sais point ce qu'ils vont nous donner, mais meme s'il ne sera aussi parfait qu'antan, il serait interessant--et, je crois vraiment, un autre bijou unique. Est-ce que tu tiens les mots en anglais, ou traduises en francais?

Back to your lives, Citizens.

Name: Miss Pam
Location: wandering in an insomniac haze,
Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 22:08:41

Good evening folks.
I can't sleep and I have to be real quiet because other people can so I thought I would leave a few words. I just finished Anne Rice's new novel (The Vampire Armand) which I very much enjoyed.
Anyway. I have a few things on my mind--
Re: That post in French. Can someone please translate it?

Re: Big Fan/Little Fan Am I misconstruing this as a literary reference or do I sense the presence of a Stephen King aficionado? Interesting choice of allusion. Why choose the mad villain, especially one that is eventually defeated by clever wit?

Re: These disturbing rumors. My feeling is this: Rumors or no rumors I HAVE FAITH. I simply refuse to believe any of it. We'll be lining up to buy the new album before Y2K.
((Mistress Pammy has spoken, now please don't get anymore fingerprints on my crystal ball))

Re: All the people who seem to be leaving. I am rather new here, is the turnover always this high? People didn't leave the Titanic this fast! (The boat not the movie, I actually did see some people leaving the movie.) I hope you all reconsider. A one sided conversation isn't any fun for anyone.

Herm: Karen Valentine? (Alice Johnson, Room 222)

Name: FiveNames

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 21:58:39

I've listened to "The Second Arrangement" about 20 times in a row. Each listen brings me closer to an out of body experience. In fact, I think I just felt my left foot leave my body. Oh no wait - there it is. I guess it was just asleep. Anyway, I think I'll move to San Diego so I might hear it live several dozen times, while partaking of the glorious ambrosia in whatever venue the music finds me.
Kudos, Damned.

Name: Michael C. Packard
Location: Nice Starry Night In the Pineywoods Forest of Deep East TexAss, USA
Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 19:24:06

Howdy, Again, DanFanGangLand!!!

And, yet, another post from TexAss!!! When you listen to "Hey Nineteen", don't you just love the background vocals, and music. I 'spose there weren't Rolands back then, maybe? By-the-way, I get Roland's catalog every month. The subtleties (sic) of the vocals and music of "Hey Nineteen" are GREAT if you "crank-it-up", especially the "moo-major" chords. Do it, and 'kwityerbitchin", Gang---pretty please, 'with sugar on it'???
Anyway, 'Lonnie' appeared in "My Old School", swept the playroom, and it was "forty-eight hours til Lonnie came around".
Now, with 'Johnny' in the "Third World Man" from 'Gaucho', he has a "bunker---filled with sand". So, where are the correlations between these two songs and people, and whom exactly might 'Lonnie' be?
Maybe a friend of Walter and Donald?
". . .soon, you'll throw down your disguise; we'll see behind those bright eyes, by-and-by---when the sidewalks are safe for the little guy . . ."
Perhaps 'Lonnie' and "Johnny' are related???
"Till the neighbor came out screaming from weird Ass Deep East TexAss; and, indeed, Clas---I live 50 miles from Jasper, TexAss.
Saludos & "Happy Trails" (QuickSilver Messenger Service Album was good)
; )

Name: Michael C. Packard
Location: Nice Starry Night In the Pineywoods Forest of Deep East TexAss, USA
Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 19:23:51

Howdy, Again, DanFanGangLand!!!

And, yet, another post from TexAss!!! When you listen to "Hey Nineteen", don't you just love the background vocals, and music. I 'spose there weren't Rolands back then, maybe? By-the-way, I get Roland's catalog every month. The subtleties (sic) of the vocals and music of "Hey Nineteen" are GREAT if you "crank-it-up", especially the "moo-major" chords. Do it, and 'kwityerbitchin", Gang---pretty please, 'with sugar on it'???
Anyway, 'Lonnie' appeared in "My Old School", swept the playroom, and it was "forty-eight hours til Lonnie came around".
Now, with 'Johnny' in the "Third World Man" from 'Gaucho', he has a "bunker---filled with sand". So, where are the correlations between these two songs and people, and whom exactly might 'Lonnie' be?
Maybe a friend of Walter and Donald?
". . .soon, you'll throw down your disguise; we'll see behind those bright eyes, by-and-by---when the sidewalks are safe for the little guy . . ."
Perhaps 'Lonnie' and "Johnny' are related???
"Till the neighbor came out screaming from weird Ass Deep East TexAss; and, indeed, Clas---I live 50 miles from Jasper, TexAss.
Saludos & "Happy Trails" (QuickSilver Messenger Service Album was good)
; )

Name: Peter North
Just when I was about to pop...

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 18:16:25

What is with all of you people leaving my orgy? I was gonna decorate you like a cinnamon roll. Don't anyone else go spoiling the party. If you wait just a little bit longer I will christen thee with my load.

And what's with the band? This better be all rumor. I've got to have new theme music for my latest scenes. Don't let me down, fellas.

Oh, oh, ooooh, oh, oh!!!

Damn, I was trying to save that one for one of you GBers.

I'll go back, Jack, and Do it Again.

Name: Teacher
Room 425

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 16:23:41

It is not my belief that any of them said they were leaving for good. I gave them all hall passes and fully expect them all to return shortly. Of course, it's probably been a while since the Hermit has seen indoor plumbing, so he might ake longer.

Now, the rest of you class, eyes front, and let's not worry about your neighbors. Open your books to page 127. Josie, would you be kind enough to read the first paragraph.

Name: TheStranger
basement of the custer dome

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 16:15:03

There's a malaise around this gbook and I'm trying to get jimmy carter to come in and fix it, but his consulting fees are astronomical. i didn't know there was anything to spend mony on in georgia.

geena said a sad goodbye, which was awful, and now one of the cowgirls says goodbye, she's bored, that this place is strange, but she likes us -- or something like that. what the fuck was that all about? i tried to get hermie to settle down & he flew around his cave like a punctured balloon, hit his head on a slab and said bye. sad. is this graduation?

clas is right on. who the hell would 'reject' a steely dan album? is there anybody that stupid?

Name: Michael C. Packard
Location: Warm & Sunny Day in the Pineywoods Forest of Deep East Texas, USA
Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 15:46:16

Howdy, DanFanGangLand!!

Wow, a helluva lot of interesting posts in the GB since my last visit. People coming and going, and still listening to Steely Dan music. People bitching and moaning about inconsequential "ca-ca"----sounds like a reality-check to me!

Everyone just slide in, put in, put on "Gaucho", and crank-it-up for a delightful piece of artistry in music lyrics and composition.

Anyway, just a suggestion. El Supremo and KatyDan, sure, if I get a chance to come up to the Northeast, I will call and maybe we can have dinner or something.

However, right now is out-of-the-question, as the highs are in the mid-70's, and the lows are in the mid-40's.

Doubt any damn record company would "kill" a Steely Dan album, or that Walter and Donald have called it "quits". They have both been through too much hell and high water for 30 years, gang!! Besides, the world runs on profit, and all of their albums as "Steely Dan" went platinum, so there are millions of dollars in it for any record company. Hell, Walt & Don fly to their concerts. Most 'normal' performers ride their tour bus!


; )

P.S.: " . . .tonight when I chase the dragon, the water will change to cherry wine, and the silver will turn to gold-----time out of mind." All lyrics copyrighted Walter Becker and Donald Fagen

Name: Willie jivin
pinch hitting for Lester

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 15:19:55

Rose Darlin: Are u queer for attention or what, you wait for insults, so you will have something to post. Eviva laughingstock: You have to admit it, thats a good one. huh...huh...huh.

Name: GK John
On de Bayou

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 12:09:01

Dis fo mah girlie de Witch Queen down Loosiana way...

Now Amos Moses was a Cajun
He lived by his self in the swamp
He hunted alligator for a livin'
He'd just knock 'em on the head with a stump
The Louisiana law gonna get ya Amos
It ain't legal huntin' alligators down in the swamp.

Now everybody blamed his old man
For makin' him mean as a snake
When Amos Moses was a boy his Daddy
Would use him for alligator bait
Tie a rope around his waist
And throw him in the swamp
In the Louisiana bayou.
Ha,Ha alligator bait..

About 45 minutes southeast of Thibodaux, Louisiana
Lived a man called Doc Milsap and his pretty wife Hannah
Well they raised up a son that could eat up his weight in groceries
Named him after a man of the cloth
Called him Amos Moses.

Now the folks around South Louisiana
Said Amos was a hell of a man
He could trap the biggest, the meanest alligator
And just use one hand
That's all he got left 'cause the alligator bit it
Ha, Ha, Ha, left arm gone clean up to the elbow.

Well the sheriff got wind of that Amos
Was in the swamp trappin' alligator skin
So he snuck in the swamp, gonna git the boy
But he never come out again
Well I wonder where the Louisiana sheriff went to.

You can sure get lost in the Louisiana bayou...

Name: Mr. Molecule
@linty-ear accelerator center

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 09:41:29

um, pardon me, but I speak "BobLovesBob"...I think Bob is using *IRONY* ,that is to say, expression of one's meaning by words seeming to say the opposite. Bob is just getting busy, and has to tend to his life - he would no more leave the board than walk his dog down I-5. See, Bob needs this board in a way that would make Dr. Kinsey cross his legs...and hey, look there! Bob also used *SARCASM*, that is to say, keen words of (mocking) criticism. Understand that many on this board before Bob have complained about negativity and then (yeah right) left...and so, my GB pals, all is well and our world becomes one again, but then only a fool...

Heading south in a hurry,
Mr. Molecule

Dally-uh? not gone? hmmm...

Name: Doctor Doom
please exit here

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 08:02:05

B Cowgirl- Here's a little song I wrote for you...Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust,aaand another ones gone, and another ones gone, another one bites the dust.

Gone List: Tedde, Hermit, Count0, EL (wishfull thinking) B Cowgirl...who's next?

Name: GK John
This ain't no party,this ain't no disco

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 07:42:00

Bodacious- "Illigitimati non carborundum" loosely translated means Don't let the bastards get you down. Words to live by. I'll post for you and the consequences be damned!

Queen- Ahm ther fo yoo darlin'! Yoo jest leave that durned ATM in yo wallit! It's waaaay too cold fer swipin' in heah! An' why don't yoo open the winder a bit... the windshield's gittin foggy. An' anutha thang... Don't yoo go leavin' yer drawers hangin' on mah gunrack agin! Marie done gone git spishus 'bout us!

Ole- The Avengers movie couldn't carry Diana's leather thong! I'm elated someone watched TV long ago and actually paid attention! But I'm stumped... Who is Alice Johnson? I have a feeling I should know this one. C'mon Herm! P.S. I love when you swear like that! It restores my faith in equality!

Ah! So! The nefarious Charley Tokyo!

Michka- Zoot allours! Bien venue!

Name: Bodacious Cowgirl
Vaya Con Dios Amigos/Amigas!

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 07:05:48

Hi Sue, Welcome back-
When I picked this handle I thought it was too obscure to have been anyone else's...sounds like great minds think alike :)
You are welcome to start using it again. I need to spend a lot less time on my computer and this GB doesn't really do anything for me so, like some others, I'm outta here indefinitely. I do just want to say a few things to a few people...

Josie: You were the first one to welcome me and your words were really kind. You seem like a sincere, vivacious person, don't stress about the guy thing, you're young and the right one will come along and you can spend the rest of your days wearing out Steely CDs. Bonne Chance!

Oleander: I've said it before, but your Steely page rocks. I'll check it from time to time.

!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: You're alright, man.

Katy and El Supremo: You are obviously very happy together, that is a good thing, but El Supremo...nobody wants to hear about how you are back in Katy's saddle. The lovey dovey banter that was once kinda cute now just seems bizarre. This is a guest book for God's sake. Get email.

To anyone I have forgotten... may your moccasins leave happy trails in the snow, I've enjoyed the posts but now need a huge bong hit. It's just too weird in here.

Name: St.Alice

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 07:04:08

What's wrong, Marsha? Greg lose his erection? Maybe you should get your hair cut like that little DeCaprio boy.

Name: Bogus Poster
come on EL, who am I?
Location: don't hurt yourself, now dear
Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 06:18:19

EL- If it's such a cool idea, why don't you leave to? I'll even help you pack.

Name: Clas
Once Upon A Time In Sweden

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 05:16:16

RubyBaby - damn, I thought you said "have YOU done that?".

Oleander - no problem, it was just last Friday night, but what a night! (no fun) Can you believe that I spoke to Bobby "the Shaker" Hornsby's mother or aunt, in Virginia? Oh my god.

Location: Paris, FRANCE
Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 04:51:15

Votre sîte est très réussi sur le plan esthétique mais sans beaucoup d'émotion, un peu comme du papier glaçé. Bref, il ressemblerait à un album de Steely Dan, du genre "Aja" ou "Gaucho".
Ca n'empèche que je suis un fan du groupe depuis bien longtemps.
J'aime tous leurs disques, avec une mention particulière à "The Royal Scam".
Je crains malgrè tout un nouvel album : mieux vaudrait rester sur les superbes souvenirs des seventies, non ?
Trop de reformations s'avèrent décevantes, souvent.
Salutations françaises à Donald et Walter.
A quand un concert des compères par chez nous ?
Bon vent à tous...

Name: EvivaLaughs
@lmost snowbound

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 03:47:47

Hmm. Kinky's back again. In his many forms.

No, that's "EvivaLaughsLast,LaughsBest." Hey guy, how would I know whether "you're you"? If you need to ask somebody else besides yourself that question then you're in even worse shape than I thought :) !

:0 !!
I've nevah seen you tell someone off in no uncertain terms before. WOW I didn't know you could really do it :D!

More bogus posters than real ones lately, methinks...How can I get my hands on some of that extra time they've got?

And if I wanted to see THIS many fights all I gotta do is put my wedding participants all in the same room---SHEESH! Noticed a few posters are taking a break from the GB till things calm down--

What a cool idea. Later all--

Name: Marsha Brady
In Herm's Way

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 at 00:51:35


I'm devastated. Not even my brother Greg's monkey-in-the-pants trick could cheer me up after the way you jilted me in front of all the guest bookers. You were being really nice at first and I thought maybe we could be more than friends until...until you announced your infatuation with Elizabeth Montgomery. How can you expect me to dab astringent on your left earlobe and brush your ponytail when I know you're secretly fantasizing about Samantha Stevens? We could have had a beautiful life together writing for the theatre but now all I can do is cry and hope Alice gets home soon from her date with Sam so she can brush my hair and sneak me a couple of Mike's little blue pills.

Trying to Avoid a Family Pow-Wow,

Name: Keith Phares
Location: Wonkaland, USA
Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 22:45:08

I haven't had access to the group in about 4-5 months. I was hoping someone could give me a nutshell of Danfest '98.

Name: Sue
Location: Laughing Pines,
Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 22:30:16

Hi folks! Its been quite a long time since I've visited. Still no new album!!! I see my old nick (Bodacious Cowgirl) has been scooped up, 'I don't mind', I suppose I'll have to think of a new one. For any of you northeasterners suffering through this latest winter crap, just play "Florida Room" at max volume, it helps! It inspired me to go to the grocery, buy some mangoes, fire up the blender, and transport myself to a warmer climate!

Name: Donald Fagen

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 22:23:05

Steely Dan broke up years ago, troops. In fact, the Donald and Walter you've seen on stage and in your favorite music oriented publications over the past seven years have been fakes fabricated on Mizar-5 by the ever clever Charley Tokyo.

But just for the record, we're currently in the studio recording a new album...

Missin' Carl's Jr.,


Name: oleander
here comes that noise again

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 21:49:42

These rumors are making me physically sick.

Katy--Let me clue you, I am NOT "in the know."

Hank--By God, you weren't kidding! WOW! What a rush! Thanx a bezillion.

Clas--Get straight, man! Don't fall again! It's not worth it.

lovebob--say it ain't so! At least keep lurking, and I hope I have a chance to meet you & the Pegster in 3D, not to mention hear you.

Herm--A few quick laps around the cave, and maybe you'll feel better. Fuck TNP.

fezo--all RIGHT! you can BRING the cats!

Doc K--I'm hoping to be there, making tentative plans with the able help of Zeke, the host with the most, and lisa, the dominatrix of ceremonies. Think you can come?

Rose--I've always loved David Warner, despite his appearance in that Ninja Turtles movie. Thanks for reminding me that "Morgan!" is one of the best movies ever.

johnboy--I don't need to watch anything to get myself going.

GKJ--Get Smart, Avengers. I loved Avengers. Anyone see the ill-fated recent movie with Uma Thurman & Ralph Fiennes?

Ol' Les--The tune that inspired "Gaucho" is Keith Jarrett's "Long As You Know You're Living Yours" on "Belonging."

New Les--sorry, honey, that was the other Les. Don't listen when others belittle you.

JDF--I'm with Ruby.

moray--I noticed. Got me thinking about melted butter again.

whirlygig--so I'm not the only one who obsessively checks out the Official Page for news! I must say you've got me beat, though.

Mu--No, I don't think he's like Deacon Blues. DB is exploring a perfect fantasy world, and though he pictures himself crawling like a viper, I don't get a Cleopatra-and-the-asp picture: he slips in & out & leaves them spent & happy--languid & bittersweet.

Danspotting--at a dinner meeting tonight, "Snowbound" came on overhead. If it had been another group, e.g., Danfest II, I might have leapt up Babylon sister style & danced on the table.

CRS postergirl of the week,


Name: TheKatyDanFan
"...don't you scream or make a shout, it's nothing you can do about..."

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 20:40:57

This place gets only more interesting as time goes on.

What's the talk of SD breaking up and no new album?? Oleander or one of you others "in the know," please tell us that's only a silly, unsubstantiated rumor.

WitchQueen and Cissy: You both had me rolling on the floor laughing!!

Bodacious Cowgirl: Cissy was just carrying your line of thought to a point of irony. But oops, now I"ve talked to you and I will be banned from the clique myself! I have to learn how to better protect my clique status!

Book Buyer: Sorry, we only allow Bookkeeper's sons in here!

El Supremo: Looks like we have some new ones to try, any idea what they mean? ILYM!

Just Katy :)

Name: Steely Dan broke up?
I heard it on the radio today.

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 19:35:25

What's going on?

Name: Bodacious Cowgirl

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 19:33:41

Come on, Cissy, relax. I don't even know who you are. What you failed to see in my post is that I was being objective and making an observation. A GENERAL observation. I was not calling anybody anything. The few conversations I have had in the GB have been very pleasant. I am sorry if you take offense to an opinion from someone you have never even talked with, maybe you are just being cute and I am not catching it. Either way, we are all free to say what is on our minds. I certainly hope you didn't think my comment was aimed directly at you. If so, feel free to ignore me.


Name: bob tedde

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 19:12:04

I don't have time to address this properly....Will somebody with a clue please explain my last post to everyone else?


Name: Witch Queen
down on the Bayou

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 17:28:44

Las weekend mah friends and me went t' this "Ladies Only Night Club". Mah gurlfriend Louise wanted t' empress us, so she pulls out a ten dollah beel and called fore the dancer, he strutted his stuff ovah t' us and Louise licked the $10 and put it on his right butt cheek. Not t' be outdone, mah friend Marie pulls out a twenny dollah beel, calls the purty boy ovah, licks the $20 an right smacks it on his left butt cheek. Still attimptin t' empress the rest of us, Ginny Sue pulls out a fiftee dollah beel, calls the studly one agin, licks the $50 and well, ah don't have t' tell ya where she put it. Have mercy! Now the attintion is focused on little ol' me. What could ah do t' top that? I got out mah wallit, thought fer a minute, and then the financhul anahlist in me took ovah. I got out mah ATM card, swahped it down the crack o' his ass, grabbed 80 biggins and took mah self t' the record store and bought me some Steely Dan CD's.

GK John, I like the way you city boys talk, come on home to momma you sweet thang!!

I put a spell on you

Name: Cissy
What Clique?

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 15:43:20

Hey everybody, stop talking to Bodacious Cowgirl. I heard she's been calling us a clique. If any of you do talk to her, I'll find out and you won't be able to hang out with us anymore.


Name: bodacious cowgirl

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 15:14:18

TINY FAN: Well said. Very, very well said.

I have noticed, in general, that this GB is a bit cliquish (sp?). Correct me if I am wrong, everyone, because I don't visit every day. It seems to be an odd character trait for anyone who is in to Steely Dan to have. So am I high?

Take it easy

Name: George Wallflower
@just messin' with ya

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 13:43:24

I've got my eyes on you guys! Here's looking at you!
Still smoking, got a match?

@giant records

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 13:03:55

Any truth to the rumour that the new albom was rejected
and that Steely Dan as such has called it quits???

Name: Book Buyer
A Book Buyer's Son

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 12:10:16

Please consider supporting a petition to block the acquisition by Barnes
and Noble
of the Ingram Book Company. This will threaten even further the
existence of the small neighborhood book stores.
Dick & Jan Goldberg

Please consider the following Petition.
Just copy-and-paste the following into a new message, add your name to
the list, and send to all folks you know who would support this measure.


This is so important to the small independent bookseller, please take a
moment to sign. If you are the 50th, 100th, 150th signature, please
e-mail the petition to the AMERICAN BOOKSELLERS ASSOCIATION, e-mail
address .


be sent to the Congress, the Department of Justice, and the Federal
Commission to block Barnes & Noble's proposed acquisition of the Ingram
Book Company, the single largest supplier of books to small bookstores
across the country. This acquisition, should it be allowed to take
is just one more example of the large scale corporate consolidation that

has infiltrated every corner of our culture. As the desire intensifies
increase bottom line profits, no matter what the other consequences, so
does the concentration of power in the book industry. Consumers are left

with an environment in which fewer and fewer people are deciding which
books published and ultimately, which books Americans can read and buy.
Barnes & Noble has already entered into an alliance with the $14 billion

media giant, German-owned Bertelsmann AG. Now with Barnes and Noble's
proposed acquisition of the billion dollar Ingram Book Company, there
be little doubt that the book industry is falling prey to the same
anti-competitive ills that currently plague computer software and other
industries. This deal would make independent bookstores virtually
upon their largest competitor for their books. (It is as if Burger King
Wendy's had to buy their french fries from McDonald's).
We need your help. As a patron of independent booksellers, please sign
petition to help us lobby the government to stop this proposed merger.

Please exercise your right as a citizen and tell the government how you
feel. We sincerely thank you for your support.

1. Meg Gouraud, Canon City, CO
2. Pat Wiles, Guffey, CO
3. Chris Rivers, Guffey, CO
4. Shiner Antiorio, Asheville. NC
5. Toba Spitzer, Watertown MA
6. Melissa Minkin, Los Angeles, CA
7. tova stabin, eugene, OR
8. Aurora Levins Morales, Berkeley, CA
9. Luz Guerra, Austin, TX
10. Marianne Bueno, San Antonio, TX
11. Louis Mendoza, San Antonio, Texas
12. Bryce Milligan, San Antonio, TX
13. Rose Catacalos, Stanford, CA
14. Perla Cavazos, Austin, TX
15. Tammy Gomez, Austin, TX
16. P. D. Jolley, Austin, TX
17. Richard Lyons, Austin, TX
18. Rosemarie Vardell, Efland, NC
19. Dan Bellm, San Francisco, CA
20. Nancy Halloran, San Francisco, CA
21. David Couch, San Francisco, CA
22. Susan Moon, Berkeley, CA
23. Taigen Dan Leighton, Fairfax, CA
24. Peter Coyote, Mill Valley, CA.
25. Paul Hawken, Sausalito, CA
26. Edward Skloot, New York, NY
27. Suzanne Skloot, New York, NY
28. Joseph Skloot, New York, NY
29. Richard B. Norgaard, Berkeley, CA
30. David Szanton, Berkeley, CA
31. Carol J. Clover, Berkeley, CA
32. Joshua Clover, Berkeley, CA
33. Robert Christgau
34. Thurston Moore, NYC
35. Bill Mooney, Raleigh, NC
36. Michael Carter, NYC
37. Abby Bridge, NYC
38. Damian Chadwick, NYC
39. Zac Love. Portland,OR
40. Jane Love, Sebastopol, CA
41. Robin Beeman, Occidental, CA
42. Dee Watt, Sebastopol, CA
43. Ernie Goertzen, Deadwood, OR
44. Marcel Demiranda, Cheshire, OR
45. Yvonne de Miranda, Deadwood, OR
46. Dick Goldberg
47. Jan Goldberg

Name: TheStranger
not watching bubba stuff

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 11:31:09

yes, i complimented 'the last time i saw richard' on joni mitchell's 'blue' album & i still find it a moving anthem.

another album with no bad cuts:
surrealistic pillow, jefferson airplane

this trial will go down in oral sex history.

Name: Miss Parker to you

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 11:27:26

Icy weather, no school, time on my hands, don't feel like studying or reading or watching the price is right so

I used my Pocket Donald decoder ring and discovered the following:

I.L.Y = i love you

I.M.Y = i miss you

I.N.Y = i need you

I.W.Y = i want you

There's more, like I.W.Y.R.B, G.I.T.M.N, and I.A.M.Y.(with the optional "N!") but those are rarely used anymore.

The coolest babe on tv now is Miss Parker. She can pull off a mini skirt, chain smoking, blue eye shadow & a 60's hair-do, and kick ass like no other. I wish I could be her for a day...

don't fuck with me
(just practicing)

Name: The Newbie Police

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 11:10:48

Hermie- Maybe you and Bob can get together and start some kind of support group, you know, like AA or something...

Hi my name is Hermit and I'm a guestbook reject: I have NO balls.I try to be a nice guy but peope that I don't even know and can't even see are insulting me and I just can't take it anymore.

Hi my name is Bob Tedde and .....

Well you get the picture. Just think you and Bob could be charter members. But remember, when you get into recovery don't come back here. You know what happens after that first drink.

Good Luck,

Name: GK John
She got the moon in her eyes

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 10:38:23

Witch Queen- The pulse quickens. Breathing becomes labored. The Brownian Movement, barely audible before, comes to a roaring crescendo. Eyes wide open and juices racing. Every muscle goes rigid as the staccato bursts sear across the screen. And then... It's over. Please. Oh, please! Post again soon!
A little lust once a day... Good for what ails you.

Mu- You are certainly a wellspring of knowledge and taste. You're so right about JB. But I'm at odds about a fave LP. Saturate, Everyman, Late for the Sky, Pretender, and Running. Hmmm. Tough choices. Right on about Todd!

Herm- Let's see... Bewitched, Bionic Woman and ??? For me it was Barbara Gordon, Agent 99 and Emma Peel. Can anyone recall those shows? (That's open to the floor) But really, who could resist Jeannie and the Julie Newmar Catwoman?

Herm & Bob leaving on the same day? What a shame our world has grown a little smaller. Don't be strangers guys! Happy trails!

Name: Rick Ruelo
Location: Chicago, IL Usa
Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 10:19:19

This a major find for me. I really like the "lyrics" protion of this website.

I have been trying to figure out what Walter and Donald were saying in the RAZOR BOY, now because of your transcripts, it's crystal clear, same goes for the other titles.

All the best.

Name: tiny fan

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 09:32:22

BigFan - I don't mean to pick on you, and I've been contemplating sending this, but your last comment was rather insulting to everyone that posts here. You sound like you're sucking up big time. Just because the majority of those who post here are not in bands or musically inclined does not make us any different or uninteresting. I know it gets a little out of hand sometimes, especially with the love-mush messages, but that's what makes this place so interesting.

I like Bob, he's been very amusing, kind and helpful in the past without making us believe that he's some kind of god. He just enjoys what he does.

I don't recall this becoming the "good old boy network".

Sometimes people don't realize they're being unkind until someone points it out, so I just thought I'd make you aware of it. Your feedback is most welcomed.

your tiny fan

Name: Les

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 07:46:25

fagboy- I sure hope u show up in New Orleans in late April!

Bob- Hey bud u dont have to leave! I think your mistaken negativity for good humored redneck funnin'! Just remember
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words cause permanent

Hermie- I'm not picking a fight with u at all so dont take offense, but y have your post become somewhat negative lately?
I really enjoyed your post of tales in the cave and how you'd still get junk mail and how you'd fight mother nature and shit like that!


Name: YGK
Location: New York, NY
Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 07:09:48

lovebob: is that the Dr. Laura show that appears on AM? the shrink lady?


Name: Big Fan

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 06:51:09

With Denny Dias playing next week, I thought I'd remind everyone to read Denny's Corner at the official site at

His musings about the difficulties of recording Katy Lied are pretty funny. Why did recording always pose such a problem for the band - a voodoo curse? bad karma? failure to properly appease the Chromium Oxide gods?

Clas - sorry you don't know who Sheryl is - maybe you can catch one of her concerts. In Sweden do that have MTV or VH1 and if they do is it in english or swedish?

Bob - please don't stop - your's are the only really great posts here.

Name: Sociable Hermit
More Like "Anti"-Sociable Hermit

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 06:44:24

KatyDanFan: Hi. Thanks for the message. It's nice to know you're missed.

JosieDanFan: Those were very sweet things to say. You will always be tops to me, too. Thanks, there is no need to become a hermess. I wouldn't put anyone through the strain of having to live so close to me.

Marsha Brady: >
Is that the way that I seem-? Critical and corrective toward others? If that's true, I certainly did not set out to be like that. If any of you knew me in real life, you'd know me to be a person who accepts blame, even when it is not solely mine, and is the first to apologize if I did something wrong, especially if that something is to hurt someone's feelings.
So, perhaps it is time for me to do some self-remedying, and take some time off from the GB in order to get my head out of my ass and back up on my shoulders where it belongs. I do have a propensity for mood swings, and it now appears that my pendulum most be rebalanced. Forgive me if it seems that I've spent too much time off center.
And Marsha, please don't take this the wrong way - you're cute, but childhood crushes were on Samantha Stevens, Jaime Sommers, and Alice Johnson (anyone remember who the hell I'm talking about?).



Name: TheKatyDanFan
No! On my way back to bed....

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 06:08:07

bob tedde: Not entirely sure what you meant there as far as future posting, but, I do enjoy so much reading the posts of people who are playing and studying Dan music. A couple of people have told me about the Dr. Laura show; she sounds great, although I have yet to hear her. But now I'm motivated, so do please post the times your music will be featured, and I'll make a point of listening.

Original Lester: I can see why you just couldn't go to sleep until you had those chords down! Now tonight you'll have such satisfaction playing through it. I've been listening to the Kamakiriad/11 Whacks of Track for the first time, really, (am way behind you guys in here) and of course I'm blown away by those lyrics, too. How in the world did they come up with all of it. I'm continually amazed. It does seem that they experienced both a lot of joy and also great heartache over relationships they had. We can all relate to that, of course, but....still, there is such a depth, such a fresh, unique way of expressing so many things. As you said...things of beauty and.... par for the course.

MissPam: Thanks for your post. Yes, the first real threat to a parent's health, especially at the age of only 50, is a shock to the whole family. Glad to hear your Dad is back at work and ok. Regarding.Dave Matthews, it is a current band, well liked by many, adored by my daughter, which is how I found out about them. She went to see them in Hersheypark, in Pennsylvania and is quite into their music! I like it too! Of course I'm training her to be a DanFan-----I get some resistance because "anything Mom likes must be square," but I see her succumbing slowly. She likes "Everyone's Gone to the Movies," (I'm sure she didn't get those lyrics yet, lol).

JosieDanFan: Sis, you are going to be just fine, I can tell! And when the right one comes along, I want to be the first to know!

El Supremo: you have me blushing again, and I keep thinking I should be too old for that! ILYSM

Just Katy :)

"As you spoke you must have known
It was a kind of homicide
I stood and watched my happiness
Drift outwards with the tide."
....Donald Fagen, "On the Dunes"

Name: Miss Pam

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 04:35:37

Good Morning all!
Katy: Just read your post about your mom. I hope everyone in your family is doing alright. A few months ago we went through something similar with my dad. He'd just turned fifty and had always been in good health but one Sunday afternoon he had a stroke. He was very lucky that the damage was not too bad and is now back at work, but it took a lot out of all of us. Especially my mom. It hurts to see the people you have always looked to for strength in a weakened position, and to realize that in a terrible time you can't lean on the person you naturally would because they need to lean on you. It's tough. I will say a prayer for all of you.
By the way, who's Dave Matthews?

Name: Josie "the happier" DanFan
the ride is now coming to an end...for now at least

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 04:32:35

Hey guys and gals!!
I want to say thanks to all who showed concern. I greatly appreciated the well wishes... GK John, you're a darling.
The guy doesn't know how I feel, so how can it be fair to say he's a jerk and doesn't deserve me? Although it is coming back to me what a complete smart ass he is!! I'll be moving on to better things...
Oh and guys you don't have to worry about sis trying to rope one of you into a date with me..I'm giving up men for awhile!!

Katy: Have I told you how lucky I am to have you as my sis? You're so sweet! I appreciate the quest for a dan fan man, but I think most of the men in here are married anyway. Thanks again're the greatest sister in the world.

David in the Fl. Room: Hi hun!!!


Name: Original Lester
In this everlasting twilight

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 03:45:36

The time you read above is Pacific time. Up all night deciphering chords to True Companion, and I finally got 'em all down. What a thing of beauty Donald composed. Par for the course, I know we'd all agree. For most artists, soundtrack cuts are often throwaways to which they devoted little effort in the first place. Donald seems to have taken it as a challenge.


I have to work in 5 hours.

Sweet dreams

Name: johnboy

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 03:45:17

lovebob: Are you going to tell us what the 4 national releases are before you leave? Why are your feelings hurt?

Oleander: If not 9 1/2 weeks, was it "Crash" you were watching?

RoseD: I traded my decoder ring for a pocket Donald a while ago.....

Lesterthepuerilefly: Doo yoo reely beeleeve that the son shynes owt uv yor aswhole oar r u gust stoopid? Yor solipsistic lekshoors dew knot "upset" mee, theigh awfend mee. Awl gnawlidge duhsent kum frum u. Yoo did indeeedd beegin thuh jenerayshun krap. Yor reemarcs inveryubly raze aje in sum fashun. Eye gess wee shud no u whir joeking wen yoo deeskreyebed thee 70 old laydee az "sweet" rathur then a "bitch". Butt it stil isent funee. On a serious note: You said don't want to argue.
Neither do I. I don't enjoy in engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.....

Name: El Supremo
bodacious cowboys such as your friend will never be welcome
Location: Back Home With Katy, USA
Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 03:29:35

Hello DanFandom!

Yep, I am back riding KatyDan's 'saddle', again. Good to be back home.

Wondering why I haven't been posting? Well, "JustKaty" is always tying up the main computer we own, and my laptop----well, it isn't fast enough to keep up with her.

KinkySoNSo, nope----you are right, she "doesn't have a brain, a heart, the nerve."

Someone posted about the remastering of "Pretzel Logic" and "The Royal Scam" coming in March?? Would like more "in-the-know" information about this, please.

Morning newspaper headline read, "Clinton focusing on Job"----I am wondering if it was 'Monica's job" Bill was focusing on.

Oh well, keep listening to Steely Dan----hoping Walter and Donald are ready to release the new album.



I Do, I Did, I Will!!!



P.S.: " . . .she loves the million dollar words I said . . ."

Name: Jan
All I ever hear is....

Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 01:31:27

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!!

Name: Marsha Brady

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 23:42:58

Hermy, where are you? Don't let the GB bullies put you into a funk! Some of us appreciate a REAL MAN who's not afraid to admit when others are wrong. Come make me right, Ponyboy.

My REAL name,

Marsha Brady

Name: bob tedde
Location: SD, CA youwesuvay
Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 23:17:10

Bye Y'all: I just can't take all the negative vibes and such that have become the status quo on this god fersaken plane of cyber-Dan reality. My feelings have been hurt for the last time. I'm giong now....(giong to get checked for dyslexia by the looks of that spelling) and I'll never come back....ever......I swear.

.......Or maybe my life just sprang up again and I felt rather than disappear, I should first off belatedly thank all the people for their recent help in my quest for accurate 2nd Arr. and Mobile Home lyrics either on the board or through direct email. Especially you Dalia. I'm glad to know you're still around. Keep up the good work. (I can't wait, can you? Or maybe YOU don't have to wait. Lucky.) Thanks Dan Fan etc.

Thanks also to Pete for keeping the Damned in the ears of the mighty Fandom. Also thanks to anyone who listened regardless of what you thought. I already haven't had time to do this so I'm guessing (if 1999 shapes up anything like 1998 it'll be back to lurking for me. Maybe not, but this time if you don't see me soon, at least I won't have dropped off the face w/out giving you a warning.

2 things (if you're interested)

1. My band Rockola heads to Sherman Oaks Friday to play for the Dr. Laura Show. And while it looks like we will not be broadcasting live, our music will be recorded "live" (i.e.: no overdubs, editing or studio trickery) for use on her show next week to promote the Live event/party we will be doing for/with her at The Westin Peach Tree in Atlanta. (Jan. 23rd@ The Westin Peachtree Hotel in Atlanta GA. Tickets 75$ {ouch}. All proceeds go to kids programs {yeah}) An aside for Edd and his followers: Do to space and time limitations, we will be experimenting with the virtual band concept. We plan to run all electric guitars and Bass through speaker simulators (i.e. no amps in studio) and will also be using for the first time ever (god help us) Roland V-Drums. Keep this in mind if you get a chance to listen, and let me know if you think we succeeded in making thousands of dollars worth of high tech 90's sound like hundreds of dollars worth of low-fi 60's. Unlike LLB, we're going for calculated imperfection so's it sounds authentic. I'd love your feedback, especially on the drums. I'll try'n post what day(s) it's going to air. As I understand it, we will be the bumper music in and out of breaks.

2. The Steely Damned and Rockola play a joint show this Sat. Jan. 16 at our home base, The Catamaran, in San Diego. If your interested, call the cat at (619) 488-1081, or The Rockola 24hr Hotline at (619) 558-1966, especially you Clas, (oh and you too Clas impersonator! You weren't funny, but it scared the wife, and that's worth something.) Or E-me, I'll make time.

Hoping to post again sooner than I think.


Name: TheKatyDanFan
"...laughing at the frozen rain..."

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 22:30:10

RubyBaby: Thank you!! You have put my Kinky experience in proper perspective. WAS beginning to dawn on me that to be ignored in here is positively worse than being called names. Getting bad press has its advantages! It brings out one's true friends as well as new people who have been developing friendly feelings for you but hadn't found a way to tell you before the old slameroo. Above all, it brings out some of the most humorous thoughts and one-liners I have read so far in this GB! So to Kinky, all former and new-found friends, it's been great! Kinky, didn't I tell you that you could wind up the most lovable poster in here?? You certainly have my vote!

JosieDanFan: Echoing what others have said. Remember, we're going to interview the eligibles in here. Would you bachelors please step forward for a second so we can see who you are?

Now where are Sociable Hermit, Michael C. Packard and my husband El Supremo?? I miss you lots, more, and most, in that order!

Just Katy :)

Name: DrMu
READ the friggin' post!

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 19:36:12

RB: sorry, Rosy (1978? it's on Running on Empty, right Clas) was released AFTER Rose Darling (1975, of course)

Name: DrMu
handle in your...

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 19:31:42

RB: so to speak, huh?...the answer is AFTER.
This has precipated a very delayed guilty conscience in admitting that a) the JB songs Somebody's Baby, Lawyers in Love, and Shape of a Heart are more than passable (especially the latter, but that's all I'll swear to), and b) Todd's production of Bat Out of Hell and Skylarking are pretty damn cool.

Mississippi Mud Wrestling Queen: LOL...I know whut you mean...when we lived in Florida most of the freakin' houses were on or made of cinder blocks!!

Well, can't add any more than Mike did today (swAIR Tyson, that is)...pun-ting to Roy after that groaner or is that groiner...

Name: rubybaby
who's on first

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 18:52:39

question (up for grabs): Was Rose Darling released before or after Jackson Browne came out with Rosy?

Clas: What she asked was, "Did you play that yourself?" 'cause it was so damn good she thought your son was playing it.

KatyDanFan: You should realize that one is flattered if KinkySoNSo merely acknowledges their existence. Be proud, girl!

RoseDarling: I miss you, too. But your posts have been cracking me up!

JosieDanFan: You're too good for him, if you ask me.


Name: Witch Queen
oh Luzee-anna

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 18:29:08


Yawl might be a redneck addicted to the world of computers if.......

If yer computer stand is made of a stack of old tires or 2 x 8's and cinderblocks.

Ya think www. in a url is a logo for a wrestlin' organization.

Someone tells ya they're "locked up" and ya ask if they need bail money.

Yawl ever been too drunk to chat.

Yer screen saver is a confederate flag and plays dixie.

Ya think a harddrive is a trip to Uncle Bubba's.

Yer mouse keeps knocking over yer spitcan.

Ya keep trying to figure out why yer scanner won't pick up police radio calls.

Ya think a megabyte is a new sandwich at McDonalds.

Ya have to ask someone how to spell LOL.

Yer stomach overlaps half of yer keyboard.

Ya try to figure out how to get yer empty beer cans into the recyclin' bin.

Ya try to turn on yer computer with the remote.

Ya try to figure out how yer floppy disk got hard.

Birds fly across yer screen an ya reach for yer shotgun.

Ya put a mousetrap on yer desk

Yer yards full of ol' computers stacked on cinder blocks.

Ya use yer CD-ROM drive as a beer holder.

Ya call tech support an ask where ta buy stamps fer yer e-mail.

When ya tern yer computer on ya say "Come OOOOOOON Betsy".

Ya think system wizard is a dude in a funny hat.

Ya think 64 M RAM is a nu big block engine fer yer pickup.

Ya think ICQ is how smert yer computer is.

Someone tellz ya yer computer has a bug an ya reach for the can of Raid.

Ya think a mouse pad iz where Mighty Mouse and his cousins hang.

Ya think yer homepage is where ya really live.

Ya give Derections to a website that include a person, animal, or old barn.

Ya Think MB stands for "More Beer".

Ya wait fer the bluelight special at K-Mart ta buy yer puter.

Ya see the word Download, and take the shells out of yer shotgun.

Ya think the person that made yer keyboard was dumb cuz the letters aint in order.

Ya think pushing the delete key will make yer ol' lady disappear.

Ya think CD stands for Cow Dung.

Ya think IBM stands for "Idn't Betsy Marvelous"

Ya think GIF stands fer "Goodie It's Free"

Ya see the "shift" key and try ta figure out how ta change gears.

Ya put a quilt over yer screen when ya make whoopee to yer ol' lady.

Ya think Geocities is a place ta buy lil cars.

Ya catch yerself tryin' to smell the lil flower on yer ICQ contact list.

Ya think the "A drive" is where ya park yer pickup.

Ya see the werd "Zip" and know why youz feelin' a draft.

Yer puter has a bumper sticker on it.

Part of yer puter is held together with duct tape.

Ya sees the word "Refresh" and reach into the cooler fer another beer.

You in a chat room and someone asks where yer from and you reply "My momma"

You sees the word "Website" and start looking for spiders.

Name: miss butterworth
@the flapjack house!

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 17:04:53

Hi De Hi De Ho! I'm new here, so please forgive me if I don't
remember all of your names. You cotton pickers are just too
darn FUNNY!!! Let's see..we have Herm's, Kinky's, Witches,
and Lisa's, and even Verbmen! Whew! Oops, sorry..I just
ripped one in all of my excitement! Mercy! Well.. I've got
to go now. Lots of Love coming at you. Behave yourselves.
One more thing, if you see the pre-med student, tell him,
neet hare!

Name: Lester

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 16:29:34

Well I see total anarchy can still exsist with no help from me for a day. How is everyone this fine day?

Rose- No insults today! Sorry to disappoint u! LoL BTW Time after Time is one of my favorites! Do u look these big words up in the dictonary before u type them here? At least I'm the king of something! Your the second person in my life who has called me a chauvinist! Out of the thousands of people I've talked to in my life so far, I'd say thats not so bad. I do recommend u dont talk about my mother again!

JDF- Hang in there Kid! It does not sound like the guys worth getting upset over.


Oleander- I cant wait to get your tape.

Name: Rose Darling'

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 15:09:10

Don't worry, the Newbie Police has as much of a chance stopping the minds of Dan fans from wandering to other topics as impeachment will stop Bill Clinton from being unfaithful.
It's just a rubberband on the arm, people, nothing more. A virtual nightstick at worst. Ouch for two seconds and it's over.

Jerry: Say, what IS the "essential garbage" you'd like to see more of around here? Do you refer to chair throwing, keyboard smashing debates about Dan trivia and lyrics as a type of garbage? For shame...what you do for ratings.

Josie: Hey girl, get off that emotional rollercoaster and walk your mind into a virtual It's A Small World ride. Just don't let the song get to you. Or perhaps, the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean might be more suitable for distracting thrills?

lisa: Time After Time starred Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen (spelling???) and my favorite underused British sinister actor, David Warner. A fictional Jack the Ripper story with H.G. Wells and his time machine thrown in. Cool flick.

What, no insinuations and snide remarks from Lester today?
I'm throwin' in the towel... (Sorry, Schwinn.)

Name: wlygig73@aol
Madison WI

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 12:01:51

So am I the only one to notice that on the official site, three words have been "crossed off" of the list of "words not to use in songs"? They are isotope, panatella, and calculus. What do you think? Are these words that will appear in new songs?? Our boys are just sick enough to drop clues and I've been searching the site for more all afternoon.

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch lunch room

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 10:28:23

So, just out of curiousity, how many people are planning on attending the N'Orleans Danfest? When, where, etc.? My apologies if my request creates redundancy on the GB... I don't suppose there's a webpage out there with the details?

Name: fezo

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 09:31:52

Lester: Gaucho is the Jarrett "inspired" tune

Lisa: would love to make New Orleans in April but that would result in instant unemployment, divorce, and dire poverty.

Even a Danfess isn't worth all of that, unless, of course, i finally get to roller skate

Name: GK John
I can still recall the wheatfields of St. Paul

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 08:43:38

Hey DF's! How about a great big, warm group hug for JDF today?
Hope you kick them DLDR blues soon kid!

Name: lisa
i met @ redneck on a grecian isle

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 07:46:25

katy: thanks for keeping an eye on me, would be a shame to throw a log of anxiety on this smoldering fire.

btw, i know my love for kinky is questionable...but i ask you: how can any woman resist the alluring mister soNso? you gotta at least give him props...mention his name thrice on the guestbook (must be 3 different posters) and he appears out of thin's like puff the fucking magic dragon, only i don't think he likes to frolic.

rose: i knew i could count on you as the voice of reason...i also agreed on many of your favorite film picks...especially: children of a lesser god, my left foot and trading places...was time after time a retelling of the jack the ripper story?

the-not-so-stranger: didn't you mention that song once on the gb? or perhaps the little men have finally begun to transport my longterm memory to the super secret spot where they hid my short term information.

ole: not too busy to send you an email...

fezo: i insist that you attend the new orleans gathering in order to make amends for your absence at danfess3, the duty of "official joint roller to the stars" will be placed on your shoulders...don't drop the ball, son.

Name: JosieDanFan
I told ya I'd be back...

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 06:03:04

Okay guys, I'm back. I feel better than I did last post (but not much.) I caught up on some of the post I had missed while I was gone for a few days..

Rose: Give 'em hell!! I knew you wouldn't just let Kinky talk about you that way.

Darling Sister Katy: I love ya sis, but I wanted to warn you that Kinky is a prick. We all just adore him for this, after all where would the GB be with out the mean, yet witty and halarious but sometimes petty name calling and false posting? But everyone once in awhile like any childish gets tiresome. I know Kinky will have something to say about this later, and I've learned to let his posts roll off my back like water off a duck. It seems you have already learned pretty well how to deal with him though..way to go sis! Just thought I'd let you know the fact on this one, even though I know you're an amazing sharp woman. Glad to call ya sis.

Herm: Who is out to get you? I miss the sweet and charming man who used to post in here. I'm sure one day when all of this is over he will be back. Chim up man, you still have a few of us in your corner. I don't blame you for becoming a hermit. Are there any caves nearby? Maybe I can become a hermette.

GK John: I recently moved to Minnesota, but have always liked the Vikings. This year is a dream come true for us Minnesotans, even we don't go all the wa...Shut my mouth! Just beating the Friggin cheeseheads twice in a row was good enough for me. Knocked that smart-ass smirk right off of Favre's face. HA!
I've also found that the Vikings fans here are very loyal, and I like that a lot. It's something we all have in common. Mock is wrong about that, even when the Packers went to the Super Bowl, we weren't running from the Metrodome to San Diego. So here's to purple pride, and hoping Red doesn't move them to Texas!

OKay..I'm sure you all are sick of me. Good night, I mean morning..


Name: JosieDanFan
b-b-ba-ab-y-y i-t'-s-s cc-c-c-ol-dd-d o-u-t-t-ts-s-si-i-i-d-de

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 05:04:07

shit...hold on. Computer fReAkIn out again..I'll be back


Name: JosieDanFan
on an emotional rollercoaster ride to hell and beyond..

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 04:03:37

Ever had that ephiphanical moment in your life when you realize..that your life is meaningless and you suck? Not even Don and Walt can get me outta this one. To those who fake suicide real ones either.

On the up side...
I got in contact with an old friend just a few minutes ago. I had thought that he was avoiding me, but turns out something else happened. He informed me that he indeed missed me and was so glad that I understood that he still cared. I was touched but none the less bummed that even after all of that, he still managed to be in love with a total BITCH and not me...what does that say about me? Guess that's not so up, huh? Oh well

Herm: You didn't offend me, I was just covering the bases. The only way you could offend me is if you wrote in big bold letters ( cause I'm too dumb to get it any other way) that you hated me and wish I would die a horrible and violent death. Not having said that, I repeat..I am not offended. I still love ya man...
No matter what people say about you in here, you'll always be special to me.

David: I try to keep in touch..where just on at different times! One day we'll hook up hun.

Well gotta y'all


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 00:56:44


Last Friday I had a minor slip. Just Friday night.

This is was happend:

1. After a long discussion on the local Pizzeria about who's making the best music, Elvis Presley won. I got beat up and thrown out.

2. I stumbled into an Arabmeeting, a very private one, and said I wanted to convert to Muslim. I got beat up and thrown out

2 The police came, after I did some fakespanish with them I got beat up and thrown in the policecar.

3. After the night in the arrest I came home, decided I wanted to speak "Shaker" with Bobby Hornsby. The telephoneservice found him but there was a beautiful old lady who answered, his aunt or mam or whatever. We had a long interesting talk about Bobby, the shaker, Bruce and how nice those kids are.


You would not believe it.

Name: TheStranger
here comes the waitress

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 23:52:56

so that's where those shouts came from. joni mitchell's 'the last time i saw richard' is the dark anthem of an entire generation of fuckups.

Name: Jerry
With a final thought

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 23:44:50

When you squabble over such non-essential garbage, you lose perspective on what you really came here for: Steely Dan fandom. Be true to yourselves, be good to each other, and, for God's sake, wear condoms.

Name: Springer Guest
This is my f***in' superbrawl!!!!

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 23:38:50

I'm gonna kick all your asses, and then we're gonna have a orgy. Fuck you all, I love you!!!

Name: Schwinn
rattlesnake round up

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 23:24:47

Hey, this is more like it! Multiple cases of mistaken identity, venomous attacks and sneering rebuttals, grandiose displays of self-righteousness followed by short bursts of unrestrained cruelty--Damn, I love you guys! Heck, Herm even called someone a pussy! It doesn't get much better than this, Dan Fans. Forget Terrell Davis, Randy Moss and all that football crap--I'm putting my money on The Newbie Police to win this Super Brawl. All this and Kinky, too. Which reminds me, the greatest movie of all time is "Barfly".



Name: A boy named Xou

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 22:46:29

My little junkie girl: Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again.
You're My Drug.

Name: Guestbook 911 Team
Epidemic Notice

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 21:57:38

Lots of abuse cases,plus the bad weather has kept us on our toes. The worse case of battering has been Rose Darling. I don`t know what she said, but she has been devestated by all this.Our emergency room has been changed to the No Mercy Cafe.

Name: Original Lester

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 21:35:09

Newbie Police-

Quit your fucking double posting.

Name: Original Lester

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 21:34:57

Newbie Police-

Quit your fucking double posting.

Name: Original Lester

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 21:32:27

I've always been curious to know if Deacon Blues was inspired by the ending of any particular romantic relationship in Don's, Walt's, or a colleague's life at that time. The song just struck such a powerful note with me when I broke up with my previous girlfriend, that it's got to have some personal relevance to Don or Walt. Anything that they have said about the lyrics has been largely evasive and uninformative. Anybody got the dirt?

One other fine detail I'm not clear on: for which song did Keith Jarrett get co-credits- Glamour Profession or Gaucho?

Name: DrMu
livin' and postin' in 3/4 time

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 21:07:06

Ole: I like the line that his "life and laundry" is in the gladstone bag. He's so cocky that he'll find another wide-eyed (or hearted) chickadee before he needs another change of clothes or it's back to the mutual friend (co-dependent or one who live vicariously through him?)...La Rue as a Peter Pan figure? He knows that there's always a Wendy to take him in and try to take care of him and try, try, try to rehabilitate (you don't think he goes only for the oblivious ones? and why do some females think rehab is possible?) maybe he's like the Deacon Blues character? No, that's not it - that man was not as crafty and was surrounded by a cloud of self-doubt.

GKJ: I no longer occasionally when I want to tie one on it's A1A or maybe One Particular Harbour...and ease up on the throttle.

Name: oleander
Kinky-o: MWAH!
Location: how's that, for on top?
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 20:23:55

lisa--that was a busy damn week.

TNP--You have violated section 2b.01, which prohibits double posting by bogus officials.

RS--Where'd I leave that Ambush?

johnboy--after Roy & I come up from the dugout, we can discuss all that.

Herm--Well, well, another wascally wabbit! This GB makes You've Got Mail look catatonic. Now look, you are beginning to sound like a cop yourself. If no authority is given to the Po-lice, they have none. And as a female on this GB I take umbrage at your epithet for TNP.

lovebob--Hank & Edd about summed it up for me. But listen closely. I could swear it's LaRue.

Jokah--Diner, great. The lyrics, punchdrunk polyglot paradise. PS--course laid in. Warp 6.

Ol' Les--If I could figure how to make a tape from my computer, I'd be glad to send it to you. Let's see here....

New Les--Do me a favor and can the Vietnam humor. Or keep it for someone who didn't live through that time.

Mu--You surely could be right. I just see him always travelling light because he leaves behind everything of value, everything that could remind him of the 1st arrangement, not necessarily because he's penniless. Now you've got me thinking about kept relationships, and how they're different depending on who's doing the keeping. In most "trophy wife" type relationships it's clear who has the power--the man has acquired and maintains the woman as long as it's convenient, and prenups have decreased the risk of the woman having any ex post facto clout either. In 2A, if he's a "kept" guy, it's clear that he has the power, and I wonder if this is the case more often than not in this type of relationship. He condescendingly calls her "girl," expects her to accept his rote, maudlin tokens of farewell, and bluntly tells her she should know his M.O. Then he just takes off with neither compunction nor consequence. I think he jumps from one pair of arms to another not because of a warm bed & meal, but because he's an addicted narcissist. Um, any keepers or keepees out there of either gender who could help me in a little research project?

Name: Rose Darling

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 19:43:44

Witch Queen: Keep it up and you're in the running for Favorite Poster of 1999's vote (for this December.)

Will E. Kinky-boy:
And if I wanted my finger up my own anus, trust me, you're the last thing on earth I'd ever be thinking about then. Better watch out, if you keep posting at me in such a manner-less manner, I might have to create an enormous list of (non-porno) flicks for you to scroll and scroll over.
P.S. Sticks and stones may break my bones but you will never jump them.

Thanks for the rather sociable reply, man ! Looking forward to catching you in the chat room sometime.

Nope, twasn't me who would EVAH misspell Fagen, dahling.
Thought you were talkin' about something else entirely.

Lester: I'm going to start charging you for this hitherto free abuse. I'm calculating my per word fee now. Extra charge for words you have to look up in the dictionary.
You are the King of Confused Sensitivity as well as the Biggest Chauvinist Pig on the planet. I haven't met a man in aeons who even deserved those attributes more than you. ( Except Willie.)
First, you say YOU should be more sensitive, then you say I'm just oversensitive, should smoke some weed, and then take Willie's advice to feel better. Don't you find any irony there? (There we go, another apt title, Ignominious Ignorant Ironist.)
Irony is your only minimally redeeming quality. If I don't enjoy being harassed by you, then I apparently don't have a sense of humor. Great ! Nobody "needs to talk to me about," because I could not care any less what you think. P.S. If you think your posts get me "worked up," you're definitely overrating your place in my universe, dude. And if I was your mother, I'd be calling up the storks demanding a cheerful refund !
Perhaps even better, reparations. Fezo, are you busy?

johnboy: Where have you been? Time to come down from Walton Mountain. Kinky is alive and covert and overt as ever. Put on your decoder ring and you'll detect him. (Press the button, bottom left.)

Diner is not one of my faves but it is good. I do sort of relate to how that one guy felt about his record collection, though.
And whaddya know, Mickey Rourke can actually play a semi-non-slimeball. Would any guy here NOT marry his fiancee if she flunked the sports test?
P.S. How many languages do you know, anyway?

Doc Kelly, welcome back !

rubybaby: How are you, doll ? When can I catch you on the IM's again?

Bodacious Cowgirl: What is a "straight-edger" ? Someone who is into yardsticks and measuring tapes?

Katy: I'm still here, darlin' !

Fezo: re:SCTV, I liked Catherine O'Hara (not much else.)

lisa: Nothing wrong with an everlasting William Hurt, Anthony Hopkins, or Julian Sands obsession. (Didn't see Siesta.) I pronounce you healthy, and tastefully discriminating as well (no charge.)

Name: TheKatyDanFan
speaking of Kinky!!!

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 19:37:26

LOL Kinky!!! Finally. Kinky you seem to get blamed for things you don't do! I for one am so glad I said a kind thing about you ----- without even realizing that at the exact same time, you were commenting on the emptiness of my mind? Tell me, was my mind emptiest before, during or after the thought I had about you?

Just Katy :)

Name: The KatyDanFan
must be lots of art crimes in here lately....

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 19:15:18

Lisa and WitchQueen: Your posts were great, they fit my warped sense of humor! Lisa, I'll monitor your psychological status for free----- spending the money for it does tend to make crazy people develop anxiety disorders in addition to the other diagnoses they may already have! (So far you're ok. The love for Kinky could be questionable, but I haven't met him yet, so I need to reserve judgement on that. He may be one of the most lovable people in the GB when all is said and done. If and when you get close to being over the edge, I'll bring out the Prozac!)

GK John: You've heard the song..."Daddy don't live in that NYC no more...." There's a sequel, and it goes like this ....."Geena don't post in that SteelyDan Guest Book no more, no more...."

Midnite: Just wondering how you/your family are doing. My Mom went into the hospital a few days ago with recurring heart problems, and when I watch my Dad I realize how lost he would be without her. Hopefully she's coming home Thursday and has once again beat the odds. This all reminded me of a few friends who've recently lost a parent. :(

MissPamWhining: That's ok, just don't whine about.....shh Dave Matthews or sports....or the Newbie Police will get ya!

NewbiePolice: You need to face the fact that these are real people coming in here who are multi-dimensional. They do have other thoughts and interests besides the Dan, and this is perfectly healthy and normal......why, there's sports, and ....finger nails, and....OTHER music and......psychology and.....gee, lots of things!!

(I can't imagine why, but every now and then, for instance, I actually do things that have nothing at all to do with SD----- of course I feel very guilty and when this happens I'm sure to sing an SD song just to take the edge off while I'm doing something else, especially since I wouldn't want Donald to get mad.... and I want you all to know, it's been a very long time since I took like one whole hour to do something that has nothing to do with the Dan, but still....I try to do that for my sanity but then I find that being away from the Dan too long is what causes most of my insanity, and,'s true I have concluded that the very best way to spend my time is steeped in DanMusic, DanBooks, DanSites, DanChats, DanLyrics, DanFans. Is there life after Dan????)

So Newbie Police, I guess it's not that I disagree with you so much, then, after all..... hmm....I think I just wanted to ask you to treat my friend Sociable Hermit better than you did on that one post! And let my friend GK John have his sports talk.....what does it hurt?? Relax and you'll find posts always come back to the Dan, it's destiny!

Warning: Hide Your Eyes!!!
El Supremo, El Supremo, wherefore art thou??? ILYM and I'm getting awfully lonesome in this GB without you, sweetheart! I'll even settle for a Michael C. Packard post by now! (all in fun, O Michael! You know you're wonderful, too!)

Just Katy :)

" turn that heartbeat over again..."

Name: The Birth Registry
@the wheel
Location: in the driver's seat,
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 19:02:36

Oh, all right: Elliot Easton nee Shapiro rules also on Bye, Bye Love... Dumb cops.

Name: The Real Police
Badges?! We don't need no...

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 18:55:30

I have a sneaky suspicision that all of these last posts were written by the same person. Kinky responding finally? And to me that didn't sound like the lovable Hermit. And I'm pretty sure that Sherlock Holmes has been dead for some time.
Now, up against the wall. You heard me.

Name: Original Lester

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 18:46:31

fezo: I am severely pissed that I did not have my timer set on my VCR last night. I first saw the McDonald sketch in 1981, as a 10 year old. It took me 20 minutes to stop laughing after Moranis spoke in McDonald's talking voice which, of course, was made to sound just like his singing voice. Did they also show the Carpets Galore commercial with McDonald (Moranis)singing? The jingle had a sound similar to It Keeps You Runnin'. I am crushed that I missed that.

Such a long way to goooooooo!

If the Vikings contain Terrell Davis, they will win the Super Bowl. If they don't, as the Packers found out, they won't win the Super Bowl.

Name: Kinky
where did the bastard run?

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 18:45:28

OK Herm, just because someone comes on here and makes a fool out of you, doesn't mean it's me... your apology's accepted.

I've been watching myself get accused of making all kinds of asinine posts, and quite frankly, I'm insulted. You should all be proud.

Evivalaughingstock - Now tell me, am I me?

JUSTkaty - I'm trying to read your mind, but there's JUST nothing there... unfortunately, however, I can read your posts.

Bob Big Hedde - Yeah man, I can't believe you let that song go up on the internet like that... I mean, all those imperfections up there for the well-trained ears the likes of Josie DanFan, Lester The GadFly, and JUSTkaty to hear. Gee, what will they think?

Hey, I just finished reading Dinky Dawson's book... does anyone out there know if ANYTHING in it was true? Boy, this guy can give Brian Sweet a run for his money.

Name: Sociable Hermit
Hey, Copper

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 18:29:43

Limp-wristed fat fuck? I'm not fat, and if my wrist is limp, it's only because of having to spend so much time typing messages to idiots like you. If it is true what you say, that you only post as the Newbie Police and under no other name, then you're one sad little shit pimple. You are admitting that you have nothing else to offer to people than showing them their "errors", and criticizing them. My guess though, is that you are a regular poster, but just too much of a fucking little wuss to come out from under your security blanket and let the world know that you indeed, ARE nothing more than a little wuss. Come out from under your covers and tell us your name.
And also, what's the matter you little pussy? Can't take the same good natured ribbing that you dish out? Have to resort to name calling? Like I just did? Well, I actually wasn't the first, so I feel somewhat justified. Of course, I'm sure I'll hear otherwise tomorrow.
Somehow, I have the feeling that this is Lester or Kinky. If not, then they have found their long lost sibling.


Name: Miss Pam

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 18:05:18

Your'e only paranoid if they're NOT out to get you.

I have had the worst day of my life! I'm going to bed.
(By the way, this is me whining. Hope you don't mind.)

Name: Sherlock Holmes
221B Baker Street
Location: London, England
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 17:36:44

Holmes: Watson, come quick!

Watson: Yes Sir?

Holmes: I have figured out who Sociable Hermit and the Newbie Police are!

Watson: Brilliant Sir, who are they?

Holmes: (whispers the names in his ear)

Watson: Excellent deduction Sir! shall I call for a Hackney to take us to Heathrow?

Holmes: Yes Watson, get our passports ready, we're going to the States, it's been a while since I've visited the Liberty Bell and that quaint little southern New England town. (a sly smile comes across Sherlock Holmes' face as he lights his pipe)

Name: The Newbie Police
the one and only, the original

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 17:30:33

Sociable Hermit- Listen here you limp-wristed fat fuck, don't tell me how to run my police department, and I won't tell you how many earrings to wear.

Name: Sociable Hermit
Uhh, Newbie Poilice, can I see you in my office? Yeah, close the door...

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 16:45:46

Newbie Police: Just a couple of things. For one, St.Al does not EDIT the Guest Book.He runs it, manages it, maintains it. He does not review each post and correct and/or alter it, as you suggested. If he did serve as editor, he would be a lonely man because it is my guess that no one other than himself would stay in here for long.
Another thing. I'm sorry, but, you're no longer needed. As a supposed "servant" of the people, it seems that you have infiltrated and abused your power one too many times. We aren't even sure if the title of "Newbie Police" is being used by only the one person who began it. It seems to have become an umbrella for any and all bogus posters to assert their superiority. I can see if you felt the need to sweep in and make a correction, (perhaps a gentle "edit"), every once in a while to right an egregious mistake. But why come in as a cop? Why not just use your regular fake name like the rest of us? (Michael C. Packard, excluded.) Maybe it's just me, but all this use of illigitimate names seems rather snotty, like yelling, "Teacher sucks!", when her back is to the class, then not having the courage to face up to it.
So, my suggestion is to live, as it were, in a society with no police. No governing body. A communal atmosphere. No classes, no heirarchy, other than St.Al, (he is a saint, afterall). If an error is found, let's just be man and woman enough to mention it and ridicule it under our own names.


Name: The Newbie Police
Just The Rules

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 15:38:51

Under section 6, rule #2 of the newbie hand book: Please keep all/any sports stories to just 1 paragraph. Otherwise e-mail the person you're responding to at a later time. If you're having trouble following this rule, please refer to These rules were established to make it easier for master St. Al to edit this fine GB.

Thank You,

Name: The Newbie Police
Just The Rules

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 15:32:17

Under section 6, rule #2 of the newbie hand book: Please keep all/any sports stories to just 1 paragraph. Otherwise e-mail the person you're responding to at a later time. If you're having trouble following this rule, please refer to These rules were established to make it easier for master St. Al to edit this fine GB.

Thank You,

Name: GK John
Land'O Bud Grant

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 14:11:27

Turtle- Sorry to repudiate your assertion here, but this needs addressin'... As I've said, I go back with the Vikes to the days before Tarkenton, although Fran was drafted out of Georgia in 1960 by the Vikes in their expansion year. Grant wasn't their coach and I had no interest in watching football yet. Tark was later traded to the Giants. I started following in the Kapp years. This wasn't the best of times, although they made SB IV in '70 only to be embarassed by Stram's Dawson-led Chiefs. Kapp, you may recall played the walkin' boss in The Longest Yard. This by far was his best moment in football.

If you think it's easy to be a fan of the past, try being a Minnesota fan in New York, where I've lived all my life and where one RARELY, if ever, gets to see the Vikings play. Every Viking fan I've ever met in my travels has been true to the team. Not like the lip-service frontrunners you see in other cities. Let's not forget... What about Cleveland? They get another shot? How about the Raiders, the Cardinals, the Colts, and the Oilers? It's tough being a fan when the owners are always reminding you that this is a business and the first time you don't turn a buck, they hold a gun to their home city's head and threaten to move if they don't get a new stadium and a bigger share of the parking concession. You wonder why stadiums are empty? It's not because the "fans" have abandoned their team, it's because a day at the game costs a family of four about $300 bucks. How many average families can afford that for eight home dates? When I was younger and single, I would go to see the Jets or Giants once a year (Only game in town) and I didn't mind spending the cash. Now it's a totally different story. Ticket prices are eight times higher around the country from what they were only ten years ago!

So. Fickle? I think not. It only seems the fans come out of the woodwork when a team wins (see this year's Jets) but in actuality, they're only buying into the team's success. As for me, the Vikings success is in part a vindication for my faith in them all these years and I get to see them each Sunday from the comfort of my own home. And don't think the owners aren't smiling about that either. They have the richest television contract in sports history.

Cheer or Die!

Name: Mock Turtle

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 13:32:35

GK John, your mention of the Vikings is forcing me to post.

The Vikings have the most fickle, fair-weather fans in the NFL. They can't even sell out a dome most of the time, in a city of millions. I mean, do you really want them to lose yet another Super Bowl? It's really just sad.

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 13:01:46

Hello Dan Fans-
I was just thinking...Have you guys seen my friend Stein Rimehaug's Steely Midi site? Stein is an Excellent Keyboard player in Up state N.Y. He formerly played with the Dan Tribute Band Called NightFly...and yes I have used a couple of his sequences in my solo act! He has a fun Site I'm sure you'll enjoy
Find him at :
We kicked a Black Cow sequence back and forth and he is a fine Player and a gentleman.
your Pal ,David

Name: !!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE MIDAFTERNOONFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 12:22:30

ST. AL- I finally got logged into the chat room, but I had to come up with a different name and come up with a password.
Did u change the way we have to enter the chatroom?
Or did someone use my nickname and protect it with a password.

Witch Queen- That was some funny stuff! Do u plan on going to Danfest?

Johnboy- I'm really sorry if i upset u. Do u normally post as Johnboy? I dont ever remember seeing u before nor can I remember ever mentioning your name in any of my post since last year.
So I guess what I'm asking is did I offend u personally or r u just sticking up for others by trying to pick a fight with me?
Either way I'm not going to argue with u or anyone else about the subject. I've already apologized and I dont plan to bring it up again, so please do me the same! I did not start the generation bashing, all I'm trying to do is to come up with a way of bringing the x-ers and the boomers closer together
by coming up with a cute saying like Daneration X to bridge the gap between our ages.(Please see my post on 1/7/99) My other intention was for the whole book to join in on something creative to see who could come up with the coolest/funniest word that would describe the whole guestbook by combining the words X-er and Baby Boomer and some kind of Steely Dan reference.
As far as the "Sweet 70 yr. old lady" thing, well that was a joke, if u had a sense of humor u would have got that one.
Truth is I bought it from a car lot. Maybe I should have wrote that disclaimer after that joke but I forgot, sorry! But if u noticed I was writing to Katy at the time and I know that she knows that I kid around alot. So I'm sure as she was reading it she had a nice little chuckle, knowing that I was trying to be funny. Katy unlike a few others in here has a brain and a sense of humor and can tell the difference between a joke and when someone is just trying to be mean! Anyway maybe the best thing for u to do is just mind your own fucking business and scroll right past my post if u dont like em!

To All- I'm sorry to be so long winded, I just wanted to clear up any misunderstanding, so I figured I'd have to describe it in great detail to get my point across. I still plan on getting to Danfest somehow, and I dont want to have a dozen enemies when I get there, so again I apologize to anyone I might have offended!



Name: lisa
hooked on @ feelin'

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 12:22:21

i was wondering if anyone besides me tends to fixate on something for a period of time, only to discard it later and move on to another would-be obsession?? or am i simply mentally ill?

i would like to start posting my weekly fetishes (not unlike clas' highly touted "Today:" posts used to be- hey, what ever happened to those?)...perhaps you, my fellow guestbookers, could critique my psychological status and provide me with feedback...i don't wanna blow good cash on a shrink.

this weeks's mighty O's:

1) joni mitchell's "blue" (i send a shout out to theStranger whenever "the last time i saw richard" plays)

2) creme de la creme lattes...accept no substitute

3) my fingernails

4) roasted garlic and lemon hummus

5) william hurt

6) the jaco p. tune "come on, come over"

7) and of course kinky

clas: i learned swedish during our phone conversations! and you thought i wasn't listening...

rose: i adore room with a view, especially the character george emerson (played by julian sands)...he is in another of my favorite movies, siesta...have you seen it? it is quirky and fabulous.

roy: re: silence of the was totally an anthony hopkins kinda know i have an affinity for sexy older men.

david: ? email at

Name: Lyric Police

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 11:57:45

Don't push it.

(PS: you're welcome)

Name: The Curiosity Police
In Our Cars

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 11:31:41

Elliot Shapiro? Do you mean Elliot Easton? You listed Cars songs, and Easton is their guitarist. Don't know of an Elliot Shapiro affiliated with them.

All right people, break it up. The question's over.

Name: The Oldbie Guard
Oh, great... In that case...
Location: Syncro Sound Studios,
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 10:38:01

... Elliot Shapiro rules on Since I Held You, Tonight She Comes and, especially, Touch and Go.

Thank YOU,

Name: No muy importante
Location: J.J.A. Point, NY usa
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 10:25:45

ChanMan will speak, soon.
lisa, I signed in as ChanMan, room known. Called ChanMan, ...

Name: The Newbie Police

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 09:42:25

Attention all newbies: The Dave Matthew's Band has already been played out on this gb. Please move on to new subjects.

Thank You,

Name: Witch Queen
of New Orleans

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 09:35:03

GK John: Lust is good, I think we can make some arrangements.

Zeke: Whah thank ya darlin' see y'all at Mardi Gras!


After eating, do amphibians have to wait one hour before getting out of the water?

If someone has a mid-life crises while playing hide & seek, does he automatically lose because he can't find himself?

If you yelled at your plants, would they still grow? but only to be troubled and insecure?

Just "before" someone gets nervous, do they experience cocoons in their stomach?

When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their picket signs?

When your pet bird sees you reading the newspaper, does he wonder why you're sitting there, staring at carpeting?

Where do forest rangers go to "get away from it all"?

Why do they report power outages on TV?

Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.

There's a fine line between fishing & just standing on the shore like an idiot.

What a nice night for an evening.

Why, in a country of free speech, are there phone bills?

When I was in high school, my boyfriend got in trouble with my Dad. He said, "I want my daughter back by 8:15." My boyfriend said, "The middle of August? Cool!"

The Witch Queen has left the building............

Name: Sociable Hermit
In Answer To...

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 09:09:20

Fezo: I am more than old enough to remember SCTV. All the way back to the Moe Green episodes. I used to study those damn shows for hours at a time. In fact, I believe that they stood the test of time much better than SNL. Even though they both were sketch comedy programs, the folks of SCTV were better actors than most of their SNL counterparts. There was less pandering to the audience, and I felt like they were actually trying to say something, other than, "Get used to this new character. Her/his movie deal is currently being hammered out."
Also, the fact that most of the sketches tied into each other reduced the amount of lame jokes and even lamer endings. Obviuosly, they all didn't work, but I think it's a much more satisfying product.

GKJohn: You are thinking of the 1774 issue, yes. The one I have boasts the sketch of a young pilgrimess on the cover, being leered at by a French explorer. The pirate article is on page 47 of my copy, though I understand because of the lack of printing presses, each copy was handwritten, and page length varies.


Name: GK John
The Re@ch

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 07:58:01

Geena, are you out there?

Name: GK John
Taking my medic@tion

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 07:55:51

It's been a few days, so...
First off- Happy belated 51st Don! Now where's my new CD?

Witch Queen- Can't tell you how I look forward to your next post... With your sense of humor, I could fall madly in lust with you!

KDF- Keep quoting those Jackson Browne songs. Anyone care to interpret "Red-necked Friend"?

Welcome Miss Pam & JWMalibu.

I just finished "Angel of Darkness" by Caleb Carr. It's a decent follow-up to "The Alienist", but outside of NYC, it might not hold anyone's attention because of the ponderous detail spent on accurately painting life in the the Big Apple a hundred years ago.

Dr Mu- You're a Buffett Buff too? BTW, don't forget the all-time Canadian baddie the Burglar from Banff. And Savoire Faire is everywhere! Can you tell me where those characters are from?
Hint: One is from a TV show, and the other's a cartoon!

Herm- Tiger Beat Nov. 1675? Was that the one with Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders on the cover? Or was that Aug 1774?

Final Score: Vikings-41
Cardinals-Lucky to even get there.

Midnite & Josie- Me and the Purple People Eaters go way back... Even before Fran was the Man! Go Vikes!

Fezo- I don't remember that skit and I have no clue as to Moranis' SD tie-in. But I especially recall Eugene Levy doing the Perry Como Still Lives sketch. Those guys (and gals) were hilarious! Candy, Short, Levy, Moranis, Ramis, Murray, etc.

Keep warm y'all!

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 07:47:27

I think we all should outburst in a:

HIP HIP HIP HURRA to Libby Titus for bringing back Donald Fagen on stage!


Zeke - no problem.

Name: Zeke
hail to Professor Longhair!

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 07:14:20

Fezeaux: "Who is Christopher Cross?" If I can remember right, was it Michael singing "Such a long way to go" on ride like the wind? Somehow I remember him driving a convertible.

No, I have not met this (particular) Witch Qeen, I've met a couple but not this one. I do enjoy her post!

Clas: Sorry I couldn't get your answer in time. "They all asked for you"

Name: joKer
god i hate tuesdays

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 07:08:21

I remember SCTV, tho not too well - my fave was of course the MacKenzie Bros. Moranis (who starred as the protagonist in Fagen's video, "Tomorrow's Girls") and Dave Thomas were great. I remember watching Strange Brew about 50 times one summer in high school and damned if i couldn't stop talking like a stereotypical Canadian. pretty scary, eh.

super-saturation, if it doesn't kill a band's momentum, can turn off plenty of would-be fans.....i loved D.Matthews' first album, then quickly ran for cover as the deluge began w/Crash, which I have yet to listen to --

OLEANDER: Operation debriefing executed, awaiting advisement of possible covert maneuvers (grIn}jo.ker

Name: fezo

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 06:25:23

I think the category on Jeopardy was "Musical Godots"

DMB is starting to grow on me as well. It's hard to be a fan of them and live in Central Virginia. It's where they are all based now and the radio stations have a continuing lovefest with ALL their music. Can get saturated real quick. I pretty much tune them out but then recently I heard "Crush" and got pulled back in.

Fred: thanks for the Michael McDonald info. Vince Gill is doing one hell of an impression of him on that Faith song.

Am I the only oldster who remembers SCTV? They did a hilarious skit with Rick Moranis (for 100 points, name his SD connection) playing McDonald. This was back in the 70's when McDonald was singing backup on practically every top 40 hit. The SCTV skit was following him throughout his day where every so often he'd remember he'd have to get to the studio so he would stop what he was doing, race to the studio, and do about 15 seconds of his typical background styling.

It was almost as good as the Elephant Man on the PBS telethon bit.

Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 05:02:42

jOker: Thanks for the translations of Steely lyrics. Reminded me of an old Honda motorcycle manual I had, that was translated from Japanese to English by someone who apparently didn't speak English. -- There were out laughing me so loudly then that I were urinating from mein eyes.

Bob: The audios sound great; just having the nerve to cover the Dan and risk comparison shows a lot of stuff.

Ole: You got Sky Bars in that locker of yours? I'll skip Study Hall and show you this dugout that my Dad built (in case the Reds decide to push the button down.)


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 01:54:31


I called a Gbooker on your westcoast the other week. When she answered I said - what song is this? And I played the first verse of Pearl Of The Quarter.

- Great, she said, have you done that?

Don't worry RubyBaby, I should have tuned the guitar first.

BigFan - who the hell is Sheryl Crow?

Name: fred's cat, Crash

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 23:41:11

ok. original one, track 5 is on.

and it's REALLY LOUD .

nice flute.

Name: Original Lester

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 23:31:23

I growl too much, I whine too much. Fred, have you listened to #41 and Drive In Drive Out on Crash? Do so...loudly.

Name: Nevin D.
Location: Nashville, Tn USA
Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 21:49:09

What DiD Rikki Don't lose that number mean? Can you Guess?

Name: The KatyDanFan
"...the busy world was not for me, so I went and found my own..."

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 21:45:12

Amazing to me how the things I think of during the day regarding SD seem to get addressed on here by the rest of you! Are you all reading my mind or what?

I wanted more info on the songbooks, chords, etc., thank you Original Lester! And I love hearing of anyone in here who's already playing any of the Dan music in your own band or just in your own living room. (David, Pete, others) Am without a keyboard at the moment, but, plan to remedy that and get busy, just for my own satisfaction. And Charlie Freak is going to be first.

Today I was listening to (in this order) Caves of Altamira, Don't Take Me Alive, then Sign in Stranger---never having been to an SD concert, I was imagining what it would be like to be there and have them open with Caves,....I pictured all of us going absolutely crazy.....and then to follow that with the other two songs.....OMG (oh my god) I just don't know how I would react. It could be tears, or it could be fainting...if I do fall over though, will you friends get me up and get the smelling salts or something immediately?? (So here's LTNF posting the order of a set they did. I sure wish I had been there!)

Pete you must be "our guy on the East Coast." El Supremo and I definitely must get to NYC and also listen to the music of yours on here, and Ole, thanks for the tips to get more info. There is so much to find out, gee....I feel as if I have DanFever! Is it going to be this way the rest of my life? I have this feeling...

Herm, once again, no one puts anyone in his place with more talent and creativity than you do! ROFL

RoseDarling: Hey, miss ya, come on back!!

Josie: Sister, what happened with my picture? I sent it two or three times! Tell me what gives!

El Supremo: Honey, I know you're so happy to be home, etc., but, remember our deal to post to each other here, I think I'm getting ahead of you...or else Michael C. Packard is catching up to you, or something! Just kidding, never doubt that you are my one and only, always and forever! ILYM!!!

Just Katy :)

P.S. And Donald, Happy Happy Birthday, I apologize for being late in my wish and I especially apologize for waiting so long in my life to get to know you better! It wasn't on purpose, honest! I was just sort of saving the best for last, as with El Supremo! Think of it as a good thing!!

Name: Fred's cat, Crash

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 21:42:19

Original Lester.
I put on "Crash" and think, "yeah, maybe this time...I really want to like this guy. Every once in a while, he grabs me with his passion and poetry. and his band ROCKS.
But after the first few tracks ... i donknow... he loses my attention. I think he growls too much... and i always know when he's going to draw out a note. I hate that. I want to be surprised. but GOD, the percussion is STELLAR. and that saxophone... like i said, his band rocks.

in a gaucho groove.


Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch tech room

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 21:11:57

For those of you that can't seem to listen to the LeBarBat stuff I would recommend that you go to the Microsoft download site and get the latest copy of Media Player... it plays video and audio. I did that recently. Then earlier this evening, when I clicked on the Real Audio choice for each of the 3 Damned songs, I was listening to them as they downloaded. Most excellent!!! I believe the URL was:

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 19:47:07

Hi Everyone-

Bob Tedde-I went to Le Bar Bat site and enjoyed the real audio can live with the results and be proud...the music sounded great! the lead vocals were suspect...but then I don't sound like Fagen either..who does? By the Way I'm struggling through recording my originals too...and after playing Dan tunes all week on the gigs ,I come home and try to be Inspired to create great parts like you know who...and torture myself thinking about others(GBers included)eventually hearing this stuff and I keep going back and tracking again.And It's not like I'm trying to write Steely Dan songs or even compare myself to's just the level of quality I'm stiving for seems to elude me.I would like to compare notes on recording methods and gear If you'd me and maybe we can open a dialog.

JosieDanFan- How are you Darlin'...keep in touch..ok?


Name: Original Lester

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 19:41:36

Just saw on Jeopardy:"Aja, Gaucho, and Pretzel Logic were albums by this band"

I believe it was worth $1000.

For JustKaty and anyone else who cares, I found a couple of sites where SD chords can be found:


Fairly accurate, and certainly more accurate than the Hal Leonard book. On the "members" site, the Aja (song) chords are abominably off the mark. Otherwise, everything looks pretty much OK.

And, for the record, anyone who saw the Hollywood Bowl show in August '96 should know that the Dan can be less than perfect live. Don't get me wrong, I'd pay good money to see Donald Fagen pick his nose or scratch his ass.

Name: Hank Silvers
c/o Hugo Spaak

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 19:36:01

Bob: "Second Arrangement" - Just adding my applause to everyone else's.

Pete: Cool story. More, please.

ole: Got to hand it to you -- you did it. That deserves a reward.

Name: Big Fan

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 19:32:33

Orig Lester:

Although I emailed Bob a rather long disertation on the lyrics of
"This All to Moble Home" which I didn't post here to save bandwidth (although now I wish I did) One place you can get lyrics for both songs is Tomas Broberg's sight:
The Second Arrangement:

This All To Mobile Home:

If I ever get a copy of SA, I'll make you a tape, although I know other regular posters who will do the same.

Name: Original Lester

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 19:03:45

Bob: The Metal Leg site has lyrics to 2nd Arrangement(which I still have never heard). There is another link which has the Mobile home lyrics. I'll see if I can remember that. Are you a sightreader? And how in the hell did you find guys interested enough and able to play SD material? Most "musicians" are garage-band chumps who are known to fall into deep depression when they are faced with the prospect of a minor seventh chord, whereas most capable jazz musicians want to play 30 minute epics for the sole purpose of asserting their superiority over those non-enlightened souls snoozing in the audience. Go ahead and email me so we don't bore our friends.

An oft-mentioned band in these parts is the Dave Matthews Band. I love them, because I think they are one of very few current bands which have anything appealing to offer at all. Beautiful lyrics, real musicians who know how to play their instruments, and a lead man who has total command of his art. I saw them in LA in October from a very close distance. Excellent as I expected it to be. I think Crush (not "Crash Into Me") is one of the greatest love songs of all time.

I will show immense gratitude to anyone who can help me obtain a copy of The 2nd Arrangement. We'll call it this year's resolution. No, the Lebarbat website did not work for me, either. All I got was several pages of advertising about all the beautiful and important people who have passed through.

Name: Miss Pam
Game Show Hell
Location: can I use that word?,
Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 18:53:39

Evening all!
Did anyone else see Jeopardy today? Guess who was the answer to a question (question to an answer?).
"Aja", "Gaucho", and "Pretzel Logic" where hits for this group.
I missed the title of the catagory though (musical geniuses no doubt)
Lester: Thanks for the welcome. Go on and dish it, if I can't take it I'm sure SOMEONE will loan me a hanky.
Sorry I'm a day late but I'm a dollar short too so what can I say?

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch listening room

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 17:45:53

Bob T: I just heard the 3 Damned tunes posted on the Le Bar Bat site! While I can understand your hesitance at having a digital reminder out on the net of your band's imperfections I believe that it's best they are available for those of us that were unable to attend the event in person! Having played Dan tunes in public myself I can indeed understand it. When one has the knowledge that the Dan were perfectionists it can be quite difficult getting up the nerve to attempt their songs in a party setting with friends much less in a serious bar gig! Yes, the Damned isn't perfect... and nobody expects you to be! other than yourselves... and you guys most likely don't play the material enough as a group to get it perfect... Actually, the Dan can't play each song perfectly every performance... (I know this because I've seen/heard them 7 times in their last 3 tours... nobody's perfect!) But, on the other hand, they don't have to be perfect... 'cause they are the real McCoy!! Anyway, for what it's worth, Bob, I enjoyed the songs and you should be proud of the effort your group puts into these special performances! Later - Doc

Name: Just wondering

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 16:50:25

Bob- What's going on with the west coast? Is there something we should know about? Come on Bob, give it up!

Name: bob tedde

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 15:25:31

Edd: Wow, thanks. Wish I could hear it so I could agree or disagree w/you. I don't remember anything from that evening that I thought I would want up-linked to the world in it's entirety. But if all that's wrong with it is my personalization of some of the lyrics and Peg's reported employment of micro tonal scales on of the last "THE", I will be as pleased as punch. Somehow I think I'll find more to wince at.

Peg: Damnit woman. Only the most important article in the whole song! So, how do I know YOU aren't the Lyric Police? STW, out loud.

Lyric Police: How helpful can you/would you/are you willing to be? I still have questions on both Mobile Home. and 2nd Arrangement. Am I asking too much for a complete set o' lyrics? Biggest specific problems are:
Mobile Home: "We got married in San Diego and the sign said Mobile man to please come on through" (that's gotta be wrong) and "This all too mobile home is calling AFTER or OUT TO you?" (One audience guy swears it's "coming after you") Nah.

2nd Arrangement: "The rube steps out, with no regrets" and "just one red rose and a tender good-bye" That's what it sounds like the second time around, but not the first. Also, are you privy to info re: specific but very secretive goings on on the west coast in the last week or so? Would love a confirmation from someone even closer to the horses mouths. E-me!


Name: Bodacious Cowgirl
Now we dolly back, now we fade to black

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 14:18:12

Good day, one and all..
I've been away, looks like I have missed a lot, and I have noticed a little bit more hostility than usual. Lots of new posters...anyhow, I am heartbroken. Disk 2 of Citizen has vanished and I have scoured the valley looking for it. I know that there is a disk-snatcher out there with really good taste. I liked disk 2 the best!
Had a random audio Dan experience over the weekend...Heard 'Dr. Wu' at Mervyns, have not heard that one over the retail speakers before. This was right before I about got my ass kicked by a straight-edger for having a faux fur coat collar. Oy vey, will the madness ever stop?

Until next time,

Name: me one more time (jokingly)
(german translation, in portugese, then back to english

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 14:05:05

Yunser eternal summer, poss v you who v quickly consequently desvaneç,
the end apreend you one have broken something, that you pens upper-class extremity,
you, not uniform as diamond if, if you not pair its hand thing
you est inestimably I can include/understand pens

If you it will be turning in the years
and to arrest the distant time,
you is session to the upper side of the ruptures,
you had sufficient mien

they are you who turn in the years
and you arrest the distant time,
are you session to the upper side of the ruptures,
you had sufficient mien

Me they had said, that is you one technique, since that you age the dezessete-years,
that they are not old of this entire hour, when I could making, me always know,
what you he would like to say that the weekend in the university did not verify,
when you projected the things, that function for the knowledge, I include/understand

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d trip that we stops d does not form Hollywood for est forever grav with d erasure my spirit
after all d thing we stops d forms and consideration you encontr to ander d man
d thing you stops est pens for capable useless t i for est not include/understand

Name: !!!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY!!!!!!!!!!
whats a hen way?

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 13:59:53

I remember seeing the Dan in St. Petersburg, FL on 8/19/94.
By the way they recorded Babylon Sisters from that gig on Steely Dan Alive In America! Anywho I had a wonderful time but if I had it my way I would have made a different Set List for them! It would have went something like this:

1) Dont take me alive
2) Babylon Sisters
3) Josie
4) Peg
5) Rikki dont lose that number
6) Green Earrings
7) Haitian Divorce
8) Third world man
9) I.G.Y.
10) Book of Liars (Just to be Fair)
11) Black Friday
12) Pretzel Logic
13) Kid Charlemagne
14) Dr. Wu
15) Reeling in the Years
16) My old School
17) Do It Again
Thank You Goodnight!!!

Name: jOkEr
(french translation back thru german and back to english)

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 13:56:13

Yunser summers eternal, can see you that it goes fast therefore fading,
in order to seize you the one piece from something, which you think to the end
well, you, not even as diamond would know, if you did not stop it in their hand
the things you are inestimably I can include/understand think

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d journey what we to form in Hollywood to be to always engrave with d erasure on my spirit
after all d thing we to form and on consideration you find to ander d man
d thing you to be thought to have uselessly I to be able not include/understand

Name: jOker
(SD Lyric translated to french, then back)

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 13:49:07

our summer eternal, you can see it quickly fading
thus to seize you a piece of something which you think goes to the end well,
you would not even know as a diamond if you held it in your hand the things you think are invaluable I cannot include/understand

Are you whirling in years, fastening far time
are you meeting to the top of the tears, you have had enough the mien
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are you meeting to the top of the tears, you have had enough the mien

You had said to me you are an engineering since you were seventeen years old
of all the hour when I knew you, I always do not know what want to say you that
the weekend at the university did not prove as you projected
the things which pass for knowledge, I cannot include/understand

I spent much of money and I spent much of time
the voyage which we made in Hollywood is always engraved with the etching on my spirit
after all the things we made and considering you to find others the man
the things you think are useless I cannot include/understand

Name: peg

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 13:37:22

Lyric Police: I've been telling Bob the same thing; maybe he'll listen to you

Name: Sociable Hermit

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 12:05:58

Oleander: Just received the T-shirt in the mail today. Very cool! Confused? Well, I might as well 'fess up. I was the winner of the "Guess The Dan Fan" contest. The t-shirt is "Barrytown H.S. Athletic Dept." Cool. Still eagerly awaiting my CD's from St.Al. I watch for mail delivery like I was expecting a lotto check.
Oleander, thanks again.


Name: Fred

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 11:59:42

re Michael McDonald.. yeah, he did recently finish an album. Apparently the label decided not to release it... aah.

re Faith Hill.. it's Vince Gill sounding M-esque.

gone fishin,

Name: Jack
@the girl's a dj

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 11:56:27

Thought you should hear this one. I called my radio station
today. I asked the local disk jockette to play "Deacon Blues"
she played FM instead! I'm still rolling on the floor!

Name: Big Fan

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 11:49:20

Hermit, this means nothing to me, but perhaps it will mean something to you and as far as I know it is not a government secret: From Jim "Hoops" McKay’s Dandom Digest:

"Subject: The Twisted Details: Chicago Danvention

The Chicago Danvention will be held at 7:30 PM, Saturday, January 16, 1999
at the Twisted Spoke, 501 N. Ogden Ave at West Grand Avenue in Chicago.

Our very own Steve "Pudgy" De Rose aka Petey One, is a co-host at this fine establishment and describes the venue as follows: .it has food. Great hamburgers (called "fatboys") and other stuff too. Check its World-Wide Web site at Steve "Pudgy" De Rose

I have checked out the Twisted Spoke Web page and have found it to be very entertaining. Give it a look even if you can't be in Chicago for this happening. Some of it will have you rolling on the floor with laughter."

Tiny: Sorry, I figured any post about an event in Ted Kennedy’s home state required a discussion about alcoholic beverages, especially Irish ones. Actually I mentioned beer twice in one post, not in both posts, but who’s counting. I’ll try to keep the beer discussions to events that involve Germany, Ireland, Canada or England - or any Dan related event held at a bar. I sincerely hope you can live with that.

Name: Lyric Police
nice clip, but.....

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 11:23:24

Hey Bob Tedde -- remember a long time ago how I tightened you up on some particularly obscure and otherwise undecodable lyrics on "...Mobile Home"? Remember how right I was? Remember how you understood me to be the best of authorities on such matters? Remember? Hmmmmm?

OK, good. Now listen up: it's "SMASHED in a yellow jag".

Name: DrMu
hat trick

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 10:48:59

lovebob: Was just able to download the 2nd arrangement file again right now... well done - please forward send my additional compliments to Hank Easton, the horn section and Ruby (well, for being Ruby).

Name: DrMu
uno mas

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 10:36:14

Ole: Snidely Whiplash, the worst smuggler and best Canadian, is my favorite Western villian.

Name: DrMu
accordion to the latest polls
Location: Sheryl Crow is swell,
Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 10:33:48

LB: Sounded Super Swell to me when I downloaded the file Saturday.

Ole-o: Your analysis is right on, but can't he be both? He's could be a "kept man" as he doesn't work and mooches off each unsuspecting lover He carries his belongings in a gladstone bag)...who don't dump him until they discover his nefarious ways, or until they figure he can not be rehabilitated.

Name: Doc Kelly
Here at the Dude Ranch computer cemetery

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 10:18:11

Finally got back online with the new Gateway... Jeez, what a pain in the ass it is getting all of one's faves stored in a new computer with the "official" MS browser... I kinda liked my Navigator... and another pain in the ass is the notion of catching up on the GB!!!

I don't mind that the GB has turned into something less than "Hot news about the DAN"... as long as there is some news sprinkled in amongst the gossip... Pete, you're my hero!

Anyway, since I seem to be able to only read this site about once every 3 to 4 weeks (7 in this case, I think) and only have 15 minutes to read, I was hoping that somebody would accept the task of summarizing their impression of the last 2 months worth of tour/album rumors in one post... it sounds so simple... (3 dots for Clas) how 'bout it? Doc

Name: joKer
still loitering

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 10:16:00

Just read in brian Sweet's bio that indeed, D+W spliced in the "A" syllable in "aja" to put into "FM" so it could be usable in AM markets. Dunno if it's actually true - don't know how reliable this bio is, though it's kinda neat to think so.....

Name: Trivia Buff

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 10:12:03

Is this true?

Name: the JokeR
no flies on me.....well maybe a couple

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 10:03:57

just a quick belated Happy Birtday to Senor Fagen --

also I've been monitoring all of the posts regarding fave movies: still haven't seen anyone mention one of my all-time faves, any SD fan should want to see it again and again:


come on, folks, it doesn't get any better than Fells Point in the '50s........


Name: tinyfan

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 08:53:45

Big Fan, there you go again, you mentioned beer in both of your posts, tsk, tsk

Name: johnboy

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 08:49:22

bobT: What are the four national releases you appear on?

Oleander: "Hurt me" wasn't a request, was it? Have you just been watching 9 1/2 weeks too? Kinky doesn't seem to be here any more or I suspect he would have obliged by now.

Lester the Gadfly: In your most recent bilious (look it up if you can figure out how to spell it) lecture you said you wanted everyone to "join in and try to put an end to the generation bashing" that you started. Want to join the grown-ups now that you're entering puberty, do you? Maybe if you try a little harder not to be an asshole you'll have some success. Feeling "much better" because you were able to take advantage of/rip off the "stupid son" of a "sweet 70 yr. old woman who croaked" to buy her car at a bargain price doesn't take you too far down that road. And please learn how to spell at least a few words correctly.....

Name: Sociable Hermit

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 07:43:00

What Chicago Dan fest gathering? Did I miss a post somewhere?

Willie the hand jive: Do we turn you on that much? Wow... That's some elegant phrasing that you directed at Rose. There's just so little intelligent dialogue regarding onanistic tendancies. I feel that we truly owe you a great deal for suggesting the simultaneous stimulation of the two grand orafices. I'm sure that if any of us had both hands free, we'd applaud you loudly. My advice to you is to type up the directions on some heavy bond paper, and turn it in to your teacher for extra credit. I'll bet she'll be just as impressed as we were that a fifth grader has such a sophisticated sense of self-pleasure, that he feels he can enlighten others to his new found thrills. And hey, if you ever find a suitable replacement for that cumbersome and indelicate tube sock, let us know! I'm sure us guys, (and perhaps even a few ladies), would be extremely grateful! Oh, you better get going! I think I hear the school bus honking. And don't forget your hat and gloves...

Capt. Ahab: We sometimes need to make personal sacrifices in order to further our lives. I, personally, would not go as far as you, but, I respect your decision. We should all have guessed as much, though. Obviously, that whale was a metaphor.

Name: Big Fan

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 07:19:32

Sorry to post twice in one day - I know that is against the Guestbook Police rules, but

Bob, they have released a series of new version releases at Real Audio over the last 6 months or so - I suggest you try going to their home page and making sure you have the most up to date version. Also with older versions of Windows (like 3.1) you have to set some of the prefrences yourself. They have pretty good help section there. I also didn't have any problem listening to The Second Arrangement, and as I told Pete this was the best one so far - can't wait to hear the rest.

I just checked out and either it was me or I just didn't notice, but there are a bunch of new pictures there. Bob, Peg, Ruby and Hank Easton. Everyone looking good and having a good time!

Name: Big Fan
Location: Anywhere, CT USA
Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 06:35:19

One of the residents of Boston included directions to Sean O’Toole’s in Plymouth, MA in the Dandom Digest. If you don’t subscribe and would like them, email me. I figure if this was a DanFest then we would have to have the theme of "Plymouth Rocks". Address of Sean O’Toole’s is 22 Main St. A brief review of lodging in the area turned up several possibilities, including the Sheraton ( and the Pilgrim Sands Motel ( Both of which are very close to the bar, and have significantly reduced rates for this time of year. I’ll have to break in the Barrytown H.S. t-shirt for this gig. I assume with a name like that in Mass that this place will have Guniness, Bass and probably Harp on tap, with those strange little spoons hanging at the tap to make Black and Tans. Funny I never really thought N2 and CO2 were meant to mix. I’ll bet this place is really jumping on 3/17. I’m going to have to take a vacation day Thursday, but it should be worth it! Hope to see some of you there.

Clas - I am so envious. I see Sheryl Crow is playing twice in Sweden: February 2, 1999 Stockholm, Cirkus and February 3, 1999 Lund, Olympen Concert Hall. I’ve seen her a couple of times in some small venues, and I can tell you Walter is wrong about the accordion, at least when she plays it. She drinks a lot of beer (Rolling Rock) on stage and tends to limit the amount of clothes she wears, and she sings well also.

Tunnel Records has upgraded my 10 month old order for the Gaucho Outtakes and a live CD set to "incoming". In Saving Private Ryan, this was not necessarily a good thing. We’ll see.

Name: Edd

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 05:05:18

Sorry, Bob, it works for me...

I've only one comment about the tune...


Name: bob Tedde

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 01:16:01

Pete, and or anyone who knows more about computers than me, (all of you) I can't seem to download the live Damned's le bar bat performance of The Second Arrangement. I have the real audio thingy, but it comes up "this is not a real audio file" or something like that. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?


Name: moray eel
and the Art Thieves

Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 at 00:29:12

Rubes: If you happen to purchase 9 1/2 weeks, I recommend the director's cut. It's um... better. Almost all of Lyne's movies are good.

Rose Darling: It's nice to be noticed. I believe that I have to make an appearance every now and then, so you regulars don't forget about me (one of the irregulars).

Are any of you GBers planning on attending the Chicago Dan Fan gathering? I might be interested in meeting some of you. I have never been to the Twisted Spoke and I'm not really sure what to expect. Ogden and Grand? Is that a good area? I may not be able to go anyway because of a possible sequestration. Time will tell.


Happy B-day, Donald.

Name: LES
2 more cents

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 23:20:23

Katy- Thanx for asking about my well being! I junked the Malibu and now I'm driving A 1985 Chevrolet Celeberty Station Wagon that is in mint condition. It was owned by a sweet 70 yr. old woman who croaked and her stupid son sold it to me for only $500.00! I feel much better now also! All the inflamation has gone down and I'm finally starting to eat solid food again! No more damn tubes, I'm so glad they finally removed my calostomy bag also. I will miss the sponge baths though!

Name: !!!!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 23:07:12

Rose- Maybe I should have been more sensitive of your feelings. I'm very sorry if i offended u. But maybe your just a little too sensitive! You should take some of your own advise and scroll right past my post if it bothers u that much. You know by getting pissed and trying to slam me in your post just adds fuel to the fire for me because i think its kind of silly how u get so worked up over something u read that wasnt even directed at u. Besides my post was directed to everyone to join in and try to put an end to the generation bashing that was going on between Rudy and a couple of the x-ers in here. I do get a kick out of how u dont let me get away with anything, u kind of remind me of my mother! Maybe u should smoke a little herb once in while, then things wouldnt bother u so much. One thing I want to clear up though is that in case u were wondering I'm not posting as willie! He does make a good point though!

Eviva- thanx for being on my side!

Hermie- I have some advise for u too, stop posting in the moring!
Oh and get some new glasses!

Jake the Snake Mary- Thanx for your words of wisdom I will charish them for years to come. Lets hope I dont get so old that I forget them! haha just kidding of course!!!

Mayor rudy- for once I agree with u, if anyone is offended, too bad deal with it. I've been to Southeast Asia so I know where Vietnam is. Last year I flew over Vietnam and I as I was looking out the window I was dropping imaginary bombs on women and children!

Malibu- It gives me goosebumps too! How r the Santa Ana Winds this fine evening? My car that I totaled christmas eve was a Malibu! Welcome!

Katy- Thanx! I think your the only one who understands. I dont always know what I'm talking about, sometimes I feel like I'm living in the middle of doubt!

Josie- I will try to be more of the sweet lovable teddy bear that u love so much. Please understand I kid, I dont try to be an asshole!

Miss Pam- hey jump right in the waters fine babe! Welcome to our little corner of the wacky misunderstood world! Oh by the way I'm the smart ass of the bunch, so I hope your not the over sensitive type, if u can take it I have nothing but respect for ya!

Steve- Thanx for the history lesson!

Micheal- I'm glad to see u have a sense of humor. Can u talk to Rose for me!

Dave- Damn it I really wanted that buckle, I think it would have went excellent with my spandex pants and tie die t-shirt!


Name: Herman Melville

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 23:03:24

Herm: Are you implying that Captain Ahab may have sacrificed his left leg over his right to Moby Dick just to come out of the closet? "Hey look, gang--the Captain's left leg is missing. Now we can talk to him about interior design!"

I think not, Mr. Sociable, though your comments were both humorous and thought provoking.

And isn't that what the GB is all about?



Name: Willie the hand jive
spellcheck rock and soul review

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 22:23:29

Rose :I`M thrilled to be your fantasy, but pause for just a moment and you will be able to spell Fagen.

Name: Peter North
Come get a free facial

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 21:43:57

Happy b-day, Donald. I'm gonna shoot a massive wad in your honor- in the sky to- night.

I got some chin music for anyone else who wants!!!

Name: oleander
you should know the program

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 21:34:12

Pete--Hurt me again! I'd give a lot to be at the Dias gig, but it's no go. Have a fabulous time, say hey to all the lucky Danfans who can join you, and EVERYBODY file a report for the rest of us! And great story. Please tell more.

lovebob--ditto (great story, please tell more!).

Dave88--good to hear from you. If you see Aja tell her to post.

Q--you rascally lurker! Pretty fast on the draw, I'd say. So when is your website going to be up, so we can see the thing?

Katy--I'd suggest you visit Pete's website to see just how deep his history with the Dan goes. Or check out the notes in Citizen.

Roy--You're my kind of 8th grader. Meet me at my locker after 4th period. I'll make it worth your while. And how did you know I was going to post to add Crumb to my list too?

Rose--I don't know. Did you misspell Fagen? That's the "people" whom I was addressing. I mean, is it too much to ask for people to at least spell correctly the name of one of the two members of the band everyone says they love?

Mu--I think it's a guy who's a compulsive user, rather than a kept guy. He chews women up & spits them out, and his technique is to cultivate another relationship (second arrangement) while he's easing out of the present one, maybe even with "a mutual friend." So he just loads up the Jag, tosses the red rose, reminds her that she should have known what kind of person he was ("you should know the program"), and splits without a backward glance. No in-between, no scruples, just on to the next thing. Then, when he's ensconced in the new relationship, "it's time to redefine" it as the "first arrangement"--for the nonce. What do you think? BTW, here's a total feverdream--he says, "LaRue steps out," or at least that's what it sounds like to me: Lash LaRue was a B-movie cowboy star who was married 12-14 times--sounds like a guy who had the 2nd arrangement thing down pat. And judging from songs like "With A Gun" & "DIA" I'd say that either Mr. F. or Mr. B was a Western fan who might have been familiar with old Lash.

Hank--There. I said it.

I know I'm a little late, but happy birthday, Mr. Fagen.

Name: Willie still jivin
and still snowin

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 21:22:35

Snake Mary : You can have all your money in the bank in Detroit. (There isn`t eneough cops or fuckin snow plows to live there)

Name: Willie the hand jive
can i ASSist you?

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 21:10:19

Rose: Did you ever masturbate, and have a finger in your Anus? It can be very intense, I definitely suggest it. It surely tops reading these ridiculous movie recomendations, darling.

Name: DrMu
blink and you'd be gone

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 21:01:00

fezo: Drew Zingg was in the band headed by Boz in the Hard Rock Cafe concert last year Or was it '97?). I think Bumpus was there but I can't swear to it.

Happy 51st to Donald Fagen!

Name: Sociable Hermit
Yikes...What Did I Do Know...

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 20:20:22

Rose Darling: I'm sorry. You're right, I did neglect some very nice posts directed toward me, expecially the one where you said that I shouldn't worry about losing weight. That was kind of you. I DO enjoy reading your posts. Hope I didn't insult you.

JosieDanFan: Speaking of hoping not to insult someone...I was not being a smartass. I gues I was just trying to be playful. I truly hope I didn't insult you. I was very flattered by what you wrote, and I wasn't trying to trivialize it.

Guess my batting average today wasn't very good. But, tomorrow is another day. I will try to get a good night's sleep and begin Monday better than today.

Good night, All.


Name: Snake Mary
Location: Detroit, MI
Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 19:56:28

RoseDarling: could you be my long lost sister? could it be that we not only share the same love of song, but the same genes too? Well, if you can give Willy Hand Up His Ass Jive a good whoopin' like you did, then you MUST be related to me. Oh yes and Thelma and Louise, wonderful piece of celluloid. In case you're wondering where I've been - I'm in Detroit with lots of money in the bank.

Happy Birthday Donald, Do you feel like Jesus? Do you realize that you are a champion in my eyes? You've turned my world around.

Name: Guest Book 911 Team

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 18:47:17

The level of calls remains very high. We have just treated and released a number of posters who have never before needed our services. This is unprecedented. For now there are no emergency room admissions, but we are concerned. Please, safety first, people. Thank you.

Name: Peg

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 18:44:24

Trying to enter the chat. Has anyone figured out why it keeps asking for a password? I've tried lots of names, and keep getting the same message.


Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 17:49:55




Name: fezo

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 16:24:07

I caught the tail-end of Austin City Limits tonight, just in time to hear the audience holler (futilely) "encore, encore" as Boz Scaggs and some familiar looking folks strolled off the stage. Roll of the credits revealed that the band included Drew Zing and Cornelius Bumpus. Copyright of the show was 1998. Anybody in GBland catch these performers last year?

In another NYRSR related query . . . someone posted recently that Michael McDonald was going to release an album this year, he had recorded in Nashville. The latest Faith Hill single (Baby Let Go)features very McDonaldesque background vocals. I wonder if it's him.

Name: MC

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 15:01:41

losses dammit! *sigh*

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 14:59:59

LoveBob....feel free to share the stories with us any time. I really enjoy reading them. Also, best of luck with the songwriting in the coming year.

JosieDanFan....a fellow Vikings fan eh? Cool! I've suffered through the four Super Bowl loses but I really think that this is the year....we're gonna kill Denver!!

@ the half: Vikings - 24
Cardinals - 7


Name: fred

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 14:07:23

liked your flickpics ... impressed that they were all in alphabetical order ... uh oh.. "legends, jack's back" now i have to reconfigure my spoonful of alphabet soup. thanks for the ridgemont high reminder ... liked repo man, too.

was it you who said something about someone else logging in with your handle? was looking through parachat faq's... says that if someone is logged on anywhere in parachat using same name, the second user can't use it... don't know if this applies to your experience ...


Name: Rose Darling
Happy Birthday Donald Fagen !!!

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 13:06:40

Thank you, Donald Fagen, for contributing the main soundtrack to my life.

Willie and Your Hand Up Your Ass Jive:
I sincerely thank you for being concerned about my tension levels. And if you (or anyone) don't like me or my posts, learn how to scroll (you know, remove your finger from your anus, place on keyboard, etc.)

u- U know it ! Must be tough living with that.

Hermit: You've got lots of time on your hand in the cave, don't you? Think you might get around to acknowledging one of my posts to you someday?

bob tedde:
Great story from the cool-o-meter ! You lucky, lucky man. Any info on what Denny's been up to since his Wings days?

oleander: Was I the "people" you were referring to?

More Movies Recommended from the Dredged Nostalgia Bin:

Amadeus, Body Heat, Breakfast Club, Children of A Lesser God, Days of Heaven, Dreamscape, Dead Zone, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Fish Called Wanda, 48 Hours, French Lieutenant's Woman, Ghostbusters, Heathers, Inside Moves, Legend, Jack's Back, Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (early Jodie Foster), Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Married to the Mob, The Mask (either movie), My Left Foot, Nomads, Terminator, Terms of Endearment, Time After Time, Trading Places, What's Up Doc?

Name: Mr Stewart
Location: anchorage, ak
Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 12:40:04

Leo Kottke was in town last night. Wow what a show, and a very humorous man as well. Don't miss him if he comes to your city.

Name: JosieDanFan
snowbound...some more!!

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 12:23:50

Hello fellow Dan fans!

Herm: Let me start by first asking..Are you being a smart ass? If not I must say if you were perfect..I would hate you. Knowing that in spite of not being perfect you still remain witty, charming, decent and halarious, makes you perfect in my eyes, (pony tail and all!!)..get it? I admit the Beatles thing didn't help, but like I said before ..I'll get over it. So you can keep the posters up, and I have no doubt you did indeed deliver the best toast any best man could give. If you were being a smart ass..blow it out yer ass!! j/k you know I love ya man..

Katy: Darling Sister!! When does the man hunt begin? LOL
I got the pick but it wouldn't let me see it. I'll explain it to you in an e-mail...

I would write more but I have to take a nap before the Vikings game...GO VIKES!!!


Name: bob tedde

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 11:53:17

David: No shut-ups necessary. I took your post as a sincere and heartfelt compliment. I actually started to type you back, but it kept reading like I was unappreciative. But as the can of worms has been opened, I will say, that while I'm glad that I am able to earn my livelihood doing something I very much love, I am at a place where I feel I may have spent too much time on the cover projects, and not nearly enough on the original music endeavors. I am somewhat envious of the idealistic,-go straight to-the-top-attitude musicians you mentioned. Many times it is that very attitude, and complete ignorance to the impossible odds and general evil of the music business that allows the dreamer to realize his dreams. I am proud of my "cover" projects (mostly) and the musical integrity I feel I have more or less brought to them, but I hope I'm not remembered as being just a cover guy. My contributions in the studio have been few and far between but have resulted in my appearance on at least four national releases that I know of. One of my New Year resolutions will be to work on my songwritting with particular focus on what it is about me that is "my thing". With any luck (make that tons 'o luck and a lot of money), I'll be hawking wares on this page this time 2000.

OK: I forget who was interested, (sorry...A.D.D) but here, before I forget again is my brush with semi-greatness. A year and a half ago, we were scheduled to do what at the time was our second annual performance at the San Diego BeatleFair. A few weeks before hand we found out that Denny Lane was to be a guest speaker, and planned to perform acoustically. We immediately (Rockola that is) volunteered our services as back up band. We learned Go Now (his Moody Blues hit for those of you not in the know) Time To Hide (from "Wings at the Speed Of Sound) Deliver Your Children (from London Town) and Again & Again & Again (from Back to the Egg) {I think that's how this whole thing got started} Denny seemed sincerely touched that we had taken the time to learn the songs with an ear to detail, and was also happy to be doing "Again.." which was at our suggestion. The highlight for me, however, was being able to do Deliver Your Children with him. This has always been one of my fav's from the London Town album, and my favorite D.Laine composition bar none. Denny of course did the lead vocal, and I did the high McCartney harmony. About half way through the tune, I had this tremendously vivid flashback to the day I first heard the London Town album in my best friends basement in small town Ohio. So now here I was singing this song with the guy himself, and when the really high modulated bridge came in ( and we nailed it) Denny and I caught each others "wow-that-was-pretty-damn-good" glance and smiled like, ..............well, like the temporary bandmates i guess we were for one fleeting moment. It was serious lump in the throat time for me. I'm a sentimentalist, so sue me. Close second on the cool-o-meter (while I'm doing the glory days thing) was playing w/Drew Zing @ Le Bar Bat. The circumstances surrounding his sitting in (with Rockola) were somewhat hectic (whose guitar he preferred to play, how he wanted to be introduced..etc.) so it was about 30 seconds into the song that I realized that I was playing the guitar harmony theme of Bodhisatva with the same guy I had watched play it from my audience seats in Pitt. and L.A. With the casual cool of a seasoned professional I leaned in and said HEY, YOUR DREW ZING.
His smiley response: "I KNOW!


Name: Sociable Hermit
Giving Donny 51 Spankings

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 11:35:45

Hello All,

Josie: Thank you for your complimentary comments. Only, I'm a little bummed that you don't think I'm perfect. What did I do to lose that high distinction? Was it my feelings toward the Beatles? Since we all strive in one way or another to be perfect, let me no where I could improve. Should I shave more often? Is it my Spice Girls poster? I'll take it down. I promise.
I loved your brief profile. Would it help my cause if I noted that in my capacity as best man at a friends wedding, I was told that I made a perfect toast?

Whatever happened to Babylon Sister? Come back, you are missed.

Katie: Thank you also for your compliments in your post, too. It's nice to have like-minded friends in this cyber space arena. I often feel your smiles as I read your posts.

Capt. Ahab: Your comments regarding pirates/sailors earring placement were duly noted. Not to be critical, but, back then, which side you wore your wooden leg did define you sexually. Those with wooden left legs were heterosexual, those with right wooden legs were gay. If you had a hook, you were bisexual. If you had a hook and a wooden leg, (on which side at this point was not important), it meant that you had issues, and could not commit to a steady relationship. A patch over the left eye meant you were an adulterer. A patch over the right eye meant you were a virgin. Patches over both eyes meant you could not see. Eventually, this practice evolved into sunglasses. (All of this information was gleaned from the Nov. 1675 issue of Tiger Beat, in the article titled, "How Do You Know That Pirate Is Right For You?")

Love And Frozen Kisses To All,


Name: peg

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 08:41:46

Pete: Thanks - let's see, you've been able to get your hands on 3 songs in 6 months, so that would make it HOW long until we get the whole July 23rd show?

lovebob: Oops, sorry about that last note (redefine THE). That was me.

Name: Liar Joe

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 08:40:31

Steven V, If that wasen't Metheny at the Lone Star Roadhouse in January 1993, who in the hell were you talking to after the show? Maybe it was a Metheny look-a-like. LOL

Name: The JustKatyDanFan
heading north...

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 07:39:31

Jack o' Speed: Looks to me like you have the Groovessential facts.

BigFan: Yes, Massachussetts....closer and not as cold, but you're right, midweek is tough. I wish my job wouldn't interfere with my life so much!

Will have to talk to El Supremo about this, but yes, thinking it over....we'll keep you posted!

JustKaty :)

Name: Jack o'n 33&a third Speed
@just the facts

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 01:25:24

Hello you exciting people!!! How are you? The essential fact
is that, Today, is someones birthday! I guess that makes him
a Ten!!! I wonder if I could take you back, once more.
Wanna go for a ride?
The logo on the side of the craft read, S.S.Radeice Stylus.
The pilots names were Donsolo and well...Chewbecka. I know
I will catch some Heat for that, but what the heck. The
pilots were on a mission to save the world, but they had to
battle the evil empire that was taking over. So they jumped
in the craft, ready to battle. The craft was set up so that
their feet had to hang below the craft. They put their legs
in the suited material and slipped their feet into what looked
ice skates. Donsolo said to Chewee, Break out the pointy hats
and hooters! Chewbecka said, I wish it was the other way
around. So they took off. After awhile they saw something
straight ahead. They were flying right into a nova. They
paniced and said, NO, not the nova! Get us outta here! Too
late they were descending down upon it. They screamed in
agony. Then Don told Chewee, Quick, deploy the the skid
plate! Chewy tried to, but it was stuck. So they decided
that when they got close enough, they would turn their feet
sideways and maybe they could scratch the landing. It worked!
So they pulled back up and Donsolo said, Hey Chewee, I think
we can use our craft to destroy this nova. We will use the
Sun! So, he took the control handle and aimed it at the Sun.
The searing reflection was aimed at the nova. It started to
bend on all sides. Yeah, you did it! So mission accomplished.
They both looked at the Sun with their eyes as it was setting.
Donsolo said, Hey Chewee, pass me a tube of green flower.
Chewee says, as the hippies wood say GROOVEY. They were
having the time of their lives, when they came across the
most beautiful site they had ever seen. They both said, Let's
get into that groove. So they fell into the canyon and kicked
off their shoes. Chewbeckea saw these huge tumbleweed looking
things coming straight at them. The glass windshield was
getting covered with it. Donsolo looked around and spotted
the canister filled with the solution. He loaded it in the
missle tubes and fired it. The mist took care of the problem.
Now it was crisp and clear... arrivederci!!!

Name: Big Fan
Location: Anywhere, CT USA
Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 00:52:23

Hmmmm, Jan 20 - a Wednesday you say - could be a rough one on Thursday.

Just checked a map - about 150 miles from my house each way. Let's see, go past Greatwoods and continue east until you hit the ocean. We have been having the most terrible winter for driving conditions as I am sure anyone from Chicago across NY and into NE can attest to. As long as the weather holds out, I am in. Is anyone else seriously thinking about going to Sean O'Toole's in Plymouth, MA?

Should be off off season there for hotels.

Katy, I think MA is for Massachusets (sp?) not Maine which would be ME and would actually not be much farther, but definatly colder.

Name: Schwinn

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 00:37:01

Roy: Thank you so much for your mini-biography. I feel I know you even better than before! As soon as my acne clears up and I lose 116 pounds I'll reciprocate. Heck, I might even send St. Al a shot of the "new" me in a speedo and ask him to post it on the home page. Know any good liposuctionists in Brazil?

Clas: You are a brave man to attempt mastery of the "shaker". Many a poor soul has chosen an improper gourd, or worse yet, filled a proper gourd with an incorrect number of "shakettes" and ended up with a rain stick.

Edd: Thank you for explaining the midi sound-card. Now, how about telling us what's up with the midi-skirt?

Donald Fagen: Happy Birthday and thank you for, well, you know.

Preparing to Tithe,


Name: DrMu
closer inspection

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 22:47:14

Oops...It's a progression of 5 chords that begins with the word "first" and ends after "again" has been uttered.

Name: DrMu
Red Rose is the Secret Square

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 22:36:28

Pete: Nice horns indeed! The use of the guitar to play the chords after "...redefine the first arrangment again" remind me a little of the first chords of "Deacon Blues." Edd or LB: a structural analysis of this song?? - sounds real sneaky to me. Ole: Is this a professional "kept man" slinking from one amour to the next? Bet he has a pencil-thin mustache.

Name: TheKatyDanFan
all those who know Don and

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 20:24:26

Pete: Thanks for the info regarding Le Bar Bat. I didn't realize that you have actually had contact with Donald, even helping with a show! It's very exciting to have someone like you posting in here-----I'm still new enough that I didn't realize anyone in here has spoken to Don and/or Walt in person! (Though I do remember thinking you spoke of people like Drew Zingg and Catherine Russell with some familiarity!)

I hope that you, (and others if they are here) will share more of these personal experiences in the GB.

Original Lester: About playing Gaucho, not yet, but I'm working up to that. Will let you know and yes, I bet it is tricky.

El Supremo: Let's try to make it to Plymouth, Maine! And maybe we better invite Michael C. Packard up from Texas so he can go along! ILYM

Just Katy :)

"...Let's sleep in today...wake me up when the wolves come out to play..."

Name: Baby, Ruby
Location: fresburg,
Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 19:51:04

Miss Pam: Your comments brought back memories of the SD concert I was at - The Hollywood Bowl in 96. The crowd was rather wonderful. There were the guys dancing behind me. They were fun. They were actually dancing WITH me, but I didn't know it for a while...Then there was one particular time in the concession line, when I met a really nice guy. He's a studio musician in LA. We just clicked and he made a long wait seem pretty short. Thanks guy!

I just finished reading The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in The Universe, by Jane Wagner. It was amusing and sometimes profound. The layout is a lot like Pulp Fiction. Lilly Tomlin did the whole thing by herself on stage. I wish I'd seen that.

professorSteveVie: where do you get your "this date" facts? I love 'em!


Name: Willie Wonk

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 19:50:05

Hey Stevie V - Wow! How do we know when we can trust your information now? Do you guess at this "today in history" stuff, or are you just misinformed?

Name: Willie and the hand jive
take the edge off

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 19:33:50

Rose Darling: Maybe it`s time to take the edge off. Your posts have tension written all over them. Do What your namesake in the song does.BTW Steely Dan was the name of a dildo.

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 19:21:58

Hello Dansters!

Bob Tedde-Either you missed my post on Jan,7..or you didn't and think I'm a complete asshole...I hope I didn't offend your personal musical doctrine...just tell me to shut-up ..I can take it

Michael C. Packard- and anyone else who asks about the Now famous "AJA" belt buckle...a guy from Tampa screen name Danman1...sent me a bank check for $200. so it's on it's way to him now...thanks for the Interest


Name: D.
NY usa
Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 19:21:28

JC posted.
lisa: what is up?
tahia: still around?
Miss 'ya, Aja.
St Al, I think I may be a Zappa character, 'Ya lublu, te ochen.
74565 D.

Name: ChanMan
Location: Schultz Landing, NY U.S.A.
Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 19:16:19

Hello from the valley of flint and steel. The tracks bend past the cove, under the bridge, to the site called Rokeby. We learn that art is a lessen we have been shown to teach us how to mend the hoop thank you , Long Feather ie. Chan Man


Name: Pete

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 18:30:23

By the way, I forgot to say that the admission charge for the Dias show is only $3.

Steve V: I don't know if you realize this, but I was the booking agent at the Lonestar Roadhouse and worked with Libby Titus putting the NY Nights Shows together. As a matter of fact, for one show in particular, Libby asked me to get a well known name who I thought would work well with Donald. Pat Metheny immediately came to mind and I gave him a call. Fortunately enough, Pat was two blocks away at the Powerstation recording a new album....this was October of '91. He was very interested, but said he was too busy to take off work. I convinced him to come to one of the shows with me. He actually came to two of them, the first one he did not play, but mentioned to me that Drew Zingg was one of the best guitarists he had seen in years. At the second show in early November of '91, he declined to play because he didn't have his own guitar. However, during intermission, I brought Pat backstage and introduced him to Donald and Jimmy Vivino. They convinced him to use one of Jimmy's guitars and Donald wrote out a quick chart for Chain Lightning. Pat got up and jammed on Chain. When I called Pat the next day to see if he'd commit to a full show, he agreed. So, on December 2, 1991, Metheny and Fagen played a full show together. On the day of the show during the rehearsal, Pat had asked me if I could get him a copy of The Royal Scam so he could familiarize himself with Sign In Stranger, which along with Black Friday, ended up being the highlight of the night. What I remember most about putting together that show, was that we couldn't advertise Donald or Pat's names, so I got on the phone and called my Metal Leg subscribers. The reaction from the people when I told them that Fagen was playing with Metheny was unbelieveable. I think I got about 600 people to come in from an hour's worth of phone calls. That's this date in history....December 2, 1991.

Name: Mitch
99 summer tour ? Ask Denny

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 18:15:41

Has Denny D ever been asked to reunite on the road? What led to him leaving the band? He was gone by the 4th album wasn`t he. How about a good Bio, by one of the many historians that post here. I`LL have to pull out Reelin .

Name: Michael C. Packard, my "real" name and email address
Location: Cool and Starry Night In the Pineywoods Forest of Deep East Texas, USA
Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 18:09:01

Howdy, DanFanGangLand!!!

Wonderful New Year, 1999, so far. Before my diatribe, let me say I hope you are all enjoying it, and are in good health.

Yep, the "Can't Buy A Thrill", and "Countdown To Ecstasy" new 'remasters' are GREAT. Thanks, Roger Nichols and crew!!

My favorite movie to describe 'us' here in the GB would be, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", nuff said.

I thought, Clas, that some of "The Shining" might have been filmed at "The Broadmoor" Hotel, just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Another "DanMoment" at a Wal-Mart SuperCenter----background music was "Peg"----think Sam Walton (former Okie) might have liked Steely Dan, Schwinn??

David-In-The-Florida Room----about the "Aja" beltbuckle, are you willing to take my 'offer' for it?

About "Generation X'er's"---by-the-way, who in the Hell "coined" that description about your generation. I think you were well born BEFUCKINGFOR the "X-Files".

And, I work with about 350 of you "X'er's" and like most of them, many of whom are under my direct supervision. You bring a "breath-of-life" to life, youngun's, and since you are here and posting on the Steely Dan Guestbook, makes you all-the-more 'special' to all-of-us 'old fart baby boomers'----LOL!!!!

My people empower themselves at work, because I create the 'envirionment' for them to take care, and I stand behind their decisions, and 'fade-the-heat' if they make an incorrect one. But, I always concentrate on the 'mistake', and NOT the person making it. My people are GREAT, teach me so much about things every day, and I am their "mentor" for motivation, and attitude.
I am always comfortable whenever I am out of the office, as I know the business probably runs BETTER without me being there. So, you (Generation X'er's) are special, as my daughter is one of yours.

"JustKaty", or "KatyDanFan", will you let-me-know when your husband, "El Supremo" goes out of town again???

Saludos, with love and happiness for all DanFans!!!

; )

Name: Steve V
@ nit picking 101

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 17:51:25

Hey Pete_ that sounds like an incredible Dias gig....too bad I'm 3,000 friggin' miles away!!!....

re:Metheny gig w/Fagen- it was 1/9 and 1/10 1993 at the Lonestar Roadhouse....they did an 8 minute version of 'Black Friday'...but the gig was not publicized at all....I know it was '93 because 'Kamakiriad' came out soon after and 'Steely Dan' toured that summer....I was lucky enough to actually chat with Metheny after the gig..(Fagen snuck out and squirreled into a limo)....Will Lee was also there.....and Phoebe Snow etc......

Name: Pete

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 16:47:09

I spoke to Dinky Dawson yesterday, and he wanted me to pass on this message. Dinky's putting together a show to promote his book "Life On the Road" (Dinky was SD's original soundman in the 70's, he also worked with The Birds, Kinks, Fleetwood Mac, etc.) The show will feature original SD guitarist Denny Dias in a very rare live performance. He'll be performing SD songs with the house band, as well as some of his own material. Here's the set list for the SD/Dias portion of the show: Do It Again, Boston Rag, Reeling in the Years, Dr. Wu, Any World, Deacon Blues, FM, and Denny's solo tunes So Unreal, Angelique, and The Circles of L-5.

The show will be held at 9pm Wednesday, January 20th in Plymouth, MA at Sean O'Toole's (508) 746-3388. I'm gonna try to make it myself, a show like this doesn't happen too often.

Steve V: Metheny played two shows with Fagen, and they were both well before 1993.

I was finally able to get a copy of The Second Arrangement from The Steely Damned show at Le Bar Bat last year. You can hear it at
The demo versions of this song don't include horns. I believe Mike Keneally's responsible for the great arrangements on The Damned's version.

See ya in Plymouth

Name: oleander
darlin' if you only knew

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 16:43:31

People, please. This is SO basic. Fagen. Fagen. FAGEN.

Name: u

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 15:44:53

RoseDarling- u r so cool. i wish i was as cool as u

Name: MissPam
Someone really needs to look into getting that SpellCheck

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 14:20:31

1 Saw sites, ate cake, looked forward to concert.
2 Concert. (SIGH)
3 Slept late, ate breakfast, remembered concert.
Seriously, we went to the zoo (yes, the zoo. I don't hear any snickering, DO I?) and to the Underground. Both were great but the concert and the fact of having gone so far to be able to see it were the main things. I was turning 23 at the time and it was the most grown up gift I'd ever gotten. Nothing's topped it yet, but I'll get back to you in August if that changes!


Name: Rose Darling

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 14:08:19

"The sanctity of (this forum) is violated by shitheads. "
Well put, Hermit. I normally keep my composure
but even I get enflamed by " random (and especially repetitive) acts of arrogance. " Apologies to ALL who unwittingly suffered through my last tirade of a post. I'm not trying to make a career of being a bummer in cyberspace. Unless of course, you subscribe to Lester's opinion of me.

Be-Witching Queen: You just keep outdoing yerself.
Thanks again for the much needed levity !

911 Staff:
"The bruised egos we're treating are women, they seem to have a low tolerence when arguments break out." Yeah, whatever.
Obviously you weren't around when some male egos were severly bruised. Or maybe you are the bruised one(s) ?

JWMalibu and Miss Pam:
Welcome to the GB. Enjoyed your posts.

To Those getting the message about the imposter chat room:
You CAN still get into the chat room and remain... I have.
Are you having a problem getting INTO the chat room?

Name: Rose Darling
"sanity is not required here"

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 13:28:09

Great to see the dreaded moray eel slithering around these cyperparts again !

The answers to my trivial question are:
McCartney's best soundtrack song: Live And Let Die
McCartney's worst soundtrack song: Spies Like Us (ugh!)

Good guesses, fezo. Sorry, oleander.

Mayor Rudy:
I'm not a Gen- Xer but I have two loosely formed opinions:
That generation's legacy will be to (1) either sink hopelessly into apathy (and leave the next generation to literally be forced to overhaul our world,) but MORE LIKELY (2) I believe that Gen. X will be the ones to do it, out of necessity and with some insight.
P.S. 75% of the GENERAL PUBLIC probably has no clue where Vietnam is located. And Gen Xer's are more intelligent than you might attribute to them.

Regarding: "You guys r funny with your long boring lists of movies and age discrimination and beatles posts and the ones who want to speak their mind but r afraid to put their real names, did I leave anything out! Oh yeah the political views like u guys know what the hell your talking about!"
Are you sure you're not Kinky in disguise? If you really must undermine or ridicule or put down everything you read in here, you must be as immature as I thought. Being immature doesn't have to do with any specific number of age, it's obvious in your attitude. This is one theory you fail to get, over and over. You speak on a Beavis and Butthead level. Do you really find yourself that amusing? I suppose now you'll just call me a "heartless bastard" too right?
I have not claimed to be infinitely wiser than you at our five year age difference, you insinuate that in your typically insulting way of conversing. Because you can't relate to my point of view, you seek to undermine it (a typical male ploy by men who are clueless about women) by insinuating me as being oversensitive. I have a right to my opinions... not the least bit sorry if they don't jive with yours !!!!!!! And you're the biggest age-ist person here, being that you continually refer to others as old farts and old in thinking, so quit the PHONY victim act !!! BULL about the so-called "Gen X bashing" (feeling more victimized again?) Mayor Rudy posed a question which X'ers can either answer or get defensive about, their choice.
Say, being a perpetual victim helps you substitute for actually being able to discuss a topic sanely and intelligently with regard for others' opinions, doesn't it?
If you are so into "getting along, " why don't you try being humble now and then instead of arrogant? It's pretty hard to get along anywhere without that factor.

Question: Why don't you find another website one more interesting to you? Like "Whiners Are Us."
Answer: Because you've got nothing better to do, or say, than to harass.

Snake Mary: Excellent, compassionate post yesterday. But what else would I expect from someone who shares a song narrative with me.

Name: Original Lester
There is a God!!!!!

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 12:49:02

The Falcons and the officials did almost everything they could to give the game to the 69ers, but justice has now been served. We can all go on with our lives. Recently Steve Young commented that he hates instant replay. Today we found out why.

Anybody ever tried playing Gaucho (song) on guitar or piano? Very tricky.

Name: Willie and the hand jive
lyrical meaning to Rose Darling

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 12:40:43

Rose Darling: well Rose according to Oleander`s excellent Web site, some posts there believe the song is about Masturbation. Please keep posting, and whatever else your doing.

Name: Steve V. Dan
chillin' in California

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 11:55:37

Hey Donald......Happy Birthday!!!!!'s been a long way from Passaic 1948!!!!!!

This Date in Steely Dan History

1993-Donald Fagen jams with Pat Metheny at NYC Club....(way cool)
1983-'New Frontier' video debuts on HBO
1981-'Gaucho' hit #9 on US Charts
1978-'Peg' hits #8 on Cashbox singles chart
1977-'Hatian Divorce' goes Top 40 in France (go figure), #17 in UK...
1974-Steely Dan cancels first UK tour (due to energy crisis- remember waiting in line for 2 hours for gas????? wasn't too bad if you had your quad 8-track of 'Countdown To Ecstasy' playing----and remember it was an impeachment year;"Honk if you want impeachment"
1973-'Do It Again' edited version breaks US Top 40-Steely Dan appears on American Bandstand and 'Midnite Special''s debut program...hosted by Wolfman Jack..."Here's a bunch of crazy cats from LA......Stevie Dan!"

Ciao-kids.......Y2k-or not 2K that is the question.......

Name: Mitch
Welcome Pam

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 11:33:32

I have to agree with you on the type of crowd at a SD Concert. A very diversified crowd age and look wise, and quite friendly, just like the G.B. What else did you do in Atlanta?

Name: MissPam
...and another thing

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 10:01:26

I suppose I should have mentioned my favorite movie, huh?
It's WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (Bette Davis simply IS.)

Name: MissPam
do I really have to put my e-mail on here?

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 09:55:04

I've just spent the last several days reading the old entries as far back as they go (who's going to pay for my new eyeglasses?)
It just didn't seem right to jump into an ongoing conversation without first getting some idea what it was about...
I still don't know.
One recurring theme seems to be the ways in which you (we, now, I guess) are similar based on the fact that we all love the music of the same band...
Which movies do most of you(us) like? etc.

The only other thing I can add is this...
The best birthday present I ever got was in 1994--an entire weekend in Atlanta, GA highlighted by a Steely Dan concert.
(It was pure heaven.)
The point (if I have one) is that it is the only time I've ever been to a concert where I wasn't afraid to go to the bathroom by myself for fear of getting mugged.
Everyone was genuinely glad to be there and seemed to be glad everyone else was there too.
That's why I am posting this. I'm sure everyone is glad to be here, and you seem to welcome people to join.
I'm not at all afraid of getting mugged!
Bye Ya'll!!!

Oh my God! There's no SPELLCHECK?!?!?!

Name: Captain Ahab

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 01:21:40

Actually, Herm, a man's earring placement wasn't always an indicator of his sexual preference. Back in my day an earring in a man's right ear indicated he had survived a shipwreck--one in which the vessel had not been recovered. It was a symbol of a sailor's courage, bravery and...luck.

A wooden leg, on the other hand, be it the right or left one, usually indicated a man obsessed with dangerous sea creatures.

Usually but not Always,


Name: Bob Tedde

Date: Saturday, January 9, 1999 at 00:30:14

HEY EVERYONE: guess who called me this morning? Donald Fagen! No foolin'. Here's a transcript of the message he left on my answering machine:

"Hi. Euh, this is euh Donald Fagen and I just wanna say that, uuuuuuuuuuh... I wanna speak the truf with you man....euuuuh and I think uuuh Bruce Hornsbey's the bessst. ...aand saludes from Brooklyn. bye."

Thanks for the message Don. You really oughta see someone about that bad case of Swedish accent you seem to have come down with before symptom #2 takes a hold. (namely excessive posting)


Name: TheKatyDanFan
Regarding your name, Stranger...

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 22:35:52

The Stranger: I should tell you I've been totally falling in love with that song in the last few days....and what a great name for this GB, too. But I had scrolled back a bit and also had to finish your song there.....

" .... come on ba-a-by, don't say ma-ay-be..." the Eagles are another favorite group of mine, too!

El Supremo: yep, I hear you singing....."Rose Darling, come to me....".....I'm coming right now!!

JK :)

Name: TheKatyDanFan
one more for the Dangerman!

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 22:15:26

Dangerman: JSYP....which is short for....Just Saw Your Post!
Yep, great chatting with you, too, and with Pam, I wonder when she's going to jump into the GB!! I think we prepared her very well, don't you? Hmmm....February, and I was counting on that, I thought you had the voice of authority, there! Well, see what you can do about it, now that you sorta promised me, k,----- call Don and Walt or something!!

JK :)

Name: TheKatyDanFan
"....on the other side of no tomorrow..."

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 22:04:53

Clas: You mentioned St. Al (yes, you have been posting a lot lately, Clas!) I met St. Al in the chat room the other night, and I was very honored. He said he doesn't get to read this GB much anymore, and I wondered if that means we have to step up the entertainment factor once notch? He does seem very busy, though! You seem very happy over there in Sweden, these days, Clas.

Regarding the CHAT ROOM: St. Al explained that he has reconfigured something in the chat area and it is not a bogus room, it is the correct room. He's going to check out what happened in the process of the change he made.

Herm: I'm with you, friend! Seems there is someone who can't tolerate you speaking out on behalf of another, and now not even on your own behalf! I will never forget how you waxed so eloquently a few weeks ago on my account. Let me say how much I appreciated that. This makes me continue to wonder about those "one time only" posters. Hmmm...

Very fascinating to me how those posts showing up under "no name" seem designed to manipulate the rest of us. Imho, if a person can't come in and post under his own personality consistently, as the rest of us do, his post should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. I find myself generally ignoring the content of these posts, simply because there's no identity attached to them.

All of us regulars, I would say, post with the understanding that yes, we have the ability to withstand attack, ridicule or annoyance. It's all part of life! We can deal with it!

I've been here a while now, and I thoroughly enjoy all the different personalities in here and how they come together over a love of the same music. Someone said that apart from our love for the Dan, we no doubt represent a cross section of the population in every other way, age, tastes in movies, etc., and I believe that's right on the money. So I guess this is as good a place as any to respect individuality, period!

I did stop counting at a certain number of what I thought were many misunderstandings, mostly in the last day! Semantics on here are nothing short of incredible and at times add to some misery! At the same time, however, they serve as the oil that keeps this GB well lubricated and flowing in ever so many directions. I'm not sure there is a place on the net that has all the qualities I find here-----wit and intelligence, insight and irony, frankness, honesty, compassion, caring, boldness and offensiveness, but always and above all, stimulating and entertaining conversation! I suppose if I had to pick one word, it might be that we are a passionate group, but then, who could love the Dan and not be that!!

Let's just continue to second that emotion!

JosieDanFan: Glad to see you adding your two cents regarding Herm. Sis, you are turning out just great! (Proud big sis, here) Guess what, I lost all your pictures so can you send me another one? I'll send you mine, also! I'll email you! And send me more information on that Crash song? I want to be sure I'm not missing anything, lol.

JWMalibu: Oh boy are you gonna be glad you stumbled into here, definitely! Welcome!!

LTNF!!!!!!! Lester, you are a perfect example of someone who gets easily misunderstood. I'm a babyboomer, and I know you would never call me a know it all or anything like that, so I didn't take offense at what you said, though I could have. I could tell you were actually trying to calm things down yet somehow you managed to stir things up! Oh my. But I mostly wondered when I saw you, what happened with your car? Any progress? Will you make it to the Danfest after all?

El Supremo: (Warning. Hide Eyes if you can't stand affection.) Just wanted to tell you, made the night a wonderful thing! I could go on and on, but.... let me just ask....will you please sing Rose Darling to me tonight? That song has got such great words and the sweetest guitar solo. Thanks, I would love that! ILYM. :)

Just Katy
" walked in, and my life began again..."

Name: Dangerman
staying on the perimeter

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 21:51:39

Hey friends,

Rose: Did I miss the answer? I just scanned thru the posts (didn't read, just scanned) and I agree with the contention someone had that many of us are busy with our own thoughts and not too much with others. I agree, but, then again, it's interesting stuff. What is the soundtrack? or soundtracks?

JustKaty,MissPam: Nice talking to you in the chat. What do you get when you cross a wrongly-addressed letter with a wrong number phone call? Chat. Sort of.

I noticed someone, or maybe several someone's, mentioning that Danald Fagan's birthday is coming up and I'm thinking: Those guys need to get it in gear and stir up some of that old creativity and put out some more music! Time is marching by, dudes!

PS JustKaty: I was just kidding about February. I wouldn't possibly have a clue. But it sounded like a good idea.

St.Al: You look like the man with the answers. Why is the chatroom giving me "Wrong webpage...possible imposter room" messages? where is that picture of the trees, anyway? Pretty neat. I mean, where are the trees in the picture?


Name: naked luncher

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 20:46:42

Just want to know when I can expect the new album.

Name: JDF
one more thing

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 20:37:16

Has anyone figured out what's up witht he chat yet? Please let me know. Thanks


Name: JosieDanFan
give me that funked up reggae, I'll love ya twice

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 20:27:54

Hello fellow Dan fans!!
Geez!! Ya miss one day and you have to read a novel to get caught up, it's okay though. I so enjoy reading the posters posts'.

Age: 20
Height: 5',7.5"
Weight: HA!!
Occupation: manual laborer i.e. overnight stock for a very lagre superstore who has very messy customers!!
Dislikes: mean people, burnt toast, bad lovers, sampling of Steely Dan songs (just doesn't seem right)
Likes: nice people, perfect toast, greatlovers, good original soul sturring music.
Favorite color: blue
anything else you want to know, ask or e-mail me ( picture available upon request if anyone is interested )

Nathan: I to have a way with parents, and I also sometimes would rather talk to them than there children.

Mayor Rudy: that's a question I will have to answer in 10 years when I can look back with some perspective. Right now I'm just trying to make it through it with out being sampled, overplayed, crappy, or out of control.

Foxinsocks: I have *Before These Crowded Streets* thinking for some wierd reason that it had *Crash* on it..but I was pleasantly surprised. *Crash* is one of my favorite songs, it's the most beautiful song I've ever heard about sex.

David in the FL Room: Har Har!! Don't worry I think it's a given that I will stay away from car washes for awhile.

Lester the Nightfly: You're too much. Did you really think that saying all that stuff wasn't gonna make you look like an asshole? Or did you just not care? You can be so sweet, yet such a prick sometimes..

Herm: Way to go man, I agree that if any of us had the post that the colonel directed to you, directed at us, we would have reacted the same way. He's just jealous that he isn't as well spoken and charming as you. I think you're wonderful. Not perfect mind you, but wonderful.

Well that's it..I can't type anymore.


Name: Springer Guest
From my roach-infested trailer

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 20:04:32

Fuck all you bitches. I fucked a baby boomer and a gen x'er at the same time last night, and I fucked yer mama. You know why? 'Cause the bitch called me wantin' some. Now I'm gonna propose to her, but first I'm gonna tell her that I'm a satanic white supremist hermaphrodite night club dancer who on occasion swaps with other satanic white supremist night club dancer couples. And if she don't accept my proposal, I'm gonna hit her with a chair. Now go get me a beer, bitches.

Name: Original Lester
I'm afraid I've been misunderstood

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 19:48:51

squonkbob: The 49er reference was for everyone, not targeted at you. The "who's laughing now?" tirade was a quote from Evil Dead 2, whose praises you had been singing in a prior posting. Remember when the guy was chainsawing his possessed hand off? (subsequently the chainsaw actually replaced his dismembered hand). I'm a NY Giants fan, myself. I like the Bolts in the AFC.

To any fan who has not checked out the Metal Leg back issues on the SD Internet Resource, it is a must.

One interesting article is a collection of bits from reviews of Katy Lied, which were mostly disparaging. Seems they weren't ready for that yet. Particularly of interest is the fact that the Rolling Stone review panned the album, but then Katy was named to the Rolling Stone Top 100 Rock Albums 1967-86, which was issued in the summer of 1987. I believe it was #92, and the little section devoted to Katy didn't really have much to say that we don't already know. Maybe I don't either.

I truly believe that the Falcons are going to kick the fucking hell out of the 49ers. Mark my word.

Goldberg will get his title back.

Name: D
Location: Mexico City, +-.*
Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 19:46:52

* San Diego, 2000 ? Leave a ticket at gate: 74565. I got the plate, and after, will post back on the pole near 'Sands.' 74565.

Name: RubyBaby
leave your h@t on

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 18:36:32

A certain Nordic Dan Fan called me today (you da MAN!) and played some chords of a steely dan song on his guitar, then asked me to guess which song. He did a fine job - No, he did a damn fine job and I blew it! I almost said Any Major Dude, but I knew that wasn't right. (It was Pearl of the Quarter, btw). This alarmed me very much. So I got disk 2 from the boxed set and took it with me in the car. It's been a few months since I've played any Steely Dan. This is because I need to space my SD splurges. I need variety. But what's variety without some "home songs" to turn back to? Well, I just got a new stereo in my car and this was the 1st SD I've played on it. It fucking rocked! (it was like headphones on my other equiptment). I re-discovered the magnificence of Steely Dan, Donald Fagan's expressive voice, sublime musicianship & lyrics and the FUN of it!

Clas: Voulez, voulez, voulez vous?

I for one enjoyed the Herm's profile. Next best thing to a photo shot. No, actually better.

Sociable Hermit: Why lose weight when you're just right as is? I always say, "If it's not broke, don't fix it." I like a little meat on the bones.

moray eel: I love 9 1/2 weeks. I wouldn't mind owning it. There's not another movie like it.
I love City Lights, too.


Name: JWMalibu
Location: Malibu, CA USA
Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 17:08:13

What an excellent site.....I should have perused the links on the SD homepage a long time ago! Quite lively banter going on over this board; glad to see so many x-er's tapping into the genius of the Dan - you guys are in the right place!

I've been a Danophile since '73, when the guitarist in a top 40 band I was playing in decided we would cover "Reeling..." I was a music comp. major down at Chapman U. in Orange, Ca. (woodwinds/reeds/keyboards), thoroughly caught up in the progressive rock era of the time (bowing down to the brilliance of Zappa, Rundgren, Emerson, etc.) and having been weaned on the musical magic of the Fab Four! I sat down to listen to "Can't Buy A Thrill", ostensibly to figure out the changes.....and that album didn't leave my turntable for the next two months, much to the chagrin of my Chris Squire-like prog-rock bassist roommate (he eventually saw the light as well)!

Twenty six years later, the percussion intro to "Do it Again" still gives me the goosebumps! It all remains SO fresh - spent last Saturday cranking "Gold" on my walkman while laying down fast snowboard carves up at Mountain High - life doesn't get much better than that! Of course, 'da boys have inspired me to be a "studio mole" (an avocation - I crunch numbers for a living these days). If I'm not out catching waves/carving snow/grinding coping (and not too shabbily for a guy pushin' 44), I'm in my studio ATTEMPTING to create Dan-esque music with my "Becker" in crime. Between the two of us (and a lots of help from late 20th century music technology....what a great time to be a musician!), we bow to the SD Gods with our musical tributes!

Anyway, time to "drive west on Sunset to the beach" from the office in Hollyweird! See ya ;)


Name: Sociable Hermit
Snowbound and Confused

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 16:24:20

Perhaps it is the snow, the mid winter blues, just a bad day, I don't know what. I've been feeling lethargic all day today. Not physically. More motivationally. I usually don't lash out so quickly, but when I look at my screen first thing in the morning and see that someone is calling me fatter, shorter, gay, and a liar, I guess it got the better of me.

Lazy-assed marsupial...? Sorry, but, your point is...what? I'm not in the mood right now to pick apart possible metaphors. If you have something to say, please aver in plain English.

Happy Birthday Elvis. Tonight on AMC, I believe, (maybe TCM), they are showing three of his movies in celebration of this anniversary. Still waiting for a rerun of that classic cop drama of the 70's, starring Fagan and Becker as plainclothes detectives in New York. My favorite character, other than them two, was the fun-loving, and relatively innocent pimp, Midnight Cruiser.
Call your local cable or sattelite comapny and ask for it, "Steely And Dan".

The Hermit Has Left The Cave,

Name: Guestbook 911 Team
phone ringing off the hook

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 15:41:34

Well it looks like the Holiday Spirit is over. We are getting calls like Chicago is getting snow. It is hard too tell if the increase in disputes are directly attributed to the winter blas. A lot of the bruised egos were treating are women, they seem to have a low tolerence when arguments break out.BTW our staff will be on call for the weekend,as bad weather is expected for portions of G.B.LAND and many posters will be home .

Name: the Lazy-assed marsupial
back in the Sociable Hermit's cave

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 15:33:53

Hermy, please come on home. We miss you back in the cave -- your fraternizing with other humans like this, it just doesn't seem right.

Shirley just mopes about on the exercise wheel you made for her last fall, she won't eat because you've gone off and wandered into god-knows-where...

...and you've left your silver flame-retardant suit behind, I hope you didn't need that! Thank god I was watching you boot up this computer so I had a chance to contact you.

Come on home, please, all of us need your support before the thaw. And for god's sakes please don't bring one of these nice guestbook people back with you this time....

love, Raoul

Name: TheStranger
saw a girl my lord in a flatbed ford slowin down to take a look at me

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 14:54:15

man is a savage. everyone knows that in an argument there is always the threat of savagery, as in, you talk about my mama, i kick your ass. the threat of physical violence actually can serve to tone down arguments. i noticed in the army, when we were all packing, everyone was more polite to each other. not that i'm an nra type guy. i'm not. just pointing out that there is no ultimate savagery on this board. so skinny little nerds can walk as tall as the ass-kicking-est barfighter. thus they get nasty. i have learned -- or at least tried to learn -- from the gentler sex on this board to be more tolerant of insults that fly around here in this limitless arena. so my advice to you was to try to take it easy, to not get angry. it's advice i try to take myself on this board and in my non-cyberspace life.

Name: Witch Queen
of New Orleans

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 12:42:45

Letters to Bill Clinton:

Dear Bill:
OK, so I'll never be president, but at least Donna Rice was a babe!
Gary Hart

My Dear Chap:
This is a bit of a sticky wicket, but if I were you, I should ask that charming Jay Leno fellow to see you through. Pop onto his show, admit that you made an ass of yourself and all will be forgiven.
Hugh Grant

They entrapped me, they framed me, they caught me in a motel with drugs and a prostitute, but I bounced back and so can you! Bitches done set us up!
Mayor Marion Berry

Dear Bill:
Look at the bright side. At least you weren't caught wearing Monica's thong underwear. By the way, did you catch my sports show? I'm back on TV for the fall.
Marv Albert

Dear Mr. President:
You may have noticed that I'm not jumping on the impeachment bandwagon (note: this was written a week ago). Let me assure you, you're not the only one in Congress who thinks oral sex isn't really sex.
Warm personal regards,

Dear Bill:
Hang in there, pal! By the way, Kathie Lee sends Hillary her regards and invites her to come on her show anytime.
Frank Gifford

Dear Mr. President:
Now I'm on the Supreme Court. I'm here for life! And there's nothing anyone can do about it! So there!
Justice Clarence (Long Dong) Thomas

Dear Former Worthy Opponent:
Whoo, Boy! All I can say is, Bob Dole would never have gotten himself into this mess. Not Bob Dole! Not before Viagra, anyway!
Bob Dole

Dear Mr. President:
I think it's terrible what they are doing to you, and I want you to know that if you need to get away from it all, you're welcome to bring Buddy and stay with me on my Wonderland Ranch for as long as you want. I'll move the Cub Scout Pack to a tent on the lawn and you can have their room.
Michael Jackson

Dear Fellow Sinner:
Jesus forgives you and so do I.
Rev. Jimmy Swaggart

Dear Bill:
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
Jim Baker
P.S. Jessica sends regards and wants to get together with you sometime.

Dear Bill:
Next time (if there is a next time), don't let them get you on tape. Big mistake!!
With sympathy,
Rob Lowe

Dear Bill:
If I survived wanting to be a tampon, you can survive the cigar bit. Things were grim for a while, but now it looks like I might actually manage to marry my darling Camilla, and someday I'll be King! Funny how life turns out. So keep a stiff upper lip! (And relax everything else, haha! And they say I don't have a sense of humor)
HRH Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales

Dear Mr. President:
We invite you to be the cover subject of our next issue.
The editors, Cigar Aficionado magazine

Name: Socaible Hermit
The Comments Of The Hermit Do Not Neccessarily Reflect Those Of The Management Of This Station

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 12:02:17

Stranger: Not sure what you mean. Are you suggesting that I should ignore fatuous and meanspirited comments by cowardly pinheads? I'm not that type of person. Never have been. I stand up for what I believe in, whether I stated it, or someone else. The fact that I confront these annoyances to show them that they won't be tolerated should also prove that I am indeed, "tough enough", to handle it. I am not stooping down to their level, but instead, straightening up and telling them to fuck off. I do not think that random acts of arrogance should be left unanswered. It only gives the instigator a stronger sense of power.
And as far as being light, (I think that's what you wrote), I can blow it off or play along with them if the sentiments behind the thoughts aren't malicious. But, as far as this Colonel Crispy goes, he pretty much called me a lair, all while hiding behind the veil of a bogus name. That's bullshit and you know it. And just about anyone else in here would have responded in a simlar fashion if faced with the same situation.
I hope this doesn't seem like I'm being quarrelsome with you, Stranger, because I'm really not trying to. This is just such a wonderful forum to speak to other like-minded people, that I get extremely pissed when the sanctity of it is violated by shitheads.

Now, on with the Dan.


Name: Mayor Rudy
Debate is healthy

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 11:17:53

I`m very pleased to see debate on the G.B.,It is very stimulating. One does not need to be pitted against another,to exchange opinions. If anyone is offended, too bad, deal with it.

Name: TheStranger
there go my plans to start a new pro basketball league

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 11:14:29

how do you prove your sanity by sending a photo? just curious. besides, a random perusal of this gb makes it clear that sanity is not required here.

7th seal: von sydow and his sidekick shared a meal of strawberries and cream with the husband and wife performers next to their wagon. that was the first happy meal. the rest is ronald macdonald history.

various people around here have tried to share pieces of their life history and inner feelings. the guestbook prick minority has always savaged them. you either have to be tough enough to take it or just keep it light.

Name: Snake Mary
just slithering through

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 09:18:06

You may have just been kidding, but it seems you have offended a lot of people here. Making a bold statement and then saying I’m kidding afterwards is like killing someone and then saying I’m sorry. It’s too late, the damage is done, "use tact, poise and reason". This is not only true for the guestbook, it also pertains to real life, Remember, some of the "oldtimers" were here a lot longer than before you came along. Not to say that you’re not welcomed here, you definitely are, but please tread lightly when it comes to insulting those older than you because believe it or not, we’ve already been there and yes we do know more in some instances because we’ve experienced more. I’m not saying that we’re smarter than your generation, we could stand to learn some new things and we all need to learn from one another.

The only thing I liked about Elvis was the way he made his lip curl, and Lisa Marie has the same pout.

Mayor Rudy:
Maybe had you worded your comment a little differently, you would have been received differently. Every generation changes society in some way or another. Every generation leaves a legacy of some sort. This goes well beyond the 60’s. In today’s world, I still don’t see racial fairness, we still have wars going on, the sexual revolution has resulted in the spread of HIV. The Gen X’ers don’t have a legacy yet because they ‘re still living it. A legacy is something that’s handed down from one who has gone before or from the past. From my point of view, I see them as well adjusted individuals who are going to back to basics, are serious about changing what previous generations have fucked up. They believe in love, marriage and religion. Most of all they believe in peace. As someone posted here, they believe in silent revolution. Sometimes one who yells and speaks to loudly get ignored or is thought of as an annoyance. I am very proud to know that these are the people who will take care of me in my retirement years.

Name: Sociable Hermit
And Another Thing!

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 08:30:52

Just to clarify: Earrings worn in the left ear meant that you were "straight"; right ear earrings meant you were "gay".
How you became a colonel, I'll never know.


Name: gene
Location: fort collins, co
Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 07:34:34

looking for: GOOD live bootlegs (steelydan) of outstanding quality, next tour, new york rock&soul revue info. any dan freaks in fort collins?

Name: Wet Side Story

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 07:14:55

This is a true story from the WordPerfect helpline. Needless to say the helpdesk employee was fired; however, he/she is suing the WordPerfect organization for "Unfair Dismissal".

Actual dialogue of a former WordPerfect Customer Support employee:

"Ridge Hall, computer assistant; may I help you?"
"Yes, well, I'm having trouble with WordPerfect."
"What sort of trouble?"
"Well, I was just typing along, and all of a sudden the wordswent
"Went away?"
"They disappeared."
"Hmm. So what does your screen look like now?"
"It's blank; it won't accept anything when I type."
"Are you still in WordPerfect, or did you get out?"
"How do I tell?"
"Can you see the C: prompt on the screen?"
"What's a sea-prompt?"
"Never mind. Can you move the cursor around on the screen?"
"There isn't any cursor: I told you, it won't accept anything I type."
"Does your monitor have a power indicator?"
"What's a monitor?"
"It's the thing with the screen on it that looks like a TV. Does it have a little light that tells you when it's on?"
"I don't know."
"Well, then look on the back of the monitor and find where the power cord goes into it. Can you see that?"
"Yes, I think so."
"Great. Follow the cord to the plug, and tell me if it's plugged into the wall."
".......Yes, it is."
"When you were behind the monitor, did you notice that there were two cables plugged into the back of it, not just one?"
"Well, there are. I need you to look back there again and find the other cable."
"....... Okay, here it is."
"Follow it for me, and tell me if it's plugged securely into the back of your computer."
"I can't reach."
"Uh huh. Well, can you see if it is?"
"Even if you maybe put your knee on something and lean way over?
"Oh, it's not because I don't have the right angle - it's because it's dark."
"Yes -the office light is off, and the only light I have is coming in from the window."
"Well, turn on the office light then."
"I can't."
"No? Why not?"
"Because there's a power cut."
"A power... A power cut? Aha, Okay, we've got it licked now. Do you still have the boxes and manuals and packing stuff your computer came in?"
"Well, yes, I keep them in the closet."
"Good. Go get them, and unplug your system and pack it up just like it was when you got it. Then take it back to the store you bought it from."
"Really? Is it that bad?"
"Yes, I'm afraid it is."
"Well, all right then, I suppose. What do I tell them?"
"Tell them you're too fucking stupid to own a computer."

Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 06:19:11

lisa: Nice to hear from you again. You were kidding about "Silence of the Lambs" being on your good movie list, weren't you? I can't always tell when you're putting us on.

Having read all these favorite movie lists, I've been unable to infer any trend of Danophile cinematic interests; there's probably the same dispersion of tastes among us for any other art form besides music. I did notice a preponderance of Monty Python lovers, but that's probably related to their tendency to sneer and smirk at society in such a Dan-like manner.

Best movie for Becker and Fagen to do a soundtrack for: Talk Radio.

My favorite non-fiction movies: Crum, The Last Waltz, Hoop Dreams, Don't Look Back (Dylan)

Please see "Resurrection" (1980) with Ellen Burstyn. It took me weeks to restore my emotional concrete after seeing that one.


Name: Sociable Hermit

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 06:11:18

Colonel Clinkey: Go fuck yourself. I came forward and devulged some truths, which is more than you have the courage to do. "Colonel Clinkey"? Since we never heard of that sobriquet before, it just proves how much of a coward you are. I said I am 6ft tall, and I am. I said I am over 200 pounds, and I am that, too. But let's not be a prick, huh colonel? With an attitude like that, you'll never make general.

Lester: What's you're problem? Nobody attacked you or your generation. And nobody pontificated about how they are supposedly wiser than you, or claimed to always be right. Whatever sore you got in this room, my advice is to quit picking the scab and let it heal. We're sick of seeing all the oozing puss.

(Early in the morning, fresh snow, bad mood)

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 05:14:47

And Pompe! I could send you a photo of Pompe too!

And the Swedish king!

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 05:12:46

StAl - do you think I post too much? If you give me your homeaddress I could write you a personal letter and explain things. I could add a photo of me too, so you see that I ain crazy?

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 05:00:08

Eviva - I did not take any offense! What are you talking about?


The Shaker

After weeks of listening to Bruce Hornsbys "Spirit Trail" I decided I wanted a Shaker for christmas gift. So, my son gave one to me and I started practicing down at the Country House.

Thru "Spirit Trail" there's a lot of "ShakerShakings", if you read the liner notes (very small fonts, Bruce, I really wish you would have let a pro make the cover, it's a lousy work) you'll see that Bobby Hornsby is the "ShakerMaker". There's a pic on him too, in shorts, barefootin and a hat. Very handsome.

What amazes me is that this Bobby Hornsby is so TIGHT. No sequencers, no loops, he just plays the Shaker with such steady hand and heart and mind that one stumbles.

Tomorrow I will give you a first lesson in "Shaking the Shaker". How to relax, how to hold it and so on.

(for those of you who don't have a Shaker, empty a coconut and fill it with pees, you have palmtrees over there?)

Name: Bob tedde
Location: NOT FRISCO, CA
Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 04:16:01

Original Lester: WHAT on Earth did, I say or do to imply that I might be a fan of the 49rs???? My fav's (in order are the Jets (yay!) the Browns (if they ever resurface), San Diego, (cuz I live here.) and Pittsburgh (just cuz') Course, if I lived in Denver, Dallas or SF, I'd still HATE those teams. Lost a bundle when SD got creamed by the Niners. Thanks Atlanta!

Orleander: 2nd A. shouldn't be a bonus cut as we did a real respectable version of it at LBB. The horns were very much on it! The vocals may have been a bit shakey, or was that last month?

GKR: Liked "Hudsucker" better times 2 thru 5. Fargo is having the same effect on me. Liked it better the 2nd time around. Here's a bit of weirdness: one of the female vocalists in The Steely Damned is the daughter of Harv Presnel (kidnapped woman's father that gets shot on the roof of the parking garage) Does that make me 2 or 3 degrees from a Cohen Bro.?


Name: EvivaLaughs

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 03:48:39

Rose: no we aren't ignoring you--I just don't know..>!

Name: EvivaLaughs
preparations, preparations....yikes
Location: can i play hooky today?,
Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 03:46:30

Lester the "Let's Not Fight"-fly: Thanks dude! Good words--

JustKaty: ditto to you!

Mayor Rudy: Yep, you sure DID get some of our "Gen-X" Irish up in here...Please stop trying to pit one generation against another...!

I WASN'T criticizing every baby boomer, nor even any in on this GB (except you, Mayor, who bashed us first--j/k :) )! Seriously, I'm sorry if anyone took personal offense--apparently Clas

Sociable Herm: ah, the storyteller is back. Terrific post about your growing up--and the Mamet one was a scream:

True Story about David Mamet (from the New Yorker):
He was on the phone at home with his agent while helping his little girl get a Popsicle out of the freezer. He said "F*ck" and his little girl laughed and said, "Daddy, don't use that word!" And he said "That word put that f*cking popsicle in your mouth!"

man do i NOT wanna go to work today...

Name: Edd

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 03:34:21

General MIDI is a sort of "overlay" to the MIDI spec. It's designed as a way to make sure a file created on on GM synth sounds resonably close on any other GM synth.

Amongst other things, it defines 128 sounds and assigns them to 128 program change numbers in an attempt to make sure, for example, that a program change intended to call up a grand piano patch actually gets a grand piano and not a trumpet. It does not guarantee the grand piano will sound good, (that's a function of the programming and synth architecture) only that it will be whatever the manufacturer of the target module calls a grand piano.

Most GM sequences I've seen require lots of tweaking to run on my non-GM rig. The octaves are usually off, the program changes need to be fixed or stripped out, PB and MW assignments need to be fixed, etc.

Use of GM seems targeted to the sound card crowd. I don't personally have much use for it.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 02:25:47

The synth in question is a Roland XP 50.

And now I'm gonna tell a funny story. It's about Coleman Hawkins and his little cookie.

The story goes under the name "The Cookie and the Hawk".

Coleman had under a lo

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, January 8, 1999 at 01:54:54

Ole: he's a upright bassplayer. Sounds like a lemon, I think he should be hanged in Steely Dan's lemon tree. The reason I asked was; you're into jazz and I thought that maybe you've heard about him. He plays with Steve Gadd on that instructionvideo I've been babbling about for weeks now.

And you - that shaker is a real shaker, no joke. I never thought playing a shaker could be that difficult.

Rose Darling; you must learn this; if you ask a question here, you have to ask it again and again. Everybody's so selfish, they just wanne talk about their own stuff, nobody's fucking listening!

Eviva; no, you don wanne know.

Monkey Woman! Hi! You have a beautiful name! You're parents must have been very happy when th... ah, forget it. Thanks for the address, that was very kind of you!

Edd! My dearest of friends! I have a question, seriously. What the hell is General Midi? If I load down a midifile from the net, it aint working on my synth, it gives an errormessage.

Howdy, Happy New Year!

Name: Schwinn

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 23:30:46


It'll make my January if you and your big daddy go see Prince of Egypt and tell us what you think right here on the trusty 'ol GB.


Only 2 days till Donald's 51st and have any of you bothered to send the big guy a pez dispenser, flavor crystal or an orginal ode? I think not! Kinky, this is your cue...

Trick Candles,


Name: Colonel Clinky

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 23:18:07

Herm--So you're 5'11", 238 lbs with a ponytail and three (3) earrings in your left (the gay side) ear. Any distinguishing moles or tattoos you'd like to share with the group so we can spot you at the next Danfest without mistaking you for Kid Charlemagne?

Name: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Location: Gainesville, fl GO GATORS!!!!
Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 22:57:51

You guys r funny with your long boring lists of movies and age discrimination and beatles posts and the ones who want to speak their mind but r afraid to put their real names, did I leave anything out! Oh yeah the political views like u guys know what the hell your talking about! Can anybody in here name more than 5 congressmen besides Rudy(Mr. 60's) love ya bud!

My fellow x-er's listen up, dont piss off the baby boomers in here! They r much wiser than us, oh and they r always right (no matter what) even if they r only 5 years older, lol!!!!!!!
I'm just kidding of course! To all the newbies I have to put that after every post because its so easy to offend in here!
You can piss someone off more in here than if u said it right to their face!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS! Even though he was the most over rated musician in rock and roll history!

Cant we all just get along! I have an idea instead of all this generation bashing and even though there is an obvious age gap in here, there is one thing that brings us all here so we have something in common right! Anyway maybe we could come up with a catchey name for all of us to break up the age gap! You know instead of saying boomers or x-ers maybe we can call ourselves:

Daneration X
Becker Boomers



Name: The KatyDanFan
"...those days are gone forever, over a long time ago, oh yeah..."

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 22:26:26

JustCurious - Oleander made a very good point! :) But I will tell the "younger generation of posters" a little bit more about me. (And Oleander, I don't know what we'll do when the New One comes out, we better get some rest while we can!)

I was a teen a long time ago, but I still remember the evening before my 20th birthday and how sad I was that I would never be a teen again. Outside of that excruciating pain of losing my cherished boyfriend to another girl in 8th grade, I enjoyed my teen years. I went to a relatively small high school where we had pretty much all grown up together. Yes, at times we were sick of each other, but the older we got, the more close knit we became, somehow. I was in a sport at all times, sang in choral groups and played in the band, acted as "whatever" in all the musicals ( once a nun in the Sound of Music). I do appreciate and respect teens, they certainly have their work cut out for them--- I have two of them and they keep me young. I love to get in on at least one dance when my teens have parties for friends, their friends love it but they get so embarrassed, and I find that very comical. I am one of five children, and our parents allowed us the luxury of finding our own way in the world without trying to control us or our decisions, and I believe because of that we have been able to have them as the best of friends during our adult years. I hope to give my children that same gift.

Sociable Hermit: Enjoyed your post immensely. Reminded me of a quote, "It takes a lot of courage to grow up and be who you really are."

RoyScam and GKJohn -- both of you had me laughing. Liked that peek into your yearbook, Roy and GK, wondering if you're given to wearing glasses and changing in phone booths, etc? You could always rescue Madeline now and then if she does the Washington thing. And Janet might enjoy that, too!

David - awww you are too sweet! I enjoyed chatting with you, too, and of course told El Supremo all about us visiting you and your wife sometime, and hearing your band! That would be awesome!

Clas: You are baaaad, lol.

WitchQueen: I have a copy of that list in my office, lol....kinda sick but had me rofl the first time I saw it.

Schwinn: Wondered about that Prince of Egypt ---- we'll have to break down and go see that, then!

EvivaLaughs and Foxinsocks: You go girls!!

El Supremo: Welcome home, husband!!! Hmmm.....I think we're going to get behind in our posts on here now...please excuse us while we take a break!! ILYM****


"...make tonight a wonderful thing..."

Name: Nathan
Location: Tallyville, Flugh Usargh
Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 22:25:37

Foxinsox- Vikings are da bomb. And no, I don't speak about the
football team... pro football teams can lick my horned helmet.
Mayor Ruby (or whatever)- Where your generation gloried in
throwing "Peace, Love, and Drugs" rallies while chained to the
bumper of a bulldozer, being belligerant and loud, our
generation hes learned to be a little more subtle in our
protests. We realize that a clear mind is rather important
to a well conceived argument, and the louder and more annoying
we are, the less support we get. A revolution of leaders is
slowly occuring, and when you are retiring, we will be
changing the face of this earth in ways no one can imagine.
Granted, I despise the "Truth" advertising campaigns, and
while I am more republican than democrat, I feel their hearts
are in the right place. They're just being backed by a bunch
of baby boomers who do what they did way back when.

And of course, I will be the first to admit many of my statements
are incorrect, and that my generation has too many fools in it.
But What I say is true. We will have a quiet revolution of
thought, and how we think, rather than just how we act.

And what's a post on a Steely Dan board, without a Steely Dan Fan
One of my favorite songs, next to Aja, is the one about the poor
guy who sold his ring for some food.

Name: foxinsocks
i know you're sick of seeing my name

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 22:20:20

Sorry, I forgot

Mayor Rudy ~ A very good friend of my family recently adopted a little girl from Vietnam. My advice to you is, drop it.

Name: Monkey Woman
keenovay they aks for you

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 22:16:22

Clas: Audobon Zoo

Name: foxinsocks
dammit, i hit enter

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 22:13:56

Roy.Scam ~ LOL Your post sounds like something i always wanted to do in High School but never had the nerve to do.

David in the Florida Room ~ As much as I would like to see that 8x10, I'm fairly certain I would mess in my britches. I lobbied to name my younger brother "Todd" before he was born, but that didnt' work. I personally like the name Kasim, but having been the victim of many kids' evil plot to make fun of unusual names as a kid, I just KNOW they'd call him "Or-Kasim", and then I'd have to kill a couple of kids.

Rose ~ Thanks so much for the welcome. :-)

Mayor Rudy ~ Hopefully, my legacy will be a well-brought up young man who appreciates good music. I'm too damn busy to argue with you.

To all the rest of you, I Hope you have a restful weekend. Me, I'm headed to the beach for the first time in 4 years. I'll see you guys Monday, unless a big shark eats me. :-)

May you get an extra lemon in your Sweet tea~
fox =^..^=

Name: Original Lester

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 22:11:06


Uh huh, that's right....who's laughing now?...

Name: foxinsocks
picking up Barney Balloons after a wild celebration with thirteen 2-3 year olds

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 21:48:55

I guess I need to start by apologizing for getting my Irish up in such a tizzy. However, I don't want to apologize for what i said. It's the way I said it I feel bad about.

Eviva ~ It's been heaven and hell trying to raise that kid. He's the light of my life, and every little thing he does just makes me glow with pride. In a way, he's knocked me and his mother out of a lot of opportunities, she more than me. But just hearing him say my name and having him blow me a kiss when I leave the house is worth more than a million dollars to me. It's also wonderful to know there are other virgins out there...I was starting to wonder.....

BobTedde ~ I'm gonna have to go rent Head now, if I can find it.
When I was a little girl, I LOVED the Monkees, especially Peter Tork. It's been a while....I've now got a hankering to see and old Monkees episode. :-)

Name: Mayor Rudy
comments from Xers

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 21:41:15

I must have hit a nerve with SOME of the Generation Xers, for the snipping that came back. I will ask it again. What will be the legacy of this generation? 75% of X`ers have no clue where Vietnam is on the map, thats pathetic.

Name: moray eel
The Windy (and Snowy) City - no X-mas lights

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 21:39:23

The exterior shots of the hotel in The Shining are actually of the Timberline Lodge in Oregon.

The interior shots are all sets that were built in England.

For you Kubrick fans, there is a movie called The Making of The Shining that is available from Video Search of Miami ( It was shot by Vivian Kubrick (Stanley's daughter). The quality is only fair (PAL to NTSC transferred), but it is interesting to see Kubrick at work the behind camera.

Also on the tape is The Making of Naked Lunch containing interviews with Burroughs, Cronenberg and others.

Some of my favorite films:

1. The Player
2. Dr. Strangelove
3. One Flew O'er the Cuckoo's Nest
4. Blade Runner
5. The Beast (straight to video w/ Jason Patric)
6. A Clockwork Orange
7. Psycho (Hitchcock's)
8. The World According to Garp
9. Citizen Kane
10. Apocalypse Now
11. Bright Lights, Big City
12. Monika (Bergman film)
13. City Lights
14. Naked Lunch
15. 9 1/2 Weeks
16. The Killing

Eyes Wide Shut in July.


Name: Roy.Scam
correction and retraction

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 20:01:06

The present day PACHUCO will never die (But its spelling may change.)

Name: Roy.Scam'

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 19:55:41

I was hesitant to do this, but since everyone else is sharing personal details, here's mine:
Boy, 14
Freshman, George Mason Junior Senior High School
Favorite Subjects: Shop, Detention
Activities: JV Mumblypeg, Little Richard Lyric Society, Behind the Bleachers Club
Marital Status: Will marry Tuesday Weld and Jayne Mansfield some day
Civic organizations: Mad Magazine Subscriber
Favorite sport: Yell "Bite One" at a carful of greasers and run
Car: Ford Victoria with moon discs (some day)
Political affiliation: Washington Senators Fan Club
Religious affiliation: Christian something, my parents know all the names and rules and stuff.
Motto: By 76 we'll be A.O.K!
Corrolary to Motto: The present day pachoco will never die.


Name: oleander

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 19:31:29

Just Curious--Please note that everyone who has leapt into the fray is under 40. Don't get your hopes up about the rest of us.

Rose--Best: "Century's End," "Bright Lights, Big City"; "FM," "FM." I don't know about worst.

Herm--That was funny about Mamet. But he can be subtle, too, as in his scripting of Ricky Jay's sublime show, "Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants."

Bobster--Hmmm. I'm intrigued by this Dr. Laura thing. And I'd LOVE to hear you play in any old incarnation. I'll e. Say, can you make that 2A arrangement (2A squared?) a bonus track on the LBB CD?

Clas--No. Fill me in.

Edd--Forgot--another Xmas ref--"Your boy's home for Christmas/ It was a hell of a ride."

GKR--I've been waiting for you to show up again, man! E me--I've got something for you!

Stranger--Weren't those wild strawberries in "Wild Strawberries"? Or have my Bergman memories congealed into one big surreal, intense, opaque lump?

Coen (thanx GKR). Onomatopoeia. Raimi. And Fagen.

Name: fezo

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 17:55:52


i remember your question but it left me stumped. Do you mean McCartney? Best: "Help" and "Hard Days Night" Worst: "Yellow Submarine" and "Give My Regards To Broad Street". Though the solo guitar on "Broad Street" by Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame salvages that last one from the dust bin in my humble opinion

Name: Good King Richard

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 17:31:28

Hi. Been lurking or away for some time now. Hope you all had a good seasonal break shovelling snow while some of us listen to the air con gurgle as it tops 100F. Just popped back as I noticed it's Donald's birthday on Sunday and figured some might need reminding if you're going to catch the post with cards, cakes, etc... what to buy, what to buy?

Also noticed some of the film talk of late Rose D (are you the same Rose?), foxinsox, Bob, Josie, etc, as I finally got around to seeing the Hudsucker Proxy last night. Not the Coen brothers' best, but they're the greatest apart from the twisted genius of Billy Wilder ('Some Like it Hot' too passe for you lot?). They turn out so much class, definitely the filmic equivalent of Don and Walt (Dias or Katz as Sam Riami?) - As well as Fargo, I'd have to mention Blood Simple, the bowling one, whose name completely escapes me (finally a Jeff Bridges film I like), Raising Arizona and the best of the lot: Miller's Crossing.

I reckon they have to be fans of SD - anyone know?

Anyway... Happy Impeachment, Happy Birthday Donald


Name: Sociable Hermit
One More Thing

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 16:10:02

Now that I've been thinking about it, a Mamet/Andrew Lloyd Webber collaberation would be interesting.

(Evita stands on the wire catwalk outside the bathroom window of her beaten apartment building. The crowd that has gathered on the street begins to grumble and sob. Evita seems agitated.)

EVITA:(singing) "Don't fucking cry for me, Argentina!"

PEOPLE:(singing) "We ain't fuckin' cryin' for you, you narcissistic bitch! We're fuckin' cold, and we ain't got no shoes!"

Coming soon from the same producers:

Pussy! (Cats!)
The Hump Of Notre Dame
Sunset Strip Club

Just a thought.

Name: Rose Darling
@eternally free, yes, and eternally young

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 15:43:30

(1) Did anyone read my trivial question already posted yesterday? (2) Does anyone have a clue as to the answers? OR (3) Are you all collectively ignoring me ? OR (4) Should I phone the Psychiatric Hotline? (actually, that's a given...)

Not to be left out, I must remember to give you a "hearty guestbook welcome." Now put on your hard hat.
P.S. your name is a Dr. Seuss thang??? And I agree, I love the Sound of Music and Steel Magnolias too. I couldn't stomach My Best Friend's Wedding (sorry, Hermit.) A storyline straight from the daily soap operas with about as much sense.

Hermit: Thought provoking post on the Beatles/Stones and I echo some of your sentiments about the overkill of their music and the "obvious cash grabs." You gave it a good college try to explain "our" generation. What friggin' letter do WE get anyway? Generation IB (In Between) ?

lisa: My thumbs up too for Room With A View.

bob tedde:
Thanks for admitting it publicly, as I was trying to avoid flames myself for my secret love of Willie Wonka. Gene Wilder's never done anything better, except Blazing Saddles and the film where he plays a rabbi (name?)

Zeke: Have you met this Witch Queen of New Orleans? She's a very witty little number...

David in the FA room: You da man !

GK John: Creepshow was cool ! Did you see the sequel?

Name: EvivaLaughs

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 15:13:31

Clas: who's that?
Do I want to know :) ?

Name: TheStranger
L.A. is doing fine without the NFL. Join us.

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 14:12:27

Sweet Lisa,
Thanks for jarring my addled brain. Actually, it's just overloaded with pin numbers -- yes, Seventh Seal. Von Sydow. Bergman. Do you remember the beautiful woman in the circus wagon? The knight's sidekick? The strawberries and cream? What a movie.

I enjoyed reading your life story highlights. I wonder how you would tell your story a year from now or a year ago. What would you focus on then?

Name: Sociable Hermit

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 13:29:32


There, got your attention.

In my previous post, it should read that I majored in "theater AND writing", NOT "theater writing". I am neither Mamet nor Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Thank you,

Name: Sociable Hermit

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 13:24:19

Okay, what the hell. Since other people have given up some answers, then why shouldn't I?
I'm 35. Six foot tall, and over 200 pounds, (hoping soon to come right into the range of 190 - 200), and long brown hair which is usually tied back in a pony tail. I wear glasses and three earrings in my left ear (a long time ago, which side guys wore their earrings on actually meant something.)
I grew up in a time when most everyone my age drank, ingested and smoked many drugs, and had sex as often as you could. I lost my virginity at 15. Due to a car accident that caused me to miss most of my junior year; I dropped out of high school. Thanks to a thoughtful girlfriend; I took and passed the GED, and subsequently went to college where I majored in writing theater. While I put myself through college, (my father refused to help pay for tution because he felt that I was throwing my life away if I continued to pursue theatere and writing as a carrer), I worked many jobs, lived in many apartments, wrote and performed in many comedy reviews, and became an obsessive egomaniac. It's only been in the last 10 years that I've begun to find out who I really am, what I can really do, and focus on the future. Hopefully I'm not too late to begin.
As far as how I, or any of my peers, defined our generation, it's difficult to say. I was a DJ and a bouncer at a couple of singles bars from 83 - 85, and I saw little other than sad little yuppies trying to get women by showing off their suits, jewelry, and wads of cash and coke. And I saw equally sad women trying to look their best just so they could attract these same men. I was part depressing, frustrating, and agrrevating. None of the people I called friends were like this, however. They were all too busy with trying to look their best for casting directors and agents. It's sad how little contact I have with those people that I went to school with. I would say that my generation, The tail end of the Boomers, and the pre-X'ers, were confused about either who we were, or how to become what we wanted. There was a schitzophrenic malaise flowing through our souls. We could care very much, then care very little - about ourselves and others. Maybe it's just because of my career choices and the people that populated my world, but I knew very few people that lived, or much less thought, of the future. But, because I lived through it, and now that I'm older, I feel so much more wiser and insightful as a consequence. I try to be more focused, thoughtful, tolerant, etc., than I was, because I'm aware of what I was. If that makes any sense.
I am really happy where I am right now in my life, but every once in a while, I get a little whistful about sitting by the railroad tracks with my friends, and all our girlfriends, drinking cheap beer, smoking ice cube bongs, and listening to music through the open trunk of my buddy's car. There will always be a great deal of romance and charm attatched to those carefree days. Very few responsiblities other than just having fun. I know that that must seem ignorant and selfish to some, especially you foxinsox, but you can't change history, and that's mine. What we can change is the present and the future by using history as a guide and a catalyst.
Again, I've gone on far too much.


(6 ft, ponytailed) Herm

Name: GK John
One More Thing

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 10:53:56

Oh! BTW, I forgot Rosemary's Baby, Jaws (Is that horror?)and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (I don't care if it's not horror). It's a shame most of the others depend on hack-em-up, blood & gore scenes to sell. The horror is usually the fact that they produced film! Steven King's "true" horror writing, some of which are decent, usually are turned into some kind of loosely-based horror parodies. Give me Koontz, Poe and Lovecraft any time!

Name: GK John
The Daily Pl@net
Location: Metropolis,
Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 10:26:23

Hey Folks,
Just gotta throw my nickle's worth today...

Fred- Madeline Albright in the White House? I don't think I could ever watch a single press conference! Ugh! And the thought of her roaming the halls of hallowed government acting like the sexual predator people in Washington think they are, is just too revolting for words! I used to think Janet Reno with her clothes off would be a fright! But Madeline? Aaaugh! (tongue firmly in cheek)

Speaking of fright...
LBob- I purposely left the horror genre off my list because IMHO I haven't seen anything worthy of note outside the true B/W classics of Price, Chaney, Karloff etc. Notable exceptions: Black Christmas (Margo Kidder's first movie) Fright Night, Tales from the Crypt (70's version), Creepshow (a lot of fun!) Mars Attacks (does that count?)The Birds, Psycho, The Exorcist and The Omen (first one only)
If I missed anything, my apologies, I guess I wasn't impressed enough to recall it at this moment.

Just Curious- Would it surprise you to know that I'm a strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, disguised as a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper?


Name: BarneyRumble

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 10:07:57

She looks like Dr. Ruth.

Hold that pose.

Name: GK John
The Daily Pl@net
Location: Metropolis,
Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 10:03:27

Hey Folks,

Name: LT

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 09:30:16

Mayor Rudy, What defines a hick from PA posting as the mayor of New York city?

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 07:56:50

Hi Everyone;

Foxinsox- Because your a newbie you didn't see my post during one of the Todd posting periods about the autographed 8x10 of Utopia on my studio wall. POV is one of my Favs too.
My cat's name is Kasim and my Boat's name is Utopia...welcome Foxinsox!

RoseDarling and JustKaty- Imagine my Good fortune to chat with you both on Monday and Tuesday,respectively...Thank you!

JosieDanFan-(one of my Favorite People) Stay Warm Girlie! and no more Car washes till spring!...LOL

Bob Tedde- you Musical Prostitute you! Rockola and The Steely Damned!..LOL I'm very Proud of you..a true working musician after my own Heart.There's only 2 kinds of music ...Good music and Bad music.
I recall meeting a really hot guitarist ( He played in a YES tribute band) years back and after asking him If he did any original stuff he said "I'm not gonna write till we're as good as Yes! " And another guy who was also a great player who worked at a covenience store who said " I only play original I've never actually played a gig"
I always wonder about musicians who think in terms of "I'll go directly to the Civic Center from the Garage" We both know that getting out there and doin' the thang is where it's at.Keep playing,Keep stretching..and most of all,for me anyway,I'd rather
play covers and groove than pump gas and wish i was a star.
Keep Kicking Bob and say hello to Dr. Laura for me.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 07:42:32

Hmmm... what the hell was it I was going to say?

I got all confused here - "having a good wife isn't the same as having a good time". That's not bad put.

Eviva - are you in some way related to Elvira Madigan?

Yes! Now I know -

Ole - have you heard about a fellow called Eddie Gomez?

Rubybeibi - I also wanne get lost in HORNSBY's "Preacher in the ring". The preacher is handling rattlesnakes!

Name: Witch Queen
Of New Orleans

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 07:20:02

Hello, Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline

If you are obsessive-compulsive
Please press 1 repeatedly

If you are co-dependent
please ask someone to press 2

If you have multiple personalities
please press 3, 4, 5, and 6

If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little
voice will tell you which number to press

If you are manic-depressive
It doesn’t matter which number you press
No one will answer

If you are paranoid
we know who you are and what you want
Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.

Name: 60's College Student

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 05:19:11

Mayor Rude: We got laid. We got stoned. We got angry. Which part of that are you bragging about?


Name: EvivaLaughs
I hate it when my posts do that!

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 03:29:04


Name: EvivaLaughs
talking bout my generation

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 03:28:11

Wow, movie central!
Who started this--Dr Mu?
OK, don't have time to narrow this down to ten, so here's a sampling of most movies (I think) that I've watched more than five times, they're so good:
the others in no particular order:
The Shawshank Redemption
The Fugitive
The Usual Suspects (Kevin Spacey ROCKS)
The Color Purple
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
The Conversation (GO Original Lester!!)
The Princess Bride
Shanghai Triad (Chinese movie)
Toto the Hero (French)
The Mission
Hamlet (Zeffirelli version)
She's Having a Baby
Henry V (Branagh version)
The Remains of the Day
Much Ado About Nothing
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Schindler's List
Great recent ones:
L.A. Confidential
Prince of Egypt
The Spanish Prisoner
I just noticed quite a lot of these have surprises at the end. I do love a good surprise!

Speaking of surprises:
Movie I most recommend you are most likely not to have seen:
Foxinsocks:YOU GO GIRL! props to you for taking care of that baby and for keeping your VWA status :) !! I too am a VWA (tho recently engaged) Don;t worry about Mayor Rudy--he's a BP (bogus poster) who likes to come out when there's a political topic to be discussed.
Mayor: wow did you bring up a bomb of a topic.
as foxinsocks just demonstrated with her life situation, IMO our generation's main defining function is dealing [or trying to deal] with the massive wreckage wrought by the free-for-all known as the quote "sexual revolution" of the previous generation--massive divorce rate (many of us are the teen-or-younger children of divorce, though I was lucky thank GOD), abortion, faithless men leaving women to raise children alone, faithless women leaving men to raise children alone, broken hearts all around. free love--HA! "it's cheap but it's not free..."
Some of us deal with this by trying it out, thinking it will make us "grown up" or "happy", some like foxinsocks seem to be making up for others' mistakes, some of us are trying to make up for our own past mistakes, some are trying to come past the wreckage and make a decent life for ourselves.
WOW did I go on!
Guess I'll have to borrow that thermasuit Dr. Mu--'s just too painful to see friend after friend after friend dealing with a situation which stems from the SAME STUPID PROBLEM. Having a good life is not the same as having a good time. And those who make a good time the end of life, IMO, end up having a life that sucks anyway.
Well you asked, Mayor. Gotta go--see ya...

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 02:48:54

Rubybaby - the thing is, when englishnamed movies comes to this country, they are often given names in swedish (thank god they're not overdubbing the voices with swedish actors) (like Italy). So I must say I don'r reko any of the films you mentioned.

And yesss... we're going to the movies in New Orleans. There's also a great terrarium where they have pools with sharks and other fishes, it's like a jungle, birds and monkeys. When I was there they had a small shark one could touch. They call him David Geffen. (NOT!)

Zeke - what's the name of that "zoo"? It's near the Quarter, almost on the river.

Lisa! Where did you learn swedish?

Carl - spring? Happy man, in Stockholm it's raining/snowing rats and hogs.

Name: Schwinn

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 01:28:21

Rose Darling: I heard about a remake of The Shining but in all due respect to Kubrick's version I ignored it.

Yes, Kubrick is a God. Stephen King is a hack whose first directoral debut, Maximum Overdrive, resulted in one death and two injuries. How do I know this? Because I keep tabs on dangerous people who make millions pandering to the lowest common denominator. He should feel honored that a director of Kubrick's stature would find anything in his work compelling enough to sign his name to. It will never happen again.

BTW, if you have not yet seen The Prince of Egypt, I highly recommend it. (The hieroglyphics coming to life in Moses' dream is worth the cost of admission.) Plus, it's Kosher!

Bill Bixby's Uncle,


bob tedde

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 01:26:16

Movies: All this movie talk is making me pine for the days when I had time to watch 'em. Here are two more I can't believe I didn't list.

1. Four Friends: Incredibly unpredictable plot. The pace (or should I say paces) of this movie, defy description. Can't remember any of the star's names. Main guy was also the main guy in Body Double (another great flick!)

2. The Silent Partner: Eliote Gould and Christopher Plummer. (you will never be able to watch the Sound Of Music the same way again)

3./4.Blood Simple and Fargo: The Cohen Bros. RULE!

Speaking of quirky (in a good way) how about....

1. The Seven Faces Of Dr. Lao: Tony Randall and Barbara Eden in a truely original film by animator and special effects pioneer George Pal.

2. Head:The Monkees incredibe send up of themselves. Hard to get all of what's going on if you don't know much about the Monkees story. The script was co-written by The Monkees and Jack Nicholson during a weekend of severe mind alteration in Mexico. My favorite scene features Frank Zappa and a cow telling Davy Jones, that his singing is "pretty white" following Jones' big broadway show tune-like song and dance number. It really is worth it to read up on the pre fab four and then watch the film. The opening scene features a symblolic mock group suicide as the whole band jumps off a bridge.

3. The Evil Dead pt.2 and it's sequel Army Of Darkness: Director Sam Rami creates his own genre of film: the tongue in cheek "Horror Farce". A lot of people didn't get the joke and just wrote them off as really bad horror flicks. Just as many folks didn't get the joke and worshiped it as really "cool" horror flicks. It takes BAD to the level of art form.

4. The 5000 Fingers of Dr.T: Flawed but sometimes brillient(esque). Dr.Seuess's only foray into the world of film. I still have nightmares of the rollerskating bros./henchmen who share a common beard. Yikes!

5. Willy Wonka: Possibly Gene Wilder's best role. "The snodberries taste like snodberries!"

OK enuf, The Denny Lane thing'll have to wait. Sorry RD.

Oh But, Second Arr. Fans.....THE STEELY DAMNED will be performing at The Catamaran (in San Diego) on Jan. 16th with Rockola. Show starts at 9pm. TSD takes the stage around 10:30. Yes we will be doing The Second Arr. (Write BIG Peg) and yes we will have a finished horn arrangement for it.(P. remind me to call Trip) (more info? The Rockola Hotline @ (619) 558-1966)


Name: Funkey One
Lookin' so bad

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 00:11:21

O Lester- Steve Garvey screwed around to much on his wife.I know alot of players screw around on their wives, but Steve was an all-star, he was high profile and playing in Los Angeles.Garvey got caught.The media jumped on it.I'm afraid it tarnished his hall of fame status. Hey,like life, baseball isn't fair, just ask Pete Rose.

Clas- The rumor is that Will Lee might be playing percussion on the new Steely Dan record. Maybe Don & Walt don't like his bass playing either.

Name: foxinsocks
omnomotopea every time i see ya

Date: Thursday, January 7, 1999 at 00:06:16

Just Curious ~ I'm game
I'm 18, I work as a clerk in two different bookstores in the evening and wait tables during the day. I'm 5'9" with brown hair and eyes, and an unusually large heart.

GK John ~ Todd did some awesome stuff on his own, as a matter of fact, everything Todd has touched has been awesome, but I really believe he did some of his best work during the time he was with Utopia. I think that those guys really all influenced each other heavily, and the results were a few stunningly wonderful albums. POV still ranks high on my Top Ten Albums Of All Time List. :-)

Sociable Hermit ~ You hit the nail right on the head about that movie. It was a beautifully acted, well crafted film, but the subject matter was SOOO close to me I freaked when I saw it. MY best friend is a guy, and I have NO CLUE what I would do if he were to decide to get married. But I did cry for hours after it went off, and have since refused to watch's just to close to me.

JDF ~ Just about every time I come here, I feel a little more welcome. Thanks for helping that. Also, what Dave Matthews Album do you have? (just out of curiosity) Just in case you're interested, Dave Matthews has a live acoustic album coming out by himself this Jan 19th.....if you like live acoustic promises to be good.

Mayor Rudy ~ I dare not speak for the rest of my generation, but I can sure as hell speak for myself. I work three, count them, THREE jobs. On top of that, I have a two-year-old godson (whose father abandoned him) to help raise. As you can see, I have my hands full. I barely have time to watch the damn news, much less protest anything. Just because this generation is not a blunt about smoking weed and screwing all the time as your generation was, does NOT mean it's not happening. Personally, I'm still a virgin, and don't smoke anything but cigarettes. But between three jobs, a two-year-old, and the fact that my body requires a certain amount of sleep, I don't HAVE TIME to define my generation. If that makes me less of a person in your eyes, so be it. You should be thrilled that there are still people my age who listen to and appreciate good music. If you meant to insult my generation, you did a hell of a job pissing me off. Come down off your damned high horse, and walk a mile in my moccasins. It ain't as easy as it looks.

Nathan ~ So, what do you think of Vikings?

May the Bird of Paradise rest on your windowsill ~
fox =^..^=

Name: Fred

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 22:22:27

Your Honor,
I'm 38 and even now, I can't really say what defined THAT generation. I grew up in the age of nik nik shirts and rush and van halen. small town kid. vietnam was only tv images. watergate made me cry. edward tuttle and marcel duchamp were (still are, really) the art of choice. i read a lot of stephen king. portnoy's complaint slid in there somehwere and so did a confederacy of dunces. rikki don't lose that number was just a catchy melody. The only thing I knew for sure was that I knew nothing. "hippies" were intriguing and I liked b-sides. The question of what defined my generation never entered my mind. I too, am sincerely curious. good question.

now, why won't anyone respond to the madeline albright question i posed earlier?

Name: Mayor Rudy
Ask Generation X

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 21:38:34

I see that there are some Generation X ers posting here,and I have a question for them. In the 60`s college students were a major part of the changing social climate. They were active in anti-war protests, racial fairness, sexual revolution,etc. What defines your generation?

Name: Nathan
Location: Tallahassee, Fla USA
Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 21:04:40

You know Oleander, for some reason I get along with parents
remarkably well. Sometimes even better than with their own
children. But hey, I can handle it... I get a great source
of cool music... if nothing else...:-)
But since yall are gonna start asking about vital stats, here
are mine:
Age: 20 (21 in May)
Occupation: Student in MIS (Management of Informational Systems)
School: Florida State
Anything else, you can email me and ask...:-)
Later yall,

Name: Just Curious
Even More Curious

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 19:49:21

JDF's comment about younger fans brings up an interesting idea.
Since we are all into lists here lately, why don't we start 'fessin up and telling some more about ourselves? Create a picture for the reader, so to speak. Let's start with ages, occupations, and maybe where we live. If anyone wants to give descriptions, all the more better.

Name: JosieDanFan
here come those Santa Ana winds again...
state of disillusion
Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 18:48:26

hello Dan fans,

foxinsocks: between you me, Lester, Bodacious, and Kid there is quite a standing of younger Dan Fans. I'm assuming we are all in our early to late 20's ( Kid..your 19 right?). And they say none of us have taste!!
I also LOVE Dave Matthews Band. I only have one album but I love it!!

Original Lester: I'd say I agree with about 98% of your list of sucky movies

Fezo: Sgt. Pepper did indeed blow big hairy nasty smelly chunks. I was dissapointed to say the least..but what did I expect from the Bee Gees?

Herm: Being that it's you, I accept your distaste for the Beatles, I personally HATE the Rolling Stones. Everyone's intitled to there opinion, even if it's a diss about the Beatles. The reason I like the Beatles as much as I do goes much deeper than their ability to write a catchy tune. I'm not gonna go into it though. I admit I'm dissapointed, but I'll survive. After all, you DO like Steely Dan.

Bodacious: Listen to GK John..11TOW is great, but Kamakiriad is wonderful!!!!

Well that's all for now, My song just came on and I must get up and shake my money maker!!


Name: oleander
slowly I turned...

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 18:45:51

I hate to bring this up, but can anybody imagine what this place will look like when the New One comes out, is fabulous, goes platinum, and gets The Dan on the cover of the Rolling Stone? What will we do? Quit our jobs, leave our families, and go online 24/7 to stay caught up for goshsakes?

Stranger--There was also a very funny short parody of "The Seventh Seal" called "The Dove." Did you ever see it? PS, beware of Carolina vixens bearing lavish compliments.

Mu--To quote Ol' Les, "LA Confidential" was fucking great, and the Oscars were a bullshit ripoff. "Being There" was filmed in my hometown, BTW, as was Patch Adams, in part.

Edd--You have inspired me to put up another lyric interpretation page--for Rosie Vela, called "feverkeenovay." May I submit my analyses to you to check the lyrics' accuracy?

Ol' Les--I have the same recording of 2nd Arr. as Dr. Mu. I'll bet that if it were polished like the usual Dan diamond it would sound great on Gaucho--a little more of that disco sensibility. I think it's about a shark of a guy who hasn't got a single scruple when it comes to relationships--a real user, who always works it so he has a backup when a relationship goes sour.

Nathan--You give hope to all us parents.

Rose--I'm not one of the oldest of old timers by far, but I think not.

Kid C II (or III, I can't remember which)--watch your mail.

Stevev--If Fagen=Mamet, Becker=Ricky Jay.

Name: Rose Darling
@out of time to read these movie-ing posts !

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 15:24:21

Trivial Question:
Can anyone guess who I think composed the best and also the worst two soundtrack theme songs ever? Could you guess at the songs? (Hint: A composer brought up recently in discussion here.)

Raising Arizona is one of my favorite comedies, not mentioned on my list. Seems it is the prototype Dan fan film as it makes many fav film lists here.

Was there a Rose Darling before me, old timer?

Original Lester:
The Jerome Aniton stories were quite funny, I agree.

Since you mentioned this movie, I'm commenting that I must be the only person on the planet who thought Gone With The Wind was a really stupid movie. But then again, Star Wars put me to sleep so it's obvious the mainstream appeals elude me at times. Big is my favorite Tom Hanks film.

Snake Mary: Thelma and Louise kicked ass ! (Susan Sarandon is excellent any old time...)

Fargo was IMHO a nasty, nasty piece of work. Not that Steve Buscemi isn't a great actor, though.

Your opinion of The Shining remake, then?

Bob T:
Waiting on your Back to the Egg/Denny Laine stories...

Most Unwatchable Movies I can remember: The Rose, Das Boot
More yadda yadda yadda another day...

Name: Peter North
Would Monica Lewinsky ever be my co-star?

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 15:21:09

My top ten:

1. Only the Best of Breasts
2. Girls Who Crave Cock
3. Girls Who Crave 3 or More Cocks
4. All Female Extravaganza #4
5. Peter North's Best Cumshots
6. Behind the Green Door
7. Behind the Brown Door
8. Outtakes from the Devil in Miss Jones Part 6
9. World's Biggest Gangbang
10. Debbie Does Dallas Part 20

Among my least favorites are:

All Female Extravaganza #3
Girls who Crave 2 Cocks
Debbie Does Dallas Part 12
Back Road to Paradise

Name: Original Lester
But Bio Dome Really Sucked

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 15:03:27

fezo: Right on with the Sgt Pepper movie. George Burns, Steve Martin singing? There should be a remake starring Hanson or the Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, with cameo appearances by Jerry Seinfeld, Milton Berle, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bring back variety shows.

roger: we won't go onto bumper stickers because there are still morons buying that "Impeach Clinton and Her Husband Too" sticker, as if no one has ever seen it before.

A good story from a bad movie:
A friend of a friend was once waiting the table of Robin Williams at a restaurant. He did not immediately acknowledge that he was actually serving such THE Robin Williams. Said nothing throughout the meal to the effect of serving a star, didn't ask for a handshake, nor an autograph, simply did his job. After Mr Williams finished his meal, the waiter presented him the bill, and said, "you know, I just realized I know who you are. You're the guy from Club Paradise. Mr Williams was visibly amused, only saying, "that was a pretty good one."

Steve Garvey did not win the MVP in 1974, did not win two All Star MVPs, wasn't the anchor of a team which won four National League titles (along with another team once), wasn't the NLCS MVP twice, didn't hit .417 against the Yankees in winning the '81 World Series, didn't have 6 200-hit seasons, and wasn't the best first baseman of the '70's (when you consider Stargell an outfielder and Rose a utility player). By the way, Garvey clearly had better career statistics than Tony Perez or Carlton Fisk, whom I agree, nevertheless, should also be in the Hall. Between the Baseball Writers and the Fox Corporation, I'm afraid baseball has lost its lustre for me.

And just when you thought the NBA would just begone.

Does the "to be continued..." at the end of the remaster liner notes mean that each of the seven full-length studio releases will be remastered with liner notes?


Name: Zeke
shock the monkey

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 14:05:40

Heard it thru the grapevine, Bob Dylan will be here soon. Anyone see his show latley?
Not a big movie-goer. I do like to go, but can't find the time.
Worst movie, well, I don't remember the name, it starred James Taylor. Some kind of hot-rod plot. What a Joke.
Good movie, got a kick out of Benny and June. I can dig cooking pancakes with an iron. Had a nice song by John Hiatt
Have A Little Faith. Harold and Maude? Good Cat Stevens soundtrack.
I saw Yes In 88',( Big Generator tour) 30 min. of cartoons before the show. Had a HUGE screen. Everyone was groovin' on it.
Anyone check out the site. I snagged a Becker T-Shirt.

Name: DrMu
no egrets (or other fowl)

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 12:48:14

Stranger: What I've heard of 2nd Arrangement (about 80% of the song) is a very hissy version that's and a fullish demo with keyboards, drum/machine, bass. I like the SONG a lot, very bouncy...nice chord changes that are reminiscent of Glamour Profession and The Nighfly (the title cut) and a sophisticated melody a la Babylon Sisters.

GKJ: We finally saw Titanic a week ago on video (the last couple in North America). Nice, grand, eye-popping cinematography (it's amazing what hundreds of millions of dollars can do) with predictable dialogue and manipulative scenes. Decent acting though - DiCaprio was better than I thought he'd be and Billy Zane had his moments even with a contrived script. I completely agree that the meaty and might LA Confidential got rooked.

Name: rumour monger
track 4 (take 120)
Location: Guitar Center, CA Los Angeles
Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 12:09:09

one of the reasons the new album has taken so long is that Fagen and Becker tried to cut it with a bunch of no-names, didn't like it, then called the big guns (i.e. Carlton etc.)......

but it is supposed to be a killer set with a Fagen lead single out in the early summer....

Name: Steve V. Dan
listening to WBGO

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 12:00:39

Lester: I have heard a bootleg tape of 'Second Arrangement'....I was not that impressed....but I'm sure if Steely Dan had done a final mix it would have been perfect for side 2 of 'Gaucho'....

it sounded like it had a bit of 'Boz Scaggs influence.....

maybe Steely Dan will eventually come around and do a Beatle-esque type 'Anthology' retrospective and include all those rarities that are squirreled away in Becker's vault!

kudos to: Nolan Ryan and the other Hall of Famers....The '69 Mets still Rule!

Name: RubyBaby
Everyone's Gone To The Movies

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 11:14:35

Clas: Most guys seem to drift towards Babylon Sisters. Outside of Countdown, I'd love to be in Hey 19. I hate to admit it, but I love to tease (a little).

Have you seen any of these movies? They're some of my favs.

North By Northwest
Cool Hand Luke
Bachelor Mother
Captains Courageous
The Gold Rush
Trains, Planes & Automobiles
Arsenic & Old Lace
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
A Night at the Opera
Brave Heart
Animal House

When we're in New Orleans, let's catch a movie, OK?


Name: GK John
When the cold winds C@ll

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 11:10:47

It seems like most everybody in the world is suffering from the chills and spills! Herm! Snowball fight at your place 3PM! Take it from a dyed-in-the-wool Viking fan, there can't be too much snow! Or was that Bud Grant? I believe it is the scandanavians who coined "There is no such thing as poor weather, just poor clothing" Clas, back me up here, will you?


Fox- Welcome! Don't be skittish to jump in. Runt Rules! And "Caravan" Rocks! But please, no more "Bang on this Drum all day"!

Bodacious- If I may suggest, and this is no knock on WB's TOW, but with whatever you're scraping up this month to buy a CD, make it KAMA! Put on the headphones, or turn it up in the car and cruise! Good fresh things every day of the year!

Mu- Thanks for the reminder... LA Confidential got my vote over Titanic. Too bad the Oscars are awarded on the basis of popularity and which film they can hype for the greatest cash flow. LA was sharply written and superbly acted.
Can I add more to my list too? I forgot the Marx Brothers, the Stooges, Abbott & Costello, Pink Panther (Return & Revenge), anything from John Landis and most Woody Allen's. Oh yeah! And Tom Hanks!

And now for something completely different...

Hmmm. Brett-Yount-Ryan in the Hall and not Fisk, Perez and Carter? Yogi & George back together? Hollywood Hogan champ again with the Red-and-Black? The NBA players settled? #1 undefeated Tennessee wins the National Championship and it's called an "upset"? What the hell is going on in sports these days?

Name: Sociable Hermit

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 09:41:02


The snow began again today. The total accumulation is by far more than I've seen since I was a child. This is ridiculous. What was once a fun and romantic image has become a complete drag and a nusiance. I have my fingers crossed for warmer climes in the future.

Foxinsox: Hey, are you a Todd fan?! I saw "A Wizard A True Star" slipped into your last post. If so, then welcome to the club. I, and Babylon Sister, are huge Todd fans as well as Dan-heads. Also, let me ask you this: how could you regard as no good a movie that has such an effect on you? I loved "My Best Friend's Wedding", as well as "Something To Talk About", another Julia Roberts movie. Even if it did hit close to home, that must mean that there was truth to it, and if there is truth in art, I would think that that is a good thing. Perhaps it is not the movie you that you disliked, but the situation that it reminded you of. Maybe you should take another look at the movie in a year from now when you are far enough removed from the personal connection. Try not to let that movie slip into the discard pile, because it is, in my opinion, a wonderful piece of work.

By the way, where have you been, Babylon Sister? I hope you didn't leave us. Please, come back. Your communications are truly missed.

And, can I chime in in regard to all this Beatle/Stones talk? You probably won't like it, but I'm really bored with hearing either one of them. Now, before I get gang tackled, let me state that I am fully aware of their significance in the history of music and culture. But, I've been hearing them on the radio for all my life and I'm just sick of them. Yes, many of the artists I listen to now have been influenced by them, and if that's what the catalyst was for those folks to put out good music for me to hear, then more power to them. But, if I hear the Beatles, Stones, or the Who on the radio, I can't get my finger to the channel buttons quick enough. And, to be honest, I never really cared for them all that much when I was younger either, even though many of my peers were very much into them. I have a very wide-ranging, eclectic album/CD collection, so it's not that I'm missing out on anything. The only post-Beatle career I've liked is George's. I never cared for Paul. All of Ringo's songs sound like novelty records with the humor missing. And John seemed like he had a messiah complex - the man got too self important for me. As far as the Stones, I DO actually like some of their earlier stuff. I am a huge blues enthusiast, so some of those songs appeal to me. But, as time wore on, Micks preening, his affected vocals, and more than anything, the obvious cash grabs lately have really bugged me. The constant release of live albums, and huge ticket prices are a shame. If they came out and toured like the Grateful Dead used to, I might have a diffent feeling toward it. Tour for six-seven months, different sets and song lists every night, play some blues...

Ahh, I've rambled on for too long. (No pun intended)
I will respond to all the flamers as they come in.
Oh, let me add one more thing, I do not have a vendetta aginst these bands or their fans. It seems that whenever you give negative opinions about particular bands, the fans feel that it is a personal attack against them. It's not. I have friends that are passionate about both these groups, and others that I don't care for all that much, so please, don't think that I am accusing any of you of bad taste.



Name: Lars C

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 08:56:09

Clas - it´s almost spring down here.

movies - FELLINI... all of them, perhaps "Amacord" in front;
ETTORE SCOLA´s "Una giornata particolare" and GIUSEPPE TORNATORE´s "Cinema Paradiso" also belongs to the top.

Name: lisa
settling for less than f@scination

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 08:41:47

a topic that doesn't involve someone's crotch?

favorite movies:

-raising arizona
-the princess bride
-blade runner
-silence of the lambs

-l.a. confidential
-city of lost children
-grosse point blank (+ any john cusack film)

(of all time)
-dangerous liaisons (1988 version)
-the mission
-pulp fiction
-siesta (miles davis score)
-taxi driver

-sense and sensibility
-room with a view
-immortal beloved
-fall (1997 eric schaeffer inde)

stranger: the bergman film you mentioned was "det sjunde inseglet (the seventh seal)" 1956, starring max von are a man of infinite taste, not to mention haunting good looks.

Name: Fast Freddie

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 08:04:16

ED- Well, I guess you DON"T know everything. Miss. Vela, in a interview that I have, says that keenovay is a cajun/New Orleans slang term for wanting to fuck. "I've been dyin' to see you baby, I've been dyin' to keenovay"

Sorry Ed


Name: clas
I keep forgetting

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 08:03:52

Hi Lars! How's life down in Skåne?

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 08:01:13

RubyBaby - yes you can use Pompes Be-Bop-Bodega, there's no copyright on that :)

I wanne get lost in "Babylon Sisters". And Hornsbys "Every Little Kiss".

I think At Close Range is damn good movie (Christopher Walken and Sean Penn. Carlitos Way too. Any thing with Pacino and de Niro.

As Good As It Gets. That's a good one.

Thanks Edd, Shining is my fave movie.

I watched some videos with Bernard Purdie and Stevie Gadd last night again. I can't understand how that... CLOWN Purdie can play so sophisticated, with shadownotes and all.

Stevie Gadd is the man, damn he puts in every thing he has in the music. Unforunatley is Will Lee playing with him on the video. I just can't understand why he's so big.

Stranger - right on, Bergman is like the Keisers New Clothes.

Hi Jamaican!

Name: Astro, George's Dog

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 07:28:45

would you like butter with that?

Name: roger

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 06:32:49

roger: "oh gene, is the water ready?"
gene: "yes roger."

r: "they'll move on to bumper stickers soon."
g: "that's not your thumb"

Name: fezo

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 05:47:09

changing my vote for worst movie of all time; i had forgotten all about "Sergeant Pepper". That had to be the WORST. The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton starred and the climatic scene was a fight between an obviously drug addled Steve Tyler of Aerosmith and Frampton

And the covers . . . Steve Martin doing "Maxwell", George Burns "When I'm 64". It was like a bad trip without the acid

Name: Edd
nice try tho...

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 1999 at 05:23:29

Rosie's use of made-up words, the meaning known only to her, is pretty well documented.

She actually has a name for this personal language, and released an album using the name of the language as the title track.

Name: Ephram Cymbalist
wearing 3-D glasses

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 23:28:09

1. The Professional
2. The Brady Bunch Movie
3. Purple Rain
4. War of the Worlds
5. Mars Attacks!
6. Dave
7. A Fish Called Wanda
8. Twelve Monkeys
9. What's Up, Doc?
10. Waterboy

Dr. Mu: I felt the final scene in, "Being There", where Chauncey Gardner walks on water ruined the whole movie. We already knew that he could, didn't we? BTW, Shirley McClain does a knock-out self-love scene that makes me wish I was still alive.

Oh Yea, Miller's Crossing deserves mention too.

Listening to Fingerprints,


Name: Nathan
Location: Tallahassee, Fla USA
Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 23:00:20

Steely Dan Rocks...
my favorite album has got to be their first.
I have favorite songs, but on the whole, that album
is the best, in my opinion...
Hehe... it's kinda funny... I disliked Steely Dan at first,
because my parents listened to them, but when I started
really listening, I liked them a lot.
das all...
Keep rocking and enjoy the show

Name: foxinsocks
A Wizard, A True Star

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 22:51:01

First off, I would like to thank all ya'll for the warm welcome.
It's good to be loved =-)

Second, I would like to state, for the record, that MC exxagerates about my vocal abilities, I sound like a cow in heat.
However, everything else he said is true. My dad is one awesome sumbitch.

Bodacious, you are not alone. =-)

Oleander, Dr. Seuss was a genious of our times....he will be missed, and I'm glad my name matched up with a title

Kid Charlemagne, I'm really glad to see another young person in here....well, young as in college age ;-)

I guess that I'll try to Throw Myself right into the Popular conversation and list my all-time favorite movies.

(in no particular order)
1)The Breakfast Club
2)Anything Monty Python (especially LIfe Of Brian or Quest for the Holy Grail)
3)History of the World Part I
4)Raising Arizona "when there was no meat, we ate crawdads, when there were no crawdads to be found, we ate sand"
5)Wedding Singer
6)Dirty Dancing
7)The X-Files (David Duchovny is the sexiest man alive and I refuse to argue about it)
8)Princess Bride
9)Romeo and Juliet
10)Sound Of Music
11)Fargo (it took a while, but it grew on me like a fungus)
12)Steel Magnolias (being a southern female, it's required by law)
13)Two Words....SPINAL TAP
14)the Indaina Jones Trilogy
15)Stephen King's "the Stand"

Now, for my LEAST favorite....
1)My Best Friends Wedding (I literally cried for 4 hours after that movie went off. It hit too close to home for me)
2)Star Wars or Star Trek. I'm prolly gonna piss off a few people with that one, but they just annoy the crap out of me
3)Anaconda. MC knows about my Snake Phobia

Other than that, I'm easy to please. =-)

As far as the Beatles go, I've never been a HUGE fan, tho I could Listen to Abbey Road all day long. Right now, I'm on this HUGEASS Dave Matthews Band kick...and it doesnt' look like it's gonna fade anytime soon.

Damn, I didn't mean to write that much....sorry for any eye strain I may have caused. =-)

May the Jam be with you~


Name: Original Lester

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 22:42:56

Among the worst and/or most annoying of all time:

Grand Canyon (It sucked, and don't even try to convince me otherwise)
FM (Pretty good theme song, however)
The Re-Animator (but totally worth watching)
Black Sheep (about 5 good Farley scenes)
Bio Dome
Any other Pauly Shore movie
Superman IV
Rocky V
Body Rock (w/Lorenzo Lamas)
Beverly Hills Cop 3
Stewardess School (had to get a Donny Most movie in there)

Thinking of Stephen Baldwin, I must mention that The Usual Suspects was one of the best ever.

Name: Fast Freddie
Cote Buster

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 22:34:38

Ed- I got one for you. What is it that Rosie's dying' for when she sings, "I've been dying'to keenovay"? I know this one Ed, but do you?

Name: Original Lester

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 22:25:33

Is Eric "Idol" related to Billy? "Idle" is more like it.

Just a few others for consideration: Raging Bull, The Kiss of the Spider Woman, Schindler's List, Gandhi (for which I am desperately seeking a letterbox edition), Return of the Pink Panther, Clerks, Godfathers I and II, Dances w/Wolves, Silence of the Lambs.

Has anyone ever seen Coppola's The Conversation? Starred Hackman, Harrison Ford (when he really had to be an actor), Duvall. Fucking great. Which reminds me: I've still never seen Apocalypse Now.

Though I will never vote for a Republican as long as there are Republicans, Elizabeth Dole could make a very interesting candidate. Unfortunately, the religious right may chew her up and spit her out before she even gets to New Hampshire. Why? If Liddy does not put a serious emphasis on her anti-abortionism and does not vow to seek a Constitutional Amendment banning such, she will be raked over the coals. Remember Colin Powell? She may be the best candidate to test this new "compassionate conservativism," which is a paradoxical idea anyhow.


Better yet: BARR/DUKE 2000!!!!

Now, to repeat my Steely Dan question: has anybody ever heard The Second Arrangement?

Listen to us. Do we need a new CD or tour or what?

Name: RubyBaby
(singing) "let's go out to the lobby..."

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 21:12:19

Clas: Hej, strapping abba baby! Welcome back. I'm curious about 2 things now. What steely dan song would you "get lost" in (as a fantasy thing) and what are your favorite movies now?
I'll tell if you will.

Geena: Say it ain't so! Well, I understand if you gotta go. Please keep in touch. Maybe you'll be the One that Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest!

Clas: OK, you can tell me what Bruce Hornsby song you would want to live inside for a while, too. I'm listening...(or beatles song or rolling stones song - NOT)

I saw Mick Jagger vs. Steven Tyler on Celebrity Death Match. It was like 2 pairs of giant lips duking it out.

If I were stuck on an island, it would take me way longer to get tired of the Beatles than it would the Rolling Stones.


Name: Federal Bureau of Investigating Sardonic Intelligence

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 19:05:43

SteveVDAN - Fagen IS Mamet. Didn't anyone tell you?
Everybody see the Spanish Prisoner, The Edge, and American Buffalo (**especially** American Buffalo) so we can revise our fave movie lists.

The Edge = With A Gun + Everything You Did
The Spanish Prisoner = Pretzel Logic + Glamour Profession
American Buffalo = Charlie Freak + Through With Buzz
House of Games = Book of Liars + Any World

But who is Becker? Who will share the oracle with us?

Name: faIthInPopCorN

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 18:48:29

princess could I ForgeT
and RaiSInG ariZona

BLoOd SimplE, too. think it was the cohn'S FirsT
One of them, EtHan or JoeL has A boOk out... hell, I'Ll just watch their MoviEs. THeY'vE got enOuGh of my MoNeY.
¡¡¡prinCe of EgYpt!!!

jdf. yup. cohn bros. did em both.

can't wait till july to see wild, wild west.
gonna be a right fine summer, yessirWheee.

Name: JosieDanFan
I rise when the sun goes down....

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 17:53:25

Hey Dan fans...

Fezo: THANK YOU!!! I can sleep peacefully now.

So many of the movies you guys have named I love also..I need to go to the video store. Be back later.


Name: GirlFred

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 16:54:10

what do y'all think of madeline albright? potential presidential candidate?

Name: Lars C

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 16:48:54

hey Clas - you brought me in here again. Yeeeeeessss - that BS&T album (III) is one of the best ever. Don´t forget "He´s a runner".

Name: Steve V. Dan
gone to the movies

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 15:45:19

Hello all....Happy New Year etc!...yadah yadah yadah.....

Welcome to 19 friggin' 99!

watched a very cool movie last weekend: 'The Spanish Prisoner'....for some reason it made me think of Fagen throughout....perhaps Fagen is the musical counterpart of David Mamet?!!!!??


Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 15:19:54

Snake Mary....four of your Top Ten movies were in the nine that I listed....amazing!

Raising Arizona has so many classic lines from it that we quote to death around here. Current favorite with all the cold weather has been: "Son, you got a panty on your head."

signing off until Friday.....have a good couple of days and stay warm!

Name: KidCharlemagne
Location: Grnad Rapids, MI US
Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 14:38:10

I'm only 19, but I grew up on Steely Dan, The Doobies, Boston and the like. I have never really delved into the lyrics of messrs. Fagen and Becker, but the two things that come to my mind are these;

-In Third World Man, the "bunker filled with sand" is iterally that, a fallout shelter that some little kids folks opened up for him to play in, even thought threat of nuclear destruction still loomed imminent.

-From "Alive in America", Walt really had something to say with "Book of Liars". the sentimental-ness of love permeated through so much of SD's music and didn't miss this one. Beck is talking about the the "to be or not to be"(Shakespeare's "Hamlet" act 4?) mentality of society. So many poeples inability to lead and live a life of honesty and truthfullness both of themselves and towards other people.

Name: TheStranger
when they wrote it on the wall

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 13:31:21

Ms. Dole has all the right qualifications just like our Ms. Bono from Calif. She married well. I expect when the 142-year-old strom thurmond finally stops breathing his wife will take over also. no need for elections anymore. just role out the dynasty --bushes, kennedys, gores, daleys now joined by doles, etc.

non-thought for the week: quayle said being faithful to your spouse will be the number one issue of campaign. honest, he said that. why worry about asian crisis, health care, russia missiles? quayle found a more imortant issue. whata fine leader.

Worst movie I can remember "Serpent's Egg," by Ingmar Bergman. I think my wife and I are the only 2 people who saw it. bergman went nuts.

other terrible movies:
The Immigrants and its sequel by Bergman. He hates people and life and spends hours and hours showing us why life is boring, unfair and terrible and why we all ought to kill ourselves.

more really good movies:
annie hall
play it again sam

Worst movie I never saw: Face-Off. Come on. A detective takes a guy's face so he can catch him? They end up switching? They spent a hundred mil on that premise? people liked it?

Name: DrMu

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 12:58:36

fezo: C. Todd sounds pretty good and can hold her own on Letterman. Kay is a Krook who never got Kaught, or at least Konvicted - she was accused of having her fingers in the till at the Texas Treasury.

Name: Snake Mary

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 12:24:30

While we're on the subject of movies, I'd like to add my 10 cents worth of my favorite movies.

1. Raising Arizona
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. It's a Wonderful Life
4. Treasure of Sierra Madre
5. Angels with Dirty Faces
6. Thelma & Louise
7. The Blues Brothers
8. Marty
9. I Love You To Death
10. Defending Your Life

Name: !!!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 11:51:48

I rise when the sun goes down, cover every game in town!
Reading all the Deacon Blues talk of how much meaning that song has to them made me listen even closer and break down the lyrics and try to interpret the meanings to my life. I think that song probably has a line or 2 in it to reflect everyone in here.

I also love the movie To Kill Ya Sunrise!
My all time favorites would have to be:
Fandango(Kevin Costners first staring role, 1984)
Say Anything(A generation X-ers movie anthem, John Cusack, 1989)
I wont bore u by naming 10 like some of the other deadbeats in here(just kidding of course)
And for worst movie: The only good thing about this movie is the Theme Song- FM; I thought the spin off(WKRP in Cincinatti) was much better.

I'm glad to see alot of Robin Williams fans in here and my new favorite movie lately is Good Will Hunting, its one of the few movies where a strong macho guy like me is aloud to cry when Robin tells Matt that its not his fault. That movie would have been perfect if they played a Dan tune at the end instead of Afternoon Delight! I dont know how Robin Williams keeps finding a way to top his prior performances, just remarkable. I cant remember did he win an oscar for that one, if not he got robbed.

Bob- I totally agree, Paul wrote some great riffs but when it came to lyrics it just lacked something(maybe John)

Well enough of my BABBLE, I'm outa here!!!


Name: Oliver.Scam.Stone

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 11:39:53

fezo: I'm deeply hurt that you didn't select "The Doors" as the worst film of all time. I thought I was a lock. I mean, anybody can make a lousy Bruce Jenner movie , but it takes genius to make Meg Ryan and Val Kilmer unwatchable. Give me some credit.


Name: fezo

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 11:16:04

Liz Dole has never impressed me. looks like she's had one too many facelifts and always seems on autosmile

more impressively potentially presidential Republican woman . . . Christine Whitman, Governor of New Jersey, Kay Hutchinson, Senator from Texas

Other fav movies (besides Tequilla Sunrise)

Godfather II
Funny Bones
Dirty Dancing (really)
My Favorite Year

Worst movie I've ever seen in my life:

Can't Stop The Music. Starred the Village People and Bruce Jenner. That's all I remember

Name: DrMu
with a handle in my hand
Location: Procrastination Place,
Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 11:00:56

LB: That would match Chauncey's gene pool.

Are y'all ready for a woman running the White House in '01?, I mean by being elected. Sure Liddy's a Republican, but at least she's intelligent, experienced, witty, from North Carolina, and has no problem telling men "Hush, now,,,and get back to work."...comes in handy dealing with Congress. Plus with Big Bob on viagra, the interns are safe! Whaddya think?

Name: Edd
a lil dab'll do ya @ the home of the brave

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 10:57:37

For those of you who like to ponder lyrics, please consider these snippets from Rosie Vela's wunnaful "Zazu"...

"Fools Paradise"

A can na vee can a bot a set you zee a de dy cu no zy su no.
A can a vee a said. Nothin' can free me now. Fool's Paradise.
A do na don da on day.

"Magic Smile"

I been tryin' to see ya baby. I been dyin' to keenovay.


How could I backtrack in time
Muk an a say. Do da ba.
I sent you my Head On.
Ka vin you co da vin. An in a.
Sideshowed a bad CHAT*. A muk an a say.
Do da ba a Zen. Jive coulda Calvin you wussie.

"2nd Emotion"

Ah. Ki me kin no von zin zorry.
Ah. Ki me kin no von zin zorry now.

*Chat is Rosie's brother...

Name: bob tedde

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 09:25:50

Loving the movie bit. Here's my ten fav's...

1.You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It.....
3.Bright lights, Big City
4.Heavy Metal
5.Naked Lunch

OK, for reals this time

1. Citizen Cane
2. M (Peter Lorrie in his native language!)
3. A Clockwork Orange
4. Used Cars (believe it or not)
5. Being There
6. Barton Fink
7. Raising Arizona
8. The Hudsucker Proxy
9. Catch 22

DR Mu: Alternate being there interpretation: Really shallow pond!

Name: DrMu
wrap with your cane

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 08:32:47

Lovebob: I also would rather listen to McCartney solo stuff than Lennon's (buth then I don't do either). I guess we'll have to agree to disagree 1) maybe somewhat on the overall quality/substance of McCartney's solo stuff (I'm more disappointed than you are) and 2) John's influence on Paul (vice versa was true also) as songwriters. Otherwise, why not publish the songs/claim authorship separately? As for my use of the word "editor" or one who edits - I'll let Webster do the talking: edit "c. to alter, adapt, or refine esp. to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose." It seems appropriate to me.

The walking on water seen at the end of "Being There" - what an ending! Oh boy, open to many interpretations. It could simply mean that illusions are more important than reality and in many wasys are or become reality OR perhaps that Chauncey really spoke The Truth. The ambiguity I think makes it special.

Name: fezo

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 08:06:45


The Adventures of Baron Mustachasen

Name: JosieDanFan
Everyone's gone to the movies.....

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 07:58:58

Dr Mu
Favorite movies: That's a tough one. I like a wide range of movies, some Brilliant, some not so brilliant..
My most recent favorite movie is *Good Will Hunting* It was such a smart movie as well as down and dirty, and it also gave my new favorite line.. "How ya like dem apples!?!?!?"
Some of my more slapstick just plan dumb fave's are
*Happy Gilmore* and *Tommy Boy* yes I admit it, I found these movies to be enjoyable, but not on any intellectual level.
Some movies I also have enjoyed are..
*What Dreams May Come*
*Silence f the Lambs* I love it when books are made into decently made movies, but its a rare occurance.
*The Lion King* ( Don't anyone say a cotton pickin' word!!!)
*Funny Face*
*The Big Chill*
*Star Wars Trilogy*
*Hope Floats* sappy as hell, but Harry Connick Jr. looks oh so good in tight jeans!!
*4 weddings and A Funeral* again a very sappy movie, but delightfully witty.
*Forrest Gump*
*Raising Arizona* very strange but clever
*Fargo* "Ya you betcha!!" Minnesota really isn't that weird,
but damn close. The snow is about right though if you multiply it by 10. I think this was made by the same guys who did Raising Arizona, not positive though
*Help!* and *A Hard Days Night* (back to the Beatles)
*The Fugitive* or anything with Harrison Ford..Star Wars got me hooked on him.
*The Princess Bride*
*The Time Travelers* such a fantastic story..changed my life as child.
There's a movie starring Robin Williams, Uma thurman and Eric Idol about a guy who travels to the moon. and all over the universe. I can't for the life of me think of the name. If anyone knows PLEASE let me's drivng me mad!
Anything Python works too.
So many more, too many to name. A lot of movies that I love I just can't remember the name of. I could tell you the plot who was in it, but the name alludes me. Oh well....
Night all it's my bed time!!

Name: JamaicanDude

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 07:13:49

lovebob: get some sleep, mon

Name: bob tedde

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 04:03:41

Johnboy:Damn didn't see your post before i posted. Way to say in 20 words what took me 200! You can edit me anytime, dude.

Mu: Being There is a gem, isn't it. Always wondered EXACTLY what was going on at the end. I've a few ideas, but i'm not sure about the visual metafore, or whatever you call it. Also meant to throw this out: Pretzel Logic is SD's Revolver. Whataya think?
Orleander: Yeah we're there alright (Rockola, that is) as the sole entertainment for Dr. Laura's 3rd annual 50th Birthday Bash. As such, tickets are a bit on the expensive side. If you're serious about going (remember, this is NOT The Steely Damned) e me and I'll see what I can do. There's usually minimal security at these events, and if you don't mind carrying a guitar or get the picture. My hope is to secure an Atlanta (or there 'bouts) venue for our Beatles B-Sides show either the night before or after. If that happens and you can make it, you will definitly be our guest.

DF: 2000??? Is that supposed to be a threat? I'll be glad if the new one is out before Hal (the computer, not Kinky) malfunctions.

Speaking of Kinky: I think you all have finally done the one thing that might keep him off this board indefinitely: You started to LIKE HIM!

Whoever posted the Back To The Egg/ Denny Lane stuff.... Got a great story or two to tell you (if you like) when I get back from Frisco on Wed.


Name: Bob tedde

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 03:40:12

D.M.: What we have here is an old fashion misunderstanding. Here it is s-l-o-w-l-y:

"Mitch: The total was greater than the sum of the parts.


To top off you list,

(clas much?) (jus' kidding)

George Martin's "tribute" is a complete joke:


Jim Carrey and Robin Williams on vocals?


McCartney still was a great musician,


"but as a songwriter - he desperately needed his main editor, John, to tell him what sucked and what didn't."

(woa...OK stop right there. "desperately" and/or the term "desperately needed" are pretty strong words to use when knocking the most celebrated singer/songwritter of all time. I'm not sure who if anyone rivals his reign o'er the seventies pop/rock charts, but besides his #1's don't forget the slew of top 5 and top 10 singles he has enjoyed: Jet, Another Day, Live And Let Die, and Let 'em In to name a few. {BTW: as not to be sloppy, checked on and confirmed my previous list of McCartney #1's. I was 50% on the two I didn't list: Live And Let Die, which did not top the charts, and Say Say Say, which did.}

The biggest problem for me however is what's inferred by the word "editor", which to me implies someone who has editorial control OVER the edit-ee, as it were. My point was that if John was not able to successfully "edit" out a song he HATED as much as "Maxwell" (which I agree is one of the sappiest things in the Beatles catalogue) what good, as an "editor" would he have been to Macca's solo career?
If you had said "McCartney's solo material would have been improved by a little Lennon influence" I coulda bought into that. On the other hand, Lennon's material would have, in my opinion, VASTLY been improved by McCartney's musicality, and production idears.(sic) Maybe then he would've achieved more than the measly two #1 hits of his solo career. Sappy or no, I would rather listen to Paul and Linda singing "Silly Love Songs" ad infinitum, than any"thing" off of "Two Virgins".

Yikes, I'm tired hope that all makes sense. If not, ah well, I'm off to enough (you might get a kick out of this) tomorrow's show is for Apple Computers. We were hired specifically to compliment Apples new ad campaign featuring humongas billboards of John and Yoko. (we are well known for the accuracy of our Beatle covers) This Lennon tie-in was not told to me until very recently and my immediate response was "Jeez , we don't do any SOLO Lennon material. If you'da given us a heads up we could've learned some!"
Their response was "Beatles,.....Lennon, what's the difference? People don't know."
Corporate America, ya gotta love it.

I think my faith is on fire

Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 03:21:50

The Overlook Hotel in "The Shining" is actually the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

Name: johnboy

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 02:28:38

boblovesbob: "Influence" is perhaps more appropriate than "edit", don't you think? Both ways. While my preference is for Lennon's solo stuff, I don't think anything either did as non-Beatles came close to what was released as Beatles material. Need either Lennon's darkness or lotsa insulin to cut the "sap factor". Need either the sap or prozac to cut Lennon's bitterness. Definitely a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

No mention of the Godfather or A Clockwork Orange??

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 1999 at 00:56:38

Shining, does anyone know if that was a real hotel?

Name: Schwinn

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 23:44:05

Schwinn's Top Movies of all Time.

1. The Haunting
2. Birth of a Nation
3. The Blues' Brothers
4. Duck Soup
5. Dr. Strangelove
6. 2001
7. The Thing (The original directed by Howard Hawks)
8. It's a Gift
9. The Shining
10. Waterboy

Name: DrMu
don't cross a real Beatles fan
Location: ScrollCity,
Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 23:05:42

Lovebob: Beatles are not life or death to me so I'll take your word on my "scrambled" trivia on points 1 and 3, but your explanation of point 2 only supports that the band was severely splintered during the White Album (the point I Specifically made). Maybe that's why the White Album is my least favorite. John was undoubtadely more influential with Paul's earlier songs and IMHO better songs...The song "My Brave Face" from Flowers in the Dirt (1989) only shows what Paul can do with a rigorous editor/collaborator like Mr. Costello.

This is my original comment regarding the solo careers:

"Mitch: The total was greater than the sum of the parts. To top off you list, George Martin's "tribute" is a complete joke: Jim Carrey and Robin Williams on vocals? McCartney still was a great musician, but as a songwriter - he desperately needed his main editor, John, to tell him what sucked and what didn't."

This is your response:

"...but the point someone (sorry, I'm too lazy to go back and look) made about him needing John because John was his main editor doesn't really hold water especially if you you take into consideration that John HATED Obla Di - Obla Da (even tho he did come up with the piano intro) and publically distanced himself from Maxwell's Silver Hammer."

I think the sum total of 28 years of McCartney's inconsistent solo work supports my original conjecture and I stand by it...and does every writer listen to their editor or musical artist listen to their producer on EVERY point (some get fired or even get booted out of the studio they co-own)? - maybe that's why the White Album is disjointed...and Maxwell's Silver Hammer DOES SUCK as a song even though the final product sounds great...Finally, Paul has talked in detail about the roles John and he played in helping each other in songwriting himself in a number of taped interviews. as I stated:

"You [LB] make some good points, especialy about George Martin being instrumental. However, it is well documented (i.e., Anthology, A&E Biography, numerous interviews) that John and Paul would write songs sort of in competition and then run them by the other. Sometimes songs were edited, merged (ex. Day in the Life), or discarded." I'll rest here.

I will say did sample some of London Town (hadn't heard it in years) and can understand why it is a favorite for you and Rose Darling...nice melodies with more quirkiness than I appreciated originally.

All: Another movie we saw recently that we really liked: LA Confidential. Really powerful, sharp, and very styled. Do love Being There and any Peter Sellers movie.

Name: Mitch
frozen tundra =movie watching

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 22:58:18

Roy Scam: You mentioned Mike Ditka, He is from Aliquippa, PA. 25 minutes from Da Burg. Tony Dorsett is from Quiptown as well and i live a half hour from there. this is your useless information for the day.

Name: Mitch
frozen tundra =movie watching

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 22:20:00

Roy Scam: You mentioned Mike Ditka, He is from Aliquippa, PA. 25 minutes from Da Burg. Tony Dorsett is from Quiptown as well and i live a half hour from there. this is your useless information for the day.

Name: MidniteCruiser
yadda, yadda, yadda @ blah, blah, blah

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 22:03:08

Internet Movie Data Base is at:

you can spend days here if you're really into it.....good luck!

Name: The Katy
one more thing..

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 21:38:58

RazorBoy: Funny you should mention all that, still struggling to choose, but in fact Peg is high on the list. Hmmm.....I should say at ES's suggestion, and yes there is something to that one.

Clas: Yes, more good songs you mentioned there...Lonesome Suzie and also "Got to Get You Into My Life." Someone mentioned A Day in the Life, that one, love to play it on the piano!

JK, who's thinking we should all form an SD orchestra (emphasize second syllable) of some kind, with all the talent in here. No groaning, now! We'd be great, but.....where in the USA could we practice??

Name: Rantes

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 21:36:17

beatles. rubber soul. mmm abbey road. mm

when i was a teen and twentysome, the stones were my rock idols. not one stones album in my current rotation these days..

babette's feast
razor's edge
liquid sky
citizen kane
purple rain
groundhog day
the madness of king george
being there

Name: TheKatyDancingDanFan
choreographing one side of Sarasota NY concert for the ladies

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 21:16:03

Donald Fagan: No need to fret, we have a boundless love for music. My love for other music doesn't diminish my love for the Dan one bit, in fact, it enhances the appreciation of it. With all talk of Beatles, BST, etc. what was in my tape deck on the way to work this morning? How was I preparing for the day? You guessed it....Night by NIght, Any Major Dude,.Barrytown, Through With Buzz, Pretzel Logic, Charlie Freak.....getting out of the car, I was thinking.....It's impossible to have a bad day after that!

As for movies, some of my favorites have been mentioned. I was first captivated by The Wizard of Oz, went crazy over the book Gone With the Wind and to this day have not watched it in total on the screen (I don't mix the books with the movies, generally)

I like a series such as North and South, something with historical perspective. (As time went on, that had something to do with Patrick, I will admit, which did lead me to Dirty Dancing and Ghost, eventually.) Dances with Wolves and Out of Africa are favorites. Something outrageous with Robin Williams makes me laugh. Steven Spielberg, yes. Loved reading Jane Eyre, also did not change my vision of that by watching it on the screen. I like Tom Hanks in BIG (I believe it was called) and Saving Private Ryan helped me gain a much better appreciation of my father's experiences in WWII.

Comment about Through With Buzz.....I'm curious, has anyone ever discovered how difficult that song would be to sing a capella?? I think it's a considerable challenge and anyone who can do that pefectly with all those subtle changes is a talented musician. (without any music to sightread of course) IMHO, lol.

Warning: Red LIghts Flashing

El Supremo: Hey, how'd you do at the record shops, assuming you had time? Miss you lots and lots. Counting hours now.......must be the Countdown to umm, some name of some album!....ILYM

Just Katy .....wondering why DanFans think as we do...

".....though you'd like some company..I'm standing by myself, go play with someone else....."

Name: TheStranger
when there wasn't even any hollywood

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 21:00:35

mid cruiser,
whatsa website address of internet movie database?

good lists so far. some more great movies:
Asphalt Jungle
(the Bergman film in which the knight plays chess with Death)
La Dolce Vita
Catch 22

Most recent terrific line from a movie:
'Tell her I decided to stay with the only brothers I've got left.' --- Saving Private Ryan

Name: Original Lester

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 20:49:05

I must admit the Beatles are the one band I love more than the Dan. They rule, and much of the solo work rules. The reason I post on this guestbook is that while anyone can be a Beatles die-hard, it takes utterly demented characters such as us to love SD this much.

For the most part, I liked Sweet's book. The Jerome Aniton stories were my favorite part. This was the first chance I had to learn about what D+W went through in the 80's. They both must have had a very strange sense of the real world after having spent most of the 70's in recording studios. It seems insane to me what overkill they invested in going through tape and session musicians for just the right songs. But I won't complain, 'cause I love the finished product.

Has anyone ever heard The Second Arrangement? If so, how does it fit in with the rest of Gaucho?

Now, one thing that does happen to suck is that the 49ers won yesterday. GO FALCONS!!!!

Name: oleander
everyone's gone to the movies

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 20:43:19

fox--any friend of Midnite's who reads Dr. Seuss is a friend of mine.

Razor--You go.

Mu--Are you callin' me a square? I love movies. Off the top, Repo Man, Tapeheads, Diva, Blade Runner, 400 Blows, Grosse Pointe Blank, Branagh's Hamlet, Chinatown, Fearless, Richard Pryor Live at Long Beach, also Princess Bride.... Um, common element? Dark, I guess.

Herm--We'd bicker over the Saturday paper, but I'd love to check out your side too.

Bob--Wha! Atlanta on the 23rd?? Please post or e me if you'll really be there! My van could grow wings. There was a fairly recent poster named davedownunder who's in Atlanta, but I don't know his e. lisa might, or if you're in an archiving mood you could find it. Tender!!

Jokah--welcome to the club.

RS--Are you as pissed off as I am that Pat Boone did the same thing to heavy metal? Is nothing sacred?

Bode grrl--thanx. Contribute!

The loss of anyone you love takes a piece out of you permanently. Like your brother, El Sup, it's devastating. My sorrow to you & to Mr. Scaggs.

Does it mean I'm old if I'm seeing a new generation of posters using already-used handles? I'm still stuck on old identities.

Name: Razor Boy
Location: Kanata, Ontario Canada
Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 20:34:28

KatyDanFan- I could have been a little less confining on picking a song that any of us could be transposed into. The band covers such a range of images in any of their 7? efforts, the choice could vary from day to day. For instance, I mentioned that "Glamour Profession" would be kind of neat, because the principals in the song are all jet set type of people, who constantly exhibit a vulgar display of wealth. I mean, would you ever stalk a Moray eel as a weekend of R and R. And "Babylon Sisters is the kind of hormonal overdrive I wouldn't mind experiencing for a week or so. Find me hot, leave me wet. Sometimes, I just like to escape in the sheer beauty of someone form the opposite sex, and woman watch all day humming "Peg" to myself and hoping a smile or a wink my way makes it worthwhile. The joy of escaping into Fagen/Becker's music makes it irresistable, and why I keep going back.

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 20:23:35

movies eh? I see some good ones mentioned here and I'll add just a few of my all time favorites.

The Princess Bride
I Love You To Death
Raising Arizona
The Shawshank Redemption
Up In Smoke
Defending Your Life
Night Shift
Altered States
Stand By Me

the list could go on and on as I'm a huge movie fan but I'll stop for now....Also, the Internet Movie Database is the best all around site I've found. I see someone posted earlier about having something Dan related accepted by them. If you like movies check out that site!

later y'all....

Name: Bodacious Cowgirl

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 19:40:35

Hey- I forgot to tell Dr. Mu what kind of movies I dig. Like Rose, I adore John Malkovich as an actor and will see just about anything he is in. Especially liked him in Dangerous Liasons and Glass Menagerie. Six Degrees of Seperation is a great one, Clerks is good for it's blatant vulgarity, let's see-- Awakenings, Moonstruck, I'm sure there's more but I've got to get going. I stay away from anything that relies on McDonald's or Burger King for publicity.


Name: Bodacious Cowgirl
hello kitties

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 19:30:23

Oleander- thanks for the ingenious website. had never run across it before until I saw posts about it here. it's beyond cool.


Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 18:51:56

Hey Roy,Funny stuff guy! I'll have to check the Issue out. My only Subscriptions for the last few years have been to "Electronic Musician" and "Modern Drummer"...go figure.


Name: Donald Fagen

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 18:44:23

The Beatles Suck, they dont even compare to us. Anymore of this Beatles talk and I'll hold off till 2000 to release our new one.

Name: Rose Darling
@la, la , how de life goes on

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 18:35:31

Bob Tedde:
FINALLY someone knows about Back to the Egg. I didn't mention it in my post to Mitch but that album has some really fine songs on it. When Paul got away from what you accurately called the "sap factor" he was pretty rockin' at times. Gritty, meaty guitar playing on that album. Paul was steered away from the sap when he was more in a mutual band thing with Wings than when he became a solo act with filler musicians to back him. Do you also know that Wings song "Beware My Love" ? What do you think about Denny Laine and his input into Wings? I loved his songs but he seems to be lost in the Bermuda Triangle since he left Wings. P.S. I love Ringo's "It Don't Come Easy" too.

All this talk about Blood, Sweat and Tears... anyone know what they are up to these days? They came in concert to my town about a year or two ago but I didn't get to catch the show.

Clas, welcome back.

Dr Mu:
I tend to watch movies starring actors (actresses too) I like, so it gets kind of random. Some actors impress me so much and have such amazing charisma that I follow them through different genres of films (John Malkovich high on that list.). I try to avoid the cheesy and trite in movies. It's easier to categorize what I don't like. I don't like westerns and movies based around men in submarines (Hunt for Red October being an outstanding exception.) I don't like predictable, phony movies like Pretty Woman. I don't like overly sentimental movies like Sleepless in Seattle. I don't like trash posing as high art like The English Patient. Sci-fi has got to have a good story and deft characterizations underpinning the special effects or forget it, it's too dry. Comedy is best served black, mostly.
Partial Listing of All Time Favorites:

#1 Film: Jane Eyre (with Orson Welles)
Wuthering Heights (with Laurence Olivier)
Streetcar Named Desire (with Brando)
Wizard of Oz
Alien, Aliens
The Thing (remake with Kurt Russell)
Sophie's Choice
Coal Miner's Daughter
Animal House
All That Jazz
etc. etc. etc.

oh please:
Face it, if we can't get over Steely Dan and move on with our lives, what makes you think we'll get over the Beatles?!?

Name: !!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY!!!!!!!!!

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 17:14:34

EL & Katy- I think its so cute how u 2 met and communicate through the guestbook, thanx for warning us before the mushy stuff comes!

Geena- Whats with all this old fart home stuff? Y arent u going to post on here no more? Is this just to get some attention?
You've been posting on here for too long just to leave in a blaze of glory, I think u need to come clean with y your on a post strike. Dont make us hunt u down and beat it out of u!
(I'm joking of course)

Go Vols!!!


Name: bob tedde

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 16:45:45

DrMu: File me under get a life, but I can't sit by idly whilst Beatle un-truths are spewn forth onto the iternet with hapless abandon and little regard for the young surfing eyes of our future world leaders. (Actually as I DO have a life, or at least a business to run at the moment, I am quick to point out that I am unable, at the moment to confirm this info-from-memory, but that I am at least 98% sure of it's accuracy: i.e.: if it's wrong, it ain't wrong by much, and Mu's point is still disproven)

FIRST OFF, you state (as if it were fact) that Ringo had more #!'s (assume you meant #1's, if not my apologies) than John, Paul or George. To the best of my memory, Ringo hit the top spot twice:

1. Photograph (co-written by Harrison)
2. You're Sixteen (Your Beautiful And Your Mine)

(I stress here that there may have been a third, but I remember that "It Don't Come Easy was only in the top 5 as was I'm The Greatest (penned by Lennon)

McCartney on the other hand, Topped the charts with:

1. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
2. My Love
3. Band On The Run
4. Listen To What The Man Said
5. Silly Love Songs
6. With A Little Luck
7. Coming Up
8. Ebony And Ivory

...I am, as I said 98% sure of these. There are a couple more I'm not so sure of, so I won't post them. In any case Ringo, nor any other Beatle for that matter, came anywhere near the chart success, (#! or otherwise) that Paul enjoyed.

SECONDLY: How does claiming the Beatles were working pretty much as solo artists on the White Album do anything other than strengthen my point that John, at the time of the Beatles decent/demise was not acting as Paul's editor? The line between who had editing power is a gray area indeed if one takes into consideration that Lennon wanted Revolution #! (sorry, I'm a jerk, I know) to be the bands next single. He was summarily out voted 4 to 1 (the 4rth vote being Martin) Based on the songs slow speed and kick back energy level. Lennon so wanted the tune to see the a side of a single that he reworked it as a rocker, and the fast paced screaming version was born, and released. On the flip side (of the coin, that is) Paul, Ringo, George, and George Martin all "pleaded" (in the words of GM) with John NOT to put Revolution #9 on the White Album. But there it is. It is an oversimplification to say that during this period, they were functioning, solely as each others session musicians. It was a low point in respect to them functioning as a unit, but their output was still a Beatles-quality product, besting even their greatest solo efforts.

Sorry, I digress. I agree the Beatles wrote songs less and less as a team as time went on, but to say that John was able to exercise any kind of "editing" controll over Paul, especially toward the end, is just not true. If anything, it was Paul who was keeping John from turning songs like come together into something more pedestrian like a lot of the Imagine album.

THIRDLY: Yesterday did NOT start out as "Green Eggs And Ham". It's working title was Scrambled Eggs.

Damn gotta go


Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 16:18:42

Geena: When you get to the old folks home; I'll be the geezer in the corner whose already been there listening to Steely Dan for 20 years. Bring cassettes; I'm sure I'll be resisting whatever musical medium they'll be putting The Dan on by then.

Dave, Doc: Musician Magazine had a page of pretty good jokes about drummers and even other instrumentalists that sometimes beg ridicule. e.g.:
Q: How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb?
A: It doesn't matter; the keyboard player will do it with his left hand.

See if you can guess who made this one up: How many rock and roll drummers does it take to change a lightbulb?
It doesn't matter; by the time the bulb burns out, the drummer will probably be dead.

Hermit: I'm still pissed about the Little Richard/Pat Boone thing. It was much more irritating than the swing band thing; because Pat was making inferior versions of the same songs in order to exploit racial bigotry. He did it to Fats Domino and the Spaniels too. That was before he found out he could make even more money exploiting religious bigotry.

Mitch: Da' Beatls. How about Ditka versus da' Beatls? Now dere's a matchup.


Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 15:20:06

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my father's passing. I found some comfort in "The Living Years" and "My Father's Eyes".

And thanks for the warm welcome extended to Foxinsocks. She's a great girl and a really good vocalist. Plus, her dad is probably the best musician I've actually ever really known in my life. He's a monster on guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. He's put out some indie stuff that was really good but the Steely Dan songs they've covered live were serious jaw droppers.

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope Geena will reconsider and hang around.

Hated to hear about Boz Scaggs son. Several tie ins between Boz and the Dan, most prevalent in my mind is the use of Jeff Porcaro's awesome drumming.

later y'all....

Name: TheStranger
i would climb the garden wall

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 14:54:57

i did not have sexual relations with that woman, june lockhart.

geena smells like lilacs, not garlic.

Name: Bodacious Cowgirl
A beautiful sunny day in Salt Lake City!

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 14:11:23

Hi Foxinsocks- Just wanted to welcome you, hope you come around often, I feel like the only 'newbie' here!

I have enough money to be frivolous this week ( a rare occurrence) and I am torn between picking up '11 tracks' and 'kamikarad'. I value your esteemed opinions! Throw me a bone!

Name: Shaman
ha ha ha ha

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 13:50:59

So long Santa. Next comes the Easter Bunny. And after him, the new Steely Dan CD.

Name: Sociable Hermit

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 13:11:18

Ahh, thanks for the reminder about Capra and Mel Brooks. How could I have forgotten them?! Also, Preston Sturgess should be mentioned. And Elvis movies! What a blast! And any of the Beach movies with Frankie and Annette. Honestly, they are a lot of innocent fun.
DrMu: Thanks! And, the Adam and the Ants song you're thinking of is "Goody Two-Shoes", and that, too, came out around 1981. I know this because I went to a Halloween party dressed as Adam (of the Ants. I was not clad in only a figleaf.) I thought I looked like an idiot, but my girlfriend at the time was adept at all manner of teenage persuasiveness, if you catch my drift. And if memory serves me correctly, the party was about as fun as it was wearing the costume. But, after the party, I came to realize that it was all worth it...

Ahh, sweet mystery of life I have found you...!

Better go.

Name: GK John
W@xing Philosophical

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 11:06:41

Mitch- At the risk of being repetitive... I'm in for The Beatles too! They were the influence that defined the sound and changes for a generation. I remember them stepping off the plane and into history like it was yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I love the Stones too. "Sympathy for the Devil" & "Can't Always Get What You Want" are on my list of top 50 but I tend to place Jagger and the boys in the same category as The Who, Herman's Hermits and The DC Five. A nod to the best of the British Invasion, but not possible had the Fab Four not broken ground for them here on the other side of the "pond". Also, I have to go along with the notion of the sum being greater than the parts. Each had moderate success after the breakup, but there seemed to be some of the magic gone from their sound that we caught momentary glimpses of in their post-Beatle work.

Geena- Va con Dio and Happy Trails! Hurry back with your tales of peril and adventure. Leave the gun. Take the cannolis!

Hmmm... Movies? Too many to name, but anything Mel Brooks, Spielberg, Lucas, Monty Python, Steve Martin (starring), Clint Eastwood, James Bond, do the Honeymooners count?, March of the Wooden Soldiers, Help!, War Movies (a few exceptions), Sci-Fi (again a few exceptions), Hitchcock, Bogart, Hepburn, Bacall, Bergman (Ingrid, that is!), Capra, Wells, Pacino, DeNiro, Hoffman, Scorsese, (enough?) and of course... Godfather I & II (III doesn't count. I don't know anyone who evens acknowledges it. Except as an insult) Whew!!


Name: DNut

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 10:07:07

The Internet Movie Database accepted my contribution for Steely related trivia.

Name: Mitch
Battle of the Bands

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 10:01:54

The first contest of the B.O.T.B is turning into a rout. The feedback is all Beatles and no Stones. A person who makes a difference in the lives of others, is a speical person. Geena`s kudos here on the G.B. is proof.

Name: DrMu
one more

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 08:33:38


You should win a prize. Not because that was the song I was thinking of, but because that's a better example AND some legitimate music. Now I remember hearing some of Jumping Jive in college. He was a real student of Capitol, Verve, etc labelled jazz. I like a lot of his stuff - almost always very well recorded - wish I had more (1 tape, 1 cd, 1 vinyl)...I'm afraid I was thinking about that stupid Adam Ant song "Don't Drink, Don't Smoke"...whatever the heck it is.

Name: oh, please
can't we all just move on?

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 08:32:42

It's 1999 people, can we please just get over the fucking beatles? you sound like a cult or something.

move on.

Name: DrMu
and now...the Rutles

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 08:23:22

lovebob: You make some good points, especialy about George Martin being instrumental. However, it is well documented (i.e., Anthology, A&E Biography, numerous interviews) that John and Paul would write songs sort of in competition and then run them by the other. Sometimes songs were edited, merged (ex. Day in the Life), or discarded. The example you used (ob La Di) is interesting, because at the time of the White Album, the Beatles were so sick of each other due to Yoko Ono, drugs, lethargy, fear & loathing, etc. that the albums essentially represented the solo works of the lads as they were rarely in the studio at the same time. Paul tried to get the Fab Four back in fighting shape with Let it Be and then back into the studio for one more go with George Martin - Abbey Road.

Ringo definitely had a bit of help and the discography is thin, but he did have more #! hits than the other lads as a solo artist.

With Paul's solo career, you definitely have to pick and's too much investment to buy all his work to get it down to a 60 or 90 tape of good stuff. Besides the works mentioned I do half of Tug of War produced by George Martin and a good bit of his last effort, Flaming Pie which has some sonic moments rivaling the Beatles. This is possible as Paul was by far the best musician fo the lads...too bad THC caught up with him for much of his solo career.

Name: Sociable Hermit

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 08:09:19


DrMu: Are you referring to Joe Jackson? Back in 1981, Joe put out a wonderful album called, "Jumpin' Jive", which was, more or less, an homage to the music of Louis Jordan, with nods in the direction of Cab Calloway, Lester (the Original) Young, and Glenn Miller. This is a very fun and lively album. It should also be pointed out that this was made at a time when there was NO swing revival whatsoever. Remember '81? Disco was dead, new wave was slowly becoming a thing of the past, and synthesizers were usurping guitars and for the most part, subverting the creation of decent music (in my opinion). College radio was just beginning to pick up on the so-called "alternative" sounds of groups like R.E.M. and the Replacements. Nobody played swing or jump music, except for wedding bands and theater projectionists in between movies. My friends and I, who at the time were into everything from the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Todd, SD, Zappa, and J.L. Ponty, went absolutely nuts over this album! But, since there was no trend at the time in favor of this music, the album did not do well in the marketplace. This new "swing" revival disturbs me. The same radio stations that a year ago were plaing Garbage, (and I mean that literally), and would have raored with laughter and derision at the idea of playing Louis Prima or Count Basie to 16 year olds, are now playing distilled versions of the masters countless times daily. It's really sad how the good, original music gets forgotten and the new crap is canonized. It's akin to Pat Boone making more money and attaining more fame than Little Richard, by singing the same songs Little Richard was having trouble selling.
Anyway, I could rant like this for hours, so I'll spare you the boredom.

As far as your second question, my favorite movies are romantic comedies, and straight comedies, from the 40's to the 60's. Doris Day/Rock Hudson, Hope/Crosby "Road" pictures, Abbott and Costello, Marx Brothers, Cary Grant, Bogart/Bacall (my stars, I love her!), and just about anything with Dean Martin, although, having to tolerate Jerry Lewis for 90 minutes is quite a feat. I am also a huge Python fan, and giggle uncontrollably at W.C. Fields.

Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep.
That's all for now.


Name: th.JokeR
w/dubious bathroom reading material

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 06:47:45

Finally getting to read the bio from Brian Sweet--
look, I know this book has been out for about 4 yrs. now, but I just finally got it this Xmas, and I just can't get past this problem he had of dropping TEXT out of his sentences every once in a while...........and the erroneous song titles ("Through The Buzz"?), his proofreader shoulda been smacked.....

i'm only on chapter 6 and it's turning into a shameful piece of work, unrepresentative of the music it profiles......

....are any of his assertions on the meanings of any of the songs even CLOSE to official? sheesh........jOKER

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 06:23:27

Michelle Pfeiffer? Steely Dan? No way Fezo.

JustKaty; I still have that album (vinyl). "Lonesome Suzie" is a good one too. And "Redemption". They used to play a lot in Sweden back in the 70s, without David Clayton though. George Wadenius (Kamakiriad, Alive In America) played with them for several years. Steve Katz, "Sometimes In Winter", was kicked out of the band soon after Wadenius joined them.

Later on they did a good version of Beatles "Got to get you into my life".

Last time I saw Steve Katz's name was on a Joni Mitchell album. Engineering I think.

Name: Peg

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 06:15:25

lovebob: smashed...should I write the lyrics out again? Hey, I like being deferred to (translation: I like telling you what to do). Stick w/ me, I'll get you through it.

Name: fezo

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 06:04:56

the ultimate Steely Dan fan movie: Tequilla Sunrise. Set at the beach with great visual imagery, the plot centers around love, drugs, and deception. And Michelle Pfeiffer glistens throughout.

i don't feel that qualified to comment on the relative merits of all the Beatles solo careers except to say . . . i always thought Paul's lyrics lost a lot of their Beatlesque quality once the band broke up. Most of his solo output drowns in lyrical banality except for the album he did with Elvis Costello in the late 80's. At the time I read an interview with Linda who said it was really great for her husband to work with someone like Costello, cause like John, he had enough of his own ego and ideas that Paul would listen to him when composing.


so long
i hate to say goodbye


Name: The Katy
Back to work, but a real quick post!

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 04:45:16

Josie: Sorry ya couldn't sleep, sis, you should have woke me up, we could have listened to the Dan and then figured out who's eligible in here!

Clas: Good to see you back!! You were missed! And THANK YOU for that post on the lyrics to 40,000 Headmen, the words took me so far back in time, I just gotta get the tape of that. And Fire and Rain...yes, never ever got tired of that one, either.

Bob: Great thoughts, yes, they had me scared in here about the Beatles, lol, I appreciate all that you've said, and you mentioned some of my real favorites, including "Maybe I'm Amazed." Just saw a special on tv on John Lennon and Yoko and they did have a love, one must admit that. It was definitely a big loss that day in l980. Made me sad all over and of course they had to play Imagine---what a comment on the world he wanted to be welcomed to.

El Supremo: Any record stores where you are today?? (hint, hint) Bob did remind me of a fitting lyric......"maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time...maybe I'm amazed at the way I love you." :)

Just Katy :)
Dancing out the door to work now...

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 04:18:44

James Taylors Fire &Rain is also a good one on that Blood Sweat &Tears album.

Name: JosieDanFan
I can't sleep!!

Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 04:14:33

Hey guys..well I just don't get it. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was wide awake, tossed and turned while Green Earrings played in my head, and I had to hear it.

(I don't mind..I don't miiinnndd...)

I would tell you about the dream I had the other night about Don, but I'd blush and I don't like to do that.. tee hee hee!!

darling sister Katy: YES YES YES!!!! Find me a dan loving man!! I found one not too long ago, but he broke my heart. ( No LESTER, it's not you!!) It was an internet relationship, which I didn't mind too much. It added to the drama and romance of it all. But I'm ready to go again. So if ya find one put in a good word for me.

Bob Tedde: I must say I agree with you on the whole Beatles thing. What they had as solo artists can't compare to what they had together. I must say though Paul has come the closest. Some of the songs that touch me the most are songs that Paul wrote solo. *Little Willow*, gets me everytime. He wrote it for the kids of a friend who had died. ( hits close to home) *Put it There* is another sweet song.
I still am saddened when I think of John, and what he might have been able to do if he was still alive..and maybe even Yoko-free
(In a perfect world maybe!!)
My two fave dynamic duos: John and Paul, Don and Walt. I'm glad that the latter have a chance to finally come out with something new.
See ya folks later...I'm gonna try to go back to bed


Name: bob tedde
Location: sd, ca
Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 at 01:24:36

J. Katy: Right you are! D.C. Thomas and Co. covered 40,000 Headmen on their B,S,& T 3 album. A stirring rendition, (and one of the few memorable/redeeming tunes on an otherwise forgetfull followup to their self titled masterwork) Thanks for reminding me of that, I'll have to see if I can dig up a copy, now that y'all got me thinkin' Traffic.

Speakin' of Y'all.....Are there any Atlanta saavy fans on this book? I'm trying to book one or more club dates for my band Rockola to co-incide with a show we're doing there on January 23rd. I'd appreciate any and all Atlanta input. I may be too late to pull anything together, but, you never know unless you try.

Beatles: whoever said the Beatles didn't have it as solo artists.....WHAT??? Ok, I'll be the first to say that no post Beatle solo material had the magic of the four fabs together. Whatever the reason, the Beatles as a unit were untouchable; pure magic right up to the last album, Abbey Road. (please don't anyone embarass themselves by saying Let It Be was their last Album) But to imply that neither John, Paul, George, nor Ringo "had it" as solo artists is indefensable in terms of Radio play, units sold, or concert attendance. In fact, it's barely defendable from an intrisic standpoint. I will go on record as saying that I'm not a post Beatle "John Fan", but McCartney had some brilliant moments. If all Paul had given us post-fab were Ram, Band On The Run, Venus and Mars, (most of) London Town and Back To The Egg (the forgotten Wings album) It would have been sufficient enough grounds for instatement in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His body of solo work pales only in comparisson with his work as a Beatle. I agree there were times when the "sap factor" got a bit heavy, but the point someone (sorry, I'm too lazy to go back and look) made about him needing John because John was his main editor doesn't really hold water especially if you you take into consideration that John HATED Obla Di - Obla Da (even tho he did come up with the piano intro) and publically distanced himself from Maxwell's Silver Hammer. If anything, it was John who needed Paul (and George Martin) to get the twisted beauty that John heard in his head down on tape where we all could hear it. This, I believe is why Lennon's solo stuff all sounds like it was recorded in a home studio, or someones bathroom. Oh yeah, (i'm on a roll here) whomever was favorably comparing George's "Crackerbox Palace" to "Something" must have the only copy that doesn't sound like it was recorded through a mattress. George had some good solo material, but GOD, a lot of his production was hideous. It was also implyed that Ringo had a better solo career than John Paul or George. Well if you thought so, keep in mind thet the other three contributed a significant amount of hit material to their former band mate's solo career. My fav tho is still Ringo's self penned "It Don't Come Easy" which would've made a great Beatle record. There's no doubt in my mind that IDCE and "Maybe I'm Amazed" would've been on the next album had there been one.
Wow, all that and I haven't even touched the "reading music" thing. oh well, maybe another day.

PEG: Would you buy "pender goodbye", I know the difference between a T and a P when I hear it. BPW the 16ph is rapidly approaching... is it "cashed in" or "smashed in" the yellow jag? Flip a coin, as always, I defer to you.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 23:38:46

40,000 Headmen

Forty thousand headmen couldn't make me change my mind

If I had to take the choice between the deafman and the blind

I know just where my feet should go and that's enough for me

I turned around and knocked them down and walked across the sea

Hadn't traveled very far when suddenly I saw

Three small ships a-sailing out towards a distant shore

So lighting up a cigarette I followed in pursuit

And found a secret cave where they obviously stashed their loot

Stevie Winwood


I got a Shaker this christmas. At the beginning it was very hard to relax and be tight. After 24 hours of practicing I managed to say it like I meant it, and then it was easy to go with the flow.

So, if you guys wanne be relaxed and be one with the music, buy a Shaker. Latin Percussion. Best practicing album; Spirit Trail, Bruce Hornsby.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 23:28:12


I'll never forget that summer!

I'm reading To The Limit, Marc Eliot:

Don Henley:

"...after he'd spent a long day in the studio followed by some heavy partying back at the hotel, he composed a detailed memo to the maid. He wanted to make sure she understood that his preference for the toilet paper coming off the top of the roll rather than the bottom, something she could not seem to get straight. The story goes that part of the memo explained that if the paper had been meant to unroll from the bottom, the pink flowers would have been printed on the inside..."

I get back to you on that Shaker thing.

Name: The KatyDanFan
waiting in PA

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 23:06:08

Gee, the first time I was away more than one whole day, and look what happened!

Geena, if you read this, I'm so surprised and yes, you will definitely be missed! Perhaps something can change about it, but if not, hang in there and come back when you can with more of your stories, they are so good. When you return, your first story can be about how you got back here, how's that. (I am wondering though, if we're going to find you're on stage with the Doobies?)

Josie: You're a great sister! We love being related to you. Did you want us to help you find a potential DanFan husband?? We'd love to see another great love affair in the family! (Taking my cue from someone who said you should have a date for the Danfest.)

Razor: Echo what EvivaLaughs said, I think it's an interesting insight. To pick just one main one though, is so difficult, and I'm still new at understanding all that there are to choose from! So far, a number of them fit different facets of me, it depends on the mood, etc. I'm going to be searching for that one best one though, and will let you know!

Dangerman: lol...So THAT'S where the egg bowl is, now I learned something new. It's a long story regarding ES and I, someday we'll have to fill in the blanks for all of you :) He's a writer but that isn't his primary profession. Nor is it mine at this time. We both write non-fiction, and also poetry, although I'm sure you'd rather we kept that to ourselves! Our regular jobs keep us too busy to write full time, but maybe someday!

RoseDarling: Gee, I thought it was important to face yourself :) I am skipping the word Just just sometimes when I want to get the name in there faster when I start the post! I like both actually. Seems like the just is extra baggage for others to type, so, I can be just Katy......I mean.....Katy! So confusing! (And, HSD is honey sweet darling....somewhere along the line I mentioned I like when he says this, or that, or this, so he strung them all together into one, and he's never forgotten it.)

Welcome, Foxinsocks!

Pete: Ditto what ES said....and I wish we could have both been there, definitely. At least we can come to Le Bar Bat though? Will you recommend a weekend to us sometime? We'd appreciate that! Can't wait to see those pictures!


El Supremo: Yes, I'm counting them (the days!) And now that you said the first line to 40,00 Headmen, I am certain its the same song David Clayton Thomas sings on the Blood Sweat and Tears album (don't remember the name of that album) I want to hear that again now. So we'll have to find it! Been thinking about your sister and brother, too, I feel so sad that you went through that as a teen, sweetheart. {{{{{Hugs}}}} I'll see you soon, and I'm glad this is the first and only New Year's that we'll be apart. Very anxious to see you, hold you....better stop there :) ILY, husband!

Just Katy :)

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 22:49:49


The Shaker:

After a lot of listening to Bobby Hornsby

Name: DrMu
ice crispies

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 22:08:02

Trivia: What pseudo-new waver had a hit years ago in the 80s (1984???) which was in the neo-swing style years before it was popularized by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, B. Setzer Orch, etc.?? (Believe me, this artist was not ahead of the time - just an historical anomaly)

le: I keep hitting the merge button by accident when reminiscing about the oldies.

What type of movies do Danfans like/prefer??...when dismantling our plastic X-mas tree (the nearest natural fir is hours away) we caught the tail end of Sabrina with Julia Ormand, Harrison Ford, Greg Kinnear. Sydney Pollack's version is 18 times better than the original banal dud with a miscast cast of Glenn Ford, Audrey Hepburn, and Humphrey Bogart (if memory serves me correctly). I mention Pollock's version as it strikes me as a movie which has many characteristics of a Dan album. It's elegant, the lyrical dialogue just flows, it's sharp as a tack, there's suberb acting that understated when it needs to be and energetic when warranted, contains beautiful visual imagery and cinematography, it's funny and intelligent. IMHO, one of the best films we've seen in the 90s. Would have probably done even better and grabbed a few major Oscars if it weren't for the shocking lack of gratuitous cursing and nudity.

Name: JosieDanFan
coming in from the cold

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 20:51:29

Hello fellow Danfans!!
I just came in from the cold, a winterwonderland of snow and ice if you will. I built a snow castle with my two younger cousins, and various other members of my immediate family. I've been missing the California sun, but I have to admit I had such a good time. Winter has its splendor, you just have to dress for it.

David: thanks ;o)that's better.

Eviva: thanks, that means a lot. I hope that funk is over and you are on your way to a happy, healthy relationship with your soon to be in-laws. Trust me, it's hard but it is possible, I've seen it happen. Just be your sweet and wonderful self, they'll warm up to you in time. BTW I'm not only nice when I get something, but it helps!! LOL j/k

Rose: No indeed you are not the one who ignored me, but thanks for caring enough to ask. It means a lot to me.

El Supremo: I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how difficult it can be. It's nice to know that you have such a wonderful partner to help ya through any rough times. It's nice having you as a brother-in-law, take care my friend.

Geena: I know you will probably not see this but I feel compelled to say it anyway. I will miss you so very much. You wit and style made an impression on me, and I must say I looked forward to your posts when I checked in here. I understand you have your reasons and we all have to accept that, but you will be missed. I wish I could have gotten to know you better. We need you to kick some Kinky ass!!! Take care and god bless my friend. Hope to see you around here again someday.

Good night for now, I must take a nice hot shower and get into some comfy clothes and dream of Dan.


Name: Razor Boy
Location: Kanata, Ont Canada
Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 20:40:00

Ruby- While some honours are dubious in their distinction, I accept your testimonial as most intriguing poster of 1998 as an prize worth crowing about. I have to agree with you on one very important sissue. When it comes to true fulfillment, nothing can surpass the pleasure of observing our fellow humans - airports, cafes, shopping malls- they can be alone, as couples, whatever - I love it. All the best to all for 1999. Lots of tolerance and sensitivity towards others is my personal goal for the year. I do that in lieu of making one of those "resolutions" that get broken on the first day.


Name: Dangerman

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 19:34:01

Thanks for the acknowledgement, JustKaty. Sounds like your ES is really the traveler. I was wondering what the serious writer was doing in Biloxi, MS. Long way from Pennsylvania, huh? Hopefully, if we're talking about a casino junket, he didn't lose too much money.

Since you're the only one who noted my Egg Bowl question, it's the annual rivalry game between U. of MS and Mississippi State U. Just a little local flavor that you wouldn't find much interest in outside the state. Unless, of course, you happened to know a transplant. What can I say... I'm hard up for interesting news.

Have a nice week, everyone, and stay warm.


Name: EvivaLaughs
monday, monday, can't trust that day...

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 19:12:01

No, No, NO!!! Oh boy, deja vu all over again! Listen to the voice of experience, lady, and come back SOON--as yourself so we know our sweet Geena is back! :) Till then--WE WILL MISS YOU!

Whaddya mean, "deprived"?! :D You're the best, lady!

So, you're only nice when you get something out of it?! Just kidding, homegirl! :) Actually I remembered I forgot to give you a nomination along w/ Lester as co-owner of Most Enthusiastic Newbie of the Year! Stay with us, we want you around, girl!

Thanks for the nice words to us all--keep up that positive attitude, guy...and oh yes, you win in Most Creative Use of the Location Field category, as well as the "Did That REALLY Happen" Most Outrageous DanMoments Category!

El Supremo:
That's really awful. My heart goes out to you. I wouldn't know what to do if I lost one of my brothers or sisters so young...

I smiled at your creativity when I read your post to Razor. CTE does have interesting characters, doesn't it--though my votes for most fascinating characters are a dead toss up between Katy Lied and Royal Scam...

guess I don't get enough adventure; in my fantasies I live on the edge. So I'd choose to be transported into "Night by Night" [actually the Dan has tons of those 'on the edge' ones don't they? But getting shot, say, by a SWAT team or jumping the border after murdering someone is just not my style...]

I hope you get more responses to your question--think it's a fascinating little insight into the characters of the people seeing which song they'd pick...How 'bout it y'all?

I ditto the opines on your interesting posts--can ya come more often?

ST AL!!!
Props to you, sir, after another year of keeping it up for us!

Name: DrMu
you were Italian in our eyes

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 18:47:58

Geena, don't lose that URL
You don't wanna post nowhere else.
Send it off in an e-mail to youself.

Please stay - any flames are always under 451°F.

Sorry to hear about Boz' son.

Name: Rose Darling
Party Like It's 1999 !

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 18:13:38

The Katy: You don't have to be The Katy "just" `cause I want it.
But don't worry about coming across as more important than others around here. This you "just" don't project. Meek is cool, but self-effacement is "just" not necessary. I confess to reading some of your mushy stuff. Just what does HSD mean?
P.S. I love Three Dog Night too.

Eviva: Loved your list. Wish I'd come up with it myself. Put me down as the Creative Writing Deprived Poster of the Year. Thanks for the nominations. They were not abominations.

Holly Would:
Damned good question there... where IS Lucky Pedestrian???

A thoroughly enjoyable list and post... how about leaving out the first half of Resolution #17 ?

I may have to refuse my nomination due to unworthiness and in sincerity give it to TheKatyDanFan and El Supremo. I think you know what I mean.

You've GOT to be kidding about the Beatles' solo careers.
Have you ever listened to Lennon's "Double Fantasy"?
Harrison's "Thirty Three and a Third"?
McCartney/Wings "Wings at the Speed of Sound"?
or "London Town" ?
Therefore, you might deduce my "vote" is for the Beatles.
Although I like the Beatles' music better as a whole, the Stones did some kickass tunes over the years which rock would be bereft without. Henceforth, I vote "inconclusive." I like the Battle of the Bands idea though. How about a vote for Fagen vs. Becker solo material?
P.S. I have no feedback to offer you about Traffic, sorry. I do love Steve Winwood though, but I think some of HIS solo stuff sucks. I could puke if I ever hear "Roll With It" again in my life.
"Gimme Some Lovin' " is one of my all time favorite sixties tunes.

Guest Book 911 Team:
We are still awaiting the return of SuperFlamer Kinky. You may then have to boost staff levels so please put all your personnel on part time hours`til then.

Josie Dan Fan: Hope I wasn't one who forgot about you?

Geena: What is this leaving crap !!! If the Dan is still playing on the stereo, I wanna be in the nursing home room next door to you ! Will you post again before that time comes?

Boz Scaggs wherever you are ! My deepest sympathies !

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 17:16:07

St AL, I get this message at the chat site...I 'm clueless sir.


[PRIVATE FROM SYSTEM] You are connecting via a web page that does not match
- the registered page for this room. The room you are visiting may be an
- Impostor room. Please contact the system administrator of the website.
>> DMoore has joined channel #XC.1393446
The topic is: Steely Dan

Name: foxinsocks
VA U S of A
Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 17:06:57

Hi! I'm foxinsocks, an 18-yr old from VA who grew up listening to Steely Dan and Todd Rundgren. I'm still a huge fan, although my peers have never heard of these groups. Anyway, Midnite Cruiser and Co. are friends of mine, and sent me in here, where I hope to find musical acceptance. =-)
Til we meet again,

Name: El Supremo
don't eat the 'yellow snow'.com
Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 16:23:37

Hello, DanFanDom!!!

Well, back in the good ol' USA, now---in a cold city called Biloxi, Mississippi.

Regarding Oscar Scaggs' death---it is sad to lose anyone we love. I lost my older brother in 1965 to suicide, and found him hanging by a rope around his neck in the garage----although a child prodigy musician pianist----that really didn't matter as the 'vision" at this time-of-year, "Original Lester" can be quite appropo.

My younger sister, who used to have what I call "spells" at about the same time every year about the time of my older brother's death, died at 13 1/2 years old of the first diagnosed case of "Reye's Syndrome" in the state we lived in.

Enough for the tears!!

"JustKaty" wife-of-life, I am coming back to our home soon, in Pennsylvania-----in a couple of days.

When I listen to Steely Dan songs and lyrics, I am transposed into a visionary of what I think they meant when they were composing the music and lyrics, and I promise to give my interpretation for Oleander's lyric site!!

By now, you should know that my wife, "JustKaty" or "KatyDanFan" and I are both accomplished and published writers. WOW, "inquiring minds" just found out something new about us, HSD!!!

Steely Dan songs are about all I listen to----never tiring of the love, the lyrics, the musical prowess of Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen's genius. It is too bad they are such recluses, but I understand how they are, and one of the reasons I love their music so much.

With regard to "Traffic", I think "Dear Mr. Fantasy" was their first album, and "40,000 Headmen" was on their second. I don't think that David Clayton Thomas sang "40,000 Headmen" on any of their albums, although I could be wrong. "Break away, just when it seems so clear, that it's over now, drink your big Black Cow . . ."---okay, I think the lyrics might have been something like: "40,000 Headmen couldn't make me change my mind---and something about the deaf men and choosing between the blind man", or something like that.

Those DanFans wanting good music----strongly suggest Frank Zappa's "Grand Wazoo", and "WakaJawaka" albums for the best in Zappa jazz/rock fusion. I haven't seen these albums anywhere for a long time, but am sure someone has them.

Geena, sorry to hear you are leaving us here. Just "change-your-name" to something like "Louise----the real Pearl-of-the-Quarter" or something like that. Anyway, I do understand you have your "reasons', and you will be missed.

Thankyou for the review of the concert, Pete----we can always count-on-you for bringing us all the up-to-date GREAT music to go and listen to.


I Do, I Most Definitely do, lover and Steely Dan Fan for our life!!!

All-My-Love, HSD!!!



Name: bodacious cowgirl
Sunday in TJ

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 15:29:22


Geena- I don't even know you but I am going to miss you. Good luck to you...

Thanks for the info, JustKaty- that is a cool story! My husband didn't know of Dan before we met, but four years of steady Dan-ness can kind of get to a person- and although not nearly the devout one that I am, or even a fan, he loves their music and doesn't mind that they never leave the tape deck of our car. Now I am just trying to get him to listen to the lyrics!

My story is similar to your in that "I knew of" Steely Dan before I really knew who they are. Everybody knows 'Hey 19' and 'Rikki Don't Lose That Number'. Growing up in Utah where things don't progress as quickly as in other parts of the country (which is A-OK with me) all we had on the radio ten years ago was classic rock or top 40 (A no-no for me). Being the Geek :) I was at 14 and am still proud to be today at 24, I ran right out and bought A Decade of Steely Dan and totally wore it out. A couple years later I was up late studying for my SATs with the radio on in the background and 'The Fez' came on at, like, two in the morning. Oh my God, I had never heard anything so cool in my life. I was enthralled, couldn't get it out of my head, couldn't get through to the DJ who had just played it and couldn't get to sleep because I was so excited to have heard such incredible music and just had to know who it was. The next day I called the radio station and they told me it was Steely and the rest is history. 'The Fez' opened me up to the non-mainstream stuff they do which is when I really fell in love. So, that's it! And in the ten years since, I have never met another Dan Fan in person (you like Steely Dan? Oh, I think my dad used to listen to them or something).

My 'favorite songs' alternate all the time. Right now I am stuck on 'King of the World', 'Hatian Divorce' and 'Everyone's Gone to the Movies'.

Hope the week ahead is good for all of you..take it easy!

Name: Original Lester

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 15:19:58

Sounds like Geena made a resolution to spend a little less time on the computer. It's fascinating how this time of year seems to mess with people's minds. Only recently did I discover that the New Year and birthdays tend to get people depressed or resolved for change more than any other day of the year. You all probably figured this out already. It doesn't help to hear the story about Boz Scaggs' kid. I'll just look forward to 1999 and thank God my son is alive and healthy.

Name: Pete

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 15:17:49

Happy New Year!

We had a great time at Le Bar Bat. Tom Barney and Shawn Pelton were smokin', Catherine Russell was fantastic, Drew Zingg was amazing (as usual), the horns were awesome! All in all, probably the best New Year's band we've had there yet. Tom said that what he's heard of the new album so far sounds incredible. Drew brought a digital camera, and we got a few shots of the band. I'll post them when I get them.

It's too bad about Oscar Scaggs. I met him just a month ago at Le Bar Bat. He was telling me that he was also a musician and he'd just gotten an apartment in Brooklyn. Sorry to here about that.

Name: Michael C. Packard
Location: Cold and Cloudy Overcast Day In The Pineywoods Forest of Deep East Texas, USA
Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 12:01:48

Howdy, DanFanGangLand!!!

David In The Florida Room---Please E-Mail me at the above address for a trade of your "Aja" belt buckle for one (or two) of the CD's you want.

Sorry to hear about Boz Scagg's son. Life is too short for some.


; )

Name: oleander
pearly queen ?=? pearl of the quarter

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 11:54:24

Geena--I'm crushed! Think it over, or at least don't be gone too long. E me sometime.

Fla Dave--great album title. Really? You'd give that away for one of the remastered CD's? I bet you get 10 in the mail next week!

fezo--since Michael beat me to seconding you, I third that emotion.

RS--I hope you'll take fezo's hint. BTW, I believe you can wax just about any adjective. You just have to use the right wax. I recommend 11 Trax of Wax.

Les & JustKaty--I love us too, but let's not get delusions of grandeur. We're just another bunch of obsessed, chatty websters.

Maintenance man--toque, toque?

O Michael--thanx. A new year's reminder to you & everyone to submit, SUBMIT to the lyric page!

Schwinn--The lists just keep getting better. You are the master of bizarritude.

Mu--I was beginning to wonder if you were starting to do some interesting cloning in your lab -- Stoned Cold = Steve Austin + Laura Nyro, Little Anthony and the Miracles = Smokey Robinson & the Imperials? No offense taken at refusing that little loan.

Bob--I think Peg pegged it. You know, I never thought about Pearly Queen when I listened to Walking the Dino. I loved Traffic, especially Mr. Fantasy.

maj--take it to the limit. It's OK if you use your fingers.

Bode grrl--welcome back.

911--yes, you too are dependent on a healthy VQ.

Napper--thanx. We'll need a lot of those in the days to come.

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 11:52:22

Geena, Say it isn't so! I certainly will miss your Enjoyable posts.
You say you have your reasons and I'll live with that.
I'll remember that comment about taking your Dan CD's to the nursing home....I'll do the same

Good Luck,David

Name: Geena
The Goodbye Look

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 11:15:56

Hello All:

My love for Steely Dan will never die. The day my then boyfriend, now husband introduced me to Royal Scam, I knew I was hooked for life. My thirst to hear more became an obsession with me. I scoured music stores and throwaway albums at the radio station, pouring through racks and stacks of albums looking for that "Pearl Of The Quarter", something from them that I hadn't seen or heard before. Their lyrics became visual stories in my mind; some of them mysteries where I tried to collect any clue or answer into their meaning. The jazz inflected rhythms of their music are….well….there are no words to explain the beauty of their sound. Don and Walt are true Masters at what they do, and no one can compare to them or even come close. It is my sincerest wish that they "Do it Again" at least one more time. I envision my future self toting their CD's to the nursing home with me. I truly hope that my collection of CD's will also include the "new one"!

In closing, I am leaving this guestbook for an indefinite period of time. I prefer not to state my reasons, as they are too numerous to mention. This was a difficult decision for me, but something I have to do. I wanted to disappear without saying anything but I've decided to do it this way because I've had a lot of fun here and enjoyed corresponding with a few guestbookers through email, some of you have become very dear to me. I hope we can continue to write occasionally outside of this forum. I know some of you will wish me well and I thank you in advance for that, and I know there will also be those that will gladly open the door for me and slam it on my way out; I'm sure you have your reasons for it.

Be nice to each other, life is too short to be wasted on negativity. Smile more often.

I wish all of you a prosperous New Year. Be safe, healthy, and happy

With Love to All!


Name: Just Saw This
On The AP Wire

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 11:02:40

Singer Boz Scaggs' son dies at 21
12.45 p.m. ET (1745 GMT) January 3, 1999

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The 21-year-old son of singer Boz Scaggs has died of a drug overdose, according to the musician's publicist.

Oscar Scaggs died New Year's Eve in San Francisco, according to HK Management Inc. Circumstances surrounding his death were not immediately known.

Boz Scaggs, 54, recorded two albums with the Steve Miller Band before embarking on a solo career in 1968. He achieved success in the late 1960s and 1970s with hits like "Lowdown,'' "Lido Shuffle'' and "We're All Alone.''

Scaggs owns a nightclub in San Francisco.

The memorial service will be private.

Name: David in the Florida Room

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 07:03:05

Greetings Fan Dandom, Just throwing in my 2 cents worth.
Yeah, Traffic was cool...I used to enjoy playing "Low Spark" way back when. And speaking of 3 Dog Night, I Still do "One is the Loneliest Number" once in a while,(written by Harry Nillsen!) 3 Dog did a great version of Neil Young's "the Loner" too.

"She's a Raw Flame, A Live Wire"
And, A special HELLO and Stay Warm to my Northern Sweetie Friend "Josie DanFan" (special Cue for single GBer's...this is a young lady to keep an eye on,she's Smart,Cute and deserves an escort to Danfest.)

Also, anyone collecting Dan Memorabilia? I was cleaning out a box of old Drum Hardware and Found a Pristine Condition Belt Buckle with the "AJA" album it from a REP along with a black longsleeve "AJA" T shirt many moons ago..(wish I still had the shirt) I'll trade it for a new or used "Katy Lied,Pretzel logic or Royal Scam CD"

All For Now, David

Name: Clas
Sometimes in winter

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 06:09:45

forgotten memories/remember you behind the trees.


Lobbyist - Oleander (censoremachine and the new Gbook format)

StAl - "whatever you say mam"

The Truth Tellers - Clas, Gaucho.

The Great Dan - Pompe

the Cat of the Year - Nisse

I'm Shaking My Shadow Hand - Edd Cote

"What Is An Aquarell?" - YGK

The Best Guitar Player - My son Jonas (yes I AM a jewish mother)

The Jewish Mothers - Clas and Roy

The Clueless Yankees - the Clueless Yankees

My dearest friend, the Wise, the Sweetie, the Brave - RubyBaby


Name: JosieDanFan
well ain't that a kick in the pants...

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 04:28:00

Seems like your gone for a few days, and no one remembers you're name (you know who you are!!)even after you so kindly did what they asked of you. I don't even know why I bother being nice sometimes.

Katy: Sounds like fun. My brother was just in N.Y. for New Years. I haven't heard from him yet, so I don't know if he survived Time Square.

I would write more but I wouldn't want to bother anybody with my ramblings...

Name: Original Lester

Date: Sunday, January 3, 1999 at 02:54:32

Congratulations Cardinals, it's about fuckin' time. Thanks for terminating the Cowboys. Now it's your turn, Green Bay. KILL THE NINERS I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I HATE THEM!!! Gee, the way I'm sounding, you'd think I was the new Lester.

Name: JustKatyDanFan
all right, oh yeah, uh huh....

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 22:18:21

Dr Mu: lol, yes I thought that Little Anthony and the MIracles didn't sound right. Seeing those titles now, it makes me wonder what I liked about those songs, way back when, lol. But at the time I loved them!

Dangerman: Welcome back! Ummm the Egg Bowl, I don't know, could it have something to do with that omelet I made this morning? Seriously, nothing would surprise me in football, there just might be a bowl game called the Egg Bowl, I'll have to check out the sports section!

Bob: You always have some very interesting info there, hmm, just yesterday I was wondering if anyone in here liked Three Dog NIght as much as I did, and here you are mentioning them.. Lately, I feel like I'm going down memory lane.

El Supremo: Glad you got here, and also back in the USA safely....{{{hugs}}} and hurry home, would you? You mentioned the 40,00 Headmen and now.....I know that I know that song. I can't recapture it, I'm trying, but I know that in fact I also loved that song. The music and also the lyrics. How do you guys remember all these songs......but I'm thinking now...did Blood Sweat and Tears sing that too at some point. I believe it's on one of their albums that I heard it, if it's the one I'm thinking of, David Clayton Thomas is singing it? 40,00 headmen couldn't do...something, but what? LOL....I hope someone posts on this and fills in the gaps for me! Either that or you'll have to sing it when you call me. ILYM

JustKaty :)
who's going to the drug store for memory pills tomorrow

Name: dangerman

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 21:40:04

Happy New Year Dan fans,

I think the guy running the chat room is taking a nap tonight. I couldn't get in to even talk to myself. Being new to this site brings revelations all the time. My latest is that if I go out of town for a few days, I miss out on lots of conversation and it takes me a little while to sort thru it when I return.
I shall remain on the perimeter, but I must say thanks for the nomination, Eviva. It's an honor:) I was in Tennessee, which has nothing to do with anything, but now I'm glad to be back home. I got the Beatle's White album (CD) for Christmas. Unbelieveably, I had never listened to the whole album before- just what was on the radio.
Here's a Question: Since college football is almost over, this is about football. What is the Egg Bowl? If you're in the deep South, don't answer. And... What does it have to do with Steely Dan? Just kidding. The second question doesn't count. Now, realizing that all you posters in the NE (several have mentioned that) don't have a reason to care, I was just curious if you had heard of it.

Later Alligators, Dangerman

Name: DrMu
wax in my head

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 20:56:06

Imperials = Miracles

Name: peg
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 20:55:20

lovebob: that's only because he hasn't heard you guys completely acoustically (my preferred show, as you know).

Name: El Supremo
lonnies playroom, is a bunker filled with sand. com
Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 20:53:43

Hello and Happy New Year, 1999----DanFanDom/GB'ers!!!!

Yes, I am in the 'travel' business, which is exactly why I am not always with my most beautiful wife-for-life, "JustKaty".

I have been a DanFan since 1972, when I thought the album cover of "Can't Buy A Thrill" was interesting, and "Do It Again", and "Reelin'In The Years" was getting a lot of airplay.

Yes, "JustKaty" and I "met-on-the-net", found a luscious commonality in both being Steely Dan music fans, and have been in awesome and true love since.

HSD, I am back in the USA, in Texas now!!!


I Definitely Do!!!



P.S.: I think if you will look at the ParaChat schedule for the chat room, 'Saturday' ain't listed!! I have been trying to 'sign on', too!!

Yep, Dave Mason and Stevie Winwood, and Traffic----"40,000 Headmen" was one of my personal favs.

Name: DrMu
let me make it up

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 20:25:01

This ballot: Little Anthony and the Miracles..."I think I'm going out of my head" and "It hurts so bad"...phrasing out of this world and that bolus of fear & loathing we crave.

Name: bob tedde

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 19:51:25

Traffic thread: The 5 Man Electrical Band were the one hit wonders behind "Signs", not Traffic. Ahead of there time? Maybe, or maybe just timeless. Their first album, Mr. Fanatasy (not available in its original form) was a unique and exquisit blending of Psychadelia, Rock, Pop, Soul (of the British persuasion) with a seasoning size pinch of Jazz. An alternative quick -n- dirty Sgt. Pepper's of sorts for the more immediate minded (probably Stones worshiping) music listener who perhaps Pepper a bit over thought out. After that they quickly dropped the Psychedelic bent (which saddened me to some extent, in favor of a further exploration into blending that elusive area where Jazz and Soul intersect, with Rock/Pop songwritting. Oh yeah, don't forget about Old English folk influence either. (John Barleycorn Must Die)

Of interest to some of you may be the fact that Traffic gave us "Feelin' Alright" which most people know cuza Joe Cocker . 3 Dog Night fanatics can thank Mr. Winwood and Co. for "Heaven Is In Your Mind", as well as BS&T's "Smiling Phases". And why wasn't Was (Not Was) {I love how that reads} hit "Walk The Dinosour" hauled into court for being a blantent rip off "Pearly Queen"?

A really good collection of Traffic can be found on the 2 cd compilation "Smiling Phases"

Interesting side note: Dave Mason requested of a local club that my band never again open for him, unless we play completely acoustically. Hmmm.......

And to think I logged on to weigh in on some sloppily made Beatle related comments. It'll have to wait until later. Pardon me while I kitchen floor.


Name: maj©

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 19:42:42

Mitch: Traffic's John Barleycorn album has a couple of songs on it I think could have fit in nicely on a Dan album, namely Empty Pages and the song after it. Very bass-y too.


Name: KatyDanFan
in a hurry, but...

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 19:36:22

Lester: I tried the chat room several times this evening, it kept telling me I might be in a bogus room, that I was not in the room originally set up "for this site."


Name: Mitch
critics corner

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 18:52:38

Ruby, Traffic after Dave Mason, They were jazzy " The low sparks of high heeled boys. Maybe some G.Bers were not around in 71 or 73 Lester, Are you a Browns fan? my cousin works in the front office. Syracuse is so fuckin erratic, you never know when they`ll show up The Big 10 rules. ROAR LIONS ROAR, Joe Paterno undefeated in 99

Name: lester the nightfly
yeah yeah yeah

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 18:38:00

Hey I cant get into the room either without a password.
St. Al help us!!!!

Name: KatyDanFan
and the scales tip on the side of....

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 18:21:41

the Beatles, MItch!


Name: rubybaby
your woman in tokyo

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 17:23:07

Mitch: Are you speaking of the Traffic with Dave Mason? The "signs, signs, everywhere a sign" Traffic? Traffic was fun, but ahead of its time seems an overstatement to me. Why don't you explain what makes you say that? I'm listenin'... (I used to think Deep Purple was ahead of its time. Now I don't know.)

to everyone: SOMEBODY is using ruby on the YakYakYak chat site and has placed a password on it. The nerve!! So if you ever see ruby chatting, it ain't me.


Name: Battle of the Bands / Mitch
New G.B. Feature

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 16:01:03

Here`s a thought to start the New Year on the G.B.,A weekly "Battle of the Bands" vote. How this for a matchup in week #1 In honor of DR. MU The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones. Please no bogus posters, lets make it fair________my vote: The Stones

Name: !!!!!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Location: baton rouge, La
Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 15:54:47

Katy- I'm here at the foot of Mt. Belzoni trying to remember(reeling in the years if u will) on how I got started listening to the Dan of Steel. I've told this story before but I think its nice to talk about it every now and again especially since theres lots of rookies in here. I was 17 getting in my car after serving my 1 hour detention for doing something stupid in school, I cant remember what(either skipping class or smokin)
anyway I got into the car turned on the radio and heard FM.
I listened and fell in love with the song instantly. I never heard it before even though at the time it had been out 10 years already. I went right to the record store and bought Gold. The rest is history. I got to see them in 96'(where they recorded Babylon Sisters Live) and I can't wait to see them again.

Mitch- maybe nobody agreed with ya! But I did hear about a rockamentary on the Aja Album. I'd reather see a Behind the Music Special on their whole career but I'll take what I can get.

El supremo- what do u do that u have to travel all the time and not be with your family? What city r u in today?

Original Lester- I thank u for letting me sublet your name!
I will leave it as !!!!!!!!!!!LESTER THE NIGHTFLY!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont think !!!!!!!LESTER THE CLEVELAND BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!
will work to well but thanx for the sugestion.


Name: Guest Book 911 Team
Holiday kindness still lingering

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 15:44:58

The G.B. has been a mutual admiration society lately. WE haven`t recieved any calls about being "flamed" .If this irratic behavior continues we will be forced to have a reduction of personel.

Name: Mitch
Steely Dan on VH 1?

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 15:35:05

Is a Rockumentary on SD on this month? Vh 1 website has a piece about " Smooth Jazz" pioneer Jeff Lorber and he lists his top 5 traveling tapes. Aja and Gaucho are on his short list.
A few days ago I mentioned that Traffic was a group like SD who was way ahead of its time. I expected some feedback, but i guess everyone was consumed with the Poster Awards.

Name: The JustKatyDanFan
"...what a beautiful world this will be..."

Date: Saturday, January 2, 1999 at 12:34:36

RoyScam: Keep those memories coming....was thinking the same as Geena there, waxing eloquent, and let's not forget waxing poetic!

Geena: Don't tell me it's time to wax the furniture already?? After you're finished, I'll look forward to more good stories, and Geena, don't look now but I don't think you're cooking for just one winner, but for all of us! We'll be able to carry on like a regular Italian family, just give us each a script on index cards for when things get too quiet. I promise to help clean up if I'm not too tipsy on my feet by then!

Schwinn and LTNF!!!: Thank you for the wonderful designations you gave to us DanFans. I'm honored to be in here, truly, with all the great minds who frequent this GB.

GuestBook911Team: Now that was clever! Patch up and throw back the little ones, and pan fry the big ones!

Nappy Hair: Thanks for that little taste of Kwanzaa you gave us!

Bob Tedde: Funny stuff :)

Original Lester: Thanks for checking! To lose the intros, bridges and "other parts" of songs would not be good, hmmm, I guess they think the parts that stand out can be duplicated easily? Gee! I'm with you on the sightreading definition, and I might add, without having heard the music before! To me that's the really true test. One of the reasons I never became an excellent sightreader on piano is that I memorized every song too quickly, without trying to.

Dr. Mu: I agree, if someone is going to stick around long enough to figure out what you couldn't put in their hands as a composer, they must be already rather impressed with you, and even then, their patience will probably....wax and wane until someone gets it all down. Then, too, try bringing the extra singers in with all the harmony only in the mind of the composer. Talk about wasting time and going crazy!

Bodacious Cowgirl: Love your name, by the way. El Supremo and I were, in fact, DanFans before we met nearly two years ago. I know that our ears definitely "perked up" when we realized it about each other. For me, my own "moment of truth" came on the way to my school one morning.....

...... I heard My Old School, and although I remembered it, somehow I had never heard this very long version of it, and I wasn't sure who was playing it....I went crazy over it, I had to practically stop the car, I'm sure I went into a trance that day over that song! I kept getting more and more into it, and the song just didn't quit! I knew I had to have it on tape, to play all the time, the guitar solo, the way it went on and on, and so much energy in this song, wow, when I realized who it was, I thought yes, of course, it's them! How did I miss this? I already loved every other song I had heard in the past. I went out and bought the greatest hits tape three times in a row, since I wore each one out playing it. Since then I have not been without their music, that was close to ten years ago. By now I have my "30" favorites, as I've reaquainted myself with old songs I heard before and have listened to many I had not heard, thanks to my husband, who has everything that was ever recorded, I believe! What's so fun for me now is studying more of the lyrics, I'm simply amazed by the lyrics every day of my life; also, learning more about Don and Walt behind the scenes, and hearing all of you talk about them, which is fascinating and informative for me. And of course, looking forward to attending a concert whenever that happens! I'm also amazed that although we are all such different people in this GB, to be sure, there is a common thread that runs through these personalities here, something even more basic than our love for the Dan, I'm still trying to put my finger on that. It might just be that we're more real, somehow. I do believe most of us in here tell it like it is, knowing everyone will sort through our thoughts, if need be! I'll throw that out as food for thought. :) Anyway, I appreciate all you guys and gals and look forward to another year of reading all that you have to say as well as posting serious and silly bits and pieces of my own mind and heart.

I would love to hear how the rest of you got started as DanFans, when and where and how long ago?

Maj: Congrats on your little guy having his first christmas and to you for the talent you've developed. He's got to be a DanFan in the making who will appreciate that verse you created for many years to come! I knew right away Mudgie was him! Being a student of psychology, I love the psychological profile of Don and Walt idea. lol.....I won't be talking to them directly, but I will help score it when you do get it. How about the Minnesota Multiphasic Dan Inventory? (MMDI)

Michael C. Packard: Thanks for your kind words to El Supremo and me, and on the recordings you need look no further, we will email you! Sorry we missed that request earlier!

El Supremo: Speaking of you, sweetheart, where are you? My last post shows Slimmy, late Friday! I wonder if something's gone wrong with my site here! My most special Happy New Year sentiments to you, ILYM!

Just Katy :)
........taking a breather...

Name: Slimmy, Son of William

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 23:36:47

Ok, the votes have been tallied and here are the results:

1. Best male poster of 1998: Roy Scam
2. Best male poster on a mission: Dr. Mu
3. Best male poster closest to the Bat Phone: Edd
4. Best male poster with Full Monty: Michael C. Packard
5. Best male poster living in a Monarchy: Clas
6. Best male poster living in exile: Sociable Hermit
7. Best male poster who hates us: Kinky
8. Best male poster with direct access to gumbo: Zeke
9. Best male poster with shameless, errorful information: SEMB
10. Best male poster who smells of June Lockhart: The Stranger

1. Best female poster of 1998: Oleander
2. Best female impersonator poster of 1998: Return to Brenda
3. Best female poster with time on her hands: Rose Darling
4. Best female poster smelling of garlic: Geena
5. Best female poster / travel agent: Lisa
6. Best female poster with a headache: Myra Eyeful
7. Best female poster who owns perfect Danfest locale: Ruby Baby
8. Best female poster seduced by light: Eviva Laughs
9. Best female poster of 1976: Farrah Fawcett

** Best poster overall who greases the machine: St. Al

Name: Michael C. Packard
Location: Enjoying 'Mother Nature's Fireworks and Light Show In The Pineywoods Forest of Deep East Texas, USA
Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 22:17:19

Howdy, and Happy New Year, DanFanGangLand!!!!

Geena, yes---this is my real email address.

Lester and the "original Lester"-----maybe the Guestbook DanFans can come up with another 'name' for the "original Lester".

Ruby, Rose, Oleander, Josie, Peg, Eviva----you are very 'special' to love and enjoy the SD music, regardless of Eli's comments.

Pete, Pat, SteveV, Schwin, Dr. Mu, Lester, Clas, Tomas, Edd, Hoops McKay, King John----and, so many others, hoping you are having a GREAT New Year, 1999!!!

Walter and Donald (wherever you are right now) hoping your health is GREAT, and please post when we can expect anything 'new' from you guys, okay???

JustKaty & El Supremo----so happy for you and your love with one another---inspires us all!!!

I love your website, Oleander-----keep it up, kiddo!!!


; )

P.S.: Still looking for a 'trade' of my Steely Dan soundboard live recordings for your Rosie Vela's "Zazu", and Thomas Jefferson Kaye's & Shades CD or tape of Walter and Don's "American Lovers", and "Jones" recordings---please advise, and email me at my posted email address.

Have a Very GREAT one, Gang!!!!

Name: Peter North
Time to pop the cork!

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 22:02:03

My resolution: Time for a cumback!!!

Name: DrMu

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 21:52:22

Mitch: The total was greater than the sum of the parts. To top off you list, George Martin's "tribute" is a complete joke: Jim Carrey and Robin Williams on vocals? McCartney still was a great musician, but as a songwriter - he desperately needed his main editor, John, to tell him what sucked and what didn't..."Yesterday" was originally "Green Eggs and Ham". Maybe 5 or 6% of the post-Beatles McC is actually decent and a good bit has quite high fidelity...ironically, Ringo and Harrison were at least as successful commercially and critically, respectively...but that's not saying much.

Name: DrMu
and in the end

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 21:43:29

Mitch: the total was greater than the sume of the parts. To top off you list, George Martin's "tribute" is a complete joke: Ji Carrey and Robin Williams on vocals. McCartney still was a great musician, vut as a songwrite - he deperately neede hi mian editor John to tell him what sucked and what didn't...Yesterdays was originally green eggs and ham. Maybe 5 or 6% of the post Beatles McC is actually decent and a good bit has quite high fidelity...ironically, Ringo and Harrison were at leats as successful commercially and critically, respectively...but that's not saying much.

Name: Mitch
critics corner

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 21:11:04

None of the Beatles had it, as Solo artists. Sting was superb in the movie Leaving Las Vegas. His cabaret style was a throwback to the late 50`s and 60`s. Paul McCartney would have been thrown out of the studio.Wings and the Plastic Ono were Dogs.

Name: maj©
Location: Barrytown,
Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 21:10:16

Ho Ho Ho, Citizens. Hope you've been enjoying the sleigh bells of Charlie Freak during this holiday season. I haven't had many opps to enjoy the GB lately but checking the last few days posts has been fun. Poster vote: Scrolling with my big toe!!

Well, it's here, 1999 -- the dawn of new Dan!! New album, a tour, television specials!! I can't wait!!

I have three Dan wishes for 1999 to share. But first, a warm and fuzzy Christmas moment: Our little boy is now 6 months old and celebrated his first Xmas last week around the same time that Dad can confidently say that I've learned to play my first Steely dan song beginning to end -- Chain Lightning ( Imagine that Hank!!) on bass guitar. Christmas Eve I was playing Chain and penned this third verse:

Me & Mudgie / first Christmas night
Playing under / the candle light
Kickin and cooing / with all your might
Rudy watches / off to the right
He's standing just where he stood / it was
Chain Lightning / it feels so good

Play it in place of the repeated second verse after the solos. Notes: Mudgie (pronounced "muj-ee", its my son's nickname; Rudy is our kitten).

Now for the Wishes for 1999 (assuming album is released):

1. I can catch a Steely Dan show somewhere in California this summer AND still have a family to return home to;

2. That the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame cuts its losses in Cleveland and relocates to it's true home in Philadelphia and in its first display of good taste inducts Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.

3. That somehow I make it a priority to conduct the "fabled" formal psychological profile assessment of Walter and Donald, analyze the data and prepare and publish an analysis that provides a glimps into the personalities of Becker and Fagen. Good news: access to free psychological assessment materials to conduct the study. Bad news: time and enough knowledgeable people to complete the surveys based on their interactions with D+W. Having D+W agree to participate makes it more reliable and quicker. Great timing for this would be to coincide with release of new album.

So, just a couple of things I've been kicking around. Mail me personally with any suggestions please.

Best regards,


Name: Bodacious Cowgirl
Who's that kinky so-and-so?

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 20:59:28

Nappy Hair- Thanks for the cool Kwanzaa posts!
Geena- I loved your post about Christmas with your Italian Family.
El Supremo and Katy- Were you both Dan fans before you met?

I love the energy of this guest book-
I'll try to come around more often.


Name: Geena
one can live sans food

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 18:45:54

Roy.Scam: Let me correct you before someone else does (at least I'll be nice about it), you just called us all good *a--holes*! It's Feliz Ano Nuevo sweetie. My year started off with a headache, probably from shooting down too many Remy's.

You can also wax eloquently, wax the car, wax the floor and the moon often waxes and wanes.

Off to wax the furniture......

Name: peg
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 18:45:28

Oh, lovebob, here we go again. It's "just one red rose and a tender goodbye" and the b-g vox are "one last goodbye".

Name: DrMu
UCLA and Defense are mutually exclusive

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 17:24:37

OL: One of the advantages Stevie had, beside being a true genius, is that he was generally the person who had to "read" the charts since he played most of the instruments! Pehaps I should not use the term "sightreading" synonymously with "reading music" which is generally what I mean. It's amazing how Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder wrote "charts' and produced some of the Motown stuff. Supposedly Ray Charles could do arranging right there in the studio off the cuff. My only argument is that the rest of the mortal world has to be able to read and write music effectively to be able to communicate, like in the SD case, pretty complicated musical ideas to musicians who will play the stuff. Otherwise you're a modern-day physicist who doesn't know calculus, a chemist who doesn't understand the periodic chart or orbitals, and antomist who doesn't know the parts of the body, a federal legislator who doesn't know the Constitution (oh, yeah...we've got about 435 of those already).

Name: Original Lester

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 15:29:03

Ruby- Which coast?

Name: Original Lester
Yeah, yeah so Bakersfield sucks

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 15:23:16

Lester the Nightfly- I'm afraid there's no turning back, pal. The name is yours. I'm sort of like the Baltimore Ravens, although I don't suck like they do. Because of my long absence, and because my new name requires less typing, you can be the new Cleveland Browns or whomever you choose to be.

JustKaty- Being that I hit those websites 3 years ago, I can not remember where they are. I'll check it out to see if I can help. Also, keep in mind that in my not-so-sparkling review of the Hal Leonard songbook, I mentioned that there are major inaccuracies on the last three albums- not nearly as many on the first four. The piano chart on Charlie Freak may be fairly accurate. One other persistent problem in the book is the absence of intros, bridges, and other parts of songs. Perhaps the company thought nobody would actually try to play SD material.

Dr. Mu- Glad you caught the Stevie Wonder remark, although I was half serious. I saw an old interview with him circa 1979 in which he told Barbara Walters he wanted to learn to read music. By 1979, of course, he had created most of his best work. All I can say is I think it is quite possible for someone to compose well without having sightreading ability, and there's probably a lot more songwriters who have pulled it off than who would actually tell you they couldn't sightread. Perhaps we are having a semantics problem- my understanding of the term "sightreading" pertains to the ability of a musician to play a piece accurately off sheet music with little or no practice. Congratulations on that bass clef thing.

Name: DrMu
those trunks full of sheep

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 14:54:40


Name: DrMaoMao
how does an egg get nogged?

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 14:30:03

Roy: I'm jealous and frankly surprised that you Silk Purse cover is in pristine, or at least in a despoiled, Mao: didn't John write that? Well, George is just an illiterate musician and an outstanding technician. Amazingly, the songs he put on "All Things Must Pass" were thunk-up while a Beatle and stored in his noggin (must have been some primitive read/write ROM kind of thing) for years before he laid them down in '70 or so since he can't read or right music - just an absolutely amazing ear. Then again Paul and George Martin were illusterately literate musicians, so they could help flush out Harrison's songs that he did sneak in during the Beatles era. C'mon, George has written some great songs and has played some tasty licks (which is even more amazing since he didn't pick up a guitar for 4 years in the 70s), but has anything he's done solo SOUND as good as "Something" on Abbey Road? OK, CrackerJack Place is close but no cigar (jeez - that cliche has a different connotation now, doesn't it?)...Can one be a complete musician in these non-troubador times and be illiterate? Is Sting really a jazz musician?

Name: Mitch
Time out of mind, between football games

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 14:24:10

Best Wishes to all for a happy new year. This site continues to make the juices flow, which is a tribute to the creative people that post here.

Name: RubyBaby
I @m the invisible ring...

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 14:07:02

A big "Thanks" to everyone who has posted here. You've been a bright spot in my life. Cheers to all the scurvy ones!

Oleanderita: Way to go! I love your travelogue and the poem you translated. I collect poetry like that. Simple but deep.
btw, I vote for you as the female poster of the year.

RoyScam: fezo said what I was going to say, except better. You had me laughing whether I wanted to or not.

RazorBoy: you have my vote for the most intriguing poster of the year.
My 1st answer to your last question was really off the cuff and without much thought. ( due to the flu, we hadn't had many "dance parties" around here and I was quite rammy.) A more thoughtful answer is as follows:

I'm the owner of a restaurant/inn by the coast (any coast will do) and different people stay there. They are the narrators of all the songs on Countdown To Ecstacy. Even in my fantasies, I'm a people watcher.

A blessed year to all-

Name: bob tedde

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 13:57:11

Roy Scam: Oh yeah, it's also possible to "wax rhapsodic" (sp?) according to my memory.


Location: Conservativille, CALI not really
Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 13:53:20

1. Check into the guestbook more often. (Amazing how happenin' this place still is given it's age)

2. Get The Steely Damned into at least ONE other major US City. (near you)

3. Same as #2 but without loosing money.

4. Get a recording of our 1998 Le Bar Bat performance.

5. Play the Do It Again solo flawlessly. (live, that is. I'm 6 and 0 in my bedroom. Something about playing guitar naked, Maybe next time we're in Frisco....))

6. Find a higher appreciation for the Kamakiriad album.

6b Find ANY appreciation for "11 Tracks....(ok that's an exageration, but it still hasn't worked the kind of magic on me as it has the more spellbound of you. I blame myself.)

7. Write a song as good as anything on 11 TOW

8. Be more tolerant and less verbally abusive of Dan fans who come out to see a Steely tribute and only want to hear the "hits". Actually, make that LESS tolerant and MORE verbally abusive.

9. Convince Peg that there is NO WAY Fagen is singing "long last goodbye" in the first bridge of "The Second Arrangement"
(and if he's not singing "Panda", he would, upon hearing it once, wish he had.)

9. Get drunk enough to play drums on Dirty Work. (last song of the night and only if we're at the Belly Up Tavern)

10. Never EVER again mix JD, Cheap (make that 'free') Champagne, Merlot, White Rush'n's and Jaegermeister (unless we're at the Belly Up and we're heading towards Dirty Work)

11. Listen to more Jazz and figure out how Andy Partridge uses it make XTC music.

12. Find more time to read (up on my favourite TV programs.)

13. Get either one of my parents to stops saying "Steely Damns" or "which one of you is supposed to be Dan?"

14. Write really positive poetry about really bad things.

15. love everbody. ( know...)

16. Sleep with only one woman a night. (it's not what you think)

17. Make less lists, and more progress.

18. Make all the right hard decisions, while getting other people to make all the right easy ones.


Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 12:20:27

Buenas Anus to all! (Are you sure that's how you say happy new year in Spanish?)

I decided to start the year off with a severe food and drink hangover this morning but a little Steely Dan in the car on the way to the grocery store made life tolerable and mysterious again. It's 1999 already and 1975 still sounds great.

Just Katy: Thanks for the cahance to wax nostalgic. (Why is nostalgic the only adjective one can wax?) The memory train leaves here about twice daily for Yesterdayland, or you could just drive into Springtime.

fezo: Thanks for the kind words and same to you. Just for that, I won't mention the UVA/Georgia Tech game earlier this year. Do I have your permission to mention the Va. Tech / Temple game? --- I've heard the Rufus Wainwright CD and it's rather listenable IMO. I think his appeal is based on good, albeit slow , melodic hooks and the ability to sound like Harry Nilsson on barbituates. My teenagers all like him. --- BTW: Are you responsible for the demise of Lorrie Morgan's first husband?

Edd: Are you going to cyber-sing "Hippo birdie, two ewes" for Donald Fagen's birthday?

Dr. Mac, I mean Mu: The Silk Purse album jacket holds up well; I checked yesterday. And it was made years before Catherine Bach was credited with developing that art form. -- And, Doc, implying that George Harrison is a non musician will help yoor credibility about as much as carrying pictures of Chairman Mao.

What a website: A doctor with wit, a lawyer with a soul, a Texan with taste, a warm New Englander, a Scandanavian with funk, and several other interesting species.

Happy 2K - 1,


Name: Senor Pescador
El Hombre De Mantanemeniento
Location: La Ciudad de Arboles, N/A Espana
Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 05:41:09

Ceraza, Ceraza: Gracias para un ano magnifico. Feliz Ano Nuevo. (Donde esta el goddamn tilde key?)

Todo de mi amor, y corozon...
Sr. Feexeet.

Pe Esse: como se dice "knock, knock"?

Name: Nappy Hair
On the last day of Kwanzaa, my true love gave to me...

Date: Friday, January 1, 1999 at 04:15:49

Imani (Faith), so Heaven we would see.

have a "NAPPY" New Year

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