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User: Dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Clas -- Lead hasn't been used in pencils in ages. They contain graphite.

User: mWorld | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Well hot damn,

Today is THE DAY!!! I do believe that this is a special day for somebody, right PAT? So probably the last thing you'll being doing is reading this post...but I was thinking about you today...big, wet, sweaty, viscus BIRTHDAY thoughts...I actually attempted to use the Stal cellular hotline from my last Gorge trip, but that one has long since been, happy birthday, man, BTW, I've picked up several Steely Dan baby doll shirts off of eBay for you and 4 pairs of spectator pumps(know you have those collections!) so I'll forward those as time permits.

XOX and see you in December,

Hey there to you YGK, Clas, I see you're still hangin'...Ruby?, Geoff?, Joe? Pete? Lovebob? Peg? et al...take care gang...

User: Zan | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Hey t:

Thanks for your suggestion...I just received Beth Orton's "Central Reservation", GREAT!

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: #1750 - Your stuff always causes me to burst into spontaneous laughter. Great medicine at the end of the day.

Fezo - Yep, it's in this article. The reviewer said, "The journey eventually takes him to the Florida Keys, where he fantasizes he's being murdered in 'On the Dunes'".
And Fagen says, "Now how does he get from 'it was like a homicide' to being murdered"?

Beth - Howdy!

Clas - Beth's using way too many dots. You'd better speak to her.


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: almost gothic?

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Igotthe...

User: Aja@workiskillingmetoday.yikes! | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Hi Beth, I'm Aja, and I'd never hate anyone that animals like! Welcome to the GB. I'm overemployed, strung out on cortisol, but I like lyrics, too. Mostly because I can't write them.

What a day. First it looks like we sold Iraq all the biochemical agents it needs via 1983 Middle East envoy DONALD RUMSFELD (do ironies never cease? Don and Walt, there is a song in there somewhere), and now it looks like french fries might cause cancer:

I'm just going to pull the covers over my head and pretend today never happened.......


User:  - IgoththeJonzforNorah | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: YGK - She is daBomb live...a sensual experience beyond by comprehension...

10/26 in Stockholm - C, be prepared - your wife is taking you...

User: Beth | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Quite a handle...the Ihatenora.....jeez....well, to each his own eh? Just don't acquire the okay...I come in peace, no harm, animals trust me or ignore me, whatever....the past scrolls are BUSY aren't they...say, I don't believe we've met....I am Beth...a DEEP SD Fan.....I like talking lyrics...(because they are sooo apropos....I haven't an original thought in my mind but that doesn't keep me from being employed (unfortunately).....and so "how about you?"

User: | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: YGK-you BET I'm dissin' Norah-scroll back a few weeks if you want to know what I really think of her "singing". YOU are the real deal! ;o)


User: Beth | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: well, with a name like Beth...22 oct....beautiful...I do like those Librans...not all...majority I suppose (here we go again)...I do like those Scorps too, Aries aussi, and I have a Taurus friend (eee the hell did a bull enter in eh?...but it's okay...he is a character....Leos are good to me but there is a line....Cancer oh jeez---all they do is PINCH me.........I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!!

User: Beth | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: ...yes, and mine is 22 oct.....I like it!

User: the Beav | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: and Aussie's is 10/25............a FuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrIday....

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Uh, my birthday is 10/19

User: right o | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: to add to WEber's birthday list: happy birthday to clas, saint al, lp and also royscam. all fine people and all libras. just a coincidence?

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Aja: soon, sweetie, soon.......but you dissin Norah? holy cow - that So Cal air! She's the real deal.....


User: Aja @lunch | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Hey tonesy! e-blast me your #'s. I'm tentatively planning on being there from October 11-14. I will have my SUV with me, but it's a small one and only takes up one space :o) And yes, it HAS to be the one and ONLY Pelican Inn!

Two more SoCal-isms:

9. It is perfectly acceptable to go grocery shopping in your jogbra. The same applies for bikini tops in the summer months (which are April-October).

10. Only two types of dress are needed down here: casual T-shirts and dressy T-shirts. Anything more and people will assume you're from the East Coast.

YGK-Let me know when your CD is available; I'm waiting down here with breathless anticipation. However, Norah Jones? GAG! Still the most painful nonsinging I ever heard.


User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Stevee I am without a clue. Regarding Rather Ripped. You should check out the new Amoeba on Sunset -- it's incredible

User: Drew to Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Babygirl, I can't get you on the phone,nor online. Call me. What is going on? Why are you climbing with vertigo? Honey you're scaring the shit out of me these days. Talk to me Ditty. Tell me what's wrong? I love you D, and i'm always here for you. Be careful, the guy you're after is a certified badass.CALL ME TODAY

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: A little bit of "Skunk" for a Monday Morning. You can view the whole article, if you sign up, at:

"California Party Fun Includes Air Guitar

About 500 wistful Californians and Golden State wannabes swarmed Washington's Capitol Hill Club last week for the annual "California Party," hosted by Reps. Dana Rohrabacher of Huntington Beach and David Dreier of San Dimas.

Entertaining amid inflatable palm trees, beach balls and cacti were Dean Torrence, half of the twosome Jan & Dean; guitarist extraordinaire Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, and members of the original Beach Boys' backup band.

On the menu was sushi, Mexican food and aged agave tequila. Rohrabacher's wife, Rhonda, DJ'd for dancers downstairs while Australian Ambassador Michael Thawley judged an air-guitar contest upstairs.

The winner: Rohrabacher spokesman Aaron Lewis, who gyrated to Baxter's rendition of "Johnny B. Goode.""

User:  - writing on the blackboard 50 times | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: [blank]: I was doing fine until I defined "diphthong" as:
a Florida co-ed bending over to pick up a shell on the beach.

Currently in detention...the school marm is harsh and judgemental - the way I like 'em...

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Clas - believe it or not, I almost agree with you - they MIGHT be P-files - as in they may be programmed to continue in the power struggle when there are in a position to do so.
However, there are many situations where the programming is right (I mean wrong, but programmed to continue), but the child has an advocate to give some perspective to what they've experienced, so they are allowed to know for themselves appropriate, healthy behaviour.......
There's a lot of abuse in the world, however, because of advocates and others most likely like Molly, the pattern of Repetition Compulsion stops even when the child is in a position of power themselves.......

If you like nice heavy read, check out Alice Miller.........


User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Well the Dow Jones is down another 150 points.
Thank God the stock market doesn't necessarily reflect what's
happening in the overall economy or I'd be concerned about it.
The stock market operates on two principles IMHO, Uphoria and
Fear; niether of which necessarily relates to reality.

Back when the stock market was going up 50+ percentage points
per annum, the wall street portfolio managers drove the market
higher based on bull market uphoria, now they drive it down
based on bear market fear, and again none of this is precisely
related to the actual health of the economy in general but
is mainly based on such things as corporate accounting scams
and fear of war in Iraq. But ask yourself this question; When
you go shopping at the local mall, is the parking lot empty?
Not around here it isn't. You'd be lucky to find a parking spot
these days. Seems like everyone is driving a new car these days,
hell I bought two new motorcycles just this year alone. All my
nieghbors are having home construction done in one form or another.
Unemployment is relatively low. Does anyone remember the economy
under George Bush Sr.? Now THAT was a recession.

So what's happening here? Why does the stock market continue to
fall? I have my own ideas about this. IMHO the powers that be on
wall street are simply trying to create value in the market and
set themselves up for another 5000 point run up in the Dow Jones.
Also, the market is falling because the supposed experts in charge
of predicting the profitability of companies are just plain dumb.
Suppose a company is predicted to make 15 cents per share this
quarter and it only makes 14 cents per share. Has the company made
money? Of course it has, but the dimwits in charge of predicting
the profitability of that company will tank the stock based on
missing it's street estimate by 1 penny per share. How dumb is that?

Also, futures trading plays havoc with the stock market. Just when
you think the market should rise based on good news, it falls.
Why is this? This happens because you have people who engage in
futures trading, in other words buying and selling stock based on
what they think it may or may not do in the future. This, in my
opinion, turns the stock market into nothing more than an extended
Las Vegas vacation, where the predictability of the market isn't
based on the performance of the companies on the exchange but is
rather affected by the sales and purchasing of stock based on the
future assumptions by investors. I think we'd all be better off if
futures trading were banned or at least removed from wall street
trading and placed somewhere more Las Vegas.

And so the economy isn't as bad as you might think. It's actually
not bad at all. And it cetainly isn't as good or bad as the so-called
"experts" ever say it is.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Molly - "I know all of the bullshit theories about why people become Pedophiles. They're's about power... instead of prison they should be in therapy... I've heard them all."

I am not quite sure I understand what you mean. What is YOUR theory?

My point is simply that those damaged children you take care of today, will be pedophiles tomorrow.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Clas.... Honeyman despite what you may think I have some Education. I attended Vanderbuilt University for 3 years. I finished my degree in Sociology at the University of Louisville. Eventually I hope to obtain my Doctorate from Drake University. I have worked in the field of Social work in some capacity for the last 12 years. I have extensive experience working with children who were sexually abused. It is my area of expertise. Currently I work as a contract agent for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I provide "therapeutic respite" for at risk children.All are emotionally disturbed with behavioral problems. Most have already been in Juvinile Detention. The State deemed that it would be more cost effective to try to intervene before these children are institutionalized. Because without some sort of help.. the majority will be in either prison or worse. I see the aftermath of child abuse on a continual basis.( Sexual abuse in particular) Yes Clas I know all of the bullshit theories about why people become Pedophiles. They're's about power... instead of prison they should be in therapy... I've heard them all. It doesn't lessen the devastation I see one iota. I readily admit that I'm biased on this subject Clas. However it had little to do with my upbringing... I feel this way from my personal experiences.
Jackson Browne may be all those things.......but he just isn't attractive to me. He looks too bland for my taste. You on the other
St Al..... you know I think you're fine
Weanie Boy WEBer..still your sad bitter self. Get a set...

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: , it's your cue. Don't make it endless, we don't want to scroll a week, okay?

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: wow - here's the ultimate test!

Could You Have Passed the 8th Grade in 1895?
...Take a Look:

This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 from Salina, KS. USA.
It was taken from the original document on file at the Smoky Valley
Genealogical Society and Library in Salina, KS and reprinted by the
Salina Journal.

8th Grade Final Exam: Salina, KS - 1895

Grammar (Time, one hour)
1. Give nine rules for the use of Capital Letters.
2. Name the Parts of Speech and define those that have no modifications.
3. Define Verse, Stanza and Paragraph.
4. What are the Principal Parts of a verb? Give Principal Parts of do, lie, lay and run.
5. Define Case, Illustrate each Case.
6. What is Punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of Punctuation.
7 - 10. Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein that you understand the practical use of the rules of grammar.

Arithmetic (Time, 1.25 hours)
1. Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
2. A wagon box is 2 ft. deep, 10 feet long, and 3 ft. wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?
3. If a load of wheat weighs 3942 lbs., what is it worth at 50 cts. per bu., deducting 1050 lbs. for tare?
4. District No. 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?
5. Find cost of 6720 lbs. coal at $6.00 per ton.
6. Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent.
7. What is the cost of 40 boards 12 inches wide and 16 ft. long at $20 per m?
8. Find bank discount on $300 for 90 days (no grace) at 10 percent.
9. What is the cost of a square farm at $15 per are, the distance around which is 640 rods?
10. Write a Bank Check, a Promissory Note, and a Receipt.

U.S. History (Time, 45 minutes)
1. Give the epochs into which U.S. History is divided.
2. Give an account of the discovery of America by Columbus.
3. Relate the causes and results of the Revolutionary War.
4. Show the territorial growth of the United States.
5. Tell what you can of the history of Kansas.
6. Describe three of the most prominent battles of theRebellion.
7. Who were the following: Morse, Whitney, Fulton, Bell, Lincoln, Penn, and Howe?
8. Name events connected with the following dates:

Orthography (Time, one hour)
1. What is meant by the following: Alphabet, phonetic, orthography, etymology, syllabication?
2. What are elementary sounds? How classified?
3. What are the following, and give examples of each: Trigraph, subvocals, diphthong, cognate letters, linguals?
4. Give four substitutes for caret 'u'.
5. Give two rules for spelling words with final 'e'. Name two exceptions under each rule.
6. Give two uses of silent letters in spelling. Illustrate each.
7. Define the following prefixes and use in connection with a word: Bi, dis, mis, pre, semi, post, non, inter, mono,super.
8. Mark diacritically and divide into syllables the following, and name the sign that indicates the sound: Card, ball, mercy, sir, odd,cell, rise, blood, fare, last.
9. Use the following correctly in sentences, Cite, site, sight, fane,fain, feign, vane, vain, vein, raze, raise, rays.
10. Write 10 words frequently mispronounced andindicate pronunciation by use of diacritical marks and by syllabication.

Geography (Time, one hour)
1. What is climate? Upon what does climate depend?
2. How do you account for the extremes of climate in Kansas?
3. Of what use are rivers? Of what use is theocean?
4. Describe the mountains of North America.
5. Name and describe the following: Monrovia, Odessa, Denver, Manitoba,Hecla, Yukon, St. Helena, Juan Fermandez, Aspinwall and Orinoco.
6. Name and locate the principal trade centers of the U.S.
7. Name all the republics of Europe and give capital of each.
8. Why is the Atlantic Coast colder than the Pacific in the same latitude?
9. Describe the process by which the water of the ocean returns to the sources of rivers.
10. Describe the movements of the earth. Give inclination of the earth.

Related link:

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Molly= Not only is "St.Al a fine looking man"

It's also his birthday this week! Happy birthday St.Al, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User: Floridavid | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Hello one and all!
Miz D, Glad you're getting the SD groove on. Expect a Check from me soon for a Steely Damned T-shirt...Say Hello to Bob and the Boys.Tell them I said "Break a Leg" at the Upcoming Annual Dr. Laura Gig...she's a hoot!

Business: I would like to speak with any of you who are actual qualified Programmers.I have a need for a custom built Windows platform program. Being that I'm not a programmer...I don't know what can or can't be done.
I currently have a DOS program that does the job but, would like a Windows 98 version created.
Anyone interested in discussing this please email with a Phone number and best time to call....Thanks.

Malcolm, After hearing snippets while you were here....I'm waiting for finished product.

Take Care all, David

User: FatBackChord | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: Some of you are still submitting posts which are more than two
paragraphs and as I said I said

What was I talking about? Damned ADD!

User: YGK - SHAMELESS PLUG | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Message: MC/Aus/St.Al: and Any Other's I've missed..who really give a damn..

Core News! Live! from the Big Apple!

Oh, yeah, well, we've added percussion on the new and revised arrangement of Model Prisoner - this version is quite a bit looser than the one on WUNDerground Radio, and allows us to stretch a bit - it's the longest tune on the album running at 7:45 or so..preliminary, unfinalized mixes and timings put the disc at approximately 66 minutes of total running timeI've got a tune that pegs at 2:45, and several that are a solid, low 3 minutes and changeas I didn't write them this way, I'm pleasantly surprised at the result, and think that radio will be, too - just like my trip to New Orleans with Aus, Babes, Aja, Wormy, Mr. Sabille, and Oleander and Permasqueeze - just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does

Also a new aural discovery - Norah Jones, Norah Jones, Norah Jones.she is the bomb; a little Sheryl Crow with so Ricki Lee Jones soul, and a kickin band; she writes, plays piano and guitar and her voice gives me chills.THAT is my next Purchase..

but I will also pay for Mr. Gabriel - a genius that some of us can't understand.


User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 30

Interesting that the news section was updated so fast to remove that snippet of SD news (well spotted Miz Ducky!).

There's always the danger of reading too much between the lines with this kind of thing, but my guess is that concerns were expressed in the SD camp, and they requested the news item be reworded (or removed completely?). If you think about it, it's fair enough. To Jon Herington, after he worked on those SD tracks and saw what material was in the can, it might have seemed to him that the new album was indeed "well on the way to being finished". D+W see things differently (thank God). It's only right that they should be the ones to say how near to completion the final album is. Just because all the basic tracking is done, most of the overdubs and vocals are finished, that doesn't mean there isn't a good few months worth of drum tweaking, adding a little sleigh bell here and there, figuring that, in fact, that sax solo "really doesn't quite cut it" and replacing it with a guitar solo...

I think the JH news is a positive sign - there's obviously good progress being made, but the only news that can be taken as definitive will come from D+W at Treat anything else as speculation - quite possibly on the basis of genuine information - but it's still speculation as to how those two brains see the album shaping up. I still reckon summer 2003 is a likely release date.

Re: Becker's bass playing

Personally, I'd much rather have Walter sticking to guitar on the tours. And let's face it, it's almost guaranteed that it will be that way, as he's obviously most comfortable in that role. In the studio, it's a different matter, and I like the fact that on 2VN the contributions (bass, guitar, keyboard) from W+D were much more frequent that on many of the earlier albums. It's likely to be similar for the next one, with Walter contributing quite a bit of guitar, as well as bass on a number of tracks, and Donald doing some keyboard work on most or all songs.

Stevee - careful though, just because W said he never wanted to think about playing live until Tom Barney was in place on bass, you don't necessarily want to believe that. Remember what he said about "no trumpets, no trombones, no tubas..." on earlier tours, and look what happened! (OK, no tuba yet, but it's only a matter of time).


User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Catching up on all the posts ... and a few responses to boot ...

Clas # 1684 - Oh oh. I think I will let this one fester all by itself ...

Tones - # 1686 - ABACAB is a song form called Rhondo. (See response to t-bag below ...)

grrlfrd #1695 - "residents .. haha... 'bout 15 years ago ... someone stole one of their eyes .... they did the show wearing black armbands and one big skull replacing the missing eye. their tributes to gershwin, sousa, hank, etc. .... priceless." Big hahaha right back at cha.

t-bag # 1701 "And in the cold light of day, I retract that "non-linear song structure" crap... I mean *linear* song structures, not "verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus - in three minutes or less" thing they dumb us down with over here..." this is not Rhondo form.
Verse = A, Chorus = B, Verse = A, Bridge = C, Verse = A, Chorus = B.
This is ABACAB (Rhondo form). The non-linear song form that you refered to (based on your example) is: ABABCB. I don't know if there is a song form for this "ABABCB" song form, but there probably is. Does it show bad form to write about this stuff here in the western guestbook?

Angel - # 1710 - I don't think we will see Walter play bass live because he has said many times that he doesn't even want to begin planning a tour until after he has confirmed that Tom Barney will absolutely be on hand. Also, thanks for the link to the Countdown To Ecstasy liner notes where that fact you mentioned was clearly stated. Verrry Interrrestink.

W1P - # 1714 - Have you ever been to Berkeley's Rather Ripped Records? That was the best record store I have ever seen, but that was 20 years ago. And I am certain that I was rather ripped. (Of course, if my memory should be faulty, I am sure that I would rather have been ripped ...)

It just became Monday in Los Angeles (and the rest of the Pacific time zone). Hope your weeks all go well for all of you.

Stevee(stretching his weekend ever further)Dan

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Molly - "...compulsions are no excuse. It is still a matter of choice. If you want to stop a behavior badly enough, you can do so."

The problem is that those people don't WANT to stop their behaviour. Those people are not aware of having an illness. I don't defend paedophiles or child abusers, but I have enough in my head to understand that it's a complex problem.

You have a typical US-American black and/or white - bad guy/good guy... well, a kind of cowboy-attitude to such problems. I don't judge you for having such standpoints, it's not your fault, you are a white woman born and raised in Kentucky, not a very enlightened area in the USA.

My advice to you is: read books on those issues.


User: C @ W | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Molly, my sweet little potatoe pie; - "Men who are stand up, that have heart, integrity, wit and intelligence." You ARE talking about Jackson Browne, don't you realize that?

Aja - oh thanks. I'll keep that in mind next time I move to San Diego.


User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: The Los Angeles-based post-grunge six-piece Flogging Molly is a interesting mix of traditional Irish music and spunky punk rock. Former Fastway acoustic guitarist/frontman and Dublin native Dave King formed the band with fiddle player Bridget Regan, guitarist Dennis Casey, accordion player Matt Hensley, bassist Nathen Maxwell, drummer George Schwindt, and mandolinist Bob Schmidt. Their rowdy folk-rock punk revival sound has been compared to the likes of other Irish bands such as the Pogues and Black 47, but the raucous septet opted for their own brashness.

They're highly regarded though I've never seen them.

User: bwaySteve | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Hoboken is a place I discover everytime I go there. Today 3 stages, interesting acts, millions of people , the best street food I have seen, under a shimmering sun. I saw so many bulldogs I thought I was hallucinating.Hoboken used to be known as a musician's town but rents are so high now. There are many venues though and each had bands playing throughout the day.
There are great views of Manhattan from the park on the river.We watched the cruise ships heading for wherever, the sailboats and these cute "yellow-cab like rivertaxis.
Manhattan looks a little lower, quieter and more spread out , from Hoboken. I hope I discover it again soon.

User: Mistress of Mayhem...aka Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Hmn.... Flogging Molly! I'd love to have a few of the t-shirts. Are they any good? Don't get any ideas Fred, Love is a Fist..... lol lol This Molly fights back *wink*
Dr.Mu agree with you, silicone and people are a bad comination. Never understood why a woman would subject herself to that? I also agree with you on Peter Gabriel.
Clas, Sugarman you've been in a surly mood. I've never cared about being hip. Hell, I listen to Greg Brown and Gillian Welsh. But I love Peter Gabriel. Gabriel is a great performer/songwriter. He has heart and awareness, which are reflected in his songs. As far as Jackson Browne.... He doesn't "do it" for me Babe. I'd find most of the men of Banyantrees more attractive than him. I like men who look real. Men who are stand up, that have heart, integrity, wit and intelligence. Browne is too "pretty" for my taste. There's no character, nothing that makes him interesting in a visual sense. Moreover, I haven't been too impressed with anything he's done since "The Pretender" to be honest... Sorry! Still liked your stuff on Steely Knives. BTW, compulsions are no excuse. It is still a matter of choice. If you want to stop a behavior badly enough, you can do so.
St.Al you're still a fine looking man.
Off to dream that highway.......M

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: uh, that header should read, "Two big ol' "T's" for Texas... just so's ya know...

User: Two big ol' | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message:  - yeah, we know... *everything's* big there... who needs silicone? Hey, can't believe I actually rooted for the Cowboys today... glad they came through...

And Aja, my SUV driving friend - I didn't mean to imply *you* would park improperly... ;-)

...and one lil'


for me...

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: tones: In Texas:

(a) our fair women don't need boob jobs

(b) we use silicone for caulking bathtubs and windows...

User: tones - still buzzing from last night... | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Aj! - Pelican Inn it is! Do you still have my #'s? Let me know so I can eblast (always wanted to type that...) you if you don't. We can do Vesuvio's if the Pelican is too far left...

Thought I'd give my Bay Area version of your So. Cal guide:

1. 60 hours is good to start, but you might want to get a part time job to go with that, that is if you like luxuries like electricity and food.

2. The San Francisco/Bay area came in a close 34th as "Fittest City in America", possibly hampered by San Francisco's status as the city with the most restaurants per capita in the world. I read a stat in the 80's that said there were so many restaurants in SF that if everyone in the city went out to eat at the same time, everyone could find a seat (mind you, this was counting the crappy fast food restaurants too).

3. You do need to have a car, though please, NO MORE SUV's! There's a lot to see and do here, but not a lot of parking once you get there, and nothing's worse than some big honkin' SUV taking two spots when two reasonably sized cars would have fit just fine.

4. Never eat fast food. Too many other, *good* restaurants around (see #2). Btw, burritos don't count as fast food, unless you bought it at Taco Bell, and why would you want to go there when you can get a *real* burrito for the same price that would last you for 3 meals? Also, if they call it a "wrap", don't buy it. Find a place where there are actual Hispanics, and enjoy...

5. Pretty much the same up here. Must be a California thing...

6. Quite ok to drive under 75 here, but never, *ever* use your turn signal!! And always, *always* talk on your cell phone while you drive... preferably while checking your makeup and/or tailgating the car in front of you...

7. No sunscreen requirements, though you might want to bring it with you. In fact, never, *ever* leave the house without a sweater or jacket, no matter what the temperature is when you leave home. We're talkin' *serious* micro-climates here! It's not unusual to be baking in 90 degree weather here, then drive over a hill to find thick fog and 60 degrees and less. You know, that whole Mark Twain "coldest winter.." thing...

8. Boob jobs? If you want, but with the piercings, weird hair color, multible tattoos, outlandish clothes, and incoherent conversations with your invisible alien friend Xybor, who's going to notice?

Resistance is futile...



User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Hey Jason: I wasn't suggesting you need or should take drugs. I just wanted to mention that those dr.'s would give you an ADD test.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: SUVs? tsk... tsk...

fezo: No, that was in the back of Hillarys Fat Ass Cords so round

User: Aja......still buzzing from this morning's coffee | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Good doctor-an El Nino may be on the way, but it is too early to be seeing the weather effects out here, hence my reference to the water being too cold-I should have said at this time, because the El Nino current manifests itself here around December (which is why it's named "The Child"). The weather phenomena that knocked Ducky's socks off wasn't due to El Nino conditions, it was our usual late September Santa Anas (plus we had a hurricane off Mexico over Labor Day, another common SoCal occurrence).

In light of the recent confusion on SoCal stereotypes vs. reality, I'd like to offer a few helpful hints on how to be a REAL Southern Californian if anyone's thinking of moving out here (or at least blend in with the natives while you're here):

1. Get a 60 hour/week job. Life here is EXPENSIVE and that's the least amount you'll need to work to be able to afford anything.

2. San Diego was named "Fittest City in America", because we live to work out in the outdoors. If you don't exercise outdoors, it will be a matter of time before you a) start, or b) move. Take note: working 60 hours/week is no excuse for not working out.

3. You need to drive a car that has a backseat that drops forward for all your sports equipment, which must be carried with you at all times (my SUV has my running gear, cycling gear, swimming gear, snorkeling gear {which is different from the swimming gear} sunscreen, beach chair, book, and energy bars). The cupholder should always have a bottle of water in it.

4. Never eat fast food, unless it's rolled tacos with guacamole and cheese.

5. Feel free to be openly gay here. Or openly straight. Or openly patriotic, militaristic, intellectual, redneck, etc. The bottom line is, whatever you are, put it OUT THERE. The more colorful, the better.

6. Never drive under 75 mph on the freeway, even if you have nowhere to go. The pace of life here is hectic and you'll need to keep up. If you're looking for "laid back", try the Midwest.

7. Always wear SPF 45 sunscreen!

8. Real SoCal gals never get boob jobs. Plastic boobs interfere with your sports activities!

Hope this helps ;o)


User: fezo | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Senator Mu: I bet you also have a list of enemies of the state on the laundry list in your front pocket.

Hutch: Is that the interview which has our heroes reading a review of Kama and laughing at the critic who took "On The Dunes" literally and thought it was about an actual murder on the beach.

There are some great interviews from the early 90's when B & F first resurfaced. I've never really seen them adequately archived; it's just what I remember. They did one with the Post which was relatively enlightening. They dropped the sarcastic front (mostly) and talked about touring in the '70's and how in some ways going off the road might have hurt their creative output--in terms of quantity, not quality--in the long run.

User: j a s o n | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: My post keeps getting wiped, so short version---- not ADD. It just can look similar from outside, to other people. And psychopharmacology is something to be approached with extreme caution. There are thousands of people who have to live with brain damage, owing to drugs forced on them that they did not want or need. Sometimes psychiatry succeeds, or it would have no reputation at all, but it's hit and miss, and the failures aren't heard about, since they're invalidated, just by having been through that system. (See Thomas Szasz or Peter Breggin if interested.)

User: ZAN | Month: 8 | Day: 29


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Hey Milton,

Who taught you how to read, 60 Min Optical?

No, the economy is currently under DEFLATIONARY pressures...the imminent housing market collapse is the proverbial light that turns out to be an oncoming train at the end of the tunnel.

Indeed, the job of the Fed is to stabilize the fiscal health of our monetary system...Unfortunately, Greenspan started to DEstabilizie, deliberately, the economy with the winter of 1999-2000 because of imaginary inflation. He conjured up the model of a 'soft ladning" to burst the "tech bubble." Chaos theory that it is difficult to titrate these things. Not all the initial constants of the system were known or considered and some dynamics were underappreciated...

(1) The lawsuit against Microsoft was ill-thought out and illogical. I hate Gates as much as anyone else...BUT they don't by definition have a monopoly one can always (a) download Netscape Navigator while on Internet Explorer (I know - I've updated it 3 times on IE), (b) people are free to choose Mac of Linux operating systems. The results was a softening of the tech market leading to instability That money would have been better off spent dropping leaflets around the country or monetary incentives to consumers to buy iMacs!!!!!!

(2) Financial markets certainly could not have anticipated 9/11

(3) No one knew that Rubin and the SEC crowd were ignoring the book-cooking of KennyBoy, Tyco, WorldCom, etc. while Clinton played golf with the Enron crowd - I have an incriminating jpeg. All cited violations were on Clinton's watch

(4) Greenspan should have identified the reason for overirrational exuberance as the 1993 law that allowed companies to claim stock options as expenses...

(5) unstable enrgy prices caused by the panicky dumping of our oil reserves to Fred Sanford like characters in NYC, refulsal to develop safely the reserves we have in the US, and OPEC

once Greenspan runed the wheel too hard, the Economy was off the pavement in the woods leaning towards a ditch. The tax cut and reducing interest rates helped, but chaos theory would predict the difficulty of getting things in track...

This gets back to my point. In an economy that has deflationary pressures, and we've already lowered interest rates, what can be done to increase confidence and money flow?

(1) Continued prosecution of the CEOs - this will ensure the speculatory and criminal business model will correct itself - market segments always do.

(2) The President should address this to the Nation in addition to the Iraq situation. A new program to ensure entrepreneural activites, R&D incentives, aid to continued fuel cell and VIABLE energy alternatives

(3) Dump money into the economy...this is the ONLY time the Feds should print extra money, with DEflationary pressures (ergo the RISK of inflation is minimal). The key is Bush has to find a set for focussed programs that will stimulate the economy and re-employ and re-train those losing jobs now (aside for CEOs) and more TAX CUTS across the board including a reprieve or moratorium on capital gains taxes... Unlike FDR, you simply don't make all of the programs PERMANENT...when the economy bounces back, phase out those that would slow down real growth long term...

MizDucky: I have to gently correct our au naturel Ms Aja. This indeed is an El Nio year. It is not the water temperature off the SoCal coast that counts, but rather that 1000 miles West of South America. Warm water from the Western Pacific shifts east. This year looks like a mild one, but it would be expected that this winter (it may take a couple more months to kick in) in SoCal will bring, yes, a cloudier and rainier weather that should make you feel at ENJOY!

User: Jim | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: This morning's "Weekend Edition Sunday" on NPR featured a really great interview with Peter Gabriel by Liane Hansen. The main page at has a link to it, although in case it goes away, the direct connection is at the link above [ or ],

Although I am not an enormous Gabriel fan, I really respect Gabriel's work. He tries to push the envelope, although, not always to my tastes. Sure, there's some commericiality to his stuff, but that never takes a front seat to the intergrity of his work.

Comparing Gabriel to Pink Floyd is like comparing Roger Waters to Genesis. That said, I think Gabriel leaving Genesis when he did meant that Genesis never had as much longevity as Floyd had to develop their respective full potentials.

Of course, that meant Gabriel had more time and energy to develop a solo career than Waters.

Finally, I think Floyd's albums since the mid 80s or so have been like Rolling Stones albums since the same periods. Something to get out to build tour hype of a band respected more for history than current efforts.

User: in blustery SoCal | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Woke up today to a morning-after-a-rainy night, and there is only one thing to do on mornings like this: crawl to the nearest coffee shop for coffee, jazz, and conversation! What is life without those three as well? Jazz88 was on an incredible roll this morning, playing the coolest rainy day music-a perfect complement to the wet streets and puffy, gray clouds blowing across the sky.

One more Welcome-to-SoCal, Miz D-there isn't an El Nino this year, the water is way too cold. That hot weather was, well, can you sing "here come those Santa Ana winds agaaaaaiiiin"? Santa Anas are most prevalent in September, and there will be more throughout the fall.

Kenny Burrell is perfect on mornings like this.....

Aja (who has had no cosmetic surgery whatsoever!)

User: milton friedman | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message:  - where did you learn economics, from karl marx?

the primary function of the fed is to maintain a stable currency. greenspan has done, and continues to do, an outstanding job of that. current fed policy is to incease the $$$ supply by 3% per year to account for growth.

increasing the $$$ supply in relation to the available amount of goods and services creates INflation, not DEflation. if there is more $$$ in circulation than goods and services available to purchase, that DECREASES the purchasing power of your $$$. you do remember jimmy carter, don't you?

User: j a s o n | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: FatBackChord--- ADD, for real? That's not the same as the neurological thing that disrupts memory and communication in my case, but the effect seems the same, often. A friend with ADD talks to me about it. The doctor i just lost swore he understood the communications problem i have, then got more and more disgusted at my struggling to talk.

This friend of mine has been saying for some time that i should find an ADD doctor, because they would understand, listen to, and continue to respect a patient who struggles to communicate, then i reminded her that she's said she's lost faith in the idea of ever finding a receptive or human doctor. It turms out she's never met such an ADD doctor.

I hope these paragraphs are alright. My eyes can't take unbroken paragraphs, for some reason.

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: Midnite - Chiba be vedy vedy scarce round these parts lately.
I'm driving to Amsterdam this afternoon.

From the Musician Magazine 1993 interview:

Musician: With this body of work do you feel obligated to play hits at the shows?

Fagen: "Body of work" has a nice kind of cadaverous ring to it.

Becker: We examined the body of work for signs of abrasions or lesions...

Fagen: And found that the time of death was sometime in late 1974.

Becker: Unfortunately the body was too dumb to lie down, and continued to roam the earth for some years longer...

Is there gas in the car?


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: I saw a Gabriel concert on TV a few years ago. When he did "Red Rain", it sent chills down my spine. I dig the Doors, but there's more humanity in "Don't Give Up" or "Mercy Street" than their entire catalog.

Grolnick? I didn't know that...

User: Midnite Cruiser | Month: 8 | Day: 29

Message: ....finally something we agree on! I'm really liking October Road by JT too....I could have done without the horns on a couple of tunes but I really like the new songs....he had a pay per view special on a few weeks ago that I taped on VHS that's pretty good.....two hours long with the first half focusing more on new music and the second half playing the classic was great to see Russ Kunkle on drums again after so many years.

Hutch....sounds like things are going really band mates and a nice night of good chiba to go with it though? : )

Miz D....glad to hear your adventure is continuing and you're doing you, I'm not a big fan of the really hot & humid weather but hopefully that'll pass for you until next year's Santa Ana's kick up again....they say that SD's year 'round temps are hard to, I'm more into the cool & wet northwest climate myself.....hope to experience it first hand in 3 years and 11 months (my 30th anniversary with Goodyear)....we plan on hitting the road at that point and the Washington / Oregon area is at the head of the list of places we'd like to try living after Goodyear....keep us informed on your adventures!

any of you Steely Knives folks have any new music to be heard out there?

YGK....are you nearing completion of the new disc?

off to do some more work in the basement....we're turning half of it into a home theater complete with a Sony projector, a Stewart 120" screen, a full five channel surround plus a 200 watt subwoofer....should be a nice AV experience.

User: walter brenner | Month: 8 | Day: 29


folks in austin eased into their first city limits fest with the sort of gleeful freedom that makes it home.

knitting pez warmers,


User: Apropos | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Sue me if I play too long
This brother is free
I'll be what I want to be

Unless I'm totally wrong
I hear her rap, and brother it's strong

Isn't that almost the same stuff? Melodic and harmonic?


User: felonious6970 | Month: 8 | Day: 28



User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Hutch - "What is Life without good wine?"

Well, it's a fucking pain in the back, I tell you that.

dr - "October Road"? Okay, got to get that one. But I think Taylor's "Never Die Young" is THE Taylor-album. So great, with Bob Manns cool guitar, Leland Sklar on bass, and Rosemary Butler on backup vox (!). And Don Grolnick of course, you can hear that warm, loving, Grolnick-heart all over the album.

Unless I am totaly wrong, "Hourglass" is dedicated to Grolnick.

StAl - here's my point: Peter Gabriel may be talented up all over his protruding ears, but he's not talking to me. Bach aint talking to me, not Beethoven or Mozart either. I can dig the idea, but it never reaches my heart. I TRY to keep an open mind... but, no way. It's like Sting, he's so "right" and "sensitive" and the songs are so "subtle", but when it gets down to touching my heart, he failes.

And I am old enough to have seen the Doors and Hendrix. THAT was cool, that was the real thing. Like Spencer Davies, Traffic and early Blood Sweat & Tears.

And you're just jealous of Jackson Browne, no matter what Molly says; you're not half as good looking as he are.

Molly - am I right or what?

Miz Ducky - interesting, you DO have cellphones over there! Ericsson or Nokia?


User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Miz D - That really was a funny post. You working on anything now? Novel? Short story collection? Fill us in.
Those Fagen organ parts on CBAT are killer! And the piano is perfect.

A friend of mine gave me about thirty old copies of Musician magazine today. One of the issues is from '93 with a cover story on the Boys. Great photo of D&W on the cover. Fagen is actually SMILING! And I don't mean that little smirk... it's a full-blooded genuine friendly smile. Great picture. And the interview inside is real cool. I'll post some excepts later when I'm a bit more sober. heh-heh... (3 dots)

Third rehearsal with the new band tomorrow. Thus far it's been the singer, me, the drummer and the bass player. But tomorrow we have a keyboard player! ... I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I have about three or four Dan tunes I'd really like to do.

A little wine tasting with some friends at Casa Hutch tonight...

Domaine De Moulines
Merlot 2001

Turning Leaf
Coastal Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 1997
(Hey, it's a '97)

Hess Estate
Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1997

And a nightcap of the French.

What is Life without good wine?


User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: I watched an episode of the Ana Nicole Smith show. Her "friend" was wearing a Flogging Molly t-shirt. Anybody seen the Discover Card commericial with the guy wearing an Amoeba Records t-shirt? Only the best Indie record store in Berkeley, SF and Hollywood!

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Also....Miz Ducklet: Very nice to hear from you.


User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Which One's Pink/ Beemer / Doctor Myu/ Artie: In re Pink Floyd/ Petre Gabriel: Never did see Mr. Gabriel in concert but did catch the Floyd with Mr. Waters during the Wall tour when they swung by New York, and thereafter every show after Mr. Waters seceded. All of those shows moved your humble narrator to the core...and in fact, the only other live shows that come close are the King Crimson shows, which continue to be the very best there is out there, period.

Babes and I will be picking up the Gabriel effort tomorrow at our local Virgin megastore...can't wait to listen.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend.


ps. St. Al: connected with YGK today...heard about your efforts and I tip my cap to you once anew.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: C: Upon listening after the house settling down, I have to recommend James Taylor's October Road over Naked Ride Home. Both are organic - and JTs more so over his previous - Hourglass. But the professionalism, immediacy and more interesting recording of October Road shines through. The songs are not quite as good as Hourglass and JTs voice shows just the slightest hint of a crack, but given that his vocals on New Moon Shine and Hourglas IMO are the best of his career - I can't complain. On the 4th of July is a real gem of a song - don't know if it got airplay - I don't listen to commercial radio much at all...

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Every now and then I like to put on a classic SD album and just listen to the whole thing from beginning to end. Did that last night with CBAT (with headphones). Wow!
What a great debut album this is. Becker's bass work is just so damn good.
People on the Bluebook have been talking about Jeff Baxter lately and comparing him to later SD guitarists. Hoops' defense of Skunk in the latest Digest is right on the money. The inventiveness of his playing is mind-blowing at times.
And his pedal steel work is absolutely beautiful. Listen to that solo in the middle of Brooklyn (one of my all-time favorite SD tunes)and listen to Walter's bass work in that song. Simple and straightforward but right on the mark rhythmically.
I don't care how many times I listen to these guys, I always hear new things if I listen closely enough.


User: Dano | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Gabriel , Pat c`mon any man with a little namby pamby beard like that needs locking up!!

Prefab have new album out soon , get to your local Wallmart mate??

Off to see the Fitba`



User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 28


How did you draw the conclusion that I said Peter Gabriel was better than Pink Floyd or The Who?? I MERELY stated that his Secret World Live show was better than anything I'd seen the aforementioned artists perform. THAT'S ALL. FUCK!

Ok, alright? Comparing these bands is pure folly. They each bring something unique to the table -- but all have completely different styles. Pink Floyd is in that group of all-time favorite bands, as is Peter Gabriel, The Dead, Phish and that other band we sometimes talk about on this board. Don't even try to put words in my mouth. Pink Floyd is the shit and a great live band. However, Secret World live was on a whole other level. If you didn't see it -- rent it. If you were lucky enough to see it live, you'll understand.

And don't even get me started about how bad Genesis SUCKED after Gabriel left the band. Go back to listening to Huey Lewis -- Artie. Ok, Trick of the Tail was good. And Abacab wasn't too bad...

I'm wondering though. How many major artists get as much creative freedom as PG does on a major label like Geffen? Besides Steely Dan I can only think of a few. I mean, this guy puts out a studio album once every 10 years. In the meantime he does whatever he wants. And this new one is a shining example of this freedom. I'm sure the folks at Geffen would have preferred something a little more radio friendly considering the success of his past two studio efforts. But it's Peter Gabriel. I'll bet if Jackzzzzon Browne sat on his thumbs for 10 years they bounce his sorry ass.

Oh, and where is Genesis now? Counting their money they stole from all the lighter flickers like Artie in the 80's...



User: C @ work | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Tony Blair's "dossier" on Iraq is a shocking document. Reading it can only fill a decent human being with shame and outrage. Its pages are final proof if the contents are true that a massive crime against humanity has been committed in Iraq. For if the details of Saddam's building of weapons of mass destruction are correct and I will come to the "ifs" and "buts" and "coulds" later it means that our massive, obstructive, brutal policy of UN sanctions has totally failed. In other words, half a million Iraqi children were killed by us for nothing.

Let's go back to 12 May 1996. Madeleine Albright, the US Secretary of State, had told us that sanctions worked and prevented Saddam from rebuilding weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Our Tory government agreed, and Tony Blair faithfully toed the line. But on 12 May, Mrs Albright appeared on CBS television. Leslie Stahl, the interviewer, asked: "We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that's more than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?" To the world's astonishment, Mrs Albright replied: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it."

Now we know if Mr Blair is telling us the truth that the price was not worth it. The price was paid in the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. But it wasn't worth a dime. The Blair "dossier" tells us that, despite sanctions, Saddam was able to go on building weapons of mass destruction. All that nonsense about dual-use technology, the ban on children's pencils because lead could have a military use and our refusal to allow Iraq to import equipment to restore the water-treatment plants that we bombed in the Gulf War, was a sham.

This terrible conclusion is the only moral one to be drawn from the 16 pages that supposedly detail the chemical, biological and nuclear horrors that the Beast of Baghdad has in store for us. It's difficult, reading the full report, to know whether to laugh or cry. The degree of deceit and duplicity in its production speaks of the trickery that informs the Blair government and its treatment of MPs.

There are a few titbits that ring true. The new ammonium perchlorate plant illegally supplied by an Indian company which breached those wonderful UN sanctions, of course is a frightening little detail. So is the new rocket test stand at the al-Rafah plant. But this material is so swamped in trickery and knavery that its inclusion becomes worthless.

Here is one example of the dishonesty of this "dossier". On page 45, we are told in a long chapter about Saddam's human rights abuses that "on March 1st, 1991, in the wake of the Gulf War, riots (sic) broke out in the southern city of Basra, spreading quickly to other cities in Shia-dominated southern Iraq. The regime responded by killing thousands". What's wrong with this paragraph is the lie is in the use of the word "riots". These were not riots. They were part of a mass rebellion specifically called for by President Bush Jnr's father and by a CIA radio station in Saudi Arabia. The Shia Muslims of Iraq obeyed Mr Bush Snr's appeal. And were then left to their fate by the Americans and British, who they had been given every reason to believe would come to their help. No wonder they died in their thousands. But that's not what the Blair "dossier" tells us.

And anyone reading the weasel words of doubt that are insinuated throughout this text can only have profound concern about the basis for which Britain is to go to war. The Iraqi weapon programme "is almost certainly" seeking to enrich uranium. It "appears" that Iraq is attempting to acquire a magnet production line. There is evidence that Iraq has tried to acquire specialised aluminium tubes (used in the enrichment of uranium) but "there is no definitive intelligence" that it is destined for a nuclear programme. "If" Iraq obtained fissile material, Iraq could produce nuclear weapons in one or two years. It is "difficult to judge" whether al-Hussein missiles could be available for use. Efforts to regenerate the Iraqi missile programme "probably" began in 1995. And so the "dossier" goes on.

Now maybe Saddam has restarted his WMD programme. Let's all say it out loud, 20 times: Saddam is a brutal, wicked tyrant. But are "almost certainly", "appears", "probably" and "if" really the rallying call to send our grenadiers off to the deserts of Kut-al-Amara?

There is high praise for UN weapons inspectors. And there is more trickery in the relevant chapter. It quotes Dr Hans Blix, the executive chairman of the UN inspection commission, as saying that in the absence of (post-1998) inspections, it is impossible to verify Iraqi disarmament compliance. But on 18 August this year, the very same Dr Blix told Associated Press that he couldn't say with certainty that Baghdad possessed WMDs. This quotation is excised from the Blair "dossier", of course.

So there it is. If these pages of trickery are based on "probably" and "if", we have no business going to war. If they are all true, we murdered half a million Iraqi children. How's that for a war crime?

Robert Fisk Sept 25

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: Jason, This might help.
I've just changed to win 2000NT & it has a narrator built in.

check the link below.

(It's the plain text version)


User: oh, and... | Month: 8 | Day: 28

Message: I'd much rather hear Security than Dark Side of the Moon *yet again*...

My black light doesn't even work anymore...


User: t - not my battle, but... | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Artie - Britney Spears is more "successful" than Genesis. Doesn't *that* tell you something?

The "Lamb..." was the last *great* Genesis album... you know, back when Phil Collins could play the drums...

What the hell does "ABABCAB" mean anyway?

C@w - Hold on there wayward son! I can't believe you even put Kansas in the same sentence with Roxy and Bowie...

User: Artie | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Oh PUHLEEEEEZZ!!!! Peter Gabriel is better than Pink Floyd??!!! Peter Gabriel couldn't even be a roadie for Pink Floyd! The minute Peter Gabriel left Genesis, they became one of the most successful bands ever. Doesn't that tell you something? Do me a favor, go listen to Sledghammer and then go listen to Dark Side of the Moon. If you still don't get it, you might as well stick a gun to your head.

I wanna be -- DAAHH -- your sledgehammer!

This is the worst song of the 80's, and that is saying a lot!

User: C @ work | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: StAl - saying Peter Gabriel is better than the Who, Pink Floyd and U2 is like saying Dave Matthews is better than Kansas, Roxy Music and David Bowie. It's like saying Britney Spears is better than Spice Girls. What's the point? They all suck.

Peter Gabriel is a boring, self-opinionated, self-centered, pretentious shit-boot, who thinks he is Gods Gift to the Human Race.

I wouldn't spend one cent on his "art-music". You are saying you love Peter Gabriel because you think it's cool to be a Gabriel-fan. But I tell you man, there's nothing there under his fancy surface. There is nothing to "understand". It's like when those rich upper-class bitches goes to a classic concert pretending they are "understanding" and "appreciating" the fine art. Bullshit. Them bitches are all sleeping through those artsie concerts.

Just like I did during that awful Gabriel shit, but there's one distinction; I didn't pretend I was awake.

Miz Duck - how about telling us what it is you're DOING down there in San Diego? It's something about BobLovesBob, so it must be Steely Dan related, no?

Molly - we humans have a free will? Have you never heard about Compulsive Behaviour? Reading your posts I guess you've had.

Hoops - go somewhere else and save the world, okay?


User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: T. I will get it. I have no life either.......

User: t | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Miz d - thanx! I'm scrollin'...

zan - Central Reservation is the one to get next... definitely. I got so worked up typing about Daybreaker that I had to hear that first song again before I left... Played it *real* loud. What gives it that strange feeling for me is the subtle rhythmic shifting between 3/4 and 6/8... and it reminds me of the song Veedon Fleece by Van Morrison! (chere - you out there suga?) It flows like water. It blew me away all over again... I couldn't wait to get home to type this... (ok, it's true, I have no life...)

Ok... *now* I'm scrolling...

User: Miz Ducky | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: t -- re: the (preserved for posterity) Herington newsbite, scroll back and check message 1614 here on the GB.

/the duck
(demonstrating that brevity is the soul of, er, something or other)

P.S. Kewl! The classic rock station I've been listening to all evening just kicked into "Deacon Blues" ... if it isn't the first Dan I've heard them play, it's close to it. (FM 103.7, The Planet, for anyone who cares and/or is in the San Diego area)

P.P.S. Oh well, so much for brevity, or soul, or something or other ...

User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: t. this is the first album of beth's i've heard. what earlier one should i get? the ist track on daybreaker reminds me of the intro of patsy cline...sweet dreams....maybe the familiarity is what gets in my way. just got delbert's latest cd.. good. and dave brubeck's greatest hits..incredible, i just play the whole thing over and over.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: First Andy, now Jon...oh, the hu-Manatee...

User: t | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Miz Ducky! Hey, I was blinking! What paragraph? How are you doing down there anyway?

User: t | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Yep, I agree there's a lot going on on the first track... in fact, I intially didn't like this album as much as I did her previous one - Central Reservation. But about the 4th listen that first track really kicked in for me, and then the rest of the album did as well. Now I think it's as good as her last one, and I'll probably think it's better by this time next month...
In fact, the first time that first track really clicked for me I was barely paying attention to it, and it caught my attention about halfway through and didn't let go... I caught the flow of the lyrics and melody a lot better. Before that it was like the vocal and music weren't relating very well. Then it "made sense"...

So maybe the trick is to not really listen to it...

-rimshot!- But seriously folks...

Anyway... yeah, her voice is cool...

User: Miz Ducky | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Geez, blink and you miss it! The paragraph on Jon Herington's site about the upcoming Dan album is now missing in action. Glad y'all caught it and preserved it for posterity!

/the duck
emerging briefly from lurk mode

P.S. Thanks for the exhortation to not be a stranger ... though I'm already perhaps a bit too strange for my own damn good. :-) Seriously (well, sorta), I'll try to be around a little bit more often.

User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: i didn't like the first track...too much stuff. violins. but at about 4 i really warmed up. interesting voice, i probably like it because it's rickie-ish..and it's not a boring CD. Holds my attention, which is not easy. Great lyrics as well.....not just the typical singer-songwriter drone

User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: day breaker....

User: t | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: zan - which one? I mentioned 3. And what is it you like about it? C'mon... cough up some details bud...

User: ZAN | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: re: post 1662 JUST GOT THAT CD, REALLY LOVE IT.

User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Thanks for the addresses Betty Ray.

User: j a s o n | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: I only just saw posts from "Polly" and "...and so it goes" (?!), or else i wouldn't have done the previous post. I just did a long vehement rebuttal, which got obliterated when the computing device started slowing down. This tends to happen when i'm going too far in a posting. Just my luck that divine intervention on my behalf gets wasted on such a trivial thing, instead of my medical crap.

User: j a s o n | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Howard--- thanks. Despite my supposedly cool and listening doctor chewing me out for taking up a minute of his time this morning, and announcing I'd never find help for either a long-standing destructive neurological state, or a new heart problem (so don't bother going to a cardiologist), the new SD album might give me a reason to stay around till next year. I just said to Molly I wouldn't post on this, but I'm in a "got nothing to lose" frame of mind.

Funny how most of 2vsN sounded like 'cheery', uniform light jazz-pop to me, until a half-dozen or dozen listenings. Including "Neg Girl"... it's amazing how completely i mis-heard it. If they write about a traumatic personal experience with a drug-overdosed girlfriend, and something just like this happened, it's not a stretch to say it was about the real incident, though DF could have done much or all the music, as far as i know.

I decipher lyrics from listening rather than by looking at lyric sheets, but I think i'm right in saying that they did something i've never heard of before... the line, "... I arrive in time to find her gone." That's right in the MIDDLE of the song, yet I think it's the END of the story... the aftermath of the over-dose. That's unusual story-telling, if I'm right, especially since the line is somewhat mumbled, and they move past it very fast, in the song. Pulp Fiction-ish, maybe.

It's effective, I think.

Great subject, suicide. I'm posting to get my mind off of that. Damn Derek Humphries never actually tells you how to do it.

For more up, cheery talk-- audio-tape correspondence will be snapped up eagerly... haven't given anyone any good reasons yet for doing it, but i should soon. Physical mailing address can be gotten at---

User: Name Dropper | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: I would think that since it was Graham Parker and the Rumour that he would no qualify as a "Rumour" Is Tom Petty a "Heartbreaker"? Is Bruce Springsteen in the "E Street Band"? Is Gerry a Pacemaker? Is Herman a Hermit? Is Elvis an Attraction?

User: Graham Parker that a rumour ?? | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Oh Lord don't ask me questions

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: TONIGHT in New York City! Fair Forgery artist Tom Freund at The Living Room, 84 Stanton Street, 212.533.7235, corner of stanton and allen. Tom Freund not only provided a sterling version of "Fearless" he also recruited Graham Parker to contribute a stellar acoustic version of "Comfortably Numb" to "A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd"

User: Beerberian | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Tones/StAl; since when have Dan fans worried about "radio friendly" :) .....I'm more worried about the; He's crap, She's shit, that get's thrown around here - musical preference is just that !!! .A PREFERENCE ...unjustified "I hate that" is of no ethical relevance , surely ??

Perhaps there ARE unheard preambles to these statements (I don't hear 'em) Let him/her who is without several platinum disques, cast the first critique ..LOL
....Me? (Thankyou for askin') I try and take every new sound @ face value - then give MY (and only my) take on PREFERENCE .... Let's think on this mebbe ? btw I PREFER to be a likeable guy .... deep breath...howabout it ?

back to "UP" ..Track 1 "Darkness" still catches me with that volume thing know ..hmmmm it's a bit quiet , i'll turn it up..... SHITTTTTT that was LOUD thing ...anybody else ??

As for RF maybe not BUT IS Headphone friendly TRUST me you need to get intimate with this one partic "Sky Blue" that Bass vocal on the outro has to be felt .......I love THE BUILD on this track

THIS GUY IS EXPOSING HIS SOUL .and Hes playing a Bosendorfer

"No way out" ....Peter Gunn guitar ???? anyone else hear that ? Great percussion work SO (that one again) many layers to the beat ..

And here we are @ track 5 again . I want this played at my funeral please (NOT YET !!)

It was only one hour ago IT was all different then ..

In My OpinIan It works 4 me.. They say life carries on and on and on ..

Apologies for the sermon of PREFERENCE ..but did I dream this belief LOL

User: hoops | Month: 8 | Day: 27


Help save Banyan Trees Radio and the other Radio Free Dandom Radio Stations!


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 12:12:2
To: " Newsletter"
From: " Newsletter"

Greetings Internet Radio Broadcasters --

Over the past seven months, we have been actively fighting the performance royalty rates (DSRP) as determined by the Librarian of Congress.

Yesterday, September 26, a new bill was introduced in the US House of Representatives that would allow for a six month stay on the DSRP royalty rates.

This is HUGE, in that it permits an opportunity for Congress or the courts to remedy the unfair royalty!!!!

But we must act quickly.

If we don't get the word out by September 30, 2002, this opportunity will be lost.

Independent webcasters will be bankrupted and silenced by an unfair royalty (and one that is currently under appeal in the courts). It is only fair that the royalty payment date be delayed until the court decides the final royalty, and that is all this bill will do.

I know you're tired of hearing about this stuff. But we need to blow this out on the order of the CARP effort last spring - and we don't have much time!

Here's What You Can Do

1. Call and email your U.S. Representatives before Monday (September 30, 2002) and ask them to support H.R. 5469.

This link outlines how you can easily do both:

2. Send your listeners an email encouraging them to call their U.S. Representatives to support HR 5469 - soon! You can link to this page: which details how listeners can get involved.

3. Pass this email on to your friends, and mailing lists.

Spread the word. Don't let Internet Radio be bankrupted to silence. We have until Monday.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

kind regards,

betty ray
live365 senior editor

User: blue eyed deckard | Month: 8 | Day: 27

hmmmn...see what you mean mate, flankers for shure.....he he

User: tones | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Hey everyone...

St. Al - That was pretty much my take on the new Gabriel cd: not radio friendly, mainstream American radio anyway. Music not driven by the marketplace, though there's enough rhythmic familiarity to not scare away those who just discovered him around the time of So. To me, it sounds more like his 1st solo album than anything he's done since then. Especially in the "voices-inside-your-head" vocal layering and the singing in character. And the non-linear song structures. And I agree with Beerberian... I Grieve blew me away immediately. Wasn't there an earlier version of that song on the City of Angels soundtrack? I didn't notice it much then, but now... sadly, it's full of relevance. And I think the whole cd is the best sounding cd I've heard since 2vsN.

Btw, the new Beck is pretty smokin' too...

In the "artists deserving greater recognition" category: Beth Orton. Her new one is great...

All imho, of course...


User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Click the link above, Steve. I don't say it is necessarally right or correct, I just wondered if anyone had heard about it.
By the way: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the information I was refering to.

User: Aja...........back at a borrowed computer | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Sitting here laughing at the usual GB computer's down and I only have 2 minutes left on this one, so I only have time to reply to this:

"these things are power!!!", right, aja?

Especially when they collide!


User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: St. Al - I too picked up "UP" a couple of days ago and have only listened to it once. I agree with your impression. It's a tough thing to argue about who is best among Gabriel and Pink Floyd. I would say that both of these artists have taken the listener to places never before experienced.

Lady Bayside - I hope that you continue to frequent these parts.

Angel - A song called "Countown To Ecstasy"? How did you come upon this information?

Back on Gabriel - I got the CD at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. While I was there, I spent a lot of time parusing their music DVD collection. It is really huge (the collection I mean ...). I found stuff that I thought was either out of print or didn't even exist.

1. Jack DeJohnette, Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland, and Pat Metheny in Concert (REcorded at the 1990 Mellon Jazz Festival)

2. Steve Howe (of Yes) - The Classic Rock Legends Series

3. Steve Hackett - The Live Tokyo Tapes - with John Wetton, Chester Thompson, Ian McDonald, and Julian Colbeck (it's got Watcher Of The Skies, Firth Of Fifth, Los Endos, and others)


4. The Residents (!!!) - Icky Flix. Possibly the strangest most eccentric musical and video acts ever to slither across the public scene. I remember first encountering these guys back in my UC Berkeley days in the early 80's. I haven't cracked the plastic on this one yet.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: I know Pink Floyd and Peter, you're no Pink Floyd. One of the tracks on "A Fair Forgery" is Shaun Guerin doing "In the Flesh" -- Shaun is the singer in a Peter-era Genesis tribute band called Cinema Show. His track sounds like I'd imagine Floyd would sound like if Peter handled the lead vocals.

Lady Bayside -- I miss you too. Angel, feel free to speak for us.

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Aus: Bett-ray than Pink.....

WEakness: go to the deli, and buy some Sopresatta, smoked Mozz, put it on a toasted Bagel and Get some fricking taste, willya? since you haven't inherited any, you gotta buy it.....

St. Al: looking forward to speaking......will try to grab some Int. Software


User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Auss: Way

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: St.Al...Would you please make up your mind. First it was "Dave Matthews is the best". Now it's Peter Gabriel. They both suck!

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: St. Al: Bettre than Pink Floyd?????!!!? No way brother.


User: StAlphonzo | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Clas: I love you man, but you say the most moronic things at times.

The Secret World Live tour Gabriel embarked on in 93-94 was, BY FAR, the best, most theatrical rock concert I've ever seen and I've been to close to 200 shows in my time. Better than U2 Zooropa. Better than Pink Floyd. Better than the Who when they recreated Tommy a few years back. In fact, comparing it to a rock concert is not as accurate as comparing it to, say, a Vegas production of Cirque de Soleil. I doubt even your pinhead would get bored there...:)

Peter Gabriel is an award winning producer of multimedia productions. Sledgehammer still ranks as one of the most innovative videos ever produced. Watching Secret World Live was like watching a live music video. His band is full of world class talent -- some of the best musicians around. Levin and Katche are my favorites at their respective instruments. So unlike other bands that rely on props and special effects to carry them through -- Gabriel and company are the real deal. So real, in fact, I'm thinking about spending some serious cash I don't have go see him play in Oakland this Winter AND at the risk of seriously pissing my wife off to boot. Something I try to avoid.

Dude, put the fucking bong down. Peter Gabriel is "boring"?!? Besides a couple of statements Bill has made in the past, that IS the most moronic thing I've EVER heard on this guestbook. Coming from the man who thinks Jackzzzzzzon Browne is the bees-knees, I really have to wonder about your sanity at times...


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: hey - catching up on posts - lol on the anonnies - shout outs to angel, clas, ward (all paid dearie, i used your swiss account, you odn't mind, do you?), lady bayside, snakehips, and the lurking gina, cyn and jim#

over the bridge for the weekend - see you ward at the harvard club in boston tomorrow night!

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Hi everyone!
Clas, yes Sugarman most Pedophiles were sexually abused as children themselves. ( As were the majority of Sociopaths I've encountered ) However, not all victims of childhood sexual abuse become Pedophiles or Sociopaths. I feel we all are granted a free will by God. It is the one true thing that seperates us from animals. One does not have to live by their appetites or desires. I'm afraid I lose most of my compassion whenever I hear an Adult state the reason that he sexually assaulted a 5 year old kid was because " She was such a sexy little girl". Or a grown man say that he's sodomized his son for the last 6 years as an act of "love". Visions of murder dance in my head for a few fleeting moments. Instead I channel my fury into more positive things. If it gets to me real bad, I climb...then come back and do it again. Please excuse me, I'm a bit nuts about this subject.
BB, what a beautiful guitar! Doll? Hardly....LMAO!But thanks just the same...
Flippy, Thank you for your post. I'm glad we met.I look forward to seeing you again.
Ed, nice to see you as always. Sorry couldn't talk more. I was lured away by a certain Viking Warrior.... *wink*
Josie, hang in there honey... I'll keep you in my thoughts.
Jim# and Cyn, nice talking however briefly.....
Shellie, What kind of ammo are you using? In a small caliber weapon it might be something as simple as changing to smokeless ammunition, or the way you hold the pistol when you fire it. Silly, but that could be making it jam.... Before you take it to gunsmith, ask Drew or Dean to take a look. See ya next week.

Off to my furnace now
Be peaceful and Loving if you can.......M

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Ed Beatty: Oops....

Eric: I understand completely. I go by a handle. Glad the info on Keith Carlock was of interest to you.

Clas: Sorry to include anyone in my comment. I missed her.

Another piece of trivia I found during my SD travels yesterday, was the fact that there was actually a song called "Countdown to Ecstasy", but it was eventually rejected. Anyone know about this or the story behind it?

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Shoofie,
I'll see your "." and raise you a "?"

Damn..., you figured us out. But we're not returning these Russian
girls for anything. Hopefully this won't re-ignite the cold war.
Please refrain from pushing the button down over this.

Have'nt seen you in a while. Can business be that good? Jeez I
hope not...

Arnold has been leaving messages on my machine. Really ominous
messages. Tell Maria that we'll have to do a better job of keeping
this thing a secret. Thanks. Tell Ted I said hi.

St. Al,
Regarding your question concerning the U.S. Terror Alert Level,
although we have never reached the Navaho White stage we did
once fall to the Peachpuff level during the presidency of
Warren G. Harding.

User: C @ work | Month: 8 | Day: 27

Message: Ange, you say; "Hey back at you Lady Bayside. We did indeed miss you."

"WE miss you"? I didn't know she existed so I didn't miss her.

StAl - oh man, Peter Gabriel is SO boring. My wife brought me to one of his concerts once. When it was time to leave she had to wake me up (I fell asleep during one of his more artsie and pretentious songs, the one where he's jumping around in red tights).

The only good with Peter Gabriel is his Home Page, very cool design.

Molly - paedophiles are people who are victims of paedophiles. That fact gives a certain ring to the problem, doesn't it?


User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Anybody got a copy of ITC Stone Sans Semi Bold they could send me ?


User: Little One | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: These people are fucked up and cruel. I saw nicer individuals when I was employed by the Florida Penal System. They're hyenas babe. It's time to walk away.

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Frankie- To answer your question, there were 4 Donald Fagen videos.

New Frontier
Century's End
Tomorrow's Girls
The last two are from Kamakiriad.

New Frontier did involve a man who takes his girlfriend on a tour of the bomb shelter behind his parents' house. The animation was so cool.

No video for I.G.Y.. There was a remake of the song by Howard Jones, but it was a very tepid remake.

User: frankie | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Hello all,
Would any body know anything about Donald Fagans nightfly songs I.G.Y. and New Frontier, I believe I saw a music video some years ago about the song New Frontier, it was kind of cartoonish and science related - do the videos exist? and where could one legally purchase one and posses to own. Would very much like to see it again, or was it some cheap tv show for American men to start dating Russian girls.

User: Gullywater | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: It wasn't Ed that asked about Carlock and what other work he has done. My name is Eric (I don't wish to give out my last name). By the way, thank you for the info about Wayne Krantz. Much appreciated :)

eric b

User: ed beatty | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: angel...


Ed Beatty

User: Whateva | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Angel - Thanks for stealing Steely Dan's music...I'm sure they appreciate it immensely!

User: angel (Shout out to Lady Bayside!!!!) | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Hey back at you Lady Bayside. We did indeed miss you.

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Ed Beatty: Searching for intelligent life on the SD web pages, I too ran across the fact that Keith did the title track on 2VN. I happen to like that track a whole lot, so look forward to the album.
Keith belongs to a band with Wayne Krantz. Check out the link.
Found on that page:
"Wayne Krantz, ex-sideman with Steely Dan, Michael Brecker, Billy Cobham and others, gave it all up to lead a band in NYC with Tim Lefebvre and Keith Carlock."

Now my apologies to Walter (as if he cares). Reading those same 2VN liner notes, I found out that Walter did quite a bit of bass playing on 2VN. I knew he did most of the guitar work, but I wasn't aware of the bass. I don't own the liner notes, so I had never actually read them before today.
(Note that I did buy the CD, but I sent it to my sister. So all I have is a burned CD. Ugh!)

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Lady Bayside- Great to hear from you again. Sorry no one was there but I guess we were all busy in the daytime.

We haven't from you in quite a while. Where've you been?

User: flippy | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: I love Molly's posts. She's fun, well written, unafraid to show herself to the squirrels and nuts on this page. Go Moll, have a field day. I wish the critics would have the balls/eggs to let us know who they are. Phantom messages are rather meaningless, no? blah blah

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Wow! You see St.Al- It's not JUST me!

User: Gullywater | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: So Keith Carlock is going to be on the new Steely Dan album huh? I like his work on the title track on 2vn. Does anyone here know more about his other studio/live work? Would be interested to find out. Thanks.


User: and it goes on...... | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: I know Molly....everything is about YOU.
Must you share EVERYTHING with us?
I don't care if you are subtle or don't hint. I don't care how much you loved your husband.
I certainly don't care what your spin on love is.
I don't care about your morals or lack of them.
and I know YOU don't care what others think or you would stop typing and read what others have to say.
But then again.....I really don't care whether you do or not.....

User: Polly | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Molly: Can you get any MORE pathetic?

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Re:Post 1643 Apparently you can't read. It was on the ground...
By the way, I never said I'd have no compunctions about sleeping with a married man. I said "IF" I wanted a man I'd let him know. I don't hint. I don't do subtle. I don't use the internet to find men. I don't have time for those kinds of games. I've learned life is short. When I like someone, I tell them. It might be the last opportunity I have to do so. Love can sometimes make people do things they never thought they would. I never had to face that moral dilemma. I try hard not to judge others. I don't know how I would act in their circumstances. I've never been in love with a married person. I loved my first husband with a fierceness that burned my soul. I can't imagine anything deterring me from being with him.

User: Eddie Kaskell | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Hey June: Pay your bills, bitch!

User: LadyBayside | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: I finally get to chat during the day again and there's not a soul in the chatroom! Phooey. Guess I might try to get some work done.


User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 26


Big sale on Sign In Stranger T-Shirts! I'm blowin' 'em out! $5 bucks each!! Can't beat it with a stick! Help StAl recover some of his costs of the shirts and this website by purchasing one or more today! See: Quantities and specific sizes are limited so don't hesitate.

Thanks for your support.


User: Ward | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: June: Hey little lovie. Did you remember to send a cheque to the club for our boat slip on the Chessie? The JDF fundraiser last night at Cipriani's has had me reeling all day long. Also, tell Beavre that those wing-dings in Hawaii are strictly adult affairs. Wally's ok, but NOT Beavre.


User: Shoofie | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: .

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: St.Al- Thanks for the Peter Gabriel review. The CD is definitely worth getting since it won't appeal to radio DJs used to Kelly Clarksons of the world.


Looking forward to hearing The Barry Williams Show.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Re: The Yellow -- "Clean this mess up, else we'll all end up in jail"

User: Anony-boy | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: The Source: ROFLMAO!!!


User: The Source | Month: 8 | Day: 26

In the ground, there, Molly? Looks more like a grave to me

OMG..Somebody stopppp meeeee..just too damn easy !

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 26

P.S. to the last post:

For those who might infer otherwise, I only wrote the first of the subsequent "Top Ten Things Not To Post..." postings;

Another point many seem to miss in regards to Steely Dan is the element of humor; both Becker and Fagen have noted that one of the key ingredients to a song's inclusion on an album or even the will to complete a song to begin with is whether or not THEY find it funny (or sarcastic enough as the case may be). They were quoted as having seen the lyrical scenario in 'Gaucho' as "wildly funny," and it's obvious by their interviewed responses they feel the same about "Cousin Dupree" (it's hardly a serious character assessment);

The reasons Steely Dan (as one poster put it) "went dormant" had more to do with

a. an admitted running out of ideas and energy for the collaboration;

b. the first surfacing of differences between Becker and Fagen (later attributed to Becker's chemical dependence problems);

c. a need for both parties to focus on other facets of their lives;

d. the general difficulties experienced during the recording of 1980's 'Gaucho' (including Becker's absence to due his broken leg as well as his aforementioned problem, the accidental erasing of "The Second Arrangement," the drug-related death of Karen Stanley, and the subsequent law suit Becker faced from Miss Stanley's parents).

Fagen described the recording of 'Gaucho' as akin to "pulling teeth"; after all that, they needed a break.

All songs on all Steely Dan albums are credited to Becker and Fagen; at no point in their career has there been any evidence to suggest that their writing arrangement is like that of late period Lennon-McCartney, wherein one or the other (generally) wrote any given song's music and lyrics; no music or lyrics on 'Two Against Nature' are more representative of Becker or Fagen than on any other Steely Dan recording; can anyone say with any element of "fact" who wrote more of the lyrics to "I Got the News," or who was more responsible for the music to "Everything You Did"? Someone posted that they felt it was obvious that "Negative Girl" and "Almost Gothic" were about the same person; I think without a doubt they are absolutely not...

It's interesting how people perceive the same things-


User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Ok, so here are some thoughts on my first full spin through of Peter Gabriel's new one.

A couple of things strike me. First. This disc is absolutely the most UN-radio-friendly CD I've heard him put out since last Temptation of Christ soundtrack. Barry Williams Show is a stretch for many radio stations, though I expect it will end up being a minor hit on Adult Alternative radio. It certainly is played a lot on KMTT here in Seattle, but they are often the exception in radio.

This disc is a brooding affair along the lines of his earliest work. Unlike the pop riddled So and Us, this one is haunting, melodic and bittersweet with little or no upbeat songs. Fans of ambient and trance style music will really appreciate it. Can't really say I notice any tracks that really stand out since I've only really listened to it once. As you would expect, it's beautifully arranged and produced. The sound quality is fantastic, and it really taxes the 10 inch woofer in the trunk of my car.

You'll appreciate some of the people who worked on this disc. Besides his core band of Levin, Katche and Rhodes, he's joined on different tracks by Steve Gadd, Blind Boys of Alabama, David Lanois, David Sancious and Peter Green, among others.

No lyrics in the jacket, so it's harder to get a true feeling for what Gabriel is trying to convey. This disc is an enhanced CD so the lyrics on available through a computer CD-Rom. I'll have to investigate.

If you're a fan of PG's work on tunes like Blood of Eden or any of his first 3 albums, you'll probably like Up, even though the arrangements are much different. If you're a fan of songs like Solsbury Hill, Kiss That Frog or Shaking The Tree -- you'll probably be disappointed. Though I'd say I tend to fall into the later category, I'm far from disappointed. This one will definitely require multiple listenings before judgment can be passed.

User: Beers again | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Hutch; I have a pic, send me a mail address to above and I'll send you it .....

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 26

1. For the record, the majority of the posts I make here (at least in regards to my 'Top Ten Things Not To Post' Posts) are generally SARCASTIC; I have an inherently sarcastic, ascerbic, dark sense of humor sometimes, especially when faced with short-sightedness or presumptuousness (both elements of which appear here on this guestbook on occasion - see below); sometimes I read or post here for the "fun" of it, other times it's to have a remotely intellectual discourse on one of my favorite bands (when the board is open to it).

I normally don't explain anything about what I post (I don't have to), but I'll concede to the occasional exception: the top ten lists are for entertaiment purposes, as well as to make a "joke" criticism of what people discuss here; some of it is mere intended irony, other times it's a bit darker as there are quite a number of instances when posters clearly did not think before they posted (this is not directed at anyone in particular); at no time is anything posted by me directed at any one person (#2 below being another one of my exceptions); the posts are general and directed at everyone as I don't "know" any of you, and none of you know me;

2. Please don't infer anything about "what I need in my life"; little can be assessed based on a few posts on a guestbook; I happen to have a beautiful, intelligent young girlfriend who gives me everything I need (thank you very much), none of which is anyone's business anyway;

3. There appears to be quite a bit of presumptuousness in regards to the interpretation of the writing on the last Steely Dan album; there are precious few songs in the Becker and Fagen canon which were written solely by one or the other (Fagen's "Barrytown" and "Bodhisattva" come to mind); this is not an opinion but a matter of public record if one has done their research; their efforts are truly a collaboration in respect to both the music and the lyrics; I would doubt considerably that "Negative Girl" has anything to do with Becker's ex-girlfriend Karen Stanley, who did die of an apparent overdose in his New York apartment in 1980; "Negative Girl" appears to me to be an impressionistic composite, with elements likely to be from a few different people or types of people. it is likely that "Junkie Girl" has its roots in the Becker-Stanley relationship, but Becker was clearly crushed by the whole incident (it was after all his live-in girlfriend), and I doubt he would merely consider her a "junkie girl" (if one takes the term at face value). Thus, even in that instance one can question how much of the lyrical perspective's whole is directly about Miss Stanley; she is more likely to have been a catalyst to the main theme of the lyric. Most songs in general are composites of different scenarios and different people, and only occasionally all about one person (witness Stephen Stills' direct paean to Judy Collins, "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes").

People have read lyrics to my material (I'm a professional musician) which were left intentionally oblique, and they never precisely interpret any given line the way I intended, which is good, as I want to leave things ambiguous; sometimes I want them to know exactly what I mean, and when I do, I write it so they will; other times, I want it patently unclear; this was largely gleaned from Steely Dan. I'd rather have someone wondering what the hell I mean by a given lyric than know immediately and then not really be paying that much attention. Sounds like a Steely trait, no?

Lyrical or musical direction in any given Steely Dan song may be started by one or the other, but each uses the attributes of the other to "flesh out" what they come to the table with, or change what they don't like; little of the songs in the Steely Dan lexicon are directly autobiographical, and it is mere assumption to figure how much comes directly from their lives and what is pure fabrication; both Walter Becker and Donald Fagen are intelligent, interesting, intellectual, and seemingly well-adjusted men, neither of whom are likely to have an actual or personal interest in the subjects they write about (astutely put by another poster as "writing about a pedophile does not make one a pedophile").

Writing about lowly, deadbeat type characters has been part of the focus of Steely Dan's writing for the whole of their career; they write about what's interesting; a song about a happy suburban family with all the money they need would be very difficult to make interesting; I'm disinterested just reading that last sentence; the entire scope of the Steely Dan perspective leaves almost every lyric open to interpretation; if you think you know EXACTLY who wrote what and PRECISELY what it's about, it's likely you're way off base, in one respect or another; and likely that Walter Becker and Donald Fagen planned it that way-


User: Beerberian | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Hutch; Will have a look ....It's at the menders @ the mo' My Mother had it up in attic (not the best place for an antique). Its having a thorough check up, and bridge replacement (def strictly acoustic.)There was a whole lotta 50's sheet music up there as well incl some Burt Weedon lol

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Beer - Look inside the f-holes. You might find a model number or serial number on a sticker in there. Framus is a German company. I remember their guitars from the early sixties. They were never really considered a high-end guitar, but you know these days even lower priced guitars from the fifties and early sixties are becoming collector's items.
If you can find a model number (and serial number) I can look it up in the book at work. Does it have pick-ups or is it strictly acoustic?


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Hi everyone!
Howard, point taken Sugar. Still, in order to write about something effectively one must have some knowledge about your subject. One doesn't have to be a pedophile in order to write about pedophilia. But you would have to have some sort of familiarization of the dynamic of child molestation. Even then, I'm not sure one could truly understand the Pedophile's mind set or emotions. I've heard countless Baby rapers expound on their motivations, and it only enraged me. Moreover, I suppose the day I could truly understand how those sick fuckers think or feel will be the day I eat a bullet.( Sorry, i'm getting tangential! ) My take on the lyrics I mentioned were that in order to write with the poignacy that Becker and Fagen do, they must have experienced some of those emotions first hand. Maybe i'm just a romantic Howard. I loved "That Seven Feel" My God Howard, you can play your ass off! Your nickname should be ligtning fingers or something like that. I'd love to see you perform.Can I purchase any more of your music?

I wasn't judging Walter Becker. Why would I? I had a relationship with a 43 year old man at 17. He treated me with more love and kindness than any other person in my life before or since then. I will always have a special place in my heart for him, and have no regrets. Again, you don't have a clue about me and who I am. My foot is on the ground where it has always been.

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: LOL - you people are worse than the ones at my dog catching meeting last night - what a riot!

i thought my disclaimer was pretty clear of the thrice removed nature of the story - someone mentioned about whether walt liked em young and it made me laugh and think of some of the stories an old friend who lived next door used to tell us - i thought my verbiage settled the enquirer-like edge to such news, but i guess not

people that know me in a cyber-way know, i think, what i meant

whatever, have a happy thorsday

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Berr: Holy Mac - he's Got the News indeed!!!!!

"Jon will be travelling again in late October with Boz Scaggs and band, this time for shows in Indiana, Mississippi, Loisiana, and Dallas. More dates may be added; check and type in Boz Scaggs for all concert info.

Jon will be heading to Japan on September 19th for, of all things, a country music festival! Joined by Zev Katz on bass, Brian Mitchell on keys, and Denny McDermott on drums, Jon will be backing up the one and only Rosanne Cash. The band will be featured with Charlie Daniels and his band, and the festival will include performances by many Japanese country music bands, as well!

A new Steely Dan album is well on the way to being finished. Jon played on 11 tracks of the tracking sessions with Walter Becker on bass, Donald Fagen on keys, Ted Baker on keys, Keith Carlock on drums, and Hugh McCracken on guitar. Elliot Scheiner was engineering."

Given the infor on Jon's touring, etc., SD recording is on hiatus or done and mixing/thinking/more songwriting/sequencing the drums within 0.000000001 sec/just plain fucking around/mugging in front of the Dan Cam/ OR writing liner notes is proceeding...

angel: yes - ahh whun anna tuo anna treee

...Carlock - we're gonna have some fill...

Bob Greene: 17, but if made you feel Kinkier in the Red Blazer...

User: Beerberian Beaming up | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: angel; OMG I never won anything before .......and me with no speech , and nothin' to wear (not a pretty sight) ... I'd like to thank (unfurls list as long as the gap 'tween Aja and 2vsN) ...... just kiddin' - I read it same as you ..maybe more than 11 tracks ....woohoo it's a double album !!

Axemen all ... Anybody know anything about "FRAMUS" guitars I just inherited my Dads and I'm trying to trace the origin and model etc It's a cutaway accoustic, double f soundholes , at least 1958 maybe earlier ...any pointers would be apprec (very little found on the web so far)

User: The Beav | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Aw, shucks! Mahhhhm! Dahhhhhd! I never get to have any fun.......c'mon, can I go to Hawaii? can I?

User: angel (Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Winner) | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Beerberian: Yes! You win the major Steely Dan news award! The Herington site says the news is as of September 02 and mentions The Concert for America, too. The site says that he and Tom Barney were both playing during that Concert in Washington, DC.

So what we have are 11 tracks that Jon played on. No telling if there are actually more then that, but at least 11. Walter played on Bass? Now that is also news. He hasn't done bass in years. I would love to hear him do some, so that's great. Anyone know Keith Carlock on Drums? Going to have to check him out. 2003 is looking better and better, but they might miss my favorite release date of 01/02/03. :-)

Regarding the Walter/Hawaii stuff. Neighborhood snooping behavior, nothing unusual about that. I actually found the story funny, because it is such a typical report for a neighbor to make. Check out the Dan Cam if you want to see what is really going on in Hawaii. LOL Smerk!

User: The Source | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Too Freakin' funny, a woman that claims she'd sleep with a married man has the gall to question Walts morals? Just because of songs he and Don wrote and sang ?

Fucking hell, Get real woman! and while you're at it, Get your foot out of your mouth, again.

Talk about stuck on stupid !

Cuz I'm digging a ditch where madness gives a bit..digging a ditch where silence lives....................DMB

User: snakehips | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Bwaaawhatever: LP has brought more intelligence and fun to this board than most who post here. You must be the jackass.

User: BobGreene | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: But I thought she was 15.

Does that matter?

User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Molly - I think you're confusing the author with the characters he writes about. If I write a book about a guy who is a paedophile, does that make me one? If Walter and/or Donald write songs about characters who are attracted to young and emotionally damaged women, does that mean that THEY are attracted to young and emotionally damaged women? I don't think so.

Sure, they have an obvious interest in low-life and twisted characters - hookers, drug dealers and users, violent psychopaths, nazis, people with an unhealthy interest in young kids. These are the characters and situations they like to write about, but that's different from saying that THEY are nazis/paedophiles/psychopaths...

As for the discussion on which 2VN songs are "Walter" songs and which are "Donald" songs - I tire pretty quickly of this kind of thing. The songs are written by Steely Dan, that's both of them! Sure, some songs may be influenced a little more by one or the other, but it's a pretty subjective judgement as to who (if anyone) had a bigger input to a song.

jason: the next SD album won't be out in 2002, that's guaranteed. My guess is summer 2003.


User: j a s o n | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Mr. Barian........... any clue as to when new SD out?! I've been trying to satisfy self with one cool album per year. Will this be 2003 for me?!

2000" 2vsN
2001: Songs from the West Coast, E John, B Taupin
2002: Are You Passionate? Neil Young (first good one since Freedom, 1989)
maybe.... "Gold", Ryan Adams. (absorbing as we speak)

User: j a s o n | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Alright...... can't peruse much of the board, owing to eye nastiness.... the first thing i wanted to insert here was that i think "Negative Girl" and "West of Hollywood" were respectively Walter and Donald's intended album closers... they both have that quality.

Someone questioned that "Almost Gothic" and "Negative Girl" were Walter songs? Does anyone question that WB is the 'darker' of the two? The two songs seem obviously written about the same person. "The snow-white creature in the reckless room, she's so severe, the wise child walks right out of here..." Long before I heard 2vsN I saw in Rolling Stone that there had been an episode with WB and a girlfriend in 1980, where she had committed suicide, and that this had had a lot to do with SD going dormant. This was in reference to "Negative Girl", which is about this incident.

The eye thing means that I will thrust unwelcome opinions into this site, without really viewing the aftermath. Soon, I expect to begin pushing the idea of audio-tape correspondence, which is the only human interaction that seems to work, with said eye thingie. Give this idea a certain amount of consideration, please. It's not quite as wacko an idea as it might appear, on the surface.

User: | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: GB; Is this news ???? A new Steely Dan album is well on the way to being finished. Jon played on 11 tracks of the tracking sessions with Walter Becker on bass, Donald Fagen on keys, Ted Baker on keys, Keith Carlock on drums, and Hugh McCracken on guitar. Elliot Scheiner was engineering.

User: j a s o n | Month: 8 | Day: 26

Message: Just checking to see if my posts is being accepted...

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: fact = Molly

User: fact: | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Molly's last post had more Steely Dan observational content than WEber has *ever* contributed to this guestbook.

User: More to the point | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Just shows that you all are way too serious. Do any of you remember FUN? World peace doesn't depend on this stuff...

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: I didn't say Walt was screwing young girls, but that from his songs.......He obviously has some sort of attraction to them. I tend to think Donald Fagen had more to do with writing the music on most of 2VN. Compared to the Solo things Fagen did, the songs I mentioned on 2VN sound more like Walt's stuff to me. Walt is more dead on in his lyrics, and they have a lacerating effect.
Who really cares anyway?

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Beer: point well taken...I'll go tackle my wife...

User: Bwawawahahahaha | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: LP is a fucking jackass.....

User: Yeesh... | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message:'s getting so a rock star can't throw a birthday party for his daughter without the neighbors whispering...

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Ok so if Walt ain't using those young 20-something chicks
can I have em?

Does it pay to know a rock superstar or what?


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Maybe her neighbor lived down the street from R. Kelly and just thought it was Walter... they look so much alike yunno...

User: Beerberian ....I forgot | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Dr Mu; Man we ARE on the internet You have a credit card ??? Order it UP now !! I want to hear your take on it ......

User: The Idiot Police | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Molly. So your data are ..... SONGS!?!?!?! rotffl

lp: Your supposedly well-placed neighbor couldn't even distinguish the babysitters and/or relatives and/or visitors from the actual family members themselves? Hell of a source...congratulations on all the great inside knowledge you must be the recipient of. You may (or may not) be interested to know that in Hawaii WB was married for 15+ yrs to a woman 2 years OLDER than him. His steady 'vice' since then? = 4 years his junior. Whoo boy! Wowee! "Hairy edge" indeed!

Carry on. No further inanity, no matter how beetleheaded, will draw any further comment from this corner

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: 17 in Illinois is legal... and as long as you don't work for the Chicago Tribune 14 years after the fact, you're OK. Shouldn't the Tribune do something important like...STOCK THE CUBS WITH MORE POWER HITTERS, PREFERABLY UNDER 30!!!!!

User: Beerberian ....left 'em shoutin' for more ..... | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: StAl; Even the most hammy performer needs feedback (trust me I know) I got to No 5 and .........

1/ I was so wowed by No 5 "I grieve" that I went round a few times

2/ It was effing late here by then ......

3/ I hadn't the heart to tease my Atlantic (now that's a record label) cozzins no more ......... }:>

Hey you boys pick up from 6, I'm still sorting out my head

Current thought of the day .......Too little time ....SO much GOOOOOOD Music ........ I'm steppin' back from Mr G's lyrical challenge this eve with a recording from the 70's ......NY based ....and the QUIZ is ..fill in the missing axeman from this cast; Carl Radle, Bobby Whitlock, & Jim Gordon .....and for a bonus, answer the tiebreak Q "Why does love have to be so sad?"

User: Ed (rumor control officer)beatty | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Hey ..

He said what she thought and then she passed it on what she thought she knew and what they told her and she thought it had to be that way so she passed it on

a previous neighbor of mine had the privilege of living down the street from walter becker in hawaii - the parties were well known as well the age group of invited guests being "young" - she did not compare him to roman polanski, but on the hairy edge, as it were
we all have our "vices", i suppose, so, now who has a smoke i can bum?
huh?????? Did his integrity need to be attacked by innuendo and hearsay....oh well..thats what I get for coming to see the yellow after quite awhile...Is this the New york post or tabloid trash ?

ed B

User: Jambi | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Molly - Becker wrote "Almost Gothic" & "Negative Girl"? I'd suggest you migrate back to the fuckin' Styx messageboard if it isn't PLAINLY obvious that those are Fagen songs!

User: uh... | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: ...the songs, not the girls...

User: um... | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Didn't some guy named Donald have something to do with those?

User:  - obligatory post | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: I dunno - light salmon wwas my fave...

Very Quiet still on the ODP front

Haven't picked up Gabriel - wonder if it's even in the stores here in Texas - rumor that a force field eminating from Caldwell is blocking incoming art that is suspected to be nookyular...

besides for that - I've got nothing...

User: Emotionally Damaged | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: So Molly....When are you going out with Walter???

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: a previous neighbor of mine had the privilege of living down the street from walter becker in hawaii - the parties were well known as well the age group of invited guests being "young" - she did not compare him to roman polanski, but on the hairy edge, as it were

we all have our "vices", i suppose, so, now who has a smoke i can bum?

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Re: post ever listen to the lyrics to Walts songs? Janie Runaway, Almost Gothic,Junkie Girl....Not exactly about Middle-aged women !His romantic attraction to young women is pretty well stated in those songs.As well as his affection for women who are emotionally damaged....(Negative Girl, Rickie Don't Lose, Girlfriend....)
Re:post 1572 too bad!

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Dano: Nah -- Crowe is too sentimental at times.

I'm sticking with Spike Jonze.

Beer: What happened to your review. You stopped at track 5...

No time yesterday to stop by the CD store. Today it's on my way home...

Bill: Yous a funny guy. Cornflower Blue...

Roy: Birthday is coming up. Not saying exactly when. No need to turn that day into a "Happy Birthday StAl" day on this here message board... And yes, I did receive the money to purchase the Last Waltz on DVD... Woo Hoo! I'll be picking that up today along with Up.

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: St.Al...How are you buddy?

User: :) | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: excusive news: new BBC series planned starring Del boy, Rodney & Barrymore.
working title: only pools & corpses.

User: vikingwarriorvikingwarriorvikingwarrior na na na na naaaa | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: SugarmanViking Warrior*wink**kisses*One fine looking manhoney babeMy DragonSex on legsHootervilleMistress of MayhemSugarmanViking Warrior*wink**kisses*One fine looking manhoney babeMy DragonSex on legsHootervilleMistress of MayhemSugarmanViking Warrior*wink**kisses*One fine looking manhoney babeMy DragonSex on legsHootervilleMistress of Mayhem
SugarmanViking Warrior*wink**kisses*One fine looking manhoney babeMy DragonSex on legsHootervilleMistress of MayhemSugarmanViking Warrior*wink**kisses*One fine looking manhoney babeMy DragonSex on legsHootervilleMistress of MayhemSugarmanViking Warrior*wink**kisses*One fine looking manhoney babeMy DragonSex on legsHootervilleMistress of Mayhem

User: sh | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Pierro - LOL!!!

User: Pierro | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: More like puff the magic............if ya ask me

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Ben Folds on Jonathan Ross this Sat.
listen on (if u like)

Dano: who's Cameron Crowe ?

User: One of Walt's women | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Molly - and just what exactly do you actually know about the age of women Walt is attracted to? Now? Historically? Your data? Your sources? Sheesh.

User: Dano | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Just In
Just going back out
Just read the GB
Just had to say ....Best Director for Steely has to be
Cameron Crowe.

Leggin it.....

User: I'm tired of scrolling past this crap... | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Another list of Top Ten Words, Terms, Expressions or Symbols not to be used on the 'Sign In Stranger'/Steely Dan Fan Guestbook:

1. Sugarman
2. Viking Warrior
3. *wink*
4. *kisses*
5. One fine looking man
6. Honey babe
7. My Dragon
8. Sex on legs
9. Hooterville
10. Mistress of Mayhem

User: Roy.Scam | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: St Al~ Happy Birthday ? Last week you said something about a birthday "next week". Did The Last Waltz come through?

What goes, "....whooooOOOOOOPPEEEeeeeeee...... " ? [answer written backwards below]

noitarbelec by evird a

Have a good day anyway,

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Due to the limitations of communicating on the internet. ie....One cannot use gestures and body language, facial expressions, voice inflections ect.. I find trying to convey those things requires !!!!!!!!!!and lol lol ...and whatever. But will welcome any suggestions from you Randy. *wink* Just don't ask me to behave as if I'm half dead. What do you do to get your YaYa's out Randy ? Seems like you could use a bit more fun in your life. Everything doesn't have to be so serious. Why do you think Walt is so attracted to young women? They're fun!
My Viking, glad you've got my back. Talk soon?!
Bluz, was painting.....sorry. I'll try to catch you later...
Beth, was nice talking......
BB, look in your mail.....I tried again.

Flippy, Hi Ya! my gut says......Wow! lol lol
My Dragon, don't be cross.. was just busy. Call me tonight if you want,and We'll try to get it sorted then....*kisses*

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: Regarding post 1562,

I believe that Pat has said, "Due to limited storage space all
future transmissions from the planet Venus will be blocked.
Again, I'm sorry to have to do this but we must reserve disk
space for our Earthbound Steely Dan fans. Thank You."
Apparently post 1562 was able to bypass our Earth-based SD
security software again. Damned Venusians!

Nmnamora/post 1566,
One of the least intelligible posts I've ever read.
Keep up the good work!

User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: hey LP, me too was in Harbor just a few secs ago ....

nothing new under the SD horizon.

although i think an SD videoclip should be in animation.
like the covers of their albums coming alive.
sort of.
the sleeping "bum" with the hole in his shoe waking up ...
anyway ...
off me goes,G.

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: jjeff - i know, i lucked out, huh? a clear sunny crisp morning, slight fog in the lowlands, but it's already lifted in the harbor - hubby is off on bike ride around eagle lake again after morning errands (our daughter is taking flute lessons, i'm so happy that's the one she picked)

okay, who forgot to take off the insert symbol command below? lol

how come i can't say quen.....tar....? too passe? too cliche? too taken with himself? perhaps...

listened to some joe sample last night - release in 93 called invitation, some nice lenny castro playtime - no tv means you really appreciate your cd collection

get out and enjoy a good autumn day - this island is considering seceding form daylight savings time adherance, what a bunch of rebels!

User: nmnamora | Month: 8 | Day: 25

Message: >Again, sorry if I offended anyone.

ah, the shock of engagement.

>Pat is right,

StAlaman right!

>but a subject like this really did'nt belong on the
GB to begin with.

pfft. this is our table. dinner, breakfast, tea, hi/bye, midnight snack,
whisperglance, juice comin round again - what was the subject?

one prayer dancing
an open palm.

>Sorry about that, next time I see something
like that I'll take a deep breath and think twice about sharing
it with the rest of the world.

3's the charm?


User: Jaguar | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Hey St. Al, Here's a joke:

Q: How can you diss an operating system married to Unix?

A: You can't.

"Unless they can convince System Administrators LIKE MYSELF to install at the corporate level, they'll forever be relegated to the company with the BEST software that hardly anyone uses."

Is you the one, Pat? Is YOU the one?

10-4'n the 10-2,

Steve Task

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: <_> \=tyJi - three dots please, and space after comma, like this...

User: What the...? | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: .

User: <_> \=tyJi | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: +`|{S)d2+nx++-+q>o-+/2))GRXtoZE
=/A8q)-5_8+wq-+g+[S)\++^-n++Zv_SAU▒^f 7|+-]Sf\TR++t+1
ߡ:-*ea.-C!+ +pdSn3+ @Jc=Or{-\I/S58[ /Zcaj-/I+F;9+an8=k{M8F+ + O*]mf)
Dp4  +PvCH/oF▒nm8++)d0|9{d+-o+
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-]1>y?v6% -`w;0-s\-G

1 ~2++_Y-Vvf6+$-

s-kj VX6+|+
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User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: or

719,000 fine

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Randy nor:

John Huang
Charlie Tree
Yellow Peril
money laundering
Chinese Laundermat
Steamer Heaven
$716,000 fine


injured worker's paradise
sick leave
doctor's note
Social Democrat
anti-social Democrat
injured while on the ODP equals workman's compensation

User: jjeff | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Steveedan: I was checking out Mojo and reading your comments on SD( nice stuff). But who is this Marshall Stack-o-shit who says SD are for those who've outgrown Zappa?. I don't know what kind of reaction this'll get but if anything it's the other way around for me. Maybe it's because I'm not a musician but I can grasp what's going on in all of SD's music; I can understand what's being done whereas as much as I like Zappa, I know half of it's going over my head. One instance is the "extra" beat in the bridge of Catholic Girls. Every time I hear it I try to tap it out with my fingers but it's just luck that I end where I should( great technical lingo, eh LOL). Like I know where's he's going but I can't follow him.
Gotta go, got a call.

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Top Ten Words, Terms, Expressions, or Symbols Not to Be Used On the 'Sign In Stranger / Steely Dan Fan Guestbook':

1. Bush
2. :) (used consecutively)
3. Ooh baby
5. Bomb 'em
6. Television
7. Any ostentatious use of ? or !
8. Quentin Tarantino
9. Natty
10. Britneyesque


User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Flame - this is the real authentic SteveEdan writing a post. I miss the real authentic StevIedan too. And where is Ste V Dan? Isn't he in China? With a small child or two?

jjeff - sorry man, a squirrel it is. I am still LMAOROF ... and gasping for air (GFA). It's like your brother took so dang long between house cleanings that some of his dirt actually became ferocious furry creatures !!! Let's have David Lynch AND Terry Gilliam intersperse footage of this with Wetside Story ... Steamer Heaven is empty ... indeed.

W1P - how do you do (it) ? Hope all is well ... Mrs. and baby W1P too. Keneally at the Baked Potato ? On Cahuenga near Lankershim (Universal Studios) right? I'm trying to get us in there too.

Time to see what terrible things are being said about me and our beloved Steely Dan at the friggin' Mojo site. They'll never outlast ME (and I think that some of you know this to be true of me ...).

See y'all real soon.


User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Mike Keneally just announced for 11/2 @ The Baked Potato in North Hollywood. W1P plays the Whisky the next night with Rolling Stones trib Sticky Fingers

User: blue eyed deckard | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: ha ha.......sod off you my foot
and hank williams jr..pathetic is the word that the best you can do ...little love when we were a child huh...? and i bet it took all day to think of it to................plank

User: jjeff | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Steely Dan videos? Haven't seen one and really no desire to. Can't imagine anyone trying to peg them down to any one explanation as to what the lyrics are saying. Maybe just a colour collage with fractals. Or randon images with no association to each other.Or a really old B&W silent film speeded up, and occasionally slowed to a point where the film shows a noun that's mentioned in the song.

Gadzooks:Minced organ meat combined with garlic/onion shaped into alternately long fingers and balls. They are displayed on the plate in a " picket fence" style with the balls under the posts served with a hot curry sauce. No more than three per plate!!!

Beerberian: (hey I just got your handle origin!!! Slow ain't I?) Rate UP. I know it's hard but give it a try. Compare it to his other works.

Steviedan: Dinsdale!?!

LP: Mild fall predicted. You moved at the perfect time.

Steveedan: A raccoon? Now this is how urban legends get started. It was a squirrel LOL

Spinning into infinity...

User: Miss Cleo? That you? | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: HEADLINES 2003
as seen on

Car Bomb Kills Interim President Kaffer of Iraq
CIA Says Hussein May be in Pakistan
Kurds Attack Shites Across Tigris
Powell Resigns

US Gas Prices Tops $4 a Gallon
Putin Invades Afghanistan
Egypt Discontinues Camp David Accords
Rush Limbaugh Replaces Jim Lehrer on PBS News Hour

Dow Jones Hits 5000
Still No Suspects on Sears Tower Bombing
Dirty Bomb Explodes on US Air Base in Southern Iraq
21 Million US Flags Sold in 9 Hours on Ebay

Clinton Caught with Janet Jackson Backstage at the Apollo
Fox's "Candidate" Chooses Brittany to Run against Bush
Israel Attacks Mecca on Ramadan
Kuwait Ousts American Embassy

Fox News Corp Buys CSPAN
German Minister Compares George Bush to Gandhi
Deepening Recession Blamed on OPEC
Interpol Finds Bomb on Eiffel Tower

Hussein's $100 Billion not Found in Swiss Bank
Osama bin Laden Calls for Pan Arab Conference in Medina
Adolph Hitler Found to be Registered Democrat
Iran Declares War on Iraq

Rohrabacker Hearings Claim 46 Islamic Terrorists in Congress
Microsoft Files Chapter 11
Christians Slaughtered Throughout Turkey
Switzerland Declares It Will Get in On This One

Erratic Voting Machines Cause Blacks to Riot in Tallahassee
Tony Blair Assassinated in Jordan
Bush Says "Fear is Itself Fear!"
World Recession Causes 2 Million Dead in Sudan

al Qeada Terrorist Cells found in 91 American Cities
Bush Sends 7th Fleet to Straights of Taiwan
Senior Bush Congratulates Junior on Almost Getting Saddam
All Flights On US Eastern Seaboard Canceled

Congress OKs Bush Use of Preemptive Nuclear Strikes
DNC Gives Up - Democratic Party Disbands
President Bush's Poll Ratings top 131%

User: flippy | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Maybe the band could all space walk back and forth across the screen. They could run film in the background of different cities they've toured, the marquees etc. just a thought from my tortured mind......

User: PP | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Bill: oops. Take back the fuschia...good going.


User: Parkre | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Bill:
You forgot ecru and fuschia.


User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Parker,

Glad to see that the U.S. Terror Alert Level has been lowered
from Orange to Yellow. The following is the complete list of
Terror Alerts;

Seafoam Green
Light Salmon
Cornflower Blue
Medium Turquios
Light Moccasin
Navaho White

So unfortunately we have a long way to go.


User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: My second choice for video director would
be a cartoon type by Mr Groening.

I think that also could work.
(MTV would love it)

I'm assuming Matt has heard of Steely Dan ?

User: Beerberian endin' a 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Dr Mu; You may have somethin' ....I'll run a comparison Test this eve after work .....BTW when I was questioning Tony B I NEVER meant to imply we'd take Bush !!!!!!!!! in a swap LOL

User: Parkre | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: 11:10 DJ US Terror Alert Level Lowered From Orange To Yellow -CNN


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: sporting

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Listening to Katy Lied in the car Sony CD exchanger - stayed in the parking lot an extra 5 minutes. Have you all noticed: Fgen playing nthe sax on Everyone Goes to the Movie. How Chain Lightning was affected less by the noise reduction fiasco? I extrapolate the sound to the rest... Woods solo on Dr. Wu mixed farther up front (maybe a bit too high) on the re- re- re- master...the sound of the tape looping/stretching just before Dr. Wu DAMN good Porcaro is, especially on Bad Sneakers, Dr.Wu, Your Gold Teeth II and Throw Back the Little Ones...

A 3rd for Gilliam...that reminds me - looking forward to George Harrison's last one...

Sarkdeville, angel - it is more like a little Cousin Dupree in Wetside Story, which it a far better song with more potential for horn arrangements, smokin' guitar solo...

Beerberian - the clips I've heard of the Gabriel new one remind me of the 3rd Eponymous album ('melt') with more synths...what do you think???

Hey, if you guys don't want Blair, we'll take him - we could use a decent President - like Clinton with scruples... Blair and Powell the public speakers...Bush is the 800 lb gorilla who can script the occasional speech the cuff, that's a different story...thus it's the 7 faces of Eve approach with Powell, Rumsfield, Blair, etc. voicing separate messages connected in a 3-D fashion.

Vary compelling speech by Blair (very early this morning our time) with flawless flow of logic...them English public schools train 'em real good...Just love the voicings of approval (or dismay whn John Major was PM) from the house of Commons during a speech or Prime Minister's questions (my favorite sproting event)... and the decibel level was well-modulated this morning crescendoing upon the stongest phrases - and there were many...

....can add just a few to those stated below

The 55 page dossier was from combined US/British Intelligence

Don't need the inspectors - we already have pics/video of chemical, & bio weapon plants along with pics of nuke infrastructure...

"the policy of containment has not worked"

"...he must comply or be forced to disarmament...and the UN resolutions"

"our purpose is disarmament"

StAl: Religions are filled with human beings, and thus often have the same flaws and small-mindedness and greed...while many at the local levels do much good in combating poverty and aiding the poor....that doesn't stop:

(a) bureaucracies from sticking their head in the sand...until the priests are handcuffed - perfect example - there is the same % of child molesters and statuatory homosexual rapists in the clergy as the general tolerance for the Cardinals pretending to have zero tolerance as far as I'm concerned...

(b) evil men like Osama or Hitler from hijacking religious rhetoric or using fervor to obtain power...power is the real temptation and corruptive element...occasionally religion artifice is used as rationalization to grab power over others or grab land or gold...

...besides we can go Scoreboard: atheist regimes...errrrrrr worker's paradises... like the Soviet Union and China...massacred or sent to Gulags millions for their religious beliefs - to break the will of the people. Last week more Stalin-era mass graves for tens of thousands were uncovered....the evil empires murdered 50 million or more in the 20th comparing Miami (FL) with the University of Pacific club football squad (isn't that in Seattle?)

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Hello all! I hope you are well today. Hmn... director for Steely Dan video? How about David Lynch!!! Wild at Heart Comes to Mind. Could see him doing a video for Negative Girl. Maybe even Bruckheimer for Jack of Speed.... I like the fast paced, grittiness of some of his stuff. It could lol lol I love all of Steely Knives... it's hard to choose favorites because you all are so damn good! My kids like the Faraday's songs best. They think you rock out Brett. Considering they listen to Creed and Flaw most of the time.... I was surprised that they'd give anyone on Steely Knives that kind of compliment.. lol lol
LcPaul, I've been listening to Simon and Garfunkle this morning. Wednesday Morning 3:00 A.M. ... The song Patterns reminded me of you and your posts for some reason. Great song, figured you'd know it. Hope you're doing well.
BB, please expound! Hi ya....Sugarman
My Dragon man Stan, nope not lol lol He's much better looking *wink* Check your snail mail.
Josie, nice to see you..Always good to meet other Steely Women. Jon says "hi" BTW, and something about finding a cure for snoring?!!!
Flippy, Is there any way to get some of your music? Nice talking!
Bill, *kisses* disagree with your politics but still like ya.
My Viking....... I'll keep your spot warm *wink* XOXOXO's
Deck, I loved the poem. Pie is sappy too... Thanks, talk to you soon?!!!XOXOX's
St Al, I really wouldn't be much trouble! lol lol lol
back to work for me now

User: dif___for best results observe the RIAA curve | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: arlean-thanks for leaving the light on last night.

paigey-sorry that i couldnt stay. catch you on the flip-flop?

pat-great piece in the sunday chicago tribune on your main man called "gabriel talks death, birth, music making". if you like, im happy to mail it provided i have an address or PO Box.
btw...choose a god of your own understanding. why, i even have a friend in colorado who says her bedtime prayers to a head of broccoli.

User: Flame | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: Re: the "Real" Steviedan is an East Coaster, and posts far too little.....


User: duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: What did the slug say to the snail? "Big Issue?"

User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Guitar players: just added my transcription of Black Friday to my SD guitar tabs site (see URL above).

As for the SD video debate, I haven't seen of the previous videos, and am not that interested in the idea. BUT, having seen Duncan's suggestion for a director (Terry Gilliam) I say YES, YES, YES! If it was gonna be done, he seems like an excellent choice.


User: bladerunner | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: I am kidding so don't take offence

User: bladerunner | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: deck you soppy old git

User: I voted for Blair and look what happened to me ... | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: The "Dossier"

Iraq has "military plans" for the use of chemical and biological weapons, even against his own population

Saddam is one or two years off building a nuclear weapon if he manages to obtain weapons-grade material from abroad

Chemical and nuclear programmes are "well funded" through illicit earnings of up to $3billion

Iraq has "tried covertly to acquire technology and materials which could be used in the production of nuclear weapons".

Iraq is preparing to conceal evidence of weapons and incriminating documents from weapons inspectors in the future

Saddam regards the possession of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles as the basis of Iraq's regional power

Saddam practises torture, execution and coercion against enemies within Iraq

Tony Blair writes in the dossier: "I am in no doubt that the threat is serious and current, that he has made progress on Weapons of Mass Destruction and that he has to be stopped."
Nuclear programme

Iraq is five years away from producing a nuclear weapon on its own

Iraq has constructed engine test equipment for a missile capable of striking British military bases in Cyprus, Nato members Greece and Turkey and Iraq's Gulf neighbours and Israel

Saddam has tried to acquire "significant quantities" of uranium from Africa despite having no civil programme that could need it

Iraq's nuclear programme is "almost certainly" seeking an ability to enrich to weapons quality uranium mined in Iraq

Approach is based on a process known as gas centrifuge uranium enrichment, but he lacks certain key pieces of equipment

Specialists have been recalled to work on a nuclear programme
Chemical and biological weapons

Iraq has continued to produce chemical and biological weapons

Some weapons are deployable within 45 minutes of an order to use them

It retains retains some such weapons from pre-Gulf War stocks

Saddam also retains the capability to produce the mass-casualty chemical agents mustard gas, tabun, sarin, cyclosarin and VX

Iraq has developed mobile laboratories for military use
Missile programmes

Iraq has retained up to 20 al-Hussein missiles, with a range of 650km, capable of carrying chemical or biological warheads

It has started deploying its al-Samoud liquid propellant missile and extended its range to at least 200km, beyond the 150km UN limit

Iraq has started producing the solid-propellant Ababil-100 and is trying to extend its range to 200km
Saddam's power

Saddam has retained authority over command and control arrangements to use chemical and biological weapons

Intelligence reports say he may have delegated authority to his son Qusai

Saddam does not regard weapons of mass destruction as a last resort

Chemical, biological, nuclear and ballistic missile programmes are "well funded"

Iraq generates income outside UN control to an estimated $3billion in 2002

Illicit earnings are used to maintain Iraq's armed forces and to develop or acquire military equipment including chemical, biological, nuclear and ballistic programmes

Illicit earnings have increased from around $1bn in 1999 to $3bn in 2002
Iraq under Saddam

Saddam uses patronage and violence to motivate supporters and control or eliminate opposition

He pursues a long-term programme of persecution against Iraqi Kurds, including the use of chemical weapons

People are arrested and detained for alleged political or religious activities

Executions carried out without due process of law with thousands of prisoners executed

Women prisoners at Mahjar are routinely raped by guards

Prisoners at Qurtiyya Prison in Baghdad and elsewhere left in metal boxes to die if they do not confess

Penalties for criminal offences include amputation, branding, cutting off ears and mutilation

"Slander" against Saddam results in having tongues removed

Some 40 Saddam relatives, including women and children, killed
UN weapons inspections

April 1991 first resolutions passed to enable UN to dismantle Iraq's nuclear, chemical, biological and missile programmes

These programmes were in contravention of Iraq's treaty commitments

Iraq has "persistently" obstructed UN weapons inspectors

It has been state policy to retain all weapons programmes despite agreements to do otherwise

Weapons inspectors banned from going to eight "presidential" sites

Iraq has admitted to having a system for hiding proscribed material from inspectors

Weapons inspectors have been intimidated by Iraqi officials

Forged documents used to account for proscribed materials for the growth of anthrax and botulinum toxin

Iraq has destroyed weapons unilaterally to stop the UN being able to account for them
Blair's view

In the dossier, the prime minister says that although gathering intelligence inside Iraq is not easy he and other ministers are satisfied with the authority of the information

He says it is "unprecedented for the government to publish a document of this kind".

He says he has become "increasingly alarmed" in recent months by evidence that Saddam Hussein is developing weapons of mass destruction in contravention of UN resolutions

He says: "I am quite clear that Saddam will go to extreme lengths, indeed has already done so, to hide these weapons and avoid giving them up."

User: Beerberian doin his 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 24

Message: GB; So anyone WANT to talk about "UP" then ......... I've slept on it ....and still pronounce it Top Notch .....

User: a little dry | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: blue eyed dragon = bill?

User: CHICKS WHO LOVE GUNS | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Not "Browne".


User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: LP - yepp, Tarrantino is great. Jackie Browne, what a great movie, with de Niro so OUT (speaking of jailhouse-tattos)!

Gimme a le big mac! A metric one...

User: The HeadMaster | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: gadzooks' (archaic) an obsolete minced oath (apparently for God's hooks

User: Shazam | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Can someone please explain what "Gadzooks" means?

Thank You.

User: alterEGGO | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: stop with the molly carousel! i want to get off here, please mommy! even worse than all this spinning, are the hotdog sausages that reply to her with bad, bad poetry (i'm using that term LOOSELY) and a jailhouse teardrop tattoo under each eye. the last time i heard something this pathetic, it was in a hank williams, jr song... and that's saying something. even if i didn't really say anything, you know what i meant.

User: flippy | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: I didn't see "The Practice", but I'm glad they covered the subject. I saw it some time ago on a news program. Arrrgggg I'm glad we don't practice that here in the states or i'd be a cinder. That's not even religion-based, just "convenient".

User: blue eyed dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Molly
i have been dead for many years,but
shared with you my tears and fears
alive i feel when you are near
now zesh for life i feel so dear

if people new the way you are, they
would help to heal your wounds and scares
so fear not when the wolves are howling
they cannot harm an angel smiling

and should we die before we meet
your special love has touched me deep
it will help to warm my darkest day
always...forever...and a day

User: heehee | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: adam ant???? no way man-hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

User: Stan | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Babe i'm confused. When did you get another Dragon? Is this the same guy that looks like Adam Ant?

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Flippy - that's "the Practice" on ABC late night, Sunday night. I actually watched it !!!

User: flippy | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Hey, if you want a divorce in India, you just burn up your wife.

User: sharkdeville | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Well, I sure hope "Wet Side" makes the new album. What a great fucking song!!!

I think it bears a slight resemblance to "Dupree" as far as the tempo and that intro riff, and that's why it wasn't included on 2vN, but it's a different song altogether. And quite superior, if you ask me.

Walter's solo on the Manassas version is soulful perfection. Man I love his style.

I'd really like to know all the words, too.

Sure, they could make a cool video. I don't know who the hell would play it, but maybe we could buy it or download it if nothing else. The Dead made a few videos. Jerry Garcia and David Grisman made a nice video for the acoustic cover version they did of "The Thrill Is Gone"...

I saw a Rush video today from the 80s. "Big Money"... It was fucking hilarious! My girlfriend thought I was watching Comedy Central, but it was VH1 Classic. Maybe THEY'D play a Dan video.

User: Track 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Deep dirge to natty pop riff back to dirge .......Take me now I'm ready...

did i dream this belief ?
or did i believe this dream?
now i will find relief
i grieve

User: Track 4 | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Classic PG ...... trademark percussion / mournful lyrics ......Jealous yet Al ?????

User: Track 3 | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Sky Blue ...........F****** A yet Moody yet uplifting great harmonies on the outro

User: Track 2 | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Growing up....... a driving beat a la "Sledghammer" meets "Steam"

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Forgot this...

This woman stands accused of committing adultery and having a child out of wedlock. Her sentence is to be stoned to death. The dad had all charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. Gotta love it. Another example of how fucked up the human race is. All in the name of religion.


User: Beerberian spinnin Gabriel | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: StAl; I got PG on as I type ............Track 1 Darkness .... Very dark lyrics mellow tune overlayed with very jarring interpersed guitar beaks ....YES IT@S GABRIEL

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: My vote for a good Steely Dan video director: Spike Jonze. He's the one who did that great Fat Boy Slim video with Christopher Walken, and directed Being John Malkovich. One of the best video directors in the business...

Bill: It doesn't matter. You wont like the "next one" anyway...


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: no duncan - the wacko who did pulp fiction, quentin terrantino - the ultimate in ironic and satirical skeeve

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: I'de like to see a video directed by Terry Gilliam.
I think he's on the same wavelength.

if there is one

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Just came back from the studio, we made some great drumtrax tonite. Am I the luckiest dog om earth?

re video, I saw Snowbound (and "Tomorrows girls", that was a bad one)

"A video with a mixture of stop motion animation with live actors' face was made to support the single; each caracter was represented by a face with a vehicle for a body and two spanners instead of arms. It was seen in a futuristic, frozen city where everything was mechanized and Fagen was portrayed as an all-seing dictator who sat in a corkscrew cockpit towering over the rest of the city, ensuring all his flat cap-wearing, oppressed workers workers were pulling their weight. As soon as he spotted someone slacking or falling asleep on the job, Fagen zapped him with a lightning bolt.

This video was made at C.J.S. Studios in Phoenix by a Frenchman named Michel Gondry... inspired by the futuristic epic 'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang."

About the Snowbound video, from Brian Sweets "Reelin' in the Years".

Mu - well, not much of an aversion? I think Fagen, as every artist, sometimes has to do what the record company wants him to do. At least at the time for "Kamakiriad", that was supposed to be some kind of a comeback.

Ouch, time for more Codein, my back is a pain in the ass.


User: blue eyed dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Molly , me old mate.....keep the good work up..........he he.................dozey planks , springs to mind worries love..............xx

User: Whatevah happens | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Mu -- yes, saw the video for Snowbound and it was trulyy wonderful! A mix of animation and live-action, set in a futuristic state. Donald's head was shown singing, superimposed on an animated Kamakiri. Very funny!

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Mu: Don't put any money on Wetside Story. As Blaise has mentioned several times, listen to Cousin Dupree and you hear and see traces of Wetside in it.
(For any who don't know what Wetside Story is, it was a song played during the 1996 Art Crimes Tour. It has never been recorded as played.)

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: actually, one of my favorite videos was Fagen's New Frontier - those Brubeckian graphics rock!

but i can see why they would steer away from videos for their releases in general - i mean, who plays videos anymore - the video stations do programming of everything but videos now so what's the point?

User: just seemed appropriate having caught up on the last few days posts | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Mama said "think before speaking"
No filter in my head
Oh, what's a boy to do
I guess he better find one

One more thing
Why is it my fault?
So maybe I try too hard
But it's all because of this desire
I just wanna be liked, I just wanna be funny
Looks like the jokes on me
So call me Captain Backfire

Oh I'm never speaking up again
Starting now

words+music by John Mayer

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Randy: Thanks - I can't remember seeing the Face Dances videos. That's right - the Eminence Front video was LIVE from the soundstage. Wasn't it in black and white?

Why not an off the wall prediction? First song from the Next One to be a single and 1st Dan video: Wet Side Story - Clear Channel will play singles with guitar solos only. Sex OK, but no Sax...

User: Skeptickal | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Hmmmm......could it be Billy-boy has turned over a new leaf? Naaaah! Just wait till the next one. The guy's a ticking time bomb. (see movie: "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas)


User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Re: Steely Dan Video

Hey even a video of a live Steely Dan performance would be great
would'nt it? Maybe a live video from The Gorge or maybe one
from the Jones Beach Amphitheater here on Long Island would
be fantastic no?

It's great to have the music of Steely Dan but it's time for some
more accessories to go along with it.


User: Beerberian endin' a 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Moll; Yeah Top CD .....I believe he's in the studio now , Not before time nothin' out for two + years ....hey that sounds familiar ... Married and Happy (and you know) God I hated AOL but that ignore button was a godsend LOL........

Fingers; Drinking buddy for the use of ...........What am gonna do If I don't solve for you ???????

Dunc; Good to hear ...... in diff circumstances woulda been better ...Come on SuperDunc here's one for a real hero ......

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Nope, what I said is that if I wanted a man, I wouldn't play little bullshit games. I'd tell him and see what happens.. I have always done so. Being direct works for me.. Calling someone Sugarman or Honey is a far cry from telling them you want to do the horizonal rumba. I usually acknowledge the person's marriage that I flirt with on here. To let them know I appreciate their friendship, but am very much aware of their boundaries. It's all a laugh!! As far as being involved with a married man.... I never have. Still, I've never had to confront that set of circumstances. Had my first husband been married when we met, I doubt that it would have changed much. From the moment I saw him, I knew that I had to have him in my life. Perhaps if he had been married it would have added more heart break to our relationship. Luckily he wasn't married, and I didn't have to make that kind of decision. WTF does that have to do with making pies or having pets?
BB, I got the copy of David Gray's White Ladder.. It's even better than I thought it would be. I love My Oh My and Babylon... and of course Please Forgive Me.
Jason, nice hearing from you... Thank you for the nice message. I'll be in touch. No I'm not Dragon. I think she is a very nice lady. I would love to become better aquainted with her. I love a Dragon man...though does that count? lol lol *wink*
Off to My Furnace M

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 23

In reference to The Who:

The Who made three mimed perfomance videos for 1981's 'Face Dances,' all of which were shot in black and white on a film soundstage: "You Better, You Bet," "Don't Let Go The Coat," and "Another Tricky Day." In 1982, one promotional video was shot (in color) during the band's tour of that year, which was a full soundcheck videorecording (not mimed) of "Eminence Front."


User: xxxx | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Molly, it is not just males you annoy. I am female and I have ABSOLUTELY NO interest in your attention or affection. And don't
bother bringing up jealousy either because you are certainly not a person I would ever be envious or jealous of.

User: Jesus | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Molly, Fuck off!

User: Rev. Falwell | Month: 8 | Day: 23

OK, lets get this straight. Mollys says regardless if a man is married and she is interested in him, she would go after him? Plying him with her wiles?.That just blew her "Glenda the Good Witch" image right outta the water. I find it very interesting (or disturbing) that she with all the goodness and light, kids, animals, pie baking, hog calling portrayal of herself, deep down she has no compulsion about sleeping with another womans husband.

Take your foot out of your mouth, you've just revealed your true nature.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: C: Considering Fagen's made videos for New Frontier, Tomorrow's Girls and I've heard rumors about Trans-Island Skyway and especially Snowbound (anybody seen these???), it can't be much of an aversion...

Generally, I agree with Randy and C - it also squeezes out smaller artists who can't afford the hairspray 'n stuff...Besides, they don't show videos any more on MTV and VH-1 besides made-up top 20 lists do they???

Hmmmmmm...I thought the Who soundstage song was Eminence Front? - that's a damn good song...

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Hi everyone!
xxxx, Had I wanted to mix it up with a man (married or not) I wouldn't say hi and call someone by an endearment on here. I'd tell the person what I liked about them and why. There would be no hints or innuendo. I'd most likely tell them in minute detail what I had a yen for, and see what they wanted to do about it. Since you claim to know me so well... You should know that about me. I have always pretty much done whatever I wanted to do. The main problem you seem to be having is that my attention and affections are directed at someone other than you. You just didn't have enough fire to hold my interest. Sorry! As far as being loving and peaceful, I strive for those things. However, I won't be anybody's doormat. Even Jesus became angry...although he probably didn't tell anybody to fuck lol..
Clas, you're welcome. I meant it. Your very good.
Stevee, Hi bud! Hope all is well. Your band was great on Steely Knives.. Makes me want to hear you guys more than ever.
My Blue-eyed Dragon.... Aha you found me. Glad you decided to follow me! I always feel better knowing you're near.
My Viking, I loved the card! Was nice hearing your voice again. I'm making no promises about dancing solo Babe..... sending you much affection and kisses...
St Al, you still are one fine looking man! *kisses*

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 23

While I did enjoy the video for Donald Fagen's "New Frontier" (1982) which set up a good precedent, videos are generally not directed by the artists themselves, and I doubt Becker and Fagen would be able to find a quality director (as in the case of "New Frontier") who could convey what they were interested in putting across; I'd simply prefer they didn't bother, as they'd need someone with the skill and range of experience of Kubrick to equal their songwriting vision and general aesthetic; the new precedent should be to do a great album and ignore the whole concept of videos; to these ears (and eyes) that indicates 'integrity intact.'


User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: I hear you Randy. Most of the video's made over the last 20 years
have been cheap and shallow attempts to capture the essence of
the song. Having said that, I think that Donald and Walter might
have an opportunity to do something unique here. They could
produce a finely crafted song with a finely crafted video to go
along with it. That would be a fairly unique occurance in the
world of music videos no?

Also, we all have our own idea's as to what Donald and Walter were
thinking about during the production of a song but we can't really
be sure because all we have is our own imagination to go by.
It would be really cool to see what goes on in the imagination of
the two composers for once.

Additionally, we call it a "music video" and the term "music video"
has alot of negative baggage attached to it due to the somewhat
less than artistic methods employed by many artists to date (see
all those 1980's hair bands... lol!), but who says a music video
has to be that way? Donald and Walter could set out to make
something really interesting. Something on the order of a short
independant film so to speak. I just think that would be great
don't you?

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Videos have done far more harm than good to MUSIC; they have been an aid to the "music business," but especially since the dawn of the "video era" (and prior, of course), the music business has only served itself (and not the music). I've always been thankful that artists like Steely Dan averted videos all together (excepting the odd foray by Fagen); videos DO tend to make the listener/viewer a "passive spectator," because once the average person has seen the video a few times, any mental imagery that would have developed without it is upstaged; I was quite pleased when 'Two Against Nature' came out sans videos; most videos are poorly done and can't match the scope of a good quality lyric.

I determined long ago that if I were ever in the position as a musician to have to determine whether or not to do a video (or agree to a contract insuring one), that I would refuse; (most major labels did not put stipulations in contracts about videos because they were expensive to make and yielded little return, but occasionally they wanted them to aid in exposure to break new bands or heat up the market for old ones); major label or not, they could go fuck themselves before I'd agree; a mini-movie of someone else's vision of my song is not something I'm interested in.

Videos started out as a neat marketing idea (it was always cool to get a chance to see a band like Genesis [circa 1980] via a video clip), but it was taken too far and exploited to the point of overkill (the music business has never been known for its tact), with bands becoming famous and celebrated simply due to a good video instead of quality music. I'll take a finely-crafted collection of songs over a cheap and pretentious videocassette collection of videos any day, thank you very much.

The videos I always liked the most were the simple "performance videos," i.e., The Who filmed on a soundstage miming to "Another Tricky Day" from 'Face Dances' (1981): no dancers, no cheap special effects, no costumes, no bullshit-

"Now we dolly back - now we fade to black..." - Steely Dan, 'Haitian Divorce'


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: hello in here

a rainy day on the island - the almanac calls for a mild and rainy winter here so maybe this is the start

i never thought i'd see the day where hutch would be considered a rebel-rouser - happy monday hutch

dif -the digs are great, the job is quirky, kids are settling and my problems remain - thanks for the link

gmb, thanks!

we finally set up our stereo and our Bose speakers, it's amazing, they sound so much better in this house than in our old one - before we had them high on a shelf in the kitchen, now they are on bookshelves in a pine-paneled livingroom - is it all the wood that makes it sound better - enquiring minds want to know!

"these things are power!!!", right, aja?

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Yes sugar, Demimonde. It's French. Meaning Semi World or something.

I don't know where I got that word from. Must be the painkillers I take.

Pain in the back you see.

User: Meg Ryan | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Demimonde?

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 23

Message: Molly - now I understand. And thanks for your kind words.

Stevee - yeah I know, of course I wouldn't buy it because it's hip. But the S-90 sounds interesting. I am so out of the synth-loop (!), I hadn't heard of the Motif-synth until just recently. Okay, let's see what the future brings (within a month).

Bill - I heard Fagen say somewhere that he didn't like the idea of making videos to songs. The visual stuff kind of disturbed the music.

But I wouldn't mind watching a cool Steely Dan video. It would be interesting to see if a director could capture the Steely Dan characters and demimondes.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: StAl: I can understand why an IT manager at a business would eschewed Macs prior to System X...Stevie, W&D use the Mac with Pro-Tools for recording as do many artists - there's your SD connection!

(1) While AppleTalk/Sharing provides nice networking among Mac PCs, the interaction among them with peripheral such as printers can be problematic. They have always excelled at receiving (i.e., firewire) and processing (i.e., iMovie, Final Cut Pro, ProTool, now iTunes, and iDVD - I run a teaching lab (as well as a research lab) where we use digital video cameras, video and machanical systems, so I see it every day...

(2) Unit prices that were not competitive until 4 years ago...

(3) Support from Apple until recently has been until recently - at best Ivory Tower friendly

(4) Apple's penchant under Jobs has been to "innovate" every 6 months, whether we need it or not, under a veil of secrecy sending software providers, hardare companies, and consumers scrambling. In effect, the habit of setting out betas (exs., the Cube, and first System X) or trial balloons and using the marketplace to trouble shoot the bugs... many of these have come home to roost in the form of a badly devalued stock price...then these days, misery loves company...

I'm not sure which version of X you saw, but for a non-Mac user, the new platform is a stable bridge to a new age. All Macs come with a version of System X and OS 9.2. In theory, all old or new Mac software will run on any computer. I can tell you over the last few days, that the edition of X bundled in makes a hell of a difference, especially for those who know and love the venerable Mac desktop.

All System Xs are UNIX-based and in theory, extraordinary stable against freezes or crashes or spotty performance - my limited us so far confirms that. However, X.0 abandoned the traditional Mac desktop for an inflexible shifting set of list-based desktop structure only an accountant could love - no soul or freedom. After wailing and knashing of teeth and continued stock devaluation, X.1 came out 6 months ago with a neat "dock" on the bottom to store and organize commonly used programs. A modified form of the Mac desktop returned. However, opening multiple "windows" from multiple files was problematic over the past 3 days (got the iMac classic Wed. and the eMac Friday). Problem solving, including flexibility in Preferences windows were limited. I was also frustrated in that not all drivers and programs and CDs the kids used were 100% compatible. They might have run on an OS 8.5 of 9.2 alone, but the interaction between X.1 and 9.2 was not optimally meshed. In other words, X.1 has bugs and I still consider it a Beta. Fortunately, I was adamant with my vendor in sending the brand new X.2 or "Jaguar."

After a few days, I had had enough of X.1. It took a couple of hours to load Jaguar into both machines, exchanging X.1 for X.2, but it was infinitely worth it. X.2 still has the "aqua" theme of X.1 and X.0, but looks more like and allows freedom of file management and organization like the "classic" Mac OS. Now, I can work the desktop like before, and the "dock" is a seamless organizational and resource tool instead of a computer Nazi torture device. The right brain is free to move stuff around again while the left brain thinks and composes. It's REALLY fast and seamless on the internet, despite my modem and phone line limitationis - man, I'd love to see this on T3...I will implore the work IT Nazis to get a site license for Jaguar. If you tried X.2, Pat, it is very impressive with numerous digital video, audio, and internet capabilities including free backup, web page managing, etc. The stability of System X would lend an IT manage more security, speaking of which few viral problems as yet. Oh yes, a great junkmail filter/interactive ID system! To be honest, I was a bit nervous as to anticipated hours of problem solving interfacing old software and files with a new platform, but X2 IS the finished product and I can now get back to my modest level of productivity. The eMac flat 17 in screen rocks and the all-in-one system is a great Mac value. AND a laser-light show screen saver w/ X.2 that is THC enhancable I'm sure. The new iMacs are cool, but LCDs will give way to plasmas in a few years anyway...

Accept nothing less than the 10.2/9.2 OS bundle and it will rock your world...

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: You're right Steve, let's talk Steely Dan.
Here's an interesting thread...


I think they should for a couple of reasons. First, music video's
have been around for over 20 years now and it seems like everyone
has done one, everyone but Steely Dan that is. Also, I really
don't think that Donald and Walter can fully connect with the
younger crowd without doing a music video. Today's musical
audience is used to having a music video to go along with the song
they hear on the radio. I think it would boost sales of the next
CD significantly. "Cousin Dupree" would have been a much larger
hit if it had a quirky music video to go along with it don't you

Also, a music video would give Donald and Walter another medium
by which to express themselves artistically. I think it would
be fun for them and for us.

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Good evening everybody, this is the real Steveedan "speaking". I will not hide behind a cloke of anonymity (or a clock of any city) to make this humble and heartfelt appeal: ...

Whether we go to war or not, whether Bush is an idiot or not (OK, ... IS), whether you like Israel and Sharon or not, whether you like Molly's posts or not, ...

let's get back (at least a little bit) to why we love to come to this place. Steely Dan, tangentially related (or not) music, interesting tidbits, zany and funny anecdotes (I still love jjeff's racoon in the vacuum story!), and, hey, I have to add this, ... SHAMELESS PLUGGING !!!

I think we have all been flamed at one time or another. The way things are going around here, we are only a few rungs higher intellectually than the crap being flung around at the Mojo site where the thread is on Steely Dan and the anti-Dan jerks are weighing in against me.

Allow me to start ...

Friday night I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see the Bob Sheppard Quartet play in the courtyard. It was a beautiful scene. Bob and each member of his quartet played masterfully. Vickie Cave was NOT there. I asked Bob why ... he said that she was in New York. I said to him: "The nerve of that girl ...". Bob looked at me a little perplexed, but quickly realized that I was just kidding. Bob played sax on a CD that my friend, master guitarist and fellow Pretzel Logician, Mark put out of his original music, so we all chatted for a while before the show.

Bob and the Quartet played 3 sets. I brought my 4 year old son to the concert ... it was his first. He nearly destroyed his stroller trying to escape. I had to excuse myself during the 2nd set to avoid being stoned by the restless natives (hi Bill). But I got a bit of it on video tape (no, I promised Bob that it was for me only, no requests for copies please) and now that tape serves 2 purposes: (1) to have a nice recorded account of Bob and his band, and (2) to blackmail my son by showing it to his girlfriends when he is trying to act cool when he is older.

I wonder who is hanging out in chat tonight? Let's find out.


User: Your Mom's Advice | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Whoa, Full Moon Fever!

Do we starve it or feed it?

This place is looking like a junior high school yard. He said, she called me this, I don't like you, liar, liar, your tounge's on fire!!!!

Please snap out of it people!

User: WJAZ... | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: caught this quote on a website dedicated to when TV shows "Jump the Shark" or go downhill...this comment from a soul on Green Acres:
"Never jumped. The most imaginative comedy in TV history. Worked on two levels:1st-those who took it literally & thought they were watching a harmless network comedy. 2nd-a hilarious dark bizarre trip into warpville. This show is the Steely Dan of sitcoms..."
....I know, I know, too much time on my hands today...please scuse...
gotta go take computer line off the phone pole....

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Hutch, given the context of several anonymous posts both before and after Aja's posts, I did perceive both yours and Aja's messages as an attack on me and my character. Perhaps it more the timing of your messages. It also came to my attention that a few people in Chat were saying those sorts of things behind my back. That I was poseing as Tex and others both here in the guest book and in Chat. According to this person and our anonymous messenger I do this for attention. I never said you called me any names ( whore or bitch) However, Tex has on a few occasions while we were in chat. I was being sarcastic Hutch. My point being, why would I say such mean, degrading things publicly to myself. The other point being, I'd be pretty fucking crazy to do such a thing. (posing as him) This same person has attacked me on several occasions. Once I was talking about my Viking, and his sweetness. He see's me with no make-up, hair a mess, in sweats, and tells me that I'm beautiful... I tell him I'm a witch, instead of saying "that's pretty damn weird" ; he says "you're so interesting"...I told him about my past, and instead of putting him off, he asks me to marry him... For Some bizarre reason, she began telling me I was a liar and a fake.. another time she tells me i'm stupid and have no class... Then there is her posts on here...I know the source of her pettiness. I've dealt with women like her all of my life. I like men (hell, I love men) and they have always liked me. That seems to piss some women off to no end.
I did think you were implying that I was posting as my Viking as well. Given the situation concerning the nasty stuff being said anonymously to me, I hope you can see why I may have thought that. I never thought you were posting that bile anonymously. I have always thought you seemed to be a stand up kind of guy. If a bit grumpy at times...*wink* I encounter some pretty low life scum on a regular basis Hutch. I tend to keep things here as light hearted as possible. Many times, I'll pop into the Yellow while i'm sitting in the hallway at the Juvenile Justice always cheers me up. Especially when there is a message to me on here. I've never told my friends that. But, I think they somehow knew that seeing their message would make me smile. Yes it is silly. Given the nature of my work, I need a bit of humor and fun.
I apologize for calling you an asshole, and telling you to fuck off. Clearly I misunderstood. I have a real problem with others dictating the way I should behave. Most likely comes from my Fundalmentalist background... got lots of whippings as a kid. Made me more rebellious and strong willed, i'm afraid. Peace?!! Molly

User: Peter aka The Viking | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Want ma fuckin address as well ya prick?

User: xxx | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: You mean an alter ego the way you do?

User: mollys dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: MOLLY
me old china plate ... been looking at the site and its very interesting with the exeption of the derogatory statments aimed at your self, WTF is this all about ,these people dont know you and have no right trying to harm you with these sick and twisted comments..sad fcukers indeed. They dont know you as I do and wouldnt say these things if they did ,and although I would hurt each and every one of them if the chance arose, I know that your compassion for all things living would not allow me to do this, but I know with your strength of character and patience with fools ,will not need help in any form , but rest assured I will be behind you with love and support in whatever form you require and at any time.......... day or night................xx.......dragon

User: mollys dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: MOLLY
me old china plate ... been looking at the site and its very interesting with the exeption of the degrogatory statments aimed at your self, WTF is this all about ,these people dont know you and have no right trying to harm you with these sick and twisted comments..sad fcukers indeed. They dont know you as I do and wouldnt say these things if they did ,and although I would hurt each and every one of them if the chance arose, I know that your compassion for all things living would not allow me to do this, but I know with your strenght of character and patience with fools ,will not need help in any form , but rest assured I will be behind you with love and support in whatever form you require and at any time.......... day or night................xx.......dragon

User: The Viking | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: xxxx-at least have the balls to put your name on your post.

User: Celebrating an SD anniversary | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Tommorrow is September 23rd.
It will be 2 years to the day since the official Steely Dan site
( has posted any fan email. Don't worry I'm
sure they're just getting around to it.

Kinda makes this site a bit more important to us now does'nt it?


User: xxxx | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Molly, for someone who is trying to be peaceful and really need to try harder because you come across as a very
resentful person. Your name calling and threats attest to that. You have written many times about what happened to you and I am
sure this was very traumatic. However, there are others here who have had tragic things happen to them....abuse, illness, loss.
Others do not feel the need to consistently refer to it, or even speak of it. I am very sorry for you....sorry this happened to you,
but by refering to it so often it gives one the feeling that you are looking for attention or pity.
I also wonder about your need to call everyone (oops men) by honey babe and sugarman....and your hints that you would just LOVE
to mix it up with someone elses husband.....PLEEZE...that southern belle crap went out the window a long time ago.
And to the so called Viking......"she is not what you think she is"......I KNOW what she is, and she proves it to me every time she
tells someone to fuck off.
Now go do the right thing......

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Hi Clas - I too agree that it would be wonderful if a peaceful agreement could be arrived at in the Middle East. I have wished for this ever since I knew that there was a Middle East (as a child).

As for the Keyboard selection thing, who the F%#K cares what the salesman thinks is hip? Do you love the Roland keyboard ... then get it. That salesman isn't going to be popping up in your living room, studio, or on gigs to remind you that you (in his unhumble opinion) that in his eyes, you didn't buy the "hip" keyboard.

It has always been my contention that it is not the instrument but rather the musician who makes it hip.


User: The Viking | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Well now, play fair and nice people-no need for all the antagonism, we're meant to be having fun not throwing insults around. I can vouch for Molly-shes straight up and not what y'all think she is. I know it's hard for all us guys to believe that someone who appears so keen to make others happy can be for real-but believe me she is like this-plus a topnotch babe to boot. So here's an idea-treat this board just like the TV-if ya dont like it dont watch it. You wouldnt sit and watch a programme on the telly that pissed you off and that you didn't like-so if you find that molly's, or anyone elses posts for that matter(this one included) make you wanna throw then the answers quite literally at your fingertips-just scroll on through and keep on smilin. It would appear that most folks on here are pretty intelligent, good funloving people. Dont prove me wrong ok?
Babes-keep on dancin solo til i get there-promise to teach you the "Dashing white Sergeant" as long as you can find a good bagpiper to accompany us. I meant every word I posted to you.

User: New Light Through Old Windows | Month: 8 | Day: 22

No matter where I roam girl
you can always get to me

I can hear your heartbeat
I can hear your heartbeat
The sound of you is so sweet to me


thanks w/all I have


User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: just in to say hi really, i promised Clas i'd meet him in yellow :-)
oh yes, and we would gang up on Bill too :-)

in the spur of an anarchistic wave i'm going back to join my mother's birthday party.

hi to everyone else, Hutch, Ange, LP, etc etc etc

Banyan Tree Bow,

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Molly - I was going to just let this thing go but when someone starts putting words in my mouth or accusing me of doing something I didn't do then I feel compelled to respond.
Nowhere in any of my posts to you did I refer to or call you a bitch or a whore. Also, my post to Viking (at least in MY mind) was a post to this guy you keep referring to in your posts. It looked like he posted something and I posted a reply. To HIM! What was it you said? "According to Hutch's implications I'm Viking". I didn't imply anything. And I NEVER post under any name but my own so if you're making assumptions about that then forget it. The worst thing I ever said to you was that the personal messages to your friends who don't really frequent this board seemed silly to me.
I'll fuck off now.
Good luck to you.


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Hello everyone!!
Clas, First let me tell you how much I love the tracks you have on Steely Knives. You have an enormous amount of talent and skill both as a writer and musician. Re: post 1465 It is not a matter of integrity. I do have my work in my friend's Galleries. I sell them under a different name other than my own.. I rarely see or deal with anyone who purchases my work.Even if you were to go into one of his galleries and ask to see my paintings,he would be very noncommittal with you. He'd still try to sell you something! But Ed wouldn't tell you that it was my stuff you were seeing. Allowing others to see my paintings is a bit like being stripped naked. I began painting as therapy... It was a way to cope with what happened.. A more positive way to release the emotions I felt. The fear and sadness and all the others. I still have nightmares and flashbacks sometimes about what happened. The rage and hatred burned in me like a boiling cauldron of lye, eating away at my soul. It just seemed better than doing the self destructive things that I was involved with. Drugs, alcohol abuse, extremely risky drag racing through a local park at night with no headlights on. Most people don't get that part Clas. People who have been sexually assaulted (especially children who were sexually abused) tend to hate themselves . Almost always, they will hurt themselves much more than anyone else. In a child's case, some eventually will begin to take their hatred and rage out on others in Society. Rarely their abusers, who in most cases will be a parent or relative. Not feeling comfortable showing my paintings to people that i'm aquainted with is just one of my many eccentricities. To be honest though, I don't really care if I sell anything or not. Some of my paintings, I know I could never sell. Weird I know... *winks and kisses*
Hutch, Nice guitar work. I loved the song. I mean this in the nicest possible way. But yes you were being an asshole. Now, why don't you fuck off!
BB, honey babe... I'll try it again in a day or so. *kisses*
Jaz, thanks again for the web sites I have enjoyed them very much. If it weren't for Mrs'd be in trouble babe.
Gina, your voice is lovely..
My Dragon......nice to hear your voice again. We gotta stop these international phone calls though!

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Check out this interview with Omartian,

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Hutch - the song sounds live, and that's a compliment. Great to hear how you're doing the recordings.

I am a total zero when it comes to recording gears and stuff. I lean on guys that are interested in that area of the music making.

User: What do the Palestinians really mean when they say | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Check it out for yourself, Classir Arafat.

What do the Palestinians really mean when they say "end the occupation?"

The Western world thinks they mean "End of occupation in the West Bank and Gaza"

But what the Palestinians actually mean is "End of Israel".

They dont even try to hide it.

See for yourself:

This is the map of "Liberated Palestine" on the official website of the Palestinian National Authority, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs:
It is the map of the entire State of Israel.

This is the map of "Liberated Palestine" featured on the official emblem of the Palestinian National Authoritys Ministry of Industry:
It is the map of the entire State of Israel.

This is the map of "Liberated Palestine" on Arafats Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) official emblem:

It is the map of the entire State of Israel.

This is the map of "Liberated Palestine" on Yasser Arafats uniform.

It is the map of the entire State of Israel.

This is the map of "Liberated Palestine" in the official Palestinian Authoritys education system schoolbooks.

Page 64 of the Palestinian Authoritys official 5th grade school book: "theres no Israel"

It is the map of the entire State of Israel.

This is the map of "Liberated Palestine" as a statuette displayed at the Principals room in a school in the Palestinian town of Tulkarm

A dagger is thrust in the "heart" of the land. Blood trickles from the wound and irrigates the plant of the Palestinian State.

It is the map of the entire State of Israel.

This is the map of "Liberated Palestine" from an art lesson in a Palestinian school.

The Jews destroyed by fire, the Israeli flag burning

It is the map of the entire State of Israel.


Now, when you hear the Palestinians say "End of Occupation" do they mean
"A Palestinian State alongside Israel", or "In place of Israel?"

"Poll: Majority of Palestinians See Israel's Elimination as Goal"

poll conducted by the Palestinian Jerusalem Media and Communication Center (JMCC).
(Reuters, June 11, 2002)

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Clas - Sorry. I meant to answer that question and it slipped my mind.
I started with a drum machine track and an acoustic guitar track. I replaced the drum machine with real drums later. The bass was next and then rhythm electric guitar and then the lead guitar tracks. The congas and vocal were the last things recorded. The original vocal track was done by Desiree Hayes, a girl I used to work with in a band. But the track had some problems and she had moved back to Nashville (to seek her fame and fortune) before we had a chance to re-record it. So we used Renee Bailey, the singer from my partner Jim's band.
All the tracks were done on my little Roland VS-880 digital recorder and then I had Bill Shelton run the tracks through a DDP and a finalizer.
The drums could have been recorded better. Actually they were just recorded with two ambient mics. It gave them a "live" sound. I would have preferred a "studio" sound but didn't really have the facilities and equipment to do it at the time.
I'm still on a major learning curve when it comes to home recording!


User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 22

Message: Bill - you're right, people shouldn't kill each other. Those Christian Fuck Ups over there in USA are killing their own. It's true, ask that religous George W Bush.

Dr Mu - "Arabs, Israel, and WB Palestinians should then finally realize that they are all stuck together there, and have no choice but to find a way to get along..." Yeah, right. That's the bottom line. No matter what "God" said 5000 years ago, or what "Allah" is saying, the problems got to be solved. The first step is for Israel to leave the occupied areas and stop their state-terrorism against the Palestines.

And USA should stop support Israel with weapons and money. Sharon are today destroying the Palestinian Governments, Arafats Headquarters and the Palestinian infra-structure, and obvioulsy trying to kill Arafat. If they succeed, it will certanily not stop the suicide-bombings.

(and if you thought it was me who wrote post 1443, you're wrong)


Stevee - the salesman in my musicstore is saying it wouldn't be hip of me buying a Roland RD 700 these days. Yamaha is out with this Yamaha S-90, some kind of minimized Motif.

Oh man, I don't know what to do. I wanna be HIP!

Molly - are you saying that showing or not showing your paintings for people is a question of integrity? I thought you said a while back that you had a gallery back home that sold your stuff?

Hutch - I was asking a while back ago about the recordings on the Steely Knives CD, how did you record your song, in one take, or with laying the rythm-trax, then guitars and then vox, or what?

YGK - I guess you and the drummer and the bass-player did it live, and then you recorded the synth-layer?

Gina - thanx for a wonderful night!


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 21

Message: Hmn..........let me see if I got all this straight....
First some folks here say i'm posting under alternate names. I'm things saying insulting things to myself and calling myself names in chat..... Why? Supposedly for attention,( or perhaps just to annoy Aja and Hutch) Everyone knows that most women just adore being called a whore and a he's called me. The fact that I never told anyone but Face it was me that Tex was posting doesn't seem to be congruent with this desparate need for attention. ......but oh well........
According to Hutch's implications, I'm also the Viking. I adapt a Scottish syntax in order to post.....even researching sports in order to speak with Dano about scoccer ... I threw the music just to make it seem more authentic....pretty clever for someone who is not only mentally ill but stupid according to Arlean.
In addition,according to some people on here,I've also lied about my art and the reason I won't let a bunch of strangers into my life. The fact that my paintings are views into my soul didn't have anything to do with my reluctance. BTW Arlean, I knew the artists that you were referring to that day, I just didn't feel the need to take your little quiz.
I'm constantly harassed by some assholes here because I try to be positive and happy. That's what the winking, terms of affections, and kisses are about. I'm chastised about not being "subtle". Referring to my tits ,talking about French maid's outfits and boar bristle brushes would be much less offensive then sending someone a wink or calling someone Sugarman.
Now, i'm ol Walt pulling everyone's chain....Somehow I doubt Walt would find hardly anyone here worth bothering with. Why do you think he moved to Hawaii to live in seculsion? But thanks for the compliment.
By the way to the person that thought Stan's line about watching me walk away was funny....If you looked like him, you wouldn't need very good pick up lines. He has both women and men making fools of themselves over him on a regular basis. So go get bent.
Like Miz Ducky, i'm sick of this bullshit. I do try to live by certain tenets. I work on being loving and peaceful everyday. It is a struggle. But i'm not passive/agressive like the cowards on here who won't put their names on the nasty things they post. Anytime You wanna play hard ball asshole, step on up. I told you once before, I play for keeps and take no prisoners.
My Viking........ I dreaming that highway.
My Blue-eyed Dragon..... It was good to hear your voice. Talk to you soon babe?!!!
off to the caves today M

User: Dano | Month: 8 | Day: 21

Message: I seen the Christians in Concert this year , and to be fair did a great version of Summer Breeze!!Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaano.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 21

Message: Dr Mu - you are missing the point (again):

Long Island Bill says:

"As you know, the islamic world is fucked up. Not only is it fucked up but it's REAL fucked up. Life is meaningless in the islamic world."
And then he describes how he watched a snuff-movie for 15 minutes where a bunch of criminals are stoning a woman to death (beats me how he could stand watching it).

And Howard is responding:

"Imagine someone in Iraq, who has been sent a photograph by an outraged friend of an American paedophile committing sexual abuse against a child. The American in question is a Catholic priest. Would it be right for the Iraqi to say that the American/Christian world is "fucked up" based on the evidence of that photo? Do you see the problem here?"

Howards point is, and mine too;

Does the Bible say that it's God's will that priests should sexually abuse children?

Does the Koran say that woman should be stoned to death?


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Miz Duckey: Don't do us any favors.

User: Clas - Untalented & Uninformed | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: The world's collective amnesia

Yasser Arafat may have lost some of his personal political clout of late, but the political movement he began demanding justice for Palestinian Arabs expelled from their homes in 1948 remains as strong as ever.

There's just one problem. There's not the slightest historical evidence to suggest Arabs were expelled in significant numbers certainly not by Jews.

I know this statement is going to be met with gasps, guffaws and gnashing of teeth. Nevertheless, let me defend it, not with my own words, not with the words of Jews and Israelis, but with the words of Arabs closer to the time of the events.

"The fact that there are these refugees is the direct consequence of the act of the Arab states in opposing partition and the Jewish state. The Arab states agree upon this policy unanimously and they must share in the solution of the problem."
Emile Ghoury, secretary of the Palestinian Arab Higher Committee, in an interview with the Beirut Telegraph Sept. 6, 1948.

"The Arab state which had encouraged the Palestine Arabs to leave their homes temporarily in order to be out of the way of the Arab invasion armies, have failed to keep their promise to help these refugees."
The Jordanian daily newspaper Falastin, Feb. 19, 1949.

"Who brought the Palestinians to Lebanon as refugees, suffering now from the malign attitude of newspapers and communal leaders, who have neither honor nor conscience? Who brought them over in dire straits and penniless, after they lost their honor? The Arab states, and Lebanon amongst them, did it."
The Beirut Muslim weekly Kul-Shay, Aug. 19, 1951.

"The 15th May, 1948, arrived ... On that day the mufti of Jerusalem appealed to the Arabs of Palestine to leave the country, because the Arab armies were about to enter and fight in their stead."
The Cairo daily Akhbar el Yom, Oct. 12, 1963.

"For the flight and fall of the other villages it is our leaders who are responsible because of their dissemination of rumors exaggerating Jewish crimes and describing them as atrocities in order to inflame the Arabs ... By spreading rumors of Jewish atrocities, killings of women and children etc., they instilled fear and terror in the hearts of the Arabs in Palestine, until they fled leaving their homes and properties to the enemy."
The Jordanian daily newspaper Al Urdun, April 9, 1953.

I could go on and on and on with this forgotten or deliberately obscured history. But you get the point. There was no Jewish conspiracy to chase Arabs out of their homes in 1948. It never happened. There are, instead, plenty of historical records showing the Jews pleading with their Arab neighbors to stay and live in peace and harmony. Yet, despite the clear, unambiguous words of the Arab observers at the time, history has been successfully rewritten to turn the Jews into the bad guys.

The truth is that 68 percent of the Arab Palestinians who left in 1948 perhaps 300,000 to 400,000 of them never saw an Israeli soldier.

Even more importantly, the revised history has given the guilty a free ride. The Arab states that initiated the hostilities have never accepted responsibility despite their enormous wealth and their ability to assimilate tens of millions of refugees in their largely under-populated nations. And other states have failed to hold them accountable.

It's bad enough the Arab states created a small nation of refugees by their actions. It's worse that they have successfully blamed that international crime on the Jews.

Today, of course, this cruel charade continues. The suffering of millions of Arabs is perpetuated only for political purposes by the Arab states. They are merely pawns in the war to destroy Israel.

There were some 100 million refugees around the world following World War II. The Palestinian Arab group is the only one in the world not absorbed or integrated into their own people's lands. Since then, millions of Jewish refugees from around the world have been absorbed in the tiny nation of Israel.

It makes no sense to expect that same tiny Jewish state to solve a refugee crisis it did not create.


Joseph Farah's nationally syndicated column originates at

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Stevee - yes, I am also tired of this politic deabates. But, when you're saying God gave the Jews Israel 5000 years ago... man, that's fairytales. The western world gave the Jews Israel after the WW2, because we felt guilt for what the Germans did to them.

The people of Palestina are paying the price for what the German Nazi's did to the Jews. Doesn't make sense to me.

I know there are forces in Israel who wants to put an end to this meaningless violence (violance from both parts).

And the main thing is; Israel must withdraw from the occupied areas. And start treating the Palestinians with respect.

And I don't defend the suicide bombers, that's awful shit. But, if you humiliate people, opress them, take away everything from them, including their future etc etc - that's when things like that happen.

Depending on who's writing the history books 50 years from now, we'll see if the Palestinian people still are called terroists.

ANC in South Africa was also called terrorists. Mandela became president and ANC is called a Movement for Freedom. Who would dream of calling ANC "terrorists" today?

And I don't think I deserve to be called a Anti Semite because I think Sharon & Co are fuck-ups.


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Checking in on the new eMac (kids now with a "classic" iMac fitted with essentials like Bugdom...)...must determine how...I... will... pay this off... OS X.2 is like some old cartoon. Bold, vivid, crisp, cool 17 in flat screen on the eMac, but a little on the anal side. OS 9.2 is bundled in and everything is running so far...except Bill Gates pulled a little jokester and slipped in MS Office Xp (for Windows) instead of Office X (for the Mac)...the punch drunk rep at MacMall will be hearing from me tomorrow and I expect and exchange + some hot perks...

Bill, I think you meant to say that most countries in the Middle East that happen to be predominantly Islamic are governed by Theocracies, Totalitarian regimes, or Military States. The exception is now Afghanistan. Islam and Islamic religious have no "central command," thus extremist sects are far more likely to fill power voids. Having said that, "strong" central command often melts into doddering bureaucracies, as in the Cathollc Church. Old men hang on to power no longer theirs by moral guidance - some twisted like Cardinal Law, and others merely shadows of the men we once knew (John Paul II)...a resurgence of local control may be too little, too late - another priest indicted in the Boston area this week...

As heinous as are the crimes of certain members of the Lavender Mafia within the US Catholic Church, they pale in comparison with the millions of deaths incurred under terrorist, theocratical, and mercenary states in the former cradle of civilization...

In truth, most of the Middle Eastern countries know very little of freedom. Many were occupied by the iron hand of the Ottoman Turks for hundreds of years ending in 1918, and then some under British rule until 1947.

Saddam: Not an objective list - I was fooled for a sec., but if one checks the references, they are predominantly from just 2 men: Bruce W. Jentleson from my old school, part of the Socialist militant crowd that have marred the History, Political Science, and English Departments since their junta almost 20 one time Nixon, Lefty Dresell and football were our only mistakes. The second pseudo-academician is Mark Pythian (Monty Python to his friends), obsessed with arms sales and Chevy Chase movies...

To be fair, there's no doubt that Reagan supported a balance between Iran and Iraq to prevent the Soviets from taking advantage of a potential power void and snatching the warm weather port it always sought...dirty business...

...we should go Scoreboard though:

"207 firms from 21 countries that contributed to Iraqs non-conventional weapons program during and after the Iran-Iraq war. E.g., West German (86); British (18); Austrian (17); French (16); Italian (12); Swiss (11); and American (18)."

The Germans may be pacificsts now (and who's complaining after WWI and WWII!!!), but they sure know the value of a Deutsche Mark...

User: Miz Ducky | Month: 8 | Day: 20


Well, I was going to say "howdy, long time no see" ... maybe I'll come back when the toxic posts have once again died down ...

/the duck
(way too busy to wade through toxic posts anymore, even though she still cares for the Dan and a bunch of folks she met on this board)

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Couldn't make it over to see Bob Shepard. Too much work and no car today.
Stevee, did you go?

Difster: You saw the Cathedral? Yes, it is definitely different. If you are looking for St. Pat's, you are not going to find it there. I actually like it a lot. We will see how the sound is with the Philharmonic next week.

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Just to clarify...
When I say "The Islamic World", I mean all those countries which
have the Islamic faith intertwined with thier government. In
other words the abscence of separation of church and state.
The church is the state and vise-versa. I am not referring to
the muslim religion per say except where it is part of the
governing body of a particular country. Where the Islamic
religion is part of the governing body, those countries are
fucked up.

I hope this clears things up.

Thank You.

User: Saddam, my old friend | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: U.S. Diplomatic and Commercial Relationships with Iraq, 1980 - 2 August 1990"

U.S. Diplomatic and Commercial Relationships with Iraq, 1980 - 2 August 1990
Before 1980
Following the 1967 Arab-Israeli War Iraq severed diplomatic relations with the U.S. In late 1979 the State Department (SD) put Iraq on its list of States sponsoring groups categorized by the SD as "terrorist."<1>

From July 18 to 1 August (Iraq invaded Kuwait on 2 August) the Bush Administration approved $4.8 million in advanced technology product sales to Iraq. End-buyers included MIMI and Saad 16. Mimi was identified in 1988 as a facility for chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons programs. In 1989 Saad was linked to CW and NW development.<57>
The Bush Administration approved $695,000 worth of advanced data transmission devices the day before Iraq invades Kuwait.<58>

Folks, this is an excellent reference for how Saddam got so EEEEEVIL!

User: dif___this aint no mud club, no cbgb... | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: nybill-buddyboy, i consider you the 'voice of reason' several issues but when it comes to islam, i stand behind howard. man, the strokes youre painting are just too big. but, they didnt blow up my town either.

el pea-how do you like your new digs? that be... i hope that you can find it. ive been listening to him since the release of "solid air". i only wish that he would tour the states.

angel-i saw the dedication of that los angeles catholic church on cnn. pretty funky for the church. what could be next? the popes blessing on contraceptives maybe?

and thanks to the person that provided the respighi link. i love way the name rolls of the tongue. i havent heard such nice chamber music since i discovered some villa lobos offerings.

User: Fortuitous Encounter | Month: 8 | Day: 20

A life without reason
I was walking away
In the coldest of winters
Then night becomes day
oh when I'm far away
oh so far away
I send you all my love


Ace of hearts
Caught up in the highest game
Only the ace of hearts can save me now


Oh dark our days may seem
So I will light a candle for you
Keep it burnin in the night
And pray that your alright
A little candle burning bright

C. Rea

Because of your smile and laughter"


Lp & Duncan you both have excellent ears...

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Bill: Who said anything about blocking IP addresses?

You effectively skirted all the counterpoints I made to your feeble arguments. Instead you just attacked me and my family. Good thing you weren't on the high school debate team cuz you SUCK...

It's ok to keep posting here -- in fact I encourage you or anyone else to do just that. Even Wanker, or Weber, or whatever his name is...

Clas: I meant that I'm often accused of coddling you when in fact I often jump your ass. No one is immune -- even my all time favorite brain -- Dr MU. If I disagree, I say so. Sometimes I'm shown the err' in my thinking. Other times I make a good point.

Randy -- yes, right about now would be a good time for a little tidbit of Steely news...

Just got my String Cheese tickets in the mail for Tacoma and Portland. A little aged cheese and some crisp Fall weather is just what the doctor ordered. Road trip! West coasters -- String Cheese is about to embark on a West Coast jaunt, starting in Denver and ending in Las Vegas in November.


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: WEber is really a balding, over-weight, incredibly lonely dude sitting alone in a dive hotel room littered with old pizza boxes and beer cans, giving himself a tug...

User: Beerberian in the Poisoned Church | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: You ALL Deserve Each other ..............Religion & Politics FUCK EM ......NO GOOD EVER CAME of either .......I'm a lapsed Catholic, Disillusioned, Labour voter BTW .....and I fear for my child ....Milk of human kindness is NOW officially yoghurt ......

You GuysnGals are real Bad Co @ the moment .....

if i had those golden dreams of my yesterday ..............FLML?????

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Molly is really Walter giving us all a tug...

User: xxxx | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: My goodness Molly.....peaceful and loving goes right out the window when you are crossed.....
"bodacious cowboy, good looking man, sugar man, honeyman, gotta have you baby, winks and spells in one post...."
how much can one person bear in just ONE post???????? gaaaaggg

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Bill- So, St Al is going to block your IP? It gives him power. That's why I refer to him as "God"

St.Al- Why would I want my own Steely Dan guestbook when I could fuck with yours?

YGK- I thought you would be star by now. When is that cd of yours coming out? You know....the one that's going to "take you over the top" The one that's going to "make you famous". Man, you GOT to stop doing drugs!...BTW, say hello to Elliot Randall for me...HA!

User: I love the lyrics | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Take a min to listen to the tune...thanks

I was driving down the thruway as the rain began to pour.
So I pulled into a roadside inn and stumbled through the door.
The room was dank and musty all the furniture was worn
The only light a neon sign flashing off and on
The man behind the counter said, "Sonny, would you like a beer?"
And a plaque above the bar read, "George Washington Slept Here."

George Washington Slept Here
George Washington Slept Here
Peace on Earth Let Freedom Ring
George Washington Slept Here.

As he handed me a brew a few drops spilled upon the floor.
And he began to tell a tale he'd told a thousand times before.
Of a farmer from Virginia just answering his country's call
Who lost every major battle save the biggest of them all
In the freezing dead of winter on a starless Christmas Eve
He crossed the icy river in the darkness like a thief
The enemy in revelry were taken by surprise
1000 Hessian prisoners 'neath the cold New Jersey skies.

George Washington Slept Here...

From Germantown to Boston from Princeton to White Plains.
He led a ragtag army on a suicide campaign.
A frozen hell at Valley Forge as winter takes its toll
Those simple lines, " These are the times, the times that try mens souls.
Without a prayer, against all odds they finally turned the tide.
And after all the smoke had cleared 10,000 men had died.

George Washington Slept Here...

From mountain tops to valleys from far inland to the sea.
They fought for their independence and their new democracy.
Across the Hudson River they built a mighty chain.
To keep the British ships from sailing north to Lake Champlain.
They forged it in their foundries from a hundred tons of iron ore.
Stretched across 1,000 links from shore to shore.

George Washington Slept Here...

Now, any other man, he said, would've crowned himself as king.
But this one stayed his hand so a new nation could take wing.
From the first shot heard around the world 'til the final soldier fell,
He did a job he never sought and he served his country well.
And if its not self evident we'd do well to recall
Here's a man who stood for liberty and justice for us all.

George Washington Slept Here...

All at once the rain had stopped, the moon was shining bright
I took one last sip before I headed back into the night.
I thought about the colonists and their fight for liberty.
And how the actions of a single man can alter history.
As I placed a tip upon the bar I felt a sudden chill
There upon the counter lay a single dollar bill.

George Washington Slept Here...

Now listen, wayward children as you travel far and wide
Remember no matter where you go we're all the same inside.
And never take for granted all the freedoms you enjoy.
Or a day will come some wicked son will break you like a toy.
And don't forget the kind of world this might have been.
If America had not been strong enough to fight and win.

George Washington Slept Here
George Washington Slept Here
Peace on Earth Let Freedom Ring
George Washington Slept Here.

User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Bill: You seem to be doing it again, citing a single example (in this case, a country: previously, a single person), then generalising and coming up with the conclusion that "The Islamic countries are well known to be f***ed up".

You just can't do that. Not all Islamic countries are the same. Not all Muslims are the same. Not all Christians are the same. Not all Steely Dan fans are the same. Can't we agree about that at least?

I know it would be a lot EASIER if we could say "Oh, it's the Islamic faith that's the problem here. All Islamic countries are bad, all Christian countries are good. All we need to do is annihilate Islam. Problem solved". The danger here is that too many people swallow this easy answer. Reality is always much more complicated.

Also, this kind of extreme reaction to the terrorist outrages is exactly what the terrorists want. They WANT you to get angry. They want you to scream for revenge and bloodshed. They want you sinlge out Muslims for blame. That makes it easier for them to justify murder the next time.

Not a very light note to end the week on, but anyway ... have a good weekend folks!


User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Found on the LACMA Website:

Friday Night Jazz
5:308:00 pm

Friday Night Jazz: Friday evenings, April through December, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, free jazz concerts are presented on the Times Mirror Central Court plaza. 5905 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

September 20
Bob Sheppard Quartet

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Hi Clas -

All I want to say about that Israel vs. Palestinian thing is that Israel was originally the homeland of the Jews. They have always believed that the Palestinians have been trying to take the Jewish homeland away from them. I do not like the tactics that both sides have been using, but, I must admit that I do want to see that the Israelis keep their land.

I realize that my opinion might spur some backlash, but, I don't want to be involved in any more heated political debates.

Steely Dan please.


User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 20


Has anyone stopped to think that there are obviously horrid groups of "Christians," as well as decent ones, horrid groups of "Muslims," as well as decent ones, horrid groups of "Catholics," and decent ones, and that all of this has less to do with specific religious divisions and more to do with specific INDIVIDUALS(?) Not every Muslim supports every action by every other Muslim any more than every Catholic supports every facet of the Catholic religion (or other Catholics). I was born and raised in the U.S. and I don't support 98% of how the U.S. Government does things, thus I should not be lumped in with all the others any more than any one else should.

I for one find the U.S. Government's actions just as reprehensible as those of other countries; the U.S. has its propaganda spin on things just as other countries do; due to differences with every religion as well as the way the governments do things, I support MY OWN angles, views, and perspectives, largely due to the fact that I don't agree with the way the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD DOES THINGS (including right here on this frequently narrow-minded and intolerant guestbook); clearly there are Steely Dan fans who are decent, and those who are more akin to "swine" status than human (a perfect microcosmic example in our very midst); if being "American" makes you proud and happy, fine; if others support the Muslim faith and they are fulfilled, THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS. Another example is that nationalism/patriotism might make me nauseous, but if you dig it then go right ahead, who am I to tell you not to be that way (which, by the way is reciprocal, so don't I don't want to hear shit about it, for "who are you..." as well).

There are (as one eloquent poster put it) "fucked" elements about every country, every religion, and nearly every family; suffice it to say the obvious is being stated with that comment; things hav been twisted and gone out of control all over; there are problems in the U.S. that are unfathomable, just like the rest of the world; the government here has slowly been removing the rights of its own people for years, and now under the guise of the war against terrorism (you can't blow up an ideology anyway, you can only change the way you approach it, which Bush and the other dopes refuse to understand for various reasons) that threat is looming larger than ever before.

One suggestion when posting is this: try stating your own views without insulting or criticizing others for theirs; you can't really get an angle on how and what any given person really thinks about a complicated subject based on a couple of posts; if you can't state your views without being vindictive or "forcing" them upon others, you might want to think about why you're handling people that way; after all, how people treat other and why they treat them that way is a big part of why the world is so completely fucked up right now anyway-

"If you believe in justice / if you believe in freedom / let a man live his own life..." - Graham Nash, 'Chicago'

"Any world that I'm welcomed to / is better than the one / I come from..."
- Steely Dan, 'Any World (That I'm Welcome To)'


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Hey XXXXX, too fucking bad. ;-)

User: C @ Autumn Leaves | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: StAl - I did overreact when I read the dumbass's post. I know you are balanced and straightforward, it's just that I know many Muslims, one of them are singning a song on this years Yellow Books "Steely Knives" CD.

If she's reading Bill's posts she must wonder what kind of place this is.

Howard, you wrote;

"Imagine someone in Iraq, who has been sent a photograph by an outraged friend of an American paedophile committing sexual abuse against a child. The American in question is a Catholic priest. Would it be right for the Iraqi to say that the American/Christian world is "fucked up" based on the evidence of that photo? Do you see the problem here?"

That is a very good point, Howard, excellent. It's good to have people like you here.

And this Long Face Island Clown is calling me an anti-semite cause I hate Israels politics against the Palestinans. It says it all. The only thing to do with that stupid pinhead is to ignore him.



User: Steveedan (keeping the home fires burning ...) | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Over at the Mojo site, I am trying to keep the discussion on an intellectual and responsible level. Come on Guys, go and take a look. The following link (just paste it into your browser's address line) takes you to page 1 of this (currently) 3 page topic. Go to page 3 to see what I have attempted to do for the Dandom.

Also (Angel, W1P) to the Los Angeles proximate Dan fans, tonight at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Bob Sheppard will be performing in the garden at 5:30 PM. It's a free concert. See you there ?


User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Well I did manage to drag myself back to LA last night and saw Tribute: The Movie. I actually had a GREAT time. I have never done a Film Festival screening before, so this was a first. It so added to the atmosphere of the event and made me glad that I saw it that way. The director of the film (I think) asked the audience if there were any KISS, Monkees or Queen fans there and I yelled when he mentioned Queen (I can't believe I did that) :-)
Actually the segment on the Queen Tribute was the least bizarre (minus the Superfan Guy, who the profiled.) I give major points to Enrique for quiting the band, to follow his career in Theatre. The other tribute bands that are profiled, are truly bizarre. This is probably the reason that Which One's Pink ended up on the cutting room floor. They are too normal. (That's a good thing, W1P). :-)
Funniest moments:
The Queen Superfan guy takes the filmmakers around to the houses of different members of the real Queen Band. As he passes Brian May's house he comments that Brian planted a tree in honor of Freddie Mercury. When you finally get a look at this tree, it is a very small dinky pine tree planted on the grass by the street. I couldn't believe it.
Other moment was the Journey tribute band playing some Gentlemen's Club and you have the girls doing the pole work. Truly bizarre.
If it is showing in your area, do go. You won't regret it.

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Awwwwwww...,
Patty's gonna block my IP Address...hehehe...
Hey, better he should block my IP Address than admit that I'm right.
As far as the whether or not the Islamic world is fucked up or not,
why not take a nice long vacation over in Saudi Arabia and find out
for yourself. The Islamic countries are well known to be fucked up.
You may be the only one who has'nt figured it out yet.

As far as blocking my IP Address goes, oh well isn't that what
far left-wing radicals do when you finally pin them down on a subject?
They'd rather erect a impenetrable wall than discuss the facts.

The people who've chatted with me know that I'm not what you and
your friend from Sweden are trying to make me out to be. The day
you block my IP Address I'll wear it as a badge of honor
Mr. Brezhnev.

User: Parker | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: BARNESVILLE, Ga. (AP)--Several blocks in downtown Barnesville, Georgia, were
evacuated Friday as police and bomb units investigated several suspicious
Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Rusty Andrews said eight or nine devices
were found over a three- or four-block area in Barnesville, about 50 miles
south of Atlanta.
A bomb squad detonated four of the devices, but no live explosives were found.
The area was still evacuated at 1 p.m. EDT.
"If they are hoax devices, they have certainly been fixed up to resemble live
explosive devices," Andrews said. "The ones we have found to this point are all
similar in appearance."
The devices were found outside a tire shop, a sporting goods store and a
Chinese restaurant, "like they had been thrown out, possibly from a vehicle,"
GBI spokesman John Bankhead said.
"We don't know what exactly we're dealing with, but we want to take every
precaution until we know what these things are," Bankhead said.

01:23 PM- - 01 23 PM EDT 09-20-02

User: MU & Bill's favorite site...NOT | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: But a great reference to how Faux News slants the news. Fair and Balance my ass...

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Last night I was honoured to be invited to a special screening of a few films which are being featured in the Independent Film Festival here in New York City. A very dear and close friend of our family was the editor on one of the films entitled "POL'E POL'E; DAYS OF HEAVEN, DAYS OF HELL".

The 58 minute film as captured by New York City advertising executive of South African origin, detailed the climb of Mount Kilimanjaro (.sp) by a small group of people from all over the world...some of which were NOT climbers at all, others who were, and some who were not exactly in tip top shape.

On the back of a publicity flyer for the film was a short memo written by the film's producer and director. I thought it sent a fairly good message (as did the film BTW)....... below is the memo:

Pol'e Pol'e

What it means...

To the African Chagga tribe in Tanzania, the phrase pol'e pol'e means much more than its literal English translation, "slowly, slowly". It is, above all, a way of life, of taking one step at a time in order to savour the moment, live to the utmost, by being present. Regardless of one's outward pace, one can proceed pol'e pol'e, with patience and respect for one's surroundings, for others and one's own human limitations.

The phrase pol'e, pol'e is used on the mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro) to slow your walking pace down as to avoid altitude mountain sickness and enjoy your ascent to the top of Africa.

For some, pol'e pol'e means pacing, for others it means listening. It may evolve as an inward rhythm or a deep acceptance of where we are and who we are. It may help us to scale a mountain, it may centre us in a business negotiation, it may teach us to grasp what a friend is trying to tell us when words fail. No matter where we are, or what we do, for each of us, pol'e pol'e is a continual, daily challenge.

So often we find ourselves rushing through life, so that we miss all the beauty and wonder it has to offer. We also find that due to our pride, ego and impatience, we stretch beyond our abilities sometimes, until life humbles us and brings us back down to earth. If we can apply this simple concept of tolerance, humility, and grace in our everyday lives, we will be on our way to pol'e pol'e.

Pol'e pol'e is a way of life. Enjoy the journey and the destination will come to you.

LuckLess Pedestrian: Junie love. I'll be home in a few hours. Can you please put a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin in the freezer and remember to swing by the Country Mart to get some fresh pearl onions? I bought a NEW riding crop from Hermes for us tonight.

User: xxxx | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Well, that made me a little sick.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Hello Everyone! I received my copy of Steely Knives this morning, and i'm enjoying it immensely. Thank you for sending it to me in such a timely manner Brett. I haven't selected any favorites yet. They all seem very good.
Mick, thanks for the nice message. I appreciate your support, and agree with the content of your note.
Duncan, nice talking. I read a survey in the climbing web site. They asked how do you answer questions about climbing with your non-climbing friends?
A, Don't talk about climbing at all with them.
B, Answer in as simple terms as possible.
C, Don't have non-climbing friends.
Guess which response was most popular? *wink* LMAO
Did you ever get back to that wall yet bud?
Bad Sneakers, you bodacious cowboy! It was very nice chatting with you. If you get down my way, let me know.
Jaz, thanks for those web addresses...and your nice messages. You good looking man...alas another Sugarman to lust after from afar. Story of my life... lol lol Say hi to Mrs.Jaz and pat the kitties... *blowing you a kiss*
BB, I did get your mail. I've consciously made an effort to check a bit more. Your Mrs BB is a lovely looking woman. No wonder you are so obviously crazy about her. Don't you worry about that reunion honey-man. Tell em bald men don't waste their sex hormones growing hair *wink* and that you have it on good authority from a redheaded witch that large men are MUCH better lovers... lol lol Check your mail!
St Al, thanks for your help! I gotta have you baby...
My Viking, Aah harvasted maah pumpkins... hehehe Sending you my spells of happiness and love. Talk soon!!!

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Bill: You're grabbing at straws my friend. Yes, I very often have pointed my finger at the "Conservative Christian Right." They downright beg for it at times. However, never once have I lumped all Christians into a single group and branded them "Fucked Up" as you did with entire population of Muslims. My mother is a Christian, jackass.

You're taking this personal. Sure I called you an asshole for thinking like this, but good God -- did you read what you posted? You, however, threw my family into your little tirade. Which is about a chickenshit as it comes. Though I often disagree with your view points, I've always respected your right to post them. I'm loosing that respect for you.

I understand your anger at watching something as brutal as the attack on that poor women by a bunch of thugs. My first reaction is to hop on a plane and do to them what they did to that poor woman. But calmer heads MUST prevail when you're talking about something that impacts the WHOLE FRIGGIN' WORLD. The implications here are staggering. We can't just shoot and ask questions later.

Get a grip cowboy!

Oh, and I'm sure Clas would agree. He's been a target of mine many, many times.

Hey WEber: Dont'cha wish you had your own Steely Dan guestbook? Loser.

Howard: Excellent point.


User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: WEaker: actually, if you added an 's' to 'Clas', you would have Class - but you obviously don't..........did you go to the same school that Bill did?


User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Bill: with reference to your paragraph about St Al having a preconceived and prejudiced view of Christians, and how one bad example of a race/religion shouldn't be used to tar ALL members of that race/religion, may I suggest you re-read your post about Muslims (1366). After that, try rearranging the words "pot", "kettle" and "black" into a well known saying.


User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: OMG- Also, if you add an 's' to Clas, you have an 'ass'

Bill- You hit the nail on the head with Beemer! As far has he and Clas(s) goes.. Remember the old saying, "SHIT STICKS TOGETHER"

User: The HeadMaster | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: Bill; I see you are still having problems with that "ie" thing or is it "ei", or Is it all a plot - If you read (you can read can't you ?) CLAS loves PAT backwards ............... OMG

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: bill - you're okay, really - but you gotta stop watching those "all in the family" reruns, they're burning your brain, buddy!

hi ward, we had such a better show, don't you think?

happy friday - fog over the harbor, another cruise liner has set its anchor

i fear the day people stop questioning their government - it's a good thing...

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: 212.881.3182
1.800.515.2327 - Pager

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: St. Al: tried emailing you at the addy you gave - it bounced......
I'll post a private message with my phone....


User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: I just love conspiracy theories don't you?
In light of conspiracy theories lets take a look at the relationship
between Pat Beemer and his sidekick Clas.

Have you ever noticed that Pat refrains from chastising Clas for his
over the top Anti-Semetic, Anti-Christian, and Anti-American
statements? Why just this past September 11th Clas posted another
one of his hateful posts towards America and Isreal (see post 1101).
Pat merely responded by telling Clas that his "timing sucks".
Notice that Pat did'nt necessarily disagree with Clas's tirade,
he merely disagreed with the timing of it. Hmmmmm...

Additionally, have you ever noticed that Pat isn't too fond of
Christians? He's always making negative references to
"Right-wing CHRISTIAN conservatives". Does he think that all right
wing conservatives are Christians? Or does he have a preconcieved
notion of what Christians are? Preconcieved as in Pre-judge as in
Prejudice. It's no secret that he can't stand Jerry Falwell and
his bunch, but does he think that all Christians are cut from the
same cloth as Jerry Falwell or David Koresh? Possibly so.

It would seem that Pat has a problem with America. Or should
we say that Pat seems to have a problem with western civilization
in general. He certainly gives tacit approval to many of Clas's
statements by simply not responding strongly enough to them or,
as in most cases, simply not responding at all.

You see Pat has recently referred to me as a racist because I
have a problem with the radical Islamic Jihad movement. Why would
Pat make such a statement? Does he find himself aligned with these
people in some way? Does Clas find himself aligned with them also?
Based on his prior statements one could easily come to that
conclusion. Of course I don't expect either one of them to fess up
with the truth on this subject. After all, they are friends aren't

User: Beerberian flashback 1970's | Month: 8 | Day: 20

Message: GB; Off to My Old School this weekend - California must have tumbled into the sea ...After the usual greets of "Hey Fatty" and "Hi Baldy" ......the topic of conversation may well drift to SD ....The DJ is restricted to 70's music only, so we may even sneak in a few requests .......

Moll; get the mails ?

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: GOOD NEWS

Norah Jones, Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor still in the top 10 album charts. All of it done with little or no radio airplay, videos or constant hype. All you need is good music, talent, and like the last two,
an opportunity to appear on Today.


Kenny G. will probably hit the charts next week, possibly trying to muscle in on any of the three. Kenny, can you say has-been?


I'm going to the Jane Monheit concert in Pittsburgh on October 4th. Plus,
because I'm a freelance writer, I'll be doing a review of the performance for a Jazz website, more about it later.


Still waiting on a new Steely Dan CD.

Oh, and the annoying Lance Bass has been dealt with a 'nyet" by the Russians so, looks like pretty boy won't be going to outer space.
HA! HA! HA! Maybe Lance can do something in his spare time, like RELAXING

See Ya!

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Molly- The "private" post you made today was perfect! Please keep posting that way.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: re: post 1390 You're too funny! There isn't enough dope or great music that would make me and Weber embrace. (let alone passionately) It ain't ever gonna happen Honey. I truly love the Dan... but even they couldn't make WEBer seem attractive. LMAO

User: Jim# | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: And it wasn't me.

But I wish it had been. Rock on, 1390.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Why: Yeah, it's the Town Square on LSD...

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: nope it's not blaise - but i do miss his cynicism

i agree with aja - it's tones, or possibly q, or maybe someone in lurkdom that hasn't been out for a while

hmmm, good stuff, just the same

thanks for the tip, dif, i couldn't find his website, do you know it?

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: why I love this place:
here here !!!
(i think it's Blaise)

User: angel (again) | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: St. Al: Remember that Austin City Limits Concert you found a few weeks ago. Read a newspaper the other day that had an article about it. It is being billed as a way the general public in Texas can see some of the acts that have played on the show over the years. No plans or money to tape the concert this year. Damn!

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: W1P: That explains why the Dan didn't release an album this year. They want to win again with different competition. :-)

Seeing Tribute tonight at 9PM. Review (if I can keep my eyes open)tomorrow.

I agree with the person who commented that Bush and Company don't give a rats patutie (sp) about our opinion on any subject. Though I do agree with Why I Love this Place. I definitely don't stick around here for the politics, but for the Dan. Though the politics are interesting as a side bar to the rest.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Here's another TvN/Rising Grammy Coincidence.

Beck just released Sea Change which is the second Lp to get 5 stars from Rolling Stone this year -- the first? The Rising. So, looks like Beck is going to be nominated in the Best Album category. Sound familiar? Midnight Vultures, anyone?

User: Aja....burning the candles at both ends | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: "why I love this place"-LOL funny! I'll bet the poster is tonez.....;o)


User: Midnite Cruiser | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: to whoever wrote "why i love this place" I'd just like to say.....that was excellent!!

well written and had me laughing out loud at the should have taken credit for it, whoever you are!

User: StAlphonzo | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: YGK: Email me at work. I want to return your call but erased your phone number. DOH!

User: why I love this place... | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: You can talk about anything. No matter how fucked up or clueless your opinion is... in fact, most of the time this is a very good place to *find* a clue. You have a very wide open and free palet on which to scribble here folks, and the very few rulez here are *MORE THAN* reasonable. If you don't like the 1 or 2 rulez, or the people, here, IT'S A BIG WEB(er). Point your browser somewhere else. Better yet, turn the computer off and go outside...

Steely Dan is a band so diverse that they attract a wide range of people from around the world who like them for many different reasons. Even getting us to agree on what we like about the band would be a fluke, *much less* getting us to agree on global politics! I see us all here as a random cross section of Steely Dan fans: reasonably intelligent, somewhat informed, a little anti-social, occasionally dysfuctional... a "social group" that had almost no interaction or cohesion for twenty years that's somehow trying to communicate through the new electronic frontier. And we're not always succesful, but when we are it's *more* than worth scrolling past all the WEBers, a's, "Truths", and your own personal posting pet peeves. Ya know?

I keep seeing us all at Steely Dan concert, talking about the band and other crap, maybe disagreeing loudly about whether or not Norah Jones could end terrorist aggression in Estonia... then the lights go down and the Dan breaks into Green Earrings!

And lo, I look yonder and everyone is smiling... YGK and Clas are rocking in harmony, WEBer and Molly are locked in a passionate embrace, and Bill and the Muslims are dancing together in the aisles...

And all is good for the next 90 minutes...

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message:'s Rea Chris Rea just in case anyone wants to check him out.

He's from Middlesbrough you know, & could be the opening concert & Darlingtons new 27'000 all seater stadium!!!

My fav Stainsby Girls...the story of which i may tell sometime

Bill/StAl/Clas... is it me ?

User: dif | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: i got cut off.

from the temporary home of the 2-0 "beloved" chicago bears, that is.
an important distinction IMHO.

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: WEanker: no thanx - I've had enough for now......good stuff tho......


User: dif___from the temporary home of the 2-0 | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: hmmmm...i always thought that ted koppel was the alfred e. neuman incarnate.

LP...if you like chris rhea, you should give a listen to john martyn. martyn has that same smokey-sensual voice, only he's been around since moses came in from the desert. originally a folkie, hes turned into quite the jazzman with some of the nicest arrangements imaginable. some of his session musicians have included the likes of steve winwood, alan thompson, phil collins, david gilmour, peter erskine and dave pegg...just to mention a few. clapton coverd his "may you never".

its hard for me to believe that a musician of his calibre is still so obscure.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: seeing if this works?

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: YGK- Do another line

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: ............and when you build and your own website, have literally hundreds of visitors who are loyal and some who have even met, then YOU can play god, too..............

And at the end of the day, none of us will influence what our beauracracy will do.......


User: WEer | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Hey Bill- Chill. It's just St.Al playing God again.

User: New Wilco flick | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: is awesome. Perfect palliative for SD withdrawal.

User:  - seemmetouchmefeelmenotthere | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: A: Dude, don't you know the history of Woodstock or a decent bio of Pete Townshend? That's not an anti-war song. It's an anit-POLITICAL, anti-60s flower-power and revolution *nihilist* anthem!!! The Who's version of "Only a Fool Would Say That." Pete just LOVED Woodstock...NOT!!!!! Pete's a punk libertarian anarchist (not that there's anything wrong with that).

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Bill: I'm sorry you think that way but only further illustrates my point.


User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Fuck you Pat.
I'm an asshole? Coming from a man who thinks that the whole world
would be better off if everyone just did acid? I was wondering,
when will you start your daughter on psychedelic drugs dumbass?
Of course I find your politics to be sickening but that never
stops you from turning this GB into your own little war on
conservatism does it? Hey if the republicans do it, it must be
wrong right? You're a child. Also fuck Clas, unless you've
already done so.

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: According to the live DVD from RAH recorded in 2000
Meet the new boss.

Roger is clearly seen turning round & bowing to ''guest'' guitarist
Noel Gallagher.

makes me laugh every time !!!!

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Clas: I wouldn't worry about the racist. No rational person thinks like this so he's either trying to get a reaction, or he's an uneducated buffoon who just showed the rest of us what an asshole he really is... I know he's shown others...

He is entitled to his opinion no matter how fucked up it is. And this illustrates one of the reasons why I don't censor. I allow and even encourage discussion on topics outside of the framework of Steely Dan's music. Sometimes this means we read things we don't like and it makes us mad. Once I decided to do something about it. I removed a passage from someone who deserves nothing more than to be gagged, and even removed his ability to post for a period of time.

Now some of you may wonder what was so bad about this offending post .vs Bill's spew of hatred and dumbness, and this is the problem. What some might find offensive, others may not. I venture to say there are other idiots out there that think like this.

Hutch: You've got to wonder about the musicians and program directors who record this music for Muzak and AEI. I'm thinking they must sit in a studio with a big fat spiff, thinking of twisted songs, all the while giggling throughout. At various times I've intently listened for some Zappa. To me this would be the ultimate form of twisted Muzak. However, most of his compositions are too complex to reproduce in that medium. But think of how sweet it would be to hear "Bobby Brown Goes Down" or "Dirty Love"...

Speaking of movies. Has anyone seen the new Wilco movie?


User: Aint in Great... | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Do you think when the unelected fraud said;

"There's an old saying in Tennessee. I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee. It says fool me once...

...shame on...uh


Fool me...can't get fooled again."

he realized he was partially and incorrectly quoting one of the greatest anti-war songs of the last 50 years? Talk about if the shoe fits...Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss...Yikes!

We'll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet,
and the morals that they worship will be gone.
And the men who spurred us on sit in judgement of all wrong,
they decide and the shotgun sings the song.

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
take a bow for the new revolution,
smile and grin at the change all around,
take up my guitar and play
just like yesterday,
and I'll get on my knees and pray.
We don't get fooled again.

The change it had to come, we knew it all along,
we were liberated from the fold, that's all.
And the world looks just the same, and history ain't changed,
'cause the banners were all flown in the last war.


I'll move myself and my family aside,
if we happen to be left half alive,
I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky,
though I know that the hypnotized never lie.

Nothing in the street looks any different to me.
And the slogans are replaced by the by,
and the parting on the left is now parting on the right,
and the beards have all grown longer over night.


meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.

User: Beerberian @ the Castle Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: SteveeDan; I see you find time to reply to Mojo drivel BUT not to emails to ya bands website ?????? I fart in your general direction, your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberies ............LMFAO

Fingers; Mail me bud !!!! I got the news ...........

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Has anyone heard "Detroit Rock City" by Alex Sckolnik? What is the story behind this?

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Walked into a restaurant a couple of days ago. It's a Chinese buffet and they always have Musak running. As I was walking in I wondered if I was going to hear any SD. Of course one doesn't really "listen" to musak. It blends in the background until you, almost subconsciously, hear a melody.
So it took me a second to locate the downbeat and I realized I was listening to a musak version of D'yer Mak'er by Zeppelin! A little jazz guitar doing the melody. It was all I could do to keep from bursting out laughing.
Finished eating and paid the bill thinking I wouldn't hear any Dan today. I'm admiring their little indoor goldfish pond when suddenly I realize I'm listening to Snowbound. Again with the little jazzy guitar.

Ole - Have you heard these in your travels?

User: Parker | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: NEWS STORY FOR N. 3761
10:05 *DJ Bush: If UN Won't Deal With Saddam, US And Friends Will

Predictable? You betcha.


User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Bill, you're missing the point. It's not a question of limiting our response to Iraq so that we "don't rock the boat". It's a question of deciding what course of action is most likely to give us the desired results.

If The US went in to Iraq, guns blazing, with no real support from other countries, that doesn't seem to me to be a wise move. Do you really think that is likely to REDUCE the likelihood of future terrorist attacks against the US?

What the UN needs to do is act quickly. Put together a resolution that states clearly what we want Hussein to do, and by when. If he doesn't follow this resolution, or if he starts playing his usual cat-and-mouse games with the weapons inspectors, we should be prepared to act with force. If the US goes it alone, it's just opening itself up to future terrorist horrors.

And as for your statement that "the islamic world is fucked up", this blanket accusation against millions of people seems to be based on a perhaps-genuine mpeg video that a friend sent? Well, that one's been thought through carefully then. You can find apalling examples of behaviour in any group of people you like - Muslims, Christians, blacks, whites, English ...
One bad example isn't a very sound basis on which to judge a community of millions is it?

Imagine someone in Iraq, who has been sent a photograph by an outraged friend of an American paedophile committing sexual abuse against a child. The American in question is a Catholic priest. Would it be right for the Iraqi to say that the American/Christian world is "fucked up" based on the evidence of that photo? Do you see the problem here?


User: BEEBCerian | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: Why has the US singled out Iraq and why now?

Saddam Hussein has never been off the US agenda but the policy was one of containment not removal. Then two things happened.

The first was the arrival of the Republican Bush administration full of people who had been involved in the Gulf War against Saddam Hussein in 1991 (or, in the president's case, the son of the then commander-in-chief) who felt perhaps that they had left unfinished business.

The administration says that the Iraqi leader is developing weapons of mass destruction and regards him as a strategic threat both to its interests in the region, to US allies in the Arab world and to Israel.

The other thing that changed the issue was 11 September, which produced a new American doctrine of pre-emption not reaction.

Action against Iraq was put on hold until after the war in Afghanistan was over and that explains the timing of this new policy.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 19

Message: The Colder War (January 31, 2002)

By John Pilger

Last week, the US government announced that it was building the biggest-ever war machine. Military spending will rise to $379 billion, of which $50 billion will pay for its "war on terrorism".

There will be special funding for new, refined weapons of mass slaughter and for "military operations" - invasions of other countries.

Of all the extraordinary news since September 11, this is the most alarming. It is time to break our silence.

That is to say, it is time for other governments to break their silence, especially the Blair government, whose complicity in the American rampage in Afghanistan has not denied its understanding of the Bush administration's true plans and ambitions.

The recent statements of British Ministers about the "vindication" of the "outstanding success" in Afghanistan would be comical if the price of their "success" had not been paid with the lives of more than 5,000 innocent Afghani civilians and the failure to catch Osama bin Laden and anyone else of importance in the al-Qaeda network.

The Pentagon's release of deliberately provocative pictures of prisoners at Camp X-Ray on Cuba was meant to conceal this failure from the American public, who are being conditioned, along with the rest of us, to accept a permanent war footing similar to the paranoia that sustained and prolonged the Cold War.

The threat of "terrorism", some of it real, most of it invented, is the new Red Scare.

The parallels are striking.

In America in the 1950s, the Red Scare was used to justify the growth of war industries, the suspension of democratic rights and the silencing of dissenters.

That is happening now.

Above all, the American industrial-complex has a new enemy with which to justify its gargantuan appetite for public resources - the new military budget is enough to end all primary causes of poverty in the world.

Donald Rumsfeld, the Defence Secretary, says he has told the Pentagon to "think the unthinkable".

Vice President Dick Cheney, the voice of Bush, has said the US is considering military or other action against "40 to 50 countries" and warns that the new war may last 50 years or more.

A Bush adviser, Richard Perle, explained. "(There will be) no stages," he said.

"This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there ... If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely, and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage a total war, our children will sing great songs about us years from now."

Their words evoke George Orwell's great prophetic work, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

In the novel, three slogans dominate society: war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

Today's slogan, war on terrorism, also reverses meaning. The war is terrorism.

The next American attack is likely to be against Somalia, a deeply impoverished country in the Horn of Africa.

Washington claims there are al-Qaeda terrorist cells there.

This is almost certainly a fiction spread by Somalia's overbearing neighbour, Ethiopia, in order to ingratiate itself with Washington. Certainly, there are vast oil fields off the coast of Somalia.

For the Americans, there is the added attraction of "settling a score".

In 1993, in the last days of George Bush Senior's presidency, 18 American soldiers were killed in Somalia after the US Marines had invaded to "restore hope", as they put it.

A current Hollywood movie, Black Hawk Down, glamorises and lies about this episode.

It leaves out the fact that the invading Americans left behind between 7,000 and 10,000 Somalis killed.

Like the victims of American bombing in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Cambodia, and Vietnam and many other stricken countries, the Somalis are unpeople, whose deaths have no political and media value in the West.

WHEN Bush Junior's heroic marines return in their Black Hawk gunships, loaded with technology, looking for "terrorists", their victims will once again be nameless. We can then expect the release of Black Hawk Down II.

Breaking our silence means not allowing the history of our lifetimes to be written this way, with lies and the blood of innocent people. To understand the lie of what Blair/Straw/Hoon call the "outstanding success" in Afghanistan, read the work of the original author of "Total War", a man called Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was President Carter's National Security Adviser and is still a powerful force in Washington.

Brzezinski not long ago revealed that on July 3, 1979, unknown to the American public and Congress, President Jimmy Carter secretly authorised $500 million to create an international terrorist movement that would spread Islamic fundamentalism in Central Asia and "destabilise" the Soviet Union.

The CIA called this Operation Cyclone and in the following years poured $4billion into setting up Islamic training schools in Pakistan (Taliban means "student").

Young zealots were sent to the CIA's spy training camp in Virginia, where future members of al-Qaeda were taught "sabotage skills"--terrorism.

Others were recruited at an Islamic school in Brooklyn, New York, within sight of the fated Twin Towers.

In Pakistan, they were directed by British MI6 officers and trained by the SAS.

The result, quipped Brzezinski, was "a few stirred up Muslims"--meaning the Taliban.

At that time, the late 1970s, the American goal was to overthrow Afghanistan's first progressive, secular government, which had granted equal rights to women, established health care and literacy programmes and set out to break feudalism.

When the Taliban seized power in 1996, they hanged the former president from a lamp-post in Kabul.

His body was still a public spectacle when Clinton administration officials and oil company executives were entertaining Taliban leaders in Washington and Houston, Texas.

The Wall Street Journal declared: "The Taliban are the players most capable of achieving peace. Moreover, they were crucial to secure the country as a prime trans-shipment route for the export of Central Asia's vast oil, gas and other natural resources."

No American newspaper dares suggest that the prisoners
in Camp X-Ray are the product of this policy, nor that
it was one of the factors that led to the attacks of
September 11.

Nor do they ask: who were the real winners of September 11?

The day the Wall Street stockmarket opened after the destruction of the Twin Towers, the few companies showing increased value were the giant military contractors Alliant Tech Systems, Northrop Gruman, Raytheon (a contributor to New Labour) and Lockheed Martin.

As the US military's biggest supplier, Lockheed Martin's share value rose by a staggering 30 per cent.

Within six weeks of September 11, the company (with its main plant in Texas, George Bush's home state) had secured the biggest military order in history: a $200billion contract to develop a new fighter aircraft. The greatest taboo of all, which Orwell would surely recognise, is the record of the United States as a terrorist state and haven for terrorists.

This truth is virtually unknown by the American public and makes a mockery of Bush's (and Blair's) statements about "tracking down terrorists wherever they are".

They don't have to look far.

Florida, currently governed by the President's brother, Jeb Bush, has given refuge to terrorists who, like the September 11 gang, have hi-jacked aircraft and boats with guns and knives.

Most have never had criminal charges brought against them.

Why? All of them are anti-Castro Cubans. Former Guatemalan Defence Minister Gramajo Morales, who was accused of "devising and directing an indiscriminate campaign of terror against civilians", including the torture of an American nun and the massacre of eight people from one family, studied at Harvard University on a US government scholarship.

During the 1980s, thousands of people were murdered by death squads connected to the army of El Salvador, whose former chief now lives comfortably in Florida.

The former Haitian dictator, General Prosper Avril, liked to display the bloodied victims of his torture on television.

When he was overthrown, he was flown to Florida by the US government, and granted political asylum.

A leading member of the Chilean military during the reign of General Pinochet, whose special responsibility was executions and torture, lives in Miami.

The Iranian general who ran Iran's notorious prisons, is a wealthy exile in the US.

One of Pol Pot's senior henchmen, who enticed Cambodian exiles back to their certain death, lives in Mount Vernon, New York.

What all these people have in common, apart from their history of terrorism, is that they either worked directly for the US government or carried out the dirty work of US policies.

The al-Qaeda training camps are kindergartens compared with the world's leading university of terrorism at Fort Benning in Georgia. Known until recently as the School of the Americas, its graduates include almost half the cabinet ministers of the genocidal regimes in Guatemala, two thirds of the El Salvadorean army officers who committed, according to the United Nations, the worst atrocities of that country's civil war, and the head of Pinochet's secret police, who ran Chile's concentration camps.

There is terrible irony at work here. The humane response of people all over the world to the terrorism of September 11 has long been hijacked by those running a rapacious great power with a history of terrorism second to none. Global supremacy, not the defeat of terrorism, is the goal; only the politically blind believe otherwise.

The "widening gap between the world's "haves" and "have nots"', says a remarkably candid document of the US Space Command, presents "new challenges" to the world's superpower and which can only be met by "Full Spectrum Dominance"--dominance of land, sea, air and space.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: StAl - ABBA? No, I hated Abba, my friends listened to Abba, I listened to Steely Dan. But Abbas music, as Steely Dans, has survived the years, and today I can enjoy their songs when I hear them on radio or something.

And seriously Pat, are you really allowing racism on this board? Why is it this Long Island Clown can write this racist stuff about Islam (supported by the Texas doc) and nobody goes against him? He is insulting me and my Muslim friends. The Muslims/Islamic World cannot recognize themselves in the way he describes them/it.

He's a disgrace.


User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Funny how time changes things.
Just 12 months ago everyone was scared to death that the world
as we know it was coming to an end. We were willing to do anything
to secure our freedom were'nt we? We were outraged. We were willing
to take on the world if necessary. We were pissed. Well... not

Now we all talk about not rocking the boat. Let's not go into
Iraq because heaven forbid it might piss somebody off. Let's not
try to prevent any future terrorist activity because it would be
viewed as inappropriate by a few the global fence sitters out there.
Well I have an opinion on that... Fuck Em'!

As you know, the islamic world is fucked up. Not only is it fucked
up but it's REAL fucked up. Life is meaningless in the islamic
world. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me an mpeg
movie of two islamic women being stoned to death for disobeying
their husbands wishes. The women were wrapped head to toe in
white sheets and buried up to thier waists in the ground. A
large group of men, about a thousand I would say, stood around
in a circle holding large bags of rocks. When the leader gave the
word these men began throwing rocks at these women as hard as they
possibly could. The white sheets that they were wrapped in quickly
became soaked in blood. The barbarism of this was so stark that
I sat frozen in shock. The crowd of men had whipped themselves up
into a kind of psychotic religious frenzy screaming "Allah! Allah!".
They stoned those women for at least 15 minutes. It was the longest
15 minutes I've ever witnessed. The women of course were dead.
Afterwards, the crowd of men hugged and kissed each other, yelled
something about Allah, and jumped up and down in some kind of
psychotic frenzy. It took me a week to stop dreaming about it.

This is the Islamic world; fucked up, ancient, and brutal. The
9/11 terrorists came from this world. Saddam Hussien comes from
this world. The great challenge to us all is to finally tame the
Islamic world. The Isreali's know of it and are ready for it.
The Isreali's know that people like this cannot be bargained or
reasoned with. I know that most of us abhor violence and war,
but the fact is that sometimes you just can't avoid a fight.
Sometimes the fight comes to you and you have no choice but
to respond to it, see 9/11.

And so we really have no choice but to ensure that Iraq does
not possess nuclear or biological warfare capabilities. If we
don't WE WILL pay the price in the not-too-distant future for it.
This is not a statement of possibility but a stark reality.
I say lets crush the militant Islamic movement wherever it is,
in Iraq, in Syria, wherever. The price on not doing so is just
too high.

User: Winston | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: The Churchills must be SOOOO disapointed...

User: Mrs. Turnbull | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Aeschylus-it's "avenge", not revenge. Why don't you let Sophocles write this one.....

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: NY SCREENING OF TRIBUTE Tribute will be shown at a free screening (in video) at the Halcyon club in Brooklyn at an event called Mish-Massive on Monday, September 24. Here is their description of the event:

The Mishpucha group consists of about 200 people who are music wonks --- most are either writers or work in the industry. We have a free monthly event open to the public called Mish-Massive at a record store/gallery/cafe/vintage store in Brooklyn called Halcyon where we show a music-related movie and then have people perform music. It's pretty chill and brings a lot of music writers and industry people out.

This coming Monday, September 24, 2002

@ Halcyon in lovely Carroll Gardens
9 pm - 1:00 a.m. ish
227 smith street (between Butler and Douglas)
718-260-9299 -- Subway F or G to Bergen street

THE DJS: 10:30 DJ Henry Rollins (Pat Blashill)
DJ Soulcracker (Todd Kasten)

User: Aeschylus | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Doctor, you're select history is missing two years. From '91 to '93, wasn't Daddy Bush still in charge?

It's all Greek tragedy to me. The son--full of hubris brought on by the combination of cluelessness and mind-altering years of drug use--decides to revenge his Dad's biggest failing.

Unfortunately, this is the real world and not a play.

User:  - Spencer for sire | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Q: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

Here's something that might put a few gray hair on some of our legion here:

User: Clinton said it | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: about the republicans and said the whole thing without a problem unlike our fearful leader.

User: Penno | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: FINGERS: The website is down, is this significant ? Please tell me its not :(

User: Q | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: u- you are too much, man.
IMHO, you are The King of the GB, even if only just on effort alone, as well as other attributes.

Where do you get the time?

Pete - doin' it again! good job -again...


User: Q | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: u- you are too much, man.
IMHO, you are The King of the GB, even if only just on effort alone, as well as other attributes.

Where do you get the time?

Pete - doin' it again! good job -again...


User: Q | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: u- you are too much, man.
IMHO, you are The King of the GB, even if only just on effort alone, as well as other attributes.

Where do you get the time?

Pete - doin' it again! good job -again...


User: Q | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: u- you are too much, man.

IMHO, you are The King of the GB, even if only just on effort alone, as well as other attributes.

Where do you get the time?

Pete - doin' it again! good job -again...


User: Q | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: u- you are too much, man.

IMHO, you are The King of the GB, even if only just on effort alone, as well as other attributes.

Where do you get the time?

Pete - doin' it again! good job -again...


User:  - Gaaaahhhhhhaaahhhhlllleeeeeee | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: St. Al: That was orchestrated with good cop/bad cop strategy to make Saddam know we're serious - not like Clinton in 98 - otherwise, what's the point, besides a mushroom cloud?...Saddam figured W would back down like Clinton and Team UN in 91. Former Evil Genius Dick Morris contends that Saddam is still overconfident that he can play the shell game with the UN Inspector Clouseaus. Team UN means police action or usually inaction...The history of these police actions has been mixed at best. For every success: Kosovo (even though more MUSLIM natives were killed by Serbs after the bombing starte than before on their Bataan-like death march) and semi-success like the Gulf War, there are horrendous tragedies: Somalia, Vietnam, and to only a lesser extent Korea...

Quiz: the origination of that quote was Gomer Pyle circa 1966...Clinton tried it in the mid 90s also...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

User: duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: if only i'de kept all my old Mad's
i had 76 -80....all of them.

if i had a penny!!!!

User: Aja............working like a dog | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Has anyone else noticed that Dubya is the spitting image of Alfred E. Neuman?


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: i know i know!!!!!



can you dig it?

does this guy read?

what me, worry?

hey ge, angel, aus, should i post that thank you letter to dubyah? it is a little long...

User: QuizMaster | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Who said:

"There's an old saying in Tennessee -- I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee -- that says: Fool me once, shame on [pause] shame on you. [Pause] Fool me [long, uncomfortable, agonizing pause] you can't get fooled again"

Your choices are:

(A) Bozo the Clown
(B) Roger Daltrey
(C) I Am Sam
(D) George W Bush

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Mu: Come on my good man. Life is all about making decisions based on current circumstances. I am in no quandary. My concern was/is based on the chest thumping being done by Georgie boy without the support of the UN or our allies. Very real damage would be done do to the credibility of the United States at a time it's more critical than ever. Stay focused on the ball, not the bounce.

I think I've beat this dead horse enough.

Once again you lucky cats in NYC get to experience something special. I'm envious.

Clas: I suppose you liked ABBA too? Must have drove 'ol Cliff Richards nuts -- the US (which is where the real $ are) thumbing their nose up at him while he had so much success in Europe.


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: chris rea? excellent choice whoever posted his lyrics - that guy is so smooth and his sound is crystal clear, great guitar work!

i used to be on "the road to hell" but now i'm "on the beach"

in england, when the "road to hell" came out, they had great posters for the release all around the subway, it was a very cool poster, i remember contemplating a method of stealing one from behind plexi-glass, but i didn't think the embassy would be happy with me upon any arrest

of course, he's best known for his early single "fool if you think it's over" - a song to broken young love - "newborn eyes always cry in pain..." remember?

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Love Bob has again been nominated as the "best bar band" in the San Diego Music Awards (in fact, both Rockola and The Steely Damned were nominated in the same category ensuring that Bob's bands will split their own vote). The voting is open to everyone so if you feel like it, go to and cast your vote. [Mike Keneally's Wooden Smoke also is nominated for Best Rock Album however, this is not a "publilc" category which means you can't vote on it.
Despite being nominated for best rock lp, Keneally is not nominated as best
"anything" in the public category -- which means he can only be a write in, wink, wink ;-)

I put the link to the voting page in "my homepage" above.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Tomorrow night: Tribute the Movie in LA SILVERLAKE FILM FESTIVAL: Thursday, September 19th @ 9:00 p.m. Vista Theater, 4473 Sunset Dr.(Hollywood & Sunset) For tickets please call 866-468-3399

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 18

'I agree Omaritan's piano on Katy (Lied) is magnificent - the interplay between guitar (Carlton) and piano and horns on the instrumental break in "Throw Back the Little Ones" is a pinnacle in my book.'

Saw the above reference to 'Katy Lied' here on the 'Sign In Stranger Guestbook' and thought I'd mention that various sources over the years have indicated that Larry Carlton only got involved in the sessions for 'Katy Lied' very late in the recording, thus he was only invited to contribute the rhythm guitar track to "Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More." The lead guitar on "Throw Back the Little Ones" was played by Elliot Randall; in many circles the guitar solo(s) on 'Your Gold Teeth II' are also frequently and wrongfully attributed to Larry Carlton as well, when they were actually played by Denny Dias-

"No fooling it's a fucked up world..." - Walter Becker, 'Junkie Girl'


User: "Joesephine" | Month: 8 | Day: 18

There's rain on my window
But I'm thinking of you
Tears on my pillow
but I will come through
I send you all my love
Storm on my radar but I can still fly
You are the reason
The blue in my sky
A life without reason
I was walking away
In the coldest of winters
Then night becomes day
I send you all my love

Chris Rea

"Shamrock Diaries" 85' & version 2 "New Light Through Old Windows" 88'


User: Actual Quiz Answer!!! | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Who said it quote:

"Everybody says I seek war, but I must be conscious of my responsibilities.
The menace to our country is such that it cannot be ignored.
There is ample proof of the aims of our enemy, and I thank God Almighty
for giving me the strength and the knowledge to do what must be done."

This was actually said by Adolph Hitler.
Bush says the same things, just not coherently

I knew the reference to God would throw everyone but all power hungry madmen use God to justify their actions.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: ...If we went it alone against Iraq, we're cowboys...

User: Midnite Cruiser | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Pete....that's very cool to host such a great show for a great cause....wish I could attend....hope to see you on the road again during the next tour.

so ole's swamped at the moment....anyone else good at the logistics of putting a Dan Fest together?

ole....the Orange Peel looks way cool! can't think of a nicer place to be this time of year....any Fall color there yet?

re: politics: I seriously doubt that anyone here will change anyone else's mind....most of us know where the others political beliefs lie.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: SteveE: Katy is next, which should be a bit easier than Scam...swamped at work...updating my hardware at home - kids get their own classic iMac, me an eMac - just have to figure out how to climb out of all this debt - looks like I'll shift it around by remortgaging the house...

Jimbo: Boy, do I agree with your good news bad news: Jane Monheit really has a set of ....pipes...a cross between Corinne Drewery of Swing Out Sister and Barbara Streisand - I saw on her "new one" that she's covering the Libby Titus tune Love Has No Pride. Can't say I agree with a word beforehand...just a hint: mentioning George Michael NEVER strengthens your case....

St.Al: you must be in a quandary. If we went it alone against Iraq, if we move with the help of the UN, we're the World's policeman. Hope we can keep Saddam in a box, but we could bareln do that with Cuba 90 miles away. Plus, as I've mentioned twice here, sources have told me that we've been bombing Iraq every day since 1992 anyway. Looks like Time finally caught up...can't understand why this wasn't mentioned under Clinton...hmmmmm...,9171,1101020923-351234,00.html

BTW, all the CDs you own - made from oil
That computer, scanner, etc. in front of you - made from oil...I mean I guess we could all join the Artist Formerly Known as Cat Stevens...

Some people burn flags, some people burn post-Lawyers in Love albums by Jackson Browne...I'm sorry but Lives in the Balance was one of the most disappointing albums I've ever bought - sterile and lifeless sounding...

I agree Omaritan's piano on Katy is magnificent - the interplay between guitar (Carlton) and piano and horns on the instrumental break in Throw Back the Little Ones is a pinnacle in my book. Any World was recorded first and has Hal Blaine on drums instead of Porcaro - that still sounds like omartian, don't you think Howard? C?
If I think quintessential SD sound I think Omartian on piano, Walter and Carlton and Parks on guitar a la Katy and Western World...

User: Moll...........again | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Found this, and thought it was nice. I wanted to share with you all.

This is the beginning of a new day
God Has given me this day to use as I will.
I can waste it, or grow in it's light
And be a service to others.
But what I do with this day is important.
Because I have exchanged a day in my life for it.
When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever.
I hope I will not regret the price I paid for today.

Be peaceful and loving, especially with yourselves.. M

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Hello all!!!! Guys, I heard a rumor that Rick Derringer is putting out a jazz CD. Has anyone else heard this? Yay! if it's true. :)

well back to work......M

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 18


Some great posts/discussion (about Steely Dan[!]) on 'the blue book' over at Hoops McCann's (, for those who haven't checked in over there lately-

"Where did the bastard run / is he still around / now you gotta tell me everything / you did baby..." - Steely Dan, 'Everything You Did'


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: I'll be there if Felicia's there.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 18

Message: Howard - I too used to see the Katy Lied as a piano-album, but as you say, there are great guitar-grooves there too; "Daddy don't live...", "Chain Lightning" and my favourite, both guitar and piano: "Throw back the Little Ones".

StAl - don't you remember "...walkin' talkin' - livin' doll"? Shame on you!


Good news part II

Jackson Brownes new studio album THE NAKED RIDE HOME will be released Tuesday, September 24th in the US and Australia!

User: Dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: just answering the quiz -- I don't want it to look like I'm the one quoting FDR...

User: Dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: "Everybody says I seek war, but I must be conscious of my responsibilities.
The menace to our country is such that it cannot be ignored.
There is ample proof of the aims of our enemy, and I thank God Almighty
for giving me the strength and the knowledge to do what must be done."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Coke or Pepsi? Grape Nehi or one of those iced coffee drinks.

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Interesting anology of the economy and the activities of both Becker and Fagen. Very interesting. I think you should e-mail that connection to Louis Rukeyser.

My views on this Iraq mess- George W. had his moment with 9/11/01, but the party's over. The sucking up to him is done and time to return to reality. I think that had George W. started bombing Iraq, the focus on Bin Laden would be lost and another 9/11/01 would occur again. If so, George W. would be rallying a majority of Americans seeking a safe
state of mind rather than facing all perspectives across the country. Lack of freedoms would be a priority until his reign had ended. Freedom of speech would be a thing of the past and we'd have to listen to fucking country music for the rest of our lives.

The economy is in deep shit right now. George W. is surrounded by a bunch of old men who tell him to live up and past his father's legacy.
Bombing Iraq would suck the budget dry. The military economy would
suck up money for education, agriculture, arts, civil rights, space exploration and programs for youths to keep them in schools and out of jails and poverty.

If you saw George Michael's video in which Tony Blair comes up to George W. like an obedient pup, you know that the word sellout is what's going on in Britain. I hope we don't sell out to a point in which we are forced not to question the motives of Congress or any Administration.

Whew! That's all for me and the Iraq thing.


Jane Monheit has a new CD out.

Kenny G. has a new CD out.

Norah Jones is #6 on CD charts and goes Platinum.

Jane Monheit got married recently :( Story of my life. I'll live.

Wonder if Joyce Cooling or Carolyn Leonhart are single.

Gotta Go! See Ya!

User: Pete | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: For those in the NYC area this Monday (9/23)-- Le Bar Bat is hosting a benefit for original Tower of Power bass player Francis Rocco Prestia, who recently underwent a successful liver transplant.

Here's the info from Rocco's site (

NEW YORK CITY BENEFIT GIG. Many of New York's world-renowned bass players (Will Lee, Matt Garrison, Bakithi Kumalo, Neil Jason, Lonnie Plaxico, and Francisco Centeno; check back for complete list), several Tower of Power alumni, and other special guests will be performing with Lee Finkelstein and Funk Filharmonik during "An Evening for the ROC" on Monday, September 23, 2002, beginning at 9:30 p.m., at Le Bar Bat, 311 West 57th Street, New York, New York.

Scheduled to appear are ELEVEN Tower of Power alumni: Lenny Pickett (saxophone), Norbert Stachel (saxophone), Greg Adams (trumpet), Tom Bowes (vocals), Brent Carter (vocals), David Mann (saxophone), Don Harris (trumpet), John Scarpulla (saxophone), Barry Danielian (trumpet), Tom Timko (saxophone), and Al Chez (trumpet). Will Lee and Al Chez are members of the CBS Orchestra (Late Night with David Letterman). Other artists are yet to be announced. Host and MC: Chris Jisi from Bass Player Magazine (Chris is the interviewer on Rocco's video). Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra are expected to come down as well.

This is going to be a huge, funk-filled evening of entertainment! Admission is $20.00 at the door. 100% of proceeds from this event go directly to the Rocco Prestia Medical Fund. More details forthcoming. If you are anywhere on the East Coast and you miss this gig, you will never forgive yourself! For venue information, call Le Bar Bat at 212-307-7228 or visit their Web site at: For more information, contact Frank Abadie, Jr. at:

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message:  - How are things going on your project to identify all of the musicians on all of the Steely Dan songs?

User:  - no mas | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: military = lilitary

User:  - cut off at the pass | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: definition of "is" is

User:  - that depends on what the defifnition of | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: "...T (sic) this end, the Government of the Republic of Iraq is ready to discuss the **practical arrangements** necessary for the immediate resumption of inspections..."

from the CNN text of the Iraqi letter - the weasel out clause

We can only hope that when Saddam sees that the world including Isamic no longer supports him, he'll lay out all his cards, but since he's never done that before...

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: llast half of 2001

User:  $%#^%$#^%$# | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Damn, St. Al - fix this damn thing so formatting. even using the "space" key works....

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Gina: type hastily and miracles happen

St. Al: We would all like to avoid war. Iraq's letter to the UN is a smal first step and and expected one. The unconditional inspections of course have restrictionis. Non-military sites are excluded (palaces, hospitals, schools which is where of course Saddam is hiding the weapons of mass destruction. Saddam has to know we are srious - the drums of war were pounded by Clinton and Daschle in 1998 (I noticed no one on this board complaining then), token inspections took place, and Saddam knew he had called our bluff. The leaks of lilitary movements are not an accident. Saddam needs to be convinced that 43 would finish him off if war begins.

41 gathered a coalition and stuck to the resolutions. Unfortunately, one of those limited our role in the Gulf War to freeing Kuwait and not eliminating Saddam. I find it ironic that many who use that Iraqi interruptus argument would have or Did oppose the Gulf War to begin with...

43 has also gathered a coalition - to turn around the Saudis and French is no small task...

So what are the goals? Given that Saddam is responsible for (a) the deaths of 1,500,000 human beings since 1978, (b) has consistently whown no qualms about using chemical and biological weapons, (c) has strong ties to terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda (look for Tony Blair's report this week), (d) complete disregard for the UN resolutions, international laaw, and human decency, and (d) is on the brink of developing nukes there is no choice but to put him in a box, remove completely his mass destruction arsenal and capabilities, or eliminate him. One-time head of Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program Dr. Khidir Hamza said Saturday that Saddam has enough enriched uranium for 3 nukes possibly by the end of the year.

Thus the No 1 goal is for complete and unfettered inspections and now. Why? Chemical and biological weapons and infrastructure can be moved around, BUT nukes CANNOT. It's a cat and nouse game. If we find nuke infrastructure and Saddam resists or limits inspections the there is in my view no choice but to eliminate him of them by any means possible...

The Bottom Line is that we need a new Steely Dan album. I've prepared a timeline of SD milestones (the good times and the bad) with critical US events... Conicidence? acausal Synchronicity? or Meta-Physical causality? You decide!

Year Steely Dan US News

1969 Walter drops out of school Nixon elected
W&D Can't Sell a Thrill at the Brill "Nam rages on
Jay & Americans best gig around

1972 SD first album released late in yr End of direct
2 hit singles American partic.
in "Nam
Hits by Chicago are
not in front of Dem

1974 Rikki becomes SD best selling Nixon resigns
single. W&D out of hock

1977 SD masterpiece Aja released Nixon/Ford era ends
unexpected hit

1979 SD mired in studio struggling to Americans held
finish Gaucho hostage by Iran
Iggles release Long
Run - unexpected hit
"Misery Index" hits
all-time high

1980 real October surprise - Gaucho bogus haircuts
finally released outlawed
Hey 19 a hit in early 81 Disco dead
Hostages released

1981 SD breaks up Country sinks into

1982 The Nightfly released Economy starts long

ca.1986 SD, 2nd Fagen albums aborted Really bad tax reform
Ark-La-Tex and
Oklahoma oil bust
that area sinks into
economic Depression
causes S&L collapse
increasing deficit
1987 stock correction
portends economic
slowdown of early 90s

1988 Fagen finishes soundtrack for Mr. Gorbechev tear down
Bright Lights Big City that wall
includes Century's End

1993, 1994 Fagen, Becker solo albums Economy bounces back

1996-1999 SD mired in studio making TvN Clinton scandal after

2000 Two Against Nature released Economy the best ever

lst half of 2001 SD mired in studio yet again Economy collapses

Need I say more...

User: chirp..chirp..chirp | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: acK!

User: Beerberian off to | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Bluz; Sorry mate had to go catch up on the BS ...catch u @ the w/e

FINGERS; You got mail & Support a plenty

User: Quiz Time | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Guess who said it:

"Everybody says I seek war, but I must be conscious of my responsibilities.
The menace to our country is such that it cannot be ignored.
There is ample proof of the aims of our enemy, and I thank God Almighty
for giving me the strength and the knowledge to do what must be done."

A. Franklin D. Roosevelt

B. Adolph Hitler

C. George W. Bush

D. Richard M. Nixon

E. Saddam Hussein

Answer later tonight...

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Poor YGK...

Click on the link in the HTML field above. Too big to fit here...

Suit and tie... I'll bet that career in rock and roll is starting to sound better than ever.

Aus: Gotta love a good baseball analogy. All of life can be explained with quotes from Yogi Bera.


User: angel (Acting like Miss Turnbull) | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Royscam: You said:
"Angel~ Okay , you called the "Short Skirt" outro first, but I followed suit with my praise early enough to get at least partial credit for it's recognition."
I hereby give you partial credit and no further homework for the week. :-)

I actually have to watch out when I sing "Short Skirt". Someone's gonna think strange things about me....not like singing Steely Dan songs are easy in public, either. :-)

On the music front. This Italian Catholic attended temple yesterday and was totally blown away when they had a Harpist and a bass player accompaning the Cantor. Absolutely beautiful music that gave me shivers.

Adding to my ecletic summer music concerts, I will be attending the LA Philharmonic performance in the new Cathedral, as part of the Festival of Sacred Music Concerts. Should be very interesting for this rock music
lover. :-)

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Vanna: Here's another analogy: He was born on third base and he acts like he hit a triple.


User: I'll pick a lower case letter, Vanna | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: I'm sure Bush does want to fulfill his father's incomplete mission and I'm ashamed he's prez. He's a child of privilege who inherited the family business but doesn't know how to run it. It's like when the family biz gets into the son's hands and he runs it into the ground because he's never had to exert hard work on his own to achieve the business's position.

But even Clinton has made a viable case that Hussein must go. Hussein has even outright murdered his own people for what is basically his own ego. (Sure, one might argue that the current administration effectively does the same, but surely not as brutally or overtly).

Clinton argued last week, that the sanctions over the past decade have indeed weakened Hussein to the point where the USA could off him in a week. The real issue is, that as this evil and vain Hussein is taken down, he will annihilate Israel (apocalypse anyone?) and, moreover, pass along a chunk of his biological and chemical arsenal to other terrorist organizations, such as independent Al Quaida cells, for them to use for years long after Hussein is dead and gone. If we kill him, the initial scourge will be gone but offing Hussein will probably scatter it, not unlike in some ways, the Andromeda Strain.

This is why it is important to build a consensus rather than acting on our own. We need not to strain our relationships with others, especially those in Europe, who could at least collaborate on hunting terrorists long term. Without good communication between the US and friendly (although not necessarily US-loyal) nations, the terrorists will deep-six us all by effectively organizing and communicating better. I don't fault Bush for wanting to get Hussein; I fault him for being a terrible communicator and mediator. The Prez of the US not only leads our country, but by our position in the world, he leads the free world. He is ignoring much of our friends concerns. That is why I do not think he is fit to be President and that is the part that he is doing wrong. The terrorists are getting organized and communicate for a common goal. Bush is not uniting the anti-terrorist forces of the world, he is creating tension and dividing these forces of *relative* good.

User: Proof-is-in-the-puddin' | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command is seeking
another commercial vessel to ship military hardware from Northern Europe to the
Persian Gulf, MSC spokeswoman Trish Larson said Tuesday.
The Military Sealift Command has requested a roll-on, roll-off vessel to ship
51,000 square feet of hardware, including "rolling stock, breakbulk cargo and
containers," Larson said.
The latest planned shipment is slightly smaller than another commercial vessel
booked earlier this month to ship 56,000 square feet of military hardware -
including 67 pieces of track cargo, general cargo, containerized cargo and
rolling stock - from the southeastern U.S. to the Persian Gulf.
Larson said Tuesday that she had no information on whether the latest planned
shipment is part of a buildup in preparation for any military action against
"This is a very small shipment," she said. "We're putting out requests for
proposals all the time. This is a routine matter for us."
The military also confirmed last month that it had requested commercial
shipment of military hardware to the Red Sea. A spokesman for the U.S. Central
Command described the shipment of 48,000 square feet of hardware - including
helicopters, rolling stock, breakbulk cargo and ammunition - as "routine in

US Stance Feeds Market Fear Of Buildup

President George W. Bush's unyielding position on Iraq has helped to feed
speculation in the oil market that recent military shipments to the Persian
Gulf aren't routine, but rather are preparations for war with Iraq. News of
recent chartering helped to push U.S. oil prices above $28 a barrel, brokers
Bush has repeatedly stated that his administration's policy on Iraq is to seek
a "regime change."
The White House is keeping the pressure on Iraq, despite Baghdad's
announcement Monday that it will allow U.N. weapons inspectors back into Iraq
without preconditions.
The Bush administration downplayed the Iraqi offer as "a tactical step by Iraq
in hopes of avoiding strong U.N. Security Council action." Secretary of State
Colin Powell said he would continue to press for adoption of a tough Security
Council resolution.
U.S. oil prices traded Tuesday afternoon around $28.78 a barrel, or 54 cents
off the day's low, on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
In addition to the recent Navy arms shipments on commercial vessels, the
Military Sealift Command also confirmed last month that it had awarded Maersk
Line Ltd. of Norfolk, Va., a five-year contract for operating eight ships to
"strategically preposition Army equipment in the Indian Ocean near Diego
The large, Watson-class ships covered in the Maersk contract carry 33% of all
prepositioned Army equipment. Each vessel can carry an entire U.S. Army Armor
Task Force including 58 tanks and 48 other tracked vehicles, plus more than 900
trucks and other wheeled vehicles, according to an MSC statement.
-By Stephen Parker, Dow Jones Newswires; 201-938-4426;

01:11 PM- - 01 11 PM EDT 09-17-02

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: W1P: Are you busting my balls? I answered all your questions. Breeding, education and life experience. And I'll add a new one. Opinion. Now, answer mine! Where are you going with this? What is your point? Damn lawyers...:)

St Al, are you Clas? Because if you are then I'm busting your balls.

User: VengeanceIsMine | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: We owe Hussien for September 11th and he IS going to pay for it.
Nothing/Nobody can stop that from happening now. After Iraq, lets
get Syria and North Korea too. I'm sick of those neanderthals.

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Beemer: The reality is dramatically simple. George Dubya simply wants to finish what his father wouldn't (in spite of General Shwartzkopf's [sp.] insistance to obliterate the Iraquis while they were on the run and proceed all the way to the presidential palace). One need not a degree in political science to see what our president's exhortations before the UN counsil really were about. He's asking for world wide consensus where he's convinsed he will not. If you read the transcript, it is unequivocal that we will go to war with Iraq irrespective of what the world says. Our "leverage" for such action is this: September 11, 2001. Now, Iraq has acceeded to unconditional access to weapons cachets...they are calling Dubya's bluff. You heard it here first: We WILL go to war with Iraq no matter what.


User: Mistress of Mayhem | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Hi everyone!
Floridave, I enjoyed talking with you bud. BTW you are the hip! So hip that you can just be. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were good....lmao I wouldn't listen to them on a regular basis, but it was nice a Evening out.. :)
Miz Ducky, damn ! I hate that I didn't get the chance to jaw with you Sunday. Hope all is well.
SteveeDan, my sweet Teddybear man... Was very nice to see you. I'll send those things in a day or so.. (gotta find em) Kiss the little man for me.
Facey, where are you girl? I'm still waiting on the report about Robert Plant. :)
Bluz, I dug out my Son Seal stuff after we talked. My god he could play.. Man, I would have loved to have seen him live... Talk soon?!!! Thanks for calling, you always know the right thing to say.
WJAZ, where are you bud? Not with the Starland Vocal Band I hope... lol *wink*
Josie, nice talking with you as well.
Sugarbear Chere, honey where are you? Hope all is fine down your way. Been casting my own spells these days... *wink*
Steelydoubt aka Den, hey kiddo let me know how you're doing..
My Viking Warrior, it was nice to hear your voice. I'd missed you. No worries babe. Keep listening to Steely and SRV.... I know you can break free from Techno-music's evil spell. lol lol The poem was lovely by the way. Talk later ....
St Al, was nice talking to you my handsome studmuffin! If ya ever get a hankering for a boney red head... look me lol :)

well off to my furnace today
be peaceful and loving M

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: LP: Your brother was only partly right. All along there's been the argument that Bush might be playing a bluffing game but I don't believe this for one minute. Bush was prepared to attack Iraq no matter what happened. Oh, and by the way, he just might flinch in the process... Can't play that game unless you're willing to back it up. And I agree with Howard. The UN must spell out EXACTLY what it requires from Iraq. Furthermore, if Iraq doesn't abide by strict UN guidelines, then force should be reconsidered based on circumstances of the time. The key here is consensus.

I'm not that much of a pacifist. But based on everything we were hearing prior to last night, I was concerned that the US might make the mistake of acting alone on this one. Which we all know would be have been a major mistake.

W1P: Are you busting my balls? I answered all your questions. Breeding, education and life experience. And I'll add a new one. Opinion. Now, answer mine! Where are you going with this? What is your point? Damn lawyers...:)

Clas: Cliff Richard is still alive? All I remember about that guy were those socks. Certainly not his music...

Roy: It's on Pat's birthday wish list. And if I don't get it next week, then it's going on my Xmas list. And if I don't get it for Xmas, then I'm buying it myself...


User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: St. Al: Pepsi? He/she/it ain't that hip......


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: hey, i guess my brother was right - a few days ago i asked his opinion on the iraq situation and he said he thought bush was bluffing in order to get hussein to acquiesce and let the inspectors in, saying "if you were going to attack someone, would you go to the NY Times and tell them exactly how you were going to do it, where we would land, who would be fighting, etc? i'm surprised bush didn't ask for iraq to set up hotel rooms for everyone" - neither of us are bush fans but we agreed it may be just a bluff and it seems like it might have been...we'll see if it works, but if he changes his mind, we have to be prepared to take action

very strange world, indeed

he's the king of the world as far as we know?

but it is making us forget about our 401k's now isn't it?

User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Clas: Understood. Omartian's role in Katy Lied is huge, and perhaps not as widely appreciated as it should be? Larry Carlton's impact on the rock'n'roll edged guitar sound of Scam IS more widely appreciated, but Omartian (+Bosendorfer) had just as big if not a bigger impact on Katy.

Funny thing is, for a long time I considered Katy to be "a piano album", which in many ways it is, but more recently I've realised that there is so much superb guitar playing on ther album. More understated, but there are so many great rhythm guitar parts there, with a freshness and style that you can't find on other albums.

Aja: the real Bush/Iraq agenda? Who knows. Plenty of cynical possibilities though - elections, voter ratings, oil prices...

The "hindsight" article was kind of interesting. Quite amusing, except that some people probably actually believe some of that crap. Isn't it truly shocking that European leaders "actively sought ways to avoid war". What were they thinking?!? Why didn't they just step in at the first sign of trouble and bomb the f*** out of Germany eh? THAT would have sorted things out and produced a lasting peace.

Interesting developments today though - Iraq sends a message to the UN saying it will accept the "unconditional return of UN weapons inspectors". On the one hand, it's a step in the right direction, but lets face it - Iraq is playing games now, and it does this kind of thing very well. Just as international opinion showed signs of coming together to force the issue, Iraq says "OK folks, we give in - come and have a look. We'll be nice now".
The risk is that the momemtum is lost, and some countries start to think the issue is resolving itself. What's needed now is a strong UN resolution that specifies exactly what UN weapons inspectors will be allowed to do (basically, to look wherever they want, whenever they want). Also, there should be a very firm declaration that if there is any obstruction or time-wasting by Iraq, then the UN will act with force. This HAS to be stated explicitly from the start, so that if (more likely WHEN) Iraq starts obstructing the inspections, we have an international agreement as to what will be done. It's at that point that the use of force is justified.


User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: StAl - or is it Tommy Steele you adore?

I don't remember.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 17

Message: Howard - what I mean is; thanx for telling me it's Omartian. And well put on our US problem.

StAl - Cliff Richard was in Sweden last week. On the TV show "BingoLotto".

If you want a tape of his performance, email me.

User: uhum | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: DIF_no static:

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Howard - Omartian. Katy Lied is a great album, with the Bosendorfer glimmering allover.

Good points too, on the USA-problem.

Beerberian - uh, yes, the Liberal Party. Populistic pinheads.

User: Roy.Scam | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Happy 77th Birthday to B.B. King, a man who has influenced nearly every important modern era guitarist (not the least of which is Walter Becker). It strikes me that the B.B. influence on Walter has become clearer over the years and is most obvious on the Two Against Nature album.

St.Al~ The DVD version of "The Last Waltz" has an extended jam session with most of the concert's guests participating, lest your fine wife be concerned that they just paraded all those musical legends across the stage and unceremoniously dismissed them. In fact, the whole evening's activities apparently went on to the point that the people involved were exhausted (rather than short changed). They also filmed some of the acts later, at a different location, for the sake of the movie(e.g., The Staples and Emmylou Harris). -- Still my favorite rock music film until such time that Woody Allen and Robert Altman combine to direct a Steely Dan documentary.

Angel~ Okay , you called the "Short Skirt" outro first, but I followed suit with my praise early enough to get at least partial credit for it's recognition.

Important listening tip: If you listen to Steely Dan music over a long distance in a short time, say from Katy Lied through Two Against Nature in less than an hour, you could experience a disorienting Dan-lag which could last for 3 to 4 songs. If this happens, be sure to get plenty of rest between songs, retain proper woofer/tweeter balance, avoid frenetic sax solos, and DO NOT attempt to whistle along with guitar solos. A lag afflicted Arizona man once sustained multiple fractures of the thorax and third chakra while trying to gargle along with the synth solo in "King of the World".


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Hello everyone, I try not to discuss politics much because it only creates conflict. I think Dr Mu is still pissed at me over my posts concerning Bill lol (hope not Sugarman) *wink* But here's my two cents:
I agree with much of Tones and Howard statements. I recall reading an article on Terrorism about 7 years ago. The anti-terrorist experts all stated that America would have terrorist attacks. It wasn't a matter of "if" but "when". Most of the World has had to contend with terrorism for a very long time. We in America were foolish to think that we were secure from terrorism here in our country. The article also expounded on Terrorist "Sleeper" cells. It stated that men of Arabic origins were marrying women from other parts of the world,and in some instances having families, as a cover for their terrorist intentions. They believed that a girlfriend of one of the terrorist who blew up flight 103 in Lockerbie Scotland, had unknowingly carried an explosive device onto the plane disguised as a gift. Her "lover" had sent her and the others to their death. That was a pretty chilling example of the depth of these terrorist hatred and committment. I recall trying to discuss this Article with several people and they weren't interested. Nor it would appear, was our Government.
The bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the simultaneous bombings of the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the attack on the Archilles Laural, The 250 marines killed in Beirut, were all warnings that we didn't heed.Thus, we paid the consquences...
I have two brothers and a very close friend in Afghanistan. It was their choice. They are military professionals doing what they were paid to do. But I'd hate to lose them just to further George Bush Jr.'s political agenda. Moreover, the people who are so gung ho about getting into a conflict with Iraq may change their minds when their loved ones begin to come home in body bags. Like most, I was sickened by the devastation and carnage of 9-11. Yet I can see as many people getting killed and injured if we go to war with Iraq. Dead is dead, no matter what the cause or reason.

User: dif___no static at all... | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: i heard a lovely piece for chamber orchestra on my way home from work this morning. when i phoned our local NPR affiliate to inquire, i was told the composer was a contemporary italian named respighi.

can anyone give me any information on this guy?

lisa g or daddy g perhaps?

User: The Viking(changing his undies) | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Babes-ever hear the expression "shittin a brick"?. You just heard the sound of a (allegedly) fully-grown man doing just that. As our mutual friend would say-"EEK"-sorry for the nonsense-better next time I promise.
Was surprised, and surprisingly pleased to hear "peg" today-thats the original song that was re-done rather questionably by A Tribe called Quest-I think it was-titled "I know I love you better"-rather fitting. Correct me if I'm wrong SD fans, aint sure about that.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: So the man who apparently claims to have "perspective" (or at least claims to know who has perspective) is unwilling or unable to explain how he came across this knowledge/gift? Is it in your nature? Was it in your nuture? Was it a little of both? If we lack perspective can we acquire by the same means by which it was conferred upon you?

User: fezo | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: should be interesting indeed

the commander-in-thief will have to find another bad guy between now and the November elections

i predict the sudden ressurection of Bin Laden

User: rusty | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Regardless of Hussien the world will always be full of dicatators wilst we don't stop military coups? So surely the question is of reducing the production of armaments! These dicatators don't manufacture their own arms; the developed world sells the armaments to them. Surely a closer scruitany check of potential customers is more the order of the day?

User: StAlphonzo | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Just read headline on the Drudge Report:

"Iraq Accepts UN Inspections Without Preconditions"

Looks like they flinched. Interesting...


User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Dif: God doesn't exist. But if he/she did he/she'd drink Pepsi...

Beer, Tones: My mistake. I was a week early on the Gabriel plug. I asked once before but any opinions on the single -- Barry Williams Show? I'm liking it more and more.

Right-winged hooey. That's what you'll find over at Scary thing is these people actually believe that shit. That woman should be ashamed of herself for thinking like that.

But then again, you sure get a lot of left-winged hooey here, so...

But we know we're right, right? Er, is that left is right? Yeah, whatever.


User: dif___WHAT GOD WANTS (part one)... | Month: 8 | Day: 16


what god wants is to buy the world a coke and live in harmony.

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: RE: hindsight is 20/20

There are some people in the UK who are prepared stand up and be counted.

He's had 10 years.

I think that's long enough.

I'm a 37yr old graphic designer.

YOU tell me when & where to report & i'll be there

the army need graphics right ?

User: Aja.........retching | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Sorry, (lack of) 20/20 hindsight, but it's that self-agrandizing attitude that alienates the rest of the world, who really do count. It ain't just all about us.


User: FINGERS | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: lp

No seems these geeks have latched onto using email addresses or variations of ones that will be familiar to folks. That's why I opened it (knowing I had virus protection first). I didn't mean to imply that you were the sender at all, please forgive me if I gave that, I was just telling others on the GB to be on the lookout for these tricks.
Cheers, Paul

User: hindsight is 20/20... promoting | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Neville Chamberlain's Grandchildren
By Tammy Bruce | September 13, 2002

It's time to be honest. In the 1930's it was Europe's responsibility to stop Hitler. His book Mein Kampf provided a blueprint about his plans. European leaders did something worse than doing nothing however-they actively sought ways to avoid war, to avoid confronting the evil among them and chose instead to appease the devil. The most complicit in this was the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain.

Now, in 2002, it is our responsibility to stop Saddam Hussein and yet the whining Grandchildren of Chamberlain, now strewn throughout Europe and the world, have felt compelled to demand we not attack Iraq. As though they have some say. As though they have a track record of making good decisions about what to do with madmen. Let's be honest here no one, especially in Europe, has the moral standing to tell us what to do when faced with war and evil. They lost that right when they accepted hundreds of thousands of American deaths to save their soil from the monsters they refused to stop early on.

In 1938 Chamberlain returned home from his meeting with Hitler and shared his deluded fantasy with the British people, ""...My good friendsa British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep."

No one would sleep a quiet sleep for another seven years courtesy of European cowardice, fear, and fantasy. There's a reason why the USA is the sole superpower in the world it's because we have saved the world twice over in the last century from destroying itself. On two occasions we were drawn into a bloodbath created by Europeans (and Asians), who have had thousands of years to get civilization right and still have a craven need to bow to evil. They stared Hitler in the face, either joined him or did nothing, were getting slaughtered, and were saved by us. We are not who we are today by arrogance or choice it was fate. We are great simply by the relative weakness and the pathetic condition of the rest of the world, brought on by their own incompetence.

I was particularly amused when Japan and Germany weighed in insisting that attacking Iraq was a bad idea and that they would not support it. Really? Well I'm shaking in my cowboy boots as I stand under the Stars and Stripes that adorn the outside of my abode! How could we take action if the Japanese and Germans don't like the idea?! Germany and Japan have had the great luck of being our defeated enemies. They are alive because of our compassion. If they aren't going to support us, they should simply sit down, shut up, and hold on.

The world is beginning to take America for granted because we are a compassionate people. They know this firsthand. And like unruly children, they will test and squeal and scream during the times they realize they aren't the adult and won't always get their way. Why not? Because they have proven, like children, they make bad decisions when it comes to important matters involving life and death. They also expect to be saved by Mommy and Daddy (the USA) when they screw up. So, they have decided to embrace the Chamberlain strategy of doing nothing while proclaiming lofty ideas about love and peace, just as their new friend in Iraq is getting ready to blow their collective head off.

During the last couple of weeks it has been absolutely mindboggling to listen to Mr. World Leader from a Country in Europe and Elsewhere stomp around, slam his fist on the table and demand that the US follow their orders and bow to the UN of all places. You know what that would get us today? A nuclear World War III that we would have to fight and then clean up.

Can you imagine the appeasement that would have taken place had Hitler had the bomb? That is the situation we now face in his column, Oliver North has revealed the details of Euro-business complicity in re-arming Saddam with nuclear and chemical weapons. Like I said, not much has changed when it comes to European attitude, especially when it comes to Jews. The French had a grand old time before and during the German occupation of sending Jews off to die. Are we a generation that will allow Germany and its Euro-allies and to actually put the final touches on the Final Solution using Saddam Hussein as messenger boy? I think not.

Today, because of American subsidies, European countries have become the slovenly brother-in-law who sleeps on the couch, waiting for you to give him his weekly handout and then has the gall to tell you how to run your house. Europe has become nothing more than drowning socialistic welfare states, coddling and supporting immigrants from their former colonies. Leftist guilt and self-hate has condemned Europe into a moral relativism and damning multiculturalism that keeps them from being able to act, judge and take charge.

The European countries warning us to not act, to not defend ourselves, to not make a preemptive strike against the madman Saddam sounds an awful lot like the cries in the 1930's to leave Hitler alone. Then, as now, the fearful call for negotiations, appeasement, understanding, and "peace." Because it sounds nice, because it's lofty and romantic. And because Mommy and Daddy will save them from any fallout. Literally.

The world supported Neville Chamberlain in 1938. He was hailed as a hero because he brought home "peace" in their time. That kind of peace costs far too many American lives. It's time we strike Iraq, assassinate Saddam Hussein, and remind the rest of the world "Either you're with us or against us."

User: Aja..........Monday, Monday | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: lp-will send my e-mail address soon so I can get your pics of the new place/town. Right now my mailbox is at 94% capacity so I have housecleaning to do first!

Howard-excellent points, and I'm sure they're aware of those things in Washington, so the question is what's the REAL agenda behind attacking Iraq? I'm leaning toward tones's theory......


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: fingers, really? that's weird since i don't have your email address in my address book on yahoo - this virus stuff gives me the creeps!

happy rainy monday!

User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Clas - it's Michael Omartian playing piano on Dr Wu. I think he played all the acoustic piano parts on Katy Lied (on the very expensive but delicous sounding Bosendorfer piano that was bought specially for the Katy sessions).

St Al, much of what you recently posted echoes my thoughts on this whole Iraq mess. I'm glad there are at least some folks over there who are thinking clearly.

As for Bill's "It'll be over just as fast as Afghanistan if not sooner." Hmm, last time I checked it WASN'T OVER YET in Afghanistan. Far from over. 6 days ago, US troops there launched one of their largest operations for many months against al-Qaeda and Taleban forces in the south east. Maybe you also remember the recent assasination attempt against the president? This problem is far from being solved.

I really do find it amazing that some people believe that a US attack on Iraq, without support from the UN, will actually solve more problems than it will create. What do people think it will do to the anger and hatred for the US that is already at boiling point among some people? Will this make further terrorist attacks against the US less likely? I don't think so.

Another thing that gets me is that much of the talk regarding the "war on terrorism" is so focussed on particular individuals and particular countries. Maybe people forget that the terrorists that planned and carried out the Sept. 11th attacks were either based or working in countries like Germany, Italy, USA, Canada... These people are literally spread all over the world. Focussing exclusively on individual people or countries is to miss the wider threat. It's a much harder battle to detect and arrest terrorists that are working in small groups in many countries, but this is where we are likely to actually reduce the threat of further attacks. I'm much more worried about the threats from these people than I am about Saddam Hussein.


User: Beerberian doin his 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Clas; Some consolation for Sweden's centre-right came from the Liberal Party, which nearly trebled its share of the vote by making immigration and the integration of foreigners a central campaign theme.

Its programme calls for immigrants to pass a Swedish-language test before gaining citizenship.

Interesting definition of LIBERAL ?????

User: C @ Autumn Leaves | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Yepp, the right-wingers are gone to hell. Ha!

Socialdemocrats + the Left Party + the Green Party = great combination.

User: Beerberian DSO Solutions Analyst | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: Fingers; F****** Loud !!!!! I take it Eric was going for that authentic Stadium Rock Sound does he normally rig for U2 then ? or those well known tribs "Joshua Three" and " Oh No Bo No" peut etre .......mail to follow after a visit to the ENT lol

St Al: I have Gabriel CD as 23/9 here 24/9 USA release .........

User: The Viking | Month: 8 | Day: 16

Message: HAHAHAHA!
Someone deserves a pint for that one

User: Tex | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: My dearest Molly
I'm so sorry
I don't know how
to tell you
I've run off to San Francisco
with my gay lover.

Nothing's changed
I loved you then
I love you now

User: Yes, Mommy - A Well-Regulated State | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: We tell ourselves that in America we are the Free People. I wonder whether we might not better be called the Obedient People, the Passive People, or the Admonished People. I doubt that any country, anywhere, has been so regulated, controlled, and directed as we are. We are bred to obey. And obey we do.

It begins with the sheer volume of law, rules, and administrative duties. Most of the regulation makes sense in isolation, or can be made plausible. Yet there is so much of it.

Used to be if you wanted a dog, you got a dog. It wasnt really the governments business. Today you need a dog license, a shot card for the dog, a collar and tags, proof that the poor beast has been neutered, and you have to keep it on a leash and walk it only in designated places. Its all so we dont get rabies.

Or consider cars. You have to have a title, insurance, and keep it up to date; tags, country sticker, inspection sticker, emissions test. Depending where you are, you cant have chips in the windshield, and you need a zoned parking permit. You have to wear a seatbelt. And of course there are unending traffic laws. You can get a ticket for virtually anything, usually without knowing that you were doing anything wrong.

Then theres paperwork. If you have a couple of daughters with college funds in the stock market, annually you have to fill out three sets of federal taxes, three sets of state, and file four state and four federal estimated tax forms, per person, for a total of twenty-four. This doesnt include personal property taxes for the country, business licenses, tangible business-assets forms, and so on.

Now, Im not suggesting that all these laws are bad. Stupid, frequently, but evil, no. Stopping at traffic lights is probably a good idea, and certainly is if Im crossing the street. But the laws never end. Bring a doughnut on the subway, and you get arrested. Dont replace your windows without permission in writing from the condo association. Nothing is too trivial to be regulated. Nothing is not some governments business.

I wonder whether the habit of constant obedience to infinitely numerous rules doesnt inculcate a tendency to obey any rule at all. By having every aspect of ones life regulated in detail, does one not become accustomed to detailed regulation? That is, detailed obedience?

For many it may be hard to remember freer times. Yet they existed. In 1964, when I graduated from high school in rural Virginia, there were speed limits, but nobody much enforced them, or much obeyed them. If you wanted to fish, you needed a pole, not a license. You fished where you wanted, not in designated fishing zones. If you wanted to carry your rifle to the bean field to shoot whistle pigs, you just did it. You didnt need a license and nobody got upset.

To buy a shotgun in the country store, you needed money, not a background check, waiting period, proof of age, certificate of training, and a registration form. If your tail light burned out, then you only had one tail light. If you wanted to park on a back road with your girl friend, the cops, all both of them, didnt care. If you wanted to swim in the creek, you didnt need a Coast Guard approved life jacket.

It felt different. You lived in the world as you found it, and behaved because you were supposed to, but you didnt feel as though you were in a white-collar prison. And if anybody had asked us, we would have said that the freedom was worth more to us than any slightly greater protection against rabies, thank you. Which nobody ever got anyway.

Today, the Mommy State never leaves off protecting us from things Id just as soon not be protected from. We must wear a helmet on a motorcycle: Kevorkian can kill us, but we cannot kill ourselves. Why is it Mommy Governments business whether I wear a helmet? In fact I do wear one, but it should be my decision.

And so it goes from administrative minutiae (emissions inspections) to gooberish Mommyknowsbestism (Wea-a-ar your lifejacket, Johnny!) to important moral decisions. Obey in small things, obey in large things.

You must hire the correct proportion of this and that ethnic group, watch your sex balance, prove that you have the proper attitude toward homosexuals. You must let your children be politically indoctrinated in appropriate values, must let your daughter get an abortion without telling you, must accept affirmative action no matter how morally repugnant you find it.

And we do. We are the obedient people.

As the regulation of our behavior becomes more pervasive, so does the mechanism of enforcement grow more nearly omnipresent. In Washington, if you eat on the subway, they really will put you in handcuffs, as they recently did to a girl of twelve. In 1964 in King George County, the cop would have said, Sally, stop that. Arresting a child for sucking on a sourball would never have entered a state troopers mind.

Which brings us to an ominous observation. America is absolutely capable of an totalitarianism. It wont be the jackbooted variety, but rather a peculiarly mindless, bureaucratic insistence on conformity. What we call political correctness is an American approach to political control.

Our backdoor totalitarianism has the added charm of being crazy.

Think about it. Confiscating nail clippers at security gates, arresting the eating girl on the subway, the confiscation from an aging general of his Congressional Medal of Honor because it had points, the countless ejections from school of little boys for drawing soldiers of the Trade Centers in flames, playing cowboys and Indians, for pointing a chicken finger and saying Bang.

This isnt intelligent authoritarianism aimed at purposeful if disagreeable ends. It is the behavior of petty and stupid people, of minor minds over-empowered, ignorant, but angry and charmed to find that they can push others around. It is the exercise of power by people who have no business having any.

And we obey. We are the obedient people.

User: TheGovernment | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Listen why can't we blow up the world without you armchair
quarterbacks making a big deal out of it? Damn!

User: Gina@03.07 am | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Tonez, you rock this post-nocturnal euro-boat i'm in :-)

Zan, why don't you tell these SD/GB folks about your lunch with Bernard Purdie????????!

I believe in God.
It's just a name for a power beyond our insignificant humanoid control.
But there is a force or there are forces bigger than us.

Doc Mu, nice typo, the "shirt memories".
Should that particular post be imprinted, the size would have to be XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL :-)

Off to catch up with Mr. Sandman.

A Banyan Tree Yawn,

User: daylurker | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: tones: that's the best post of the weekend!

User: jjeff | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Tone,toni,tones, you slay me!!! I don't remember you ever having such a political cynicism/paranoia. Hunter S. Tones.

RS gives Peter's Up 2stars. Not that they're relevant anymore.

Rabbit Proof Fence getting good reviews at Toronto film festival.

User: W's Mein Kampf? | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: If you think all this is related to 9/11, think again...

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001.

The blueprint, uncovered by the Sunday Herald, for the creation of a 'global Pax Americana' was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice- president), Donald Rumsfeld (defence secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld's deputy), George W Bush's younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff). The document, entitled Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century, was written in September 2000 by the neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

The PNAC report also:

lt refers to key allies such as the UK as 'the most effective and efficient means of exercising American global leadership';

lt describes peace-keeping missions as 'demanding American political leadership rather than that of the United Nations';

lt reveals worries in the administration that Europe could rival the USA;

lt says 'even should Saddam pass from the scene' bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will remain permanently -- despite domestic opposition in the Gulf regimes to the stationing of US troops -- as 'Iran may well prove as large a threat to US interests as Iraq has';

lt spotlights China for 'regime change' saying 'it is time to increase the presence of American forces in southeast Asia'. This, it says, may lead to 'American and allied power providing the spur to the process of democratisation in China';

After Iraq, the next argument for eternal war will be to protect our oil supplies whether true or not. Mark my words....

User: tones on rye | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: St. Al. - Thanks for plugging us small indies, but I don't have any listing for Pete's album coming out Tuesday. I'm not sure, but I think they might have pushed it back a week or so.

Btw, I'm sitting here nodding my head in agreement witht your comments about the shit that's going down in this country. I'm casually working on a "Unified Theory of Dastardly Acts" by this current administration. Please allow me to oversimplify (understand this is just a working outline):

I asked myself "why would the Bush family rig an election?" To me, this is tied to two things: Papa Bush's Saddam fetish, and the economy. The Iraq thing is pretty obvious to me - Papa Bush didn't really finish his job, for whatever reason, and the big black cloud of Saddam looms large over his "legacy." Gotta have Hitler Jr., that'd be lil' George, mop up after Dad and preserve the family name for history. And since they can't find that other foreign-looking "satan-incarnate" (at least until re-election time in a couple of years), let's go take care of dad's old laundry. And if anybody suspects anything, we'll declare some vague "state-of-alert" and change the subject for a few days. Works every time.

About that "election": the luckiest man in the country is Al Gore. Though he never really had a chance of winning the election (understand this plan had been in the making for at least 6 or 7 years... Bushes don't like losing {that whole "don't mess with Texas" thing [sorry ... but see "Tex" for another example]}, *especially* presidential elections), Gore almost blew the whole thing until those recounts and investigations were called off. Now he gets to sit back and enjoy out descent into a dictatorship as a civilian, without being made to look responsible, which could have been done but would have required and an extra few steps and money. But more importantly, it would have required more time, and time was of the essence because...

The corporate accounting scandal (remember that?) was about about to break. The heavy hitters, the corporate criminals who were making *billions" from cooking the books in the 90's knew this couldn't go on unnoticed forever. And they needed one (or two) of their own in office so that when the shit hit the fan the fallout would be minimal. And nothing like a WAR(tm) to spread a simultanious sense of fear and patriotism, and get honest, hard-working Americans to actually rally behind their dubiously appointed figurehead. It could be a WAR(tm) against _______ (you fill in the blank. Could be anything: drugs, terrorism, liberals..., it all works. Actually, better make it terrorism for what we have in mind...) And if the economy goes to shit, even better, because the harder those regular Americans struggle to make ends meet, the less time they have to spend to even notice how carefully the news they receive is being screened and spun beyond recoginition, much less to do anything about the crap they're pulling and getting away with. Anyway, the "reset button" had to be pushed sometime, and though there were a lot of democrats involved, best to have ol' George and Dick in office to keep the lawsuits to a minimum..

The whole 9/11 thing worked perfectly. Shocking to think lil' George might be capable of such a thing? If it was just dubya it might be hard to fathom, but do you think 3000 people mean anything to those people who are *really* pulling this off? Sure they were "Americans" (though actually there were a *lot* of other nationalities victimized), but this goes beyond national borders. This is about MONEY. (This is the part where I barf... {btw, what a word, "barf"}) We'd easily send 3000 of our own troops to die for "freedom" (MONEY), or bomb 3000 innocent civilians to kill 100 *suspects* for "justice" (MONEY). If you can't stomach the costs, you don't play in the big leagues; 'dem da rulez. Besides, we'll give Lil' George a months notice and make sure he's in Florida innocently playing with school kids when the planes start falling...

So I hope we all have our scorecards handy: that's two Bushes in office, two WARs(tm), two major recessions, two MAJOR financial scandals (the savings and loan scandal {remember that?} and the corparate accounting scandal) totalling TRILLIONS (and this is NOT an exaggeration) of dollars, two "evil threats to democracy as we know it", tens of thousands of innocent victims... anybody got bingo yet?

Jeb's got a hard act to follow in 2008...


Now I admit that this may all be a figment of my overactive imagination and or paranoia, but if I'm wrong, at least I've got a great screenplay...

------ SHAMELESS PLUG --------

I'll be appearing here, at work, starting Wednesday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, and continuing to appear sporatically for the rest of the forseeable future, doing repetitive labor and providing customer service when needed (or when it can't be avoided). There is no drink minimum, but you are encouraged to B.Y.O.B. as long as you share it with me.

See ya here!


User: Aja....back in town | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: See Viking, you're getting the hang of this place! Keep posting, we love Scottish accents around here, and you have lots of company (Dano, TWM). Too bad you missed the Bill Forsyth discussion about a year back or so ;o)


User: SD | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Does Clas post here simply because he is a dildo like Steely Dan?

User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: I thought I might never post in this site again and then I see Brubeck. I have been listening to him continuously for 2 weeks..."Greatest Hits" cd. "In Your Own Sweet Way" etc., he simply amazes me. Dig him to death!

User: Jjeff | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Bill: I don't think the Iraqi people are informed enough to know the big picture. They are given enough info. to create an idea that Americans are the oppressors and an American 1st strike would only enforce that. Then you create a new legion of Bin Ladens. Just my opinion.

User: jjeff--------I hear you're mad about Brubeck. | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: CBC radio 1 aired an interview with Dave Brubeck this A.M. and will be repeated this eve( check CBC radio1 website). Very interesting. I actually thought he was dead. He still can't read music. He wanted to be a cowboy like his dad. His motto,'Composition is selective improvisation',"should be written above every conservatory and that would straighten everybody out". " Taylor Heinstein(sp): hold onto that name"( one of his students).

Keep the Bush/Iraqi discussion going. I enjoy it.

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Pat,
Can't you understand that we are actually helping the Iraqi people
by eliminating Hussien from the picture? The Iraqi people will
no longer be oppressed. Finally they too can have McDonalds and
JC Penny. Finally all those Iraqi chicks will be able to shop
at Old Navy rather thank Viels-R-Us.

C'mon Pat, sit down and have a brewski. It'll be over before
you know it.

Thanks Bluz! You a number 1 brother in Dan.
Also, when is that RudeWaitress going to take our order anyway?
My coffee is getting cold.

User: BallotBox | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Why wait up? Hitler will probably win again anyway.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Good, keep it up StAl, it's cool to hear a WISE US-American for a change.

It's election day today in Sweden, going to stay up tonight, wait for the election results to come in.


Is it Omartian or Fagen playing the piano on dr Wu?

YGK/Steeve - waiting for money to come in, can hardly wait for the Roland RD 700.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Hello Everyone!
My Viking, yes I knew that about napalm. I think that it's an apt description of your heart. I'm glad you're becoming aquainted (and like) Steely's music. Other then SRV, they are my favorite band. I'm really glad you like him! I tend to play Stevie quite a bit. Unlike you, I grew up with good music around me. My oldest brother Dean, (who is fifteen years older then me) introduced me to some great artists and tunes. I heard Steely the first time at age 6 or 7. Later, at 13 I dug out Dean's Steely albums. (He'd gone on to more jazzier sounding stuff and blues by then) My Dad also loved music. I grew up listening to Chet Baker, Judy Henske, Billie Holliday, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane from Dad's collection. I love all of them now as an adult. While my girlfriends were listening to Madonna and the crap put out in the 80's, I was into the Dan, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and Kansas, to name a few. I loved the tunes you sent me! They weren't mindless Techno-drivel. It was good to hear some fresher stuff. I tend to get in a rut, and just listen to old favorites. I'll send some of Mr. Zevon's stuff your way the next time. *many kisses*

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Bill: I have SEEN the light...

And it ain't you.

>Second, You act as if this Iraq thing is going to be a fullscale
>outright world war or something. It'll be over just as fast as
>Afghanistan if not sooner. It's not like tiny little Iraq is
>going to give us a real fight you know.

Bill, this statement scares me and is precisely what is wrong with most stupid Americans. If you can't see it, then you are one of them. I really hope you don't really think like this.

Mu: Thanks for the counterpoints. There always is and I totally understand this. It really comes down to a fundamental belief. In my opinion aggression should be used as a last resort even assuming the risks that might accompany the aggressor's inactivity. We have not yet reached the last resort phase. Furthermore we need the support of our allies -- WHICH WE DON'T. Britain is *barely* hanging on. Going into Iraq without a consensus will only exacerbate the long term problem of US and Middle East relations.

It's simple, really.

Regarding Bush's state of the nation address in January to which you hang some of your counterpoints on. Though I was impressed by his ability to communicate effectively and rally a nation torn apart by a major tragedy, the very statements you quote are the same ones that CHILLED ME TO THE BONE. More of that fundamental belief thing again...

It's true that sometime there is no other alternative to war. We aren't even close in this case.

And I knew someone would jump on me for the imperialism statement. It's funny how we sometimes bend language to our benefit in this medium. I was trying to draw a parallel picture -- not literal. Only when someone disagrees do you get called on it. I hope you understand what I was trying to explain because I believe it to be a very valid point if we go after Iraq without UN/Ally support.

W1P: No one nation can collectively claim title to having the most "perspective" on an issue. The US is perhaps the MOST guilty of this. Only individuals can. How you achieve this is a very complicated matter. It comes from education, breeding, life experience, etc. I believe I have it, but I'll bet Bill does too. A very complicated topic for sure. Where were you going with this?

Lastly -- Peter Gabriel's new one due out on 9/17 (9/16 in the UK). Support your local independent music store.


User: Dodge City | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: And if you mess with bill, you tangle with me


User: Tombstone-The End Of The Trail | Month: 8 | Day: 15

Message: Joesephine
For your history and smile.


p.s. keep messin w/ the best

User: blueprint blue | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Leona = Bill

User: The Viking | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Cheers Aja-its good to know I wont be dicredited as a non-lifetime SD fan after my first few listenings of this great(and getting better)CD i was so generously sent. I'm Scottish, so speeding down a wet twisty road at night with SD playing probably doesn't evoke the same response in me as it would in someone who saw the sun more than 4 times a year.hehe-but seriously, this music takes me somewhere else, gives me a firm picture in my mind of a place that sure aint here, and as far as I'm concerned thats a good thing. For nigh on ten years now I've been firmly ensconsed in the whole dance music/clubbing world-its the thing here-and to be given a way out of that taste in music has been a godsend. I play SD and Creedence in my car now-where normally I would have played some mindless dance shit.And when the suns shinin, as it was today, makes me feel happy as opposed to brainless. So for that at the very least Babes i thank you.If not for everything else. Hope youre takin care on the rocks, you lucky thing, wish I could be there and laughed at for my pathetic prowess. Talk soon?-(I heard that one of napalms more interesting(?) features was its unwillingness to be out out!)
PS-Tex man-get a grip buddy

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: fezo: Dude, Daschle asked for it or fell into the trap - Dumbass will probably cost the Dems. the Senate - I prefer divided government as do most Americans for the past 8 years...I guess there is always the filibuster...

User: Leona Hemsley | Month: 8 | Day: 14


Well I hope you're happy you little weasle you! I'm PREGNANT!
Just wait till you find out what my lawyers idea of
child support is! You'll wish you were John Bobbit!

Seeya in court Mr.Loosecannon!

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Pat,

Two things...
First, You don't believe in God?
Well here I am baby... feel silly now?

Second, You act as if this Iraq thing is going to be a fullscale
outright world war or something. It'll be over just as fast as
Afghanistan if not sooner. It's not like tiny little Iraq is
going to give us a real fight you know. They'll be down on thier
knees kissing our soldiers hands again in like 2 weeks.
Fear not for we are the baddest motherf**kers in the valley.


User: Tex | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Tell me your name pussy
and I'll show you how real I am

User: Beerberian MCC member | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Edward the C: And No 4 in my top 300 gigs.... Mary @ York (the old one) "Stones in the Road" tour...... I can so much empathise with the old shirt thing ........ memories are made of denim LOL

Pat; Edwin needs to Re record the classic "RELIGION huh what is it gooood 4 ?" People who "believe" in whatever ....HOLY WAR ....I say mutual exclusivity (even after a bottle of Cotes de Rhone Villages ..hic)

off to chat let's make talk, NOT WAR !!!!!!!

User: rusty | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Thanks for that. I'll try to order it now and find out its deleted. Oh well theres still second hand stalls and record fairs

User: I Keep Forgettin | Month: 8 | Day: 14


It was Chuck Jackson, 1962


User: daylurker | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: geesh (or was that geek?) that was definitely not bill. any idiot but you would know that.

User: rusty | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Hi can anyone help me with this question?
On the mike mcdonald song I keep forgettin(every time your near) it credits leiber and stoller as the writers. So did anyone else originally record this song or was the mcdonald version the first airing?
And if someone did record it before mcdonald does his version differ a great deal from what would be the original. The mcdonald version was a fine display of porcaro at his finest along with lowdown, bad sneakers and dr wu. God do I miss his groovy drumming!

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: lcpaul:
I've spent today with my father.
first time in 17 years (apart from the 3 funerals this year)

It was great !!!

Life really is too short. Don't let this chance pass bye.

you / we may not have a shared past with our parents, but they are still our parents.

Although i did'nt know it there was a father shaped hole in my life.

Who knows what may happen next.


have a nce weekend everyone


User: FINGERS | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: BEWARE
Intercepted a big fat nasty attachment virus tonight from a luckless
Don't open these masquerading weevils!!!

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: A few days back, I posted the following: "I'm just curious, assuming Americans lack "perspective" who would you say are the nations, groups or individuals that do? Do you think you have it? If so, how did that happen? Were you blessed with it? Or did you earn it through superior intelligence and/or a superior education?"

I know these are tough questions but I think they are legitmate.

User: fezo | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Sure, Saddamm is a bad man but he's been a bad man for a long time, and has been ignoring UN resolutions for an equally long time too.

I'd have a lot more faith in our commander-in-thief's motivations if he hadn't waited two months before Congressional elections to FINALLY make the case against Hussein at the UN.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat . . .

User: ? | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Shirt memories ?

Wasn't that in a Mary Chapin Carpenter song ?

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Noelle

User:  - nothing's safe in this life | Month: 8 | Day: 14

"It's simple. My beliefs are too enlightened for most stupid Americans. And I don't believe in God." Now that does sound like Clas...or should should we simply call you the High Exalted One

Now, I haven't made up my mind yet - the case presented and the process are building steam. The major question is "are we in imminnent danger from this regime"

I agree that many Americans are stupid and have very shirt memories (though I think most understand the significance of 9/11). Case in point is the "confusion" about W's approach - the media and Congress are partly to blame, but we have to pay attention - here is the plan the goals spelled out in the State of the Union (1/29/01). The pressure on Iraq on many levels has been orchestrated lately like a Swiss watch:

"...Our nation will continue to be steadfast and patient and persistent in the pursuit of two great objectives. First, we will shut down terrorist camps, disrupt terrorist plans, and bring terrorists to justice. And, second, we must prevent the terrorists and regimes who seek chemical, biological or nuclear weapons from threatening the United States and the world. (Applause.)

Our military has put the terror training camps of Afghanistan out of business, yet camps still exist in at least a dozen countries. A terrorist underworld -- including groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Jaish-i-Mohammed -- operates in remote jungles and deserts, and hides in the centers of large cities.

While the most visible military action is in Afghanistan, America is acting elsewhere. We now have troops in the Philippines, helping to train that country's armed forces to go after terrorist cells that have executed an American, and still hold hostages. Our soldiers, working with the Bosnian government, seized terrorists who were plotting to bomb our embassy. OurNavy is patrolling the coast of Africa to block the shipment of weapons and the establishment of terrorist camps in Somalia.

My hope is that all nations will heed our call, and eliminate the terrorist parasites who threaten their countries and our own. Many nations are acting forcefully. Pakistan is now cracking down on terror, and I admire the strong leadership of President Musharraf. (Applause.)

But some governments will be timid in the face of terror. And make no mistake about it: If they do not act, America will. (Applause.)

Our second goal is to prevent regimes that sponsor terror from threatening America or our friends and allies with weapons of mass destruction. Some of these regimes have been pretty quiet since September the 11th. But we know their true nature. North Korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction, while starving its citizens.

Iran aggressively pursues these weapons and exports terror, while an unelected few repress the Iranian people's hope for freedom.

Iraq continues to flaunt its hostility toward America and to support terror. The Iraqi regime has plotted to develop anthrax, and nerve gas, and nuclear weapons for over a decade. This is a regime that has already used poison gas to murder thousands of its own citizens -- leaving the bodies of mothers huddled over their dead children. This is a regime that agreed to international inspections -- then kicked out the inspectors. This is a regime that has something to hide from the civilized world.

States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world. By seeking weapons of mass destruction, these regimes pose a grave and growing danger. They could provide these arms to terrorists, giving them the means to match their hatred. They could attack our allies or attempt to blackmail the United States. In any of these cases, the price of indifference would be catastrophic.

***We will work closely with our coalition*** to deny terrorists and their state sponsors the materials, technology, and expertise to make and deliver weapons of mass destruction. We will develop and deploy effective missile defenses to protect America and our allies from sudden attack. (Applause.) And all nations should know: America will do what is necessary to ensure our nation's security.

***We'll be deliberate, yet time is not on our side.I will not wait on events, while dangers gather.*** I will not stand by, as peril draws closer and closer. The United States of America will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons. (Applause.)

Our war on terror is well begun, but it is only begun. This campaign may not be finished on our watch -- yet it must be and it will be waged on our watch.

We can't stop short. If we stop now -- leaving terror camps intact and terror states unchecked -- our sense of security would be false and temporary. History has called America and our allies to action, and it is both our responsibility and our privilege to fight freedom's fight. (Applause.)

Our first priority must always be the security of our nation, and that will be reflected in the budget I send to Congress. My budget supports three great goals for America: We will win this war; we'll protect our homeland; and we will revive our economy.

Good Idea #1: Saddam is a very bad guy

a very cunning, and sick, dangerous man

Bad idea #1: Too many Iraqi civilians will be killed

. Saddam has killed orders of magnitude more and will continue to ON PURPOSE than we will accidentally

Bad Idea #2: Too many US citizens will be killed.

600 Americans soliders have been killed in all actions since 1980 - while it's 600 more than Nirvana, the number is remarkable low compared with WWII, WWI, Korea, Nam...We will be successful in a short period of time - same counterargument used in Afghanistan, which IMO was a very difficult assignment...

Bad Idea #3: The WHOLE freaking world will turn against us. There are almost no major allies who sanction the idea of military action against Iraq save Israel. I doubt Blair will receive the support of Parliament. Because of this, we almost assure ourselves of more 9/11's. It is bad politics. It is bad world conduct.

The Security Council wanted their input - now they have the oppportunity to debate, Britain is solidly with us (Remember, in 1917 and 1941 it was us and the British against the first two axes. France, Russia, Japan and others are falling in line

Bad Idea #4: Imperialism is a bad thing. One nation can not collectively think for the entire world. As far as I'm concerned there is a dotted line between the actions of our government and the actions of, say, Japan or Germany in WWII. One of the difference is we try to justify our actions with words like "regime change" and "war on terrorism." There are others, obviously, but I still see a fine, dotted line.

So... the Marshall Plan was Imperialism? We have no desire to make Iraq a province - look up the word

Bad Idea #5: Because we have not clearly demonstrated Iraq has nuclear capabilities we have not made a rational case to justify this action. We are nothing more than world bullies. Typical of the testosterone filled halls of the Pentagon and the White House, men too quickly turn to violence to solve their problems. It's a damn shame.

Let's review, the World Trade towers and the Pentagon were attacked without Nukes. We bombed Milosivich who never used nukes. I would agree that the nuke capability and ability to transport it here for use would be the most convincing argument...

Bad Idea #6: So what if Saddam gets the bomb? I don't believe he'll use it. Think about this rationally for just a moment. First of all, we know it ain't easy putting one of these things together. So he gets one, or even a dozen. Do you really think he'll use them? Think about this carefully. Does the term "mutually assured destruction" mean anything to you? Saddam lobs one at Israel then we effectively turn Iraq into a gigantic hole in the desert. He effectively assures his demise by using the bomb. It's the same thing that kept us and the Soviet Union from pushing buttons throughout the cold war. Again, we are not the worlds police. Or, at the very least we should not act as such without UN support. The United Nations was formed for a reason. It means exactly what it says. It's not called the United States of American Nations.

I believe that Saddam's first target could be Israel and/or a dirty bomb - He could use the threat of nukes as a deterrent to invade Kuwait again, Saudia Arabia or Israel.

Bad Idea #7: What about the chemical weapons? Again, the whole world is watching this dude. If he uses them, then we're justified to do something. Until then we are not. This is the core argument. You would say why wait? I would say there is much to learn from people like Martin Luther King and Gandhi. We are civilized people. To think we still must solve our differences with violence makes me sad even though I admit is sometimes necessary. Aggression is primitive thought. Pacifism is enlightened thought.

MLK had the Constitution and many Americans on his side. Gandhi faced a weary, crumbling British empire, who had some semblance of honor...bad analogy...MLK, Gandhi would NEVER be successful against Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam, Osama. THAT'S A SAD FACT OF LIFE IN THIS WORLD. IF NOTHING ELSE THE STEELY DAN DISCOGRAPHY SHOULD TELL US THIS... My final name dropping is Neville Chamberlain...

Bad Idea #8: You drew a connection to Saddam and 9/11. Even Bush hasn't really attempted that. Sure, his hands aren't clean, but neither are ours so that one doesn't fly. He funded the Islamic Jihad. We funded Operation Cyclone...

Saddam's former mistress presented evidence that indicates otherwise - the Al Qaeda network CANNOT work without the infrastructure of terrorist nations - it's simply not possible CONNECT THE DOTS!!!!!

Bad Idea #9: Ok, so I'm running out of points... Stop and think. That's all I ask.

I agree. I've presented counterargments, but it should be a deliberate process, while squeezed for time...

Oleander - my dear, this will cost us a lot of money, weaken the economy short term and could cost W his Presidency. With fuel cells, Russia, Mexico, Alaska, etc. we don't really need Saudi or Iraqui oil anyway - Iraq gets their oil money from Jordan and Syria, who get money funnelled through terrorism and illegal drug sales to Neolle Bush and other stupid Americans...

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Two links for you.

This is one of the best anti-spam tools I've seen. Problem is it only works with Outlook. Not Outlook Express. But it does work well.

And I believe the name of this website says it all. I especially enjoyed the Ashcroft Seal of Approval.

Aja: Any metal band from LA during the 80's would work. Sorry W1P...

User: xxxxx | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Isn't the "titan haired sorceress" getting enough attention these days? (I used to piss you off just to see you walk of the most hysterical lines I have ever read here) So who comes ridin' to the rescue but TEX....gotta make sure that his alter ego gets her fair share even if it is another obvious and totally amusing. And so her sad need for attention is met again. Very sad.

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Beer: It's simple. My beliefs are too enlightened for most stupid Americans. And I don't believe in God.

That comentary was not Bill. That is, unless Bill has finally seen the wisdom in my words. And changed his Internet Service Provider...:)


User: Tex | Month: 8 | Day: 14

Message: Women like Molly see people with their hearts
Not their eyes
The police would be the least of your problems
If you ever hurt her
You would pay
If I had to follow you into hell
To settle up the debt
You would pay

Nothing's changed
I loved you then
I love you now

User: Clas @ Work | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Who's playing the piano on Dr Wu?


StAl - good to read you.

YGK - let him go east, I'll take care of him.

User: geesh | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Idiot.

Like you couldn't tell that "A little history and commentary" was Bill?

Bill, go back to hitting on the waitresses at Shoney's.

Where in NY do you live?


User: Aja........up late | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Hi Viking-feel free to say whatever you want about Steely Dan, or jump in any discussion. New opinions are great and usually insightful. Glad to see you participating here. The people who get sprayed with lead usually, though not always, provoke it themselves. I know, I've done it.


User: nightlurker | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: "a little history and commentary"-great commentary; you really ought to sign your name to that. Or publish it in the New York Times.

User: oleander | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Checkin' in....

Re: ACC DanFest: Unfortunately, because of what I'm up to, I can't help organize one at the mo, but if someone picks up the gauntlet & finds a place & time in Oct. or early Nov.--I'm there!!

Re: proposed WAR, OVERTHROW, COUP, INVASION, or other true meaning of the term "regime change"--learn from history, dammit, and FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Happy B'day, Q! You think 40 sucks? Wait a decade.

User: A little history and commentary... | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: "After World War I, the British occupied Iraq and orchestrated Iraq's first "regime change", which took 15 years and today's equivalent of hundreds of billions of dollars.
An uprising against British occupation took place less than TWO YEARS after British forces first occupied Baghdad.

The first Iraqi government, a monarchy established by the British,
lasted less than 4 years (yet another coup followed nine months later).

Military influence, in the form of a general assuming power, has
dominated Iraq's government and has been continuous since 1936.
Iraq has never had a democratic government. How could U.S./British
occupation accomplish something that has never materialized?

Previous "regime changes" by the United States have had disastrous
results. Our support of the coup of the Shah Reza Pehlevi, dictator of Iran, directly lead to the return of the Ayatollah. Our support of the Lol Nol regime in Cambodia directly lead to the Khmer Rouge, a Communist regime that murdered 20% of it's own population. Guatemala, Chile, Zaire, the list goes on....

The borders of Iraq, essentially drawn up by European powers,defined
its territory with no consideration to natural frontiers or traditional tribal and ethnic settlements. This creates ethnic tensions to this day.

In the last 60 years, Iraq has experienced 10 violent military coups.

In July, 1990, the US Ambassador to Iraq PERSONALLY assured Saddam
Hussein that "the Kuwait issue is not associated with America". Two days later the Bush Administration stated that "the United States has no commitment to defend Kuwait and the U.S. has no intention of defending Kuwait if it is attacked by Iraq".

After Iraq invaded and TOOK ALL OF KUWAIT, the U.S. State Department
attempted to cover this up with a blunderous statement: "we didn't
think, and nobody else did, that the Iraqis were going to take ALL of Kuwait".

The statement above was given by supposed foreign policy experts,
even though for over 40 YEARS, every Iraqi dictator has proclaimed Kuwait as its "19th Province".

From 1980 to 1988, Saddam Hussein was responsible for killing over
150,000 Iranians and 13,000 of his own civilians including approximately 4,000 unarmed Kurds. Three successive U.S. administrations ignored this; and President George W. Bush, speaking with his fake Texan accent, wants us to believe this happened recently.

The Bush Administation has very little credibility when sending
Americans to war. President George W. Bush is known as a "chickenhawk"; that is, he clamors for war but yet he actively avoided serving in Vietnam when he was of fighting age. Same with vice-president Dick Cheney (sought EIGHT exemptions). And Attorney General John Ashcroft. And Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott. And House Speaker Dennis Hastert. And Majority Whip Tom Delay. And most of Bush's cabinet. And most baby-boomer Republicans.
Even PENTAGON SPOKESMAN Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, intentionally
avoided combat in Vietnam by ACTIVELY seeking medical or college

Hate radio commentator Rush Limbaugh openly mocked those in uniform
by asking "Why are military generals so afraid of war?" Limbaugh is
another chickenhawk, who claimed he couldn't serve in Vietnam, claiming anal cysts preventing him from being fodder in Vietnam.

"There isn't a single, high-ranking man in uniform (or military
veteran) who supports Bush's chickenhawk rhetoric. Norman Schwartzkopf, Colin Powell, Anthony Zinni, Henry Kissinger and Senator Chuck Hagel, all know the horrors of war and have all called for a more cautious approach than what the chickenhawks advocate.

The only supporters of a war in Iraq are marginally Britain and definately Israel, at least the government who will avoid the scuds landing in Tel Aviv.
Israel depends completely on the U.S. and would not contribute to an
occupation. Britain is led by Tony Blair, who is currently trying to emulate Bush (why???), and forgetting he belongs to the Labor Party (Is there ANYTHING Labor about him?). Most likely Blair won't contribute to a second British occupation in order to save his political hide.

So I ask again, Do you want to go to war with Iraq? We don't have a
problem with winning wars, but the aftermath will literally cost us

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Molly - Don't get cute with me. Please.
I'll just skip the scanning then.


User: Viking class 1 | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Well folks, since receiving my very first SD cd via airmail have been studying at great length the songs contained within. I like some of the songs, not sure about others, but thats the way a classic album sounds at first eh, if you like em all at first you tire of it quickly and its resigned to the bottom shelf of the cd rack. But I do feel my techno and (c)rap battered head beginning to perk up and take note of this new and interesting sound (for me anyway). Getting there, soon I'll be able to post here with confidence and not worry about bein sprayed with verbal lead. As someone somewhere said "If you dont like it turn over"-(scroll=turn in this case)
So what if someone doesnt post exclusively about SD? I know this GB is devoted to that band, but surely if someone's posting good thoughts on here then thats not a major felony? Or is it? Seems like it here sometimes. But still enjoy reading you all cyber-scufflin.
Babes-will talk to you soon, see if i can get the old larynx workin for a change. You're the one who makes my dreams.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: W1P:Graham Parker doing Comfortably Numb! That would be nice to hear. It's sad the boy got married. Took all the piss out of him.

It's done and its awesome. He sent an e-mail saying something like "those middle class lads have quite the range" -- this project is coming together and I'm actually stunned to have people like Keneally, Parker and Freund on MY record!

User: Beerberian........ | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Pat; How come guys like you don't get elected then ? balanced argument , tolerance to all , musical taste , Hey I'd vote for ya ........I'm countin on a miracle

User: Arlean | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: icupal

embrace your father.......
it wil be a moment in time.
blessings to each of you.

User: Aja....outta here for the weekend, woohoo! | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Hey, let's do to Saddam what we did to Manuel Noriega: we'll smoke him out by blasting him with bad heavy metal 24/7. With the right band we can have him begging for mercy in a day or so!


User: jjeff----Anybody wanna tomato? | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Jack Frost already!!! Took my basil!!!

W1P:Graham Parker doing Comfortably Numb! That would be nice to hear. It's sad the boy got married. Took all the piss out of him.

Dragon: Saw the show. For 2000$ no less. I swear there was a show in the spring that had SD for a final jeopardy; a Grammy question whose answer was SD and nobody mentioned it.

A piece in our local newspaper says Zevon is taking his diagnosis in stride which made me think, Not an excitable boy after all.

Duncan: It's all in your head, man. Literally. Oh no hear comes tha spelchek police! Hyd da stuf man, its spillin out eferywere! Runn yu fockers runnn!!!

User: YGK - aka Ed McMahon | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: you........................
are INcorrect sir!

Bill's pic that you gave came up as a restricted site for being "inappropriate" here at my firewall doesn't that make sense?


User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Following in the footsteps of "Fair Forgery" artist Mike Keneally, our friend Tom Freund, who has contributed "Fearless" from Meddle to our compilation (hopefully to be released in November) will appear Live on Friday, Septemer 20th on KNSD -SAN DIEGO for its concerts on the square series (Horton Square)

During his college years Tom was in a band with Ben Harper and Tom also had a major hand in pursuading Graham Parker to contribute a haunting acoustic version of Comfortably Numb for our Fair Forgery album.

User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 13


User: I'm sorry | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: All I was trying to say was that my views are far, far superior
that's all. Damned-near Godlike in thier delivery and
implementation. But as God would say, "Hey, if you can't accept
me for who I am I just won't make no more universes that's all.
I'll just wrap the whole thing up and to hell with it. Literally."


User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Bill: You gotta do better than that, man. Your last post was the equivalent of a virtual fart. Rhetoric and sensationalism.

We DO have a choice.

Boy it's a lazy Friday around here. Maybe I should do some work, 'eh?


User: Petre | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: LuckLess careful sweetie.....
WISCASSET, Maine (AP)--A small plane that took off from Wisconsin and crossed
into Canadian airspace was ordered to land Friday at the airport in this
coastal town, authorities said.
The aircraft, a Piper Cherokee PA-32, touched down at 11:30 a.m. (1530 GMT) in
Wiscasset after being directed to land, according to a Federal Aviation
Administration spokesman in New York.
The airplane, which was based in Wiscasset, took off from an airport in
Wisconsin and was traveling eastward across the northern states when it crossed
into Canadian airspace, the FAA spokesman said.
The plane was met by FBI and FAA officials who wanted to question the pilot,
the spokesman said.
WHDH-TV in Boston said the airplane was escorted by F-16 fighters based in
Vermont. But an Air Force spokesman in Colorado couldn't confirm that fighter
planes were called upon.
The Piper was intercepted by F-16s from the 158th Fighter Wing of the Vermont
Air National Guard, said Capt. Jeff Roosevelt, a spokesman for the Guard.
"A request came through from the FAA and the Northeast Air Defense Sector
asking that we provide support to intercept the unknown aircraft," Roosevelt
The F-16 and three other fighters were on a routine training mission when the
request came in, Roosevelt said. He said the fighters returned to their base in
Burlington, Vt., after the unknown aircraft was identified and on the ground.
Roosevelt said another scramble call came in after the planes had returned to
their base, but it was canceled before any fighters were in the air.

02:47 PM- - 02 47 PM EDT 09-13-02

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 13


For future reference, condescending, self-righteous responses will not be engaged (at least not by me); I merely decided to run with the current exchange, however off-topic, and post my angle; for those who don't agree or don't like it, I really don't care; I said all I want to say, revealed all I wish to reveal about my own thoughts on said subject, and one should not be so presumptuous as to think they have any sort of comprehensive take on any other person's knowledge (or lack thereof) based solely on one post on a rock-band-based guestbook.

"The things that pass for knowledge I can't understand..." - Steely Dan, 'Reelin' In The Years'


User: Bill - dyslexic foreign affairs expert | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Hmmm...Let's see many wrong ideas...where does one start?

You can trust me Zan. I'm always right, ALWAYS. Except once I
thought that I saw Julia Childs in an x-rated video. I admit
I was wrong about that one but I'm usually always right and
usually always infallible. Except for maybe the "i before e except
after c" rule.

"..America is an imperialist nation (which we are certainly guilty of)".
Er...uh...what countries have we taken over and subjugated the mass
population of Randy? Which occupied countries do we force to fly
our flag? Also, I understand your concern for the innocent people
who are harmed as a result of war. Certainly innocent German
civilians were killed during WW2, but does this mean that we
should'nt have fought the war at all? Also, try to keep one very
important fact in mind; During military operations we've even
killed some of our own people. This is known as "friendly fire".
War isn't neat. It isn't even orderly at times. War can be chaotic.
It's something to avoid if you can but is often necessary when
the risks of not doing so become too high. The risks posed by
the madman in charge of Iraq are far too high. We have no choice.

"The whole freakin' world will turn against us.." case you have'nt noticed...the whole freakin' world IS
against us.

"..we have not clearly demonstrated that Iraq has nuclear capabilities".
Yes, and in 1939 they said "We should not interfere with the
internal affairs of Germany as Germany's war capabilities have
not been proven to exist". You're right, I think we should wait
until they detonate a nuclear device in the middle of Seattle.
THEN we'll know for sure.

"So what if Saddam gets the bomb? I don't believe he'll use it..."
Now you are being naive. The guy gased his own people and they
were'nt even infidels.

"Does the term Mutally Assured Destruction mean anything to you..."
Sure it does. Did that phrase mean anything to the group who
took down the WTC and the Pentagon? Mutally Assured Destruction
only works when BOTH PARTIES are afraid to die.

See Zan? I told you I'm always right.

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: W1P: There is something to be said about that. It's a dangerous game though. I was never very good at poker. If this is the case, I hope the Bush Administration is.

Aja: Good point

Randy: Good point

Dano: Excellent story. It when I hear stories like that I get even more disgusted with our government. Let's turn the world against us when they were on our side at one time...

Bummer about Zevon. Quite smoking 8 years ago and it still got him.

User: rusty | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: When you read some of thes postings you can't help but be drawn to the line from Jack of Speed "That right wing howie sure stuck up the joint" Still everyones intitled to their opinions, just not their actions!

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Well, what is the UN for? I detest Bush but he hasn't done anything yet and he IS consulting with the UN and Congress. Maybe its all an elaborate bluff designed to obtain a global consensus to use as leverage against Iraq stopping short of military action. Probably not but one can hope.

User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Randy, my view on the whole lousy mess has become rather simple. Sadly, it reminds me of the playground, third grade, a slap fight, double dares, who can pee the farthest. Now they've grown up and the threats are terrifying. The behavior has not changed. Please tell me who (which politician) would be stable enough to carry us through all of this. I don't think ANY politicians are stable, or they would choose another field. Religious wars will continue til the end of time because they are sanctioned by "God", "Allah", "The Mighty Fabod". Every little kid needs an excuse for bad behavior. We seem to forget that we are all renting on this beautiful planet and we treat it like a trash can. I think your idea of the small faction rooting out the bad guys is good, I just don't trust anyone any more. I'm very sad.

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Bill: Easy for you to say when you're sitting in your house in Long Island watching the war on TV. I feel bad that people like yourself have not clearly thought about the implications of an attack on Iraq. There are a dozen points I'm going to make as to why it's a bad idea and can only think of one good idea.

Good Idea #1: Saddam is a very bad guy.

Bad idea #1: Too many Iraqi civilians will be killed.

Bad Idea #2: Too many US citizens will be killed.

Bad Idea #3: The WHOLE freaking world will turn against us. There are almost no major allies who sanction the idea of military action against Iraq save Israel. I doubt Blair will receive the support of Parliament. Because of this, we almost assure ourselves of more 9/11's. It is bad politics. It is bad world conduct.

Bad Idea #4: Imperialism is a bad thing. One nation can not collectively think for the entire world. As far as I'm concerned there is a dotted line between the actions of our government and the actions of, say, Japan or Germany in WWII. One of the difference is we try to justify our actions with words like "regime change" and "war on terrorism." There are others, obviously, but I still see a fine, dotted line.

Bad Idea #5: Because we have not clearly demonstrated Iraq has nuclear capabilities we have not made a rational case to justify this action. We are nothing more than world bullies. Typical of the testosterone filled halls of the Pentagon and the White House, men too quickly turn to violence to solve their problems. It's a damn shame.

Bad Idea #6: So what if Saddam gets the bomb? I don't believe he'll use it. Think about this rationally for just a moment. First of all, we know it ain't easy putting one of these things together. So he gets one, or even a dozen. Do you really think he'll use them? Think about this carefully. Does the term "mutually assured destruction" mean anything to you? Saddam lobs one at Israel then we effectively turn Iraq into a gigantic hole in the desert. He effectively assures his demise by using the bomb. It's the same thing that kept us and the Soviet Union from pushing buttons throughout the cold war. Again, we are not the worlds police. Or, at the very least we should not act as such without UN support. The United Nations was formed for a reason. It means exactly what it says. It's not called the United States of American Nations.

Bad Idea #7: What about the chemical weapons? Again, the whole world is watching this dude. If he uses them, then we're justified to do something. Until then we are not. This is the core argument. You would say why wait? I would say there is much to learn from people like Martin Luther King and Gandhi. We are civilized people. To think we still must solve our differences with violence makes me sad even though I admit is sometimes necessary. Aggression is primitive thought. Pacifism is enlightened thought.

Bad Idea #8: You drew a connection to Saddam and 9/11. Even Bush hasn't really attempted that. Sure, his hands aren't clean, but neither are ours so that one doesn't fly. He funded the Islamic Jihad. We funded Operation Cyclone...

Bad Idea #9: Ok, so I'm running out of points... Stop and think. That's all I ask.

Our government cannot seem to learn from its mistakes in the Middle East. If we go into Iraq we'll make our gravest mistake to date.

Damn! When is that new Steely Dan album due out!


User: HA! | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: St Al (aka: sex on legs)..Don't ever sleep with Mol! She'll go right to the cops and cry rape.

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Suffice it to say nationalism and violence will solve nothing. I simply don't like to see some badly managed attack led by a less than stellar president wherein everyone shoots first, asks questions later, all within a scene that has a stunning resemblance to a technologically advanced, large scale lynch mob. Attacking any related COUNTRY will do nothing but aggravate the related issues. What needs to be diffused is a small microcosm WITHIN a country, wherein their "network" can be carefully and systematicaly destroyed so they are unable to carry out their wishes. My concern is that rarely are the FBI, CIA and US government careful or tactful, even when INNOCENT people's lives are at stake. I hope those responsible are brought to justice without the cost (human life) being exorbitantly high.

Those parties/governments responsible for the attacks have innocent people they are connected to who see things from the opposite end that people in the U.S. do. Their view is that America is an imperialist nation (which it is certainly guilty of) out to destroy Islam and whatever other scenarios may be applicable.

With continued military attacks, this view will only be exacerbated, resulting in the deaths of many more innocent people on the other side of the globe. (Secretary of Defense) Donald Rumsfeld outright lied saying that they've had reports that some (innocent) civilians may have been killed or injured, when actually there have been hundreds killed; he also "removed" the U.S. government from any such wrongdoing by saying the U.S. military didn't kill any innocent civilians; it was only a "natural response" to the attacks, i.e. if the attacks hadn't happened, no one in Afganistan would have been killed.

If the U.S. military didn't drop bombs on them, then how did they die?

The personal favorite is how the military dropped food and supply packets as an aid, which were the same color (yellow) and size as the cluster bombs they were dropping. I personally have never thought in terms of countries and governments. I am never concerned over how many AMERICANS get killed, but how many PEOPLE. I don't support any government that deceives (Vietnam/Watergate/Iran-Contra, etc.), kills (Kent State, etc.), ignores (Yucca Mountain, etc.), or cheats (choose your favorite instance) its own people. Against friends or possibly family, I'm not one to hold a grudge. Against employers and the government, it's another story.

I for one do not wish to see news footage of innocent people ANYWHERE screaming, bleeding and running through the streets, anymore than I wanted to see the same in NYC. There's only one human race, and it needs to stop killing its various factions over politics, religion, and money.

"It's a beggar's life / said the Queen of Spain / but don't tell it to a poor man / 'cause he's got to kill / for every thrill / the best he can / everywhere around me / I see jealousy and mayhem / because no men have all their peace of mind / to carry them..." - 'Night By Night,' Steely Dan


User: Aja.......happy Friday everyone! | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Even Friday the thirteenth is still Friday......what a chaotic week-I LIVE for Fridays!

StAl-of course I understand your point of view, I just don't agree with it. I see our flag as symbolizing the ideas our country was founded on and the ideals we should aspire to be as a nation. As such, it is sacred. If our current administration sullies those ideals, burn the real offender-burn an effigy of Bush!

YGK-you sure write beautiful music for serial killer ;o)


User: Head Teacher | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Bill the dyslexic psycho; See me after school really do have a prob with i before e ....that's "their finger on the button"

User: Moll on the | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: LcPaul, babe that's been my trouble.....I'm too damn contrary for my own good I suppose. I have a real problem with others telling me how I should behave. I always have. *wink* I'm not just the Mistress of Mayhem because of my chaotic lifestyle with my kids.... Why change now? To quote a wild-man friend of mine. "Fuck em and feed em fish heads" But I will write you my Sugarman!!! *blowing you many, many kisses*

BB, i'm not at all surprised you know the song by David Gray.... If it weren't for a certain Viking-Warrior with a flaming heart.... lol lol

Now Red River Gorge is beckoning....

User: Moll on the | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: LcPaul, babe that's been my trouble.....I'm too damn contrary for my own good I suppose. I have a real problem with others telling me how I should behave. I always have. *wink* I'm not just the Mistress of Mayhem because of my chaotic lifestyle with my kids.... Why change now? To quote a wild-man friend of mine. "Fuck em and feed em fish heads" But I will write you my Sugarman!!! *blowing you many, many kisses*

BB, i'm not at all surprised you know the song by David Gray.... If it weren't for a certain Viking-Warrior with a flaming heart.... lol lol

Now Red River Gorge is beckoning....

User: Bill the militant psycho :) | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Pat,

I would'nt say that Ritter is a total wacko but to be totally
honest he has'nt set foot in Iraq since 1998, the year he
resigned from his job. Who knows what weapons the Iraqies have
aquired since 1998? Could they have aquired nuclear capability
since then? Mr. Ritter would'nt know the answer to this of course.
And as we know, Hussien has no business having nuclear weapons.
The stakes are simply too high. This isn't a game we're dealing
with here. The man could posess the ability to kill millions of
people in an instant. I just don't want people of his caliber
to have thier finger on the button.

Also, Hussien was and is a major contributor to the militant
Islamic Jihad movement. Aside from Bin Laden, it was he who
put the tears in the eyes of those people at ground zero just
2 days ago. Let's go into Iraq and give that S.O.B. what he
finally deserves ok?

User: StAlphonzo | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Mu: Intelligence says he's whacko? Hmmm... I wonder if the *intelligence* community has an agenda? Ritter may be a whacko but he seems credible enough to me to question our stupid president's stance. As do other credible statesmen like Powell, Scowcroft and James Baker. Oh, and though most of the Joint Chiefs have caved under to political pressure, most don't support action in Iraq at this time. Did you listen to the last 15 seconds of that interview? It was the most lucid, thoughtful, insightful, intelligent statement I've heard uttered about this crazy idea of a "regime change."

Who the FUCK do we (US) think we are? This craziness must end and end NOW. Why do we even have an United Nations if we're just going to do what we want? We're pointing fingers at Iraq for not abiding by their UN agreements, but what's so different about us thumbing our nose at the UN?

Aja: You see burning the flag differently than I do. I see it as the ultimate example of our freedom as American citizens to exercise our right to free speech. Also to call to attention a grave injustice foisted upon us by bad leadership. I understand your point of view and respect it. Don't expect you to understand mine.

User: Beerberian checking Calendar | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: LcP; When you here mate ? September ????

User: Beerberian Climbing up the Ladder | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Moll; Throw a stone and watch the ripples flow
Moving out across the bay
Like a stone I fall into your eyes
Deep into some mystery
Deep into that mystery

User: lcpaul | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Mol - hi hon. Been a busy boy, hence my absence lately. I must say, scrolling through the last couple of days' worth, I'm not sure I missed much. If we can't keep petty squables off this forum, how much chance does world peace have? Duh!

I'll be in the UK from 12 - 26 September. I've attached my e-mail addresses (hotmail I'll be using in the UK) so we can stay in touch off this board. This way we won't be bothering the self-appointed purists who seem to think it's their duty to tell us how to behave.

Take care friend.

God bless the rest of you. To the NYers, thought about you all on the 11th.

Beer - pity we're not going to meet mate. Just have to wait till you and the missus get to Cape Town. Going to meet my Dad though - it's been 22 years since we saw each other!


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: Please forgive me if I act a little strange......
For I know not what I do, feels like lightning running through my veins
Everytime I look at you....Everytime I look at you....
oops sorry guys got carried away lol lol... What a great song! I've been dancing since I received this tape.
HI EVERYONE!!!!!! I hope you are all well.
Dr Mu, I hated the news about Warren Zevon. I know that's where the parade is heading for all of us. Still, it just sucks at times. I was filled with sorrow this morning while listening to his latest CD.
Hutch, wow I can see your point! Much better to post threats of violence and anger, then leave a harmless little note of affection for someone. LMAO
BB, I liked what you posted... Why be a defeatist? We can all pray and work for love and peace. Sending you my spells of love and happiness. *kisses and hugs*
Bluz, I hope you are well. I've been covered up in work. Sorry we haven't had a chance to talk. Is the Zan who posted,the same Zan you were telling me about? I'll try to catch you maybe on Sunday... if I get back in time.
Zan, if you're the Zan who is Bluz friend, it is great to see you here!
My Viking...what am I gonna do with you and your napalm heart? I loved everything you sent. Think of me on the rocks.I'll talk to you soon.
St Al, you're still sex on legs.. you big hunk of love! You ever talked Mrs. Al into sharing you with me yet? lol lol *winks and kisses*
Off to the rocks....
Be peaceful and loving M

User: PP | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: MIAMI (AP)--A stretch of Interstate 75 has been shut down in Florida because
of an apparent terrorist threat.
Cable News Network is reporting a no-fly zone has also been declared above the
southern part of the state.
The network says the highway was shut down about 2:00 a.m. EDT, after a
sheriff's deputy pulled over a car matching a police bulletin.
The bulletin was issued after a woman overheard a conversation between three
men who indicated they were planning an attack on Miami.
A second car was stopped and a bomb-sniffing dog is now assisting police in
their investigation.

Officials shut down Alligator Alley, the main East-West highway crossing the
Everglades, and people in two vehicles were detained after a possible terrorist
threat, police said.
Bomb-sniffing dogs alerted authorities to material in both vehicles, said E.J.
Picolo of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Explosive charges were
being used to blast open what appeared to be a backpack taken from one of the
vehicles. A suitcase was also set out beside the car.
"The information we have is very specific," Picolo said.
He said the three people hadn't been arrested, but were being detained.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation had issued an advisory Thursday after a
waitress in Calhoun, Ga., in the northwestern part of that state, told police
she overheard three men of Middle Eastern descent discussing terrorist plans
Wednesday night.
The Georgia woman said the men were talking about amounts of explosives and
warned that Americans would "cry on 9/13," said Miami Police Lt. Bill Schwartz,
quoting from the Georgia advisory.
Alligator Alley is the main road from Naples to Fort Lauderdale across the
Everglades in South Florida.
The highway patrol said Interstate 75 was blocked off from a toll booth east
of Naples to State Road 29.

Florida authorities said that both vehicles that were stopped had Illinois
license plates.

09:36 AM- - 09 36 AM EDT 09-13-02

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: David: sure, we're kidding, at least I am, but, y'know, ignorance makes me want to stomp it out......BTW - you're credited on the disc......Mr. Wisdom.....added a tenor on Open Doors last night - he smokes.......

Vince: it's Malcolm. You wouldn't be from Canada now would you?

Bill: FYI - Keith is the E before the I.......but I'm glad to see you're bright enough to publish a death threat against me for all to if anything ever happens to me, we'll know where to look first.......
but hey, not only are you a scary guy, you're quite funny at times. Enjoy the 'guyland.......

Another pleasant walk across 57th Street this morning.....nice, cool temps.....and reflective sun off of all the glass castles.....

Aja is on right now (aren't you, girl?)

I am fortunate to be able to see Aus/Babes and the one and only LayyyyyyyyyyDeeeeeeeeBayyyyyyyyyyySiiiiiiiide this weekend......
my first housewarming since 11/2000

Bon weekend everyone - even you, Bill.


User: Web Head | Month: 8 | Day: 13

Message: 7:25 Florida shut down part of interstate after stopping terror suspects

User: Beeberian flashback 1977 | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: St Al; I and many of my Generation (talking 'bout) are familiar with the trials & tribs of Kwai Chang Caine - A rare TV hero, in that he did actually do the crime he was accused of ??? Personally I preferred Mr Carradine in Death Race 2000 and spookily Radames Pera who played "grasshopper" (caine as a youth, I recall) was born in NY city ???

User: Aja........still awake | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Dano-that's a fine mancub you're raising! Thanks for the story.

StAl-I'll be out protesting an invastion of Iraq as well, but I will never, EVER burn our flag. It symbolizes a hell of a lot more than the policies of one nitwit (currently at the helm).


User: me | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: i was listening to the early show and someone called in and requested "bad sneakers". the host did not know what it was but offerd to download it if they did not have it. THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT!

User: Dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Steely Dan was part of a question on Jeopardy tonight. The answer was What group had this hit in 1981 -- and then they played an audio clip of "Hey 19". The contestant then answered, "Who is Steely Dan?"

User:  - I'll sleep when I'm... | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Late night filling out forms at the office...can't...stay...awake...

Wow, I agree with both fezo and Bill...while some airports are getting better, airports and porous borders and a lack of focus of Gov. Ridge (though he gave a nice speech yesterday) are still unnerving, and even worse Nukyular plant rent a cops are paid less than the janitors (though a janitor who cleans up nuclear waste should make more than a neurosurgeon)...

Having said that, clearly someone has been using intelligence to prevent more tragedies 9-11 and the bizzarro Anthrax thing.

What a Shame about Warren Zevon and lung the black humor of Here's My Ride is chilling and darker - may he find peace.

Hey, did anyone check out Saddam's escaped Greek mistress of 30 years, Parasoula, tonight on ABC Primetime? Saddam with 3 wives and 2 or 3 mistresses. No wonder he's on Viagra! Parasoula evidently had closets size of rooms each containing morning, afternoon, or evening wear. Imelda Marcos would be jealous

Parasoula confirmed a number of not so surprising things: Saddam has 50 ornate palaces, while de poor people sleeping with de shade on de light, with a bunker under every one. He simply moved chemical/bio weapons every time the UN Inspection Marching Band came to town. He's cunnig and unstable. Also, she revealed that Osama bin Laden met with Saddam in the late 1980s and mid 1990s, when Saddam donated a chesttul of cash to Osama's cause...

Good to see W seeking UN and Congressional support. Mary Landrieu, daughter of the legendary Moon Landrieu (and acquantence of my better half) headed some intelligent non-partisan discussion tonight...

Hey, St. Al - what in the world will you use to burn the flag with??? God forbid petroleum products or worse a wooden match!! I'd recommend a large magnifying glass and rag paper, except... I forgot, there's NO SUN in Seattle during Christmas in Baghdad!

St.Al: Ritter has done a complete 180 since 1998, and he wasn't back to Iraq until this week - the Dude just thinks he's a Hollywood star...intelligence says he's a whacko...

User: ChickenHawks for the record...... | Month: 8 | Day: 12


Prominent Democrats
House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt - Served his country in uniform, 1965-71
House Minority Whip David Bonior - Served his country in uniform, 1968-72
Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle - Served his country in uniform, 1969-72
Former Vice President Al Gore - Served his country in uniform, 1969-71; recipient of Vietnam Service Medal
Bob Kerrey... Democrat... Congressional Medal of Honor, Vietnam
Daniel Inouye... Democrat... Congressional Medal of Honor, World War Two
John Kerry... Democrat...Silver Star & Bronze Star, Vietnam
Charles Rangel...Democrat... Bronze Star, Korea
Max Cleland... Democrat... Silver Star & Bronze Star, Vietnam
Howell Heflin... Democrat... Silver Star
Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) - U.S. Army, 1951-1953.
Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) - U.S. Navy, 1962-67; Naval Reserve, 1968-74.

Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA) - two tours in Vietnam, two Distinguished Flying Crosses as a helicopter pilot, two Bronze Stars, and the Soldier's Medal.
Ambassador "Pete" Peterson, Air Force Captain, POW, Democratic congressman, Ambassador to Viet Nam, and recipient of the Purple Heart, the Silver Star and the Legion of Merit
Rep. Mike Thompson, D-CA: served in combat with the U.S. Army as a staff sergeant/platoon leader with the 173rd Airborne Brigade; was wounded and received a Purple Heart.

Prominent Republicans
Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert - avoided the draft, did not serve.
Majority Leader Dick Armey - avoided the draft, did not serve.
Majority Whip Tom Delay - avoided the draft, did not serve. "So many minority youths had volunteered ... that there was literally no room for patriotic folks like himself."
Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott - avoided the draft, did not serve.

GW Bush - decided that a six-year Nat'l Guard commitment really means four years. Still says that he's "been to war." Huh?
VP Cheney - several deferments, the last by marriage (in his own words, "had other priorities than military service")
Att'y Gen. John Ashcroft - sought deferment to teach business ed at SW Missouri State

Karl Rove - avoided the draft, did not serve, too busy being a Republican.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich - avoided the draft, did not serve
Former President Ronald Reagan - served in a noncombat role. He later seems to have confused his role as an actor playing a tail gunner with the real thing.
"B-1" Bob Dornan - avoided Korean War combat duty by enrolling in college acting classes (Orange County Register article)
Phil Gramm - avoided the draft, did not serve, four (?) student deferments
Senator John McCain - McCain's naval honors include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. Why did the Bush campaign smear him so? At least Senators Cleland (D-GA), Kerry (D-MA), Kerrey (D-NE), Robb (D-VA) and Hagel (R-NE) defended him.
Former Senator Bob Dole - an honorable man.
Chuck Hagel - two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, Vietnam.
Duke Cunningham - nominated for the Medal of Honor, received the Navy Cross, two Silver Stars, fifteen Air Medals, the Purple Heart, and several other decorations

more here as well;

User: Vince McMann | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Hey Bill....It's Malcom not Keith. Whatever his name is...........go kick his ass!

User: ____ | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Hey, you guys are just joking......right?

User: Floridavid | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: YGK, gotta be freakin' kidding me. You guys are making me laugh my ass off.

The rest of you ...hello, Hope everything is just peachy. D

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: A person asks a legitimate question around here and the next thing
you know you're a "militant psycho"...
That'll teach me to try and have a serious discussion in the
world of Steely Dan. What was I thinking?

You'll be fine. You're not worth the inconvenience. I'd have to
take the train into the city, find ya', kill ya', and take the
train back home again. All of that could take hours, and would
be cutting into my TV time. And I hate missing Judge Judy.
She's a militant psycho too you know...

User: taxi driver | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Hey...
You talkin' to me?

Are YOU tawkin' to ME?

YOU tawking to MEEee?

Hey, are you talking to ME?

User: Stan Henson | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: I'm still flying and counting the days until i'm home. Keep sending me your magic.

User: FIngers on the hop | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: UK GB'ers


The UK's finest 12-piece tribute to the venerable STEELY DAN
are appearing on
Westheath Road, (near the railway station), Northfield, Birmingham, UK
tel: 0121 475 1337
Performing tracks from all the albums in a stunning, ALL LIVE, 2 hour show
guaranteed to thrill die hard fans and newcomers alike.
And admission is FREE!!!
NOW come up with an excuse for not showing up!!!!

"close your eyes and you'll be there, it's everything they say..."

Meet up with mad mick Eric Kelly..flying in again all the way from Dublin, Ireland to mix the sound!!!!
Press flesh with Ian (Beerberian) Monckton, the lovely lithesome Morag and Penno the Axemancub!

See ya there??????

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Wow, Bill, you are really freakin scary! All I can say is, lest no harm be done me, for if there is, we will know who you be!
You seem like a movie star: the Militant father in American Psycho, er, American Beauty.........



User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: hello to jim# - gosh, i have missed you here and everywhere! did i tell you my building inspector at my new job is a woman? look out baby! LOL!

i guess logan took it pretty hard yesterday:

without cable in my life anymore, i have a rnewed friendship with the newspapers and books, it's really great - and i read the nyt and globe online when i get to work, not a bad deal

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: YGK,
I know who you are Kieth.
We'll meet motherf***er, you won't know when but you will know why.
Will you still have a song to sing on that cold and windy day?
I don't think so.

I've read Ritter's report to congress. He may have a point but if
what he says is true why are none of his colleagues backing him up
on his claims?

User: Dano | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: StAl , Pacino still doing the business at a great age in Insomnia??I thought only me and a mate of mine was into GG Ross it didnt get shown anywhere over here which was a great shame??

Steeve, I watched that Docu on the French Brothers last night on British TV
and it was truly brilliant.I was so sad that Pfifers brother had perished and it brought tears to my eyes.

Story for America.
I have been away working the last couple of days in Plymouth in South England. And when i was away my little man Conor said he was asked to take a symbol of America to his school for service on Sept 11. He was telling me on the phone he took a Beanie Baby called America which he bought last year when we were in Orlando , and it was in rememberence of those people on Sept11, he was so proud as no one else had another like it that the school has asked him to keep it on Display in the school Assembly halls for this week. He gave a speech on why he bought it and how much he loved America this last couple of years and he was looking forward to going again next summer.This has made me very proud , and i dont normally send this kind of sentimental post on the GB , but i thought you guys over the pond could relate to it. It certainly made my week.


User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: NYBill: Oh, you're like Joey allright - a pedophile just like the rest.....couldn't get anyone other than an underage slut......kick my ass? you keep dreamin......and you're hiding behind the shadow of Buttafuocco......what a joke you you're afraid of goin to Ft. Tryon? I'm shining my boots as we speak......

anytime, little spine, all you do is whine and whine.....


User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: I can't believe I read this right but the NY Lottery Pick 3 number came up 9-1-1 last night.

This all becomes more like some Twilight Zone episode every day.
That is truly bizarre.

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Ok all you hawks! Take a listen to this:

Click on this link and scroll down to the interview of Scott Ritter -- one of the UN inspectors who worked in Iraq for 8 years.

If we go to war with Iraq I will be in the street protesting and burning flags...


User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: YGK,

You're right, I'm along the lines of Joey Buttafouco.
And Joey Buttafouco could kick your ass too...
Alright come on out from under your desk now I'm not gonna
hurt ya. :)

All I'm saying is that the deregulation of the airline industry
set us up for a whole lot of problems. The average airliner
wieghs 350,000 pounds loaded, most of which is highly explosive
jet fuel. Rather than Deregulating the airline industry, should'nt
we be regulating the hell out of them instead? I mean these planes
are flying over your house occasionally. It isn't all about money.
Some of it is about safety and common sense.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: I'm just curious, assuming Americans lack "perspective" who would you say are the nations, groups or individuals that do? Do you think you have it? If so, how did that happen? Were you blessed with it? Or did you earn it through superior intelligence and/or a superior education? So . . .

fuck all that we've got to get on with these
got to compete with the wily japanese
there's too many home fires burning
and not enough trees
so fuck all that
we've got to get on with these
cant stop lose job mind gone silicon
what bomb get away pay day make hay
break down need fix big six
clickity click hold on oh no brrrrrrrrrring bingo!
make em laugh make em cry make em dance in the aisles
make em pay make em stay make em feel ok
not now john
we've got to get on with the film show
hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow
who cares what it's all about
as long as the kids go
not now john
got to get on with the show
hang on john
we've got to get on with this
i don't know what it is
but it fits on here like this ...
come at the end of the shift
we'll go and get pissed
but not now john
i've got to get on with this
hold on john
i think there's something good on
i used to read books but ...
it could be the news
or some other abuse
or it could be reusable shows
fuck all that we've got to get on with these
got to compete with the wily japanese
no need to worry about the vietnamese
got to bring the russian bear to his knees
well, maybe not the russian bear
maybe the swedes
we showed argentina
now lets go and show these
make us feel tough
and won't maggie be pleased
nah nah nah nah nah nah!
s'cusi dove il bar
se para collo pou eine toe bar
s'il vous plait ou est le bar
oi' where's the fucking bar john!

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Beer: Ah...but Grasshopper -- conventional wisdom is the ultimate limitation. The burden you mention often leads to much bigger problems and therefore should be looked at in an unconventional way. It's the only way the human race can evolve, and that was my point.

And since I know you're from the other side of the pond, the Grasshopper reference is from an old US TV show where a white guy played an Asian guy.

YGK and Bill: What's gonna happen when you two show up at the pre-show Danfest during the next Jones Beach show? I just might have to fly out there and find out...


User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: uh, rather WEST......


User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Billy Bob: don't flatter yourself, I didn't equate you with a serial killer; you are more along the lines of Amy Fischer and Joey Buttafuocco. You don't have the brains to be an effective serial killer......but there definitely is something in the water where you live.
Now if you want to try to give me a headslappin, come on in town (that would be travelling East for you) and let's meet in Fort Tryon Park, and I show you how my size 11's fit up your ass. I'm sure there will be a line to plaster your peabrain all over town, right Aus?
So now, everyone who didn't serve in the military is a democracy freeloader? Wow - that water out there is getting worse. Try drinking soda, or better yet, would help your head and allow the rest of us to read somthing a wee bit more rational.

User: Beerberian endin' a 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: StAl; The human condition MUST apportion blame, it's a burden of needing to resolve every issue to it's end game !

We have, @ work (COORS Brewers) attempted to try The "No Blame Culture" .. However, most can't feel comfortable with this. A senior Manager I worked with came out with this gem after a partic expensive cock up on one of our packaging lines I quote "I know it's a no blame culture, but I still need to know WHO, NOT to blame" QED

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Why is it human nature to point fingers? How can we overcome this limitation?

Bill: It simply ain't that simple.

Basic business will tell you that had congress not stepped in and helped out the airlines, the fallout would have cost the US (taxpayer/consumer) far more than the billions we shelled out. Loss of jobs and the economic turmoil caused by an ENTIRE INDUSTRY in default would have been profound.

Life is a bitter pill sometimes.

YGK: Yeah here's a Unitas record for you. 47 straight games with a touchdown pass. How many years is that anyway?

Clas: Dude, today would have been a better day. Yesterday was purely time for reflection on the human tragedy. Today we can talk about the cause and effect. Get it?

Glengarry Glen Ross is finally due out on DVD (Region 1). Sometime in November.

"2nd prize is the Steak Knives"


User: Drew | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Ditty-I'll do whatever you like. It is of little consequence to me. Will your Viking be joining us at Little River Canyon? Call me babe.

User: Aja.....really going to work today, really | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Speaking of damage to our economy, a quote from someone in the Fed (speaking on inflated CEO salaries) was that "the cost is $54 million, a mere scratch to a $10 trillion economy. If Osama bin Laden had really wanted to do damage, he should have trained accountants for Big 5 corporations."


User: and the list is | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Banned List incl.
Replica guns
Household cutlery
Letter openers
Razor blades
Tradesmen's tools
Knitting needles
Sports rackets
Cricket bats .........that's like Baseball for gentlemen
Golf clubs
Snooker cues
Corkscrews with blades

User: Beerberian @ Work | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Surely the airlines can only take some of the blame check this out ......Over 15,000 sharp objects are still confiscated daily from people's hand luggage at the UK's airports, it has emerged.
Items such as nail scissors were banned in the wake of 11 September and should be packed in suitcases.

But the airport operator BAA says many passengers are attempting to flout the ban or forget about it and, as a result, delaying flights.

By the end of the day ... we shall be the proud owners of another 2,000 pairs of nail scissors

Roger Cato, Managing Director Gatwick Airport

As summer holiday traffic builds up, queues into airport security areas regularly stretch back into main terminal buildings.

One out of every 17 passengers' hand luggage contains sharp objects ranging from nail scissors to kitchen knives, said BAA.

This is at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted alone.

User: fezo | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Hey, rather than join the predictable stoning of anyone daring to say the unconventional in the GB, why don't you actually read and think about what Bill has to say.

He takes the line of reasoning a little farther than I would, but I agree generally that the airlines with their lax security contributed greatly to the events of 9/11.

Ever notice how quickly they abandoned their free market principles after 9/11? They went crawling to Congress for handouts almost immediately and Congress ponied up just as fast.

User: Thank You Hutch! | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: I was begining to think that nobody made sense here anymore :)

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Bill - After 9/11 I was astonished to hear that the airlines allowed people to carry knives in their hand baggage. The rule, I believe, was anything up to a 4" blade. I don't fly that much and I'm sure the few times I did I probably had my pocket knife with me and never really thought much about it because I certainly wasn't going to hijack a plane. But if they'd told me I couldn't bring it to the airport it wouldn't have bothered me. I would have understood why. We were well aware that hijackings had occured all over the world and here at home in the past. Of course no one ever suspected someone would be willing to do what the 9/11 hijackers did but still... allowing people to carry a deadly weapon on board??

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: YGK,

I blame the airline industry and the government for setting up the
conditions whereby 9/11 occured in the first place and you have
the balls to equate me with a serial killer for doing so?
You need your head slapped inside-out pal.


Your right, thousands were massacred needlessly. That's why
people like myself don't want it to happen again. I suppose
the current airline security systems are fine by you, but
being the asshole that you are I expected nothing more.
BTW, when did you ever spend any time in the military you
democracy freeloader? Bite Me!

User: IMHO | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: here comes dopey long island bill with his dopey tool kit to "apply some logic" to a day when thousands were massacred needlessly. who needs to hear your "logic" little billy? zip it pal and let the day speak for itself. our armed forces are applying the right kind of "logic" we really need ya jack ass!

User: Mr Chow | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: St Al: Thanks so much responding. Would love to meet up.

Everyone & anyone: How does a mini Danfest in Seattle sound in early December? I'm prepared to travel 20,000 kilometres.

Hey YGK. Long time no read.

Mr Chow.

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: St. Al: Say it ain't so - Johnny U?!?!?!? I saw him play as a kid - a brainwashed old Colts fan, as my 'rents were from "Balmer"......There are still records that people are attempting to break that are his.....
RIP Johnny Unitas :-(

It's been said before, and will be said again and again - there must be something in the water on Long Island; to wit: serial killers, Joey and Amy, Bill.......and the 2nd 'rule' of GB reading, "if you don't like what you see - scroll!"


User: or rather... | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Leave it to Long Island Bill to apply some logic to the situation.

User: IMHO | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: leave it to long island bill to put his twisted spin on a global tragedy. so freakin predictable.

User: Bill / Lessons Learned? | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: When I think about what happened on Sept. 11th I can't help but
wonder how it could have occured in the first place. Should a fully
loaded airliner be THAT EASY to steal in this day and age? Should
a couple of unsophisticated dirtbags with boxcutters be able to
take control of such a large machine without any system in place
to prevent it?

It's not like this has'nt happened before. How many airliners have
been hijacked by militant wacko's over the years? Lots of em' right?
Why has the airline industry not done anything about it?

The answer is simple... Money!
It would cost the airline industry money to install a lockable
computerized flight control system on each aircraft,
and statistically speaking, hijackings don't occur often enough
for them to install such a system. This is fine so long as you
view the world through the prism of raw statistics, but how much
money has the whole 9/11 tragedy cost us? How much has the economy
suffered as a result of a small group of people having the ability
to take control of a 350,000 pound flying gas tank with nothing
more than a couple of seven dollar and ninety-five cent boxcutters?

I hate to say this but I feel that the government is mainly to
blame here. Back in 1978 the congress passed the Airline
Deregulation Act. This act freed the airline industry from the
strict controls imposed on it by the Civil Aeronautics Board.
It was then that the airlines began to be run like a bunch of
cut-rate taxicab companies.

Without the Civil Aeronautics Board on thier backs, the Airline
industry began the all to familiar ticket price competition.
Sure, everybody got cheap airline tickets, but at what cost to
maintainance and overall safety?

Let's take a look at JetBlue for a second. A ticket from New York
to Orlando, Florida on JetBlue will set you back about $75 bucks.
That's cheap aint it? Sure it's cheap, and as we all know,
cheap is good right? But what are you giving up for that cheap
airline ticket? Could you be giving up your safety for that price?
For $75 bucks a ticket, can the airline afford to install a system
which would make hijacking impossible? Of course not...

So ultimately the old saying is true, "You Get What You Pay For".
On September 11, 2001 we did.

User: Face | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: In New York city this past weekend, left on train on Monday. Wish I could have stayed two more days, saw the preparations for yesterday and felt how the events of a year ago have made NYC a kinder, gentler place.
We got through yesterday without incident, but with a collective breath-holding?
Exhale and remember that life is short, make the most of it.

Say what you mean, mean what you say, just try not to say it mean.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Beereberian - Santa Claus is laughing his ass off (that's also a miracle).

User: Beerberian Schtopping By | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: Every drop of rain that falls in Sahara Desert says it all
It's a miracle
All God's creations great and small, the Golden Gate and the Taj Mahal
That's a miracle
Test tube babies being born, mothers, fathers dead and gone
It's a miracle
We're having a miracle on earth, mother nature does it all for us
The wonders of this world go on, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Captain Cook and Cain and Abel, Jimi Hendrix to the Tower of Babel
It's a miracle, it's a miracle, it's a miracle, it's a miracle
The one thing we're all waiting for, is peace on Earth - an end to war
It's a miracle we need - the miracle

User: Beerberian @ Work | Month: 8 | Day: 12

Message: C; Colin Bluntstone (And Jude bluz) didn't believe in miracles BUT they do happen !!!!

User: C - I don't believe in fairytales... | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: He's saying that God gave his people a country 5000 years ago. But the ungrateful bastard chose to live in California...

StAl - the timing was right on the money. John Pilger is giving a little perspective on things, you US-Americans need that.


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Hutch, I love Walter and Don's sense of humor. I suppose that is part of their appeal to me. Turn that Heartbeat Over Again, Show Biz Kids. I love damn near everything that Walt has written... I happen to think the Blue Book is more like the bulletin board in your music store. The Yellow is more like the message board of some funky little club or coffee house. Where anyone is welcome, and almost anything goes; it is more reflective of all of the Dan's fans. That is it's appeal and charm, it's fun! Come on Hutch, even guys like you need a babysitter or lawnmower sometimes..... *blowing you a kiss*

User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: I'm sorry to hear about Johnny Unitis. I've hit that special age when all the cool people are dying. I read names of those killed on 9/11 as part of a ceremony today. Very difficult but healing. Still gonna take me years to absorb all this.

User: bwaySteve | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: I am glad today is nearly over.Very quiet on the train coming in. Times Square where I work had the crowds staring up at the huge video displays watching the days' events unfold. There was the presence of news media from all over the world interviewing and capturing the subdued vibe.
I told myself I would avoid watching a lot of the rehash but when the documentary filmed by the 2 French brothers was aired I was compelled to see it again.I hope I can get to sleep tonight.
For me , a confirmed negative thinker and someone who over the past 10 years has felt more and more insignificant,being on the top of the World Trade Center allowed me to feel freer.You could walk outside along the roof of the tower,look out over the vast metropolis and rise above the exasperating complexity of the city.
New York is so fucking big and intense. Being up there you felt like you could grab on to the whole lot of it. When you were back on the street level again the city seemed more like a town.
I can close my eyes and see the whole sparkling picture in my mind.

User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: There was once a day when you could look to professional sports for your heroes. There was once a day when I paid attention to professional sports. Back then Johnny Unitas was MY hero.

R.I.P. to the best quarterback EVER.


User: me again | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Speaking of which... I just went over there myself. Funny stuff.


User: zan | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: little white lies are the underpinnings of civilization.........

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: lp - #1123 That was a great post.

Q - Thanks! Welcome back.

Molly - Great. You keep posting and I'll keep laughing and then we'll both be deliriously happy. Sorry, but you walked right into that one!
Have you ever checked out the writings (writhings) of Walter Becker on the Official Dan Site?
Check it out. I think you might get a kick out of his sense of humor.

Duncan - Yes it looks like we made it. I'm a little fearful about Friday the 13th though.


User: Jim# | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Aja: I'm all for that. Hey Chere.....mystical powers summon thee (see? it's working already, I just got a blast from my bursitus-ridden elbow)

Hutch: No, haven't heard much from Roy but I have a good feeling. Hope his hurting shoulder is back to bearing burdens. And a Virginia-fest is but a few phone calls away, let's give it a whirl, if there's some interest.

Angel: Hugs for you. Thanks.

LP: I've still got one of those par-o-dees dealing with dog catching and other mischief, from the Amen days. Care to indulge?

This all seems very trite and carefree, given the day. And I'm not apologizing, just saying...Bless you all.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Aja true enought but you KNOW how Bob's schedule is -- ya never know. I was just responding to the Mr. Chow post below

User: | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Steeveedan-if I'm preaching to the choir, ya ain't listenin' (or don't get it). Stating the Arabs need to be banished to a sandpile makes about as much sense as doing it to the Israelis.

Did you say West Coast Danfest, W1P? The Steely Damned will probably play the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, no shows (so far) until then.

Q-glad to have you back!

I decided I'd rather work at home today so I'm sitting here working in my pj's-not a bad way to make a living! No fist-fights to referee today.

It seems like we can summon wayward GB'ers by mentioning them here. How 'bout we all try to summon chere to get some much needed juju in here?


User: Q | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Sorry, to bust in one more time, but I have 2 things to say.

A) Turning 40 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B) St. Al, you are a very balanced cat, man

Again, Best to all - I'm going to start trying to read weekly - but I promise, no more than a post a month from here on out...


User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: >Greed, and the pursuit of power is indemic to the human condition

>What are you gonna do



User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Q -- Thanks so much for the kind words. As far as a west coast Danfest in November, I do not know the schedules of Pretzel Logic or the Steely Damned (or Dr. Wu or the Steely Fan Band for that matter). However on Sunday, November 3, 2002 the Rolling Stones have a break in there three day Southern California swing and Sticky Fingers, the Rolling Stones tribute, has put together a show at the Whisky A Go Go for fun, for the out of towners in LA for the show and in the dim hope that someone associated with the Stones might show up and/or sit in. Sticky Fingers has asked Which One's Pink? to open the show for them so if you're in the area and want to see the disappointment when no Stones show up, come on down.

User: BB & Jude's Music | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: BB i thank you for your thoughts and Jude's words today.

god bless you both


User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Aja !

You've never addressed me directly before! I told ya it was radical. Many of my family members are holocaust survivors, so you are preaching to the choir.

Greed, and the pursuit of power is indemic to the human condition.

What are you gonna do?

User: Aja.....working@home | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: F-18's are streaking across the sky in San other words, another typical day! Glad to see the world was (relatively) peaceful.

Tho Steevee, I couldn't disagree with you more, and I'm the daughter of a Holocaust refugee. That kind of thinking just keeps the violence going, ad nauseum.


User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: we made it...
didn't we ?

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: LP: You beat me to it.... LOL

I found this Newsday interactive site interesting. Click above, or copy this link.

I did wake up a few minutes before 5:46A this morning, in honor. Somehow doing it on a 3 hour time delay seemed wrong to me. CSpan actually had a ceremony from Canada being broadcast, which was nice. The other channels had NYC, of course.
When my train pulled into Union Station in LA, it was 8:42A or so and there were 5 planes with American Flags flying around the towers downtown. Sureal experience.

User: PP | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: SANTO DOMINGO (AP)--Airport police detained a Pakistani man trying to board a
flight for Paris on Wednesday carrying a 5-inch knife.
The man was detained Wednesday morning when police found the kitchen knife in
his hand luggage at Santo Domingo's Las Americas International Airport, said
Gen. Fernando Cruz, director of the National Department of Investigation.
Their attention was caught as the man walked toward a security checkpoint but
turned and strode toward an exit when a police officer approached to question
Police said they quickly stopped the man and found the knife in his luggage.
Officials described him as a 30-year-old medical student who had been studying
in the Dominican Republic. The man was in the Caribbean country illegally and
didn't have an entry stamp in his passport, police said.
The suspect has not been charged and was being questioned by Dominican
Although the Pakistani was captured at 8 a.m. (1200 GMT), he was carrying a
ticket to depart on Air France Flight 3693 for Paris at 7 p.m. (2300 GMT),
police said. His ticket included a connection to Pakistan, they said.
The detention came a day after U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Otto Reich
told the Dominican newspaper El Caribe that U.S. officials were concerned
terrorists could reach the U.S. by way of illegal migrant routes through Haiti
and the Dominican Republic, which share the island of Hispaniola.

04:19 PM- - 04 19 PM EDT 09-11-02

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: as picard would say: Q! It's you!

i am plugging for angel today:

and since i don't have television, i'm addicted to the internet:

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: If the Monty Python Troupe was in search of Bin Ladin, and actually found him alive, the outcome might go something like this:

"You are hereby sentenced to hang by the neck until you cheer up."

I pray for peace, but also steel myself (there's my SD reference) against tyranny and violence. News reports remind us Americans that the rest of the world shares our sorrow for the events of 9/11 but does NOT support America's continued effort to wage war against terrorism.

Would these other nations feel the same way if their economic centers were attacked as brutally as ours? Also, how many of these countries rely on America's support both militarily and economically? Various news clips today showing Arabs burning both American and Israeli flags simply make us more aware of the continued goal of Arabs to wipe out Jews and to try to blame the terrorist acts committed in New York City last year as pay back for the American support of Israel.

Some happy new year, huh.

Here's a radical suggestion for world peace. It starts with an invasion of all of the oil producing countries in the Middle East. America simply takes it all over, increases oil production which lowers the price of fuels globally thereby spurring on unprecedented global economic growth. The Palestinians can have their choice of land (more square milage than they were offered previously) in one (or more) of the Arab lands ... excluding the oil producing regions.

By doing this, Israel is no longer being attacked by Palestinians, the Palestinians have a homeland separate from Israel (which belonged to the Jews for over 5,000 years), and, my favorite part ...

The Arabs return to what they were in the first place ...

A bunch of Camel jockeys playing in the sand. (Told ya it was radical.)

The Arabs want to burn the American and Israeli flags on global television?
They can burn in hell.


User: Q | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: I have hardly viewed these pages even a handful of times since 9/11. Those events had a profound effect on me in numerous ways which are of no interest to anyone here.

Just checking in on this day which has caused so many of usto reflect so deeply upon our lives, and the lives of others.

It's nice to see that the character of this board has not changed and that folks like YGK, u(sorry-I'm still font challenged, Hutch,W1P,anons, etc.,etc. still keep the Dan spirit alive.

I wish all of you well. Keep on keepin' on.


User: Spidey | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: HOUSTON (AP)--Air Force F-16 fighters escorted an American Airlines flight to
Houston after a disturbance was reported on board Wednesday, officials said.
The airplane was on the ground at Bush Intercontinental Airport.
"We seem to have some sort of situation," Houston Airport System spokesman
Ernie DeSoto said. "It is surrounded. I really don't have many details at this
DeSoto said U.S. air marshals were aboard the flight, which reportedly had
been headed to Dallas.
Representatives of American, the FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration
did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

03:06 PM- - 03 06 PM EDT 09-11-02

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Thanks to all those who've shared their throughts today. It is a day of remembrance and of condolance to those directly affected by last year's heinous and ruthless acts - My thoughts and prayers especially to those in the NYC area: Aussie, YGK, Bill, Donald & Walter and others ...9/11/01 - a day that changed our model of the world and our nation, as significant in one sense as Pearl Harbor...those 2 mighty oceans and porous borders no longer protect us. We feel grief, anger, resolution, and fellowship that belie the sword of Damacles still hanging over is a day for humanity...any complacency and isolation replaced with resolve, awareness, and community...

It is for tomorrow that the politics of preservation, consensus, and the offer of freedom are again the yoke that we will carry...

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Hutch, glad I could make you laugh. I like doing that. There is enough heartache and sorrow in this world. Anytime I can get the chance to lighten that fact for another on this Spiritual Journey, I feel gratified. We disagree. I will try to be aware of your feelings, and the others here in the Guestbook, and act accordingly. I ask that you treat me with the same amount of respect. I am very weary of this subject. It deters me from being where I need to be spiritually. I will not discuss it anymore.
I didn't not want to defile my feelings and thoughts about today's events with such negativity and pettiness.

Bluz, thanks for the kind message. I'm doing great.
BB, you're the best.
Cyn, nice talking.
Lcpaul, I hope you'll be in touch. I lost your e-mail address.
Going out to my Rocks to get back to myself.
In peace and love M

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: ...........attended a few moments of silence today near my office and thot it would be good to stop by St. Patrick's Cathedral to pay respects. Approximately 1PM NY Time, a Middle-Eastern woman in traditional dress, carrying plastic shopping bags just filled with garbage and ottled water, started screaming "Allah......" near the end of 12:30 Mass......
NYPD quickly apprehended and removed the woman and took her into custody......much of the standing room crowd quickly dispersed, but many thot that the woman was deranged, from initial accounts......

Is nothing Sacred?


User: Beerberian in the cold light of day | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Bluz; Thinkin' of you all........ Jude Says it for us

If I had one minute of my life
I'd give it to you for free...
Cause I know in you is the other half of me
And who knows, maybe the circle is the key for free....
Round and round the circle is unbroken;
I don't know where you begin and I end....

User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: well Aja :-) here again too :-)
guess we're in the best place, right?
Sign in stranger ...

User: Aja....still here | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Watching the ceremonies on TV instead of getting ready for work....strange day today; on the one hand it doesn't feel right to go about my daily activities, and on the other, I know that's exactly what needs to be done to show these extremists we won't be cowed.

It's heartening to see all the services that are going around the world today, and a reminder that we aren't sitting here on an island. The attack was here but the loss is worldwide.....just listen to all the nationalities represented in the names of the victims.

I was trying to decide how best to honor this day when I heard the daughter of one of the victims suggest everyone make a gesture of kindness or peace to a stranger, as a way of sending the message around the world.....


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: in this remote island, there is a sense of disconnect as to the event of the day in memorial - small signs caught my breath this morning, the old VFW worker placing small flags along the fence line of the VFW where i park each day, a baby in a carriage holding a flag - but i felt so empty sitting in an early morning meeting of a private non-profit planning group as they carried out their business, planning for their november convention - i watched the clock tick past 8:46 and remembered last year sitting at my desk, reading aus' posts, waiting for check-ins from the ny contingent here, trying to call friends who regularly take those flights out of boston, firing off emails to high school and college friends who live in the city, and watching it unfold on the tv in the hearing room, usually reserved for local government meetings but now a center of information coming live from cnn - i remember feeling frozen, and again felt frozen watching the frenzy of maine tourism continue

thanks aus for checking in again this year to tell us what's happening a year later

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Sorry Molly but that statement "following your logic, why don't we all just email" really cracked me up.
Look at it like this: We have a bulletin board at the music store where I work. It's obviously meant for bands looking for musicians and musicians looking for bands to post notices. If people start putting up notices trying to sell cars or looking for baby sitters or looking to sell a lawnmower that would seem kind of silly wouldn't it?
I just try my best to use a little common sense when I post something on here.

User: jjeff ---Canadian contingent | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Some nice sentiments...Aussie,Aja, Duncan, YGK,and all. Especially Gina. Loved it.

Remember. Remember why.

User: Cyn | Month: 8 | Day: 11


Last year at 8:46 I stood in horror in my den , vacumn in hand, stunned beyond belief.

This morning at 8:46 I sat on my carpet in the den , scrubbing out a stain,...looked at the clock, 8:46 it said..I was in the exact same spot where I stood in last year. I wept........

I have learned this past year that we have to embrace the pain, welcome order to get thru it and move on.

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Bell just rang and the names of the September 11, 2001 victims are STILL being read. Downright rude.


User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Well, I needed a good laugh this morning.

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: It must have been around 6 AM this morning that Babes and I heard, while still in bed and lying supine, from the ajar window in the bedroom, bagpipers, piping their solemn notes, as they made their way past Union Square Park and on their way to Ground Zero.


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: I read this in my Poetry Magazine. It seemed fitting for today:

After The Terror

Everything has changed, though nothing has.
They've changed the locks on almost every door,
and windows have been bolted just in case.

It's business as usual, someone says.
Is anybody left to mind the store?
Everything has changed, though nothing has.

The same old buildings huddle in a haze,
with faces at the windows, floor by floor,
the windows have been bolted just in case.

No cause for panic, they maintain, because
the streets go places they have been before.
Everything has changed, though nothing has.

We're still a country that is ruled by laws.
The system's working, and it's quite a bore
that the windows have been bolted just in case.

Believe in victory and all that jazz,
Believe we're better off, that less is more.
Everything has changed, though nothing has.
The windows have been bolted just in case.
by Jay Parini

I cried as I watched the news for days afterwards. I kept thinking of all the people that had no Dad or Mom now. The Parents who lost a child that day.....the senseless acts of hatred.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: yes, everyone has acknowledged 9/11 except Molly, how telling.....

User: Aja.............remembering | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: I woke up this morning and hung my flag at 5:46 a.m. It's a relief to hear the jet noise from Lindbergh Field this morning, as opposed to the eerie silence last year at this time. Saying a prayer and sending a good thought to all, and thanks for the same from all the GB'ers abroad.


User: to molly | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: please, this is a day of remembrance and mourning....could you show a little respect? It really is not all about you.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Hutch, my Sugarman! I disagree, following your logic.....why have a message board? We can all just e-mail. But, again sorry if we offended or annoyed. No hard feelings? I still think you are way cool. *wink*

Weber and whoever, still jealous I see. Do I remind you of the woman who left you "Fred" (or whomever you're calling yourself these days)? What happened Fist? Did she leave you for a man that actually had a set?

St Al, I DO think you're the best looking man I've seen in a month of Sundays! Even compared to all those Airborne Rangers !

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: It seems odd to be in the office today. Taking the subway I was surprised to see so many, so early on their way to work/school/home.... The feeling is palpable on the streets. And when we observed the first moment of silense, you could hear this bustling city come to a compleat halt. Traffic was stopped and construction dudes faced south towrads where the towers stood, hard hats off in respect and placed over their hearts.

Observances and vigils are the rule of law in the streets of the city in every borough.

In one respect I am repulsed that the treasury and equity markets are open for business today (albeit the bell will ring one half hour after the Ground Zero observances)...yet, getting on with life is what New York City is all about.

Our prayers and thoughts go to all those affected by the horrible events of September 11, 2001.

God bless America.


User: StAl | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Hey Clas! Though I don't disagree with much of that article, once again your timing SUCKS.

Hey WEber! You're still here too. What does that say? Moron.


User: Misterchow | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Hey Hutch. Thanks for the comments. Things are good here in Oz. I regrettably missed the Steely Knives CD this year, after contributing to the first two. Still, good to know the tradition continues!

Hi to Miz Ducky. I'll be in L.A in November & Seattle in December. I know you're in San Diego now, but maybe we can get a west coast Dan fest going somewhere?

We paused to remember what happened a year ago today. 11/9 has much significance here too.

Mr Chow.

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: 8:46, 9/11/2002, Third Avenue and 54th Street, NYC

".......a small group of co-workers and I went downstairs to look south and take a moment or two to observe and reflect. All along Third Avenue, scores of others did the same. Some, not noticing the time, looked at their watches and stopped.
A fighter plane flew overhead, just out of view, however the sound was shocking and chilling. The moment turned into several, and after the Mack truck pulled to a stop, the noise of the engines disappeared and their was an eerie silence - if only for a moment, it was a moment of sadness and pondering and prayers......
New York City will be an eerie processing of mourners today. I'll be stopping by my local Firehouse with nothing really to say."


User: NYBill | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: 8:46 ...

It seemed like the world would end at 8:46.
The images that morning were so unreal that I still can't believe
it actually happened. And we thought that we'd never recover from
what happened at 8:46.

How are we doing so far?
Pretty darned good I'd say...

User: G. | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: ps Ange, what Brian (Exile) wrote as a citizen of your country is a lot more complex than what we can experience in "my" small country below sea-level. Whether it's Amsterdam, New York, Paris, New Orleans, Los Angeles ... The romantic notions of something abroad or further away from where one is born and one isn't inclined to grasp the beauty because somehow the eyes are set differently ... To look upon life as a child, see miracles and wonders like a sky full of colorful balloons ...

Clas, Rebecka Tornqvist now singing about "life at the bottom of the sea".
A full circle somehow :-)

User: duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: I'm thinking of the people i never met.
& the people i hope to meet.


User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: When i watched television i saw numerous documentaries tied to last year's tragedy. Some of those were insightful and sincere. Honest conversations with those left behind. Some showed strength and courage. Loss should not be a main reason to arouse respect for another individual, nevertheless ...

If this day is for them and the loved ones sacrificed against political schemes and severe brain damage, the skies are filled with colorful balloons beholding the life elixer we all need. Oxygen as a symbol for the breath of a precious essence given to us at birth. A hopeful salute, a nod for peace and inner strength and positive vibes.

If this day is used to feed the beast of war and retaliation as a simple excuse to continue powertrips scribbled in not so hidden agendas, from any (alleged) world leader for that matter ... the skies should give signs and sighs of Mother Earth speaking up on behalf of all who long for peace and love and something really worth while for future generations.

Life and the strive for quality of this life is Holy.
There's no such thing as a Holy War.
There's no such thing as ruling this planet.
For any party involved, whether in the name of freedom or fanatic religion.
The hands that fed got bitten.
And the hands that fed should clip its nails.
No dirt to travel underneath, no Pilates' washing hands.

"Father, forgive them" He said.
"For they do not know what they are doing".

The tales and legends survived over time.
History of the world we live in.
A robe, the holes in hands and feet.
Vinegar and wine.
Ointment and weeping women.

The skies should give signs and sighs of Mother Earth speaking up on behalf of all who long for peace and love and something really worth while for future generations.

A prayer for life as we may tend to forget.
A cross, but no burden.
A fire, but no flames.

User: Cynny............ | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Jimmy...Thanks for the memories, and for taking that chance and stopping into chat. It did my soul SO good to talk to you, oiage (ha!), edB, diffy, bluz and arlean...aka.."The Old Guard". Even that RudeWaitress showed up..and she was rude as ever.All that sneering..HA! Got up at 2am again...having coffee with Alan..helping him pack (No, won't need that coat).
We'll give you and the Mrs# a call Sat morning.

nice to have met cha, Molly

To all the Gb'rs...incase you hadn't heard...theres a campaign to drive with your headlights on all day remembrance and support! Just don't forget to turn them off when you park your cars (I have a feeling AAA and all will be having a field day jump starting cars all over the US )

"She said...I've dreamed myself a thousand times around the world...but I can't get out of this place"...................davematthews

User: Beerberian paying respects | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: Gbers; In Memory of 9/11
To mark the anniversary of 9/11 tragedy, a wreath laying ceremony will take place at the flagpoles in front of Carling House on Wednesday 11 September at 1346hrs. This will be followed by 1 mins silence for those participating in the ceremony only.

Flags at Carling House will be at half mast for the day.

Hands across the water............

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: John Pilger:

Remembering 11 September merely as gruesome spectacle is an insult to the victims of that epic crime. However, remembering is important in order to make sense of it, and especially of what happened next.

Most of the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, a US protectorate. Saudi Arabia is the home of the Bin Laden family, who were clients of George Bush Sr in his capacity as consultant for the huge Carlyle Group, which has extensive oil interests. Oil and America's struggle to defeat the Soviet Union were at the heart of it.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were the bases of the CIA's Operation Cyclone, which, with a treasury of $4bn and the secret approval of the White House, effectively created the Islamicist war party that attacked America. This terrorist movement, the mujahedin, was the weapon America wielded against the Soviet Union; the Islamicist gene kept emerging and growing in direct proportion to the spread of American influence and pressure in the region. The rise of the Taliban was a direct result.

Saudi Arabia, home of Islam's holiest place, became a vast American base during the assault on Iraq in 1990-91, which was represented to the west by President Bush Senior as "the greatest moral campaign since World War Two". The unadvertised goal of this "war" was the consolidation of American power in the oilfields and the "containment" of an Iraq whose cheap, high-quality oil posed a threat to the price of Saudi oil. The "greatest moral campaign" of liberating Kuwait had precious little to do with it.

Al-Qaeda took root in Saudi Arabia among those of the ruling families who opposed the Fahd family's deals with the United States, which they saw as a Faustian pact. "The day the bubble burst" is how many in the Arab world who understood these tensions describe 11 September.

Run by rich and powerful men, al-Qaeda drew on the Arab world's bitterness at America's underwriting of Israel; and this, in a broader sense, was shared across the world, in varying degrees, by those who had long felt the imperial boot of the west. In his 1961 classic The Wretched of the Earth, Frantz Fanon accurately predicted this reaping of a whirlwind sewn by colonialism.

None of this lessened the shock of 11 September. The first response of people everywhere was a humane one; those in the twin towers were innocently going about mostly ordinary jobs. This almost universal sympathy was appropriated by Bush and Blair; the pursuit of justice was wrapped in the banner of a corrupt imperial power, whose subsequent actions ought to be as infamous as the crime itself.

Although the scale of suffering is beyond comparison, there are similarities with the appropriation of the Holocaust as an enduring justification for the injustice and crimes committed in Palestine. It will be no less a profanity if "9/11" is awarded that currency in our consciousness.

The combined forces of the supercult of Americanism - from the Washington fundamentalists themselves to the unctuous reporters standing in front of the White House - want us to believe that the events on that day "changed the world", providing an appendix to Francis Fukuyama's scam about the end of history.

The world did not change. The thrust of American military and economic power merely accelerated, along with the assault on social democracy. And just as Fukuyama's nonsense has been discredited, so will 11 September as another "end of history". For what has happened in the past year is an awakening across the world to the true rapacity of dominant American power. It is the opposite of what the propagandists wish; or as John Berger once wrote: "Never again will a single story be told as though it's the only one."

The press windbags who call for the incineration of innocent people in Iraq (whom they smear, collectively, as Saddam Hussein) speak to each other as if from unattended platforms at Hyde Park Corner on a grim winter's day. Every indication is that the majority of people in this country and around the world are not listening, and are fed up with the American drumbeat.

Edward Said once described the extraordinary power of Frantz Fanon's writing as "a surreptitious counter-narrative to the above-ground force of the colonial regime". That same extraordinary power is emerging in many countries, on every continent, not least those the western media has struck from the map. It is cause, I believe, for optimism.

Bush's and Blair's reaction to 11 September was understood quickly. As far back as October, Gallup International reported that a majority in more than 30 countries opposed military solutions. Tony Blair had no mandate to send the marines on their vacuous expedition, chasing tribesmen in the manner of 150 years ago. Today, a clear majority of the British public oppose his unexplained plans to join an American invasion of Iraq, a country which American propagandists, without evidence, associate with the failed "war on terrorism".

Add the proviso that uncertain numbers of Americans might be killed storming Baghdad, a slim majority of people in the United States are also against an invasion, which is both heartening and remarkable, given the festival of paranoia since 11 September.

The truth is that the Bush gang and its adjutants, Ariel Sharon and Blair (and the barely acknowledged, though keener-than-thou John Howard in Australia), are isolated. Television's age of passivity is passing. Public meetings draw thousands, mostly by word of mouth. In the US, the great resistance historian Howard Zinn watches his e-mail traffic as it records countless protests in small towns, defying the stereotype.

Perhaps what is stirring in America, beneath the weight of its myths of exceptionalism, moralism and what the cold war planner George Kennan cynically called its "Rotary Club idealism", is the faint beginning of a rejection, of the kind and magnitude that led to the great civil and human rights movements. Never have ordinary Americans seemed as cynical about the greed and corruption of their rulers.

This must not be overstated, but under any regime and in any circumstances, and in spite of the propaganda of their accredited guardians, people are never still. The specious morality play spun by Blair has had the reverse effect. What mainstream commentators called "the public unease" can be traced to Blair's ringing call for Gladstonian and actual gunboats in tune with Bush's evocation of the American Wild West where, as D H Lawrence pointed out, the heroes were simply killers.

A silence has broken since 11 September. International hostility to the Bush gang's violence (in Afghanistan, a University of New Hampshire study estimates, up to 5,000 people were bombed to death) probably would have happened anyway; but their abuse of the great tragedy of 11 September has been the marker. That is what has changed.

In Britain, the media dam has sprung dangerous leaks. A popular tabloid, the Daily Mirror, has turned back to its serious, dissenting roots and caused such elitist fear and loathing that one of its American owners has made veiled threats, and that hagiographer of Washington, Whitehall and Murdoch, William Shawcross, has commanded a page in the Guardian from which to condemn the "infantile" Mirror and pretty well anybody else who dares question our government's obeisance to Bush's lawlessness.

Washington's courtiers, or "Atlanticists", as they like to be known, are worried; the once reliable censorship-by-omission that allowed the British state to join America's imperial adventures, notably the one-sided slaughter in the Gulf in 1991, the most "covered" event in history and the least reported, is no longer fully operational. In the Mirror, on the Guardian's main opinion pages, in this journal, in the reporting of Robert Fisk in the Independent and here and there on radio, dissent - the lifeblood of any free society - has been heard. On the internet, there is now the equivalent of a robust samizdat: for example, the excellent and

Only television has been muted. The stamina of BBC mythology about its "objectivity" and devotion to "balance" ought not be underestimated. Much of the rest of humanity continues to be objectified in degrees of their value to the west and incorporation into western cultural slogans. As Fanon wrote more than 40 years ago: "For the native, objectivity is always directed against him." Thus, the BBC's Newsnight can "balance" justice and injustice, facts and vested lies, while reducing whole societies to the sum of their dictators' demonology. When will those charged with training future broadcasters begin to alert their young hopefuls to the sophistication of our own state propaganda?

Making sense of 11 September is urgent. Another crime is imminent. In 1998, the Pentagon warned Bill Clinton that the "collateral damage" of an all-out invasion of Iraq could be as high as 10,000 civilians. How often, routinely, does humanity have to suffer this? That is the question many now ask. When the correspondent of the Washington Post, a famous liberal news-paper, can say on the BBC that the British are speaking out against the war party because they are jealous of America having "the sun around which the rest of the world revolves" (words to that effect) then you appreciate how the elite of great power thinks. The Romans and the imperial British would have thought like this. But the 21st century has arrived and the respectability that Nazism finally stripped from imperialism ought not to be allowed to return.

User: Travelin'Brook | Month: 8 | Day: 11

Message: You did the mashed potato
I did the see you later
You did the Aldous Huxley
I did the Love you Muchley

Once we agreed on an active "e"
I had to hand it to me.

Happy Forgetfulness and Who Could Blame You,


User: Gustav Mimi | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Hello Schmeirtezeezers! Miss me? You bet you did...

"There's a section on" What's in the sky?" in the latest Discovery magazine that physically expands your mind. Think of our galaxy as a carousel with the meeting point of the spirals as the axis to which we turn around.

(Yes, I think I'm doing it! It's like the funnel of a tornado! Like that "Big Blue Tube" Vonnegut talked about in "Galapagos".)

In mid-September on a clear night look due south. You are now looking at the center of our carousel, the black hole of our galaxy.

(Like, is NOW mid-september, Dude? I remember watching Hyakutake ECLIPSE Deneb six years ago about...NOW..."

Now find the star Deneb in the Swan constellation. That's where we will be in 10,000 years.

(That's where we ARE RIGHT NOW, Dude! See above cosmic moment!!!)

And when Deneb was where we are now our ancestors were looking at the stars uncomprehending.

(Not Don and Walt, Dude...)

Our sun trailing, it's little children has only gone around the carousel 20 times since it's birth. The numbers probably aren't correct but you get the gist of it. Check it out.

(Right and right, I think, again, Dude!.)

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Louie....Wrong about Molly. As long as she keeps telling St. Al how sexy he his, she'll be around here for ever! Sad...but true.

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Gina: Thanks for the additional insight on Amsterdam.

NYB: Yes, I remember....

User: LouieLouie | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Hutch,
The rules of this board are extremely liberal. Most website
owners would'nt tolerate Molly and her nutjob friends.
Sooner or later this one won't either. Till then she'll
continue to post her usual total nonsense and converse
with her personal friends at our expense. I wonder how many
websites have given her the boot already.

P.S. Does'nt she seem a bit immature for a 35 year old woman?

User: ps | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Midnite, you will be on the next Steely Knives?

User: Lou Dan | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: You can do what you wanna do
You can do what you ca-a-an
Do what you wanna do
But I love you Steely Dan

You can do everything once
You can do it a-ga-a-an
Do what you wanna do
But I love you Steely Dan

Oh no, I'm a waiter
I'm a waiter a-ga-ga-in
Oh no, I'm a waiter
But I still love you Steely Dan

Werewolves of Steely Dan again


User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: second Aja, love to read the GB these days.
Angel, see link above :-)

must say reading and writing on these message boards is a lot more pleasant than my writing for a living. communication in a tangible way. because it feels good.

Banyan Tree 04.29 am Eurotime Bow,

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Clas - I'm not sure about "Streetlife". I'll ask my buddy who has some old Crusaders on vinyl. He's an expert.

Mr. Chow - Hope you're doing well. I still dig "Bass Riff". Had the album spinning the other night.

Molly - No, I guess there aren't any "rules" other than threatening bodily harm of course.
What you and your personal friends are doing is unprecedented here as far as I know. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's wrong. But to me it just seems like an odd thing to do given the fact that everyone is on the internet anyway and why not just use e-mail. But that whole thing has been covered. Nonetheless...
Y'all post and I'll scan and scroll.

Jim # - How's things in Tidewater? Haven't been down that way in a while. I think the last time was a Jeff Beck concert at The Boathouse. There's talk of an East Coast Fest. Talked to Roy lately?

jjeff - Whew! That was crazy. That thing at the end was great though.

Midnite - One of my best friends has great taste in music and he's always up on the new stuff. When I go over to his place I get to hear things I might not buy otherwise. He's got a pair of 30 year old Bose 501 speakers and I'm tellin' ya those things sound GREAT! Almost like surround sound. I thought the tambourine was coming from the kitchen!?
I'm really happy to say that something is finally moving in the right direction with my blues band project. Seems like it was nothing but a series of false starts there for a while. The singer and I had found a bass player through an ad and the three of us got together so I could outline what I wanted to do. Cool. The bass player calls the next day and says he's contacted a keyboard player. Cool. The next day at work I get a call from a drummer. A guitar player I was talking to in the store had given him my number. Cool. I make arrangements for all five of us to meet so I can lay it out. And I'm tickled to death about the prospect of having a keyboard player. We decide to meet at 3 on Sunday. Singer shows up (he and I are putting the band together so no problems there) and the bass player shows up. Drummer and keyboard player don't show. Not cool.
I'm hanging my head in despair yesterday morning when the phone rings. It's a drummer I worked with about 10 years ago. Great player, good writer, great guy. Really enthusiastic about putting things together. His band had just split up and he wanted to know what I was doing! So this is a real shot in the arm for this thing. We shall see.

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: jjeff: As I started to read your post, I decided it was too sad to post after. I was so relieved to hear it was not your coworkers daughter.

Jim #: You are back!!!!! (and so missed) I was hoping to end up on the East Coast this October, but that seems to be falling apart. Sigh.... I had hoped to connect, but now my hopes are dashed.

LP: Sounds like a good offer on the house, people who will take care of it well.

Gina: I always hear from people in the US about how wonderful Amsterdam is. It is very interesting to hear what a native thinks of that city.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Yeah, it's interesting to me that the "humourless" Roger Waters was into Monty Python

User: jjeff ( in the throes of SAD, I think. Same time last year too) | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: What an emotional rollorcoaster today. Our resident Jehovah's Witness,Dave, got a call from his wife this morning. He was shouting,"What...what?!!!", into the phone and hung up, and then said," Karen died last night. She died in her sleep.", in this uncharacteristic stunned voice. Karen's his youngest daughter who is living in Calgary and about to be married next month. I've never seen him so crushed. I told him to go home and we would look after everything. It would have been nice to drive him home but there were only 2 of us left in the lab and a room full of people waiting. I don't know how he drove home really. We next tried to get in touch with our boss in another hospital to no avail. Finally someone in the business office across the hall traced her to a meeting( surprise) and had her brought out and told the news. We got hold of another tech. who had the day off and asked him to help out with the work. By now the news has grown exponentially. Then Dave phones us saying that it's not his daughter but his sister-in-law,Karen, who's died. Apparantly his wife was so distraught she didn't mention this. Well, never has a place been so relieved. Then the process of getting out the truth to the masses. I am sorry that anyone died but you know, better a 60 year old than a 25 year old who's about to be married.

W1P:Cruel but fair? The Piranha Brothers sketch, my favorite.( He didn't want to nail my head to the coffee table, I had to insist. They were cruel but fair.)
I wanted to see Lathe of Heaven but don't A&E. I read the book ages ago in high school. I was on a Ursula LeGuin kick. Except for her foray into fantasy( Earthsea Trilogy)I never thought of her as a great storyteller just a great painter of strange vivid impressions. Sights and smells. She's good at short stories or maybe that's my attention span. Collections include Compass Rose and The Earth's Twelve Quarters or something like that.
Dune. Now that's a great story through the whole series. I haven't read his son's addenda, House Harkonnen and Atreides( and methinks another one).

MC: Ice cream castles. Nice picture. Looks like you could stick a spoon in that and haul out black cherry confection.

There's a section on" What's in the sky?" in the latest Discovery magazine that physically expands your mind when you read it if you get the chance. It goes something like this:
Think of our galaxy as a carousel with the meeting point of the spirals as the axis to which we turn around. In mid-September on a clear night look due south. You are now looking at the center of our carousel, the black hole of our galaxy. Now find the star Deneb in the Swan constellation( I think). That's where we will be in 10,000 years. And when Deneb was where we are now our ancestors were looking at the stars uncomprehending. Our sun trailing it's little children has only gone around the carousel 20 times since it's birth.
The numbers probably aren't correct but you get the gist of it. Check it out

She is moving to describe the world. Darker. Darker.
Beware of the spellchecker.

User: Oh to be of the Royal family during a war... | Month: 8 | Day: 10


Harris, a high school dropout with a crack cocaine case pending against him, remained in jail in nearby Lowndes County.

Barry made international headlines in 1990 when the FBI caught him on videotape smoking crack cocaine in a downtown hotel. He served six months in prison and stunned the nation by winning his fourth mayoral term in 1994.

[Todd] Bridges's fears were earned, however. His post-"Strokes" years were full of run-ins with the law; the most devastating came in 1989, when he was accused of shooting an alleged drug dealer at a South Central L.A. crack den.

The Broward County, Florida, sheriff's office told CNN that the pilot, Luis Morales, was arrested on a charge of cocaine possession after a traffic stop on July 7. After running a stop sign, he gave sheriff's deputies permission to search his car and the crack cocaine was found. He posted bail, and his case was later adjudicated.

ORLANDO, Florida (CNN) -- Orlando police said Tuesday that Noelle Bush, the daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is under investigation after staff at a drug treatment facility said she was found with a "white rock substance" that tested positive for cocaine.

A statement said officers were dispatched to the Center for Drug-Free Living about 8:45 p.m. EDT Monday to investigate a complaint involving Noelle Bush.

The statement said officers were told Bush was found in possession of "a small white rock substance." Officers field-tested the substance, which was 2 grams, and it came back positive for the presence of cocaine, police said.

How come it's "crack" when referring to anyone else who uses or sells it but only a "white rock substance" when the daughter of the Guv is busted. Wouldn't want anything to get in the way of an Orange alert on election day. Will Noelle go to jail like the other abusers? Nope, they already ripped up the report. Ohhh to be a princess in this country.....

User: Aja.......message for you, Sir | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Jim#! Hey, welcome back! I'll say whatever it takes to get you out of lurkdom. Hope all is well with Mrs. # and the kids. I miss Chere, too. Great posts, and we need some good juju 'round here.

Southwest flies into Raleigh, is that close enough for the East Coast Danfest?


User: Jim# | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Cynny: Saw Dympna on CSNBC this afternoon, floor of the NYSE. She was witty and charming and wistful in remembrance of Chaplain Judge, just a year ago . Another small reminder of how far we have come, and how far to go. It was incredibly WTC karmatic. I took Aja's lead and went to the archives of a year ago tomorrow. And saw your post about Dympna and the relationship there, and I remembered it from a year hence, so very chilling to see her the very same day on televison. And btw, I happen to love DMB's newest, went to see them in July and it was just wonderful.

Aja: Sweetie, for once we semi-disagree. Norah may not be the stoppage of all vocal harmonics that I crave but she fills a void. I'd like a little more depth to the voice too, but I will say that she can sure pick 'em, song wise. Our tastes continue to parallel.

Midnight Cruiser: Name the day brother, let's get Ole into some Piedmont state of mind and pluck a day for the ACC crowd, eh? If you can work it into Martinsville race weekend, I can virtually guarantee a visit.

Missing Blaise and Gina and Wormy and stevie.....and Chere. I really miss Chere. Swirling back to lurkdom.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: easy on the Lemming !

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 10


ap's chron of 9-11 above or bink above

MC: north of the home of stephen king, actually - he actually is very philanthropic to local issues in mid-coast maine - i'm on mount desert island/acadia national park

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: The screening of Tribute the Movie at the Silver Lake Film Festival has been changed from 7pm to 9pm with a promise it won't change again! We also just learned that some important distributors will be attending, so we would appreciate it if you could help us spread the word! Here is all the (correct) info again:


We are excited to announce the first Los Angeles screening of TRIBUTE since
last November -- at the Silver Lake Film Festival on Thursday September 19th @ 9:00 at the Vista Theater in Silver Lake, CA. 4473 Sunset (Hollywood & Sunset). For tickets please call 866-468-3399 or visit http:

User: uhhhh........ | Month: 8 | Day: 10

That should have read ..I must be a "Jerk"....

User: I must be a | Month: 8 | Day: 10

and I'm casting my "Stones"....blah...blah...blah...Ad Naseum

Bland as white bread............and just about as tasteless.

" I Got the Chop"..........Tower of Power

User: P1W | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: He was a literate man, but a poor speller

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: I'm surprised that no one appears to remember "he was a creul man, but fair"

User: Aja.........tis just a flesh wound | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Midnite-sounds great!


User: Midnite Cruiser | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: looks like things are hopping here!

Gina....just watched James Taylor on Pay Per View Sunday night....good show with a nice mix of new stuff early in the show and some old favorites lasted almost two hours and really was enjoyable....he's got one of the most "pure" voices I've ever heard....and his acoustic guitar work is beautiful.

Aja....we need to summon the Maven of Miracles, aka oleander, and see if we can't get a Mid-Atlantic DanFest going on....would be nice to meet some of the "other" coast folks too!

Hutch....looks like you're getting into some good tunes lately....maybe we'll get to hook up some time this Fall?

Luckless Pedestrian....thanks again for the heads up on John Mayer....his cd is in the heaviest of rotation around tell me again, where did you move? Coastal Maine? Getting Stephen King-ish vibes here. : )

caught 3rd Eye Blind and the Goo Goo Dolls in Raleigh last week I think it was....yeah, it's pop music but it was enjoyable pop music at least.

Jim's Picture of the Day:

or click the Homepage link above....taken back in July on a road trip.

have a great day folks....working 12 hour days the next two so I'll peek in again Friday.


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: 'tis but a scratch !!!

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: adenoid

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: I assume she's nice, but will have to disagree - she CAN sing, you clearly may not like her STYLE, but then the adnoid thing worked pretty well for Macy Gray, Billie Holiday. Erykah Badu, and Donald Fagen

User: Aja..........another chaotic day | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Hey, I never said Norah Jones wasn't a nice person, couldn't play, or wasn't respectful of her bandmates-I said she couldn't sing very well! And her being pretty, nice, respectful, and a good piano player doesn't refute that. After I posted that the local radio station played a new song of hers so I gave her another listen. I actually lasted 2/3 of the way through before changing channels-a new record! Sorry folks, I think she sings through her nose. She needs her adenoids removed so she can stop snuffling. Jill Scott should be getting the attention Norah is, but she isn't-now why would that be?

Of course, we can agree to disagree ;o)


User: New SD Song Revealed! | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: A long time ago when the earth was green
There was more kinds of animals than you'd ever seen
They'd run around free as the earth was being born
But the loveliest of them all was the Unicorn.

There was green aligators and long necked geese
Some humpty-back camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants and sure as you're born
The loveliest of all was the Unicorn.

(Due to the top secret nature of SD music development, the
rest of this song has been withheld by the artists.)

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Gina, you should read the book Dune by Frank Herbert. The movie just couldn't pull it off. Anyone catch Lathe of Heaven the other night on A&E?

User: GoodMorningStarshine | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: (Acid-Rock Guitar Intro)

Gliddy, Glup, Gloopy, Nibby, Noppy, Noopy, La-la-la-lo-lo

(Distortion-Drenched Melodica Segue)

Sabba, Sibby, Sabba, Noopy, Abba, Dabba
Early Mornin' Singing Song.

(Hard-driving Piano/Guitar duet outro)

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: the crusaders? forgot to mention them - they are one of my favorite jazz "groups" - joe sample as my personal favorite and i believe, he was part of the original group from the late 60's called "the jazz crusaders" - i have a few of those now unavailable cassettes and they are truly glorious - i have the cassette of streetlife and will check it to see who was on vocals for that release, i hope they are still not in massachusetts but i think they might be

have an offer on the house, btw, for those tracking my personal life - full asking price, can close on the 1st, a good thing - first time home buyers from the adjacent small city, he's a graphic designer, she grew up in a big victorian so they really fell in love with the house- so far, they seem to be the buyer we were hoping for

multi-tasking, are you kidding? i'm savin the world as i post here! LOL

blaise, i miss you too - i need a stop feeling sorry for yourself speech please...

aus, bring up one of your black ties, i've been invited to cocktails at the rockerfeller estate

mu, good color on norah jones, could not have said it better myself

User: xxxx | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: To the "mistress of mayhen"
NO ONE is talking about you are not the center of attention. JUST LET IT GO>

User: Gina again | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Norah sings Come Away With Me when i logged in again.
To read doc Mu is well ...
The same thing C mentioned. WHAAH! Mr. Taylor and mr. Gadd???
Off now, gotto see what else is cooking ...

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: toenz, lp, Truth, Aja: Naturally, I had finished half of A Night with Norah Jones 2 Sat. Sunday morning, my daughter informs me of an emergency while playing Bugdom - the monitor goes "popP and overn and out. I took the original iMac to the bedroom, took it apart to check out the power supplies - looks like some arcing in the high voltage supply which gives juice to the monitor. The diode circuit and big capacitor test OK on my multimeter - might be the step-up transformer to the shop Monday. Depending on costs - I'm leaning toward giving the young'un the repaired iMac or the next model for $450, and pawning my crown for a new iMac or eMac.

Bottom line - essay somewhere on that hard drive which I'll transfer within the next week...'til then on Norah Jones:

It's never fair to compare someone like Norah Jones, who I consider the word's greatest apprentice, with Laura Nyro who had a long illustrious career. While Norah Jones is still developing her composition skills and they are good (Come Away With Me, Nightingale), other members of her band also contributed excellent songs: Lee Alexander, upright bass player and boyfriend, (Lonestar, Painter Song) and guitarist Jesse Harris (Don't Know Why, the fab One Flight Down), her vocals and phrasing are exquisite, especially live, her piano tasty.

Two things that are important to remember. (1) With the *possible* exception of slightly better studio equipment at the Blue Note (Sorcerer, Allaire) studios in NYC, the album Come Away with Me and the live show have NOTHING to do with music recorded after 1964, (may be a slight influence of The Allman Bros). Come Away with me is a 50s Blue Note recording almost 50 years later. Vocals up front, instruments in the soundscape just as in a live, initimate setting...

(2) A corollary of (1) - they play live in small venues, intimate settings such as the Paramount, which by the estimate of myself and daughter seats maybe 1200...her recordings thus reflect that - I'm afraid many of we adults of the rock era must recalibrate our ears.

(3) Not surprisingly then, this is a back to the roots album that mixes jazz, country, blues, and standard Americal pop (read 1950 and before) in a unique, yet emerging style...It is a sad mistake to merely think of this recording as simple mellow, mood music...

My first listen to Norah's vocals on the album had me thinking Diana Krall or the commonly mentioned Billie Holiday. Diana Krall has a constant earthy, whispery tone to her vocals. Norah does some of that, but there are distinct differences. Diana sings around the notes, while Norha nails 'em, especially live. Norah can also sing with the kid of ring and resonance or Linda Ronstadt....She pumps it up and pulls back...but in this post Star Search age, Norah NEVER shouts and she doesn't need to. Finally, attracting attention with signal, not noise.

A brief focus on the concert: Again, intimate live with Norah on piano, occasionally Rhodes, and the band on upright bass, guitar, and drums - ideal for this music. The amazing thing that really floored me me is how good Norah Jones is live. The album is very good, but this is something rare indeed. It is *not unusual* for a live show to surpass an album in energy (classic example - Patti LaBelle), and this certainly did, BUT the stunner is that she demonstrated superior *technical* ability on vocals and piano on EVERY SINGLE song. Frankly, this is something that I've never heard not seen, at least in the rock era. Her ability to modulate tone, loudness, resonance, and nuanced phrasing was exquisite. Her voice is rich, deep, full...imagine, say, a female Miles Davis if he sang. Also, she is much jazzier live than on the album. In additioin, it is a thing of beatury to hear how her piano accents an voicals bounce off each other liek a conversation. Every song from the album (and they played about 6 others) featured a slightly different arrangement than on the CD, especially at the beginning and the end of the songs which was pleasing and interesting, and a mark of a commitment to musicanship...however, the renditions were true enough for the wine & cheese crowd, many of whom thought that wine + Norah = Xanax for their harried lives...

The band meshed extremely well with Norah and her soulful keyboard playing. Lee Alexander plays a good upright bass, the drummer was good, and Jesse Harris competent on guitars. While the band was well integrated live into Norah, I cannot say THEY were technically superior to the album, especially Mr. Harris, which is why producer Arif Mardin brought in hired axemen Adam Levy and Adam Rogers on the CD...

Also, Norah's bantering and demeanor were very humble and real - she IS the real deal...

crap, that was a hurried essay after all...

jjeff: the parting on the left is now a parting on the right...I was amused yesterday to see clips of Clinton and Daschle emphatically calling for military action against Iraq: the time was January, 1998!!!

IMO, Daschle has fallen into the trap of debating Iraq (and it is a pressing issue) and not the lack of responsiveness of W, and the increasingly senile Greenspan, to the sagging economy - low interest rates alone won't do it anymore - the Fed is gonna have to pump money in, especially with DEflationary pressures... Daschle is gonna do the Dems what Newt did the the Repubs in the mid to late 90s...note that Powell, Condy, and even Cheney were reigned in and on the same page on the Sunday talk shows - focusing their arguments better around the State of the Union/axis of evil speech...B'rer Rabbit...

User: Molly ...again | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: My Viking man, I wasn't pissed, just multi-tasking. You must have sensed my fury from the situation about the little girl we talked about. I'll talk to you soon.
Miz Ducky, Hi woman! Hope all is well. I've sent you a few greetings. I'm not sure they are getting through?
Bluz, I may be traveling to your neck of the woods. My Bud Ed is trying to get a friend of his to give me a show out there. Were you serious about that dinner? Maybe we could get Aja, and Miz Ducky to come along as well.... It would be a good time.
Jake, I'd love to see you while i'm out there too. How are things?
Jason, did those web sites help you any? Let me hear from you. If you are still interested in my art, i'll give you the web address for the gallery that brokers my stuff. You never contacted me from before.........thought you weren't interested.
Den, check in Babe! Auntie Moll worries.....
Clas, oops sorry... would break my heart not to be able to do it.
Off to another boring Seminar
Be peaceful and loving M

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Hi everyone!
Hutch, my Viking man recieved a compilation of songs called Show Biz Kids from me. It was a two disc set. (The only one I could part with) I also sent him a copy of Lucinda William's Essence, Stevie Ray Vaughan's Greatest hits volume two,and Michael Franks's Blue Pacific....various photos of me, my family,house ect,... and a few other personal items. I told him about these artists, and why each one was special to me.
I haven't been on the internet very long. This is one of the few boards I post on. Mostly due to the restrictions on my time. Had it not been for the kindness of St.Al and a few other people such as yourself, I probably would stopped posting anything here long ago. Now, it's mostly my contrary lol I'm not aware of any of the "rules" to posting here. Given the messages I've seen, it seems that most anything goes. "Love is a Fist" comes to mind... certainly that wasn't related to anything Steely Dan or music at all for that matter. Moreover, it appears that the content of the messages aren't as important as who is posting them. It does seem rather elitist at times. If you will look at Pierro's previous messages.. He did address everyone here. He has also responded to the few people who were polite enough to greet him in return. Lp and name a few.
I have told many folks about the Banyantree pages. I related that there are a few jerks, but for the most part everyone seems nice. Because of some of the things that have been posted here to me, and a few people that they've encountered in chat; most do not perceive the Banyantrees the way I do. I am sorry if I have offended you or anyone else here. You seem like a pretty good guy. But as far as I know, St Al allows anyone who wants to post something here to do so. If my friends want to post me a message that is their and my business. You and anyone else here can believe what you want. As I've stated before, why not just scroll over them if you find it that tiresome. I certainly do the ones that I find annoying. In addition,at least my friends have enough stones to own what
they write.

User: One Dog Man | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Gina, you're listening to James Taylor? He played Amsterdam yesterday! Sep 9, accidental occurrence?

(with mike landau and steve gadd)


User: I is dumb | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Randy Crawford


User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Okay Clas, you won me over to the Amsterdam Cool Side :-)
Hey LP and Angel and Hutch!!!!!!!!!!
Yes i miss Blaise a lot too.
Wonder about him often enough ...

James Taylor now filling my glass of water with HourGlass.
And on my way outdoors soon ...
Sometimes the friends i met online tickle me in a right way to see things in a lighter way. Mucho gracias!

Hutch, you WILL get your compilations of music ....

Banyan Tree Bow,

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: LP - is that the girl sitting on the Boston phonebook?

Hutch - and excellent drumming uh? Those cymbals in the intro, like he's having four arms. Or at least three. Tell me, the Crusaders had a hit, "Streetlife" didn't they? I have a very bleek memory seing them back in the late 70's, was Carlton with them? And the singer, was that Chaka Kahn?

Gina - ohhh, Amsterdamn is cool. I have promised StAl that you and I shall show him the Coffee Shops there, some day. Smokey Sunday.

So, where's Snakehips?

Well, got to go to the doc, my hurt backs.



User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: 30 years from now, when my grandchildren (yeah, right) ask me where was I when the planes hit the towers, I get to say "I was posting on a Steely Dan board". Yes, a memory I live with, I don't have to re-read it. Sigh....

In honor of the missing Blaise, I bring up a show called "Stranded Yanks". Stories of people who's planes landed in Canada on 9/11 and friendships that began. Airs tonight.

A Holy Trinity of Steely Dan albums? Jimbo, I never knew. :-)

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Clas - You're exactly right. It was Negative Girl.

Viking - So now you're a big fan and you'll be talking to the rest of us in the near future? That's good since this is a Steely Dan message board filled with Steely Dan fans. Which album did you get? Any favorite tracks?

Steevie - Thanks for the info on the Carlton album, "Last Night". I've gotta get that one.

V - That's Larry Carlton. He used to play with a group called The Crusaders many years ago but he's best known around these parts as a studio guitarist who played on quite a few SD tracks. You'll see his name come up from time to time.

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: rusty - drum question: josie - live version, all tours, including the one that made AIA

but dr wu is also excellent i agree

i'll pick that cd up hutch when i get paid next - the only good station on this island is the maine classical, which actually is pretty good - the local college has a good one too, but it doesn't make it across the island to where i live

i'm still hooked on my recent beth ornton purchase, concrete sky, the title cut is really lovely - but overall, i think the play of trailer park sits better in the cd player

on norah jones, yes, she's no sarah vaughn, but she's not trying to be, i think - when i saw her live this summer i saw a bright young woman trying to figure out what to do with her basic talent in a humble and intellectual manner - i agree it's nice to hear airplay on a top 40 station of her right alongside britney, it proves that people really do want to hear something more than static - and, as i posted about her show, i was really impressed on the respect and admiration she showed to her band members (something john mayer did not do at his show) so i think she is someone who will age really well

GO PATS! i watched the game for a while in a local pub after my Con Com meeting last night - it shows that last year was clearly NOT a fluke as so many had said otherwise

User: Mr Chow | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Hey Jimbo,

I'm very impressed with Jane Monheit. Her version of "Detour Ahead" on "Never Never Land" was superb. Thanks for the heads up about her third album.

Mr Chow.

User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Pulling the Plug: Nice reflections. Made me open the fridge to make a sandwich but the lettice i saved for a rainy day was almost fluid too. To keep myself from expanding thoughts regarding the process of organic decay, i just threw it in the bin and kept focussed on Mexico. A mantra to start this day with :-)

Howdy Clas, you're charming as ever you Swedish Bastard *grin*
Inbreed, huh? Might explain the anorexic ways of a royal daughter?
Strange place indeed this City Capitale i stay.
Should any bubble be bursted, Amsterdam is way overrated.
I've visited here ever since i was a toddler and it's a pity it turned into what it is nowadays. And when i came back from Sweden i really had a culture shock getting into the train from the airport to Amsterdam. People with no manners, litter everywhere. Amsterdamned indeed!
But one finds a way to enjoy anyhow. So i'm glued to my cousin's computer LOL

Watched the SF movie DUNE yesterday. Seen it already a long time ago.
The one that has Sting, captain Picard, Kyle from twin Peaks too and other familiar faces and names in it.
At one point i had shivers running down my spine.
Also given the time of year.
One of the Bene Gesserit witches exclaimed something about a Holy War, she even called it Jihad.
A David Lynch movie.
To create a universe, mindblowing concepts if you take into consideration what religion and faith and all can do to what makes people tick.

Humans are a strange breed. The chemistry of our brains.
State of minds. Well. Amsterdam not the best place to ponder in contemplation. Behind closed doors, yes. Out there, no way!!!!
Pull the plug would be a great idea :-)
Flush it puhleeeeze.
Heritage from the society we built over the years.
And still people/administrations flaunt their advanced modern ways.
Makes me long for a picknick party in Stonehenge.
Aja, the Neo Pagan cloth would become you very mucho LOL
You'd do well as The Lady Of The Lake ....

Banyan Tree A Candle For Peace & Common Sense Bow,

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: yesh

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Steveedan, are you sober?

User: If you reconsider... | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: Aja, I could arrange a meeting with the Swedish King. Or his son, Prince Philip.

Hilarious people. Inbreeding at the highest level.


User: Steveedan (Bigus Dickus) | Month: 8 | Day: 10

Message: .. A B C D E F G ... Eric the half a bee ...

What's the average speed of a ground swallow?

Are you embarassed easily? ... It's all part of growing up and being British. ... Listen to this, if you dare ...

... Hand over all your lupins. ...

... Good evening Sir, how are you feeling?
Better. Better what? Better get a bucket, I'm going to throw up. ...

... Look son, marry the girl and all this can be yours (as his father points out the window of their castle). What (the son asks) the curtains? ...

and speaking of curtains ... Fingers Shotan !!! How did the gig go on August 31st? I want the details.

Dif - thank you for answering the IGY question. That's why I love this place.

... I've got a lovely pair of cocoanuts ...


User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Aja - okay, it's your loss. But whatever you do, don't fly with Delta. Terrible people.

LP - doin' what?

Hutch - Vinnie Colaiuta on West of Hollywood? Isn't that a computerized drumloop? Vinnie is playing on Neg Girl, isn't he?

SNAKEHIPS! My baby! It took me five days with hiccups to Senegal.

User: The Viking | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Babes-I much prefer talking to you at night (your time). You seemed a bit pissed yesterday.
Keep watchin that mailbox, and listen for the phone. I just hope you can understand me.
Looking forward to checkin out the night sky with you honey.
Oh, and just in case I (and you) get shot down for this-I have a SD cd now(cheers darlin) and I like it, is that ok censors?

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Aja- With all due respect, I'd have to prefer Norah Jones over Britney Spears. Norah has the ability to write, play the piano and sing with better emotion than Britney who sounds more package as most teen-oriented artists are nowadays, especially, those dopes on American Idol. The thing is, her music is not teen-oriented,
it may be low-key, but at least it's anything but commercial sounding.
But that's the opinion, and as long as we can agree to disagree, that's ok
by me:)

By the way, Jane Monheit has a Cd coming out next week. What do you guys and gals think of her? While I'm at it, here's a surprise that I think you'll like. Check out:

You'll never believe who one of her musical influences were.
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. SAY NO MORE! ;)

User: Pulling The Plug | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Yesterday, after two months in Mexico, I flew from Guadalajara International back to the sprawling gringo asylum above the Rio Grande. I wouldnt have, except I had to go back to Washington, the heart of all darkness, to rent my condo before relocating to Guad. I guess I was in a philosophical mood. Or maybe jalapenos are mildly hallucinogenic.

How reasonable is this? I thought, an hour into the flight. Im flying at six hundred miles an hour in an aluminum box, seven miles in the air. It weighs tons. Probably it doesnt belong here. It may not stay. My knees were up around my chin and my feet were in my pockets. Airline seats get smaller by the week. I think they make them of some material that shrinks.

A Brandenburg concerto was pouring out of my headset. Johann Bach, I happened to know, was dead. What is the world coming to? Dead men write music and nobody thinks it strange. If a dead cat chased mice, they probably make a movie about it.

Further, I was listening to musicians who werent there. If I listened to little voices from the receiver the CIA put in my brain, theyd say I was crazy as three monkeys in a briefcase. When I listen to musicians who arent there, through a wire coming from the furniture, Im called a passenger.

Maybe, I thought, a schizophrenic is just someone who sees what is going on.

Outside, Mexico drifted slowly beneath us. They ought to tie it down, I thought.

Why am I moving to Mexico? Because it represents a more advanced form of civilization, or maybe a less advanced form of decay. (If Id gotten more sleep, I could make this more plausible. Youll just have to deal with it.)

I was in Tommys Bar the other day when a horse stuck its head in the door. The owner knew Tommy and wanted to talk to him. The horse apparently wondered what was inside, and stuck its head in to look. It seemed reasonable. It was how I would have done it.

If you even rode a horse in Washington, youd need three permits, a parade license, turn signals, and a horse diaper. The paperwork alone would require help from an accounting firm. Theyd x-ray the horse for explosives. It would probably mutate and turn into a huge gurgling cephalopod.

In Mexico, you get on a horse and point it where you want to go. Nobody gives a damn. Its a horse.

A lot of things work that way in Mexico. I was in a restaurant on the plaza when a woman came in with her dog. It curled up under the table and occasionally cadged bits of enchilada. Its what dogs do. Its OK. In the US, people keep dogs in their houses for years and nobody dies.

If the same dog came into a restaurant in Arlington, a SWAT team from Public Health would storm the place in funny-looking gas masks, confiscate the dog for analysis, and seal the premises for forty years. The United States cant tell a pup-dog from the Black Death.

Further, Mexicans like their kids. The reason may be familiarity. They spend enough time with them that they can generally recognize them. The concept is novel but bears investigation.

Its a good thing they like them. The place is awash with progeny. On a flight out of Mexico, the average age of passengers is about four and a half. It is not true that every seventeen-year-old girl in the country has a baby in her arms. Sometimes they put them down. Yet if fecundity is any indication, they evolved from kudzu. At birth they begin crawling northwards, like salmon, toward the frontier. A Mexican nursery has no doors on the north side. Its so they can keep them in.

I hate airplanes.

To support myself in Guad, I decided to write a series of novels about a female computer geek named Monitor Lewinski who could crack 128-bit encryption in her head. I thought a little more and decided not to. Arent you glad?

Anyway, Mexico. These folk have no idea how to run an airport. For one thing, theyre civil. Their security people are not surly urban aborigines one step removed from human sacrifice. Further, they arent crazy. If a six-year-old boy were discovered to have a rubber pirates dagger, they would not wrestle him to the ground and strip-search his grandmother. They would figure he was a kid with a rubber pirates dagger.

Its frightening. I think of walking the plank from an MD-11, and shudder.

In the town I lived in, near Guadalajara, the main vortex for nutcake gringos is Tommys Barit of the exploratory horse. I think technically it is called the San Andreas Bar. (Its our fault, the gringos say. The true American never slacks in his quest for new forms of imaginary guilt.) The clients are the usual overseas pot-poury of pilots, a couple of journalists, a mechanic refugee from the creeping Stalinism of Canada, and various curiosities who got sick of the lunacy elsewhere.

Anyway, Tommys is best known for a wildly colored cows skull on the wall, a wildly colored clientele, and the tendency to get strange late at night. Recently A Mexican barmaid, a pretty local gringa, and a Yanqui writer were seen dancing on the bar at two a.m. (I decline to answer. Talk to my lawyer.)

If you think Im crazy, check this out: As we were taking off from Guad, the PA system said that by federal regulation we had to we put our Bistro Bags under the seat for take-off.

Yeah. Federal regulation of sandwich bags.

A Bistro Bag is a sandwich that tastes like cardboard and a nickels worth of potato chips. It meant the airline didnt want to feed us. It also meant they didnt want me to fly with them again. I guess they think that if they call it a Bistro Bag Ill think it was personally prepared for me by a homosexual French chef and flown in by satellite.

You want crazy? I live in a country where the government says where I can keep a sandwich. You could take all the drugs at a Grateful Dead concert and not get that twisted. Its for my own good, of course. (Man Emasculated by Carnivorous Tuna Sandwich in Lap.)

In Mexico, you take your chances with sandwiches. Its still the wild west there. Im going to take a shower and sleep for a week.

User: I meant.. | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: The "Truth" ain't got no weinus.

But he knew that...

User: The | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: ...ain't got no wienus.

And even less credibility.

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: lp - Early morning irritability I suppose. Post #1026 had nothing to do with your query.

Yep, I was over at a friends house last week and he had a copy of the new Ritenour album. It's called Rit's House. Real nice stuff. Vinnie Colaiuta plays drums on several cuts. Vinnie played on West of Hollywood on TvN. And John Beasley, from the '96 SD tour, plays piano and organ on a lot of tracks. I think it was Randy that told us about Vinnie and Beaz also playing on a new Andy Summers album that's coming out soon.
Anytime Vinnie's on drums it's some real rhythmic ear-candy!

User: The Truth | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: AJA~ Re: Nora Jones: She sings great, she plays the piano great and she writes great. While she's out making millions, you're here trying to become friends with Molly. Jealousy will get you nowhere.

User: Mylem | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Aja- Ok, I'll cut the BS. I think Nora Jones is really good! You call her voice "thin" I call it "cool" I really don't care if she's good looking or not!

Have you and Molly ever thought of rooming together?

User: more | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Don't want to be sexist here; it works just as well for men. Ex. A: Duran Duran!


User: dif --- standing tough under stars and stripes... | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: we can tell
this dream's in sight
you got to admit it
at this point in time that its clear
the future looks bright...

i hope to god that fagens thoughtful lyrics ring as true in this new millenium as it did in the eighties that presented a different set of circumstances...reaganomics.

will cool-headed heads of states prevail, or am i a fool fanning optimism's flames?

at any rate...STEVEEDUDE!

websters new world dictionary defines international geophysical year as "a period of time set aside for prolonged international study and investigation of the physical nature of the earth and its surroundings. it includes work in geology, geography, meteorology, astronomy and related fields. the latest igy ran from july, 1957 through december, 1968. both the russian and u.s. satelite projects are part of the international geophysical year." an interesting note: "abbr. IGY (no periods)".

someone got it wrong, for on the nightfly...its I.G.Y.

HIPS! it was nice seeing you in chat. it's been a week shy of a year.

User: Aja.....survived another day | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: I took someone's suggestion and strolled through the 9/11/01 archives..... what a surreal day that was. I've been filled with apprehension lately with all the alerts. San Diego was voted "most likely to be a favorite terrorist target" by the FBI, and I'm really close to all the best targets in town.

Clas-I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. Rather than freeze my ass off crossing the Baltic, I think I'll just have my brother-in-law pick me up at Helsinki-and bring me a warm coat!

Father William-I've heard that, too. No wonder Dostoyevski drank.

Molly-'course no hard feelings!

Mylem-oh, Norah Jones is hot, that DOES makes sense! Just like Britney Spears, who also can't sing a note. Why do HOT women attempt careers at what they're WORST at, instead of what they're best at (like being photographed looking hot). I can pull off looking pretty good in a slinky outfit, but I assumed that because my singing voice is thin, expressionless, and I can't carry a tune I shouldn't try to be a singer. Apparently that isn't a problem if you just package yourself right.

On that note (off-key, of course), I'm outta here!


User: rusty | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Here is a question for all dan fans.
What is the best drum track on a sd song?
I can not pick between Dr Wu or Peg. However there is so many good tracks its just so hard to chose.
Does anyone also know who played the song suzanna?
On kazaa someone has listed it as a toto track but I have no recollection of them recording it. I gave it a quick listen and it didn't sound like any of there members singing either.
Dano: Are you the person I had a conversation with many years ago on this page regarding a man called Kenny Gold?
Got go so bye all

User: lookback | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: For an interesting lookback at the guestbook scroll through the archives over Sept 11 last year. Glad to hear everyone here was okay.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: "It was a cruel song, but fair"

Roger Waters 4/26/75 @ The Los Angeles Sports Arena, commenting on the song "You Gotta Be Crazy" which later evolved into "Dogs"

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: "It was a cruel song, but fair"

Roger Waters 4/26/75 @ The Los Angeles Sports Arena, commenting on the song "You Gotta Be Crazy" which later evolved into "Dogs"

User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Eric the HALF a bee?

(he had an accident)


All together now, lad dee dah, tee tee tee, Eric the half a bee...

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Aja - the ferry "Estonia" went down 1994 on it's way to Stockholm from Estonia. (800 people went down with her, among them my cousin).

The chance such thing will happen again is zero, that's what I think.

My advice, fly to Stockholm and take the ferry from here to Estonia. Stockholm is a beautiful town, and there's a lot of nice guys here too, ask Gina.

Molly - no, I used to climb mountains when I was small, I don't do that anymore. It's my Sternum Vertigo you see...

User: snakehips | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Angel - know i love Aquarians...can't help it (Vanessa is too!)

Tones darlin' - good advice re: the SD medic alert bracelet...too funny

Cara Mia - hey...i was "smokin' with the boys upstairs" in '72 too...

Cyn - you're crackin' me up with that "BITE ME" comment...roflmao

Rusty - ha! i'm probably the least intimidating person you'd ever know


User: Nights Who say | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Shrubbery, we wan't a shrubbery.

User: duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Dano: if your driving past ''Pick'' me up on your way to glasgow.
we can hook up with lcpaul-bad sneakers & twm?

User: father william | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Aja: traveling to Estonia in winter? Brrr. I go to St. Petersburg, Russia occasionally and I've been there in December -GRIM, DARK, DISMAL. I was there two months ago and it was much more pleasant.

Finnair has a daily flight from NYC to Helsinki that leaves in late afternoon. It's hard/impossible to connect the same day from Denver so I assume it's probably worse from San Diego. Lufthansa from Denver to Frankfurt and then to Spb was good. Given a choice, take Lufthansa over United.

User: Steveedan (At the Argument Clinic) | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Hey Beerberian - How's your brother Eric the 'alf a bee ?

All I can say is (picture a fat naked man behind the organ, he plays a single striking chord and says ...)



User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: ?

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: When I first got on the internet (only 2-1/2 years ago) I really wasn't sure what a message board was. Now I know what it is.

And I know what it isn't.

User: lp, hanging with the rockefellers | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: hey clas - are you talkin to me? lol - come on now, don't be doin that to me - LOL

lee ritenour has a new release???!!!! - hutch? tell me more - i'm so out of it now on this island

aja - you need to consult a dilbert treasury before your trip to estonia - hahahahahahaha - that is so damn funny!

will send pics soon, friends were by over the weekend from mid-coast that took some shots but I am lost without email addresses in here (forgot to download before i left massachusetts, sorry) - send me a test email if you want some pics

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Hello Everyone! I hope you all are well.
Aja, *siterly hug* I know a fellow Warrior Woman when I see her. No hard feelings?
Lp, any tips you have to improve my organizational abilities will be much appreciated.( or any one else for that matter)
Jim and Ed, was very nice talking with you both. The Danfest sounds like fun.
LcPaul, lost your addy... Sorry! Nice seeing your messages again! I missed you bud. Have fun in Glasgow... :)
Bluz, Hope all is well. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk. A certain Viking was Iming me before you came back. Still grooving on Peter Stuart today. Talk to ya soon?!!!!
Clas, I never know when you're fooling with me? I'm glad you climb still. It's hard for me to imagine not doing so. I figure about a third of the mean stuff posted on here to me, is from you just trying to get me riled up. Then, you'll turn around and say something nice...or defend me. Go figure? It's all a laugh anyways... I would love to hear about some of your climbs one day.
Off to yet another conference....*sighs*
In peace and love M

User: Mylem | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Tones & Aja- Miss Jones is HOT! A really cool singer as well...Hey! I get it!

User: Aja..........@home | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: tonesy! so good to have you back! I'm with you on Norah Jones-what's up with that? She's got a thin, nasally voice with minimal range (her rendition of "More Than This" was PAINFUL). Don't stray too far, okay? ;o)

Question for the way northern Euro GB'ers: I might be traveling to Estonia this winter (yes, I'm serious) to visit family. I've been told the cheapest way to get there (Estonia is not exactly a common tourist destination yet!) is to fly to Helsinki, then take a ferry to Tallinn. Anybody know anything about this, or what the conditions are in December? I remember a horrific accident with a ferry going down crossing the Baltic in winter a couple of years back; with my luck that will be the one I need to take.

Beautiful day today.......


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: First order of business today!!!
My SAMURAI DRAGON MAN, 32 hugs, 32 kisses, as many beignets as you want. All my love and affection.

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: This landed this morning..

Anybody in London intrested ?

The Marquee Club would like to invite you and a friend to come down and watch the live filming of the Channel 5 cutting-edge music show POP today (9TH SEPTEMBER 2002)!

Today there will be special performances by SUPERGRASS and PUDDLE OF MUDD.

User: Beerberian doin his 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: LcP; Damn man, I can't make either day - chained to the support phone/desk for those days I'm afraid !! and the smoke is 130 miles south of us here. Even more disappointing you picked the only two weeks with no DSO gig on the calendar :(

User: lcpaul | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: Greetings fellow Danheads.

Long time no post.

Calling all Glaswegian Danheads! I'll be in Glasgow next week from 18 - 24 September. I'll be working during the daylight hours, but after dark, who knows? Staying at The Inn on the Green and The Hilton, if that makes sense.

Beer - arrive in London about midday on Tusday 24 and depart 7.30pm on the 25th. Let's try and meet?

User: Beerberian @ the Castle Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh | Month: 8 | Day: 9

Message: SteveeDan: Steven Chernove (Keyboards and very obscure Monty Python references) Go on then you start ...... Do you play the keys in just a tie then ?? - Completely different that would be !!

User: C @ Indian Summer | Month: 8 | Day: 8

Message: Mylem - you can take the Concorde, but not to London. It's Almost Gothic (with a splash of black cat).

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 8

Message: Huge Fan - Funny, funny. I have been swapping messages with Don from the Toronto based Pretzel Logic band and we both had a good laugh over it. We are going to mail each other our band CDs and get a chance to check each other out. Another band joins the "Steely Dan lovers society". All is all right with the world.

Now, in the remote case that you are serious about your confusion, go to our newly launched website and listen to the song clips we have there. You WILL hear a singer who truly does sound like Donald Fagen, and that is the band (the Los Angeles based band) that I am a member of. Have a good time, and please pull my other leg so that they are the same length again. Thanks Squire.


User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 8

Message: Tones, my fellow Aquarian (as Snakie constantly reminds me). It is truly good to have you back and posting. :-)

Just saw Triple X today and "Fire in the Hole" is mentioned there, too. Second time I have heard a reference to it, this summer. In this case, Vin Diesel sets off a bunch of explosives on cars and motorcycles and as he sets off the charge, he says it. Good movie, by the way.

Spent Friday evening at the Hollywood Bowl and Thursday afternoon in the New Cathedral (nice organ). Definitely going for the eclectic music award this past week. As Steveedan says, it's all good....

User: toe-nz | Month: 8 | Day: 8

Message: Aja - message? About when were you up here? Maaaaaaaaan...I don't remember getting a message while I was out expanding my personal boundaries... I was probably having Irish coffee at the Pelican Inn... without the coffee, of course... I'm sorry I missed you after all this time.

& jjeff (thanks, it's nice to be "back") - I admit those analogies were a bit "loose", but that was sort of my point: any comparison between (pick any pair) seems trite because one of them just has, and offers, much deeper experience. As for Laura vs Nora... I think Laura Nyro was a consumate pop composer, but she was also *very much* jazz and blues informed, pre-dating even Joni's forays into jazz. Even more so after 3 Dog Night, Blood Sweat & Tears and the 5th Dimension stopped raiding her catolog for hits. And her voice was amazingly versatile... supple *and* powerful. Nora Jones... personally I just don't get it (yet?), but my original (now overstated) point was that the comparisons between artists with so much depth and artists who have yet to show as much doesn't seem to favor, or even fair, to the latter...

Of course, "facts just twist the truth around..."

Oh, and jjeff... I'm really just the same ol' tones, except I do everything tones 1.0 was *supposed* to do, without crashing (as much)... don't tell anybody...



btw... good (though few) responses to the SD medic alert bracelets... A word of advice: be careful about picking "Don't Take Me Alive"... the paramedics might not know it's a song...

User: Aja...........lazy Sunday morning coffee | Month: 8 | Day: 8

Message: Just waking up on a lazy Sunday morning and checking in. lp, send some pics soon of the new place, I'm dying to see it!

Molly, you gave me a good laugh this morning with the "equally as fierce" comment-yikes, does it show? LOL! We're in very similar professions-I'm a union representative, and spend my days ripping management to shreds on behalf of the little guy who just wants to make an honest living.

I cruised through the Jazzfest website on a little trip through memory lane yesterday. That sure was a blast! I hope all of this year's participants can join the festivities again, and hope we can get as many new faces to join us.

On that note, was somebody talking about a fall Danfest in Virginia? I remembered that I have a free plane ticket from the airfare screw-up from Jazzfest.....

Have a great Sunday, all!


User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 8

Message: Nah BB, me and Aja were just having a minor clash. Probably brought on by a hormonal induced state of irritability on my part. I still like and admire her very much. (and most of the other ladies on the Guest Book) This is just fun for me BB. I try to remember it's just words on a screen. While I like most folks here, this is not that important to me. No one here has actually seen my temper or "claws" yet. You let someone try to harm one of my children in any way, and then you'd see my claws. I'd rip them to shreds and leave their remains out to dry, without a backward glance. The people that I Advocate for, call me the "Witch/Bitch". (it isn't because i'm brewing up potions) As I told Fred in a post awhile ago; I take no prisoners. I have no doubt that Aja would be equally as fierce. See ya my Sugarman!

User: Mylem | Month: 8 | Day: 8

Message: Clas! It's "The Eye of the Tiger"!

Can I take the Concord??

User: C @ W | Month: 8 | Day: 8

Message: Cyn - uhm, yes, okay.

Molly - I am still climbing, mostly the lowlands though.

Hi Gina, strange place uh?



These eyes belongs to a Steely Dan related person. Right answer will give you a weekend in London with Me, Cyn, StAl and Cliff Richard (backstage).

Go figure.


User: Beerberian | Month: 8 | Day: 7

Message: CYN/AJA/MOLLY Mebbe with all the claws showin in here recently, we oughta go for some Feline Latin ........Miaow Culpurrrrr

User: Huge Fan | Month: 8 | Day: 7

Message: Steveedan- I was in Toronto a few weeks ago and saw The Pretzel Logic Band. You guys were unbelievable!! What great musicians. The best Steely Dan tribute band I've seen since The Steely Damned! The singer didn't sound that much like Fagen like you said, but I liked it better that way. I was asking for you but the drummer said their was no Steven in the band. Were you sick? Did you kick yourself out of your own band? I'll definitely be at the Detroit show. Anyway, keep up the great work! A really phenomenal show!


User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 7

Message: well LP, you rang? :-)
i read the post about Steely Dan, the music and the gender thing.
kept it in mind a while to sort out what would be relevant or not.
sorry to say it was the music&lyrics only that had me by the balls, to use this in a genderfree way of expression :-)
can't also say as a female i am easily offended when any genderstuff comes along, maybe when it suits me or not? when it's playing with words and thoughts? kinda taking it from a loopy loop? not automatically on my own genderside and love to grin when things are shown from a man's point of view. sex appeal? if this is connected to the brain and what creativity DF&WB bring forth, i can easily refer to Ole's fever dreams. that's one example of brainsex appeal???

good to see some familiar names resurface.
"absolete" fabulous *grin*
Mia Culprit might be a nice spin off ...
who wants to adapt the character Mia?

Spending a week in Amsterdam, from where i send this message.
In the heart of the red zone block, house-sitting for a cousin.
Tourists all around. Junkies eating junkfood.
Green green grass of this metropolitan-i-wouldn't-call-home?
will be a funny week, though.
lots of jazzed music for sure!!!!

Banyan Tree Wearing My Black Steely Dan T-Shirt Bow,

ps. it's definitely the music of Steely Dan and how the lyrics tickle the imagination and appeal to the world we all create in our own minds for sure .. like Caves of Altamira .. lines that cling like mantra's ...

User: Penno(4merly WJAZee) | Month: 8 | Day: 7

Message: Steveedan: checked out your website, looks good, your Band sounds pretty damn good too. Excellent!

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 7

Message: Hi all, went to conference on detachment disorders.....was very dry and as boring as watching paint dry.
Hmn, Why I like Steely....? Was discussing this with a very nice person one night not long ago. I think it is their mixture of romanticism and cynicism that appeals to me. I've always loved the poignancy and awareness of their lyrics. Their razor sharp wit and turn of a phase. The music is wonderful. Listening to some of their music is almost an erotic experience in itself... certainly a sensual one.
W1P, I too like Steely Dan, Pink Floyd and Springsteen. I preferred Bruce's earlier stuff. My favorite is The River. He kinda went through some sort of mid-life thing, and IMO wasn't writing as well. Pink Floyd is awesome.. My buds used to tease me about being the only person that they knew that listened to the Floyd straight.
Finger, Hi ya handsome! I was hoping you'd be the one "picking me up" *wink* Damn! no luck, I suppose..... Oh well... I'll be the skinny redhead with a devastatingly handsome, rugged Viking-man . So you guys look for us. Was that Makers Mark on your breath? LoL lol lol.
BB, I think you need to consult with our bud Fingers. I have it on good authority he is the one nicking that key, and the care package I sent your way. Damnit man I am running out of panties to send! *winks and many kisses* to my big teddy bear man. Been listening to Judy Henski again today, pure estrogen filtered blues.....
WJAZ, watched Chicago, and they were still fantastic. I'm very,very tempted to go see the Moody Blues... I think you should take a road trip there with me. It'll be great. I know that Mrs.Jaz wouldn't mind. *wink* I now have a minature goat to add to my zoo. A neighbor gave her to us as a gift. All I need now are a few lambs, maybe some bunnies... some Prozac..a few Valiums perhaps.. lol lol. Is Wild Bill still touring along with the Starland Vocal Band?
Clas, you're such an interesting man.... and another handsome Viking, i'm sure. Can't imagine why you'd stop climbing? The process of becoming one with the action of climbing, putting yourself in unique body positions..The intellectual challenge and concentration involved. Sorta like Physics: discreet problems with elegant solutions.
Duncan, how about you? Did you ever make it on that wall yet bud?
Ed, still can not get scanner to do what it is supposed to. Having troubles with laptop as well. I guess that's what I get for being thifty.(or cheap) hehehe
Bluz, hey Much ado about Nothing is still the theme.. No worries. ..babe.
Drew, still no word on Stan or Tony on this end. Trevor called Mom. He's fine. I will let you know as soon as I hear from either of them.
My Viking Warrior, got supplies for that moon light picnic ready and waiting. Checking those plane arrivals daily. Must warn you though, that there are a few English fellows that I have taken a fancy to....hehehe

User: me again... | Month: 8 | Day: 7


..opps...looks like I skipped the class that taught latin spelling (must have been drinking Bloody Marys with the Steely women )..Culpe...Culpe..Culpe...mea culpe... harm foul...truce!

User: Cyn | Month: 8 | Day: 7

Opps...Looks like someone skipped latin class...guess what?..It wasn't me. In proper latin text...its "mea" not mia..tho in pronouncing it does sound like "mia"...lets see..4 years of latin..fluent in get the picture. And apparently you skipped reading too..for I mentioned to the "real" Aja ..I was on the phone and not at my computer.

clas...hahaha..shut up...I'll make sure we all meet on a dry day. Pompe' still being harassed by Miss Thompson?...Indie the wunderhound is still a brat.

lp...yum..Bloody Marys are good for colds..achoo..I feel one coming on myself. Good Luck in the new house...achoooooo!

Aja...the cafe's been closed for renovation...RudeWaitress is getting very testy...Grand Opening soon. voices on the new DMB...hmmm...I'll take that as a resounding no vote.

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 7

Message: Well, well, well, will you look at that ?!? I finally didn't get zoomed over by someone else? Amazing. My own trivial victory. Hutch, I saw Ritenour with Beaz over the summer in Newport Beach, CA. Makes sense that Beaz is on the recent recording. I posted all about this back in July, which is when the concert took place.

That Live In Japan CD with Carlton and Lukather did win a grammy. It is a great CD. They cover Jeff Beck's "The Pump" to open the CD. Also, funny you should mention it, I had the other Carlton CD that you wanted to know the title of in the car today. It's called Last Night. That one has Terry Trotter on keyboards. My brother takes lessons from him and Terry has been Natalie Cole's touring pianist for a number of years now.

Clas - I took a look at that Roland keyboard you mentioned yesterday on the net. It is more expensive than the Yamaha (in case money is a consideration). As I mentioned before, I am just not into Roland keyboards although I recently bought a Roland KC-500 amplifier for my Yamaha and it is a great amp. I am not saying that they are bad, or even that they are inferior to Yamaha. I simply love the S 80, and I bought that one. So my shopping for a main keyboard is over for a few years ... maybe longer. I am entertaining the idea of purchasing one of the expansion boards made for the S 80 ... perhaps a vintage synths board?

Did I mention that our band now has a fully operational website?

Weell, if I didn't, then I am now ... at your leisure, please visit and take a look, and a listen to us ... and drop us a line if you are so inclined.

The site is in its infancy, so, individual bios and photos are not all up yet, but, I would like to know what you think about the site America, and the rest of the world too.

I still haven't told the stories about our last gig. A little too much week in my week ... plus the US OPEN ... go Sampras ...

It's coming soon ... (as if you are all waiting for it with baited breath ...)

It's all good ...


User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 7

Message: 1000

User: Aja | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Just wanted to be 999 ;o)

User: Aja | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Hiya Cyn-someone was in chat under Aja? Wasn't me! Shame on them. Hope to catch you at the cafe soon.

Thanks, Beerberian, I found the song. Seems it came out in 1985 and was released in the U.K. as "Dave", but was rewritten as "Rain" at the request of the U.S. label because they thought it was too "gay" sounding-sigh of embarrassment.

Just got back from Street Scene. I'd heard it rivaled Jazzfest, but it's a poor imitation at best. The headline act was Stone Temple Pilots, no other bands worth mentioning. The average age of the crowd was 21, and obnoxious and intoxicated at that. Not much else worth mentioning. Skip it and go to Jazzfest instead!

'night, all.


User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Howard - yes that site gives an immediate overlook of the song. If the chords are simplified doesn't matter, not for me, just playing along for the cool of it.

Cyn - no umbrella, I like it wet. It's slippery when it's wet. Ho ho. Wink wink. Flirt flirt.

Sorry, that was Calvin Klein talking again.

LP/Aja and others - shame on you. All you've done on this board and in the chatroom has been shameless flirting, cybersex. And now you are crucifying Molly? Strange.

What did you call that Freud? Projection?

Molly - don't give up, be who you are.


User: Beerberian really outa here | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Hutch: Yeah ...But Larry AND Lee ...awesome !!!!

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: BB - Did you hear the one Larry C did with Steve Lukather last year? I think it was recorded live in Japan. Good stuff. I do believe it won a Grammy. There's another live album that Carlton did many years ago that's just killer. I heard it once and can't remember the title. But it seems to me it had the word "live" in the title.

User: Beerberian off to zzzzzz | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Hutch; Time different , alcohol same .... I got Larry C "Deep into It" on the 'phones @ mo ....... omg he did an EAGLES cover - FUSION Cookin' or what ???

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Whoa! I'm having my first glass and those Brits are already mullered!
Check the email.

Turns out John Beasley and Vinnie Colaiuta are on Lee Ritenour's new cd as well. Those guys are getting around. I heard a few cuts at a friend's place last night. There's only one vocal track on the album and it's a doozey. Mike McDonald does a surreal version of the Police song, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. Really cool arrangement.

Onward and upward.


User: Penno | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Beer:"You Arse " not very polite!

check the email addr :)

User: Beerberian Scholar | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: You Arse


Behold, I am coming soon.

My reward is with me,

and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.

User: Penno | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Beer: Email thingy ? don't work!!

User: BBanon | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Cyn: forgive the FU ?? jus' tryin to wake ya up and that's MIA culpe btw ...people in chat usually TALK ......k?

User: Beerberian On Larry | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Penno; Put it where U want it !!!!!! SWoul swaxaphone yeah NISHHEeeeee
check the mail addr

User: Penno(4merly known as WJAZee) | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: My head is reeling from a day of Normalisation, Single Valued facts and Funtional Dependancies. I wish to sever all 'relations' with 'non-trivial' SVF's. But through it all I'm calmed by the soothing sounds of a panacea by the name of JazzFM. A ripe, juicy in dark forest of Normal Forms sustaining the Soul while the mind rages on. Who was the person who created Jazz, bring him before me that I may worship him.

to sleep. to sleep per chance to dream .... of Saxamophone solos
in mixolydian, warm guitars playing sweet chords. Good Night.

"we-lease Woger"

User: Cyn | Month: 8 | Day: 6

..Ok..Mea Culpa..and all that.

Stopped in at chat...Aja, sweetie darling, ya know I'd nevah dis ya, a wee bit waylaid with phone call..I'm sorry I missed ya!

and to (what hell was his freakin' name ? well, nevermind) Hey asswipe...don't tell me FU.. 2 words ( can ya count that high?...BITE ME!)I don't even know I want too, now.

I'm backkkk.......hahaaahahah

I love all da "real" Steely Folk,!

User: Beerberian looking out for #1 | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: LP; BTR 1988 you sure ? they were LONG gone by then, shurely Miss Moneypenny... Bob on his own "This is the world calling" ??? I found this one .........

In the pouring rain

Everybody's gonna catch their death
In the pouring rain
Everybody better hold their breath
In the pouring rain
Everybody's gonna walk on by
Everbody hide away
Everbody's gonna pull their blinds
And stay inside and pass these days
I know I've seen a lot
Lord knows sometimes I've cried
But I know we can't sit like this
And shake our fists
While lovers kiss and die
In the pouring rain

I was hungry and I'm hungry still
And now it's pouring rain
I look o.k. but I've been feeling ill
And now it's pouring rain
Well hush now baby, don't you cry
Tears won't wipe away the pain
There's a storm been blowing through the night
That's washed us down with lethal rain
Sometime's this world's too big
Sometime's we feel too small
Sometimes you'll have to pick me up
When I grow tired
Stumble, trip and fall
In the pouring rain

I'm gonna walk on by
Don't wanna see you cry
I'm gonna walk on by
In the pouring rain

User: Beerberian rollin' with it | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: GB; You gotta roll with it ........Kirk Whalum - new one on me BUT he goes into my TOP Horn section (or maybe Larry C makes him sound goood) Still has to beat Paul Wu Wu Hughes and Wesley McCooghan (Will You) OK Chris Potter to .......I love you all Sax and C (Larry) Major

User: rusty carr | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: lp: As to your question of guys being attracted to female singers/musicains they like I suppose the answer is yes. If you take Ar' Franklin she isnt so physically attractive but given her great voice, feeling, prescence and many more this kind of counter acts visual apperence. I would also go as far as saying that people are attracted to everything that like. If you were repulsed you wouldnt want to know anymore save perhaps some sado mascistic tendencies.

snakehips: Dont you find your name is already intimidating enough without having to be a "steely woman"? :)

User: ED BEATTY | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Hey,
Washington Dan Fans and fans of Chris Potter.
Chris potter Quartet is at the Blues Alley Club in Georgetown
Sept 17 and 18th.

I'm going ...How about YOU?

Ed Beatty

User: EuroBB | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Nena und die 99 Luftballons kommen wieder
Nena (42), deutsche PopsSngerin, lSsst noch einmal 99 Luftballons+ steigen. Die Neuauflage ihres Erfolgshits von 1983 soll am 7. Oktober in die GeschSfte kommen. Ende Oktober soll dann ihr neues

User: Aja........TGIF, wowowow!!!! | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Hi all! I'm glad (and relieved!) that I made a good impression on those that I've met-sometimes you never know ;o) Thanks for the kind words, everyone, back in spades at all of you!

Good rebuttal, anon #946. You have much more patience and energy than I do! At the risk of beating the horse into glue, here's one more:

'"They post me here because they know I'm probably going to check in here at least 1 time during the day. I post messages on here to them and my Banyan friends, because I simply don't have the time to write a dozen different e-mails."'

Get in touch with lp, Molly, she's the master of multi-tasking multi-e-blasting!

Attention trivia songsters: does anyone remember a song from The Boomtown Rats called "Rain"? Released around 1988? A local station is asking for September 11 dedications and I remember that being a really nice song, but I'd like to read the lyrics before I submit it for a dedication. Can't find anything on the 'net; does anyone remember it or am I imagining it?

Cyn-I'll have a drink, too. That raspberry chocolate martini sounds like a good place to start!


User: Big Apple biting........cara mia | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: I'll weigh in on the appeal of the Dan to the fairer sex:

I liked the subversive bent to their stuff and found it sexy when I was being a bad girl co-ed of '72 and smoking with the boys upstairs...
I guess I'm just nostalgic that way. Their jazz progressions are sophisticated like I am in middle-age now, so of course they still appeal.

See you, ygk and Aus, next week. It's looking like the meet and greet with Sam the Sham Samudio is a bust for tonight. I did leave him a message.

Wooly Bully,
cara mia


Message: Played today and in my ears..stanley turrentine/blue mitchell/grant green/mcoy tyner together..kenny garrett.."hole in one"
muddy..king bee" buzzin around my brain..
esther phillips"from a whisper to a scream"produced by the great creed taylor.

Jaz "the tapes are in the mail" I've got the tapes phil spector to john lennon"

Aja both still on that hill..sooner or later

Rude Waitress more crackers please...I said please!! nice talk at the counter the other day.

BB jamie at big moon records faxed royal albert and judes camp also
to be announced..hope all is good with you!!

Molly at least you sign your name and stick by your don't run away with your ball and jacks..when you dish it out. I admirer that!

Jake sorry to keep missing you..rock on bro!

passive aggressive line forms to the right babe"

Arlean all we wanna do is watch the world series OK" put your hand up chief"

preparing for a good man's 80th birthday..a baseball legend in the west and a person who served his country with quiet honor bless you "ern"


p.s. Jaz do not let cher near my casket"

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Everybody on your knees for the Marquee !!!!!

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Thank god for that ...

Fingers the home of live music in the ''smoke'' is open again

Let the campaign begin now..

It was the reason i moved to london at the tender age of 19....

the home of live music


User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: sorry angel -

i actually veer away from questions separating men and women into general blocks like this - but, i'll jump in anyway - to me, if you like the irony/contradiction of lyrics about skeevy characters and/or situations mixed with a jazz/pop/and lots of other musical styles, then you are into this band - i find, just being here and reading what you folks also listen to as well as friends in real space, that people who like steely dan also like other bands that are hyper-produced, and often those bands using the same studio musicians as fagen/becker - jazz aficiandos and "classic rock" fans also apply, the latter often due to the memory of some raucous event that listening to steely dan reminds them of, lol/smirk

so i think it's an asexual thing - do all women only listen to bands where we have a crush on the musician? well, i progressed beyond the shaun cassidy phase of my life many years ago so i think i've hit some higher ground, at least i'd like to think so - ha!

do guys only listen to female singers they find attractive? wow, if so...

and to bill, who dropped the ny:

i think fagen and becker do their best when collaborating as steely dan - though i think nightfly should have swept the grammies way back when, but whatever - i prefer fagen's solo work over becker's, i like fagen's romantic passion for both his youth and the future with his solo releases - becker's solo work has not driven me the same way; however, i will contradict that statement by saying he rocked my little world when he sang "daddy don't live in that nyc no more" - now THAT was unforgettable!

is gina in the house? she needs to weigh in too! i wish altimira was still here and ||||| too! miz ducky? unpacked?

User: Fingers | Month: 8 | Day: 6


Hi everyone...great to hear that the Friday Fiddle could be a dooser beyond doosers with all of you in attendance. I can't write a lot now..just off to see The Trevor Burton Band (ex Move) at the Mill...meeting up with some of the DSO'ers and Eric Kelly (over again from Dublin to do the DSO sound in downtown Dudlaaaaay!). Off for a bum-burner afterwards...ouch!
I'll write over the weekend, do some B&B research and start to plan our very own November mini Brum Danfest!
wooohoooo...who's picking up Molly?

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Thanks Snakie. :-)

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: YGK: Gonna keep the old classic. Babes would flip if I upgraded without a real need to justify extravagance. That joint does hop however, especially if you've got five jwb's in yer bel bel. Off to New Jersey shore this weekend (Bay Head) for last minute surf sand and lobster bake with close friends...

Junie love: Ahh, yes...the Club. In an earlier posting I let you know how much your loving and doting Ward was suffering with your move further northwards. Wouldn't you know it, just yestterday, as my intrepid sea plane pilot and I forged towards Vacationland, we were rudely forced to land in New Hampshire by F-16 fighter pilots who thought that our flight pattern was erratic. And heck, of course they were right....I insisted that we fly without giving FAA heads up of anything...typical of my brash young days at Yale. Bloodied but unbowed, plan on seeing me this weekend in full regalia. Be sure to wear the REALLY naughty teddy we picked up in Cabo San Lucas this past spring. Love, Ward.

Aja: Somehow the combo of the boar bristle brush AND the pearly whites registers deliciously on the dopamine release scale. Oh, and OMGGGG, I think our friend Clas is onto us...yipes!

Special hello to daaaano.

Everybody: Have a phantabulous weekend, kiss someone you love, hug someone you love, and above all, be safe.


User: snakehips | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Rusty - intelligence, talent, humor....all sexy...need i say more?

Angel - i love being a "steely woman"...sounds powerful doesn't it? lol

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Make that last post read "Rusty" (sorry Randy) :-)

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: What, I come to work and find that not a single other "Steely Woman" has defended the sex appeal of Don and Walt? How could this be?????

Randy, I promise you that I didn't come hang out here for the chance to meet men who like Steely Dan. The music is all that matters. Always was, always will be. Nuff said.

User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Should anyone

a. Not like the last posting (#967)
b. Not understand the last posting
c. Not like their presumptuous concept of "me" (based solely on what I post of course)
d. Not like what other people have responded to my post


1. Don't read the posts
2. Don't post here yourself
3. Tough shit, as you wouldn't know a diamond if you held it in your hand-

(#3 above is for those who insist upon some semblance of Steely Dan content [as I usually do])


User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 6

In support of one of the more engaging posters ('Aja'), in reference to those who deserve it, all without encouraging the notion of 'defending' others, I say the following:

"And all the jiveasses and the true believers
The bullshit givers and receivers
Here today tomorrow gone
To the triage tent in the great beyond
Wherein the angel tangoes with the infidel..."

As well as:

"Broadway duchess
Darling if you only knew
Half as much as
Everybody thinks you do"


User: WJAZ... | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Bill...RE Post #960...
I'm here...I have been hanging out at the Nickname Warehouse for
several days...apparently, there is a shortage of names around here
and we must be in a recycling mode...
I went to the nickname warehouse and located these "doosies"...see
if you think any would work for me...
*National Probe
*Hey 14.5 (geez, this is like the island of misfit toys in here)
*Beast Without A Name
But I am holding out for *Isotope, but some chick from Domestic
Dispute,SC has a deposit on that one....
We thank you for your concern...

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Calvin: yes, indeed, E2E indeed had all Roland RD-700 sounds on it.....percussion on a revamped Model Prisoner to come, as well as the lovely Melissa Hamilton on Big Boots and Tom "Whoplayzalldatime" Smith on Sax on Open Doors.....the end is near....

/W1P: I've also had the good fortune to meet the mysterious and truly class act Aja - she broke many a heart in New Orleans, and I don't speak for myself.......

Aus: ...........and I forgot to mention Torneau Corner - do you really want to replace your Rolex? Now which New York spots are we visiting this weekend? The Friday Times doesn't have many events, unless I'm just blind this morning......

User: luckless pedestrian | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: i signed up for an email list group for planners in northern new england and it turned out to be a yahoo group, so luckless pedestrian will automatically be my name in the group, isn't that a hoot?

the day of the last steely dan tour, we were blasting their cd's in the house getting ready for the evening festivities and when monkey in your soul came on, we said "god, wouldn't that be awesome live - yeah, but they'll never do it, it's too deep a cut" - we went nuts when they played it, i can still remember the happy-shock

w1p - LOL, you shameless thing!

dano - yes, got it and loved it - all is well in the rented abode, the red leather couch in the living room is a hoot!

jjeff - yes, my commute along coves/bays reminds me daily i made the right move - my husband is not working (i'm the provider, is that scary or what) and yesterday on a crystal clear morning, he rode his bike around eagle lake, i am so jealous, but i'll get there this weekend - the national park is such a part of your day becasue it's geographically the central part of the island - i really hope we don't take it for granted over time

aja - new age quaker, that's right, i forgot that's what i was! do you think they have a mission church for that on the island? LOL!!! our speeches got lost, too bad

yes, cyn, have another drink, will ya? i'll have a bloody mary, i have a cold so that should help, right?

snakehips - will write back soon, on deadline today

aus/ward - keep em coming dear! everyone's asking for you at the club...

User: Does size matter? | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Want a BIG penis?
Experience the results you always wanted with a MASSIVE scientific
breathrough! Our DOCTOR-APPROVED pill will actually expand, lengthen,
and enlarge your penis AS SEEN ON TV. 100 Percent Gauranteed!

Best of all...

There are NO agonizing hanging wieghts!
NO tough exercises!
NO painful and hard to use pumps!
And there is NO dangerous surgery involved!

We Gaurantee Genuine Lasting Results With Our Exclusive
Money Back Gaurantee! Order today and recieve a free 3day/2night
vacation of your choice just for placing the order!


User: Cyn............. | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Jeeze...Thanks all the welcome back...June, do you have a tissue? I'm getting misty here...Aja, can I borrow the boarbristle, my hairs a mess.

MC...Big Hugs to you cuz...invite is always open to come up you know !

clas...bring your umbrella..HA!

JJ...I'll mention that to the "lovely Brit"....thanks! your number, safe and sound..will ring ya, when I get there....put a fiver on the 3rd race..I have a good feeling about that horse.

and just for Old Times Sake, I'm telling myself.....

"Have another drink, Cyn"

"Ta..darling..I think I will..Lovely for you to offer" (in her best british accent)

User: Terminix - No bugs, No hassles | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Have you successfully De-Mollyfied this GB yet?
Perhaps Raid or Decon bug spray might do the trick.
If this does'nt work give us a call at 1-800-Terminix.
And remember folks, Terminix offers a free termite inspection
as well!

Check out our website at and click
"Identify your problem".

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Steveedan, Cyn, Face, Snakehips!
Happy to see your familiar posts again! Stick around ok?

Great Britain won WW2 with the help of the Poles?
You may be the only person on earth who actually believes that
but thanks to GB for all the help they gave us. :)

On Iraq,
Move the forces in. Stomp em' into a greasy spot. Take the nukes
and biological agents away. Set up a democratic government with
no religious overtones. Do the same to the rest of the
Islamic world. Problem solved.

Are you still out there brother? Jazz radio is very demanding
I know (see Bluz) :)

Did I mention that I've played 11 Tracks of Whack like 1000 times
more than I've played 2VN? Oh yeah, I mentioned that did'nt I...

User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Hutch - Lucas emailed me a few of his SD lead sheets in the past. It's an interesting site. I found the chords were a little over-simplified, but the good point is you get the song structure at-a-glance, and you have melody lines written out. Worth checking out.

He also did a few Joni songs, and I added some of his lead sheets to the Joni transcriptions site ( I help to maintain.

Stevee - I've just ordered "SD - Just The Riffs (piano)" and "Art of Steely Dan" books. Havn't heard anything from David Pearl, but will *have* to talk to him when I've had a chance to go through those new songbooks!


User: WJazzFM | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Clas; Tonight your mate

The Blue Note
8:00 pm & 10.30pm. Phone venue for prices and availability.

The Blue Note
131 West 3rd Street New York, NY 10012
N.Y 10012
(212) 475-8592

User: West Mids Fireman | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Dano; He may know some clean women tho '

User: Flamer or Flamed | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Dinc Dinc not to many men hangin at the ol' tree, that is clear.

User: Dano | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Fingers , Beer , Just a wee note .The Brum night may be good for a B&B and it gives us time to organize?? Fingers you know any clean digs in Brum?? Dunc and Bad Sneakers also in the frame.


User: jjeff-Isn't it awfully nice to have a stiffy | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: Batl Apl: Ask any guy. We all give'em names. The persona wears a little thin though when all you get for a response is either the " despondant deaf mute" or "raging bull".

Cyn: Plan to spend an entire day at Hampton Court Palace, and buy a London Pass BEFORE you leave. It saves loads of dough if you're doing the tourist thing. Travelcards can be bought at the airport cheaper than what you pay on the net. I'm goin' back, Jack and do it again( sometime).

User: Beerberian doin his 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: UKers;>Before coming down to the breakfast cave every
>morning, Osama bin Laden
>would look into his magical mirror and ask,
>"Mirror mirror on the wall,
>who's the biggest arsehole of them all?"
>The mirror would reply, "You are Osama".
>That would make his day and he would arrive at the
>breakfast cave with a
>huge smile on his face, before indulging in his
>goat's milk and dried cowpat
>cereal. Not a day went by when he wouldn't ask the
>mirror, and every day the
>mirror would confirm his question. Yes, he was in
>fact, the biggest arsehole of them all.
>One day, Osama arrived at the breakfast table with
>a huge scowl on his
>face, and he was obviously very upset. One of his eleven
>wives summoned up the
>courage to ask him, "What's wrong Osama?"
>Osama replied, "WHO THE F*CK IS ROY KEANE?"

User: Beerberian always willin' to learn | Month: 8 | Day: 6

Message: FINGERS; Fiddle & Bone - got their license back then ?? More than happy to change the Swallie for that gig IF Dano etc can make it? Might be easier for The Northern crew to get to / and find accom anyways . Have a good one in DUDDLAYYYYY I've passed on the gig details to a few locals........... Tarrah a bit !!!!!

User: Britain? October? | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Cyn - could we spend my birthday in rain?


User: Calvin Kleins Elevation | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Hutch - great site. It's bookmarked.

Cyn - my baby! Is this true? England. Darn ol' chap, who are you hooking up with in England? Cliff Richard!? I've never been to Great Britain, tell me... let me know about your plans. Could it be possible that we are arranging a Steely Dan Party here?

Beerberian - you deliver?

Stevee - I am leaning over towards the Roland RD 700, I am thrilled over the Rhodes sounds.

YGK - is it the Roland you're using on the "Eye to Eye"?

Rusty Carr - woman are not attracted to Steely Dan, they are attracted to men who are attracted to Steely Dan. That's why they're hanging around a place like this.

Molly - so, tell me, do you like the Dixie Chicks?

Jay Dubz - is that you?


User: batl apl | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: ^angel & rusty carr: Actually, there is something secretive about some of the more obscure SD songs. These are the songs I think were written from the penis' point of view It's achieved by giving your penis a persona. Then you give it artistic liscence, and viola!... you have first penis singular.
As implausable as it sounds, apply this persona to your next listen to "Monkey in your Soul", "Soul Ram", Take it Out on Me", "If It Rains", and, naturally, "The Fez".
other GBers-- this list is probably short. Please add/comment. I only brought it up as my son got circumcized today and it jogged my memory. I hope I didn't crush anyone's world by revealing this "secret"

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: hmmm busy night, I'm glad i stayed in bed.

MC.. nice bikes !!! i didnt know there was 2 one for linda ?

Fingers: im in for The Fiddle & Bone, Birmingham on Friday November 22nd.

Anybody from the north / south shields want a lift down there ?


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Oh, and pardon me, I forgot to include the [sic] in "Have you gave anyone your photo?" Repeat after me: I am Elmer J. Fudd, Millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht. AGAIN! I am Elmer J. Fudd, Millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht. AGAIN! I am Elmer J. Fudd, Millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht. AGAIN! I am.......

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: ...and a few more to ponder:

"They post me here because they know I'm probably going to check in here at least 1 time during the day. I post messages on here to them and my Banyan friends, because I simply don't have the time to write a dozen different e-mails."

Your twenty-four hours per day are no different from anyone else's. Really. Any dumbass can do the research on that one. You seem to find the time to post here, but you can't find the time to send an e-mail. That simply doesn't make sense.

"But there is nothing new to say!"

That one's just TOO easy, so let's move on, shall we?

"My Musician friends know what chord progressions go to which song."

To echo Stevee's sentiment, that's not very likely. You do a disservice not only to the musicians who work hard to learn this music, but to the musicians who worked even harder to create it in the first place. Yeah, it's so easy, try playing it sometime yourself and see how easy it is.

"my friends have all stated to me that they don't like any of you very much."

And yet, how nice of them to stop on by any time the feel like it and wipe their feet on the welcome mat, then to say they don't like the people here. They obviously have a higher tolerance to assholes than you give them credit for, because in case you didn't realize it, that is Asshole Behavior.

Me, I've never posted here, and I never will again, but at least when I DO stop by, I try to get something out of it and not get in anyone else's way. People don't act any differently on the Net than they do when they're offline. Your friends have a few things to learn about manners before they talk about anyone else's.

"I came here to talk about something other then someone's child's learning disabilities, behavioral issues, political concerns and/or agendas"

...anything else?...think now...two words...first word, two syllables, sounds like... (imitates popping a wheelie on a bike)...second word, one syllable, sounds like... (holds up hand)...

So who's talking about someone's child's learning disabilities? Like that other guy said a couple of days ago, what in God's name ARE you babbling about?

"How would you respond "Aja" to being called a pig? To someone saying negative things about your character or your body?"

I can't speak for Aja, but I would go away.

"Has anyone here in Banyan ever actually met you? Have you gave anyone your photo? I have."

What exactly is that supposed to mean? I'm not being rhetorical, I really don't see the relevance here.

"Given some of the stuff that has been posted in Guest Book since I've been reading, I'm pretty certain that ANY Mental Health Professional would have a field day."

Substitute "reading" with "posting," and the mystery solves itself.

"I will ask everyone I know not to post anything on here in the future. It certainly won't be a difficult chore given their distain [sic] of this place."

"Chore"? Like now YOU'RE the one being inconvenienced? You've really got some fucking chutzpah, there. Who do you and your friends think you are, anyway, leaving useless messages here like it's your goddamned answering service, then saying, "Well, they don't really like you anyway." If you don't want to answer your own e-mails, that's your business, don't make it everyone else's. Because it's not that fascinating. And now you're being rude to people who don't deserve it. Take that ten dollars Clas offered you and buy a clue.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: I met Aja in person and she is nothing but a class act. But then again, my opinion should be disregarded because of my constant self-promotion.

User: Steveedan | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Hi everyone ...

I usually read all the posts that I have missed before I write a new one, but Post # 898 by Molly seems to have pushed a couple of my buttons ...

Some of the things Molly mentions bother me a little ... such as ...

"... nothing new to say ..."
Molly, you don't know me very well let alone others here (whom I have met in person or swapped e-mails with. This kind of statement is underinformed and cruel on your part. This is very mean of you.

"... My musician friends know what chord progressions go to what song ..."
Doubtful. I am a jazz musician (as some call it ... a beard stroker) and I have been perfecting Steely Dan songs and the specific chord voicings for a couple of decades. I have recently started swapping e-mails with David Pearl, the guy who wrote the 2VN, Just the Riffs - Keyboard, and The Art of Steely Dan songbooks to try to gain a greater insight into the music. Unless you are a genius musician on the level of say Herbie Hancock, or Keith Jarrett (and NO, I am not on their par obviously) your musician friends do not know anything closely accurate to what is actually going on in many of the Dan's songs. This comment of yours is an insult to my intelligence, hard work, interest, and dedication to the music of Steely Dan ... which is what this guestbook is in celebration of ... THE MUSIC OF STEELY DAN. ... next ...

"... Any dumbass that can read, can research who played what on which songs ..."
For years there had been a big mystery about who actually played what instrument on what Steely Dan tune. Since the remastering CDs have started to come out, some of this mystery has been cleared up, but by no means all of it. You don't know how challenging it is to get this information.

"... Without the constant rivalry, boasting and self promotions, there wouldn't be much on the guestbook ..."
Now these are FIGHTING WORDS !!! So I suppose that you now do not appreciate my SHAMELESS PLUGGING of my Steely Dan tribute band and the other SD trib bands who do the same (and many of whom have become my friends over the past few months and years). Are you having a bad day? What are you thinking? One of the great services of the internet is an inexpensive (or free) method of letting people know all over the world when something is happening ... like who's got Grateful Dead tickets to sell or trade ... It is the reader's choice to be interested in the "ad" or not. Negative commentary about it is just not right.

"... Frankly Aja, my friends have all stated to me that they don't like any of you very much ..."
Well, ain't this just the Cat's Meow !?! After all, Big Viking, Sugerman, and Big BearofaMan are so worldly and sophisticated that I am so mortified that they don't think much of me ... Me thinks that these people don't think much, period.

Molly, I believe that the time has come for you to take another look at what you do here and why you get the negative responses so regularly. (Shoot, I mean, I was one of them remember? And I apologized for it too, remember?) To simply say that you are going to stubbornly do whatever you choose to do here and then become resentful over what happens as a result of it is ... just plain silly.

I invite you to take this advice from a guy who got flamed to death here when he (meaning I) was new here. I don't particularly like the political opinions that get aired here, but I choose not to respond to them. I don't like some of the other things that are posted here as well, but, again, I choose not to lash out at them.

Your post # 898, however, was a post that I could not allow to be unchallenged. I would imagine (as I have not read anything newer than #898 yet) that others here have responded to your post.

I do not dislike you. I wish you and you family well. The Viking too.


User: jjeff | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Supertramp-Halifax, N.S.-2weeks ago
Less than half of a 10,000 seat venue were sold. Could it be because 20 years ago they decided throw away same sold-out venue date for larger stadiums? Nevertheless, I went.
They began with the haunting blues harp opening of "School",in total darkness and you got the feeling that this was going to be good. Well, that feeling soon dissapated when the tempo was too slow. They followed with two new new songs and you're looking at your partner wondering if you should leave now and salvage something out of the evening. But then....
Asylym( sp) was played perfectly( they eventually played the entire Crime Of The Century album except2) followed by a blistering 15-20min version of Another Man's Woman from Crisis What Crisis complete with man enjoying the paper under a beach umbrella while tapping his toes a la album cover on the side of the stage.
A well deserved encore produced what I had been waiting and hoping for all night. Rudy followed by the title song from the same album which looped at the end while the band left the stage leaving you with an image on the screen of an old Victrola playing a 78 and skipping. A hand eventually lifted it and the house lights came on and we were glad we stayed 3hours.
They've gone through quite a few changes in their line-up but the core
has stayed except for Hodgson.

Tones!!! I have missed you. Yeah, work. The pimple on the ass of life. I didn't get the comparison between Tempts and Nsync and I don't know enough on Norah Jones to make a comment there, but I make the same decisions as Mu.Maybe it's age. I never did get the GNR phenomenom. SD medic alert bracelet? Rose, darlin', throw back the little ones. That should wrinkle a few brows. And Stevie hasn't been gone quite as long as you so there's still hope. 2.0? Have you been updated and if so how?

YGK: Women!!! You can't live with them and I can't live with them.

Lp: Nice move. Your mind will thank you. Do I understand your surrounded by water?( Someone mentioned island I think) The pity is you take it for granted. I live not 10min. from the ocean and have been there once this summer.

Snakehips: The Stones on Oct12.Great! Well have to compare playlists. I think it's a week later in Toronto I'm planning.

Mu: I enjoy your politics. Please continue. Interesting.

Face: Another lost soul! I can't imagine Plant doing WLL. The last time I'd seen him on the telly he couldn't hit any high notes and it was painful to watch him try.

-divide and dissolve, eh.

User: Midnite Cruiser | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Hutch....nice link, thanks man! we're done with Colonial Heights for a while so no sure when I'll be back up that way.

another Mid-Atlantic Dan Fest sure would be fun (hint, hint) and the weather is finally starting to give us some nice evenings....we had New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia & North Carolina represented at the last one in Richmond....wouldn't it be fun to go back, Jack, and Do It Again?

a photo for your perusal....just as we returned from our 102 mile cruise....we only got 75 miles in this evening before we started running out of daylight and was very nice though!

Cyn....hey cuz! glad to hear things are going so well for you! you really do sound very happy!! : ) btw, have you heard anything from our friend since her move? should have been in the new house for about a month now but i've not heard a word?

my long weekend to work coming up....catch up with y'all the first of the week!

User: rusty carr | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: angel: I understand your point about not using male names but I think thats because some topics maybe autobiographical/narrative.Also the use of female names is a traditional song writing tool(you dont hear songs like fred/boyce). However you still didn't answer the point about content attraction for females.Without sounding too patronising and with marketing demographics supporting me drug usage,violence and even sci-fi arent generally regarded as attractive subject matter to women.
Moreover I am not suggesting that women shouldn't be interested I just found it rather strange that a high proportion of sd fans are actually female. Infact I wished more people of both sexes liked sd it would save me from many a recurring sceneario.
"so whos your favourite band?..... Who?..........
Im sure you have experienced it.

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Rusty: You missed the mark on how women see Donald and Walter. But, then again, you aren't a woman and don't see/hear it. :-)
Lyrics seem to go after both sexes equally, they just have a tendency to not use names on the male songs. Jack of Speed, Kid C, Don't take me Alive, What a Shame, Monkey are all male characters.

User: FINGERS | Month: 8 | Day: 5


Great news just in, we're (THE DSO...clearly 'Dan) back at The Fiddle & Bone, Birmingham on Friday November 22nd. If a swallie was on the cards for the 16th. I can only recommend this venue over and above the one in's City Centre, great vibe, great crowd, good beer and food....and FREEBIE admission. What else could you want for?

User: rusty carr | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Does anyone else find it strange that sd has so many female fans.On the most part the lyrics are derogatorive.The issues are generally masculine and lets face it...DF & WB arent pin up material.So unless Ive missed the really big joke could someone preferably of the fairer sex please explain.

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: This is interesting. Lead sheets this guy put together for SD songs.

Hit "transcriptions" and then "groups".

User: Aja.....or so they say | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Welcome to Personality Disorders Unlimited, may I take your order?


lp and I ARE the same, except when we're different. We're both New Age Quakers, but she wears pearls and I have a boar-bristle....oh, never mind.


User: barfly | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: waiter! i'd like to buy molly a drink! make it a vinegar and water!

User: qwerty | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: About this "Attack on Iraq"(royalties payable to the qwerty uiop fondation).Did it ever occur to anyone to check out the past?
Every great military nation has conquered and made empires.Take my beloved GB.A small island of mainland europe had a global empire comprising of half the world(the was no profitability with the rest).That was in our military heyday so lets fast forward to the present.
The usa is now the biggest dog in the park but it is founded on principles that stop it from building empires.Thus the usa uses trade instead of force to dictate the governorship of the world.However this weakens the chain of command businesses end up dealing with dictators and not generals who would have historically.
So unless the us stops trying to form alligences with strong localised factors and starts ruling themselves these problems, in my opinion will continue.
Whilst I'm having a pop at the us can they please stop making films showing themselves to be great warriors.Most battles are lost by errors, not by cunning.On the whole GB won WW II with aid from the allies (special mention to the polish airmen).
On a sweeter note you guys, (yanks) do write better music so at least there will be one thing, they will be remebering when they are fearing the change of the guard.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Hello everyone, *winks and smiles to you all*
Aja, you said you didn't like the messages my friends post. I told you what reasons they cited to me for their noninterest in everyone else here. Several have gone into the chat room to meet some of the other Steely fans. All of them except Jon, said they were treated badly. The conversation wasn't focused on anything related to Steely Dan, or even music in general. In fact, they told me the conversation there didn't make any sense at all. As far as them being exhibitionists, I thought most men were like that. The apes beating on their chests type thang! :) They are much worse in reality. I'm glad you are real. It's hard to tell on here. People seem to be nice to you one time, then hateful the next. Posting anonymously, using different names, lying. After awhile, it all appears to be bullshit. I like you too by the way. I never meant to infer that you or anybody else on here wasn't attractive....or whatever. I don't really care about that crap.
LP, I actually thought you and Aja were one and the same. It also crossed my mind that you might also be Chips and perhaps even Gwen. It never really mattered to me in any case. I suppose I made the wrong assumption. I am what my own self. My posts reflect that. If my personality evokes the responses of Weber and the like, then so be it! Thanks for you input just the same.
BB, Hi ya! *blowing you kisses*
Bluz, didn't Jesse Colin Young have a band called the Young Bloods? Thanks for the message, I'm good! (except for missing a certain Viking ) Talk soon?
Facey, I'm so jealous. You saw Robert Plant?!!!! OMG Bluz and I have been into him all this week. I want details woman. I'm seriously thinking of moving to the UK....The men there just seem different. :)
Dennis, check in with me Kiddo... you know I get worried.
Drew, no bouldering until I get an ok from the Doctor. See ya soon. No word from Trevor or Tony yet... Have you heard from Stan?
St.Al, none better bud!
back to the grind for me M.

User: Dano | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Cyn , You big time gambler!!Coming over here and taking all our wedge back over the pond?? Chester is a cracking course yes! Check out Ayr , right by the sea and a great meet coming up soon.Hope you have lady luck on your side??

Snakie , Whadya make of that waitress , Bill and Myself will be looking for inside info soon lol??

Beer , Nov 16th is for sure a green light. I will probably look for a B&B in Coventry, any ideas is it right in the City Centre , maybe share with Dunc and get a couple of lashes in big time , save driving the Jam Jar??

Bad Sneakers , could be up for a night on the Toon as well ??

Tones , Beach Parties , hope you dont wear the shorts Dano had in Hawaii Five O , check the legs on that bigman??

LP , Got the Scottish Rhyme yet!!

Off to put the tinlid to bed
Regards Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaano

User: FINGERS | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: THE DANNY STEEL ORCHESTRA...clearly 'Dan
The UK's finest 12-piece tribute to STEELY DAN
are appearing on
116 High Street, Queen's Cross, Dudley, DY1 1QT, West Midlands, UK
tel: 01384 254129
Performing tracks from all the albums in a stunning, ALL LIVE, 2 hour show
guaranteed to thrill die hard fans and newcomers alike

"close your eyes and you'll be there, it's everything they say..."

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Hello, hello, hello.

It's been a while, but I want to throw my two cents into a couple of subjects.

BRUCE- As someone from a blue collar background, ( Dad was a steelworker, laid off in 1982.) I can understand what Springsteen writes. His songwriting, especially his lyrics are very powerful (See: Johnny 99,
Tunnel of Love, The Rising, etc). His new album was needed at the right time, especially after some of the bombastic post 9/11 crap we got from Toby
(1-800COLLECT)Keith, Lee Greenwood and, with all due respect, Paul McCartney.

IRAQ-If I were Bush, I'd wait until Bin Laden was caught and taken to justice. Then after Afganistan, worry about Iraq. I would have to rely on Iraq rebels to take down Saddam first. Invading Iraq would be a waste in what has become a hellish US economy. It would be an even worse influential point in this year's election.

Anyhow, back to other matters. Last night I was watching E! (Yes, I didn't watch American Idol, thank God.) There was a 1 hr profile on Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City. They had that clip in which a photographer's assistant recommended Steely Dan for music when she decided to pose nude during a photo session. Kim's character, unfortunately, didn't need music, but it was a nice gesture by the show.

Did you know that Kim is married to a audio equipment mogul who also
happens to be a part-time jazz musician? She first met her husband at a Chick Corea concert at a nightclub. The guy knew Chick and his wife and introduced her to the two backstage. See, proof that jazz does bring
people together.

Makes me wonder if Kim likes Steely Dan.


User: Spidey | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: TOOELE, Utah (AP)--Officials at the Deseret Chemical Depot, which stores and
destroys nerve agents such as mustard gas, sounded its terrorist alert warning
Thursday morning after a possible intrusion.
The alarm sounded at 9:24 a.m. mountain time, and operations have been
stopped. Employees are on standby status.
The plant is about 45 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

01:54 PM- - 01 54 PM EDT 09-05-02
The Deseret depot has been destroying a stockpile of deadly the chemical
weapons since 1996.
Earlier this year, the depot finished destroying the largest stockpile of
sarin nerve gas in the U.S.
A spokeswoman wasn't immediately available for comment.

01:58 PM- - 01 58 PM EDT 09-05-02
Wade Matthews of the Toole County Emergency Management agency told MSNBC the
incident was "a possible intrusion that hadn't been completely confirmed."
Mathews said the that the sheriff's deputies have set up a road block around
the Deseret Chemical Depot, the Associated Press reported.
It said the Utah Department of Public Safety is using a helicopter to help
look for a possible intruder.
There have been no evacuations of the depot or surrounding areas.

02:05 PM- - 02 05 PM EDT 09-05-02

User: bwaySteve | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Times Sq.

I have watched Times Square turned in to a venue countless times. The stage,the lighting towers, watching the various staging crews, the growing security presence... it is an energy that builds. The Milennium New Year's Eve was the scariest , Broadway ON Broadway , always the most fun and festive. Tonights NFL opener will be the unofficial 9/11 comemoration week opening event for NY.
Today Times Square is criscrossed with cable, trailers of equipment go in and out as areas are progressively closed off making way for the assembling crowds. There has alway been a built in fear surrounding attending an event like this. At New Year's it is about the cold or the abundance of drunks and partyers having to endure hours standing in the freeze.Tonight it will be about the fear of terrorism in a country talking about going to war.It seems that Rock & Roll really goes with the prevailing mood .Saw Bon Jovi from my building at an earlier Times Square event connected with the Mtv awards a while back.They were tight and hooky.
I will be very happy to watch from home tonight.
I will be working there September 11th.

User: Aja......premature posting | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Sorry, the boss walked in.

that should have been "why I don't think your friends should be using this forum to post private messages"

User: Aja again | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: In fact Molly, almost none of my post was about you, it was an explanation of why I don't think your friends . Anyway, that's enough on that.

lp-I agree with you about anon posts, some of them are damn funny!


User: Aja......putting off work | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: JDubs! Hey, we got you out of hiding! Great to see you back around these parts ;o)

Bill/Dr. Mu-alright, #921 made me laugh out loud! Let me just be CLEAR that I ABHOR Saddam Hussein and his regime, however, I don't think we have the right to invade another country unless there is imminent danger to the world if we don't. And so far, no evidence has been provided to support that. The rest of the world has as much reason to fear him and Al Qaeda as we do, yet we don't have their support for an invasion, and a recent poll of Europeans showed 65% of them believe our foreign policies are partially to blame for the 9/11 attacks because we act like cowboys that own the world.

Molly-actually, I like you, and nowhere in my post did I say anything different. I also never said you were the lonely person, you inferred that. I'm sad to see all the defensive inferences you read into what I wrote. If you took the time to get to know people here you'd realize that most of your perceptions aren't correct. For example, yes, most of the regulars on this board have met me and talked to me. Didn't you read about the New Orleans party, the second one we've had? I have to say I've met the nicest bunch of people through this medium. Of course "Aja" has been subjected to TONS of anon attacks in the 3 years I've posted here, like most people have, but it's the opinions of the friends I've made here that matter to me. I'm sorry you've misconstrued everything that I posted, but not terribly surprised.

Hey Cyn-glad to hear you're so happy-you deserve it sister! ;o)

lp-eloquent, wise words, as usual!

Really gotta get to work now.


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: PP- Who gives a flying fuck?

User: Piss Ant | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Mommy! Mommy!

Please tell all the misfits of GB I need just one more internet romance.

User: PP | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Airport authorities have placed Atlanta's Hartsfield
International Airport on partial shutdown after a man carrying a gun was
arrested, television news networks reported Thursday.
Cable News Network said the arrest happened at midmorning Thursday, and that a
suspect has been arrested and is being interrogated by police.
Fox News said the security incident prompted authorities to partially shut
down the airport, although it isn't known as yet whether flights have been
affected as a result.

12:36 PM- - 12 36 PM EDT 09-05-02

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: What's that? Aja has a smokin' bod?
Er...Uh... Aja please disregard post 894.
Your politics are fine with me. I'm for what you're for!


User: ChesterTheMolester | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: OOOOOOOhhhh, OOOOOOhhhh, I wanna tell my tawdy personal love
stories too! May I? May I? May I too? Please, please, please,
please, please!

Aw C'mon, I got some good ones.
Wink, wink, sugerman, blowing kisses and all that rot.

User: Jaydubz | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Molly ~ You couldn't hold a candle to Aja...not only is she gorgeous with a smokin' bod, but she's 10 times the person you could ever HOPE to be. You are, without a doubt, the most obnoxious person in the long history of the GB...

User: Petre Parker | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: GAITHERSBURG, Md. (AP)--A student pilot was forced down after skirting the
edge of restricted air space around Washington, a Montgomery County official
The plane took off from Tipton Airport near Fort Meade and forced to land at
Montgomery County Air Park in Gaithersburg about 10:15 a.m. EDT, said Donna
Bigler, a county spokeswoman.
Montgomery County police spokeswoman Lucille Bauer said the Secret Service
asked police to detain anyone aboard. The unidentified pilot was flying alone,
said airport manager Wendy Carter.
Military jets circled the airfield shortly after the pilot landed. Montgomery
County police officers watched the pilot while waiting for Secret Service
agents to arrive at the airport, Carter said.
"It was obvious as soon as he got out of the airplane that he wasn't a
terrorist," Carter said. "He's a student pilot. He's a nice guy. He's shaken
up. Unfortunately, this is infrequent, but it does happen."
The pilot's identity, the type of plane and other details were not immediately

11:36 AM- - 11 36 AM EDT 09-05-02

User: Cyn | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Damn..the gigs up. I can't even be a good anono-poster...damn..damn..damn!

Word on the street is that I'm fine...or so I hear...hahaha.Rocket Scientist blew himself up (I swear I didn't do it..HA!) No Worries...Lovely Brit flys over just about every weekend...I'm regaining my school british accent.The boys are great..doggies are spoiled..and I'm very happy.

Aja..hugs to you my sistah...haven't seen Jim#...mores the pity..we miss him and Mrs #

Snakie...yummmmmm.....ok..when and where? Beach is looking good this week, all the tourist are gone...Alan's flying in Wednesday.C'mon down...hes a great cook..hahaha

Clas..will send email ASAP...will be in England late Sept-early Oct.Meet in France for some coffee ? I'll be driving the black Audi...backwards, HA!

Yes,me wee Dano..tis I..learning to bet on English soil...methinks I'm getting quite good at it. I'll keep in touch..we're driving up to Scotland.

Any views on the new Dave Matthews??...Had to play it a few its really growing on me...liking it more and more.

Face calling me from the concert....hahahaha..What a hoot! I think the second hand "smoke" was getting to her.

User: fezo | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Mellenkamp: I agree with whoever said his abrasive personality has hurt his career.

Browne: I think his 80's work--in a pop sense--holds up much better than anything from Mellenkamp or Springsteen. "Tender Is The Night", some of the sappy stuff from "Hold Out", and all of "Lives In Balance". It was great to see an artist speak out against the Reagan era Ugly Americans who thought it was their job to make the world safe for nun rapists and priest killers in Central America.

Springsteen: Awesome, awesome live act. His best discs are the underproduced ones: Nebraska, Tunnel of Love. I've been really disappointed with the promotion of his latest release. Making a buck off 9/11 is too damn unseemingly. It's something I expect from our commander in thief; the shilling of pics of Bush hiding out on Air Force One on 9/11 was no surprise at all, but from Bruce (or Neil for that matter) it just doesn't wash.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: StAl - okay, here's the deal, and this is my last offer:

Cliff Richard, London, October. A backstage pass and a bottle of wine.


User: Jon | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Ditty-Why couldn't you have imagined me as being a little better looking? I wasn't joking about kissing that mole. Josie,look me up if you ever get down this way.

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Molly - do you like the Dixie Chickens? I saw them on Letterman the other night. They are pretty cool.

Are they married?

User: CcSs | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: LP; Bugger, you replied !!!!!! another fine theory blown out .....

User: lp | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: ha! exactly! it's all in the timing - a perfect response!

we all need to feel important - lesson learned in my day gig that relates here too

too funny!

User: Cclasless Ssociety | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: "we may not have ranking in this place" Do me a favour This place has more rankings than an ATP Tournament (I realise You prob won't reply to this)

User: luckless pedestrian | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: the beauty of this board is it is a free-for-all kind of place where an alter-ego is welcomed and can be funny if timed just right, a harmless flirtation can occur, innermost secrets revealed - and sometimes we even discuss chord progressions and lyrical meanings of steely dan songs or reminisce a previous tour - i've learned about other musicians/bands here i would not have otherwise heard of - and being an armchair politician, i vorasciously (sp) read all those posts as well even if i don't add to it

some of the anon posts are pretty funny and i have been known to add a few of my own, but my cyber-personality has become obvious over the last few years here so most of the veteran posters know it's me anyways

some anon posts make me cringe - but it's part of the hazards of revealing yourself in cyber-space, you don't know who's scrolling

molly's posts, well, molly dear, i must say i am with aja on this one - i do a quick scan of what you write, sigh in pity and move on

i know you try to compare yourself to june flirting with ward (remember he lecture on subtlety? read it again), or breast references - but i don't believe, but st al will correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't remember doing those things when i first signed on - i did other irritating things i know but if i learned anything i learned you have to wiggle into a cyber bar for a little while and sip your drink carefully before jumping over to the pool table/dart board

and for heaven's sake, we may not have ranking in this place, but going after aja is really strange to see in here - questioning her on meeting people in real life, are you kidding?

i've had the pleasure of meeting NMN and angel here and they are very cool -

i'm not going to tell you how to post molly, but your posts make you vulnerable to replies you may not want to read - it sets you up

in other posts:

tones, thanks! it's going well, saving the world from inadequate ocean frontage

User: Face | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Good September 5th everyone!

Robert Plant rocked the house!!! The pot-bellied hippie still has fabulous pipes and his style is loyal to it's roots. He did "Whole Lotta Love" and the earth moved...literally. Cause when several thousand people are jumpin' and jivin' en masse, well, the earth moves!

The Who. WOW...
"Teenage Wasteland", "Who Are You", some songs never heard even by these ears. Unfortunately no "Face The Face", but I know they couldn't hear my hoarse-throated repetitious request. Ah well, perhaps when I encounter them again, which I fully intend to do. Forty-five years until your first live concert is just too long, and do not intend to let that span occur before having seconds.

Funny thing though, driving home I realized I had a bad case of the what in the world might I be able to contribute that to? (this was an open-air venue folks! the smoke was like the fog over London)

In a word, it was SPLENDIFEROUS!!!
Even gave Cyn a couple listens through the curtesy of my cell phone.

User: Powdered Bread anyone? | Month: 8 | Day: 5

Message: Beerberian - no shit? I wish I had known that last time I was drunk. With hellacopters?

Molly - be cool, it's a purgatory.

Cyn - I sat up all nite wondering, it's you isn't it? Miss Thomson is living with us for a while, and she's jerking that big dog around. She's a bitch.

Let me know how you're doing, email me?

- I was talking to Wadenius a while back, he never saw any written music around the studios-sessions during At the Century's End and Kamakiriad, he actually didn't know wether Fagen could or couldn't notate his music. And if Fagen really had everything figured out that "verbatim", one must wonder why he didn't chose to play the piano himself? I guess G Phillinganes is exaggereting in order to keep the legend alive.

Be cool and dandy now everyone, I'll be right back with a pair of eyes,


User: Beerberian DSO Solutions Analyst | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Dano; Dog & (s)Trumpet Sat 16th Nov .....'tis a hovel, BUT we made it Home at Last !!! You & Bad S gonna make a Southern raid then ?? The Clans could gather ........

Duncan; You too ?? Or are we just dancing in the dark .....

AJA/Molly; Play nicely, please ........Just Walk On By ....each other

Tones; Deffo! Pretzel Logic in my bracelet ..... Plan to have "I have never met Napoleon ...." on my headstone LOL

Clas; You got the Money ....We deliver, Night by Night No PROBABLY about it !

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Mu: you said.. Unlike the Dan, when the tank was empty in the 80s and into 90s.

I tend to think that the boy's tank's wernt empty at all
They had stuff to say, they just chose not to say it at the time for their various reasons.

I think it was great of them to give us all time to grow.

User: WEber | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Hey Molly! Everyone here is now seeing your true colors. It just took people on this guestbook a little more time to catch on to you. Now go away and come back in a few months under another fake girl's name...just like you did this time!

User: Psychologist at large | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Molly,

Your personal life is of no interest to us. The constant
information regarding the make-up of your personality is boring.
Your need for constant attention is obvious. You did'nt come
here in search of music. You came here in search of attention.

You suck. You're a complete mental case. Get lost!
And take all your hillbilly friends with you.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: nascent

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: two months

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Duh, uh: Yout left-wing hallunacy is laughable!

"1) Upcoming Elections. The war on "Terra" hasn't been very succesful."

Wrong. We did in tow months, what the Soviets could not do in 10 years. There is a nasacent democratic government established and women have freedom for the first time in decades.

"We routed the almost prehistoric Taliban but captured none of the Al Queda big wigs"

Wrong again, yak-breath. The Taliban were trained by the premier military in that region - the Pakistanis. Al Qaeda and the Taliban were funded through Swiss bank accounts and drug money out the Wazoo. They were the most disciplined fighting force in the region, certainly more than Saddam's Republican Guard. The leader of the Taliban is dead as well as a number of the Al Qaeda leaders - it is assumed that the Egytian physican right hand man of Osama, who has incredible organizational skills, as does Osama, is still alive. While some of us fall into complacency, it's importnat to remember that these guys aren't chimps or goofy "towelheads" who can be scattered with a pistol a la Raiders of the Lost Ark. They are formidible enemies.

" including whatshisname Bin Laden."

Mebbe he's dead, mebbe not, who knows - at best, he's tied to a dialysis machine in a hole somewhere in western Pakistan...most of his bodyguards were captured which is telling. In any case, there has not been a succesful Al Qaeda attack on the US since 9/11, assuming the Anthrax fiasco was perpetrated by a whacko ex-LSU prof...

" W has to do something to keep the GOP in power and attacking Iraq is the easiest option and W always takes the easiest option. This would mean an attack before November."

Don't count on that at all, although that political rationale for military action was certainly the prime motivation for Clinton - he indeed would attack BEFORE the election...

"2)The sanctions on Iraq exporting oil without restrctions expire on Nov. 25 and more oil in the pipeline reduces the price for all of Bush and Cheneys oil buddies not to mention the Saudi's. A war jacks the price up maybe a 100%. This would likely mean an attack after the November elections but without a rubber stamp congress most likely if the GOP lose control of the house."

Wrong sanctions, methanol breath. The ones that SPECIFICALLY forbid Iraq to build biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons - gee, I wonder why inspectors have been trying to comb Iraq for the last 11 years??? Besides, with Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Alaska, fuel cells, etc. - we don't need his stinkin' oil!!

"3) Bin Laden and Saddam are religious and mortal enemies. Bin Laden launched attacks against Iraq after they invaded Kuwait before the USA was in the gulf war."

Wrong agina, lcomotive breath. he offered to fight for Kuwait - they refused and the Saudis asked for our help instead.

"Bin Laden considers Saddam an enemy of Islam due to his modern islamic religious views and the fact he attacked other Islamic countries Iran and Kuwait. There may be Al Queda in Iraq but Saddam is not supporting them. The Iraq Al Queda connection is a red herring being used to justify the other reasons. Not to mention 41's legacy of not finishing the job the first time."

Clearly, you are easily duped. Osama is not a religious man at all. He is merely clever enough to use radical Islamic jihad talk talk for motivation of his lackeys. He want POWER in the region, nothing more nothing less. You missed another main point, which was right under your nosehairs. This thing became *personal* after he was blown off in 1990-1991. Note that the first World Trade Center bombing was less than 2 years after the war. Osama's plans are meticulous and are implemented over a number of years - the Steely Dan of evil terrorists?? I'd agree - and was stunned at the time that we didn't - but yeah, and I bet that you and the Daschle's of the world didn;t support the GulfWar, so your comment is moot...

"4) Halliburton, under Dick Cheney's direction sold over 20 million dollars worth of oil drilling and processing equipment during the embargo in the late 90's."

Not to Iraq - the primary function of the company is to yes sell oil drilling and processing equipment, just as McDonald's sells hamburgers. Now Cheney did as an executive buy a company that was sued for asbestos - and he should receive a civil lawsuit from Ahaliburton for the loss in stock value that resulted.

" Anything for a buck eh Dick? W and Dick are really hoping the lapdog press don't get around to mentioning this fact before the invasion starts."

Yeah, like those right-wing entities The New York Times and CNN...Even Al Franken would be far more reliable than your sources - at least he's hilarious - on purpose!!!!"

"5) The big evidence we are being told is out there likely involves the threat of a "nukulear" (W pronunciation) weapon."

"nukulear" - clearly W is appealing to the blue collar American from Queens

Saddam has had "weapons of mass destruction" for the last ten years and hasn't used it."

You better ask the Kurds - oh, they're DEAD, I forgot...

"He fought a war against Iran using gas and we didn't bat an eye because he was our ally then."

Wrong again, mstard gas face. The US tried to achieve a balance between Iraq and Iran during the war - the fear was one country destroyed or conquered the other, the Soviets would take advantage of the altered balance of power and vacuum going for that warm weather port for their nuukyular subs - I'm not sure that this strategy was misdirected or not, but the Soviets never got that port and are no more.

"What's changed? Prove it W!"

Are you suggesting we wait for no marigolds in the promised land???

"The following taken from combined media sources you like so much"

That's like handing out a left-handed complement for advocating peer review research or assuming Newton's Laws are still intact when building a suspension bridge...

"The White House continues to insist that Bush has not decided how to deal with Iraq, but those assurances were drowned out last week by Vice President Dick Cheney's forceful case for military action. Cheney said the United States should act quickly to avoid the danger that Saddam will unleash weapons of mass destruction against the United States or its allies.
However, Cheney's claim that Iraq is close to acquiring a nuclear weapon contrasts sharply with the CIA's most recent public assessments of Baghdad's nuclear weapons development efforts. In a January report, the CIA concluded that Iraq's nuclear weapons program "probably" consisted of "low-level theoretical" research and development.
In February, CIA Director George Tenet told a Senate panel that the CIA's greatest near-term concern was the "possibility" that Iraq could obtain enriched uranium or plutonium with which to make a nuclear weapon. But a U.S. official said Tuesday that U.S. intelligence has picked up no evidence that Iraq has succeeded in that."

Who do we believe? The VP and W who have a vested interest politically and financially in going to war? or the CIA? Probably neither. I'm just glad someone is asking the questions."

When we have infiltrated or captured Iraqi and Al Qaeda strongholds, invariably we have found that they are MORE advanced in their planning and construction of weapons of mass destruction

Again, you forgot or don't have a citing. Other reports out of the ICA have not reached that conclusion

"Saddam is not Hitler. He's just as bad but does not have the country or the infrastructure behind him like Hitler had in Germany. His own poeple don't support him like the Germans did Hitler. It's not even close. He's not invading his neighbors anymore. How is he a threat to the US? Isn't this just a big distraction because we can't find Bin Laden like W promised we would?"

Why wait? Remember, when Hitler rose to power in 1932, families carried their money in wheelbarrows to the grocery store...and Saddam is building quite a stock of oil money, not to mention the 3D pea games being conducted by Al Qaeda with their financial resources. Actually, if anything, the war in Afghanistan went better and the broad military goals were achieved faster than anticipated. Al Qaeda still exists in 60 countries including our won with or without Saddam, though they clearly have been heavily damaged. However, again these guys aren't chimps and it would be unwise to let up now. I would agree, if you had been clever enought to state it, that just what whould be our next anti-terrorist target that threatens the US? Because - it is out there, somewhere... You also should have said that the iraq talk was a distraction from the Dow Jones dipping below 8500, but then you haven't made much of a rational argument yet...

"Finally, a question for you Mu and the rest of America.
If you are of military age, would you be willing to go fight Iraq right now based on what you know? If not of age, would you be willing to send your son, daughter, grandchild to do the same?
If you answer no to either, W hasn't made the case."

I didn't say he had yet, though he easily could. Here's a far more important question: would you sacrifice your family and children NOW just to prove that W was right after all!!!!????

...or another 6 million Jews???

BTW, I have a sibling who is an MD in the military in "infectious disease." You BET I know what that means...***hole...

User: zzzzzzzzzzzzz | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: yawn.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Aja, *sighs* I am very, very busy. I'm not lonely. I'm the Queen of multi-tasking, and time managment. Most of my posts here are while i'm waiting on someone or something else. My friends post because they know that i'll go days without checking my e-mail. I'm even harder to get on the phone. In my list of priorities, reading my e-mail comes in almost dead last. Many times my friends can't leave me a private message because my mail box is full. Yes, I have tried to get an e-mail account here. It hasn't worked. My friends have all told me that they don't like the Banyantrees. They post me here because they know I'm probably going to check in here at least 1 time during the day. I post messages on here to them and my Banyan friends, because I simply don't have the time to write a dozen different e-mails. I like most folks that post here. All of the people that I have referred to the Banyantree love Steely Dan. But there is nothing new to say! We are all eagerly awaiting their next CD. Whoo hoo, that's news! My Musician friends know what chord progressions go to which song. After 20 something years of listening to the Dan,and trying to play Steely's music, they should! Any dumb ass that can read, can research who played what on which songs. Without the constant rivalry, boasting and self promotions, there wouldn't be much on the Guestbook. I shared my enthusiasm for the Banyantrees pages with Drew, Lauren, Stan, Ellen, Jon, Peter and a few others. Frankly Aja, my friends have all stated to me that they don't like any of you very much. Most of them have a very low tolerance for assholes. They don't address any of you here because they can't be bothered.
I came here to talk about something other then someone's child's learning disabilities, behavioral issues, political concerns and/or agendas; or my all time favorite topic, country music. I liked most of the people that I'd met. As far as my need for attention; I live near Fort Campbell Kentucky. It is like a Walmart full of men. They are there in any shape, color or size you'd want. I'm pretty sure that I can find any attention that I might crave from any number of people at that Army base. (both male or female) I've never claimed to be a raving beauty, but i'm pretty sure I can get a date anytime I like.
As for a description of my body parts or whatever....... Other than my red hair, I don't know what you're referring to? Jon's joke about my mole. Stan's feeble attempts to reassure me that I didn't have a fat butt? Is that any different then LP's references to her breasts? I'm not the only woman here that has flirted with the men out in Banyantrees... How would you respond "Aja" to being called a pig? To someone saying negative things about your character or your body? Has anyone here in Banyan ever actually met you? Have you gave anyone your photo? I have. I've also talked to people on the phone, and tried to help a few folks.
Given some of the stuff that has been posted in Guest Book since I've been reading, I'm pretty certain that ANY Mental Health Professional would have a field day. You, and everyone else here, can believe anything about me that you like. I'm sure your opinions of me won't be much worse then the ones that I have of the people posting this crap. However, I will ask everyone I know not to post anything on here in the future. It certainly won't be a difficult chore given their distain of this place.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 4

From Metal Leg 17:

Greg Phillinganes

Greg Phillinganes, the keyboardist noted for his work with Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton also brought some nice touches to "The Nightfly'.' In fact, Greg's solo album "Pulse" featured the catchy Fagen composition "Lazy Nina.'' Greg recently talked to Robert L. Doerschuk in the August issue of "Keyboard.'' In the following excerpt, Phillinganes discusses some studio tricks he used and learned during "The Nightfly" sessions with Fagen.

Robert Doerschuk: Is there an example of a tune on which you recorded a solo that you developed from a melodic motif?

Greg Phillinganes: Well, there's the solo I did for Donald Fagen on "Ruby Baby." I started it off by playing "You Really Got Me" from the Kinks, and developed it from that.

RD: That came from the lyrics, with Fagen singing about this girl?

GP: Yeah. You've got to give it some meaning. That's a trick I learned from listening to a lot of soloists, like Charlie Parker: They would steal from other tunes, take melodies and put 'em anywhere. (Saxophonist) James Moody is brilliant for that too.

RD: Did you do the solo in one take?

GP: It was in two takes. The first time I played it, I had the basic idea. But I messed up at the end, so I did another take and fixed the second part.

RD: Fagen's harmonies and chord changes are usually rather complex.

GP: Yeah. He writes it all out to every breath. He is intense, but he's a sweetheart.

RD: If you were doing "Ruby Baby" with Fagen at a live gig, how would you get into that solo? Since its beginning is so familiar to so many people...

GP: That's why I would probably play it at the beginning the way I recorded it.

RD: Can you think of a keyboard bass line you've played that might fool listeners into thinking they were hearing a bass guitar?

GP: "Walk Between The Raindrops," from Donald Fagen's "Nightfly" album. Don showed me a hip trick. I was elongating the notes a bit too much for him, so he said, "Put some space between them." You breathe after every note. That makes it sound more like an upright bass. To this day, I take that approach when the concept calls for that.

RD: What else did you get from Fagen?

GP: Just how to be really intense (laughs). He's very meticulous. I do things for him that I wouldn't do for anybody else, just because he's so bad. He believes in the highest possible quality.

RD: Were his sessions tough because they're so exacting?

GP: They were, but I don't care. After the first couple of songs, he felt more comfortable with me and let me get away with a little more stuff. And I was thrilled to be working one-on-one with him. The first song we did was "I.G.Y.," and I loved playing that opening keyboard riff so much that I kept making mistakes on purpose so I could start it over (laughs). He writes everything exactly. Everything. All the chords, the voicings, the rests, when to press the sustain pedal. He wants you to do it all verbatim. But I was still able to put my personality in there.

User: Uh, Mu | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: As usual you make the same case the right wingnuts are making. While you are right on many issues (for once) including that W must make the case, there are other issues at work here.

1) Upcoming Elections. The war on "Terra" hasn't been very succesful. We routed the almost prehistoric Taliban but captured none of the Al Queda big wigs including whatshisname Bin Laden. W has to do something to keep the GOP in power and attacking Iraq is the easiest option and W always takes the easiest option. This would mean an attack before November.

2)The sanctions on Iraq exporting oil without restrctions expire on Nov. 25 and more oil in the pipeline reduces the price for all of Bush and Cheneys oil buddies not to mention the Saudi's. A war jacks the price up maybe a 100%. This would likely mean an attack after the November elections but without a rubber stamp congress most likely if the GOP lose control of the house.

3) Bin Laden and Saddam are religious and mortal enemies. Bin Laden launched attacks against Iraq after they invaded Kuwait before the USA was in the gulf war. Bin Laden considers Saddam an enemy of Islam due to his modern islamic religious views and the fact he attacked other Islamic countries Iran and Kuwait. There may be Al Queda in Iraq but Saddam is not supporting them. The Iraq Al Queda connection is a red herring being used to justify the other reasons. Not to mention 41's legacy of not finishing the job the first time.

4) Halliburton, under Dick Cheney's direction sold over 20 million dollars worth of oil drilling and processing equipment during the embargo in the late 90's. Anything for a buck eh Dick? W and Dick are really hoping the lapdog press don't get around to mentioning this fact before the invasion starts.

5) The big evidence we are being told is out there likely involves the threat of a "nukulear" (W pronunciation) weapon. Saddam has had "weapons of mass destruction" for the last ten years and hasn't used it. He fought a war against Iran using gas and we didn't bat an eye because he was our ally then. What's changed? Prove it W! The following taken from combined media sources you like so much;

"The White House continues to insist that Bush has not decided how to deal with Iraq, but those assurances were drowned out last week by Vice President Dick Cheney's forceful case for military action. Cheney said the United States should act quickly to avoid the danger that Saddam will unleash weapons of mass destruction against the United States or its allies.
However, Cheney's claim that Iraq is close to acquiring a nuclear weapon contrasts sharply with the CIA's most recent public assessments of Baghdad's nuclear weapons development efforts. In a January report, the CIA concluded that Iraq's nuclear weapons program "probably" consisted of "low-level theoretical" research and development.
In February, CIA Director George Tenet told a Senate panel that the CIA's greatest near-term concern was the "possibility" that Iraq could obtain enriched uranium or plutonium with which to make a nuclear weapon. But a U.S. official said Tuesday that U.S. intelligence has picked up no evidence that Iraq has succeeded in that."

Who do we believe? The VP and W who have a vested interest politically and financially in going to war? or the CIA? Probably neither. I'm just glad someone is asking the questions.

Saddam is not Hitler. He's just as bad but does not have the country or the infrastructure behind him like Hitler had in Germany. His own poeple don't support him like the Germans did Hitler. It's not even close. He's not invading his neighbors anymore. How is he a threat to the US? Isn't this just a big distraction because we can't find Bin Laden like W promised we would?

Finally, a question for you Mu and the rest of America.
If you are of military age, would you be willing to go fight Iraq right now based on what you know? If not of age, would you be willing to send your son, daughter, grandchild to do the same?
If you answer no to either, W hasn't made the case.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Donald Fagen's The Nightfly will be released on October 29th in DVD-Audio (stereo and 5.1)...remixed by Eliot Scheiner...

User: Bill | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Aja,

I basically agree with post 883 but partially disagree with post 891.
The 2000 election was a mess. IMHO it would'nt have mattered if
Al Gore was elected president because he absolutely sucked as a
candidate and he absolutely sucks as a human being. He and his
wife are little more than slumlords down there in Tennessee.
During the campaign he was embarassed by the fact that a couple
of his Tennessee tenants, who were basically poor people, accused
him of trying to throw them out of the home they rented from him
for having the audacity to complain about repairs. Of course
once the news media got ahold of the story Mr.Slumlord was more
than willing to have the maintainance done and assured his
tenants that they would not be evicted. What a gem of a guy
old Al Gore is aye? More like the resident V.P. Scumbag if you
ask me. A man after Leona Hemsleys heart.

Also, your stand on Iraq is all wrong...
This asshole Hussein supported and harbored the groups responsible
for killing 3500 New Yorkers only 12 months ago. How soon we forget.
The butthead is now in search of, or possibly already has,
nuclear capability... you think about that babe...think hard.

Militant Islamics are known for one thing, one-upsmanship.
They seek to attain glory by performing some violent act which
is even more stark and bizzare than the last violent act.
I tell you this Aja, not to scare you but to enlighten you,
the next attack on the United States is very likely to be
NUCLEAR! Nukes kill alot of people and they kill em' fast.
What better weapon to use against the enemies of Allah?

You think about that before you criticize our involvement in
Iraq ok?

Having said that, I still luv ya... even if you are a tree hugger.


User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Sorry Aja, you'd feel differently if you had been in Manhatten or the Pentagon on 9/11 last year. It appears to be a good cop, bad cop, multilevel communication strategy. This is VERY common with Arab countries and for that matter the Soviets during the Cold War. It took me awhile to see it.

The principle idea is to get Saddam to finally knuckle under and allow inspectors in. Secondly, even if inspectors are allowed in, that doesn't mean Saddam is scot free "see I told you I have no weapons of mass destruction." Saddam has a persistent history of USING biological wepaons against Iran, the Kurds, Kuwait, etc. and not just possessing them...and we know he's stockpiling them, IN VIOLATION OF UN SANCTIONS.

Now there are Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and there is a link. If the administration believed from their intelligence that an attack on our country was imminent (like next week or month), W could establish the link between the Al-Quaeda and Iraq even to 9-11 easily and should articulate it. It was CONGRESS last 9/14 that granted Bush power to launch military strikes against both those who perpetrated the 9/11 attack or countries who harbor the terrorists. Now, if we are intent on actually attacking Iraq (and I'm not completely convinced that this is a certainty), Bush will have to make (a) a clear link with Iraq and 9/11 or (b) the imminent use of weapons of mass destruction on our soil. He doesn't have to tell Congress exactly when and where an attack might take place, but he must divulge just enough intelligence to convince Congress that US cities are in grave danger - or to quote Jack Nicholson's Col Jessup, "is there any other kind?" At this point, Bush has not made a formal speech, logically, he must believe from intelligence that attacks will not occur in the next few months, but are very likely in the next few years...

If a tragedy of equal of one or two magnitudes greater than 9/11 occurs in the US happen because of inaction, who do you think receives the blame???? BUSH, not Daschle. To quote Bill Clinton quoting Gomer Pyle: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"

At this point, Iraq has been a dire regional threat, and I still wonder if it's main target might be Israel...and I wouldn't be surprised if we take the legs from under Iran. Critical metastases of Ql Qaeda include new cells in Lebanon and inexplicably stupid releasing of Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners from Afghan jails and into Pakistan! where the Taliban was created to begin with...OY!! Guerilla attacks will be more than a nagging problem, which is why I would go after Iran first using Special Forces and the rebel Iranians who can't wait to topple a terrorist enabling regime with a 6% approval rating...

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: tones:

Springsteen in the 70s and Mellencamp in the 80s

The Temptations vs *NSync

Are you kidding??? Temptations like a rolling stone

The Stones vs Aerosmith?

Again, not even close - Stones

Laura Nyro vs Nora Jones

Laura is a consumate pop songwriter with a great R&B feel - Norah has a better voice and more jazz, blues leanings - too early to tell, but this one could end up as a tie...not bad

Led Zeppelin vs Guns & Roses

Another landslide - Zep!! G&R had one good rock song and one good pop song and that's it...

Bill: The amazing thing about Walter is not only the edge he brings, but the versatility. The solos on Black Friday, Bad Sneakers, Pretzel Logic, Josie, Home at Last, Snowbound, Junkie Girl and West of Hollywood demonstrate an amazing number of angles to stick blues into jazz...I DO love craking the bass on Hard-up Case and the insane guitar solos on Lucky Henry. Girlfriend is a classic urban/NYCpastiche/inner psyche pop painting...

User: Aja..........still not working@home | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: tonesy! Left you a message when I was in San Jose, but no reply :-( First the Rude Waitress, now Tonez....this is a great trend! Sociable Hermit, where are you?

Our moron President has reassured us that he will consult Congress before attacking Iraq and attempting to oust Saddam Hussein. That gives me so much faith in his leadership. Since he has declared he has the sovereign right to invade other nations when he disagrees with their leadership, I suppose the same argument could be made by another nation to invade us-and oust him. Let's see, can we get that done in a civilized manner? Are you interested, Great Britain? Not that we elected him in the first place, but he just won't leave. We have weapons of mass destruction, if you're looking for a convenient excuse.

I've been inside way too long today......


User: tones 2.0 | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: snakie - a chocolate martini? Hmmmm... been a long time since we went to the beach... let's pick some up on the way! Hey, happy belated btw, and hope you're feeling better.

Daaaaaaaaano - S'up mate? As a button we have here at work says, "My job ate my life." Then for the last few weeks I've dining on the leftovers, reminding myself that it's summer and I live in California, though I *still* haven't found Annette and/or Frankie. Jeez... when I moved here 20 years ago I thought CA was *all about* beach parties... still waiting...

lp - good (tho belated) luck on your move. Hope it works out...

Miz Ducky - you too. And I think I need to talk to you about sleep stuff when you have the time...

Gina - How's it going? How's Gaucho? Is he huge now? Tell him I said "RUFF!"...

W1P & dano - I have to agree with you guys. My .02: Bruce *still* hits emotional depths that Mellencamp can't begin to reach. I kind of think of it as comparing Stevie Ray Vaughan to Hendrix: and the only way to do that and have SRV come close is to diminish what Hendrix was. I'm not saying SRV or Mellencamp suck, but to compare them... it's like

The Temptations vs *NSync

The Stones vs Aerosmith

Laura Nyro vs Nora Jones

Led Zeppelin vs Guns & Roses

I still say Mellencamp wouldn't have a job if Bruce hadn't opened up FM for roots rock. And I think JM would probably agree with me.


So who abducted steviedan and how much is the ransom?

Btw... I think Danslut(tm) wants me to ask y'all what song should be imprinted on your Steely Dan Medical Alert Bracelets. These bracelets would instruct paramedics to administer a specific dose of Steely Dan in case one of us is found laying unconcious outside a Kid Rock concert. Mine would say:

Razor Boy

and Haitian Divorce just in case...



User: qwerty | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: After three years of absinthe I have returned.Does anyone know of a new sd album pending?
Why is it that I have never meet another sd fan?
Why if all men are created equal don't I have the talent of Jeff Porcaro the looks of Brad Pitt or the flair of Pythagorus?
Why am I still awake?
Oh well at least on the upside I have an easy name to type especially if you're left handed.

User: snakehips | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Dano - that's Cyn our resident rude waitress betting Sandown & Chester

Cyn - how 'bout a chocolate martini with raspberry Stoli?

*Stones* at Ford Field Oct. 12 - I'm there...

it's only rock and roll...


User: Dano | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Dano is Back To Batan!!
Pat , Now come on big fella Mellencamp better than Bruce!! Need yer heed testing there mate lol.Having seen bands since 1967 , Bruce came on in London at 6.0pm one sunny evening and went through till 10.30 went off for 30 mins and then came back on until in the morning mate??Mellencamp!!Give me a break.Even the Who with Mooney in the sixties couldnt beat that!! And by the way Pat , Gabriel with that ponsey Goatee???What is all that about mate lol lol.

Lp , How is the new Hoose, had a jobie in the Lobie yet??

Dunc , Definate up for a swallie , work has been Desperado , but back in the big time again so lets get Muellered.

Went to see Insomnia last night , Dooser of a film and Pacino still has an incredible presence on the Big Screen.

Fingers , I still cant access the website , it is driving me Garrity??

Watched a terrific prog the other night about the Fire Dept in NY , Cracking documentary about life at the sharp end.Superb Stuff did anyone else catch it in the UK.

Listening to Aja lately , travelling a lot and that always seems smooth when you have had a busy day at work , nice to put on after a day on the road to wind down??

Bad Sneakers , Farao Isles, Can you play up front Saturday??

Who is betting at Sandown and Chester , is that you Val??

Beer , Dog and Strumpet what day is 16th Nov??Friday night Lash!!

Aja , Nice to see you back , hope you are well.

Malc , Aus , Whats happenin in the big city you doosers. Peter Green still touring , and my mate had a beer with him last week ??Now thats wierd Aus.

NFL , Around the corner......Cleveland looking good this year??

Tones , Where ya been mancub...Lost In America or what??Where is Albert Brooks when you need him??

Beer , Great report mate , sounds like you had a major swallie , and a great craic as well buddy.

Leggin it oot fir a pint........

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Youngstown on the Springsteen Live in NYC is the reason to get both the album and CD. As I said before, there are only two Steely Dan songs that I don't care for as compared to a bunch of Bruce. However, I must take issue with the idea that everything but a couple of tracks on Tunnel of Love has been garbage since The River.

Here's a sampling of Great Post-River songs by the Boss: Atlantic City, Johnny 99 (if its good enough for Johnny Cash to cover . . . ), State Trooper (if its good enough to use in a Sopranos episode . . . ), Born in the USA (power personified), Downbound Train (if it's good enough for the Smithereens to cover . . . ), No Surrender ("we learned more from a three minute record than we ever did in school" -- we don't need no education, indeed), My Hometown (captures the reality of urban decay), 57 Channels (will you ever forget his performance of that on Saturday Night Live in the wake of the LA Riots?), Lucky Town, Big Muddy, If I Should Fall Behind, Streets of Philadelphia. And the new album is by and large terrific. Do these tracks stand up to his work in the 70s? No. But that's like asking if Michael Jordan's stint with the Wizards lived up to his work with the Bulls -- the work was terrific and can't compare

User: does it really matter? | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: aja, very well stated without being overly callous or hateful. i have to say i agree 100% with your post re: molly and i believe others do as well (even if some of them are not as tactful with their objections.)

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: W1P: Youngstown was why I bought the album. Only song I ended up liking.
Never have heard the full band version, but I am sure it is good.

User: Aja.....not working@home | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Molly-here's why I have a problem with your friend's messages: this is supposed to be a community forum, starting with interest in music and diverging into much else, but it's all community. Your friends are using it to post private messages to you publicly. They don't interract with anyone else, the posts have no relevence to anything here, and there is no indication that they have even HEARD of Steely Dan, so why are they posting here? None of the messages that are posted are "supportive" of you, they're just exhibitionistic (usually involving some physical description of you) before a captive audience. Flyboy and I exchange very lively e-mails but I don't have him post things to me here, nor would he. It's our private business. And the fact that what they post is ungodly cheesy is the least of my complaints (though my officemate is a little tired of me groaning and rolling my eyes every time I scroll past another one). Bottom line-they can reach you directly. If they (or anyone) needs an audience for private behavior, they should be in therapy. My suspicion is that they're all generated by one very lonely person who desperately needs attention, but that's only a hunch. cara mia is our resident psych nurse, but she's off having fun in NYC.

Hey, even Blacksgirl and BME interracted with the rest of us. wowowow!

Back to work,


User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Angel, have you heard the full band version of Youngstown from Tom Joad?

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Regarding Bruce -- "Greetings From Asbury Park NJ" has always been a personal favorite. Though I go along with Mu's comment about Bruce still having some good stuff on "Tunnel of Love". W1P, I also have so many songs of his that just don't make it with me. I think I may have mentioned how disappointed I was with "Ghost of Tom Joad". I can't think of any Steely Dan songs that I absolutely won't listen to ever (though some I like better then others). But live, Bruce was the best.

Gina: Glad you got my message. :-)

Does anyone think their might be a record company conspiracy going on here regarding what cuts are on store music. Razor Boy, Daddy, Dr. Wu. All cuts that I would never ever figure would end up in public spaces. Either that, or a Dan Fan is in charge of store music. :-)

W1P: Will check that movie info out.

User: h | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Well, it looked cool a minute ago. But then I realized I botched that one line. It should read:


Je regrets.


User: hoops | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: TONIGHT!

S.F. Bay area Dan Fans unite for dinner and a concert!


WED 9.4.02
8pm (dinner, music at 9pm)
448 Brannan
San Francisco

Featuring the Music of:
Justin morell & His Band
(performing the music of Steely Dan)

Email the great host, Amelia Ray at if you need more info and/or plan to attend.

Join the S.F. Bay Area Mail List by sending email to with only the following text in the body of the message:

subscribe bayarea


I sure wish I could go! The Justin Morell CD is one of my favorites in the past year. A great album!

Hope to hear reports of how it was.

Be well and party for me. And as always, hats off to Amelia Ray!!!


User: Dunce Cap W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Of course, having said that factual errors are unacceptable, I proceeed to misspell the man's name, it's Van Zandt

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Disagreement over matters of opinion is fine and healthy. But factual errors are simply unacceptable. Steve Van Zant joined the E Street band in 1975 and left in 1984, returning in 1999. Van Zant was also a member of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes and has had a distinguished solo career ("Don't Play Sun City" remember?). Van Zant also wrote one of the best Raggae tunes ever -- Solidarity by Black Uhuru. If you dislike his playing, his singing and/or his writing, that's fine. But it cannot be seriously maintained that Bruce has enlisted him in order to take a ride on his Sopranos fame.

So St. Al, go see Tribute the Movie when it plays in Seattle -- I really think you'll get a kick out it (not that I'm saying you're a big fan of KISS, Queen, The Monkees, Judas Priest or Journey). Oh, and Mellencamp can't hold Bruce's jock when it comes to live performance.

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Hello everyone!
LP, glad you made it to your new home,and are settling in. It takes awhile. I've always hated the unpacking and resettling that moving into a new house entails. Sending you spell of good wishes and a couple of big hugs.
BB, my Sugarman *kisses to you* No wonder I like and admire you so much.
Hutch, thank you for the message, I will get the CD. I'd planned to weeks ago, but tend to procrastinate. I still like your style Babe.
Duncan, Hi ya! My parrot Sam is a Scarlet Macaw. I believe He is a hybrid breed called a hyacinth-scarlet. Sam is red with gold and blue feathers. He is quite intelligent and pretty large. Like most creatures, Parrots need a loving environment to be good pets. My Aunt breeds exotic birds, and Sammy was a gift from her. He is 38 years old. Most parrots attach themselves primarily to 1 person. I am that person for him. Sam and I have always been pals. When I left for school, he grieved for me. He has been with me since. Sam swears (I don't know where he picked up such nasty language) *wink* He meows and will call for my cats. Sam also insists on getting popcorn and strawberries, by saying the words until I relent and let him have them. Essentially he is pretty much like having a 2 or 3 year old child. He demands my attention, and will act out if I ignore him... ect. I tried to get another bird because I was afraid he was lonely. That didn't work out so well! Apparently he prefers the company of people. Do you like/have a bird?
Clas, Thank you for your kind offer. I can purchase my own CD. I have never asked a man to buy anything for me in my life. (with the exception of my Dad when I was small) I take great pride in taking care of myself and my son. The "Studs" that you referred to are my friends. We have a platonic relationship. With the exception of my Viking Love, I have known them for at least 15 years. We have been through many things together. Marriages, Divorces, Births of children, Death of loved ones, illnesses and most other events that happen
in life. We also share the camaraderie of people who enjoy the same sport. There is something about crawling through the mud on your belly for a mile with other people that bonds you together. The same is true for
climbing. (As I'm sure you know) The flirtations are a way of expressing our affection and appreciation for one another. Much like the ones here with my Banyantrees Buds.
Aja, I like you a great deal. My friends already e-mail me, in addition to the messages posted. Tex is not my friend. His messages are blocked. I have tried to eradicate him from my life. Eventually he will get tired, and go away. No response is the best response. If you find the messages boring or offensive, then please just scroll over them. I think yours to Aussie are great by the way.
St.Al you are still sex on legs! If it weren't for a certain red haired Viking......well you know. *wink*

User: Aja.......working@home | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Rude Waitress!!!!! How have you been, sister? You have been sorely missed around these parts......PLEASE stick around! ;o) Hope life is treating you better than it did last year....good thoughts and prayers going out to you. Where's Jim# been?

Hutch-you bet I still pull out "Cauldron", I love it! That's the best part of this GB: exchanging great music and meeting new friends. Heard anything great lately?


User: NYBill | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: We now interupt your regularly scheduled psychobabble for an actual

Let's talk about Walter Becker for a while shall we?

I like Walter's style...
Walter is earthy and real. The songs that he wrote for
11 Tracks Of Whack tells us what elements of the Steely Dan
persona he is responsible for. Donald Fagen does the styling
for the songs, and Walter Becker puts the power to the pavement.

When we listen to some of the cuts from 11 Tracks Of Whack, we
instantly see the difference in songwriting styles between
Donald and Walter. Donald's instrumentals are more subdued,
more comfortable and carefree. Walter's instrumentals are
harder, more rock influenced, more bluesy.

The song "Lucky Henry" has some great guitar parts, and Walter's
harder songwriting style is evident with lyrics like;

"Dusted down in shanty town behind the sky of red
Hoist upon some frozen dawn exploding in my head
Fast asleep, in trouble deep, or wide awake and burnin'
Stuck inside some strangers hide whose karma keeps returnin'"

Is that cool or what?
Or how about the overall feel of "Hard Up Case", which is one of
my favorites from his solo release. The intro bass on that song
will rattle the dishes off your shelves! And again we see his
harder sonwriting style at work here;

"You told me once I was your pride and joy
I guess those days are dead and gone...
You must have took me for some golden boy
You did'nt know what you were takin' on..."


"They dealt us houses full of Queens and Kings
And now they're callin' out our bluff
'Cause you and me girl, we had everything
I guess it was'nt quite enough..."

See the harder, more rock and blues influenced songwriting here?
Well that's Walter Becker. That's Walter Becker's contribution
to what you hear and know as Steely Dan. Everyone has thier
preferences, but I enjoyed the music of Steely Dan more when
this style of sonwriting was at the forefront.

In the end, Donald has the artistic flair and Walter has the muscle.
We can't do without either one of them can we?

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Both the Boss (The Wild, the Innocent and the E-Street Shuffle (his best IMHO) & Born to Run) and Jackson Browne (The Pretender) made their best stuff in the 70s. Unlike the Dan, when the tank was empty in the 80s and into 90s, neither had the wisdom to sit it out (although some of Tunnel of Love is awfully good and Shape of a Heart is a classic single). Bruce's best stuff in the 80s was writing a producing a smokin' Gary US Bonds comeback album (long out of print) with a snappy single "I'm Out of Work"...speaking of which, back to work...

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: StAl - yes, and to increase his popularity the Boss now have this Soprano-actor in his band. I guess they don't even plug in that Sopranos guitar in the radgin' amp. That's what I think. And I couldn't agree with you more, Jackson Browne's writing skills is way beyond Springsteens and stretches into areas Bruce couldn't dream of heading.

Couldn't have said that better myself.

And waddayasay about Aunt Hornsby, you big Hunk of a Stud you great Viking you?

Hi Gina - do YOU wanna catch up with Me, Hoops and StAl at the next Jackson Browne gig? I have backstage passes and I'll bring the Champagne.

Beerberbian - uhu. I got it. Phil Woods.

Hmmm... so you make home-deliveries?

To Sweden too?

User: StAlphonzo | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Last perusal of the GB before leaving for a camping trip and I couldn't help but catch W1P's post on Bruce Springsteen.

The Boss's one-dimensional hot-licks of middle-class rock grew old right around the River. Became downright redundant around Born in the USA and now is about as original as, well, as any Lenny Kravitz album. Mellencamp on the other hand has it in spades all over the Boss. He can write about the working man, but he can also write about many other topics. He stretches into areas Bruce couldn't dream of heading. Too much hype with Bruce. Way too much. But don't get me wrong. He and his E Street Band is fantastic. From what I hear, they put on a show like no other. The early stuff is fantastic, but Mellencamp is so consistently brilliant, it's been a damn shame he's never received the same accolades. Probably because he's not a nice guy like Bruce... Sorry W1P. I disagree. BIG TIME.

Go Eminem!

Have fun.


PS. If ya'll don't like Molly's posts, why not ignore them instead of attacking her. Not real fair if you ask me.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: If you live in CA, MN, CO or WA -- Tribute the Movie is coming your way. It's a funny, touching and sometimes vaugely disturbing documentary on what makes cover bands errr tribute bands tick.

SILVERLAKE FILM FESTIVAL: Thursday, September 19th @ 7:00 p.m. Vista Theater, 4473 Sunset Dr.(Hollywood & Sunset) For tickets please call 866-468-3399

SOUND UNSEEN (MINNEAPOLIS): Saturday & Sunday September 21st & 22nd @ 9:45 p.m. Oak Street Cinema

ASPEN FILM FESTIVAL: Friday, September 27th TIME TBA

THE EXPERIENCE MUSIC PROJECT (SEATTLE): October 23rd 7 & 8:45pm 325 5th Ave. N at the Seattle Center. Tickets at the door.

User: Gina | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: howdy and thanks Ange for a wake up call :-)
hey there Hutch, yep i've spotted that Beazly news :-)
and LP has a nice house for sale, maybe it could be painted faint yellow and call it the Bostonian Banyan House. Who's got some dollars left to spend for this worthy cause (lol) ...
read some papers and magazines these past weeks, all kinds of global politics and whatever stuff, saw a documentary on Elena and Nicolae Ceasescu (maybe mis-spelled this name but in a hurry) who were over-ruled after ruling Romania ... there was a film made of their visit to the USA, a smiling Nixon and some happy waving arms in Disneyland. The film was prohibited "back home" for the obvious "too American, too capitalistic" contents and well, it really doesn't matter in the end or the beginning or ... so no more what's-the-world-got-to-offer for me for a while .. except for nice things such as music ofcourse. we got one life to live and we better enjoy it.

there's a sitcom on belgian television about the president, George Bush. He looks like him a lot!

First Razor Boy, and then i heard Daddy Don't Live .. on the radio.
Beats the regular SD spins :-)

Off and did i see Tonez around here?????

Banyan Tree Bow,

User: Guest Who.....? | Month: 8 | Day: 4

hahahaha...I am so loving this ! Been awhile since I last posted, maybe its because I didn't want to be included in with Mistress Molly inane post about her boring little life in Wherevah, USA. Oh her to eLLe??? She doesn't hold a candle to the very least, eLLe had a personality, something the mis-tress lacks. Since when did this GB turn into "Its all about me, GB"??

Diffy....thanks for the email..I'll get back at cha...hahaha

clas..still have photo of Pompe' and Miss Thompson on fridge...look more than 3 dots !..........lots O' dots in a bit of turmoil..will write email very soon..I promise!

and to on Sandown and Chester last was good fun.Had racing sheets faxed to me....won about 40 pounds..its waiting for me in Taunton, collect at end of Sept.

OK..Now who wants some Freakin' coffee..?...huh?...Huh??

User: Beerberian doin his 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Clas; I saw ROY Wood in the pub last week ......He was off his face !!

RON Wood used to be one our customers - He used to get direct delivery of (several) kegs/week to his house in Ireland but cancelled in an attempt to get "dry"

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: Yeah yeah. I forgot, okay?


Hallo there fellow Guestbookers, guess what I found in my drawer last nite, another Stone Piano. Note how Mother Nature is merging into the Piano.


StAl - guess what, I have connections with Aunt Hornsby, I could arrange a meeting with Bruce on his next tour. You could bring along Hoops too.


User: Meg Ryan | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: She has moved up north, pinhead!

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: LP - so you went to the Sones concert at the Fleet Center?

Is it true that Ron Wood played sober?

User: Beerberian doin his 9 - 5 | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: ALL; Anybody went/goin to the 'Stones gigs - caught a clip on Sky News this morn Mr J was weilding a Geeetar ??????

Moll; They ain't worth it

Duncan; Chance to revisit The Dog & Strumpet Coventry 16th Nov - up for it ?? Or did my review blow it !!!

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 4

Message: W1P- Don't worry. If Eminem is smart enough, (considering his low IQ.)
he won't have to even think about pissing on the Boss' boots. Springsteen
will kick his ass in the Grammys 2003.

But did you know there's a article in Rolling Stone stating that Eminem is a shoo-in for an Oscar with his self-promoting movie that's coming out soon. God, how worse can it get. Some clown who tries to act like a brother, thinks he's Jesus and thinks he can act. Oh yeah, and he's a violent bastard to top it off. Yet the establishment is sucking up to him. I hope it bombs.

So, next year, come Grammy time, we'll be rooting for THE BOSS!


User: C @ W | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Molly - good, you're careful with money. But we are talking 10 fucking dollars. If you can't afford it, I'd be happy to send you a copy.

Or maybe one of your hunks, studs, vikings or whatever, are willing to do that for you?

Aja - does this mean we won't be able to enjoy you and Aussies lovelife anymore (okay, it's a lovelife-in-a-roundabout-kind-of-way but still "lovelife").

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: I'm just a prisoner of rock n roll (as practiced by the AOR stations of the 1970s). I am an absolute Springsteen freak. I'm totally nuts about Pink Floyd. And Steely Dan is so much one of my favorites I named my daughter after one of their albums (next daughter either Candy or Vera Lynn). Bruce is such an incredibly prolific and consistently songwriter and a tireless performer that I cannot say enough good things about him. Mellencamp is terrific but, bottom line, a pale imitation of the Boss. Seger is in the low minors to Bruce's big leagues. It would be impossible for me to rank Bruce, the Dan and Floyd against one another -- it literally cannot be done. I will say that, with the exception of Through with Buzz and East St. Louis Toodle Ooo, there's not a single Steely Dan studio recording that I dislike. Bruce tracks that I don't care for would fill two CDs. Bruce songs that I can't live without make up a monster box set. I'm not sure that any artist, anywhere has ever had a better run of 4 consecutive albums that the so-called "Big Four" of Pink Floyd (Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall). What's funny is that I inhabit the fanbase of each of these artists and I find generally Bruce fans are not Dan/Floyd fans, Dan fans are not Floyd/Bruce fans and Bruce fans are not Floyd/Dan fans. Which has me wondering about myself. Oh, I love the Smithereens too.

User: Hutch | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: W1P - Yeah, but (in a hypothetical situation) could SD beat Springsteen? Hard to say. Probably not, given the demographic. I'm not a Springsteen fan. Just never understood what the fascination was. Never could get into that "blue-collar angst" stuff. Ten or fifteen years ago our local FM rock station played practically NOTHING but Springsteen, Mellencamp and Bob Seger. I always sort of lumped the three of them in the same category.
I saw some footage from this new tour da boss is doing. He looks like a caricature of himself. Exactly the same pants, same shirt, same stance.
By the way, you know a lot of folks don't realize this but simply lengthening or shortening the guitar strap by as little as one inch will throw the whole look completely off.

Molly - I'll send your kind thoughts about the lyrics on to Jim. I think you would like the CD. It's really well done.

Roy - What kind of keyboard is that your son is playing on Reunion Condition? That's really a cool sound mixed with the guitar. Kind of reminds me of the bells they use in some Tibetan Buddhist Ceremonies.

Aja - How ya doin' darlin'? How about that post down there from Randy with mention of the Beez? You still pull out that Cauldron album from time to time?

Gina - You out there? You're a Beez fan too, right?

Thanks to Randy for the news flash.


User: Aja | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: I'd like to apologize to all the GB'ers that were subjected to my putrid Internet romance here on the GB 2 years ago. I had no idea what you went through until now. Molly, you seem like a great person, but please tell your friends to e-mail you directly. This GB has reached a new low in voyeurism/exhibitionism. Calling out to Becker and Fagen: please produce something, we need a musical infusion, ASAP!

lp-Hope you and the kids are adjusting well to the new digs. The town sounds great. Don't overpost on your new job-LOL!

Hi Aus, YGK, and the rest of the New Orleans contingent!


User: Randy | Month: 8 | Day: 3


I noted some time ago that I felt that guitarist Andy Summers would be stylistically well-suited for working with Steely Dan, and it now appears that some Steely Dan alumni may turn up on Summers' next recording. Keyboard player John Beasley and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (as well as bassist Abraham Laboriel) have allegedly been recording with Summers for the sessions to complete his next album-


User: W1Planetoid | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: On the planet that I call home that clearly was a Steely Dan related post.

User: hmm | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: W1P, was that a post about Steely Dan?

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Are you ready for a repeat of the Grammy's 2000? Well, the LA Times is reporting the Springsteen's "The Rising" is a shoo-in for Album of the Year over EMINEM! The LA Times cites high ranking industry officials for the proposition that a miracle would be needed for a release bewteen now and 12/31 to beat the Boss. You thought the sniping between the Dan fans and the Eninem fans was bad? The Springsteen internet presence is even larger and maybe more fanatical -- it's gonna be deja vu' all over again.

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Duncan: When I read that in the booklet, the same thing went through my mind. My brother used to go to ELP concerts all the time and told me stories about Keith. Definitely Keith is Beyond "Dangerous". :-)

User: Aussie | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: LuckLess Pedestrian: Dearest June: I have suffered the tortures of the damned sinse your move further north into the remote bogs of this great country of ours. The tortures of the damned. I just don't know what to do with myself now my little lover.

[This is what I've been listening to so that I may retain some sanity: Fleetwood Mac, live January 25th, 1969 at the Exposition Hall in Los Angeles California (also playing that night was Frank Zappa). The line up consisted of : Peter Green- Guitar and vocals; Mick Fleetwood-Drums; John McVie- Bass and vocals; Jeremy Spenser- Slide guitar, piano, vocals; Danny Kirwan- Guitar and vocals.]

Anyway.....glad to at least read you made it there in one piece. My sea plane pilot is fetching maps to your island home as I type this. See you soon.

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Angel:..dangerous on the key's
Like keith emerson & his samurai ?

Did he really cut a hammond in half ''live'' on stage ? or is it an old hives tale.

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: LP: You made it! Good Luck living in the boonies.
I am so glad someone knows who Ambrosia is. I was getting worried. The concert, btw was almost totally their Anthology album. Good thing I own it. Got my pictures back yesterday and I have a shot of their keyboardist, playing his Hammond keyboard, with it standing on it's side. from where I was sitting, I could see the ivory keys. Very funny, but I thought he was going to short out the thing, for sure. I had read that he had a reputation in his younger days, of being "dangerous on the keys". Nice to see he hadn't totally grown out of it.

Austin City Limits first look at the guest line up for this season. Get those VCR's ready...

Bonnie Raitt
Alison Krauss
Los Lobos and Rat Dog (Bob Weir)
Chris Isask and Norah Jones
Jackson Browne

A little bit for everyone.

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Molly: you never said you had a parrot...
Is it a Norwegen Blue ?

Well Stats are up for our radio station, Getting near the top now !!!!
StAl: how's your's doing, care to swap ?

steely dan connection 03/09/02

News story today about a guy fishing who caught a human head.
Somebody suggested Steely Dan ''reeling in the ears''

well sort of a link.
f*** it made me laugh anyhow

rhona..OUT OUT OUT


User: luckless pedestrian | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: hey, is this thing on?

writing to you from cottage street, can it get any cuter than that? the move was very emotional but it went well - the house we are renting is massive, so my offline cyber friends here are welcome to come up anytime! public landing is right down the road, general store about 2 miles away

i'm reviewing a plan for a "period architecture" office building planned for this street - the scale is a little much, but i think we can work it out

secretaries are trying to figure me out - good luck to them as i haven't yet - lol

steely dan tie in: last night, given we have no cable tv nor cable internet access on our part of the island, we popped into our 9 year old's mini stereo (we had no speaker wires for our Bose speakers, lol - is there a radio schlock around here?) both aja and gaucho and sat to read the last few month's worth of the atlantic monthly with a glass of sauvignon blanc - can it be any more civilized?

i'm exhausted today listening to all the projects and stuff, but it's okay

i'm missing a particular friend today, but i got a call on the cell phone, so that was good - i don't get a signal anywhere but downtown up here

what's new? still obsessing over molly i see - lol

angel - great ambrosia story - GE gave me their greatest hits and it's still a favorite play - email me at yahoo when you can, i need an address from you

aja? gina? b? aus?

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Hey guess what? I don't give a rat's ass if you like my posts. If they are annoying or boring to you, then scroll over them. I think you're jealous. Because you know that I wouldn't give you the time of day. You post this bilious crap because you don't have anything else to say. Why don't you go find yourself a blow up doll, and leave the rest of us alone. Moreover, take that Schizoid with you. Talk about tiresome.......I've had more interesting conversations with my parrot.

JASON, honey did ya get my E-mail? I hope you're doing ok.

User: dif | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: bluz...

the tailback during the fouts years was none other than chuck muncie.
how soon we forget.

and the third wideout was charlie joiner, the venerabe one. chanldler, jefferson, joiner, winslow...what thrills they provided!!

if you have any clout with football operations, you might try to get that capricious fight song changed. its a bit silly, dont you think?


User: Wally (hates Molly) | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Yeah Moly...We don't want to read about your love life either. Anyone that can make up a story about being raped is one fucked up person. Do us all a favor... next time don't wake up!

User: xxxx | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: I agree with I agree. I have had enough "sugarman viking warrior wink wink kiss kiss and fairy dust" to last forever.
And if you want to call this an "attack" to gain sympathy...fine. I think you are as phony as Hooterville.

User: It's True.... | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Molly- The assholes would stop, attacking if you would lay of the "sugarman" "wink" flirting bullshit. Your posts are tiresome.

User: Molly still trying to wake up......... | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: I need another jolt of caffiene, and maybe a cup to pour over my head! Hi everyone....All is quiet in Hooterville.
Clas, my Sugarman! I tend to procrastinate, especially when it comes to spending money on something for myself. Probably comes from my Parents teaching me to be thrifty. Or perhaps it stems having a child that I will always be finacially responsible for. In any case, I will get off my butt, and purchase the CD!
Dragon, I will miss you. I've always liked you very much. I'll never forget your kindness to me.
My Samurai-Dragon Man, I'm doing fine. I promise I'll write soon. You never pissed me off. You are the calmest, most self contained person I've ever known! But thanks for the sentiment anyways. *wink and kiss* Talk soon?!!
Wild Bill, Hi ya! I heard Michael Franks was doing a hip-hop lol lol
Jaz, I think Carol should share!
My Viking Warrior, Miss you babe... talk soon. Stay calm! Think of poems or something nice, and zone out with Hugh's Mom. Talk soon?!!!! *many kisses to you*

Re: post 825 I resemble a skinned rabbit with boobs. (All muscle and tendons) But I thought the Pig was cute. I don't have weight issues. Other than the fact that it might hinder me from doing what I love if I were heavier. I like the fact my body does what I tell it to. All of the rest is just bullshit to me. Looks fade. Only a person's spirit remains, the rest is transient. You need to grow up.
Re: post 840 My friends probably wouldn't feel compelled to post these messages ,if the assholes that are attacking me would lay off. They are the reassurances of friends. You'd blow an artery if you actually read about my lovelife.

User: YGK | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: I had a very New York weekend with some friends some of you know. Friday night at Le Bar Bat - and much revelry.

Started Saturday with a meeting at El Museo Del Barrio on upper 5th Avenue, then followed by shopping at Hermes, Tiffany, and having a fine little meal at the Plaza in the Oak Bar.

My friends and I couldn't believe entirely how bittersweet and fabulous it was.

Sunday was a recording session that broke all ear and sentimentality records. Believe me when I tell you - I'm staggered by the work we did.

Billy Burtt is one of the finest vocalists around anywhere - and I don't say that lightly. His work on Faraway Eyes and Open Doors will knock you out.

I'm literally stunned and took yesterday to fully recover, although I'm still not. We're looking now at a end of September release.

Hopefully, all a yous had a wonderful one as well......and peace to all you encounter.........


User: Hey, I didn't realize this GB was a singles group! | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: Why do some people feel the need to publicly display their (imaginary?) love life?

Is anyone else as bored of the dopey messages like 839 as I am?

User: My Titian-haired Sorceress | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: I used to piss you off just so I could watch you walk away. The You're knockout gorgeous, and way out of this guy's league. Keep your chin up babe. I'll see you soon.

User: Molly dear... | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message:'ve been talking for months about "now I will definitely have to get the CD". Is it hard for you to get your ass off the wagon and just order it?

It's not exactly a fatal decision you have to dwell over.


User: C @ W | Month: 8 | Day: 3

Message: tones - yepp, that's what happens. StAl is moving a little to the right, LP is moving up north and I am desperatly looking for some downers.

User: tones | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Steely "yo!" everyone...

So, I don't post for eons and St. Al starts votin' for Republicans?


User: SDGuru | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Being that your total contribution to the Steely Dan discussion
would be about as empty as your contribution to this board,
you won't be missed Dragon.

I understand the needlepoint chat is in need of another contributor
though, why not try over there?

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: no great loss

User: Dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: No real reasons to go back.

User: Dragon | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: That was me in the chat room last night being mostly very quite. I just didn't feel like chatting but thought I'd seeing what I'd been missing...

User: NYBill | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Kicked Around
Now Lost, Now Found
Now Lost Again For Good

User: pierro6 | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Babes-got all the patience in the world-sorry i haven't posted on here in a while, am currently under seige from my housemates mother who is visiting. Unfortunately computers in the living room so can't get near it.I'm having to steal 5/10 minutes here and there while the coast is clear. I always though i was quite a tolerant kinda guy but this is the ultimate test and i'm failing it. This woman would drive even the pope to violence after 30 seconds of her drivel. Please help, anybody! Am quite willing to be kidnapped-I'll even pay the ransom myself

User: Duncan | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Hey...
There's some great old live sessions at the above Link.
Fanatstic weekend @ the wedding.

Should be back to normal around Thursday.

BB, Sounds like i missed another ''blast''
Dano: thanks for the message.

Off to watch TV...Uri, Uri, Uri....Out Out Out


User: Don Breithaupt | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Red Alert! SD fans in the Detroit area should be aware that PRETZEL LOGIC, a 10-pc Toronto-based SD tribute made up of A-list players & singers, will be appearing in the showroom at the Point Edward Charity Casino in Sarnia, Ontario on September 12-14 (straight up Interstate 94, then across the bridge into Canada). Set list includes everything from Reeling In The Years to Cousin Dupree. Kinky souls welcome.

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: This is a Flea (Bass Red Hot Chili Peppers) Market. First, the only connection I have with the Internos Organization is that some of the artists contributing tracks to their benefit CD also have contributed tracks to "A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd" However, I believe their cause to be a worthy one so I posted info about it here on the off chance that some the generally open-minded music fans on the GB might also find it worthy. As for the artists on the CD, I know a little bit about a few of them so I'll share my limited knowledge:

John Doe, guitarist and lead singer of LA Punk/Rockabilly band X. Dave Alvin, lead guitarist and vocalist with well-known rockabilly band The Blasters. Peter Case, lead singer and vocalist of The Plimsouls ("A Million Miles Away -- featured in the Nicholas Cage film "Valley Girl"). Stew, leader of LA indie critical favorites The Negro Problem. Folk artist Julian Coryell who has a cover of Deacon Blues on his 1997 debut CD "Duality" Then there are the two "Fair Forgery" artists Sally Semrad and Tom Freund

User: Penno(4merly WJAZee) | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Re: 817 "Glynn 47 out of 10 (even after you let Penno touch the magic axe"

What U tryin' 2 say ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

User: Just wondering | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Molly! click on the above URL. Is this you taking a nap on your farm in Iowa?

User: Molly again | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Hutch I loved the lyrics to your song. Now I will definitely have to get the CD... :)
Roy Scam, glad your shoulder is healing ...
To whomever posted 801 and 803, thanks, they were great! I was rolling on the floor laughing. I liked that version of Robbie Robertson's song much better by the way.
Dr Mu, are we still buds even though we have a difference of opinion? I still think you're sweet, smart and funny! (Drat! another married man) *wink and a smile*
My Viking Warrior, be pateint with me chere. Sometimes witches can only hear their own chants. I miss you! Sending you spells of love and happiness.

Now off to this glorious day! M

User: Molly | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Re: post 773 I suppose it would be a matter of perception. I was 12 when he fixated on me. I remember being much more interested in softball and gymnastics then boys. Sexual Predators usually have certain triggers.It can be a look, something as trivial as seeing a woman's pantie lines through her clothes. It tends to vary with each individual. I'm not sure what their's were? Moreover, I really don't want to know.

You obviously are sexually frustrated, so here an example of a personals ad for you to help you get a woman:

User: Norbert | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: W1P-- I'm going to send the $100 donation but...Los Lobos is the only artist I know on that CD. Who in the heck are those other people? I would think if you wanted to sell a CD you would have some namesthat the average music fan would recognize.

User:  | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Have to work of Labor Day, so aptly named here...

correction for post a while ago:

Hwy 101 not 105

Howard: I think you're right

St.Al: Haven't heard Peter Gabriel's single yet, but not much room between Garth Brooks and the usual Clear Channel non-selection around here...speaking of that Tom Petty has a new song I heard via the 'net - a folk sounding Radio Radio: The Last DJ...pretty good

User: Howard | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: Quick hi to all, as I'm back from a relaxing break in the sun.

Cara Mia - about that photo: Ssshhhh, best kept quiet me thinks! But you're a cutie to say "cutie" about it.

Random thought/prediction - by this time next year I will be well into my 20th play of the new Steely Dan CD.


User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 2

Message: What's this place? A flea cirkus or a flea market?

User: angel | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: Wow, music 2 days in a row. Read in the paper yesterday that Ambrosia was doing a benefit (free) concert this evening and dragged (really, this time) the family again to see them. Special guest was Steely Dan Alumn, Royce Jones! They even mentioned the fact that back in the '70's both Steely Dan and Ambrosia shared a sound engineer and that is how Royce and Michael McDonald ended up working on some of Ambrosia's albums in the last 70's and early 80's. I sat on the grass, right in front of the band and had a great time. I got almost as close as I got to the Beach Boys back at the NAB in the 80's. As I said to my child, the chances of me ever getting that close to Steely Dan are slim and none. Sigh....

User: Beerberian | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: You know- there was fire in that hole

I stepped up on the platform, the man gave me the news.The Band, (He actually said Steely Dan - understandable confusion) arent on for another two hours , BUT there IS a support act ????? Oh and it gets worse - The bars not open yet, Howabout you go round the corner to my mates converted church/bistro and come back @ 09:15 - Anyways two/three V expensive lagers later - I spent a lot of money and I spent a lot of time.

We duly return to The Hall of ROCK and sand (AKA Dog & Trumpet Coventry) The support (I never did get their name) are having a few musical differences and even more amp problems somethin to do with ins , outs BUT no shake it all abouts !!Never fear tho The DSO, heroes that they are, sort out two tin cans and some string to get the show on the road (well, on the verge anyways) No way was Neils 1100 note amp gonna get violated by teenage angst .

A well meaning, but too long set ensues highlight - Lady vocallist shouts out to her Mother over by the bar shut the f*** up talkin this ones for you Mom I love you..

Anyways on to the Main course , Suddenly the music hits you; it's a bird in flight that just can't quit you. You got to come on, man, and take a piece of Mister Hopcroft's band..

Fingers my old friend step on in and let me shake your hand So glad that you're here again. Brilliant set as always - Mr Hughes Alto Sax was sublime, an honour to behold, truly !! Glynn 47 out of 10 (even after you let Penno touch the magic axe pics to follow) Hey who was that loud mouthed drunk who requested Pretzel Logic ? errrr that would be me then !! I'm not one to look behind, I know that times must change, BUT I have NEVER heard that track done better !!!! You All - Made alive a worldly wonder Often told but never seen. Next time Paul make sure theres tape running !!!!!! Please

The Trip we made to Coventry is etched upon my mind

User: W1P | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: This Benefit CD features two "Fair Forgery" artists (Sally Semrad and Tom Freund). The Internos Organization benefits music education in Southern California.

Buy the new Internos CD from Credit Records...
"Between Us: Angelenos for Music Education"
for only $15 (includes shipping)!
Chosen as one of the week's hot picks on E! Entertainment Television.

Or take advantage of our special offer: Donate $100 before September 30th and receive a FREE CD!

The CD contains 80 minutes of music, including songs from John Doe, Los Lobos, Dave Alvin, Peter Case, Eleni Mandell, Sally Semrad, Tracy Spuehler, Patrick Park, Tom Freund, Merrick, Julian Coryell, Stew, Renee Stahl, James Combs, Minnow, Trevor Lissauer, Dan MacKenzie, Andras Jones, Jeremy Toback, and performances by six Internos students, including Justin Ruiz, Tiffany Brevard, Delfina Bengoechea Wilson, Andrea Lau, Lenin Lau, and Brenda Yancor

All proceeds benefit the children of Internos Music Organization!

Send check payable to:
Internos Music Organization
235 North Gower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90004
*Be sure to indicate how many CDs you would like and include your return mailing address.

If you would like pay with Mastercard or Visa, call 323-356-2425 to place your order.

Special thanks to Chris Jerde, LA Weekly, John Doe, Jordan Kurland, everyone at Elixir, Nancy Sefton, Joanna Zachary, Amanda Martinez, Paul Dalen, Michele Viault, Gary Stewart, Stephen Linsley, Scott Sterling, Jim Fox, Doug Schwartz, James Combs, RJ Smith, Denise Verhoeven, Russell Ziecker, the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, Kaveh Rastegar, Paul Heck, Jeff Walker, David McIntosh, Julia and Jane King, John Ferrante, Flea, Rick Kurek, Scott Fraser, Nina Berry, Michael Kaliski, Richard Yelland, Jonathan Twadell, Eric Steinman, Chad Fischer, Adriana Bengoechea, Lenin and Esther Lau, Ileana and Gerard Ruiz, Gladys Yancor, and Tamao Brevard.

For more information on Internos Music Organization, visit our website at:

User: Jimbo | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: St. Al:

Saw The Last Waltz myself yesterday. Still one of the best rock films of all time. Also saw Gimme Shelter and Ziggy Stardust. I think if your wife sees The Last Waltz the second time, she will get it. I kinda liked the ending when the Band is playing this wonderful Italian sounding song just as the camera backs out of the stage.
What's the name of it by the way?

I wonder if you saw the documentary on rock movies of the 70's? It's on right now till 8pm. Too bad they didn't highlight "FM" which I saw a couple years ago on VH1. I have the tape and I thought it was one of the most underrated rock movies of the 70's

What do you think?

User: A | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: But the next post will be prophetic!

User: B | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: The previous post was ... pointless!

User: C | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: The following sentence is false. The preceding sentence is true.

User: StAlphonzo | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: A Republican I could (possibly) vote for...,8599,346150,00.html

It's really too bad, but my respect for him is at his highest because he steadfastly refuses to run for president. At least for now. Probably because he knows you have to sell your soul in the process.

Mu: I didn't really think you were being *that* serious. Just throwing it out there for mass consumption.

Anyone have any opinions on the new Peter Gabriel song being played on the radio? The Barry Williams Show? I like it, though I'm not drawn to it like so much of his other music. Rolling Stone apparently panned the new disc. But what do they know?

Roy: Thought of you the other day. Watched The Last Waltz again. Movie still gives me goosebumps. It was the first time my wife saw it. She made a comment toward the end ... "So they played this show and kept pulling up all *these people* to play a song and leave." I said -- well, I believe the artists played more than one song, but, yeah, pretty amazing huh?

Oh, and everyone...Deep breath.


User: Sternum Vertigo | Month: 8 | Day: 1

Message: Take a look at this picture. Isn't Fagen standing on the roof of one of the WTC towers? I found this picture in the Nightfly songbook.

"What a beautiful world this'll be"

Sure thing.


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