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Name: steviedan
so i suppose...

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 23:24:08

... that phil spector was practicing "intellectual pedofilia", along with all the cats who wrote I vi IV V7 doowop songs ad nauseam, or arguably EVERY rock pop soul country "artist" that ever "lowered themselves" to pen a nursery rhyme for the masses ? compare the britney tune "lucky" (which she even co-wrote wow) to any similar pop candy and it holds up. as pop candy. it ain't art. it ain't steely dan. it ain't legit. why judge it by that standard ? these guys have their finger on the pulse of the pop world circa 2000 and that is what it is. what they do they do better than anyone else, objectively speaking.

aus, backatcha oh tasteful one. do you have the projeckts box set ? incredible.

wormthatistom, for clarification the bill evans comments were my own. the album review of the acoustic picker that covers "josie" was straight outta the new guitar player magazine, which also contains a nice article on the larry carlton/steve lukather collaboration. i present this caveat envisioning the possibility of a four day thread on how his version sucks and steviedan recommended it. merely your reporter on that one, but i'm gonna check it out anyway...

and by the way, now you only infrequently hint at the greatness that the wormish lingo has been historically. more ! more !

oh, and one MORE "where the hell..." i forgot yesterday ... yergoldkeith ? malc ?

ladyb, heavily relating to your statement about the bene's of unemployment. there are these people at my house. i remember them... my family ! don't get me wrong, we've always been close and happy and all, but the time we've had during these two weeks are worth more than gold. music continues to be an angel as the phone has been ringing off the hook for gigs and with the prospect of teaching in the areas i have been neglecting...

"future's so bright, i gotta wear shades" (from silly pop song by timbuk 3, thank god for silly pop songs sometimes)


Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 23:13:02
there were three goodbyes

Name: The Walrus was
Gene Siskel

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 22:22:01
Purdie also played Ratso in 1969's "Midnight Purdie."

Name: Hey Purdie
Don't make it bad

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 22:20:12
Fab 4: John, Purdie, George & Ringo.

Current Pope: John Purdie II

Name: The truth is *way* out there.
The *real* reason Purdie was brought in...

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 19:59:59
Comments: because Ringo was playing bass. The truth is that Ringo played bass on everything after Rubber Soul because Paul was dead. Yes, all that fabulous innovative bass playing and songwriting was done by Ringo, and because he was so much better than Paul, Paul became jealous one night and drove into a tree in a fit of rage. The fake "Paul", you know... the one who broke up the Beatles... was brought in mostly for photo shoots, until he started to think he was really "The Walrus" and alienated the rest of the band.

I will now have to be killed.

Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 17:36:03

Fans of the "Sgt. Pepper... " album will note that on the album cover a couple of faces have been removed. Documented sources show that Leo Gorcey and Mohandas Ghandi were removed "post exposure", and Adolph Hitler was forced to wait stage left.

What *isn't* documented is the reason for the large space almost dead center in the top row, between Edgar Allen Poe and Fred Astaire.

That's where Bernard Purdie stood, holding his 5 figure hush money check.

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:58:42
I love(d) Kurt. I'm convinced that what happened to him was the result of medical and psychological conditions and not because he was a "loser." I sit and drink Pennyroyal tea.

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:49:23
Duncan....lithium is usually prescribed for people with bi-polar disorder, commonly referred to as's supposed to just even out the mood swings from high/low to a happy medium....I'm not familiar with it's use for post-partum depression....I would think it will greatly improve her situation if in fact that's what her problem is (bi-polar)....a girl I work with has been taking lithium for about 15 years and swears by it....anyway, good luck with the situation, guess the best thing you can do for family is to be there.

thanks angel & steviedan....went with Opti for her post-op check-up and the doc gave her a clean bill of more week off of work for her...I get to go back to work tomorrow and do the three 12 hour shifts through the weekend....check back in with all you good folks Monday.

no bird shots today as we were out running errands most of the day and just laid across the bed at the sliding glass doors and watched the feeder late this afternoon....saw a very immature female cardinal still following her mama and crying for food....she was almost as big as mama but had a mottled coat and a black beak with no mask.

back to the grind....MC

Name: Joe A.
The kid will live and learn

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:31:11
Just finished "Reelin in the years" By Brian Sweet. Each chapter title is a reference to a lyric:Bodacious Cowboys, Crimson Tide,Slow Hand Row etc. But I'm stuck on 2 of them "shuffling up your downs" and "proud to be your slave" any of the experts in Dan land know what tunes they're from? Thanks.

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:27:53
So what your telling me is
''Hold tight the shit is realy going to hit the fan soon''

Dig deep
I Am
( holding breath long enough to come up & help familt member)

P.S. I know It's not dan based but this is my life @ the moment.
Dan before me. Dan now (present) Dan future (young Dan)
All is to be decieded here.
Bad speller

Name: Jimbo

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:23:03
I was wondering if Jenna Bush drank her big Black Cow? ;)

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:19:22

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:15:29
I love drinking & typing
love drinking & typing
I love drinking & typing
love drinking & typing
I love drinking & typing
love drinking & typing
I love drinking & typing
love drinking & typing
I love drinking & typing
love drinking & typing

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:12:51

Kurt Kobain (loser) + Lithium = bang bang
(could be wrong)


Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:10:38

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:07:58
Please forward any info on Lithium to

Tired Knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:04:14
I'm fine I'm just waiting for the the rest to catch up !!

Tired Now :(

Name: Leon
til the break of dawn

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 15:04:05
I see you are quite familar with the gay terms, self R. But I'm not that kind of guy. Sorry to get you all riled up, ass bandit.

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:59:30
'' you talkin to me''

Name: eLLe

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:54:11

Name: The Beatles Recording Sessions

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:49:32
Paul laid the original drum tracks for "Back in the USSR", but that during the next session two more drum tracks were laid while Paul played other instruments. This implies someone else laid the subsequent drum tracks, but doesn't say who.

Could it be... "The Hit Maker"?


Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:44:20
What a fantasic hold on Engish & grammer I'm getting
IT's all falling into place now !!
That last mesage of mine made even me piss my pants
Till I;m @ work & of the drink I still mean what I said about Lithium & info needed asap

Name: There's a book

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:44:07
"The Beatles Reording Sessions" with exact session info. Purdie played on two, maybe three tunes while Ringo played percussion, in the days when the rhythm section tracks were recorded live and dubbed over. But I'm purdie sure everything from Pepper on was Ringo, except "Back in the USSR" (Ringo had "quit") and "The Ballad of John and Yoko" which both were Paul on drums. I'll try to find what exact tracks they were...

ugh! I hate homework!


Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:24:23
angel please send me that e-mail ASAP, we are putting together the list as we speak. I must take what I see. FYI, our singers original hard rock band "Red Zero" has its track "Trouble" featured on as "track of the day" If you log on to and click on the "hard rock" genre button, you will see Red Zero listed there

Name: Duncan
A little ''tipsy''

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:22:12
Please excuse spelling & grammer
I saw Neil Young @ phoenix 98 having never seen or heard of his ''stuff'' before & thought him an excellent show person (as in he played for the festival crowd ''me'' & gave a memorabale show if only to me Bloody Drugs & cheap @ that)
Ithought he was great but have sadly not bought any of the neil meister' product to this date.

Meanwhile I'm dealing with a family member who has been diagnosed with severe '' Post Partum Dipression'' & just this
week has been pre-scribed Lithium.

Should I trust a family member with a drug I myself have never tried.

Karen has all the support a loving family can give but now Linda need I need more support & info as so many G.Bs have moore time access to the internet any davice would be welcome.

P.S. should I let her stay with Linda & I drugs or no drugs.
now I'm answering my own questions .
Is this a signg of GB madness
or should I plough on
What the hell ''Blossom Hill is calling

Name: self-righteous fucker
You're absolutely right Leon *ster.

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:15:18
I don't care what you think. But just for my own amusement I'm going to answer your questions. Try to keep up.

"You people make my asshole spasm on this guestbook."

Thanks for the compliment, but I think you're "cruising" the wrong site.

"Are you for real?"

Does it matter?

"I was under the impression that this is a forum for discussing Steely Dan and yet?"

You're an idiot. You were wrong. Get over it.

"I'm sure you consider yourselves very clever but would Don and Walt approve of this ridiculous chowder being spouted in the name of the Dan?"

You sure you're sure? You seem to be a stupid fuck so you 'd better check yourself. We don't need Don or Walt's "approval" anymore than they need ours. But hey, N*Sync needs your approval, so you'd better hop right over to their site. They'd *really* get your asshole spasming.

"I don't think so- but I'm sure you self-righteous fuckers don't care what I think."

Little problem with your parents ignoring you? I'd suggest you get some therapy but I don't care.

"So please resume your banality."

Thanks for your contribution.


Name: TheFez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:12:44
To Ausupremo
Hey AUS, got your mail. Thanks a lot you're a real pal. Very much appreciated is there anything i can do for you ?
Look forward to receiving TOW.
Have a great day and may the force be with you.
The Fez

Hello to CYN, JIM ,DIF and the rest of the danners.

Name: Jim

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 14:01:19
Wormy: New one by the CDrifters? whoo-hooo!

StevieDan: some of my best friends work in music stores...

Name: Jenna Bush
fishbowl@damn that dad

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 13:43:49
If only he hadn't copped to all that stuff. Knowing it now has made me want to go out and raise bigger hell than GW ever did.
Pass me another Margarita!

Name: Anne Heche
six days, seven nights

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 13:33:01

I waited for you Walter...

Name: Mulhommad Ali

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 13:24:28
Yo Spinks, shut your pie hole or I will kick your ass. And another thing, I LIKE chowder.

Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 13:02:30
>- but I'm sure you self-righteous fuckers don't care what I think.

Of course we do. We're here for you Leon. Tell us why you're troubled.

We're listening...

Name: Leon Spinkster
giving you the old "one-eye"

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 12:36:56
You people make my asshole spasm on this guestbook. Are you for real? I was under the impression that this is a forum for discussing Steely Dan and yet? I'm sure you consider yourselves very clever but would Don and Walt approve of this ridiculous chowder being spouted in the name of the Dan? I don't think so- but I'm sure you self-righteous fuckers don't care what I think. So please resume your banality.

Name: eLLe

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 10:33:28
when Quin the Eskimo get here..
walrus- the Ontario Police are the OPP, Ontario Provincial Police.

does anyone remember the Canadian band Max Webster- guitarist Kim Mitchell? He usually wore an OPP baseball hat.

BTW- Neil Young won the Juno Award for Best Male Artist this year. ; ) Canada's equivalent to the Grammy's

Name: mWorld
you have to have power to run an email address.
Location: and this is:, California
Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 10:21:10
Stal, a few questions, based on your 5/30 post:

1) Did I understand you to say you considered some us friends?
2) Would that include those of us in the vast, treeless, cow-infested land directly south of you too?
3) Can we have a slumber party next week and do that thing with the Nixon statuette and the cocktail sauce again?


Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 10:15:25
The Fez in Australia: Hey...I bought you a copy of Mr. Beckers 11 Tracks of Whack. It will be posted into our United States Postal service, however long it takes for the mail to travel to you is when you should be getting your hot little hands on the compact disc. Let me know when you get it.

Topsoilantmoist-n-slitheryone: Thanks for colour on re-released Krimso trio. Haven't bucked up to add to burgeoning Krimso collection but it sounds like I should.

LadyBaySide: Have fun at LBB tonight. I spoke with Malc late last night...all's well. BTW..NMN dropped by UBS...busy and in good spirits.

Shouts to: StevieDan, JuJuPriestess supreme, CaraMiaMarsha, FloriDavid and Aja (wannabe dominatrix)...


Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 09:52:11

It's P-U-R-D-I-E, George. Spelling mistakes are often made when the author has never met the person in question.

Name: eLLe
there is a town in North Ontario

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 09:43:29
hey dif- my hubby went to the University of Winnepeg and Neil lived in Winnepeg at the time.(Fall of '72) He was invited to a party and Neil was going to be there. He decided not to go that night...probably,he says,it was a gazillion below zero weather outside, or he was tripping at the time, ( he can't remember). The party-goers were some people from the Royal Winnepeg Ballet Company,various artists,a bunch of University locals, who knew Neil and invited him. During the party a girl who had known Neil a long time said to him, " After all these years I would have thought that would have changed, but you're still the same old asshole!" Later hubby met up and the lot of them talked about that very subject. hehee

...with dreams comfort memories to spare
and in my mind, I still need a place to go
all my changes were there....

Name: Jimbo

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 09:37:58
Just got done watching VH1's Cheers and Jeers special for this year so far. Not Surprisingly Eminem got cheers for the Grammys.

Critics said that Eminem was bringing a message of "tolerance.?"
Man, they were really sucking up to him.

But, according to a VH1 poll, 2VN beat Eminem's crap CD by only 1% 31% to 30% for CD most deserving to win a Grammy for best

Even the Superbowl halftime show got Cheers? Huh? A cheer for
an overexposed band like N'Sync trying to hog up the stage with Aerosmith. Ray Charles should have got the cheers for America the Beautiful.

Even the R&R Hall of Fame got Cheers which was okay.

Toni Braxton and Bjork got jeers. No need to tell you why.

But Steely Dan winning the poll by a less than slim margin.
Scary, huh?

Name: Sir George Martin

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 09:34:03
Edd- It's P-u-r-d-i. And yes, he was the fifth Beatle!

Name: difjuz
everybody knows this is nowhere...
Location: chicago, circa 1972,
Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 09:13:50
i would like to add neil young to the gb list of names of those artists without a modicum of professionalism.
the concert,in support of the "harvest" album was billed as an 'electric evening with neal and his(then)band'.
young opened the show by himself with an acoustic guitar and in the middle of the third song indignantly left the stage never to return,uttering something like "i am not a fucking nickelodeon..."
it seemed that poor neil couldn't understand a few of the concertgoers insensitivities towards him and his solo acoustic set list.
to this day when i hear his whining and snivilling voice, i think back to that summer night that made for an angry and disappointing time in the life of a 15 year old boy.

everybody, everybody knows...

Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 08:07:57

This reeks of "urban legend". Everyone knows "someone", or has "heard from someone", but so far second/third/nth -hand reports are all we have.

When Ringo was 9 years old he was kidnapped in the Liverpool mall. After sealing all the entrances, the police searched high and low. They found him in the women's room. His abductors had already cut and dyed his hair and were dressing him as a little girl...

Bernard Perdie sat in for him in class until his hair grew back.

sorry Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 08:00:14
Fladavid- That's the true story.It's also what I've heard. Thanks for clearing it up. Purdie is Legit!

sorry Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 07:57:47
Fladavid- That's the true story.It's also what I've heard. Thanks for clearing it up. Purdie is Legit!

Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 07:54:24

Jimmy Nichol replaced Ringo for part of a tour in the 60's while Ringo had some medical problem (appendicitis?).

He says he earned $1200 for his efforts.

Perdie, of course, earned at least 10 times that amount for some anonymous overdubs that were done in a lead-lined room.

Name: LadyBayside
Location: the outskirts...,
Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 07:50:15
Good morning all,

Just wanted to stop by and extend an invitation, since YGK doesn't seem to be doing so...

Tycoon Dog, with whom our very own YGK plays, is playing at Le Bar Bat *tonight*...a nice Happy Hour early show...7-9pm. Knowing Pete Fogel, they will go on promptly, so do not be late if you want to see their entire set.

The band sounds great, Malcolm's got great chops, and it will be fun. Those of you who made the HOF Danfest know what a great club LBB is, and it would be great to see any of the NY/NJ contingent. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

NMN: where've you been hiding...oh, wait, that's me. Hope all's well.

Altamira: I think I arrived after you left, but I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a furry family member is terrible. Welcome back, btw.

Cyn: congraduations! I hope things were wonderful yesterday evening. Quite the occasion.

I hope to see some of the locals tonight. Aus, I know you can't make it. Shame...

Enjoy the day, everyone. Being unemployed has its benefits. I'm just going to hang out and enjoy the weather--and try not to let the panic overwhelm me.


Name: Floridavid

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 07:45:47
It's a known fact that Bernie Purdie was in London in the early 60's. This is a guy who played with Aretha Franklin on the Big Hits as well as many others artists.George Martin was well Aquainted with his work. In Drum circles it's said that Bernard played drums on some of the Beatles Demos as well as Tamborine and other percussives while masters were tracked. Ringo was a popular London Drummer with Rory Storm before he was in the Beatles. That's why they wanted him....he was a Local Celebrity
with Fans of his own. Ringo had lot's of live Gig experience but Bernard was an American Studio Pro. George Martin bought Ringo an Education in Studio work by having Bernie around for some of the sessions.

Name: Blasie
Original Purdish Drums

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 06:59:34
Either that or Dylan shared some good shit with them that first time, eh? Or all that LSD awoke ringo's tribal techno brain maybe?

Oh Pretty Drums
Only Purdie Does
Oh Pretty Ditty
Old Paul Digs...

Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 06:55:01

Is there any supporting evidence to Perdie's claim? Is there any record of someone other than Perdie who can substantiate the claim?

I'm not getting into a pissing contest over whether Ringo (or Paul) did or didn't have the chops to do the parts.

Name: the walrus was

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 06:40:43

how about a juicy little run at the Purdy / Beatles connection

lets see, the Patch on McCartney's Sgt Pepper sleeve OPD
isn't "Officially Pronounced Dead" or "Ontario Police Dept"
but "Ongoing Purdy Dilema"

that was Purdies volkswagon on the Abbey Road cover

any others Blaze?


Name: Blaise
all he has to do is act naturally

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 06:38:43
Edd - In your dreams Ringo could pull some of these grooves and fills that populate the Beatles studio output in the later years. I have to doubt that story even more. If not Purdie, then someone with a similar level of expertise and feel. Ringo? Nah...

Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 06:26:53

It would appear the only person who remembers Purdie playing on any Beatles sessions would be Purdie himself.

If you dig into it only slightly, it starts to smell like a boatload of crap. A $10K (MINIMUM!) "bonus" in 1963 to stay quiet? $130/hr double rate session fees? That seems like an ungodly amount of money for the time. Overdubs of 20+ songs *before* anything was released in the US?

Purdie might be quite the story teller...

Name: angel
Rose Darling

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 06:23:48
Good morning all....

I have a friend who is into the Beatles. The other day, out of the blue, he asks me about Bernard Purdie, knowing I had just seen him play in New York. As the conversation continues, he tells me that Purdie says that he played on some of the Beatles stuff and that no one ever knew. So I gave him some of my Dan stuff, including Home at Last and Babylon Sisters. His first comment to me was about that Hi Hat thing going on at the top of BS. Ended up listening to the CD's the whole weekend. He gets Making Aja next. :-)

Steviedan: You have been missed. I understand your wife's hating the independent contractor angle, but sometimes it can work out for the best. Good luck, whatever you do.
Rose Darling.....interesting choice. Would love to hear you play it.

Blaise: I am confused. I don't remember dissing the RLJ site. As a matter of fact, it is quite nice.

Good day all....

My friend....

Name: Blaise
live drummers rule

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 06:17:44
Clas, I think the slight shift in tempo on I Got The News is simply the result of the human body's natural limitations. Steve Gadd must have been wearing the tight pant that were popular at the time (it was the seventies)and every time he had to double hit the bass drum rapidly and keep it up for a few measures, he'd gain a fraction of a second. That's my theory. A machine would make it seemless and dull. It sounds more alive like that with an all too human live drummer, I think.

Name: wormy
you done done it

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 06:13:04
hey Stevie D is back
been pulling for you on the new job end
strings and things sounds interesting
thanks for the Bill Evans nods
I have a Jap import of the Riverside Green Dolphin Street disc with Philly Joe Jones - tasty stuff
you should do record reviews more often

New Continental Drifters Cd out next week
Release party monday in New Orleans
they will be out on tour on the westcoast next week
Aja - a heads up for San Diego Wednesday June 6th
may be on a bill with the Bangles?

hey Blaise - Purdy on the WHite Album? humm pur haps
I thought the Get Back sessions were all video taped
I can hear some of the elements you speak of
McCartney hit the skins on a few tunes himself

love the way Bernard explains his shuffle to Home At Last on the making of Aja video. When he starts playing double time and then singing along bop bop do te boppi de bop classic stuff

even funnier is Don and Walt telling the Purdy sessions story
clearly Don is saying alot with what he's not saying
yet his admiration is genuine

ever wonder if Skunk and Denny got the same meticulous try it again treatment that the hired session players endured?

Auss - hope the new assignment is treating you well
I had picked up those 80's Crimson discs
the remasters are nice and a few bonus cuts
but the Abscent Lovers live rendering seems to eclipse the studio efforts at times

took a glance at Brian Sweet's SD book in the bookstore last week

He mentions a Fagen tune "Heartbreak Memoir", I think it was Gaucho era, that they shelved because it was a little out of Donald's range

has this surfaced anywhere?

I always liked the fact that Donald never really showboated his voice but left the few vocal dynamics to Michael McDOnald and a myriad of female vocalists. Certainly substance over flair


I'm ready to cross that fine line

Name: Blaise
the sixth or seventh beatle

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 05:27:14
Yes Howard - What I find amazing in Purdie's shuffled intro on BS, is the fact that the bass drum and hi-hat action, presenting kind of an hesitation dance, really finds a resounding resolution with just the hit on the snare rim. It sounds as big as hitting the skin itself squarely. This guy's a natural with accents. And the way he handles the tom fills clearly gives creedance to the rumor that this guy played on the Beatles White Album, at least. Exact same style. No doubt in my mind.
Get back, Strawberry Fields (!)... the mind reels.

Name: Howard

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 05:03:15
Clas - yes, the nore you look at the BSisters chords, the more unlikely they seem. There's a lot of odd stuff going on, yet - as you say - it somehow seems to twist and flow in a very pleasing and natural way.

As for Purdie sounding "shaky" ... he sounds pretty damn fine to me on this one! I still can't quite get my head round what happens a few bars into the first verse ("... to the sea") - he starts up this soft triplet-ish snare and hi-hat thing. Can never quite follow it, just know it sounds great.


Name: While I kiss
The Sky

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 04:00:02
it is Tribal Tech and it ain't techno music, doll!
it's hardcore fusion of the wildest intense kind, electric guitars along with some mean BAD stuff to boost it into orbit LOL
very very very well produced!!!!!

Scott Henderson - Guitars
Gary Willis - Bass
Scott Kinsey - Keys
Kirk Covington - Drums

Jiminy Crock

Name: Blaise
hmm... fine threading

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 03:43:16
angel - I have never complained publicly about that. It's her site and it's mighty fine the way it is. Besides, if stuff is added means she's alive and well, and yes, we were wondering.

Like we were for steviedan. Yo! The only one I'll let defend Max Martin and tribal techno w/o having the urge to flame to smithereens because he could most likely defend it in a rational manner. I don't know how he would do it yet, but I have faith there is a rationale behind it that somehow makes them pertinent. When Max Martin finally makes enough dough, maybe his obvious intimate knowledge of groove and melody can be used to better ends is what I'm sayin'.

Like Clas said exactly: "They are making music for kids. And are doing it just for the money. Being an adult and writing imbecile music, kind of lowering yourself, is also some kind of intellectual pedofili." And I would add it's like stealing the kids's lunch money or allowance like a clever pied piper would and also, no doubt, a chance at an evening alone with Britney every six months to "write with" her.

Name: Dano
Where is LP

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 02:58:37
There"s a little nip in the air today in the UK.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Thursday, May 31, 19101 at 00:37:39
stevieDan - good luck with your new job, if you take it.

"due to the large heaps of american dollars piled around them, they can't hear your complaint..."

Who's said anything about complaining? They are making music for kids. And are doing it just for the money. Being an adult and writing imbecile music, kind of lowering yourself, is also some kind of intellectual pedofili.

And besides, in Sweden we're still using Kronor and …ren = SEK.


Name: Clas
@ work, black bird singing in the brain dead dawn...

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 23:32:20
Howard - isn't it kind of rare, apropos Babylon Sisters, a song is beginning in F# - B and the refrain is in Dm - Eb - F?

And all those Santa Ana-chords progressions in-between, and it all sounds so damn natural, kind of obvious. Great music.

I listened to the original recording from Gaucho yesterday, I was surprised over the left-ed angle, the sound-picture; the reggea-guitar at 9-a-clock (left), the drums/bass in the middle, the Rhodes in the middle (or at 1-a clock), it weights a lot over to the left (the intro that is).

And Purdies playing, nowdays when I listen to Babylon Sisters, he makes me worried, he's kind of shaky, or is it me, listening to too much sequenced stuff thru the late 80's and the 90's?


Felix - me being praised? I don't think so buddy, go figure.


Name: steviedan
waiting for guitar player magazine to call back

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 23:25:24
oh well, i guess that's tacit approval for me to transcribe this album review:

pete huttlinger- "naked pop"

"naked pop" is just that - a collection of pop tunes delivered on a solo acoustic guitar by pete huttlinger, a former john denver and alan jackson sideman, and a former national fingerpicking champion. huttlinger tackles a diverse range of formidable tunes - such as STEELY DAN'S "JOSIE", the jackson five's "i want you back", and stevie wonder's "sir duke" - with an intimate, natural acoustic tone, and his arrangements vary from relatively straightforward readings to more elaborate dressings that showcase his astounding musicality and chops. as a listener, you will never find yourself missing any of the tunes' bass lines, melodies, or horn stabs - huttlinger has them covered, and he makes it all sound painfully easy. just in case you're not impressed yet, "naked pop" contains an unlisted bonus track that has huttlinger reeling off cascades of impossible runs, country double-stops, and an amazing display of all-around fingerstyle mastery. scary stuff."

Name: grrlfred

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 22:47:38
re rlj
she was here in my town last year. my pardner, he was enraged by her attitude and lack of respect for where she was and for whom she was performing. this seemed to be the general throughout the hall vibe - lots of radio and music folk hosting and in attendance.

i, on the other vibe, was enchanted, having always loved her music and her way with it.

we were visiting this again last night. i still have no recollection of the mean and beyond bitchy thing that some others got last summer - i'll see her again some day and maybe or not she'll put that out for me to see, too. i'm just glad i experienced what i did/do.

did somebody mention fripp, who,on the other hand, is a whole different animal? reserved, quiet and rather standoffish. very present. hugely funny and warm at the same time. very comfortable, methinks, in his skin. he's tight sharpshooter, but loose. rlj's a loose cannon, just wound a little tight, maybe.

somewhere in the middle, there's a dannish kind of moment.

so sorry about your kitty, altamira.

grackles rock. funnybirds.


Name: stevie

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 22:35:04

end of disckussion !

Name: steviedan
relegated to the archives...

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 22:26:21
... for the first time in a long time but i have become obsessed with this employment thing. i am considering a position teaching viols/strings and percussion at a large music store, this being something i had not considered until the management of the store began roping me into it. now it seems like a possible coming home and epiphany, if not a super lucrative one. getting paid to improve my chops is not sounding bad, but my wife hates the independent contractor angle. i'm feeling the "mr. holland syndrome". lisa g and z need to talk me out of it...

blaise, you did get me ! i've managed to keep up. i'll now resort to the ever-irritating stream of consciousness style to promote brevity:

stranger. kitty margolis. album. evolution. i've said it before...

max martin and company can write catchy pop songs. that's their job and they do it well and you can't stand it. fair enough. unfortunately, due to the large heaps of american dollars piled around them, they can't hear your complaint...

am i too late for the circumcism discussion ?


gina, tribal tech is BAD !!!

angel, the dan tunes that we attempt are "hey nineteen" (most often), "rikki", "dr. wu", and (least often) "rose darling".

aja, i do remember the marvin g and various soul threads and we can do 'em again anytime.

z, lenny breau/art tatum dna could not be contained, rendering it impractical.

it has been nice to see roy, skully, alta, aus, hutch weighing in...

but where the hell is ole ? kd ? miz d ? where the hell ?

jjflash is "steviedan rookie of the week".

wormy, did i ever advise on the bill evans metal box ? that is the complete verve recordings. i would recommend getting a cd or two from his various periods. the verve stuff would not be as essential to me as the riverside label stuff. depends on how much you want to spend of course. for riverside get "live at the village vanguard" or "everybody digs...". for verve era, try the grammy winning "conversations with myself". a personal fave on warner bros. would be "affinity" with toots thielemans. or just get it all and get it over with.

mc, how's opti ?

alta/dave/edd, the thyroid thing sounds like like my old 21 year old bartok. that, his heart arrhythmia, general dementia, failing kidneys, deafness... take your pick. he can still jump up to the top of any furniture he is not welcome on and is still a worthy adversary. he seems totally comfortable and possibly immortal. i think he has taken up howling lessons as well.

howling reminds me of fiona apple. she does the whole "i-can't-hear-myself-throw-down-the-mike-and-walk-off" schtick also. that jacket doesn't look good on anyone.

good to be back...

Name: angel
Tell me where are you driving

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 21:02:19
Beautiful day in L.A....

Crazy Zee: Congratulations on getting one of them onto Oleander's site. As Blaise and I have often said recently, it ain't easy. Though we keep trying..... :-)

Ole: Speaking of your site, I like the fact that you can now click onto some of the songs to find out their interpretations. Is that a new feature? I noticed it on Aja and Gaucho. Saves me scrolling. You seem to indicate that you may stay with earthlink. Good luck whatever you do.

Felix: I too have met several people who post on this Guest Book and have found them all to be very nice people. Why can't we care if they have problems (to a certain degree of course).

dif and Craigster: Sorry I had to go. I was having a good time with you both. Hopefully, we will connect again. :-)

Blaise: Too much, my man.... I would get fired if I was checking out that stuff at work.... lol

Midnight Cruiser: Cool Zildjian tour. I never knew that it meant cymbalsmith in Armenian. Is Opti feeling better?

W1P: Still working on it. Will e you.

Aussie: Sorry to hear you and Chere did not manage to connect. Going anywhere cool? I miss my faithful narrator....

Good night all....

Midnight Cruiser....


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 19:33:31
gee i dunno, recently i've started tolike ellem ore than scyn, but goes back rand froth hatemboth but it gina and blaise are beter bpeple even felix is better classis wayway better than syn and ell altamirea is better tooeven lp nonot reallly actul;l;y i like al morethse sdaysamongtehbetters

Name: eLLe

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 18:41:13
oh yeah! by Weather Report on Heavy Weather hehe

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 18:06:12
6/2 Which One's Pink? (dragged down by the stone) & Sheer Heart Attack (my new purple shoes been amazin the people next door) at LA's Troubadour. Any angeleno GBers coming?

Name: Blaise
sensuous surround sound

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 17:43:45
Cruiser, great little article on manufacturing cymbals there. Leon is my man.

I got one too but it's in French. I translated the part about The Making Of Gaucho in Surround Sound but there's also details shared about his recording history with Steely Dan, which dates back to the Royal Scam.
Anyway, it's here, have fun:

Elliot Scheiner on mixing Gaucho in multi-channel DTS 5.1

ĒNobody really knows the true possibilities of this format.
the members of the band (Steely Dan) let me do what I wanted. They came to listen everyday and in the end, they were very pleased with the results.
I did things that were quite unusual: I think that 5.1 is really meant to surround, immerse the listener in the music, not only
not only to send reverbs and some backdrop effects while remaining stereo in front.
Consequently, most of the time, I would bring the rythm section upfront, but the horns
and backing vocals permanently in the back... It's rather clever: sometimes, certain elements
I don't know what to with in a stereo mix, that I have to bring very low in the mix
: in Surround, I always find a place for it somewhere
and make it heard! As far as lead vocals are concerned, I evidently bring them in the central channel
, but also left and right. Some do it like in films: voice in the middle, that's it.
I find that it sounds artificial. On top of that, the listeners can then
listen to the vocals exclusively when they cancel out the other channels
of his amp, - and I don't think that's very nice.Č.

Name: mac
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 16:15:39
hello, just discovered a new band out of London, a duo who call themselves"samuel purdey" not unlike our heroes, a mix of jazz, rock and mellow riffs courtesy of Elliot Randall no less, just thought id share that with you all.
is there gas in the car?.

Name: Zeke
Don't get me wrong...

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 15:13:49
not slamming Ricki. I know she is a great artist. I'm listening to "Naked Songs" as I type. Hey, for some it takes a strong stomach, but I dig it. I guess it all comes down to the mighty buck. If I'm laying down some good hard earned money to "hear" good music, I don't want to "see" bullshit. Professionalism is part of the gig, at least I expect it from her, maybe not Keith Richards.

concert season is kinda slow.

Name: MC again

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 14:34:00
takes the newbie hat and sits in the corner for making a double post

Name: Midnite Cruiser
when black friday comes....

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 14:32:39
Zildjian Factory Tour:

see, no birds that time. *hehehe*

Name: Midnite Cruiser
when black friday comes....

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 14:32:32
Zildjian Factory Tour:

see, no birds that time. *hehehe*

Name: Midnite Cruiser
bird watchin' + listening to Steely Dan

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 14:22:27
ok, if you're really bored *or* have a really fast broadband connection you can check out:

***WARNING*** This file is 11 megs and will take quite some time to download....requires QuickTime plug-in for viewing .mov files.

I promise folks, after tomorrow I won't be doing nearly as many bird posts....thanks for your indulgence.

Edd....thanks for the Bravo on Best Bunting! if I can just get him on film! (the pileated pecker)

Name: Dano
Getting told to shut it??

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 13:45:00
Jim , You heard right on the Joe J rumour , a abunch of us used to go and see him regularly when Look Sharp came out and if no one was paying attention he used to stop and say " if you dont want to listen to me then F**k Off , very up front but I used to like that because if the didn"T stop Fu**ing aroun he used to tell the doorman to throw them out.

Top Guy JJ.

Name: Altamira
Location: Washington, DC USA
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 13:36:52
Midnite--You were most fortunate to have a pileated woodpecker in your yard; they are impressive birds. I've seen two of them, both in Virginia--one at Fort Belvoir and one at Potomac Lookout Park.

Hutch--Thanks; it's good to hear from you. I'm glad your cat had such a long life.

Gina--Regarding silence during classical music concerts, one thing to consider is that classical music has a wide volume range. When the volume is at its lowest, any sound coming from the audience would make it nearly impossible to hear the music.

Name: Rickie Lee

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 12:26:50
No one here can love and understand me,
Oh what hard luck stories they all hand me.

Make my bed and light the light
I'll arrive late tonight,
bye bye blackbird

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 11:57:51
Hey everybody!

BirdLand aka Edd, Midnite Cruiser, et alia: Enjoying the different bird spotting (no pun intended)reports...very nice. Last night on the PBS 13 there was a segment entitled:The Living Edens: Costa Rica, Land of Pure Life. It was hardcore. The diversity of birdlife in those jungles was simply out of this world incredible. If you get the chanse definitely tune in...worth every second, and the footage was first class.

Chere: Sorry we missed each other sweetie. Still nice to make you laugh and smile on the portable blaster from Las Olas sipping on lime laden rhum potables. Will have to make triple sure it happens on our next sortie...

Floridavid: Nice hook up last night brother. Keep on jammin that bone! And leg

Wormianwonderwurm: Yes. Robert Fripp's writings are as intense as his music. I always enjoy those....btw: I received a postcard mailer blast from the good folks at DGM Mobile: they're re-releasing King Crimson's concept trio discs (Discipline, Beat, TOAPP)with new liner notes (From Fripp) new unrealeased pictures and a bunch of other goodies....I think the discs are also digitally re-mastered..just an FYI heads up.

NMN: Nice to have you, albeit briefly, at the office digs today. One hundred billion (holding pinky to corner of mouth) thank yous for the musical goodie. Who's better than you?? Must reconvene asap for rhum delights plus.

NegativeGirl: Communication breakdown. Wha happen baybee? Beep me on my beepa numba ah-ite?

LadyBaySide: Can't make Malcolm's gig tomorrow night at LBB email for details.

Daddy and LisaG: Heeeeey! Yankee Stadium soon? For laughs, goofs, hotdogs and beers in the sun? Eblast and advise pleeeze.

Been cranking on Lee Morgan :Infinity lately. Smoldering.

more later.


Name: §
Burroughs Babies growing tales
Location: rated X, scroll warning
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 11:55:44
Hold on, bucko-time to say the words."
I closed my eyes and said the words:
Dildo, dildo, for up my fan,
Will you thrill like Steely Dan?
"Good boy," she said. "Continue."
"Yes, my liege. Thank you, my liege." I nodded the dildo in reverence."

I found Steely Dan in the bedsheets,
with blood and stuff from both places on it. I never use it
down behind, and I never use it when the batteries are dead,
like they've been since Sunday. My hands are down there
covering up, making safe, with the strength back in them,
too late.

While he was gone, I went inside and took off all my clothes. I strapped on "Steely Dan," our strap-on dildo, and had an "erection" as soon as my SO walked in the door. It was a little difficult getting Steely Dan up my lovers ass. I think he would have preferred another enema.

"Anyway, Dr. Wu is where we send girls who really a need a wake-up call. OK, not girls. So far it's only been one girl. Tara O'Hara. She was two years ago. One week a nice, normal high school girl, the next week, a total wreck. I hear she's a crack whore now in Dallas, giving blow jobs for $25 a pop.

"She gave me a final lick and traded my rapidly softening tool for Henry's Steely Dan."

"Speed bumps and her
favorite appliance -- we'll just call it "Steely Dan" -- were her
favorite combination when she was, um, tooling around the city."

Name: Cray Zee
don't seem right

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 11:55:29
Oleander -- I noticed you included my my interpretation of Babylon Sisters on the "Deconstruct" site but not my comments on Rikki. Is there a reason?


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 11:37:35
Bye Bye Birdie!

Name: Edd

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 11:30:07

re: MC "Best Bunting"


Name: Duncan

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 11:17:34
P.S. Cyn
We're of on the big bird to costa-del-sol Marbella
So roll on the 15th

Name: Duncan

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 11:14:33
Anyone know who did the merchandising for 2VN Europe as my muched loved but seldom seen t shirt has srunk to the ''size of a mouse'' Shazamm!!!

( I love my cats & all this talk is now starting to freak me out )

Name: Midnite Cruiser
the monkey in your soul

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 10:57:06
optimized at 1024x768 for your desktop wallpaper:

it's 200k so don't look if you don't want to.

Name: Blaise
sounds familiar...

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 10:46:56
An interview with Aja, a dominatrix:

Name: PS

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 10:13:36
hey St. Al, hadn't seen your posting yet, haha, i am not going to get into it anymore, i know it is unprofessional to walk out of a concert or at least when it appears to be like that .. it's circumstances, she cancelled a gig in Paris because she was tired. i would have understood if she had cancelled the entire european tour because she wasn't feeling that well or up to it.
she's a strange and peculiar person but her music makes up for it, or includes that.
it's safer to love the music of Steely Dan, because they don't play live for years and then decide to go out there after all, that's great for the fans!!!
we don't always get what we want. nor an artist nor the audience.
and you can take it either way, stick with it or not.
RLJ's concerts aren't always good, so i've heard. but most of her audience remains loyal anyway ..

enough already :-)
there are circumstances that don't really make up an excuse for some of her behaviour, but it is who she is anyhow.
flaunt the imperfection, wasn't that China Crisis?

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 10:01:29
Felix -- Who says we're strangers? I've met many of the people that post on this GB and consider them friends. You certainly have a right to your opinion, but you're wrong in assuming some of us don't care.

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 10:00:13
Edd....I wondered about the young grackle possibility but the all black eyes threw me....guess I'd just never seen a young 'un.

yeah, the pileated woodpecker did look like a red headed Kramer! Shirl went and got the binoculars and we were able to watch him for about 5 minutes before he got bored and moved on into the woods....I need to load up my A1 with a roll of film and the 400mm lens in case he comes back....the red bellied peckers are fairly common here and occasionally come up to the feeder but not very often....we've also got a couple varieties of hawk that land in the backyard on occasion that I want to photograph....the coolpix is the best for the feeder shots but I'm gonna have to rely on the Canon for the shots in the trees....still have most of today and all of tomorrow before I'm back to work so maybe I can get some unusual stuff before then....time to empty the compact flash card and get back so the Citizen box set and the camera.

Name: Gina
Stuff on

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 09:58:16
oh great, we're entering the Faces of Death zone, albeit (nice word btw) a non-director's cut :-))
having your pets cremated and save in pottery to keep on your piano or mantelpiece .. they make for nice percussion instruments, could it be their teeth in there ..

Felix, we shouldn't make fun of you and respect your feelings as well, right? it's not the same, i realize, but Darwin's law sometimes isn't all that prehistoric. we have a lifetime to grow and get stronger or die on international television, hm ..well, not humans "yet". saw an orang oetan mom and her baby die.
the film makers didn't intervene, so weird in a way, for they marked the fact there weren't that many orang oetans anymore. evolution, nature? on Sumatra there's a safehouse where young orang oetans are taken, abandoned by people who had them as pets and wanted to get rid of the animals when they became a nuisance. some were even beaten and that's real real sad.
one orang oetan covered the back of his head all the time with his hands, each time one of the volunteers reached out for him to take him somewhere else. that is sooo sad.

if i see my neighbour have an argument with his wife and they're calling names and throwing furniture around, am i allowed to interfere? should i assume the worst? am i capable of judging the situation? is it an incident or has it occurred more often? has the police ever been involved ? should i call the police right now?

notorious is a word related to the public, the audience, the receptive party, general opinion. a consumer's idiom.
and consumer's don't really care but to see their needs fullfilled. they find ways for gratification, one way or another. ofcourse with a little help from those who feed. one way or another as well. hm.
it's also a matter of humiliation, also a consumer's idiom. often emotions filled in for someone else. if one calls another names, the other party must feel bad about it. so you feel bad or humiliated for that person instead. anyway, :-))
just blathing away i guess!
listening to classical music requires a silent audience, even a repressed cough is enough to arouse annoyance. it is funny, the way things differ in popconcerts, small venues, big etc. etc.
cultural differences? is classical music of more meaning than pop? i'm just thinking out loud here, no points yet to be made, if ever ..
i remember people getting annoyed because some started dancing during Steely Dan concerts. "Love & Kisses" Diane took great pride in starting the thread on the GB back in those days, i remember that as well .. even in one audience people can differ, yet they all came to enjoy the same band, Steely Dan. each in a way that suited best ..

some can do whatever they want and i won't change my mind about them. RLJ is one of those people. it's her essence i know. some people alter through life stages, some grow and some live bewildered lives. not up to their potential. some live safe lives. no highs, no lows. safe in the middle of the road. ah well, never understood that one, for if you really are in the middle of the road you get hit by any car or truck coming from both directions, right??

off, words to blather, great idea Blaise.

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 09:52:43
Gina -- though I understand your argument it's still no excuse for walking out on a concert. I can almost understand the tongue lashing she gave those 2 inconsiderate schmucks, however, walking out on your fans mid-stream is, well, just plain unprofessional. This type of action puts her in the same class as Axl Rose, and we all know Rickie has more class.

Name: Edd

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 09:34:25

MC - I've got to believe your mystery bird is a juvenile... grackle.

I've dug around and that's all that fits. The closest alternative was a Brewer's Blackbird, but they have pale eyes. Grackles also have pale eyes, except for the juveniles. That big honking schnozola on your mystery bird just doesn't match with any other black bird of that approximate size *except* a grackle.
(Common Crow would be a much bigger bird.)

I've yet to see a pileated woodpecker. I thought I might have had one last week, as there was a raucous bird out back alternating between calling and drumming. I grabbed the binoculars and found the source. T'was a red-bellied woodpecker. A nice "catch", but no pileated!

For those unfamiliar with these birds, they're sort of the crow-sized "Kramer" of the bird world.

Name: chatty catty

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 09:25:21
Floridadavid: investigate chronic renal failure or CRF. Very common in older cats and weight loss one sign (a few simple blood results also another way to diagnose). Cats can live a good while with good quality after diagnosis with the proper care . Mine had CRF from age 18 - 21. see

Name: Duncan

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 09:17:55
* If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on
your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep ...
you are richer than 75% of this world.

* If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and
spare change in a dish someplace ... you are among the
top 8% of the world's wealthy.

* If you woke up this morning with more health than
illness ... you are more blessed than the million
whowill not survive this week.

* If you have never experienced the danger of battle,
the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture,
or the pangs of starvation are ahead of
500million people in the world.

* If you can go to the places without fear of
harassment,arrest,torture, or death ... you are more
blessed than three billion people in the world.

* If you hold up your head with a smile on your face
and are truly thankful... you are blessed because the
majority can, but most do not.

* If you can hold
someone's hand, hug them or even
touch them on the shoulder... you are blessed because
you can offer healing touch.

*If you can read this
message, you just received a
double blessing in that someone was thinking of you,
and furthermore, you are more blessed than over two
billion people in the world that cannot read at all.

Name: The Fez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 09:03:41
If there is no light at the end of the tunnel go down and switch one on!

Name: blue haze
crotch-gender litterature

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 09:01:47
"Xander's attention was dragged to the dildo. "What's that?."
"That's Steely. I'll bet you'd like to stick him to Spike right about now, wouldn't you?" She asked.
"I don't know what you're talking about," he said, his eyes devouring the dildo."

Name: wormy
~ ~ ~ ~

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 08:50:20
keep loading those bird feeders

it keeps them buzzards away from us juicy worms

lets see

the artist and the fan base
what's close and what's too close

Personally I think Don and Walt keep a healthy distance
an occasional wiff of their wonderful humour on the ODP is enough
it was nice when Walter logged in from the road more often (96)
but I'd rather have him less accessible if it's less stressful

Suzanne Vega writes in to the fan base Undertow mailing list from time to time. she also has an arrangement when she's touring that those on her list can chat with the sound engineer and get access backstage to meet her. Probably ends up in too many ackward photo opps but she does reach out

King Crimson has an enviable (at times too exhaustive) set of diaries and available "bootleg" collectors live offerings. You also get first hand accounts of the recording process. HOwever many of the comments on a fan based Elephant Talk digest from fans of the 73-74 lineup have been rather critical of the 80's - 90's version of the band and especially Adrian Belew. So much so that he wrote a song Prozac Blues that is a depressing look at the artist getting weighed down by the critics. And Robert Fripp wo is an eloquent statesman via his diaries and spend hours digressing, is almost totally unapproachable in public

seems a little distance for the muse from the medium is a good thing


Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 08:48:09
saw my first pileated woodpecker ever today....heard him before I saw him and what a bizarre call....he's huge and quite pics though, he didn't come near the feeder.

still no clue as to what the mystery bird was yesterday.

Name: Cyn

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 08:37:15

If a cat has nine lives.....How many is Felix down to?

ps..Roy Rogers had Trigger stuffed...I saw him (Trigger)in 64' at the RR museum in California. Being a good judge a horseflesh...he didn't look all that bad.

Name: §
'cause I share the things I know and love with those of my kind

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 08:13:41
"Steely Dan are named for a dildo in a Burroughs novel. With cyclic inspiration, I named my blue jelly vibrator Deacon Blue, after a line in a Steely Dan song. It's sort of a "life imitates art imitating art" thing."

Name: Feliz

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 08:09:16
Yes Felix, aren't we humans the most inconsistent ever?
Among animals it's a lot more honest.
They just rip your heart out if you trespass!
If you're lucky.

Feliz Na Vida


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 08:06:37
" I can see by what you carry that you come from Barrytown"

Name: Felix

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 08:02:52

Hutch- You're right. Ed, I'm sorry for telling you to relax and have a smoke.

I just think it's a little wierd that some people feel the need to come on here and poor there hearts out to complete strangers. I mean, having to let us know what you're are doing with your dead animal or telling us that your wife has been "puking her guts out" is something I think you should keep to yourself or to your shrink. It doesn't mean I'm not normal if I disagree or feel the need to come on here and talk about my feelings towards these subjects. Clas comes on here and says a lot more fucked up things then I've said and he gets praised. Go figure.


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 07:20:15
so let's me make sure i'm getting your point gina: if an artist or group is REALLY good, it is acceptible to exhibit the kind of bratty behavior rlj is notorious for? i think that's a crock of dung.

Name: Hutch

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 07:17:04
Alta - It's great to have you back! I'm very sorry to hear about your cat's passing. I had a little black cat named Jet who lived to be eighteen. After so many years together it's very hard when you have to say goodbye.

Felix - Sensitivity, compassion and tolerance are things you learn when you become an adult. Maybe you'll learn these things one day but, to tell you the truth, I doubt it. Telling Edd to have a smoke puts you in a very special category of fools. You really should be ashamed of yourself. I think you owe him an apology.

Name: Gina
last call on the topic

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 07:04:13
for it speaks for itself this is no issue at all at her own PLP :-)

there is a difference in hosting a website being a fan or hosting a site being the subject of fandom. the ODP or official Steely Dan site contains lots of material on the group or founders but less emails from the fans and yes, no doubt the amount of fans is bigger and fan initiatives like St.Al's take away any neccesity for Steely Dan to have a forum or discussion corner of their own on their website.
if they had, i wonder if they would allow personal insults or low rank dissing in a medium which presents them to the world. and yes, i would have thought twice before removing any of those postings because, as you said, nobody really cared or wanted to kiss off listening to RLJ's music and this censorship but the ones who never even were real fans to begin with. but then again, freedom of speech and censorship has already dug its own grave on numerous occasions, kind of a matter balancing or tipping scales i guess .. i doubt whether there's a wrong and right in all of this ..
and RLJ being closer to her fans is not a marketing strategy .. this observation forwarded by your natural scepticism or "not saying yes until proven otherwise" scientific angle looking at things and therefore not held against ya, Blaise :-))

Yes, it's not Donald Fagen's style and no-one will ever expect him to socialize or get more than "appreciate it" and yes, Walter Becker does thank the loyal fandom each time there's a public appearance and that's part of why his work or talent or end of the craftsmenship SD shows more life and genuine tangible substances in it than Donald Fagen's work who travels using concepts and perfected ideas which results in good and brilliant music just the same .. i guess that's why Sun Mountain is dear to me in a way because it shows a Donald Fagen pure in his essence, the fragile voice & singing, only the piano ..

and the reason why SD for many years never went on stage to perform live, was because their perfected ideas of how their music should sound would never meet their standards live .. RLJ is trying to do so anyway in spite of her mood swings or unease feelings.
to some folks music is just entertainment and not related to emotions or changes in life, the music of RLJ has helped many people who had difficult times in their lives accept who they are or find a place of their own, in this light she was a "therapist" before this line of work was drained because it became trendy. the "counceling" bug that started in North-America, i think?
some things are sheer entertainment, some things have a little more impact than a high that lasts for a few hours. some music is cerebral, some is heartfelt and endearing. interesting to try and find the variety in levels, listening to any music for that matter ..

aahh, off now and i really really like the boobies, their blue peddle-like feet, amazing!!!

the underwaterworld a real beautiful world as well, any deepsea divers among us to vouch for that????

Banyan Tree Sub Marinated Bow,

Name: angel
Trading Fours

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 06:37:50
Good morning all....

Edd: Who would have thought it would be you.

Howard: Yeah, the Greek festival almost made me want to change my ethnic backround. :-)

Blaise: Any interesting hits today. LOL

About performers. Be they actors, singers, whatever. If you live in the public eye, you should live up to a higher standard. Common courtesy should rule, but almost never does. What bothers me is that, when you are one of these people, it is your fans/public who are buying the records or watching the movies or shows that give you your income. Some don't seem to care or actually feel that their fame gives them the right to act like jerks. A real shame, in my opinion.

Off to work to check out that Jack Of Speed thing at the end of the song. :-)

Good day all....

With the Jack of Speed....


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 06:33:38
Edd- I'm afraid I've got to part with Felix on this one. If sticking your cat in a freezer and having it stuffed so you can pet it for the rest of your life is normal.... I guess that means I'm not normal either.

Name: Edd

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 06:00:39

What witty retorts from Felix! How clever he is!

He's such a scrapper, bolstering his fragile ego by trying to diminish the value others add to their own lives.

Give it up, Felix. You're outclassed and outwitted by everyone here. QED.

Name: Blaise
apples, oranges and lemons

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 05:52:22
Guys, it's not like these parts you talk about are hidden in the grooves or anything, right? The keyboard-guitar morphing in WOH and the sustained note in JOS, I mean. They kinda jump at you. Now, the modem sound in NG that Mu talked about, that's another story. I still can't hear that one no matter how much I try.

Gina - Rickie appears closer to her fan base but that is just part of a different marketing strategy, imo. If she benefited from the exposure and commercial success that Steely Dan recently enjoyed, I'm sure things would be a little different. Having said that, I think if I was wearing Steely Dan's shoes, I would be curious to know what goes on out there in terms of reception to my work and might even jump in the waters myself just as Pat Metheny or Rickie Lee Jones did, even if only in an anonymous manner. It often comes down to a question of personality as well. Becker seems closer to the fans overall. I don't hold that against Fagen, as you know. It's just not his style.
Still, I think censoring web material that puts your image into question is rather lame. Not that anyone over at rickie's forum seems to care at all anyway but... some people here have been rather harsh on the Boys or even their immediate entourage and yet I didn't hear of anyone asking StAl to remove any of it even though this is, arguably, a much more popular venue.

Name: Felix
go feed the birds ed

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 05:21:52
Ed- Listen, I love my wife, but that doesn't mean when she "kicks it" I'm going to have her stuffed and sleep next to her. Why don't you relax and have a smoke.

Name: Felix
go feed the birds ed

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 05:17:32
Ed- Listen, I love my wife, but that doesn't mean when she "kicks it" I'm going to have her stuffed and sleep next to her. Why don't you relax and have a smoke.

Name: Howard

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 05:06:53
lots of catching up ...

Hutch - must remember to check out that WOH piano/organ moment you mentioned. It's little details like this that make SD a real audio treasure trove.

One thing in Jack of Speed that jumped out at me recently - just before the outtro sequence, when the track drops down to drums/bass/keyboard and not much else, there's this really long, quiet sustained guitar note - quite high up, some vibrato keeping it going. Very reminiscent of the intro to Hendrix' Foxy Lady. It's a great effect, because it keeps this nagging tension going in the background - this unresolved guitar note, which finally wakes up as the lead guitar plays out over the outtro. Very nice.

Steveedan - got the guitar fret to note document, thanks. Will try and incorporate this into a "keyboard friendly" page for my site. Hope the clavinet stuff goes OK.

angel - the Greek festival sounds good. My girlfriend's Greek, so I know what these things can be like. They sure know how to enjoy good food, wine and music!

Lisa G - welcome back! Glad that your hard work for the concerts paid off. Don't stress yourself trying to catch up with all the SD chord chat ... but in your own time, your thoughts are always welcome!

Clas - thanks for the B.Sisters feedback. That SD "complete" songbook (from what I remember of it) is not that good. Some of the songs are in the wrong key, and the chords can be a bit off.

If anyone's interested, my biassed views/reviews of SD songbooks can be found at:


Name: Cyn

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 04:46:02

EDD..would that be a Village Idiot or just an everyday, run of the mill Idiot?.....LOL!

Name: Edd

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 04:31:17
Hey Felix, grow up. When did *you* become the measure of normalcy?

Are you so god-damn stuck on yourself you can't see that the rest of the world doesn't live by *your* standards? Are you SO important?

YOU, little man, are an idiot.

Name: Cyn
Ironing the robe....lookin' for the mortar and pestle for his head

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 04:29:12

Well, friends this is it, after 13 years of saying "Get Up", "What do you want for breakfast" " Got your books?" "Is your homework done?" Any papers I need to sign? HES DONE!..... But because I've got bad timing I have another 7 years of the above.

Dif...I found IT!!!! (blue silk)

eLLe...great pics!! Would you send me that raccoon for my petting zoo?

sh...nice meeting you..."Mom...the boys are making faces at meeeee!!!!"

Duncan..where are you going in Spain? My old home.

danooooo...what size bra do ya think I should get for those tits?

EDD, MC and all the steely birders...was just in my backyard and heard the melodious honk of some geese. Shouldn't they be back in Canada by now?...LOL I held up traffic yesterday so a mama duck and 4 babies could cross the road to the pond...really pissed off the people behind me...Hell, if I had to, I would have gotten out of the car and stopped all traffic. Great article this week in Time about birdwatchin'.

When I hear about an "Artist" (as in Ms. Jones's case) I think of 2 things..
1.Don't use your fame to excuse bad use the toilet just like the rest of us.

2. read the

jimmyyyyyy....did ya get my e-mail? I'll be checkin' the chat just in case you show up.

Name: Felix (don't freeze dry me) the cat

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 04:25:16

Hey Ed! How come you didn't freeze your cat?

Altimira- I'm sorry and everything but you should really learn to "let go" That's some really morbid shit you're doing. FREAK!

Name: Blaise
uncovering the swedish swindle

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 04:03:23
Hmmm... Swedes are all that, eh Tito? Thanks for the wake up call buddie. pfft
Clas, looks like you're merely a bourgeois disguised as a socialist.You've been unmasked by a sharpshooter there. You now have to come clean with your hidden agenda. That goes for Lars, Max Martin and Bjorn Borg too, btw. There, we figured you out, case closed.

G. - it doesn't matter if RLJ is an asshole or has to live up to the rep. Music is the bottom line, always. For example, I used to like The Cure in the late eighties but couldn't stand to see Robert Smith at all. He looked totally ridiculous. Doesn't mean "Pictures of you", "A night like this", "Just like Heaven" and such aren't great little pop songs just the same.

angel - I'm done with the cats and dogs and am now moving on to the sexual devices named Steely Dan category. So it my duty to comb all porn sites and report on them. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. :o)

Missed saying that, btw:
Roy Scam Rules!!!

Name: tito
Location: stockh, wfkmfd sweden
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 02:34:39
I am a french guy who experienced Stockholm for 2 years and it was 3 years ago.
Here is what I conclude from there. This is my personal view only.

Stockholom city :
It is the capital where people are "bourgeois", snob.
Stureplan nightclubs are very fancy. People love to say they know celebrities of TV.

behavior :
Swedes are very discrete and secret people. They are totally politicaly correct and they never want to express
their feelings.
Swedes are always correct, polite, they apologize for everything. They cannot stand people who are not polite and
always expect you to behave well. They expect everyone to behave the same way.
Swedes dont drink in the week but very much in the week end. Alcohol is highly expensive.
Swedes dont express their feelings and try to avoid discussions or politics. They try to hide all defects and
show only bright side of things.
Swedes dislike people who show they are rich or poor. Swedes can be very jealous if you are "better".
Swedes love to work and are very rigourous and organized. They can work until they are burned-out without
Swedes love to have a good and "clean" image of their country. They like to show they are "good and nice and
polite and intelligent" people. They think they are the best.
Swedes love to show they can speak good english but they wont speak to you if they dont.
If you dont speak swedish, you will never be really integrated.

foreigners :
Foreigners are second zone citizens. The best jobs are kept for swedish people. There are very few black people
in Sweden except in the suburbs. Racism is hidden as much as possible.
Swedish always say "I have nothing against immigrants". They say it is worse in other countries. Racism in Sweden
is to a very high degree organised.

girls :
Swedish girls love the US and all dream to marry a rich person especially from the US. Most of them study abroad
like in Paris, Nice, London, NY, LA and dont want to go back to Sweden.
Swedish girls dye their hair in blond because it is fashionable but most of them are redheaded.
Swedish girls are very independant and love to have a "good" life.
Swedish men have not much success with girls except if they have money etc.
Swedish girls love the sun and holidays. They hate winter and cold.

nature :
Sweden is almost empty so nature is everywhere. The best time is summer.
Winter is dark and depressive and suicides high in that time.

economy :
The social system is very good and developped but taxes are very high.
Wages are low and life is very expensive.
It is almost impossible to find a flat in Stockholm.

Name: Gina

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 02:28:16
nice to notice people do enjoy other creatures as in birds and cats and dogs!! nice links!

to the anon, i won't ignore you since using the word "fuckhead" shows your emotional state of being, still in the process of kicking life's desillusion, right?
regarding the personal issue you seem to have with me or what i posted and don't dare to show your face/handle around here, it confirms a generalization i tried to prevent from crawling up under Grand Canyon grooves anyways ..
you make things sound so shallow and insignificant. well maybe it is, given the void of existence and the dust to dust in the end ..
look at your fellow GB-ers, most of them have websites of their own, guestbooks, salons, the works. they're all individuals sharing the realms of their individual minds and hearts and keep this torch of communication burning. they're no less than people who make big bucks in showbusiness or sell records without even having played for live audiences in order to achieve that. some people were born with a more sensitive nature, some commit suicide and some do drugs before or on their way to get there. you and me, ofcourse, are the mediajoker crowd enjoying the entertainment and as consumers have this list of demands. it's a system and it works a certain way. like Steely Dan fans allow their heroes to be the way they are, for it's part of a myth, oh goodie, it would be a disaster if they would be easy to access all of a sudden .. host tea-parties or really show up at the Danfest. that would take the icing of a cake so carefully built up ..
each artist or performer creates his own image, or is the personality he/she is. RLJ is not creating anything, she sells her own personality and this a thin line. it is people like you, who regard me in a certain way for things i've written, who also condemn and judge the souls of those who are more fragile than others. there's good and bad vibes all over this place. sooner or later the bad vibes catch up and mostly pick a hole in those who aim for the best there is. that's nature or chemistry.

thank you anon, for showing me what my priorities are!

Banyan Tree Bow,

Name: Mr. Whammo

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 00:46:04
Duncan, you're a yo-yo.

Name: Clas

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 00:33:07
Rickie Lee Jones was in a great mood during an outdoor concert at the Stockholm Jazz fest some years ago. She told the audience, -you're so sweet.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 19101 at 00:30:24
Welcome back Altamira, I'm sorry for your cat.

re thyroid, is that some kind of messed up metabolism thing?

Midnite C - yeah, men and machines uh? Yes it's that Roland(!) printer.

Steveedan - cool, playing Steely Dan on a wedding.


Name: Duncan
One for the UK Gb's
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 23:56:04
''Our freedom of speech is freedom or death
We got to fight the powers that be''

Be aware of the new speed cameras which are being erected the complete length of the 'A' and 'M' roads. They are recognised by tall blue coloured poles and a small aerial pole next to it. We may have a possible stay of execution, due to the privacy law upholding these units from being switched on. At the moment, it is being debated within Parliament.

SPEEDCHECK SVVD or SPECS went on-line last weekend on the M1, netting 4,300 offenders in a single day. The system does not use instantaneous speed like the cameras we're all familiar with, instead measuring the average speed of every vehicle over a distance of about a mile.

How? By reading your license plates and matching them up camera-to-camera.

Kent and Leicestershire police are so impressed with it that systems are being erected in their Enforcement areas too. This is a new system that has now entered service after successful trials on the M1 and M20.

SPEEDCHECK SVDD (Sureway Video Detection Device) is a system similar in concept to the GATSO, but with a new twist. SVDD deploys cameras at either end of a measured baseline (up to 500 metres) to monitor vehicles 24 hours a day.

Using machine vision, vehicle number plates are read, and the precise time of each observation recorded and as a vehicle passes the second camera, the number plate records are matched, and an average speed for the vehicle is calculated. If this is above the trigger speed, then the vehicle's identification is recorded along with its speed. It is also flashed up on a huge illuminated sign further down the road to embarrass the driver into slowing down. When triggered, the detection technology used in these
cameras automatically records the date, precise time, location and speed of
the offending vehicle, along with a detailed image of the front of the vehicle, which clearly records the number plate, make, model, who is driving
and colour of the vehicle.

There's five overriding reasons for the habitual speeder to be afraid of this system. Or maybe there could be the implication of a sixth reason -

What if s/he is not your full-time other half!
1. It works 24 hours a day.
2. Needs to film!
3. Uses no flash!
4. Uses no radar! So bad luck all of those who think that radar
detectors work.
5. It's been proven to be over 99% accurate in almost all weather

It doesn't do spot-speed checking. A GATSO can only check the speed of a vehicle within a certain range, so the tactic most drivers use now is to slow down for the camera and then speed up again once past it.
measures average speed over known distance. So if you do 60mph under each camera and then speed up to 80mph in between, your average speed is likely to be near 70mph - 10 over the limit imposed, you're nicked. SVDD say this means that the system can impose a far smoother flow of traffic,
eliminating slow-fast driving that the GATSO cameras provoke. Because it's automated,
the system is entirely self-sufficient.
It's hooked up to the DVLA
computers and can automatically process the fines and send out notices in the post. It's Big Brother. Don't believe for a moment that this technology will only be used to catch speeders. It can be used to keep
track of where every single car in the country is at any given moment in time, once the network of these things becomes broad enough. Warning to M25 motorists - if you are a driver then this is important!
Even if you aren't, you know people who are, so it is still important!
There are 60 new cameras that start operating on the M25 on Monday 14th June 2001.
These are between the A3 and M40.
They are digital and linked direct to computer, use no film or flashgun. They can deal with 60,000 tickets EVERY HOUR! The cameras are also apparently linked and can work out your average speed
between them. So, if you speed up between them and slow down as you approach them, if your average speed is over the "legal limit + No%"
threshold you may well get a ticket.


Name: angel
Daddy don't live in that

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 20:13:06
Beautiful day in L.A.....

Blaise: Interesting dogs you found this morning. Even more interesting names. Especially that one that was born in 1974 and named Steely Dan. Hmmm, what SD album was out at that time?

Altimira: I hope your cat continues to send good vibes your way.

GE: Glad you got back ok and had a good trip. See you in chat. :-)

Lisa G: Sorry Daddy can't play no more. :-(

Good evening all....

New York City, no more....

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 20:00:58
Edd-/or anyone to view live sunset in Vancouver go to

Name: Altamira,
Location: Washington, DC, USA
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 19:35:52
It's great to be back; I've so enjoyed reading the posts here, so clever, interesting, and entertaining, and such a change from much of the drek I've encountered on other on-line forums (fora, whatever).

Blaise, Gina, Robin, Dano, Lisa G., Midnite, Angel, SH--Thanks so much for your kind words; they're a real comfort to me.

LP--Best wishes on your trip to Japan.

Edd--I'm sorry about the loss of your cat, but I'm glad his last weeks were so pleasant. You loved him a great deal, and I'm glad you still have his ashes with you. I was going to have my kitty, Ahimsa, cremated, but I changed my mind at the last minute--I went out to the crematorium after work today and got her out of their freezer. I'm going to send her to a taxidermist; I know it sounds kind of weird, but I want to be able to see and touch her. She had such a lovely coat--brown tabby with red tabby patches; I'd like to be able to continue to admire it.

Floridavid--I'm sorry that Kasim is not doing well. Have you looked into medication for his hyperthyroid condition? Ahimsa was taking tapazole (the generic name is methimazole) for her hyperthyroid condition, and her last blood work indicated that the medicine had brought her thyroid level to the normal range. It might help Kasim to live a whole lot longer. Thanks for the kind words about the house; I'm chasing some good possibilities.

Name: Blaise

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 18:26:54
StAl- I just sent you two emails and no response yet. The address up there looks okay to me. It's the one people ordinarily use. Can't see what the problem is.

Name: Aja
is it mueller time?

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 18:06:00
Steveedan-I'm in San Diego and friends with Bob Tedde, et al. The show Bob was talking about at the Del Mar Racetrack is in August and while it's mostly hits Bob can't resist throwing in some cool album tracks. It's always a fun show and it's FREE. Sure, let's hook up for a Steely Damned show sometime.

What a day!


Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 17:59:48
ATTN: BLAISE -- please e-mail me. The address I have for you on the photo gallery isn't working.

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 17:54:01
Edd.. the last picture is actually the Moon rising. I made a mistake when posting that one, maybe that is what you mean? Or another possibility is that the picture is crooked?

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 17:39:04
eLLe....great stories about the coons. thanks! hope you do make it back there one of these days.

Edd....took some bird pics today and I have one that I can't identify....maybe you can take a look and see if you know? He came up just after the grackles left....built like a bunting, only larger....there's one pic of him with a dove in the same shot to give you a little perspective as to his size. He's not a cowbird or a grackle....I'm not sure what he is but I sure am curious!

anybody else want a shot at identifying this mystery (to me) bird, just point your browser to:

and let me know what you think.

an innie who's outie for the moment,

Name: Jim

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 17:29:18
Hutch: only one cure I know of for our neighbor and sometime mentor. Let's put the mu funk on RS, whad'dya say? Late June.

Roy Scam: Uh...ignore the above. How ya been, pal?

Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 17:27:58

I dunno, elle. Your sunset picture shows the water sloping decidedly north (to the right when looking at a sunset).

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 17:23:23
eLLe....great pics! thanks for the link to dano's "nice tits"....they really are quite polite!

LOL! you're welcome MC
Just take a bite and fly away, trying to stay out of everyone elses way....beautiful cats
you have there too....can't believe they'd eat with Rocky! We have a little girl 'coon
that cleans up the leftovers in the feeder every night but I'd worry about letting the
cats near her....more than a few cases of rabid 'coons in this area....

yes MC I know all about the rabies in the coons back East and it was spreading acroos the US/Canadian line as well.Fortunately the gov'ts put together a program where they were dropping candy coated vaccine-filled candies from planes and helicopters for the coons, and say now that the rabies is under control..but who knows, this is what they say anyways, it's a great thing that they were doing. Coons are such cool animals. I have alot of racoon footage on video tape, from those years, as Rocky used to bring her babies every year. She was a great mother and we used to watch from the patio glass doors just about every night. People on our street used to think we were a wee bit odd, because I think most people think that coons are rodents, but they are actually related to the Panda bear. They are clean, and if you make sure that your trash cans are secured down, they are never any real problem. Except when the babies start getting bigger and start ramming the food bowl up against the window in the middle of the night, for MORE!!! NOW!!! hehheeee. I used to get up in the middle of the night to feed them, oh..for months!!!But there was one mother- we called her Runt-Mamma, who was not at all like Rocky, she was mean to her babies and we didn't knoww if she was rabid or not, we thought not since her babies were healthy. Can you believe at mating season one night I counted 16 different coons on our back deck, oh..sometimes during those times the fights would get a little noisey as well!

The reason why Jessie and Rocky are eating from the same bowl, and actually Jessie would eat with her hands, like the coons do, is because we got her in September and kept her indoors until the following May. We lived where there are Bald Eagles, bears and Cougars and dangerous for baby kittens! We had a Bald Eagle on our land as well and I have lots of footage of him/ and her and babies as well..awesome.
Jessie would watch Rocky everynight through the glass patio doors, and Rocky would watch her. By the time spring came around, I think Jessie thought Rocky was her mom, and Rocky had no beef
with Jessie, so that was, as I said , very rare.

Vancouver Island in past tense. Do you & hubby no longer live there?
No, my hubby got a job in the States, that he found on-line. First we went to Detroit for 2 years and now here just outside Portland Oregon. The company has offices all over the States and England and Europe.
I cried the day we left that place on Van. Island. what a place!!
Someday maybe we will return, who knows.
I could get used
to views like the ones you have there.
Yes, people pull over (on the road) in the summer at sundown the colours are extrordinary for sure!

Lisa- yes, thanks Jazz is my oldest cat, and my buddy. He is so in "tune" hehe; )

Edd.. hahaa very funny!!
Actually Edd water typically flows downhill, whether to the N,S,E or West. As for the bay... a bay is an ocean feature partically surrounded by land. So, obviously the bay fills up again when de tide come in. Life is a beach ; )
As for the land leaning so much up there, perhaps you've had one too many? hehee
Also it's very deceiving, Vancouver island takes a turn about mid-island, just about at Nanoose Bay/Parksville/Qualicum area
and we were facing due West, not North.
LOL yah bugger!teeehee

Name: Edd
(I dunno what's come over me)

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 17:23:05

A nice pair of boobies...

Name: Roy.Scam

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 16:52:55
My Fast-forward scroll of the the last few weeks made me sorry I missed some provocative discussions. I just recovered from a bout with self pity (the consensus treatment is to drink a lot of liquid and let it run its course). The problems are still there but the self pity seems to be lifting. Today's health tip: Don't take muscle relaxers unless you enjoy a drug that makes you feel simultaneously stoned and depressed.

As for the RLJ primmadonna question: I have spent much time on the lowest rungs of the show business ladder. I've played every crowd from festive screamers to living rooms full of sleeping drunks. To me, the criteria for an attentive audience is: 1) They're not screaming insults directly at me. 2) At least one person is listening to me 3) I don't need chicken wire in front of me when I perform. -- To Ms. Jones, I would say, "You are the entertainment. Get over yourself."


Name: asshole amiga
size 2, 34 double D cup
Location: you show me yours, i'll show you mine
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 16:46:26
And what's that thing about eLLe desperately trying to show us her tits? It sure sounds great and I did follow the directions but all I can see is stupid cartoon birds. Do I need special 3-D glasses or something?
I don't get it. Stop misrepresenting and please fill me in on all the free tit shots you may have in store. Of course, that includes dano's tits too, which I haven't glanced over yet but I'm salivating at the mere thought of 'em. Thank you in advance.


Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 16:27:58
no, gina- i think you'd fit nicely in that kind of business! and it figures you, of all people, would even hint at validating such behavior as has been exhibited by rlj. talent is in no way an excuse to be a fuckhead.

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 16:20:36
eLLe....great pics! thanks for the link to dano's "nice tits"....they really are quite polite! Just take a bite and fly away, trying to stay out of everyone elses way....beautiful cats you have there too....can't believe they'd eat with Rocky! We have a little girl 'coon that cleans up the leftovers in the feeder every night but I'd worry about letting the cats near her....more than a few cases of rabid 'coons in this speak of Vancouver Island in past tense. Do you & hubby no longer live there? I could get used to views like the ones you have there.

dano....finally got to see the nice tits thanks to eLLe....apreciate you trying to e-mail them to me again!

time to sort through todays bird pics.....ttfn


Name: GE
Out of Lurkdom with a pissy musician story

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 15:34:53
I went to a Pat Matheney concert probably close to 20 years ago at Snowbird Utah. Pat and band were playing on a tent covered (but open on the sides) outside patio that probably sat about 2-3000 people. From the back of the tent you could look up the mountains and see the sunset.

It was a beautiful summer night and the the crowd was partying and chatting away enjoying the evening. The band played and it was almost like background cocktail music to the "party" happening under the tent.

About 6 tunes in, Pat stopped the music and bereated the crowd for not paying attention noting they were working hard up there on stage. About half the crowd in the back never even heard him talking as they were yakking away. They continued but the party atmosphere did as well and I'm sure they cut the set short. I suspect very few cared as the night was beautiful and the bars were open (yes, even in Utah).

See Ya in Chat...


Name: LG
minute by minute

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 15:29:54
Edd-you crack me up sideways.

alti-welcome back and sorry about your kitty.

eLLe-wow, great shots--Jazzman's a cutie!

angel-now it's DaddyG's turn to stay away. He's having a hard time keeping up, so I think he'll show up only occasionally.

Gina-even though the music biz is a dog-eat-dog world, that's no excuse for anyone to treat people terribly.

Lisa G

Name: SP
what the hell are you trying to say, spit it out..

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 15:26:52
SP spade=spade

Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 15:23:16

re: eLLe

Little tits are the best, aren't they? I mean, the bigger types are OK, (I'd actually love to have a nice pair of boobies!), but the little tits are just so cute! I've been trying for a year or so to get a couple in my hand, but so far no luck.

Also, when the water in Nanoose Bay flows downhill (to the north) how does the bay fill up again? I didn't realize the land leaned so much up there. Must have something to do with being closer to the pole...

Name: PS

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 14:45:47
i don't expect people to understand the essence of Ms Jones, so i'm in doubt whether to bother acting up in her defense Under These Trees. and in a way i'm thankful, for it reminds me of what it is that attracted me to her music in the first place.
and it's proof of why i never bothered to try my luck in that particular business anyway ..

it's a dog eat dog thing, the monkey tweedle doo ..
who's the one to eat humble pie
who's the one to be left out in the blue

Banyan Tree Bachdad CafŽ Bow,

Name: Gina
Iggy Nore

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 14:29:08
is cheerleading at his best around here :-))

Blaise and Dano, you were the guinea pigs to something i have just discovered ...

i'd rather go for the truckdriver's mouth than the bad mouth ...


Name: Jim

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 14:25:03
Lengend has it that Joe Jackson, in his younger days, used to tell his audience to "shut up" if they went too wild.

Of course, I never witnessed this first hand and Jackson has seemingly changed.

Name: yet another
rlj story

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 14:08:59
Saw RLJ on last springs tour

into the second number she spied two men standing in the front row slightly stage right having a conversation. She heckled them mercilessly in front of the whole audience for what seemed like over a minute for daring to talk over her music. Asking one of them what was so important that he would like to tell everyone else about it. Granted, they were being rude, but it was focused on a little too brightly

This was the intimate tour where rlj was on acoustic or piano and accompanied by a stand up bass player


Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 14:08:10
well, i DON'T having any trouble spilling it: she is on the smack again...

Name: Good Luck My Little
RLJ= Junkie girl

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 13:24:40
I know one of the sideman RLJ used on her last tour. What he told me about her I can't repeat...even here.

Name: Good Luck My Little
RLJ= Junkie girl

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 13:22:45
I know one of the sideman RLJ used on her last tour. What he told me about her I can't repeat...even here.

eLLe's Husband on sabbatical/from 3rd largest software co.IN THE WORLD
Location: "anons" my ass,
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 13:19:49
Tell me you are joking, this is the place L? LMFAO!!!!

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 13:12:16
MC - if you wanted you could view dano's "nice tits" @
I mean.. if you wanted.. no pressure or anything.

I have a picture up there of my Bengal-Leopard Cat-Keisha
and my cat Jessie eating out of the same bowl as the racoon-Rocky that we fed on our back porch on Vancouver Island for 3 this is a rare one because the 2 are enemies.

Also I have a pic up there of some sunsets I took off our back porch..we lived sea-side.

Also I have a pic I just shot with the digi-cam, of a Mexican bluejay which hangs out with my outdoor cat-Jazzman, and yells at him "AIGHT" "AIGHT" because it has some babies and if Jazz gets too close this bird nags him to death. Also both the Jays eat his food, which is outside on back porch..we also discovered recently that squirrel does as well.

take a look if you are at all interested...

yes, In Victoria BC on the Island you can see across Pueget Sound to the mountains of Seattle and of course get a great view of Mount Baker

( not that I am in any way shape of form trying to connect myself to StAL or MC)

Name: jim

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 13:05:03
RLJ played Chicago 3-4 years ago and a very similar thing happened. She was to play one of the best, intimate concert venues in the area, a grand old theatre from the 20s. But when the theatre is empty and no music is playing, you can faintly hear the elevated trains down the street go by. So even before the soundcheck begins, she hears an L and then calls off the show. It was rescheduled for a few weeks later at a different venue that concert goers don't tend to like as much--but no L trains. Other musicians of her stature and general fussiness play the first place with no problem.

Name: Zeke
Jr. Brown is the man

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 12:43:38
SH - I believe what you are referring to is a taped segment of the 2001 Jazz Fest. I saw the recording trailor outside of the Jazz Tent when Al Jarreau played on Saturday and then at the Gospel Tent on Sunday. I haven't heard of a Sept. Jazz Fest, yet.

St. Al- After seeing RLJ tear her soundman a new asshole, I can imagine what the ferry horn did to her head. That story is great!

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 12:20:08
There's a funny Ricki Lee story that occurred here in Seattle a few years ago. Apparently she was playing a "Pier" concert. Seattle has a very cool venue located on a pier over the Puget Sound. Beautiful view of the city on one side, Puget Sound on the other. My personal favorite.

Anyway, as most of you know we also have a very active car ferry system. There are 2-3 (?) ferries that come into the downtown area and they're located about 1/4 mile away from the venue. Whenever these ferries arrive they blow their massive fog horns, which are quite loud. It's all part of the Seattle pier concert experience. Apparently this distraction didn't sit well with Ms (Mrs.?) Jones. The story is she stopped the show and demanded her manager tell the ferry system to stop blowing their horns. Needless to say the ferry system didn't give a rat's ass about her little concert. Shortly after she stormed off the stage for good and didn't return. This pissed off more than a few RLJ fans I'm sure.

New meaning for the word primadonna..?

Name: Midnite Cruiser
takin' a break

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 12:20:00
Comments: ya go:

Name: Flipper
Two Against Nature

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 11:34:08
One question, can anyone tell me more about percussionist Gordon Gottlieb?
Thanks, Ritchie

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 11:32:06
Comments: sorry to hear of the loss of your cat. I know from talking to you in Richmond that your cats mean the world to you. Glad you're able to find comfort in the companionship of your other cats. And we're glad to see you back here. Hope things get settled for you pretty soon.

dano....guess I just wasn't meant to see the nice tits thing. Hotmail refuses to cooperate. Thanks anyway though!

lp....have a safe and enjoyable trip!


Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 10:29:29
the "how many horns r up" i mean...


Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 10:27:28
i don't get it???

Name: skully

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 10:26:18
don't you just love the way dan lyrics are so contradictory?

a particular song chocked full of them is Barrytown

Don't believe I'm taken in by stories I have heard;
I just read the Daily News and swear by every word.

and the really interesting line

"special lack of grace"


oh the irony


Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 10:12:36
buk buk how many horns r up

Name: sh

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 09:24:47
FloriDavid - Ok. Got the most recent "Playback" (ASCAP mag) and the boys are pictured and congratulated for grammys and rrhof on the inside cover. and the article inside says:
"Steely Dan formed in 1972 and have done nothing by the books for almost three decades..."

There's another N.O. jazzfest in September? A new digital cable arts network owned by USA Networks, called Trio, will be "bringing us a 10-hour labor day marathon of music from the New Orleans Jazz Festival". Branford Marsalis will host. Zeke? Wormtom?

Geez - sounds like I just read magazines at work all day ;-)


Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 08:21:05

I have never understood the anger towards "payola". The record company pays to have the song played? So what?

Someone 'splain me, please?

Name: BlŠjs
oh angel, guaranteed

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 08:03:39
Shady practices there for sure. It's not clear whether this is payola per se but the story will likely have follow ups if it deserves any creedance. It's that giant Azoff guy, their old manager, I'm sure. They got rid of him (or was he "sent for"??? ;-)) not long ago and severed all ties with their old management. This might have had something to do with it. Who knows? To be continued...

proud blaisie

Name: Zeke
at the last chance Texaco

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 07:59:01
Becker St:I saw Ms. Jones at Jazz Fest in 90 something. I was so stoked to see her. What you described is exactly what I saw. EVERY song, something was wrong. I think she got off on it. Bringing the sound guy to her mike and chewing a bit of his left ass cheek off in front of everyone. It really took away from her show. I know she had a sound check because she ran me out of the building when I tried to sit in on it.

Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 07:55:03

re: Floridavid...

My cat aja went thru the same thing with the thyroid.

The bad news: I eventually had to put her down. On the day I did it, I *knew* it was the right thing to do. I refused to try to keep her alive if doing so served only my own interests. We'd had a great 16 year run together. Like you, I came home with a little furball who lived her entire life with me.

The *good* news: According to my vet, the animals feel GREAT even though the thyroid is bonkers. Aja spent her last weeks running around the house like a 6 month old kitten. Full of energy. What better way to finish up!

She used to love sitting/laying on the speaker in front of my window watching the great outdoors. A small, hermetically sealed ceramic urn still sits there...

Name: angel
Morning scan

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 07:45:15
Good morning all....

Payola rears its ugly head
Caught this article in this morning's L.A. Times. The picture, which is not shown in the online version of the article, is a piece of a page from the Promoter's Music 'Bank' List and shows about 14 entries, including this one.

4/10 $1000 Steely Dan giant billed / received

Others on the piece of the list. Travis, Janis Ian, Shivaree, John Hiatt, Robert Bradley, Vertical Horizon, Third Eye Blind, Tracey Chapman, Dave Matthews.

LP: Have a wonderful trip. Will talk when you return.

Snakehips: Glad you finally connected, too bad it was not us. :-(

Blaise: I am finally getting this search/copy/link thing going. You should be proud. :-)

altamira: Sorry about your cat.

Good day all....

All the way from far Arcturus....

Name: sh
Location: when i'm not at work,
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 07:18:01
lp - bon voyage. don't forget your list. we'll all be disappointed if we don't get presents ;-)

jim#, cyn, dif, fez, miz ducky - nice chatting the other day. are you kids behaving? you know who you are;-)

dif - how was Ypsi?

angel, david, craigster - sorry i had to leave like that.

alti - welcome back! sorry about your cat.


we're drifting
a thousand years roll by...

Name: Blaise
raining cats and dogs here
Location: where the axis of boredom sheers the arc of light depression , aarrgghh
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 06:50:26
That was only one half of Steely Dan, of course. Here comes tommorow's steely pet o' the day:
Something vaguely fagenish about that one, i must admit...

Sayonara LP and don't mention Pearl Harbour while over there. Wouldn't be prudent.
Where the hell is everyone now? Or has this become my personal notepad? Is this what the Microsoft .NET is all about? Oh well...

stevie, I know you're out there... Gotcha!

Name: Floridavid
Sad Songs

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 06:48:11
Altamira-Great to see you back and good Luck with the House. I'm so sorry to hear of your Loss. Losing your Cat is something that's been on our minds here a lot lately. My boy Kasim who is 16 yrs old, started losing weight last year. After being 12 -14 LBS all these years he is now down to 6 1/2 LBS.The Vet says it's
something to do with the Thyroid.He eats like a Horse and yet loses weight. I know that soon we'll suffer the loss of our best Boy.He's had a great life since he came to us as a small ball of Fur.

LP-Have a safe and wonderful trip to Japan.

Name: luckless pedestrian
the shine of my japan

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 05:46:58
good morning gb-er's:

off tomorrow morning to follow the sun for 14 hours in flight, wow - nervous? why yes, about leaving the youngin's, the financials, and whether japan will be disappointing for hubby from when he lived there in 1983 (places change, as we all know) - but these things have a way of working themselves out, don't they - alas.....nervousness is a nasty place to be.

so, i may not be able to check in here again - things are nutty in here today getting ready to leave

alti - good to see you back, you too aja and sh in chat, well finally!

thanks flipper for taking the test in stride (blasckgirl, btw, is a character from the chat room here)

mark and nmn - lunch when i get back okay?

ge, thanks again buddy

angle, it will be great to see you next month

off to save the world and conquer it

Name: Blazed Reddish
smooth foxes and sleek surfaces

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 05:38:29
Damn this thing! I take the time to translate a somewhat lenghty and rare Celine passage and it all goes down the drain once it's done. OOOHH... Fuck Microsoft! Computer litteracy mistaken for litteracy, I tell ya!
Anyway, it was all about idolatry and how the sleakest of surfaces hold paint the best. Whatever...
Keep it simple stupid, I guess.
Yes Gina dear, Kerouac was an handsome fella but what do you expect? After all, he was of French Canadian descent... :-)

Oh yeah... SD pet of the day, a nice Collie, a long-haired smooth fox:

Robin, Alta? Is this for real? Welcome back and please stick around. we dying ova he.

Name: Robin

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 03:13:00
Altamira -- So sorry to hear about your cat. They are very good friends to have around and their loss can feel much worse than the loss of a human sometimes.

Congrats on the new job and you're always welcome here!

Name: Dano
before I Leg It To work

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 03:03:35
Angel , Same as you Angel seen them in the seventies and still go with close friends still , will be talking to Southside in a couple of weeks as me and my friend used to run the Southside supporters club before we all got family and things , so we still have a chat with him when he"s over here. cant wait that horn section in the Dukes with La Bamba is awsome!!!!

Altamira , Welcome back.

Gina , Yes Jack was always an intense looking guy , Just wished I met him and went on his trips accross America , Studied him at college and had visions of on the road myself. When I travelled down the East Coast of the States twenty years ago I thought I was a young JK. Now Responsibility has got a hold of me ?? But at least I have his books to keep me going??

Name: PS
Welcome again

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 00:41:42
to you Altamira .. sorry about your cat .. there's a bond between animals and humans that can be very special indeed!

looking forward reading your takes on things again :-))


Name: Gina

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 19101 at 00:38:43
Good Morning, always nice to see some lost puppy stray over here to throw up what (s)he can't digest, haha. Brat along, dear!

Dano, was a real good documentary showing on Arena last night, thanks for the tip. I rarely have a look in the TV-Guide so I never know if there are things worth watching ..
Loved the tempo, speed and little takes in between to show the Zeitgeist/ Tijdgeest .. some Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie (his name popped up again at the end when they said Kerouac died on Gillespie's birthday) Miles Davis .. and Kerouac could easily have made it into some Handsome Devil Gallery, quite a goodlooking man in his younger years ..
Ofcourse waiting if they would read some of the Naked Lunch and say the Steely Dan words, but alas .. it was nice to see the writers and hear them quote or speak .. Ginsberg, Burroughs, Ken Kesey .. Burroughs more a poet than a plain writer and i can't help but picture the liner notes on various CD's .. style related ..

Off for now, perhaps later

Name: Becker Street Brat
Almost Brittney

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 23:45:10
Ricki Lee Jones played a couple of shows here Friday Night. Barking at her sound man, yelling at the spot guy and alternately shrieking in baby-talk and blabbing in a Mizarian. What a mean-spirited bitch! R.I.P.

Name: jim

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 22:39:12
Hi!!!!! I'm Jimmy Carl Black: I'm the Indian of the group

Name: Altamira,
Location: Washington, DC, USA
Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 22:13:46
Hi, I'm back. I haven't had time to read the posts here because I've been on my feline lymphoma list all evening, but I look forward to reading your posts tomorrow.

I have a new job; I'm editing pamphlets about preventing youth violence for the Department of Health and Human Services.

I've been in the process of buying a house in D.C. for the last ssix weeks; I work in Maryland, but I want to live in D.C.; I love my city.

I've had a terrible loss this weekend; my greatly beloved elderly cat succumbed to cancer Saturday night (she died suddenly in my arms). Many thanks to Clas for inquiring about my cat's health. I loved that cat more than I have loved any being in my entire life; I feel like a part of myself has died. My other cats are a great help at this rough time; and I greatly appreciate becoming a part of this on-line group again. You are a wonderful bunch of people; I miss you and I'm glad to come back to your community again (if you don't mind my coming back; I don't mean to assume you'll just welcome me back--I have been gone for quite some time).

Name: angel
Out romping

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 20:13:16
Dano: No, I did not see Southside Johnny. Craig (see post below mine this morning) had a friend who saw them last night at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. He mentioned it in chat Sunday evening. I saw them, but it was back in the '70's.

z/x: Great report from Quebec. Jazz chops, indeed. As if they need any more. :-)

Lisa G: Glad to really have you back. Hope Daddy G drops in, too.

Midnight Cruiser: Real cool shot and it doesn't even look like a composite.

I went to a Greek Festival this evening. There was a band playing that was just fabulous. They never stopped the whole time we were there. One song leads into the next without a break. A great and unexpected experience for both my husband and I.

Back to work tomorrow, good night all....

On the beach all day....

Name: Lisa G
Where I stole the margerine...

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 18:12:33
jjflash-organ transplants are so cumbersome. Lately I've been into keyboards. Sorry you have to leave us for a spell.

Blaise-Now you talk in hyperlink? And all the while I thought it was French...

G-dot-well, I really have nothing of mine own to offer for your listening pleasure. But I have a nice choir arrangement of Corcovado in score that you might enjoy. I'm really anti-talented in the writing department. Me and DaddyG occasionally play flute and violin duets together. Today we arranged "Stand By Me" for his school weirdestra. Get this violin, viola, cello, acoustic bass, electric bass, electric guitar, 4 keyboards and scads of percussion--sixty pieces, all beginning fifth graders. I think it's an alien conspiracy. Has Rael been to the Bronx lately?

Speaking of which, we loved the series finale of Voyager. Kept me guessing anyway. And who really is the father of Scully's baby? I know I'm behind on these, but I just recently caught up to the postings.

MC-Bye baby bunting--wowie, a lot of anger for such a little birdie!

eLLe-Ooh, echinacea (sp?) sounds good right about now.
P.S. My initials before marriage were LP, too.

Off to check chat.


Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 18:02:49
put up a new cedar feeder this morning during the a few good pics including this composite shot of the male & female buntings....kicked back behind the glass listening to Alive in America and drinking a cold Mt. Dew while snapping a few shots of my fine feathered was a good day in Danville today.

hope you all had a nice extended weekend....we sure did!

Name: eLLe-0 Ringo*
eLLe-o KD

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 15:30:57
best "FEMALE" drummer... darling Ringo, you've always been on my list of "the best male drummers" ..right up there with Neil Peart even!!!
hubby is a BIT of a sod when it comes to myself and other men.
otherwise, he's the best.
keep smilin kid.

Name: Ringo *
odds and sods (sob)

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 15:20:45
Sorry to hear your husband is a sod, dear. Barb says "do what you want while on tour, I just don't want to hear about it baby". And yes Sheila might be a better drummer than I ever was but *I* am in the Hall Of fame and in the history books. Life ain't fair but I have paid my dues, it's vastly documented, and I say NONONONO I can't take it no more, I'm tired of waking up on the floor, No baby please it only makes me sneeze and lalalalala find the door. Wow! I'm ready for the road, love. What do you think, hon?

Name: dip

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 15:15:08
eLLvis has just left the building.
Rats. China Crisis.
Wishful Thinking.
Pine over Love.

" there's a place somewhere
for the truckdriver's mouth
to bite moondust & eggrolls
go fill her up some more
& some more & some more "

Name: eLLe-o Ringo*
The No-No Song

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 15:05:44
That sounds wikkedly delicious love, but my hubby would mind, he's a bit.. well, you know, a bit of a sod when it comes to things like meeting men in the octopussy's garden. A clandestine affair,
is just not in the "stars" for me atm. So sorry, my darling.
Have fun on your tour and give my regards to Sheila,the worlds best female drummer..ta
and do keep making those hilarious tv commericials for the capitalists!!
ta-ra darling Ringo..or is that La-dee-dah ; )

Name: Ringo *
Mott The Hoople... why does that ring a bell?

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 14:48:22
Oh yeah, Ian Hunter, sure... by the way, I've just recently assembled the greatest collection of has-beens the world has ever known and we're going on tour (again). We'll most certainly make it to your town this summer, me, Ian Hunter, Greg Lake, Roger Hodgson, Howard Jones, Sheila E. and someone else I'm forgetting right now... and all I have to do is act naturally, like I belong here. Dear eLLe, will you meet me, under the sea in an octopus's garden in the shade? Will you, love? Barb won't be around or anything... Meet the Beatle, baby.

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 14:02:07
Hoople, rather, lol

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 14:01:10
Duncan- Mott the Hopple?

Name: eLLe
pay attention now, dip

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 13:55:35
that was a play on words with Courtney Loves' song "Malibu"

Name: Pay attention now eLLe!

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 13:46:14
and Fall of '92 was written by Walter Becker and nominated to get sizzled onto the 11 Tracks of Whack album. But it never made it. A great song, though IMHO


Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 13:20:14
actually the Malibu line is the lyrics to Fall of 92

a little voyeuristic

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 13:05:16
Name: nice link

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 16:02:25

Then I slipped it to you sideways
Right there on the beach at Malibu
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Courtney Love?

Name: Duncan

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 12:58:39
Dano allways ready for drinks but Chester-le-street is rather far away for me are you driving north by chance as I'm near the A1.

The atomic punks talk reminds me of my first gig Nov - Dec 79
Newcastle City Hall Black Sabbath / Van Halen .
(I'm a ex-metal head)
Ozzy 6-7 times over the interveining years & my cat's namesake
Van Halen monsters of rock 1984.
When my new home site's up & running think i will post all my tickrt stubbs somebody else might want to see them.

Me & thirteen adult friends got blasted in the SUN listening to Burt Bacharach & David Bowie live.

I have a thing for live albums & just recently got on cd an old tape i once owned. Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson ''Welcome To THe Club''
What a blast to here it again after 6-7 years & Hunter's on tour soon but Linda won't go.

Saw Dean Friedman, Ray Davies. Julian Cope & John Shuttleworth this year also not many but young Dan has been curtailing some of our later nights out. (I still managed a long weekend in Amsterdam but saw no bands )

Back to work Tomorrow so messages will be a bit shorter But i'm getting better this took me only 15 Mins.

Would anybody believe I'm a graphic designer Signwrite anything for a living.

Before anybody say's anything YES we have spellcheck at work

Great week for me Great weekend to
Thank's to everbody out there .

P.S. I'm of to southern Spain in 2 weeks does anybody in UK have a laptop they could lend me (Is that sad?)

Yes I think It is

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 12:54:07
Comments: about a URL to those nice tits? It didn't come through in my hotmail and everyone else seems to be having a good laugh!

clas....necessity is the mother of invention....amazing when we have to make do with what we have that we're able to come up with a solution to a problem....hope you got the project in on time....was that the Roland printer that was out of light magenta? it's an awesome looking unit! very nice output!

back to birding on a dreary southside virginia day

Happy Memorial Day to all.


Name: thirdworldman

Location: Glasgow,
Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 12:33:14
Gina - how ya doin - thanks for the shout out

Hi to all the 'newbies'

Chere - surely you mean Perthshire. Tell your mom that the hospital treatment is free gratis, and that the trains are good for all the big centres.

daaaano - good weekend?? Next season ya bass!!

Oh, nice pair of burds right enough. LO F'n L, BTW

Cheers big ears


Name: Gina
Crufts 2001

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 12:04:42
Hey Dano .. i'll be watching that Arena program as well, smallpond telewaves, right? am now sitting in at the dogshow, well, for Gaucho's sake ofcourse, he really watches tv!
and yes, the sonf was Cry, i remember now, thanx.

off now,
toodles all.

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 11:26:04
Cyn- exactly
LisaG- HI there, thanks and don't forget to double up on your Golden Seal, Echinacea, garlic, and VitC.

I'm not one to look behind
I know that times must change...

don't think that I'm out of line
for speaking out for what is mine
I'd like to see you do just fine
but look at what you wear
and the way you cut your hair

hmmmmm..that's heavy I better think about the hidden maening in that one eh?

just kidding

no really

just kidding


hey dano nice tits!!!! LOL

Name: W1P

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 10:55:36
Couldn't make the trek to the Border City for TSD -- family, Memorial Day, trial preparation and the Dodger game (thanks Marquis!) conspired to keep me in the grey of LA.

Name: Dano
Sorry I Forgot

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 10:27:53
For all the UK People , Theres a good prog on tonight Arena.

About Kerouac , Ginsberg , and Burroughs.My friend works on the prod unit and said it was really sound.

Name: z

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 10:25:55
Raelian Times- May 28, 2001 Quebec
"Fresh from their appearance at the Berklee School of Music, where they received honorary doctorates, the 2 members of Raely Dan made a special appearance at the opening of Clone College here in Quebec yesterday.
Messers. Brecker and Fagin received permission from the college to be third in line to be cloned this Fall, just behind Rael himself and the new college's president, Doctor Warren Kruger.
The two rock and/or roll musicians have made special provisions for their cloning procedure, both asking that their clones are to be given genetic "jazz chops", something both musicians have always wanted, but have lacked the discipline to possess. Raelian scientists, headed by Dr. Kruger, have already been visiting the gravesites of jazz musicians such as Lenny Breau and Art Tatum in order to get DNA for the process.
Mr. Fagin, true to form, wearing his specially tinted sunglasses, succintly thanked the largely Raelian audience with the words "Thanx, 'preciate it.
Mr. Brecker, rather than making a speech, opened the floor up to any questions from the audience, but backed down abruptly when former sidemen of the band rushed the stage, demanding money instead of "thank yous" and promises to be included on their next CD.
Their latest CD, 2 Against Nature/Nurture, went platinum last April."

Name: Dano
Muellered after the weekend.

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 10:25:06
Angel , I will be going to see Southside in two weeks , did you see him in LA. He is back with the Dukes for this tour any feedback my Angel.

Blaise , You are the top man for the url"s buddy , but how is your one eyed bedsnake ?? is it still cold after that photoshoot in Montreal??

Chere , As long as your Mother has good weather she will have a dooser of a time.

Gina , Was that record called "you dont know " or "cry" cant remember but great song anyway.

Hutch , Did you ever see 10cc when they where on tour with the big telephone?? superb, seventies I seem to remember . Great Band Mate??

Just finished Countdown , now it"s "August And Everything" Counting Crows. I am the Rain King YEAHHHHHHH

Duncan , are you up for a couple of lashes in a few weeks , I am visiting Chester Le Street??

Rake of good new people on the board lately , keep it up?? But seems to be a lot of En Ger Lish now , Come on you Sweatys where is Bad Sneekers.

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 10:18:20
Time from my vitamin C ? Or should that have been: Time for my vitamin C. Scurvey Lurviness taking over, making it hard to C, middle C, from C to shining C. I'm beginning to C the light. Oops, bumped me head on the C'ling.

C'ms eym beeing cilly.

Steveedan C.

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 10:08:19
Happy Memorial Day Everyone !!

Sorry I missed my chat friends last night. The wedding was an elegant and fun affair. The sour apple drinks were ass-kicking. I only had one and it was one too many. ThatÕs what you get for quitting partying, and then you have one little drink and all you can do is tell the truth. ItÕs treacherous territory sometimes. Anyway, I got a chance to sneak over to the grand piano during the cocktail segment of the wedding to play Deacon Blues, but most of the guests didnÕt hear it.
Later on during the dinner segment, the bride came over to me and asked me to go on up and play piano on the bandstand. Not a momentÕs hesitation on my part. I played only 2 songs before the impatient members of the wedding band gracefully showed me the ŅhookÓ. I played Brooklyn, and Deacon Blues (again) because on solo piano it is great dinner music and I figured no one really heard me do it during the cocktail segment. I got a nice round of applause. I donÕt normally repeat songs in the same evening, but the segway that I came up with on the spot from Brooklyn into Deacon Blues turned a lot of heads. You all should have been there.

The brideÕs brother-in-law Matt P., as it turns out, grew up on the east coast and went to school with and is friends with Pete Fogel. Matt too is a devout Steely Dan fan and a darn good keyboard player in his own right. He is a bit smarter than the average bear and went into television production and has done quite well in that arena, looking for houses in Malibu.

Hi Hutch Š the ŅWest of HollywoodÓ musical moment at 5:53 in to the song is one of the many reasons why I love this band. Their attention to detail, points of style and production value is one of the signature qualities they have to offer. Yes that piano-organ morph is just one of many great treats we get from this great music. Great Ņheads upÓ on the call buddy.

The one Lol Creme and Kevin Godley solo album that I have is Goodbye Blue Sky. ItÕs OK, I havenÕt listened to it in years. I saved your information about the other albums and I will look for them. I always thought that 10CC was a very funny, talented and intelligent band. Sort of like the more intelligent precursor to The Rutles, who had Neil Innes from the Bonzo Dog Band (and looking very relaxed on vibes, Adolph HitlerÉ) and Eric Idle from Monty Python. On a more serious 10CC note, the ballad ŅIÕm Not In LoveÓ continues to get covered by new artists, and ŅThe Wall Street ShuffleÓ is still relevant in todayÕs turbulent economic WWF match. Thanks Hutch. If youÕve got anything else about 10CC to tell us, I want to know it. Email me directly or put it here, champ.

Hi Aja Š I am guessing that you live in the San Diego area. I occasionally visit with my wife and little boy. I have been checking into the Catamaran Hotel site every now and then to see when The STeely Damned play next. Bob Tedde emailed back in April to tell me that the band also occasionally plays at the Del Mar Racetrack but that the show is shorter and that the band plays more of the ŅhitsÓ because the audience is a bit different than those who would come to the Cannibal Room at the hotel to see TSD. Also, when I started to read up on the GB stuff prior to signing in, I noticed your consistent contributions and then read about your change in jobs, so knowing that you have been here for a while, I appreciate you writing to me here. Maybe I will get a chance to see TSD soon and if so I will let you know here, and perhaps we can meet in the Cannibal Room.

Blaise Š I have to say, that your posts here are really informative and entertaining. I believe that you help to maximize the usefulness of the GB and the internet as a whole for the benefit of all of us who are interested. The ones that arenÕt interested, and tell us so, are not interesting. Yawn ! Thanks Blaise.

To W1P - as always, thanks for the due respect counselor. If you don't mind, would you tell us what songs you saw TSD play Friday night? - or just the tastier ones if not a whole huge list. I would love to know.

Well, as usual, another long letter from one of the GB's Scurvier Brothers. Time from my vitamin C - C ya later all.


Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 09:33:21
Aja, with due respect to Steveedan, that was ME that made the Atomic Punks "rec" (along with Danger Kitty info). The Punks do play Canes quite a bit, very, very worthwhile (and if your lucky, they'll be playing with the Ozzy tribute Mr. Crowley) Blaise, are the members of The Steely Damned involved in any original music projects?

Name: angel
Cause it was all good times

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 09:26:06
Floridavid: As always, a pleasure chatting with you last evening. LA was hot and humid last week and your music goes perfect with that kind of weather.

Craig: (AKA Guest 15) It was great to meet you last evening. I too have seen The Steely Damned play. I can't think a nicer way to spend an evening then with people who love and appreciate Dan music as much as I do, or more. Great story about the Stone Pony, too. The Boss and Southside playing together last night. Your friend was so lucky. Welcome.

Snakehips: Sorry you couldn't stay.

Blaise: Thanks for the warning. :-)

Happy Memorial Day all....


Name: Floridavid

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 07:36:47
Hello All-Have a great Holiday weekend.

Gina-I'm still here. Thanks for thinking of me.

Angel- Thanks for keeping Clockdrive World in the rotation.

Name: park or cruise
both ways, you lose
Location: this is Flytown now, mein freund
Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 07:35:27
11 whacky ways to worry the bottle and shine up the battle apple:

XI -- The catch phrase intro: "Steely Dan fan Steveedan of Steely Fan Band tribute band fame, yo!"
X -- The sneaky sideways remark: "BTW, I can slip it to you sideways on the beach in Malibu just the same. That's right up my alley, actually."
IX -- The misleading link: "Update on the ODP!"
VIII -- The cross-territorial pissing: "I posted this long rant on the newsgroup, on the Digest and on my own website, enjoy!"
VII -- The Newbie anti-shield statement: "If one doesn't share a dildo, why should one be required to use a condom here? hun?"
VI -- The words of wisdandom: "Jump in, the water's warm. In fact, it's boiling... aarrgghhhh..."
V -- The silent color marker: Thanks for the link (geek)!" "Thanks for the shout out(jerk)!" Happy Birthday (gramps)!"
IV -- The "Go you one more later" dare: "You call that disruption? You call that funny? You call that original? huh... you just wait and see!"
III -- The holier than thou treatment: "I was there at Fagen's Berklee Commencement in 66, and let me tell you guys, this is nothing."
II -- The pretzel logic locutions: "If you read an offensive post, ignore it. Just scroll."
I -- The silly search query: "Toodles Googles! I can't find my goggles. Have you seen my poodle?"

Name: Mount St. Helens
Blowin' my top.....

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 06:28:26

You call THAT a disruption?

Watch and learn


Name: Disruption
to the tune of Eruption

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 05:30:18
A tribute to tributes
To the tune of Van Halen's Dirty Movies
Dirty Money

Ow, yeah
Oh, oh. Oh!
Now, who's that band with the Fab Four shadow-ah?
Oh oh! A "so what?" scene, but to me it don't matter
Ow! These homeys get down like you won't find in your hometown
(Oh, no!) They won't believe it when they
(Oh, no!) See what they're stealin'
Go see baby now!

Tributes on the cover scene
Greatest thing you've ever seen
Now their names are up in lights
Everything turns out all right

Daddy's little sweety's after some damned combo
Oh, oh! Got the big deal in the back of a limo, uh hey
Now show biz is so thrilling
And my bank account, it's swelling
(Oh, no!) They won't believe it when they
(Oh, no!) See what we're stealin'
Go see baby now-ah!

Hey, you remember when that gig was "prom Queen"? (Oh, wow)
Rip it off! Rip it all off!
Whooo! Ow! Woo! Aw, yeah!
Woo! Woo! Ow! Yeah!

Tributes on the cover scene
Greatest thing you've ever seen
Now its name is up in lights (Woo!)
Everything turns out all right

Now they believe it
Now that they've seen it
Go see baby now! Ah, ha-ha!
Lights, camera, action!

Special Thanks to for accurate, original, verbatim lyrics

Name: Junk yard Dog
Fred's junkyard

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 05:01:36

No, not sonic junk

just junkyard junk

or, wait, Juke Joint Jump

Name: A Tribute
woh woh woh Janie's crying (wild thing)

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 04:55:28
As a tribute to Atomic Punk and
to the tune of Van Halen's Atomic Punk
It ain't Sonic Junk!!

I feed on victims of the silence age
The disinformed. Whoa, yes
I can't remember when I wrote a page
For me! It says no more, no noooooo
Nobody rules these geeks and quite like me
It ain't Sonic Junk!!
Oh, yeah. Ah-ah!

I am the ruler of these netting boards
Here's what I found hun, hun
On every wall and place my foursome's name is hung
Just look around. Whoa, yes

Nobody rules these geeks and quite like me
Nobody wwwhooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
It ain't Sonic Junk!!

Name: RudeWaitress
Table for one...please

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 04:49:55

Damn...just when I was going in there to post....they close it down.

1. I am not the waitress from the RLJ site. I have big tippers at the diner, they tip me well to be just as rude a possible.

2. The only live act we have is the Saturday night gator-wrestling.

3. No RLJ, only Steely Dan on the jukebox.

4. Tonights Special...Humble Pie a la RLJ.

(No earlybirds, except for Midnights "mean" bunting, hes scarey and he has a big mouth, just like me)

Name: Gina
Makes ya wonder

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 04:44:28
if Maui suits the muses and inspiration properly .. on second thought skip the doubt here :-)))

Love the colourful birdies you have in the US, Edd and MC ..

Later perhaps,

Name: Blaise
freedom fifty-five fighter

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 03:32:56
The negative comment on the Rickie Lee Jones board and all responses have now been edited out, rendering my link obsolete. It's the second time this happens to me. Is anything sacred anymore? China, I tell ya.
Free Internet, dammit! Put a stop to censorship. Freedom starts with you, bla bla bla...

It's only sideshow stuff
But hey it's good enough for the Steely Damned show
Steely Damned, Steely Damned, Steely Damned, Steely Damned...

You know you're in trouble here when tribute bands get more spin than the real thing.
Nope, still no word on when The Steely Damned will come up with a new record of original material yet...
Oh you mean Steely Dan? Writing for a release of NEW, ORIGINAL material to be "recorded sometime in the fall" and targeted for the summer 2002. That's the last we've heard.

Name: The Fez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 03:16:08
Hey cyn

Ken lervs seafood
lucious barbie on the barbie!

Name: TheFez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 03:13:38
This band should certainly be circumsized

Johnny Pullback & the Redskins

Name: ...
Blue & Black?

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 01:50:13
Stuff Hot

Name: Clas
@ work, up with the lark

Date: Monday, May 28, 19101 at 01:20:00
Midnite C - great shot, bunter is "sparv" in Swedish. And hey, late last night I got the candlelight; I sat the printers setup from C lc M lm Y K 6 colors, to CMYK, 4 colors. It worked!

Yellow Stripes - thanks, confusing blue and black.



Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 23:39:53

Name: craigster
Location: san diego,
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 21:59:14
on the steely damned. i've had the pleasure.
imagine 2 hours of steely dan music.
now imagine some dude playing the drums on the song AJA in front of you. to the tee.
& i'm not even a drum player.
dynamite horns too.

Name: Jimbo
@home, hoping to avoid getting called to work

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 21:41:43
angel & Duncan- Interesting comments on live albums. Like you, I would have liked Alive in America to come in two CDs

Personally, I would have liked the live CD to include:

The Boston Rag
Cave of Altamira
Dirty Work
Your Gold Teeth II
Black Friday

Actually, although I'm not too crazy about bootlegs, I would like to
get a copy of the concert from last year at the Post-Gazette Pavilion in Pittsburgh. If anyone knows of such and it's in good quality, let me know OK?

BTW did anyone see Blues Traveler on Behind The Music? If not,
just to let you know John Popper lost 200 pounds mostly by getting involved in a medical procedure called stomach stapling.
In other words, parts of your stomach is stapled to limit food coming in and if you try to eat too much, you regurgitate.
Of course, exercise and eating right is also necessary. However,
I see from the interview that Popper still smokes. But he looks
fit and better than ever. To reach 415 pounds and survive that
seems almost inhumanly impossible.

Gotta go. See Ya!

Name: Aja
winding down

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 21:08:13
One word to describe The Steely Damned: wowowowowowowowow! No parody here, they are the real thing, heart, soul and style. Thanks for the rec on Atomic Punks, Steveedan, they play here about once or twice a month and I've been meaning to check them out. I love that "Danger Kitty" commercial-that's the lead singer of Atomic Punks? Too funny!

Any rumors or at least unfounded gossip on a new Steely Dan CD floating around?

Thank God for 3 day weekends. "Aja" sounds so good on a Sunday night with a glass of wine, looking out over the street from a panoramic view way up high, no alarm to set tonight. 20 foot visibility in the ocean today, if only the temp would just creep up 5 degrees or so.

Chere, Marie Laveau's grave is marked with XXX's, all over, down and around so she can see out. I swear when I stood next to it she sent word that she was working some juju for you.

Night swirl,


Name: Blaise
no angel, that was Gopher, a wannabe

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 17:21:38
I did not post any Becker links today. This was clearly the work of an an amateur, darling. So I shall remain a machine until proven otherwise. Ta!

Name: angel
We were skipping

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 17:16:26
Blaise: Thanks so much for the link to the lyrics, you are a gentleman and a scholar, but not a machine. All too human. :-)

Lisa G: Yes, I will probably be around this evening, maybe 6:30P, GB time.

Duncan: Interesting comment on Alive in America. Probably true enough, but who cares. It sounds GREAT. I just wish it was 2 CD's. After Wetside Story, I got into a real live thing on Friday and Alive In America is just what was needed. I was really getting into Reelin' In the Years. Donald did a great arranging job on that one.

Hutch: West of Hollywood cool thing at 5:53. Lots of fun to listen to.

jjflash: Bye for now.

Rocks across the water....

Name: Edd

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 17:05:11
Why does it seem the smaller the bird, the bigger the attitude? (Black-capped chickadees being the notable exception. They like everyone...)

MC - Canon has pissed me off bu raising the stakes with the new D90. (I think it's D90) 35-350mm equivalent *optical* zoom, and tons more. Damn. I'll never get one at this rate.

Oh! Oh! After waiting two weeks I spied my first ruby throated hummingbird at the nectar station this evening. No pix. I want them to get comfortable first...

Name: Gina
this one's for the Lady |||||

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 16:26:58

"So what the hell is Godot? Not God, or at least not as the God with a white beard
sitting on a throne among angels. Godot is an ideal. Godot is an answer. Godot is THE answer to
life. Godot is what V and E think to be the meaning of life. They want to hang themselves, twice,
because they do not see Godot and are tired of waiting. But they will never see, never know,
never realize Godot. Godot does not exist, at least tangibly. The two are inactive because
they believe they can have no meaning except "to wait for Godot." Ironically, I feel it is
just this waiting that ensures their life has no meaning. It's circularity is frightening,
just like the play's. If this play truly is existentialist- or views man in a state of the universe
seen as purposeless and irrational, then I think we see the blunder in V and E's waiting. What are they waiting for?
To them, it's an answer, a goal, a purpose. But there is no answer- so please guys: just f-in' live, throw off
your hats and sing me a song that was a hit before your mother was born!!

I hope this does someone who's stuck on a paper some good at all."


Name: Gina

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 16:12:43
well, how many of us can say they have or had name-alikes i wonder ..

Name: Gina
Spit or chew?

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 16:08:50
haha, the Steely Pan duo was funny as well, Blaise oh Master of The Search Engines LOL

and that pet named Steely Dan ..
he's got the right obscure look, right? no way one can read his eyes :-))

and Who Cares? should we get MC's Bunting to tickle you until you drop laughing and release the happy bird hidden inside aching to get out? "care" is a verb in need of refreshment sometimes. i like the idea of other Walter Becker's in the world, a company, some other people, a realtor looking slightly like the actor from that old tv-series in which Larry Hagman aka JR plays this Marsian .. not George Burns but another one of those "oldtimers" .. or am i mixing things up now ..

i appreciate life the most when not in the middle of things but taking a few steps back and contemplate, think about it and a zillion other tidbitties. it's what comes to mind that can make me feel alive or happy or blessed. i found this neat booklet that has some prose poems by Pablo Neruda, The House at Isla Negra and it's an american issued booklet, by White Pine Press. the treasure of second or maybe even third hand things/books is the items may have made the weirdest journeys to finally end up at some garage sale or flee-market in some "backward" town, really .. where you least expect you can find the most valuable collectables. the eye of the beholding finder ofcourse :-))

society is creating these huge callous shells around people's hearts and i don't think we should give in to that.

"turn the beat around" as the Miami Sound Machine sings.
speak of, where's the GB's own "MSM" Floridave??

i'm fed up with most of the random negative floating around this globe. unless someone has no valid reason for ranting on or lash out at something/someone, i say no mercy and kill it with kindness!!!

Banyan Tree Who's Leaking On The Firewood Bow

garlic is addictive. when i wake up in the morning i feel exhausted and tired but when i open the jar of garlic cloves on olive oil, i suddenly feel alive & kicking again.
it's a happy tuned vegetable/herb for sure.

Name: nice link

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 16:02:25
Then I slipped it to you sideways
Right there on the beach at Malibu

Name: §leurk aise
see, Gopher?...

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 15:46:58
Who cares? That's exactly what I thought, buddie. Walter Beckers are a dime a dozen, Gopher. Problem is folks, Gopher is inexperienced at this game, a web debutante at best. Anon, with all undue respect, pardon the error of his/her ways for he/she is merely learning.
Lesson numero uno:
BTW, great thing about links, they don't take too much space and if you don't feel like going where they lead, you just don't go. It's convenient like that. that's why the accompanying one-liner comment often comes in handy. The customer can make a more or less informed choice of content based on this info and of course a rapid calculation of cost/benefits of investing the actual time and effort involved in maddening cut and paste maneuvers. There is no need to hard sell or target a specific audience, free Internet! And lastly, if it doesn't fit, you mustn't submit.

Name: jjflash

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 15:33:21
Time to call it a weekend.It's been nice meeting you all,and very informative.It'll be weeks before I even get to look at this site again.I'd love to leave you with some profound song line,but you've bested me with all the SD references.
How about guessing the origin of this one:
....And God said"Look after the planet".and man said "fuck you"

Name: Who Cares?

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 15:22:13
So what, their are other people in the world named Walter Becker. Stop wastimg our time with those stupid ass links!

Name: §
rickie don't lose that anger (revisited)

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 15:18:03
And of course, Gina was talking about this particularly biting diss of Rickie Lee Jones and her attitude on tour. Worth a look:


Name: ĒĒ§ČČ
Gopher, look, listen and learn

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 14:50:26
Nice Flash for your website bid for sure:

Pet of the day named Steely Dan
A Llama, it's direct from Lhasa:

Broken promises of a cool interview with Jon H. from last tour, nice pictures nevertheless:

ODP variation of the day:
This is really a green org site that uses celebrity names for its activism purposes but the message board you'll find is alive with people buying into it and addressing the band directly. It's alive!

Lisa G, it's getting to the point where i'm embracing hypertextuality so much, I might stop writing directly here and just link my comments. It's getting there...

Name: and finally
especially for angel

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 13:45:39

Name: Almost Done

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 13:43:35

Name: Global Transit
South Africa
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 13:42:38

Name: ps

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 13:40:58

Name: B's gopher

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 13:39:02

Name: Duncan

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 13:10:24
Listening to 11TOW

Lifted this from the bruce website
Any body know who's talking & what about
I think the named hould be named .

'' live albums. Once upon a time they were a staple of rock 'n' roll, an art form unto themselves -- the Allman Brothers' Live at Fillmore East, The Who's Live at Leeds, Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsys, the Woodstock soundtrack.

Now live albums are neatly fixed, shined up, planned out, greatest-hits set. They're cleaned up in the studio, overdubbed and sweetened. One engineer joked that the only thing live on Steely Dan's Alive in America album was the applause from the crowd. Most record labels don't even count live albums as fulfilling an artist's contractual obligation. It's filler; it's a throwaway''


Bloddy hell I'm planning my twin brothers going away BBQ tomorrow & it's sterted raining here in NE England
:( Duncan

Name: Midnite Cruiser
taking a break for a late lunch

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 13:00:50
Just had to post this one taken about an hour ago. Don't look if you're not interested!

first time I've seen a bunting with attitude.

Name: Gina
Stoned City

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 12:48:23
taking this break from entertaining 5 month young dog and working=writing. went over to RLJ's board and had angry people all over me, haha. she had this gig that went bad, according to the waitress anyway who posted and complained about the bad tips and how she needed them because she only gets paid $3.00 an hour.
it was amusing and i posted likewise, even something about the Rude Waitress we have here LOL. apparently that annoyed some other people and suddenly there's this political thing, about liberals etc etc
anger's such a silly emotion if you get to think about it, isn't it?

so nice to fly my carpet over here and see LisaG's graced us with her presence!!! would have loved to see your face glow of pride "your" kids were doing fine, Lisa. and take your time on that tape, no hurry .. would love to hear some more of your own work, so if that can be arranged somehow?? do you and your Daddy G work together sometimes, been wanting to ask that ...

it was fun reading all who were present!!!
Hutch, have always liked Godley & Creme and that video with the faces changing, can't remember the songtitle though ..

Banyan Tree Ballistacoustics Bow,

Name: jjflash

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 12:30:07
To Steveedan:You're a busy man.Very impressive.Living in rural Nova Scotia I have to take what comes our way or spend mucho moolah to fly somewhere.
To lisa G:tissuetyping? Forensics or organ transplants?LOL
To St.Al:Was looking at your fav's and was surprised how similar our tastes are,although I've never heard Phish.What I have heard has compared them to The Grateful Dead and I never was a Deadhead,so...
If you haven't heard Hiatt's latest Crossing Muddy Waters it's good but very short(1/2hr or so) and no drums.
My favorite Zappa piece is Sofa off of "live in New York".makes you wanna spread your arms,lift your face and murmur "take me".A version of Black Page is on the same album that I can follow(New York Disco version).Some of his instrumentals are way over my head.
To Angel:After Oleander's Fever Dreams,there's so little to talk about for a country boy.Chances of seeing SD are slim and the next offering will probably take another 10 years.Be careful what you wish for....Thanks again.
Has anyone heard of the now defunct Canadian band Rough Trade?Carol Pope has had her autobio out for about 6 months.

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 11:14:10
Lisa G....Opti's doing great. Thanks for asking. They did it laproscopicly (sp?) and other than being a little sore, she's doing pretty much what she wants to. Good to hear from you again. Hope the cold gets better soon. NyQuil and sleep should help.

Clas....very nice printer you have there! I had seen some of the pics on your webpage of your setup. Very impressive indeed. Hope you can get the job done on time tomorrow morning.

taken over 100 bird pics so far today....really busy on the feeders! off to take some more while they're still've gotta love a good digital camera....just shoot anything you think might look good and only keep the good ones with no worries of wasted time and money on film & processing....then, just a little punching up in Photoshop and you've got great prints!

back to it.....catch y'all later this evening perhaps.


Name: jon
nowhere near stripe

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 10:47:14
K stands for black instead of something like "B" because "B" designation would indicate "blue" and confuse color separators and color film strippers.

Name: Clas
@ work, pretty stuck

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 10:29:59
Midnite Cruiser - THANK YOU! I need good luck now. First thing in the morning I have to get the Light Magenta from my retailer. Then I have four hours to finnish the work. Pretty exciting stuff.

My printer are a six-color variant;

CMcmYK - Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Black... why the hell is K standing for black?



Name: Lisa G
Location: GB the hard way.,
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 10:25:13

Just dropping by to say hey to all. I've been away too long. Geez, I almost missed the month of May completely.

Anyway, my kiddie concert was last week and it took me this long to recover from the prep and the let-down of it being over. Almost a month's work in OT, but all so worth it. All I can say is my arrangements worked! There were five groups to manage in the concert and all performed pretty well. My violinist group was a favorite ensemble and will be sorely missed as the kids are moving on to the middle school next year. A pleasure to teach them.

z-really that was your school in the news? Hey, I know a celebrity!

Lady B-welcome back indeed. Sorry I haven't e-ed ya, proper. Been way busy but did manage a few replies to folks. Also I hope your mentioning of coming out is indicative of your getting my band sched. Really sorry we missed out on seeing you last weekend. I was on stress-overload. Hope things are getting better with you.

Welcome all and sundry in the newbie department. Had a few e-exchanges with our new Stevee. Looks like we have a mess of stuff to talk about in the future, bro.

lp-Happy Belated Anniversary to you and yours. Cute that your eight-year old was disappointed about no party. I think it's neat to celebrate the traditionally "not-so-big-years" as if they are indeed big. Every year is big in my book. Check your e-mail for a request to be on your list. No not that one, the other one--LOL. And keep those funnies coming. I accidentally deleted the MSWord one so I couldn't send it to work to open it. Could ya send it to me again?

MC-how is your dear Opti doing in her recovery? Both my brother and my mother had that op. Brother had a tough time but Mom did better than she does with everything else in life.

eLLe-How ya doing, Lady? Keep up your strength and optimism in regards to your son. Indeed a senseless incident. I'm sure you're thankful every day that he's still with you.

Aus-how's the new job going? Hope all is well with you and Babes. Give Chere our best.

YGK-what's new on the horizon for you? Aus mentioned something. We should do that double date soon.

steviedan-I hope your job situation allows you to play out more--when one door closes, a better one opens. Good for you to get out when they offered you crap.

Gina-Girl, you never let us down with your writings. Wow. Been thinking about finally returning your music sharing gesture. Watch for a tape to come your way soon. You play it co-ool... Doggie kisses to Gaucho.

angel-my guardian dear. Sorry I've been absent. Thanks for shouting out to me weekly. Nice to feel loved! Will make a try for chat tonight, but no promises. Have a lot of home and family obligations that have bee ignored as well as this GB. In the meantime, e-mail is a beautiful thing.

Blazer-you're such a presence here--read you every day like the keeper of the site or something. Thanks for the links.

caramia-sorry we missed you in NYC. I was totally out for the count. (See above.) Hope you had a groo-vay JB time, swiss and all.

Howard-dear, dear Howard. Planning on tackling those new changes you posted. I'm cutting, pasting and archiving as much as I can. Just need some brain time to get on these things. Been preoccupied with job. In fact, it's been months since I sat down and transcribed anything.

To Clas, et al--stopped by the Guitarist Workshop on my way home the other day looking for a band method book, and what should I see? Steely Dan songbooks out the grand wazoo. Two in tab and three in keyboard format. TvN was there and the songbook you unfortunately left in NO. Tempted to buy, tempted to buy. Decided to wait--will be supporting a mortgage soon. But reading your posts make me wish I had laid the money down, already.

Wow. My brain is fried from a weekend of catching up. Not to mention I have a stupid cold now, so I'm sleeping alot. Tissues, typing, tissues, typing...Laundry be damned! I'm posting--yes indeed.

Anyway, to all I may have missed in greetings, HEY!!!!!!!!!! Missed you guys. But my aim got lots better.

Love, Sneezes and Danification,


Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:59:49

Name: aa

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:57:42

Even stranger theme New York New York
The straighter the arrow
Hand me a Creme Baguette

Lee God

Camera Obscura

Name: Up

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:49:01
How would you know the other post is not the real aa?
Do we have a confession coming today?

Name: MC

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:35:34
yes, in CMYK.

CMYK is to printing as RGB is to CRT's.

MC in VA

Name: RiffRaff
thought you were the candyman

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:24:11

Name: Midnite Cruiser
Harlem or somewhere the same

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:17:55
Clas....yes, it's "pin shot"....good luck with the light magenta crisis.


Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:09:45
i guess that would be DOWN there, yes?
i've gotta stop hanging by my ankles while reading the guestbook...


Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:08:12
that was a fake aa post up there.
let's not resort to worshipping false idols...

Name: Clas
pip pip

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:07:42
Midnite - it's "pin shot" isn't it?


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 09:05:41
I have a deadline tomorrow. And the inkjet screams;

"light magenta empty! -PIP PIP- light magenta empty! -PIP PIP-"

And it's Sunday today. Holy shit.


Blaise - thanks for the link. Now I remember this stuff with herr Carlsson and Bill Champlin. And it's Cheiron, of course.


I used to diss ABBA at the time, but now they seem pretty close to masters comparing to this stuff.

Going back to frustration,


Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 08:56:50
Steveedan...."pink shot"? that's a new one on me....I used to think it was "picture" and later found out from that it was "pin shot"....check oleander's excellent site for more on lyrics and lyrical interpretations at:

getting lots of good bird pics this weekend!

Name: Hutch

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 08:18:43
aa - yeah right...

Anyway, Hank and Steveedan - Ever heard any of Lol Creme and Kevin Godley's solo albums? There's one called "L" and another titled "Snack Attack". I checking a few minutes ago and lo and behold they've reissued a double cd with "L" and another one called "Freeze Frame". I've been waiting a long time for "L" to be put out on cd. Their solo stuff has a great Zappa-esque quality to it. Very sardonic biting wit.
I'm rushing over to Tower when I finish this!

Okay. Here's one for ya... At 5:53 on West of Hollywood during Potter's solo listen to the way the piano morphs into an organ as the chord is being held out. This is one of the things I always liked about D&W's production values. Blending instruments perfectly. Like on the horn/guitar hook on Jack of Speed. Becker's getting the perfect mid-rangey tone to blend with the horns. It's ear candy of the highest degree.

A big welcome to Duncan, Bill Ward, Flipper and jjflash and any other new folks I might have missed.

Track list from "L" ...

The Sporting Life
Sandwiches of You
Art School Canteen
Group Life

Foreign Accents
Hit Factory/Business is Business

Name: aa
ab knocks yes

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 07:35:55
Anybody summoned me back here?
Be careful what you wish, it might not come true (think a while on this one)


Name: Cyn
Beach Central

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 05:30:29

Well, "shut", why don't you just summon those folk you find so intresting back in here?

I don't think eLLe, angel or I give a rats ass (do ya, girls?) if you find us intresting or not. We are not here for your personal approval or entertainment.

dif and rival...sorry about the disruption..bad storm came thru, lots of thunder and chain lightening.

fezX....GET the shrimp offa Barbie! You know Ken hates seafood!

Back to you Phil, for the traffic and weather update....


Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 04:47:18
And of course the same goes for this other swedish fellow:

Name: §lasŽ
shall never disremember dismemberment
Location: butchers, I tell ya
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 04:31:23
Clas -

So I have to picture this guy writing these songs and not these other five boys hanging out and crying in unison "show me the meaning of being lonely" surrounded by screaming pubes and pre-pubes alike.
Makes more sense. I pictured him an old and wise, bearded studio swami but he kinda looks like a Backstreet Boy himself, eh? In fact, I bet this guy will come out with his own smash record in a minute and a half from now. I'd rather have him around than Celine Dion or these other boys, I must admit. Britney's alright, I don't mind seeing her...
And so the Swedish mafia thrives secretely in the record industry, very interesting. To be continued.
Donald Fagen recently compared our era with the early sixties and the teeny bopper pop acts of the times. Let's hope he's right and we dive into the late sixties revisited real soon.


angel, if you're talking about, I think they make good use of banners in their broadcast too. Victoria and Holly, the head anchors, do hold their own quite well, imo. :o)

Name: Steveedan
Location: Sleepless in L.A., Inspired? Or just Wired? You Essa Aye
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 04:29:22
Was someone serious about that music question which Flipper mentioned in his post: What's "the chord change at minute 2:08 in Peg"?

I'm listening to it right now on Windows Media Player here in the computer. At exactly 2:08, the guitar solo is winding down (just before the verse that starts off: "I like your pink shot") and the chord is the "C-C G" groove that starts off each verse.

This couldn't be a serious test question. It sounds like the 2:08 was randomly arrived at because this "C-C G" groove is the central and basic motif in Peg. A question like this is far to elementary for a serious Steely Dan musician fan, man.

I call 'em as I see 'em, and if I don't see 'em, I make 'em up !!

Stevee (George Carlin) Dan, Sittin' on his can, Man

Name: TheFez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 02:59:26
Any dan fans intending coming Down Under...The land of OZ......Future World........New Frontier........ love to catch up and have a Fosters! Maybe put a shrimp on the Barbie?

The Fez

Name: TheFez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 02:58:12
Any dan fans intending coming Down Under...The land of OZ......Future World........New Frontier........ love to catch up and have a Fosters! Maybe put a shrimp on the Barbie?

The Fez

Name: TheFez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 02:50:22
How do you circumcise a whale?

Send down four skin divers!
The fez

Name: TheFez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 02:46:31

No skin off my nose!

The Fez

Name: Schwinn
Ballroom Berlitz

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 02:13:11
Chalk up circumcision as another one of those wholly "human" eccentricities. I suspect neither apes nor dolphins would be interested in learning those skills from us but I've been wrong before...



Name: TheFez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 00:51:10
Those talibans need to be wiped out period. They are evil, male chauvanist pigs. They need circumsition........ there whole heads lobbing off.Who would want to be a female in that god forsaken place.
Exterminate the talibans and then start again.
Get the women and kids listening to Steely Dan and Afghanistan might get somewhere.
Can't stand oppression.
Do it with The Fez on
May the force be with you............. that is alliance supporters.
The Fez

Name: Clas
@ fucking work, the evil omen of the dopest kind

Date: Sunday, May 27, 19101 at 00:13:05
Ed Beatty - ah, that's just a line I picked up from John Le CarrŽs "The Constant Gardener". No worries man, I just tried to apply it somewhere, you said something about the lacking of intelligence and wit... :) (hey, really, I don't get it myself)


Blaise - no, they didn't sell out the rights of the songs. Cherion-studios, that's the name of the mob. I think they've split now.


Inspired of the Becker-talkings I listened to the first song on 11 TOW, "In case you're wondering...". Great stuff, great voice, great bassline. And in this case I don't mind the drummachine. These songs are really sketchy, but it's like looking at Michelangelos sketchbook.



Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 22:13:32
heh heh...

Name: W1P
Location: Under Penalty of Perjury, USA
Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 22:09:54
The Truth has an extremely limited understanding of the English language (or maybe its NBA basketball the Truth doesn't understand).

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 20:53:59
Hello one and all --

Thanks to W1P for the endorsement. It sounds like the Steely Fan Band and the Dr. Wu band would definitely make the team. The question is would either SFB or Wu be starters, or would they be on the bench. Obviously, The STeely Damned (I think that's how lead singer Bob Tedde told me to "spell" their name - with the T after the S in STeely also capitalized)would be the Shaq-Kobe players. And this is what I heard. Did anyone hear Shaq calling Kobe the best basketball player in the world? High praise from someone so large in stature don't you know?

From what I've heard The STeely Damned band might just be the best Steely Dan tribute band in the USA and maybe the world as well. It's always good to have something or someone to look up to. Sort of like looking up to Shaquille O'Neil.

But again "thank you" to W1P for what sounds to me like his take of both the SFB and Wu bands is that they do not "suck". Comforting words, I can tell you, Mr. Dan.

I have "cracked the code" on the "inside" sonorities of the clavinet parts in the songs (sorry can't mention them -- you know set lists are confidential) in Dr. Wu's set, found some interesting clavinet patches in my "vintage" keyboard gear, and have already started to piece together the clavinet parts and am making them work. It might be hard to believe, but I now have to stop working on the music. The wife wants me to watch a rented movie now (9 PM). It's a small price to pay, after all, she has given me permission to play with the bands.

So that's it for now. I wish you all a great evening, and a pleasant tomorrow.


Name: µ

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 20:05:46
For those who are disgruntled with the current administration and dread cashing those nicotine-stained refund checks this summer, please send your $300 or $600 checks to our Charity Center. E-mail me for details Keep in mind we are tax deductible.

We have two on-going most worthy causes:

1. In order to reduce the incidence of the ''freshman hazing" at Berklee that includes subjecting the beanied lads to dingy off-campus recital rooms with out of tune, upright pianos fitted with malfunctioning keys that turn a Diane Warren standard into a mu-filled Zappafest [pause for breath], we wish to bequeath Berklee one el grandZ’ piano named Fagenmeister within a graphite and glitter room. In fact, send in your projected refunds over the next 10 years.

2. My Children's Miracle Network. This is your chance to fund educational opportunities for the 2 young sprouts most likely to program with compassion and vision creating an environment most fitting for our nascent Berklee students. Again, multiple, givings are encouraged as it will be a Miracle if their father is able to afford them college room and board at this rate. Pictures are available of the desparate but spry lad and lassie for our more generous sponsers...

Well, the law is after me and I must off to the Gray Havens for hob-nobbing with my fellow wizards for a while. Galadriel and Kirschwasser. Happy journeys this season!

Name: eLLe

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 19:40:07
Name: shut

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 10:44:40

Place has gone to shit b/c interesting people like Kinky, ballah and aa have left with
only the boring chatter of people like elle, cyn and angel to replace it, along with the
occasional interesting side commentary like this

Cyn and Angel, you aren't boring, you're lovely..
me on the other hand ..I have a mouth like a truck driver sometimes, but I'm not THAT bad.
and girls..those people who are saying stuff like this, we all know that what they say is just a mirror of what they really are.
sad, really..
: )

Name: angel
Don't you know

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 19:25:26
Hank: Thanks for the link. I had visited it about a year ago and forgot some of what was on it. Instant gratification and truly appreciated. Beats, that's for sure.

Gina: I agree with you on Fall of '92. It definitely would not have worked on 11 TOW and I am sure that is why it is not there. That is one very bluesy tune. Medical Science, on the other hand, fits perfectly. Why don't we have it on our copies?

Do you think the boys were subtly trying to say something by playing "Do it Again" at the RRHOF ceremony. Very funny listening to that dance track combining Billie Jean and Do It Again. Would have worked just perfectly, that evening. :-)

Steveedan: Good luck with your possible gigs. Hope to see you there.

Night all....

There's fire in the hole....

Name: The Truth

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 19:22:14
I think what WIP is trying to say in the post below is that The Dr.Wu band and the Steely Fan band can't "hold a candle" to The Steely Damned.

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 18:58:09
I think DW and SFB can "hold a candle" to TSD, but I as I once wrote in the GB, the analogy is like DW and SFB being like Horace Grant and Rick Fox whereas TSD is like Shaqkobe. However, on further reflection, I'd say its more like TSD being like Shaqkobe whereas DW/SFB are like Darius Miles. Take as much peril as you'd like. Saw Atomic Punks (DLR Van Halen trib) and Fireball (Deep Purple trib) last night -- word to the wise, I don't care if you DETEST Van Halen, metal and/or David Lee Roth -- if you EVER get a chance to see the Atomic Punks, take it -- the singer is better than David Lee Roth ever hoped to be (and a lot more fun). Oh, have you seen the Discover Card "Danger Kitty" commericals? (You know, the washed up 80s hair band that ends up playing a bar mitzvah -- ran during the Super Bowl?) Anyway, the singer in that commercial is Ralph, the singer of the Atomic Punks.

Name: chere

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 17:51:59
Hello all in Dandom. I heard from the esteemed Aussie today by phone and we have plabns in place to hook up tomorrrow. He wanted me to tell everyone here HI and he sends his love. I am looking forward to it, and hopefully they will get some sun tomorrow, poor things he and the Babes have had to do the raindrops just like the rest of us in Fl. They need some o dat "Sun Kissin" you know the kind that "glisten"?

Daddy died one month ago yesterday. My mom, my sister, her husband Nithin, my Cuban Breeze David and I are all still in shock. That is a really tough thing to shake off. You can't it sort of makes you just go through it like having a bad fever. A sad fever. I hope you all are fine and smiling and I saw that you met Dr. Fat Sack. I spoke to him in chat and recruited him to have a go of the Gb. Did he stick around? He seemed to really dig the Dan.

Dano- My mom is going to Blackcraig Castle for the "watercolour travel book workshop". It is in Pirthshire. Looks pretty magnificent from the pictures I saw on the web at I truly hope it is a healing experience for mommy. She got herelf some sweatpants and shirts and a good coat and boots. If you have any othe suggestions as for making her travel as easy as possible please pass on the info to me so I can get it to her. Anything that simplifies a trip like this for two women on a painting gig, traveling, local hospital (Mommy is sick and that's alot of travel) etc. Many thanks Mi Lord.

So I send messages of love instant karma and of course a good beat of JUJU to pulsate in your brain. it sort of goes Rumba rumba rumba be de de dop dop and then fades into the begining of Boston Rag. JUJU is some amazing stuff huh? I am with you all in spirit and please forgive me for not being as consistent here these days. It has been hard to look beyond the mist that lies between the worlds. I am still there waiting for message or explaination... something.Court went pretty well on Wednesday hopefully I am approved for all of you who so sweetly have kept up with that part of my liffe. much love and respect, Chere th Soulflower, JUJU chile' YEEEEEEEAHHHHH!

Name: chere

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 17:51:57
Hello all in Dandom. I heard from the esteemed Aussie today by phone and we have plabns in place to hook up tomorrrow. He wanted me to tell everyone here HI and he sends his love. I am looking forward to it, and hopefully they will get some sun tomorrow, poor things he and the Babes have had to do the raindrops just like the rest of us in Fl. They need some o dat "Sun Kissin" you know the kind that "glisten"?

Daddy died one month ago yesterday. My mom, my sister, her husband Nithin, my Cuban Breeze David and I are all still in shock. That is a really tough thing to shake off. You can't it sort of makes you just go through it like having a bad fever. A sad fever. I hope you all are fine and smiling and I saw that you met Dr. Fat Sack. I spoke to him in chat and recruited him to have a go of the Gb. Did he stick around? He seemed to really dig the Dan.

Dano- My mom is going to Blackcraig Castle for the "watercolour travel book workshop". It is in Pirthshire. Looks pretty magnificent from the pictures I saw on the web at I truly hope it is a healing experience for mommy. She got herelf some sweatpants and shirts and a good coat and boots. If you have any othe suggestions as for making her travel as easy as possible please pass on the info to me so I can get it to her. Anything that simplifies a trip like this for two women on a painting gig, traveling, local hospital (Mommy is sick and that's alot of travel) etc. Many thanks Mi Lord.

So I send messages of love instant karma and of course a good beat of JUJU to pulsate in your brain. it sort of goes Rumba rumba rumba be de de dop dop and then fades into the begining of Boston Rag. JUJU is some amazing stuff huh? I am with you all in spirit and please forgive me for not being as consistent here these days. It has been hard to look beyond the mist that lies between the worlds. I am still there waiting for message or explaination... something.Court went pretty well on Wednesday hopefully I am approved for all of you who so sweetly have kept up with that part of my liffe. much love and respect, Chere th Soulflower, JUJU chile' YEEEEEEEAHHHHH!

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 17:40:50
Hi again all --

To JJFlash - The Steely Damned is playing at the Catamaran Hotel in San Diego, California at one of the hotel bars called the Cannibal Room. I have not seen these guys yet. Bob Tedde is the lead singer (possibly the band leader). This band played at a famous New York City bar called Le Bar Bat after the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held this year in NYC. I started reading the posts in the GB just after this band played there and everyone said that they were fantastic. They have a large band and they are SERIOUS BUSINESS to be sure.

I play in the other 2 southern California based Steely Dan tribute bands, the Steely Fan Band and soon I will do 2nd Keyboard duties for the Dr. Wu band. From what I have heard from W1P, neither of these bands hold a candle to The Steely Damned. I am looking forward to seeing them, but I can't go tonight. I hear only fantastic things about them, so I can't wait to fit it in my schedule and go see them.

And talking about the Dr. Wu band ... I was asked to handle clavinet parts for a few of their songs and in preparing for this task I have found that I had to listen to these songs in an entirely different way. And the clavinet parts are very "inside" so it is a challenge to my ear (which never sleeps) to get the parts down accurately. My goal is to be ready within a few days so that the rest of the wait time is review. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Your faithful "SD Trib Band" correspondent


Name: Blasie
not for the faint of heart
Location: do not try this at home, guys
Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 16:20:21
and watch yourself and your browser go berserk.
But read this first, by all means:

Donald's voice, Gina! Do we have to draw The Mam'zelle out once more to testify here? hehe
re: Fall of '92... yeah... and "slipped it to her sideways on the beach..." that does bring up interesting imagery for sure.

Techno Gina? urgh but it's all in the ear of the beholder as you so rightly point out. I think Fagen's voice is divine (ok, at times then, and with a lower case d, but still...). It's the centerpiece of this whole Steely concept, imo.

Clas - I'm just wondering 'cause the songs these Swedish ghostwriter dudes wrote were all top ten (if not top period) in the last year or so. That's the equivalent of a half-dozen top selling acts in terms of royalty. I wonder if they signed out the rights to the songs to the boy band management before these were marketed. Pro-Tools and songwriting software goes a long way these days, it seems. Too bad they appear to be stuck on the sappy love ballad preset, the one that obviously works wonders with the teenage female population. It's the Beatlemania Button or something.
Have a nice weekend everyone and drive carefully on this superhighway. hehe

Name: jjflash

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 15:57:56
It amazes me the places you people have been to see SD!I've only seen them once(92).
WIP:Couldn't I have just a little bit of peril?

Name: z

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 15:06:58
Although my hippocampus has been literally flooded with deludin since I've made the move up to Quebec to join Doctor Warren Kruger and the Raelians in the long wait for the Mothership and my imminent cloning, I have just recalled an interesting discovery I made in my former job as an inner-city high school music teacher that might have something to do with those two Raelians against nature's lyrics.
Some idiot made the mistake of sending his resume to the school's music director (me), and after reading it and finding out that the job applicant had more time in the system, heavier professional experience (he claimed to have worked with Duke Ellington and Stevie Wonder), and more experience as a teacher than I had, I tore it up and threw it out.
However, this guy claimed to have played a Broadway show called "Living On Gospel Time" back in the 70s and, despite my usual deludin haze, I instantly made the connection with that song from their latest CD ("Almost Catholic"?), and filed it for further reference in what is left of my brain.
Well, I guess the shock of going from NY to Quebec has shaken it free and I'll leave it to my many fellow Raelian friends on this GB to decipher this "clue", as it were.
Although some of you may attribute this recent change of lifestyle to my admitted deludin addiction (Dr. Warren Kruger always manages to find the best stuff, Rael bless him!), joining a cult is nothing new for yours truly.
Some of my former "families" have included the Scientologists, the Unification Church, The Family (formerly the Children of God)and many other UFO cults, so I know how to play the Raelian game.
These groups alternated with countless mental hospitals, support groups (the Otterhound support group and the HFTCI being the latest), and other places of refuge for a free spirit such as myself.
So, yes, I am back to getting laid regularly- every hour a new partner, of indeterminate gender, race or even humanity(I think we can all guess who thought up this "Blindfold Therapy")and I am enrolled as a full-time student in Clone College and am slowly moving up the cloning waiting line oops! I better stop here...

Name: Bill Ward
Location: Barrington, RI United States
Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 14:44:29
Lifelong Dan fan. Finally saw them: Y2K tour @ Mansfield, MA. In the process of finishing Brian Sweet's book, "Reelin' In The Years".

I would love to find a copy of Woody Herman's "Chick, Donald, Walter, and Woodrow".

Name: Gina
Tribal Danning

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 14:23:50
well, i'll admit it's Tribal Tech instead. To those guitar-freaks among the crowd here, their music is bubbly and listening to Rocket Science now jogs why i liked them in the first place ... it's that incredible bassline ... what a spineline!!!

yep, 11 Tracks of Whack offers an opportunity to escape the world Walter Becker puts in between the brackets of his creative mind ... i listened to Fall of '92 and although i truly like the song i think i understand why it's not on 11TOW. i love the part where the melody-line sung by Walter totally rubs against the rhythm and still has this sense of control. definitely a composition with multiple layers and apt to be in repeat mode :-))
Walters's voice has matured, I heard him sing in Rotterdam and was amazed because he sounded a lot better than on the album, less casual and less in between "everywhere but there".
Donald's music, unintentionally perhaps, designed to be popular and no wonder it's in nonstop music programs on the radio ... I.G.Y for instance is ...
But their partnership is all the more intriguing.

would still loved to have been there when Donald played in some obscure place, semi-incognito. as was stated here once or twice ... and will check out the blind guitarist he recommends ...

no saying if it will be a Sundaze tomorrow,
Dano, TWMan, smallpondfriends ... where art thou?

Banyan Tree Heavy Tech Going On Bow,

Name: jjflash

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 14:16:28
Angel:thanks for pointing me in the right direction.Fever dreams is exactly what I've been looking for for decades,only I've spent the last hour or so there and it's too much like candy.I don't feel so good.
Roy.scam:Mouthy legs is how I hear it too,and it sounds much better.Wonder if D&W would revise?
Anon:Yeah it's a "limp handle" but it's a throwback to my videogame days and my obssession with the Stones.Speaking of obssession.....
WIP:I noticed Steely Damned were playing(in SoCal?).Do they play with reverence or parody(no just guitar and keyboards,thanks).Let us know how they were.
Re:D&W solo work
I think Don's stuff is more thought out,deeper.Both his albums have themes to which the songs relate in some way,especially Nightfly.You really get a feel of the cold war era;all the references(I.G.Y.,bomb shelters,Tuesday Weld)
Walt certainly gets his groove on on 11TOW(my favourite is surf and/or die).What disappointed me was his use of the rhyme"Golden boy/Pride and joy"in 2 different songs.Slack not whack.Picky I know but I'm a word man primarily.

Name: edbeatty

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 13:54:19
for what its worth,can you clarify your comments?

"Ed Beatty - right on Joey, don't let your ignorance stand in the way for your intolerance."


Name: .....

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 13:50:34
The One In Pink, go get 'em tiger, grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Duncan, I was only kidding but there's some truth in it, too many females babbling like shit. We need some real men to put a lid on those MHO so don't hold back on the chilli and squeeze all the lemon you like.

Steveedan, there's no jinx possible when it comes to Steely Dan. They're the masters of the universe at some point or should I say, they've mastered it instead?

It's weekend for Pete's sake.
Where's that adult language?

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 13:28:45
Too busy for GB. Steely Damned tonight @ The Cannibal Bar, Catamaran Resort San Diego. W1P 6/2/01 @ The Troubadour. "Dragged down by the stone"

W1P "It was a cruel song, but fair"

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 13:25:27
Happy long-weekend Saturday everyone.

Blaise Š Great commentary on the evolution and maturation of Steely Dan. Even though I, being a keyboard player, feel more closely aligned with Fagen, I must tell you that after I heard BeckerÕs 11 TOW I obtained a much larger respect and understanding for him. I used to think that Walter was less motivated to stay active in the music making business than Fagen, (his solo producing projects I have never heard) and when I saw the band during their 1993 concert tour, I was a bit underwelmed by BeckerÕs vocal performance of ŅFall of 92Ó. My respect for him and Fagen overrided this and of course I gave Walter the respect that he so richly deserves and sat in my seat and listed to his song and was entertained by it.

To me, BeckerÕs 11 Tracks of Whack sounds free-er than the Steely Dan records since Katy Lied up through 2VN including FagenÕs 2 solo records. Needless to say I love all of these records (CDs) but BeckerÕs solo record has a slightly different point of view somehow, and even though some of the drum-machine grooves are a little lacking (remember, I am used to the sonic perfection that these guys put out) the complex chords and chord progressions, and the stream-of-existential-consciousness lyrics are truly unique.

BeckerÕs music is not that close to NRBQ (but please try to follow this analogy) but like NRBQ a song will start off with an OK sounding groove, nothing that is super catchy, then all of a sudden, the song changes and it falls into this super catchy groove and you are totally sucked in. I love this when this happens. To me that is the proof of song progression and production mastery. Becker certainly has this, among many other talents.

I felt that WalterÕs singing abilities have greatly improved since the 1993 tour, and I was really glad to see him singing Midnight Cruiser in 1996 and EveryoneÕs Gone To The Movies and Monkey In Your Soul in the 2000 tour. At this point, I feel that if those audience members are still running for the drink lines during a Walter-sung song, then they are showing their ignorance for this amazing and multi-faceted musician and this music. ItÕs not a lack of respect Š respect is too high a concept for these feeble minded folks.

Also, thanks a lot for all of the links that you provide us with. Please continue to do this as I have become dependent on this great service you provide.

To Hank Silvers Š DonÕt Hang Up! By the way what are exploding val-au-vants? I love 10 CC. Original Soundtrack is also great. ŅLife is a MinestroneÓ is pure silliness genius mastery. IÕve got all the records and some of this stuff on CD. My heart sank when the two main guys (sounds a bit like Steely Dan, huh?) Godley and Creme went into production and music video production. Oh well.

For my money, as long as the music shows some sort of intelligence or has entertainment (comedic) value, I'm into it. As un-hip as this might seem, I am also a student of classic Musical Theatre. My interestests are very far-flung.

To the not-so-anon anon poster -- It does look like I've got some good gigs coming up here. But I don't want to jinx them. It's always fun to play live for a crowd though. I've been away from that for a while now, and I'm itching to do a little bit of that again, but probably not for long.

Howard - did you get my guitar fret - to - music note guide ? Do you think that the guide will help the non-guitarists? Let me know. I've been asked to learn the clavinet and incidental keyboard parts (ie, in the band position of 2nd keyboardist) for the Dr. Wu band, so I am delving into this project so that I am ready for my rehearsal/audition-moment of truth with the band a week from Sunday. Talk to you soon professor.

To everyone else, happy days and I hope I didn't bore you too much. Anons - set your phasors to "stupid".

Catch you all later -


Name: Duncan

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 13:05:58
''Anon['' I don't get it why would somebody do that & i don't understand taking the lead.
I just type as i think only in my head the spelling & grammer is perfect.

Not drinking as much tonight babysitting.

Name: .......

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 12:49:16
Hey, i'm an anon and i'd like to say welcome to jjflash just the same!

So jj .. do you intend to flash your circumcized parts around here or can we trust it to be safe and all you really want to discuss here is when our boys will produce a New One?

Duncan, haven't said it in so many words before but you ought to take lead from time to time. I mean, why not? You're already doing it anyway and seem to feel good about it. You have my blessing.

Steveedan, some major gigs apparently await you.
Will you be around to make it to next year's GB compilation I wonder. Bets anyone?

Flipper, don't fill in lp's q-lists, please. Too late, you already have. Bummer. Now she won't give up on them.

Hank my man, Sweden has some fine dudes and dedicated fans. But I would rather have not been reminded Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand and Billy Michael Jackson Jean had anything to do with our boys. An interesting angle however to ponder what the Bee Gees would have achieved if they've had Donald Fagen to write them a song. Likewise Tom Jones, the Beach Boys, Petula Clark, Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell. There's no end to this list.
Anyone fill in the blankets?

Blaise, don't go anywhere and pull back before you even went there. Cards on the table, please. And pants off.

Ballah, aa, who needs those guys????

Name: top 10 Steely Pans'
greatest hits:

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 12:47:11

The Goodbye Look

Everyone's Gone to the Movies

Only a Fool...

Haitian Divorce

Show Biz Kidz

Do It Again

Hat Too Flat

Monkey in Your Soul

Razor Boy

and they take requests:

Sun Mountain (for Gina)

Wetside Story (for Blaise)

Second Arrangement (for who-ever)

Name: Duncan

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 12:34:51
SHEESH. to you
Garlic,Chilli & Lemon on mine


Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 12:31:38


Name: Duncan

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 12:25:34
A big Steely welcome to jjflash
I told you the waters ok.
(some sharks around @ times)

Name: Clas
still working

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 11:30:31
Blaise - the Swedish studio mafia is loaded with money yes. And they still live in Sweden, to my knowledge. There's no problem being rich in Sweden, the "bad situation" for millionaires is exaggerated. Bjšrn Borg and other rich people who leaves Sweden usually comes back after a while, when they get sick or when they are about to get married or when they are about to deliver... or when they are about to die.


Homo Alone - interesting point about morons in Sweden. This journalist in question origins from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills. He was a leading character in the Swedish progressive-music-Movement back in the early 70's, a lousy musician, all he was good at was talking. Now he's running his own biz, in the jingle-business. His name is Gregg.

I don't know why he moved to Sweden, it was probably something with the Vietnam war...


Name: shut

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 10:44:40
Place has gone to shit b/c interesting people like Kinky, ballah and aa have left with only the boring chatter of people like elle, cyn and angel to replace it, along with the occasional interesting side commentary like this.

Name: Flipper

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 10:39:55
"Too mean to shine" is how ms Streisand sings that song, I never cared to "do" her btw.
The weekend, always the busiest days of my week. Did manage to run down the list lp posted here the other day. Still not sure what topic I should talk about, I'm into their music a lot but have no time to hunt them down like some of you do. Hats off for sure!
Here's my list.
skunk baxter's take on missile defense spending: ItÕs not just pillow talk he IS on the take then?
the difference between a&e's treatment of jazz performers and pbs': Small and bigger ego?
the chord change at minute 2:08 in Peg: Sorry, I was in the bathroom when that happened
the reason for the choice of cathy berberian in the lyric in your gold teeth: If there ever was one
what will happen if we play the berklee concert and/or speeches backwards: We get to see it all again?
And just for our entertainment, answer the following:
Are you really Blacksgirl? (god help us all if that's yes) Have some Hispanic blood from my motherÕs side for sure (she loves Ricardo Montalban and the music of Sergio Mendez and named me after them) but my skinÕs not black, no
Do you live in Miami or Key West?: (with apologies to david) WhatÕs wrong with that?
Are you a refugee from the Dionne Warwick site?: (sorry Burt, these things happen, it's cool) Oh cool, I like the Fugees too


Name: balise
steely pan guestbook

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 09:50:11

... yet another "dynamic duo". too funny.

Name: Homo Alone

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 09:18:38
Clas- Don't believe everything you read/hear. Is everybody in your country a moron?

Name: Hank Silvers

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 09:07:57
Studio version (in RealAudio format) of "Fall of '92" here:

Steveedan: Did the band go la-di-da-di-da when you got loady-doady-doaded? (Always did like 10cc's "How Dare You!")

Name: angel
where is that spell check....

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 08:55:37
Solitaire (sheesh!)

Name: angel
being one

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 08:52:43
jjflash: Hope you had a good meal break. :-)
You can find out these and other possible SD lyric interpretations at Oleander's excellent site, Fever Dreams.

Chain Lightning is about Hitler

Gaslighting Abbie's line about solitaire is possibly the computer game.

Yes, push the refresh button to get an updated version of this GB.

a nice relaxing game of silitaire....

Name: angel
I pretended to be

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 08:42:50
Good morning. Missed my moring scan due to GB editing....

Blaise: (I can't believe I am about to mention this in a public forum) :-)
Speaking of Naked News, did you see the article in Playboy last month? Interesting mic placement. LOL
Oh, your Patti article ended up in my current local paper, so it must be on the AP newswire now. Guest Book topic ends up as a news story, once again. voulez vous....

Gina: All I can say is ouch....

Clas: I have a friend who is working with Andy's stuff. Maybe it is in there. Thanks for the offer.

Good day all...

Reading the National Probe....

Name: jjflash

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 08:29:24
I,ve been reading your banter for about(a boat)a week.Actually posted a few days ago re:Cathy Berberian and got 2 helps(thanks to both).Never thought she would be someone famous,just an aquaintance of D&W.
Duncan:Love the game idea,but can you have the joint before the drink?Iget too ripped when I do it the other way around.Not that I could play.I'm using the hospital hookup(as subversive as I get)while I'm on call(work in a lab and live too far away to take call at home,where I'm not on line).
Was wondering what anyone gleaned from Chain Lightning? Who's it about?James Dean?
Has it been established that Gaslighting Abbey is about a planned murder? If so,what does Solitaire mean?
By the way,how does this machine work? Does "press the refresh"allow you to keep up on any replies or do I continue to go offline and come back?
I'm posting this on my dinner breakand will check back after work.
Thanks Angel for your words of encouragement to Duncan.This can be intimadating(sp?).

Name: damn
who knew

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 08:10:23
this place has gone to shat.

Name: sh

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 06:34:12

Name: Cyn
cream cheese and lox, please

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 06:21:14

Blaisey...Forgot that you are in the beautiful city of Montreal, also my personal favorite place to buy Bagels from the Jewish section of town. Last time I was there (eldest sons Godmother is from Montreal) said Godmother's Irish Wolfhound snuck into our car (if you can imagime a wolfhound sneaking) and ate my stash of bagels I was bringing back home. I still hate that dog....LOL. Am sending you a grocery list and cash to cover expenses and overnite delivery.

1,200 sesame bagels

65 lbs of smoked meat

25lbs of that "farmers" cheese

100 bottles of spruce beer...Burrrrpppp!

And a contract out on that asshole wolfhound.

Send me a "guesstament" on cost for all the above...




Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 06:04:59
Make that 2000... and pardon my french.

Name: Blaise
naked news

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 05:11:39
Turns out, in my hometown, more than a 1000 elected to bare all in the downtown street for a Spencer Tunick photo shoot early this morning. Quite a sight to see... I'll drop the fresh porn later on, if I stumble upon it. I usually read the articles, I swear. haha

Spencer Tunick web site:


Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 04:07:20
Pearl Harbour


Name: Blaise
bursting news

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 04:03:18
Pearl Harour IS a bomb. Links to confirm this would be way too numerous to mention.

Name: Blaise
copy/paste scam artist extraordinaire

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 03:42:31
Clas - Those Swedish music mafia guys, the boy choir writers, they must be loaded with tons of newfound cash. Do they still live in Sweden?
Gina - Walter Backer's stuff this down home genuine emotion and goes somewhat deeper intellectually, speaks directly of existential themes but that really makes up for the fact that he can't fall back on a Donald voice. Fagen would sing me the phone book and I'd most likely listen all the way through and/or record it. I don't dig the Kama concept itself but the songs themselves sound better than ever to me. But the best stuff is probably when Fagen sings Becker, maybe? It's tough to tell them apart under the guise of Steely Dan.
In a post-2vN world, I've acquired a new taste for the material they put out in the nineties while I readily admit, at the time it was released, I was somewhat disappointed. It didn't reach me back then as it does now. It's as if Two Against Nature is what makes us realize how, in hindsight, the whole thing was part of a great maturation process that implied some sort of reconciliation. As a result the new Steely Dan is more soul-infused and it becomes a funk-soul-jazz-rock alliage that is unique in the current pop horizon.
Theae two, rubbing against each other, producing each other and exploring the singularity of each so the two distinct styles can be fused together again in one entity. They had to get reacquainted first and that's what the nineties were about.
I wonder if Walter will show up on the Next One as a lead vocalist. It'd be interesting. He's matured as a singer too. His take on Steely Dan songs on the last tour were well done. But Donald's voice has this timeless je-ne-sais-quoi and obviously Walter feels the same.
angel - Too bad Andy's sound server is down again, he had the studio and one live version of Fall of 92, which didn't strike me as being very good (but that was a while ago). I guess you'll have to phone Clas now. haha :o)

And that was my Steely Dan link for the day. Well, excuuuuuusez-moi!

Name: Clas

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 02:53:29
ĒĒ§ČČ - yes, those "songwriters" are nothing else than Pro-Toolers. They can't play, they can't sing, they don't know anything.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 02:44:30
Gina - yeah, really, Walter Becker is more interesting as a musician and a songwriter than Fagen. Let me tell you this story, it's pretty cool;

Back when Gaucho came, I read an review of the album in a Swedish music-magazine. The journalist wasn't to happy with the album, though he was/is a Steely Dan freak. According to the lyrics he wrote; "Fagen tributes the Trendy Drugs and despites his own homosexuality".

I couldn't hold back, I called the journalist in question, asked him about what he ment with Fagen being homosexual. He said; "Well, I'm not sure, but read Kurt Vonneguts 'Mother Night', that one will give you the answer to all Steely Dan lyrics" (remember, this was back in the early 80s, before Fever Dreams).

I read the book, once, didn't get it. I called that mother again and told him I just couldn't see the connection. -Then you have to read it again, he said.

So I did. Then I forgot the whole thing until last week when Swedish TV showed the movie "Mother Night", great shit, with Nick Nolte.

And finaly I got it:

Be careful who you pretend to be, becuse you'll end up being the one you pretend to be.

And email me Gina, I'll send you the 1993 live-CD's.


Ed Beatty - right on Joey, don't let your ignorance stand in the way for your intolerance.

C, Toastmaster

Name: Gina
weak end

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 02:06:34
hey hello .. it's so weird in a way how one thing leads to another and how little threads connect to bigger ones and how it all seems to make sense .. anyone seen Les Uns Et Les Autres?
this GB kind of gives me the same feeling from time to time :-)))

Jim#, indeed a very moving story and it shows just the kind of thing i at times struggled with, the history of my parent's life and what one can sense being a kid, yes ..

aarrgghh .. what's with the symbols indeed, Blaise .. care to explain the Compaqkey to me??

Clas .. wouldn't mind hearing that song as well .. i am more into WB's 11TOW than DF's solo things .. it's like Walter takes it further, you know ..

Angel .. well, it was sad at times ofcourse when you give in to what people around ya think is normal to feel, but think of it this way .. he might have easily emigrated to another continent or be an adventurer in some unknown forest .. some phonecalls twice maybe thrice a year .. we all have to live our own lives and leaving this one for something else ..
it takes a lot of love in the first place, the kind of love one has to feel for him or herself. others can never make up for any lack of self esteem. there's also a cousin we grew up with, who did exactly what my brother did, but not after she damaged her wrists a few times and really scared the wits out of people and her family. this dragged on for years and it was painful for her environment to see in what agony she apparently lived. her last summer she spent at my house and she had changed, like my brother had. we also joked around about her slicing her wrists the way she did and what messy, the blood and all. i tried to get her to open up why she felt the way she did but she couldn't really tell .. all she knew she felt unhappy with who she was, her sister was prettier (NOT!) she didn't like what others liked etc .. she and i bought my cd-player together and i remember how we listened to the sounds of others when in the store. i seemed to channel onto her level and she had this very high and sensitive nerve system .. no wonder she wanted things to be perfect and life, alas, isn't. so it would always cause her distress and these uncomfortable feelings. but she had no clue why and directed all the anger towards herself. she was very gifted as well and had this amazing talent to draw and paint. but she could never come to terms with the world outside and who she was .. she and my brother had been close as kids and when he died, she was devastated as in mad and surprised as well. for the last time he visited her in the hospital where she lay after another attempt to hit those veigns .. they had an argument and the closeness chilled some. i remember her and me sitting at my brother's grave where she cried silently. i spent quite some time with her for two years and we went to the Euromast together, stood up there, my feet feeling like jello .. we laughed and joked and shared something special .. the rest of the family never dared to go near the place .. she died there as well a few years later .. these experiences make you wonder about life and people and how important it is to fight for what you want .. our mothers are sisters and we were tight, two families spending holidays together and weekends and such .. the process of growing up and to leave the happy childhood days behind .. my aunt never really stopped thinking about us a children and bought us stuffed animals, haha, i had a sweet little birdy i named Flo when i was 30, it was the day my mother's mother died. another day filled with something special and our garden had this true indonesian atmosphere .. i smelled smells i never smelled before, there were pigeons nearby all our family members as they travelled down south for my grandmother's last hours .. our dog warned us and sat in front of the dustbin outside, my mother leaned forward to see what he was looking at and there she was, a little parrot (agapornis) in the same bright colors of my stuffed parrot Flo. those are true amazing things to experience!! and next the final morning my grandmother passed away, i woke up because i heard this loud shrieking of a bird, i was in my bed and looked up to see the stuffed parrot in the corner next to my pillow. i knew he could never have made that sound but a few minutes later the phone rang .. my grandmother had passed away.

i know i'm not the only one experiencing it like this, there are lots of stories from people about clocks stopping and all that .. life has this different levels in awareness and some things we can't see but just sense .. sometimes we simply K N O W them ..
that's why this cybercommunication is great, because modern technology enables people from all over the globe to get in touch, keep things in minds and share common grounds, common cyberspace .. it reaches across borders and boundaries.

well, i must tie this weak end now as i said on top :-)

Banyan Tree Mock Turtle Jello Beans Bow,

Name: Clas

Date: Saturday, May 26, 19101 at 00:26:54
Angel - "Fall of 92" is great. But the lyrics are better than the music. I have 2 CD's from the 93 tour, where Becker is doing that song. I'd be happy to send those to you. Just give me an email... or a phonecall :)

Duncan - I'm cool buddy.

HOWARD! Great job, and you really took me out from some chord-misery. I am pretty sure that the Steely Dan Complete song-book is saying; (on the Rhodes intro)

(shake it) E / F# / E5 / Bb7b5 / ... that's wrong.

You are right; E / F#/E / E5 / A7b5


Name: angel
Singing Voulez, Voulez

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 20:19:17
Beautiful day in L.A. Glad the heat is over for a bit....

Gina: That is just the saddest thing. You show such insight and maturity in your writing account of a very real and personal tragedy. So sorry about your brother.

Duncan: Please note that you are welcome to post when you are sober, too. :-)

Lisa G: Any chance you are catching up to the present, yet? Are you home this weekend?

Ole: Are you still here? Just a quick post once in a while so we know you are still around. Nothing fancy, really.... :-)

ĒĒ§ČČ: Thanks again for all the links. A true service you do for this GB.

I loaned out my copy of TM2000 to a friend and just got it back the other day. It was a real treat to listen to after being without it for a few weeks. You all hold up real well. :-)

Thanks to all who mentioned "Fall of '92". Will have to go searching, yet again.... :-)

Good night all....

Voulez, vous....

Name: little foxy
angels educator

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 18:21:12
i slipped into you sideways on the beach

Name: eLLe

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 17:58:20
does this Dylan song so beautifully imo:

In the lonely night
In the stardust of a pale moonlight
I think of you in black and white
When we were made of dreams

I walked alone throught the shaky streets
listening to my heartbeat
In the record-breaking heat
When we were born in time

Just when I thought you were gone
you came back
just when I was ready to receive you

you were smooth, you were rough
you were more that enough
Ah babe, why did I ever meet you
or believe you?

Just when I knew who to thank
you went blank
just as the firelight was gleaming
You were snow
you were rain
you were stripes
you were plain
Ah babe, can it be you were scheming
or was I dreaming?

Everything's a mystery
in the foggy web of destiny
You're still so deep inside of me
and we were born- in time.

Bob Dylan

Name: ĒĒ§ČČ
No urban legend

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 17:36:00
Clas - The article on Tom Waits also mentions the Carrlson mafia and its rule of terror over the airwaves and the airheads of this world:

"Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson shared ASCAP Songwriter of the Year honors. Martin is responsible for writing the Backstreet Boys' "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely," and Carlson inked 'N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye." As a team, the duo wrote 'N Sync's "It's Gonna Be Me," Celine Dion's "That's The Way It Is," and BSB's "I Want It That Way." Both composers are Swedish but license their music through ASCAP in the States."

Name: ĒĒ§ČČ
tempus fugit, no shit

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 17:22:46
And following Steely Dan, Tom Waits gets the ASCAP founders award this year. Has it really been a year? brrr

Oh yes...
Stevie Dan, where is you now? you be missed.

Jim, Gina - Moving, passionately told stories there... it's hard to come up with something substantial after that.
should I tell my tale of circumcision trauma at lenght? Nah... I'll spare you... butchers...

Hey, looky here... drunks using the forum to vent their frustrations on the locals. What a novel idea that is.
Strip search engine it will be, mate... catch ya later, buddie.

Name: ĒĒ§ČČ

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 16:56:02
Looks like Punk is the next RRHOF flavor:

Name: Cyn
For all the parents out there.....

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 16:07:17

Am watching a movie and heard a very profound statement made by the eldest son, refering to what he believes is his "overprotective" mother. He says, and I quote" She breathes my air first...just to make sure its OK for me".

As our esteemed friend Blksgirl would say, and again I quote" wowowowowowowowow.....omggggggggggggggg"!

I think that just about covers it.

BTW...jimmy, Thanks for the post!


Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 15:03:04
New "web feature story" up on berklee site:

"Quiet tonight tell me I'm not drinking alone .................?
p.s. I love Steely Dan ( for all search engines out there)"

urgh... speaks for itself, really...

Name: Boston Rag

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 14:34:52
dano - Yes, they played Spies last night. They played almost everything from "Parachutes". The new tunes sounded really good. They are already big here in the States (especially with the college crowd). If you had asked me 6 months ago if I thought they would make here I wouldn't have given them a chance. I thought the CD was too dark and moody. But "Yellow' was a pretty big hit here and the CD has been selling really well. Tix for last nights show were almost impossible to get. The couple in front of me paid $75 from a scalper.

angel - "Fall of '92" was a Walter solo tune he played at a number of shows in 1993. It never made it on to 11TOW. If you search the net hard enough there are a few sites that have snippets of the song and at least a couple of sites have the complete song. It has the great lyric "George Bush and those Nazis down in Washington".

Have a great weekend everybody!

Mark in Boston

Name: edbeatty

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 14:20:07
Hi Stranger,
Its nice to see you,drop by anytime-I've missed intelligence and wit here.

Cold Compress on the forehead until you actually see Walter and Donald live,followed by as many bootlegs you can take.

Have a safe holiday


Name: duncan

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:58:28
Quiet tonight tell me I'm not drinking alone .................?
p.s. I love Steely Dan ( for all search engines out there)

Name: Gina

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:58:27
most of my ability to make any reference whatsoever finds its way connected to F O O D these days. i kind of challenge my body to gain kilo's -or should i say pounds- and then work to drop them like kamikaze bombs of fat. currently i haven't reached my max yet, the limit that says no can do. and i still have clothes i can wear but the number of things i can't wear is growing ofcourse :-))

lots of cruelty in the name of religion, culture or habit in this world we call home. saw this video once, The Faces Of Death that had footage one could easily loose sleep over. can't help but be thankful i saw corpses as in dead people be examined by good doctors to get used to seeing that, it is as much part of the life we're given, this death we'd rather keep at arm's length. having seen that video came in very handy when i had to identify my brother's corpse, in fact the thought of that video ran through me when standing in the morgue and we happened to have seen that together, my brother and i, along with some of his nutty friends. so the humour of it was a leading thing doing the identification part. i have no trouble talking about it, never had and it at times became a burden for i am the last to have heard him alive and the only one to have seen him dead. mothers have this thing about seeing their children even if they're dead, i found my mother's reaction a lot more upsetting than having spent time with a dead brother. somehow i sensed i would be the only one able to see his corpse, so i kind of took my eyes like a set of camera's -no crosseyed vision however-and had them scan the event and experience. and then back home, my mother in tears and torn apart, her sisters and friends around her .. this broken voice asking me how my brother looked and this grieve about not being allowed to see him .. jumping off a tower, 100 meters .. according to the experts in the morgue it even was a miracle his face was intact for the rest of him was broken into thousands of pieces turning blue with the minute. anyway, i described him to my mother and ofcourse telling her what she needed to hear rather than pure facts. i told her how i felt and how i sensed it was just a body, his essence and soul and personality not in it, i remember looking for it in the candle-lit room as if it would be visible in some way, haha. it may sound silly, but at times it seemed the process of grieve for my mother was not complete, for she had not been granted the opportunity to see her son, this life she gave birth to. and although i knew she never meant it to sound like a reproach, it felt like one. as if i stole something that should have been hers.
people tend to change things around, either positive or negative from a variety of angles and views. according to my family the suicide of my brother must have been the toughest on me, for it happened in the town where i had just moved to, to start a new life, i was 23. i had to deal with the police and some paranoid questions as well and knew this would have a major effect on my plans for my life. th‡t i hated, yes. something beyond my own will changing my life.
it never really was his suicide that complicated things, it was this whole thing of family affairs and a strong sense of duty i felt towards my parents in spite of my longing to break away and follow my own dreams. at some point it was bound this would all collide and i realize it never really stops, at least for my parents it doesn't. my mother has been seriously ill for a year and is now recovering, Gaucho's a significant part of this healing thing for my mother is and always will be a mother as if it's her life's goal. she needs to take care of others and i guess that is her drive, her source.
shortly after my brother died, i began to sense his presence and i had trouble accepting it being this western rational girl who loved to read about the so called supernatural, but wasn't to keen in submitting herself to any of that voluntarily. it was stronger than i was, it felt as if he wanted to become a part of me and this goes back to when we were kids, people often thought we were twins. he was only 11 months younger but i had often thrown myself as the big sister, at school, fighting boys who teased him etc. he even waited for me to go back to Rotterdam to make the jump, for practical reasons as well 'cause boy, do we come from a tidy practical family :-))
he needed someone to pick up his possessions, he even wrote that down in a note he left for the police .. what they needed to do, where they could reach me and if i wasn't home where they could find my friends etc. it is funny, the way he organized his death and wasn't able to handle life and his life ..
i talked to some Moluccan boys i knew, these people from islands close to the Indonesian isles my family comes from are used to live with the "supernatural" like the native americans did and other cultures like the Aboriginals etc. they told me to accept it and then it would go away. for it became a burden, also because i was vulnerable and with an urge to protect my brother like we were kids again. so i would easily open up and be a medium etc although i didn't want any of that. so i accepted the things that occurred and i slowly began to breathe freely, maybe even grew accustomed to it. for he was near when i was in danger riding my bike at night all the way to my parents'home from downtown, or absent minded not paying attention in traffic .. stuff like that.
he'd always been my younger brother, kid brother. but the last months of his life we hang out a lot, i hang out a lot with him and his friends. i sensed a difference in levels and when we were in town one night and a headache was killing me he said i didn't have to stay for his sake, i could go home if i felt sick. it's the way he said it. it is sad ofcourse, we share this history of feeling or be made feeling responsible for our actions and ourselves. standards people come up with when not sure about life and what it is they really want for themselves.
my brother was a gifted musician and studied classical piano. he left school because of a stressed out teacher telling him he would never be able to express his emotions in his pianoplaying. nonsense, for he made it through the auditions for application because of how he played, since he dropped out of highschool the year before. they made an exception for him.
it is sad he couldn't deal with it or fight back. my parents tried to reason with him not to give up but he was pigheaded and left anyway.
i guess some people, souls are not from this world, i read some about Star Trek here, haha. my brother always drew pictures connected to outer space and in his last months showed this remarkable outgoing sense enjoying things he did. like i have
been doing ever since i knew the meaning of the word "aware" and live my life as aware as possible.
it happened so the grave next to my grandmother's was empty again. my father used to have dreams about his mother calling out to him and he lived and still lives a troubled life, albeit less stressful since a few heart attacks and strokes, haha. as if the rebellious parts of his brain were silenced ..
so when my brother died, he was buried next to my grandmother. and it felt like this full circle to some other relatives of my father's family.
i believe a family can carry something in their genes, not as much disorders or illnesses .. but emotional tragedies as well, stuff that happened decades, centuries ago perhaps. as a kid i always sensed something weird and dark when it comes to my father's family, a lot of pain and grieve and incapacity to take a chance and make that leap to a new way of living if the "old" one is cause for gloom.
my brother jumped off the Euromast in the harbour of Rotterdam, where our ancestors sailed off into the unknown, centuries ago. i immediately sensed this when i went there two years after the fact. a full circle. as if some of an old curse or something was relieved, as if something had been returned, retrieved.
at times like that, religion comes to shower its magic until it sinks into a solid believe in matters we don't usually discuss without some hesitance or scepticism. but even then, it proves life's vibes are a substance, an essence that has a life of its own, aarrgghh, how to put this in words i don't know!!!
well, it is a l i v e.
life is.

AJA, should you read this, this is almost a direct translation of the story i'd written and was invited to publish with some alterations in order to make it spectaculair, which i refused ofcourse. that was years ago and although would have been a nice chance to debute in the world of journalism back then .. sometimes it's a simple no-can-do.

i'm glad i didn't back then and i still made it into that strange writer's realm doing only the things i like to do.

sigh. sorry if i sidetracked the topics i read about ..
guess i just want to say how important it is to cherish what we've got and enjoy even the silliest moment ..
life's so precious, less than perfect but precious anyway!

hey Steviedan .. silence is golden they say but i don't mind any silver or brass from you around here ..

off again,

Banyan Tree No Tip If I Was Served A Circumcized Male Bow,

Name: lp

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:37:51
yes, thank you jim, you are extremely eloquent and how lucky you are to have such influence in your life!

i heard on a talk radio show today about a pearl harbor survivor speaking at a high school class about his experience and after he was completed, he received a standing ovation from the class and then was asked if the military provided counseling for the soldiers after that traumatic event......oh how the times have changed...

Name: duncan

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:29:24
Dano & Me or what everbody else asleep

Name: duncan

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:26:42
Nice word Jim.

Name: Duncan

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:20:16
They don't

Name: Dano
With less skin on his one eyed bedsnake

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:18:07
Duncan , Speak fer yerself av had mines aff fir 46 years and my wife still has"nt noticed??

Name: lp
take my wit,.....please!

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:17:08
dano: LOL - you are too funny!

Name: duncan

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:15:25
Gabbiadini left years ago ! Tosser
I'm eating texas BBQ pizza yum!

Name: Jim

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:14:32
Without dwelling on it in any expanded, self-serving kind of way, IÕll pass on a story of Memorials, which we in the States tend to do at this time of year.

There was a dairy farm boy, raised by Mennonite parents in upstate New York during the Depression. An only child, he tended the chores and went to school, his only reflective memory of childhood offering only an aversion to chickens, the raising of, the sound of, the eating of, which carried through for the rest of his days. Save perhaps, a love of reading, there not being much else to do for leisure on a Mennonite farm, in the 1930Õs. His misfortune, graduating high school in 1940, was a guarantee for a moment in a conflict not of his choosing. Older than the other enlistees, and perhaps a bit more reserved, more self-educated, and already employed otherwise, he was jerked away from home and friends, given a gun and Sergeant stripes and told to train 17 year olds in how to shoot Germans.

When and how he met his sweetheart, a farm girl some distance away, has never been clearly explained. His best pal dating her sister might be a clue, but is lost in the fog of the new found hurriedness of the time, a time of Mennonites marching to war, of inexorably moving armed forces, of swing music and crooning, and passioned speeches over the radio by patriots never seen by television, or internet, maybe in a movie trailer on a stolen Saturday evening. There was no time for milking, or egg sorting. And an end to drives in the Model A to see his girl. Only time to await orders by mail, on a silent spring evening, commanding a presence in far off North Carolina. More bodies to train, more marching, more ponchos and fox hole digging. And heat. The sort of southern climate made to wilt a northerner by itsÕ own fierceness. A half dozen battalion of men trained, ticketed and bound for North Africa. And time running out for the Sergeant, the dairy farmer, the trainer of men; his own orders came through for his destiny, to go to the desert to kill, and harm, and inflict the sort of madness on the world that the Mennonites would surely be repulsed by.

In the end hour, he was fallen not by a machine gun, but by pneumonia, the kind afforded by the heat and climate never before experienced. And his mates steamed off to hell, to Italy, to France. And perhaps beyond. The Army clucked itsÕ own sort of bemused sorrow at the loss of such a Sergeant, a maker of men, and discharged him on medical grounds. And back to the factories he went, to make airplane engines for the machine, this time to shoot Asian warriors instead of Nordic ones. Always accepting these duties, these charges, the stoics of life among the farm cows, of life preserving life, with the inevitability of death ever hovering.

And what would have gone through his mind, and the minds of hundred of thousands like him, these 60 years past. Did he agree with the rationale of conflict, of war so intense, of moments of awareness of the finality of it all? What went through his mind when he married, in 1944, the farm girl, the quiet one of the two sisters, with friends falling by the week in agony overseas? And to not be a part, on wars conclusion, of the feeling of victory, the erasure of pain. Was it not his war?

After bearing children, finding a career, and advancing, on the strength of a high school education and a lifetime of hard work, to an engineerÕs job normally reserved for college fellows, he plodded on. Forgotten perhaps, except on a day like today, when the heroÕs would march by in the small town parade, and the flag, his colors, would pass by. He wasnÕt a participant, not a marcher. A soldier neednÕt be. The heels brought together, the dead accurate salute, the absolute respect for those his own age stepping in front of him. Those that survived, along with him. And a small boy quizzically watching the sustainment of that salute, the seriousness, knowing there was something unexplained here.

And IÕve never asked an explanation. Maybe there have been enough movies, enough printed word for an 80 year old man with AlzheimerÕs to not have to explain to his son what sacrifice is. And why the number of his friends from years past was so small. And those remaining so curiously silent. There was a resolve to those days, a measured and quiet something, a patience that this instant age will never grasp. But our age was caused, was allowed to happen because of it. Our music, our cries for gratification, all of our elitist groaning made possible by dairy farmers posing as alluded saviors of the Hemisphere. And well did they make the illusion work, if it were ever an illusion at all.

Thank you, Dad.

Name: Cyn
Flying the Stars and Stripes......

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:12:20

Well, Blaise, it seems I did find that can opener. Never having been to a bris, I don't know how a Mol preforms a circumcision at this ceremony. However I do know that in this and other standardized countries it is done under the guidance of a Professional Medical Person.

My reference was to the horrible practice in Africa as Midnight so well explained. But, I need to add that it is performed on little girls ages 4-7 maybe younger, maybe older. Also this "circumcision" is done without painkillers, any sharp object(normally an old rusty razor, used many times before).

Now is not the time to keep repeating past histories about this or that, what was done then, is done. We can't change it, But, we can learn from it. We can take a stand against it.

DJ...My comments were strickly directed to the "Taliban". I would never put all members of one religion on the coals over what the extremist do. I respect people of ALL faiths...but I do not respect the ones that say its alright to treat another HUMAN BEING in the manner I stated before. heres a glitch
While scrollin'down to read todays episodes of the GB, when I got to Howards post about the "weird symbols" my computer screwed right the hell up. Once on aol and again on compuserve. Rebooted..did it again, and again. All right at Howards post...can someone please 'splain this to me...LOL. Was the SYMBOLS?????

Hope you all have a great Holiday!

Name: dano
with a bell end

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:11:19
WIP , Dan listened to the Buried track , kinda reminds me of Sunday Papers by Joe Jackson , good voice and neat lyrics , and that garageband site is quite good also . Regards Dano.

Howard , On the links site shot twice , people with goatee beards, and mobile tunes are really true mate , why can"t they just have an ordinary ring.

Mark In Boston , Did they do Spies , They are very big here and will crack America.

fezo , Ben Folds is playing in the UK this summer.

Lp , I celebrated our 14th anniversary last night , she was well pissed because i didn"t get in till 3am??

Chappie , gone yersel big man a wid bae wae yae , but a canny hum a tune??

Duncan , Is Gabbiadini still up there??

TWM , Yahooo Sopranos back on E4 on the 25th June , Next they will be saying NYPD is back and I will have a massive organism.
Shit I miss that cantancrous basta Andy??

TWM, Proclaimers on the radio this morning saying there gonna stuff the tic??
Ever since then its been on my mind all day.

If yae go will yae send back a letter from America
Take a look at the rail track from Miami to Canada.

Off to Pearl Harbour , spelled with a u...........

Have a dooser everyone "dano"

Name: oh what the hell
apologies to st al for taking up space
Location: but this story is worth, the long post
Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:09:46
what a story teller -
can see why he had such an influence on wb/df too, right?

Early one mornin' the sun was shinin',
I was layin' in bed
Wond'rin' if she'd changed at all
If her hair was still red.
Her folks they said our lives together
Sure was gonna be rough
They never did like Mama's homemade dress
Papa's bankbook wasn't big enough.
And I was standin' on the side of the road
Rain fallin' on my shoes
Heading out for the East Coast
Lord knows I've paid some dues gettin' through,
Tangled up in blue.

She was married when we first met
Soon to be divorced
I helped her out of a jam, I guess,
But I used a little too much force.
We drove that car as far as we could
Abandoned it out West
Split up on a dark sad night
Both agreeing it was best.
She turned around to look at me
As I was walkin' away
I heard her say over my shoulder,
"We'll meet again someday on the avenue,"
Tangled up in blue.

I had a job in the great north woods
Working as a cook for a spell
But I never did like it all that much
And one day the ax just fell.
So I drifted down to New Orleans
Where I happened to be employed
Workin' for a while on a fishin' boat
Right outside of Delacroix.
But all the while I was alone
The past was close behind,
I seen a lot of women
But she never escaped my mind, and I just grew
Tangled up in blue.

She was workin' in a topless place
And I stopped in for a beer,
I just kept lookin' at the side of her face
In the spotlight so clear.
And later on as the crowd thinned out
I's just about to do the same,
She was standing there in back of my chair
Said to me, "Don't I know your name?"
I muttered somethin' underneath my breath,
She studied the lines on my face.
I must admit I felt a little uneasy
When she bent down to tie the laces of my shoe,
Tangled up in blue.

She lit a burner on the stove and offered me a pipe
"I thought you'd never say hello," she said
"You look like the silent type."
Then she opened up a book of poems
And handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet
From the thirteenth century.
And every one of them words rang true
And glowed like burnin' coal
Pourin' off of every page
Like it was written in my soul from me to you,
Tangled up in blue.

I lived with them on Montague Street
In a basement down the stairs,
There was music in the cafes at night
And revolution in the air.
Then he started into dealing with slaves
And something inside of him died.
She had to sell everything she owned
And froze up inside.
And when finally the bottom fell out
I became withdrawn,
The only thing I knew how to do
Was to keep on keepin' on like a bird that flew,
Tangled up in blue.

So now I'm goin' back again,
I got to get to her somehow.
All the people we used to know
They're an illusion to me now.
Some are mathematicians
Some are carpenter's wives.
Don't know how it all got started,
I don't know what they're doin' with their lives.
But me, I'm still on the road
Headin' for another joint
We always did feel the same,
We just saw it from a different point of view,
Tangled up in blue.

Copyright © 1974 Ram's Horn Music

Name: duncan '' drunk again''

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:09:20
I'm pissed up after a sml trip to to see England v Greece

Circumcision ain't no joke I've had to put up with 34 yrs jokes ''Roundhead'' to me its not funny I cant undress in front of a another male.. full stop.
The ridicule & ritual humiliation I went through, as a school child is a weight I will not be bestowing upon young Dan.

The 60's have a lot to answer

My parents had me & my brother (twin) done for nothing other than
Fashion & it ruined my school life & deeply disturbed me for years since.

It's only now that with close friends & fellow members of the GB that I can say hey what the fuck I'm forskinless & laugh

Nobody on this planet can tell me anything about circumcision because I have had to live with it for 34 yrs
I know what happens to girls in Africa

I sympathise

Clas chill I'm on your side

(55mins to type that)
Listening to SD live I cant here any joins what are they talking about?

Any Newbie's reading this ''Dive in '' The water's not that hot


Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:09:13
Smelly PI transcripts are up:

Name: Jimbo

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 13:04:33
Cyn- All I can say is "Right On, girl." I think it's important
to remember though, that we are all the same under the skin and any genitalia that we have. As someone who has been discriminated myself from time to time. I can understand. Regardless from where we come from, individual freedom is always on our minds.

Anyway, I probably won't be seeing Pearl Harbor, no because of one of the previous postings, but because the movie is part
historical moment and part love story. Smells like a film about
a supposedly unsinkable ship. HMMMMMM! Obviously, it's no Saving Private Ryan. I think Shrek will br on my list this weekend.

See Ya!

Name: lp

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 12:59:21
tangled up in blue is my personal all time favorite bob dylan tune (i may have the title incorrectly noted, but you know which one i mean)

Name: Jimbo

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 12:52:58
To those who mentioned Miles and Bob Dylan, thanks for reminding
me to do this:

Happy 60th birthday Bob. Many songwriters, I'm sure thank you
for being a influence on their work. And we thank you for everything else.

Miles, I wish you were here, man. But, HappY 75th birthday,man.
Where Louis A. was the King, you are considered, the Prince of Jazz.

Amen, Brother

Name: µ

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 12:36:17
...and little overhead...

badda ding badda boom

Edd, that killed me!

Name: Buddy Hackett
in from bogota

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 11:41:41
Hey, circumcision jokes? I can do those, no problem!

Name: Edd

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 11:36:36

Circumsion wouldn't be as popular in this country if it didn't pay so well.

Experts can make over $450K a year.

Plus tips!

Name: thirdworldman

Location: Glasgow,
Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 11:23:05
Hey Duncan, dano and I will take you on at the bevvy game any day, wee man!!

Saw a post saying that the San Fernando valley is the world porn capital. Any cheap holidays going???

Saw some great Dylan progs on the box last night, and he came across a lot more interesting than I ever took him for. Good stuff.

On the circumsicion debate, I went for the op a couple of years ago, but the doc couldn't do it. 'We haven't got a scalpel big enough' boomboom

All right, I AM a big head (double entendre)


Name: Edd

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 11:12:57

...and a happy birthday to Miles Davis.

Name: luckless pedestrian
miss sun

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 10:46:25
popping in to say hello -

i did listen to 2vN last night while drafting a courtyard design for hubby until 2 AM, that's my steely dan mention for today (i also listened to boz scaggs anthology, wow, whatta voice whatta band he put together for his releases)

back to your provocative discussions on circumcision (i have girls, so can't join the fun).....

angel: mae-mae has strep again, very sad - need to yank them tonsils i think - get rid of what you don't need, right?

malc - e me soon

Name: µ

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 10:33:46
The world is flat after all:

SteveeDan - I bought one for our teaching lab. Awesome - esoecially the colors - vibrant and no flicker - like looking into a window, virtually. Glad to the the prices are coming down now as expected...

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 09:50:32

And for example; if one looks att CNN for two hours it's amazing to note what a twisted, distorted picture they give of the Muslims. It's pure brainwashing.

And about the African female circumcisions; remember that Africa is a continent who's been colonized for a long time (by white, very religous people). They are way behind, but there are very positive forces who's trying to get rid of that circumcision-stuff.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 09:38:52
If we consider that childish, naive lame remark came from a very western, narrow, point of view, we simply just can ignore it.

But if we don't (ignore it), remember, it wasn't long ago KKK made the southern (even midwest) part of USA very insecure for black and jewish people. And apartheid is still existing in the USA.

And minorities don't have to wear any signs in USA, you can tell just by the color of skin and where they live.

And refering to the Holocaust all the time is a little bit boring, ethnic wipe-outs is overall existing in this world, this very moment.


the Stranger - yes, I was wondering.


Name: Duncan

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:59:58
In England we call them ''Roundheads''

Name: Duncan

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:59:01
Here Here

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:52:20
Cyn & Blaise....there's a world of difference between male circumcision practiced by much of the western world and female circumcision practiced by some African nations. Removal of the male foreskin doesn't really affect his sexual function in life. He may have some diminished sensitivity versus the uncircumcised male, but is still capable of all things pleasurable in the ways of sex. Female circumcision is barbaric and involves total removal of the clitoris, thus eliminating sexual pleasure and the ability to have an orgasm. It's thought that this will keep the woman from having sex with other males. That this pratice can be sanctioned by any culture is beyond me.

belated 60th birthday to Bob Dylan.

Name: µ
we're gonna have some

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:46:50

Name: µ

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:45:09
Steveedan: Have one for me. You can't believe the number of computer glitches that afflict me constantly...the latest is Epson printer software drivers. Now that HPs have reolution out the wazoo - they would be the ink jet printer of choice...

Let's try...

µÖ¼Ģ?? 1Ś2Ī¤ ¦€œ® ž3Ś4ļń1Ąš «Ź¬Ēį ģē»£ ¢”?|“Č1Ś4-

Jee, ya never know what will go through...

Blaise: lame? You should see my cat! He went from expert hunter to couch potato in one year. "pass me a beer and put on the fuckin' Aminal Channel - he sez. Steve's got a Cheetah by the tail tonight." Even "it" doesn't piss me off. Hangin' on 'til we have a dog...

Name: duncan 'D'

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:27:45


Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:27:24
but did you mail off your twin to america?

tsk, tsk.

Name: Duncan

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:21:53
Good night I think

fitted raised flowerbed in garden
Painted outside hous wall lilac
trimmed dead tree ( cats NOT happy)
typed for 2hours
listned to goucho 3 times royal scam once
drunk 2ltr coke 1/2 ltr vodka


Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 08:06:22
CYN: The comments about the Taliban rulers are truthful,but i hope that you don`t think that this behavior is endorced by Muslims elsewhere. The Koran (Islamic Holy Book) is very clear in the respect of other religions.....Islam seems to be criticized, when it is the politics of the area.......I don`t think it is right for non Christians to depise Christianity because of the brutal and sanctioned behavior of the Crusades....

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 07:33:57
Hi again Angel -

I forgot to mention to you in my previous psychotic post that "The Fall of '92", or is it "The Fall of '96"? I can't remember. Anyway, I remember when Walter introduced the song in concert (just before the idiot audience members stampeded the drink lines) he said that this was a song about "Romance without Finance".

I always liked this line. Sure beats the drink line, which I was in at the beginning of the following year's concert at the same venue when the band opened with "True Companion".

Blast shields are down, C-3PO has been dismantled.


Name: Steveedan
Location: Way too early to be doing this, as my son won't let my wife take a shower in peace.
Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 07:26:51
Good morning campers --

As we head into the weekend, please try not to get bombed at Pearl Harbor (Tora, Tora, Tora - and for us folks who don't have to "pull back and rinse" - Torah, Torah, Torah !). Come to think of it, let's see if Pearl Harbor bombs or not.

Blaise - How YOU doin' ? Did you mean that I pissed off the "good doctor" with my newfound ability to paste the " µ " symbol ? Or was it with the aMUsing thing ? It was just a feeble attempt at levity about the " mu " symbol. It was not directed at the "good doctor". This unfortunately is not a joke. I really do need someone to post the " m " symbol that has the long downward tail in front like the " µ " symbol has. I need it for my music chart writing. Will someone please help me so that I don't piss anyone else off. Aw Sh*t, I probably will transgress again though I don't do it intentionally. This is my OCD taking over. Mu, Meau, Moo !! Give me give me symbol do !!

Angel and W1P - It looks pretty good that I'll be playing keyboards with the Steely Fan Band at the NOHO festival - on the Toyota of North Hollywood stage on Sunday June 17 at 2 PM. Be sure to wear the studs that match your eyes for easy identification. Also, keep the evening of July 6 open. the Dr. Wu band is playing the Whiskey A-Go-Go in West Hollywood that night. I will be there, but maybe not in the audience ! More on this later.

Howard - I was just looking for a simple guide to convert tablature notation to music notes. Maybe I will find the time to make one myself and if I do, I will send it to you. Actually, it's really not that hard to do, now that I think about it, but hey, I need someone to give me the " mu " symbol, so I am probably not out of the woods yet - if ever.

Maybe I am better off staying in the woods.

Duncan - Clearly I can't play the game, but I'm a pretty good speller. I just have an aversion to spinning rooms and puking. Just call me particular (as opposed to particle blower). How's that for you chunky monkeys out there ?

For those of you who aren't that happy with George W. Bush, a friend of mine found a hysterical website . From there look at the various links listed down the right hand side of the page. There is another site listed there called bushorchimp. This is a site of hysterical T-shirts showing a picture of Dubya next to a chimp with a similar expression. Classic stuff in the modern era. This must be free speech at its best, or at least, at its chimp.

I want my " mu " TV !! So says my OCD on my CRT -- hey OCD let go of me !! Urrgh ! Choke ! Weeze ! Snort ! (Whoops - that last one's for a whole different post !)

Alright, time to get ready for the day -- wait 'til they get a loada me ! This village idiot is looking for his shoe. Found it. Smack it into head - day already off to great start. C stands for cookie, that's good enough for me ...

OK - time to clean off my screen. Have a great weekend everyone.

Steveedan whatever

Name: angel
It's a matter of style, flair, je-ne-sais-quoi

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 06:21:13
In case you are wondering where the song quote comes from. It's from a rather obscure Steven Schwartz play, "The Magic Show", which starred the late Doug Henning (a fellow Canadian, there Blaise). I always loved the words je-ne-sais-quoi but never saw it spelled, until now. You are just doing wonders for my French. :-)

Howard: Love your "I was the dandy" line. Very creative.

Cyn: Yeah, I heard it on the news the other night. Same thought went through my mind. People never change. Sheesh!

Duncan: Bad night or good night. Hard to tell from your post.... :-)

Steveedan: No more drinking for you!
"Blast shields are up"....have you been hanging out with LP again?

Stranger: Good to see you drop by. Yeah, Dylan turned 60. Who would have thunk it! I did love some of the headlines, including the predictable, "The Times They Are A Changing" one.
Happy belated one, Bob. Thanks for pushing the envelope and allowing Steely Dan to take full advantage of obscure lyrics. Where would we all be without them.

Mark in Boston: What is "Fall of '92" Can anyone tell this girl has never been to a live Steely Dan concert? Gasp. :-)

Good day all and Blaise (be good).... lol

Without it you're a bust....

Name: counting chromosomes
haughty americans with coffee and STASH

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 05:58:02
seeking retribution? do you know EXACTLY who trimmed your sword? i hear you can sue for foreskin abandonment...

Name: Boston Rag

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 05:55:29
Saw Coldplay at the Avalon Ballroom last night. Some really tasty stuff. The crowd was rather annoying though. Lots of talking during the songs. Especially during some new songs they were introducing. It kind of reminded how people just ignored Walter when he was playing "Book of Liars" and "Fall of '92" before 11TOW came out. People just went "Hey, never heard this before - let's get a beer".

'Parachutes" is a great CD. Takes a while to grow on you but worth checking out.

Mark in Boston


Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 05:44:42
Oh I got the scalpel, baby. Make no mistake. I still remember it too. Retribution is a seductive idea now all of a sudden. gotta shake this off...


Name: Howard
I was a dandy of Γ Ξ

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 05:33:34
What's with all these weird symbols ...

I can't understand a ζ¤%δ*Ų@-ing thing!

Clas, Steveedan et al - as you know, comments, thoughts etc on the Babylon Sisters chords (or other transcriptions) are always welcome.

This slight language barrier between guitar tab and keyboard friendly stuff is annoying, but there's not much we can do about that. I guess spelling chords out in full (C Bb Eb G etc) is the best option.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 05:30:24


Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 05:27:48
just for you

Name: annie bacterial
pull back and rinse

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 05:21:50
so, blaise. are you trying in your most humble way to tell us that you're still "intact"?

Name: Blaise
scalpel shock

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 05:12:11
Cyn - An outsider to the Jewish faith could very well think the same of ritual male cicumcision, as it is still performed systematically, even w/o any real medical need or prescription to do so. Should we be offended by such a barbaric practice just the same?

Name: §l¾z• ©
Bland Half-Flex Ø

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 03:50:21
Schwinn, fellow yankees: Yes, enqueue your ass to lay down your Jackson, people and don't delay. Gotta feed the machine.
I figure at least big time Hollywood movie stars should have this je-ne-sais-quoi appeal attached to their persona, some brut and charisma, no? Affleck strikes me as the type that couldn't find his way into Studio 54 if he streaked, bent over backwards, singing a raucous "voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Voulez voulez voulez-vous?" remix on random repeat. Yawn.... how boring does it have to get, people?
Btw, I hear there are three versions of the movie: one is for the Japanese market and it avoids the predictable "Fuckin' Japs" slurs and there's even another alternative take meant for Germans leaving any "Fuckin' Fritz" out (or something). History on the cutting floor type deal again. I also hear it's really a love story with Kamikaze pilots providing the fireworks in the background instead of the other way around, as the trailer kinda misleading suggests just to draw you in. Go ahead, spread your wings and flock in droves!
And yes, we're all proud Americans here enjoying a national holiday and we should all partake in the most predictable of programmed activities. It goes without saying. Thanks for the reminder.

LP - There you go, here's another project: try to catch Pearl Harbour in Tokyo and report from the closest Internet-ready mini-bar or fridge you can find. Colour, baby! Hope this little blockbuster doesn't create a diplomatic incident or triggers a rise in anti-american sentiments over there or anything like that... sheesh

Steveedano - I have never seen the "good doctor" pissed off before and, mind you, I kinda like the idea but that's a lame attempt there, buddie. Please, try again.

Cyn - Moving, passionate plea there, seriously... but you have to keep in mind that this judgement is from a Western World perspective. Is it objectively digusting if it's not experienced this way subjectively? Is there such a thing like a universally valid set of values? Deep, deep ethical can of worms you're trying to open there. Here, let me help you with that... humpf...

Ē§Č © 19101.

Name: Cyn
And they say its to protect them.....

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 02:36:38

Its been about 3 days since I read about this in the paper and was waiting for it to come up in here. Since no one else has mentioned it...I will.

Afghanistan's ruling Taliban said Tuesday that they will require Hindus to wear identity labels on their clothing to distinguish them from Muslims. The taliban said the measure - which will also require Hindu women to be veiled for this first time - was aimed at keeping non-Muslims from being harassed by religious police inforcing Islamic law.

Does this sound familar to anyone? Thats what the Nazi regime said back in 36. But they also included Gays, Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses after they required the Jews to wear them.

Its not enough the Taliban treat the women of Afghanistan worst than dogs. Its not enough they destroy ancient artifacts. Now it looks like they are going after "anyone" who doesn't believe in what "they" do.

I don't have the time right now to research this, but, When the Russians pulled out of there, were the "Freedom Fighters" part of the now infamous Taliban? And did we not support them in their fight against the Russians? Or did the Taliban slowly creep (slither) its way into Afghanistan after?

My apologies to any taliban following SD lovers, But..Wait.. They're not allowed to listen to SD!

And the women aren't allowed education, medical care, clear eyesight( unless they have xray eyes to see thru that heavy purdu they have to wear), They can be stoned at the hint of a rumor, for even talking to the opposite sex. They can't leave their homes with out escort. It is not against the law for a husband to beat his wife over nothing. As far as the "crimes" against women, the list seems to go on and on and on.

This and genital mutilation (Africa) are my 2 main issues. They both just sicken me, and at times bring me to tears.

Sorry for the Rant , folks. I just had to get this out.

BTW...Lets give it up for..(drum roll, please) newly independent Sen.Jeffords!!! ( my apologies to any conservative Republicans in the GB....Wait!... are they allowed to listen to SD?)

Name: Schwinn

Date: Friday, May 25, 19101 at 00:25:34
In the spirit of uninterrupted money flowing to Hollywood, please visit your favorite theatre over the weekend and be like Ben Affleck: Young and groomed to replace the mud-shark in your mythology.

Too Old? Pshaww! Pearl Harbor is almost 60 years old!

Go out and put some shine in your Japan!

Best Dishes,


Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles,, CA, USA
Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 23:58:35
Hey Duncan --

Hysterical post - I drink, therefore I am !!, and so do I !!

Hey, do you know how to make the mu looking "m" character?

Do you know what I'm talking about ? Do ya ? Do ya ?

I'm trying to aMUse myself.


Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 23:48:56
broteh boyyom here !!
Kneel the lesson for today isÉ.

I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !
I must not type & drink !

I must not give out personal addresses & websites.


Anyway back safe & sound at work now (no drink here)

Not a bad nights work I think & a perfect example of how not to play the game.

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 22:41:22
Hey --

Do I look like chairman Meow ?

Anyway, I just figured out how I can use the mu looking "u" character. I just copied them from your post tonight and saved it in Word. Now I can use it wherever I want. Y'see, the complex stuff I can handle it's the easy junk that throws me every time.

µ See? I did it! µ µ Look !! I did it again !! And Again !!! Oh am I excited -- whoops, wet 'em again !!!

Now, if someone can post the mu looking "m" character, I am totally in business. Please, someone, do this for me.

My "blast" shields are up -- fire away.


Name: TheStranger
A veteran visitation

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 22:23:15
Just stopped in to pay respect to Dylan on his birthday and I was fortunate enough to run into the account of Walt and Donald at Berklee by Boston Rag. Thanks, Boston Rag. Most worthy post.

I know there are other good posts here I haven't had time to read and I am sorry for not specifically praising those authors. You all know who you are. I appreciate all of you who pour out really worthwhile thoughts in this gbook which seems to have improved since I left it. Was there a connection there?

For those hardy souls like Clas who remember me and wonder where the hell I am, understand I will still drop in from time to time to keep you honest. But basically I'm working 1 and a half jobs and still trying to enjoy life and so I've had to make some hard choices on how I spend my time.

Tip: I just heard some stuff by a jazz singer named Kitty Margolis that knocked me out. Smart, great, pretty voice. Does the unexpected. Won't settle for less. Check her out.

And I heard Jane Monheit's Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the local jazz station and it was so pure I almost started crying in the car. Which messed up my aim when I took a shot at some dumb fuck who cut me off. But don't be alarmed. It's just Chinatown.

Name: µ

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 21:11:58
Steveeeeeeeeedan: Hold microphone in front of hungry cat. Enable feline voice recognition software. Shake bag of Friskies liberally. Copy and paste ad libitum.

µµµµ µµµµ µµµµµµµµ
µµµµ µµµµ µµµµµµµµ

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 20:17:23
Went to a batchelor party last night in the San Fernando Valley, porn capital of the world. I almost never drink. Almost. Decorum prohibits me from expounding on the content of the entertainment, but, suffice it to say that the only thing left to the imagination was what the Stoli was doing to tweak my reality state. I was loaded with singles ($1 bills) when I went in, and when I left ... I was just loady-doady doaded.

Clas - Thanks for the reply on the songbook. Dr. Mu (if that is you with the "mu" looking "u") wonderful Diz bio. How do you make that Mu sign?

KD - My guess is that since we are deep into the NBA playoffs you have been up to your basketballs in work and stuff. Monday night's Lakers - Spurs game was unbelievable. Lakers pulled that win out of a hat! Yay LA. Hope to see you soon KD.

Howard - I will get to work on the chord stuff you mentioned earlier today and see if I can give you some voicings (spelled out, of course) and then you can see if you think they are correct or not. I'm going to download your Babylon Sisters tonight and check it out. This is one of my favorite Gaucho songs to play. Lots of fun, this one.

Stevie Dan - How are things going with you? Let us know when you feel it's appropriate (or just when you feel like it). Hope things are going well (better, I mean).

To everyone else, I hope all is well and that the Memorial Day weekend is fun for all.

With the long weekend that's coming up fast, let's get busy ... A mix of elegance and function ...



Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 19:19:55

= µ¼


¼ not that there's anything wrong with that...



Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 19:16:00

Name: angel
Pour out

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 19:15:46
Cooler weather today, 1 day to go....

Midnight Cruiser: Glad Opti made it through ok and you are both home and recovering.

Snake Hips: Silly you, trying to start a Dan thread.... :-)

Duncan: Nice pictures, cute baby and GREAT tee shirt!
I hope you did not compose that for 1 1/2 hours online. :-)

LP: How many seats are you booking again, for that trip? :-)

Blaise: Don't want to bring up an old thread again, but I finally got to hear the infamous 17 second mystery clip today. VERY smooth jazz. As a matter of fact, not exactly my prefered way to hear it. But interesting, none the less. Oh, and thanks for teaching me how to search the archives. Came in handy when I wanted to check out the 2nd Arrangement comments from last month.

One final question on Wetside Story. What is the instrument that plays at the very top of the song, just before the drum kicks in? Is it the lynx, the Fender Rhodes or something else? Very cool sound.

Good weekend to all and a safe trip to those who drive....

The wine girl....


Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 19:15:23


Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 17:18:33
Paging Kinky, ballah, aa, or even Clas...



Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 17:13:11

Name: eLLe
a new fence

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 17:10:11
we have a Viet Namese man and his younger Mexican helper building a fence for us right now.
he says, "NO!!!!I tell you, one bay, one ho"(one bag-of cement per one fence post hole) to the Mexican, and the Mexican just laughs at him...( it's so hot out )
and he has a very high pitched voice, so when he leaves, I am literally ROFL yelling at Hubby..NO NO YOU ihduh ONE BAY ONE HO!
my back is so right out, so I'm vicodined again, sorry for my silly posts.
I can't make much sense out of these posts lately, except that I know lp is the anon 85% of the time.
HI Cyn!! LOL
and Daddy
and Lise
and all of you friendlies
Hi Duncan.. cheers, yah toser!! ; )

gotta rest now... OWIES!!!
sparkle in your China?


Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 16:16:46
duncan: which one, love?

oh hell, it doesn't matter. i'll take him!

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 16:10:39
spelling mistakes = 00:15 + vodka

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 16:08:36
Twin broteh at boyyom of page
(went to bed got up again)


Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 15:39:51
gina keep your grubby mitts off blaise. he doesn't need frosting.


Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 15:37:07
midnightC: i just gotta say you sound like such a genuinely nice guy- how rare that is these days.

and duncan: you are more than a little cute. do you have a brother just laying around that you could send to america? you kids are english, right? yeah, send a hot brit for deprived american girls.

Name: Midnite Cruiser
exceeding my posting limit for the day

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 15:32:03
Duncan....beautiful family you have there! I really like your choice of shirts for the hospital shots. The boys would be proud! Congrats to you both on the birth of your son.


Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 15:08:32
Anybody who wants to see what me Linda Dan & look like & can't wait till next week
go to


Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 15:01:09

Thanks Hank & MC... years, e-gad! Of course, I was measuring in hours, day, weeks, so years seems attainable...

If you get tired of the IB, send him my way!

I've been getting a number of frames of the rose-breasted grosbeaks. Should have some pics up in a week or two... (still using that archaic emulsion method.)

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:58:21
Took me a fucking hour and half to type that !!!

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:57:02
GB games 2001 version 1

This is my first draft so welcome any suggestions as to changes that need to be made

See what you think

GB drinking game
The Chairperson does not drink or smoke in this round (boo- hoo)
The appointed chairperson is in charge of choosing the text & is in sole charge.
The judge's decision is final

Round 1

The chairperson posts a line of text or sentence on the GB

The contestants have 3mins to post back the same sentence

Starting from the time posted

As a reward for that task they get to take a drink of their favourite tipple

This continues for several rounds (20 -30) depending on how many are playing.




No contestants at this stage can be disqualified.

Drink brake

Round 2 The semi's

Contestants choose an opponent & post there own sentence or Dan based question aimed directly at them (no crashers) answers to be forwarded to the chairperson in advance in case they don't know them (as if)


This continues for several rounds depending on how many contestants are playing.

The chairperson /judge is also included in this round
20 players = 10 rounds

Drink brake

Light your joints now everybody please. (Except the chairperson)

Right everybody ready

Round 3 the knockout


The judge posts a word or words from a Steely Dan lyric each posting is accompanied with a free drink

The contestants have just 2 min to post back the following 3 lines, naming the song it came from and the year it was released


Disqualified smoke another joint

This repeats till the chairperson & the winner is left
Drinking at every round completed.

Winner becomes chairperson next week.

Sure you could cut & paste everything but why would anybody do that.

Do anybody think this could work. If so when's the first game


Name: Cyn
family at 6:00

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:46:15

Midnight...we could be cousins!!!!!LOL! Arrival dates are simular.

Name: MC

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:45:07
that was supposed to read "a few minutes of Jimi on VH1"....been a long day and a half

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:38:06
tones....looks like we were on the same wavelength there buddy! I was catching up on the GB and didn't see your post on Zappa's Biography until after I made mine. Great minds do think alike eh?

I saw the last few minutes of Voyager last night in the hospital and wondered the same thing that you guys did. Maybe they're leaving it open for yet another Star Trek movie in which Janeway will come back and somehow end up in the Delta quadrant. It's more money for them and a chance at an explanation for last nights ending.

I also caught a few minutes of Jimi on Biography. Of all the shows I'd seen on him, I didn't realize he was born Johnny Allen Hendrix and his dad renamed him James Marshall Hendrix after Jimi's mom left them. Would love to have seen the whole show. Hopefully A&E will air it again sometime in the not too distant future.

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:27:15
Comments: branch of the Talbott family came from England in the 1820's. Don't know about the Irish connection.

WormTom....thanks for asking! everything went well and she's home and tottering around pretty much as usual. just a little sore. we did spent the night in the hospital because of a little post-pp nausea but came on home first thing this morning. napping in an upright chair all night was the pits. nice long nap when we arrived home this morning though and we're both doing great.

Edd...congrats on the smoke free month! Like Hank said, soon you'll be counting off the years.

Hank....thanks for the kind words on the buntings. we saw the male and female at the feeder together this afternoon for the first time ever. hope to have some more pics and eventually a decent webpage in the weeks and months ahead.

wish I had caught Skunk on PI last night. even if I disagree with his politics, I'd like to have seen the discussion.

speaking of A&E's Biography, I wonder if we could lobby them to re-air the show they did on Frank Zappa just after he died. I've only seen it aired the one time and didn't record it. I'd love to see it again.

JDubs....Where Art Thou Brother??? I miss hearing from you and sent an e-mail your way a couple of weeks ago. Hope you're feeling well and the hep hasn't readed it's ugly head again! Miss you bud!

ahhh, it's nice to be back in the groove again....MC

Name: lp
time is the essence
Location: letting the days go by,
Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:06:34
YES! Tones, that bothered me that she was going back to get herself a few years earlier than when she was supposed to get back? and if she died on the borg vessel, did it all really happen, i sided with the borg slime chick on that theory myself.

TIME ZONE GURU, where are you?

Name: Careful what you
wish for Dept.:

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:02:33
1. The A&E Biography on Hendrix sucked. The new VH1 Legends on JH is *much* better. I'd love to get the Zappa Biography on tape.

2. Just stopped into work to give a friend a break, and ended up working... ugh!

3. When Janeway and the crew made it back ok, that made any future trip back into the past to save Voyager unnecessary. But if she doesn't go back into the past, Voyager can't make it back. "Roll it over... roll it over in your mind..."

I'm going to have to ask the Time Zone Guru how that's possible.

4. Skunk was real worried about LA... heh heh.



Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 14:00:39

Chips your in

I'm working on the rules version 1

Name: Gina
Fingal O'Flaherty Wills

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 13:53:34
should be put in between Oscar Wilde and that's his full name. William Wilde, Oscar's father was from dutch origine btw. Oscar also wrote fairy tales, besides satire & novels .. The Happy Prince (1888) and Other Tales plus A House of Pomegranates (1891). I have both in dutch translation. Can really recommend it. They're weird tales, haha. Gotto love them!

another dutch or catholic holiday today .. a huge flee and antiques market .. stood next to a woman that had a face jogging bells in my memory .. i tried to visualize other hairstyles and suddenly i knew .. it was my first grade teacher when i was 6 years old .. she lived at a farm and took us there once .. i smelled the dirt when we entered the barn where the pigs stayed and i had to throw up .. the other kids weren't sick and got to ride on the tractor while i was recovering .. somehow i marked that day in my mind and it was funny seeing her after 31 years, me throwing up in a pigsty dug up from memory cave like it was yesterday, soooo vivid .. hm .. the mind's a strange thing, never ceazes to amaze, hm ..

Gilles Pie .. good one there Blaise ..:-))
should we ice it or make a chocolate coating, i wonder ..

found this old pocketbook, by author H.G. Wells .. mr Britling .. started reading and loved it .. about an American visiting the country his grandmother came from .. it doesn't say when the book was written or printed, i have to get into all that when i finished stuff that should have been out of the cleaners last week, mumble 3x

sh, a Steely Dan thread or dread, sometimes it might even be just that .. dreading the Dan, they're soooo intimidating .. dating? intimate?

aarrgghh. time to wait in front of an exclusive restaurant for people to come out. so i can have them like sushi ‡nd a four course dinner as well :)))

Banyan Back to Sun Mountain Bow,

Name: snakehips

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 13:43:44
duncan - I! (shouldn't it be "Aye"?)

Name: Chips
What time is my flight, you ask?

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 13:41:51
Aye, but only if Killer Monopoly is included in there somewhere.

Name: Duncan

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 13:28:58
Would anybody like to play a game ?

I'm still formulating the rules in my head but it would include some drinking some drugs & some typing.
There would be rounds then semi's & then a knockout to find the champ.

All interested say I


Name: lp
speaking of snl's "get a life" episode
Location: with everybody's friend, william shatner
Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 13:14:09
did anyone watch the series finale of voyager last night? it was great, wasn't it? wait, did i watch that, well, um....yeah....i did....LOSER!!!!

blasie, am i really up to 19 personas now, wow -

angel, ed, ge, b, jim, and aus are on my list as of this post

Name: sh

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 12:33:11
FD - Ah-hah. Thanks for the info. Whew!

That was way too much excitement for me this afternoon (yawn).
Thought maybe we could start a thread (albeit a short one) about Steely Dan. What a concept!

Name: Cyn
1 down.....1 to go.......

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 12:30:52

First that was not me posting under Cynic! I was busy warping the minds of the future Generation (5th graders). Believe me, I would be the first to say They deserve to be called legends (Steely Dan, not the 5th graders).

Hank...Well, it poked fun at the breeders/handlers...My Mom bred Labradors in Spain, She would have loved it. The Bloodhound and owner were my favorites in the cast. Wanna go fly fishin' sometime...?..LOL.

I wish we got the show "Good Eats" it sounds great!

I fell asleep and missed PI. But thru reading the reviews in here its seems to have come up 50/50. Sounds like Holland put Ms. Prissy GOP in her place. Al Franken has given plenty of laughs as a politcal Satirist.

Last day of School for my eldest...Had a fog school delay this morning. He was so pissed. First time in 13 yrs of schooling his was pissed about a school delay. I just laughed at the irony of it.

Name: Floridavid

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 12:23:31
Snakehips- Don't send in the artillery yet. Steely Dan have their Publishing accounts with ASCAP. Everyone is either ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. My songs are BMI affiliated. Theses 3 organizations are the ones who collect the royalties and distribute them to the Artists.(not that I've seen big royalty checks). So, they weren't slighting our boys. In fact, nice of them to congratulate they wish they were affiliated with Steely Dan now.

Name: snakehips

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 12:13:54
What the ....?

So I get this BMI MusicWorld magazine at my desk. All about songwriters, etc. There's a couple pages on the most recent grammys, no SD mentioned. I search the whole mag and not a word. So I look on the back and there's a big CONGRATULATIONS to the 2001 RRHOF Inductees and then pics of Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Ritchie Valens, Solomon Burke, The Flamingos, James Burton, Chris Blackwell and Queen. In small print beneath it says "BMI also joins the industry in congratulating Aerosmith, Johnnie Johnson and Steely Dan". Hhmmmmfff. We should go to and bitch.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 12:01:50
ĒĒĒĒĒ § ČČČČČ - no, not really. I try to keep an open mind but that kind of music just doesn't exist for me. It's not my waters, I wasn't down at 52nd Street at the time, so, I just let it be.


Howard - shit, you should have seen this, I choosed the wrong printer when I printed out your tabs. The huge Roland Hi Fi Jet printer started printing (after the rip-proceeding) your tabs in a giant format.

Well, anyway, those chords will keep me busy 'til after the fall.

C, Ō ą Õ

Name: luckless pedestrian

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 11:35:21
how many copies of 11-tow do i have to get?

Name: Cynic

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 11:21:06
Steely Dan worthy of a VH1 Legends show? Come on now. Aren't you taking the obsession a little too far?

Gillespie1 in the sky

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 11:16:40
µ - Gillespie, I just like saying that... he got his nickname for being dizzy-like, they say. Gillespie2 is a major dude, right wormy?

Clas - No thoughts on Dizzy?

Jimbo - Thanks for going out of your way not to write "Gillespie" again. Your wish for a Steely Dan tv "biography special" is an interesting idea I wish would be heard. After all, if they did it for Gillespie3...

angel, don't laugh... :o

1 As in Dizzy.
2 As in Gilles pie, Gina ..
3 That officially makes it 70 occurences ao far.

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 10:49:14
Stevedan - New Orleans was before Two Against Nature. The songbook extended to Gaucho. Bye the bye, it was a nasty book.


Hell, couldn't sit at the piano playing and get the damn book stand still at the music stand. And turning the leaves while playing was impossible.


Howard - "C9" = C E A Bb D, yeah, really! Cool stuff.

In fact, I went down to my job this Thursday night to print out the Babylon Sisters Tabs.


Listened to Mike Mc Donalds album "If That's What It Takes". In "Love Lies" Steve Gadd is doing some great job with the left hand on hi hat and right hand altering from the ride-cymbal to the snare. In the fade Gadd is marking some syncopes who isn't there, just out in the blue, very funny. Ha ha.


Music is a stumbling dangerous thing, that's why my heart will survive.


Name: Jimbo

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 09:48:32
Dude, thanks for the info on Dizzy and the Politically Incorrect

God, I hope that A&E do a two hour Biography on Miles Davis.
That would be cool.

I also hope that VH1, if they're nice, will do a Legends show
on Steely Dan. Behind The Music won't do knowing Don and Walt won't divulge much of the dirt, except the part on Skunk.

Skunk seems so interested in missles, almost like it was a phallic symbol to him. Not surprising since missles are mostly shaped that way. He should spend more time with his guitar and
think about his way of pissing people off.

Name: Webster's
no contest

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 09:47:55
Word of the day: Gillespie (65 occurences so far)

Name: angel
Late going into work, got a park to groundbreak

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 09:41:25
„ "This just in! Not only California but whole West Coast tumbled into the sea" In your dreams Blaiser. :-)


Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 09:31:48
Damn, while we were wasting our time with Bill Mahr-on and Skunk A&E had a Biography of Oscar Wilde, champion of the British "aesthetic" movement of the late 19th Century who revolted against the drab order and manners of the Victorian age which he poked fun at constantly. The Importance of Being Earnest is probably the most well known example.

I looked on A&E's calendar through June and no repeat of Dizzie Gillespie's Bio is scheduled unfortunately So here's a nice biosketch:

Gillespie, Dizzy 1917 -- 1993
Jazz trumpeter and composer. Born John Birks Gillespie, on October 21, 1917, in Cheraw, South Carolina. Fifty years after helping found a new style of progressive jazz that came to be known as bebop, the music of Dizzy Gillespie is still a major contributing factor to the development of modern jazz. As a trumpet virtuoso Gillespie stands firmly as a major influence in the development of the jazz trumpet. His band was a virtual training ground for younger musicians. In 1990 he led and wrote the arrangements for a group that included bassist John Lee, guitarist Ed Cherry, drummer Ignacio Berroa, conga drummer Paul Hawkins, and saxophonist Ron Holloway. More than 40 years earlier Gillespie was the first bandleader to use a conga player. Employing Latin rhythms and forging an Afro-Cuban style of polyrhythmic music was one of Gillespie's many contributions to the development of modern jazz.

Before Gillespie there was New Orleans musician Buddy BoldenŃthe earliest known jazz cornetistŃwho was followed by King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and Roy Eldridge. In his memoir, To Be or Not to Bop, Gillespie described the influence of Armstrong and Eldridge on his trumpet playing: "Roy Eldridge was a French-style trumpet player. Eldridge was in a direct line from Louis Armstrong, and he was the voice of that era, the thirties. I hardly ever listened to Louis, but was always aware of where Roy's inspiration came from. So I was looking at Louis Armstrong, you see, because they are one and the same. My inspiration came through Roy Eldridge, from Louis Armstrong and King Oliver and Buddy Bolden. That's the way it happened."

Gillespie played with bands in Philadelphia from 1935 to 1937 before moving to New York. In Philadelphia, where his family had moved from Cheraw, South Carolina, Gillespie learned Eldridge's trumpet solos from fellow trumpeter Charlie Shavers. It was then that Gillespie earned his nickname for his erratic and mischievous behavior. When Gillespie was in the Frankie Fairfax band in Philadelphia he carried his new trumpet in a paper bag; that inspired fellow musicians like Bill Doggett to call him "Dizzy." While Gillespie himself acknowledged the paper bag incident, but he said the nickname didn't stick until later.

Gillespie's basic style of solo trumpet playing at that time involved "running them changes"Ńimprovising on chord changes in a song and introducing new chord changes based on the song's melody. He had taught himself piano and used the instrument to experiment with new melodies and chord changes. When he went to New York in 1937 he did not have a specific job, but was introduced to other musicians by Shavers. Gillespie joined in jam sessions, sometimes after hours at clubs in Harlem like Monroe's Uptown House and Dicky Wells's. He would also sit in with bands; while jamming one night with Chick Webb's band at the Savoy Ballroom, Gillespie met Mario Bauza, a Cuban trumpeter who introduced him to Latin rhythms.

Within a year Gillespie was hired by the Teddy Hill Orchestra for a European tour when the regular trumpet player didn't want to go. Hill probably liked Gillespie's style, which was similar at that time to Roy Eldridge's; Eldridge had left Hill's band to join Fletcher Henderson. By 1937Ńwhen he was only 19ŃGillespie had already made a name for himself among New York musicians, who couldn't help but notice his radically fresh take on solo trumpet playing: he utilized the upper register of notes above high C, played with great speed, and used new rhythms and chord changes. Gillespie made his first recordings with the Teddy Hill Orchestra just prior to leaving for Europe on "The Cotton Club Show."

Gillespie joined the Cab Calloway Orchestra in 1939 and stayed until 1941. He wrote in his memoir, "It was the best job that you could possibly have, high class." Calloway played the Cotton Club and toured extensively. During this period Gillespie continued to play all-night jam sessions at Minton's and Monroe's Uptown House to develop his musical knowledge and style. In 1939 the most in-demand trumpet players for recording dates in New York were Eldridge, Shavers, and Buck Clayton. Gillespie was fourth on the list, but somehow managed to land a recording date with Lionel Hampton, which resulted in the famed "Hot Mallets" session. In this session Gillespie became the first musician to record in the modern jazz style with a small group. Lionel Hampton said of the session, as quoted in Gillespie's book, "[Gillespie] came out with a new style, came out with a bebop style. He came out with a different style than we'd ever heard before. A lot of people don't know that was the creation of bebop, the beginning of bebop." Of course, it wasn't called bebop just yet.

Gillespie left Calloway in 1941 following a misunderstanding. During a performance someone from the vicinity of the trumpet section was having fun aiming spitballs at the bandleader, who was singing in front of the band at the time. Naturally Calloway assumed Gillespie was responsible. By most accounts, however, Gillespie was completely innocent and had been set up. Words led to action; Gillespie pulled a knife on Calloway and actually cut him a few times. While the two later reconciled and remained friends, Gillespie was forced to leave the band. This well-known incident illustrates the flip side of Gillespie's jovial personality; he often found himself in situations where he might need to defend himself, and was fully prepared to do so.

Gillespie joined the Earl "Fatha" Hines band in 1942, about the same time Charlie Parker did. Although Parker became famous as an alto saxophonist, he was playing tenor sax at that time. Gillespie first met Parker in Kansas City in 1940 when he was on tour with Cab Calloway. The two of them jammed together at the Booker T. Washington Hotel for several hours. Gillespie ventured in To Be or Not to Bebop, "I guess Charlie Parker and I had a meeting of the minds, because both of us inspired each other." They spent a lot of time together during their stint with the Hines band.

By the time he joined Hines, Gillespie had composed "A Night in Tunisia," one of his most famous songs. He was also writing arrangements for other bandleaders, including Hill, Calloway, Jimmy Dorsey, and Woody Herman. He wrote bebop arrangements, as most bandleaders at that time were interested in having one or two bebop numbers in their repertoires. Several musicians have commented that even if Gillespie had not been able to play the trumpet, he could have made a name for himself on the basis of his original compositions and arrangements. Other jazz standards credited in whole or in part to Gillespie include "Groovin' High," "Manteca," "Woody `n You," "Con Alma," and "Salt Peanuts."

A large part of the Earl Hines band departed in 1943 to form a new group headed by Billy Eckstine. Former Hines members who joined Eckstine included Sarah Vaughan, Gillespie, Parker, and others. The band also featured saxophonists Gene Ammons and Dexter Gordon. Gillespie became musical director for Eckstine, whose backers got him a job on 52nd Street. Gillespie stayed with Eckstine for about seven months, touring and playing on 52nd Street. "The Street," as it was described by critic Pete Migdol in Gillespie's memoir, "was the hippest block with regard to its short distance and that amount of music.... This was the top talent street, and it was, of course, discoverer of a lot of the new people for that era."

After leaving Eckstine, Gillespie substituted in the Duke Ellington Orchestra for about four weeks, then formed his own group to play at the newly opened Onyx Club on 52nd Street. Gillespie had been playing bebop whenever he could since 1940, the year he married Lorraine Willis. Now he was able to play it full time. 52nd Street became the proving ground for a new jazz style that had previously been played primarily at late night jam sessions.

"The opening of the Onyx Club represented the birth of the bebop era," Gillespie recalled in his book. "In our long sojourn on 52nd Street we spread our message to a much wider audience." His first quintet at the Onyx Club in 1944 included Oscar Pettiford on bass, Max Roach on drums, George Wallington on piano, and Don Byas on tenor sax. Gillespie had tried to get Parker to join, but he had temporarily returned to Kansas City.

Also in 1944 Gillespie received the New Star Award from Esquire magazine, the first of many awards he would receive in his career. Describing the new style his quintet played, Gillespie wrote, "We'd take the chord structures of various standard and pop tunes and create new chords, melodies, and songs from them." For example, Tadd Dameron's composition "Hothouse" was based on "What Is This Thing Called Love," and Parker's "Ornithology" came out of "How High the Moon." Gillespie also noted, "Our music had developed more into a type of music for listeners." There would be little dancing to bebop. Rhythm and phrasing, however, were also important to the new jazz style. "The most important thing about our music was, of course, the style, how you got from one note to another, how it was played.... We had a special way of phrasing. Not only did we change harmonic structure, but we also changed rhythmic structure."

Gillespie's quintet also played other clubs, including the Downbeat and the Three Deuces, where the group included Charlie ParkerŃby then on alto saxŃand Bud Powell on piano. Gillespie also played for two months in Hollywood with Parker, vibraphonist Milt Jackson, bassist Ray Brown, pianist Al Haig, and drummer Stan Levy. This was the West Coast debut of bebop and it was very well received. In fact, it was around this time that the term "bebop" came into use. Gillespie recalled, "People, when they'd wanna ask for one of those numbers and didn't know the name, would ask for bebop. And the press picked it up and started calling it bebop. The first time the term bebop appeared in print was while we played at the Onyx Club."

Gillespie's quintet and the presentation of modern jazz in that format reached its apex in 1953Ńwith a concert at Massey Hall in Toronto that featured Gillespie, Parker, Powell, Roach, and legendary jazz bassist Charles Mingus. As Roach recalled in Gillespie's memoir, "The five people that Dizzy had originally thought about in the group at the Onyx didn't really materialize until we did Jazz at Massey Hall, that album, in 1953." Billed by jazz critics as "the greatest jazz concert ever," it was recorded by MingusŃa last-minute substitute for PettifordŃand later released on Debut Records.

From the big bands and orchestras that he first organized in the late 1940s, to the small combos of the early 1950s that served as incubators for young musicians like saxophone giant John Coltrane, Gillespie's influence consistently defined modern jazz. Though the enterprise was short-lived, Gillespie had his own record label, Dee Gee Records, from 1951-53. He appeared at the historic first Newport Jazz Festival in 1954. And he later played the role of unofficial ambassador of jazz, beginning with a 1956 world tour sponsored by the U.S. State Department. These are just a few of the many accomplishments highlighting the career of this remarkably accomplished titan of contemporary American music.

In 1989, the year he became 72 years of age, Dizzy Gillespie received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences' Grammy Award ceremonies. The honorŃone of many bestowed on the trumpet virtuosoŃrecognized nearly 50 years of pioneering jazz performances. That same year he received the National Medal of Arts from President George Bush "for his trail-blazing work as a musician who helped elevate jazz to an art form of the first rank, and for sharing his gift with listeners around the world."

Not letting age slow him down, in 1989 Gillespie gave 300 performances in 27 countries, appeared in 100 U.S. cities in 31 states and the District of Columbia, headlined three television specials, performed with two symphonies, and recorded four albums. He was also crowned a traditional chief in Nigeria, received the Commandre d'Ordre des Artes et LettresŃFrance's most prestigious cultural awardŃwas named regent professor by the University of California, and received his fourteenth honorary doctoral degree, this one from the Berklee College of Music. The next year, at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts ceremonies celebrating the centennial of American jazz, Gillespie received the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers' Duke Award for 50 years of achievement as a composer, performer, and bandleader.

Although his health was failing due to pancreatic cancer, Gillespie continued to play the music that he loved late in his life. His last public appearance was in Seattle in February of 1992. Gillespie passed away quietly in his sleep on October 6, 1993 at the age of 75.


Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 09:05:03
11 whacky reasons why it's really quiet

„ Music, McVeigh, Marijuana... guys, any more Ms left?
„ Lady Bayside, we hardly knew ye
„ asshole has gone 180 degrees and became a eunuch
„ eLLe chatting with eLLe was too much for eLLe to bear. eLLe est partie
„ This just in! Not only California but whole West Coast tumbled into the sea
„ LP charted a plane to Tokyo for her hubby and her 19 characters, group discount, you know (that should make 38 japanese 11TOW, one for everyone)
„ Blazed sizzling burned-out engine runs on hard to find hydroponic fuel exclusively
„ Wormy's too busy assessing topsoil land
„ Gina started by eating her own fingers, got Gaucho to type, ate Gaucho ..
„ Boy... Skunk really stunk up the joint

Name: Hank Silvers
Location: last day, before vacation
Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 06:36:24
Jimbo: Another Good Eats fan's the only Food TV show I watch. Anybody who can make interesting a show about tofu is OK by me. "3 Chips For Sister Marsha" is more my style -- some people search for the perfect wave; I'd rather have the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Cyn: I thought Best In Show was mostly funny, but some acquaintances of mine who show their collies didn't agree. (For some reason...)

Midnite: Pat + I agree the indigos are great -- you must have broken down and gotten that expensive equipment. One of those pics is now wallpaper on the HP at home.

lp: Happy anniversary, if one day late. You 2 have made it twice through the 7-year itch, so it sounds like you're going to be OK...

Edd: Speaking of happy anniversaries -- good on ya, mate. Soon, you'll be counting them off in years.

Name: angel
Who are these children

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 06:26:14
Good morning all....

Blaise: No, I don't think I have it all right, but I do think I have some valid points. It's my story and I am sticking with it. :-)

LP: In all the emails yesterday I forgot to wish you a happy Anniversary. Congratulations! Oh, and watch out for Mae, Mae...

Jimbo and µ: Thanks for the Skunk report, appreciate it.


Howard: Sounds like a great idea, trying to research Steely chords. :-)

Gina: Got me with the eyes comment yesterday. Eweeeee! (Gaucho says, Thanks but no thanks).

I think Memorial Day weekend is starting to take it's toll on the GB already. Less foot traffic.

Good day all....

Who scheme and run wild? (for Mae, Mae)

Name: Howard

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 05:08:25
Clas (also Steveedan, Lisa G) - it's a shame that it's not straight forward for keyboard players to read the chord voicings from guitar charts. The chord names will get you half way there, but some of the voicings are so critical to get the right sound ...

Maybe someone should cook up a program that will read in (ascii text) guitar chord diagrams and spit out keyboard-friendly voicings?

A few thoughts on my Babylon Sisters chords (

any "maj6/7" chord should be spelled: root, 3rd, 6th, 7th
e.g Ebmaj6/7 = Eb G C D

(you could also think of it as Csus2/Eb)

any "m11" should use the SD-default voicing: root, b7, b3, 4
e.g Dm11 = D C F G

most of the "9" chords are spelled: root, 3rd, b7, 9

BUT - the great thing you can do on the keyboard, (but can't on guitar), is stick in the 6th right under the nose of the b7. This is the classic Gaucho-style "9" chord (you'd probably call it 9add6 or maybe 13 ...).

e.g "C9" = C E A Bb D


Quite a lot of the chords used throughout Gaucho (and some on Aja) use this trick - slap in a dissonant semitone in the middle of a chord.

"... sounds good to me"


P.S I really must take a year off to research the birth and evolution of some of these Steely Dan chords!

Name: Blaise
could use a gopher, gotta take a break sometimes...

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 03:31:12
angel dear - Mick tries to remember sippin' kinda cool [which is the moment before he "blacks out"].
"Fell into animal time" simply means that the id took over Mick's psyche there for a moment. I don't hear drink, girl, bloody but it's all in the ear of the beholder and we will probably never know for sure unless they release it next.
I'm sticking to my temporary insanity plea, your Honor...

cara mia - I'm just making up for the unexplained lack of Big Fan presence here. I thought someone should take over. I realize times will get rough for the news hounds until there is some new Dan activity to report. We have been spoiled there for a good year and a half, I must say. Thanks for the kind words.

Btw, Gopher, it's not always this easy. Articles that are not yet archived, for example, usually don't show up on search engines.

You mean Maher didn't ask Skunk for his take on Rikki? He didn't go "Shut up and play yer guitar" as he should have? What a loser. Frankly, I'm surprised this show is still on the air but considering the time slot... oh well... there are always transcripts...

Name: Pepe

Date: Thursday, May 24, 19101 at 00:35:52
No, I wore a Magnum XL condom.

Name: Wetslide Story

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 22:36:42

Among other things, I really enjoyed our sex, it was very satisfying. As I've said, I just wish you didn't live so far away. But maybe it's just as well that you do, because if I were to see you more, I'd probably start feeling more attached.

Name: µ
Did Pepe LePew wear a flat hat?

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 22:24:21
Jimbo: I missed the first two minutes, but I saw tonight's PI show as two battles.

One: Maher vs. Skunk on SDI. Franken didn't have much to say and admitted he wasn't as up on the tech, though tongue in cheek I'm sure. Maher's "diaphragm" argument for not spending some R&D $ on SDI was lame. Why not preach abstinence only in the schools? Oh, yeah. They are. Fell into animal time. Or why not this argument: Seatbelts are not effective 100% of the time, so let's cut them. Oh, yeah. They tried that with Dale Earnhardt. Lock the front and back door Skunk held his own, IMO.

BTW, a Chinese official did say that in '96 - he may have been on LSD. However, Chinese missles do have our guidance systems now and some are pointed at Bill Maher's studio and could actually hit them - which may not be all bad. As long as none are pointed at River Sound or Hawaii...

Two: Marjorie got her clock cleaned by Franken with Skunk and Maher wisely on the sidelines. Marjorie was unaware that W, or is it Laura, is asking for a record increase in spending on Education.

But don't take our word(s) for it. Transcripts are available on the PI site by Friday or Monday

Name: Dryslide Story

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 22:19:38
Tired of guys who say...I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I love you...when what they mean is...I'll tell you whatever I have to because you're gorgeous and I want to bed a girl like you! Honesty would be nice. Romance is a must... and I don't
mean just until the engagement! If you're marrying just to have maid service and a free piece PLEEEASE take me OFF your list! No bad breath or body odors... Handsome and fit would be nice but a true, kind, and loving heart is far more important to me. I've had enough dishonest pretty boys to last me a lifetime. Please don't send me any more. I want a kind, true hearted, spiritual, romantic gentleman who's at least as financially stable and responsible as I am. You don't need to be a mega-jock, but you do need to be willing to get out there and join me in activities that I enjoy and vice-versa. (I'm not looking to get married because I want to be alone.) I'm not saying smother me either... I'm just saying be my companion, my best friend, my sharer of life's burdens and joys and I will not fail to be the same for you. Sorry to be so blunt, but that is what I want in a nutshell and it's not looking like they make men like that anymore.

Name: Jimbo
@home, still confused

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 22:09:28
I forgot:

Earlier I slammed Bill Maher for his skills as a host. Tonight,
on a rare occasion, he did a fine job. I may not like him or his skills of mixing politics with comedy, but I think he did a fine job, especially questioning Skunk's state of mind.

Like I said, I missed some of what was said because I was flipping between PI and "Good Eats" on the Food Network.

Good Eats I can tolerate better because it mixes food, food history and science with a lot of humor.

So, I think I'll stick with Good Eats.

Did anybody see it? Also, was the subject of the Senate
crisis brought up. Majorie's probably having PMS by now.
Skunk's mustache must have fallen ;)

Name: don't make me

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 22:05:55
Al Franken, well-respected artist?

Go back to picking on 19-year olds, Jimbo.

Name: Jimbo
@home, confused

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 22:02:50
I just got done watching some of Politically Incorrect while switching to Good Eats. After hearing what Skunk and the GOP
activist Majorie Stoyer had to say about the missle situation and the taxes. Here's my comments:

Skunk says that China was planning to bomb Los Angeles?
Huh? Geeze! That's as wierd as anything that Michael Jacksons'
done lately. I liked the way Al Franken made fun of the nickname

Majorie was constantly shouting at Holland Taylor who had better
applauses than her. Hey, better an older, sexier judge on a fictional show than a
whiny, stuck-up cussing Republican Barbie. Heck, even Allison Janney would have eaten Marjorie for lunch.

As for the tax thing, Marjorie says that she would not have tax dollars spent for education. Half the country is turning dumb,
SAT scores suck, people are watching more wrestling and this Laura Ingraham wanna-be doesn't want her money spent on education just because she doesn't have kids? Am I wrong or is she on LSD AND PCP?

Skunk says nothing about the tax plan. Possibly picking his nose during the discussion. But he does say that Janet Reno
should not run for Governor of Miami.

Skunk was weak and weird
Marjorie was a whiny little moussedup brat
(Shame on you for cussing out Mr. Franken)
Holland Taylor held her ground
Al Franken blew Skunk and Marjorie out of the sky.

Advice for Skunk, lay off the crackpipe.
Advice for Marjorie,lay off the mousse, stop acting like Ingraham
or that other prick Lynne Cheney, and control your language
when speaking to a well respected artist like Mr. Franken.

That right-wing huey sure stunk up the joint.


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 21:04:46

Name: angel
Where it's cold and it's loud

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 20:51:19
Good evening all, got to 105 here at home....

Ok, the following is my interpretation of Wetside Story. As Blaise already pointed out, we will never know for sure, but it has been fun playing with it. Oleander, I know you are probably not watching, but I am sending it out anyway, so that it can be archived, just in case it turns up on "The Next One".

Wetside Story

Stop, Mickey gets hungry
Dirt wrangler's got to take a break some time
Got to feed the machine
Steamer Heaven is empty
Couple of kids in behind the counter
The lovely Janine
Soon as he walks in the door she's smilin'
Covers his eyes with his hands

'Cause everyone knows that it's scary out there
When you jump to the wetside
Where it's cold and it's loud and it's screaming with light
Where it's way complex
Hacking through all the harsh effects

The Mick goes for a Bomber
Who wants to walk with an angel who's healing
We're gonna talk
Gives him back a reward
A few bloody tears and you can feel the flames arching
Off the roof of the shop
For a moment they swung on the edge of history
Fell into animal time


Blacked out on the tarmac
It was alive with the sweet sounds of summer
Oh, the Steamer's all right
Mick tries to remember
Somethin' kinda cool but it's already fading
To straight black & white
"Maybe I needed a girl at downtime"
Covers his eyes with his hands


Verse 1.
I go along with the computer geek scenario. Mick gets hungry and stops over at the Steamer Heaven. Janine, smiles at him and he totally freaks out, covering his eyes with his hands.

The very critical Verse 2
Mick orders some food and Janine decides that he needs something more physical than food alone. Things get pretty hot and with the climatic (literally) "Fell into animal time". The deed is done.

Verse 3
Mick just totally overloads and blacks out. The line about the Steamer being all right refers back to verse 2 and the fact that the fire, was indeed, inside Mick himself and not the building.
Then the final thought about needing a girl at downtime, causes him to cover his eyes with his hands once again. Obviously, he hasn't gotten over his fear, yet. (My money though, is on the lovely Janine).

That's it.

Night all....

and it's screaming with light....

Name: Cyn
The Globe Theater....

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 18:46:24

Time for another video review (just in case Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade this week end)

1. Vertical Limit
Edge of your seat movie! With just the right touch of humor. Makes you wonder WHY people scale mountains with only a rope and a few toggle hooks.

2.Best in Show
First, if you have ever been to a dog show, I won't go any further. You will understand this movie completely.
This is one of the quirkiest movies I watched since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Fred Willard is hysterical!

extra large popcorn...1.50
med popcorn.....1.39

large drink...1.50
med drink...1.39


jujubee's with extra juju...(Chere, how much is the extra juju this weekend?)

Name: eLLe
hi kids

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 18:28:46
Comments: mean he doesn't do his radio sydication - "It's a Rotten Day" any more???
Have you heard it? Last time I heard it, was in Canada.
He does a 5-10 minute segment per day and announces Celebs' birthdays, and then of course slags the *beep* outta them, very funny, not quite as raw as he used to be.
But speaking of Punk, this months Spin magazine is celebrating 25 years of Punk. I got the magazine in the mail today but I heard it first, by email, from the "Secret Society of the Buzzcocks"(LOL) newsletter
but we all know they've changed their name to the Buzzcunts, since one of their b-side songs, 'What do I get', gave them a boost, being used in a SUV commericial, which you probably don't get over there.(?) ( The one where he pulls up to a camping spot and lets the bear out of his SUV and everyone runs away and he gets the girl)
Alot of car commericials are using b-sides of older bands right now, it seems to be a trend. The guy who writes the BC's news letter- John Lennon, seriously, that's his name, did a study about it.

BTW, if you missed the tv program about children, left in Crysler SUV's and then pulling the gear out of PARK and the van rolling down the driveway and ..well... PARENTS BEWARE, Crsyler SUV's DO NOT have anti-lock breaking, a 9 dollar item that Crysler didn't put in, meaning that you don't have to press the breaks with your foot to switch gears, all you need to do is 'pull the handle'
(what a child would do)...even on a slight slope..there goes the van, children and all. Ok just thought I'd be Nader-ish : )
seriously, very important info if you have small children imo

Anyhoooo, Chips, what can I do for you? : ) ; ) :D LOL ? son is now 19. He's alot like Jack of Speed.
It's kind of you to ask, but I'd rather not talk about it (in here)thanks : )


Name: cara mia
kissin' you

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 17:31:39
Yeah, you be da linkman!



Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 17:24:12

Name: Blaise's Gopher
At Cara Mia's Service

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 17:22:14

or look MetaCrawler in its eyes and it will cough up all you want on P.I

Enjoy ..

Name: cara mia
desperate and dark

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 17:17:36
Anyone know how I can access Politically Incorrect on the Net, or even just listen in?

Name: cara mia
ConservativeVille@West of DollyWood
Location: Knoxville, TN
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 16:57:46
Damn, this is ANOTHER reason I hate living in the bible belt, where the local ABC affiliate does not carry Politically Incorrect. I love Al Franken's wit. My ex got his autographed copy of _Rush Limbaugh is a Fat Idiot_. I know he will be ready for the Skunkster. Can't believe you think Bill M is sexy, lp. His head is huge, literally, and his shoulders are too narrow on his little frame. Bleeccchhhh...

Blaise--thanks for all the links. You keep things rolling here these days as the unofficial GB master of ceremonies.

Wormy and Aja--nice to see y'all.

Aus--you give a party one week after I am in NYC? Phooey.

Schwinn--nice Joni quote
"Written on your spirit, this sad song..."

cara mia

Name: Gina
Monterey Webradio Rules

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 16:49:51
******i got a girl and ruby is her name ******

hey Edd, there are times to quite and there are times to just go, so way to go quitting Edd!

Name: Gunsmoke Giddy

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 16:47:22
You should go up in the mountains and get yourselves some pure clear mountain air, Edd. Then take some home in a bag or three, save them for a rainy day and plunge right in when you feel like celebrating again!

"no more tobacco
no more polish white!!! toothpaste
no more broken cigarettes in your pockets
and more money to spend on music?"

Name: Edd
My first *month*! Ever!!!!

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 16:32:49

Name: Gina
Babe Choir News Flash

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 15:48:53

> For those of you who may be interested, Cynthia Calhoun will be performing
> tomorrow [Thur, 5.24.01] from 2:00 - 3:00 PM EST with the Sunnie Paxson
> Band.
> It will be broadcast live via the internet at

Name: µ
If you can't see the Skunk can you still smell it?
Location: Triple Sun City, Kismar sunrise,sunset,sunrise,sunset
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 15:08:32
Empty Void of Space - twisted Euclidian beyond the Meridian of the Event Horizon - it's your Ma collect from Verizon

Name: Gina
I knew it!

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 14:53:27
like a rose
we used to play when we were three

Smooth Dan on Monterey WebRadio LOL


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 14:46:58
Sorry to say, you don't use a name either. neither do i but I don't pretend like I do, unlike you.

Name: name this...........

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 14:32:37

At least they HAVE names, more than you can say for yourself.

But then how does one name a nothing?

Name: Gina
Tea break

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 14:02:15
i'm hopeless .. any excuse will do .. have just reached 1132 words of something that requires 2000 and figured i could start up the banyan fire :-) and stretch my fingers .. so i smiled nicely, my webbrowser woke up etc etc.

to find what .. Chips, Chips, Chips & Chips???
what's the matter, you're usually not so "there" as in "here", dear Chippie ..
read something nice about Bob Dylan and Joey Ramone in the cyber NY Times. was linked via RLJ, she sang a Dylan song last weekend ..

Monterey Smooth Jazz Webradio has nice music ..
Pat Metheny ..

great Top Tens :-)
shifting to Kamikiriad, 11TOW and Nightfly ..
to explain my Danned state of mind reeling in years ..
it was kind of hanging in the seventies ..

tea break's over.

Name: Chips

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 13:11:49
a joke, a joke, duh?


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 13:10:40

Name: Chips

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 13:02:47
Comments: how about that chord progression on Peg?.....


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 12:56:01
Yeah but you'd need a taker.

Name: a 180?

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 12:55:45
Ah, so YOU'RE Flipper, oh okay, I get it....I ust knew it was an alter-ego of SOMEBODY, kudos, we love Flipper!

Name: sweet

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 12:49:46
I'll take it. I've done a complete 180 and I could give a fuck...

Name: Here now the news I've got

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 12:46:50
I'd name the next five down the list.


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 12:44:13
Yes, but WOULD you do without us? You would have nothing to say here!

Name: lp, Aja, eLLe, Cyn, Chips

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 12:35:40
Name five I can hardly stand to hear including one chips who's there.

Name: lp
this place is so damn funny!
Location: yes gina, whoever did the love board, kudos to you, i'm still laughing, you musta had fun doing your searches today! ;)
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 12:26:20
jimbo, not be confused with jim-pound: personally, i am in love with bill maher but i have to behave so i won't go on - when is this showing again?

sh: lol, i won't even attempt to illustrate herein my japanese language pursuits or i'll have the anti-japanese-bashing coalition (ajap-bc) after me, not be confused with the current anti-establishment up against the pending release of the movie "pearl harbor"

thanks steveedan - i agree on the loss of nuclear family though i am against staying in destructive relationships just to hold a family together, but i'm sure that comment has now raised a few eyebrows in here so the postings will be flying now - actually, separation is so prevelant now that when my husband and i do fight (marriage is fight for constant supremacy in my house - like the honeymooners) my 8 year old says "hey are you going to get divorced?" sometimes said in a sad way that breaks our heart and sometimes in a happy way (as in she gets two houses, and it gives her a plot to get us back together like in disney films) which makes us wonder about her tv viewing

i too have missed those wormy lists, thanks! see flipper, you can't leave now, look who you have brought back! and i liked Chips' test, couldn't have done it better myself (should i be committed or what) - ROFL

sorry, rough day today here in dog catcher mayberry world.....hehehe

Name: Jimbo

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 11:37:54
So, if Skunk is going to be on PI and it's live, I wonder how
he's going to handle Mr. Al Frankin in light of certain events in the Senate. Poor Skunky, looks like he'll be crying in his
mustache :)

I just can't wait to see the look on Skunk's face. Same with Bill Maher since he's such a prick.

Personally, I'd like to see Mitch Albom go up against Skunk and Bill Maher. Mitch Albom should host PI. He's has more sarcasm and charm than that so-called stand up comic Bill Maher. Maher
has a face you'd just like to slap. ;)

Name: Gina

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 11:32:05
got to close the cyberconnection down for i'm too destracted this way :-))))))

LOVE board: H I L A R I O U S
Flipper, the song: Likewise

Banyan Tree Sure We're Not On Laughing Gazzz? Bow

Name: Marlin Brando
the horror! the horror!

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 11:30:52
Don't mind if I Kurtsie? Can you believe Coppola couldn't fit my whole image on 70mm film? Hey, leave poor Skunk alone and his missle-hugging lifestyle! Did he not play a great slide solo on Razor Boy or the angst-ridden run on Rikki? If he hadn't blown me up during the 7th reel, there's not telling how fucking long Apocalypse Now would have been!

Brut and Napalm is Friday's theme.

Name: Hetero
or homo, what the hey

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 11:27:36
Come back Altamira

There's another fag on the GB


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 11:13:36
top ten warnings to newbies

12) the danger on the rocks is never surely past
11) if you hear "everyone's gone to the movies, now we're alone in chat" be afraid
10) St Al is a neat hands off moderator, don't be offended if he doesn't personally answer your every whim
9) your age, sexual orientation or marital status are not discriminatory items here
8) you can wax eloquently on Dan songs anytime you like here
7) your favorability factor is usually inversely related to the your amount of bandwidth
6) don't be offended if no one seems to be responding to your posts initially
5) a good way to test the waters is the archives
4) less is more
3) responding jovially to someone flaming you is commendable
2) responding flamingly to someone being jovial is not
1) throw back the little ones, pan fry the big ones

Name: snakehips

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 11:09:30
LP - happy anniversary! my husband and i have two anniversarys and never know which one to acknowledge... are you brushing up on your Japanese?

~~~ - i've missed those "top tens"

flipper - hmmm, you've got me humming "sweet transvestite" from rocky horror. hey, are you really tim curry? ;-)


(for st. al)
get off at funway west
drive into springtime...

Name: lp

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 10:37:33
you sunk my battleship!

Name: newbie alert
all points bullitin

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 10:34:37
newbie alert
any request polls eminating from Chips or LP (Luckless Pedestrian) are strictly optional.
Ignore them at will.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 10:31:18
Love, exciting and new
Come Aboard. We're expecting you.
Love, life's sweetest reward.
Let it flow, it floats back to you.
The Love Board soon will be making another run
The Love Board promises something for everyone
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance.
Love won't hurt anymore
It's an open smile on a friendly shore.
Yes LOVE! It's LOVE!
Love Board soon will be making another run
The Love Board promises something for everyone
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance.
Love won't hurt anymore
It's an open smile on a friendly shore.
It's LOVE! It's LOVE! It's LOVE!
It's the Love Board-ah! It's the Love Board-ah!

Name: Chips
Christ, not this again...Elle, help me out here....
Location: take this test, newbies!
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 10:26:14
Flipper, lighten up! You don't come onto a Steely Dan site with the name "Flipper" and cyber-giggle through your posts and expect not to be just a little harassed! It's okay, people here don't really care about other people's personal choices, we are more concerned with your opinion on the following:

skunk baxter's take on missile defense spending
the difference between a&e's treatment of jazz performers and pbs'
the chord change at minute 2:08 in Peg
the reason for the choice of cathy berberian in the lyric in your gold teeth
what will happen if we play the berklee concert and/or speeches backwards

And just for our entertainment, answer the following:
Are you really Blacksgirl? (god help us all if that's yes)
Do you live in Miami or Key West? (with apologies to david)
Are you a refugee from the Dionne Warwick site? (sorry Burt, these things happen, it's cool)

Don't be sensitive, it's fun to have you here, people are sick of my Ramones take anyway.....thanks to whoever posted the lyrics, my point exactly.


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 10:14:56
They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
No-one you see, is smarter than he,
And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
Flying there-under, under the sea!
Everyone loves the king of the sea,
Ever so kind and gentle is he,
Tricks he will do when children appear,
And how they laugh when he's near!
They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
No-one you see, is smarter than he,
And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
Flying there-under, under the sea!
Just kidding, buddie... JUST KIDDING...

Name: ~ ~ ~

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 10:08:55
top ten reasons skunk will never be politically correct

12)right wing hueys sure stink up the joint
11)taking over the show to the tune of The Green Berets is sure to get the ratings up
10) let's see, start out in a Dildo, reincarnate to a Doobie, then your the wonderkid of missle defense - oh, the fruedian envy
9) is he or is he not through with the buzz?
8) you think the amphibian assault on Cleveland was big, wait till you see Skunk's SD desecration, coming to R&RHoF Summer 01
7) who worries about critism when you're a consultant for the missle defense system?
6)never signed the intra-band data clauses
5) his Countdown to Ectasy involves a red button and synchronized turning of keys
4)the rumours that he left the band because he felt the Katy Lied cover depicted cruelty to insects were greatly overstated
3)that hole in the ground where they used to grow is now a missle silo
2) already owns a chain of steamer heavens
1) Minute By Minute By Minute Man


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 10:03:34
maybe Chips should go to Tokyo too - LOL

Name: Flipper

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 10:01:03
Are you trying to be mean to me Chips???
Lots of so called good citizens live their lives being hypocrite about what they do and don't and like or dislike. I don't hurt anyone with my lifestyle, so I don't see why you should make fun of me like that!!!!! I can tell a joke from malice and you're not funny. Go wrap yourself in a newspaper and don't forget about the fish now Chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ritchie Lamont

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 09:59:04
Hi Luckless Pedestrian --

Congratulations on your 14th Wedding Anniversary. Considering the recent news items concerning the dwindling nuclear family in America, I must be among those who stop to take notice of your familial milestone. It's been 10 years for my marriage, and it seems like just yesterday and 10 lifetimes all rolled up into one. So Congrats.

"Some say that we're reckless, they say we're just too young, tell us to stop before we've begun ..."

Well "Maxine", it seems you are holding on quite well. Here's to many more happy years of marital bliss.


Name: Chips
visiting you from the Rocky Horror Picture Show site

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 09:48:05
Would somebody do a search and post the lyrics to Flipper from the tv show?

Name: Flipper

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 09:33:57
Hello Danfans, thanks for welcoming me on your precious board.
I did it. I sent in my pic for your gallery and received a nice reply from StAl. To be in the clear about a few things, I'm no threat to any of the male population around here or anywhere for that matter!!!!!!!! Although happily single for the moment, I do date girls and women but must confess I did have a fling or two with men once. But they're off limits, not natural. Sad news is none of my relationships worked out when I came clean about me. Didn't I read about relationships at work here recently??? I'm never going to get involved with a collegue anymore, that's for sure. Should not post too personal, I forgot.
My brothers Seth and Mark listened to Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck etcetera etcetera. I had friends who listened to all kinds of music, I never really got stuck somewhere, I like mainstream and contemporary music. Kind of depending the company I was in, you know. Never been to any concerts. And not a die hard or anything. I'm amazed at what some of you people know about Steely Dan!!!!!!!! God, do I like being here. Funny, it's not as if my social life's down the tubes. Why do I feel like explaining myself all the time????????? Dressed for the evening now and to answer the question of Worm (?) how about Maxine????
Sincerely, Flipper

Name: lp

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 09:06:58

Name: fezo

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 09:05:16
what a great job i have; paid big bucks to surf the internet all day. latest search result:

"A mere six months after the dissolution of the Ben Folds Five, singer/songwriter/pianist Ben Folds has finished a new album, Rockin' the Suburbs, which will arrive at your neighborhood CD outlet on September 11th."

more details available on the site

Name: duncan 'D'

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 07:36:30
Posted a pic today should be up next week .

Name: Duncan

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 07:35:15
Still sunny here in Darlington Co Durham so again I'm of to sit in the garden & drink last night Linda had me stinking out the whole street painting the fence with the devil's own fluid creosote.
Planning a goodbye BBQ on monday (bank holiday here) for brother he's off to live in the south of france and is opening a restaurant more details soon .


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 07:20:17
hey Howard, you look great, love the plaid jacket, always have.

Name: Howard Cosell

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 07:03:03
Son, I never played the game but I can tell you this:
Tonight, my friend, when the busy world is sleeping, it will nevertheless be treated to a match of wits the likes of which it hasn't set eyes on since the timeless Thrilla in Manilla or the classic Ali-Foreman bout in Zaire, no doubt about it at all. In the right corner, a true contender, towering over all known liberals at 4'10" inches and proudly wearing the Democrat Featherweight belt and moving up to the Heavyweights since his Limbaugh baiting glory, is well-known SNL recurring writter, cartoon character and comic, Al Franken. In the right corner, the one and only Jeff "Skunk" Baxter feared for his ability to stink up the joint when cornered. Known to overshadow even the best onstage if not with his musicianship then through his intimate knowledge complex military manoeuvers and stage antics of the highest kind. Will this heavyweight figure out the weaknesses in the enemy's defense strategy? Will he be able to disable a Franken in flight, heading for the Jersey beaches? Will Skunk retain Heavyweight GOP King Of The World title as fas as we know? will the Cold War be re-ignited through this potentially passionate, polarized, heated discussion of the highest importance, not only for the future of America but for the safety of the world?
Stay tuned to find out no later than tonight, midnight, right here on A-B-C and marvel at history in the making: The Skunk - Franken Nightcap Nailbiter will, no doubt, be the stuff legends are made of.
for now, this is Howard Cosell, signing off, once more.

Name: µ
dream on

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 06:47:51
dream rhythm section on the next one:

drums: Vinni Colaiuta, Chris Parker, Pete Erskine

bass: Abe Laboriel, Tom Barney, Walter Becker

wormy: good one...might as well diiiiiiiieeeeeeee...

Name: luckless pedestrian
mommies kissing daddies good-bye
Location: From the sunny day he met me, Made a bet that he would get me
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 06:41:14
welll people, my vulnerability of today is it's my fourteenth wedding anniversary - 14 years of quite the ride and it's only the beginning - part of me thinks, 14 is a long time, but the other part says, 14? pfff, that's nothing, i'm only 36, we have many years to go here - not sure what that means, but i'm sure someone will tell me. anyway, when my hubby asked me what i wanted for my anniversary i said a tea ceremony in Kyoto will be fine, thanks. my 8 year old is upset we are not throwing a party for ourselves, sheesh!

chappie, not be confused with chips, we have a lovely fetching table of scottish lads who will happily join in on a moorish dan-fest - welcome and make sure you type with an accent okay, i love that!

angel, check your e-mail today, i'm going to send you some info!

flipper, come back and sing your tune for us!

humming to tune to maxine today, very fitting indeed ;p

Name: Gina
One more

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 06:30:30
bite before i get back to work, oy .. nerves are clouding up on me for i tend to get myself in trouble concerning deadlines .. am challenging the meaning of the word d e a d l i n e i guess :-)

hey Blaise .. up in the skies to get to your place and have me some Boeuf d'Evan avec Justinade, and you for dessert, haha. In the meantime half the guests on the Concorde ( why shouldn't I travel light?) will have their bones shackled into this necklace I'm offering the Gods above down in Latin-America. Yep, I'll leave a trail of cannabalistic behaviour. But I won't eat eyes or ears, have to feed Gaucho something, won't I???

hey, welcome to all newbies. Joni Mitchell now singing a real early version of Woodstock and not that one thing is tied up to the other .. maybe i just want to say P E A C E and lots of gooood music to all of ya ..

i detect this sweet mode around here, some musk, some opium even, not that heavy or addictive, a sweet southern wind is blowing our way, picking up scents from nice warm places where people live outside their houses and smile at folks walking by their open doors .. some Cuervo Golden Moments in Banyan Time perhaps ..

and AJA .. when can we expect your picture in our Gallery??
now your presence is scarce, we need to click some Ajan smile to swirl us through the day, you know .. :-)

off again. Duncan, Steveedan, Flipper (care to explain why they call you Flipper?) have fun around here. what else can we say??

Banyan Tree Fair Weathered Bow,

Name: angel
It was alive

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 06:19:20
Good morning all....

LP: Spent all last evening setting it up. Boston it is. Wahoo!

Steveedan: Told the young one you might turn up in NOHO. He smiled. I did the Metro Red/NOHO thing last year, so I am sure it will be real hot in the valley that week. Good thing SFB is only scheduled for an hour. If it all works out, it will be a pleasure to watch you play. :-)
Oh, and I won't look for you in chat this weekend.

Blaise: Still fooling around with Wetside. What amazes me is that some of the lines sound like several possibilities. Especially that drink at the top/were gonna talk/the gunk on the top/the junk on the top. Fun to work on while commuting on the train. I just hope no one can hear what is going on in my headsets. :-)

Flipper: Welcome to you both. :-)

Duncan: Good first day on the GB for you. Loved the image of baby Dan sleeping while Kama was playing. That's the way to hook them early. :-)
(See, the inside stuff makes more sense to the person it is being sent to.)

It was real hot and humid here yesterday, actually had to turn on the air conditioning for the fist time this year. Hey Lisa G, I almost made it to June! :-)

Good day all....

With the sweet sounds of summer....

Name: Chappie
Location: Livingston, Scotland
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 06:14:17
I play bass and wanna play some Dan songs with some muso's in Scoland who are Steely minded like me. Where are you?

Name: Blaisie Blue Beret
Midnite Skunk Watch
Location: ooh that smell, can you smell that smell?
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 06:05:28
Actually, you're right µ. There is no noticeable difference between the two Tillys since "Jennifer Tilly (BOUND) worked uncredited as a body double for her sister, Meg (Body Snatchers)..." and vice versa is a statement you might often come across on your AOL-Time Warner journey. In fact, come to think of it, that might have been Jennifer doubling last night since you mention her frontside... hmm suspicious.
We're bored, aren't we?
And Duncan seems like a sensitive fellow alright, a true contender. One to always stay one step ahead of potential blows in a preventive manner.

t-ster - I have nothing to say, I just like saying "t-ster". Thanks for appreciating the fruits of my neurosis, btw. Now where's my interactive Berklee concert, dammit! I've been strung out here all night, I've been waiting for the taste you said you'd briiiiiing to meee. sob

Gina - what's up with all that maneater talk all of a sudden? brrr Spooky to think you know my street address and everything... just teasing you, oh sensitive you.

Name: wormy

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 05:57:43
skunk baxter on politically correct
is this an oxymoron?

Midnite - pulling for your's on the surgery

Aja - thanks for stopping in, I read the GB rarely myself and in long stretches these days as well, definitely a diff take

Duncan and Flipper - welcome aboard
we can always use a few new faces and opinions around here

So Flipper, pardon, if you don't mind my asking - in your crossdressing relm have you ever taken on the role of a fave dan heroine?

whoever posted the COuntdown to Ectasy post
it was informative and funny

what's with all the finger pointing by Fagen at the Berklee deal?
was he rehearsing for that Sopranos role?

death penalty dan style ? - assasins, cons and rapers...


king of the world for all that I know

Name: eye in the sky
fly on the wall
Location: I see you baby, shakin' that hash
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 05:42:38

Name: µ

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 05:32:43
Jimbo: When I saw PI was a uhhhhh bust, well except for Ms. Tilly's frortside, I hit the flipper until my eyes came upon A&E's biography. Unfortunately, the caffeine in the system were not sufficient to last through it, but I did see the beret (flat hat) that he wore. Then other jazz players/fans like the Heath brothers would show up to the gigs at the Teahouse on the Tracks wearing their flat hats. 'Ol Skunk should be sporting a flat hat tonight (probably because of receding hairline) Dizzie was one of the few who didn't ride the horse - led a clean life... ergo Teahouse? He was a great teacher of the bop trade.

Did you notice that when Diz was young he looked like Morris Day (of The Time)? Diz also told the story of how someone fell over his trunpet (stuck on a stand) resulting in the bell and shaft being bent upwards. It was easier for Diz then to hear what he was playing, so he stuck with it. The '46 band clip wasw stupendous!!!! A&E kicked Ken Burns' butt from what I saw. Hope they show it again....

Name: SillyCyn
Emerald City

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 05:22:54

Steveedan....sharpen your hachet, this could get messy....hows your aim? Can you shoot a bow and arrow? Come over to the house..We'll practice shooting apples off of Face's head....LOL.( she is sooooo gonna kill me!) look great in that plaid speedo, family Tartan?
Yes, Gary is a bang up jockey. Right up there with the Great"Shu". Have you ever noticed the wives of the jockeys? Tall and Beautiful...come to think of it, at 5'5 I'd be tall around a jockey.

Blaise..You so Silly!!!!

Name: eye in the sky
clouds above
Location: Northwest, NM
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 05:14:17
Steevedan- " I don't want the title of "King of Sensitivity"
way to late for that buddie. you won that title hands down.

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 05:06:30
Good morning everyone --

I awoke at 3 AM for some reason, came to my computer and re-read all of the current GB content looking for one thing or another. It is now a quarter to 5 in the morning.

eLLe - I wanted to find out how your son is doing. After re-reading that part of the GB I am thinking of you and your family. Please let me (us) know how he is doing if you feel like it. I, for one, would really like to hear about his progress.

Cyn - after a couple of days of personal reflection, I just want to tell you that I never harbored any animosity toward you. I was just reacting (see, I can cop to the fact that my writings were also not a response as well) to the raw anger that I thought I saw happening here in the GB. I don't want the title of "King of Sensitivity" nor do I want anyone to die in order for me to become so. If you are willing, I would like to bury the hatchet that we wielded back and forth to each other, preferably in the head of one of the nasty anon posters. HA HA!

To Chere - I hope that your grief is beginning to mellow. It never completely goes away though. I think I heard the line on the movie "Tuesdays with Morrie", something like: "Your relationship doesn't end just because the person passes away", so embrace your memories of your father and hold them close to you. Speak to you soon.

Paige - I would like to check in with you and find out how things are going for you. Let me know whenever you feel like it.

Clas - Did you say that you had a book that you left behind in Nawlins which had ALL the SD songs in it? Did that include the Two Against Nature tunes as well? Let me know if you would please.

To all the others in the GB and in chat who have made me feel welcome here I just wanted to let you all know that in my short time of being here I really appreciate the comeraderie and warmth that I have felt here. In a very short time I seem to have grown rather attached to this place.

To Angel and the musician types here - It's not official yet, but I have been asked by both my old band, the Steely Fan Band, and the Dr. Wu band to play with them. If this is going to happen, you can all be sure that I will let you know. It would be great to meet the Los Angeles area GB-ers who might be able to come out to see the bands play. Whether I play with Dr. Wu or not I will definitely be in the audience at their Whiskey A-Go-Go gig in West Hollywood on July 6. If I play with the SFB, it would be on Sat. June 16 and/or Sun June 17 in the San Fernando Valley.

Have a great day everyone. Take care.


Name: dano
off to the swimbaths , where"s Flipper??

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 04:53:07
Flipper you can come swimming as long as you dont show off and get the right changing room??

Duncan , Where are you from mate?? Need more Brits on the board so we can get a Dan fest in the UK.

Cyn, Gary Steven over for our Royal Meeting ,Top Man that Mr Stevens.

TWM , Check your e-mail big man??

eLLe , Spoke to Mr Rotten who said he is no longer an Anarchist and is now a jolly decent fellow, so would you just leave him alone.

WIP , Still not had time to download that mp3 , but will get back to you buddy.

Name: DaddyG

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 04:50:28
With my new job - South Bronx music directorship, and my audition for a community orchestra, plus 4 other job possibilities. Just had time to scroll thru this morn REAL QUICK.

LB - welcome back, and we are sorry to have mised you guys on Sat. DO come hear Lisa play sometime, it would be great to see y'all there.

Welcome newbies - HAVE A GOOD TIME.

Trying to keep up...

The death penalty sucks. That's it.

Darling Garland

Name: Schwinn
Everything Comes and Goes

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 03:50:56
Constant Stranger. You're a brute. You're an angel. You can crawl. You can fly too. It's down to you.

Any news on TNO?


Name: Blaise
canadian content advisory

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 03:45:22
I have to apologize for the reckless use of a fellow canadian's name but I had to find one other canuck, anyone... looking back, I realize I should have used Canadian Razor Boy or Canadian Jive Miguel or something. Hope no harm was done in the process and the present public retraction makes up for the blatant violation of Canadian copyright law I just committed (it IS early).

Name: Blaisie
BME wannabe
Location: me, myself and randy reichart
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 03:20:27
Yes. Skunk vs Al Franken bout confirmed:
Never a dull moment...

re: Blacksgirl - I was just about to thoroughly investigate the sudden disappearance of our local chat icon and there she is, better than ever. Saves me the time and gaz money.
Now where's KD? In Search of...

Aja - So I have to substitute for BME now? Never a dull moment... If that means logging on in chat and leaving my computer on while I watch X-Files reruns, I don't mind at all. Stick around, lovely. It should be obvious we need an evening clean-up hitter since KD bailed out on eLLe.
Poor eLLe, left there to ponder on her own writing surrounded by cheap smut of all kinds (no, not you Cyn, silly). Don't let all the pimpin' get to ya, girl. ppppffffffffffffffffffft. Sorry had a tough stain on my monitor... and btw, the only one who could get the Manning joke and the Royal Canadian Air Farce ref is well... me and randy reichart. I miss Manning just to hear the guy say that.

Name: Dorothy
We're not in Kansas anymore....Toto!

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 03:18:43

#Jimmyyyyy! Did you get hit with those huge storms last night? As the esteemed Blacksgirl would say..wowowowowow! Checked out the back..alls still standing. Haven't looked out front yet...where the cars are parked.

Mr. Baxter on PI tonight? Along with the other line ups...looks to be very interesting! Might have to take a nap, so I can stay awake til midnight. Coffee and popcorn.

Aja..Come over with #Jimmyyyy and the lovely Amy to Chincoteague in Oct. The Face and I will be attending (she thinks we're gonna ride in the parade) She just doesn't know...she is the parade....LOL! Bring your cowboy boots, we'll eat oysters, drink beer and tear up the town (all on horseback)! We'll make Nawlins look like a tea party...LOL. Jimmyyyy, can you and Amy ride?

Tell Auntie Em..I'll be home today and to check out my "new" shoes!

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 00:32:08
Howard - great stuff! And yes, F#. I took a glance at it yesterday, it's pretty challenging.

I've learned the Rhodes-intro from the Steely-songbook (the one who covers every song). That songbook I leaved behind in New Orleans, after the Dan-fest, tried to get a new one but that seems to be impossible.

And is that for true, are you able to switch key just like that? Amazing.


Name: Jimbo

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 19101 at 00:31:53
Did anyone see A&E's biography last night on Dizzy Gillespie?

I saw it and thought it was very good. Not great, but good.

I was surprised though that Annie Ross, who was interviewed,
was also a singer. Until then, I only knew her from Superman III
in which she played a villian. Of course, that was probably the only good thing about the film.

I did see a clip though of one of the trumpet players playing a dizzy classic. He almost looked like Donald Fagen clean-shaven.

Anyhow, whoever saw the Dizzy episode,let me know know
what you think.

Name: µ

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 19:53:24
That's Jennifer. Is there a difference?

The lineup:

Tommy Smothers
Jennifer Tilly
Kerri Houston
Lobbyist Joey McIntyre
Recording Artist

Name: µ

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 19:50:46
Hey Aja: whaaaaazzzzuuuuuuup!? O Say Can U C UCSD??

Best to check in tonight just in case, but the PI site on indicates that Skunk's gonna permeate the studios of Politically Incorrect TOMORROW, May 23:

Comedian Al Franken; Actress Holland Taylor; Republican Strategist/Activist Marjorie Strayer; Recording Artist Jeff "Skunk" Baxter"

...instead of tonight as suggested on the Digest today.

Tonight's guest include Meg Tilly, according to the site...

Name: Aja
breezing through

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 19:34:56
It's funny how different this GB looks from the night shift. I hadn't realized how personally involving it was when you kept up with the posts and topics (by the minute if you had a skull-splitting job-was I really so bored at one time that I posted under amino acids??) and to switch to reading once every few weeks or so gives it a completely new feel. On the one hand I can't participate in the give and take, but on the other the negative anons fade completely into the white background noise. All in all it's still as lively as ever and a fun place to visit and have a drink.

Aus-Leg UP! Blacksgirl is back? That sure brings back memories. No BME? SOMEBODY step up to the plate, the slave needs a new master! Blaisie?

Lady B-sorry to hear about your personal turmoil, that's rough. Hang in there.

Last Saturday I volunteered at the Ironman California race. All I can say is DAMN! 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, then a 26.2 mile run, completed by 30 professional athletes and 1500 regular joes. I stayed at the finish for 3 hours just cheering the finishers on. It was AWESOME-people would come through the aid station (located halfway through the run) looking glazed and half dead, but when they saw the finish and heard the crowd screaming from the bleachers they ran with all they had, and most finished so pumped and high on endorphins it was electric (cue "Rocky" theme ;o). My sweetie finished in under 11 hours-his personal best! I never wanted to do an Ironman, but now I'm thinking maybe......

Best SD album? Aja! Haven't had much time for music lately so I popped that one in today. Damn it sounds good! The entire album never gets old, no matter how many times I spin it, and every time I do I hear something new. The baseline in Peg really rocks. I never noticed it under the catchy chorus and horns before, but today it leaped out at me and I've been dancing to it all day.

stevie dan-don't know if you remember our Marvin Gaye discussion, but a local group recorded a reggae version of "Sexual Healing". It's great-you really need to hear this one.

Jim#-got your e-mail and will respond soon. REALLY! I'm dead-on about doing this again. I'm a New Orleansophile and will fly out there at the drop of a hat ;o)

Gina swirl for old time's sake,


Name: Cyn
Whats in a name....?

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 18:43:06

Jim# jimmmmmy!....I'm a Talbot, thats my maiden name. But just one T tho. 2 T's are the Irish Talbots (lovely people)

eLLe..sweetie darling (Ab Fab....just call me Edina) I think Patsy needs some help...fix some of that tea, please. (Make it a bit stronger than usual)

Don't need any gatorade....just had a tornado warning, hail, high winds and all that weather stuff. Am feeling blessed that not one of these old trees fell.

OOPS..spoke too soon, here comes the next cell. Duck and cover!!!

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 18:22:14
LOL, of course that was me

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 17:41:21
LOL, not me

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 17:33:38
I've been wondering all day today why I am always taken wrong, am I really THAT bad at articulation???? people in real life have always said i have a very special way with words so i give up : (

Name: eLLe
Preston Manning

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 17:28:16




((((( in Stereo )))))

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 17:24:49
there's absolutely no way I can recover from that last post..
total insanity
ok ok ok, maybe I can say, "whew, it must be the heat"
you looka like a man

Name: HUBBY!!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 17:21:33
No VISA at all.... Toh-Ree

Name: eLLe enough out, for you Pacific North Westers? even my tits are drooping AHEEEEEE
Location: my god, what a potty mouth on that one, have yah ever seen the likes of it Father Ted? DRINK!!RDINK!!,
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 17:16:20
ok Jimbo, if you say so, but I don't remember it. Yeah Millenium is the "other" sci-fi I was talking about filmed in Vancouver, but couldn't remember the name of it ; )I get confused with Frank Black and Frank Black of the Pixies, doh!

Steveedan..anti-semantic LOL!!!my week is going peachy, I hope you're having a wonderful Merry Merry Month of May. : )

Blaise- pfffft, watch it, you might can some on-yah ; )


Name: Could I really be missing Aja?

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 17:05:27
Cyn have another drink of Gatorade. Steveedan is calling you OUT!

Btw, are you really that sweet, or are you just happy to see eLLe?

Name: Midnite Cruiser
the Jim that's a Talbott

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 16:48:27
Edd....very nice job with the goldfinches pics....I didn't realize they went through the spring molt....we've just recently put up a thistle feeder but haven't seen any finches's been raining almost non-stop here for well over a week with at least several days to go so the bird traffic seems to have died down....I have another new feeder to put up as soon as it dries out.

off to the hospital tomorrow for the little ladies gall bladder-ectomy or whatever you want to call it....we should be back home sometime Thursday and I'm off through Memorial Day....hope to catch up some while I'm off.

Flip.....aka least you're keeping us guessing.

later b&g's....MC

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 16:16:57
Floridavid: Wowowowowowowowowow! OMGGGGGGG! Got the parcel just today via United States Postal Service! And what goodies did it EVER contain....I can hardly contain myself as I listen. Huge kudos. I am surely indebted. Thank you sir.

Yessss. Blacksgirl is BACK (of omgggg & wowowowow fame). And better than ever before. Stuck around waiting for MASTER but he never showed. (Aja readin' this??)

Flip this: Fascinating (as far as first posts here go). Enjoyed a good chuckle. Have you chequed MAC's new lipstick colour numbre four?

Oh yeah..St. Al: This past weekend: Two outta three ain't bad.

live solo now on Bodhisattvahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Smoking our shelter in the sky to subatomic matter. God these guys rock.


Name: Jiminy
crick it?

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 16:06:18

Name: Jim#
that's Jim# for y'all in Illinois

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:56:27
It flatters to no end to be quoted in the same aura of platitudes as my Jim enamored brethren, but heed ye:

I am not, not have I ever been Jimbo (though he has posts of an intelligent nature, and therefore honors the Jim prefix, albeit the "bo" suffix does tend to make one wonder).

I have not, nor have I ever been a McCaan, a Talbot, a McKay. Such associations merely detract from the artistry of the original poster. And after all, how many Jims have the boys run through in the semingly endless years of studio musician reviews?

Honors classes in the postings of Jimism's will be announced shortly...

Name: Joe Strummer
by order of the prophet

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:40:07
Nah, it was me. I have the cute tush.

Name: Johnny Rotten
not gone or forgotten

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:39:00
Petie wrote that about me...

Name: there's one roulade
she can't sing...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:36:58


Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:33:52

Even Cathy Berberian knows...

Name: jjflash

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:33:42
Sorry folks,I was also going to ask about the tour schedule on Whole Notes for SD.It mentions many dates none of which Ticketmaster seem to know about.I'm particularly interested in the June 27 at Molson Amphitheater in TO.A great venue to see them if true(rank right up there with Greatwoods in Mansfield Mass.)

Name: Skully
darn, you guys!

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:29:09
I always thought Eminem was a god. That's what they said anyway on tv and everywhere. Boy, you guys are smart. I love you. I learn all kinds of things on this board. It never ends. It's just this endless torrent of knowledge heading our way like we're up Shits Creek without a paddle here. I feel so much love running through me. Not used to that, sorry... *sigh*

Name: jjflash
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:24:16
I didn't have time to read all of what's posted but may 9 was discouraging.
What I would like to know(and you can acknowledge or not)is who is Cathy Berberian(probably and old question,sorry)?

Name: Alrighty then
if you say so
Location: not that Marshall Mathers, really
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:07:38
What happens if he gets the Cheer or whatever? Nothing, eh? Figures.

Name: Jimbo
@home, again

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:06:46
I almost forgot. I wanted to close by asking, begging and cajoling you to support the Pittsburgh Penguins, if you're a hockey fan, because if they lose tonight, NO STANLEY CUP:(

If you prefer New Joisey:), I won't try to hold it against you.
I said I'LL TRY. heh, heh, heh.

This one's for real. I already bought the dream.

Name: Jimbo

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 15:01:50
eLLe-The first kissy-kissy episode between Scully and Mulder took place shortly after the events of the movie. Plus, it also
brought closure for the character Frank Black from Millenium.

Millenium was a show created by Chris Carter about a profiler
(Black) who has to infiltrate and stop a gang related to the
Millenium project from destroying the world at midnight at the beginning of 2000. The show lasted three seasons.

At the end of the episode, the two wished each other happy new
years day and THEY KISSED:)

Wow. Duchovney was a fool to quit the series. But then again his wife ain't too bad either.

By the way, next week BEHIND THE MUSIC profiles Blues Traveler
and John Popper will explain the weight loss. I saw a brief clip
of him. He looks great. But that's not the warning I wanted to mention last night.

Also, next week, VH1 will have it's CHEERS AND JEERS special for
the first half of this year. Some will say it's Eminem at the Grammys who will get the Cheers. Good God. Will this never end. Critics and so-called comics will be nit picking the moments. Be on the lookout for any snotty remarks about Don and Walt.




Go to VH1.COM. There is a poll conducted right now to see
if Eminem gets the Cheer or Jeer. Right now the majority is
leaning on Cheers. Get on the poll and change it.

Also: The Superbowl performances
Madonna thinking about a Britney duet

All deserve Jeers.

Name: Pete Townsend
Hey, I wrote "Rough Boys"...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:31:09
Don't make me bite and kiss you.

Name: Flipper

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:26:10
having a dig or may the g be a ck? I dig Calvin Klein anyway, so. Feel free to e me, I will reply but not now, I'm deep into the night already and saying goodbye to you now. Cheers, Ritchie Lamont/Flipper

Name: mark knopfler
les boys

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:24:23
i clearly did NOT hear my name...

Name: duran duran
rough boys

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:23:53
did i hear my name?

Name: Thin White Duke
"Boys keep swinging...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:20:36
...boys always work it out!"

Name: duncan

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:19:11

Name: duncan
home b 4 bed

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:16:45
Me thinks flipper is having a dig

keep digging you just get further down!!

Name: duuncan
home b 4 bed

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:15:31
''Me'' thinks flipper is having a dig.
come forward
(white wine speaking)

Name: Iggy Pop

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 14:12:41
I'm no baby...

Name: David Bowie
yeah, right Richard...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 13:54:33
"She's so swishy in her satin and tat
In her frock coat and bipperty-bopperty hat
Oh God, I could do better than that."

You were still overweight when I wrote that one, Richard.

Name: Richard Simmons

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 13:19:24
Hey, I was here first!


Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 13:14:39
COUNTING ARRANGER JIMMIE HASKELL, a total of 21 musicians are
credited for their contributions to Steely Dan's second album. There would
never be as few again. So why are there only five musicians pictured on the
back of Countdown To Ecstasy? Maybe because former Dan lead singer
David Palmer, not pictured, was relegated to the "additional background
vocals" department with six other non-Dannites.

"That was the first gold tooth to go," recalled Dan drummer Jim Hodder in
1985. "I remember he'd had a bridge put in and he was fired right before
or during the first couple of sessions of Countdown To Ecstasy. He came
back from the dentist one day with a bridge on, and Donald sang the
fucking lyric, 'Do you throw out your gold teeth?', and the whole band got
paranoid. 'Everybody but Donald and Walter. I remember when the axe
came down on him - and yeah, it did strike terror into Baxter and I and

Despite the growing number of studio players to be heard, Countdown
ironically sounds much more like a band effort than did its predecessor,
credit that to the many nights Steely Dan had spent on the road promoting
their first album to crowds of 50 or -occasionally - more. Boasting the best
rock song ever to be named Bodhisattva, Countdown also includes Show Biz
Kids and the self-mythologising My Old School, which tickled the fancy of
more than one attendee of New York's Bard College.

Still, that the band had lost a member did not go unnoticed by ABC
Records president Jay Lasker, who insisted that the album's cover (painted
by Fagen's then girlfriend Dorothy White, credited as 'Dotty of Hollywood')
be retouched. Why? Because, he said, the image of three nude men
lounging in office chairs might give people the impression that Steely Dan
had broken up. Thus the two additional globs of primordial goo, who stand
watching in the background, patiently awaiting seats of their own.

Name: Flipper

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 13:00:18
Thank you, can you believe I'm sooo excited now??????
My address says all I guess! Are you serious about me sending in my picture already? You just want to know if I'm a drag queen, right? But it's optional, the picture. Sure. Thanks for being so nice to me. This is a great place to be! Flipper

Name: Chips
the cover to Can't Buy a Thrill suddenly comes to mind
Location: welcome anyway to Flipper, now I feel a need to go to the Iggy pop site
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:53:54
Given what our "Flipper" has revealed on his/her very first post (winning countless GB-Awards for immediate personal disclosure for that), isn't it a scary thought "Flipper" could be an alter-ego of someone here?.....

as if we don't have enough of those already.....

Name: 3WM

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:46:06
Fucking shite computer!!
Hurry up Bill

Name: thirdworldman
Location: Where the shallows meet the scratchlands,
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:45:15
Bill Gates has turned into Third World Man?
I'm waiting on my cheque!!

Hi Duncan, are you a Geordie or a Mackem?

Peace to all
Hello to newbies all over the world


Name: thirdworldman
Location: Where the shallows meet the scratchlands,
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:45:11
Bill Gates has turned into Third World Man?
I'm waiting on my cheque!!

Hi Duncan, are you a Geordie or a Mackem?

Peace to all
Hello to newbies all over the world


Name: Flipper
could be
Location: Patrick Bateman,
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:41:09

Welcome Flip

Name: Welcome Flipper
what a board....

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:40:12
The least you can do Flipper, is post a photo of "both" of you on the GB photo page.
You sound like a hoot. Where are you posting from/live by the way.

Who makes the GB interesting?

Name: Flipper

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:29:43
Okay, who's gonna have a swing at me then?
I'm 34, during office hours male but in my own time I prefer to be a woman. I've been into the music of Steely Dan ever since my 2 brothers introduced me to their albums and it's not just Steely Dan they introduced me to. I've been reading this and other boards for some time now and couldn't really make up my mind. But this seems to be a good time for me to jump in the water. So here I am. A song I carry with me, wherever I go is Aja. My older brother Seth used to date a Chinese girl and he called her Aja. I loved the way her hair seemed to glow in the dark when my brother and Kit (she had two names, Kit Fong, but she preferred Kit) came home and kind of said goodbye, kissing and all, you know. Oh yes, we all witnessed it, there's 2 kid sisters a couple of years younger. I think Kit woke up my other side back then, when she was dating my brother. I always try to identify myself with the characters in the lyrics. I like Negative Girl a lot. I look at women these days and see a lot of them. Real negative girls. It's not like they're all bitches or something. No way. I watch them dance, I go to clubs a lot. I call myself a Negative Girl sometimes. 'Cause I can say "negative" if someone comes at me and asks if I'm a girl. An attempt to be funny .. did I succeed? Anyway, 1977 was a great year and I would love to meet here with you wonderful people. So I hope it will be fun, I am having fun right now! My friends call me Flipper, my real name is Ricardo Sergio, Ritchie for short. They say I look a little like Harry Connick jr but I don't think he does the thing I do after hours! I'm not even sure myself about that. Oh God, can you believe I am nervous right now, how will you react to me. Never imagined this could be such a real experience. Sincerely, Flipper

Name: Blaise
speaking of Bacharach

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:23:59
Best album of all time? For him, it'd be Aja:

David Crosby agrees w/o any hesitation at all:

Name: tones
up from the skies...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 12:12:23
First things first: LP, you look fabulous! Did you change your hair? Never mind, it looks great! Btw, that dress really makes your eyes shine. Have you been getting sun? You look like you've been working out. Do you like flowers? Thanks for saving the best of Boston from those evil developers. You are an incredible woman. You make the traffic interesting...


Btw, did you get my e?

Negz, you too?

Skully, and x-friends - until last week, that was going to be the last x-files. When they filmed it, the decision hadn't been made whether or not to return for another season, thus the "pandering" kiss at the end to have at least *some* closure to the show. Last year was the same thing; they filmed 2 endings and edited the capper about Scully's pregnancy unto the end after they settled with David D. the week before airing. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole bit with the new Assistant Director was the added bit this year to let everyone know there would be another season. Btw, no Duchovny next year except for cameos; GA is under full contract next year, so apparently Mulder is going to be a househusband.

Blaiser - Now if we really needed something investigated we'd send you. Nice work 'bout the Mose Allison line... and in general.

I had more to post, but my short term memory seems to be impaired...



Name: Steveedan
Location: LA, CA USA
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 11:55:20
Well Hello Cyn ---

My comments, if you recall the entire content of that post you are reacting (as opposed to responding) to, said that I held you and Blaise in higher esteem than the nasty anon posters. I did not think that you were lashing out at me. I just find that negativity seems to begat more negativity and your reserving of your right to react (again, because it surely isn't a response) to stupid postings just provides more fuel to the stupidity fire. Go ahead if you must. "Scroll on by" is my feeling on that. I won't try to change you. I have no interest in it, nor do I or anyone else who posts here have the power to do so.

I did find it amusing that after you stated that you weren't lashing out at me, you then proceeded to lash out at me. I have not the time or interest to dignify this any farther.

One other item that I would like to bring up to all who choose to read this is that this site was provided by the generosity of St. Al. It belongs to no one (other than our benevolent site provider). Therefore, whether you are a long time frequenter here, or new, sophisticated, educated, musical, cynical, literary or otherwize, you, just like everyone else has a right to be here. Unfortunately, this extends to nasty anonymous posters and overly sensitive lash-outers.

I like you Cyn, I have told you this before, just lighten up a little. I come here looking for interesting Steely Dan commentary, not unsavory entanglements. So know that I am not lashing out at you. Whether you like it or not. HA HA.

"I see you are singing a song of the past ..."


Name: I don't care

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 11:24:49
Yeah Steveedan, what's your fucking problem?


Name: Cyn
Village people

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 11:16:07

Whoaaa there, Steveedan....Where exactly did I lash out at you personally? I have never singled you out...only those that post anonomously. By the way, didn't you say in chat once Just How much you liked that reference (the first village idiot comment, way back in early May)? Me thinks you did... but if you want to conveniently forget that..Well, so be it. Furthermore, I don't "Lash out" at everybody...just when some one decides to sucker punch me for no reason. With that I reserve the right to answer back....whether it offends you or not. And seriously, if you decide to ignore me, thats your problem not mine. Read back in time and see who stood by YOU while you were being dissed about the "Steveedan" handle. BTW..who died and made you the King of Sensitivity? What I wrote to Duncan about the steveiedan/Steveedan was done in humour, even the Village Idiot could figure that out.
Hey Eloise...that is "BRAID" Skipperdees ears.

Name: µ

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 11:12:57
anon is almost right. On the iMac and newer keyboards, ALT and OPTION are the same key. Control is used for when accessing PC and Web stuff. It's sort of a command key to communicate with other systems. The APPLE key is the command key within the iMac. For example, APPLE and P will print a document or page on screen. All PCs are not the same. What works on a Compaq might not work on a Dell. I also depends on the Font you've chosen for your Web brwoser. Some fonts don't support symbols. Go to Preferences.

NOW this is getting boring. For fun, Type TWO AGAINST NATURE in MS Word or other word processing system. Change the font to Symbol. Pretty Cool. Looks vaguely familiar...hmmmm...

Name: Steveedan
Location: LA, Calif. America
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 11:12:51
Hey Duncan --

Pretty funny, Dude !! Not too far from the truth though. As for me, I was a heavy partier in high school, which is when Steely Dan records "Countdown To Ecstasy" through "Aja" came out (in my personal history). I'm sure that drugs helped out in this department, but, I doubt that invoking an altered state is mandatory to experiencing the "changes". It's not Hendrix. Like I said earlier, repeated listenings will allow this to happen for you "naturally". I'm pretty sure you get what I am talking about, after all, I don't want to be accused of being anti-semantic.

Enjoy your white wine (cheap or otherwise...)

"...If I stay alive, you can share my poison wine." - To all the "Kings of the World"...



Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 11:11:18
thanks all for the welcome back

I'm really quite the lurker here
so three posts in two days is a bit too much.

I guess the reason I like the x-files and steely dan so much is the extensive quality that goes into each episode or composition.

Should Mulder and Skully have kissed? I was of the opinion that they never should have and thought it tasteful that Chris Carter built the tension (sexually) and also heightened the mutual respect between the characters for so long. Now it almost seems anticlimatic and pandering to bring them together, oh well.

Similiar tensions existed with "will Don and Walt ever get back together again?" (they sure teased us with the solo projects without giving us the full goods). And now the love child 2aN has 4 grammies to it's name. So yes the romance is back, hot and heavy

developing a relationship with someone you work with? are you kidding?



Location: ,
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:57:08
the option key is found on a Mac

the alt key is found on a PC


Name: Duncan

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:53:12
ref: Steveedan
Would copious amounts of drugs by any way help me to hear these '' changes''
Please advise

Name: lp
hey i'm back
Location: lol, yes, as if
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:47:40
i gotta tell you the passport renewal system is just awesome - they have it down to a science down there - i had everything in hand that i was supposed (downloaded from their easy to follow web-site), waited on in a timely fashion, great attitudes from the employees, who could ask for better customer service (and i'm not kidding really!) - good government in action yessirree - however, sorry my lovely dr mu (control m gives me a paragraph and alt m gets me to the desktop), but i did sneer at the photo's of the adminsitration hanging in the office, lokking so sneery themselves - the last time i got my passport his father was the president photo, yipes!

okay blaise, i will get 2 copies over there, hubby already knows the store to go to in tokyo so i'm set - so be nice people! lol - maybe i'll do a test, hmmmmmm, this could be evil, wow! i like this!

gina - yes jim is right, they kissed at new year's, it was a nice surprise and great acting because it was one of those "moments" that wasn't a moment at all, just a yeah okay happy new year's to you too; they played it perfectly - but sunday night, that was a real moment - i know i sound all gushy, not like me, lol, but whatever; it's odd because during the seasons until they made the movie i was totally against them having a relationship because i hate the stereotype (up, here i go st al, brace!) that men and women, if they work in close range and god help them, get connected in any way from working in a dedicated fashion to their jobs, that they'll "end up" together - what a myth! i'm proof postive that does NOT have to be! any thoughts skully? glad you are back btw...

duncan - welcome aboard, i think i did say that - relax, and have a seat and scroll what you don't want to read (like this post, lol) do you want a test or what? let me know, i'll get my trusted assistant to post one for you

okay, back to saving my little world here in mayberry.....jim, can you get me blacksgirl's whip, i need it again, thanks.

Name: Eloise
From the Plaza Hotel.......

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:43:47

I think she called the anon boring not Duncan.

I have a dog that looks like a cat,
His name is Weenie
Sometimes I put sunglasses on him

I have a turtle
His name is Skipperdee
He eats raisins and wears sneakers

The Plaza is the only Hotel in New York
that will allow you to have a turtle

Skipperdee and me we always know when its morning
because Weenie breathes in our faces and kisses us

The absolutely first thing I have to do
is brais Skipperdee'd ears
Otherwise he gets cross and develops a rash

Name: duncan
home now Dan napping to kamakiriad in the shade

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:42:23
white beans ?????????

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:33:50
Hello one and all -- How's everyone's week going?

To Duncan - Welcome here, and first of all, try ignoring the anon posters. They are a silly bunch, and to dignify their bathroom mentality is totally unwarranted. As far as your "duff" comment or was that nose hair? (you gotta be kidding, Squire), do not expect to love every Steely Dan song the first time you hear one. This is not simple rock 'n' roll, like the Beach Boys or the Beatles. Like Jazz, it takes repeated listenings to start to peel away the layers of sophistication in this music. You might even experience the phenominon of hearing a Steely Dan song "change". What I mean by this is that after hearing it a number of times, you actually start to hear it very differently. Be patient, otherwise, spend more time listening to the early simpler stuff, it might be more accessable to you at this time. But whatever you decide to do, I am glad that you seem to be enthralled with Steely Dan, again, Welcome man.

To Cyn - Why do you lash out at everyone? Who cares what the idiots (from the city or the village) say or think? Unless this is providing you with entertainment value, knock it off. If this creates a need within you to lash out at me, I won't stop you, but, I will totally ignore you if you do. Let's try to return to some semblence of peace in our village Cyn. Thanks.

To Dr. Mu (if that was you) - What is the "option" key? I can't make the "u" sign either. Help me out here. What I actually would love to learn how to make is the "Mu" m symbol. It would help me to explain and notate "Mu Major" chords more easily. I would be very grateful to you if you could help me with this. Maybe it's as easy as getting a greek or latin character set of fonts. Please advise, and thanks.

To Andy M. - it was great to hear from you. Check your email for my response from yesterday. I will email you soon. All the best to you man.

To Howard W. - I did not yet receive the email you mentioned. I am looking forward to it with great anticipation though. Yes, I agree that Jack of Speed on the studio CD is in F# minor, but I wasn't aware that they did it live in F minor. I will check it out, but I play it in F# minor and my chart for it is also in F# minor. If you want a copy of it let me know. Take it easy buddy.

To Blaise - I'm sorry I missed you in chat on Sunday. Interesting work on Wetside Story. Oh, I see you blasted me again. My shields are up -- I don't plan to blast back. Too busy. Maybe Cyn would like to spar with you, but I don't know why. Both of you are way better and more entertaining than the anon posters who probably have to wipe their spunk off of their computer screens after they are done. I don't hold the two of you in such low esteem. Maybe we will catch up with each other soon.

I won't be able to make it into the upcoming Sunday night's chat since I will be attending a Black Tie wedding in Century City that evening. My tux still fits, what a miracle that is.

So to my new-found old-time friends, I say hello. To the nasty anons I say " ".

"On the Town, we dress for action ..."


Name: Blaise
µ µ µµ µ µ µµ µ µ µµ µ µ µµ µ µ µµ µ µ µµ
Location: oops, sorry about that
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:23:45
Ok... forget that last link. Just go to CDNow and look for the album Allison Wonderland...
Like you care anyway... pfft

Name: Blaise
When you fly back from Tokyo, there's just one thing I hope...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:18:54
And speak of the devil, here's Mose Alison:

I found out this old blues traveler has been covered by the likes of Van Morrison, The Clash, The Who, Eric Clapton, etc.... He's venerated by musicians of all ages and styles for his straight dope and pure rootsie music delivery. A blues giant, basically, still active into his seventies and much like Steely Dan is mixing blues with jazz harmonies.
"If you live, your time will come"
And it did, in his case.
I believe the passage that Donald Fagen recites is part of the song "If you're going to the city". You can have a 30 second listen here as it is included in the anthology Allison Wonderland, it opens the second CD. You don't hear the actual verse but you can make it out using the rest of the song:

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 10:03:32
pardon me. that would be:

Name: eLLe
Vancouver, Paris of the 70's?

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 09:59:43
a blurb I saved..

Jimbo are you sure they actually kissed on that episode or was it just a teaser like on the movie where they almost did then Scully got bit by a bee?

greetings to people arriving : ))))

Name: Gina
alt eerier mu tiff

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 09:48:12
at one point the keys to this notebook decided to have a life of their own and instead of a regular alphabet i got the mu and copyright c and lots of other nice thingies. too bad it switched back to normal after i hit some key by accident so the mystery's not yet unraveled, at least not to me it is ..

well Duncan, was anyone dissing you, haha? so you diss the bitches and bore entities we have Under these Trees in return .. it's very much like angel says, really .. not so long ago we had a rather-major-similar-to-the-Rain-Forest-problem, it felt like we ran out of Banyan Trees to provide us with good vibed air.
sign in strange or stranger, i believe there are still very few rules here :-)

SKULLY .. a bitsy caps mode quite appropriate since you have been missed by many on this board .. does this mean you'll frequent more often now? would be nice, you know :-)

Jim#, sh, lp .. so they kissed before .. i once saw an episode and i remember mentioning it here, because i liked the word "touchstone" they used to describe their relationship. i like the word touchstone, or touching stone ..

who determines whether something is boring or not?
always the eye of the beholder and extremely subjective to being subjective. we have a bacharach "scroll on by" jingle to accompany the eh, scrolling while the left hand is reaching for that black coffee or herbal tea or maybe even a cherry pancake.

a stereotype in sitcoms and tv, but do you americans really have pancakes and waffles for breakfast? like the english have white beans in tomato sauce .. and scrambled eggs with mucho bacon ..
always wondered about a heavy breakfast like that .. doesn't it make you feel sleepy digesting your breakfast, hm ..

i spotted a nice young couple who would look great in their birthday suit, chopped to manageable chunks of meat and then fried with at least 100 cloves of garlic, some onion perhaps in the toe-nail salad, real crispy that will be ..

on the verge of blasfeminine mindwhirls so i'm gonna call it Steely for the day,

Banyan Tree Don't Eat the Citizens of Barrytown Bow,

" the twelfth of neverwhack"


Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 09:37:07

that last post was directed to the anonposter.

NOT Duncan!

Name: Oh Hum.....
Tres Boring.....

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 09:34:59

For pete's sake...You have used that line over and over. Please come up with something a bit more witty that THAT.Unless thats the best your little pea-brain can do.

How BORING are you? Let me count the ways......WAIT, don't have time to count that high. Unlike you..I HAVE a life.And that would consist of

1. Wearing All my jewelry at once

2. going to the bank to count ALL my money

3. going to the bank, just to go into my safe deposit box

4. push around peons like you

5. getting All my friends to poke( with a stick) you while you're in the cage

6. Just waiting for the day you'll have the balls to post who you REALLY are (coward)

7. Go to the fancy shmancy Hotel for high Tea

Gotta Go...high flalootin' friends are here. Taking the Concord to Paris for lunch...Theres room in the cargo hold for you.

Name: Duncan

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 09:22:46
Band Aids's my arse !!

Name: Duncan

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 09:21:26
Thanks to everybody who said hi & yes if ound the set list know wonder my 3 friends where bored I didnt know half of them then.
But @ least I have the cd's now.

The end of a great working day for me is drawing near now so i'm off to sit in the sunshine in the garden & drink cheap white wine

(although i might check later after Dan's gone to bed)



Name: noone reads the articles
now I know why...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 09:04:33
copy/paste works as in µ µ µµ
µ you know...


Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 08:58:35
Cyn have another drink of pi/uddle water.

Name: RudeWaitress

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 08:38:35

The diner is now open....Vinny says come and git it!

Name: Cyn
Do I have an option?.....

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 08:34:59

ok..tried it with go. Now, I can't find option....LOL

Hey anon, I'll have an extra cage at the petting Zoo for you. It will have a sign that says "Village Idiot" endangered species.
Also instead of the usual 'Don't feed the Animal'...yours will say.."Throw things at the animal". God, there will be a LONGGGGG line at that cage!

Name: µ
Jane how do you stop this crazy thing

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 08:05:29
Cyn: ALT or OPTION key while striking "m"

Name: µ
OK St. Al how did you make the alt disappear

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 08:03:36
Cyn: m

Name: µ

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 08:01:20
Cyn: m

Blaise: "Call your doctor - call your shrink
*Western science she strictly rinkydink*
They all masissi but we hang tough
Apsatively gonna help you beat that stuff"

The human condition. That fits in quite well with the limibic system "escaping" at the end of the 19th Century, Freud slipped, Life imitated Art and away we went...bang zoom to the moon...

Having said that it is a thematic nebulous notion for the album and the process of making the album and I wouldn't read in a lot more than that. D&W discussed this readily in many interviews over the past year. Battling Nature, aging, erosion of time, the human condition, nocking the rust off...


Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 07:25:35
well some have missed dissing you yes

Name: Cyn
Don't touch my bags if you please, Mr. Customs man...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 07:17:43

Lp..go to the third customs agent on the right(or is that left?)anyway hes the one with the glass eye "a la" Sammy Davis Jr. Just say "The Dog barks at midnight" and he will reply" The goose flies at dawn". You Should have NO trouble clearing customs!

hey %^0 ! is that you Prince? How do you make that little name sign thingy? I can't figure it out! Anyway, I do love and appreciate old things. They just don't make things like they used to...

Forgot to say WELCOME to Duncan....How long can you tread water?

Name: Blaise
grokin' it against nature

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 06:43:08
µ - I can see how "Against Nature" could have reflected their own state of mind but I don't really see it referenced at lenght in the lyrics. For me, It remains at best a concept kinda framing the whole work but not thematized as such through it. The idea of fighting natural processes like aging through art or activity at large is not represented at lenght in this collection of songs. Trying to partake in the youthful lifestyle of Janie or the Negative Girl as a Daddy figure, maybe? Exhuberantly seeking the forbidden fruits as in adolescence, with unlawful plans and deadly pranks and dancing with the Jack of Speed, etc... It speaks of the overall spirit of the album for sure.

Name: µ

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 06:14:26
Duncan: Welcome

I.G.Y. International Geophysical Year

Cyn: Always take the best of what an age has to offer in art and thought rather than to rejuect the entity

Name: Blaise
servicing the community for... god knows how long now

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 06:12:52
Oh, Duncan, don't blink, buddie...

The Wembley 2000 setlist is scrambled at the bottom of that page. I know they're not in order of appearance since they usually opened with Boston Rag and closed with FM. It is comparable with the order of the ones in Europe, such as Oslo, grosso modo:

LP - Just get a couple japanese 11TOW and we'll hold a contest or something. Just make it so the one who's nicest to you when you come back, gets the rare ear candy. Immunity has its price, you know. lol

Name: angel

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 06:06:01
Duncan, hope you appreciate this, cause I am way too tired to post, but could not resist. I welcome you to this guest book. Don't take anything posted here to heart. There are the annon posters who love stiring up trouble and some of the regulars get up on the wrong side of the bed and are not as pleasant as they could be at times, but stand firm and chances are you will do fine. I read this Guest Book for 8 months before I broke down and posted for the first time and it helped me with the inside stuff, to a certain degree. I have actually been posting only since February, but it feels like forever. :-)
As to the set list from Wembly, I would try Matt and Amanda's excellent site. They might not have them all, but they have 99% of them and chances are it, might match what you saw (minus the Steely Dan Show song that turned up toward the end of the tour).
Good luck and welcome. By the way, I did not name my child after Don and Walt, but welcome to little Dan, too. It is a fine heritage you have linked him to.

Blaiser: Cute stuff running around in you head this fine morning. I will see how it flies with me when I go to work. You really think he blows up the joint? I hope not.... :-)

Good day all....

To the machine..... (oops, wrong group) :-)


Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 06:00:22
Blaise: Bill Gates becomes Thrid World Man, eh? Good thought on the shape of the forest as a way of identifying the trees.

Clas: Line 'em up. What a gorgeous song. JT's phrasing is superb

Name: luckless pedestrian

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 05:50:41
off to get my passport renewed! i am so OUT OF HERE - yee ha!

so ed, ge, b, aus et al: how many japanese import cd's do i have to buy again? give me my list - and are they considered contraband, cuz if they are, they're going in hubby's bag - LOL

Name: Cyn
Whats the Mater, Alma?

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 05:45:57

Since I've been up to my eyeballs in surprise parties, Graduation announcements, Final exams..etc. I've not been in the Gb much (I'm sure SOME have really missed me). So heres what I've gleaned so far.....

I have some Victorian furniture...does that count?

I have YET to receive my Gator or Wallaby, so I can start my own petting zoo. (Admission is free if you mention SD at the gate)

Stocked up on Vodka for ALL those drinks the anonposter child keeps telling me to have.

Need fashion advice on what to wear to an "Evening graduation" (long) opera gloves or the (short) Easter type? Hat?

Lp..Please send me some water...I'm serving it to Paul's family at the Grad. dinner....LOL.

Duncan..stock up on band aids, You're gonna need them. And for Gods sake, don't call yourself Steveedan, steviedan,Stevedan, dandan,steveedano, or any other name that begins with stevie and ends in Dan. wee laddie...Monarchos sucks. no chance for a Triple Crown horse this year.

Nice time in chat with the esteemed Lady Bayside, LP, FezX,FatSack and FlaDav.

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 05:04:23
The Fez: Hey pal....pleasure's all mine. Enjoy 11 TOW and let me know what you think...

eLLe: In re: watching Ant-Knee Soprano on Monday versus Sunday versus watching the X-Files instead on Sunday: I know. I just couldn't resist missing the first go-around. Hindsight being twenty-twenty it was ill advised. The episode was lacklustre and a bit of a let down. I worked out with some of the good folks at HBO last night at Equinox and they too were miffed at how anemic the season finale developed. ps- "I'm Fifty! Five OH! I can kick!...." Hilarity. The visual is enough for me.

Great day everyone.


Name: Howard

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 04:59:29
Clas, yes - it starts in F#, though I added a word about all the live versions starting in F.

I have to admit, when I play this on the piano, I start in F - which means the verse starts in A minor. Much easier for me than trying to play the verse in Bb minor!


Name: Blaise

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 04:37:20
And the narrator could be telling his cyberworld geeks interlocutors (in a future Android Warehouse type thing perhaps?)or retreated cybercult, that the "real" world out there is "scary" through his little Steamer Heaven anecdote. Quite a few potential Mickeys out there, just waiting to blow. When you move up to the real world, the wet side, full of faulty wetware, there's just one thing I hope, you don't smile at Mickey and so and so on...

Name: duncan 'D'
not UK
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 04:32:47
I have been a fan of steely Dan now for some time & came to this site to read witty & generally interesting chat from & buy other Dan fans.

Reading from the bottom up it amazes me how bitchy & dull the majority of messages are.
OK some of us newbie's donÕt know everything about steely Dan & don't get many if any of the ''In gags & references' but anyone Ithink that comes to this site should at leat get some chance as after all it's the Dan that brought us here.

I like steely Dan & have just recently got several of the albums on CD for the first time & what surprises me of the tracks I have not heard before is that some of them are well ''duff''. But I am sure with the passing of time that like nose hair they will grow on me.

Some it must be said are I think sheer perfection & very beautiful indeed.

Thanks to the person who bothered to emailed me about their Dan kids

Like many people who come to this site it's not only there first experience of a guest board but also the first time they & I have posted anything anywhere.

My spelling & grammar isn't the tops but what the É.

My liking for great music & a willingness to get involved should gain me some slack & after all everybody here was a newbie at one time or another

I actually believe that the future of not only this site but of steely Dan rests with people like myself & my son (5 months old) so be sure that if you diss new members however dim they seem that there progeny will in time return to this very place as Dan fans and kick butt.

Being nice to new poster do not hurt any one & after a while you may find them interesting even funny not unlike most of the people here

That said
I am still having trouble locating the set list from the 2vn wembley gig for the then womb bound Dan as like him many of the songs were heard on that night for the first time,

I know that sounds stupid but we traveled from the cold north east to London hoping to here Reelin & was a bit disappointed, Now having got all the CD's realize what a great song any major dude is (I think they played it)

Peace to everybody
Duncan, Dan & Linda Butterfield

p.'s. It took me 45 mins to type this so donÕt be to surprised if my subsequent messages are a little bit shorter

Name: Blaise
When you jump to the wet side, there's just one thing I hope...

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 04:15:05
Count Mickey and Biff Wrangler, regular blue-collar joes, take a seat in Steamer Heaven, the're hungry. Makes sense.
Every thing is business as usual.
Everyone is going on with the humdrum of everyday life.

But, as is hinted in the end of the first verse, Mick has "issues". He can't even look Janine in the eyes when she's smiling at him, as he enters the door, he covers his eyes with his hands.
It's way complex. Help me through all the harsh affects.

Second act, Mick loses it:
Mick goes for the bomb
A look at the clock with an angel food healing.
I hear "a drink on the top" next
Gives 'em back a wink washed
with such tears and you can FEEL the flames arcing off the roof of the shop
[As in Mick is "steaming" in Steamer Heaven and proceeds to blow up the place]

After the fact:
Blacked out on the tarmac, Mick tries to remember what he did in vain, covers his eyes with his hands. At least the Steamer's alright...

So it's the story of a disturbed overworked man who burns down his regular hot dog joint in his rage, in a momentary lapse of reason. Now that's my take and I may be wrong on details but it makes sense to me with this perspective anyway.

Name: Blaise
Not your Modesty Blaise

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 03:26:16
Yes µ, there are still a few contentious passages in ole's synthetis and I'll check to see if the chocolate fits in as well sonically as it does logically. One thing is for sure, as angel kinda evokes with her analogies, there was possibly a storyline involving these different characters (Mick, Alan, Dupree, the kids, Janine, Melanie, Aunt Faye...) at one point, a loose concept, as they like to do, and it might have been dismissed or kept in fragments here and there. Wet Side might be a missing link here since it mentions a fire and could relate to the first verse of Janie Runaway. In fact Janie could really be short for Janine. When Janine moves up to the city, there's just one thing I hope...
Don't get me started... pfft

Name: The Fez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 03:12:53
Thanks Aus for sending me Walters solo album.
Best wishes to everyone from The Fez

"I want to be your Holy Man"

Name: The Fez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 03:08:53
Thanks to Aus for sending me Walters solo album. Much appreciated.
Have a great day one and all.
From future world
The Fez

Name: The Fez
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 03:06:11
Parting is such sweet sorrow. So I say farewell until tomorrow.
............ Bill Shakespeare

Name: General Electric
pure western science

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 19101 at 01:05:03
What a bunch of gladiolas! I've seen more spunk in a bed of pansies! Do you or do you not have a terminal illness that requires cannabis sativa for your recovery?

Here is a URL, Edd:

"Marijuana" by Ulysses Rutherford Long

"I smoked pot three times before it worked. When it worked I got dizzy and didn't recognize my mother. She got mad and made me go to bed. When I woke up I had no desire for pot but stole a pack of Salems from my dad."

"Then I went to West Point and learned how to calculate a lobbed shell. I thought I was going to flunk my final and finish at the bottom of my class but then I met George Custer. Everything was easy after that."

"And then we lived with negros and wore out our hands and muscles trying to keep up with them but I learned a bunch of great songs in the process."

All of this is available because of the Freedom of Information Act.

So God Bless America,

General (neither green nor) Electric (earrings)

Name: angel
Covers his eyes

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 23:49:15
Can't sleep, so you get my creativity. Well, it beats capital punishment....

Reasons why Wetside Story did not make it onto 2 Against Nature

Alan owns a chain of Steamer Heavens

Janine decided to drive her Cousin Dupree crazy instead

Animal time turned into Gospel time

Barry is now the software king, not Mick

Axis of pain/plesure sheared the arc, not flames arcing

Bleaker Street brat is on fire, not Mick and Janine

15 watt bulbs, not blacked out on the tarmac

Just a thought, did anyone ever think that this song might have been aimed at those computer geek fans of theirs.... :-)

Going to try to sleep again. Night all....

With his hands....

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 23:32:26
Stevie Dan - hey man! Thanks. I'm just in the beginning of discovering his great lyrics. For the time being I am a sucker for "Line 'em up" from Hourglass.

Howard - great! I am going there now. And it better begin with F#.


Name: Jimbo

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 22:37:21
Lady B.-Welcome back. The Gb's missed ya!

Gina- I saw the X-Files season finale too. Actually, this isn't the first time Scully gave Mulder some sugar ;)

On one of the episodes from the previous season, the two teamed
up with Lance Hendrikson as Frank Black from Millenium to help prevent the end of the world before New Years Day at midnight. At the end of the episode as Frank
leaves the mental hospital with his daughter, Scully and Mulder look at each other and at the stroke of midnight, they kiss.

Didn't make much news, but that was worth waiting for.

Tommorrow- A VH1 WARNING. It may not look good. I'll explain it tommorrow.


Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 21:58:57

Name: µ
hopefully record it in the fall

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 21:58:32
Lady B: Welcome back! Hope your feelin' better...

Blaise: thanks for the reset. Will Wetside disappear into the 2nd A vaults or will it be Steely Dan's first top ten hit since '74?

Ole's pick-up sounds amazingly close - many were toght to decipher.

A few lines could go like -

COUNT Mickey GETS hungry

Soon as he walks IN the door she's smilin'

This one's a reach but...

A HELPING OF CHOCOLATE with an angel food healing

[thimble of wax] doesn't make much sense

Name: All I know is that
this sounds like our current bogus administration
Location: to a tee...,
Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 21:05:33
Dictionary definition of fascism:
"A philosophy or system of government that advocates or exercises a
dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state
and business leadership, together with an ideology of belligerent

Aren't even you republicans a little worried about our faux president? Honestly?

Name: angel
Everyone knows that it's scary out there

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 20:53:38
Hot and humid in L.A..... (don't you love weather reports) :-)

Skully: Chat is fine, as LP, GE and Fretless can attest. Thanks for the quick one.

Fat Sack Guy: I believe the hand is Roger Nichols'.

Blaise: Thanks for the lyrics, I have been working with them a bit. I think I will wait on the angel line, but I do have one line that I definitely think I know. "Maybe I needed a GIRL at downtime..." (then the next line makes a bit more sense about covers his eyes with his hands).
Unfortunately, the angel part is involved with the whole 2nd verse, so my first thought might not be correct. Will work on it a bit more. Kind of fun, but very frustrating because it doesn't exist in lyric form.
Oh, and I don't think I will ever hear the word "Complex" the same way ever again. How does he do that! :-)

St. Al: I really got quite a kick out of the Christian Science Monitor linking to your site, especially after last week.... lol

Night all....

When you jump to the Wetside....

Name: µ

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 20:40:50
Fuck, I was right. Bill Gates/MS Word is the source of the Cinnamon O's and other computer spasms when transferred. Back to not editing...

Name: µ
The Lakers are Meta-Physical

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 20:35:05
Cara Mia: I think I have heard somewhere that the costs of life imprisonment are lower because of all those appeal makes ya think. Solitary and hard work or dungeons

St. Al: I am enjoying the debate aw well. You might find it hard to believe, but IĶm a bit more on the fence than you think re: Capital Punishment issue. It's funny, about a year ago I was firm;y pro and my wife against. We've had some discussions and we're both flip-flopping. ItĶs something that has been governed really on the State level for years. California had a moratorium for many years. Always important to revisit the issueas they have done in Illinois. DNA tests for all on Death Row seems obvious

The Christian Science site and the Cara Mia post have me thinking about those darmed 19th Century Naturalists again. The Victorian era in England was a great melting pot of science and philosophy. There were many great debates and many ideas merged, while some remained in conflict. There is an enormous amount of literature about 19th Century Naturlarism and the great debates and literary offshoots into the 20th Century. CaraMia, you might be interested in some of this reading. Warning: Victorian writers and those that study them were notoriously long-winded (yes, far more than even I). Note: I was exposed to this a bit as a young ļun as my dad left a budding career as a buck private guarding New Jersey against mosquitoes for a career in Victorian literature and Oscar Wilde. "The Cambridge History of English and American Literature" was a good place to start skimming or in-depth reading of broad reviews that contain this subject. Pretty amazing stuff...

The Victorian era Naturalists and Natural Philosophy really defined Naturalism:

Naturalism: "The doctrine that scientific laws are adequate to explain all phenomenon"
"A theory denying that an event or object has a supernatural significance"
source: WebsterĶs

AND as originally articulated by William Paley's classic Natural Theology (1802).

IĶm quite ignorant about todayĶs Naturalism or post-modern philosophy (ies) except that L. Ron Hubbard is dead. The web site helped some I had a hard time tracing this group back to the original 19th Century Naturalists, so itĶs difficult to know if the "blues is really the blues." IĶll try to look for more infoƒ

Heck, IĶm afraid I thought todayĶs (post-modern) Naturalism referred to:

a) Nudist colonies. Any reasonably edited pics?
b) Early 70s Linda and Paul McCartney back to the farm kind of living
c) Nature lovers societies:
and journals:
like 20th Century icons Naturalists Walt Disney, Marlin Perkins, and Steve the Crocodile Hunter from Australia. [Now that I think of it, some hunters and fisherman call themselves naturalists]

Nature-lovin' naturalists including bird watchers and hikers and scientists who studied nature and behavior were the original environmentalists in the 19th Century, inspired by T.H. Huxley and others.

The debates between Christian theology and Science and hybrids were quite civil and stimulating in 19th Century Victorian England and feature Paley, Huxley, Pearson, Arnold, and many other great minds of the time.. Science was not feared as it is often today (and understandably so with Hiroshima, Chernobyl, bio-weapons). Science became intertwined into intellectual and theological discussions. Outside the better Science fiction writers, science in the 20th Century became more either pragmatic (i.e., technology for war or industry or home use) for the most part or surreal/mind blowing (quantum physics or the Theory of Relativity or Stephen HawkingsĶ theoretical math universe).

When new scientific discoveries or theories were published they became integrated into discussions and worldview. Such as when Charles Darwin set out to prove the theory his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, wrote in Zoonomia, based on David Hartley's psychological theory of associationism, wrong. But instead as we all know he found enormous evidence for the theory of evolution published in of course the Origin of Species.

One of the prevailing themes of theological, scientific, and philosophical discussions of the Victorian Era was ORDERLINESS. The sun never set on the British Empire. The Universe was ordered too either by God and/or by Nature. It followed NewtonĶs Laws and other scientific laws like clockwork - the Old World Order: Thus Naturalism: "The doctrine that scientific laws are adequate to explain all phenomenon" was not viewed as necessarily the antithesis of less secular theologies. That as science discovered more about the Universe and Nature, more of not just the nuts and bolts and systems would be understood, but the PURPOSE as a whole. Even Darwinism was presented as a very systematic and orderly and LINEAR progression Man was seen as master and curator of nature, including his own. As is human nature, the Victorians took order to an anal-retentive extreme. As we all know this was reflected by the formal and stilted society to (past) the point of repression.

In literature, Naturalism and Victorian order were consistent with large, clunky dry-ish novels heavily nuanced Later, Naturalisms spawned Realism, which in the American form begat a slew of important blue collar oppression novels such as the John Steinbeck crowd.

In the latter part of the 19th Century, cracks appeared in the Old World Order. An undercurrent of rebellion, chaos, and decadence started to spring forth more reflective of the obscenities of opulence of 17th and 18th Century European aristocracy. The French absurdists revolted such as Joris-Karl Huysmans Huysmans published in1884 a decadent, absurdist novel entitled "A Rebours" or in English "Against Nature." [THEREĶs your Steely Dan link in fact, in an interview over the past year, Walter and Donald revealed that this novel IS the inspiration for the name TWO AGAINST NATURE!]

Against Nature was a slap in the face of Victorian order, Naturalism and Realism with which Huysmans had become disillusioned. Huysmans rejected the popular Victorian era panoramic social overblown epics that emphasized realistic problems of the elite. Here naturally we have a wealthy reclusive *anti-hero* who hates all forms of mediocrity and is a real social misanthrope, the last descendent of a old, noble family. His world is the ultimate of decadence and hedonism in the oddest sense in that much of it is in his own mind (sound familiar?). He evidently locks himself from the world in his bizarre, ornate home in which music, literature, art, cologne, food of the day become grist for his critical mill. Like David Spade with a pencil-thin mustache whoĶs even more snooty. The original hyper-educated urban Gen X guy? However, as he withdraws and becomes more cynical, he grows more ill, demonstrating that he cannot live apart from the real life he despises

The French decadents and Against Nature in particular of course inspired Oscar Wilde and especially The Picture of Dorian Gray, the ultimate moral fable of decadence. Oscar Wilde was also famous for his wit and his quips. One particular quotable quote: "Life imitates Art more than Art imitates Life" is indeed prophetic of future in the next Century and...

Our Next Chapter Kidz The 20th Century, Einstein, Heisenberg, 2 World Wars, and the rise of Existentialism, Solipsism, completiing of the demise of 19th Century Naturalism and the Old World Order. Back to day gig writingƒ

Homework: George Levine. Two Ways Not To Be a Solipsist: Art and Science, Pater and Pearson Victorian Studies Volume 43, Number 1

Dr. LevineĶs site

Name: eLLe-Tartis- Emeritus
and the awards this year go to..

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 20:19:15


Name: Skully

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 18:52:52
Is chat down again or is it just me?

Name: Skully
darn, you guys!

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 18:37:50
LP, I was just in chat and you weren't there. (what the...?!) Where are you, friend? Is there something wrong? Is it something I said??? Please... I'll just wait around a little longer, then, until 10:00 or so (I'll be guest 35). Then I'll have to leave the library and pick up the young ones at the airport. *sigh* Yes, they're bsck from Kenya and their yearly African Safari with apparently no trace of viral disease on them whatsoever and thank God for that again this year, I told Bradley JR. (my husband). Every year it's the same thing... worries, worries...
By the way, I heard Mulder was one well-hung piece of meat in real life. hmm... I wonder if that's true.
ahem... did I just say that? ouch...
Anyway... I just wanted to say that I've missed all but a few here and you know who you are either way. I've missed you, really... thought about you a whole lot... *sigh*
Maybe next time then?
kisses to all of you (well almost all of you)! Bye now!


Name: wow!
hey, an interjection starts the sentence right...

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 18:33:54
fatsack guy: can you spare a joint? sharing sack is the best way to get accepted around here.

igy= international geophysical year.
the hand? i heard it was hoffa but donald keeps denying it...

Name: Doctor FatSack

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 18:21:14
Hi all, I'm new to this here GuestBook thang. I don't know what to say... but i have some questions floating around maybe someone could help me with:
What does I.G.Y. stand for?
Whose hand is that that isn't connected to a body in that one old picture of SD in the studio?
Thanks very much. Appreciate it..ahhhh.

Name: Jim

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 18:10:59
Blacksgirl found...Now if I could only track down the gator

Name: Skully
how about a kiss?

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 17:16:07
Hey thanks whoever for the shout-out! Woke me up there... sheesh... what day is this? Oh... Kisses to everyone! On the X-Files finale, I have not much to say, really. Like Gina, I don't really watch the show but still find it quite becoming as a conversation piece. :)))) It always beats that aging elevator jazz act these wits are exaggerately worshipping here usually. It's true, LP. Just as the show ends, I become a big fan too. Go figure. Oh well... there's always syndication to rectify the slight inconsistencies, always time to undo the harm done. *sigh* Maybe in 20 years, we'll take our X look at it and wonder what the hell we were thinking, hyping it up like that on a music forum. hihi Then we'll throw away the old tube altogether, wipe our hands clean and LOL it out. For now, FYI, this is what's happening, they said so on TV and everywhere. And if you think you're a bigger fan than I am just because I consistently go out of my way just to avoid talking about the band here, well you're wrong buddie! Ta!

Name: lp
back in the office
Location: and out, again for a while
Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 16:24:54
gina and sh: so as to not bore the gb-er's who do not take an interest in the x-files (though that's hard to believe), go here to get the recap -


Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 15:05:43
News of the world
This confirmed:

„ Azoff out of the picture as manager

„ Next One in semi-active preparation

„ Songs range from Aja to Your Gold Teeth II, when sorted alphabetically. hmmm...

„ There ain't nothing in New Delhi for a monkey woman to do

Name: Gina

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 14:58:44
a few minutes to midnite here so i'm calling it quits for now .. can we now auction off a bottle of barbeque sauce?
are the bids in?

Banyan Tree Turn That Steak Don't Let The Juice Escape Into A Charco(al)ma Bow

ps sh, lp's silence might be a sign she's catching birds and bees instead of dogs to get to the bottom of things :-))

knighty knight all,
zzzzzzzzz G.

Name: NewsTracker

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 14:32:11
The latest in a few news articles about Don and Walt's SDbay auction in today's NY Daily News:

this guy thinks those bid items are a made up joke, but I personally bid "My Gold Teeth" so I'm guessing the listing (if not maybe the numbers) is actually based in the responses they got

Name: sh

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 13:54:50
yes lp, please explain for me and Gina - immaculate conception, artificial insemination, invetro fertilization...?

Name: Gina

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 13:37:44
hm .. so if i get it right .. i don't watch X-files because i forget about tv a lot .. Scully had Mulder's baby but she and Mulder kissed for the very first time????

that's sheer religion, you know. "onbevlekte ontvangenis" it is called in dutch, like getting pregnant the way Mary/Maria did being a virgin and all ..

"i must have been asleep when they talked about the birds & the bees"

Banyan Who's gonna B the New Pope Bow,

Name: lp

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 13:19:17

doesn't the black on their faces look like the black oil on the x-files - it's spilling out of their pores instead of their eyes

i feel like pointing all the sudden........get it?

yes, sh, mulder is the dad and he kissed her - it was awesome!

and santa claus has three bumps on the back of his neck too - lol

Name: Gina
by the way

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 13:02:26
St. Al .. i really like your (cyber)tangible presence these days instead of A Wizard of Oz-like illusiveness or the rattling key-ring one gets to hear when the warden leaves the premises again, haha! it's a special set of keys ofcourse, maybe z and Doc Kruger can elaborate on the soothing nature and deeper psychology of it ..

am listening to the GBComp using the random mode ... G R E A T

it started with Schwinn's I'll Be Your Pain, then went on with Sonic Boulevard/Doc Kelly and Roy.Scam's Judy Ingalls which is a perfect order .. loved hearing it ..
now LisaG .. dreams disintegrate .. a color of a new dream .. now that i have you ..

hi lady B .. do catch Lisa's gig and tell us all about it .. back? back? so people stop posting for a while for whatever reason, it's not like the go as in gone as in goodbye .. is it?
not until further notice, like ||||| did unfortunately .. sigh ..

ok, cue to go, a cat's walking on a piano and i have to get some work done ..

Banyan Tree Sweet Day Dreaming Bow,

ps it wasn't bad, but it wasn't rikki don't loose that number and my old school how it shoul be ..

Name: Blaise
nice ODP makeover all over the place

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 13:01:20

Kudos webdrone. And again, thanks angel for the email tip. She can't post so don't shoot the messenger, alright?

Name: µ

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 12:48:12
Recipe for a Christian Scientist with an appendicitis: A jar of Smuckers and Countdown to Ecstacy...

Name: Gina
what's science got to do got to do with it

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 12:41:55
see? we're just a bunch of addits ...

Name: yep, that's us blaise
hey to lady bayside, e me when you can
Location: it's just me, lp
Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 12:34:45
Please Note: The Monitor does not endorse the sites behind these links. We offer them for your additional research.
giggle giggle

Name: Blaise
not quite Berklee endorsed but acknowledged

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 12:29:25
Thanks angel for the link, great find. This should be shared:

They mention the GB and Digest as a source but with a disclaimer. funny.

Name: lp
where's dan akroyd?

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 12:29:04
st al, my love, exactly my point.....and take religion outta it too while you're at it, dammit!

and yes, dc to georgia in a copter takes a little longer than a commercial break - but who knows, maybe her labor ran 24 hours, it happens, ouch, like to me twice!

Name: Homey
don't play dat

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 12:06:04
Welcum back Lady Bedside!

Name: Howard

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 12:04:02
I *finally* finished my transcription for Babylon Sisters. For all those interested, have a look at:

This song has so many great chords and changes ... I thought I already knew it well, but I've learned more from working it out in full. A great one to play on the guitar - hope you enjoy.


Name: Hubby

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 11:45:41
Yeah right, like you gotta pay for it. She thinks just because I pay her, that all sex works that way. Wifey is SUCH a dufus. I say spread the wealth:

Name: Mboto Kadogo
aka The Wise Old Man

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 11:39:07
Man will know when his time has come when elle refrains from posting on the GB

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 11:27:31
Good Monday to everyone

last nights X-files: yes, didn't the 3 Lone Gun Men bearing gifts
ask Muldar how he got there ( to Scully's hideout) and Muldar said tongue in cheek, "I just followed the bright light"
Remember when the other female agent with the "sensitive" senses
kept looking up at the bright star? (Very religious undercurrent here)
Yes, as ususal too many unanswereed questions. It appears to me that the KISS, woohooooo they finally kissed!!!!!!!... somehow means THE END. I heard it rumoured that this would be the final season, but who knows. Plus, what is Krychec now? I can never keep up with him, is he Muldars half brother, Was their father the Smoking Man, didn't he get the "virus" he alien?
They need an X-Files Digest.

hey Aus, you could have watched the Sopranos tonight on HBO.
I'm five...O ; )

My hubby has Riven but I don't think he has the new one. Course I never know what he's doing on his computer...that's like his
>>>> but I do ask him not to look at porn and I do check the Visa statements he-he

ciao fer now
ps. thanks for encouraging e-mail,you know who you are

Name: snakehips
tony soprano's house

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 11:10:32

must confess, since the sopranos i haven't watched x-files. hey lp, do you mean that mulder and skully kissed? wow. and imho, krycek doesn't have the sex appeal, charm or wit of mulder. so, in my eyes, mulder is better looking. what kind of baby did skully have? whose is it? ok - enough x-info.

st. al - please dust off Kamakiriad. shame on you.


i don't wanna do your dirty work no more...

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 10:40:06

Thanks LadyBaySide and YGK for coming to the party...glad y'all had fun...

Had to stick with watching the Sopranos season finale last night over X-files although it was a hard decision to make (the Xfiles trailer looked kick ass)...needless to say the Sopranos finale was not as explosive as it should have been...tad disappointed with lack of action there...and no Donald Fagen to spy saying "You dirty killed my brother, and now I'm gonna kill you..." At least Sex and the City starts just in time for hot steamy summer.

Anyone out there get the latest Riven: Exile game? The movie trailer available through the official website is scalding white hot. Can't wait to get started there...would welcome any thoughts/impressions from anyone out there...

Professor X/Z: A recent post of yours regarding how tough it really is (especially as a music teacher)in the inner City struck deep chords within me... brought back memories of my music classes ( I played Alto Sax and percussives)at Power Memorial Academy. I'll never forget my music teacher...just as tough and demanding as my cross country coach was. Huge respect for what you do sir, day in and day out. Kudos.

YGK: Encouraging news. Hang in there pal. You stand to reap enormous dividends.

Everybody: have a great week.

If we keep on boppin' until Labour Day, Little Ms. Abby, Buh Bye...


Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 10:31:29
HOLD THE PRESSES! LP without an opinion? HA!

Frankly, there is no way to logically justify the death penalty. You see, LP, the key to making people understand how wrong the death penalty is, is to REMOVE emotion from the process. Once you do the argument is moot.

Yes, that X-Files finale was great! Too many unanswered questions even though they feebly tried to tie them up in the final minutes. Suspension of disbelief was tested when Muldar was suddenly landing in a helicopter in Georgia after we appeared to have just left DC. Hmmm... Did I miss something?

Lady B -- Welcome back!

Name: luckless pedestrian

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 09:48:32
hey - just poppin in - been sneaking away from here lately to the x-files board, was that the best season ending ever or what? closure on the possible thank-god-he-didn't go-there rosemary's baby line, a wonderful on-screen kiss not to be beat (wow), a sub-plot, maybe to become a major plot, with the apparent death of krycek (who is, btw, way better looking than mulder) and all the unanswered questions and comments at his death scene (pushing the gun to skinner, special bullets maybe?), a change of pace for skinner and an opening to more intrigue with the boss - the only oddities included a much-too-soon-for-that-beautiful-comment bonding between monica and scully (skully, you wanna weigh in here?), monica's clairvoyancy (not believable, sorry, need more "proof"), the cheesy messiah references throughout (lone gunmen as the three wisemen, yipes!) - but otherwise, it was a great hour of television!

spent the weekend playing over and over some cd's a certain green earring sent me - those are amazing, will discuss them with you further later there buddy! thank you! and THAT's my steely dan link in this post - 93, whattayear!!!!!!!!!

capital punishment? wow, st al, what's next for discussion euthenasia (sp?)??? i have not formulated my opinion on it if you can believe it - HOWEVER, i do hate it though when people say the 1988 Dukasis mess up of all time question: "what would you do if your wife/daughter was a vicitm of an unspeakable crime" how simplistic! - you know what the right answer is? here you go: "we are not speaking to the personal anger of the individual when we speak of capital punishment, but whether society as whole, or government in specificity, has the rights and authorities to take the life of another person who has committed crimes against society. Human response is always to lash out to those that have wronged you, so of course my response would be I would like to kill that person, who wouldn't? But to allow the response of a victims' family to dictate the policy of capital punishment is only a step away from Marshall Law and ultimately chaos where justice is served through anarchy. The challenge for a civilized society is what to do with the uncivilized. The individual feeling the effects of the uncivilized, are they in any mental state to make such a determination of the perpetrator's future? There's a good reason why jury selection is so tightly controlled. The challenge of capital punishment policies is to indicate if death is the answer if there is no room for rehabilitation from the commmitted act, assuming if incarceration goes beyond mere punishment and is meant to rehabilitate. What levels of uncivilized behavior are considered beyond what society can control/accept and must be removed permanently through death? If the criminal shows no remorse, is that cause for the death penalty since rehabilitation efforts will be thwarted by the perpetrator? So you see, there are too many questions here that tug at the roots of justice itself to provide a sound byte knee jerk emotional response to your question. Next?"

okay, soapbox gets put away now, not bad for a dog catcher - lol - lunch time! beep beep!

malcom, keep me posted on the events at hand.

Name: wormy
topsoil not nearest you

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 07:33:11
hi gang

quick look into dandom

StevieD - man, so sorry to hear of your work situation
It's a travesty that your labor of love is being put on the skids. Sending strong positive vibes your way

LadyBayside - welcome back

capital punishment? in Moses' times not only did certain actions require a stoning, those persons required to throw the stones were one's closest associates.

Blaise - enjoying your wetside dissertations
still ignoranto on that one


some say that we're reckless

Name: duncan
Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 07:20:59
REF Lady b

The end of the footy season in England its over but the game still goes on

Name: Edd

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 07:05:40

"That dj must of read it in Brian Sweet's book."

There's no mention of it in Sweet's book. Given the book is little more than a collection of many articles and interviews, I'd assume it to be there if true.

Like MC, the only connection I could find would be Scaggs.

MC: I posted some new pix of male goldfinches going thru the spring molt. If interested, go to my goldfinch page and follow the link...

Name: edbeatty

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 06:59:24
Attn:Bob Tedde
Hey Lovebob,
Where you up near me here somewhere playing at a private party this weekend(temecula)?
Lots of reports from family-friends of the sounds emanating from some remote area near here?



Name: Blaise
re: wet side words

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 06:53:18
angel food healing...
Oleander's recap last July is probably the closest we'll get. Beats most other web sites's story anyway:

"Captain Mickey is hungry [I really don't think it is but whatthehey]
Death wrangler's got to take a break some time [I want to hear "desk wrangler," since it goes with a 'puter geek, but "Beth Wrangler" makes no sense to me & it sounds like a "d". OK, so "death" doesn't make a lot of sense either.]
Got to feed the machine
But Steamer Heaven is empty
Couple of kids, and behind the counter
The lovely Janine [merci, Blaise. I'm stickin' to it because it makes sense--she's at the register (behind the counter), and the next line refers to her. Try it.]
Soon as he walks through the door she's smilin'
Covers his eyes with his hands
'Cause everyone knows that it's scary out there
When you jump to the wetside
Where it's cold and [or?] it's loud and [or] it's screaming with light [the 3 "it's" fit; all the descriptions are what a room with a guy at a monitor is not]
Where it's way complex
Hacking through all the harsh effects [like I said.]

The Mick goes for the Bomber [subspecies of burger?]
A thimble of wax with an angel food healing
then gunk on the top
Gives 'em back at three-quarters [I think this part is completely unintelligible, but this interp gets points from me anyway for creativity]
Then intense tears and you can feel the flames arcing
Off the roof of the shop [or "remember the shock?"]
For a moment they spun on the edge of history [has to be past tense; makes more sense to me than "spawned." They didn't mate]
Fell into animal time [like gospel time, nervous time, etc.]

Blacked out [He backed out?] on the tarmac [he backed out, sort of recoiling from with the contact?]
It was alive with the sweet sounds of summer
Oh, the Steamer's all right
Mick tries to remember
Somethin' kinda cool but it's already fading
Back to straight black & white
"Maybe I needed a bit of downtime...." [thanx Mu]
Covers his eyes with his hands

What think? At any rate, we won't know until THE NEXT ONE. Sorry, I know I should be counting my blessings, but it's hard not to hope."

Name: Lady Bayside
Location: NYCish,
Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 06:51:36
It's been quite some time since I've posted here. After the very personal blow up of my marriage in this forum, I sort of stayed away because I really didn't want to deal with all of the wits who thought it would be funny to make fun of me, my husband, and the situation in general. To those who were supportive of me, I appreciate it. To those who weren't, may you never be in a similarly humiliating situation. Oh, and anon posters, if you have something to say, post your name for God's sake, or don't bother posting.

I'm done staying away--I miss the board, and the banter. When this place works at its best, there are wonderful exchanges of ideas and the debates really feed off each other. I also miss the community.

So, Squonks may be back yet. Jen and I will have to discuss. The renovations are nearly done...

Hello to my compatriots at the DOMC. Aus, thanks for a very lovely party. I had an excellent time, and it was wonderful to meet Babes again. I think we should make a pilgrimage to see Lisa Gee's band in Joisey...sometime in June.

As much as I love spending time with my daughter, I really gotta get a new job. I'm not used to having this much time on my hands. Time to really work on the resume and get back out there.

Welcome to the people who've boarded our little bus of Dan-influenced happiness since I've been on hiatus.

And just for the record, I vacillate quite a bit on the death penalty..but Cara Mia's argument really is very logical on a number of levels.

Lady B

Name: angel
Will you still have

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 06:17:00
Good morning all....

Nice chatting with you all last evening. GE, thanks again and have a real good time. dif, always a pleasure, Miz Ducky, I hope your computer did not crash and burn? Let us know everything is ok there. Steveedan, let me know if you are playing that gig next month. The little one will appreciate it. Hoops, thanks for stopping in. Paige, maybe next week, sorry I had to go right then.

Stevie Dan: Good to see your band is still playing. So, what song did the person at that hotel request, that she thought would stump you all? What are some of your bands favorites, Dan wise? The more popular or the more interesting. I know the Steely Damned have a tendency to do the less popular cuts that the band itself doesn't do in concert.

Still walking on the Wetside. I must say, it is real hard getting a true handle on those lyrics. Even using Tomas' version. Of course the fact that it sounds like Donald forgot a few words along the way, doesn't help. Anyone have an idea what that line with the angel is? Sheesh!

Have a good day all....

A song to sing....

Name: Howard

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 05:07:52
dano - I was working at the University at Edinburgh, doing research on musical instruments. In my several years there, I'm afraid to say the only bits of Glasgow I saw were the train station. Unforgiveable, I know!

Steveedan - yes, got your chart - thanks. Email reply is in your Inbox.

Lisa G - good to see your back!


Name: Blaise
cara mia secundo

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 04:59:25
And how do we study the otherwise rational sickos, keeping prevention in mind, when all is left is this:


Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 04:52:21
cara mia, numero uno
Possible miscarriages of Justice, misguided lynch mobs:


Name: Blaise
has to say

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 04:02:45
cara mia offers us quite a sensible, passionate plea there. I'm won over and second that emotion, in a rational way. Not sure if that's any comfort though... ;0)

So let's see that Berklee concert again in the interactive way they promised, segment by segment. Let's bet on who gets a possible invite to perform on the Next One, if any.

Name: Blaise
spite serum, stirups syrups

Date: Monday, May 21, 19101 at 03:18:39
µ - Colorado and Dallas are, as you know, not true expansion teams but simply relocated teams that were already successful in all matters but financial elsewhere(Quebec and Minnesota). Colorado won it all the first year it was no longer Quebec. RIP les Nordiques, whoa, throw back the little markets, gently squeeze them indeed.
I loved this stuff when loyalty was still a factor and still meant something. Sadly, it's like this now in every pro televised pro team sport. It loses its meaning in the process.
My favorite story goes: Browns become Ravens, Cardinals are Phoenix reborn, Browns are ressuscitated as a team of newbies, Ravens win the turkey. Of course, the Oakland-LA-Oakland- pattern is interesting. Business is fun to watch too, mind you, from a distance.

Lighten up, Lighten up
Lighten up baby I'm in love with you...

stevie - nice to see you around. Yes, 'tis the season: Kama Bop, we should call it (April-May).

Name: cara mia
chillin' out@West of DollyWood

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 22:36:17
Hi, all. Enjoyed the sages getting inducted and Mark's commentary. To think we could have crashed the festivities and gotten our Aja LP's signed...
I would have asked them to pen: "Dr.'s Becker and Fagen".
Congrats, Walter and Donald!

StevieD--Much luck with the new endeavors. I applied for part-time again in some cuckoo's nest, since I am becoming a boring person and miss (a little) being in a direct helping kind of
gig. Time to bone up on psychotropic meds and sleep disorder research. At least I can be boring in a technical sort of way.
About Levon Helm: all I know is what I read in the Time Out Magazine for events in the Big Apple. Maybe he rallied from his throat cancer?

About the death penalty--I had my opinion changed this past year, and it was via my Rationalist group in a round-table debate based on humanistic principles and plain old logic. The three factors that convinced me:

1--Mistakes in convictions have occurred and innocent people HAVE been put to death. More innocents ARE on death row. "Proof" via the justice system will never be 100% accurate. I don't like those odds. If all are kept alive, at least there is a chance of rectifying mistakes in convictions or further evidence being collected, even in later years, that might free someone wrongly incarcerated.

2--Things might be learned eventually from a killer, like where he stuffed the rest of the bodies, OTHERS that might have helped him, and various other mysteries solved, to help families of victims, etc. When you terminate the source, some important questions may never get answered.

3--The dollar costs of death penalty appeals and tiered mechanisms for repeated hearings, etc. could be greatly reduced
if life imprisonment was the ultimate result in the criminal justice system repeal of frying someone, as well as the elimination of inconsistancies of the 50 states in how the death penalty is carried out. When you see the costs compared of simple life versus death penalty convictions in dollar amounts, it is cheaper to house someone for the rest of his life than to kill him off in our present system.

Not even taking retribution or deterance into consideration,
these three things cemented my belief now that state sponsored killing should be ended. Gee, maybe we would have more legitimacy around the world when encouraging human rights issues, if we practiced the ultimate respect for life as a nation in how we dealt with crime and punishment.

cara mia

Name: steviedan
gb's biggest liberal

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 22:09:18
capital punishment ? 100% certainty of guilt ?

must say i support it. a societal evil, not unlike abortion, that unfortunately must continue, i'm afraid.

an atrocity for an atrocity.

Name: steviedan
win friends and influence people with steely dan

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 21:56:02
on thursday i played a gig at a local hotel. it was one (the last major one in town, i think) that we've never played at. the dreaded "island theme" was operative and we were supposed to be raleigh's favorite calypso combo or something. despite this, they got what we always give 'em... what we've got. turns out that the hotel general manager, a bright, nice looking young lady was a HUGE steely dan fan. she thought she might "stump the band" with a dan request. boy, are we in that place now.

st al, real sorry about your feline buddy. i don't have any shitty jokes...

as i prepare to dive into something new this week, i must express appreciation to jim#, gina, chere, mc, daddy g, angel and anyone else expressing support.

dano, akkerman and focus have raised their collective heads here before. those cats were great musicians with a great concept. anybody with a fascination for prog (yes, genesis, gentle giant, pfm, focus, elp, national health, gong, etc.) should check out the book "rockin' the classics" by edward macan (oxford). great book.

x-files finale: (*****) five stars except for gratuitous and predictable religious symbolism.

chere, no they couldn't chase me away. not ready to run away to hollywood yet.

clas, that is not a description of chapel hill, nc. that is a little sweet baby james imagery. kind of like "there is a young cowboy that lives on the range... his horse and his cattle are his only companions". james uses that tumbleweed stuff, mostly in the earlier stuff.

blaise, is that my father mowin' the lawn ?

c'mon daddy, get in let's go...

Name: Midnite Toker
Yeah right

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 20:56:31
Ed- Donald Fagen playing with Steve Miller? I doubt it. That dj must of read it in Brian Sweet's book.

Name: eLLe
...I've been wondering all day today why I am always taken wrong, am I really THAT bad at articulation???? people in real life have always said i have a very special way with words so i give up : (

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 20:22:18
Comments: no, I meant for me personally, I don't talk about those 2 subjects, because it ends that way for me. It's also a kind of unsaid Rule in alot of professions, such as Sales for sure and Hairdressing. Just 2 subjects to avoid if you want to keep things mellow, but I definitely think that the "arguement" can be fruitful, we can't just turn our heads and ignore these things can we.

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 20:10:06
The point Elle brings up regarding discussing volatile subjects in an open forum can be true for sure. I was a little concerned bringing up the death penalty subject, knowing how it polarizes people. The strange thing about the death penalty, more than just about any other issue, is how it cuts across all political and ideological beliefs. My very best friend in the whole world and I disagree on this subject. On just about every other we agree. He's a democrat (like me), a non-christian (like me). Has been known to alter his state of consciousness (like me). Yet on this subject we don't agree. My mother, a staunch Catholic right-winger, doesn't believe in the death penalty. My Father, who lived in Oklahoma City when the bomb went off, doesnÕt believe in the death penalty but he'll make an exception in McVeigh's case.

I guess I was tired and bored when I originally posted my opinion the subject. However, I was really curious what side of the fence people stood on? Like I said in my original post about marijuana, posting to this board is like preaching to the choir. Certainly I would expect most of us to agree on this subject. On the death penalty I knew there would be a split, and I was curious. The only non-surprise for me was Dr. Mu...

Fact of the matter is I love a good debate. It's fun to discuss important topics with people you don't always agree with (like Dr. Mu). You can learn an awful lot from people whose opinions differ from yours.

Name: eLLe

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 20:03:32
u- I can't do that on my keyboard
yes some of them do, some of them own entire little Gulf Islands,
Meg Tilly is from a little Gulf Island and lives on the mainland now.
Is has been long "rumoured" that D.Crosby owns one, but I'm not 100% on that.
Valdy defo. owns one.
Did you go to Gastown? Ask someone who works in that area, about movie/tv sets.. you can't get a parking place down there, if there is something going on if your life/or job depended on it.
Vancouver isn't squeaky clean, it's known for being one of the worst towns in NA!!! for it's porn industry..and heroin trafficing, they don't call it "Gateway to Asia" for nothing, also they don't call it "Super-Natural" for nothing either. You can read that 2 ways.
But not everything goes on in the city core so it all depends on where you are on any given day to stop and stare at the techno coloured movie trailors. BC has mountains, ski resorts, and almost desert-like areas further in so it's a very diverse climate, good for all kinds of movie-making scenes.
Also, that url said something about clear water? Um, that would be a NO. We all know what the Pulp and Paper mill industry does to the ocean, don't we? Chemical central. But that has been cleaned up somewhat, in the last 10 years.
It also said something about low taxes??? That's a definite NO.
ok enough drivel from me..later gotta go finish the mundane stuff then watch Scully have her baby, ; )
singing voulez voulez- vous

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 18:04:44
Edd....the only link I can find between Donald and Steve Miller is the fact that Boz Scaggs was in various bands with Steve Miller from 1959 to 1968 and then went on to play with Fagen on the New York Rock 'n' Soul Revue in the early 90's....not really what you were looking for but I can't find a more direct link.

re: McVeigh....
Hamurrabi's Code Baby!

Name: edbeatty
Location: Temecula, ca
Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 17:20:44
Your guess is as good as anybodys on Wetside Story

So Doctor Becker and or Doctor Donald whats the story on

Ed (saving for the next tour)Beatty

Name: µ

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 17:15:26

Washington Wizards starting lineup: 2001-2002

G Courtney Alexander or TBA
G Michael Jordan
C Christian Laettner
F Charles Barkley
F Shane Battier

Lakers still win 2002 NBA Finals 4-2

Name: angel
It was alive

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 15:58:17
Hey Lisa G: May 9th....I am sure it was a great day. Glad you are finally starting to get back to the future. :-)

Blaise: Calm thoughts. :-)

KD: Where are you?

Just got a copy of Wetside Story. Donald states that they were going to record it very soon. What happened? Do you think that might turn up on the next one?

On the subject of TV and Movies going to Canada. Don't even get me started on THAT subject. Very sore one here in the City of Angels.

Hope to stop into chat this evening around 6:30P (GB time). Hope to see some hanging around.

With the sweet sounds of summer....


Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 14:50:10
Lars: irreputable company indeed

Blaise: too many teams to spread out the Russians and the Gretzkys. When teams from Colorado and Texas are champs - that sez it all.

eLLe: How about Twin Peaks? The show biz kidz types don't live up there though? - it's in and out? Didn't see any celebs on a visit a few years ago. Great Chinese and Greek food. Board was half that of Seattle and for a suite compared with a single room...the city was squekky clean though far from sterile. The airport is a friggin' palace - there's your tax$$...I guess I don't have to tell you...


Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 13:59:00
yeah blaise lighten up

Name: Edd

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 13:28:22

Hmmmm... As one of the local FM DJs came out of Stve Miller's "Fly Like An Eagle" he said he saw Miller about 12 years ago at a gig in Connecticut. He further went to say as the band was introduced the keyboard player was none other than Donald Fagen.

I hardly consider pop radio to be an authority on music, but, has anyone else heard of this?

Name: Lisa G
Back in yellow

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 12:19:17
Catching up, catching up! Made it to Wednesday, May 9. Out of the archives, finally.

Miss you all!

Chere, my thoughts are with you, girl. Peace and healing to you, your mom, and your sister.

How was the get together last night, Aus and the DOMC? Sorry we missed it.



Name: eLLe

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 12:12:06
OH COME ON BLasie , get REAL!! You know exactly what I am saying!! However that's all I'm going to say about it, because
I don't like to parlez about religion or politics, in an open forum it only leads to arguing ALWAYS and God knows I have enough of that on my plate already.
Don't be so harsh on people..lighten up! : )

Name: blasie
radically canajun

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 11:57:04
I thought the uptight people were Ontarians, Victorian ethics and all. I don't know. What do they say about the English here that's so rude anyway? I can't think of anything. Fill me in...
We have a few lingering differences, sure. We still can't turn right on a red light here and we usually lean slightly more to the left poitically speaking. The State controls hard liquor and gambling on non-Native grounds... huh Our strippers go bare. Besides that, it's the same North American package nevertheless, no? :o)

Name: Lars

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 11:52:05
re: deathpenalty. It«s not a question about logical reasoning Mu (and others). It's more a question about civil humanity. In practice there are 3 nations still using it as a tool to discipline their folks: U.S. , Iran & China. Let«s see what they have in commun .... . This discussion and suggestions about rolling the video's etc makes me feel ashamed of your (otherwise) great nation.

Name: eLLe
Canada wants Techies??

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 11:39:05
Do you think Canada is an easy country to enter and attain permits for work? A BIG CLUE- just read Blaise's posts...and this is just a little space on the BIG WA-WA-WA
course he's from French Canada, and ( they want to leave the country... anyways- really uptight kinda people)
Actually he's being rather polite (cough) considering the predjudice going on in Quebec from the French towards English Canadians- not a pleasant thing, indeed.

Easy, Frenchbuoy

Name: dano
all spelled out??

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 11:25:36
Blaiser , Sadly days of Pope on the rope are well gone , But I have to agree with who said its better to be in a room with ten guys on Bob Hope rather than ten guys on the demon drink. My two older brothers still blow and are very placid on the weed, but I have seen some aggresive shits on the drink ,nuff said??

Cyn , Baffert did it again Cyn what happened to Monarchos ??ran like a donkey.Mind you Cyn had a little touch on Saturday about 300 bucks , so have to take Trouble and Strife out for a couple of Mick Jaggers. And by the way Cyn I dont wear my kilt at golf in case I lose my balls in the prickly hedges??

Yer quite a girl mish chere, dae yae want tae be in my next jaemsh bond movie , as the ju ju princess.

WIP , thanks mate will get back to you on the mp3 dooser.

TWM , Shock horror I am going to disagree with you buddy?? But
this is my own personal view . I would without hesitation pull the plug on any Paedophile that walks the earth and still go soundly to sleep at night . Just my own view and have seen how it affects family as i had a close friend who went through it . I think i"ts the most hideous crime there is as the kids can"t do anything about it. It may seem harsh but give me a bullet and I will gladly pull the trigger.

And I aint no tuff guy??

Hope you all had a good weekend everyone.

Forgot, any of you seen shrek over the pond opens here next week tinlid wants to go . any feedback.


Name: Gina

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 11:08:12
hm, Edd .. heard her name sometime before, Chris Potter played on one of her albums .. jumped off balcony .. must be high tide in nature, this world beholds vibes we humans can't always kick .. too bad ..

a slow GB day today, isn't it?

off again,

Location: stoke on trent, england
Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 10:57:32
Hi we are an English collective of snidey jazz rockers who get compared to the Dan on a daily basis.Why not judge for yourself on our website which features soundclips,predatory college lecturer-type sexuality and a disturbing diary.

Name: eLLe

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 10:44:54
that covers squat...right Zigmund?..Zigmund VOID.

Name: eLLe
HollyWood North

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 10:38:05
Based on the latest news (below), it's time to load up the truck and move to
Vancouver, BC. Hills, that is. Pure Water. No movie stars (not since The X-Files left).

Are you for real?
BC has been HollyWood North for at least the past 15 years,
Countless movies have been shot there and X-Files was not the only tv series shot there. McGiver, 21 Jump Street, The Chris Isaac Show, that other sci-fi prodeuced by Chris Carter and many many others.
Richard Gere, Goldie Hawn, Mel Gibson you name it they've all shot movies there.
PLus , alot of these stars, go to visit sick children in the hospital in Vancouver,during their stay, most of them do their visits, on one condition, NO publicity. Which makes them really shine in my mind.
No HollyWood stars? Think again.

PLUS, everyone knows that great techies from Canada have migrated south.
WTF do you think I'm doing in USA?

Name: Blaise

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 09:13:44
Google Deutch on Two Against Nature:

"Which Donald Fagan and walter Becker put to us forward with their new CD " Two Against Nature ", is more than only intermediate by food. The two ingenious musicians jonglieren with great arrangements and leave a small masterpiece. The time seems ripely for older master category. Apparently the Millennium its contributed to the fact that suddenly again melodies are enough to our ears, which were long in coming. Carlo Santana or Tom Jones already before-made it.
" Two Against Nature " is a collection of funkiger, jazziger, souliger pieces, which urgently do not only go into the gehoergang; they stay even there and do not want any longer out. The drawers are opened and empty themselves in undreamt-of possibilities. True Geniesser will not banish this disk so fast no more from its CD Player. Must for all lovers of the elevated requirement and the maintained attitude."


Mu, is that you? Canada is all that and a bag of maple chips, of course.
But I find hockey is always on the verge of turning barbaric and it's a shame. I've seen some pretty ugly stuff happening on the ice, at least in less favorable economic times. (?) Must be reading these backwards articles...

Name: µ

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 08:34:50
...well,in team sports. Tiger Woods' play at the US Open last year was the finest individual performance...

Name: Edd

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 08:23:38

Jazz/cabaret vocalist Susannah McCorkle died yesterday after apparently jumping from balcony of her Manhattan apartment.

Her recordings are beautiful.

µ again

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 08:09:24
KD: If you're still out there, the Lakers performance last night was one of the most impressive sports spectacles I've seen in a long while. Did you see Magic stand up majestically and applaud in awe, especially of Kobe? Geez, Duncan looked like a midget next to Shaq...

Name: µ

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 07:57:37

Name: µ

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 07:57:04
Blaise: Oh, that looks like my pick for Official Bio on the OD{

Based on the latest news (below), it's time to load up the truck and move to Vancouver, BC. Hills, that is. Pure Water. No movie stars (not since The X-Files left).

New tax relief. Ethnic diversity. Only the best of American tele and HOCKEY 24/7. Electrons dancing in the frozen IC crystal dawn. FOR THE CHILDREN. But we're not moving to My Waterloo...

I'm impressed with point guard Fagan's quickness to the mike and jumping ability, but I'm concerned about his happiness...

Name: Blaise
Hey I didn't write it. Google did

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 07:38:58
And I quote:

Official page
Homepage with MP3 and intelektuellem requirement"

Name: Blaise
Sunday morning, back at the wheel

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 07:31:06
As seen through googles deforming goggles, the German point of view on all things Dan. And who's gonna disagree with that succint presentation?? Sorry... funny stuff:


Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 07:04:42
Oh, I get it... when people write Fagan instead of Fagen, they're really talking about this guy here:

A slightly bigger fella with a comparable happiness rating. Hmm... I see...

Name: Duncan
Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 06:32:24
Ref: Anon test
Quiet hard as it didn't state in which country & I am only 34

I like it here I'll think stay

Name: F
Location: CK,
Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 05:47:27
as they say on the web, LOL, B

Name: Blaise
Submit this? you bet your ass, man!

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 05:21:44
Here's a guide to a sweet ride to GB success in the sky as explained to CHILDREN and all through example:
(Jen pay attention!)

„ Look back with pride on your performance as a bad joke cracker and overall poster, mention you're obviously not the only one who felt that way, for someone in chat agreed.
„ Mention that you gave to a local loved one's charity, potentially score points with everyone but the grinch. It's tax-free and it does wonders to an already thriving network.
„ Take the apparent underdog's side, however absurdly idiotic and pointless the matter in contention.
„ When push comes to shove, mention the Holocaust in every debate and hint at the fact that you're Jewish. Instant sympathy.
„ Mention in passing your well-known Internet pals, real or imaginary. "Hi Pete! where you been? e-blast me your e, big guy."
„ When in doubt, plug something, anything!
„ Mention the ever popular "tax relief argument" when speaking for capital punishment. Mention you got front row tix for when the jig is up and that you couldn't afford them otherwise.
„ For dramatic effect, highlight CHILDREN when you mention a tragedy. As in: "In WACO, the government burned CHILDREN, man."
In short, become McVeigh.
Great job, eh? And he's omly been here a week or two... AM proud of our stevee, aren't you? Stevee, we love you... at least I do. See you in chat, buddie!
Btw, In a music world, if someone really sucks, do you cut off his fingers and let him play the trombone in the back or just silence him?

Name: Clas
sorry -

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 01:02:23
- Phi Sci!

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Sunday, May 20, 19101 at 00:58:44
We move up to Manhattan / and we'll fill the place with dope... ?

StAl/Third World Man - I think you guys summed the thing up, very good.

Of course I would go after a guy if he'd touch my wife or my son, but that's not the point.

Third World Man says; "The state has to show a level of responsibility that it's citizens can look up to."


Sci Phi? Thank you, who ARE you?

D - be cool buddy, you passed the test :)


Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 23:17:06
Thanks Stevee -- they recorded the Lp at the corner of Lincoln and Superba.

Name: Steveedan
Location: Amen Corner, State of Fagen-esque-etude
Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 21:55:32
Thank you Snakehips, you seem to be the only person who liked my jokes. Considering the cross-section of posters, I thought for sure some of my lewd jokes would have ruffled a few feathers. Do you guys have any idea how much milage I have gotten out of that pumpkin joke (the JOKE, not the pumpkin, you sick F*cks!) ?

Regarding McVeigh, pot, the Raelian nation in the sky, etc. can't we all just get along? Keep those video cameras rolling boys!

W1P - I plan to check out Yortoise, I haven't had the chance yet.

Howard W. - Did you get my emailed chart? Please write me back.

Andy Metzger - Where in the world are you? Email me please.

Chere - thanks for the thanks, but the real thanks is in being of service to you and your family. Good factual information, though a bit challenging to put into practice. Sort of like mastering music that is difficult to play ... (and the band played on ...) Take it all one day at a time - find things that you are grateful for - this is a very effective activity. Here's one that you can start your list off with -- many, many people here LOVE you too. Take care.

Jennywenny - I have not "met" you before your recent posts, and I have only been posting here for almost a month (and have been a devout Steely Dan fanatic since the mid 1970's) but I must say to you, that: (1) I don't think you are needy, nor do you need any justification for your presence here, (2) Just as someone else has posted, if you really like Steely Dan, it matters not whether you are an accomplished musician or a beginner, understand the lyrics or not, have been a long-time fan, or a newcomer to it, etc, etc, etc.

St. Al - As always, I like to tell you of my appreciation to you for this website, as far as McVeigh, more worm-cans being opened. Here's my most probably politically, and morally incorrect opionion about McV: I have a little bit of resentment toward the possibility of his being allowed to live in prison for the rest of his life. I do not want to have my or my fellow countrymen's tax dollars funding room and board for this mass murderer.

Part of my religious education as a child dealt with watching countless films of the Jewish Holocaust. Remember Nuremberg? This multi-national tribunal HANGED the ones found guilty of the worst crimes. Simon Weisenthal and others hunted all over the world to find the Nazi criminals who fled Europe and brought them to justice (retribution, revenge? You bet your ass, man!)

McVeigh killed CHILDREN ! Are there any posters out there with children who don't twinge at the thought of those poor innocent children who lost their lives? Of course not.

Give McVeigh his final pharmaceutical cocktail. As far as the money saved to provide him with room and board, and all of the prisoners doing time for pot, I say, let them go free too. Let's redirect the money into more music instruction in schools. Maybe if children spend more time playing with musical instruments rather than guns and bombs, we can help to create a safer future for the world.

I'll gladly listen to awful music rather than having to learn about another Oklahoma City Bombing, Colombine High School incident, 13 year olds killing teachers, drive-by shootings, etc.

I'm looking forward to chat tomorrow night. Take care everyone --

... Any world that I'm welcome to is better than the one I come from ...


Name: P.S.

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 18:51:45
comin from the gut with a cursory scroll, StAl, some of what you said about McVeigh sounds like something McVeigh might say.
I don't want to kill him, but I wish he'd just die - ick.


Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 18:22:11
Speaking of cannibalism, are you reeling, India?

"Donald Fagen said: "What an evening...
You're there, I'm here...
And there's the unmistakable smell of California wafting over..."
It was so true. One could smell it. But everybody forgot to tell Fagen, that they could smell him too... that they could taste him... that they could feel his world and his fingers... that they wanted to lie down and die to his music... no one told him that."


Name: Phi Sci

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 18:09:15
Loved that.

I love dogs.

With a Touch



Name: In Search Of
the legendary city of Barrytown (near Fagan creek)

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 17:34:11

Name: Floridavid

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 17:29:20
A beautiful woman loved growing tomatoes but
> couldn't seem to get her tomatoes to turn red. One day while
> taking a stroll, she came upon a gentleman neighbor who had the most
> beautiful
> garden full of huge red tomatoes.
> The woman asked the gentleman,
> "What do you do to get your tomatoes so red?"
> > > > >The gentleman responded, "Well, twice a day I
> stand in front of my tomato garden and expose myself, and my
> tomatoes turn red from blushing so much."
> > > > >Well, the woman was so impressed, she decided
> to try doing the same thing to her tomato garden to see if it would
> work.
> > > So twice a day for two weeks she exposed herself to her garden
> hoping for the best.
> > > > >One day the gentleman was passing by and
> asked the woman, "By the way, how did you make out? Did your tomatoes
> turn red?"
> No" she replied, "but my cucumbers are
> enormous." >>

ohh....the joke thread has passed? ...never mind.

Name: z

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 17:16:29
Well, those of you that think that being an inner-city high school music teacher is a sterile, boring job consisting of PTA meetings etc... have never been in NYC.
The other day, they dragged one of my colleagues away in handcuffs for having sex with a minor.
A little while ago, a woman teacher was stabbed in the stomach by a student, tried to sue the school, was banned from the school by the principal, and then wrote an article about the incident, claiming that the principal was trying to cover-up the stabbing.
Now, last week, the principal's car was fire-bombed in front of his house and they think the woman who got stabbed in the stomach was responsible. He hired 2 bodyguards that stand outside his office all day, getting laughed at by the students.
To make matters worse, the woman borrowed one of our best Bach trumpets for her son and refuses to return it.
One of my trumpet players just got kicked out of school for being in the Crips and my best trumpet player ran away from home and is now somewhere in Florida, Emailing a friend that he had to go downstairs and sell his body.
It's no wonder then that I'm packing my bags and getting ready to join Doctor Warren Kruger and the Raelians in Quebec shortly.
Yesterday, the little (little? most of them are bigger than me)bastards stuck a porno tape in the VCR while I was trying to show them a video on the history of rock and/or roll, and I had to explain the incident to the Deans, who got a good laugh out of my report of the incident.
I've already sent in my registration fee for Clone College, almost finished being built in Quebec, and good old Dr. Kruger has arranged for my cloning, although I'm way at the bottom of the list.
Of course Dr. Kruger is up near the top of the list, just in back of Rael himself!
I'm having a little trouble finding some of these textbooks though, most of them are printed by University Press, so if you have a spare copy of Clone and Superclone, Cloning and Nothingness, or Clonechild in the Promised Galaxy, I'd appreciate it if you could send them to me ASAP- my address is on Dr. Kruger's Schizopolis site.
It's been Rael!

Name: What's this? An open door?
Thanks Gina...

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 16:02:15

A poor young newlywed couple living on a farm were having an argument about how bad the man was in bed. After weeks of trying to coach her new husband on how to satisfy a woman, the new bride was at the end of her rope. "Haven't you ever heard of foreplay?!", she screamed at her bewildered young husband. "Foreplay? Of course I have. Why do you think I feed you grass and milk you every day?"

homemade jokes-r-us


Name: Charcot
bon Appetit!

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:49:59
hmmm... cannibalism, bestiality, castration all in one breath. I think that about covers it, right Sigmund?

Name: Gina
To whom it may concern ..

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:48:19
Rickie Lee Jones reading messages

Name: JD
Date/Time: 5/18/01
Subject: Laura Nyro Angel In The Dark - a must!
Rickie Lee, sorry to use up a little space on your site, but Laura Nyro doesn't have a website... I have gotten the latest Laura Nyro CD Angel In The Dark and I think all of you will absolutely love it! It starts off with the title song ( a great Nyro original )and then we are treated to the best cover version of Carole King's Will You Love Me Tomorrow, covers of souls classics Ooh Baby Baby, La La La Means I Love You, torch songs He Was So Good To Me, Embraceable You, a great obscure Bacharach song Be Aware. The CD is half covers and half Nyro originals. I enjoy the originals and covers equally. This as a truly enjoyable work by Laura. Her last studio recordings before her untimely death. Check it out - you won't be sorry. Again Rickie, thanks for the little bit of space and sorry for the little sidetrack. :-)

Name: Cyn
Down the club house turn........

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:26:34

danoooooo......Looks like Monarchos isn't the all out favorite. The bookmakers have him tied to Congaree in the odds. Track is not muddy just damp.

To anonoposter....Don't worry about bitin' off more than you can chew.
Your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger than you think.

If I was to have a drink it wouldn't be with likes of you....

Name: Third World Man II
mucho mundo

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:21:41
I believed that I was dreaming
'til the neighbors came out screaming...

Name: eLLe

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:17:21
oh yeAH I almost forgot....
I used to have 2 budgie birds for pets
I named them after musicians, rather than a song
I had Bjork and Goldie
Bjork pecked Goldie to death
so I got Morrissey
than Bjork died of boredom
( as far as I can tell)

Name: Gina
The Look of Love

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:09:06
so sorry to crash the party you're all having, a regular weekend all topic satyr, eh saturday it is :-)

should anyone be bored, there are some new pics of Gaucho now looking like a regular smooth fox with the ears down .. i can't figure Mother Nature out, not really .. for they're up again since a few days, haha!

what's so bad about the death penalty if one's crime turned out to be so sick and disgusting it would be a waste of money to keep those people alive and taken care of in jail, in the western world there's no rotting away in jail, jailtime's no punishment to those who have criminal sick disordered minds .. they're just doing time, that's all ...... in asia, the middle-east etc .. there the idea of rotting away in jail is the right thing to say .. besides, i think they should bring back the guillotine and learn folks to eat human flesh, what's wrong with a little cannibalism anyway .. who says we're not already eating human flesh, what do we know?? stop eating harmless animals and the guilty ones instead .. what's on the menu tonight? hm, let me see, we got roast chief of a terrorist group, some psychopat's stew and perfidious meatballs, the genuine article chopped off the members of a paed—phile colony ..
should be easy to get accustomed to that, no? (Blaise, just liked to use your "no" for once :-))

don't get high on pot but right on the spot

hey Dano, Jan Akkerman .. i believe he still knows how to work his way 'round those strings .. always a pleasure if someone plays live .. your friend will no doubt have a good time!

this no joke, but they say in some countries young boys living on farms and the poor countryside learn how to do "the deed" by practising on sheep and goats. imagine these people are very strict about keeping their daughters a virgin until they're married (off) .. so she can loose her virginity to a man who lost his to a sheep or goat?

food for thought and an open door to some, perhaps?

bye now,
Banyan Tree Jailhouse Rocks Bow,


Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:04:10
D - Here's your test, mate. Make us proud, buddie.,6115,86257~4~~,00.html

Name: Big Surprise
What else are they lying about?
Location: And I mean the GOP,
Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:02:04
By Charles Babington staff writer
Friday, May 18, 2001; 12:31 PM

It's official: President Clinton's aides didn't vandalize the White House, scrawl lewd notes or steal presidential trinkets as they departed and the Bush administration moved in, as some critics had charged.

The General Services Administration, which investigated the alleged misdeeds, said the rumors were unfounded. "The condition of the real property was consistent with what we would expect to encounter when tenants vacate office space after an extended occupancy," said a GSA statement.

Many news organizations, including The Washington Post, reported on the alleged vandalism shortly after President Bush took office in January. The Post and other outlets soon raised doubts about the claims, and also reported on Bush's statement that the allegations were false.

"I think it was this calculated effort to plant a damaging story," said Alex S. Jones, director of the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University, the Kansas City Star reported today. "There was a sort of fertile ground for believing anything bad."

Put that in your conservative pipe and smoke it. And President Gore was the supposed liar. Ha!

Name: RudeWaitress

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 14:00:19

Hey anon.....

Hatred is the cowards revenge for being intimidated.

Name: Cyn

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 12:59:38
Pass the giblets.

Name: hmmm...
Fried McVeigh...(.)

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 12:49:01
I'm going for chicken. Anybody want some?

Name: thirdworldman
Rising to the bait again

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 12:29:13
McVeigh isn't being fried, he will drift painlessley off to sleep.

One of the (few) things I am proud about in this country (Britain/UK, whatever) is that we abolished the death penalty. I feel that by allowing the death pen, certain states / countries are showing an inability to move with the times and are behaving like medievael zealots. The state has to show a level of responsibility that it's citizens can look up to. One question to pro death pen people; Why are there still murders committed?, Why are their still thieves, rapers (sic), and adulterers in Saudi Arabia. Because its human nature. There are a lot of fruitbats out there who have imbalances going on, and lust and greed are two of the strongest elements of being a person.

Agree with StAl, The abortion / death penalty analogy is beside the point. You can believe in both or one or the other, and you dont have to be religious or have 'faith' to have a high (or low) level of morals.

Oh, and what about all the miscarriages of justice on both sides of the Atlantic recently. Shame if youve been executed though.

I think that's it more or less off of my chest

Back to 'Aja'

Peace and free speech

Name: Duncan.. aka ..Anglia ban-joe

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 12:23:14
Focus: hocus pocus
out of focus locust

I have a new baby son called Dan born 9lb8oz 27/12/00
anymore dan babies around

Name: µ
should have read

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 12:09:34

To take that logic to it's conclusion - *why should we be concerned about the holocaust?* - another space and time.

Name: µ

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 12:07:20
"I'll have to admit, that I won't feel too bad when McVeigh is deep-fried to a crackly crunch." If you want tp interpret that as I'll feel good or great?... As an American and a citizen of a neighboring state, I do feel real empathy for the victims and their feelings. I would be ashamed of myself if I did not. I simply will not feel the same for Timothy McVeigh and the evil that leaves the earth with him...

To take that logic to it's conclusion - we should be concerned about the holocaust - another space and time. Think about it.

Respect for life is the overlying principle - that's the link perhaps that I should have clearly stated...

Name: society for the rights of animals

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 12:06:46
elle and cyn what would you prefer for yourselves, lethal injection or gas chamber

Name: eLLe
Bureau of Useless Information

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 11:47:06
form a que, anons

Name: eLLe
Bloodwyn Pig

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 11:44:43

Name: bureau of standards
thanks for asking

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 11:40:13
cyn we don't care about

Name: bureau of corrections

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 11:38:06
elle is harsh, blaise is not

Name: eLLe
Brainy Wisdom/ I hope this isn't a repeat.

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 11:31:08
If you're too open minded, your brains will fall out.

Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in his
shoes. That way, if he gets angry, he'll be a mile
away - and barefoot.

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more
than going to a garage makes you a mechanic.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad

A closed mouth gathers no feet.

If you must choose between two evils, pick the one
you've never tried before.

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a

Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that
life is serious.

It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

I have found at my age going bra-less pulls all the
wrinkles out of my face.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite
government program.

If you look like your passport picture, you probably
need the trip.

Always yield to temptation, because it may not pass
your way again.

Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of

A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts
feel so good.

Eat well, exercise, die anyway.

Men are from earth. Women are from earth.
Deal with it.

No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes.

Middle age is that time in life when the broad mind
and the narrow waist trade places.

Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.

Junk is something you throw away three weeks before
you need it.

There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.

Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to
recognize a mistake when you make it again.

By the time you can make ends meet, they move the

Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator.

Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast
to the real world.

I believe the only time the world beats a path to my
door is when I'm in the bathroom.

Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they
shall never cease to be amused.


Name: eLLe

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 11:19:08
The Replacements! yeah! Big (thumbs) Up!
well.. the early Replacements

when eLLe the peanut gallery gets here everybody's gonna jump for joy!
just kidding.
Blaise you're harsh, man.

Name: eLLe
yo dano

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 11:11:14
Focus: Hocus Pocus?

Name: StAl

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 10:49:57
Mu -- Hypocrisy exists all around us. It's still not an excuse. What they do in the Middle East has no bearing on this subject. They are wrong also. Your abortion vs. death penalty argument is irrelevant. Hiding behind one injustice is no excuse for allowing another.

(not necessarily directed at Mu) If you were a victim of McVeighs actions then you have every right to be angry and wish to seek some revenge (or retribution). If you were not directly affected and you feel good about what's about to happen you should be ashamed of yourself.

Dr. Pity -- you're just jealous. Now, crawl back under that rock.

Name: W1P
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 10:32:17
dano, when you get to the Yortoise page on there is a download MP3 box for "I Buried That Girl in the Hole in the Back of My Head" I just want to thank you for expressing interest -- you are the only GBer who has. Yortoise is nothing like Steely Dan -- they harken back more to Elvis Costello, early Joe Jackson, REM, the Replacments with some very Beatle-esqe guitar parts. The guitarist, Jon Wood, toured with Warren Zevon in the early 80s and his daughter is the drummer.


Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 08:16:59
is that jig school graduation, with a silent "h"?
now THAT sounds interesting...

Name: angel
Sorry, angel

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 08:15:09
St. Al: On the death penalty. Just a personal gut reaction. No, I am not in favor of it. Let him rot in jail. That is plenty of punishment, in my book. I was once asked to serve on a Jury that was going to have to consider the death penalty. Thank goodness I managed to get myself off that one. Boy, were the other potential jurors upset at me! Hee Hee.

I did manage to catch the Berklee webcast highlights yesterday. I do owe an apology to Mark in Boston. Donald distinctly says "Thanks very much" on that clip. In my defense, check out the PBS special, after Green Earrings he does say "thank you very much". Also the Citizen album after the live cut of Bodhisattva, he also says it. That was where I was getting my comment from.
As I already told Blaise, It was indeed great to hear the words spoken by Donald and Walter. Donald reciting the words to the song and Walter sounding so sincere.
Those 2 song clips, just make me want to see the whole concert. Quite a light show and tech arrangement for the concert. Come on Berklee, make our day and release a video!

Daddy G: So that was what has been keeping Lisa G away from us all. Hope the concert went well. :-)

Off to the Children's Hospital Street Fair. Good day all....

I get hungry, like a child. Green Earrings....

Name: µ
jigh school graduation

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 08:09:08
"Well I can't wait
'Til I move to the city
Until I finally make up my mind
To learn design
And study overseas"

-Donald Fagen in some blues song (1982):

Name: Dr. Pitty
let's shower the "king" with bad jokes......

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 07:54:49

St. Al- Let's have another pitty party!

Name: Blaise
soupe du jour, on the house

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 07:13:34
StAl - Should we kill in the name of retribution or revenge? I think going through with the execution would be confirming McVeigh's own answer to the question. And I think that's wrong, logically and morally. Just let him rot in jail and keep him off 60 Minutes before he spreads his seeds. We might be in for McVeigh clones after this, me thinks.


Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 06:27:31
Cyn have another drink.

Name: Cyn
You're so probably think this song is about you

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 06:16:00

Wait! I see the point now, its at the top of your head.

Name: Blaise
like I care

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 05:20:37
"Where does a guy like me fit in?"1
What's my point? There is no point for such is the polysemous nature of the beast, it splashes everywhere.

1 Right on, ed!

Name: Cyn

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 04:41:20
Blaise, whats your point? (If you have one). Were you refering to the word "you" in the anon message? If so...Well, it was ok by you to let clas trash me last week...but its not right for me to call him on his grammar? At least I didn't sink to the level of down right meaness like he did.

Name: Blaise
it'll pass, don't worry...

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 04:10:15

„„When you move up to the city, there's just one thing I hope„„
„„When you move up to the city, there's just one thing I hope„„
You don't teach English to my children and start messin' 'round with dope.

Name: Blaise

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 04:05:07
daaaaaaaano mate -

„„When you move up to the city, there's just one thing I hope„„
„„When you move up to the city, there's just one thing I
You lay off on gettin muellered and start messin' 'round with dope.

Jen rules and she's not a newbie. In fact, wasn't she a record holder? I'm sooo confuuuuuused.

Name: Cyn
God, I hope Monarchos can run fast on a muddy track.....

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 04:00:21

clas......that would be " It should be" instead of "It shall be".( like he has some nerve correcting some one elses grammar)

Anonoposter child...Looks like some one finally posted your bail money for you latest "Peepin' Tom" arrest. Sorry, but I'm NOT your sistah/cyster, my family married out side of their bloodlines. Are you still sitting on that porch strumming the ol' banjo, Deliverance Boy?

Dano...pray to the horse Gods that Monarchos likes a muddy track.....But he is still the favorite. His trainer is concerned about the tight turns at Pimlico,says once he gets past the first turn he'll do alright. Do you golf in a kilt?

note to clas...After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him....The moral is: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

Name: Blaise

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 03:48:26
Jen - What I was trying to say, through these modest means here, is that there's some truth (and swing) to the saying:

„„When you move up to the city, there's just one thing I hope„„
„„When you move up to the city, there's just one thing I hope„„
You don't try to please everybody and start messin' 'round with dope

Tim (a Waco for a Waco) Mcveigh -

„„When you move up to the city, there's just one thing I hope„„
„„When you move up to the city, there's just one thing I hope„„
You don't fuck with fertilizer and start messing 'round with rope

Name: µ
gypsies, tramps, and...

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 03:46:08

OK, back to the stand-up now...

Name: DrMu

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 03:43:44
St.Al, Clas: In some Middle Eastern countries, you know what happens to thiefs, eh? Wonder what happens to the philanderers? It's a tough pill to swallow. In the end the aren't the large majority of us hypocrites? Most of those that are pro-abortion are against the death penalty. Those that are against abortion are for the death penalty. Logically, one is pro-death and pro-life. The unborn have EEGs, ECGs from very early in development and, and of course the full complement of DNA - by medical definition: alive humans. I'll have to admit, that I won't feel too bad when McVeigh is deep-fried to a crackly crunch. One has to respect those that see the inconsistency and take a stand one way or the other: Our local priest is pro-life for un-born and born including McVeigh. I think Bill Maher (PI guy) is pro-death all the way and admits it.

Name: Robin
What Would The Syllabus Be Like?

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 03:30:15
Angel -- Back at ya for your call on the ODP! Wouldn't it be interesting to be sitting in class the first day and have one of these worthy Doctors come in to teach?

I'm still smiling thinking about that picture.

Name: D

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 03:27:23
Easy Clas.I am new here.

Name: teach
your children well

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 03:13:47
"Because I can't spell and put more than three dots, does that mean you like Steely Dan more than me? Of course it fucking doesn't."

That's better.

Name: Clas
hum hum

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 03:03:18
Dano - you wrote:

"Because I cant spell and put more than three dots , does that mean you like Steely Dan more than me.
Of course it F*****N doesnt."

It shall be:

"Because I can't spell and put more than three dots, does that mean you like Steely Dan more than me. Of course it fucking doesn't."


Name: Clas

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 02:54:45
StAl - excactly my point. "Many Christians use the 'eye for an eye' passage in the bible as some sort of justification."

I use to ask me the question; if we want an eye for an eye, who's going to rape the rapist?

And I agree upon the jail-thing, some kind of people have to be locked away.

And besides, there's no such thing as an uptight sober alcoholic.


Name: dano
By the way??

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 02:53:19
Welcome to d , d dont worry about capitals and dots enjoy yourself and charge in mate , I am sure you have more things in life to worry about that caps and ..........Regards dano......

Name: dano
gettin ready for the 18 holes

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 02:47:25
But before I go ,

Hutch , couple of stoaters there mate creased me bigtime, also ruby"s fluctuations hit the funny bone??

I went to a Muslim strip show last night , They were all shouting show us your face?? But seriously.

Gina , Buddy of mine going to see Hollands fav son Jan Ackermann
tonight remember he beat Eric Clapton to best Guitarist in 1973 , Do you remember Focus oldtimers??

Howard , Edinb o r o as the sherman tanks say is a lovely city , I still visit family regularly in Bathgate, but will never beat Glaesga.Who did you work for up there mate??

Jim , Is the Neville brothers the one that did that great song with Linda Rondstadt??

WIP , Can you download mp3"s from yortoise??

Now I dont often get pissed but here goes?

Regarding Jennywennys post??
She has every right to post here and heres why.

Because she is a newbie and you have been on the GB for years does that mean you like Steely better than she does.
Of course it F****N doesnt.

Because you"re a musician and I am not , does that make you like Steely Dan more than me.
Of course it F****N doesnt.

Because I cant spell and put more than three dots , does that mean you like Steely Dan more than me.
Of course it F*****N doesnt.

Because I am 46 and haave been a Steely Dan fan for 28 years does that make me like Steely Dan better than you.
Of course it F****N doesnt.

Because I have met Donald Or Walter , does that mean I like Steely Dan better than you.
Of course it F*****N doesnt.

Because I dont speak of Steely Dan 24 hours a day , does that mean you like them better than I do.
Of course it F*****N doesnt.

Get my drift , I hate whinging and its trhe last I will say on the matter, but just remember people on this board you"re shit smells the same as mine and the same as any newbie.............

PS , put the dots in just for spite.

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 02:44:46
Oh what the hell. IÕm bored and IÕve got insomniaÉfreakinÕ jobÉ.

As a member of a civilized (?) society it is wrong for us to take another life. ItÕs a pretty fundamental concept, really. The government should not be in the business of making moral judgments such as this. If you believe in a God, thereÕs really only one source qualified to make this decision. If youÕre a Pagan, such as myself, I simply know better.

Revenge? Revenge is a bad emotion. ItÕs non-productive and negative. I canÕt think of a single instance or example where revenge is an acceptable response to a problem. If youÕre a victim itÕs certainly understandable, but itÕs still not right. Feeling the emotion itself is an acceptable part of the healing process. Acting upon it is not.

Justice you say (which in this case is a another word for revenge)? Well, we all know how flawed our legal system is. The thought of putting one innocent person to death for a crime they did not commit it one of the most outrageous acts I could imagine. Right up there with the act McVeigh himself committed. As long as the death penalty exists it has and will continue to happen.

A popular retort from the pro-deathers is how would I feel if my daughter was in that building in Oklahoma? My answer is simple. I would flat-out want to kill McVeigh. My anger toward this individual would be so great I might actually try to do it. However, this is a personal response to a personal situation. If I actually did kill McVeigh IÕd probably go to jail and maybe even die for it, though I doubt a jury would hand out a death sentence for my actions. However, I would go to jail. Why? Because itÕs wrong to kill another man unless youÕre defending yourself. But wait, whatÕs so different about my actions vs. the governments? I suppose you may think the legal process determines the punishment, but then I simply remind you the legal system is broken. I donÕt know about you but I certainly wouldnÕt want to rely on our system of justice when something as critical as a human life is at stake.

I have absolutely no problem funding a penal system that incarcerates criminals like McVeigh forever and ever. It is PRECISELY why we have prisons in the first place. Let the pot smokers out of jail and weÕll actually have enough moneyÉ

A civilized society must not fall victim to such a negative response to a problem like McVeigh. Many Christians use the Ņeye for an eyeÓ passage in the bible as some sort of justification. Well, IÕm not a Christian per se, and I donÕt believe in the bible. IÕm part of this society just like many other Non-Christians. We donÕt subscribe to that philosophy and therefore is should not be part of societies response. Fact is violent crime is part of any culture. We mustnÕt fight violence with violence. WeÕre smarter than that.

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 01:41:23
D - Read the FAQ at the top of the page.

Had a little fun over at the Slate message board. The topic of McVeigh and the death penalty. Talk about a hot one! Do I dare bring it up..? snicker


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Saturday, May 19, 19101 at 00:39:22
Hi d. What we should talk about? What about capital letters and dots?

Daddy G - thanx pal, circular breathing it is.

Lars - yeah, he's an old fox that man, very funny, he plays better than ever says those who is listening to that kind of music.

He's playing with Peter Nordals trio at Fashing somewhere in the first half of June.


For you North Caroliners; James Taylor's doing a great song about his old hometown, "Letter In Mail", - it's just a one-horse town... Saturday night / nothing but a stray dog running wild / like nobodys child...


Name: d

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 23:53:45
i am new to this page what should i talk about
could sombody let me know what other sd tracks are about out there as i have just this week got all the cd's some for the first time
i really like black cow & parkers band + sign in stranger

Name: Jen
on that train all graphite and glitter...

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 23:10:33
Blaisey: ...been thinking a bit more about what you said...if I come across as being needy, then my true meaning has not been received...I'm not needy, indeed I feel true acceptance of friendship and love from many folks, both here at the GB and in my real life...I just beleive that a day shouldn't go by where you don't tell the people around you how much you appreciate them. None of us know our fate...yeah, yeah, yeah...I know it all sounds corny. But it's true. I just beleive in calling it as I see it...if that makes me sound needy, well, then, okay. I don't need, or want, for anything. I just like it here. And I'm glad I found you folks, you included. And I will never pretend to be anything other than what I am. And I will continue to gush, no matter what, just because I like to. I enjoy telling you all how much this place means to me, and how much you've all enriched my life musically. I have learned of artists here that I would never have heard of otherwise. So there! Burlesque? I don't know...have I encited much laughter by my posts? Are they ridiculous? Maybe to you...but I'm just here, trying to learn a bit, and at the same time giving props...sorry if I sound ridiculous, or needy to you. I'll carry on just the same. You're a good guy, I think. A shame that we always seem to rub each other the wrong way...c'est la vie...I think we could have been friends at some point...but I guess this is the kind of talk that you, and others, deem a waste of space...better left to e-mail, lol, as if you'd ever e-mail me...anyhoo...just thinking out loud...

undersea by rail...


Name: Home Run

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 23:01:34
Thing is I love a but not t.

Name: DaddyG
A Charter member of Garlic's Anonymous

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 22:02:01
Angel - Don't worry, she wil be back soon - her concert with the kids was this week, so it's been kinda hectic.

Steviedan - just keep rockin - the universe will answer...

Delectable Garlichead


Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 21:23:48
jen- please do not fondle blaise...

Name: angel
Who is that

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 21:20:21
Home at last....

I was checking out John Granatino's site again this evening and was reading a comment by Gary Katz. He states that when they were working on the Gaucho album, there was this drum track that just wasn't working. After he and Jeff pulled an all nighter, they basically spliced together a workable cut. So, being I don't own Gaucho, I go over to Tomas Broberg's site and the only song with Jeff Porcaro on drums is the title track to the album. So, if I put this together correctly, that means if Gary and Jeff hadn't worked on that track all night, the album would have never been called Gaucho. Interesting.

Love the new entry on the ODP. Webdrone, you have outdone yourself.

Night all....

Gaucho amigo....

Name: Ok.

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 20:42:12
...better make that an hour and 1/2. 10pm pst if you see this...

looooooooooooooooooooooove ya!

Name: Hey Jen!
You out there?

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 20:33:33
I'll be home in about an hour. Will you still be up?


Name: Jen
oh yeah...

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 20:20:08
my new addy is

Jim#: take note of the above as for Squonks, I'd love to revive it, but I'm not around during happy hours anymore, so it's probably not feasible, but hey, it was good while it lasted, eh? Short and sweet. But everyone will remember those few happy hours, huh? Write me at that new addy, buddy....I'm anxious to hear the latest, of NO maybe??


Name: Jen
you tell me that your super fine mind has come undone...

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 20:07:09
hiya Blaiser: just to clarify...not looking for acceptance my friend...I clearly already have that...just wanted to say my piece...nothing wrong with that, I are you doing by the way? Hope all is well. I think of you often, truthfully, and hope you're doing okay...e me sometime if you'd like...


Name: oooooh baby,
I like clever men...

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 19:47:50
You single?


Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 19:23:17

Name: Hey anon

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 19:19:38
Comments:'re kinda cute. What's your sign?

Name: Here's your 20 percent

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 19:00:50
Type randomly and save yourself the trouble of being funnier than your jokes.

Name: S T O P

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 18:58:46

Name: Cyn
Somebody stop me.........

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 18:46:43

One Sunday at an black church their regular piano player was out sick, so they had a replacement player. The preacher told the congregation to please turn to page 286 in their hymn books. the Piano player says to the preacher" I don't knows that song". The preacher says to the congregation " The piano player says he don't know that song, so please turn to page 467. Again the piano player says " I don't knows that song". So, again the preacher tells the congregation " The piano player says" I don't knows that song, Please turn to page 765". Once more the preacher says" the piano player says he don't knows that song. Out of the Congregation someone yells" The piano player is a motherfucker"! Well, the preacher says to the congregation" Will the man who called the piano player a motherfucker please stand up. Nobody stood up. The preacher then says " the man whats sittin' next the man who called the piano player please stand up. Again no one stood up. Finally a man stands up and says" I ain'ts the man who called the piano player a motherfucker and I ain'ts the man whats sittin' next to the man who called the piano player a motherfucker. But, What I wants to know is "Who called that motherfucker a piano player"?

please tip your waiters and waitresses,


Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 18:41:14

Name: Cyn
One more for the road.........

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 18:19:13

A husband and wife were out doing yard work and as the wife was bent over pulling weeds, the husband turns to her and says " You know, your butts gotten kinda big, almost as big as my gas grill. Well, his wife ignores him and thru out the rest of the day he repeats it a few more time. That evening after they eat dinner and go to bed, the husband turns to his wife and says" Hey Honey, how about some loving? She turns back to him and says" If you think I'm going to fire up this big gas grill for one little weenie, you're out of your mind.

Hey! Who threw that tomato at me?


Name: eLLe
Birth Control

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 17:28:39
When my sister and I were teens, my Dad was doing alot of the cooking, using alot of garlic. I asked him why one day. He said,
"It's the best birth control method I can think of for you girls,
have a nice time on your date tonight!" ; )
~true story~
: )

Name: Hutch
just one more quickie...

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 17:06:18
StAl - That was a good one wasn't it? Glad it cheered you up.

One more and that's the end of it...

Reverend Fuzz liked to go walking in the park after dinner each night. This one particular night was very windy and the preacher's hat blew off and rolled under the bushes. So he's under there grunting and groaning reaching to try and retrieve the hat. About then a policeman walks up behind the bushes and hears something. He calls out, "Okay you kids. Cut that out down there. I know what you're doing"! The preacher looks up and says "But I'm Pastor Fuzz"!
The cop sez "Well alright. If you've gotten that far then
go ahead and finish".


Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 16:12:33
Edd, ole, Hank, cyn, any other bird enthusiasts....a preliminary page of just one of our seldom seen feathered friends:

click on the thumbnails for the larger view.

I only laughed out loud at two of the jokes but I got a nice grin out of quite a few of the others. Thanks to Hutch & Edd.

steviedan....bigger & better things ahead for you, I have no doubt!

catch y'all Monday

Name: Everyone
no question

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 15:40:52
I like it.

Name: The truth
will set you free

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 15:12:52
What does everyone think of the new SD official main page graphics. Funny!

Name: Lars

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 13:38:29
Clas - good to hear that Gunnar learned you something! I suspect that your aversion to jazz is more of a pouse than for real. Potter's techinque is amazing (almost Coltrane). Give Dave Holland quintett's "Prime Directive" an ear. Potter's playing is breathtaking(?). I«ve lost your adress - mail it to me and I send you a copy.

Name: the two fat ladies, minus one
where's the AGA?

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 13:31:17
who is that pesky boy? americans, so dreadful.....

Name: Emeril Lagasse

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 13:27:18
Let's kidk iup this lamb with about 30 cloves of garlic. Bam!

Name: lp
is there a 12 step program for abusers of nyquil?
Location: or for, garlic? what's intervention of THA like? LOL
Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 13:26:30
garlic-laden meal + nyquil = LSD dreams.....

have a nice weekend folks! ;p

Name: t's
garladdicted testimonial:

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 12:57:15
Be careful how much garlic you eat. I once made a spaghetti sauce with 3 huge cloves, meatballs with a healthy amount of garlic, and roasted garlic bread for dinner. That night I woke myself up several times due to the intense gas cloud forming under the covers.

No mosquitos bit me for a week though.

Name: Everyone
in the shadows

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 12:50:32

Name: knock knock
who's there
Location: orange, orange who?
Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 12:20:15
orange you confused from the tumbleweeds rolling across the screen?

where IS everyone?


Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 09:55:30
hum Blaise and little 1's for footnotes

a subtle reference perhaps?

throw back the little one's

Name: „„„„„„„„„„„B„„„„„„„„„„„
„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„garlic rules„„„„„„„„„„„

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 09:07:53
„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„ btw.



Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 08:09:57
gosh, i guess blaise has learned a new trick.
whazzup with the little 1's everywhere?


Name: Blasier-Ali
Windows Media Theater

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 08:02:53

1 The clip is 3:44 long. It features their solemn introduction and both their speeches. Then you're transported to the night before. They're singled out in the crowd and take a bow, sort of. Follows the My old School guitar solo handled by young competent hands and a part of Rikki, sung by a duo. I can wait to have a good look at he concert again. Wait 'til next week... yeah yeah...

Name: Edd

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 08:01:36

Those of you with a garlic jones should have a tasty bowl of garlic chowder from The Stinking Rose. (San Francisco, and LA I believe.)

Have a baked head first, followed by the chowder, an entre', and some garlic ice cream.

Anyone with an once of civility will NOT fly home the next day, as garlic will be oozing out every pore of your body.

I've tried to duplicate the chowder at home. 1 HEAD per serving seems about right...

Name: Gina
Dick it with a garlic squeeze barn dance

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 07:04:33
well, i copied & pasted immediately when i stopped laughing there, St.Al .. the kind of joke one wants to read when the weekend is on the verge of bursting into hm .. well .. yes ..

hi angel .. cyberchecked out the garlic gilroy place ofcourse .. am gonna run the word itself in the ominous search engines and see what will turn up then, how come i don't make use of the cybermagic more often??
only 40 cloves, haha?
and t .. garliddicted are ya?

Aja, always a pleasure seeing your presence here and in the mailbox .. even at our very worst it seems to be great to be a female :-))

off now, i enjoyed reading the GB and the jokes!
have a nice weekend everyone,

Banyan Tree What's In A Bug Bow,

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 06:25:10
Oh come on Auss, you've got to admit it was fun, albeit it painful at times...

Hutch's was my favorite. Must have caught me at the right time cuz I burst out laughing so hard 3 people rushed into my office and wondered what was up. Thanks to everyone else. Mu, Dano, Blasie, Steeve, Tones, YGK, Edd, etc...



Name: angel
Drive West on Sunset

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 06:20:22
Good morning. Finally Friday....

Aja: Glad to see you posting. Aussie being dethroned by Jim #, very funny. Actually, we have room on the GB for both. :-)

Blaise: Kama and '90's stuff. Great minds and all that. I was playing both at work yesterday. I usually save Citizen for the long trip to and from home.

Daddy G: Is Lisa still busy? Still missing her. Any chance for a chat on Sunday?

Gina: Last night my husband was talking about a Chicken recipe with a sauce containing 40 cloves of garlic. Hmmmm, did you whisper to him or something.... :-)

Chere: Cleaning of your altars. Interesting.
Have a good time with Aussie next week.

Jen: Thanks for the shout out back to me.

So far no luck with the Berklee thing. No soundboard at work and no Quicktime or Realplayer upgrade at home. How long is the highlight clip? Maybe I can get onto another computer.

I was reading a great (old) article on John Granitano's site, about the drummers of Steely Dan. If you have never read it, it is excellent. After seeing Bernard Purdie recently, it was even more interesting.

Weekend activity for the L. A. crowd with young children. Children's Hospital is celebrating their 100th birthday with a Street Fair in front of the hospital. Rides, 2 stages, booths, exhibits, food, fun, etc....and here's your dan link, I believe they will be closing Sunset Blvd around Vermont for the event.
Check it out.

Good weekend all....

To the sea....

Name: luckless pedestrian
the fozzy post cracked me up - who did that? classic and perfect!

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 06:03:28
Hey, I just saw Buddy Hackett in the hallway, coincidence?

thanks for the phone line connect aus - have fun in soho, will let you know when i'm in the city (on my way to tokyo thru JFK is the current plan - lol)

oh no, tones, so i blew it and i didn't even need to tell you, dammit! lol

hey aja - causing lotsa trouble in and out - give a buzz for guidance anytime, remember, the worst thing that happens in those meetings is they say no, that's it....

Happy Friday, wow, whatta week!

Name: bushman
blowing outback

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 05:41:08
circular breathing, a diaphramomenon, is something we've done out here for eons, but only after the termites are through [all the way through]... thanks boys.

digitalderoo to yooo mate!

Name: DaddyG
Breathing in circles

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 04:44:21
Clas - I believe the term is "circular breathing" - the basic premise is you breathe thru your nose and let it out your mouth, usually while playing a wind instrument eliminating the need for "stops" in the music. Wynton Marsalis uses it to great effect with his Flight of the Bumblebee on a classical album of his - it is also good for stuff like Bach and Debussy ( LONG lines ). It's a neat effect if you can do it, but most wind players don't bother - you need to breathe normally to phrase well anyway.


Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 04:42:57
Aja: Dethroned by Jim# as colour commentator and faithful narrator? Oh man. I gotta get "crackin'"...

Chere: Looking forward to hooking up. Don't forget to bring tarot carddes and all those other goodies.

NMN, LisaG, DaddyG, YGK: Babes and I are hosting a party in Soho tomorrow, Saturday night. You all are cordially invited. Drinks and adult entertainment plus good music in ultra-sexy lounge. E-blast me here at work for details...not to be missed!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Name: Howard

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 04:42:19
dano - yes, guilty to the charge of English/Sassenach! Lived in Edinburgh for a couple of years and enjoyed it a lot, *including* the haggis (but get a proper one, not a plastic supermarket job) and more especially the malt whiskies.

I'm with you though - the cities are nice for a while, but much better to explore the countryside. Did some travelling and camping in the West highlands, also on Skye. Awesome (except for the midges!).


Name: Jim

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 03:29:57
There's definitely something to this juju stuff...Aja and Chere within inches of each other, posting wise. Whew.

Aja: Saving your shekels for that laptop yet?? Better yet, put 'em in the mason jar marked "Nawlins Research and Enlightenment Fund". Tourmeister Wormy - are you listening? I'll never replace Aus for color, but for one more go at the Jazzfest -

Jenny: Is it true? Squonks reopens after a brief remodel?

Neville Bros. at the NorVa in late June. Hutch, RoyScam?

Name: Blaise
when you move up to the city, there's just one thing I hope

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 03:20:20
Jen - The question is: why come off as so needy of acceptance? It's almost well... burlesque in a way. It's alright now. Am I wrong? You were here... and there you are again. You don't have to pass a test anymore, don't worry. This is flytown now my friend.
And number two: play the blues. It works over everything.

chere - woah... stick around like that for sure. You're always welcomed up here too, anytime now you can wear very little until August and e-me something wild sometime for sure. I'm always up for that.
My e doesn't exactly blast but here it goes in all its glorious
generic form:

Here at Laughing Pines
Where the party never ends...

Clas - Bob Shepperd was very impressive on West Of Hollywood too, live. Your Honor, this man should not be deprived of the opportunity to hear that. It's a crime, really.

... It's even better this time around with Coltrane on the KLA
Swing out to Lake Nostalgia
Take route 5 at Laughing Pines
Get off at Funway West
Drive into springtime

stevie, DrMU, 'tis the season... Kamakiriad never sounded so timely. I figure you guys have something to do with this newfound appreciation I have. What's Steely in my playlist is the nineties stuff these days. What I couldn't quite enjoy as much before your "intervention". Thanks.

Name: eLLe
Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 02:29:18

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 01:30:00
re Chris Potter;

Me and my baritoned jazz-friend were stomping around Stockholm downtown yesterday, like two cousins from the countryside. Our heads were spinning around like on those owls you see on TV. The girls in Stockholm springtime, well, there's nothing like it.

Anyway, we were talking about Chris Potter and the jazzfriend was amazed about he's coming to the Stockholm Jazzfest.

I told him about his great jobb with Steely Dan (the usually; Steely who?) and specially West Of Hollywood. And he told me that there is such thing as, word for word-translation; Central Breathing, in and exhale at the same time. Actually, he have a trumpet friend who passed an alco-test doing that trick while blowing the ballon.

Anyone heard about this stuff?



Date: Friday, May 18, 19101 at 01:29:22

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 23:59:28
On our way to work Pompe and I spotted a Deer standing in the edge of the woods. The Deer was a tiny thing but still great, his eyes were wide open while looking at us. Pompe said to him;

- Live and let live buddy.

The deer ran away. Pompe looked at me, like he was the Bull Ferdinand. And this just a kilometer (about half a mile) from the citylimits of Stockholm.

It was just one of those moments.


Is Timothy Mayer the man who wrote the lyrics to "At Centurys End"? I am still thrilled over James Taylors album "Never Die Young". Last night I found out that mr Mayer co-wrote "Home By Another Way" with Taylor. It's about those Wise Guys who found out in a dream/about King Herods scheme - and went home by another way.

The lyrics tells us that we should apply that on every thing in life; King Herods is out there, he got our Cards on File, so the best thing is: Go Home By Another Way (if you give him an inch he will take a mile).

I'm amazed.


Name: chere
ya know

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 23:14:37
I am sorry for all the spelling and grammar errors. I am WARPED and need to get to sleep but wanted to pop in FOR REAL.

Floridavid? It was good to finally speak to you and Thanks for you know. Big sweetie.

Name: chere like your'e gonna forget?

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 23:09:21
Many thanks for the suggestions for my mom's trip to Scotland. I finally got to se her and spend some time alone with her this afternoon and learned thi trip to Scotland is very special indeed and completely different than anything she's done in a long while- I mean like back to her sailboat and hippie days. She will be taging along with her long time best friend who lives in Seatle but her job is based in Tokyo and she travels ALLOT. Many miles accumulated so this will be a trip not like my mom's usual princess at the Waldorf trips. She will be sort of roughing it a bit about two hours north of that area and the main focus? Painting. She will be taking lessons again and expressing and wearing boots and sweatpants and REALLY taking in the scenery. We watched the wedding video UNedited versin today. it was sad to see so much of daddy but he WAs so happy in that video over thos e few days celebrating my sister's nuptuals. I miss him, we all do terribly. I brought over some healing JUJu "remedies" for my sis and mommy today and we just sort of chilled late into the afternoon. Please to all- continue your prayers they are most appreciated. For her more than anything else. I know now that Daddy is sailing one of his favourite antique sailboats chilling with some gull on a jewel of an island in the tropics of heaven. I WROTE that we should keep our own bows steady, our selves afloat and daddy will provide the wind for our sails. I tried to do macrame' presents by the sounds of Rickie Lee but I could not remember any stitches- I put shoes in the fridge the other day so I bagged that idea and decided on Angel Power card collections purse size for moments alone when there is noboby to hug you or wipe away the tears. It gave me great peace to say so much without really saying too much out loud.

Now jenny, My little sister's name is Jenny so your'e in wit me chile'. No need to bow to me. I get enuff of that from the many carribbean folk who see me on an embelished day in full garb beaded and glowing. But thanks for th mad propers. Your'e a sweetheart.

Steviedan? Are u moving from NC? Brother it's been a while. don't think I ever be forgettin you chile'. Just when I thought I may be geting up NC way soonand your'e moving? Shit! Piss and Coprruption. Whatever makes it work best for you though is what is most important. Much love.
Auss- My dear you flatter me so. I called our esteemed Floridaveand he will not be able to arange a rendezvous on such short notice with gigs etc. Next time perhaps. But Me? I'll be around so let's plan to hook up for Something okay? I would love to see youa dn the babealicious again. No worries right? and yes Da Jambone!

dano- As for the Haggis? Hell no. I actually saw something on the idiot box about that wretched stuff. I like Sister Zora have too, licked all the pots in soul's kitchen clean and TRIED Chittlin's and they are NASTY. Heart and liver can't be much better I don't care How much spice they put in there. Yukky. My mom's OCD is too way out of ontrol to efn look at it I think anyway but I dig the little ceremonuy thing they do when they serve it. BTW did I mention I thought you had a great ass? Ladies check out the Scott on the bloody picture thing here- da man in the jeans with the Scottish smile. Your'e really a treat.

Third World Man- Thanks for the suggestions as well. Looks like my mom has set up her own agenda nad actiities and it will not be the usual tourist thing. Whisch really is quite appropriate- since when was ANYone in MY family traditional? Well my sis maybe, but ya get a bit of that saphire martini in her and she's transformeed into a shining twinkle.

Howard- Good to hear a voice blast from you dear, it's beeeen a while. I will not be going on this trip. I am in the midst of this wicked cool transformation continuation of my bod anyway and gave up the dairy thing about six months ago.

Now Blaise- My big fan. Could you PLease e blast me at your earliest convienence with your e mail? We MUST chat a bit. I have missed you. I redid all of my altars in the house this morning, worked two hours this afternoon, and spent the rest of the day with mommy. The altar thing is a seasonal thing. Time to cleanse regroup, wash and rescent everything. I also repositioned the altar for one diety in a different location of my house, Way too much power in my bedroom and it has interferred with my sleep a bit. It looks beautifula nd light and bright and since Daddy is there now too on the ancestral one things look so great. There is something very cleansing about transforming your special spaces for season that is sort of like spring cleaning. You know you can always come to Fl for a visit, we talked about that remember? You are def NOT one of those Canadians that are typical down here. LOL

I gusee I have posted e nufff- I am trying to catch up and be back IN the swing again folks. I saw the movie "Finding Forrester" last night. I copied down a quote that really gave me some inertia to move from the shcok spot from daddy's death. Check it out it's pretty fucking powerful.

"The rest of those that have gone before us, cannot steady the unrest of those to follow." - Sean Connery in character from the film "Finding Forrester"

PS.I suggest you see it if you have not, it is Good Will Hunting Squared as far as I am concerned. And Connery is a fuckin hottie anyway. Sookie Sookie! That eyebrow thing he has going on.

Hello and my special blend of JUJU and INstant Karmas to you ALL. and Steveedan I am really working that thang I know u know what i mean. Thanks again for that I have passed it on to my family too for our beareavement programs.What a gem you are for taking all that time with me the other night to copy it all down. And what Gems are all of YOU are for getting to the end of this ridiculously long post. Sorry bout that. Abra Cadabra and Shlllllling ting ting ting ring Do you hear sleighbells? Naw it's the rhythm of me and my JUJU slowing down Pali Gap Hendrix style, close your eyes an the magic will happen......

Name: DaddyG
JokesR us

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 22:48:04
aus- HEY! We didn't even know about the DOMC meeting! Glad to hear LB is Ok.

eLLe - Thanks for spreading the love. The hebrew version shouldn't have a "k" in it though - it should read Ani Ohev Ohtah, or Ahtah depending on Masc. or Fem. ( just me being Felix Unger - sorry ) - no big deal, the idea was definately wonderful!


Deragatory Guffaws

Name: DrMu

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 22:07:34
A newlywed couple just moved into their new house. One day the husband comes home from work and his wife says, "Honey, you know, in the upstairs bathroom one of the pipes is leaking, could you fix it?"
The husband just looked at his wife and said, "What do I look like, Mr.Plumber?ī
A few days went by, and he comes home from work and again his wife asks for a favor, "Honey, the car won't start, I think that it needs a new battery. Could you change it for me?"
"What do I look like, Mr.Goodwrench?" was his response. Another couple of weeks go by, and it's raining pretty hard. His wife then finds a leak in the roof. She pleads with him as he's walking through the door. "Honey, there's a leak on the roof! Can you please fix it?"
He just looked at her and said "What do I look like, Bob Vila?" and sat down with a beer and watched a game on TV.
One weekend the husband woke up and it was pouring pretty hard, but the leak on the roof was gone! Speaking of leaks, he also went to take a shower, and he found that the one pipe behind the sink wasn't leaking anymore either.
His wife was coming home just then, and as she walked through the door, the husband asked, "Honey, how come there aren't any more leaks, and the car's running?"
She replied nonchalantly, "Oh, the other day I was picking up the mail, and I ran into one of our new neighbors, Jon. What a nice man. He came over and fixed everything."ę "Wow, did he charge us anything?" asked the husband. "No, he just said that he'd do it for free if I either baked him a cake or had sex with him" she said.
"Cool. What kind of cake did you make?" asked the husband. "Cake? What the hell do you think I look like, Betty Crocker?

Name: DrMu

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 22:02:26
A newlywed couple just moved into their new house. One day the husband comes home from work and his wife says, "Honey, you know, in the upstairs bathroom one of the pipes is leaking, could you fix it?"
The husband just looked at his wife and said, "What do I look like, Mr.Plumber?ī
A few days went by, and he comes home from work and again his wife asks for a favor, "Honey, the car won't start, I think that it needs a new battery. Could you change it for me?"
"What do I look like, Mr.Goodwrench?" was his response. Another couple of weeks go by, and it's raining pretty hard. His wife then finds a leak in the roof. She pleads with him as he's walking through the door. "Honey, there's a leak on the roof! Can you please fix it?"
He just looked at her and said "What do I look like, Bob Vila?" and sat down with a beer and watched a game on TV.
One weekend the husband woke up and it was pouring pretty hard, but the leak on the roof was gone! Speaking of leaks, he also went to take a shower, and he found that the one pipe behind the sink wasn't leaking anymore either.
His wife was coming home just then, and as she walked through the door, the husband asked, "Honey, how come there aren't any more leaks, and the car's running?"
She replied nonchalantly, "Oh, the other day I was picking up the mail, and I ran into one of our new neighbors, Jon. What a nice man. He came over and fixed everything."ę "Wow, did he charge us anything?" asked the husband. "No, he just said that he'd do it for free if I either baked him a cake or had sex with him" she said.
"Cool. What kind of cake did you make?" asked the husband. "Cake? What the hell do you think I look like, Betty Crocker?

Name: Aja
up on the hill

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 21:29:06
Hello everyone! Up to my eyeballs in work-what a shock to my system after the last 18 months of hanging out on the GB all day. Couldn't dime dance if I wanted to. I just love a job that gives you a ton of responsibility and no training whatsoever. Dr. Mu, your advice was not in vain, I'm heading back to grad school.

Jim#-loved your website on Jazzfest! Great recap of everything-Aussie, you have been dethroned as color writer ;o) Can you post the url again, Jim? I'd like to go back and read it at my leisure (I had two small, cute children on my lap when I first saw it over a week ago) Eve Selis is opening for the Doobie Bros., BTW. If you'll e-mail me your address I'll send her newest CD to you-you'll be all over it!

New Orleans seems like a lifetime ago. I've got my Dr. John CD on repeat and brought home some coffee and chickory, but without 98% humidity, cast iron balconies and an impromptu street scene it just isn't the same. The French Quarter is magical in that you can easily feel yourself transported back 150 years walking down its streets. Oh man, once just isn't enough. Tom, what are you doing in October? Jim#? We never did make it to Tipitina's, et al....... ole, chere, and cara mia, don't miss this one again!

I see chips is stirring the pot, so to speak. Stay out of trouble there, Lucy! Hi Snakehips, thanks for the e-mail.

Tommy the wonderworm, hope you've been able to resurface after being lost in the topsoil. Drop me a line and say hi sometime-maybe we'll even resurface at the same time!

'night all,


Name: Jen
and on to other more important things...

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 19:51:45
chere: yes, "What the fuck?" is exactly right....what the fuck?? I'd love to get back behind that bar grrl and get Squonks up and running again, but it seems it may have run it's course...I may have lost my partner for awhile it seems...but hey, I appreciate your JUJU and I am flattered by the fact that you even mention me by name...I do (and not sarcastically either) bow to your wonderfully spiritual addition to these trees...

difjuz: hey man/chick...stick around kid. I kinda like you, lol...

GDot: thanks...I'm not sure what else to say...that meant a lot to me.

thanks to you too's nice to be back...and with a vengeance, lol...

you feel no pain...and you're younger than you realize...


Name: Jen
a world become one...

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 19:38:22
phew! Blaise, you were right...that Zombie sure hit the spot...

Name: carlotta valdez
I get vertigo but also free medicine and pop tarts

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 19:13:33
hi everyone! this is my first time here because somebody told me I can get a steely dan loving husband. is this a personals ad site? write back and I will post my stats.

please, I am not a lesbian too.

Name: That was my bad

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 19:00:58
I had a real "winner" in front of me. Rule of thumb: never walk into a record store and ask the clerk to turn down the music when it's not that loud...


Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 19:00:54
So if you follow all tribute bands around that means you would not be interested in the ORIGINAL band Yortosie to which my post referred. "Guess I'll have to prove it to you, that I've got nothing to prove. If I had nothing to do with you, I'd have nothing to do."

Name: Doh!
BadJokeAlert@Rim Shot

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 18:58:14
General Manager Mike Brown had put together the perfect Cincinnati Bengals team. The only thing he was missing was a good quarterback. He had scouted all the colleges, and even the high schools, but he couldn't find a ringer quarterback who could ensure a Super Bowl win. Then one night, while watching CNN, he saw a war-zone scene in Bosnia. In one corner of the background, he spotted a young Bosnian soldier with a truly incredible arm. He threw a hand grenade straight into a 15th-story window 200 yards away -- ka-boom! "I've got to get this guy!" Brown said to himself. "He has the perfect arm!" So, he brings him to the States and teaches him the great game of football, and the Cincinnati Bengals go on to win the Super Bowl for the first time in history. The young Bosnian is lionized as the Great Hero of football, and when Brown asks him what he wants, all the young man wants to do is to call his mother. "Mom," he says into the phone, "I just won the Super Bowl." "I don't want to talk to you," the old woman says. "You deserted us. You are not my son." "I don't think you understand, Mother!" the young man pleads. "I just won the greatest sporting event in the world. I'm here among thousands of my adoring fans." "No, let me tell you," the mother retorts. "At this very moment, there are gunshots all around us. The neighborhood is a pile of rubble. Your two brothers were beaten within an inch of their lives last week, and this week your sister was kidnapped in broad daylight." The old lady pauses, and then tearfully says "...I'll never forgive you for
making us move to Cincinnati."


Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 18:43:10
What do blonde women put behind their ears to attract men?
Their ankles.

Name: Chips, et al

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 18:40:06
sorry tones et al, i was working, meeting and chatting all at once - am leaving in a few minutes, about 10 PM EST


Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 18:36:30
What did the father say to his blonde daughter?
''If you're not in bed by 11, come home.''

Name: edb

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 18:14:11
I'm pullin' in a picture now Up off my back pages
And all at once am privy to
The entire grim design
Of a great civilization
In the terminal stages
Of a slow but steady mental moral spiritual decline
And so it goes
And thus it is written
And all I want to know is
Where does a guy like me fit in?

yup even me-apologies to WB

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 17:36:44
St. Al: I am PRAYING. Praying that your funny has been scratched by now. Alleviate the suffering by indicating so yourself. Pretty Please?


Name: Steveedan
Location: Your Emcee from the Comedy Store, from the fabulous Sunset Strip in Hollywood California
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 17:28:13
Welcome once again ladies and gentleman! Tonight we give up our finest material for our host St. Al. Don't worry, all of our fine stand up comedians will get a chance to perform for you and hopefully get heckled! So be sure to observe our 2 drink minimum and tip generously. Then bend over, then stand straight up again.

To Jim, after reading your post, I thought: "What a great idea, and my P.O. Box address is, ... oh shit, I quit. Dammit!"

So before I introduce our next comic, here is my last posted joke of the evening: (and remember, no matter where you go in life -- there you are !!)

-- The best come back line ever! --

Police arrested Malcolm Davidson, a 27 year old white male, resident of White Plains, NY, in a pumpkin patch at 11:38pm Friday. Davidson will be charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, public indecency, and public intoxication at the County courthouse on Monday. The suspect allegedly stated that as he was passing a pumpkin patch, he decided to stop.

"You know, a pumpkin is soft and squishy inside, and there was no one around here for miles. At least I thought there wasn't." he stated in a phone interview from the County courthouse jail.

Davidson went on to state that he pulled over to the side of the road, picked out a pumpkin that he felt was appropriate to his purposes, cut a hole in it, and proceeded to satisfy his alleged "need".

"I guess I was just really into it, you know?" he commented with evident embarrassment. In the process, Davidson apparently failed to notice the White Plains police car approaching and was unaware of his audience until officer Brenda Taylor approached him.

"It was an unusual situation, that's for sure," said officer Taylor. I walked up to (Davidson) and he's...just working away at this pumpkin."

Taylor went on to describe what happened when she approached Davidson. "I just went up and said, "Excuse me sir, but do you realize that you are screwing a pumpkin?"

He got real surprised, as you'd expect, and then looked me straight in the face and said,

"A pumpkin!? Damn... is it midnight already?"

Now, please put your hands together for the late great Georgie Jessel.

Stevee (The Unknown Comic) dan

Name: Fozzy Bear
Take my wife's sneeze.

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 16:55:17
When do I get to go on?

Name: tones' cut and paste party:
I heard it this way:

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 16:48:58
After many years of illness, Ronald Reagan was very ill and it appeared thathe might not pull through. Obviously, Nancy and the rest of the family were at his side, as well as the family minister. Knowing that his time might be short, they asked if there was anything that he wanted. "Yes, he replied, "I'd like very much to have two small loaves of bread at my side before I go." They were all amazed at this request and several assumed that he was feeling a bit better since he hadn't eaten for days. Encouraged, they went ahead and forwarded his request. Within hours, the bread arrived at his bedside, courtesy of the loan of Air Force One. For a time, no one said anything. Both loaves were place beside him, within reach on either side of his head. Everyone was puzzled. Obviously he was too weak to feed himself, but everytime they moved the loaves moaned loudly. He never gave any indication that he intended to eat either of them. Finally, Nancy spoke up and asked, "Ron, why did you ask for the two loaves of bread to be at your bedside at this critical moment?" The former president mustered up some strength and said very weakly, "An asshole is supposed to be between two buns ... and that's how I want to go."


Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 16:13:28

After many years of illness, Ronald Reagan was very ill and it appeared thathe might not pull through. Obviously, Nancy and the rest of the family were at his side, as well as the family minister. Knowing that his time might be short, they asked if there was anything that he wanted. "Yes, he replied, "I'd like very much to have Bill and Hillary Clinton at my side before I go." They were all amazed at this request and several assumed that his memory was failing even worse than they had suspected. Regardless, they went ahead and forwarded his request to the former first family. Within hours, the former president and first lady arrived at his bedside, courtesy of the loan of Air Force One. For a time, no one said anything. Both Bill and Hillary were touched and flattered that Ron would ask them to be with him during his final moments. They were also puzzled. Obviously they were of different political parties and had thrown barbs in one another's direction over the years.
Why not George Bush, Sr., G.W. Bush or some of Reagan's many Hollywood friends? He had never given the Clinton's any indication that he particularly liked either of them. Finally, Bill spoke up and asked, "Mr. President, why did you choose the two of us to be at your bedside at this critical moment?" The former president mustered up some strength and said very weakly, "Jesus died between two thieves ... and that's how I want to go."

Name: Jim

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 15:26:54
I can't help but wonder what would happen if St. Al had asked for marijuana to be delivered to his post office box?


Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 14:52:52

Name: Joey Bishop,
workin' the room...

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 14:50:53
So a Black guy, a Chinese guy, and a Polish guy walk into a bar. the Polish guy looks at the bartender and says, "What's so funny?"


Name: eLLe

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 14:47:42

Name: eLLe..

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 14:44:49
Name: Get a Life!

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 12:44:48

eLLe- Could you make your posts a little bit longer? JERK!
yeah "Get a life"<--- do u want to do that PLUS bend over so I can stick this baseball bat up your ass. TWAT!

Name: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny
No... I did not know that.

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 14:43:09
We all follow Tribute bands around, as you know.

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 14:40:06
As you know, I am associated with another band besides Which One's Pink? and I was wondering what some of you might think of them (Yortoise). You can hear one of their songs called "I Buried That Girl in the Hole in the Back of My Head" on (don't worry, we get no money whatsoever for any "hits" on the site, so there's no profit (spam) motive in me posting this. Anyway, it's kind of old school alternative with a lot of Beatles thrown in. Let me know whatcha think


Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 14:14:30

Name: uh...

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:59:25
gina. this garlic stuff works pretty goood...




Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:54:41
> A priest wanted to raise money for his church. When told
> that there was a fortune in horse racing, he decided to
> purchase a racehorse and enter it in the races.
> However, at the local auction, the going price for horses
> was so high that he ended up buying a donkey instead. He
> figured that since he had it, he might just as well go
> ahead and enter it in the races. To his surprise, the
> donkey came in third! The next day the local paper
> carried this headline:
> PRIEST'S ASS SHOWS The priest was so pleased with the
> donkey that he entered it in the race again, and this time
> it won.
> The paper read:
> PRIEST'S ASS OUT IN FRONT The Bishop was so upset with
> this kind of publicity that he ordered the priest not
> to enter the donkey in another race.
> The paper headline read:
> BISHOP SCRATCHES PRIEST'S ASS This was too much for the
> Bishop, so he ordered the priest to get rid of the donkey.
> The priest decided to give the donkey to a nun in a nearby
> convent. The paper headline the next day read:
> NUN HAS BEST ASS IN TOWN The Bishop fainted. He informed
> the nun she couldn't keep the donkey.. She sold the
> donkey to a farmer for $10.00.
> Next day the headline read:
> NUN SELLS ASS FOR $10.00 This was too much for the Bishop,
> so he ordered the nun to buy back the donkey, lead it to
> the plains where it could run wild and free. Next day,
> the headline in the paper read:
> buried the next day.

Name: Steveedan
Location: The Sierra Club, Hyena Division Way, Way Out There
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:49:30
Hey hey Dan-ites --

Do ya like the big outdoors ?

One spring day, a fish was swimming about a foot below the surface of a lake and saw a fly hovering just out of striking distance. The fish said to itself, "If that fly comes six inches closer, I'll jump up and have myself a meal." Just then, a bear on the shore of the lake looked up and said to itself, " If that fly gets any closer to that fish, the fish will jump up, and I'll catch the fish and have myself a meal."

As luck would have it, a hunter saw what was happening. He thought to himself, "If that fly moves closer to the fish, the fish will jump, the bear will lean over to grab the fish, and I'll shoot the bear." Just then, a rat was standing behind the hunter saying to itself, " If that fly moves closer to the fish, the fish will jump, the bear will lean over to grab the fish, the hunter will lean over to shoot the bear, and I'll grab the sandwich from the back pocket of the hunter.

"However, unbeknownst to the rat, a cat was observing everything and thinking, "If that fly moves closer to the fish, the fish will jump, the bear will grab the fish, the hunter will shoot the bear, the rat will grab the sandwich, and I'll snatch the rat."

At that very moment, the fly dropped a few inches, the fish grabbed the fly, the bear grabbed the fish, the hunter shot the bear, the rat grabbed the sandwich, the cat jumped, missed the rat and landed in the lake.

The moral of this story is:

A lot has to happen before the pussy gets wet.

Stevee (Gabby Hayes) dan

Name: David Brenner

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:37:38
So, do you think I could get work in here, I am so sick of the Catskills, Christ Almighty!


Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:35:14
A man was in a terrible accident, and his penis was mangled and torn from his body. His doctor assured him that modern medicine could give him back his manhood, but that his insurance wouldn't cover the surgery, since it was considered cosmetic.
The doctor said that the cost would be $3500 for "small," $6500 for "medium," and $14,000 for "large."

The man was sure he would want a medium or large, but the doctor urged him to talk it over with his wife before he made any decision.
The man called his wife on the phone and explained their options.
The doctor came back into the room, and found the man looking quite dejected.
"Well, what have the two of you decided?" asked the doctor.
The man answered, "She'd rather remodel the kitchen".

Name: Steveedan
Location: Serenely chuckling, in the Laugher's corner of the cobwebs of the windmills of my mind
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:28:16
Now for a moment of interspective levity --

A prayer for the stressed.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because they pissed me off.

And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today as they may be connected to the ass that I may have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me to always give 100% at work....
12% on Monday,
23% on Tuesday,
40% on Wednesday,
20% on Thursday,
5% on Fridays
and help me to remember..................
When I'm having a really bad day,and it seems that people are trying to piss me off, that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me.


(I'm in the Amen corner now.)

Stevee (George Burns, good night Gracie) dan

Name: tones
there must be a double helix in the sky today...

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:25:45
...cause Dandom Slut (tm) was in the mood to post. YAY-YUH!

DS(tm) - look north, 'cause I'm blowin' ya a big wet sloppy one! Good luck on your job, and don't forget to put that tooth under your pillow.

Name: BBC 1

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:23:18
Excuse me, I'm looking for the Benny Hill site, I heard it's around here somewhere......

Name: And
another one

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:16:38
The nervous young bride became irritated by her husband's lusty
advances on their wedding night and reprimanded him severely.
"I demand proper manners in bed," she declared, "just as I do
at the dinner table."

Amused by his wife's formality, the groom smoothed his rumpled
hair and climbed quietly between the sheets. "Is that better?"
he asked, with a hint of a smile.

"Yes," replied the girl, "much better."

"Very good, darling," the husband whispered.
"Now would you be so kind as to please pass the pussy?"

Name: Steveedan
Location: The Laugh Factory in sunny LA, , Ha ha, ha ! chortle, weeze, cough !
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:14:19
Here's another joke for you funny fan DANgoes --

-- The Legless Parrot --

A guy decides that he'd like to have a pet and goes to a pet store to shop. After looking around he spots a parrot sitting on a little perch. It doesn't have any feet or legs. The guy wonders out loud, "Geez, I wonder what happened to this parrot?"

"I was born this way," says the parrot. "I'm a defective parrot." Ha,Ha," the guy laughs, looking around and feeling a
little silly. "It sounded like this parrot actually understood what I said and answered me."

"I understood every word," says the parrot. "I am a highly
intelligent, thoroughly educated bird."

"Yeah?" the guy asks. "Then answer this: how do you hang onto your perch without any feet?"

"Well," the parrot says, "this is a little embarrassing, but since you asked, I'll tell you. I wrap my little parrot penis
around the wooden bar, kind of like a little hook. You can't see it because of my feathers."

"Wow!" says the guy. "You can really understand and answer, can't you?"

"Of course! I speak both English and Spanish. I can converse with reasonable competence on almost any subject: politics,
religion, sports, physics, philosophy ... and I am especially
good at ornithology. You ought to buy me- I am a great companion."

The guy looks at the $200 price tag and says, "I can't afford that."

"Psst," the parrot hisses, motioning the guy over with one wing.
"Nobody wants me because I don't have any feet. You can get me
for $20 ... just make an offer"

The guy offers $20 and walks out with the parrot. Weeks go by.

The parrot is sensational. He's funny and interesting, he's a great pal. He understands everything, sympathizes and gives good
advice. The guy is delighted.

One day the guy comes home after work and the parrot says, "Psst" and motions him over with one wing. The guy goes over to the cage. "I don't know if I should tell you this or not," says the parrot, "but it is about your wife and the mailman."

"What?" says the guy. "What??"

"Well," says the parrot, "when the mailman came to the door today, your wife greeted him in a sheer nightgown and kissed him on the mouth."

"What happened then?" asks the guy.

"Then the mailman came into the house and lifted up the nightgown and began petting her all over," reported the parrot.

"My god!!!" the guy says. "Then what?!?"

"Then he lifted up the nightgown and began to lick her body, starting with her breasts and slowly down, down, down............" The parrot paused a long time.

"What happened? What happened?" asks the frantic guy.

"I don't know," says the parrot. "My dick got hard and I fell off my perch."

(I hate that when that happens !!!)

Stevee (Carrot top) dan

Name: Here's
another one...

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:08:13
A woman walks into a tattoo parlor and says, "I want a tattoo of Robert Redford on the inside of this thigh, and a tattoo of Paul Newman on the inside of the other thigh." "I can do that." says the tattoo artist. So the lady takes off her panties and the tattoo guy proceeds to give her two tattoos on the inside of each of her thighs. When he's done, the lady looks at the tattoos and says, "What have you done? They don't look anything like Paul Newman or Robert Redford!" "Sure it does." says the tattoo artist. They proceed to argue over the tattoos until the tattoo artist says, "Ok. Lets get a second opinion." He walks outside and looks around, and the only person he can find is a wino sitting on the ground outside his shop. "C'mere. I want you to look at something." he says to the wino. He takes the wino inside, shows him the tattoos, and says, "Don't those look like Robert Redford and Paul Newman?" The wino looks at the tattoos and says, "Gee, I don't know. But the one in the middle sure looks like Willie Nelson."

Name: DrMu
Van Gauche

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:05:35
Jason, who was born without ears, needed to hire a
new Bank Manager. He set up three interviews.

The first guy was great. He knew everything he needed to know and was very interesting. But at the end of the interview, Jason asked him, "Do you notice
anything different about me?"
"Why, yes, I couldn't help but notice that you have no ears," came the reply. Jason did not appreciate his candor and threw him out of the office.

The second interview was with a woman, who had been with the bank a short time. She was even better than the first guy. But he asked her the same question: "Do you notice anything different about me?"

"Well," she said, "you have no ears." Jason again got upset and tossed her out. The third and final interviewee was the best of the bunch. He was a young man who had recently earned his MBA. He was smart. He was handsome. And he
seemed to be a better businessman that the first two together. Jason was anxious, but went ahead and asked the young man: "Do you notice anything different about me?"

And much to his surprise, the young man answered, "Yes. You wear Contact lenses."

Jason was shocked and realized this was an incredibly observant person. "How in the world did you now that?", he asked. The young man fell off his chair
laughing hysterically and replied,
"Well, it's pretty hard to wear glasses with no fucking ears!"

Name: DrMu
Van Gauche

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 13:05:05
Jason, who was born without ears, needed to hire a
new Bank Manager. He set up three interviews.

The first guy was great. He knew everything he needed to know and was very interesting. But at the end of the interview, Jason asked him, "Do you notice
anything different about me?"
"Why, yes, I couldn't help but notice that you have no ears," came the reply. Jason did not appreciate his candor and threw him out of the office.

The second interview was with a woman, who had been with the bank a short time. She was even better than the first guy. But he asked her the same question: "Do you notice anything different about me?"

"Well," she said, "you have no ears." John again got upset and tossed her out. The third and final interviewee was the best of the bunch. He was a young man who had recently earned his MBA. He was smart. He was handsome. And he
seemed to be a better businessman that the first two together. Jason was anxious, but went ahead and asked the young man: "Do you notice anything different about me?"

And much to his surprise, the young man answered, "Yes. You wear Contact lenses."

Jason was shocked and realized this was an incredibly observant person. "How in the world did you now that?", he asked. The young man fell off his chair
laughing hysterically and replied,
"Well, it's pretty hard to wear glasses with no fucking ears!"

Name: Chips
up, here we go!

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 12:47:04
That was NOT me, Elle!

Name: Get a Life!

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 12:44:48
eLLe- Could you make your posts a little bit longer? JERK!

Name: Wheredom Slut (tm)
First, its hard to keep a Cult together, secondly a Commune, but most of all, a Trailer Park!

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 12:44:18
100 Top
Most Pathetically Cute
Animal Stories,
accompanied by,
America's worst
Top Ten Singles,
danced to by the
Solid Gold Dancers
and hosted by
the world's oldest
and creepiest
has-been, Dick
"Plasticine" Clark.

Well, folks, the news is Dandom Slut(tm) has got a new job, and therefore, will no longer be able to maintain her previous level of posting. Sorry. First thing I'm going to save up for are dentures for all the missing teeth I was able to conceal with Kleenex during the interview. C'est la vie.

I'll miss you all, love yah like a rock. Over and out,
DS (tm)

Name: Steveedan's joke corner
Location: The Belly Room in LA, Insanity Fo Sho --
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 12:42:38
Howdy har har Al, and all --

Here's my first joke installment:

A woman accompanied her husband to the doctor's office. After his
checkup, the doctor called the wife into his office alone. He said, "Your husband is suffering from a very severe disease,
combined with horrible stress. If you don't do the following, your husband will surely die:

"Each morning, fix him a healthy breakfast. Be pleasant, and make sure he is in a good mood. For lunch make him a nutritious meal he can take to work. And for dinner, prepare an especially
nice meal for him. Don't burden him with chores, as this could further his stress. Don't discuss your problems with him; it will only make his stress worse. Try to relax your husband in the evening by being pleasant and giving him plenty of back
rubs. Encourage him to watch some type of team sporting event on
television. And, most importantly satisfy his every whim. If you can do this for the next 10 months to a year, I think your husband will regain his health completely."

On the way home, the husband asked his wife, "What did the doctor say?"

"You're going to die," she replied.

(Bid-a-boom, bid-a bang!)

Schecky Dan


Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 12:26:51
The Perfect Breakfast
You're sitting at the table;
your son is on the front of the box of Wheaties,
your girlfriend is on the cover of Playboy,
and your wife is on the milk carton.

Name: Hutch
here ya go StAl !

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 12:17:11
A man and his wife were driving down the highway having a heated argument about his infedelity. The wife got so angry she reached over and unzipped her husband's pant pulled out his penis and proceeded to whack it off with a knife. She then threw it out the window. Behind their car a man and his little twelve year-old daughter are driving and the little girl is just chattering away. Suddenly this penis hits the windshield and sticks for a second then flies off. The girl exclaims "What the heck was that Dad"? The father, not wanting to expose her to sexual things at such a young age, says "That was just a bug, honey". The daughter sits there for a few seconds with a perplexed look on her face and finally says... "It sure had a big dick didn't it"!

Name: Floridavid

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 12:01:27
Average Bra size in West Palm Beach? 38 long

Name: Sarah J.
Location: Bklyn, NY USA
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 11:55:38
Hey. I am relatively new here. What are the lyrics to "Soul Ram?"

P.S. Isn't the intro to "West of Hollywood" the most amazing intro you've heard in a long while?

P.P.S. Don't you wish more rock 'n rollers took cues from jazz rather than just sampling popular riffs and cranking out another angry breakup song with Bartlett's-Popular-Quotations Shakepeare and Coleridge lyrics stuffed in between?

P.P.P.S. For a similar lyrical feel to SD, check out Michael Penn's _March_ and _Resigned_. THe second, especially, and from it, the song, "Coverup."

Name: ruby baby
turning japanese i think i'm turning

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 11:48:39
A Japanes tourist goes to England At the Change Bureau he hands over a pile of yen. In return, he gets a massive pile of pounds - about 2 ft. high.

Overjoyed, he goes off and spends it on a Savoy room, whiskey, a car, tours, etc. But he runs out after a couple weeks.

So he brings the same size yen pile, but this time he gets only a pile of pounds 1 ft. high. He shrugs and goes off to buy more sweets, drinks, eats - and again runs out of money.

So he returns to the counter and hands out the same amount of yen but this time gets only a 6 inch pile of pounds. Alarmed at this, he asks to see the manager.

"Why I get 2 ft. pounds first time, 1 ft. second time and only half foot now for same yen?"

The manager replies, "Fluctuations."

The Japanese takes his money back and cries, "Fluctuations!? Fluctuations!? Fluc you Limeys!

Name: eLLe

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 11:43:49
I'm there now, where are you?

Name: thirdworldman
Mount Belzoni

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 11:38:10
Chere - check the email. Not much healing in Edinburgh (apart from in the saunas), lots of tourist trappings, tartan, and scottie dogs. Also lots to do, but dano is right. Visit Stirling and see a bit of the countryside. That can be very healing.

My joke;

A big white horse walks into a pub and says, 'bartended, what whiskies have you got?'
He says, well, we've got Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Bells, Famous Grouse, and, oh, there's one named after you, White Horse.

Thats not named after me, says the horse, my name is Big Bob!

Boom Boom


Name: mark
Location: Gig Harbor,
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 11:26:46
thanks to "huh?" for the Burroughs quote. I was educating a non-believer. "That CANT be where that name came from ! My daughter listens to them...."


"this is no one night stand, it's a real occasion"

Oh yeah, always wanted to throw this out in the mix:
Rose Darling is the author's palm of his hand. Listen again and think like a male, one with lots of time on his "hands" to speak.


Name: I repeat myself
at the risk of being crude

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 11:19:18
There must be 50 ways to keep this to yourself, lady.

Hey, StAl, here's a little something that might cheer you up:

Name: Chips

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 11:05:30
Elle, come back to chat!

Name: duncan
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 10:58:51
help! i need the set list from the wembley 2vn tour

Name: eLLe

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 10:54:25
was to cover ALL my smiley faces

Name: oh well

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 10:52:07

Name: Sister Mary what the hell?

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 10:49:07
Um, what was the purpose of that last post Ms Elle?

Name: elle
I spell L-U-V

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 10:44:22

I Love You, In 100+

Ek Is Lief Vir Jou
Ek Het Jou Lief
Gosto De Ti, Porra!
Ich Hoan Dich Gear
Ana Behibak (to A
Ana Behibek (to A
Arabic (Formal Arabic)
Arabic (Formal Arabic)
Ib'n Hebbak.
Ana Ba-heb-bak
Ohibokoma Male Or
Female To Two Males
Or Two Females
Nohiboke More Than
One Males Or Females
To Female
Nohiboka M To M Or F
To Male
Nohibokoma M To M
Or F To Two Males Or
Two Females
Nohibokom M To M Or
F To More Than Two
Nohibokon M To M Or
F To More Than Two
(not Standared)
Bahibak Female To
Bahibik Male To
Benhibak More Than
One Male Or Female To
Benhibik M To M Or F
To Female
Benhibkom M To M Or
F To More Than One
Moi Tomak Bhal Pau
Nere Maitea
Holong Rohangku Di
I Mog Di Narrisch Gern
Aami Tomaake Bhaalo
Lakh Tirikh
Namumutan Ta Ka
bolivian Quechua
qanta munani
Obicham Te
Kh_nhaum Soro_lahn
Bon Sro Lanh Oon
Canadian French
Sh'teme (spoken,
sounds like this)
Ngo Oi Ney
T'estim (mallorcan)
T'estime (valencian)
T'estimo (catalonian)
T'estim Molt (I love you
a lot)
Chamoru (or Chamorro)
Hu Guaiya Hao
Wo Ai Ni (Manderin)
Moi Oiy Neya
Wuo Ai Nee
Ljubim Te
Miluji Te
(colloquial form)
Jeg Elsker Dig
Ik Hou Van Jou
Ecuador Quechua
canda munani
I Love You
I Adore You
Mina Armastan Sind
Mi Amas Vin
Tora Dust Midaram
Farsi (Persian)
Doostat DAram
Mahal Ka Ta
Iniibig Kita
MinŠ Rakastan Sinua
Ik Zie Oe Geerne
Je T'aime
Ik Hou Fan Dei (sp?)
Ta Gra Agam Ort
Ich liebe Dich.
S' Ayapo
Greek (old)
(Ego) Philo Su (ego, for
Hoon Tane Pyar
Ina Sonki
Aloha I'a Au Oe
Anee Oheivet Otkha
(female To Male)
Anee Oheiv Otakh
(male To Female)
Ani Ohev Otakh (male
To Female)
Ani Ohevet Otkha
(female To Male)
Main Tumse Prem
Karta Hoon
Mai Tumhe Pyar Karta
Main Tumse Pyar Karta
Mai Tumse Peyar Karta
Wa Ai Lu
Nu' Umi Unangwa'ta
Szeretlek Te'ged
Eg Elska Thig
Mai Tujhe Pyaar Kartha
Saya Cinta Padamu
Saya Cinta Kamu
Aku Tjinta Padamu
Saja Kasih Saudari
Aki Cinta Kamu
Ti Amo
Ti voglio
Mahn doostaht
taim i' ngra leat
Kimi o ai shiteru
Chuu shiteyo
Ora omee no koto ga
suki da
Ore wa omae ga suki da
Watashi Wa Anata Ga
Suki Desu
Watashi Wa Anata Wo
Aishithe Imasu
Kulo tresno (hmm.. is
this a mispelling
of Japanese?)
Tangsinul Sarang Ha Yo
Nanun Dangsineul
Mucheog Joahapnida
Nanun Dangsineul
Nanun Gdaega Joa
Nanun Gdaereul
Nanun Neoreul
Gdaereul Hjanghan
Naemaeum Alji
Ez Te Hezdikhem
Te Amo
Vos Amo
Latin (old)
(Ego) Amo Te (ego, for
Khoi Huk Chau
Es milu tebi
Nalingi Yo
Mee-lyu )
mi do prami
Jas Te Ljubam
Madrid Lingo
Me Molas, Tronca
Wa Wa
Saya cintamu
Saya sayangmu
Sayah Chantikan Awah
Aku Sayang Enkow
Saya Cintamu
Saya Sayangmu
Saya Cinta Kamu
Wo Ai Ni
Marathi : Mi tuzya var
rem karato
Ayor Anosh'ni
Jeg Elsker Deg
Eg Elskar Deg
Op Lopveop Yopuop
Aez Dae Warzyn
Mujhe Tumse
Muhabbat Hai
Tora Dost Daram
Pig Latin
Ie Ovele Ouye
Mahal Kita
Iniibig Kita
Kocham Cie
Yacha kocham
Kocham Ciebie
Eu Amo-Te
Portuguese (Brazil)
Eu Te Amo
Main Tainu Pyar Karna
Te Iu Besc
Te Iubesc
Te Ador
Ya Vas Lyublyu
Russian (malincaya)
Ya Tibieh Lublue.
Y'a Liou-bliou Tibya
Ya Vac Loobyoo
Ya Tebya Loobyoo
Ya L'ubl'u T'ebya
Ju Ljublju Tebja!
Ya Lyublyu Tebya
Ya Polubeel S'tebya.
Ya Tebya Ljublju
Scot Gaelic
Tha Gradh Agam Ort
Lubim Te
Ja Volim Te
Mama Oyaata Aadareyi
Lubim Ta
Ljubim Te
Te Amo
South African Mining
Mena Tanda Wena
Te Quiero
Mama Oyata Arderyi
Jag Aelskar Dig
Ch'ha Di GŠrn
BHEBBAK (to A Male)
Mahal Kita
Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
Naan Unnai
Ninnu Premistunnanu.
Nenu Ninnu
Phom Rak Khun (man
To Woman)
Ch'an Rak Khun
(woman To Man)
Ha Eh Bak
Seni Seviyurum
Seni Seviyorum
Ya tebe kokhayu
Main Tumse Muhabbat
Karta Hoon
Anh Yu Em (man To
Em Yu Anh (woman
To Man)
Toi Yeu Em
Ik Hue Van Ye
Rwy'n Dy Garu Di
Yr Wyf I Yn Dy Garu Di
Ikh Hob Dikh Lib
Ich Libe Dich
Ich Han Dich Lib
Ya Te Volim
Ezhele Hezdege
Tom Ho' Ichema

Alsacien -> French Dialect
Assamese -> language spoken in the state of Assam, India
Batak -> North Sumatra province of Indonesia
Bengali -> language spoken in the state of West Bengal, India
Bicol -> Philipin Dialect
Gujrati -> language spoken in the state of Gujrat, India
Hindi -> language spoken in the nothern states of India
Luo -> Kenya
Ndebele -> Zimbabwe

Name: Blaise
but seriously...

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 10:32:49
This might cheer you up, StAl:

Name: Here's another pit!

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 10:12:01
This guy shows up on the guestbook, says he doesn't want a pitiful party, and then gets one. *ba-rump-bump*

Name: Here's a pip!

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 10:10:48
This guy shows up on the guestbook and says he doesn't want a pity party, then asks for one and then gets it. *ba-rump-bump*

Name: ygk

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 09:38:22
A guy walks into a bar, has a beer, and notices a stack of $20s next to register.....and he asks the bartender - "what's that about?"

Bartender says....."well, if you want those stack of $20s, you can have 'em, if you do 3 things.....
First....put Rocky - the Bouncer - that guy over there - on the floor, knock him out....."

"Jeez - he's big", says the guy....

the bartender continues, "#2 is - we have this pitbull in the back with a toothache - we'll need you to take th tooth out"

"Christ that's awful" says the guy..."what's the 3rd thing?"

"you see that old lady at the end of the bar?"
"well, you need to take her upstairs and show her a good time"

"Holy cow", says the guy, "that's a lot"......

A few hours later, after many beers and shots, the Guy is ready....
he says, "OK, I'm ready to take those $20s"
He goes over to Rocky - looks him in the eye, and punches him high and low, knocking off balance....he stomps his stomach, and knees him in the head, rendering him unconscious....

"OK, now, shweres that dog?!!!??" The guy marches on back to the alley.....
from the back, one can hear, snarls, growls, barking and then a period of extended yelps.....HOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLL

The guy reappears, shouting,
"OK, now where's that old Lady with the tooth problem?"

Name: dano
remembering the info.

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 09:38:11
When I was 12 sitting watching telly with the old man , Joe Cocker came on and the auld fella says , Look at him , Look at him ,look look he"s on drugs and to this day I dont want to look at Joe Cocker and I"m in my Forties.Sorry Joe??

Chere , Get a bus to Glasgow and get away from them chukters??
Naw seriously Edinborough is a nice place to walk round , but explore the countryside ,Glencoe , Stirling, And the Higlands, But keep away from that Haggis unless you can bring some back for Jim.

Howard you English Git?? What do you know about us Sweaty Socks
I tell you this boy, If Rab C was in Marlborough he wid take you oot fir a swallie.

WIP , Was that right about Rick Wright I heard over here at the time it was because he was hoochin with his missus??

Cyn , Monarchos has a good draw on Saturday , Double coming up me thinks.

St Al , dont want to turn the GB to a joke site but just one more,
Why doesn"t Barbie have babies?
Ken comes in a different box!

Leggin it now.

remember, you asked

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 09:24:45
A lady approaches her priest and tells him, "FatherI have a problem. I have two female talking parrots, but they only know how to say one thing."
"What do they say?" the priest inquired.
"They only know how to say, 'Hi, we're prostitutes. 'Want to have some fun?"
"That's terrible!" the priest exclaimed, "but I have a solution to your problem. Bring your two female parrots over to my house and I will put them with my two male talking parrots whom I taught to pray and read the bible. My parrots will teach your parrots to stop saying that terrible phrase and your female parrots will learn to praise and worship."
"Thank you!" the woman responded.
The next day the woman brings her female parrots to the priest's house. His two male parrots are holding rosary beads and praying in their cage. The lady puts her two female parrots in with the male parrots and the female parrots say,"Hi, we're prostitutes,
want to have some fun?"
One male parrot looks over at the other male parrot and exclaims,
"Put the beads away. Our prayers have been answered!"

At a news conference today, Monica Lewinsky surprised reporters
when she said, ŅI voted Republican this year, the Democrats left a bad taste in my mouthÓ.

Name: difjuz
angel(less) in los angeles...

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 09:16:53
angel-it seems to me that no mere mortals can ever take your angel(s).
and regarding sd's lyrics last night...most of the time i can recall them w/o liner notes. i've liked the boyz so long that the words have their own place in my gray matter. at last i'm sold on the need to have 11tow. thanks!

jen-i liked your gb's the first of yours'that i've read.
being a newbie(not that i'm whining)myself, you've addressed what i sometimes feel while in and around here.

aus-really, i have no need to be contentious with you or for that matter, with anyone in this forum. controversy is a sometime style of mine that i use/misuse. me thinks its from living in the big cities most of my life. so...'nuff said.

"do what you will...but harm none"

Name: dano
sorry St Al

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 09:11:22
But it"s appropriate!!

Bear goes to a bar for a beer ,barman says no way your on drugs??

Bear says f**k of I am not , and if you dont serve me I will eat that woman at the end of the bar??

Barman says F**k off your on drugs, get out of here.

Bear picks up the hooker and bites her head off.

Barman says right get out of hear I knew you were on drugs??
That was the barbitchyouate?? boom boom.

Name: Edd

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 09:01:41
One day the first grade teacher was reading the story of the Three Little Pigs to her class. She came to the part of the story where the first pig was trying to accumulate the building materials for his home.

She read, "...And so the pig went up to the man with the wheelbarrow full of straw and said, "Pardon me sir, but may I have some of that straw to build my house?'"

The teacher paused then asked the class, "And what do you think that man said?"

One little boy raised his hand and said, "I think he probably said 'Holy Shit! A talking pig!"

Name: daaaaaaaaaaaaano
Just Back

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 09:00:30
And your all on the Bob Hope , and I thought this was a respectable Ganga Book.

Name: Blaise
cheers mate

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 08:48:30
StAL Have you heard the joke the Scots sent by email?
Goes like this:
This old man and his wife are at the doctor's office. The doc says to him: "I'm gonna need a urine, a stool and a sperm sample."
This old man, who's hard of hearing, turns to his wife acting like he can't understand the good doctor.
Wife goes: "He says he wants your underwear."

drum roll *crash*


Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 08:44:11
did you like the microsoft jokes? i was in tears, but hey, i'm a geek!

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 08:41:18
Ok, it's official. I'm having a really SHITTY week. Besides the ongoing turmoil at work with our Wide Area Network, employees ready to quit and/or string me up from a tree, my cat got hit by a car last night. And worse, it was the cat I really liked...

Now, I'm NOT looking for all of you to join my pity party. Please don't post condolences or whatever. Thanks just the same. What I want -- What I really need is some help scratching the 'ol funny bone.

Some of you must know of some good websites out there that are good for some yuks, no? How about a good old fashioned "man walks into a bar joke..." Whatever it is, post 'em here or mail 'em directly to me.

I tried #5 last night at the Mariners game. $60 later and a mild headache this morning, I'm officially moving #5 down to the very bottom of my list. Good thing they won or I might have one HELLUVA headache this morning.

$6 beers. GOD I LOVE BASEBALL! (and no, I didn't drink 10 beers)

Name: 6060842
in chat

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 08:18:26
jon bon jovi acting like bruce springsteen? too much!

Name: Blaisie
Bon Voyage, Bon Jovi

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 08:09:32
Berklee? Pfft. A commencement is a commencement, bro:

angel -Yes another angel sighting, eh? Noticed Walter is often involved with the angel? Hope it makes up for your vanished angel anyway. : )

Name: edbeatty

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 07:09:45
This item is popular with these groups:
Electrical & Electronic (#7)
Norway (#10)
Singapore (#17)
Malaysia (#10)
Syracuse, NY (#20)
Thailand (#6)
Cincinnati Bell Telephone (#10)
Hongkong Telecom IMS (#16)
Cable & Wireless Internet Exchange
International Discount Telecommunications (#8)
Redondo Beach, CA (#18)
La Jolla, CA (#20)
Medical Services (#18)
Mission Viejo, CA (#14)
Health Maintenance Organizations (#19)
Physicians' Online, Inc. (#17)
Frederick, MD (#16)
Lancaster, PA (#5)
Centreville, VA (#14)
Laguna Niguel, CA (#17)
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (#3)
Dublin, OH (#18)
Edmond, OK (#14)
Woodinville, WA (#11)
Burke, VA (#13)
Columbus, GA (#17)
Barrington, IL (#4)
Shreveport, LA (#12)
Daytona Beach, FL (#2)
San Clemente, CA (#5)
Logan, UT (#6)
Web America Networks, Inc (#12)
Grosse Pointe, MI (#18)
Delray Beach, FL (#6)
Florissant, MO (#9)
Danbury, CT (#14)
Apex, NC (#20)
Natick, MA (#9)
JavaNet (#16)
Huntington, NY (#7)
Who are these people?
Amazon says they like 2 Against Nature-HMMMM What is a purchase circle?

Name: angel
I hate when this happens

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 06:39:30
Aussie: Stock traders have law degrees? I am now soooo confused.
Oh, and I forgot to post that there was a lovely picture on the front page of the Los Angeles Times yesterday of workers loading up a truck with some of the angels from the outdoor exibit. They go on to say that the angels will now be auctioned. What a sad day, my angel has been taken away. :-(

Glad to hear Lady B is holding up ok. Tell her I send my regards.

Now really out of here....

Name: angel
Medical Science is helpless

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 06:30:47
Steviedan: I am so sorry to hear about you job. Good luck moving on to the next big thing.

Jen: Good to see you posting again. As St. Al has said, if we just stuck to Dan related things, this board would have died years ago. Inciteful comments always welcome.

Chere: Hope your mother finds what she needs in Scotland.

Blaise: "Wherein the angel tangoes with the infidel" Hey, that's my line..... :-)
Oh, and I checked up on Sally for you. She is still there, come visit.

Dif: Busy night reading those lyrics, I see.... :-)
I still suggest that you get 11 Tracks of Whack. It would have taken you much longer, to read through Walter's lyrics. A very personal and sometimes darker view. The highs and lows of life, from a man who has been there and done that and is not going back anymore.

Good day all....

Helpless in a case like this....

My Turn!

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 06:20:20
Aussie- Re: Lady Bayside....I'm sure she was :)

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 06:05:56
CherejujuVuduChileSugahBearSweetiePie: Babes and I will be in sunny Florida for Memorial Day weekend, probably landing in Ft. Lauderdale that Friday. E-blast me for cellular data. And would be a grand treat to rope Floridavid in for cocktails plus. One more thing: Jambon!

Angel: Visiting the Supremes to get sworn in a ceremony to be admitted to practise before them this coming June.

JuneCleaver:You can come back from your corner now. Hmmph!

NMN: Helloooooooooooo! Did the aliens get ya brother? Eye-spying the United States Postal service box daily for promised treats...BTW: Had mini DOMC with YGK and LadyBaySide this past Tuesday. Hope all's well with you at Doichee.

Public Service blast: LadyBaySide is better than ever.

Whatta day yesterday. Suddenly Alan's a hero.


Name: Clas

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 05:51:12
Blaise - yo!

Name: Blaise
never known to pass on a chance to just say "yo"
Location: ... ramblers , wild gamblers that's all in the past
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 05:40:19
Clas - I could tell the difference... 'nuff said.

Name: luckless pedestrian
who makes the traffic interesting
Location: who rescues a dreary, thursday?
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 05:37:20
jen! so good to see you - will change your addy to my address book today

anyone listen to NPR this morning in boston? - after the local weather/traffic report, what was that little ditty they played to segue back over to NPR from BUR but "Janie Runaway"

what a great start to the day, wow!

god, wasn't that microsoft thing funny i distributed yesterday? i liked the undoing stupid changes the best - story of my life!

wiping the dust off my shoulders from another stormy meeting last night - sheesh, rough crowds in new england

happy thorsday to all the vikings here

Name: Clas
Handbags and Gladrags

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 05:29:57
W Houston - that aint your bag is it?


Name: Q
Down in Tampa........

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 05:27:47
You got me, I admit it, call The Betty Ford clinic

I am a garlic addict.

Only 11 more steps to go...

"Garlinase" rules!

Name: Witney Houston

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 05:22:01
You haven't seen my bag, have you?

Name: Clas
Happy Moonlanding!!!

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 05:20:53
-Planet Hollywood?

-No, Sun on the Moon.


Blaise - you said you didn't know anything about Amphetamin? I read that a research, a blindtest, showed that coke-addicts couldn't tell if they snorted coke or speed.

I had a couple of years-romance when I did speed from time to time. Terrific stuff the first three times, then it got nasty, messy and ugly.


Chris Potter Quartet is coming to Stockholm Jazzfest this summer.


Well, I think this is the perfect place to start:


Name: Blaise
Often on pot and on this these days

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 05:00:43
[Japanese Import Only]

My man Stanley Suave but manly/ Taking cover from the mark within/ Now he's hiding ?Pretty soon he's sliding/Looking for a lonely heart to take refuge in

Down the alley/ My gal Sally/A little bruised and battered maybe from a couple times before/ Hold her steady/ You know I think she's ready/ To climb into the ring and do it all once more

Does it hurt when I do this?
Can you laugh when I go like this?
All right keep it down/ This one's cool for maybe one more round

Just look for big pieces when we sweep up tonight boys

Nobody's going to blame you/ Scratch 'em right off that list
You know medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this
I know you're gonna thank me later/ For giving this one a miss
'Cause medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this

Ivory Eddie/ Half dead already/ But too dumb to lie down or even let a brother know/ Trouble's cruising/ You know Ed's still using/ Never known for passing on a chance to just say "Yo"

Little Leroy/ Eddie's homeboy/ Still too wet behind the ears to know his right from his wrong/ And what big E's sporting?/ Little Lee is snorting/ Guess Ed stopped on his way down to drag the kid along

And all the jiveasses and the true believers
The bullshit givers and receivers
Here today tomorrow gone
To the triage tent in the great beyond
Wherein the angel tangoes with the infidel1

Normally I'd be angry/ Normally I'd be pissed
But medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this
Better make mine a double/ Serve it up with a twist
'Cause medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this

Nobody's gonna blame you/ Scratch 'em right off the list
Medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this
I know you're gonna thank me later/ For giving this one a miss
'Cause medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this
Normally I'd be angry/ Normally I'd be pissed
But medical science is helpless
Helpless in a case like this

1 Right on, ed!

Name: Howard

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 04:59:51
Chere - Edinburgh ideas: you get a nice view of the centre of the city from Carlton hill, worth checking out. Wondering around Princes Street and Royal Mile has to be done - avoid the touristy shops and enjoy the rest. Plenty of pubs to check out too!

One other thing - make sure you don't use the word "England" or "English" at an inappropriate time. This is something English people tend to do a lot when in Scotland, and not suprisingly, it pisses the Scots off.

e.g don't look confused at the bank notes and say aloud "Why don't they use normal English money?".

It might not be your thing, but there's an absolutely fab cheese shop in Edinburgh a couple of minutes from the Royal Mile. Can't remember the name of the street now ... it starts near the library and curves downhill. They have the most amazing cheeses there!


Name: Gina

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 04:43:05
oh ofcourse .. it's THIS rube town and I'LL live night by night ..

"any minor world that breaks apart falls together again"

sigh, what journey sometimes, haha.
nothing but herb tea and an easy peaceful feeling :-)

Steviedan, so right, music's a bundle of angels or muses to say the least .. you might best consider taking Jim# up on his "generous" offer LOL

Jennywenny .. you're the sweetest around here and don't you ever feel others around here know more than you do, people know a little about something and often not even enough but as a whole it might indeed be true, yes ..

"We will spend a dizzy weekend smacked into trance"

Banyan Tree Parker's Bandana Bow,

Name: Gina
Never ON pot but ON this

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 04:34:14
"It's a beggar's life," said the Queen of Spain
But don't tell it to a poor man
'Cause he's got to kill for every thrill
The best he can
Everywhere around me
I see jealousy and mayhem
Because no men have all the peace of mind
To carry them

Well I don't really care
If it's wrong or if it's right
But until my ship comes in
I'll live night by night

When the joker tried to tell me
I could cut it in his rube town
When he tried to hang that sign on me
I said Take it down
When the dawn patrol got to tell you twice
They're gonna do it with a shotgun
Yes, I'm cashing in this ten-cent life
For another one

Well I ain't got the heart
To lose another fight
So until my ships comes in
I live night by night

Well I don't really care
If it's wrong or if it's right
But until my ship comes in
I'll live night by night

Name: Jim

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 04:06:25
7th life steviedan (tm): ~Hope that avoids any confusion amongst the troop~ Hey, there's always a job for ya here at the Beach, pal. We can offer a generous compensation package, lifetime medical, home on the water, afternoon gigs before adoring crowds, etc. Just let me know when you're coming.

Uh, you WILL be bringing along the CD / vinyl collection when ya make the move right? :)

Name: Blaise
Pada da da du te te te te te (love that)
Location: gotta keep on boppin' until labor day, yikes!
Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 03:57:59
Alright... more words of wisdom from William Henry Gates III or John Sykes IV or whoever is given a megaphone these days by default. This person, or at best, this piece of insightful software impersonator - who I doubt ever had to flip burgers unless it was at the Ritz on Peasant Night or something - feels it's important to give the populace the news about life and how to live it. This "person" totally avoids or ignores social stratification and the trangenerational reproduction of capital it implies and thus, in my book, is either a rich simpleton or a wealthy piece of shit depending on his/hers/its level of social awareneness. Don't get me started...

"I'm almost scared to post..." - yeah like chile chere said... have a zombie and chill or something... and I worship the juju princess and her every word, btw. I have made myself clear that I deliberately believe whatever she says goes. Oh yes, baby! I believe and will keep testifying my faith and devotion, using every tribune I may stumble upon on my sorry way to corpsitude, baby. :0)

stevie - Starvation of anything is never a good thing I guess, eh? And predictably there are people here who feel its important to remind us we should consider going cold turkey on toxic fertilizer pellet cake. Well, given the timeliness and pertinence of eLLe's touching story, I can't imagine how one could disagree.

Garlic thread - I had a 40 year-old roommate in College who used to bite into garlic cloves and raw onions in the morning, urgh yeah... some people worship this thing as a cure-all when used in combination with Listerine or Crest Complete, of course. I still think StAL's number 4 rules just as Q, t, stevie, aus and others do.

Well there you go, more shit, submit it...

Name: chere

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 02:38:37
This would be me reporting to the principal's office a day late.
My mother is off to Scotland, if there are any out there who have ANY advise for two traveling women in the Edenbrough area please e mail me at my e mail with any special places they may want to check out. PLease rememer healing is of the the most importance, I know it is a very magical place.

Auss? When are you in town with the babes? Floridave? Are we all gonna have a mini fest? A tequila fest? lunch? and all hook up? Someone please advise. I have not forgotten. PS. JAMBONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen?- scabs? What the fuck? I think it's time to get back behind the bar grrl. Go head and get yo cyote ugly on chile, BAtchi Ball for me please.

To All of those here who contributed to my father's scholarship fund, I thank you very very much. My sister and I plan to make this a forever thing so do not lose that address if your'e up for that tax break every year and want to give to something great. I cannot express how much it means that so many cared and contributed. Again many thanks.

I love that DAN lyric that goes (like duh no one loves this? )
"Well the Danger on the rocks has surely passed, still I remain tied to the mast, could it be that I have found my Home at Last? Home at last? Pada da da du te te te te te

I am off to the gym. Gotta get there ASAP before the machines are taken.It seems to be the ONLY place besides the ocean where I am immune to tears.

Love you peeps!~ Da JUJU chile' the Soulflower chere

Name: steviedan (tm)
the cat

Date: Thursday, May 17, 19101 at 01:45:21
i say this as i begin what will be, i believe, about my seventh life. early this week, in a move of financial desperation, my company offered me a generous reduction in salary and i decided to have no part of that. they have done me a huge service in that the intoxicating quality of this hopelessly dead-end labor of love has held me tightly and this just gave me the shove that i needed to liberate myself for at least bigger if not better things. sorry ole, the monday night weird regulars are now but a fond memory, at least until alternative weirdness manifests itself.

ironically, i will be quite busy over the next three days with three gigs. music is always the angel, just as i am soothed by bill evans as i type (gina, that was an interesting bill evans tidbit).

amen st al, blaze, fezo. i say television starves cerebral metabolism daily and nobody's outlawing that !

wormy, thanx for wonderin'

now for the "handle-utilizing-steve-report"...

Stevee, just what's this "... ALMOST all the time. " diss lol ?

Steve V, it's so good to hear from you.

we may just have to start our own patrol in the gb scout troop !

these are crazy days and i'm open for anything !

Name: difjuz
oooopps...wrong key

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 22:19:16
i've been waiting for the taste you said you'd bring to me
just to shine the silver bowl
he mix the zombies in the cocoa shell
they're on a party run
smoking cobalt cigarettes
we're gonna have a wing-ding a summer smoker underground

Name: Jen
yes! it's me again!

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 22:09:52
toneser? you out there buddy? it's late now, so i don't mind much drivelling...snakie? no, of course not. you're not here at this hour...i miss you guys...please forgive my absence...write me...i need addy is

sparkle in your china...


Name: Jen
or maybe it's

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 21:53:50

...the things that pass for knowledge I can't understand...

close tie between the two...


Name: difjuz
todays dan links not mentioned but not forgotten

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 21:48:02
i've been strung out here all night
he's in from bogota
those test tubes and that scale

Name: Jen
oh yeah...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 21:44:04
and one other thing...

my favorite Dan lyric will ALWAYS be...

I foresee terrible trouble,
And I stay here just the same...

I know there is contention on David Palmer's deliverance of said line, but the words speak for reminds me much of how I feel for this place...always will, I think...


Name: Here is your Dan link
for today

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 21:14:03
Lucy still loves her coke and rum
Drinking his dinner from a paper sack
Are you crazy are you high
Hanging tight with the Jack of Speed
They got the booze they need
and he swallowed up all he found
When the Razor boy comes & takes your fancy things away
Let's say we spike it with Deludin
A hearty gulping wine
Raise up your glass to good King John
Tonight when I chase the dragon
Drink Kirschwasser from a shell
The Cuervo Gold
The fine Columbian
Illegal fun
My poison's named you know my brand
Sausage and beer
Poor kid he overdid
You can share my poison wine
I was smoking with the boys upstairs
Your mind has turned to applesauce
She's in the zone
Don't you love Port Blanc the boys have said, not exactly people one would like to emulate, in most cases.

Name: Good Info Floridave
But lets give credit wherre credit is due
Location: From,
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 20:50:01
Origins: No, this list didn't originate with Microsoft head Bill Gates. (It's frequently cited on the Internet as having come from his book Business @ The Speed of Thought, but it didn't.) Why it's attributed to Gates is a mystery to us; it doesn't really sound the least bit like something he would write. Possibly, the item the Internet-circulated version of the list generally ends with ("Be nice to nerds") struck a chord with someone who views Gates as the ultimate successful nerd of all time.

Nor is this list is the work of Kurt Vonnegut, another person to whom authorship has been attributed. A clue found in those versions ("From a college graduation speech by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.") explains why folks want to lay these random words of wisdom on his doorstep: In 1998, the Internet was swept with a narrative that has come to be known as the sunscreen speech. That work of inventive fiction was actually the product of Chicago Tribune writer Mary Schmich, but Internet-circulated versions claimed it was a college graduation speech given by Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut thus became associated in the minds of some people with pithy advice to young adults.

This list is the work of Charles J. Sykes, author of the book Dumbing Down Our Kids: Why American Children Feel Good About Themselves but Can't Read, Write, or Add. (The list has appeared in newspapers, although not necessarily in this book.) Many versions of this list omit the last three rules:

Rule No. 12: Smoking does not make you look cool. It makes you look moronic. Next time you're out cruising, watch an 11-year-old with a butt in his mouth. That's what you look like to anyone over 20. Ditto for "expressing yourself" with purple hair and/or pierced body parts.
Rule No. 13: You are not immortal. (See Rule No. 12.) If you are under the impression that living fast, dying young and leaving a beautiful corpse is romantic, you obviously haven't seen one of your peers at room temperature lately.

Rule No. 14: Enjoy this while you can. Sure parents are a pain, school's a bother, and life is depressing. But someday you'll realize how wonderful it was to be a kid. Maybe you should start now. You're welcome.

Advice columnist Ann Landers has printed the first ten items (uncredited) several times, and the list has been used by radio commentator Paul Harvey. The prize for misattribution, however, has to go to The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, which printed the list twice in three weeks in mid-2000, the first time crediting it to "Duluth state Rep. Brooks Coleman of Duluth," and the second time to Bill Gates.

Name: Floridavid

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 20:43:50
A friend sent this and I found it to be worth passing on.To anyone withŹ kids of any age (or not - it goes for everyone), here's
> some advice Bill GatesŹ recently dished out during a high school speech,
> about 11 things the kids needŹ to know and that they did not learn in
> school. He talked about how feel-good,Ź politically correct teaching has
> created a full generation of kids with noŹ concept of reality and how
> this concept set them up for sure failure in the realŹ world.
> RULE 1 Life is not fair-get used to it.
> RULE 2 The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world expects you
> to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.
> RULE 3 You will NOT make 40 thousand dollars a year, right outŹ of high
> school. You won't be a vice president with a car phone, until you earn
> RULE 4 If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get aŹ boss. He
> doesn't have tenure.
> RULE 5 Flipping burgers isŹ not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents
> had a different word for burgerŹ flipping-they called it opportunity.
> RULE 6 If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don'tŹ whine
> about your mistakes-learn from them.
> RULE 7 BeforeŹ you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are
> now.Ź They gotŹ that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes
> and listening to you talkŹ about how cool you are. So beforeŹ save the
> rain forest from the parasites ofŹ your parent's generation, try
> delousing the closet in your own room.
> RULE 8 Your school may have done away with winners and losers,Ź but life
> has not. In some schools they have abolished failing grades, and they'll
> give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't
> bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.
> RULE 9 Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summersŹ off and
> very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. Do that
> on your own time.
> RULE 10 Television is NOT real life. In real life peopleŹ actually have
> to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.
> RULE 11 Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working forŹ one.

Name: angel
Will you still have

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 20:37:04
Beautiful day in L.A. Hope it stays this way....

Gina: If you want more information check out this website:
I have never been to it, but I have seen vendors from Gilroy at other festivals and have actually bought garlic products from them. Garlic Ice Cream....I don't think I am interested tones.... :-)

Chips: I agree.

eLLe: My sympathy to you and your family. Definitely a hard road to travel.

Steveedan: I was going to make the same comment.
Oh, and what about all that Guardian Angel overtime pay you owe me.... :-)

Wormy: Blaise and I were both working on that list. In my case, I just ran out of time this morning. Way too many....

Night all....

a song to sing....

Name: Jen

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 20:34:19
jeez!'s gotten to the point where i am almost scared to post...

i will not apologize that i am not a muscian, and that i cannot partake in the chord conversations....further, i will not apologize that i do not have the hottest news on the latest Dan interviews or articles where they "may" have been addition, i will not apologize for not knowing much about the other jazz/pop/fusion type artists discussed here...i will not apologize for shouting out to my "friends" with whom i would, otherwise, not have contact with outside of this board....(btw, pardon me KD for taking time out to speak to my buddies personally through this medium, BUT, snakie? tones? I can't get into my's down for good i think...please write me at the address above! I swear I'll respond.) anyway, back to the rant...i have never pretended to be anything more than what i am on this board, and that is simply a Danfan....always have been, always will be. while i'm not exactly crazy about a lot of the bullshit that's been blasted around here lately, i am hardly in a position to speak of it. i've been smack dab in the middle of it all a time or two myself. that is precisely why i have chosen to post only when i feel like i actually have something, that i deem, important to say. this is a social place period. was it better in the old days? maybe. but everything has it's evolution. we are experiencing a time when things are at a bit of a lull, Dan wise, i mean. we are all just biding our time and holding our breath, waiting for news of the new album...jeez! did i say album? anyway, i'm only just 30 myself. i don't think age has much to do with anything. i came here for the same reason as all of us. i LOVE the Dan. and, just because i cannot contribute to the chord conversations, and i may not have any timely Dan news, i don't think i should feel intimidated to post. i'm sorry StAl, that you feel like the minority has overruled the wonderful majority's a shame...i only pop in now and then just to say hello and offer my thanks to those who have supplied me with new and interesting info. i won't apologize for not being among those. i can only say, YET AGAIN, that i appreciate this place and all it has to offer. i have no problem ignoring the bullshit. but i do find it alarming that those of us, the "civilians", who are simply here to absorb and enjoy, who may not have anything deemed "worthy" by the almighty, musically gifted, to add should feel unwelcome to say hello, or share personal sories with friends across the country whom they have been lucky to meet via this incredible medium called the Internet. Sure, we could all go into chat, and get it over with in mere minutes, and spare purists of all the boring details...but that's exactly why i like this place. post one day...come back and check out what's been going on a few days later. so i have nothing Dan related to what! i'm not imposing. at least, not anymore. i get that it's the extremists that are being targeted, but i just needed to say my piece. i admit, i have NOTHING to offer you all in the way of Dan news. but i like it here. and i plan to stay. you all, and when i say "all", you know i mean you "few", have educated me beyond belief musically. and i look forward to furthering my education. i will always check in to say hello, and if there are those who think i'm wasting space by doing so, then so be it. i'll risk it. and if anyone wishes to speak to me personally about the subject, my new e-mail is above for all to see. love you all. that is the truth. scabs and all...


Name: Not that Marshall Mathers
in any way but...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 19:21:48
yes I'm the real Stevie
All you other Slim Stevies are just imitating
So won't the real Slim Stevie please stand up?
Please stand up, please stand up
Cuz I'm Slim Stevie, yes I'm the real Stevie
All you other Slim Stevies are just imitating
So won't the real Slim Stevie please stand up?
Please stand up, please stand up

Name: eLLe

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 18:48:00
right on StevieD..that's where I hung out alot, on those very streets with those very guys!!HA! too much!
it was in Gastown, a part of downtown Vancouver, where Cheech and Chong met..and Valdy and the Hometown Band were regs. remember them? It's all changed now. It's all touristy, and posh shops
and yes yes to your last post,especially the part about: one never thinks that anything like that could happen to them or their children..MAN! too right!!! I understand fully where you're @. ; )good luck to you!!!!

Gina..yeah I know I don't understand much of what she says either!! But I do know that I did not say I was competing with my children on any level..I did say however that they have turned me on to some very interesting music, and vice versa.

Name: DaddyG
Potless in Seattle

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 18:07:43
No prob eLLe - nuff said.

Gina - mmmmmm...GARLIC...mmmmmm...HUNGRY...(Homer)

WOW - terrible story about Peter Mcwilliams - that story and eLLe's only stresses my point - EVERYONE is right. Let's just keep people from becoming addicted and help the people who need it. COMMON SENSE.

Dingo Ginko

Name: Fuck!
Those bastards have done it again...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 17:51:50
CNN has just reported that the Supreme Court has just made the sale and distribution of garlic illegal.

Name: Hey Gina,
that would be Gilroy , CA...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 17:48:07
... "The Garlic Capitol of the World," about an hour or so south of San Francisco, where they have an annual garlic festival. Those garlic sundaes are made with garlic ice cream. I've never tried it, but I hear it's good. Yes, it does smell like garlic when you drive through the town. But no vampires have ever been reported there.

t - hanging my garlic "stash" in the closet...

Name: Steveedan
Location: LA, CA USA
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 17:43:03
Hi eLLe --

I am truly sorry to hear about the events that occured to your son. It reminds me of the countless near misses with calamity in my partying life. It got to a point where challenging being arrested or pushing the toxicidity envelope was the norm. We've all heard horror stories but that wasn't going to happen to us. I guess we just had a guardian angel looking out for us, whom we kept up late and whom we deprived of well deserved rest.

It seems like a "firewalk" that we had to go through, even though we didn't have to do that at all. We were just lucky. Common sense is required. If your son had known that these idiots put the friggin' fertilizer pellets in the cake, I'm sure he wouldn't have gone near it, and maybe even punched the idiot who wasted all that pot by contaminating it. Unfortunately, there are not laws against be a stupid idiot, at least, not in most cases.

I give you tons of credit for weathering such a harsh "storm" in your life. I hope that your son is doing better.

And by the way, the Famous Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers are Freewheelin' Franklin, Finious, and Fat Freddie and his cat, of course !!!

Take care eLLe -

Steveedan (5 months pot-less)

p.s. to FloriDavid - I was totally into the "reward" item at the end of the gig, and work day, but it turned into the item that I started the day with, so, it had to go !! Catch ya later --

Name: Al Chemy

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 16:57:13
Gina, are you SURE you're not doing the pot? Cause none of your post make any sense what-so-ever.


Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 16:52:38
Burrows? Did I write that?

Name: Blaise
wearing the weary hours down

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 16:50:17
The snake in "Snake Mary's gone to bed" could simply refer to Steely Dan III itself. Mary's own little joy toy. At least if we keep the self-pleasure angle as a general subtext of Rose Darling and relate it to the Burrows passage cited below. It's an interesting complement to this particularly seductive interpretation of the song anyway.

Name: Edd

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 16:49:31

Couldn't you just post the URL?

Name: but on the other hand...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 16:42:04

Posted June 16, 2000
Analysis By Richard Cowan

Peter McWilliams, 50, best selling author, poet, photographer, publisher,
libertarian crusader, medical marijuana activist, AIDS patient and cancer
survivor, was found dead on the floor of his bathroom, apparently having
choked to death after vomiting, for want of medical marijuana.
There will be an autopsy, but whatever the immediate cause of death may have
been, he was murdered by the United States Government as surely as if they
shot him. Indeed, it would have been much more humane if they had just put a
bullet in his head. No one should have to go through what he suffered at the
hands of his country.
When I learned of his death yesterday, I was too angry to write about it.
Even now, this is being written more in anger than in sorrow. Peter is where
they can1t hurt him anymore, but his murderers are still at large, and if
there is anything that Peter would want, it would be for us to continue to
speak the truth to power, to tyranny.
Of course, if Peter did choke after vomiting it would be directly the result
of his having been denied the right to use medical marijuana. Peter was a
part of the roughly 40% of those patients for whom the anti-viral drugs
being used to treat AIDS can cause violent nausea. The government knew this
from direct observation. During at least one court appearance he vomited
into a wastebasket during the hearing.
See How the Government Helps Medical Marijuana Patients:
"McWilliams vomited repeatedly in court Friday, prompting
guards to keep a trash can nearby."
Dealing with this nausea is one of the best documented uses of medical
marijuana, and he had also used it during cancer chemotherapy, when he
actually gained weight.
None of that mattered to the judge. None of that mattered to the prosecutor.
After all, these are the same people who had held him in federal detention
for months on a $250,000 bail, even though he posed no flight risk, the only
justification for such a high bail.
See Peter McWilliams Still Held on $250,000 Bond;
Denied AIDS Medication For Four Days!!! Two Stories
Had he wanted to flee, he had plenty of time to do so before he was charged,
but he is a world famous writer, so he could not hide. His publishing
company was there in Los Angeles, and he was taking expensive anti-virals
for AIDS. He really could not flee, but that did not prevent the government
from violating his Constitutional rights.
Consider the lengths to which they went to keep him from raising the bail.
When his elderly mother pledged her house as security for the bail, they
threatened that the government would seize her house if her son simply
failed a drug test, not just if he were to flee. She would not be
intimidated, but now her son is dead as the result of the conditions of the
bail. These are the "family values" of America1s war on the sick and dying.
See "The federal prosecutor personally called my mother to tell her that if I
was found with even a trace of medical marijuana, her house would be taken away."
-- Peter McWilliams
During his incarceration, his AIDS viral load, which had been "undetectable"
soared to dangerous levels. Peter was also very fragile psychologically.
Aggravated by his health and legal problems, he often suffered from
debilitating bouts of depression. Certainly, he was badly damaged by being
in federal detention, and he knew from that experience that he could not
survive very long if he were sent to prison. Thus, even if the immediate
cause of his death were AIDS, or even suicide, the guilt for his death lies
squarely at the door of the Justice Department and the Federal Courts, and
the United States Government as a whole.
If an individual did what the federal government did to Peter McWilliams,
deliberately deprive him of medicine that would save his life, that person
would be indicted for murder. And this was murder. Moreover, it was
premeditated, and a part of a pattern of the criminal abuse of power.
Consider the evidence.
See Federal Judge Rules Peter McWilliams Cannot Use
Medical Marijuana -- Even to Save His Life! --
"They1re just going to let me die."
First, Peter would want us to remember that he was merely the most famous
victim of a campaign against the most vulnerable members of our society, the
sick dying and disabled for whom marijuana is the only effective - or
affordable - medicine.
See A Message From Peter McWilliams, Prisoner Of The War On The Sick And Dying
Many others are suffering anonymously in our vast prisons, underfunded
hospices, and dark little rooms in the slums in our shining cities. Many
others use medical marijuana, but live in fear of their government while
doing so. And they have no choice. Tens of millions of Americans - and
countless millions around the world -- have no health insurance to pay for
the expensive pharmaceuticals, even if they worked as they are supposed to.
See AIDS and Medical Marijuana: On World AIDS Day
Why Is No One Talking About the Cheapest Way To Help The Most People?
Analysis By Richard Cowan
Peter1s case happened in California, the first state where the people had
passed an initiative, specifically designed to prevent just this sort of
cruelty. Following its passage, the Federal government and its allies among
the federally subsidized state narcotics police have done everything to
prevent its effective implementation. This effort continues even now.
See Even In The State Capital, California Narks Violate Prop 215 & the
Attorney General Won1t Do His Duty.
However, Peter made the mistake of thinking that the law meant what it said.
He wanted to provide others with the knowledge to be able to grow their own
medicine. Although the government waited for awhile to arrest him, they did
so with their usual pointless show of force. A large number of heavily armed
men ransacked his house very early one morning, after handcuffing Peter.
They seized his computers and ultimately destroyed all of his work in
progress. Naturally, it was about medical marijuana.
See Best Selling Author / AIDS-Cancer Patient Peter McWilliams
Launches Medical Marijuana Press; Risks Federal Imprisonment in Doing So
and Statement Of Author Peter McWilliams To Institute Of Medicine Medical
Marijuana Hearings
A few days before Peter1s death, there was a fire in his home office that
again destroyed all of his work in progress. I have no doubt that such a
loss broke his heart and hastened his death. Several people have asked me if
I suspected the government of having started the fire. My answer was simply
that I have no idea, but given the theft of his work before, and the general
depravity of their behavior, and given the fanaticism of the opposition to
medical marijuana by both the federal government and the California narks,
it is not an unwarranted suspicion.
See California Narks Lie to Justify Disobeying Prop 215. And They Lie About Me
In The Process.
In order to justify the suppression of medical marijuana it has become
necessary to demonize the medical marijuana users. If medical marijuana has
to be a "crock" to use the Drug Czar1s inelegant phrase, then outspoken
medical marijuana advocates like Peter must be dehumanized.
See Czar Calls Medical Marijuana "A Crock." He Doesn1t Know Anything About
Medical Marijuana, But He Does Know Crocks.
and Dying AIDS Patient Peter McWilliams Demands Drug Czar McCaffrey Implement
Medical Marijuana Recommendations of National Academy of Sciences Institutes
of Medicine Report
In fact, the "evil" of which he was originally accused was a conspiracy to
provide medical marijuana. Think about that, a conspiracy to provide the
sick and dying with something to help them in a state where the people had
voted for just that. What a crime!
See The Feds Drop The Other Jackboot; Indict Peter McWilliams, Todd McCormick
and Others, Alleging Vast Conspiracy To Supply Medical Marijuana
and Libertarian Party Says Peter McWilliams Is Victim of Efforts To Discredit
Medical Marijuana
The federal government began by denying the relevance of the state law,
despite the 9th and 10th Amendments. However, when it realized that a
"medical marijuana conspiracy" would raise issues that might make it
difficult to get a jury to convict a person with AIDS, they changed the
charges and simply accused him of conspiracy simply to grow marijuana.
Then they moved to deny him the right even to mention having had cancer and
AIDS or make any reference to medical marijuana. This denied him the
Anglo-Saxon common law right of claiming a "necessity" to break the law,
because doing so prevented a greater harm. Surely growing a plant that saved
your life would be such a necessity.
This might be called the fully uninformed jury strategy. It nullified the
jury1s right to know the facts of the case. Peter would not be the only
victim of such an action. The jurors would have been unwittingly used to
justify an evil that would be committed in its name. There is something
especially terrible about involving innocent people in the commission of a
crime to pass the moral responsibility on to society as a whole.
Thus, to prosecute a dying man for plotting to grow a plant, the federal
government trampled on the laws of California, the Bill of Rights, and
Common Law. What is the end that would justify such means?
See Buckley Denounces Prosecution of McCormick and McWilliams In Strongest Terms
Yet. "On the eve of the trial Judge King decided, so to speak, to eliminate the
Bill of Rights."
Confronted with the inability to defend himself, Peter had no choice but to
take a "plea bargain," such as it was, and so he confessed to the crime of
having hoped to make money in America.
See McCormick and McWilliams Plead Guilty to Avoid Ten Year Minimums.
and Judge Rules Against Medical Necessity Defense For McCormick and McWilliams
There Cannot Be Even a Mention of Medical Marijuana! Defies 9th Circuit
Ruling. Press Release From McCormick and McWilliams
None of the norms of the various traditions that make up America seem to
apply when the subject is marijuana, so Peter1s confessing to a profit
motive, the most American of motives, was seen by the government as
vindicating the persecution of a dying man.
Righteously triumphant, the prosecution would offer nothing better than
letting him throw himself on the mercy of the court in hopes of not having
to serve five years. Given his fragile health, the prosecution could have
agreed to probation or even house arrest, but they were opposed to the judge
showing more "mercy" than they had. Through all of this the judge has been
craven in protection of the most basic rights and denied all of the
defense1s key motions. But he was Peter1s only hope. Now we will never know
if there was any shred of decency or mercy behind the black robes of his
But never mind these little players who personify Arendt1s phrase, the
banality of evil. Before there can be any justice from them or for them, we
must take back America from the prohibitionist police state that has
highjacked it in what has rightly been called a "slow motion coup d1etat."
See The Theory and Practice of Treason. -- 2 Items
It still seems bizarre to me, even after all these years, that marijuana
prohibition - the suppression of a plant, and especially the suppression of
the medical use of a plant -- could be the motive and justification for the
total betrayal of all that Peter McWilliams believed, the freedom of
American. It seems even more bizarre that the people of America have let
this happen.
However, thanks to the bravery of people like Peter and other medical
marijuana users, the American people are finally waking up to what is
happening. Marijuana prohibition is going to end. How fast it ends will
determine not only how many more tragedies like the murder of Peter
McWilliams there will be, but also how much more damage is going to be done
to the system and elites that perpetrated this massive fraud -- or just
allowed it to happen. There could be nothing more "conservative" than ending
marijuana prohibition tomorrow.
However, for each of us, the moral case is very simple. To witness a crime
in silence is to commit it. If we are silent on the murder of Peter
McWilliams, and all of the others whose suffering and death pass without
notice, then we are as guilty as the judge, prosecutors, and politicians,
and police who signed the papers that ultimately became a warrant for
judicial murder. Silence would also make us complicit in the betrayal of the
traditions and values that should have protected Peter and all the others.
The persecution of the sick and dying must end. And the system that
perpetrates it - -- marijuana prohibition -- must end.
This is a time of profound moral crisis. Peter McWilliams is dead. Are you?
See Peter McWilliams On Non-Violence: "Socrates, Jesus, and Martin Luther King
did more for their causes by dying for them than by killing for them."
and "It is the love of freedom, not the hatred of tyranny,
that will turn this warring parent into an adored embrace."
-- Peter McWilliams

Name: Big Will
Oops Mark!

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 16:39:05
It's BanyAn Trees .. A A A .. no O ..

no listening to Steely Dan for a week, that'll teach ya ..

Name: Gina

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 16:34:40
sitting here reading the Trees with a grin, it's like all of your finest memories start to surf up regarding the subject :-)

and what's on the other side of the sunny side ..
now you shared this drug-thing of your son eLLe, you balanced something i filtered from some of your postings, like you were competing with your children in order to stay young .. like listening to music of their generation before they did etc. the fact you don't (quote) want to be "a dodgy old geezer" probably has got nothing to do with what happened to your kid and it proves perhaps that those dodgy old geezers in their time were really into smart drugs or smart into drugs before the contemporary generations totally messed it up with their pranks that can cause these ordeals .. but i don't know .. lots of people behave - irresponsible- without giving any consequence a serious thought ..

i can still vividly recollect some of my friends emptying a can of hairspray into a large kettle of soup a mother of our friend (where the party was held) has made for the day after ..
the guys who did that only had a couple of beers, they didn't smoke cigarettes or anything ..

space cake as in pot cake .. hm .. you never knew when it hit ya and the sensation was different from what came in smoking a cigarette. ofcourse it was thoroughly analyzed at the spot .. the effect of space cake lasted longer than a few sips of a joint ..

i can relate to why Clas says pot and hasj cause panic etc. the last time i ever smoked hasj was 13 years ago, in Amsterdam .. the people i was staying with all a few years younger than me and heavy into house and xtc and speed. i think the bad experience was linked to my emotional state and the hasj simply emphasized my emotions, so i felt my heart beat like crazy and i started hyperventilating .. i was also on this waterbed and thinking you're dying feeling seasick as well, haha .. it took me quite a while to regain control and in a way it was a challenge to try and master the substances that were affecting parts of my brain and nerve system. like you see in movies, haha. fight the drug, fight the truth serum or tranquillizer.

another thing is, they sell stuff a lot purer than they used to 15 years ago or so.

now i quit smoking regular, nicotine 10 years ago. i hardly drink alcohol these days. but i do get high on garlic and no t, you silly thing (was that you lp?) you just E A T it, slice it up in a mean spaghetti bolognese, make those tomatoes say "ouch" when you throw in some raw garlic .. have it with olives, fry them like french fries and dip in garlic mayonaise. stuff a chicken filled with garlic, garlic and garlic and you might be moving to Montana soon, flossing dental or garlic, i can't say for sure :-) ..

in Spain they know what good garlic can do, how it can enlighten one's awareness .. really ..

somewhere in the US of A they have this town where garlic is being worshipped .. they have garlic soup, garlic omelette, garlic bread and garlic sundae's ..
saw it on TV once ..

education and common sense. i think common sense is what can make a difference.

can call it a night now, 01.32 AM CET and i must check out all the links offered here including pics. before i roll some dice with Mr Sandman ..

bye everyone, Wormman .. you bring back fond memories of the parody lyrics days .. encore encore? ( yes Blaise, you and WormTom were in it together, so why not blow this mindpotty thang again, right?)

Banyan Tree Garludicrous Bow,

Name: huh

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 16:33:08
Mary is strapping on a rubber penis. "Steely Dan III from Yokohama," she says, caressing the shaft.
"What happened to Steely Dan I?"
"He was torn in two by a bull dyke. She could cave in a lead pipe."
"And Steely Dan II?"
"Chewed to bits by a famished canidru in the Upper Baboonsasshole. And don't say 'wheeeeeeee!' this time."
- William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch

Name: Mark
Location: Gig Harbor, WA
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 15:43:35
I miss the old home page of Banyon Trees. They quote the passage from Naked Lunch about the famous and "original" Steely Dan. Can anyone tell me the precise line again?


Name: sanctimony anonymous
i hear you are singing a song of the past i see no tears
Location: puhsneeze,
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 15:40:31
yeah in herbs too, yeah in eating too, yeah in walking across the street too, yeah in driving too, yeah in breathing too


Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 14:15:36
Here lies a place
Won't let me languish
Hears all my footsteps and waits
Watch how she fades into the sunset
A vision spectacular in grace

Hunger for the world travel
Stimulating discussion lift me
Faster into the weakness
Off the wall into blackness

Red eyes reflect
Open the suitcase
Spread all your clothes on the floor
Much like it was
Ten years ago
Time on the clock
Don't want to waste it

Hunger for the world travel
Stimulating discussion lift me
Faster into the weakness
Off the wall into blackness

Watch how she fades into the sunset
A vision spectacular in grace

Hunger for the world travel
Stimulating discussion lift me
Faster into the weakness
Off the wall into blackness

And I'm away from home
And it's a way of life
And I'm flying high
And I'm a wheeling gull
Here now I come to rest
Under a lion rock
Over marine parade
Maybe this time
Here I'll stay

Neil Finn

Name: snakehips

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 13:43:52
Blaise - you're right. The photos of Donald in a gown and sunglasses is a classic. Talk about aging hipster. LOL.

Why do he and Walter have different caps?

Anyone, anyone...
(think Ferris Bueller here)


i'm never goin' back to my old school...

Name: eLLe
Daddy n LisaG

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 13:31:56
thankyou, you know you 2 are dear souls. I feel it.
I appreciate you.
You understand I am not looking for sympathy.
pot seems harmless enough, but there can always be danger in drugs,legal or illegal.

Name: DaddyG

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 13:20:38
I am so sorry you had to go through that. Thanks for sharing it with us. Sometimes, it doesn't matter what you do, or say - but it seemed to work with your daughter.

If everyone was as good a parent as you, situations like your son's would go down at least %50 immediately. Keep smiling, I believe there is a reason for it all - as you said, Karma.

Later. : )


Name: This just in...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 13:12:30
The Supreme Court ruled today that sexual intercourse is illegal according to federal drug statues, because endorphins released in the brain are similar to heroin. As a clarification, the court stated that it is legal to use the endorphins, but it is not legal to produce them or assist someone in the production of them.
THE COURT ruled 7-1 that federal law prohibits the act of sexual intercourse, whether or
not it is between consenting adults and/or married couples. The courtÕs ruling is expected to
immediately shut down legal brothels in Nevada formed to distribute sex to those with a
need in Nevada and other states. In the lone opposing vote, Justice Clarence Thomas said
Congress had not deliberately excluded human endorphins when it enacted anti-drug laws. ŅIt is not clear from the text of the act that Congress has made a determination that sex has no medical benefits worthy of an exception,Ó Thomas stated. ŅI mean, come on. I masturbate 6 - 8 times a day, and nobody can tell the difference. Is it dark in here to you?" he asked, scratching his palms.

ŅIn this case, we must decide whether there is a medical necessity exception to sex,Ó the
decision continued. ŅWe hold that there is not.Ó The decision was a major disappointment to
many sufferers of horniness, loneliness, and other illnesses. They have said the endorphins
can ease side effects from irritability, insomnia, or even allow low self-esteem sufferers
to feel wanted. There is no definitive science that sex works, or works better than
conventional, legal alternatives.

Name: come to think of it
it's been awhile

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 12:49:47
since I've seen a Thai stick. Are they still around?

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 12:39:48
Yes, chat was down. Power went off again last night. I must get a UPS... I forgot to log the damn thing on before I left the house this morning. Should be fine now.


Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 12:33:52

In a typical display of pomposity, Dr Mu has once again told us what he thinks without so much as a nod to conventions of subtlety, depth, humor or incisive intelligence. In a deviation from regular practice, however, he told us what he thinks of himself. And to top off the irony of the incident, this time he was actually right. Dr Mu reported today in all his clumsy, maladroit, completely sterile style how he not only has trouble imagining, but that he actually can't. That this was a foregone and long-ago established fact to the rest of the community was not acknowledged however. Despite the revelation, Dr Mu is reportedly resting peacefully in denial in a hermetically sealed jar at this time. More news later on these same guestbook stations...


Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 12:27:08
tones, you gotta dry it first - hang the garlic rope in your closet for a few weeks, then smoke it, you silly thing.....

Name: tones
Hey Gina...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 12:25:57
I tried the garlic thing. I had a hard time getting it to burn, and now my bong makes all my pot taste funny...


Name: Ahem, is this mic on?

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 12:23:42
Will the following people please report to the Principal's office?

Beast w/o a Name
Green Earring
Lucy B

Thank you.....

Name: Floridavid

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 12:00:02
7 up/Sprite/Water during the Set. Coffee during the breaks. And 3 to 4 Puffs after the Gear is in the Van.It's the dangling Carrot at the end of the Gig.

Name: eLLe

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 11:56:32
you couldn't be more wrong.


Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 11:51:25
chat is down.........?

Name: thirdworldman
Location: Spliff city,
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 11:45:49
On the drug debate;

Marijuana is not addictive, the nicotine it is smoked with is.

My fave when I was a teenager was magic mushrooms. We used to collect them on the local golf course and make 'mushy tea' after school. At one point I thought the road was opening up and I was going to fall in to the abyss. Luckily I didn't and avoided the hard stuff. Also, hypoglycaemic episodes can be 'interesting'. A feeling of great elevation and immortality. Don't try at home kids!!

'The Doobie brothers' - wonder what that meant???

Tonight when I chase the dragon...


Name: Vin Scully
NBC Sports
Location: Oops!,
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 11:33:46
Bill Buckner Blue it.

I believe it.

That settles it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled sheepish eLLe reassessment.

Name: Chips
longest post on record

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 11:23:10
the point was: new thread, people! with that shiver-down-the-spine story from you, elle, it's too much, that was heart wrenching, so elle, please don't put your anger my way, i was not being cold, even though your anger is now obviously well accounted for or can be explained - but just stop now, glad you got through it.....

again, how about those Red Sox?

Name: DrMu

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 11:03:13
eLLe: I can't even imagine...that's enough to make us all think cold turkey. My kids are young (6 and 8) and fairly immature, innocent kids, but jeez it's not too early to start engraining the dangers year before they'll ever have to make those kind of decisions...

Name: eLLe

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 11:02:21
your comment was lame.
I've heard it all...every low life, rude, disgusting comment you can imagine..yours..simply lame.
Karma WILL get you.


Name: eLLe

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 11:01:59
you comment was lame.
I've heard it all...every low life, rude, disgusting comment you can imagine..yours..simply lame.
Karma WILL get you.


Name: Better Business Bureau

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 10:51:41
No smoke.

No drink.

No drugs.

Just fuck carefully.

And gently squeeze them.

Case closed again.

Name: Chips
seriously, that musta been hell, Elle
Location: but, i can't resit the comment below
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 10:49:08
WOW, now THAT was depressing, so now I need a new band that's a little more upbeat, like maybe Air Supply or something....

Name: eLLe

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 10:39:18
this is cut and dried! ok no pity required, no big discussion intended.
StevieD..right, careful what you carry,cause the "man" is wise you are still an outlaw in his eyes.
Do any of you still read RollingStone? There are still great articles in there, you know. There was one a few months back about pot and people who are still in jail doing "life" for getting caught for a "dime" in some States.

If you read the article I posted about medicinal M. you can clearly see that in Canada, especially BC, it's really no big deal. They even have pot cafe's like in Amsterdam, but they get busted occassionally.

They are after the BIG GUYS in BC. From where we used to live on Van. Is.we could see the helicopters circling the smaller Gulf Islands at harvest time with their infrared scopes that can detect the plants "signal", funny that the artichoke gives off the same "signal" and people used to purposely grow it, just to piss the man off. he-he. ( does anyone here remember the Fabulous Furry Freak brother comics?)

Yes yes, Daddy G. education. Educate your children. great point.
However, coming up in the generation I did and losing friends and acquaintances to drugs, my children were educated, or probably more along the lines of DRILLED about the dangers of drugs. My home was a "zero tolerance" zone for drugs and booze always, but especially when they were teens. I still knew they were doing M, and my daughter told me after the fact that she had done LSD and others, which is cool that she could tell me. One day when she was in gr.11 she called me around 1pm from school and told me to come pick her up, because she was sick. She told me later that she had done magic mushrooms and was getting "into trouble" and felt the safest place to be was with me. That's quite a change, from in the days when I was experimenting, the last person I would want to see would be my mom, if my trip was turning bad.
But I didn't know at the time she was high.

Anyways, my son was not so lucky , he had tried pot a couple times, and went to a party one night where the parent was not at home. Yes he lied about that to begin with. Then he was given a pot cake. Made by some 15 year olds who didn't have a clue what they were doing. They yanked up a hydroponic pot plant, roots, and fertilzer pellets and all, put it into a blender and put that into a cake mix. All the kids who ate it got violently sick because the fertilizer was 1000000% toxic, but my son also had an allergic reaction to it and ended up going into a coma for 3 months and in hospital for a year ( at 15 years of age) and although not the end result of Charlie Freak I did watch his body die in 15 ways. Hooked up to life support and feeding tube and you name it, for 3 months.
When someone wakes up from a coma they don't just "wakeup". They have brain damage in most cases, in his case had to learn almost everyTHING all over again. see
That's him taking his "first steps" shorty after his 16th birthday.
This was a boy who was on his way to a scholarship for his soccer abilities- he was a star, and on the most highly regarded team in the Greater Vancouver area-hand picked- before this.

Anyways yes, educate your children about the dangers of drugs, and tell them about this too. Oh, a nurse in Intensive Care told me that she had seen this kind of thing before, not this bad, but it's not an isolated case. Please, love your children, I did/do
but you can't follow them around when they become teens and watch their every move.. there's a point where you have to trust, what you have taught them. The thing with my son was, he didn't know what was in these cakes.

bottomline- permanent brain damage.

Name: Blaise

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 10:07:06
Mark - "DAT audio tape and video highlights of the Commencement Concert and the Commencement Ceremony are available to the press."


Surely we do have people connected to the press here. If all fails, experience shows we do have people who can turn a webcast into a tape and vice-versa if it becomes a must.

LA Stevee is right. Up here in Canada, things are just fine as they are. Medical Marijuana is legally obtainable and potent hybrids are available to the recreational users. All they have to do is be prudent and discreet about it. The initial simple possession fine doesn't exceed 75 dollars Canadian (40$ US at best). In all my years, I have never experienced any problems with the authorities so... no sweat. Everyone is happy.

Name: Boston Rag

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 09:42:58
Steveedan - Other than having a friend who has a friend on the Berklee faculty, I have no official affiliation with the school. This connection on the faculty told me there will be a CD of the concert. They pretty much do this every year. However in the past I think it has only been available at the school. Like I said earlier in the week, if you can only get it by going to the school bookstore or whatever, I'll do my best to help get it to people on the GB who want it.

I really doubt there will be a DVD of the show. Although obviously it had to go through video equipment before being broadcast via the web. There were only a couple of cameras being used that I could tell. Not really a professional shoot.

Hey but we can still hope, right?!

Mark in Boston

Name: Steveedan
Location: LA, CA USA
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 09:10:58
Hi eLLe --

Me thinks I have awoke the wrath of the sleeping giant (coming to theatres on Memorial Day) !! But... in my incorrect memory, there was a thread of correctness (Thank you Dr. Mu):

Dwight formed his first band Bluesology in the early 60s and turned professional in 1965 when they secured enough work backing touring American soul artists. Long John Baldry joined the band in 1966, which included Elton Dean on saxophone and Caleb Quaye on lead guitar.

I knew that a "John" and an "Elton" were in the same band with Reg Dwight.

As far as the pot issue goes, if you are using it, just be careful, and don't get caught by the authorities. It is my belief that if a patient has a medical situation where suffering would be lessened by pot, the patient's doctor might suggest, off the record, to get a hold of some pot to help ease the suffering.

Trying to change the world is a thankless, exhausting job that takes multiple lifetimes to achieve and such achievements are hard fought long shots. Pardon my pessimism but perhaps a more individualistic approach to the medicinal benefits of pot as I mentioned above would be a much easier avenue to travel.

Besides, Kid Charlemagne is clearly still in business and thriving. Clients should be careful not to end up like Charlie Freak. Not even Dr. Wu could have stopped that from happening.

and finally ... to Mark of Boston - Please push for a video or DVD of the Berklee concert. Wouldn't that be great !?!


Name: DrMu
I believed that I was dreamin'

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 08:52:12
lp: You're not kidding! Republicans smokin' dope, hangin' out with babes including Playboy bunnies like bra' Jeb - Yikes!

I wish Oleander would weigh in on where she thinks marijuana whould be classified...

Name: snakehips

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 08:25:08
Don't do drugs anymore - except the occasional Xanax - only when I'm a bit *anxious* ;-)

But, back in the day, these were my top 5 drugs of choice:

1. Pot
2. Quaaludes
3. Hash
4. Pot & Quaaludes
5. Mescaline & Quaaludes (trippy & mellow!)


clean this mess up else we'll all end up in jail...

Name: lp
too much information on the mayor of new york, huh?

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 08:12:25
yes, dr mu, i saw him on the spin room last night - he was great!

Name: DrMu
Smoky Sunday

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 07:27:26
Even the President of NORML yesterday stated not to blame the Supreme Court. Despite the habits of lower courts over the past 30 years, the legislative branch makes the laws. Ask your Senator or House Representative to change the classification of marijuana from a Schedule I drug. The NORML Prez said Class I, but it's Schedule I - I'm looking at my DEA registration packet now. Schedule Is are pretty much untouchable outside research. In other words, marijuana and THC are (mis)classified with heroin, mescaline, psilocybin, LSD, peyole. You could push for Schedule IV or V which have minimal control mechanisms (ex. no license often needed depending on use), but Schedule III should fly placing marijuana with codeine allowing medical marijuana use (precription as physician sees fit). Change the law!! Or follow Dr. Fagen's prescription ;o)

From an Elton John Bio @ "b. Reginald Kenneth Dwight, 25 March 1947, Pinner, Middlesex, England. At the age of four, the young Dwight started taking piano lessons. This launched a talent that via the Royal Academy Of Music led him to become the most successful rock pianist in the world, one of the richest men in Britain and one of the world's greatest rock stars. Dwight formed his first band Bluesology in the early 60s and turned professional in 1965 when they secured enough work backing touring American soul artists. Long John Baldry joined the band in 1966, which included Elton Dean on saxophone and Caleb Quaye on lead guitar. As the forceful Baldry became the leader, John became disillusioned with being a pub pianist and began to explore the possibilities of a music publishing contract. Following a meeting set up by Ray Williams of Liberty Records at Dick James Music, the shy Dwight first met Bernie Taupin, then an unknown writer from Lincolnshire. Realizing they had uncannily similar musical tastes they began to communicate by post only, and their first composition "Scarecrow" was completed. This undistinguished song was the first to bear the John/Taupin moniker; John had only recently adopted this name, having dispensed with Reg Dwight in favour of the more saleable title borrowed from the first names of his former colleagues Dean and Baldry."

Name: luckless pedestrian
hey aus, give the court my best (not), lunch soon okay?

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 07:05:57
Nyquil - favorite downer
Starbucks coffee (black, no sugar) - favorite upper
favorite natural high - a tickle fight with my kids

that said so simplified/istic, if i was suffering, i'd go back to the weed in a heartbeat - legalize it, tax it, prescribe it - snuff said!

daddy g - don't even start that thread here, i got messed up with that one for a couple of days or more here once, yipes!

clean this mess up before we all end up in jail.....

Name: fezo

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 06:37:06
favorite stimulants:

driving home at the end of a long day with the windows down and a good cd blasting out of the speakers


smoking so much dope you enter the minds of the people you're with or are watching on the screen.

the latter is usual mostest fun except for the time i got way stoked watching a boxing match and entered the mind of the poor soul Tyson was pummelling.

Name: Blaise
browser bong hit

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 06:22:38
Tom - christ... I had them all, all twenty references to drugs in the corpus (excluding alcohol refs and the solo albums). Then my browser was so inspired, it "performed an illegal operation" and I lost it all. So now, including all albums and by default:

1) Most of 11 Tracks of Whack - Japanese Edition (you can't go wrong)

Q - Next time you write up your will hastily like that, remember that Blaise is only a 5 letter word... and you're right, "4" does rule, dammit!

Encouraging news of the day: you can be sworn in by the Supreme Court and never have to pee in a cup on the way there. Aus rules!

Clas - Aaahhhhh... see? You don't want pot to be legalized 'cause it's NOT YOUR drug of choice. That's selfish, man (I sound like Cheech already), very selfish. Ever heard of solidarity? And Sally Fields, yeah, I always had this thing too... ever since the flying nun. She contributed to the awakening of my sexual drive and confirmed my orientation at a tender age, that one. To this day, I still don't know why. Strange, isn't it?

Name: Q
Down in Tampa........

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 05:17:03
I agree with St. Al on this one.
I was compelled to stop "1-3" when my daughter was born (another gift she has given me), but I do miss the days!!!!!

Blaise is right on "3" - never a good ending - mine was at the Indy 500 in '87. Arythmia(sp?)- wrote will on back of scrap paper before finally vibrated to sleep/coma.

aaahhh for "2" - too much stuff wound up in my noggen(sp?)now for that - if it all unwound how would you put it back together again. Kind of likeupacking a box - it never goes back in the same way or fits in the box properly afterward.

"1" is cool but watch using "5" with it.

"5" would be magic if it weren't for the day after...

"4" rules


Name: wormy
the fix is in

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 05:01:25
top 5 drug inducements for a topsoil dweller

1) endorphin rush accompanying intense blading ritual
2) moving ear candy for the electric girlfriend
3) shamanistic urgings from staring at the sun too long
4) experiments with gravity
5) the keith richards swiss blood transfusion

haven't quite achieved 5 yet

so blaise if internet is #5
one can only imagine your uptake of 1-4
Hunter S. Thompson would be proud


into the heat of the brain dead dawn

oops exceeded my two posts for the week

Name: Clas

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 04:43:42
Blaise - five drugs that I can't stand to take, but are my favourites:

1. A sixpack and a microphone.

2. 3 sixpack + 1 gram of Amphetamin (no needles) and a megaphone.

3. 2 Valiums and a small bottle of Whiskey, sleep tight.

4. 5 Ketogane and Sally Fields.

5. 1 gram of Amphetamine, 5 nights and an Ambulance.


Name: wormwood
potting soil

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 04:40:01
let's see
can we stretch it out and make any
pot references in Dan songs

up on the hill, they got time to burn


I sense a top ten, but will leave the honors in the capable hands of my friend blaise

JIM# - no news lately from Washboard Laura
glad to see you passing on the family tradition

Cray Zee - thanks for sharing the Victor Feldman story

Where's StevieD these days


throw out the hardware lets do it right

Name: D.J Mitch
@ WJAZ Mt.Belzoni

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 04:30:16
The commencement speech by Donald threw me a curve, the word on the street is that both guys did their fair share of drugs....

Name: Blaise
American Verstand

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 04:26:37
What I find surprising in StAl top five list is that cocaine is still on the charts at number 3, still leading pot at number 4. Sure it starts out good but the outro is so sad. and the more you give it a shot, the sadder it gets. I've never heard a happy ending version of that one. And you dance 'til you're broke. I give it a 25.

My druggie top 5

1) Cannabis sativa
2) Coffee
3) Aspartam (tied with cold draft beer)
4) Cannabis, coffee and cigarette concoction)
5) Internet (obviously)

Name: Clas
when you move up to town...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 04:15:19
Jim - cool, your kids. I have only 1, but I sat him under brainwash too, and he's 25 now and a pretty good musician... he's going to be everything daddy never became.

Blaise - being suffering from panic attacks all my life I have tried everything from alcohol to Valium, Xanor and antidepressants to fight it (and you know where alcohol took me...).

The only drug (never tried LSD, Coke or Heroin) that I cant stand is Hasch and Marijuana, it brings out terrible panic attacs, certain as Amen in Church (but that has nothing to do with my point of view, the subject we've discussed).


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 04:06:52
I sat listening to the GBook CD last nite.

Gina - I must say that your song is great. It's a good song, you sing good and you have a certain attitude I like.

Scwinn - the same to you man. Your voice is golden. Goosebumperstickers.


StAl - yes, I'm not sure wether the people are put in jail or not (in Sweden), I think you have to carry a lot of weed before you have to go to jail, at least the first time (and it's more common with hasch than weed). And Christ Al, how do I feel as a taxpayer? Well, I think there is more concerning things to worry about. I mean, it isn't a MUST to smoke mariujana. If you're not addicted to it and it's against the law, well, just lay it off.

Or go into politics and change the world (USA).

RubyBABY - hi! My point is simply this; if you are an addictive type you'll never settle for one drug. That's a myth. So if you mess around with dope you're probably messing around with everything there is. And legalizing pot is giving the wrong signals to our kids.

I, myself, can't handle 2 Aspirins. So this shit "either pot or either alcohol" is bull.

And hey, someone will someday understand the Bumper...


Name: Blaise

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 03:36:01
You want pictures? You got 'em. At least a couple more:

Fagen in shades and gown is the coolest thing I've seen this year.

Clas - How come you know so much about prescription drugs? How come? (doing my best six year old son impersonation)

Daddy G - How come you never smoked? How come?

Name: Jim

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 02:46:13
My long term, exquisitely crafted plan to produce a new generation of Danheads begins to bear fruit. By exposing the three kids to SD since birth, the now teenaged trio have been occasionally noted humming, tapping, singing a chorus. Last night the whole clan spent an hour in the car with the Aja / Gaucho dual tape. Youngest actually reaches for the volume as the sax on Aja begins... and turns it up! Then he asks for the name of the drummer. Hee hee, did I have the answer?!

*I got 'em now, he cackles maniacally.*

Gina: Garlic - can it be considered an herb or a vegetable? :)

Wormy: You are so welcome, brother. Heard from our pal the percussionist lately?

Dano: saw a TV thing last night on the making of Haggis - exposing the great national secret. I now know more than I ever wanted to know...:)

Name: D
Location: E,
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 01:28:04

Name: DaddyG
Smokin....on a Sunday afternoon...

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 19101 at 01:00:18
Later|||| - you will be missed

It's nice to see all this relevant conversation!

So many times however, I see details - not roots - being argued. For instance: Abortion.

Everyone always argues the morality, the legality, what is a life, when is it life, an individual's right, a baby's right, and so on and on and on... it will never end. Everybody has a good point, and right, and wrong all at once.

I don't think anybody actually wants an abortion. It's a really awful experience ( from what I understand ).
Given that as a fact, why doesn't everyone put their money that they are pouring into protests, and bombs, and legal fees, get together and provide alternatives? We all actually want the same thing - a place for these little lives ( or whatever ) that don't infringe on the mother or father. It doesn't have to end in a dumpster, AND it doesn't have to ruin anyones life.

Drugs have a similar problem. I don't think anyone wants to be addicted. THAT'S the bottom line. We all argue over these details: Alcohol is legal, Marajuana is good for medical use, drugs are good for inspiration, the lobbyists, the justices, the government... and on and on...AGAIN, it will never end, and again everyone is right and wrong.

EDUCATION is the key to both problems in my mind. First of all, if you teach creative multidimensional thinking, then solutions to these problems may present themselves earlier, like BEFORE we have a drug war, or bombs kill doctors. Second, if we have better teachers, and more emphasis on education in general, our children might realize that addiction can ruin your life, and you should be extremely careful with whom, and how you have sex with someone - if at all. Giving children a loving, supportive atmosphere of learning with great teachers may provide the plug for the hole some people get which makes them turn to drugs. But no, our teachers are way overpaid already - HA.

If we have a society that sees the root of these problems rather than arguing over the tiny details, maybe we would find solutions faster. I must say that the discussion here has been very wonderful to read, and I look forward to more of this here.

By the way - I LOVE to drink wine and liquoer. Never smoked, but I am curious about 'shrooms...

Drinking Gaslighterfluid

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 22:46:35
also for Stevie..

and yeah that would be appropo seeing DF saying, "you dirty rat"
Soprano style.LOL
but then where would WB as the puppet master fit in?
hmmm that deserves 2 chin strokes.

and btw what is that person going on about shoes fitting and Iron Maiden? LOL! snake skin elevator boots praps?
smoke up johnny!

Name: eLLe
Long John

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 22:34:28
Comments: John
scroll to the bottom of this page Stevie, and see last sentence.
of course I am right!!! ; )

Name: Steveedan
Location: LA, CA USA
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 21:54:25
Hi eLLe --

I think I read somewhere a long time ago that a band that Reginold Dwight was in had two musicians from whom he chose his stage name. One was Elton, the other was John, but I thought it was a little known band that he played with in the pubs in Stebney. Maybe you're right though. Was there another band member in Long John Baldry's band whose first name was Elton? If not, you might be wrong.

Before I was a Steely Dan fanatic I was an Elton John fanatic, earning the nickname "Elton" by the time I was in 8th grade. This was because I was already able to play piano just like Elton on his early records at the time. Sorry to brag, but what the hell. After all, it's only rock 'n' roll.

I'm heading over to the chat room now to see if anyone is about.


Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 21:18:03
Elton John got his name "John" from Long John Baldry as we all know, right?
He lives in Vancouver, and has done for many years. He turns up at blues clubs now and again but one time ( years ago) he was booked at this bar and I got there early(because I am a big fan) and the guy at the door where I was supposed to pay a cover charge, looked at me and said, "you're with the band right?"
"erm, right".. and in I go and had a nice chat with Long John as well.Nice bloke. : )

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 20:47:38
!!!!THIS IS NOT TV!!!!!!YOU are not the passive consumer waiting to be entertained.

Cray Zee- I'm going to pass on the lyrical anal-ysis for the most part, thanks anyways.

Dano-got the new one (DM) this aft. but I haven't had the time to listen to it yet..busy busy busy busy..multitask..blah AND look I'm not even blonde

Name: angel
As the facts unravel

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 20:22:07
Robin: Thanks for mentioning the new ODP. Even Mark in Boston's fabulous color could not totally describe how very cool D & W look in those caps and gowns. WOW!

Aussie: Why are you visiting the Supreme Court?

Steveedan: I see that the Steely Fan Band are playing the NOHO Arts festival in June. A mid afternoon kind of thing. Maybe I can catch their set. :-)

Night all....

I've found this to be true....

Name: Robin
WebDrone On The Ball

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 18:52:37
Update to the ODP

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 18:23:47
Yeah, Aus, tell Tony Kennedy that he should be ashamed of himself given that he and his dad made careers of representing Liquor manufacturers like Schneley. I need a drink


Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 18:14:45
From Baudelaire to Aussie... time out of mind, baby!

Name: Al Chemy
Substance is the Absolute

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 17:56:14
I can't comment on the herbal refreshments- but I once mixed Crest Complete with a few atoms from a chicken nugget and smoked it in a hooka. I didn't wake up for a week!

the Philosopher's Stone(d)...

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 17:55:53
Whoa whoa whoah! Everybody: Run to local head shop. Buy clear glass Graffix bong. At home, put some good music on (hmmm...maybe, Steely Dan?) load glass bowl with super primo skunky hairy kind-bud. Pour some cold Poland Spring water (or its functional equivalent) into bong corpus. Grab a lighter. Light bowl. Inhale. Hold it in. Exhale. Repeat until marihuana is "beat". Relax and enjoy. It's gonna be alright. I promise.

Oh, BTW. When I get sworn into practise before the United States Supreme Court on Monday June 11, 2001, I'd be glad to forward any messages any of you might have for the Justices.

Good night.


Name: Cray Zee

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 17:47:09

Thanks for the welcome. I'm certainly not offended by your desire to respect stevie dan and will pay closer attention in the future.

We're not too far from each other. I work near Westwood and live in Encino.

I used to play bass and some guitar many moons ago. I played in bands here with some pretty good players, including the very talented and all around nice guy Dave Koz. But, truth be told, my talent fell far short of my bandmates' formidable skills and I got frustrated and gave up playing a long time ago.

I do have a cool (at least cool for me) "old timer" story that I'll relate to you. In high school, my friend (Dave Koz's older brother Jeff) and I were at a jazz club in the valley called Dante's to see Victor Feldman's quartet. Before the first set, Vic came out and was showing one of the other players this funky, staccato, very strange piano riff. It was so wierd sounding, we couldn't figure out what he was doing. Months later, Aja came out and the first time I heard "I Got The News," I recognized the piano part instantly. Vic had probably just finished the Steely Dan date when we saw him at the club.

Name: Baudelaire Bonding
it's the light in my eyes
Location: it's perfection and grace, it's the smile on my face
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 17:43:39
"Initially a certain absurd and irresistible hilarity seizes you. The most vulgar words, the simplest ideas take an odd and new aspect. This cheerfulness is to you insuportable with yourself; but it is useless of regimber. The daemon invaded you; all the efforts which you will make to resist will only be used to accelerate the progress of this evil. You laugh at your silliness and your madness; your comrades laugh at your face, and you do not be upset with them because the benevolence starts to appear.[...]
Sometimes it happens that completely unsuitable people at the puns, improvise interminable enfilades of puns, bringings together of ideas completely improbable, and made to cant the strongest Masters in this absurd art. At the end of a few minutes, the reports/ratios of ideas become so vague, the wire which connect your designs if are held, that your accomplices, your co-religionists alone can include/understand you. Your folatrery, your bursts of laughter appear the roof of the stupidity to any man who is not in the same state as you.
All problems philosophical are resolved. Every tough question thŽologians struggle against and which cause the hopelessness of reasoning humanity, are limpid and crystal clear. Any contradiction has reached unity. Man is one with the divine.I'm not saying that haschich produces on all men every effect I have just described. I simply related the phenomenons which are generally produced, with little variance, on the artistic and philosophical minds."

Charles Baudelaire (1821- 1867) Passages from "Of wine and haschich"

Name: sounds familiar
yes it is, it's...

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 17:14:43
steveVdan from Singapore, meet stevee dan and of course you already know stevie dan...

Name: Lou Chang
Green Flower Street

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 17:14:33
Is there any truth to a rumor I've been hearing that New Jerseys' own Don Fagen, will appearing in the Sopranos season finale as Tristan Fabriani - an associate of Tony?

Name: The Yellow Kid
steve v @singapore

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 16:29:54
just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents on pot etc...

although I don't get high anymore I still:
a).think marijuana is a great recreational drug (under the right circumstances)
b)is not addictive
c)in some ways is good for you
d)shouldn't be used by children (ie. under 21 or 18)
...historically pot has been used by everyone from the ancient Scythians (kings of Central Asia) to Louie Armstrong.....also of course our founding fathers Jefferson and certainly is a lot less fucking harmful than alcohol ot nicotine (which help cause my fathers early demise).....and it certainly should be used for medicinal purposes.....

the problem w/drug use is simple: the magical and ritual aspects are largely forgotten by us today...we've used them as an escape rather than as an "experience".......want an "experience" without the drugs?....check out the re-issue of Miles Davis early '70's cd's!...these guys were cooking!....with all of these early 1970's albums finally being issued Miles will be seen even larger than he was....a true bridge between Hendrix and Weather Report!......jeez what a tangent from pot to Miles...and I'm only on Nescafe!

Name: Better Business Bureau
Pussies Wide Shut

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 15:26:44
No smoke.

No drink.

No drug.

Just fuck.

Case closed.

Name: StAl

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 15:08:37
Clas: I think you missed the point I was trying to make. My irritation over this subject has more to do with money and fairness then which drug is better or worse. Let me ask you. In Sweden do they arrest people for smoking marijuana and throw them in jail? On a second or third conviction do they lock Ōem up for years? If so, how, as a taxpayer, do you like paying for this?

Now, do people go hungry in Sweden? If so, would you rather fund a penal system that throws pot smokers in jail or would you rather make sure the population was fed? You see, this is what we deal with in the US.... It is your exact argument that *is* the problem here. Stick your head in the sand and take the "high ground."

And regarding your "drug of choice" argument. Well, you're wrong. Pot is not my drug of choice. Here are my drugs of choice, in order...

1. Pain Killers
2. LSD/Psychedelics
3. Cocaine
4. Marijuana
5. Booze

I would never for A MINUTE suggest we legalize 1-3. It's an easy line to draw. If you can't see the diference between 1-3 and Marijuana you're cracked. And youÕre wrong again. Those drugs you compared to pot are physically addicting. I asked my pharmacist wife...

Fact of the matter is I rarely partake in any of those drugs anymore. However, if I choose to, as a consenting adult, nothing's gonna stop me. Furthermore I realize that I take a risk especially when I choose 1-3. And donÕt bother discussing the physiological risks involved because that is not the point.

Regardless whether you feel all drugs are equally as bad or whether pot is ok and the rest aren't, the point is we have a situation in this country that isn't going away. Do we keep wasting resources and treat the symptom(s) or do we come up with a solution to the problem [of Marijuana usage]. Hiding behind fear or righteousness in the name of social morality is getting us nowhere except further in debt.

Name: Gina
To smoke or be smoked

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 14:19:26
ditto, here in the netherlands growing the stuff isn't legal or allowed, selling it in small dosage however is legal or as they say, condoned. sigh, what about the condemned then ..

and yes indeed, not exactly a cure to the disease as well a cure, a relief where it concerns the agony and pain. it makes things bearable, like when someone suffers from arthritis.

i must say however that "in my days" of smoking hasj and weed, it wasn't a habit but merely something to make your experience listening to music one of a wider range and deeper levels. it made me and my friends dance and party or sit in a corner thinking deep thoughts, stuff like that! totally harmless indeed compared to drinking alcohol and the damage that can do, although we often used in combination. my friends and me were 14, 15 and most of them went a little further, we knew people who got addicted to speed and coke and heroin and medicine, like codeine, valium, seresta. i usually watched over my friends being this responsible one, haha! years later the xtc became popular and the average client of a coffee shop was younger and had more money to spend than we in our days ..

i never liked it when people smoke all day and then see the world and life in a continuous haze. before we moved to this section of town, i lived in a street that has this tremendous popular coffeeshop and near the market plaza where young drugs runners showed off their scooters .. and i don't like to see people stoned all day, no. and i do understand why some folks believe people who use drugs are useless bums, for there are a lot of those, unfortunately. we have many young folk coming from France and Belgium, almost a stereotype. a VW Golf, a Renault 5, 4 guys wearing casual cloth and baseball caps.

when you look in their eyes, it's gloom & doom you see, they're not overjoyed and thrilled to be alive. they're not even having fun.

and it's too bad those users are what a general opinion can be based upon. to conclude soft drugs are not healthy.
well, the discussion about soft drugs, hard drugs including alcohol has been going on for how long now?

i see addiction around me where it's not recognized as addiction to alcohol. it's real easy to take a glas of wine when you're nervous or when things at work are hectic or you're experiencing personal problems. alcohol however is much more accepted as part of our daily life, our culture. it's even recommended to go and get drunk sometimes to get things out of your system that way!!

i always found it funny and peculiar in the USA drinking alcohol was made such an issue, like each teen would go out and get drunk etc. maybe because of this puritan attitude it became this forbidden fruit and hard to handle for some ..

right now we have these strikes in our medical care. it's about money ofcourse, boards of hospitals say they can't afford to pay more than they're willing. and it's the sick people who are the real victims now, although there is understanding for the demands.

Rickie Lee Jones has added a new section to her Online House, a political section. many of her fans like to discuss certain issued or want to be informed on matters.

junkfood contains too much cholesterol that will crowd the arteries so the blood can't carry enough oxygen to where it's supposed to go ..
people who rule against soft drugs or pot for medical purpose will never rule against those things our modern life has to offer, right?

ever tried the natural high of garlic btw??
you probably won't have anyone near you to share the euforic bliss once you've eaten loads of it and others haven't .. garlic also makes the blood run & deliver like it's the most lucid thing to do :-)

time to say goodnight, 23.23 CET
bye everyone, sweet dreams ..
Banyan Tree Don't Pity Dracula Bow,

Name: luckless pedestrian
reefer madness
Location: on my way home, can you dig it?
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 14:13:53
all this talk is giving me the munchies.....not sure why.....

Name: Teacher
Leave us kids alone!

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 14:13:36
WIP! If those guys in Pink Floyd wrote and preformed those songs without using LSD......well.....that's really freaking unreal! How'd they do it??

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 13:32:13
There is a rumour that Roger Waters threw Rick Wright out of the band because of alleged cocaine usage. The band collectively denies the use of LSD.

Name: Cyn
Katama Mountains...Morocco

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 13:21:10

You mean Pot isn't legal...? Contrary to popular belief that I drink enormous amounts of alcohol, nothing could be further from the truth. I was raise where there was no drinking age limit. We did not abuse it as I have witnessed here in the states. Just last month a boy at my sons school(a senior) was killed when he wrapped his truck around a tree. Yes..he had been drinking and went out for a joy ride, thank God the kid in the passenger seat lived. I'd known this boy since 1st grade, and he WAS a good kid, he just made a HUGE mistake. Sometimes thru commercials we glorfiy Beer, we make drinking wine look "oh so cool".
A few years ago a friend made a great comparison of drinker's and "smokers"....she said "put a bunch of people drinking in the same room and sure enough you'd most likly end up with fistfights". "Put a bunch of "smokers" in a room, and you'd just have happy (but hungry) people".

I agree with the person who stated that if one of the Justices or a member of THEIR familiy needed medicinal marijuana, they would probably get it hand delivered (and perfectly rolled) from that lovely 5 acre patch of US land down in Kentucky.

Name: Chips

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 13:12:27
so how about those Red Sox?......

Name: (s)tones
i.e, medicinal pot:

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 12:44:49
There has been 50 years of anecdotal AND scientific evidence about the various benefits of marijuana that is discarded and ignored by those that want to maintain the status quo. BEER is at least as harmful to the human body as pot. But that isn't even the issue. The issue is:


Tests and scientific evidence is irrelevant when it's your wife, mother, father, or yourself suffering though the symptoms of some tragic disease. To deny relief to people because of politics is inhumane. This is the biggest "Fuck you" to sick people since Reagan ignored the AIDS epidemic.

Other issues: cancer? How many people do you know chain smoke joints. Unless they're smoking crap, it can't be done.

"Gateway" drug? *Bad parents* are the real "gateway" drug. Passing on low/no self-esteem or no ability to make rational decisions is like handing your kids heroin. Some people who use pot would probably be dead or worse if they didn't have some outlet for their inherited dysfunction. Sure it's a crutch, but you can bet our government isn't going to spring for programs to help people cope with life. And as we've seen, alcohol (our official federally endorsed national drug) doesn't help. Nobody has ever OD'd or beat their wife after smoking too much pot.

The Cannibus Clubs distributed pot to people with a *doctor's prescription*. It was not run by High Times magazine. They were necessary because you couldn't walk into your local pharmacy to fill those prescriptions. 4 years ago on CNN Talk Back Live, in the days after Cailfornia,
Arizona, and other states voted to allow medicinal pot, Drug Czar McCaferney (sp) was on sayin how basically the voters were stupid and uninformed. The last phone call was from an elderly man from Arizona who had just lost his wife to cancer. They had tried everything to ease her suffering in her last years, Cannibinol (THC pills that can be legally prescribed) included. Finally her doctor just said that though he couldn't legally recommend it, he thought marijuana would help this poor lady through her suffering. Saying he had never broke the law in his life, this elderly gentleman had to go looking for pot in the streets just to give his wife relief from the pain of her illness. And yes, the pot worked. And the man said he'd do it again if he had to. When he had finished telling his story, the audience was in tears; even McCaferney was visibly shaken. After a breaking quickly to a commercial, the show resumed, and McCaferney had softened his hardline stance to "the tests still need to be done." Unfortunately that was only so he wouldn't be seen as the callus asshole he is.
Think about that elderly guy next time you cast your vote.

enuf. Sue me if I typed too long...


Name: Steveedan
Location: LA, CA USA
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 12:36:21
Hi Cray Zee -- Yes, I live on the westside of LA, near Beverly Hills. Please, sorry to be picky, but due to my respect for a fine gentleman who resides in Raleigh, NC nicknamed stevie dan, please refer to me as Steveedan. stevie dan, who has been posting here in the GB for many years, has allowed me to use my nickname which is very similar to his with the proviso that I spell my nickname consistently. So please honor him, as do I. I, like yourself, are new to this guestbook and as I can see, based on your posts, wish to show respect to those who have been here longer (a lot longer) than we have. That's all, I don't mean to admonish you. I just wanted to let you know about stevie dan. Watch for his posts, he is tremendously knowledgable about music and his posts make for an entertaining read almost all of the time. (Hi stevie dan !!)

I too always thought the rikki don't lose that NUMBER was about not losing the safety net known as the joint. After all, you might use (smoke) it when you feel better, when you get home (off the streets where the cops can get you!) That was always my belief about that. The Gay angle you present is new and different. All supportable viewpoints, just like you mentioned to eLLe, are entertaining, so keep it up.

I was one of the founding fathers of and I used to play with the Orange county based SD trib band called the Steely Fan Band, but I don't like constant nightclub gigging, I only like to do it occasionally, plus I was not willing to continue to travel 50 miles each way to practice with the band and play late night gigs down there. Getting home after 2:30 AM most of the time got old quickly. I run my own business and that is where most of my energy has to go. I found it hard to get up and be productive during the day after the late nights with the band.

I do help various friends out by doing keyboard tracks on their demos and other recordings from time to time, and since spring has sprung its time to get some jam sessions here in LA going again. Jamming is the most fun for me as my scope of interest ranges from Rock to Jazz and back.

Do you play an instrument Cray Zee? Let me know. I look forward to your future posts. I may be new here, but you are newer, so I have the opportunity to welcome you here. So welcome man.


Name: ruby baby
US Supreme Court against

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 12:27:53
What I don't get is why was the ruling UNANIMOUS? Where are the Liberals when you need 'em? The entire bench isn't conservative...

And you can bet your ass that if one of those geezers on the Supreme Court got really sick and needed some relief, they'd find a way to get some weed.

Clas: if my son had just stuck to pot, he'd have been ok. The thing with kids it this: they have an immature tendancy to branch out to other drugs way more than adults, (except for artists, I think. Why is that?)

I put your bumper sticker on my car. Haven't met anyone who knows what it means, yet.


Name: Jackson Browne
singing in my hotel room with the boys in the band
Location: what's that sound, clas, buddy?
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 12:20:31
in unrelated news today:

SAN DIEGO (AP) - In the largest cocaine seizure in U.S. maritime history, the Coast Guard found 13 tons of the drug aboard a fishing boat that aroused suspicion because it had no working fishing equipment and few fish.

why is this so damn funny? as in duh?

and i considered going into the coast guard, destiny has a way of taking care of us all.....

Name: Cray Zee

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 12:07:53
Blaise -- Thanks. Cool site. The artist has a great vehicle for expressing his appreciation for the songs. Got the Rikki interpretation right, too.

StevieDan -- Understand you're an LA boy, too. Do you play here in town?

eLLe -- I'm open to all interpretations. Convince me; just use the lyrics to support your position.

Name: Steveedan
Location: LA, CA USA
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 11:23:03
Hi Dr. Mu - Thank you for your mentioning of my post. As you can see, "I've spent a lot of money and I've spent a lot of time" on pot and my subsequent sobriety.

To Cray Zee - I like your interpretations too. I am much more focused on recreating the music and the right chords, etc., but the multi-faceted, open to various interpretations aspect of the lyrics has been extremely fascinating and entertaining for many, many years.

I can't say whether I would have or have not been drawn to the music of Steely Dan if I had not been a partaker of recreational drugs in my youth because I have no point of reference for not being into partying in my youth - and a budding youthful musician to boot!

But it is definitely my belief that Donald and Walter were into drugs as was most of the music world at that time. Being influenced by jazz musicians such as Charlie Parker (heroin addict), Miles Davis (who got off of herion), Ornette Coleman (I don't know about his usage or non-usage), etc. Would not necessarily dictate to the boys of Steely Dan that they should or should not partake in drug use.

Before I was into the music of Steely Dan and jazz I was a huge fan of Elton John and played all of his music on piano at that time (I was in 8th grade, it was back in 1973). Before the Dan I was greatly influenced by Elton, but I was never interested in being gay, for example. I bring this up because like drug use, sometimes this can be considered a choice in one's lifestyle. Don't misunderstand me - I am not trying to get into a huge debate about whether being gay or straight is a choice or in the genes, please. It's just an analogy.

Here's a funny Elton-drug annecdote. In the mid 1970's on the American Rock Music Awards show, Elton was one of the presenters and he kept flubbing his lines. At one point Elton said something like:" And I'm only on 4 Quaaludes!" My point about this is that even before Steely Dan, my friends and I were listening to a lot of rock music and partying alot. A guitarist friend of mine once said that he did not really "get" Jimi Hendrix's music until he listened to it high.

Just like the commonality of human emotions, the experience of being high can also be similar among people, and I think that getting high and being a part of the social counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s gave the youth of the US, UK, and other locales a sense of belonging and gave us a language that our parents couldn't understand - unless they busted us.

I remember one time when my step-mother found my older step-brother's puny little potted pot plants, yanked them out of their little pots, and walked around our house with them in her hand not knowing what to do. (She finally decided to flush them down the toilet, alas.) I wanted to call the police and have them arrive to find my mother holding these pot plants and incarcerate her - I am now dealing with my feelings in a more positive and cognitively correct manner, but hey, that was when I was 12 or so.

So there you have it -- a little more color on the green subject.


Name: Blaise

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 11:18:17
Cray - Had to really dig for that one:

eLLe - Thanks for the funny article. BC rules, btw. I think their hybrids might be too potent for what the government has in mind though. : )

Mu - Believe it or not, being Canadian, I thought the name of the judge was a derogatory term aimed at activists and it lead me to misunderstand the intent of your sentence. Shows the extent of what I know...

steeve - Great take. I couldn't have written it better.

W1P - Do you really believe noone in Pink Floyd ever got involved with hard stuff? I myself find that very hard to believe.

Edd- Great job on kicking the nicotine, another legal yet lethal drug that proved harder for me to kick than reputedly more addictive... huh other things. Btw, have you ever seen the grotesque packaging the Canadian govt imposed on tobacco companies? Worth a look if you want more incentive to keep going. Pictures of damaged lungs, gums, hearts and more...

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 11:07:45
you don't know about Clapton- SLOW HAND?
oh my!

ttfn kids.

Name: eLLe

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 11:05:04
sha right! and Rikki being a song about a gay person makes sense?
I don't think so.
the *number* being a joint is totally in context with the rest of the song,
for the era.

Name: Cray Zee
No relation to Jay

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 10:46:51
I'm glad people are reading, considering and in most cases enjoying the song interpretations. It's very cathartic to organize and express these thoughts after so many years.

Topsoil -- I agree that the songs are wonderful because, among many reasons, they're open to different interpretations. Also, you can listen to and think about a song for years and years and not be able to make complete sense of it, and then one day you read a word or line differently and things come into focus. But you already know that. My only pet peeve is that an interpretation consider and be consistent with the song as a whole. You can't take a word, phrase or line and interpret it without reference to the rest of the song (i.e., Rikki's "number" is a joint; that doesn't make sense with the song as a whole).

Oleander -- Don't know about Clapton or Pointer Sisters. The impression in my mind created by Slow Hand Row is more of an up and down stroking thing.

Blaise -- I didn't see the digital art Oleander referred to. Could you post again and direct me to it?

Name: DrMu

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 10:42:15
sorry that's W1P who said that

But you're right - what an inspiration for a large portion of the Dan discography.

Name: DrMu

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 10:38:57
Edd, Blaise: In Texas, Driving Under the Influence does include not only alcohol, but marijuana, cocaine, etc. and prescription drugs. I'm sure there are similar laws in other states.

Blaise: Awwww, c'mon. You've got to admit that the image of Judge Bork in dreadlocks is FUNNY, not offensive. There was no intention to offend anyone including you. The following point was mean to illustrate where that logic led. If you took that personally I apologize - forgot the winky thing ;)
If I can't be politically incorrect at a Dan site, where else? Academics is shackled enough by PC and a lack of humor...

Steveedan: That's a mulifacted post - a lot of thoughts that illustrates the complexity of the problem. One of the things that seemed true of the bop composers/musicians was the tie in with drugs. It seems like though to my recollection that Ken Burns went out of his way to illustrate that Bird's "busy weekends" did not influence his music - he was great in spite of them. Others emulated the lifestyle: Innovative music; drugs. Let's see if B will lead to A.

But you're right - what an inspiration for a large portion of the Dan discography.

Name: eLLe
BC pot

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 10:37:37
Blaise I don't have a blurb like that, but I do have this one, my mom-in-law clipped and sent to us from the Colonist ( Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) newspaper.Just to add a little of Canada's medicinal marijuana to the picture. We got a chuckle from it.
go to my ftp site..
and see BC pot.
: )

Name: eLLe
shootin straight from the hip

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 10:13:41
just because I come from British Columbia?
that's ok Blaise, but for the record I do not partake in drugs or alcohol. I have a drink with my parents every now and again and the last toke I had was 4 years ago and I hadn't had one in 17 years!!
ps. pot doesn't actually "cure" anything. It does relieve symptoms though.

and a smiley to warm yer heart : )

Name: Steveedan
Location: LA, CA USA
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 09:42:25
Well, it's my turn to get into the fray --

I have just read all of the postings regarding pot. I have a lot to say on this subject -- 25 years + worth !

There are certainly appropriate opinions on both (all?) sides of this issue. For myself, I started smoking it in high school, graduated to heavier drugs, gave up the heavier drugs and never gave up pot, smoking it daily after college, until last December 2000 when I quit entirely. I am now 5 months without even one single hit.

First, a current working definition of addiction (or addictive behavior): the pursuit of any substance or activity which is pursued to the exclusion of other activities, be they fun based or responsibility based. This means not only in relation to using a substance, but also gambling, sex, shopping, hey, even spending too much time on the Steely Dan sites (like me presently).

My belief about pot is similar to my belief about alcohol use in that there is an implied responsibility on the part of the user to know his or her limitations, based on physiology and the environmental surroundings of that person in order to determine the limits that one should not go beyond. This is not always easy to determine nor adhere to.

As far as the mental acuity of the pot smoker (or absense of it, mon) it is as individual as thumbprints and snowflakes. Everyone is different. I, and most of my friends, graduated good American universities (UC Berkeley for me), obtained and retained good jobs and careers, started families, saved for their futures, took care of their aging parents, etc. On the other side of the coin, the denial state that has been refered to here previously is extremely valid.

Pot allowed me to avoid dealing with the bad stuff in my life up to now. As a result, I had to invest a lot of time and money into learning and trying to master cognitive coping skills after I gave up pot. I am not too aware of street bums or driving while under the influence of pot accidents or busts, but yeah, they probably do exist. As far as drinking and alcohol abuse goes, a certain lead guitarist in the Steely Fan Band was forced to leave the band due to a way too heavy relationship (because that's what it is folks) with drinking. I, when I was keyboardist and musical director for the band, was smoking heavily during that time because (in addition to my other personal issues and yes DENIAL)I was losing patience with various circumstances with the work ethic of certain band members. But I wrote charts, prepared set lists, did research, always showed up on time ready to work, supported my wife and baby boy, etc. I could not overcome the alcohol situation however. It is one of the strongest and beguiling forces in the world today.

As far as legalizing pot, this is a hard issue to grapple with. While I totally agree with the "Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms" concept brought up earlier in which it appears to have become a big business to fight and prosecute for pot growth, trafficing and possession, I also pause a bit (knowing now what I do about myself and my own over-usage) when considering the issue of legalizing it. Using pot once in a while seems OK, but how does any user know that it won't escalate from there to where I got?

No one does. It's as individual as the aforementioned snowflakes. Clas has some valid points. Blaise has some valid points. St. Al, our host, has valid points. I think that I do too as well.

There is no definitive answer to this issue. Taken on a personal level, it becomes an issue of lifestyle and the implied responsibility that I refer to above.

I will tell you though that I really loved pot. When I catch an old Cheech & Chong movie, or any movie showing people smoking pot I silently cheer like I used to when pot was in my daily routine. It was a great fun time and relationship for me, but, it certainly was not without its costs. And I am not only refering to the expense of the awesomely potent and fragrant pot I used to get. The cheap stuff would just give me a headache. Sheesh !!

I do not cast any judgmental thoughts toward those who still partake in it. MA (Marijuana Anonymous) does exist. If denial states are not getting in the way, I invite anyone to check it out. Every 12-step program has its looney zealots to be sure, but the 12-step program has certain useful benefits. I don't go to MA meetings that much, but I do go occasionally and they can be supportive.

There are lots of different aspects on this issue to consider. Here are a few of the ones I think about.

So there's my two cents -- or should I say ounces ?


Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 09:17:49
This is not an endorsement of anything. For discussion purposes only, is there an argument that there would be no Steely Dan without drugs? Although my understanding is limited solely to Ken Burns' work, it seems like a lot of the jazz greats were heavily influenced (inspired?) by drugs. Since Walt/Don appear to have been heavily influenced by the jazz greats, doesn't that mean they were at least indirectly influcenced by drugs? Doesn't this mean that, even though they themselves had nothing to do with drugs, their music clearly does? Is it possible to enjoy (or be a fan of) something that probably would not exist but for drugs and still be vehemently anti-drug? I do not know the answers to these questions. Hey, I don't even know if the questions are legitimate. Pink Floyd always claimed that they had nothing to do with drugs but that alcohol was their "drug" of choice. However, if you've ever been to a Floyd concert, you know that many PF fans are fueled by the, don't call me chronic, kind.

Name: Blaise
can't let this go by, sorry

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 08:50:43
"Feeling offended is only a step away from guilt and shame". I should feel guilty and shameful now for questionning your point of view? Or do you mean that all who indulge should feel that way? I have to admit, I'm somewhat disappointed by your style of debating here, no offense. Not to mention your use of tired maxims, old wives tales and stereotypes to make a point. Is that how it's done in academic circles in the US? Puhleaze...

Name: Cheech Marin
cleaned up and fully employed
Location: santa claus, is not a musician man!
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 08:38:19
I'm against legalization of marijuana because if it's legalized, then my old movies aren't funny any more.


Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 08:36:35
Of course, it's easier to find someone at fault if they write more than one well thought out line at a time. And I don't encourage driving impaired in any way, if that's what you're trying to suggest. I thought I was clear on that anyway. And if you think that on the strenght of this, you can dismiss my whole line of questionning this morning, it's your call. All I admit to is being wrong in challenging people to find what obviously is to be found out there. Sorry about that, my mistake.


Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 08:27:57

I stopped at the first article that fit all the criteria you asked for. It was not the only result of the search. The fact it was from Canada is irrelevant.

Name: Take Two (Bong Hits) & Call Me In The Morning
Location: Chumbawamba, UK
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 08:24:31
I smoke two joints in time of peace and two in time of war, I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints and then I smoke two more, smoke two joints. Prohibition teaches us that if you take the profit out of the trafficking of contraband, you eliminate the incentive for organized crime to participate in said trafficking -- be it the Cosa Nostra or the Crips. Do you suffer from long term memory loss? Well I don't remember

Name: Blaise

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 08:17:10
You found one for how many otherwise? And you had to go to Canada to find it. I never said it was impossible. It's just not as frequent. How many people drive out there under the influence of prescription drugs for example? And most of these substances are perfectly legal. I am humbled and genuinely impressed by your net speed nevertheless.

Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 08:08:47
"In fact, I challenge anyone here to find me a documented example (in digital format) of a deadly accident related to "weed driving" where alcohol was not involved as well in any way. "
The above is posted only as a response to Blaise's challenge, and should not be construed as indicative of my position on the subject being discussed.

Name: Blaise

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 07:46:04
Edd, with all due respect, I agree impaired driving is impaired driving, whatever you use. But you hear a lot more about the consequences of DRUNK driving than anything else. In fact, I challenge anyone here to find me a documented example (in digital format) of a deadly accident related to "weed driving" where alcohol was not involved as well in any way.

And if I appear inarticulate or slow then let me know about it please, by all means.

Name: San Francisco Knight
Location: London, UK
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 07:45:04
Alritey guys!

Hope you are all well. New job, new car, new trousers.

Still no luck in the hunt for Victoria Caves affection. Maybe is was never meant to be!

Keep it loose.


Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 07:26:54

DrMu, thanks.

(And that's a hell of a segue. From "Keep it up" to a discussion of impotence...)

Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 07:24:48

I would take no comfort in knowing the driver who killed an innocent victim was under the influence of weed, and not drunk.

Name: Blaise
drawn back in

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 07:19:15
Thanks Clas. I never knew what Mogadon meant but I heard it in a Marillion song called Punch And Judy a long time ago. It went like this:
"Curling tongs, Mogadons
"I got a headache baby, don't take so long"
Single beds, middle age dread
Losing the war in the Waistlands spread
Who left the cap of the toothpaste tube
Who forgot to flush the loo
Leave your sweaty socks outside the door
Don't walk across my polished floor, oh Judy..."
That Scottish Fish fellow was good with lyrics. Too bad...
Shit, I hope my sons aren't using since the oldest is only six.
And if there is a legal substitute out there in pill form that won't damage my lungs, then bring it on. I usually don't use it to fall asleep per se but recreationally (as in occasionally), just to have a good time and experience life from a different perspective. I don't believe it "slows me down" on a cognitive level at all (contrary to what Mu suggested), au contraire. Although i can see how it could affect people differently. And I don't consider myself addicted either but I know it's easy to see the product of denial in anything, really. If there is an addiction, it's merely psychological in that I might enjoy it too damn much for my own good.
The law says I can get drunk and play with guns all I want but I have to get rid of my plants. It's absurd, period.

On a Steely note, there are Berklee pictures that will be made available for viewing tomorrow, according to the web site, at

Name: DrMu

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 07:17:31
Clas: You make very reasoned arguments. Starvation of cerebral metabolism is not a good thing.

We should all think about it though as it is Big Government spending. In fact, if we confuse big business with big government then a complete reexamination of everything the Feds do is in order, but that's another story. It seems like a fraction of incarceration costs could be used for rehab. for all drugs. Plus keeping drug users out of jail lessens the chance that it becomes a gateway to real crime.

If marijuana is or becomes part of the culture, then should not we be proud of the pioneers in Jamaica? Feeling offended is only a step away from guilt and shame - score a point for Clas.

I smoked during the 70s - who didn't?
Not that it matters, but I don't drink anymore either...

I don't know anything - I'm only a searcher and reporter...

Edd: congrats. Keep it up.

Oh, jeez that reminds me. Not that this in *any* way pertains to Edd mind you, but I came across a few articles a couple of years ago that long-term smoking can contribute to impotence. Dissemination of this knowledge among teens and adults would cut smoking by at least 49% (the males) and any grateful females.

Name: Boston Rag
DF Speech

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 06:59:34
Ole - I watched and listened to the videotape about 10 times when I was transcribing the speeches and I could have swore DF said "take money from a woman". Then again, I thought he said "from Blues First from Mose Allison" and since then I've read a news clip that quoted "from a blues verse from Mose Allison". That makes more sense. I searched CDNOW and there is no Mose Allison recording called Blues First.

Mark in Boston

Name: Clas
memory laps of reason

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 06:34:48
StAl/Blaise - I do understand your point of view, really, I mean, did you see me in New Orleans?

But my point is, why POT? Smoking a couple of joints aday is the same as smoking 40 cigs (okay, I heard that somewhere, maybe it was Oprah).

There's a sleeping-pill, Rohypnol, flunatrizepam, a bensodiazepine, pretty harmless if you follow the prescription, that is illegalized in USA. Why? Mogadon (the same stuff) are still out there. Why not lobby for Rohypnol?

You don't do that cause POT is the drug of your choice. And in every addiction there's a denial.

And there are so many friends of me that are sitting totally unengaged, unfocused, just passing a joint 'round. Those are the ones paying the price for the one who can have a recreation-joint once in a while.

And if there's such a serious thing as an AA for pot-smokers, well, I don't know if it's that harmless.

And Blaise wrote:

"I'd rather my kids, at a reasonable age of course, experience with pot than having them die at the wheel coming back from prom night loaded on Smirnoff like it happened to a very dear friend of mine in my teens."

What makes you believe that kids choose between pot and alcohol? They are probably doing both. And maybe more (not your kids, generally speaking).

There are strong forces in Europe who wants to legalize the whole shit. For me it's an ideology thing, - No, we are stuck with alcohol, there's no reason to bring in another substance in the book.


Name: Blaise
correction (must be last night's wine and cheese)

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 06:33:12
I wish to apologize to eLLe for implying she was the stoner anon poster from last night. In any case, right on whoever!

And I might have read Mu a little fast but I still smell an apologetic stance in there regarding the current state of affairs in drug policies and can't bring myself to agree with it, however seriously documented it may seem. It still appears very conservative in vision where there should be a willingness to consider change, imho.

StAl brings up some interesting facts. The war on drugs is big business as it is and this is not likely to change overnight. Thousands are employed in its deployment and a few major players have stakes involved rendering any reform effort very difficult.

Worm Tom should not be a stranger, also imho.

alright enough of me already.

Name: Steve Coward

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 06:27:33
Clas- If you smoked pot instead of drinking vodka maybe you wouldn't be such an asshole.

Name: ClarenceThomas

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 05:48:20
No, No, Dr. Mu. We's on the Court to appoint Republican Presidents

Name: luckless pedestrian
not to be confused with ellepeee - lol
Location: and now i'm confusing, my ed(d)'s
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 05:43:10
sorry ed (one d), but yes it was a steamy day, i got baby powder everywhere, cripes! LOL!

and to the other edd, oops.....

i'm with the room monitor on the marijuana thing, wasting money fighting nothing instead of, as i said, makin money through taxing the stuff!

welcome duncan, are you from boston, as in the gravity research institute of watertown (castle burgers and a dentist chair in the parlour)? your email addy gives it away if i'm right! no testing for you too, if i am right, you will fit right in here, have a seat!

mark and nmn and any other boston posters here: lunch in mid-june when i get back from tokyo okay?

and a happy tuesday to you, christopher robin...

Name: topsoilant tom
I recall when I was small

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 05:41:24
only the slightest of scans of the last 5 days of GBdom

|||||| we hear your leaving, that's okay
know the feeling as I'm barely here myself

Jim# thanks for the wonderful Jazzfest website narration to bring it all back home, glad to have escaped with you, Amy and Aja for part of it

Crazy Zee - enjoying your insights to the songs
Certainly the ambiguous nature of Dan lyrics opens itself to many interesting interpretations - like your enthusiastic takes
a breath of fresh air indeed

and no peeking at Ole's Fever Dreams sight till you've given us your empassioned takes on a song

Elle - Van Gogh suffering from fungus in his wheat? perhaps you should treat yourself to Irving Stone's classic novel Lust For Life, a purely pleasurable read of the relationship of the artist his art and the fine line of sanity

Mark of Boston - thanks for the Berklee play by play
do I read "when can I casually slip out the back" running through Don and Walt's heads

enjoying the "this year in dandom" posts
puts a sort of interesting twist to the day's own charm or lack there of

toodles of topsoilantry


the busy world was not for me

Name: StAl

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 05:34:28
Clas: It's a simple line to draw. Marijuana. Period. And who said anything about kids? Do you really think legalizing it will make it easier for kids to get a hold of? It was easier to get when I was 13 than it is now simply because it was so available and I worked at searching it out. The problem, ding-dong, isn't so much the fact the government says I canÕt smoke it. Fuck the government. The real problem, in this country, is the OUTRAGEOUS sums of money we spend fighting, pursuing, convicting and incarcerating pot smokers. It's flat INSANE. I read an article that stated there are over 700,000 people in jail -- busted for smoking pot. Cost to the US tax payer for this insanity = probably more than Sweden's gross domestic product...

Here's but ONE example: 400 million spent on 65 Blackhawk helicopters for the Columbian army for crop fumigation and other uses. 400 million would pay for rehabilitation for 200,000 US addicts.

It's going to get worse now the Dubbya's in office. He appointed a new DEA chief that makes William (tightass) Bennett look like a choirboy.

I am a consenting adult. I smoke pot maybe a half dozen times a year, usually in social situations like Steely Dan concerts... I will continue to do so regardless of what the government tells me.

Name: Blaise
one more thing

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 05:31:24
Clas - As far as I know, Marijuana is totally natural and has been used for thousands of years. On the other hand, alcohol is a prepared substance like hashish, a product derived from a natural source but only a result achieved through man's intervention. But I ain't no scientist and never pretended to be so...

Name: Blaise
damn memory lapses

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 05:25:04
duncan, you're welcomed, in my book anyway. Please have a seat in the... El Supremo coffee shop or whatever.

Name: Blaise

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 05:14:43
Well Clas, I wouldn't know about amphetamines and such so I won't comment on what I don't know, unlike others here. And sure given a choice, I'd rather my kids, at a reasonable age of course, experience with pot than having them die at the wheel coming back from prom night loaded on Smirnoff like it happened to a very dear friend of mine in my teens. I know this is unpopular but what the heck...

And really this Mu innnuendo about the "Ganja Mon" cliche not only clashes with the objectivity he usually takes pride in seeking, it is an insult to those who choose this as their recreative drug of choice. It's basically saying you can't be an articulate human being if you make that choice. As if eLLe is Cheech and I'm Chong and we couldn't possibly defend this point of view seriously in a Court of Law. Believe me, if I thought I'd be heard at all and didn't expose myself to all kinds of scrutiny, I would gladly do so, in a New York minute. Now I consider myself privileged to live in Canada because if I ever am striken with a painful ailment, I can rest assured I won't ruin myself paying for treatment and will be able to somehow soften the pain of both treatment and ailment. All this thanks to my governement's sensible health policies.

Name: Clas
Where the Knights are bright...

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 04:53:20
...and Chesterfield Kings.

Mu - AND I know what "cerebral" is too :)


Blaise - I am totally with you on the alcohol-stuff, of course. But being realistic, can you make a drug that's been legal for thousands of years illegal? I think USA tried that once.

But when it comes to drugs that are illegal, where do you draw the line?

-If we could legalize marijuana, shit, let's legalize amphetamine. It's pretty harmless (and in fact, it is more harmless than pot).

It's about a societys morality/ethics, a way to say;

-No way, we do care.

And would you Blaise, really, want your kids to smoke pot?


Name: duncan

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 04:51:05
Hi everybody ?
i'm just back from a weekend in amsterdam & think there is a case for legalizing certain drugs
(be kind as it's my first posting)

Name: Blaise
forgot (must be reefer madness)

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 04:01:30
Right on eLLe!

Name: Blaise
too funny

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 03:42:54
DrMu - Now let's do something similar with alcohol shall we? The DRUG is not only perfectly legal and encouraged as a practice, it KILLS everyday, buddie. It's the poor soul walking down the street unaware there is a stray bullet driving down the steet with his/her name on it. It's the liver cirrhosis and the delirium tremens your old uncle is fighting with his last breath. It's often the spouse or kids at the wrong end of the fatal blows. How about alcohol, monsieur Mu? Can't we find a smart-ass paper somewhere that would accurately illustrate the REAL DAMAGE this socially sanctionned substance causes every day? Maybe we should ask the millions of its victims why it's legal and condoned.

I very rarely drink. For personal reasons, I have this strong aversion to booze in all forms and only drink when feeling COMPELLED by society to do so. I have been a marijuana user more on than off for over twenty years and research performed by people who are financed by "alcohol, tobacco and firearms" interests don't impress me at all. The same with media reports, btw. I'm convinced through experience that there is an amotivational aspect to regular use that can lead one to be less productive and there is also a mind expanding angle that can lead one to question given realities. Two things your beloved system will never encourage since it fuels on this productivity-obsessed ideology.
Now let's see some articles on alcohol use and its long-term effects and some questionning the pertinence of its legal status.
This is a joke, isn't it?

And Clas, please, we're not talking about heroin here or even cocaine and you know it. I have never encountered someone desperate enough for pot, they will sell their body and soul to score more. Or end up in the park living off the scraps of other people like a freakin' street pidgeon. I've seen drunks end up like that but... that's alright, have a Bud Lite. There IS a world of difference and you know it.

Oh and |||||||||, Sunday night 9:30pm on Vermont's Mountain Lake Television, the PBS Steely Dan concert is replayed, if you don't have it on tape or DVD already. I understand you're not going but will come back once in a while so no change, really. I think you should give this flat world here more credit and visit more often myself. This 2D universe needs your kind badly.

Name: Edd

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 03:08:47
Today starts my 4th smokeless week.

...the stereo in my car allows me to program a custom "Turn On Message" that will be displayed when the radio is initially powered up. I was trying to think of some appropriate text and finally settled on "Who Makes The Traffic Interesting?"

...added a hummingbird feeder this year. So far, nothing.

Name: Rikki
Hot for Tom Cruise

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 02:44:53
Finally someone figured out that I'm a fag! Congratulations!

Is there ANY subject Dr. Mu doesn't know something about? I just love adventurous, soul-less men! Spewing out the card catalogue on sativa without ever having written (or rolled) a paper. Talk about Profiles in Courage!!

Pot makes a person sleep. REM comes to mind. Theta waves are produced in dreamless sleep and are responsible for GIANT erections and accidental storks. Of course, if you don't want an accident then have sex with me, RIKKI!

Imagine That! Steely Dan was just as homophobic as Marshall Mathers is today--and long before it was rappin' cool!

Is that a skeleton in your closet or are you just glad to see me?


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 01:29:33
Dr Mu - great stuff you posted, seriously. But, I know what "metabolism" is, I know what "starvation" is, but I don't understand the meaning of this;

"...starvation on cerebral metabolism."

Would you care to explain?

Gina - hey girlie, Lisa Ekdahl sucks, so does Rebbecka Thšrnkvist. But Monica Zetterlund is our greatest singer thru times. She is retired now. I have friends who used to tour with her.

She is a very wise and funny woman. She used to be in films and cabares and stuff, very talented.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 19101 at 00:44:15
Do I understand this? Correct me if I don't:

You guys want to legalize marijuana? You are talking about freedom. But we live in a civilization, 1 mans "freedom" are 100 mens loss. The freedom you speak of is always on the expence of someone else. Have you never heard about solidarity?

And Netherlands, and Switzerland, sure, go look and the junkies who are gathered and fenced in in some outdoomed railway area, they are free. And so are the drugs.

Do you want to legalize murder too?

- Hey, people kill each other, it's nothing we can do about it, let's legalize it.


Name: oleander
last doublewide on the left

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 21:40:21
|||||--so sorry you're choosing reality over... this. I'm fortunate to have met your lovely self and hope you'll stay in touch somehow.

Mark--masterly journalistic dedication! Thanx for your vivid account and perseverance in the face of withering heat and bombast. And PLEASE keep me on the list for any recording of the Fri. night festivities. BTW Mr. Fagen is otherwhere quoted as saying "DON'T take money from a woman."

CrayZ--hey, you related to Jay? Very very interesting stuff on "Rikki" in more ways than one. Did you happen to see the digital art Blaise tagged the other day? That guy also saw it as a gay couple. Please keep it coming. Re: Slow Hand--were they into Clapton or something? The Pointer Sisters hadn't yet come out with their paean to slowhandedness.

MC, Edd--Indigos & redheads! What colorful feeders! Say--how about a GB birdwatching trip?? You into shorebirds? We could meet on the Outer Banks this fall.

Rubalcaba?!? At the Regattabar?!? AGGGHHHH! Just rub it in. Would have loved to have seen him, and gee, to have happened to notice a couple of other listeners....

Name: DrMu

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 21:22:23

Name: DrMu
what rhymes with potk?

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 21:21:14
Let: Now I know what excites this crowd! Mebbe we shoulda let Ganja mon Bork in the Court!!

It's *pursuit* of happiness, not *possession*. LOL

I'm in favor of medical use of marijuana, but didn't the suit involve a Cannibis Club, not the California Medical Association?

In fairness, the Supreme Court only upholds existing laws and straightens out the Florida Supreme Court. I hold a DEA license for research, so I'm afraid, there's a whole host of drugs that would have to be legalized.

Sooooo, then we should complain to the legislative branch. Time to write new laws or at least a healthy debate.

The Libertarians out there would tell us that NO drugs were illegal until the 1880s. and we know how prohibition went...Alcohol can be a much more dangerous drug, but has been around for many centuries, the fermenting process used to "preserve" beverages before refrigerators, and engrained in many cultures But the munchies still beat an ethanol-induced rage!

But there are a heck of a lot dangerous drugs, and society feels compelled to protect people. Morphine, heroin, amphetamine, PCP, cocaine/crack are potentially lethal and extremely addictive and folks lose their lives to DrWu and the like. In my opinion no person arrested, convicted and sent to prison for simple possession of an illegal drug . It's non-productive, a waste of taxpayer $$, and the last thing we should do is associate these souls with hardened criminals in the "joint" Pushers are another matter.

Marijuana does have some risk. Once during summer break from college we "listened to some reggae" at lunch while we worked construction. We laughed uproariously as I drove through a red light, although quite slowly, because it appeared to be flashing green! (that was my last time)

One of the problems with it's illegality is lack of reliable information in the public domain. So as a public service I did a little research: Marijuana does make EEG or brain wave activity less complex (not good) and may be dependent on the amount and time smoked. In essence, the result can be PBMLS or Post-Beatle McCartney Lyric Syndrome. Or ya might start to suck at video games (but at leat you won't care). There is some evidence of a physiological addiction, though it's not as strong obviously as cocaine or other "hard" drugs. Cancer risks are similar to cigarette smokers. There is a drug called nimopidine which seems to help get folks off marijuana and other drugs, which is a real boon to the DrWu users.

Below are a few pertinent journal abstracts: Try Ja Love!

Lukas SE. Mendelson JH. Benedikt R.
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Center, McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical
School, Belmont, MA 02178, USA.
Electroencephalographic correlates of marihuana-induced euphoria.
Drug & Alcohol Dependence. 37(2):131-40, 1995 Feb.

The present study was conducted to determine if there is a neurophysiological correlate of marihuana-induced good effects or euphoria. Three groups of 6 male occasional marihuana smokers were prepared for electroencephalographic (EEG) recording and smoked either placebo or marihuana cigarettes containing 1.26% or 2.53% delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9-THC) in a controlled laboratory setting. Using a continuously available non-verbal joystick device and a questionnaire, subjects reported changes in their subjective mood state
while EEG activity was continuously recorded. Subjects reported multiple episodes of intense good effects or euphoria during the first 15 min after marihuana. These episodes of euphoria occurred while plasma delta 9-THC levels were rapidly rising. EEG alpha power during these discrete episodes of euphoria was significantly higher suggesting that these transient EEG changes may reflect a neurophysiological correlate of the reinforcing effects of marihuana.

Unique Identifier
Struve FA. Patrick G. Straumanis JJ. Fitz-Gerald MJ. Manno J.
Psychiatry Department, Louisiana State University School of Medicine,
Shreveport 71130-3932, USA
Possible EEG sequelae of very long duration marihuana use: pilot findings from topographic quantitative EEG analyses of subjects with 15 to 24 years of cumulative daily exposure to THC.
Clinical Electroencephalography. 29(1):31-6, 1998 Jan.

In previous work we demonstrated and replicated a significant association between increased absolute and relative power and interhemispheric coherence of EEG alpha activity over the bilateral frontal-central cortex
("alpha hyperfrontality") in daily marihuana users as contrasted with nonusers. In this report we focused our analyses on subjects who reported smoking marihuana on a daily basis for 15 to 24 consecutive years. Compared to nonuser controls and subjects who had used marihuana on a daily basis for shorter periods of time, subjects with excessively long cumulative exposures to THC were found to have significantly elevated absolute power of theta activity over bilateral frontal-central cortex, as well as significantly increased interhemispheric coherence of theta activity across central and posterior regions. Concurrent reaction time studies conducted in our laboratory suggest that very long duration cumulative marihuana exposure might be associated with slowed cognitive processing.

Hughes JR.
University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago 60612, USA.
A review of the usefulness of the standard EEG in psychiatry. [Review] [0
Clinical Electroencephalography. 27(1):35-9, 1996 Jan.

The goal of this paper is to draw conclusions about the usefulness of the standard EEG in psychiatry. In general, two thirds of psychiatric referrals for an EEG are expected to provide useful information. The emphasis in schizophrenia is placed on left-sided abnormalities, especially on the left temporal area. In mood disorders the emphasis is on
right-sided foci, in addition to the controversial 6/sec spike and wave complexes, small sharp spikes and positive spikes. In the acute stage of alcoholism, a relationship is seen between the degree of intoxication and the amount of slow activity, while in the chronic stage an increase in
slow activity is seen, but another change is fast activity on the temporal
areas. During withdrawal a low seizure threshold can be seen as irregular bilateral spike and wave complexes. During abstinence 2-4 yr may be required before slow wave sleep is normal in all regards. Among the organic mental syndromes, delirium shows slow activity, except in delirium
tremens, which often is associated with a normal record with fast activity. In dementia the prevalence of EEG abnormalities is related to the degree of impairment. After five sessions of ECT diffuse slow waves are often seen. In other conditions, among developmental disorders about
one half of autistic children show abnormalities and epileptiform activity is not uncommon. Mild nonspecific abnormalities are seen in about 40% of dyslexics and also in behavior disorders. Anxiety disorders include
anorexia nervosa, showing abnormal background activity related to the effect of starvation on cerebral metabolism. In panic attacks paroxysmal activity can be seen. In borderline personality positive spikes have been
(again) associated with impulsivity and 6/sec spike and wave complexes with interpersonal problems. Of the drugs of abuse psilocybin and phencyclidine are often associated with generalized epileptiform patterns and with marijuana the alpha shows a decreased frequency with increased
amplitude. Typically, an increase in slow activity is seen with
psychotropic drugs if there is a change in the level of awareness. Finally, distinctive personality traits are, at times, seen in temporal lobe epilepsy and the phenomenon of "forced normalization" may appear when seizures stop and psychotic symptoms appear.

Herning RI. Guo X. Lange WR.
Molecular Neuropsychiatry Section, National Institutes of Health, National
Institute on Drug Abuse, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, USA.
Nimodipine improves information processing in substance abusers.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 765:152-9; discussion 160-2,
1995 Sep 15.
We examined whether nimodipine can improve information processing in healthy drug abusers using cognitive event-related potential (ERP) methodology. Placebo and 30- and 60-mg doses of nimodipine were administered on separate days in a random double-blind design to twelve
male subjects, who used cocaine and/or opiates as well as alcohol and marijuana. The subjects performed the auditory rare event monitoring (AREM) task and the paired letter version of the visual continuous performance task (CPT) before oral drug administration as well as one and
two hours after drug ingestion. The EEG was recorded from 7 scalp locations. The P3 component of the ERPs to the target stimulus was reduced with repeated testing on the placebo day. The 30-mg dose of nimodipine blocked the decrease in P3, which reflects stimulus evaluation in both
tasks. Chronic administration of nimodipine may alleviate the cognitive deficits observed in substance abusers during abstinence and prevent treatment relapse.

Name: angel
I dream about

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 21:01:39
Glad to hear that D & W managed to survive the heat and boredom of the graduation ceremony. Hope they enjoyed the music, they deserved a good time, after all that.

LP: So what are you trying to tell us about the Wonderwaif thing?

dif: Here's the whole list, since I am sure you didn't take notes.... :-)
Brooklyn, Green Earrings (twice), Down At the Bottom, Girlfriend, Medical Science, Tomorrow's Girls, and an earlier version of Jack of Speed (from the '96 tour). I believe that is all the angel sightings you find in Dan related lyrics.

Miz D: I will have to go searching for the "My Friend" line....

Clas: I didn't know you sent your son to Berklee. As I told Miz Ducky last night in chat, I had never heard of the school before this whole doctor thing started. I am sorry he did not like it, but he is in good company with Dr. Fagen. :-)

St. Al: Why am I getting all nostalgic for Bill and Monica (I can't believe I said that). Lots of scary stuff going on.....

Night all....

a laughing angel....

Name: chin stroking...

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 20:10:21
maybe eLLe should henceforth be called the Iron Maiden.

if the shoe fits.......

Name: eLLe
one more for today..

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 19:58:17
to whoever posted the one about Hercule(s), notice... how he is stomping on Draco, and Rastaban is actually in the eye of Draco.....hmmmm? worth one stroke of the chin. Jah?


Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 19:44:04
i am good and freakin stoned right now- and i gotta say, it's great! and mind you: i will not do anything damaging with this buzzzz, for instance: i won't beat my wife/kids/neighbors/dog, i won't rob my dear old mum to cop some more WEED. i might eat too many cheeeese filled snack items and fuck up my heart with cloggy goodness but that only hurts ME. and then i will most likely create some art, which is GOOD, right? then in the future, people will remember me and say: "not to bad for a stoner"

Name: eLLe
pursuit of happiness

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 19:32:22
good band, Canadian, yeah? ; )

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 19:30:28
my maiden name is P. what would make me L.P. but actually I'm L.R.
or formally known as M.L.R.

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 19:27:48
don't get me started!!
I love living in the USA..that's ~LOVE IT~ here.
I have met, as I said before some of the nicest and friendliest
people here,in RL not on line and you guys don't know how good you have it here ..( well some of yahs)
It's bloody mahvelous here and especially Portland , that was voted best "livable city" last year as Seattle was a few years ago.
Nah, I have no regrets mate, I think the people of Canada are being taxed TO DEATH. They literally work 7 months of the year for the gov't. Would you be in a happy, friendly mood if that was happening to you?
I don't miss it at all, really.


Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 18:57:30
edD tha's okay She's eLLePee not lp

Name: Let My Freak Flag Fly
Location: Eureka, CA Golden Triangle
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 18:34:54
The Federal statute criminalizing marijuana violates the "pursuit of happiness" clause of the preamble of the Constitution. Clarence Thomas wrote the opinion? I think we need a Federal statute outlawing pubic hair on Pepsi. A just person must refuse to obey unjust laws. Who would you rely on, Clarence Thomas or Henry David Thoreau?

Name: edbeatty

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 18:32:06
I'm Ed Beatty-NOT EDD.

Steamy day to be streaking?


Name: lp
yesterday once more
Location: shoobe do y-i-am,
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 18:02:52
edd, cripes, how could you miss that? and you too missed the wonderwaif scene i did i see......mark, i'll explain at the next luncheon meeting with NMN, certainly not here - LOL, right edd and jim? ;)

Name: lp
in chat with cyn and rueben (who's asleep at the keyboard we think)

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 17:59:50
But how do i possess it if i can't buy it anywhere or grow it?

the government perspective: do you know how much tax revenue we are missing out by not allowing this to happen? Of course, it is worth less if it's legal so in some warped way, the "dealers" would be out of business or would make less if it was legal....

the GNP can be so strange can't it?

Name: Hey St. Al.

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 17:46:35
I agree with everything in your post but if my ex-wife sucked, we would still be married. I'm betting your ex-wife didn't suck, just the same the 80's sure did.



Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 17:36:39
stop throwing wine bottles at people!

Name: hey eLle
bet you regret moving out of Canada now eh?

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 17:32:40
And welcome to tight-ass country here where right now, as we speak, a group of fat judges are sipping their drinks and figuring out ways to spend their fat payola. Probably be smoking crack later on with some nickel and dime whore in a rundown hotel...
and don't tell me it's far-fetched christ you've seen it before... and the guy even managed to get reelected on top of that... ggeezzus you guys would remember if you weren't so stunned by years of drinking, you know...

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 17:32:04
To be specific, the Supreme Court ruled that growing and distributing medical marijuana for medical purposes is illegal. They made it clear the ruling does not infringe on the use of medical marijuana for patients.

So possession is ok. Growing it or distributing it is not.

Sometimes I really hate the legal system in this country.

For more information check out

Funny, I re-read my original post. I meant it to be a complete slam on Reagan. However, some people credit Bonzo for being the force behind the "fall" of the Soviet Union. I do not.

Face it -- the 80's sucked. The politics sucked, the music sucked, society generally sucked. My ex-wife sucked. I'm so glad it's over.

But what is the legacy?

Name: tones
I totally agree St. Al...

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 17:27:37
But we didn't get to elect the "Supreme" (Ha! Yeah, right.) Court fascists. Why do those evil bastards (and throw "Adolph" Helms in there too) live so long anyway? Reagan was the first to make letting people suffer "en vogue", i.e. the neglected AIDS epidemic. Now it seems to be Republican policy to make people suffer, *especially* if they can profit. Now they can keep building prisons to put the sick people in when they score a bag.

Gina - what exactly do I need for citizenship in your great country?


Name: eLLe
Medicinal M

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 17:07:36
ooppsie I was a wee bit late on the draw on that one..sorry I didn't scroll far enough bad : )
LOLing at the loadies though!

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 17:02:45
the Supreme Court USA just said NO today to medicinal marijuana..basically to every State on the west coast
Alaska Washington Oregon California Hawaii
and a few others on the east coast, Maine..and ?? blah blah

that's news to me, I thought it WAS legal here!!


Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 16:58:39

I love your glass eye because you can look directly at me and watch the door at the same time. So important in these turbulent times we find ourselves in.

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 16:54:25
dano-it's going to be released tomorrow, or today in your case May 15, so I'll pop round to the shops and pick up a copy then
thanks again for the tip luv.
; )
* nose too deep in a book/or in the clouds? these days *


Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 16:49:54

Hey Dean, You're dead, so whatever you have to say is moot point. Or should that be mute point?

Love ya baby......

Name: Edd

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 16:47:36

I turned down an invitation to the second (10:00ish) show at Regattabar Saturday night, so I'm sure it must have been that one...

Name: lisa
yeah, that's the ticket

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 16:45:17
hey! what happened to this place? did someone paint the walls?

Name: Dean Martin

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 16:31:38
Maijuana is addicting, hic, and is very dangerous, hic, and I, hic, *stumble-trip*, don't endorse its use, *pass out*.....

what would happen to liquor sales? they would plummet....there's a lobbying group in every tavern.....

Name: What wolud tou rather have
me drunken or stoned>
Location: have never posted competlyt sobr anyway, burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 16:15:28
Hey can you fuckin rwead me now that I'mnormal
lie dnk hellllllooooo!!`1

Name: Go Van Gogh
with your Gauguin Bodi
Location: shake yer boooooooty, shake it babyyy
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 16:04:03
Show 'em hows itsdoneGawd I'm drunk. No stash... miserrab
and Rumble is leaving now. svlehit.
One of the few...
And where's that 3d world you'rew tawkin 'bouttt

Name: Cyn
I heard the news today..oh boy...

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 15:56:14

Went to the link provided by St. Al and watched the news clip on ABC. Now, let me get this straight....We are respecting the rights of "Terrorist Extraordinaire" Timothy McVeigh but we allow decent people to suffer during illness because of the Surpreme Court's decision. Since when did they start teaching Medicine in Law School? Maybe we need to send some Doctors (as in Fagen and Becker) to the hill and testify on their behalf.

Name: Gina
Mari Hu Ana

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 15:41:12
well, here in the Netherlands it's not even as legit as it should be, although a lot is allowed nowadays .. fact is or has been proven marihuana indeed is a cure to many things and i even think it could replace medication used in schizofrenic cases and related alleged mental ilnesses. not to mention what's caused by the high speed life people are sometimes forced to live to get accepted, ah the society we live in , ta di da dummy dum dum ..

imagine what Vincent might have been able to paint or NOT if he had been on marihuana back then .. and if his body Gauguin would have had Viagra it wouldn't have been syfillis doing him in ..

oh well ..
in a way they still burn witches, don't they?
after all these years and decades and centuries ..
the realm of Mother Nature and its fruits is still being denied.
how arrogant can mankind be?????
that's what's happening to the animals of this world, btw eLLe.
in the big scheme of things it all lies hidden.
or it's as obvious as these Banyan Trees.
sign of the times. sign in stranger.
and don't lose that number .. having smoked some it became a colloquial experience highlighting secret handshakes as in nodds and weary smiles on grinful faces. a group of people who created their own source of magic turning good ‡nd bad showing all the things i sometimes saw here. sometimes the cyber touch hits home ..

the native americans knew how to smoke their way into dreamjourneys and all else involved. they really did some major mindtravelling and knew a man's brain wasn't meant to serve sheer logic ..

the so called civil western worlds will never say yes to marihuana. it's always about M O N E Y instead of people. what would the pharmaceutical industry suffer, right?

the Cutting Room, NYC will serve Martini's on May 19th.
50$ and Rickie Lee Jones included ..

Viva la Paganism Bow,

Name: StAlphonzo
Preachin' to the choir

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 14:47:16
I realize most of us are on the same page, but, when is the country going to pull it's collective HEAD out of its ASS?

It's time to stop electing officials without vision. 20 years ago if you asked me which would come first -- legalized Marijuna or the fall of the Berlin Wall, I'd have chosen the former without hesititation.

What happened?

Fucking Ronald Reagan happened...

Name: DrMu
no one understands, how his heart was hurt

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 14:44:27
Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh had cataracts (resulted in blurry, smeary vision) and petit mals (epilepsy) and a bit mentally ill - probably depression or manic depression. He may or may not have have simply painted what he saw - it really doesn't matter to be appreciated.. He was extremely prolific over one decade..

Name: Cray Zee
Hey,some dialogue

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 14:29:10
Dr. Mu and 27 years:

Thanks for the responses. I was aware of DF's older man / younger woman explanation, but no, I don't buy it. Doesn't make sense to me. No support in the lyrics ala Janie Runaway.

Although, like everyone else here, I worship the guys, I don't always find DF and WB to be very reliable sources on the subject of their lyrics.

Didn't know about DF's old girl friend, though.

Name: eLLe
Dali Lama

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 14:18:59
was in Portland over the weekend, his message to us Portlanders:
you can be happy.

you too, can be happy Gina.

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 14:14:23

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 14:11:58
Cyn - I saw that on the news, and thought about you. There was footage of the babies, poor things. Scarey things happening to animals lately!

Did you know that during Vincent van Coghs' time it was very rainy and damp and the main stable was wheat, and on the wheat grew a fungus, called ergot, which is an element used in the making of LSD.
Have you ever really looked at a van Goch..the sun or the stars for eg. ; )

Name: Gina
Great Pretender

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 14:06:45
am enjoying this tape sent to me from Uppsala, Sweden by a RLJ fan/friend. it has a nice variety of Scandinavian music on it .. Mari Boine, a Norwegian Sami, one from an ancient people, we call it Lapland .. Kaah, Lisa Ekdahl, Rebecca Tšrnqvist, Eva Dahlgren, Monica Zetterlund/Bill Evans, story says that Bill Evans wasn't into vocals until he met this Monica in the fifties ..

since someone mentioned a change in wind and bowing Banyan Trees i figured if any bowing is to be done i'd like to participate in a happy tuned way :-)

|||| well too bad you're leaving the GB without having sent in your pic for the Galleri, Rumblestrip. can you still do that?? i can somehow relate to the pace you mentioned and it does often lack this one e that will probably make waves for easier access and stipulate this less to zero scrolling activity. sob-sob, Those Were The Days, when you entered .. Banyan Life had not given in to pollution yet, haha!
so here's one for you ||||, 3-D life beckons until it reckons ..

Belgian radio mentioned the Berklee doctorate and then played Hey 19. Gaucho was on the terrace, sniffing pre-thunder & lightning rain air .. angel, Cyn .. his ears happen to "fall in place" now his teeth are changing, so he walks, talks and looks like a genuine smooth fox now :-))
hey, i'm kind of a mama too!!

no doubt some bored cybersurfer willing and disabled to comment my submission here, haha .. like to shout out to my fellow (!) gendered here .. don't respond to any of that, grrls ..
all it does is fit this stereotype of a female.
we don't want that, do we?

a fit will do, however. hm.

23.00 CET -ish and my Banyan Cyberboard hitting the silvery sand now ..

Banyan Tree Beach Party Bow,

Name: Boston Rag

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 13:48:21
lp - What was the wonderwaif t-shirt scene st the graduation? Did I miss something? Hey - count me in for any SD-related luncheons in the future.
Edd - Not sure which show Saturday night. Just know they sat at a table near the soundboard. My friend said that Gonzalo is a really hot keyboard player.
Mark in Boston

Name: Cyn
Hey, Wise Ass..ummm...Up....Yours!

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 13:12:12

You can pretend to be serious,

You can't pretend to be witty.

Name: Happy Mother's Day Everyone!
To all the mothers of the GB...

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 13:09:30
Tell your children not to walk my way
Tell your children not to hear my words
What they mean
What they say

Can you keep them in the dark for life
Can you hide them from the waiting world
Oh mother

Gonna take your daughter out tonight
Gonna show her my world
Oh father

Not about to see your light
But if you wanna find hell with me
I can show you what it's like
Till your bleeding

Not about to see your light
And if you wanna find hell with me
I can show you what it's

Tell your children not to hold my hand
Tell your children not to understand
Oh mother

Do you wanna bang heads with me
Do you wanna feel everything
Oh father

Not about to see your light
And if you wanna find hell with me
I can show you what it's like
Till your bleeding

Name: About Berklee.......
Samuel Clemens..aka ..Samuel Adams

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 13:06:06

I have never let schooling interfere with my education.

Mark Twain

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:59:13
Of course I know -- it's when a guard allows himself to be beaten on the dribble and then reaches in from behind for the steal.

Name: Bob
talk so hip

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:27:23
Weather today is overcast and cloudy, the Banyan Trees are bowing to the wind change.....

Name: Cyn
Its a jungle out there......

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:25:05

danoooooo....Bad news from Kentucky is its seems there is a fungus in their "bluegrass" and Last week lost over 200 foals in just a weeks time. Going to be a big bummer in two yrs time..when they would have been old enough for the Derby. Keep your eye(the good on Monarchos at the Preakness this weekend.

Now, back to you Bob....for the weather report.


Name: eLLe
"wise up"

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:18:45
yeah, that pathetic expression says it all doesn't it.

how about-DUMMY UP..oh brave voice from a NOSE BLEED.

Name: Miss Felicity Lemon
Can my dresses get any more flippy?

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:16:53
A clue, Hercule, a clue: you're not forgiven either.....

Name: eLLe
which one's pink

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:13:37
you are joking right?
you do know where that comes from and what it's all about, don't you.

||||||| .. where you off to? you were one of the ones who was civil to me..awwww, that's too bad.
see yah, take care.

Name: P.S.

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:12:57
Oh and you're not forgiven either.

Name: Really wise up
Nobody cares about you and yours either

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:12:05
Join them.

Location: are you ready to, rumble?
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:07:38
you are one of the few people who has a 3D life! don't say you are going, just say you will be in and out, much easier for us to take feeling left behind........

Name: eLLe
re:wise up, nobody cares about your kids

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:07:04
excuse me, I do.


Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:05:14
Wally's Top Three

Wetside Story
West of Hollywood
Junkie Girl
Bad Sneakers

Name: ||||||||||||
Sadly for us...

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 12:04:57
Hi guys.

I'm writing to let you know that I have decided to leave the GB. I may be back occasionally, and I will still be on e-mail, but I can't keep up the pace here anymore. My 3-D world beckons. I will miss you. Think of me when you're steaming up that trans-island skyway.

... our little talk is over

Name: DrMu
no Cuervo Gold?
Location: I'll have the Don Adams '66,
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:59:19
"You don't want to call nobody else" I guess the number then is a 70's version of Maxwell Smart's shoe-phone...

Name: thirdworldman

Location: Glasgow,
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:58:54
dano - Scotland to host the world cup? Live knife fighting from George Square? OOh Er -bit of controversy - I'll never work for the Scottish Tourist Board!!
Was at St Andrews last Monday and the toilets at the North Sands were a total disgrace.
The number that was advertised there for free sex was unobtainable!! What a scandal.

Call the cops

Son I'm thirty, I only went with your mother cause she's dirty


Name: 27 years later
you still don't believe them?

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:53:44
Fagen: "That's a very simple love song to a young lady. The fact is we were simply referring to a phone number, so I think people should take the lyrics more literally and be on the safe side."

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:41:54
dano - I guess that only means there's a new one??? AHHHHH!!!!
I didn't know about it. Thanks. I'm going to check it out right now @
It's so strange because for the last 4 years I've been into "your" music- I mean drum n bass etc. and listening to web- radio most of the time,from England unless I forget to bring along a cd, when I'm going to and fro about the earth in my van, and hear radio here breifly.
But for the first time since I was probably 7 or 8 years old I don't know what the top 10 are on the charts. That's alot of years!!

( in other words I haven't heard a word about it )
cheers dano
: )

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:33:54

..but didn't inhale..of course

Name: eLLe

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:32:54
The *number* is a big phattie, a blunt , a spliff, a joint, a jay,
a wacky tobacaccy cigarette, ganja, marijuana. You know that stuff you smoked in Univeristy?

Name: DrMu

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:14:56
dano: Neil Finn is darned opular over in England. Folks in Europe and Oz have been eating up his concerts the past few years which have featured Wendy & Lisa, brother Tim, and occasionally Eddie Vedder and Sheryl Crow.

On the site - you can access Neil's first web-interview. I can't imagine a collaborator for Wendy and Lisa who is as different than Neil from "the artist formerly known as the Artist formerly Known as Prince." I've heard a couple of radio interviews as well. Neil comes across as a real amiable, humble, witty down to earth kind of bloke. Doesn't seem to give a rat's buttocks about fame anymore either. Hope folks here across the pond get a dose of his new one sometime...

Cray Zee: Enjoy your posts. Rikki like many Dan songs is open ended for a number of reasons...and any song can mean whatever comes to mind. But you should know that DF has outlined the song as an older man and a younger woman. Donald also had a girlfriend named Rikki (same spelling) Canelstein from pre-LA days. I don't think she dug recereational pharmaceuticals and general All-American debauchery. So the young innocent and the older "more experienced" party guy. I flipped through the channels last night crunching the Zapp's chips cooked in peanut oil (high in oleic acid and low in botulotoxins) and saw some virtual (really) soft-porn on Masterpiece Theatre with a uhhh twist on this theme. I stopped surfing to smell the roses...


Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:14:29

Name: woops
missed his post

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:03:13
Now THAT, which one's pink, is a GREAT song for THAT too! Cripes, now i need to - outta here, too much!!!!!!

Name: lp, your sugar spun sister
bye bye badman
Location: Sometimes you have to try to get along dear, I know the truth and I know what you're thinking
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 11:01:29
Stone Roses - another great band resting in the underground world of obscurity in the UK - easy flowing stuff mixed with the roughness of i wanna be adored (whatta tune for, well, you know) - i almost wore out that cd and still play it! - thanks dano, check your email in return, i explained my post to you.....


Chimes sing Sunday morn
Today's the day she's sworn
To steal what she never could own
And race from this hole she calls home

Now you're at the wheel
Tell me how how does it feel
So good to have equalized
To lift up the lids of your eyes

As the miles they disappear
See land begin to clear
Free from the filth and the scum
This American satellite's won

She'll carry on through it all
She's a waterfall

She'll carry on through it all
She's a waterfall

See the steeple pine
The hills as old as time
Soon to be put to the test
To be whipped by the winds of the West

Stands on shifting sands
The scales held in her hands
The wind it just whips her and wails
And fills up her brigantine [these rickety] sails

She'll carry on through it all
She's a waterfall

She'll carry on through it all
She's a waterfall

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 10:56:50
Well, I have too much dignity to use profanity. Should I take you from behind? Uncle Ben's? Now you got that Michael Jackson soundtrack "playing" in my head.

Name: daaaaaaaaano
lp check your mail

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 10:41:37
Great article on Mr Ryder , Lashed up again lp.

Never forget him being interviewed on tv over here on live show , pissed as a coot absolutely legless and the host says "what are you going to sing " and Shaun says "dont f*****n know I will make it up as I go along" Priceless.

Name: regis
lifeline at the ready.....
Location: is that your, final answer?
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 10:40:06
oleander, you out there?

sounds good to me? no?

or are we playing the bible thumping game where we find verses to fit the meaning we want??????......hhhmmmmmmm.......

Name: Cray Zee

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 10:34:47
Time for another song interpretation.


This song just doesn't work as a typical relationship break-up where the guy's heart is broken and he really wants the girl to keep his number and call him later. Something else is going on here.

To be supportable, an interpretation must answer or at least account for some nagging questions raised by the lyrics. For example:
Why did Rikki get scared?
Why is this phone number the only one Rikki owns?
How do you make sense of the bridge:
You tell yourself you're not my kind
But you don't even know your mind

Consider the song in light of the following scenario. Rikki is a young man frightened and confused about his sexuality. [Note the gender ambiguous name (at least in the way it sounds) and that, other than the way the name is spelled, the song does not contain any real indicators of Rikki's gender (i.e.,"Honey", or "Lil' Darlin'") so often used by The Dan.] Rikki had his first homosexual encounter with the Singer (and perhaps others), and freaked out. The phone number is either the Singer's or some other number through which Rikki hooked up with the Singer. The Singer, knowing that Rikki's fear and confusion is not unusual for a young man first coming to grips with his homosexuality, tells Rikki to hang on to the number. The number is Rikki's link to the gay world, and the Singer's link to Rikki.

The first verse sets the scene:

We hear you're leaving, that's OK
I thought our little wild time had just begun
I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run
But if you have a change of heart

Note that Rikki scared himself, as opposed to the Singer causing Rikki to be scared. In the chorus, the Singer, knowing Rikki will eventually calm down and once again want to explore his sexuality, tells Rikki to hang on to his only link to the gay world:

Rikki don't lose that number
You don't want wanna call nobody else
Send it off in a letter to yourself
Rikki don't lose that number
It's the only one you own
You might use it if you feel better
When you get home

The Singer, of course, also has an interest in Rikki calling him when he feels better. In the second verse, the Singer tries to calm Rikki down by offering some suggestions of "activities" that might be less "scary" than what went on during their "little wild time."

I have a friend in town, he's heard your name
We can go out driving on Slow Hand Row
We could stay inside and play games, I don't know
And you could have a change of heart

Rikki don't lose that number . . .

The bridge is critical. In a "normal" relationship, if Rikki were breaking up with the Singer, Rikki would say "He's not my type." But here, The Dan has bastardized the cliche to fit the song:

You tell yourself you're not my kind

In other words, Rikki tells himself that he's not like -- that he's qualitatively different from -- the Singer. The Singer responds by telling Rikki not to be so sure because Rikki's confused:

But you don't even know your mind
And you could have a change of heart

Your comments, please.

Name: Wise up
Nobody cares about your kids

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 10:07:42
Clas, Cyn is as sickly drunk as you are.

Name: Jimbo

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 09:55:56
not your Richard Simmons- Nice, very nice.

I think you might want to pick up a copy of "Fast Food Nation"
a new book that exposes the dark side of the fast food industry.

However, if you don't want to know where the meat from McDonald's
burgers come from, don't read it. If you do, grab a barf bag.

I ordered a copy on Amazon so I 'm looking forward to reading it.

Name: LOL dano!
keepin it goin
Location: i will email you, dano
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 09:52:40
who's gonna step on you again?

great chorus work on that band - LOL!!!!!!

Name: dano

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 09:38:03
WIP , Excellent mate but he would probably say your F****n Twistin My Melon, Still on the floor with split sides WIP.

Name: dano
catchin up

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 09:32:32
Lp , didn"t get what you lost me there pet , clue me in?? Shaun Ryder still drunk somewhere I bet. He is a well doolally Lp.

Mark In Boston, Great report enjoyed reading ,well done buddy.

Q , Glad your AI, If your Insurance covers gambling I would leg it to Vegas Rapido mate??

eLLe , Depeche Mode album getting good reviews over here at the minute??

Jimbo, Mothers Day was last month but I will still tell her I love her mate.

Edd. Could you send any pictures on to me regarding the RRHOF and LBB. Thanks

Cyn , What"s happened in Kentucky?? Haggis is a bit Iffy Cyn, better to stick to Tattie scones.

Blaiser, Thanks for the Berklee heads up url , gave me something to read on a quiet Sunday Morning. Cheers

Chere , sorry had to cut short Friday had to grab the dustbin lid, catch you again in chat for a blether.

Where is Michelle G, Still suffering from stomache pains from greasy fish and chips??

St Al , FAQ Really soundo mate.

Aja , Hope the new job is going well.

TWM ,Scotland to host World Cup?? Is that right??

t, s"up check you E mate??

I"m Au Le Va. Regards Dano.

Name: not your Richard Simmons

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 09:06:37
In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. And the Earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the
> >> > > >
And Satan said, "It doesn't get any better than this." And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. And God said, "Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit," and God saw that it was good.
> >> > > >
And Satan said, "There goes the neighborhood."
> >> > > >
And God said, "Let us make Man in our image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle, and over all the Earth, over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth." And so God created Man in his own image; male and female created he them. And God looked upon Man and Woman and saw that they were lean and fit.
> >> > > >
And Satan said, "I know how I can get back in this game."
> >> > > >
And God populated the earth with broccoli and cauliflower and spinach, green and yellow vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives.
> >> > > >
And Satan created McDonald's. And McDonald's brought forth the 99-cent double cheeseburger. And Satan said to Man, "You want fries with that?"
> >> > > >
And Man said, "Supersize them." And Man gained 5 pounds.
> >> > > >
And God created the healthful yogurt, that woman might keep her figure that man found so fair.
> >> > > >
And Satan brought forth chocolate. And Woman gained 5 pounds.
> >> > > >
And God said, "Try my crispy fresh salad."
> >> > > >
And Satan brought forth Ben and Jerry's. And Woman gained 10 pounds.
> >> > > >
And God said, "I have sent thee heart-healthy vegetables and olive oil with which to cook them."
> >> > > >
And Satan brought forth chicken-fried steak so big it needed its own platter. And Man gained 10 pounds and his bad cholesterol went through the roof.
> >> > > >
And God brought forth running shoes and Man resolved to lose those extra pounds.
> >> > > >
And Satan brought forth cable TV with remote control so Man would not have to toil to change channels between ESPN and ESPN2. And Man gained another 20 pounds.
> >> > > >
And God said, "You're running up the score, Devil." And God brought forth the potato, a vegetable naturally low in fat and brimming with nutrition.
And Satan peeled off the healthful skin and sliced the starchy center into chips and deep-fat fried them. And he created sour cream dip also.
And man clutched his remote control and ate the potato chips swaddled in cholesterol. And Satan saw and said, "It is good." And Man went into cardiac arrest.
> >> > > >
And God sighed and created quadruple bypass surgery.
> >> > > >
So Satan created HMO's.


Name: lp
now, that WAS the line i wanted to post, but well, you know, that would be quite the set-up now wouldn't it?

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 09:06:27
which one's pink wins, tell him what he's won shelly.....

a year's supply of uncle ben's instant rice, and, introducing sexy steamy rice bowl creations.....

back to you

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 08:33:57
lp, you're twistin my melon man!

Name: Edd

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 08:15:18

There were 2 shows at the Regattabar Saturday night. Which one is the sound guy refering to?

Name: Jimbo

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 07:49:59
Clas- I wasn't even around when you read about the GB's comments on Berklee, so don't bother wasting your time with the hypocrite tag. Anyway I'm sorry about your son not having a good time there. Take it out on the school OK? OK!

Still haven't come up with the list yet, people. I should be ready soon.

Name: the completely un-cola'd and un-original
luckless pedestrian
Location: every day is like,
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 07:49:38
hi ya!

thanks, mark, for the review of the proceedings, but i'm a little upset you didn't mention the highlight of the wonderwaif t-shirt scene, well, never mind, no problem.....and regattabar to boot, cripes! great place to see jazz - even saw brubeck play there once too - mark, wanna come to the nect boston version of the domc luncheon with me and NMN?

thanks for angel, for remembering my wee one's big day - it was a great day and after three days of partying with family and friends, i'm glad it's over! whew!

clas, so sorry your son did like berklee, it's a place that's not for everyone to be sure, as with any college, but those that go and graduate, absolutely love it there - i've seen wonderful and radical student performances there and love to hear the steady stream of tunes from many instruments pouring from the windows in the evening hours when i've been down there - conveniently located down the street from symphony hall, the christian science center (a peaceful place, no matter how you regard the practice), and next door to the multi-floored Tower records, it can't be beat!

please join me in bestowing thanks to chris carter for not choosing the rosemary's baby route in plot development on the x-files (god, i was cringing at the thought yuck) - the super-human route is much more intriguing and not so contrived; so does that mean the cigarrette man crew had her impregnated as preparation for the survival of the species? sigh, mulder wishes it was his and doggett is still impressing me with his confused stance.....

inspector poirot, so good to see you here, would you like a martini? let me take your hat good sir...

and to the rude waitress, yes, i'll have a twist of lime in my water, thanks!

thanks for the kind words, ward - june heading back to work

dano, didn't get it, but nobody else did either! so it's okay.

st al, great FAQ site, very good!

happy mondays (hey dream maker....who remembers this late 80's obscure band?)

Name: Boston Rag
Becker & Fagen sighting

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 07:14:00
A friend of a friend of mine who works the soundboard
at the Regattabar in Cambridge, MA reports that Dr. Becker and
Dr. Fagen were in the audience Saturday night after the long day at Berklee College.
The Regattabar is a small jazz club at the Charles Hotel. It has a long history of great jazz shows. They were there to see Gonzalo Rubacaba. Don't know if they are fans or if they just wanted to get out on the town.

Mark in Boston


Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 06:01:58
Hey clASS....Your Son sounds like a chip off the old block. You should have named him Moron Jr.

Name: Clas

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 04:53:24
And one thing is interesting to note; when I shared with you guys that my son was going to Berklee, this GBook was full of posts that dissed that school, it wasn't worth water.

Now it's a "music institute of the highest caliber".

Holy shit. Some of you guys are a sorry bunch of hypocrites.


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 04:46:05
Where's rock & roll?

As the most of you guys know, I have a son.

As Cyn so wisely pointed out, it's a little greasy talking about what your kids are saying. But, as Cyn ALSO pointed out, it's hard to hold back when the little guys (okay, mine is not little anymore) say something that in someway is pretty touching or interesting.

My son went to Berklee a year ago. He went back to Sweden after some months.

Apropos this Steely Concert I asked him why he didn't stay, he said:

- It was the most pitiful place I've been to.

- But did you know that Fagen & Becker have doctorate degrees from Berklee now?

- Doctorate degree from Berklee!? You see, if there's such thing as a doctorate degree from Berklee for Fagen & Becker, that's probably the reason Berklee doesn't exist on the map.


Youth & Rock, I like it. Don't worry, be hippie.


Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Monday, May 14, 19101 at 04:33:49
EdBeatty: Wowowowowow! Great photos sir from the RRHOF week/LBB DanFest. Thank you for sharing, and...Thank you Hoops for putting together another awesome webpage. Nice work both of you!


Name: Jimbo

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 23:57:15
Mark= Major props for the Boston coverage. Like everyone else, let me know when the CD comes out.

Also, a belated Mother's Day salute to my old lady.
Mom, Love you, love you, love you.

Now that Don and Walt are honorary doctors at Berklee, a music institute of the highest caliber; I was wondering to myself,
"SELF, who else would qualify for a doctorate degree from Berklee?" Then, I also wondered to myself "SELF! Who would not
qualify for a doctorate degree?"

Later today I'll try to comprise both lists and for whatever reason they deserve or not deserve to get an honorary docorate in music. I'll put them up later, right now, I'm going to bed.

Jimbo the Nightfly

Name: angel
A race of angels

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 19:46:52
I've got to leave chat, but there are still plenty hanging.
Thanks and night all....

bound with one another.... (for you dif)


Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 19:33:36
See Cyn that's why people here find you contemptible.

Name: Miz Ducky

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 19:11:48
Chat anyone? Hanging out past the appointed time, 7:12pm PDT

/the Mam'zelle

Name: eLLe

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 18:46:32
reminds me..Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground/ Heroin/(Lisa G was talking about it a couple weeks back) is not dead, it was an internet rumour, he was on SNL last night,
just another entry for the B.O.U.I.

Name: eLLe
Stevie Van Zandt

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 17:56:39
hi Cyn,,apparently he's doing both.
he doesn't wear the bandana on the Sopranos, no hahaa, he wears this totally 50's greaser style hairpiece? ..we used to call them "augs" like an auger-bit drill. only his is kinda square ..well I guess you kinda have to see it, it's pretty funny.
Happy Mother's Day to you and the rest of the mothers here..hey I mean that in a nice way.....what?
: )

Name: Motherly love
c'mon, get it now...
Location: you heard about your brotherly, and otherly love...
Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 17:34:17
Happy Mother's Day ladies! know your mother's gonna love ya
'till you don't know what to do.

Name: Cyn
Happy Mothers Day

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 17:34:10

Received a Great Mothers day card from my 10 yr old and I wouldn't post anything so personal as this, but ,it was just so damn cute.

Dear Mom,

I hope you get to see Steely dan upclose and personal somtime, and the box set is on the way.

This is the one who floored me last week singing SD while we were in the car.

Hope ALL the Moms had GREAT day!!!!!!

Name: Hey!

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 14:06:17
Are Berklee tunes on Dandom Radio yet?

Name: angel
And I know that someday

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 12:58:22
Thanks to all for the Mother's Day wishes.

Blaise: Nice to see the ceremony in it's "Official" form. At least that tells us the reason why their speeches were so short.

Dr. Warren K: Does that mean Blaise is a Quebec Gaucho? :-)

Aussie: You are just a hard man to convince of anything. lol
(and after I braved the bums of Pershing Square to get that shot, too.)

Got an email this morning from KKCR and they thanked me very much for my pledge, but the current offer stands at $225. Well, I am sorry I am out of the running, but glad things are finally moving toward what they want for the Citizen Boxed Set. Pledges are taken through the 15th. Mahalo.

You'll be showing me those blankets....

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 11:51:32
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommies

Name: Doctor Warren Kruger

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 09:39:57
On this sacred day on the Raelian calender, Mothership Day (which we cleverly disguise to confound outsiders as Mother's Hip Day- much in the same fashion as Ste V. Dan or stevied dan, or steeveedan etc..), I'd like to wish all my Raelian comrades the most joyful blessings and continued strength to carry out the most important of all our missions- the cloning of myself.
For it was on this fateful day, some 70 million years ago, the Mothership landed here and (as legend has it)one of the crew members spilled some seed, resulting in the creation of a race that would one day achieve the technological miracle of creating my clone.
Of course, this would not be possible without the help of many of the denizens of this site, not least of which is the very rock and/or roll band to which this "GB" is dedicated.
To all the "newbies" here, perhaps some clarification is needed to dispel the thought that this is simply an ordinary "GB" for the said rock and/or roll band already not mentioned.
Their first theological tract (cleverly disguised as a r&/or r record) "Countdown To Ecstasy, revealed the true nature of our purpose here, that of screwing every orifice of every Raelian being, while waiting for the return of the Mothership.
This attracted the attention of many of our adversaries, least of which,the Cult Awareness Network (which we recently infiltrated, disguised as Scientologists, and took over for our own purposes), which forced us to go underground and use the clever disguises these two Raelian musicians assumed for the purpose of evading our enemies.
Other important tracts surfaced, using cryptic language that only our blessed scribe Oleander (hidden from the world in her trailer park) could decipher.
Such well-known tracts as "Can't Buy a Thrill" (telling us not to charge for the sex we continually have)"Pretzel Logic" (detailing the twisted rhetoric of our enemies, which remains basically, everyone) "The Royal Scum" (naming for the first time the process of creating life without male sperm and female egg), appeared to a bewildered public, who mistakenly believed these titles celebrated the untethered hedonism of the 'seventies, and donated much needed funds to our cause.
Our extra-terrestial princess of the cosmos, Aja, was introduced to an unwitting public, and for the first time, the hidden agenda of this duo against nature was espied by UFO cult experts familiar with some of our alienlore.
With the final release of "Gaucho", we went completely underground again, the duo using Borgesian analogies to reveal the secret meeting place in Quebec (home of the French-Canadian Gauchoes) where we to this very day languish in continual orgies of ritualistic sex until the return of the Mothership.Well, I think this should satisfy the curiosity of our newest converts and now I must prepare for an evening concert appearance with some of our Haitian members, in glorious celebration of Mothership Day!
Ceremoniously Yours,
Dr. Warren K.

Name: Clas
kšttbullar med sŒs och potatis

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 04:53:45
Commodian - I didn't know that, about Fender and his bass. "Precision" of course, I thought it was "percussion". Don't ask.

Cara Mia - ha! Funny girl, double joke hu?

Mark in Boston - is that for real? Always stick to your own stuff and play the blues?

It's hilarious.



Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 04:52:09
For the skinny on Popper shedding pounds:> For the skinny on Popper shedding pounds:,5850,194921,00.html


Name: Blaise
You can read it in the Sunday Paper
Location: lay down your Jackson, and you will see
Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 04:06:20
Yes Cousin Dupree's reception as controversial material makes the point that we might be going forward into the deep past, the profound past, morally speaking. What this culture needs is some Maalox and a time machine indeed.

Boston calling, yeah Mark was there too...

Name: Elvis
Cousin Dupree's got nothing on me
Location: I'm the King of rural anthems, baby can't you see
Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 03:50:32
Kissin' Cousins
1 a 2 a 1 2 3 4...
Well I've got a gal, she's as cute as she can be
She's a distant cousin but she's not too distant with me

We'll kiss all night
I'll squeeze her tight
But we're kissin' cousins 'n that's what makes it all right
All right, all right, all right

Oh I've got a girl and she taught me how to live
She can give a lot and she's got a lot to give


Yes we're all cousins, that's what I believe
Because we're children of Adam and Eve
I got a girl and she wants a lot of love
That's the kind of trouble I need plenty of


Yes we're all cousins, that's what I believe
Because we're children of Adam and Eve
I got a girl and she wants a lot of love
That's the kind of trouble I need plenty of

Now how about a kiss from your cousin, baby
Viva Lost Wages!

Name: Cyn

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 03:12:31

I thought "Everyday was a winding road"...?

Playing the ponies AGAIN?.....oh, Danny Boy?

BAD NEWS in Kentucky.....more to follow.......

Name: Danny Boy
Hallmark HolidayŖ

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 02:56:16
I love my mother and tell her so every other day. Today just happens to fall on an odd numbered day so she'll have to wait till Monday to hear it again. I'll be sure to include a gift.

Every Day is a Holiday,


Name: Cyn

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 02:55:35

eLLe, You mean to say Stevie's not playing in "Sun City" this year? I guess I'll have to watch TV more often too.....LOLOLOl. BTW..Does he wear that raggy bandana on the show?

Name: steviedan's
grilled steak with bbq sauce

Date: Sunday, May 13, 19101 at 00:59:42
yeah, and i just made it up this weekend. inspired by a special bbq sauce bestowed upon me by a chef-ly friend who just returned from new orleans duly inspired. i don't know what came over me other than a last minute recollection of a promise for immediate feedback, but i grabbed the sauce on the way out to the screened porch. within minutes the kids had checked the heinz 57 and catsup and a new level of culinary creativity was born...

and that... is my menu contribution...

kd, seek out "eyewitness" or "casa loco". these have anthony jackson at his most eclectic, steve jordan on drums, manolo badrena percussion, from '83 and '84 respectively. "evidence" on rca-novus is solo guitar with a long monk medley. continuing chronologically, "let's call this" is a bit more straight-ahead (naturally) with ron carter and al foster. "headline" also includes that line-up rounded out by anthony jackson, dennis chambers, and badrena. "crossings" from '93 brings back jackson, chambers, badrena, adding mike brecker. most of these records are a mix of kahn originals and compositions by the likes of monk, shorter, lee morgan, cole porter, his dad sammy cahn, ornette, larry young, harold arlen, johnny mercer. now if you want his '70's bob james/lee ritenour l.a. thing, then "tightrope" is the record and it is plenty slick and tighter than a churchmouse's ear. availibility is mixed i'm sure on all of these. worth hunting down, though.

daddy g, i'm not sure if the impressionist french or russian five first introduced that sonority so distinctly. the romantics may have slipped it in by "mistake" periodically...

difjuz, eberhard weber with gary burton, "passengers". whoa !

gina, how COULD you get rid of take 6's first. now criminally UNAVAILIBLE in amerika !

i missed the webcast. OF COURSE. thank you mark and whoever can get me the cd. i gots a A#1 credix rating from st. al and jdubz...

cara, levon helm is performing ? i thought he was at death's door with throat cancer ???

Name: eLLe

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 23:34:10
it's quite alright, I wouldn't make any mention of a person that I insult as an anon, when I put up my name..either..schlep

Name: eLLe

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 23:31:52
so I suppose I'm the last one on the planet to make the connection that Silvio on the Sopranos, is Steve Van Zandt of Springsteens' E Street Band.
I told you, I don't watch tv very much ...etc. blah

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 22:50:41
MarkInBoston: Bravo! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Good stuff and great colour.

Strange, but I keep thinking that your shots of D&W yawning could be spliced in with shots of their terse and icy thank yous uttered at the grammys and RRHOF then somehow looped into an eminenema video showcasing a new tune about losing to two old guys who are stuck up, suffer from terminal ennui and sing about such things as kissing cousins and dirty old men dating wonderwaif hotties looking for deliciously dirty European menage a trois who name their "band" afer metallic dildos.

Nighty night.


Post Script: Angel: It's an alien.

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 21:29:31
Mark in Boston....thanks for the great reporting job! Sounds like you had a great time and you really did do a great job of sharing the vibe with us. I'd love to get a copy of the cd from Berklee whenever it's released. Wouldn't mind seeing some of that video you shot also! David, I'm glad to hear you're alive and well....I was actually checking the obits in the Tampa paper hoping it was a cruel takes a real asshole to post something like that....just glad to see you're doing well.

Edd....thanks man. That means a lot coming from you. Prepare to be blown away with the upcoming pics from the 990. You're gonna have to have one before it's over. Actually, the 995 just came out and has a couple of nice improvements if you're interested. You may be able to find a really good deal on a 990 now though. Thanks again for the inspiration to do a birding page on our birds of southern Virginia.

We watched "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson tonight on HBO and I was impressed. Sure, they did a lot of the things that Hollywood does to make the blockbuster hit, but this one did strike a chord with me. Very well done all the way around. Two thumbs up.

'night all

Name: Berklee '66
AP, have the facts been checked?

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 21:26:24
AP Entertainment
Steely Dan Gets Honorary Degree

BOSTON (AP) -- So much for ''never going back to my old school.''

Grammy winners and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Steely Dan -- namely Walter Becker and Donald Fagen -- received honorary doctorates from Berklee College of Music in Boston on Saturday.

Fagen studied at Berklee in 1966.

''I had no money. I was living in a very hot, small railroad apartment,'' he said. ''I ate a lot of brown rice.''

Berklee students performed songs from the duo's Grammy-winning album ''Two Against Nature'' as well as 1970s classics including ''Deacon Blues,'' ''Do It Again'' and ''My Old School.''

Becker, 51, and Fagen, 53, met as students at Bard College in New York.

Fagen said performances of their work are rare because the songs ''are harmonically challenging for people in the pop world. You have to be able to get around them really well.''

Name: angel
'bout thoses Balinese ikats

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 21:06:56
Mark in Boston: Now I do really need to thank you. You did transcribe the whole thing. Wow! The loyal fandom owes you one....
Oh, and yes, do my Holiday shopping for me, if needed. :-)

Aussie: You heard it from Steveedan, it is indeed an angel. :-)
No outer space being for me....

Steveedan: Hope to chat tomorrow, if Mother's Day goes well.

dif: Great to talk with you today. I had to go run a few errands, which is why so short. Maybe tomorrow?

No message from KKCR, yet.

Night all....

You thought I might buy....

Name: Floridavid

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 19:44:36
Oh Yeah....Once again Mark in Boston comes through with the goods. Well Done.
Q-Glad reports of your Demise were greatly exaggerated.

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 19:43:45
Hi Angel -

On the Los Angeles ABC TV affiliate, on the "Eye On LA" show, there was a piece on the Angels art project in Pershing Square. The few angels that they showed were really beautiful. Your photo is from there right? An apt place to be photographed for one with your moniker (sp).

Maybe chatting with you tomorrow night. Be well.


Name: Boston Rag
Grad Ceremonnies

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 19:42:40
angel and Blaise - I videotaped about 90 minutes of the ceremony. I got a lot of extreme close-ups of Donald and Walter yawning and gulping water. I love zoom lenses! I transcribed the Presidents intro. It didn't seem that long when I was filming it but transcribing it was a bitch! Donald and Walter's speehes WERE about 30 seconds each. I didn't cut anything out.

SteveeDan - There WILL be a CD of the concert last night. I'm sure it will be a while before it's ready. If it's only available at Berklee (that would be silly), I'll do the early Xmas shopping for GBers who want a copy.

It was nice to get home today, loose the suit and crack a cold beer. I'm sure Donald and Walter went back to the Four Seasons and did the same. They deserved it!!!

Mark in Boston

Name: Floridavid
A day late and a dollar short

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 19:29:31
Just as I missed all the previous Danfests...I also missed Friday nights Show. I would also like to know where I can send money and receive a Video of the Ceremony/concert. Thanks, David
"Any world that I'm welcome to..."

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 18:50:36
One more thing about the Friday night Steely Dan tribute concert at Berklee:

Even though some us would have liked vocal performances, or other nuances of the band members' performances to go a little differently, due to our viewpoints of the music being played, one thing that absolutely rings true for me is this.

These musicians are all young, masterful musicians, who grappled with some of the most difficult music outside of pure jazz. They performed well above the degree of competency, had a good time up there while performing, and gave us all a truly entertaining show.

Let's hear it for the new generation ...

Mark!!! I want the DVD, or CD, or crusty cassette tape !!! Please Santa !!

I want to "grab a piece of something that I think is gonna last" - I gasp. Will it be within our grasp?


Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 18:42:25
Hi W1P - Yes, Dr. Wu has a new guitarist named Gil. I have not met him yet, but a guy named Derek S., who currently plays with the Steely Fan Band (SFB) also auditioned for the spot recently made available by the departure of Nick A. I am looking forward to the change or evolution of the band dynamics with this recent change in the band's line-up. In addition to this, Troy, who was the bands newest member prior to the inclusion of Gil, plays both guitar and keyboards very well (you might remember his inspired solo on Third World Man at their Santa Monica, CA gig in March). I have also learned that he can also arrange so Troy might be shouldering the "Musical Director" spot, which to me is a most challenging hat to wear. My empathy for Troy is large since besides being the SFB keyboardist, I was also the Musical Director for the band. I will probably be present at an upcoming Dr. Wu band rehearsal, so I will be able to let you know more after that occurs. In the meantime, I had absolutely no clue for the song you were quizzing us on. Did anyone else get it right? Take care, good buddy, talk to you soon.

To Mark from Boston - I also am grateful to you for your obviously hard work to bring the spirit of the Berklee commencement speeches to life here in the GB. Since you are local to the school (I feel like at this point I am writing a letter to Santa Claus --)if there is any possibility of a video or even a DVD being made of Friday night's one-of-a-kind concert, I guarantee you most of us want it. As I wrote before to you, a CD would also be great, but, hey, why not dream BIG. And tell the elves to get to work on it right away !!

Oleanders, growin' outside yer door ...

Name: Old Timer

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 18:30:02

Inspector---A Life.....Get one!

Name: angel
So come on angel

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 18:24:06
No, I did not do it either. I don't post at work.

I was sending a CLUE your way. Good Luck!

Tune in on me....

Name: angel
Bring back

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 18:21:26
Lisa G: Thanks for breaking the silence (just for me). Have a good time in PA. Hope you manage some time to read.

Mark in Boston: The line Donald says has to be: "Thank you very much". I am sure there is a "you" in there. :-)
Appreciate the report. Did you tape the whole thing and transcribe it? Very impressive. Sorry it was SO hot in there.
So, we don't get a long speech like the ones archived on Berklee's website?

dif: Hope you enjoyed your time with the dog. See you in chat, maybe.

KKCR just sent an email my way. The current bid on the Boxed Set was just $27. (They want $300). In honor of Don & Walt,
I just upped it to $35. I dare anyone to beat me. :-)

The Boston Rag....

Name: Inspector Poirot

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 18:14:27
Ahhh, the wily Angel steps up and admits to archival mischief. Or does she?

Good showing Ms. Angel if it is you,and we enjoy the posts. I should have known it would be a relative newbie as the old timers lived it and had no reason to scan the archives.

I think I need a new hat.

Ins. P.

Name: Blaise
in gown and shades!

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 18:01:40
Mark, that looks like a lot of work was involved to put this together and we appreciate it. Thanks a bunch for your time. One can't help but see the relatively brief speeches by Don and Walt as some kind of anti-decorum statement here when compared with the endless rants that lead to them. "Take money from a woman, don't mess around with dope and play the blues!" Love that.

Name: Robin

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 17:41:25
Thanks for the play-by-play, Mark. My commencement surely wasn't anywhere near as interesting as the one today.

Somehow, I've never pictured the good Doctors in berets...

Name: Boston Rag
Graduation ceremonies report from Beantown

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 17:18:41
Hey! (this is looonnggg. sorry! great day though)

Just got back after 3 hours at the Berklee College of Music 2001 Baccalaureate Ceremony. IÕm pretty sure that Donald and Walter are still shaking hands with the 600+ graduates. I left at about the 150th graduate because it was starting to get pretty hot inside the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center. Poor Donald and Walter. Yes, it was special to get an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music but I watched and filmed them on my 30x zoom lens of my video camera and it was probably tough for them to sit through this entire ceremony. They were front and center on the stage in Doctorate gowns and giant oversized berets (not a mortar board) with tassels. IÕm sure it was sweltering hot in the gowns. I watched D&W drink about four glasses of water in the first 90 minutes. They were great sports though, applauding lame speeches and laughing at unfunny jokes.
Let me start at the beginning though. The Reggie Lewis Center (named after the deceased Boston Celtic great) is a couple of miles from Berklee in Roxbury, MA. It was a mob scene with parking and there were shuttle buses bringing families in from the school to the Center. I parked about 3 blocks away in a tough looking neighborhood and hoped my car would be there when I returned.
There were long lines going into the center and everybody in line had their invitation out and ready. HereÕs the thing though Š nobody was collecting the invitations or checking for them. So anyone could just walk right in. Hell, we could have had a mini-Danfest and a cheering section for Donald and Walter!!!
Anyway I took a seat about 50 yards from the stage up about 5 rows on the side because I wanted to film the Ceremonies. This was going to be a long day so right at 10:00AM they kicked it off with a processional down the middle aisle of the Center.
Leading the way was Lee Eliot Berk, President of Berklee College. Right behind him was Mr. Fagen in gown and shades! Following behind Donald was jazz great Gary Burton , who is Executive Vice President of Berklee. Walter followed Gary Burton, looking very scholarly with his beard and glasses, cap and gown. They were followed by the other doctorate honorees William H. Davis ( a Berklee board member) and Larry Linkin (President and CEO of NAMM, the International Music Products Association).
As I mentioned Donald and Walter were front and center up on stage. The podium was stage left. Immediately to the right of the podium was Donald, sitting next to him was President Lee Eliot Berk . To BerkÕs right was Becker and then Gary Burton. It took about 15 minutes for the 600+ students to file in. While this was happening, Walter was smiling, talking and laughing with Gary Burton on and off. Donald looked like he was waiting for a cup of coffee. He had the shades on, the classic Fagen smirk, tapping his fingers on the table in front of him. Either Lee Eliot Berk wasnÕt much of a conversationalist or D&W had already told him they left their checkbooks at home.
When everyone was seated, Berk introduced the faculty and special guests, ŅWalter Becker needs no introductionÓ (big cheers from the students) , Ņlast but certainly not least Mr. Donald FagenÓ (even bigger cheers from the students and a smirk/slight grin and nod of the head from Donald). Berk introduced the spouses and family of the special guests, with no mention at all of anyone from the Becker/Fagen camp. (Not even Libby Titus).
I guess I wouldnÕt blame her for not wanting to sit through hours of speeches and handshakes. I was watching Walter in my viewfinder at this point and he started laughing. Probably thinking to himself Ņeverybody thinks weÕre two old lonely guysÓ.
Or- Berk forgot to mention whoever Donald or Walter had with them.
Anyway 90 minutes and some long winded speeches later, it was really starting to get uncomfortable in the Center. Either the A/C was not working properly or it couldnÕt handle the amount of people in the place.
The Commencement Speaker was one of the other Honorary Doctorates -Larry Linkin. It was a clichŽ-ridden speech that went on for about 20 minutes too long. ŅRemember, ŌSuccessÕ only comes before ŌWorkÕ in the dictionaryÓ. Walter was probably thinking ŅAnd ŌDickheadÕ comes before ŌWorkÕ and ŌSuccessÕÓ.
In about 2 hours in, it was time for the presentation of the Honorary Degrees. President Berk preceded each presentation with a bio of the honoree. HereÕs BerkÕs semi-lame speech before presenting the Honorary Degrees of Doctor of Music to Donald and Walter, plus a few thoughts from me:

Ņ In researching the major music and related achievements of honorary degree recipients, there is often a well established legacy that has been widely publicized and written about - and from which we draw to write our own presentational remarks. WeÕre always on the lookout however for fresh insights into the achievements of our honorees. This year knowing that Steely Dan was to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shortly before visiting Berklee, we decided to see what fresh perspectives excellence in musical authority might offer. Electronic artist Moby was asked to introduce and induct Steely Dan into the Hall of Fame. ŅThey always seemed different somehow, Moby stated and he continued, every time you listened to a Steely Dan record you find yourself seduced by the warmth and beauty of the music and then you become wonderfully unsettled by their intelligence and other worldlinessÓ. And then as the video narration of the ceremony continues the following comes from the voice of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Jeez, could that be Robbie Robertson? I think Berk is getting a little lazy in his presentational remarks! He should of called Pete Fogel or Hoops instead of ripping off people) ŌSteely Dan were the wise guys sitting in the back of the class, making fun of the teacher and still getting straight AÕs. Walter Becker and Donald Fagen met at Bard College in the 60Õs. They both liked cool jazz, Dylan lyrics and Lenny Bruce routines. They set out to become a songwriting team, the songs they came up with were too weird for other singers to cover. They assembled a rock band and called it Steely Dan. They had hits right out of the box. What top forty band had ever mixed such bizarre lyrics, jazzy chords and flashy guitar playing? Steely Dan made the hard stuff seem easyÕ.
ŅWell during their highly successful 30 year partnership, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, leaders of Steely Dan, have indeed achieved artistic heights matched by very few. Over the past three decades they have released 10 Steely Dan albums and released 3 solo efforts that have reached a world-wide audience, earned 4 Grammy Awards and heavily influenced two generations of musicians. In 1969 Becker and Fagen went to New York hoping to break into the music business as songwriters. Their talents were noted by producer Gary Katz of ABC-Dunhill Records who convinced them to move to Los Angeles and put a band together. They officially formed Steely Dan in 1971. Their first album ŌCanÕt Buy a ThrillÕ came out in 1972 and itÕs hit singles ŌDo It AgainÕ and ŅReelinÕ in the YearsÕ put Steely Dan on the pop music map. Recalling his arrival on the Berklee faculty in 1972, Professor Bob Doezema recalls ŌSteely Dan has been a major contributor to the music soundtrack at Berklee from the time I arrived with ŌDo it AgainÕ through ŌTwo Against NatureÕ today.Ó
Ņ Their Pretzel Logic album in 1974 continued the groupÕs success on radio with the single ŌRikki DonÕt Lose That NumberÕ that went to No. 3 on the charts. Soon afterward Becker and Fagen disbanded the group to focus exclusively on writing and recording new songs. The next two Steely Dan albums ŌKaty LiedÕ and ŌThe Royal ScamÕ take gold status and continued in the jazz fusion mold. (Becker takes a long drink of water and has a look like he wants out ASAP) Each successive disk features a host of stellar jazz and studio players, among them we are proud to note Berklee alumni Vinnie Colaluta, Wayne Krantz, Rob Mounsey and Ernie Watts.
ŅWith the Aja album in 1977, Steely Dan earn their first platinum album, with the combination of jazz explorations with musicians like saxophonist Wayne Shorter, catchy singles like ŌPegÕ and ŌJosieÕ make this album a classic.Ó
ŅTheir Gaucho album in 1980 was also certified platinum. Describing ŌAjaÕ, Professor Doezema commented, ŅAja particularly hit the mark. Skillfully blending jazz and pop music elements, featuring brilliant compositions, extraordinary arrangements and wonderful playing and the best sounding recording of the time Š it was THE record to study.Ó
ŅBy 1980 they had reached a new peak with Rolling Stone magazine calling Steely Dan ŌrockÕs most intelligent and sophisticated bandÕ. However, through the rest of the 1980Õs Becker and Fagen decided to work on separate projects. Fagen released his ŌNightflyÕ that achieved Gold status and to work on film soundtracks. Becker produced several albums by other artists including ŌFlying CowboysÕ by Rickie Lee JonesÓ. Berklee Assistant Vice President for Special Programs, Rob Rose commented ŅSteely Dan are always thought of as performers, but they are clearly the finest producers in the music industryÓ.
ŅIn the early 1990Õs Becker and Fagen reunited again to work on each others solo projects. In 1993 they were touring again and released a live album. Subsequently, they worked again on a new studio album ŌTwo Against NatureÕ, released to a public hungry for new Steely Dan work, in February 2000, shot to No. 6 on the charts. And after another successful tour, it became clear that the group is as vital as ever.Ó
Recently, ŌTwo Against NatureÕ received 4 Grammy Awards for Album of the Year, Best Pop Performance by Group or Duo with Vocals, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Engineered Album/Non Classical. Since then the group has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
ŅIn commenting on their legacy Associate Professor Thomas Stein states, ŅIn their recorded work, they are most certainly sound innovators who are instantly recognizable, unique and unlike anybody else. They cannot be relegated to any one style. They are true cross-over artistsÓ. Professor Rob Rose summed it up this way ŅSteely Dan has taken pop song writing to a much higher level. In their music the roots are rock, the chords are jazz, the performances grand , and the records are the best.Ó

ŅÉ..And so in recognition of their many important music contributions, the lasting imprint they have made and continue to make in contemporary music, it is my pleasure to present BerkleyÕs Honorary Doctorate of Music to two true originals of American pop music Š Donald Fagen and Walter BeckerÓ.
(Loud applause here). Donald and Walter get their degree and have the sash put over their heads and draped over their shoulders.

Donald makes his way to the podium and speaks first. What do you think he says??? Come on take a wild guess!

ŅThanks very much! Appreciate it! (Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!)

ŅDonÕt know what to say. This is a great thing. Especially coming from a music college and with had a few other honorariums this year but this is the best because it comes from musicians and a musical college.
ŅTo the graduating class I just want to say from Blues First from Mose Allison:

Ō When you move up to the city thereÕs just one thing I hope
And thatÕs take money from a woman and donÕt start messinÕ around with dopeÕ

ŅThanks very much!Ó (Lots of laughter and wild applause)


ŅThis is a great honor for both of us. And if I had any advice based on my career so far that would be worth sharing with you. It would be two things:

1. As you go into your musical careers, people will try to refocus you on THEIR goals and their artistic aspirations and itÕs always best to stay focused on your own. ItÕs the only shortcut.
2. The Blues. Playing the blues. Play the blues, it works over everything!

(more wild applause).

After more speeches, the diplomas were handed out. Over 600 students lined up and walked down the receiving line, shaking hands with Donald and Walter. It was EXTREMELY hot at this point. All the faculty and special guests took off their caps to try and cool off. WalterÕs hair was soaking wet after he took off his cap and Donald was looking a little pale. I was going to run out to the lobby and grab a soda for them but I didnÕt have the balls.

There was supposed to be a hospitality tent after the ceremonies were over and Donald and Walter would be posing for pix with the grads. (I was told David Bowie did this last year). After 3 hours, I had to cut out. I estimated Donald and Walter had another 2 hours of pomp and circumstance before they made it to the tent.

This was a great day for them and for their fans. I would have loved it when I graduated from college 21 years ago, to get to party with Donald and Walter and shake their hands after getting my diploma!

Mark in Boston

Name: W1P
Location: LA, NJ
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 16:56:49
The "chord structure" was an attempt at Behind The Wall of Sleep.

Name: Edd

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 16:51:28
Yeowie, nice bird MC!

...not quite as envious as I might be (although I still lust for the 990) as I was graced with a red-headed woodpecker early this morning. Raucous little critter.

Name: Lisa G

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 15:53:01
Hey! Just trying to catch up. Turns out I'm a week behind and haven't had a chance to read everything. But I wanted to stop by and say I'm alive and doing fine (Hi, angel!!!). I'll try to post Sunday night. But it's unlikely as we'll be coming back from PA. Oh well. I still have next week. Hi everyone!!!!!
Lisa G

Name: difjuz

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 15:32:25
to those in most recent and prior chat...

i went out for much needed spirtual and physical excercise with sister's sufi mystic/often anxious/sometime veal chompping/brunt of many a joke/lhasa/friend and co-conspirito-advisor/dog.

...will see you back in chat for further merriment and mayhem later this evening...

we're all light(saw that on a bumper sticker somewhere)...

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 15:31:53
Miz D....that balcony is all you need to get some fine feathered friends visiting you every day. And believe me, your cat will *love* the entertainment value as much as you do! Our cats love to lay at the glass and watch the birds. After a while, the birds won't pay much attention to the cat. It really is a relaxing and enjoyable pastime and it's almost free. I hope you'll give it a try and let us know what you're seeing there in Seattle!

off to the movies....MC

Name: Miz Ducky

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 15:16:45
Midnite Cruiser! That's such a cute birdie-picture! Dang, now I really wanna put up a bird feeder! (But I have no yard, and on my little balcony the feeder would be so close to the windows that my cat would have epileptic fits.)

/the Mam'zelle
bird, vicariously birding

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 15:00:09
Edd & Cyn....first pic of an Indigo Bunting that I've taken. Unfortunately, the camera was on auto focus and got the glass instead of the bird. I'm getting the hang of it though and hope to have some decent bird pics in the weeks to come.

Missed last nights webcast but I see they're going to put it up for all to see in the next week or so. Looking forward to seeing the renditions of those classic tunes.

Roy....did you get that *huge* e-mail that I sent?

Name: angel
Down In Tampa

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 14:40:01
Ed Beatty: I had found that link quite a while ago, but it was a good refresher. Amazon actually got them to open up a bit. A normally unusual occurence. I can't believe I even read all the reviews on some of the records. I believe some "Guest Book" type regular gave a review on something. Maybe the Making Aja Video. I don't remember. I read so many. :-)

I keep hoping the ODP will give us the commencement speech on the front page. Come on Webdrone, please?

Mr. Poirot: A clue for you.... :-)

Lisa G: Do you think you might manage to post this weekend?
I miss you.

Q: Glad you are still down in Tampa. We were worried. Have you bid on the Boxed set? I emailed them today to find out the current bid, but I have had no answer back. I think they would get more web bids, if they kept the current bid on the website. IMHO.

Happy First Communion Mae Mae....

The future looked....

Name: Miz Ducky
checking in

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 13:50:37
Heya, Rude Waitress--howzabout adding to your brunch menu a salad of Grilled Duck Breast on Mixed Greens with Honey Mustard Dressing? (gotta use up all that extra honey mustard kickin' around in the back closet).

Stayed late at work and saw the Berklee concert. 'Twas quite nice--I especially liked the vibes player, plus the dark-haired sax player and that trombone player in the black outfit (wish I had the names of these folks). Oh, and the pianist--I loved it when he played the coda to "Throw Back the Little Ones" as the prelude into "Rikki." Liked a lot of the vocalists too, particularly the ones on "Josie" and "Peg" (both sistahs who sounded like they knew where the groove lives--in fact, I think the vocalist for "Peg" was the one who'd just won the scholarship earlier?). And yeah, the guy who did Cousin Dupree was fun. He was *havin'* fun (wonderful lascivious grin). The whole band seemed to be havin' fun on that one--really punched up the contemporary alt-country feel of that one.

Some of the other vocalists--oh, they were really good, but somehow I've gotten so spoiled by Donald's spare voice and precise delivery that I was finding myself going "nope, too pretty-sounding; nope, *way* too much melisma; nope, don't think you quite found the right note in that chord voicing; nope, too much extra scatting; nope, you really shouldn't be singing a big ol' football right through that, Donald always sings that nearly staccato ... " Yikes! I'm sure I'll find them okay upon subsequent listens, but it's hard to let go of the originals. Or at least it's hard for me to let go.

Anyhow, it was a fun broadcast, and I can't wait for Berklee to put the archival version up on their site. Hoping they do put some clips of D&W's degree acceptance speeches/whatever up too.

/the Mam'zelle
sunny side over easy in Seattle

Name: edbeatty

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 11:45:16
I just found this-


Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA Dragged Down by the Stone
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 11:18:28
Steeve -- missed the Berklee thang last night (too busy watching the Dodgers suck hind teat). I hereby sign up to obtain a CD of the performance. I will say this -- if their guitar player(s) is (are) better than Hank Easton of TSD, then they've got to be from another planet. Hank truly rocks. (Hey, I heard Dr. Wu has a new lead guitarist)

Aus, thanks for the shout out -- it's truly "too late for [me] to lose the weight I used to need to throw around."

Name: eLLe

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 10:21:15
Crowley? what a clown? pffffffffffft HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
well I guess you have to start somewhere.
; )
so I guess you know that Jimmy Page lived in Crowleys house, then Aus?
hey! Hawaii five-o hahaaa

that's COOL.. "thanks for the colour"
I've never heard that expression before
and you're welcome!!

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 08:51:39
Oh yeah. Q: Glad to see you're alive and kicking. For the love of..


Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 08:48:02
St. Al: Now I know what you were doing this early morning you devil. Nice GB FAQs link. Excellent work (as usual sir).

CaraMiaMarsha: Glad the Jonatha gig was good for you. Regards to Swiss Banker. Sorry I missed you too BTW. And safe trip back to Smoky Mountain land.

RudeWaitress: DaddyG waffles sound good to me.

Live Zeppelin blasting thru speakers here at home the last hour or so...


Name: StAl

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 08:42:32
Uh, test..

Name: cara mia
saturday in the Park

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 06:36:13
Greetings from NYC, just a few miles down the road from all the commencement doings. Can hardly wait for the Berklee Sessions Tribute disc. Congrats, Mark, on getting in for the doings.

Tangential Dan connection: tonight Levon Helm performs the blues with his Barnburners, a combo that includes his daughter Amy on vocals. The venue is Chicago B.L.U.E.S. at 9P.

Sorry to miss you, Aus. Our friend's apt. is the best place to ring. Yes, Jonatha Brooke did a very exciting show for the 500+ folks. Delightful to hear the crowd sing along with her new song "Linger", moving up the Adult Contemporary chart. I will catch her again in Atlanta in a smaller venue. My ears will be ringing from her now-rocking decibels.

Missed Meg Ryan yesterday (sorry, Clas, I would have sent your "hello") as the filming for the movie "Leopold and...[something]" was set up in various places in Central Park. My butt is sore from biking.

Back home to Hillbilly Land tomorrow, 600 miles south and 10 degrees cooler than the asphalt jungle.

cara mia

Name: Q

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 04:00:48
PS I did buy life insurance recently............maybe there's a link here.........


Name: Q
Down in Tampa........

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 03:58:59
Q here, people do seem to be having the "no tour" blues!

Boppin to the Berkley thing.

Not restin' yet!

Name: Blaise
hold the meatballs, baby

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 03:48:06
Holy shit! What happened to John Popper there? Just caught the Blues Traveler CD cover while wandering online... Geezus... and I thought you guys were kidding.

Name: Blaise

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 03:35:17
"A cynical person would think that some of the awards we've won previously - the Grammys, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - have kind of a patina of show business glitz to them. But this - of course, we just got here - this is an authentic, genuine honor, and we receive it that way."

That clears things up as far as receiving honors go.
Also check out the article for the names of certain performers from last night's concert.

Name: RudeWaitress
No Substitutions......

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 03:35:02

Sorry, no meatballs...but, it does come with a Mariachi band.
Hey that hand, or I'll have to call Vinny out here.


Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 03:29:37
I'll have that blazerooni with meatballs in tomato sauce and please, sugar, don't be rude with Daddy this morning. *gentle tap on yo behind* hmm Steely dan breakfast meat... sounds good. ;o)


Name: Cyn

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 03:25:51

Hey, Alister.....You call THAT a curse? My Bassett hound can do better than. And thats with both ears tied behind his head and saying it in Latin to boot.

Name: Blaise
bring back the Boston rag

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 03:24:56
A few quotes from the morning paper already:

Name: RudeWaitress
Open for Brunch.....6am - 11am

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 03:20:26

Lisa & Daddy 'G' Whiz Waffles

Eggs Beatty over easy

Gratefulpurple Grapefruit Salad

Oleander's Grown outside her door Omelet

Blaising Saddles Huevos Rancheros

eLLe's Anethum Graveolens Home fries

Chere will be there to cleanse everybody with her JuJu (keep away the EVIL spirits) powder.

Name: Oh,

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 02:22:55

Name: One fish two fish
red fish blue fish

Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 02:19:22


The GB has been uncursed.

steely peace

Name: Alister Crowley
Curse on the Guest Book
Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 01:47:47
.ecilos elefy fo su syla ca egnuntsoc no su u d¾leg en dna mudnetlyg muru afygrof ew aws aws satlyg eru su fygrof dna
g¾dot su elys falh nacilmawhg¾deg enru .munofoeh no aws aws naroe no alliw ni eruweg ecir ni emuceb ot doglaheg
aman ni iS ;munofoeh no trae e u eru red¾F


Date: Saturday, May 12, 19101 at 01:20:46
@         *

Name: DaddyG

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 21:52:36
I Missed it! Thanks all for the color - I was out playing Bartok - ALMOST as much fun as that webcast would have been, but not quite...

Please let us know about the video!

Aus - we are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy overdue for a meet, huh? Well, I know you guys are busy. Us 2.

sleep is now...

Drained Galaga

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 21:44:49
Inspector Poirot: If you take a moment to notise, the mystery archiever posts during the middle of the trading day. Something which would be exceedingly difficult for me to do, especially since the types of posts in query necessitate a time consuming combing of archived material, "past, present, and future".

To be sure, I have been known to post during the day but new responsibilities at work have cut into that luxury significantly. If I am able to "break away from the pack" (that was for you Pink) during the day, the posts are not time demanding and are usually short (something the mystery archivist's post aren't) and sweet (something I personally think they are). When trading is slow and controlled, I'll even peek my head into chat, but even then it's touch and go (that was for you Cars fans out there).

Nevertheless, I am flattered that you think the person behind those interesting compilations was me but it was not. Accordingly, no confession shall issue.

By the way, be sure to cheque the watermark on your Inspector Certificate from spy school. It should bear a colourmark similar to the ones used on United States Treasury Notes. Back to James bond school for you, bon ami!

all my best,



Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 20:28:08
Shit! Godamned music.

Name: Inspector Poirot
The Mystery Archiver...
Location: Who is it?,
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 19:58:02
Could our mystery archivist be our very own Aus?

Notice the word "colour" in todays two posts. One with signature and one without. Me thinks we have a suspect.

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 19:42:42
Just getting in...wowowowowowowowowow!!!! OMG.
Special thanks to roving reporters:
1. Blaise for heads up on link. (Couldn't partake; Out with clients. Bummer)
2. Elle for running colour blasts. Exciting.
3. Mark in Boston (Sign me up for compact disc, dvd, video, whatever. ps. I PAY for mine, just ask JW, FloriDavid or YGK)
4. Grateful Purple for colour imbued set list.
5. SteeveDan for neatly summarised set-list


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 07:37:03
Back to the future then - May 12
2000 - Huge Fan disses the japanese wonderwaif infuriating blazer who secretely wants to get the colour on the Tokyo date. Lars joins in on the Huge Fan beating along with stevie dan. Aja digs in the archives while bored at work.

1999 - SteveVdan posts while stevie dan is away. Zippy writes "all Walter ever writes about is drug addiction and we're not supposed to mention it?". Clas likes that a lot. StAl considers Talk City for chat. Margee Schotz-Cincinnati-Jerry Springer thread. Ruby (conservative) argues politics with Alta (liberal), of course.

Would you like to confess Msr. Torres?

Name: RudeWaitress
Brunch Menu for Sat.

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 19:56:36

Will post it tomorrow morning (early).

The diner was so busy this evening....Need to put my feet up for the night. LEGGGGGGGG UPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: angel
And make believe

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 19:46:18
Rude Waitress: I am so flattered that you named a dish after me. :-)

Blaise, eLLe, Grateful Purple, Steveedan, thanks so much for the color. Almost felt I was there. Definitely want info on a CD.
Video would be even nicer. I was really surprised at the choices of music the kids performed. Interesting that they did not perform anything from Kamakiarid, but did 2 from Nightfly. Also surprised that they did some of D & W's longer works, Aja & 2VN. How long did the concert last, did anyone keep track?

So, the invite that St. Al posted says the ceremony is at 10 A.M. Mark, we want a FULL report. Appreciate it.

Thanks for the Bass history lesson. Will there be a test? :-)

Night all....

we're back at our old school....

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 19:42:42
Just getting in...wowowowowowowowowow!!!! OMG.

Special thanks to roving reporters:
1. Blaise for heads up on link. (Couldn't partake; Out with clients. Bummer)
2. Elle for running colour blasts. Exciting.
3. Mark in Boston (Sign me up for compact disc, dvd, video, whatever. ps. I PAY for mine, just ask JW, FloriDavid or YGK)
4. Grateful Purple for colour imbued set list.
5. SteeveDan for neatly summarised set-list

Sounds like it was a ball. Sorry I missed it...


Name: eLLe
set list

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 19:41:54
I was refering to you SteveeD

Name: Cyn
I know my pasta.......

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 19:03:48

EDD..gimme a break, it was a "tongue in cheek" special. I know you don't serve "alfredo with "angel" hair pasta".

Sign me up for the video of tonights blast!!!!!!

anyone up for chat?

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:43:03
Hey eLLe - Thanks for the nod on the set list. I realize that you might have been writing to Gratefulpurple - Grate, you Viking madman, you got in before me and even did the two-liner running commentary not unlike Walter B's liner notes for the "Alive In America" CD. Dammit I'm impressed, and totally scooped too. Darn. Just a newbie trying to get in first, and, well, didn't.

Will there be a DVD or video released by Berklee, Mark of Boston, please find out for us, we really really want it, but will gratefully settle for a CD if not. Thanks.

Fun show, big thumbs way way up for the future of music, assuming that some of these Berklee grads get recording contracts.

Nice to see musicians who are REALLY GOOD get the spotlight.

Time to watch the Lakers in about 1 hour - you too KD?

It's a little after 6 o'clock outside the stadium ...


Name: eLLe
: (

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:39:13
aawwww Blaise sorry.. I wouldn't have even checked it out if i didn't see your posting about it.. awww too bad..
I used on our cable connected computer, not my laptop to see it.
awww bummer for you ; (

Name: Blaise
oh well...

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:35:31
Consolation prize for missing more than half of the show was witnessing you guys go at it here. Thanks guys. Can't wait to have a listen in better circumstances myself. sigh

Name: Cyn
What a show....!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:34:04

WOW WOW WOW.....there is a God ! These people are the Creme de la Creme. I had goose bumps !

Name: eLLe
live stream

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:29:02
I'm happy that a "hard core-r" got the song list LOL

Name: eLLe
live stream

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:27:03
it just got better and better..didn't it? god that rocked!!

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:27:02
Hello one and all É

HereÕs the set list that was played by the band of graduating Seniors at the 2001 Berklee School of Music Commencement Concert on Friday May 11, 2001 -

1. Two Against Nature
2. Do It Again
3. Book Of Liars
4. Hey 19
5. Black Friday
6. Deacon Blues
7. Maxine
8. My Old School
9. Pretzel Logic
10. Cousin Dupree
11. Aja
12. Josie
13. Kid Charlemagne
14. Piano Interlude - Ending Tag for
Throw Back The Little Ones
15. Rikki DonÕt Lose That Number
16. Peg
17. ReelinÕ In The Years
18. I.G.Y.
19. Ending Fanfare on the Outro Jam from Peg

At BerkleeÕs website ( it was stated that this concert will be available for viewing in a few days, so, if you would like to check it out, surf on over.

In my humble opinion, I thought the keyboard players and the sax players were great, as were some of the vocalists and guitar solos. I wanted more from the trombonist, but over all, it was very enjoyable. Donald and Walter stood up and took a bow from the audience.

I wondering if San Diego, CaliforniaÕs The Steely Damned are a better band - hey W1P let me know, OK?

You are all the kings of the world as far as I know ...


Name: eLLe
live stream

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:26:20
hahah Robin
waving my glow stick

Name: Robin
Holding My Lighter In The Air

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:24:37
Encore! Encore!

Name: Robin
Holding My Lighter In The Air

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:24:33
Encore! Encore!

Name: gratefulpurple

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:24:03
Well, quite a show tonight. 6:30 CST is not a quiet time at my house and the audio and video cut out frequently, but I caught most of it. The level of talent was . . . amazing? phenomenal? Knew these kids would be good, but wow!

Setlist w/ running crypticisms. Please help me!

Opener: 2vN - super tenor solo to open and close -- especially the close, anybody catch his name?, this is the way i wanted it this summer w/ lots of room for the musicians to stretch out, very, very fine

2. Do It Again - female vocalist and later winner of the Billboard endowment award, effortless, soulful, deep voice, beautiful, straightforward arrangement of this one, guitar solo at start and piano at bridge

3. Book of Liars - W had to be smiling. Another F vocalist and she did it soooo right, great, jazzy phrasing, w/ my fuzzy picture looked a bit like cyn leonhart, then a nice tbone solo, again f player, pugh watch out d&w couldn't help but notice, vocal again just beautiful

4. Hey Nineteen - vibes, m vocalist this time w/ falsetto, reminded me of aaron neville, vocalist name kevin wood?

Intermission w/ announcements and speeches, folks from the industry are here, white from Billboard gives a speech, and he's married to judy garland who looked surprisingly fresh after all these years, gary burton introduced, "and welcome especially to legendary performers, writers, producers d&w"

5. Black Friday - another wonderful f singer, does everyone look like cyn l?, this was a quick one

6. Deacon Blues - m vocalist same as 2vN, great light show,even from my 2x2 screen throughout, student work also

7. Maxine - 4-part m vocal harmony, a little do wop maybe, sounds so nice, basic rythmn accompaniment, tenor solo by that great player, we'll hear from him again, what's his name!!!, falsetto "in jeans and pearls" sweet

8. My Old School - m vocalist we've seen him once before, i need a program now, nice horns,

9. Pretzel Logic - yup, like this one a lot, same f vocalist as for book of liars and she is (insert superlative), get the recording contract ready, powerful voice, trombone solo yes, yes

More intros and now video clips of grammys 4 times: "and the grammy goes to. . . not mnm" video but now its about 1/4x1/4 on my screen, lookes like the plush maybe, rrhof clips, then d&w intoduced and the stand in their seats and nod for awhile, great applause and hoots, d next to libby i think, superb

10. Cousin Dupree - heavy, heavy bass, my walls are quakin, video cut out and can only hear now

11. Aja - 3 vocalists w/ this one m and 2f, vibes beautiful again, oh god that sax player drillin it again, best talent tonight imho, need to hear more, quick drum solo at end

12. Josie - bongos, guitars are right there, f vocalist but video is shit now and can't see

13. Kid C - 3d time for this f vocalist and could listen to her all night, another fine guitar solo, best of the night?, yes there's gas, had to be some hours of rehearsal here the show is just too too good

14. Rikki - piano solo just like orig, woods m vocalist again, i like him for m vocalists the best, girls helping out w/ the chorus and now one of them does second verse, this one was tight

15. Peg - f vocalist having fun w/ this one, tellin band "you better play boys" and they do

16. Reelin - Video out so can't see who's doing the guitar solo, lotsa different guitar players on stage, m vocalist to start, switch to f for second verse, oh boy guitars again, sounds like the closer

17. IGY - second one from nightfly, m vocalist, cool a capella background singing in the middle

Instrumental Peg and looks like everyone is on stage now, yup taking bows, nice show and the audio is gone now

Name: eLLe
live stream

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:23:21
what a glorious time to be FREE


well done!!!!!!

Name: Robin

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:17:37
and amazed at the talent these kids have! It looks like they are enjoying themselves as well. Most excellent!

Name: oleander
back to you

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:13:37
Peg on now. They used the Omartian outro to Throw Back for the intro to Rikki. Very cool.

Mark, my man, I am all ears. And it would be worth a contribution to Berklee for sure.

Name: eLLe
live stream

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:07:04
doing Rikki now..
see the little tear run down my cheek..yes yes RIP Rick/
god he would have loved to see all this happening to his heros

Name: Boston Rag
Commencement CD

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:03:47
Ole - There will be a CD available at Berklee of the concert tonight. I'll find out from my friend at the school how the general public can get it.

Mark in Boston

Name: Boston Rag
Wide Awake in Boston

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 18:00:38
Wasn't me yawning! I'm boppin' to these talented kids on the webcast. D & W should bring half of them along on the next tour.

Name: oleander
these young people today

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:58:36
Omigod. This is fantastic! I love it, I love it. These kids can PLAY. I can't record because it keeps dropping out--I MUST hear it all!! Any video/ recording to come?

Oh man, Josie.... I'm out....

Name: eLLe
live stream

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:56:20
doing AJA now excellent!!
but uh, I'm not qualified for a report get the news second hand tomorrowfrom I keeping you awake?
*yawn* back at yah

Name: eLLe
live stream

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:48:59
Comments:'s his wife Libby..who knew//not me
the band started with 2vN including a total sax solo of the entire song..
they've done Bodisattva, Hey 19, Do it again
I thought you'd all be tuned in so I didn't write down a song list..
right now they are doing Cousin Dupree
alot of songs are being sung by females which is a nice change..don't ask me who they are..berklee students i assume??

Name: Boston Rag
Amazing stuff!!!!

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:40:06
Wow! Highlights so far - "Book of Liars "and "Maxine" Both unexpected and both perfect! Maxine done with a vocal quartet.

Going to the graduation tomorrow. Full report later.

Mark in Boston


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:39:56

Name: eLLe

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:33:26
D's sitting in the audience with a "girl" oooowe????
(best NY accent)
w's with somebody from Berklee, some big cheese like the assciate director ..don't quote me on that.
the band is fab.
they are doing tons of tunes... come on tune in!!!!
Timothy White ex-senior editor of RS and senior editor of Billboard which is 107 years old..who knew gave the scholarship award to one Miss Elise? spelling Miles...

Name: Edd

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:28:14

"Angel hair pasta Alfredo"

Euuu, that *is* rude. No self-respecting chef would serve a heavy alfredo with delicate angel hair.

The very thought brings on a case of the vapors.

Name: dammit
be a spoiler, think Canajun!

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:27:54
eLLe - What's going on? What was played so far, etc, ...?
Colour, anyone?
pretty please...

Beast w/o bandwidth here

Name: eLLe stream..

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:13:13
I've got about a 10 second video lag, but other than that sounding/looking great...

Name: eLLe
Timothy's speech

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:11:30

Name: Blaise

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 17:00:31
and once you're in, don't pause it or you'll have trouble getting the connection back. I lost the feed or at least my priority on it. Still trying. Anyone else can access this now?

Name: Blaise
alternate route

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 16:36:30
If anyone else besides me is having problems with the display of options on the Berklee webcast page, try copy/pasting this in the Open Url option of your File menu in the Quicktime player:


That's how I got the feed anyway. Babylon Sisters is playing right now and people are getting seated. Enjoy.

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 16:06:37

Hi W1P - Great story. As far as the SFB, I was asked to sit in with the band, but I am unable to do so. If I find that I am able to play with them in the near future, I will be sure to let you and everyone else know about it.

I'm keeping all the dates handy so that I might be able to plan ahead. I'm going to (hopefully successfully) tune into the Berklee School of Music commencements right now. Hope it works.

Greetings to all.


Name: Jim#

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 15:59:00
To the many very kind and patient readers who have read and enjoyed the Nawlins report, thank you for your replies. Would that you all could have been, and seen. And if 160,000 attended on the day Dave Matthews happened to play, could we not eeke out 5 figures for the boys? Zeke, missed ya pal.
Angel: Yes, the pictures do imply more than just color, but I'll allow only that they were made smallish on purpose!
Cyn: if further delays of delivery on the gator are discussed, would Jim on a stick be more appropriate?

Name: For the dweeb(s) that posted yesterday:
Top ten things we know about people
Location: repeatedly post anti-Dan messages here:

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 15:57:42

10. They can spell the word "sucks." Sometimes.

9. They don't know which one's Walt and which one's Dan.

8. They feel the need to seek attention from people they claim to dislike.

7. They have a fetish about being despised.

6. In-breeding has horrible, horrible consequences.

5. "Steely Dan must suc. He hasn't even been on TRL"

4. They don't remember the King of Soul. They don't remember music without "Beat It"
choreography, samples, or "GRUNDGE(tm)".

3. "Ass? Ditch out in the valley? Hmmmmm..."

...and they aren't worthy of a full ten.

"In the morning it won't be there no more..."

Name: Commodian
a little fretless history

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 15:24:46
Standup/acoustic/double/string/doghouse/contra bass - string length is 41 inches from nut to bridge on an ebony fingerboard with no frets for centuries.

Leo Fender designed the Precision Bass Guitar in 1951. Called Precision and guitar because it had frets so that guitarists could easily switch over, and could be strapped on like a guitar. String length is 34 inches from nut to bridge.

When Jaco ripped the frets out of his Fender Jazz Bass Guitar in the early 70s there were no commercially available fretless basses. He covered the rosewood fretboard with epoxy to prevent the strings from wearing away the wood.

Acoustic bass guitars are worn like regular guitars, are fretted or fretless, with string length of 32 - 34 inches.

Guitars string length is 25 1/2 inches.

Ray Brown is amazing.

Sorry to be boring.


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 14:52:46

MOMAR, Darling is that you posting the RIP's? Jump into chat Alta has a surprise for you...


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 14:43:19
It is rumored that Clas' dog has been killed.
I will update if any new info becomes available

Name: RudeWaitress
No early bird specials........

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 14:42:23

Vinny can be such a putz sometimes!

Angel hair pasta Alfredo

Wormy's "Survivor" quick fried Grubs

Gina's Dutch Cheese platter

In your "Face" cream pie

Dif's smoked dogfish

LP's Spring (in your step) water

Tonights entertainment will be:

Dif will show us how he trained his "goitersnake" to jump thru hoops.( No pun intended)

Lp will do her famous escape from chains a la Houdini. (shes practiced this once or twice before. She now claims it only takes 10 seconds....but thats when there are bulldozers are headed in her direction.)

Name: gratefulpurple

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 14:39:27
Oh, yea. . . and how bout those Minnesota Twins. Take that, mario and see you in October!

Name: gratefulpurple

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 14:03:13
A short reintro, maybe. I found this wonderful place a few years ago and became addicted. Bought music, read books, mixed drinks, changed habits, lived shows and events in vicarious bliss, laughed my ass off, met great folks in the flesh and out, and on and on just from tuning in here. And the constant dan undertow feeds me in a way not available anywhere else. So, just thought I'd express some gratitude certainly to St.Al and, really, you all. I've taken a lot from here.

Anyway, can't wait to see what happens at berklee. I'm sure some of you have checked out the archived commencement speeches by past honorees at their site. I enjoyed the one from James Taylor. While others, I thought, wasted the opportunity, JT gave true, soulful words. Seemed to understand best why he was there. And I hope the boys are cool, too. Shouldn't be able to slide by this time, soliciting questions from the kids.

chere - so nice to see you surface again -- you are luv'd here.

Name: well bring dem over then!
Location: all of my harvest to you, my good friends!
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 13:56:57
all i want to know is how do we make the litte swedish letters in meatballs sauce? cause that is a few of me faveOrite things, also cotton swabs and licorice ice cream blow bars. i rilly rilly have a good taste, and boy do i! i only witch i could convey to you, the good peoples of svetlandia, how much i am the lover of you crazy people! but alas, i know this medium is thin and wrought with underbellies- and we can't know the truth from pulp fiction. and hello dolly!

Name: ODP gopher
during his lunch

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 13:46:02

Name: chere
u know it

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 12:49:52
I spoke to Q on the phone yesterday he is very much alive and himself. Just to set the record straight. Auss- Will look very forward to your visit down here funny because I thought about how cool it would be if you were visiting down here just before I came upon the Gb today. Jambon Bro!- Soulflowere JUjU chile' chere

Name: Blaise
sorry, more precisely

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 12:49:01

Name: Blaise
webdrone redux

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 12:46:04
Webcast up and ready. Folks, adjust your Quicktime plug-ins accordingly (we all know how painful that can be).

Name: Gina

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 11:57:23
hey you coward, no guts to say that in my cyberface using some identity if you even have one?

blowing you a kiss-off-hand,

have a nice weekend everyone!!
Banyan Tree Bow,

Name: eLLe
to:eyes from above clouds/NW World

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 11:56:16
uh EHHH would be spelled EH, pronounced-aye
not ayehuh-huh-huh
you got that, HUHHHH? rather, HUH Pud? ; )


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 11:46:33
Don't let Gina write the eulogy or we'll be scrolling all week!

Name: StAlphonzo

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 11:25:39
What's this about Quentin? If this is a joke it ain't funny.

Daddy G -- Desired effect achieved...

Name: eLLe
I'm Your Man

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 11:25:00
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died

Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long stem rose
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that you love me baby
Everybody knows that you really do
Everybody knows that you've been faithful
Ah give or take a night or two
Everybody knows you've been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to
Without your clothes
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

And everybody knows that it's now or never
Everybody knows that it's me or you
And everybody knows that you live forever
Ah when you've done a line or two
Everybody knows the deal is rotten
Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton
For your ribbons and bows
And everybody knows

And everybody knows that the Plague is
Everybody knows that it's moving fast
Everybody knows that the naked man and
Are just a shining artifact of the past
Everybody knows the scene is dead
But there's gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose
What everybody knows

And everybody knows that you're in trouble
Everybody knows what you've been through
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
To the beach of Malibu
Everybody knows it's coming apart
Take one last look at this Sacred Heart
Before it blows
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Oh everybody knows, everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows

Leonard Cohen

Name: eLLe

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 11:11:56
Oh non, j'ai perdu moi-meme!!!!!
M'aidez me trouver.

Name: DaddyG
Oh, the times...

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 10:59:17
Aus - good to see you.

Gina - where is this piano now? I hope they repaired it - ha! - probably broken from what Lizt did to it!

StAl - methinks the percenteges are a changin...

Still Rachin...

Doorknob Grammy

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA Behind the Wall of Sleep
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 10:29:36
Steeve -- got the message on 7/6 w/ Dr. Wu. We played there (the Whisky) one time with the Atomic Punks. It was the debut of Marvette Williams on Great Gig in the Sky (she now of the Lion King as Simba's mother). Great reaction from the Van Halen "metal heads" in leather and studs being blown away by this awesome talent.

Memories of Berkeley: Remember a club called the Ashkanaz (sp)? I made friends with a band first called The Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra and later (and still) Big Bang Beat. What a riot!

Are you playing with SFB this weekend at Hogue's and Bar Dan?

Name: bif
dressed to kill

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 10:07:39
Michiel Boreslap? Isn't that what people listen to when they're really really bored?

Q? Whatcha talkin' about brother?

Name: bif

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 10:02:59
The Digest? Isn't that where people run and hide when they've been flamed on the GB?


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 09:56:03
It is rumored that Q has been killed.
I will update if any new info becomes available.

Name: Gina

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 09:48:46
merci mucho, Jim#, really liked the cybergrand tour!
Al Green .. don't know why but i always tie him up to James Brown :-)

got the Feeder route among other animal pastime links now, thanks Edd!

i spent quite some time in the GB archives whilst a newbie, trying to distinguish the Babel from a tongue that changes like the tides but has the flexibility to bounce back on its own strength. in a way we forget society around us changes, life in the world anno 2001 isn't like life anno 1995. maybe we're not fully aware of it, the impact on our own lives and the amount of time we get to spend in cyberspace. the soul of this GB isn't the same as the Digest or any other cybergathering which has Steely Dan as a mainframe. put all of it together and one might get a clear picture of the diversity in Steely Dan Fanhood.

they discovered an old grand piano recently in an Italian School of Art/Music. it was hidden in the basement, underneath bricks and other stuff people stash in basements. it happened to be the last piano of Franz Liszt, the one he owned during his last 15 years. can't help but think of a certain Fender Rhodes, haha. and almost at the same time i see this backyard again .. who knows one day some troll will be the tourguide of a bunch of rainbow-tourists and lead them to a big big double u of banyan trees ..

me thinks the flow around here is back to its usual friendly hospitality .. and yes, we need a new Dan fix. a new fix would really make a difference. so here's to a new New One then!!!

shameless plugging of a dutch musician now .. Michiel Borstlap will have a new 3CD release june 1 .. it's called Gramercy Park and has recordings from New York, Bombay and lots of other places. it's the kind of album that tears down boundaries in between music and bridges jazz and all related. Michiel even recorded a traditionally performed Scherzo, Chopin .. no jazzed version, but truly classical, Michiel's own interpretation no doubt! for more info check out his website

Banyan Tree Viva La Musica Bow,

Name: Cray Zee

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 09:46:16

Thanks for the response, which I assume was to the Babylon Sisters posting rather than my snipe at Anti-Dan. Perhaps you can tell, but I'm new to this chatting thing. Anyway, I'm in the amen corner now.

Do I have more? For twenty-plus years I've been boring non-fans to tears with my interpretations of these songs. Glad I've found some simpaticos. This internet thing just might catch on.

More to come.


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 08:34:11
Everybody: Have a great weekend indeed!

May 13

2000 - StAl on Napster. Masta' Don attempts to gaslight the GB once again. Wonderwaif in Japan thanks her defenders.

1999 - National politics summit involving the usual pundits. zzzzzzzzzzzzz Newbie scrutiny continues: Altamira has to explain the SD origin of her new handle.(?)

1998 - james, an angry young man, takes over the GB as his own chat room and starts firing. Ruby baby is a casualty. lisa is smitten by this bad boy's charms. She starts chatting. Funny bit of Schwinn schtick thrown in.

1997 - Early taping of Chord Talk with Clas and Edd.

1996 - Peg on misheard lyrics and Lucky Henry's HATWW lyric analysis. Pete Fogel gives us the lowdown on Wayne Krantz. Pete is thanked for his input.

and that was bla bla bla...

Name: Mens Club
now we got to pay!

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 08:30:40

Yes: Laid-in-Bayside (and every where else) you're are missed here.

Name: Aussie
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 08:26:36
Rude Waitress and Vinny:

Yo Vinny! Bring it ovah heah before I trow ya a belt beatin'! It's like shoe leatha already!

Other specialty items not on the menu (must ask):
1. Mystery meat fingers
2. Roasted whole limb, de boned (pre-marinated in New York Harbour water for a few days)
3. One pound, freshly schucked flesh served with parsely garnish and lime reduction
4. Bullet riddled long pig.

Jim#: Thoroughly enjoyed reading your New Orlean JazzFest notes. And nice pics too sir! Thanks for gracious public service. (ps. Good thing I have the eyes of a hawk. The font on the review was a wee wee) Nice pic of Aja in ack-shee-Own. Must have been nice to have Wormy as knowledge-full guide and area expert.

Quick colour bullet point on GB mayhem: Normal bloodletting facilitated with entry of newbies...happens cyclically, just like YGK alluded to in earlier post, not to be taken personally, St. Al no need to moderate, combat by completely ignoring vitriolic anon postings, continue to contribute as compelled to, enjoy the ride, scroll on by when needed, guaranteed to find gems among lotsa pallid posts.

LadyBaySide: sorely missed. Hope all's well, or at least better.

FloriDavid and Chere heads-up blast: In Floridoodle for Memorial Day weekend (Boston lost out). Certain to dive one of those days in Key Largo. Nice to meet for quick-hit drink plus.

Cyn and Dif: Good hooking up yesterday...Tally Hooo and Leg Up!

Hoops: One million thanks (again) for parcel. Happy happy.

CaraMiaMarsha: Sorry we missed each other yesterday...I tried calling your cell number a few times to no avail. Did Jonatha ever play???

Chere Chile: Jambon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LuckLess Pedestrian, Cyn, Ole, Mrs. Beemer, LB, Mrs. NMN and every other Mother participating (directly or indirectly thru husbands) in this GB: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Everybody: Have a great weekend.


Name: Vinny
Menu correction............

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 07:45:33

Jeeeeeze.....ya just can't find GOOD help anymore. My RudeWaitress screwed up the menu selections.

Lady Bayside Scallops

The other selections we promised will be post after RudeWaitress teaches her "Charm School" class.


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 07:37:03
Back to the future then - May 12

2000 - Huge Fan disses the japanese wonderwaif infuriating blazer who secretely wants to get the colour on the Tokyo date. Lars joins in on the Huge Fan beating along with stevie dan. Aja digs in the archives while bored at work.

1999 - SteveVdan posts while stevie dan is away. Zippy writes "all Walter ever writes about is drug addiction and we're not supposed to mention it?". Clas likes that a lot. StAl considers Talk City for chat. Margee Schotz-Cincinnati-Jerry Springer thread. Ruby (conservative) argues politics with Alta (liberal), of course.

1998 - (the original) lisa names herself as GB moderator.

1997 - Rose Darling is a hand, dummies. Which hand? The one your dick points towards is prolly it.

1996 - Kinky diligently fields a question about A-Frames.

And that was tomorrow May 12th in GB History.

Name: DaddyG
take a look

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 07:13:17
Gina - already usedthat one, but thanks for thinking of me! Pat Metheny and Frank Zappa have had some orchestral success - I wonder if Don and Walt have ever considered it? Pete, do you know? I think that some of Steve Vai's tunes would stand up well in that setting - his tunes are large in scope, I think it would work.

Stowing away some time...


Name: Edd

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 07:10:39


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 06:55:32
Argh you got me... I'm wounded... damn, I'm bleedin' here!

This day in GB History - May 11

2000 - Q and Cara Mia present their list of fave GBers. Q forgets (the original) Daddy G. chere presents her current playlist. KD presents the possible meanings of "KD". 2vN lyrics explored (WASAM, Janie).
1999 - Altamira welcome drags on for an x day.
1998 - Spike Lee asks Your Gold Keith why he sounds black.
1997 -
1996 - The original luckless pedestrian (a male) signs in for the first time.

And that was this day in GB History for May 11th 19101

Name: RudeWaitress
Steely Dan National and World Holiday Celebration dinner at the Diner

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 06:49:19

Dinner will be served after the Live streamcast from Berklee.

Tonight Specials:

Clams a la Aus

Lady Bayside Oysters

Miz Canardable's famous "peeking" duck

Jim's Gator-on-a-stick

The Fez's Tie me down Kangaroo......mate

St. Al's Shrimp Pancakes

Dano's " It isn't really all that bad" Haggis

Vinny is still writing up the menu, More specials to follow.... at this point we are still lining up the entertainment.

Name: angel
and I'm never going back

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 06:21:59
Hi all. Yes, I had checked out Tomas' site for the liner notes. But since I was confused, I thought it might be incomplete. Thanks for finally clearing it all up.
Moving to a slightly different subject. So, CTE is the album with the "weekend knob jobs" quote on it. I have read that obscure credit in several reviews, but I never knew that the person was a man. Puts a whole different spin on it. Can I make the assumption that this might be their mixing board operator during their touring days?

Hoops' Digest has had graduation card submissions most of this week. Some have been quite funny. One of the ideas was great. It was to send a money envelope full of $20 bills and sign it with something like: "Your loyal fans lay down their Jackson's for you". So, being we can't do it for real, here it is D & W, a virtual graduation card. Congratulations! We always knew you could do it.

Forward into the past person, don't you owe us a peek....?

Good day all....

To my old school....

Name: Cyn

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 06:06:54

Yeah, but its May 11th today..................


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 05:56:36
Crazy as it may seem, here it is again:

This day in GB History - May 10

2000 - KD and Gunz against the world. Hectic day: KD, Ballah, Big Fan, Pete Fogel, Earthbound, Red Blazer, wormy (Babylon Sisters rap take is classic), Aja, cara mia, chere, YGK, fezo, David in the Florida Room, SdWebdrone, dr.WuWu, Hutch, jOker, the truth, Mr. LaPage, Good King John, stevie dan, Chi-Rival (!), Beast w/o a hip hop record, Jive Miguel, Zeke, Razor Boy, sooutrageous (GB-related rant is appreciated), Hank Silvers, Innocent one/ Michelle (genuine innocence is appreciated), Q, YGK, Almost Gothic Negative Girl, looeez and a few other shady ones take their turn at the plate. Whatever happened to...?

1999 - After Clas tells her she has a lovely (real) name, a newbie settles for the Altamira handle. A few reflective quotes on flaming stand out: "GB Greetings: Welcome To The Monkeyhouse! They Hoot, They Howl, They Hurl Unspeakable Stuff At Each Other.. Naw, only a couple do that.. Don't let it bug you.. Some of these folks don't live in Gun-Rack country, where yelling like a New York cab driver will get you a good old Redneck butt-whuppin'.. Simple Courtesy is considered a personal weakness when you have nothing to lose by being rude.. (he said, leaning back in his rocking chair on the porch, plunking his banjo & grinning a toothless grin..)- OMIO
"... many of us are like cub fans. we've seen it all. a long long time ago we won a world series. but it wasn't yesterday and nothing has worked out right for a long time. if you can tell me something interesting about fagen's voice i would be glad to read it... it's not just the fuck-you screeching of some adolescent, angry fool. it's out there & it's right. & we're waiting for more. waiting." - The Stranger

1998 - Q expresses his faith in a possible Spring 99 tour. "Dream on 'til your dreams come truuue."

1997 - What's the 13th Track of Whack and why isn't it on 11TOW? Pete Fogel says you can hear it on his web site. Yeah but where can I hear Wet Side Story and Jack of Speed? Classic questions are born on this day.

1996 - Dream Art Crimes setlist thread dies down on its fourth day. Pete Fogel plugs Bumpus at LBB. Pete Fogel gets praised for his hard work in keeping us informed.

And that was today in GB history for this May 10th, 19101

Name: Gina
The Feeder

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 05:48:08
oh yes Edd, could you please mention directions again .. how to see those birdies on your page ..


Name: Gina
Deutsche Grammophon

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 05:43:14
might just as well be one of your signatures, daddy G!

happens so the concerto you mentioned is one of my favs, my late brother and me had this thing for the second and the 3rd and played by Vladimir Ashkenazy ..
the song All By Myself by Eric Carmen has some concerto 2 excerpts ..

the label i mentioned above one of the best labels a few decades ago.

besides the a capelle Steely Dan versions i sometimes wonder a philharmonik version of the Royal Scam song.
drama could be lifted and lifted and lifted if an orchestra would play that particular composition. here in the Netherlands we often have classical and pop alliances as in popsongs being arranged for a symphonical orchestra and then this impressive performance, an orchestra and the popgroup on stage.

sometimes the quality of a composition is a matter of arrangement. that's why covers can be surprising as well as a bummer ..

anyways, a Steely Dan Phantom of the Opera, haha.
would be a nice change if they wrote music that way ..

off again,

ps ofcourse votes of confidence. it's also to be considererd positive if people get annoyed at times for it can also mean they have become friends and friends do argue and annoy one another :-)))

Name: DaddyG
Steely Rachmoninoff

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 05:12:25
Cray Zee -you tell them! I think you probably don't want to know what the critics thought of the 9th when it was first played. Let's just say they voiced something similar.

Ole- good to "see" you!

StAl - looks like you have some votes of confidence here...

Studying Rachmoninoff's 2nd piano concerto for an audition next week. I was slightly surprised to find some mu chords here and there. This might be as a result of Rach. being a big Art Tatum fan? Could be - maybe that's where the chord comes from? Hmmmm...

Delightful Grandpiano

Name: Howard

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 05:09:23
Stevedan: I'll probably drop you a mail from home this weekend - we can talk a bit more then.

It's true, we shouldn't overdo the music analysis and bore people too much, but on the other hand there are quite a few people on the GB who are into this kind of thing. For those that aren't, I figure they'd probably rather see someone droning on about Bm11 chords in Aja than "I hate person X because ..."

There have been some good group discussions before with Clas and Lisa G (amongst others) about chords and so on. I hope this kind of thing will continue here!


Name: W.Somerset Maugham
Sport fishing with "Papa" Hemingway
Location: Cuba, The Appointment in Samarra
Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 05:04:07

A reading from the Talmud:

Death Speaks: There was a merchant in Baghdad who sent his servant to the market to buy provisions and in a little while the servant comes back, white and trembling, and said, Master, just now when I was in the market-place I was jostled by a woman in the crowd and when I turned I saw it was Death that jostled me. She looked at me and made a threatening gesture; now, lend me your horse, and I will ride away from this city and avoid my fate. I will go to Samarra and there death will not find me. The merchant lent him his horse, and the servant mounted it, and dug his spurs in its flanks and as fast as the horse could gallop he went. Then the merchant went down to the marketplace and saw me standing in the crowd and he came to me and said, Why did you make a threatening gesture to my servant when you saw him this morning? That was not a threatening gesture, I said, it was only a start of surprise. I was astonished to see him in Baghdad, for tonight I have an appointment with him in Samarra.


Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 04:16:45

If you going thru hell, keep going.

Sir Winston Churchill

Name: „ Blaise „
i be yo pain

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 03:54:16
KD - Downhill was a broad-sweeping statement. There are exceptions in the evening, of course. Your long rant on the GB is 20% Blaise-worthy material, no doubt. Keep this up.

Old timers will take offense with this but what the heck... I'm always up for a healthy debate. Lead by your innuendo of past greatness, I took some time to read the archives and I couldn't see what the fuss was all about. Maybe I just need directions. It's a good read in parts and some long gone characters were interesting to say the least but...
In my opinion, this page was never as vibrant (or "fibrant") as during last year's tour (summer 2000). And you're right, it's probably because I was there, involved in some way. Origins have this nostalgia appeal that's tough to rationalize. Maybe you need to experience it to truly relate to it but the archives are disappointing when read out of context.

„ „ I M H O „ „

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 03:49:45
klaus/Johnboy - so you are back now.

Edd - correct.


Name: Klaus
Rectal Insertus

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 03:19:14
Here in the yellow-striped world we license our whores and call ourselves "advanced". Here in the yellow-striped world we welcome another Polish joke. Here in the Xanax encrusted shell of Prozac we skittle the calling of all good men into dog-speak. Big ears and small brains.

You want what you can't have? C'mere boy! We can find it!

Ooouw My Sternum is Alive,


Name: Edd

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 03:13:32

The standup/acoustic/double/string/whatever bass on "Razor Boy" was played by Ray Brown.

"Fretless" bass generally refers to guitar sized instruments sans frets. Like Jaco played. Referring to one of those big violin shaped instruments as a "fretless bass" is bound to cause confusion, even if said instrument doesn't have frets.

Name: Blaise
10% Peg-worthy wannabe

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 03:09:06
Jim - Nice page for the Jazzfest there. Extensive report for those who begged for it. Pictures are small but you can make out Aja playing the washboard down there. Neat.

fellow canajun, as part of the Walter-fearing web backwoods inhabitants, your rant mentiooning me is based on a set of assumptions of identity I can't claim or even live up to, really.
Pauvre eLLe, elle est perdue...

a cappela, my dear. Android Warehouse performed by the Barenaked Ladies. Yes, I can hear that.

angel, let's check the liner notes together here.... hmmm... those are my favorite remastered liner notes, by the way:
It clearly states "Ray Brown: String Bass on Razor Boy".

Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 02:49:53
Angel - and I think that's the type of acoustic bass that are used in "Razor Boy".


Name: Clas
@ work

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 02:48:15
Daddy G - yeah, when you hear a jazzgroup play, you know that the bass-solo is on it's way. It's like you know that you are cumming to early when you make love:

You know that it's comming and there is nothing you can do about it.


Angel - there are also acoustic bases in the format of an acoustic guitar.


The other night in Stockholm, on a jazzplace, Fasching, there was a TRIBUTE-nite for Steely Dan. "Sign In Citizen".

Did I go?



Name: Schwinn

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 01:43:07
Shazam! The board returns. Baltic Avenue here I come!

Name: johnboy

Date: Friday, May 11, 19101 at 01:05:47
St Al - you might be surprised at who still reads the GB.......

Name: difjuz

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 23:39:43
not to confuse or beat a horse but there is also an electric upright bass. give a listen to eberhard weber on ecm records sometime. the cat is possessed. and to whoever said solo upright bass solos in a jazz context is boring...try paul chambers solo with a bowstring on coltrane's "the stardust session." it's truly lovely i believe this style of playing is called arco.


Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 21:29:46
Hi Angel - I have always believed that the bass instrument used in Razor Boy is an acoustic bass (which is the same instrument refered to by double bass, and sometimes fretless bass). The very end of the song makes it easy to hear the timber supporting my belief in the type of bass instrument used. I don't know who the bassist was.

W1P - the Troub on 6/2 -- I'll try to make it. FYI, Dr. Wu plays the Whiskey A-Go-Go on 7/6.

I've always wanted to play at both of these venues, who knows, maybe someday I will.

To my two new LA based Dan friends - and to the rest of the proper posters, I send you all my best. Take it easy.


Name: angel
But how many friends must I have

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 20:59:09
Just read Jim #'s review of Jazz Fest. What a fabulous journal of your experiences. Thanks for putting up the link. Do the pictures have any meaning, or are they strictly for color?

Peg: Thank you for posting. It was a true pleasure to watch you perform in NYC last March.

Clas: Well, I now know what a fretless bass is. Thank you for the information.

dif: So, where are we. Is it a fretless bass or a double bass,
or just a plain old bass in Razor boy? Could someone read the liner notes and tell us who (or whom) did the deed. Thanks.

W1P: Now I am getting interested in 6/2.

Night all....

To begin with to make you laugh....

Name: Paige

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 20:57:45
I read the GB a lot. IÕm not sure why. It is certainly not for the reasons I initially thought I would read it for. ItÕs sort of like a traffic accident. You donÕt want to look, but you canÕt help yourself. You know, a little like listening to Rush Limbaugh or Laura Schlezenger.

I kept thinking about how moronic the hate postings were from the Eminem infiltrators and yet I couldnÕt help but notice the very same toxic language being used by some of our own regulars. Interesting.


Name: oleander
I like apples and oranges

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 20:54:26
I'd like to hear "Chain Lightning" by the Swingle Singers.

YGK--wish I could hit the Bat to hear you. Schwing hard.

Peeeeeeeggggg--hey grrrlfriend! We must dance again soon.

Cray Zee--That was too good. I hear it differently now. Got more?

Aja, Zeke, tom, Jim#--sounds like one of the best times I ever missed. Thanx for the flava and the accounts--Jim, I can smell the beignets and au laits from here.

Jon--Saw the Bluegrass AllStars here, and they were stupendous. Brian Sutton is a local guy who used to play around here with his family. He, Bela Fleck, and Jerry Douglas--perfection and grace.

kd--I'm here for a lot of the same reasons. It's not that I don't know what to do, it's what I choose to do, just another way of surfing the cycles here. Midnite & I have about the same attitude, I think. Did you read "Mount Analogue" by Rene Daumal? What I keep coming back for is the peradams by people like you. And there are just enough to be worth it. St. Al, as the good Daddy says, that's about how the world works. All the more amazing that such a high percentage of Steely Dan songs (~100%) are as good as they are.

Dental floss--best of the quotes yet.

Hutch--let me know if/ when Dennis Chambers is coming. Hey--DenFest??? Why not?

All hail Professor Marky D, who will be at the festivities Sat. Watch for me, man.

Got interested in the line "watching as you cross the killing floor" in YGT. A killing floor is a slaughterhouse. Howlin' Wolf recorded a tune of the same name, which Electric Flag covered; Number One Son says the Zep refers to it somewhere, too. So I went looking, and found this amazing blues site with a glossary of blues terms that's fascinating. It's Harry the Bluesman's, A must see.

So I see the woman in the song strolling across the killin' floor in her beaded gown, but it's a casino, a type of abattoir after all, and she is the mistress of it all; there is carnage all around her and she glides right through it. Yet the narrator knows that like a slow virus it will come back to her, like someone else on a future album. Come to think of it, there's a lot of karma in Steely songs, isn't there?

Hey fezo, NMN, RS, neg girl.

Name: luckless pedestrian
personal note: in for a sec from a mtg
Location: sorry GE, i did not post that
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 20:47:37
NMN: i have an image of randy jones on the drums now playing "money"; yes, i agree, there is a switch back tempo (an extremely non-technical term) in there that is brubeckian - hope you are well btw

St Al: i agree with malcom that it's post tour/grammies/rrhof etc etc that is making everyone post whatever is in their head (of course we know i'm on that list of offenders); but i would like to think people come in here for the same reason i do, to discuss or, in my case, learn about the music of steely dan, i love to read the analysis of the chord progressions and the lyrics though i may add nothing to it when i do post - i think some of us stay on after the commencing steely dan freak time because of the people here, i am enjoying meeting people here and discussing further with them, people i would otherwise never be in a situation to become acquainted with - i know there's a lot of angry people that come in that have issues/baggage, but i think if you added up the number of posters (NOT posts, i.e. #) that are like that and the people who really have something to say, your percentages would change - your percentages are right on as to number of posts yes - like i say, there is a beginning mania of all things steely dan when a newbie comes on board (which add life to the place) and then people come in here to connect/discuss further when that phase is least, that's my story and i thank you for tolerating this place and keeping it up

have a nice weekend all, no sitings on Mass Ave as of this writing.....

Name: lp
can you say sycophant?

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 19:41:27
chat GE?

Name: Jim#

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 19:28:03
Glad to see some votes of confidence for this GB, and from pretty reputable sources, Midnite most recently, Gina and others.

Chere: So sorry I couldn't hang on in chat the other afternoon, the daughters were screaming for softball rides. My best regards to you, juju one.

For those of you with a forgiving eye toward quality in the realm of webpages, and an interest in the recent Jazzfest / mini-Danfest in New Orleans, take a peek at the address below. My apologies in advance for the tardiness, and the wretched layout which could only be afforded by the worlds worst ISP, but ya work with what ya got, right? Cheers to all the participants.

Name: Midnite Cruiser

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 18:08:47
St.Al....I agree with you but I think it's more like 20% of decent reading.....I also agree with whoever said it's post tour blues....after the Art Crimes tour in '96, I dropped out for a little over a year before I started posting here again....this time though, I've gotten to know some of the people a little better than before and I usually cruise through here at least every couple of days and scroll through to read the folks I know....I've seen some of the newer folks that appear to be intelligent and seem to have interesting things to say but most of the time I just don't have time to follow all the threads....I just hope the GB hangs around....I like the exchange of ideas and information about good music that you can get in a group environment that you just don't get in one on one e-mail....and all of the folks I've actually met from the GB have been great folks who I've enjoyed spending time with and getting to know, I'll likely be here for the duration even if I'm not posting as often....thanks to all the good people who keep it interesting (for me at least).

hope to catch up a little more this weekend....three days off starting now....later folks.

Name: Dental Floss Tycoon
Montana, USA

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 16:03:12

Theres is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

Frank Zappa


Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 15:49:43
"The better work men do is always done under stress and at great personal cost."

-William Carlos Williams

Name: Cray Zee

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 15:30:06
Mr. or Ms. Anti-Dan,

Thank you for your eloquent analysis of Steely Dan's music. The power of your prose has caused me to realize that my almost 30 year devotion to this music has indeed been misplaced, and that, in fact, as you so persuasively put it, they suck. I'd be interested in your opinion of whether, say, Beethoven's 9th Symphony "sucks" or "rocks."


Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 15:07:24
Pass Minus

Name: Cyn
Library of Congress

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 15:01:32

Next time in chat we'll continue our discussion about Allende and Marques. Hows Gaucho's ears doing? Any luck with the taping?

That will be a 35 cent fine for your overdue book, Ma'am.

Name: Gina
oh yes

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 14:25:04
Take 6, they started out singing religiously, had their first two albums once and though i enjoyed the music a lot, the lyrics started to annoy me at some point. so i sold the cd's.
they're masters, no doubt.

Dirty Work sounded real nice when the Babe Choir took the honors during the tour. not a capella, but these three vocalists had something i missed on the Alive in America CD.

hearing SD live makes you realize the possibilities of their music, for it was very vibrant and at some point too much maybe. yes. like the Niagara Falls. overwhelming. a bassline, the drums, Ted Baker .. if you tried to take a dive in each section of a song, each instrument it nearly took you down to drown.

Cyn, dif .. sorry to drop out like i did, Gaucho on lap woke up and pushed some buttons.

how blessed we are to be able to enjoy life, music and have the option to make the cells in our brains use what the blood has to offer and sip it gently. we can count our blessings the way we can count GB rules. much more fun to count blessings, is it?

Last Banyan Tree Counting Blessings Bow,

nighty night from Europe, 23.28 CET

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 14:24:56
It's not Pretzel Logic and its not a Dan tune. The band does hail from the East Coast. I thought my topless picture on the GB album was pretty good! W1P is scheduled to play the Troubadour on 6/2/01 @ 9:15 p.m. (that's a VERY short drive from Beverlywood). Also on the bill: Sheer Heart Attack -- a tremendous Queen tribute. During DanFest NY I briefly considered flying their guitar player to NY (he's also in W1P) to sit in with The Steely Damned to re-enact the RR HOF Brian May/Walt/Don performance. In fact, he told me that he was fully capable of getting as lost as May did!

Name: Ipomoea
to Nepeta Cataria......

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 14:11:06

Heres one for em

One of the symptons of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that ones work is terribly important.

Bertrand Russell

Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 13:59:44
Hey W1P - I'm not sure if I can unlock this tune of yours, but I's a gonna try. When and where is the band playing next?

As far as a capella vocal treatment of SD songs, my guess is that this depends on the vocal abilities (both individually and collectively) of the singers. A "pick-up" band of singers might have to tread on the earlier, slightly simpler tunes, like Dirty Work, but a band as awesome as Take 6 along with say Bobby McFerrin could probably do Aja, or even True Companion !!!

Who hates Steely Dan music ? And the photos in the GB ?


Name: Sriper

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 13:41:31
I've never seen such an ugly crowd of people than what I saw on the guestbook photo gallery. It looks like mug shots of the ugly and discusting. No wonder you vermon like the noise made by steely dan so much. Gawd you're all UGLY!

Name: Hey, KD
Stay away from

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 13:37:59
Khan/Mounsey collaboration. Forget what it's called but it sucks.
Michael Franks gets some superb output from him on "Dragonfly Summer."


Name: The Anti-Dan

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 13:35:43
S T E E L Y D A N B L O W S ! ! ! T H E I R M U S I C, if that's what you want to call it, S U C K S ! ! ! !

Name: GB "rule"

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 13:33:47
"Please don't dominate the rap, jack, if you got nothin' new to say..."

Name: enimen
brain teasers r us

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 13:22:21
W1P - I love that! I'm going with Pretzel Logic, and either I'm way off or you are.

BTW, I just notice a couple weekends back (after a few Hawaiian punch & vodkas in my neighbor's living room) that most of "Money" is in 7 (as in 7/4 time). That's impressively Brubeck-ian of the Floyd, wouldn't you say?

lp, you're the Brubeck scholar around here, no? Any thoughts?

Really busy, everyone. Sorry to be so mum.

Name: Gina
truth or dare

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 13:20:18
or both?

i think using the word Troll is disrespectful to these creatures that are endearing ..

Vox Humana on the Chris Potter CD a very beautiful track that captures a scent of a warm summer breeze and a promise underneath ..

to Steveedan (or others) .. what SD composition would you consider suitable for a capella and i truly mean using the vocal chords as instruments .. the Nylons, New York Voices .. must be other vocalists around .. i'd like to hear voices represent the instrumental parts .. if one can scat, one can also adapt what may be written for a horn section, kind of .. right?
Wormy once mentioned acoustic Dan versions ..
and can you write up the music .. for voices only.
we could try to sing it, one way or another.
ample GB-folk able to use their vocal chords :-)

Blaise, there are moments a rule of thumb simply doesn't cut it and a fist like a popeye fist after popping a can of spinach is exactly what needs to be done sometimes .. too bad this is a cyberboard for i would love to exercise a rule of fist, if only for once LOL
oh, and it's not you btw, make no mistake here!

there aren't that many SD covers or G O O D ones, are there? can't really say i appreciated the ones in the Irene movie .. a cover should at least be in the spirit of the composition. haven't heard the Kid Charlemagne version on sax yet .. shoot, what's his name again? Aja .. ?

Gratitude would be a challenge for a voice, LisaG.
still talking about the Chris Potter cd.
love the melody lines.

okay. off again.
Banyan Tree Potter's Sun King Track is COOL Bow,

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 13:11:27
Isn't Boston's More Than A Feeling just a souped up version of Louie, Louie? We gotta go now

Name: eLLe

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 12:41:54
- a couple'

Name: eLLe

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 12:35:27
sounds like a bad version of Louie Louie to me
: ) <----- this is a smiley face this means this is a joke because on the INTERNET you can NOT hear inflections or voice
emotion..this means I AM KIDDING and I hope it puts a smile on your face too
; ) <------- this is a wink this means it's a BIGGER joke

Name: W1P
Location: LA, CA
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 12:11:06
I have no idea how to really play a guitar but my baby Aja likes it when I play some chords. I have no idea how to describe a strum pattern or anything like that, but a freind of mine told me the chords to one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. So, to test out how bad my understanding of music theory is, here's the "chord structure" of this song -- any one who guesses correctly (or even just guesses) can get a free pass to a W1P show:

Em Em Em Em Em Em Em EM

Now if anybody makes sense of this crazyness, you truly deserve a medal (because among other reasons, it's probably wrong)

Name: eLLe

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 12:08:54
And then with eLLe, I watched as she trashed Oleander, DrMu,
Blaise, Cyn, myself...anyone else? She wonders aloud why we take
the time to discuss Steely Dan lyrics in the first place, and then when
people like me violently react to her wonderin', she wonders aloud
whether we're trying to impress Walter Becker; as if he's ever been to
this GuestBook or if he could give a fuck about what 30 of his
millions of fans have to say on a daily basis.










Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 11:26:11
Hi Howard -

I am pleased that we have a dialog going on. First off, I invite you to email me so that we can delve into more music theory which might bore the others who come here to the BG.

I must admit, that over time (like, say, 20 years or so) I may have added additional notes to chords to the earlier songs, such as Show Biz Kids, and I don't swear that my chords are exactly right, but they almost always have the right notes on the top of the chords and the right basic (are there any basic SD chords) chord forms as well.

As far as the Steely Fan Band (SFB) is concerned, I left the band back in November 2000, but have sat in with them recently in a gig in April 2001. I will tell you what songs they performed from Aja and Gaucho:

From Aja - Deacon Blues, Peg, Black Cow, and Josie

From Gaucho - Hey 19

I play a larger range of SD songs than the band does, but I wanted to answer your question on their behalf.

I have taken a hard copy of your post regarding Show Biz Kids and What A Shame About Me and I'm checking it out on the piano. I will post to you again soon, unless you email me and in that case I will respond to you via email.

Thanks again Howard. Your contact means a lot to me.


Name: Steveedan
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 11:03:59
To Blaise - What you had to say about the state of the GB in my humble opinion was right on. I admit to faltering after my first few steps out of the gate, but I realize that some of those who are well established here want to determine the strength of character of the newbies like myself who come into the GB for whatever reason. I apologize for lowering myself and feeling as though I have been personally attacked. I have discarded this belief and will continue to post in a respectful fashion, regardless of what repercussive fallout my words might invoke.

To Gina - your words about the many varied perspectives of those who converge here was very enlightening. Things like where people live, their age, how they got into Steely Dan, etc. I appreciate what you have said, and am impressed by what you have to offer.

My final comment in this post is directed to those who may feel that I am trying to get attention, kiss arse, brag, etc. - This is not my intention, even though it may appear so. I am dedicated to my continuing musical development and specifically the music of Steely Dan. I was originally attracted to the GB because I was looking for new perspectives on various aspects of the band and to connect with people who share my love and intensity for this music. In this regard, I have met with a success far beyond my anticipation.

I also want to encourage those who visit here who may be new to the music of Steely Dan and want to learn more. Ask your questions, and pay attention to the responses that the courteous, intelligent folks give you. Disregard the rest. They may be obnoxious, and unenlightened, but, unfortunately, they have a right to be here too.

St. Al - Thank you for this super highway that we all ride on.


Name: Old-timer Peg
Location: Sunny San Diego,
Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 10:35:31
St.Al. - yes, I see it the same way as you. I read the guestbook about twice per month these days, and scroll, looking for those 10% that I would consider interesting. Hey - I found yours!


Name: Freedom Rider
D.C. to New Orleans....1961

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 10:32:36

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies,

But the silence of our friends.

Martin Luther King

Name: KD

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 10:15:12
dano - I'm scoping, but I still haven't heard a lick of the band. Dad's LPs are missing, I'm still looking for his Nutz LPs after I read that Nutz opened for Queen.

Right on about the vinyl, for me it is a sickness, but listening to some albums on CD instead of LP is like listening to, ahem, "certain" bands sober. Not recommended.

Does anyone have any of Steve Khan's solo stuff? I'm wondering what to get first...

Name: "dano"
Calling KD

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 10:03:52
KD , Yes mate three of them great guitar playing , Ted Turner , Martin Turner , and Andy Powell, ask the old fella about Argus and if you get a chance to hear it KD, I still play it when wife child and neighbours are elsewhere due to twanging guitars , but only on vinyl ?? there are some LPs that you still have to play on vinyl no matter what the condition sratches and all??

DrMu , My buddy went to see Neil Finn in London last night said he was superb and on base was Johnny Marr from the Smiths, I still love the Smiths but a lot of my cronies used to think they were Katmando?? But he said they did a blinding version of
"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" have vyou heard that tune by the Smiths?? Anyways did a tremendous set and went down a storm??

Regards Dano


Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 10:00:39
Oh, I DO know...

Name: Stranger & Stranger

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 09:58:13
S&S= Kinky?

No, but if you only knew...

Name: KD

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 09:39:16
"Steely Dan To Become Doctors"

...that is a DANGEROUS headline. This will go to their heads, kiddies, it's all downhill from here. Or there. Whatever.

Daddy G/Clas- on the bass, damn funny...

Yes, Howard, I did notice a paucity of 'Gaucho' charts all across the web. On first listen, the album probably sounds like simple R+B/reggae stuff gone crazy? I'd love to see your take on 'Babylon Sisters,' I think I have some of the chords but I can't be sure.

Name: difjuz

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 09:36:41
angel-i'm sorry to confuse you. it was i who made the inquiry about the double bass to 'razor boy' a week or so ago. and i thought it was you who confirmed my suspicion. my copies of countdown as well as pretzel are also without liner notes. earlier this morning i made the fretless ref. to 'razor boy' and clas nailed it. thanks for making the distinction for me, clas.

fezo-right on with your post. i couldn't agree more. are you and the fez one and the same?

chat anybody?


Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 09:07:00
You cannot quit me so quickly
There's no hope in you for me
No corner you could squeeze me
But I got all the time for you, love

The Space Between
The tears we cry
Is the laughter keeps us coming back for more
The Space Between
The wicked lies we tell
And hope to keep safe from the pain

But will I hold you again?
These fickle, fuddled words confuse me
Like 'Will it rain today?'
Waste the hours with talking, talking
These twisted games we're playing

We're strange allies
With warring hearts
What wild-eyed beast you be
The Space Between
The wicked lies we tell
And hope to keep safe from the pain

Will I hold you again?
Will I hold...

Look at us spinning out in
The madness of a roller coaster
You know you went off like a devil
In a church in the middle of a crowded room
All we can do, my love
Is hope we don't take this ship down

The Space Between
Where you're smiling high
Is where you'll find me if I get to go
The Space Between
The bullets in our firefight
Is where I'll be hiding, waiting for you
The rain that falls
Splash in your heart
Ran like sadness down the window into...
The Space Between
Our wicked lies
Is where we hope to keep safe from pain

Take my hand
'Cause we're walking out of here
Oh, right out of here
Love is all we need here

The Space Between
What's wrong and right
Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you
The Space Between
Your heart and mine
Is the space we'll fill with time...

Name: edbeatty

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 08:40:49
Paging Doctor Becker- STAT!!!!

Name: fezo

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 08:27:57
i've always considered the GB to be my personal, long-running continuing education class on music, with a focus obviously on the tunes of our heroes, but in a way more importantly seguing out wide and afar into discussions about a vast array of artists and styles. it's cause of the guestbook that i first got into Miles and the Duke, and it's cause of the guestbook (and JW) that i've been able to listen to compelling modern artists like Malcolm and Schwinn.

when the posts cease to be about music, and more on the squabbles of folks who seem to get off on debating in such a public forum, the yawn factor definitely increases, but hey, that's what the page down key is for. lately though, instead of relying on that key, i just don't bother to check in at all, such has been the sound and fury.

Name: Blaise
breaking noose, not exactly

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 08:27:43

And with that, they manage to remain in the mainstream spotlight for half the year. Here, it's confirmed that both will be present for the 11th (tribute concert) and 12th (actual ceremonies).

Who else experiences a renewed appreciation for Kamikiriad at this time of the year? Springtime, Countermoon, Florida Room... It was released around this time in 93 and it has that temperament to go with the temperature. In that, it's a timely spin for me these days.

Name: DaddyG
Drums Good!

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 08:11:31
Clas - you know that joke about the hunter in Africa who hears tribal drumming in the distance? Over a period of a few weeks he keeps hearing the drums, and they seem to get closer and closer. Finally, he turns to his guide and says " I can't take it anymore! How do we stop those damn drums?" His guide says" No, no! Drums Good! When drums stop, bass solo starts!"

I apologize to the bass players and to people who already know this.


keep diggin...

Drumbeat Grouch


Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 08:10:47
Stranger & Stranger = Kinky

Name: Floridavid

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 07:29:24
St Al- I agree that the content of a large degree of recent posts are useless information.I find myself with little to talk about except my friggin' birthday, as If anyone gives a damn about something like that.I love the music of Steely Dan and that's why I continue to come here....hoping for a fresh thread on that subject.
Although in the past couple of years I've "Met" a few really nice people here...some in person.I'll continue to Lurk and post and appreciate this place and the chat.I find my work schedule doesn't leave me much time to get into the negative comments and such.Not to mention the fact that I don't enjoy that crap.
I love to play,sing,and write songs and the people who bought my "Clockdrive World" CD from this site have my deepest thanks.
At the same time I feel like I've abused this forum for my own gain....and I don't like that feeling.
Oleander, Howard, Miz Ducky and a few others have contributed so much to understanding and appreciating the Music of Steely Dan.
This type of thread will continue I'm sure.
So keep up the good work St. Al....and Hoops and Pete F. too.

Name: edbeatty

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 07:24:22
In A word, Yes.

Name: YGK

Date: Thursday, May 10, 19101 at 07:00:25
St. Al: I think what we are witnessing is post Dan Hysteria boredom. I seem to recall a similar state of the GB after the Art Crimes Tour in '96. This place goes in cycles.
There are a few regulars who keep the balance up, posting voicings, chord changes, lyrical musings and those are great. Likewise are the Scientific posts, political discussions, etc. I think that's what we could call "Content".

It's distressing to me to see newbies posting bile - I think that was your, word, Al - and drivel and personal attacks. Having been on the end of a few doesn't endear me to this place, however, I do return and lurk regularly.

I have been fortunate to meet many of you - the Richmond 9, the Le Bar Bat contingent, and be a part of the DOMC. There are others whom I haven't met who clearly don't warrent compassion or attention.

I think the reason many of the old-times don't post is that they don't want to be part of some of the worst negativity this GB has ever seen, AND, they have lives to live, music to listen to, etc.

KD, my man: You've been a welcome addition. You may be 'just a kid', but you conduct yourself with something, I think called, maturity way beyond your years. Certainly, musical discussions will follow - glad you're here.

As we are all part of the thinking behind free speech, there are some things one cannot control, and so the rest of us might be being insulted/slammed/ignored by a select few - hell we'll never know.
So while we can't control the posts here - other than our own - we can persevere to ignore the extensive amounts of bullshit put forth by Anons and misguided, attention seeking newbies.

It's always great to wade through some bullshit, and then find that Howard Steps up with a new chord analysis, or Blaise chimes in with a Dan story, Dan Topic, or Mu presents something thought provoking. Those are the fun times, as we are united in our love for the Dan, and the cerebral sharings of their loyal fandom.

It's difficult to just scroll all the time, bu