Signed in stranger

Here are a few more days worth of posts. Interesting how popular this band remains. Judging from the response these pages have been getting, I'd say its' time for more!

Steve Cox Sun Sep 1 09:55:27 PDT 1996

Wow...i've been away too long. Hi to St.Al, Rudy, Maj.Dude, Moody Bastard, and the rest of you lil, purty ones. It seems Clas has attempted to take up the mantle that once was so proudly held by Kinky when I used to crawl like a viper through this page. Delia, your posts are a joy to experience. me from seeing don+walt this season. Maybe there will be a chat tonight at pathfinder so I can attend a show vicariously. Miss Y'all...

All Set To Samba @ T.I.S. Exit 151 Sun Sep 1 10:20:36 PDT 1996

welcome back Steve C - been a'wonderin' where you Be.

Razor King Sun Sep 1 10:54:27 PDT 1996

To This Moody Bastard and to all: what I meant with "on the several song" was: Who's playing drums, keyboards etc on p.e. Caves ,Haitian, Green, The Fez etc. The complete roster I can find on the cover of Royal Scam. Please help me further

Edd Cote Sun Sep 1 12:00:39 PDT 1996

Kid Charlemagne

drums - Purdie bass- Rainey clav- Grolnick guitar- Carlton piano- Feldman

Royal Scam

drums - Purdie


drums - Marotta bass- Rainey guitar Carlton keys - possibly Feldman


keys - Griffin


keys - Griffin bass - Rainey drums - Purdie (disputed. Pocarro likely)

Green Earrings

guitar - Diaz - Randall drums - Purdie

Haitian Divorce

guitar - Parks

Edd Cote embarrased@formatting Sun Sep 1 12:04:11 PDT 1996

Oops, sorry about the formatting. Read the above as

instrument - artist

...manually insert commas where needed.

A Pioneer Sun Sep 1 13:50:02 PDT 1996


Steve Cox: Good to see you back. Good to see me back.

Keep the brotherhood,

A Pioneer

Alive In America Here@TheWesternWorld Sun Sep 1 22:34:56 PDT 1996

Ok, so it's not my address, so forgive me...not that any of you write me. Hell, most of you don't even reply here. All I see is making fun of the third world man and the continued bickering, not that I consider all of that a bad thing. I really never put much thought into buying the boxed set. Like Rudy I allready have all of the cd's anyway. But last night I heard that demo version of EGTTM (thanks Da) and am considering buying it solely for that. Well, remastering does have something to do with it. I was just long as we're making a Dan show with people who will nevr be able to e at one, I've got some inclusions. Saxaphonists: Coletrane, Gordon Trumpets: Davis, Baker Piano: Monk Bass: Mingus Guitar: Montgomery Actually, there ar countless others I'd like to see playing this music...Most are long gone (i.e. DEAD, as someone said), but hell, I'm only 17...I never got to see the boys play.

desertstorm a true believer@flat-earth-society Mon Sep 2 01:53:10 PDT 1996

A Pioneer: - at last! somebody with the true american spirit.

Lutz Kuppinger Mon Sep 2 03:23:41 PDT 1996

Hi fellows! Who envies me for having a ticket for the first Dan show in Europe for a 1000+ years (tomorrow in Frankfurt)? There might a review come along when i reached earth-level again.

bob tedde Mon Sep 2 04:21:16 PDT 1996

Razor King:

According to SD Gold:

GREEN EARINGS is: Bernard Purdie (drums); Don Grolnick (Rhodes piano); Chuck Rainey (bass); Paul Griffin (clavinet); Donald Fagen (synthesiser); Elliot Randall; (lead guitar); Larry Carlton (guitar); Tim Schmit (backup vocals)

According to A Decade of SD:

KID CHARLEMAGNE is: Bernard Purdie (drums); Chuck Rainey (bass); Larry Carlton (guitar); Don Grolnick, Paul Griffin (keyboards) Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, Venetta Fields, Clydie King, Sherlie Mathews, (backup vocals)

I'm not sure who the lead vocalist is, since none was listed. And hey EDD COTE: Do you know something I don't about Don Feldman being on this track? (it wouldn't be the first time liner credits were wrong) My guess would be Grolnick on electric piano, and Griffin on clav. What's your source? (hopefully not "Reelin'.." It's so hard to use that as easy reference.) I'll have to sift through my back issues of Metal Leg when I have some free time to see if there's any info on the subject there.

Also, can anyone confirm or deny the story that although Dean Parks played the solo for Haitian D., that Walter Becker added the Talk Box effect at a LATER date. That's amazing to me (if it's true) given the length and complexity of the solo(s). Must've been tedious as hell.


ken ironside Mon Sep 2 04:25:00 PDT 1996

hi lads! looking forward to seeing you(at long last) at wembley 9.9 `96 hope to hear some fine jazz/rock, and i will wear my green earrings

Edd Cote Mon Sep 2 05:24:53 PDT 1996

re: Bob Tedde...

"Reelin'..." was indeed my source for *Victor* Feldman (not Bob, I'm sure it was a typo) playing on KC. Page 99, p5.

Now, whether Brian Sweet is correct remains to be seen.

While I've got your ear, what's the correct chord in Deacon Blues for the line "..there where I used to *stand*"? The transcribed D13 sometimes doesn't sound correct, yet nothing else I've come up with even sounds close. The 13 does set up the riff nicely, but it seems just a little harsh.

I don't take the transcriptions as gospel, (although this book is far better than the old "Songbook"), but this chord really has the goof on me.

A Bit Of Action After Dark @ this quiet island in the bay Mon Sep 2 05:34:55 PDT 1996

Awriite...! looks like we're approaching EuroFreak critical mass with Ken, Lutz, Stiff, Swami Pete, Al&Gas, Bart, and Flemming. You gonna tell us everything you did baby? Take pity on yer ungly american brethren.

Maxine Mon Sep 2 07:05:23 PDT 1996

Stiff: We here in the States didn't have tour programs (unless I was zoning out and missed 'em at BOTH shows) so I might be interested in one of those if they've got 'em.

Rare Millionaire: I think PL would be a good cleanup song (fourth in the lineup for non-baseball fans) but I think my big choice for non-top-40 show opener would have to be Haitian Divorce. It's got the perfect rhythm to get the crowd moving (at least the diehards) and it's just all around cool. The band could vamp the reggae beat for a good few minutes before D+W came onstage. In fact, I can picture the arrangements now... maybe I should contact the boys directly.

Speaking of which, I had a dream the other night that I went on tour with the band as a singer (which, incidentally, I am, so it's not THAT farfetched)... hopefully I'm prophetic.

Did anything ever happen with that post-US tour gathering?

Later all... any folks up for a chat, 9:00 PST?


George Mon Sep 2 07:16:03 PDT 1996

Um ... The countdown just passed the 100,000 seconds mark. Yeehah !!! Tomorrow will be the day - I'll wear that Steely Dan T-shirt ... This will be the day, the REAL occasion. CU later.

Maxine Mon Sep 2 07:40:45 PDT 1996

Yikes! Everybody say "stick to your own time zone, Maxine..."

I meant to say "any folks up for a chat, 9:00 PST?" Shows me for trying to conform to the guestbook time zone.

Can't blame it on lack of coffee, though.


Stiff Mon Sep 2 07:52:51 PDT 1996

Maxine: I'm not even sure there will be tour programmes but if there are I'll snap up one or two extras. One week to go!

Ken: I'd suggest meeting up before hand but those green earings have me worried. Just look for my beloved white Aires.


Stiff Mon Sep 2 07:55:36 PDT 1996

And what about 'Night by Night' as an opener? Huh?!

Stiff xx

Edd Mon Sep 2 08:21:10 PDT 1996

Methinks "Parker's Band" would be a good opener. Easily "stretchable" to allow D+W to make a proper entrance, and plenty of zoobs to kick the night off.

Also always thought "Caves Of Altamira" would be the perfect tune to end the second set. Brass oriented, D+W could exit without the sound changing as their instruments were dropped from the mix. T'would be most cool to see them take a couple of deep, Beatles-type bows while the band blows away behind 'em.

Hey, does anyone know what Donald's Lynx is MIDI'd to??

Alive In America Wherever Mon Sep 2 10:30:25 PDT 1996

What's wrong with what they're playing now?

Tsunami Mommy @ The Emergency Broadcasting System Mon Sep 2 12:40:51 PDT 1996

* AL & GAS



(sorry for yelling)

maj. dude Mon Sep 2 13:25:05 PDT 1996

I like "Show Biz Kids" as an opener. It has it all. Easily vamped, great groove, and a real stoner song, too, for all those who have champagne dribbling down their shirts.

Maxine: 9pm eastern or pacific?

bob tedde Mon Sep 2 14:19:00 PDT 1996

STIFF: One or TWO extra!!! My boy, allow me to introduce you to some of the finer points of capitalism!

Edd Cote: Woa those typos are catchy. Let's see if I got this right I meant to say "Victor" and you meant to say "Don". (and on that subject, what the hell was I thinkin'?)

Anyways on the subject of Deacon Blues, The chords are different on the second half of each of what I percieve as two long verses. ("This is the day..." being the first half of verse one and "you call me a fool.." being the second half of verse one) With that in mind, when you say the D13 sounds funny "sometimes" it should still sound correct on "there where I used to *stand*" (F#-B-E w/ the bass playing a D) but sound wrong on "I already bought the *dream*" where it becomes an A13 (G-B-C#-F# w/ the bass playing an A) Apply this same idea two the second verse and it should work equally well. Let me know if this helps. the problem with this song is that the arrangement is so slick and tightly woven that without everything in the mix, (especially the horns!) somethings always bound to sound a little strange.


Edd Mon Sep 2 16:10:02 PDT 1996

re: Bob Tedde

Yep, I'm hip to the changeup the second ("bought the dream") time thru, although I only extend it to an AMaj7.

Lemme give your way a try for the first time thru. Right now I've got it stacked with the B on top and it just seems like too far a jump comin' off the root position G/A.

Oh hell, it's a 13th, there can't be too many down-right wrong notes!

Ruby Mon Sep 2 16:42:56 PDT 1996

Mr.LaPage: What a great idea! Don't know why we haven't responded to it. Here goes my idea for a screenplay for Everyone's Gone To The Movies: A big family reunion being held at a large estate. (Someone is filthy rich in this family) Their son(played by..?), brings his beautiful but extemely shy fiancee (played by Alicia Silverstone). His cousin (played by Jim Carey) also is there, among the many other people. Jim falls hard for Alicia at 1st meeting. Meanwhile, her fiancee is the handsome, athletic type,and so busy showing off, playing sports and winning everything(he's so arrogant) that she's just left to herself most of the time. He thinks she's content to just watch him in all these family events. Jim sees this as an opportunity to be with her. He tries several times to arrange it so he can be alone with her but he is thwarted each time. She doesn't even notice him. Finally, he gives up. On the last day of the reunion(it's a weekend thing), ironically, everyone goes to the movies. Except for Jim and Alicia. Neither one is aware that the other is home.They both think they're alone in the house. Jim is bored so he decides to raid the frige. He amuses himself by being so rediculous in that JimCary kind of way. She's upstairs taking a nap and hears him. She thinks it's a burgler but goes down to check anyway. She sees him in the kitchen, goofing off, and spies on him for a short while. She bursts out laughing, which scares him. Then he's embarassed & kind of pissed.But then he realizes he can pull her out of her shell and they're finally alone! So they talk just play around together in the kitchen. Then they hear something upstairs. They again think it's a burgler. They go up to check. It's just the cat knocking over some stuff in Aunt Selma's room. This is when they find her LaPage collection.(In this play, Mr.LaPage isn't a person. It's a steely dan manufacturer among other things:sex toys, videos,fantasy costumes, etc.) Anyway, in the spirit of having fun, they try on a couple of costumes, pop in a video, and generally have a ball. This is when everyone comes back from the movies. They're too busy having fun to notice people coming home. They are discovered by Aunt Selma(who faints) and by Alicia's fiancee(who is uptight about everything anyway). He breaks off the engagement. At 1st, Alicia is upset but soon realizes she is very fond of Jim and he brings out the best in her. So they ride off into the sunset together. BTW: this is a comedy.

Is that the kind of thing you had in mind, Mr. LaPage?

rudy Mon Sep 2 17:50:50 PDT 1996

sphincter-boy in the chat room NOW for a bit.

Maxine Mon Sep 2 18:52:49 PDT 1996

Excuse me while I curse the university's server.

Sorry to anyone who may have showed up to chat... the network was down for the last forty-five minutes, and I sat glaring at my modem for about the past 20...

I like the idea of Caves for a set ending. But I think I'd rather see it at the end of the first set. Oh, and to Alive in america: nothing's wrong w/ what they're playing now, I'd just like to hear some of the stuff we're mentioning and it doesn't always get tour- or airplay.

Stiff: if they've got 'em, and you HAPPEN to get an extra one, email me directly.

"I'm alive and feelin' fine"


Ruby Mon Sep 2 18:53:31 PDT 1996

A quick PS to my last post: Since I couldn't figure out who should play the handsome, athletic but arrogant and narcissist fiancee to Alicia, I was wondering if you would do it, St.Al. I know you are not uptight or selfish,etc., but I picture you as handsome and athletic. You could act out the rest, right? I know you can't stand uptight individuals for long so you've got the details of that down. Anyway, would you consider?

MidnightCruiser: The fam was all together yesterday, playing Monopoly, drinking homemade Margueritas, with Todd Rundgren in the background and I happened to think of you. I guess it's because you once said you liked his stuff. You are 1 of 2 people I know that like him, the other one being a guy I dated in high school, which seems like eons ago... anyway, you were thought of briefly. BTW: do you like homemade Margueritas? Do you ever play Monopoly?


PPS: Hi, Pioneer. I like your bombing idea.

Would-Be Thespian @s I Approach The Stand Mon Sep 2 19:43:07 PDT 1996

I wanna play the cat

Trudy R Mon Sep 2 19:49:44 PDT 1996

Mr LaPage: "Cash-Only Island" came and went too quickly for me to get reliable lyrics -- but from what I did get, it seemed like all the major dramatic Dan themes came together in that one song. I wonder if it would give you a skeleton for your script. Did anyone else get any lyrics from this one?

Trudy Mon Sep 2 20:02:35 PDT 1996

PS to Edd: it wasn't exactly Beatles-like bows, but at the Bowl, DF walked off to the FM vamp and did a little sweeping bow first to the backup singers and then to the crowd. WB stayed an extra minute at the edge of the stage playing straight out to the crowd, then exited slowly while still playing. I thought that was really neat. Like their opening handshake in '93, they have their own understated way of being dramatic.

President Street Pep Mon Sep 2 21:31:03 PDT 1996

Impossible to overstate kudos for The Steely Damned. Note for note they're now my third favorite band of all time. If they were to record and release the SD catalog I would find a way to justify its reaquisition. It's not just their sincerity; you make yourself HOLY when you're able to reel off a sweet Gaucho and sizzling My Old School over four hours after kicking off this particular tribute concert, and most importantly, IMMEDIATELY after enduring the vacuum that was the audience's reaction to Third World Man.

The abuse of taste, the absence of overt collective appreciation of Hank's TWM solos engendered in me a disappointment and indignation I hadn't felt since finding myself alone at Irvine Meadows on August 9th.

Ah, but there's justice in the world after all: I return from aforesaid show to my home just a drive south of Sunset. Before I leave to get some groceries, girlfriend asks me to load the following six CDs on random play: Al Green, Marvin Gaye, ARS, "a couple of jazzy ones" (I pick two Larry Carlton CDs), "and oh, Steely Dan if you want" (I select Gaucho). Get in car, pop in a tape and listen to Glamour Profession all the way there. Walk into Trader Joe's and instantly hear Time Out of Mind. Duly stand there staring at speaker on the wall long enough for someone -- anyone -- to notice. Whistle a few lines while I finish my shopping.

Drive home pegging odds on Gaucho cut playing when I get home at roughly 6 to 1. But no, it's actually Time Out of Mind! Estimated odds against 60 to 1, not including chance that KTWV would play it in the first place. BTW heard them play The Fez the other day (they bill themselves as a jazz station!); first time I'd heard that on radio anywhere in 20 years.

Existentialism may not be a humanism, but music definitely is a nationalism. Sorry, all I meant to do was ask whether anyone else went to church this weekend.

Bob Tedde: Many thanks for making it even easier to enjoy. But remember, Steely Daniels or not, Up on the hill people also have got time to burn.

dc @ the jpeg junction Tue Sep 3 04:32:52 PDT 1996

Heilig Bratwurst! -- WB's turned into a hot dog.

KeithJ Tue Sep 3 06:48:04 PDT 1996

Mr. LaPage: There is currently a song in production in NYC entitled "Like a Steely Dan Movie". This is music for music's sake, no Broadway here. I'm not so sure a Steely Dan Broadway Show is a terrifficly good idea. Have you seen a Broadway show lately?

Maxine: My e-mail account is at another location from where I am now - and I need to check with my buddy as to if I got it - I probably did. I'll be scouring the video stores, etc, but do you have a title?

Pete Fogel: Pete, you know S.Ward, no? Mu Music International? "SD Movie" is in production there.

W&D: Have a great Euro-tour!!


Lucky Henry Tue Sep 3 07:58:51 PDT 1996

Anyone have any background information on Lost Tribe, or anything else John Beasley has done in the past? The Ruby Baby jam (7:48 or so) at Virginia Beach was to die for, particularly Beasley's piano part, IMHO. After hearing him live this past summer, I need more!! Anyone have any Lost Tribe unmentionable-footwear items?

What did Hoops! mean, "'98 Tour"!?

dc html hell Tue Sep 3 08:21:11 PDT 1996

Lucky Henry: Actually don't think The Beaz is in Lost Tribe. But he's done at least 2 solo albums, here's a link to his '91 Cauldron , you can get to his full AMG entry from there.

Peg Tue Sep 3 10:10:14 PDT 1996

MinorWorld: I received the pix of Irvine and Hollywood Bowl. Thank you thank you! I'll get the Squonk family's copies to them soon.


Maxine Tue Sep 3 11:16:55 PDT 1996

KeithJ: I'll have to try and retrieve a title from the archive. Someone emailed it to me, but I want to check to make sure I'm looking for the right one.


Joe Murtha Tue Sep 3 13:24:18 PDT 1996

Hello all,

Having just visited the Art Crimes '96 stuff on the official Pathfinder page, I was pleasently surprised to see a good deal of our own Digest AND Messageboard patrons immortalized by Walter and company at that great site. I was able to identify Mr. Fogel und spouse and Josie (even through Walters archtypical musings) but, to whom do the rest of those attractive mugs belong to... Stand up and be counted.

Thanks in advance,

Joe M

Clueless minds wanna know!

Maxine Tue Sep 3 14:10:07 PDT 1996

O.k., so in the june guestbook archive we've got a video listed for $49.95, one for $34.99, and I got email from someone that said $24.99. All for the Homespun tape ("Playing, Writing and Arranging: Concepts for Jazz Piano" for those who haven't conducted their own archives search yet.) KeithJ, I've gotten an 800 number for Homespun tho' I haven't called it yet. I'm going to try to find out the real price (this sounds like an episode of "to tell the truth"!!) as of right now....

(time elapses...)

O.k., so Homespun was not open for business right now. They're sending me a catalog. Keith, if you happen to see this video in stores somewhere, please let me know.

Gosh, I haven't babbled on this much about something Dan-related for weeks now. Must be getting over that PSDSDD...

Later all, Maxine

Edd Cote down3db@4000hz Tue Sep 3 16:02:13 PDT 1996

The video has been dropping in price steadily since it's release 3-4 years ago. (T'was after Kamakiriad). I paid around $70 for my copy.

...but, hey, I've had it for years. Every time my Rhodes acts up I make it (the Rhodes) watch the video as motivation. It appears to work. For the longest time, my piano played bad notes while I tried to coax "Teahouse..." out of it, but after a couple of viewings all the right notes came out.

(I think my Rhodes is directly related to Donald's. They look surprisingly familiar.)

Maxine Tue Sep 3 18:19:02 PDT 1996

Well, maybe if I bide my time, Donald will pay me to buy it.

Speaking of Kamakiriad, I'm wondering if there are other folks like myself out there... I'm having some difficulty warming to the whole thing. Yes, I've heard that many folks prefer it to The Nightfly, but the verdict's still out over here in my book. Just wondering what those of you who have been listening longer (I'm giving it the benefit of lots more listens before truly passing judgement) think about it, and why you like/don't like it.

for me, my first impression is that the first two-three songs seem to blur together, musically. I had to look at the lyrics to determine that I was listening to a different song. I'm really quite fond of Tomorrow's Girls, though, and Teahouse as well.

Your thoughts, oh loyal fandom?


Tied To The Mast h@2b Tue Sep 3 18:44:04 PDT 1996

Minor World: Thanks! The pictures are great.

Hank Silvers Here@Laughing.Pines Tue Sep 3 19:09:47 PDT 1996

I don't know about anyone else, but Maxine's post prodded me to put Kama in the CD-ROM. . .and that's not something I've done much lately. These days, more than anything else, it's been either 11 Tracks of Whack, Steve Earle's I Feel Alright, or a cassette of The Early Years. . .either new/recent releases or really vintage stuff. (Got a Rudy post to thank for giving the latter another try. Yeah, I Can't Function is fun stuff! Wish they'd reclaimed some of that juvenilia for the tour.)

I like Kama, and believe it compares well to the SD catalog. If you like it, it's smooth. If you don't, it's overly slick.

Prefer listening to it in the car -- it's real nice cruising music for an open stretch of interstate highway. At home, I notice more that several songs go on a minute or two longer than they have to. Love the "go-tree" bridge in Tomorrow's Girls anywhere, though.

"Ich bin ein Frankfurter!"

whoever wherever Tue Sep 3 19:15:04 PDT 1996

Maxine: apparently DF actually intended that Kama sound like one long track, or something like that. I read this in a promotional interview, I think it's on Granitio's Inverview Page.

George Tue Sep 3 19:35:36 PDT 1996

Hey, what a nite. To make it short: I loved the show. The band was hot. I'll make this short. I only add comments where it really struck me. Doesn't mean that something I don't comment on was not good. Couldn't see anything on my palmtop PC ...

Special hello and thanks to Delia, Da mighty kine Dave, and Walter. You made this great day unique, made a dream come true. How sweet.

Frankfurt Festhalle Sept.3 Show begins 20:10

1) Do it again w/ drum and chord breaks outro (from All Too Mobile Home?)

2) Bad Sneakers

3) Josie (I always loved this) great drum solo 4) Hey Nineteen

5) Jack of Speed (The funky one) Aha, I liked Walter's singing so much ...

6) Peg

7) Babylon Sisters ! just to please us

8) Green Earrings

9) FM band intro no vocals

10) Rikki don't lose that number

11) Green Flower Street great! great light show!

12) Reeling in the Years ! just for us ! Still miss that one descending voice in the chorus.

Intermission 21:26 20 minutes

13) East St.Louis Toodle-oo

14) Glamour Profession great john and wayne solo!

15) My waterloo

16) Cash Only Island ! just for us

17) Deacon Blues ! just for Europe! great Ari! very much welcomed!

18) Black Cow

19) Home at Last new(?) funked-up groove! Walter great!

20) Kid Charlemagne


21) Bookkeeper's Son! Hey yes!

22) My Old School

Le Fin: FM outro, then it's 22:52 and over. Hope everybody including the band enjoyed the show as much as I did!

P.S.: Please somebody else post the Hamburg setlist. Won't be near any computer between Friday and Monday.

Kind regards,

George. (e-mail : or

lionel Tue Sep 3 20:05:32 PDT 1996

Beautiful Survivor Wed Sep 4 02:46:56 PDT 1996

Maxine/whoever: If you take a look at Donald's liner notes to both The Nightfly and Kamakiriad, each album tends to follow a bit of a storyline. In The Nightfly, we see a youth growing up in the late 50's/early 60's. In Kamakiriad, we follow the adventures of the narrator in the car of his dreams in the not-too-distant future. In Kamakiriad I, too, hear shorter breaks between some of the songs; this amy be intentional, perhaps to maintain some sort of continuity within the story line (???).

Of course, it goes without saying that I love both albums, but each for different reasons. The Nightfly is probably as close as anyone can get to sonic and harmonic perfection, and Kamakiriad is -my- favorite driving music as well. In Massachusetts anyway, it seems Some Folks Just Drive Too Fast, and of course this is where I found my nickname - need I say more???

Later, Beautiful Survivor

Stiff Wed Sep 4 02:49:20 PDT 1996

Alright everyone, comb your hair, clean your teeth and sit up straight. That nice Q magazine (and I know it is available in the States) just released their 10th anniversary issue and inside is a half page feature on this page and Walter's postings. They even printed a few extracts.

The German set list sounded good. My only problem in identifying songs at Wembley will be that I've never heard 'Mobile Home.' Could someone hum it for me please?

The neighbours played Techno all last night so I put Royal Scam on good and loud. Mmmmm, sounds good. 'Is there gas in the caaaaaaar?'


Stiff Wed Sep 4 04:57:37 PDT 1996

Everybody rush out and buy the October issue of Q magazine (yes it is out). It features a look at these very pages along with some extracts (which you will already have read) from Walter's postings.

Can someone hum 'Mobile Home' for me?


rudy Wed Sep 4 05:12:23 PDT 1996

george r: mazeltov on your Dan sighting, sir. What was the mood? Do my Deutsch brder grven?

maxine: a little miffed, i got the catalog the other day, it listed the video $10 cheaper than when I got it not two mos. ago. Are they really not open for business?

Nightfly vs. Kamakiriad: personal issues always leave me favoring the Nightfly. Even though I've had plenty of time to listen to K.(3 years already!), Nightfly just soars.


Maxine Wed Sep 4 06:16:09 PDT 1996

Rudy: well, I was calling them after business hours, which came out the wrong way. I left a message on their nice machine, which will hopefully get the catalog to my mailbox.

Thanks to all for your comments so far on the Kama discussion. As I said, I'm not condemning it, I'm just trying to give it as fair a chance as possible by also seeking others comments. I like the idea of trying it as driving music and will do so next. But like rudy, I like Nightfly for my own reasons (and notice where my pseudonym comes from!)

Stiff: nice choice of "music to combat your psycho neighbors"!


KeithJ Wed Sep 4 07:56:13 PDT 1996

Maxybabe: (if I may call you that:))Firstly, I'll check the Golden Alley in Manhattan to see if they have it (golden alley is a group of music stores selling equip/music/etc.) It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to find in NYC . . .

As to Kami . . . well, gosh, you are the first person to echo my immediate feelings to the tracks. Tracks one and two kind of mesh together, same groove feel, that sort of thing. My first reactions were that of a "weaker, thinner" DF sound. The melodies were not as strong as he could write.

However, upon the 12th or 13th hearing, I could not ignore any more the horn parts, which are brilliant. Similar comparison is to Deacon Blues - the horns propel the songs. My opinion is that he's writing the tunes on Kami on keys, then translating them to horns. The horns drive Kami - check it out. Personally, I did Tomorrows Girls and On the Dunes - OTD has a priceless keyboard lick that he repeats.

Max, need I remind you that DF has always seemed to be concerned about the future in his recent writing (i.e. the last 10 years) "We've got to have some music on the New Frontier"

Anyway, check out those horns, and thx for getting back . . .


Stiff Wed Sep 4 08:31:14 PDT 1996

Maxine: Kama is THE perfect driving CD. Although you need an uninterupted journey. Easier to do on your side of the pond methinks. By the way, music may not be a subtle enough tool to deal with my Psycho-Neighbours! And yes, I shall look out a programme for you.


KeithJ Wed Sep 4 09:16:29 PDT 1996

Quick Note: did = dig, in above . . .

Maxine Wed Sep 4 09:31:01 PDT 1996

Keith: You may indeed. I'll try to come up with a suitable name for you in the meantime. Anyway, thanks on the video search, and I'll give the horn parts another listen. I think mostly my confusion came from the similarity of the rhythmic structure, which was pretty straightforward (not a lot of offbeats or changes).

Stiff: now if only I had a road trip to plan for! as for the neighbors, perhaps repeating your favorite track off of RS will drive them sufficiently nuts.

Beautiful Survivor: yes, I notice Donald's storylines, though i tend to come up with my own (at least for nightfly)... i relate the album to the image of the dj on the front cover... he works the graveyard shift at the station, and stays up nights playing requests for people. on this particular night, he decides to get introspective and starts playing tracks that mean something in his life. i picture the studio being flooded with calls from other "nightflies" who suddenly realize they've found a kindred spirit.

maj. dude: I'm being sentimental again. Oh, and "sleep, who needs it" should not be my motto very often. BTW, I can't get through to the BMG page because of javascript( outdated mac version of netscape... I know, get rid of the mac, hear it all the time. )


fezzy Wed Sep 4 10:01:28 PDT 1996

I have to say that Kama is my favorite album out of all Steely/Fagen/Becker albums combined, though I have just come to this conclusion within the last 6 months so it does take quite a bit of listening to.

just my fezzy opinion...

KeithJ Wed Sep 4 10:18:22 PDT 1996

Maxybabe: tx for the permission - I speak it with the highest regards. today. What part of the Country are you in? Please do yourself a favor and DONT get rid of your Mac. I have a Mac and an NT. I surf on the NT and I create on the Mac. 'Nuff said.

Can't wait until D&W get back to the city . . . I do hope there is a new album on the way . . .


minorWorld Wed Sep 4 11:27:06 PDT 1996

Pegzke/Mast: Glad your pic Shipments were received and found you well. Damn those tailgates/shows were fun!

Delia: Thanks (in a series of thanks) for your timely htmlings into the bowels of the casio and all points jpegish...

Walter: I would like to inquire as to the source of the life-size Josie cut-out featured in the 'hats, hooters, etc.' picture. If not for the cardboard edges I would have to believe that this is the real McCoy. Is this perhaps a promotional item for the new release? If you've an extra, one of these would truly brighten the doorway of my cubical here amidst the coyotes and tumbleweeds of Central Calif...Not since Snorkel Bob have I seen a more imaginative advertising ploy...and I mean really...


Lucky Henry Wed Sep 4 13:34:11 PDT 1996


gifs/hoops.troops.jpeg (L to R): DF, Maggie, Suzanne Rinehart, WB, Dan Rinehart, Hoops!, and a friend of Dan's whose name escapes me.......

and my best guess for gifs/triple/ (L to R): St. Al's finacee, St. Al, Sue, Ed (LaPage!?)(Help me out here, St. Al.!), und.shari.und.Pete, natur'lich.

Dan's camera broke when they tried to take a picture of me at Gambone's. Therefore, I remain, ubiquitously yours, Lucky H.

Thanks for the photos, D+W.

Maxine Wed Sep 4 13:41:22 PDT 1996

KeithJ: I'm in Pittsburgh, PA. My mac isn't going anywhere, but yes, it would be nice to have a PC to do net stuff with. Ah, well.

Tonight I'm going to get my pics developed from my Dan road trip (yes, it's been a while, but the cash flow that the trip ate up was much to blame...). Hopefully some of the shots turned out - there's a little town along route 70 called Danville, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of the road signs.

fezzy: thanks, it's always good to get the holy man's opinion.


KeithJ(not really) Wed Sep 4 14:02:14 PDT 1996

PFogel: I understand that you are in the acquaintanceship of a one S.Ward, who informed me of your sincere involvement with this here temple of holy praise. Numero Uno: Iz this a correct statement?

I also understand that you and Ton Shari are across the pond for the sounds of W&B. Numero Duo: repeat Numero Uno

Noting your posts re: sounds of SD and Le Bar Bat, would you please post a positive response to our possible meeting, in that, I am also an acquaintanceship of the Stumpster, and I would love to meet another, localized Danphreak. SWard and I collaborate. Have only been to LBB once - a good time I might add.

With Danly reverence and vibes for a wonderful trip,


Maxine Wed Sep 4 17:50:22 PDT 1996

Wow - I'm in shock. Andy Warhol said something about fame once, and I recall hearing that "fame costs, and right here's where you start paying in sweat", but when it's all about you, it really feels different. (What I'm babbling on about is that the Pathfinder folks updated the links page since last I saw it. I'm mentioned in the guestbook section. Didn't know you cared, guys!)

back to Kamakiriad discussion, though: I have listened again this evening, this time with headphones to avoid other distraction. I discovered a LOT more that I enjoyed this way, so perhaps it was the externals of the first few listens that were keeping me tuned out.

KeithJ (not KeithJ): you're confusing me. who are you again?


Joe Murtha Wed Sep 4 17:59:50 PDT 1996

Thanks Lucky Henry for the fix on the pix!!

Joe M.

Ivory Eddie Wed Sep 4 18:30:21 PDT 1996

Kama vs. Nightfly. Gotta go with Kama. Just can't beat those "Here Come The Space Babes" horn arrangement on Tomorrow's Girls.

Kitty(put a dollar in the...Hello) Wed Sep 4 22:56:56 PDT 1996

Isn't fun to find one's own name mentioned in a SD song and in one of Walt's. A strange connection between Don and Walt: Both of my favorite songs from their solo albums mention flat hats: Kama: bring your flat hat and your axe; 11TOW: Hat too flat, the hat is just too flat. Seems like these two songs go together, both in tone and in meaning, also the alien invasion themes of "Tomorrow's Girls" with "Hat Too Flat". Try it and see. There are a lot of other SD songs with alien themes, Adroid Wharehouse, Sign in Stranger, are two I can recollect with my beer soaked brain right now. Any others you know, just pipe in, Hello Kitty!

RichardL Rikkidon' Wed Sep 4 23:50:54 PDT 1996

It's been a while but, I guess like for so many, it's been a pleasure sitting back and watching the flying brickbats and bouquets in amongst the excellent tour reports. Thanks for all the effort you guys have put in. For vicarious, even prurient, pleasure this site is hard to beat (ever thought of trying to get some advertising in St Al?... Suggestions for sponsors anyone?). ..which is just as well 'cos it looks like my decision to leave the faire shores of Englande for a 'little wild time' just as the lads started to tour again must count as one of the dumbest decisions of the century (that and asking St Al for a prize). Now that we have a little wild one as a result, trekking even as far as Japan ain't going to happen my friends, so keep me (us all) posted with more reports.

I was listening to Miles Davis playing 'On Green Dolphin Street' last night and wondered if there's any connection... I mean surely Donald would know of this

For those parents (and late night crooners) out there, a request for lullaby suggestions for my little boy whose nights are interrupted by teething and thoughts of Kinky's next acid bath. I found myself singing 'Razor Boy' and 'Aja' the other night. Any others?

Finally to those Poms and would be 'limeys'(an honorary Pom: Kinky!?) have a great time at Wembley and the NEC - nice cosy venues!! To Stiff, good to see there's other baldiebeardies (would be WBs?) out there, and to 'Person down the hall' (get a shorter name and)... thanks for reminding me of weekends of waiting for East St.Louis to start up and the dulcet tones of Annie Nightingale to seduce me (she ain't no 'his').

Enough ramble for one day, I'll be here waiting as usual with nothing to do but feed all the kangaroos.

TTFN, Richard

Beautiful Survivor Thu Sep 5 02:33:47 PDT 1996

Maxine: Nice take on The Nightfly! Usually if an artist specifically states his/her intent, that's the route I will go. However, you seem to have a little creative spark of your own - go on, girl!!

D & W: When I saw Maxine's post re: Pathfinder links updates it prompted me to take a peek myself. Seems Maxine and I share equal honors - what a thrill, we're a star!! THANKS GUYS *Big :-)* !

Stiff Thu Sep 5 02:54:56 PDT 1996

Maxine: Don't dump the Mac! If they're good enough for WB they should be good enough for the rest of us. If it wasn't for my Mac I wouldn't be able to produce such potentially writ making pics as appear here ( See if you can spot the mystery guest star among my band's line up.

Richard in Oz: Bad timing. I'm sure there is a connection between Green Dolphin and Green Flower Street. It is mentioned somewhere in the 'Reelin in the Years' book I think. Oh yes, they are both great pieces of music, now there's a connection.

Four days to go!


George Thu Sep 5 03:42:42 PDT 1996

Hey people, back @ the guestbook again. A few additions to the short setlist post (thanks for the help) from Tuesday: We also had a bunch of people coming late AND I also felt disturbed and think it's a shame. Now, as you might have seen, there was some complaint about too little drums. Frankfurt had its drums: The ending sequence of Do it Again - which I was told comes from a never officially released title called My All Too Mobile Home (tbf on the Reelin' in the Years Live recording) - got some drum work, and Josie had a drum solo. The sound - as mixed down - was very good, but the venue added some reflections from behind. Well, well, you could live with that alright. I'll receive an audio copy of a show review broadcasted yesterday. I've heard it had been very positive.

maj.dude: Walter thinks, yes, and officer Dugan is set to full alert to prevent any more discomfort.

ruby baby: but, if the B-52's come, pleeze spare poor ole' buddies here like me and some. Let's make this a very local affair. Let's send one of these PCMs (personal cruise missile - programmed by fellows with compassion and vision ...).

tsunami mommy: thanks again. I just ran over the emergency broadcast! I have also received your re to my Tuesday nite mail. I'll be ready for that special delivery. Don't know what else to say. 't's amazing.

Al&Gas: did you have a good time? So sorry I did not meet you! We must make it next time.

Looking forward to the Hamburg show on Friday. Special people: the mixer's always a good place to meet. We'll prob'ly stay overnite, so might want to have some PSDS chill-out.

Jon Stone Here@the western .world Thu Sep 5 05:01:49 PDT 1996

Questions concerning a possible link between Green Dolphin Street and Green Flower Street should occasion the seeking out of the version of Green Dolphin Street by Miles Davis originally included in the score for a French film, "Escalator to the Gallows". The players include Coltrane, Cannonball, and Bill Evans and the soloing is first rate. Personally speaking this is my all-time favorite jazz recording. Check it out if you haven't already.

Jon pain@the ass Thu Sep 5 05:04:10 PDT 1996

Sorry for the double double post post.

Razor King Thu Sep 5 05:32:28 PDT 1996

Thanks for the help on the Royal Scam-item! Still five and a half hours before my lifelong wish is coming true: Dan in Holland! I'll let you know the morning after how it was.

Stiff Thu Sep 5 05:55:55 PDT 1996

Jon: Lest we forget Bill Evans, who also made Green Dolphin Street his own (on the Album...erm, Green Dolphin Street).

Still four days to go [shakes watch] darn!


Lutz Thu Sep 5 06:04:56 PDT 1996

Another report from the field. Sorry for the delay, but maybe somebody is interested in some additions to the Frankfurt show. In the first set the sound was rather desastrous. There was bass all over the place (heavy overmodulated, I would say with my limited technical knowledge, at least on the "cheaper" seats,60$) and echoes, echoes, echoes. You really had to be Steely Dan addicted to get some pleasure out of it. I guess the reason for this was the terrible acoustic of the Festhalle (capacity 12,000, no standing area which prevents a bit of getting over-enthusiastic). I stood near the mixing desk during the break when somebody complained about the sound-mush and the mixer replied "Get more people in here and the acoustic is much better." The arena was about half full, the rear part was even closed and secluded with a curtain. Nevertheless, the first new song Jack of Speed (very funky) captured the crowd. The announcements of Becker and Fagen were rather short (maybe the two thought Germans would not understand that much anyway- maybe they are right) but contained pretty much the same as in the US, from what I read (like "The new song is from our forthcoming album which we will record this winter or maybe the next"and "It obviously needs more work"). DF even tried some Germans words (quite funny, he must have learnt them a couple of hours before the show, or minutes?).Babylon Sisters and Reeling in.. sounded quite similar to the Live CD. The second set sounded much better. They changed something which I don't know and reduced the bass and suddenly there it was: magic! The band seemed less tight than before, I lost ground... For the encores people went to the front row (me included), which meant spitting distance (6 feet from their toes, you could almost grab them). DF obviously enjoyed everything very much (Stevie Wonder, no doubt), no reaction from WB. After MY Old School nobody wanted it to be over (ovations), but it was as DF said before (in German): We are only able play one more song (this bastard, sorry fellow Dan-Fans for this Majesty insult) Today I read a review in the Sddeutsche Zeitung (one of the leading newspapers in Germany, headline: Legendary Steely Dan return to Europe), which was so-so. He too mentioned the catastrophic acoustic. But I don`t know if this guy ever heard a Dan song before: he criti- sized the unableness od Steely Dan to actualize their songs. I fact he wrote: SD tried to play their hits as close to the original as they could (dear friend: Reeling in the years, Do it again, heard no differences???). Well, that's it. Probably I get more newspaper reviews to add. To my American friends: please excuse any misspelling (how the f## is this word spelled?) and grammatical errors. I tried hard.

maj. dude Thu Sep 5 07:10:17 PDT 1996

RichardL: the acid bath quip? good 1. Anyway, regarding lullabies, an authentic one is "Mock Turtle Song", available on a variety of the jurrasic dan unofficial releases. Words by Charles Dodgeson aka Lewis Carroll, no? The song doubles well as a lullaby or drunken sing-a-long, especially due to the "ba, ba, ba" ba-ckground harmonies that even Agent Mystery can get correct. A good annotated version of "Alice In Wonderland" should also have the lyrics within the section on the lobster quadrille, maybe an illustration. BTW, this book makes a great baby shower gift surely to influence/indoctrinate that perty, perty, l'il old perty one. hwhaddeveryh!

The other lullaby I would recommend is "True Companion", played once, it surely will put that puppy to sleep.

.....and the Nighfly v. Kama debate rages...... got both in the player until arriving at some definite conclusions.

Pepe is here, we're gonna go see some administrators. Laters.

George almost@the railway station Thu Sep 5 07:37:41 PDT 1996

major dude: sorry, it's Yes and No, the bagels are good and fresh, but the limos are not very impressive and the drivers don't do much to improve the situation. Officer Dugan's working on that ...

JustKiddingGuys, Youdidn'tstealthehornpart@Gaucho Thu Sep 5 08:03:41 PDT 1996

(KeithJ)[Not Really] RichardL: The Chorus of Deacon Blues may work . . .keep humming the horn parts and repeat 'till the sax break . . .{if I was a kid, WOW, what a lullaby!}

Maxybaby: Ah, you do use common sense - keep your MAC. I have a motto re: IBM. Ishoulda Boughta Macintosh. Y'know. Windows '95 = Mac '84. I'm a die hard.

Anyway, re: mon nom. My REAL name has nothing to do with the DAN, unformately, the closest is RIKKI (one of my middle nick-names). KeithJ is my pick because we share similarities (Pianist: jazz-classical, East Coast dweller, (non-Gurdjieff)Spiritual, Dan-fan)OTHER than suing them for "borrowing" some musical ideas. I just figured KeithJ was Dan-related enough. Of course, Maxybabe, you are more than welcome to make suggestions. I'd be honored; Especially from a real Dan-head like yourself. You DO understand the Jarrett references, no?

And you're in Pittsburgh - wow, we are relatively close - I'd love to see the Danville pix.


KeithnotKeithJ Thu Sep 5 08:05:05 PDT 1996

Maxy: Explique the Pathfinder immortilization for moi, s'il vous plait.



Peg Thu Sep 5 10:08:55 PDT 1996

Ba-ba-baaaaa. Yep, I'll try that with my daughter this evening. She's gonna love it.

Little Leroy Thu Sep 5 10:24:22 PDT 1996

More sci-fi themes beyond Alien Invasions and Futuristic Transport Vehicles? How 'bout Global Nuclear Apocalypse in "King Of The World" or Time Travel in "Pretzel Logic?"

Al&Gas Thu Sep 5 11:32:29 PDT 1996

It seems that George and Lutz have already said the most. We'll add some details very soon (we are two, it takes time...).

Lots of candies to Delia, Dave and Walter. (Thoroughly brush your teeth afterwards).

Again thanx to all of you for the dream, it all started here.

Pioneer and Ruby: please be careful with the bombs. Should your B52 suffer from incontinence it could empty its metal bowels over our pretty town. Possibly bring some underpads when you start.

Maxine Thu Sep 5 11:51:34 PDT 1996

The Anti-Keith: my real name has nothing to do with the Dan either. However, like so many others around here, I feel a certain connection to certain aspects of the song from which I take my pseudonym (there's a complex one!) and therefore when I found this place and noticed all the Danfolk in attendance, I figured I'd adopt Maxine as my moniker.

Well, if I actually get the pics developed (had some other ideas last night, it turned out) I'm going to set 'em up online somewhere. I'll alert you when that happens.

Re: Pathfinder: that crazy links page (God, hope this HTML thing works!) should explain it for you.

Maxine (aka... someone else, elsewhere but Dan-world)

lionel Thu Sep 5 12:13:59 PDT 1996

First let me start off by apoligizing for lasts month's "double posts" I had never signed the guestbook before and goofed. Sorry.I won't let it happen again. I'm curious why on Steely Dan's Official Homepage the SDIR's page of setlists, reviews and observations is never updated. Can't someone please get on the ball and update it...there's been a lot of gigs since Chicago 8/2/96. Also I would like to say that Steely Dan should play more N CALIF dates next tour like Sacrementolionel Thu Sep 5 12:29:49 PDT 1996

A slightly belated "THANK YOU" to Donald & Walt for resurrecting "Don't Take Me Alive" on the Art Crimes Tour. They never played this song on any other tour so I must tip my "flathat" to da boys who make it all happen. It was a magaical moment in my life watching the Allstars play DTMA....God Bless Ya...and keep Walt away from those "spacecakes" in the Rotterdam Coffeeshopes (too much of a good thing)

Maxine Thu Sep 5 13:43:28 PDT 1996

Lionel: apology accepted. one question: how'd you get a post inside of a post?

maj. dude: did you mail bobby k? i did. are you just layin' low right now? as for Kama/Nightfly i've decided it's not a case of either/or anymore, i'm trying to learn to appreciate both.

KeithnotKeithJ: if I said no to your question about Keith Jarrett, you wouldn't think any less of me, would you? (I mean, I can figure out who he is easily enough, but the references....)


StAlphonzo Thu Sep 5 15:06:00 PDT 1996

Just so you know, Lucky Henry was incorrect.....

Tied to the mast h@2b Thu Sep 5 15:10:28 PDT 1996

Minor World: If they're still playing "Home At Last" this time tomorrow next week, I'll make sure that my funk scrutinizer is set to maximum sensitivity and get you a print-out.

Stiff: mmm mm mmmmm mm mm mmmm mm mmm mmmobile home

Anybody see today's digest? The Dan mentioned in Playboy? ...the coming is so close at hand...

I remain,


Peg Thu Sep 5 15:21:10 PDT 1996

StAl: since I've gone to your home page to look at your photo many, many times, I knew that Lucky Henry's "best guess" was wrong. Aren't you that handsome guy in the center? peg.

g. wyeth on the way down to Emmiline Thu Sep 5 16:59:32 PDT 1996


Saw the pictures on the Art Crimes '96 page. You're looking kinda shy but i understand...T said i would be too if that was me standing in front of Walter's door. Did you notice that space-for-rent?...i'd like to see a picture of Wayne Krantz up there. anyone get a picture with you in front of his door? I was too busy admiring from afar to get one of my own.

By the way, tried the remedy and it all worked out fine. Aside from a few residual T.I.A.'s i think he'll be fine.

minorWorld Thu Sep 5 17:22:30 PDT 1996

Tied to the Mast:

Please forward decoder ring, my cereal box has proven a wash unless I want to save boxtops and send in 2 bucks.Many Thanks.


lionel Thu Sep 5 21:27:22 PDT 1996

"Alive in America" is a great cd but it puzzles me why Mr. Whatever couldn't have released a cd from the 73/74 era. "Memphis Blues Again" is a good substitute however...That cd is chock full of vintage dan. "Bent Over Backwards" and Record Plant 74 are good too. Can't forget to mention the tapes from san diego & manchester...Long live Steely Dan...

Razor King Fri Sep 6 00:50:58 PDT 1996

Here I am, recovered but still intoxicated. Fieldreport from Holland sep 5th: almost fullhouse aprox 6 to 7.000. Houselights out: 8.05pm 1.Do it again (Don with keytar) 2.Bad Sneakers (Super!!, great sound) 3.Josie 4.Hey 19 5.Jack of Speed (well-received; introduced by Walt: a song we're gonna record this winter.....and next winter...) 6.Peg 7.Babylon Sisters (we're still missing a couple of strong extra voices (Patti Austin??) 8.Intro vamp 9.Green Earrings 10.Rikkie 11.Reelin'in the years intermission 12.East st L, (skinny sound, nice guitarwork Walt) 13.Glamour profession (horns were good) 14.My Waterloo (no response from the audience) 15.Cash Only island (smoking, what a groove, great vocals!!) 16.Deacon Blues (yes just for us) 17.Black Cow: funky, ARi solo was really high standard,but John should not play that hyperbop-solo; stick a lighter to the original please! 18.Home at last (same as ever, no new arrangement, but still missing Tom Scott's lyricon) 19.Kid Charlemagne

Don't take me alive My Old School Houselights on: 10.50pm

Donald (with beard again) vocals were superb, and he was performing like the Duke was there... Walt played great, the band was tight, Michelle stole my heart (visually)

There was a full color program; with nice pix and some note from Walt to Craig as you find them on the Internet.

I finally saw them, It was great, I can die now, or no... I will not sleep till the centurie's end; waiting for the new one from these Art cirminals!

Peter de Rijk Fri Sep 6 02:25:41 PDT 1996

Back from Rotterdam. I 've waited 25 years for this and it was great. Even the sound was acceptable in this terrible venue (a "sportpaleis - sporting palace (?)"). Walt and Donald really seemed to enjoy it and at the end, they applauded the crowd, which was very responsive. I hope they 've started to like Europe by now!

Al&Gas Fri Sep 6 04:08:54 PDT 1996

George: we tried to track you at the box office, but we had no clues. Happy you made it. Let's make it next time...

Josie: we keep on receiving your emails, but our replies apparently don't go through. Shall we go back to good 'ole paper and pencil?

LuckyHenry alone@in my cave Fri Sep 6 04:52:41 PDT 1996

Okay, St. Al, so I'm an idiot. Like I didn't already know that about myself (they remind me every day). And to think I've already seen your homepage photo! Guess it's back to channel-hoppin'. Apologies also to your lovely fiancee. Sorry. Just trying to help. I'll shuddup now.

razor king Fri Sep 6 05:22:05 PDT 1996

Dear fellow, so you been to the concert last night. Could you tell me if they were selling any bootlegs of our beloved couple? Thanx, Clean Willie

Stiff Fri Sep 6 05:34:13 PDT 1996

Thank you, whoever you were, for your rendition of Mobile Home. That's all I needed.

The computer room here at university has been fitted out with new machines. All the monitors carry a badge that simply says "Dan". Quite effective.

I have an urgent call for a ticket to the Birmingham show next Thursday. Tim from UEA supplied me with one but now I have a friend who wants to come too. Anybody out there bonkers enough to part with a ticket?

Three days to go. Tick, tick, tick...


bob tedde Fri Sep 6 05:47:55 PDT 1996


Am I to late to weigh in my comments on the great KAMA / Nightfly debate? I can't tell you how glad I am you got this whole thing started. I thought it was just me, but it would seem that others share my view of Kamakiriad as an overly slick album. Although I appreciate it for what it is, it is by far my least favorite of the Dan related works. (unless you count 11 Tracks, which is an apple to the SD/DF oranges) If I were to rate all the Dan and Fagen albums on the famous 1 - 10 scale, it would read thuslyCan't Buy A Thrill -10, Countdown to Ecstacy -10, Pretzel Logic-10, Katy Lied-10, The Royal Scam-10, AJA-10 Gaucho-9, The Nightfly-10,Kamakiriad-7.5Funny thing about Gaucho, it's my least favourite of the SD cataloge proper, and yet it contains three of my absolute favs, not the least of which is the title track. Anyways... my point is The Nightfly is as good as, and in one case even better than any of the Steely Dan releases leading up to it Kamakiriad, on the other hand, is sub Steely Dan par IMO. And while desciptions like "boring", "overproduced" and "too slick" are a bit on the strong side when describing this not-quite-great work,they do kinda start getting one close to the root of what K suffers from.Put it this way: it's a thin line between "perfect" and "boring" and somewhere within the breadth of that line is the exact middle upon which Kamakiriad rests. Many of the songs seem to drag on longer than they need to. (This is a new phenominon for me with these guys.) Snowbound for example: great chorus, but by the time it's over I get that same relieved feeling I get at the end of the 'It's A Small World' ride at Disneyland. I also agree that Trans Island and Countermoon seem a bit too similar to be right next to each other on the album. And while On The Dunes has some interesting melodic turns, I find myself wishing someone other than Donald was singing it! (Aaron Nevel perhaps?) The Title track of The Nightfly on the other hand is minute for minute one of the most twistingly interesting pieces that Donald ever....hell that ANYBODY ever put down on tape. Ok It's late and I know there must be a much shorter, more concise way of saying all this. But I feel very passionetly about the whole thing, and gosh darn it, I wanted to share with the rest of the class. So before I get completely flamed, let me say this: Kamakiriad is a good album. It's a VERY good album. But not one cut on it does that scarey thing to my spine that the all the others do. It has a coldness to it. Maybe because it's based in science fiction, rather than human emotion like The Nightfly. Maybe it's the digitally altered feel of everything (reports say Donald digitized and moved all the inividual drums around relevent to each other) Maybe because it's some new level of perfection and grace that I just can't relate to yet. Either way, I'm glad to know there are others out there who share my feelings on the subject. I admit there are some amazing and cool subtlties to be found, if one takes the time to dig for them.(and I mean DIG!) And as a subscriber to the "never say never" philosophy, I pray every time I put K on that "this will be the time", that I'll finally open up to it, (or it to me!) But until then, as my ship just off the desert island slowly sinks into the briney deep, The Nightfly gets saved, and Kamakiriad....well, maybe Davy Jones'll dig it.

Tired, hung over, rambling, but well intentioned,lovebob

PS Maxine is my second favourite DF tune, after True Companion.

bob tedde Fri Sep 6 05:52:04 PDT 1996

WOA, did I just post all that? Sorry! Hey, how come only two of my "returns" showed up?


lutz Fri Sep 6 06:30:52 PDT 1996

More reviews from German newspapers: "Frankfurter Allgemeine": Completely devastating. They ripped them into parts. Not a single positive word. Something like 'once elegant and intelligent, now only a bad reminiscence of long gone years. "Frankfurter Rundschau": A little bit better. Critisized the songs as heavy overloaded with soli from Becker and Krantz.But mentioned the obvious good mood of Fagan.

There probably won't be another European tour in this millennium...

JamaicanDude(75701.222) Fri Sep 6 07:04:52 PDT 1996

MrSquonk: does your band Steely Damned do anything from Kama? I heard not, but I haven't made it to Sandiego to see for myself. If not, now we know why, yes?

JamaicanDude @same Fri Sep 6 07:06:24 PDT 1996

whooops. THE Steely Damned.

Maxine Fri Sep 6 08:19:52 PDT 1996

bob tedde: wow. you do have lots to say about it! thoughts appreciated, especially from a fellow musician, and my verdict is still out. yes, i like it more now than i did upon first listen. ('course, that was on the way back from the Kansas Danshow, I had 800 miles to travel and I was KEYED UP from the show so anything non-Dan was a letdown on that trip.) i still think that anything written by D. Fagen is a million times better than most of what i hear on the radio, from just about any era.

but you're right, in ranking albums, that one's not the highest on my playlist. but at least now, after listening to everyone's thoughts on the matter, i have a newfound appreciation. the only thing left is to get word from Donald himself...

oh, and Bob? I mentioned to someone else that if i ever get out to San Diego from this side of the country I want to hear you guys play... it's a shame there's nothing like your group "here at the eastern world"... actually, if i played an instrument (other than just vox humana) i'd think about starting one myself. so keep doing this until i can afford travel to california.

later all, Maxine

Stiff Fri Sep 6 08:24:48 PDT 1996

Lutz: Good to read your reports on what Frankfurter Allgemeine has to say, but whilst remembering what a fine country you live in (I love it and visit regulaly) we have to also remember that the damnable Lemon Tree was top of your charts for a while. I know, I know, Britain has its horrors in the charts too (e.g. Spice Girls) but if you lovely Americans haven't heard Lemon Tree - thank god (or whoever) and put the Dan back on.

Tick, tick, tick.


KeithnotKeithJ, resigned-to-be "Rikki" Fri Sep 6 08:37:22 PDT 1996

Mr. Tedde: Firstly, I'd like to say I'm sorry I'm not on the left coast to hear your fine band. However, I am planning a cross-country road trip this winter through the south into CA to visit relatives near SF, perhaps you'll gig then, no?

Let me defend/criticize/uphold Kami in 'the Great Debate'. My big clue to those seeking a higher-love from the Kami album: "Seek the inside out approach: horns and girl-backing-vocals, they will show you the way." What I think is sincerely missing is Beckers' deep-routed cynicism despit his production credits. What is overdone is Fagen's overuse of that silly little midi-jazz gee-tar. (The horns, dammit, the horns) I DO get chills at the intro to Spring-time and then "zowie!". (I had a close friend and fellow musician who died in a plane crash in upstate NY in the winter of 1990 who loved the Dan. If Peter Lovi was ever on a commercially produced track, the intro to Springtime is it - .) *Peter, we hear you* But, I return to my campaign theme - It's the horns, stupid! Donald sounds like Peter Lovi AGAIN on Snowbound. Overall, a nice, romantic track. Tomorrow's Girls - Funky - and oh, those horns and chicks!: Florida Room - Funky - and oh, those horns and chicks!: I find On the Dunes priceless because of the piano fill which repeats - it is simply beautiful! overall it's horns and chicks and funky keys by Mr. Fagen - not enough cynical guitar work from Walter. The keys are to listen to the horns and chicks from the inside out and you will find yourself listening for that special moment on Kamikiriad!

Maxybabe: I have decided to use Rikki due to the fact that although Keith Jarrett does have a loose connection to SD and that I share some similarities to Keith - albeit NOT the connection he has - Rikki is simpler and closer to my experience with the DAN. Now the KJ reference is just this: The opening horn line and theme to Gaucho was apparently ripped off from Keith Jarrett and one of his albums. He sued. They paid. And I've never seen nor hear D&W attending a Keith Jarrett show.

Congrats on your 15 minutes via Pathfinder - make the best of it!

Why don't you . . . move up to Manhattan and fill the place with friends?

Rikki (don't lose it)

Maxine Fri Sep 6 08:57:24 PDT 1996

The now-ex-KeithJ: the problem with you being a Rikki is that I will forever associate the name with one of my college friends (named as such) who was female. Is Rikki as used by the Dan a male or female name? I guess I never picked up on any hidden meaning in the song (I was reading one of the old chats last night and laughed about Walter's comment about "boring song interpretations").

Which isn't a problem for you, per se, but anyway.... Rikki (gulp) it is.

Manhattan sounds like a plan. Perhaps in a few years, as I've "got to hold on till graduation" quite literally.

I discovered a great quote (from Catalyst) but can't remember right now which song it's from: anyone recognize this one? "there's not enough night, and too much day..." - that seems to be the state I'm in these days.


Hank Silvers Fri Sep 6 09:22:07 PDT 1996

Richard's lullaby request reminded me of the following, a post from several months ago that I liked. . .HTH, mate. . .

The Little Man Sun Feb 4 18:38:30 PST 1996

Got a feeling I've been here before...Hey, here's a cool tip for all you parents of very young children: "Chain Lightning" makes a killer lullaby. I've been using it on my little Jeffrey (named after The Skunk, of course) for two years with excellent results. Since it's only got about four notes, the range isn't problematic (although without the changes it's a bit boring, but that's the idea, right? Put 'em to sleep! (Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good" works well too, if they're still awake.)

Has anyone tried "Little Kawai" yet? Substitute your own child's name, and it should work, too.

Hush li'l baby, if he can, Daddy's gonna sing you some Steely Dan. . .

maj. dude Fri Sep 6 09:41:01 PDT 1996

For some strange reason, I like the moniker KeithnotKeithJ better than Rikki. Maybe it's the fact that it speaks of Dan history so. But by all means, proceed as you wish.

For me, Kama was a recording which I did not initially run out to get when it was released, and once I did, I listened a few times and shelved it like a prized baseball autographed by Steve Carlton. It wasn't till I had alot of free time (like lifeguarding at a pool) that I started getting into it. After the 93 and 94 tours, it inched up on the play list. When I was assembling my Dream Setlist, Kama jumped out at me. The beat, the bass, the arrangements. And I relaized that my initial discomfort with this recording was due to the vocals, call them "sterilized" or "sanitized", hwhaddeveryh, but hard to follow. Especially for someone who really appreciates the quality of Donald's spitting, drooling-into-the microphone vox on Katy Lied songs like Bad Sneakers, and Doctor Wu.

Listen to, "you fella, you tearing up the street...." Nichols was probably glad to have glass separating him from the players. But I digress.....

I'm just glad that the day came around (or the planets were aligned in Dan) so that I could appreciate the Kama recording. Also, there's more of Kama to like. IMHO, it starts stronger. It's longer. I'm in no hurry. What's the worry? Lyrically, it has some one-liner gems: a virus wearing pumps and pearls......some kids just drive too fast..... we go out to lunch with some jamaican dude....

But then again, so does Nightfly: ....a summer smoker underground.... I wait all night for calls like these..... And Ruby Baby has my all-time favorite horn arrangements.

Oh hell, I love 'em both. Forget everything else I've said. There. So much for MY gold teeth, for the answer they reveal, life IS unreal.

RikkinotKeithJ Fri Sep 6 09:57:51 PDT 1996

Major - I salute thee - dude! Thanx for the respond, however, between you and Maxyness, I am throroughly confused. In in's own way, KnKJ IS historical and in that way, somewhat original - however, I don't want to offend and/or remind/insult the masters, Don & Walt, of an incident that may be, well, embarrassing. I may well have to come up with a third moniker - as if I had a life - but I have frequently had my own difficulties with my identity in the real world.

However, after reviewing each of your posts mildly slamming the change, I will stick with the original one, the NOT-only one, the gaucho-flavored one, the Mr. KeithnotKeithJ one (with apologies to Jerome Aniton, Donald & Walter) . . . Sorry Max, I'm settled now . Manhattan does take it's toll. Hey, after your graduate, are you ever gonna go back to Annandale?


KeithnotKeithJ Fri Sep 6 09:59:37 PDT 1996

(Basically, Rikki DID lose it, so therefore, we have a KeithnotKeithJ)

Maxine Fri Sep 6 10:09:49 PDT 1996

NotRikkiNotKeith (you say *you're* confused...): Well, you gotta go with what fits you best. If someone had suggested, say, Ruthie, to me, while it would have been a perfectly fine female type Dan name, Maxine just fits. For a number of reasons. My dad and grandfather each have "Max" as their middle name, I sang "Maxine" in jazz choir during my first semester of working/taking classes at this college, and I'd have to say that "jeans & pearls" would describe my fashion taste best - sort of between classic and casual.

So I won't say I was "slamming" your choice (if it's right for you, you gotta go with it!)- just saying that it meant something different to me.

Hey, Bob Tedde: I know, The Steely Damned should come East and do a gig for the Danfans who can't make it there! (No? Doesn't work that way? Damn...)

Oh, and NotRikkiNotKeith: are you in the same locale as your email yet?


KeithnotKeithJ Fri Sep 6 10:33:05 PDT 1996

I have a certain fondness for Keith Jarrett AND the Dan - so I think it is a fit, what with all the other similarities I have with Keith, Donald & Walter - I am done with it.

NOT - rarely am. . . am calling my buddy now . . . he's home!!!!

KnKJ: Any e-mail? SW: I haven't checked ina while, I'll look around and let you know.

(S***, this s*cks) I'll let you know. Jeans and Pearls, hmm, nice . . .

KeithnotKeithJ Fri Sep 6 10:37:15 PDT 1996

Carnegie Mellon loves the Dan, no? I have some friends who live in Brooklyn who went to CM. KnKJ

KeithnotKeithJ Fri Sep 6 11:03:51 PDT 1996

So, if you're hangin' on 'till graduation, this must be your last year, eh? Are you in the Graduate Dan Program? Does CM have a Dan-Studies course? History of the Dan? Pre-Dan Dan-guage? must be fun. but I hear there's not enough night (up in Pittsburgh). I will resist the Pittsburgh folk-lore . . .


lionel Fri Sep 6 11:16:13 PDT 1996

Unfortunately I missed Steely Damned's gig at the Paradise Lounge in SF last month. Does anybody know what the deal is with these guys. Is it all instrumental? Do they have vocals? Are the vocals decent? What songs are on their setlist? Is it worth paying to see? Will they ever play in SF again. Please advise. Kudos to the Damned.

Maxine Fri Sep 6 11:18:41 PDT 1996

KeithNotKeithJ: am finding a lack of Danfans in my immediate vicinity, but that's probably not because they're not there.

As for "my old school", I'm trying to do a master's at night. Not a fun time. I think that what I'll probably end up doing is just leaving my day life (I'm on staff here, too) to go back full-time.

If CMU had a Dan Studies course, they'd probably have to hire Pete Fogel to teach it. Or at least write the textbook...

And KnKJ: you need to get a mail service provider. 'Nuff said. ;-)


maj. same Fri Sep 6 11:29:55 PDT 1996

One thing, though, KeithnotKeithJ, or KnKJ, is that when it is abbreviated like that, doesn't it remind one of another post-er within these pages? Am I the only one to do the doubletake here?

Figuring that after you're seventh post in a day, you'll start abbreviating your name to KnKJ and run the risk of getting all sorts of hate mail. Maybe you can figure out some kind of macro to use so that you will always be seen as KeithnotKeithJ. I mean, hey, all those upper/lowercase moves would make rUdY nuts!! Right rUdY?

Just looking out for those of my kind. Any majordude would tell ya...

Peg Fri Sep 6 11:32:00 PDT 1996

BobTedde: The Steely Damned to the East Coast? Hmm..11, could happen.

Peg same Fri Sep 6 11:36:47 PDT 1996

DudE: I'm iN tHe ChAt rOoM foR 10 mInUteS or so... TheN iT's OfF tO tHe bEaCh/sHoRE.

Peg same Fri Sep 6 11:42:38 PDT 1996

Maxine: Isn't there a band called Royal Scam out of Syracuse? They've got a web site, but since my computer crashed I lost the address - try a search and check it out!

Maxine Fri Sep 6 12:00:17 PDT 1996

Peg: thanks, I'll look for it. (Oh, I mailed MD and asked him to say hi in the chat room... these work computers lack such important software, y'know?- but then I said "I can just say hi via the guestbook, silly...")

Peg & Bob: C'mon, nothing like a little peer pressure to get you to the right (meaning directional, not correct!) coast... 'course, you could say the same to get me there... If I hadn't just recovered from my pilgrimage to Kansas I would definitely consider a trip to CA a reasonable thing - after all, I've never been there.

Dude: I thought the exact same thing the first time I saw KnKJ... could be scary. Could create mass panic.

Nah. He wouldn't confuse us, after all, look at how he TALKS... big difference there.


lionel Fri Sep 6 13:05:09 PDT 1996

I saw Steely Dan last month in N Calif and I'm going through terrible Dan-withdrawls....can somebody e mail about how to get vids/auds from the art crimes tour...I'm getting desperate...somebodys gotta be sitting on some kind dat tapes...please get a hold of me

KeithnotKeithJ Fri Sep 6 13:17:26 PDT 1996

Ack-chully, I do have some rezemblants to a famous Post-er in the Guestbook - Guess I'll have to risk the full effects of Carpal Tunnel and TypetheWholeThing - didn't mean to confuse you Show Biz Kidz. Tx for the warning Maj.& Max - by the way, if I wanted to create mazz panic, I'd just remind us that "THE ALIENS ARE HERE" - do a Yahoo search on UFO's . . . ;) Peg: "The Steely Damned on the East Coast" - like, NYC, let's say, perhaps, Le Bar Bat???

Max: iz something wrong with the way I TALK?


Night By Night Fri Sep 6 13:17:37 PDT 1996

Lurking was fun and, of course, the fans of a great band are bound to have interesting things to say. Forgive my lack of netiquette - 1st ever posting, but I've bit my tongue so long it hurts. Someone in August suggested a Danmovie - great idea. I'd love top help. I had my first exersice in this area when I shot a video to "Everything You Did". Lot's o fun, until it recently hit too close to home. Before I go on I must explain that I really don't usually air my laundry publicly but I need the catharsis and feedback of Steely minded people since so much of it fits so many of their perceptive songs. Ahem, I came home on an evening I wasn't due home to dispell my suspicions, well they were instead confirmed and I didn't even have to yell ...where did the bastard I decked "My Rival" as he scrambled naked for the door. After a 3 hour walk and a Black Cow talk I decided I'd try to be the ...expanding man... and let her be a ...roller skater... as long as while she was with me, her husband, it was ...everything it's supposed to be...anyhow I now have some free evenings I'd like to spend with some Dan fans of the southern Indiana variety. ...I cried when I wrote this [song], sue me if I [play] too long. That's why...until my ship comes in I'll live night by night.

KeithnotKeithJ y'know Fri Sep 6 13:23:53 PDT 1996

Max: I am planning a cross country trip in January - taking the southern route through Texas, AZ, NM and then up the coast of CA - perhaps to experience The Steely Damned . . . .


Minahworld Here@thebirdranchperchedinatree Fri Sep 6 13:30:33 PDT 1996


If you'll pardon my twisted guestbook parliamentary entry:

I third your sentiments re: KnKJ for our friend KeithNotKeithJ.

Perhaps it would be wise to start over here: Throw out your old, to speak...hmmm,say... that's got a ring to it...YourGoldKeith...well, it saves a letter... unless, of course, there's another Keith out there...then I suppose we have to look at YourGoldKeithII...then we're back at square one...

Yeah, I know, it was better when I didn't post for months at a time...


KeithnotKeithJ Fri Sep 6 13:42:08 PDT 1996

Max: A little bad encryption for you. since I don't have an easily accessible Mail - yet - try my VOX if you like. Also my Reload is S L O W VoxCode: if q=1 and u=7 on a typical keyboard, therefore uqi.eyo.pqee Frustrating having SOME of the technology, but not all of it. Bon weekend everyone - I'll be back around 7 AM PST, Monday. Cheers! KeithnotKeithJ

Maxine Fri Sep 6 13:48:30 PDT 1996

KeithnotKeithJ: No, nothing's wrong... that's just it. The way that we can tell the difference.

And are you driving cross country? As in starting in NYC and ending (via a tour of the Southland, of course) out West? Wow. if that's the case, have fun. I thoroughly enjoyed driving to Kansas (believe it or not) but then again I love to drive and I was going to see W+D, that could have had something to do with it.

minor world: i think your suggestion's a good one. maybe not the right one for our man KeithnotKeithJ (as I don't think that's his real name - is it, KnKJ? - sorry for the use of the abbreviation...) but a good one nevertheless.


KeithhaslosthisMind-hecan'tcallnobodyelse Fri Sep 6 13:55:07 PDT 1996

Night by Night: 'Allo - just a footnote to your post - there is a Song in production in NYC called "Like a Steely Dan Movie", should be complete near the end of Sept. Also, there is supposed to be a movie is Australian that is Steely Dan themed, however, I can't get to the page. Minahworld: Hilarious suggestions - damn, I've got to work on this maybe. with my technology, I feel like a Third World Man . . .

that ain't right.

Maxine Fri Sep 6 14:01:14 PDT 1996

KeithnotKeithJ: Gotcha. I'll give it a shot.

Later all, Maxine

honey, please turn off the HTML before you leave Fri Sep 6 15:15:19 PDT 1996

damn will someone please put the font size back where it belongs..?'s better, thanks.

mr peepers @ exit 151 Fri Sep 6 15:20:40 PDT 1996

KiethNotKieth & Maxine: Will you two guys please go get a room already?

Maxine Fri Sep 6 18:07:09 PDT 1996

mr. peepers: sorry. the man has no direct email. I'll refrain from making non-dan comments from now on, I swear!! P>Oh, BTW, thanks to whoever fixed the font. I was wondering if I'd been at my terminal too long. P>So, how can I possibly relate The Dan to my evening? I can't right now - I've been *bowling*. someone please help me. P>Maxine

maj. dude Fri Sep 6 20:00:22 PDT 1996

My final vote goes for m.World's suggestion of: P>YourGoldKeith P>If that ain't pretzel logic, then shut down this fucking page already, St. Al. P>m.World, you sure your lungs can't handle it any more? That's twisted.

E.A.R. Fri Sep 6 20:24:52 PDT 1996

I missed a lot over four months. Unfortunately, I had no computer and lived in the backwoods of New York ( just so I could make money for school, cigarettes, booze, and a CD player to hear my Steely Dan ), so I am clueless as to what is going on here. I am a no-name as far as people on this chatline go, but I bought two CD's this summer -- the Nightfly and Kamakiriad (did I spell that right?) -- and am obsessed with the latter. Lately, I have had the urge to write a novel using Steely Dan songs... and was wondering if anyone else in a life...the thought of SD makes my heart beat faster... and where I come from, no one has heard of Steely Dan, or else they hate the music... so do I have any realistic soul-twins out there???? I really need some contact with other 'Dan' heads.

clean willie & babs Fri Sep 6 21:18:03 PDT 1996

I was just visiting Playboy's web sight and got to wondering if the song Ida Lee was inspired by 1964 playmate (and later famous porn actress] China Lee? Look at the lyrics, "They're throwin a party for big Ida Lee, Some man from the skyway, China and me." Given Donald's penchant for writing about Asian women (Bodhisattva, Aja, Green Flower Street] it's quite possible.

Ruby Fri Sep 6 22:52:23 PDT 1996

Dear NightByNight, P> What a cool and touching post - being you're 1st one,especially. I'm not from S.Indiana, but can I sympathize slightly? I had similar experience, not confirmed with an actual sighting. I asked him to tell me everything he did. So he did - EVERYTHING. He even told me things he didn't get to do but would have. Took the 3hour+ walk, had the BlackCow talk. That was 8 months ago. I'm not saying what the outcome was but concerning the crater it left in my heart - Fire in the hole and nothing left to burn. The best SteelyDan music for this condition seems to be Royal Scam stuff. Also, check out M.Dude's Depression List. I think it would work, too. Stock up on Kleenex. Keep coming back. You need us-We need you. P>luv P>Ruby Still I remain tied to the mast P>

BOB TEDDE MRSQUONK@AOL.COM Sat Sep 7 03:04:07 PDT 1996

JAMAICAN DUDE: It would take far too long to explain why The Steely Damned do not as of yet perform anything off of Kamakiriad, but it's certainly not simply because of any personel taste leanings I may have. It has more to do with the difficulty level of reproducing such complex horn and vocal arrangements, and the time politics of a thirteen piece band. At this writting, horn charts are being ever so slowly crafted for Tommorrows Girls, and some noises are being made about Springtime. Who knows, maybe by December?

LIONEL:So many questions about The (please don't forget the "The"!) Steely Damned! Thanks for the's the quick and dirty answers: NO we're not an instrumental band, YES we have vocals, usually 5, me and 4 backups, 2 male and 2 female. YES, the vocals are indeed "decent" and on good nights even better than that! for a set list, painstakingly search the Guestbook Archives for the last few months (I couldn't possibly type all that again.) Are we worth paying to see? Hmm. I'm a bit on the biased side. Suggest you ask President Street Pep, he tells it better anyway. And finally, it is my great and fond wish to again play in SF. Our show at the Paradise was one of the best times I've ever had! But until I can figure a way to make it financially & logistically feasable.....well don't hold your breath.

MAXINE: While flying thirteen musicians and a TD to NY (and believe me that's the only way they would travel) is severely unlikely, my "A" band ROCKOLA, just secured a weekend (oct 11, 12) at Le Bar Bat courtesy of Mr. Fogel. Pete caught one of our shows while laying over in San Diego between the Irvine and the Hollywood B shows, and made said, "If your ever in Manhatten......" Coincidentally, 3 of the four members of ROCKOLA had planned to take part of their vacations in Manhatten. Two calls to Pete and major pressure on the fourth member and voila! I will warn you that Rockola does not do and SD, we're an award winning 60's, 70's band. (We get real high marks for our Beatles, you know, the other greatest band of all time) Anyway, it'd be great if you or anyone from the guestbook could make it. Hell at the very least we could swap concert stories on the breaks. The first Cuban Breeze is on me!

YourGoldKeith:(You can see where my vote goes) Excellent KamaOpinions. I can't believe you mentioned the intro to Springtime! That is my favourite spot on the album, and while I think the song as a whole doesn't quite live up to the intro (for me), I definately get chills during that part. I don't doubt that the BVox and horns are where ore is to be mined, and look forward to hearing it all again after all these great posts.I guess my point though was that the previouse albums succeeded on both levels. The surface level would hook you in, and then anything you were able to dig out in the way of brilliant subtlties was glorious icing on the cake! Shoot, I know there was something else I wanted to respond to, but it's late and my wife is starting to refer to herself as an "internet widow". So ....later!


PS. PEG: Move the decimal point one notch to the right!

Beautiful Survivor Sat Sep 7 05:39:52 PDT 1996

Keith(whatevah): Hope it's not too late for me to Throw Out [My] Gold Teeth about your quest for a new moniker. Up until someone (can't remember who now - sorry!) suggested YouGoldKeith I thought to myself - I don't think Schoolyard Superman has been taken; -that- would be completely different, though. Perhaps I'll go with BOB TEDDE and put my vote in for YourGoldKeith. P>Later, Beautiful Survivor

Edd Cote Sat Sep 7 05:58:10 PDT 1996

Some folks have alluded to the "sterile" qualities of Kamakiriad. Without insinuating that I know a damn thing that may have been going through Donald's mind during the recording process, I find the "sterile" quality enhances the album. (It should be noted that I prefer highly polished, exacting arrangements as opposed to the more "laid back" or "emotional" approach of some artists.) P>Listen to the ride cymbal during the chorus of "Trans Island Skyway". It appears to be pretty much without any sort of timbral dynamics, indicating to me it's either a sample (most likely given the amount of drum replacements that occurred) or one VERY steady drummer. But I digress... I hear that cymbal spitting out 8ths and, dammit, I can *see* a steam powered bubble just calmly zipping up the highway. Whether Donald intended this or not only he can answer, but that level of detail added an entire dimension to the song that I don't believe could have been achieved without agonizing over the timbre and timing of every sound. I sequenced the tune and spent days/weeks shifting individual notes around in increments of 5/1000ths of a second trying to capture the groove. P>Donald captured the essense of mechanics AND a groove all in the same place. Perfect.

Edd Cote Ooops, forgot... Sat Sep 7 06:02:38 PDT 1996

Does anybody else hear a TV playing in the background (or at least *something* happening) in "Tomorrow's Girls" right after the line "...we fall asleep with the TV on."? P>I'd swear it's there...

Joe Murtha Sat Sep 7 08:34:18 PDT 1996

Back on April 6, 1994 at Carnegie Hall there was a 50th anniversary salute to Jazz Masters: Verve... Among the astounding array of jazz luminaries to grace the stage on that night was the Dan's own Tom Barney. He participated in (3) performances including "It's About That Time" (a tribute to Miles Davis) with Davis allumni Herbie Hancock AND John McLaughlin. P>Also appearing on that night was former Dan contributor Randy Brecker. P>The list of performers also included Pat Metheny playing "How Insensitive" with A.C. Jobim! P>I'm on the lookout for a recording of this event... Any help would be much appreciated... Joe M.

maj. same Sat Sep 7 09:31:10 PDT 1996

edd cote: your description of kama's timing, etc.... certainly earns you the distinction of being the Ernest Hemingway of the guestbook. Everything you describe is right on. P>my comments re: "sterile" only refer to the vocals, for I really dug the earthy quality of the don on earlier recordings, one of which I forgot to mention was "A Little With Sugar" in which it seems like don is gonna blow a gasket. A far cry from the vox on Kama. P>Where's KeithnotKeithJ/YourGoldKeith/ThrowOutYourGoldKeith/YourGoldKeithTwo/CharlieKeith/AndroidKeithhouse?

Cuervo Sat Sep 7 09:42:21 PDT 1996

Joe Murtha: P>This great concert was recorded and taped by Verve records. Try or any cd wevb store (cdnow) P>Any information about the new italian movie soundtrack from Pat Metheny? P>

brian liston - Sat Sep 7 10:31:42 PDT 1996

Check out P>

jimbo Sat Sep 7 16:27:14 PDT 1996

The "sterility" that recent posters are hearing in the last D. Fagen record is the result of some pretty obsessive work. Roger The Immortal crabbed for many months in his column in EQ about how Donald was driving him crazy, forcing him to use the return-only sound from expensive digital delays in order to move snare strokes and cymbal-bell hits back and forth in increments of 1/10,000 of a second until it sounded right. Fagen himself once said in an interview in Keyboard (I think... maybe another music rag) that he hated MIDI gear because he could hear the delay from the time he struck the key til the time the synth sounded. Yikes! A steam-powered 10, indeed! P>As for the Nighfly/Kama debate, I feel we need them both equally. I, for one, could not face the day without the knoweldge that both "Walk Between Raindrops" and "Countermoon" existed. P>jimbo

Ruby Sat Sep 7 17:24:16 PDT 1996

To Night By Night(again), I just can't end on such a downer. Catharsis,(sad songs,etc.),being necessary once in a great while, is best when short-lived. The rest of the time should be filled with happy tunes,like Bodhisattva from Alive in America - even Reelin' is happy on that. Also good is finding some scurvy brothers and Babylon sisters and drinking a few Zombies in Coco shells, renting funny moveies. Go places you've never been to before. Remember:"What a beautiful world this can be. What a glorious time to be free"...IMHO P> PS-having way too many Zombies can throw one back to sad songs & kleenex. Beware! P> Ruby

Ruby Sat Sep 7 17:24:23 PDT 1996

To Night By Night(again), I just can't end on such a downer. Catharsis,(sad songs,etc.),being necessary once in a great while, is best when short-lived. The rest of the time should be filled with happy tunes,like Bodhisattva from Alive in America - even Reelin' is happy on that. Also good is finding some scurvy brothers and Babylon sisters and drinking a few Zombies in Coco shells, renting funny moveies. Go places you've never been to before. Remember:"What a beautiful world this can be. What a glorious time to be free"...IMHO P> PS-having way too many Zombies can throw one back to sad songs & kleenex. Beware! P> Ruby

Edd Cote Sat Sep 7 19:22:01 PDT 1996

I read Nichol's series on the recording of Kamakiriad, and if true (It's not like there's no precedent for D&W yanking our collective chains.) the process was intense. Not only would he shift around a snare by usecs, but then THAT would cause him to want to move other instruments around, which caused yet others to be moved and so on and so on. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. P>re: MIDI delay. I've developed such a light touch from playing electronic keyboards that real pianos sound "late" when I play them. It takes me forever to move the action! P>Many keyboardists are moving to MIDI V2.0 now because it supports the Schieslburg Predictive Algorhythm Implementaion. By actually anticipating the upcoming notes, the software can cut delay time to under -0.002 secs.

Jive Miguel Sat Sep 7 23:43:16 PDT 1996

Sorry for the long absence (like anyone cares...) but, duty calls(ed). I am far too tired to post it now, but I will post my notes from the SD concert in Vancouver (a very good show, even if Marilu Henner wasn't there). However, now that the North American concerts are over, I want to renew my efforts to get everyone to identify the ultimate SD guitar album. Here's how it works: P>1. Identify a suitable album title (e.g. "Is There Gas in the Car?" or how about "Don't Take my Guitar Alive!") P>2. List 10 SD songs (and I mean only 10, unless it's that elusive bonus track on the German CD release) that YOU feel would make the best guitar album, simply a collection of their best guitar songs. P>3. Determine an appropriate order for the songs (e.g. Reelin' in the Years as the opener, and say Haitian Divorce as the closer). P>4. Finally, as a bonus, identify which SD guitar SOLO is your all-time favourite. P>I will keep track of the responses over, let's say, a 7-10 day period and tally the final results as the Consensus SD Guitar Album. P>Jive! bob tedde Sun Sep 8 03:45:20 PDT 1996

Ok, it's really late/early again and here I am posting when I should be sleeping. I have thought for a long time about whether or not to bring up this next little bit of weirdness as I am certain it will drive someone batty or worse; ruin Dr.Wu for them. (I was also thinking that maybe somebody already brought this up before I became a guestbook addict.)

That having been said, has anyone else noticed another song playing in the background of Dr. Wu? Well it's there, and once you hear it, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I can't tell what exactly it is, but on the 2nd generation of cd's and Citizen it is easily noticeable about 1 second prior to the start of the song. It sounds mostly like drums, but at high speed, like they were fast forwarding another tape or somthing while DW was being mixed. It mostly sounds like cymbal sizzle, or residual percusion noise, and your brain just blends it into the mix. It cuts out 30 or so seconds into the song (I don't have a copy close buy so I can't tell you exactly when) Another way to describe it might be like the high end sound of a radio signal when it's not quite tuned in all the way. Thin, flanged, transient frequencies. (thinking here, of course, that I know what that means) Seek it out at your own risk. Once you hear it, you can never go home again!

love, bob "I-swear-I'm-not-crazy tedde"

bob tedde Sun Sep 8 03:54:25 PDT 1996

P.S. I wonder if this had anything to do with the Katy Lied DBX mixdown debockle (sp?) one hears/reads so much about??

JamaicanDude same Sun Sep 8 07:10:57 PDT 1996


StAlphonzo Sun Sep 8 09:46:02 PDT 1996

Where's RUDY? P>Bob: I don't think you're crazy. I have heard this. I think JamaicanDude spells it correctly.... P>ED: OK, like I don't have anything better to do (like study), I slapped the 'ol Nackamichi's on the head and set out on an expedition. Ever wonder how the artist's and engineer's can listen to the same snatch of music OVER and OVER again? Anyway, back to my point. I couldn't quite hear what you where talking about. At one point I tried standing in the middle of the room, arm's outstretched, hoping some sort of cosmic occurance would happen. Nope. I then tried hoping around on one leg while chanting "Kamakiriad" spelled backwards, or, "Dairikamak". P>Nope. P>I am not saying this does not exisist. It probably does. My lack of ability to hear this probably has more to do with the 150+ concerts I've attened. Some of these concerts have been rather loud. I have always adopted the "earplugs are for fairies" approach to concert listening. Sometimes, like this for instance, when I call upon ceratin audio functions my body screams back at me -- "REMEMBER MEGADETH YOU STUPID ASSHOLE......" P>StAl P>

Edd Cote You know where I am Sun Sep 8 12:37:11 PDT 1996

I've got the HV1-As on as I type, and the CD is looping on the point in question. I hear *something*. Distinctly. P>For those of you with the desire to ferret out this aural phantom, the sound in question occurs while Donald is singing the line "...with the TV on." And only in the LEFT channel. Those of you who might aural-dextrally challenged (or have your headphones on backwards), the hi-hat appears just to the right of center. Maybe 20 degrees. The spook is in the other ear. P>It sounds like someone speaking, with most of the frequency response removed, not unlike a telephone. P>Gack, I hope it's there on purpose. I'm not sure I want the responsibility of getting Roger back to New York to re-mix. Oh, the humanity!

ZOMBIE In bad shape Sun Sep 8 14:50:17 PDT 1996

Last night all of my music was stolen out of my brother's house. P>All SD albums - gone. All Fagen albums - gone. All bootlegs - gone. 11 TOW - gone. Singles w/ Big noise NY,Confide,shanghai,skyway&snowbound mixes-gone. NYR&S revue - gone. Mindy Jostyn album - gone. Steve Khan album - gone. Lost Tribe albums - gone. Citizen SD - gone. 8 years of collecting - gone. P>"...will you still have a song to sing when the Razor Boy comes and takes your fancy things away?"

The Madman You're Longing To Be Down @ The Lido Sun Sep 8 15:25:41 PDT 1996

ZOMBIE: Jeez that sucks the BIG one. Post your mailing address. It won't replace 8 yrs but maybe some of us have dupes or xtras that'll find their way over to your place. P>

rudy Sun Sep 8 16:30:49 PDT 1996

to Fran, who visited my home on Friday: P>when we kissed we could hear the sound of thunder P>as we watched the regulars rush the big hotels P>we kissed again as the showers swept the [north carolina] shore P>you opened your umbrella P>but we walked between the raindrops back to your door. P>[oooooooooooh WHAMMY] P>rudy (still toweling off) P>

Maxine Sun Sep 8 18:55:22 PDT 1996

You Zombie: I agree - post your mailing address. Surely we can come up with something. I'm willing to help if I can. P>Bob Tedde: understood, the logistics of transporting your entourage would be difficult. I'll just have to make it to CA next summer. Oh, and I am interested in the further details about Rockola (being in Pennsylvania, I *should* be able to make it to NY... perhaps YourGoldKeith can provide directions. P>And I heard it. I think. But after the description, I'm not sure I trust my ears, even with my headphones blasting. P>Maxine

ace Sun Sep 8 19:23:09 PDT 1996

hi everybody! just thought I would check in. Haven't been here in a while. keep rocking dudes!

Joe Murtha Sun Sep 8 20:20:31 PDT 1996

Cuervo, P>Thanks for the Verve info and the link! P>Last I heard, the Metheny soundtrack was only available in Europe. I'll send you info on how to obtain it under seperate cover... P>The legendary saxophonist, Dr. Wu himself, Phil Woods (Quintet) will be appearing this Tuesday through Sunday at the Blue Note, 131 W. Third St. NYC... Catch 'em if you're able... P>Joe M.

Joe Murtha Sun Sep 8 20:24:59 PDT 1996

Cuervo, P>Thanks for the Verve info and the link! P>Last I heard, the Metheny soundtrack was only available in Europe. I'll send you info on how to obtain it under seperate cover... P>The legendary saxophonist, Dr. Wu himself, Phil Woods (Quintet) will be appearing this Tuesday through Sunday at the Blue Note, 131 W. Third St. NYC... Catch 'em if you're able... P>Joe M.

JoeM Joe@joe Sun Sep 8 20:42:28 PDT 1996

oops, I'm employed by the Department of Redundancy Department.

minorWorld Sun Sep 8 21:20:34 PDT 1996

Maj.: Never underestimate the residual effects... P>Zombie:List me as another who will gladly funish D&W auricular stimulation in a tape format... P> P>

clean willy Sun Sep 8 21:45:44 PDT 1996

To: Bob Tedde . . . Great show in Santa Cruz last month! For all of you wondering whether The Steely Damned is worth your time and money . . . don't miss them if you get the chance. My wife and I were on our way back from a weekend in Monterey when we stopped by Palookaville in Santa Cruz where The Steely Damned were performing that night. We were so glad we did. They were phenomenal. Their covers of "I Got The News", "Pretzel Logic" and "Dr. Wu", among many others, were DEAD ON GREAT. This is due to an exceptionally talented group of musicians who obviously love performing the music of DF & WB as much as we enjoy listening to it. The lead guitarist, Hank Easton, is frightening. His note-for-note precision to the original recordings blew our minds. Bob, please let us know if you decide to return to Northern California. We'd love to see your band again. If we're ever in San Diego, we will not miss your show. P>To: Wayne Kranz . . . Yes, that was me shaking your hand outside the Hyatt Rickeys Hotel in Palo Alto last month as you climbed aboard the tour bus on your way over to Shoreline. I apologize for looking like a groupie, but I happened to be working that day at the hotel, when, four hours before the show, I found out THE BAND was staying at the hotel. Imagine my surprise! By the way, we did, as you suggested, enjoy the show (our third time at Shoreline). P>To: StAlphonzo . . . Thank you for the Drew Zingg guitar pick. Being a runner-up on your "guess the set list" was a pleasant surprise. And thank you for creating this web site. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading and posting over the past year. P>Clean Willy

clean willy Sun Sep 8 21:46:12 PDT 1996

To: Bob Tedde . . . Great show in Santa Cruz last month! For all of you wondering whether The Steely Damned is worth your time and money . . . don't miss them if you get the chance. My wife and I were on our way back from a weekend in Monterey when we stopped by Palookaville in Santa Cruz where The Steely Damned were performing that night. We were so glad we did. They were phenomenal. Their covers of "I Got The News", "Pretzel Logic" and "Dr. Wu", among many others, were DEAD ON GREAT. This is due to an exceptionally talented group of musicians who obviously love performing the music of DF & WB as much as we enjoy listening to it. The lead guitarist, Hank Easton, is frightening. His note-for-note precision to the original recordings blew our minds. Bob, please let us know if you decide to return to Northern California. We'd love to see your band again. If we're ever in San Diego, we will not miss your show. P>To: Wayne Kranz . . . Yes, that was me shaking your hand outside the Hyatt Rickeys Hotel in Palo Alto last month as you climbed aboard the tour bus on your way over to Shoreline. I apologize for looking like a groupie, but I happened to be working that day at the hotel, when, four hours before the show, I found out THE BAND was staying at the hotel. Imagine my surprise! By the way, we did, as you suggested, enjoy the show (our third time at Shoreline). P>To: StAlphonzo . . . Thank you for the Drew Zingg guitar pick. Being a runner-up on your "guess the set list" was a pleasant surprise. And thank you for creating this web site. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading and posting over the past year. P>Clean Willy

StAlphonzo Sun Sep 8 21:54:01 PDT 1996

Whew! I was beginning to wonder. That's 2 in one year. GOD I miss the eastern shore... P>StAl

EARTHBOUND Sun Sep 8 22:18:52 PDT 1996

Greetings Fans! Long time, no post. tut mir leid. P>I agree, what a nice tour this summer. Gotta story... Posted the Cincy show(7/16)and felt I could make it till next year--wrong. With no tickets, I secretly invited my better half to leave the home state to have a nice outdoor dinner with my folks at Die Bier Stube(where's that umlaut key when you need it!) in Frankfort,IL. Indeed, "sausage and beer," and the proprietor truly is a Klaus! So, the adept wait staff informs us how to access the VIP lot at the World(8/2). We arrive at 7:55p, stuffed with Spaten, and wobble passed a line of in-comers. With gleeful smiles and holding a small card pleading in rainbow script, "Need Two Tix Please," a pick-up truck breaks rank with a toot. Two gentlemen, no doubt taken by my mate's stunning smile and laughing eyes, produced two tix of rare design: VIP vouchers. "What fee kind sirs?," I asked. "Nah man, but if you see me inside, I'll have beer," he replied. We were seated with two minutes to spare, bearing import bevs, and treats of course. The show was very nice, esp. when the boys played Cash Only, and later(encore1) DTMA! Cincy had proffered JoS and WetSide only, as well as only the single encore. What a memorable day/night! Mahalo, DBWF. P>Bless you folks in Europe for your coverage! So glad you have gotten to enjoy Deacon & Babylon, as we did in the past. Yum! P>JIMBO: I'm with you. Competitive comparison of SD works, as with any art, determines what? Mood? Ego?... ugh. I also can't imagine having a wing ding w/o a beware to all lovers! Moreover, the past couple summers I've witnessed a dis- turbing trend: people of all ages, exiting a show where two or more bands have performed, proclaiming which band was "the better(best)." I asked myself after listening to those around me, "Who was better tonight, Santana or Jeff Beck?" Hmm... both. P>WB: Thanks for the Astroglide lead(Economy... you devil you!) P>"I remember, a line of women all in white" earthbound

Mike Hendon Mon Sep 9 00:33:26 PDT 1996

It's over twenty years since I saw the Dan at the 3,000 seater Rainbow in London. There was no way I was going to miss them on this tour. No dates announced for Europe, so it I would have to go to the States and witness their show on home turf. With the aid of the NET and a few transatlantic calls, I managed to get good seats for Portland and the Gorge. ithin a couple of weeks, the London dates were announced and my holiday plans had changed, wiping out the whole north of San Francisco itinerary. My partner and I had decided to line up with our friends and their kids. There was no way that a couple of Steely Dan concerts were going to take precedence over Las Vegas, the Canyon and Disneyland ! managed to get a refund on the Gorge and wiped Oregon from my mind. The new plan had to include holding the tour party in the Bay vicinity for long enough to catch the Mountain View show. This worked like a dream and, by the end of our first week in the States, Pete and I set of to the Shoreline for the gig, whilst the women dealt with a minor car problem and took the kids out to eat. Everyone was happy, although there was a slight anxiety about the lack of tickets. e shouldn't have worried. By setting off early we experienced a comfortable drive straight into the car park where a couple of scalpers were trying to sell a pair of tickets at $60 a throw. Pete's plea of " Leave it out mate, we're English ! We don't have that kind of money. " seemed to strike the right chord. An instant reduction of $10 per ticket seemed about fair and clutching them tight we walked right in. ccustomed to the barbaric catering facilities normally encountered at English arenas, our spirits were raised an extra notch, when we found that we were able to lounge in the sun at a comfortable outdoor where we sipped our litre jug of frozen margueritas and nibbled at some garlic chips. " This must be local garlic," I told the waitress, knowingly. "I believe that we just drove through the garlic capital of America, the day before yesterday. " Gilroy ! You bet." was the reply as she heaped an extra serving on to my huge paper plate. he tequila was starting to work and we were ready to take our seats, but first a visit to the concession stands. Ever since I first heard "Show Business Kids", I had yearned to be the owner of my very own Steely Dan T Shirt. Now I had to choose between six different designs. No choice really, I whipped out my credit card and purchased all six. Just a word of warning though, the Kid Charlegmane shirt was a fair deal tighter than the rest. They most probably labelled the sizes incorrectly. he venue was superb. The steeply slanting auditorium gave the impression of being close to the action, even when you were seated some thirty seats back. The audience was a mix of old and young, but they seemed to be generally far more laid-back than I had expected. Three rows ahead of us, three deeply tanned teenage girls in halter-neck tops got out a bong and obliterated our view of the stage for a while with the resultant dense cloud of smoke. Those nearby responded by snorting heavily or getting into deep conversations about the evils of smoking. By the time the Dan had finished "Hey Nineteen" the girls had broken out into spontaneous dancing, only to greeted with cries of "Sit down, forchrisesake!" They soon showed a visible energy loss and slinked out, never to be seen again. he constant movement of the crowd fascinated me. People were forever getting up and going out for refreshments. Half way through "Big Black Cow" I was aware of an overpowering aroma of fish. A few seats away, a couple were eating a full-scale Chinese meal, complete with chopsticks ! arlier on in the evening, we spoke with some women who were lining up for lawn tickets. We asked if they were big fans, but they said that they just liked concerts. I definitely had the feeling that a good section of the audience would have been here whoever was playing. The band were great, no doubt about it, but I felt that the crowd did not display the kind of adulation that I would have expected. I am sure that in England the crowd will be much more of the long-time, diehard fanatical variety. ighlights of the concert ? Undoubtedly the final stretch leading into the encore of DTMA and My Old School. The musicianship was great, although there was a little too much doodling for my liking, especially from the pianist. But hey! This was still the greatest band I've seen since ..... the last Steely Dan lineup of Denny Diaz, the Skunk etc. he morning after the concert, Pete and I wore our shirts proudly performing a stirring rendition of "Kid Charlegmane" by the Super 8 Motel poolside. With so many shirts to choose from, we were able to wear them throughout the holiday. This brought home to me the extent to which Steely Dan enjoy a warm spot in the hearts of Americans everywhere. Especially women of a certain age. A day didn't go by when I wasn't stopped by someone asking me if I'd really seen the Dan. Female assistants in supermarkets were generally the most enthusiastic. "How are Walter and Donald doing ? I love those guys!" was a typical response. n Vegas, the guy collecting the tickets for "Country Tonite" held up the whole line as he engaged me in Steely Dan chat. He had been a longtime fan and had seen them at the Hard Rock. When he finally saw the length of the line building up behind us, he urged us into the show yelling " Hey now, drink up that Big Black cow and get out a here!" ven the charity lady behind the information stand at S.F airport was a fan. "Hey ! Steely Dan! My kind of people!" she shouted. It took some time to explain that I'd spent all my U.S. money on T shirts and had to catch my flight thus resulting in no donation to the charity, but I finally made it on to the plane only to hear an English voice shouting after me. "Steely Dan! You really saw them?" It was the flight attendant who explained that she was due to see them in London on the 9th. We said we'd look out for each other. t's the night before the London shows. I've got tickets for both of them. If your going, look out for a guy with a Bad Sneakers U.S. tour T shirt and an expression of contained ecstasy on his face and say hi!

StiffNotKeith Mon Sep 9 00:47:12 PDT 1996

Dear All: Eleven hours to go before the concert. This is going to be the longest day at work ever. P>Tick, tick and then tick some more. P>Stiff

maj. dude Tue Sep 3 21:23:26 PDT 1996

Well some very cool changes for Europe. Babylon Sisters , Deacon, Cash Only Island is there. What's with the "new" funked up groove for Home At Last? Help, please, the pushy, arrogant American wants to know!!

And for anyone who has caught the shows state-side and in Europe, has Cash Only Island been modifoed at all? I noticed that, compared to Va. Beach, this song at Pine Knob or Alpine had less backup vox and a stronger Donald in the chorus. Or maybe I just need a few more days at the Camarillo.

Walter: Are your bagels fresh enough for you and cut just the way you like? Did anyone open your limo door when you arrived or did you have to do it yourself? What a pity.

BTW, this one's for you, MM:

"I remember the thirty five sweet goodbyes when you put me on the Wolverine up in Somerdale."

More to come......

Clas Tue Sep 10 02:15:00 PDT 1996

Ive never been so close to a woman before. She had the right gaze in here exploding eyes, her jummies where tight and her breath made me breathless. I began worrying for my heart again.Sternum pain. Give me valium. Her hipster attracted booster just looked me right in the eye and said, no pills today, lets listen to "Third World Man". And we did. And she fancied me with whit her arrogant hipster hips, snail on the wail on a shorttounged avune in Inglewood. Now shes gone. And Im sitting in this swedish rain and have to walk the dog. Delia, are you in love with me yet? Well meet at Lincoln Mall? Clas

CLAS Tue Sep 10 02:28:31 PDT 1996

Shit, The message i sent for two minutes ago, above, is for Maxine. THEN I started thinking while I was say hallo andd bye, and that walking the dog shit, I thought maybe Delia wants to meat me at lincoln Mall, no when whe are booth alone and , I mean we have a common interest... So, the first part of the letter is for MAXINE. Maxine, dont forget that, and those tiny, tiny little words in the end is for Maxine, no, DELIA. Delia, do you like Steely Dan? Clas

chris solbe Tue Sep 10 02:40:07 PDT 1996

Wembley last night... I was waiting with such trepidation ("how can they possibly deliver?" or, the worst nightmare scenario possible "they'll be 'OK'..." etc etc). And - deep breath - it was excellent. I won't train spot the whole set list but I was a pig in mud as they leaned heavily on Scam/Gaucho/Aja era stuff, and by and large did it justice.

It is always a Wembley problem, but the basslines were undefined bordering on the inaudible - such a shame when the rest of the mix was really really good. I won't complain about the sax and guitar solos not being note-for-note retreads of the records - the players were truly excellent, and sounded totally simpatico with the spirit of the arrangements without just being a sessionman pastiche. Nor will I carp about the minor changes to some of the arrangements and vocal phrasing. When it all came together, as it frequently did, I still managed to get that thrill that nothing else touches and never will.

And finally... let's not get ageist about this but I'm thirty and I felt like one of the youngest people there. It's really sad that a generation is missing out on this stuff. Don and Walt's repeated references to the Seventies seemed strangely out of place... I only discovered these guys when I was at college (1985!) and to me the music is timeless. Two unique people whose contribution will never be fully appreciated when the history books come to be written.

Stiff Tue Sep 10 03:00:10 PDT 1996

I have to agree with the last caller. The Wembley show was great but I (at 32) felt fairly young there. Annoyingly, many of the audiance just sat there for most of the gig. I suspect they hadn't been out for real live entertainment for a while and forgot that they were allowed to get up and have fun. So, if anyone was there last night and wants to know who the baldy, beardy bloke was; standing up, dancing, singing and having a really good time... I was me.

And Mr Stiff is not ashamed to post a set list either. You'll have to wait an hour or two though as I'm suposed to be answering someone's phone call at the moment.



Mitch Grant MR D HERTZ Tue Sep 10 04:23:18 PDT 1996

Gee Bob....New York sounds like fun! Wish I was goin!

Andy Cippico Tue Sep 10 04:32:02 PDT 1996

RE: Wembley gig, London CC: SD Digest.

Well, what can I say. 22 years waiting, only to be let down by hideously bad acoustics. I'm sure the band were trying to play well, but the whole thing sounded like a bad rehearsal in a big garage. The horns were too loud, the bass was a low rumble and the kick drum was non-existent. The only three highlights of the evening were:

Babylon Sisters Deacon Blues Ricki - shame about the chord changes, but a beautiful number. Don't Take me Alive - lets have more of those hard guitar-driven numbers! Jack of Speed - sounds excitingly promising!

All these numbers were played at a reasonable volume, all the rest merged and sounded as if they were just one number. Donald was the consummate professional throughout, looking more like a mobile Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder all the time. What a joy to hear that voice live. I have to say at this point before I lay into Walter that I really like his voice, too. Keep it coming, Walt!

My criticisms? - As I said before, very poor acoustics spoiled the whole thing for me.

- Most of the backing musicians behaved like prima-donnas. Whenever they got to solo, they just tried too hard, as if to say: "Look at me! I'm playing with Steely Dan". Cornelius was the only backing musician with any soul.

- Walter annoyed me intensely by just noodling through every song no matter how inappropriately. You just wanted to say - "Walter - SHUT UP!". Having said that, I know where he's coming from. I play guitar and I know how tempting it is just to play a bunch of flash licks all through a number. Smacks of bad discipline, though.

- Wayne Krantz - mmmmm, how can I put it. Great technical wizardry and occasional flashes of sheer brilliance but most of the time just a jazzier Joe Satriani. With all the hype on the digest about Wayne, I guess I expected better.

- Ari Ambrose was far too avant-garde for the old numbers, which I believe most people would want to hear as close to the original as possible (Reelin' in the Years is a case in point).

In conclusion, I'm sorry, D&W, you are my all-time fave band, I worship the ground you walk on and I am living for the next album 'in your lifetime', but please don't ever play Wembley again (tell your agent that Earls Court is the place to go next time). Do Jeff Baxter, Denny Diaz or Larry Carlton want too much dough for this kind of gig? If not, sign 'em up now!

Andy Cippico

bob tedde Tue Sep 10 04:40:04 PDT 1996

Kris Felscher (really?): While You and The Don are deep in the throws of your propos-ed one way swapage of bodily fluid, you might want to ask him for some help with the spelling of his last name.

CLAS: You're back! I thought perhaps you were frightened away by you stupid American big Brothers (and Sisters. Hey buddy in this country we got a thing called political correctness!) Keep it coming, man! Your posts are for me to oout loud be again laughing. (ow, my sternum) So you wish to "meat Delia at the Lincoln Mall? Sounds pretty Freudian to me! Maybe you could talk Delia and Maxine into "meating" you in Sweden! They could come Aer Lingus, no?

MAXINE: Sorry about the previous bit of sickness, I couldn't help myself. If you're serious about coming all that way to see Rockola in NYC, the least we could do is learn something Dan or related.That's the least we COULD do. The least we WILL do is take the matter under advisement and explore the possibilities. It's a tough nut to crack, however, us being a four piece band, and me the de-facto keyboard player. (or as The Two might say, "keyboard owner") My initial reaction to your Early Years suggestion was to laugh. (an inaudible-smile-on-my-face-inner laugh. Nothing like Rudy's recent experience) But here I sit with my just-dug-out vinyl copy of EY. Now if I could only remember how to work that infernal contraption you use to play it on. What's that thing called again?

DELIA:(with old jewish man inflection) Ah Cha.........Ah Chaa! I finally got your pedigree from you know who relative to your aquisition of the you know whats from you know whom! Holy straight from the horses mouth Batman! I'm flattered and very impressed.To say I owe you one is an understatement. Thanx again!

PPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGG: Forget about picks, hold out for one of those new capos I'm gettin' courtesy Joey Harris!


Stiff Tue Sep 10 05:22:23 PDT 1996

The Wembley Set List:

Do it again

Bad sneakers (with cool WB solo)

Josie (more majic from Walt)

Hey 19 (Hey 19, that's Otis Redding - nice change)

Jack of Speed (Superb - glad Walt gets to sing it)

Reelin' in the years

Babylon Sisters (worth waiting for)

Introduction of the band with FM's riff playing.

Green Earings


Green Flower Street


And after the break

East St. Louis Toodle-oo

Glamour Profession

My Waterloo

Chain Lightning (huge response from crowd)

Deacon Blues (crowd have finally woken up)

Black Cow

Home At Last

Kid Chalemagne

And then two encores:

Don't Take me Alive (SMOKING!)

My Old School

Previous comments here about last night's gig just show how the experience differs from person to person (let alone night by night). I thought the acoustic was fine (apart from a messy bass sound). It must come down to where you were sitting (logical). As for the musicians being showy and soul-less - nah! They were great. I think two drum solos are more than enough for one show but when he wasn't soloing the drummer was excellent. Krantz played from the heart and the horn section meshed together beautifully. Donald seemed to having a great time and certainly played really well while Walt was on top form too. His 'noodling' seemed appropriate considering how much a part of the SD sound it is. And yes, I was glad to hear him singing. More please Walt.

All in all I had a fantastic evening (no drugs or booze either) and enjoyed every note played and every word sung. Did I come away annoyed because of a new chord change...? oh get a life!

Of course if they screw up on Thursday's show I'll rip 'em apart.


Stiff (Phew)

Stiff @spelling class Tue Sep 10 05:35:59 PDT 1996

...and yes I do know how to spell magic. Oops.


Maxine Tue Sep 10 05:42:57 PDT 1996

Bob: I think it's called a ph... a pho... "sound just like a record on a..." I've almost got it- tip of my tongue, really... (and I'm laughing about your sternum, too!)

maj. dude: are you still a'reading? I just realized you started to answer my "founders vol 1 (caves/android mixup)" question sunday night, but then had computer problems (well, not your own, admittedly) and I'm still in suspense. Don't leave me hangin' on, regardless of the name...

prosit: good to see you here! chat, tomorrow eve., as near to 8:00 EST as your kids will allow? (I've lots to say..)

clas: the first part is for me... where does my part stop and Delia's begin? I'm thinking that perhaps tight jummies might have something to do with exploding eyes, but that might just be me.

YGK: Yawn. Visit your friendly neighborhood postal worker lately?

Josie? You around, babylon sister?


Started off the morning with a much needed cup 'o coffee and "Do It Again" playing on the local station... maybe this day will be bearable after all.

YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 10 07:46:18 PDT 1996

Maxine: the box was dark blue, with a round-ish "roof", and it ate my text of the most recent truth. A short-ish a triumph and sorrow, you'll probably get it the day after tomorrow . . .

(i must admit to feeling a strong sensations of j, jea, jeal, ah, no that wasn't it - just a clue - swedes are crazy . . .)

hope your coffee was excellent . . .


YGK again, wit feelin' - (and correct spelling) Tue Sep 10 07:48:04 PDT 1996

Maxine: the box was dark blue, with a round-ish "roof", and it ate my text of the most recent truth. A short-ish tale of triumph and sorrow, you'll probably get it the day after tomorrow . . .

(i must admit to feeling a strong sensations of j, jea, jeal, ah, no that wasn't it - just a clue - swedes are crazy . . .)

hope your coffee was excellent . . .

YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 10 07:57:38 PDT 1996

AL&GAS: iz there any way we can have phone contact re: Black Cow? I'd leave my number here "encoded" like I did yesterday, yet no response. PLEASE Get back as soon as you can. Once I get your address I can mail the check . . .


YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 10 08:22:23 PDT 1996

M: how was/is your Clas? ; )

Joe Murtha Tue Sep 10 08:26:11 PDT 1996

A new must read from the SD literary reference catalog... William "cyberspace" Gibson's "Idoru" 292 pp. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1996.

From the scribe who brought you "Neuromancer" AND all of those nifty Dan references in previous writings... A bar called "The Gentleman Loser"... A character named "Becker"... etc...

Excerpt from the book review: Owning a copy of Gibson's "Neuromancer" became de riguer, right alongside Thomas Pynchon, William S. Burroughs and the situationist manifestos of Guy Debord.

Fagen has listed Gibson as one of his favorite sci-fi authors. Don and Walt are BIG Pynchon and (obviously) Burroughs fans as well...

Joe M.

rudy zzzzzzt Tue Sep 10 08:33:00 PDT 1996





maj. dude Tue Sep 10 08:37:08 PDT 1996

The "Greatest SD Guitar Songs" idea is worth extra consideration. Good suggestion.

So Chain was in the set. Anyone know if it was like the original, or like the arrangement played in 1994, driven by the horns and no lyrics?

New puzzler: AinA vs. NYR&SR ? IMHO, the latter is more upbeat, crisp, and exciting. The former doesn't have as much zip, or is that, Zingg. .

As for LeBarBat, I'm holding out for a promise from lovebob that we'll hear at least one SD song. How bout "With A Gun"? can be what you are just the same..... It's perfect for New Yawk City, no?

Zombie: have you considered joining BMG music club? You could probably replace all your danthings in one full swoop. Try "http:" If they don't have the sd catalogue ordernumbers, mail me, I probably have the order codes in my files somewhere. PS. I don't have stock in BMG, hwhaddeveryh.

Maxine: I wasn't the one who started to talk about the androidnotandroid mixup. And I don't think CJ was scared off, just FRIGHTENED BY US FREAKS!!!! Don't you remember is question: "So is all you guys do is talk about Steely Dan?"

.....until my ship comes in, I'll live night by night.....

DrMu NoteByNote@ABBAsangaSongCalledWaterlooToo Tue Sep 10 08:45:33 PDT 1996

Is it just me? I seem to detect a number of bewildered customers who would like the Dan to play things precisely as on the original recordings? Do we really want this? Why don't we have have the Dan lip-synch like ABBA, Huey Lewis (at the Oscars, remember - watch out when the CD jumps!), or any of dozens of artists on that Solid Gold Series - before Dionne Warwick became psychic (1-900-BANK-ACCOUNT). A note: only the much maligned Richard Marx was brave enough to sing live on the show - I'm not a big fan of his, but he's a fellow Cubs fan.

I have not seen the re-arranged most of the songs. Sometimes the changes are subtle and tasty as on Aja. Other songs such as Reelin' in the Years and Sign in Stranger were completely revamped with IMHO spectacular results. "Noodling" with the song structure, chord progessions, etc. and improving the music are part of real musicianship. The music is only then Alive! I think it might be a radical and a very good idea to record the next CD as an ensemble LIVE!

Any other opinions?

DrMu Tue Sep 10 08:57:54 PDT 1996

1st line; 2nd par: I have not seen the '96 tour, but on Alive in America D&W re-aranged most of the songs....

YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 10 09:00:50 PDT 1996

I hope USAir flight #1881 plays in-plane Steely Dan - Wowski, M., touchdown at 8:46 9/20 - affordableamente! U Pick the Restaurant - my treat!



YGK y'know Tue Sep 10 09:49:37 PDT 1996

M: anybody home? I M

Rikki @searchingforthatnumber Tue Sep 10 10:04:35 PDT 1996

After reading some of the posts re: Rockola, would someone enlighten me as to what they sound like/perform? Someone mentioned the Beatles - I, along with at least 5 other people in the world, HATE the Buggy beatles. I was hoping it would be more sensitive, sophisticated, i.e. like the Dan . . .

Maxine Tue Sep 10 10:08:18 PDT 1996

Dr. Mu: It's not just you. I started a reply this morning but thought I'd try my best to reduce my number of guestbook posts per day (like an addict I am...) I think that the fandom as a whole is made up of folks from both camps. Without trying to sound too pretentious but while still presenting my views as a musician *and* a theatre person, I'm very big into the idea that it's not just about being able to present it the same way every time. I guess it goes back to the notion of improvisation; when you improvise a solo the first time you play/sing it, but then repeat the solo the same way the next time you perform it, is it still improvisation?

But then again, I may be wrong. (Gee, maybe I should take up politics, I waffle so well.) No, seriously, I think that there are going to be folks who want their experience to be that way, but I prefer the surprise element.

Wow, two Dansongs on the local radio station in one day! I'm getting closer to the ideal...

YGK: Class (note the second 's') was fine. (Very funny, BTW.) Oh, and I think Al&Gas are in Italy (or maybe Germany?) but if you need an email sent on your behalf, I'd be happy to oblige. Will expect small-ish envelope soon. We'll talk re: 9/20.

maj. dude: I liked StAl's response when CJ said "I only own one CD anyway..." Sorry about the android mixup, my mind doesn't always retain the relevant information. Perhaps I should pose it here since I am still curious...

O.k., for the truly knowledgable: I picked up a used CD copy of "Founders of Steely Dan vol. 1" and I'm wondering if there's any known reason why track one, which is actually Caves of Altamira, was listed as Android Whse?

peg Tue Sep 10 10:14:17 PDT 1996

Mitch Grant: you're not going? i think you'd better, after all, does anyone else know what "woofy" really means to Mark?

Bob Tedde/keyboard owner: I was thinking the capo could only be appreciated by the winner if it's a guy. But if Maxine won, she'd have a reason to meet up with Clas after all. He'd have to 'plump' up a bit, though.


Maxine Tue Sep 10 10:30:14 PDT 1996

Pehhhhhhhhhg: OUCH!

(O.k., so I lied, I'll post again, and I'll like it, dammit!)

Rikki: re: Rockola, no they're not a Danband (although Bob's OTHER band, The Steely Damned - I came near to committing a "capital" sin, Bob, but caught it before sending - has some notoriety on this page as being a great Dan cover band). Since we're having a "guess the setlist" contest, though, it *would* be helpful to have a clue about what types of music they do play besides the Beatles.


LA_MAN A_Very_Alive_American@ScrewEurope.Com Tue Sep 10 10:56:24 PDT 1996

Have been lurking for a while and dig the guestbook but the whiny euro(peons) bitching about the steely dan tour is about to get me down. It is now obvious to me that the dan is just too good for the whiny bastards overseas. I am sure the dan will save the trouble and play extra US dates next time around. They just don't understand...

I know this will flame but I walk on fire!

YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 10 10:57:25 PDT 1996

Maxine: If you would be kind enough, that E-mail offer would be terrif. And if 9-20 is a problem, let me know ASAP - I'm supposed to pick up the tkts Weds. wqw.wuw.wtpu

Guesses on the setlist: ShowBizTrain - the Guess Who Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon Les Filles de Kilimanjaro (the entire album)- Miles, Bob you do have that phat Miles samplesomewhere on your Roland, no? It's not that hard of an album to play, izzit?? : 0, rather : )


Maxine Tue Sep 10 11:17:01 PDT 1996

YGK: briefly: that wasn't "we'll talk" as in it's a problem, just "we'll talk" as in not on the guestbook.

Peg: about that capo issue, I think Clas needs even less encouragment than I'm already providing (little to none?). Not that that's stopping him.

Now really, I'm getting back to work. (don't start taking bets, everyone...)


Peter Noss Tue Sep 10 11:26:41 PDT 1996

Zombie: Sorry to hear about your troubles. The BMG Music Group idea would be great for retrieving all the "legal stuff." I'd be glad to help out by recording some of the rarer stuff at some point. I just hope your steely shrine BOOK is still within your grasp. Hope all your crazy travelling was free of incident during thousands of miles back and forth among this great land of ours....

Josie: Hey.... How you Doin??


Lucky Henry Tue Sep 10 11:33:48 PDT 1996

I can't friggin keep up with the posts, people. Could you please slow it up? Say, thanks awfully, lh.

LH same as@above Tue Sep 10 11:38:42 PDT 1996

So, 'twas the Seedge (CJ), whom I knew! Where's Chudzma? I say, bring on the Betz!

Ray&ChantalCiaren&E Tue Sep 10 11:50:53 PDT 1996

Another casualty from Wembley 9th SD Agree with previous comments about last nights gig esp terrible acoustics as the grandads of perfection they have do something about the sound esp the bass. Almost unbelievable to see them actually playing all the old and new goodies in person but.. Arena's The wrong place for a good sound. SD is so subtle that they deserve better maybe they have the wrong PA?? Could have cried.. first class bass player but will have to wait for the live album of ArtCrimes to find out for sure.

Thanx for coming to UK again after 22 years.. joy to find you alive and kicking. Dont leave it so long to come again and yes go somewhere that does justice to this incredible sound (eg Earls Court, Hammersmith for 4 nights??) Next time sample the bagles in Golders Green (did we see the limo on GG road last night ???) no one will ever know!

You lucky Yanks think about us sometimes Love RCEC

YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 10 12:18:46 PDT 1996

during your hellday, M, what SD songs are arriving in that head o' yours? how iz the day progressing? hope all iz well . . .

LA MAN: I don't really think we can justly penalize the Europeans due to what sounds like poor choice of venues on the part of the promoter(s), resulting in less than perfect Dan-like sound. Actually, I think the Europeans would dig it if they could hear it . . . and you know, that ScrewEurope theme may prompt more than several well-heeled Europeans to utter, "those Stupid Americans", which, I believe, we are definitely NOT - right, LA MAN? Oh, RIGHT, you are from LA . . .that explains it . . .


Peg Tue Sep 10 13:24:54 PDT 1996

Maxine: sorry; i was just joking around about an act we saw last nite; i should have thought it through before putting both yours and his name in the same sentence.

The Rockola set list contest: how about changing it to "Guess which SD song(s) they'll do"?? Personally, I liked Major Dude's suggestion. How 'bout it, Bob?

Maxine Tue Sep 10 13:46:40 PDT 1996

Peg/Bob: I'm *still* pushing for I Can't Function. Bob/keyboard owner could play the sax solo with his "whatevah" keyboard set to the cheezy saxophone/accordion sound. I think this is an excellent idea - so excellent in fact that since I previously mentioned I could be a politician, I'll start campaigning for this song. (Peg, can I come kiss your baby??)

Oh, and as for the work/post issue: I'm at home now. Some sort of bug is getting the best of me, so I left early. Looks like it's stay in, recuperate, and listen to the Dan *instead* of going to class. Oh, shucks.

YGK: see above. all is not well, but I survive.


YGK @theworkplaceinHell Tue Sep 10 13:47:04 PDT 1996

M: OK, OK, I'm getting them tomorrow though Round Midday

PAHGUE!: it will come back to you . . . karma

With all of this complaining about the acoustics in Europe, I am willing to bet that the Japan shows will soar! I believe the Japanese will have the class, the knowledge and the artisic appreciation to place D&W in a proper venue, i.e. one with fine tuned acoustics. It is virtually impossible for a band to have a good time when they can't hear each other. Donald & Walter:Write your agent and prepare them for Japan (as if you didn't already). P.S. Iz there any way you could cancel the last Japan show and come party with us at Le Bar Bat???


Maxine Tue Sep 10 17:51:28 PDT 1996

I need to get something off my chest that's not-Dan-related, please bear with me... I'm running a temperature, too, so this is all being posted in semi-delirium...

Why is it that other people think they can give you sh*t just because they are getting their Ph.D. and you have the word "secretary" in your title? It's especially bad when the future Ph.D. in question is younger than you...

Sorry all. I'm having job angst right now, and I'm not even at my job. My problem is I'm a graduate student trapped in a secretary's body. I need a new line of work... Walt, are you *sure* you don't have anything in the way of additional childcare needs I could attend to?


Beautiful Survivor Tue Sep 10 18:04:14 PDT 1996

Maxine: I suppose you -could- petition Walt for some gainful employment; in the meantime, maybe you ought to change your job title to Administrative Assistant. At least it -sounds- a little more dignified (???).

Later, Beautiful Survivor

julian moseley Tue Sep 10 18:13:41 PDT 1996

We met at midnight at Mr. Chows for szechuan dumplings.

They were as good as the show at Wembley. Ricki knockout, first time Id heard it live - they didnt do it in St. Pete in 94. Great Black Cow. Barnstorming My Old School. Great Deacon Blues.

I drove back from Italy to see them. I felt like Barry Newman in Vanishing Point. When they started Babylon Sisters, I hit the bulldozers.

maj. @sleepwalking Tue Sep 10 22:01:52 PDT 1996

Vanishing Point? Isn't that the movie where he charges into a roadblock of dozers in an AMC Javelin only to be totally obliterated in a fiery ball of flames and twisted metal?

looooooook in 'da house muddafuckas Tue Sep 10 22:03:14 PDT 1996

yo! mtv raps!!

I hear you guys are hip to 'da gangsta music scene!! Could someone please e-mail me some info on any snoop-doggy-dogg bootlegs.

Much respect - see y'all in 'da dogg pound. loooooooooooooook.

peg same Tue Sep 10 22:12:40 PDT 1996

just wanted to see if this is going to be blue

julian moseley Wed Sep 11 01:46:53 PDT 1996

We met at midnight at Mr.Chows for szechuan dumplings.

They were as good as the show at Wembley. Started where theyd left off in Florida in 94 with Do it Again. Ricki a knockout, first time Id heard it live. Great slowed down Black Cow. Barnstorming My Old School. We cried when he sang Deacon Blues.

I drove back from Italy to see them. I felt like Barry Newman in Vanishing Point. When they started Babylon Sisters, I hit the bulldozers.

julian moseley Wed Sep 11 02:30:51 PDT 1996

We met at midnight at Mr. Chows for szechuan dumplings.

They were as good as the show at Wembley. Started where theyd left off in Florida in 94 with Do it Again. Ricki a knockout, first time Id heard it live. Great slowed down Black Cow. Barnstorming My Old School. We cried when he sang Deacon Blues.

I drove back from Italy to see them. I felt like Barry Newman in Vanishing Point. When they started Babylon Sisters, I hit the bulldozers.

Der George Wed Sep 11 04:00:21 PDT 1996

Hilfe ! Help ! Au secours !LA_MAN, don't you be so unfriendly with us poor EuroBeans here. Well, at least, don't with me. But you did, and so you deserve no better than to read my Hamburg review that I only mailed to the Digest and didn't post so far. Watch out for my next post ...

YouGoldKeithYou: thanx for the support. I dug it :-)

Maxine: Some people just give you sh*t because they think the're so important, while in fact this might be less than true. It's got nothing to do with YOU. Cheer up, pls.

Al und Gas: So glad you made it too, and yes, we'll have another chance to meet. Remember to stick to the mixer next time, though.

Clas: how (your_name_here)sy you are. Tell us more about your inner secrets. Want a song written about your dreams? Pleased to meat you ... Me luv to y'all ...

CLAS Wed Sep 11 04:07:33 PDT 1996

Hallo Maxine/Delia! I have come to my senses now. Dont be afraid. But who wouldnt take a toue down avenue Smack one night in nov in Inglewood? From one thing to another; Ive always imagined and fantasised around the lyrics in Dr. Wu. I think I got no what the song is alabout. Listen: A pretty girl get pregnant, she is a ballerina in a travelling ungarishan cirkus. There are a lot of hevy things smoked, and theres this guy, a wise man, the travelling parties medicin man you can call him. He keeps everybody mentaly in prison with that medication who is going on. No, the night she she got pregnant, she was so dizzy, so she cant tell who the fuckin father is. So beg the mdicin man,Dr. Wu, to take her foster away from her. Abortation. Thats a smart thing to do, because dr. Wu himself will not do that. (she knows that he knows that she knows that he is the father, follow?) "She is lovely yes shes sly and your an ordinary guy..." you see, in this very moment he, dr. Wu becomes an ordinary guy, a jerk, overlisted by a simpel ballerina? A beutiful lyricano about abortation. What do you think girls, Maxine first. Then Delia. Rudy, get lost youre audi. From Stockholm, Clas

SD Web Drone @ HTML Hell Wed Sep 11 04:31:40 PDT 1996

The Fat Boys over at Pathfinder are dicking with the URLs again...and the site is temporarily down. Hopefully things will get sorted out soon & you'll all get a proper APB for that missing kid.

Stiff Wed Sep 11 04:47:35 PDT 1996

Hey hey, LA MAN. Did you not read my comments on the wembley gig? I loved it...ALL OF IT and I certainly didn't notice any rude bastards walking out during the WB numbers (as I believe happened in your neighbourhood). Your comments just go to prove we have heroes and schmucks on boths side of the ocean. Or were you just trying to stir things up (it worked!)

And whoever was pointing out this strange urge from some people to have CDs recreated live on stage, you are right. But who are these people? I can't think of a single band or musician worth their salt who would play the same song the same way every night. Imagine a cadenza in a Bach concerto being played the same way for hundreds of years.

As for me, I'm ready for a good time tomorrow at Birmingham. And you know, even if the sound quality is a bit poor I will still be getting into it and singing along. Let's try not to get too anal about this. Is is just rock and roll after all.


Der George Wed Sep 11 05:28:34 PDT 1996

The Hamburg Review: What a grreat day!

Today it's nothing than celebrate: get up, get some fresh pretzels for the family breakfast, get my railway ticket to Hamburg, then I'm on the train, pour me a cup'o'coffee, listen to some SD Gold - hey, I'm the one! Let the world pass by me.

In Hamburg I do some sightseeing in the city, then off to the venue, sip some Cai Pirina while waiting for the gates to open. Then into the place, check out the scene. I'll just post a shorty on setlist. It's been identical to Frankfurt except there was only My Old School as encore (BTW, I thought of YOU RubyBaby, when I listened to this!). Here we go:

Hamburg setlist:1) Do it again, 2) Bad Sneakers, 3) Josie - drum solo, 4) Hey Nineteen, 5) Jack of Speed - what a lovely funky tune, WB great, 6) Peg, 7) Babylon Sisters, 8) Green Earrings, 9) FM Band intro, 10) Rikki, 11) Green Flower Street - never liked this so much before, becomes one of my fav's now, 12) Reeling in the Years Intermission w/ special delivery done. Thanks so much again. Enjoy your laundry. 12) East St.Louis Toodles, 14) Glamour Profession - see 11 above, 15) My Waterloo, 16) Cash Only Island, 17) Deacon Blues, 18) Black Cow, 19) Home at last - modifications to the rythm chart, e.g. at the joint between verse and chorus. Seems kinda funked up to me. I find also To Barney's phrasing adds to the groove 20) Kid Charlemagne, Encore 21) My Old School

Sound was much better than in Frankfurt because the plce was much better sold ... hit us again here, LA_man ?-) I loved tp clearly here the basslines from the beginning. Looking around I could see other people rocking and moving in their chairs, still I think the audience coulda been a little more lively, like: hey, this is a live concert, wake up! But they were very well-behaving, applauded and so on. And this seems not to be a Uropean fenomenon, as I've read the same here before. Well, for the encore everybody was on their feet, the crowd standing right in front of the stage. The band also seemed to enjoy it. The singin' swingin' ladies kept smiling. Well, I would have liked to see/meet some more rrreally enthusiastic DanFans.

Well thank you guys so much for playing Germany. Keep comin' round every once a while if you like it.

Hey, am I supposed to get along until next year, I mean next tour ?? Yep, George, you are. Well, ok, let's get out of the Pre- and Post-SDS-whatevers and normalize just a little bit, not too much though ... Hang on with you scurvy brothers and sisters at least. Um, what date/event would you suggest I set my countdown program to? Lemme hear.

Oh revo-aah! Georges.

Josie Wed Sep 11 08:07:26 PDT 1996


So what's going on October 11th? I'm supposed to attend a wedding that evening but will surely forego it if the deal is right.

Peter Noss: Thanks for the package. Couldn't you xerox the Hollywood Bowl menu too?

Zombie: Good thing you lent me Book of Lairs (sic) and that Snowbound single. All is not lost...

Mynheer Walter and others: What a fine tribute with the newspaper and all. How's Da Kine?

EuroManiacs: Hope you're loving the shows, but bring the boys back home.

G."Ma-rye-ah" Wyeth: Good idea. Wayne pics. More of Ari too. Well, Walter?

And finally, to Walter: Danielle's been missing too for a few days. All that was left behind was some traces of red Kool-Aid (hair dye?) and a plane reservation receipt. Rollerblades were noticeably absent.

willie anstach Wed Sep 11 09:07:53 PDT 1996

This guestbook used to be a place to post a line or two expressing your appreciation of the Dan, but it's gotten quite obnoxious since the last time I visited. Those days are gone forever...

JamaicanDude Wed Sep 11 09:57:34 PDT 1996

yah, man, let's get back to those days

wow man, like Steely Dan jams, man

Maxine Wed Sep 11 10:16:59 PDT 1996

Willie: we're sorry, we must not have read page six, column three, subsection five of the "Guestbook Rules", which (obviously) says "If you've made friends because of this guestbook, because you share a love of the band's music, because perhaps this is the only way to be in touch with folks who feel the same way that you do, whatever you do, DON'T use this as a forum to communicate!" I think StAl. will have to HTML-ify that page, y'know, so we're all aware just of what our responsibilities as Danfans are.

"they say the times are changin', but I just don't know..."


JamaicanDude see above Wed Sep 11 10:23:27 PDT 1996

yah man, the Dan jams

can i say that twice? is there a rule against that, man? sorry man.

Al&Gas Wed Sep 11 10:25:27 PDT 1996

Some late flashes from Frankfurt show:

the good good playing of Ari Ambrose... the loveliness (in voice and person) of the backsingers... Walt's fine guitar, as usual out of all trends, almost going backwards, with that slight bitter touch ... the warm, old-fashioned sound of Bumpus... Beaz solos like being (dan)home... Don takes off his jacket and his keytar and takes the stage... Don's short dances (how we love'em)... the expression on Wayne's face while he closes the show with his solo... the fun of Lawson and Barney during the second set... the absence of the sound of the bass (lost in a rumble) and the hardwork of telling the bass parts from Barney's fingering (limited to the encores)... the wonderfully rockin' rendition of Don't Take Me Alive... the two gentlemen on the stage like fine brandy... the f@#!@# sound of the first set and the good one of the second... the head-bobbing crowd (like seaweeds, must have been awful from the stage)... the unpleasant task of revealing Ricky (Gas' 8 y.o. son) that we went to see the Dan without him... the promise to Ricky to send his salute to all the Danheads on the Net and to bring him with us to the next Danshow... the high probability of Dan's non-return in Europe, given the quality of the venues and the treatment of the press... One of the best nights in our lives.

YourGoldKeith: let's see if we got it. If p1u7 al@wk opprwvoqputt. Time zone: Italy.

Josie: Glad you showed-up again. Just sent you the nth trial email. Kusses.

Zombie: in case US source is not enough for replacing your losses, email us. We'll be happy to help as we can.

YourGoldKeith Wed Sep 11 10:59:11 PDT 1996

AL&GAS: If p=1, then q=? Did you get the mail from Maxine?

Maxine: Hope your feeling better - perhaps a second cup of coffee and Vitamin C? Call for delivery . . . My tickets are picked up - non-refundable - no way out. Now, what Hotel?

Josie: "The Bomb" of a bash with Rockola at Le Bar Bat, NYC, the 11th & 12th - hope you can attend - "I lost your pick-cha" . . .

Der George: Cheers from the USA. Next time, I hope they find better rooms for the Dan to play in . . .

Walter/Donald: Can I book your horn section for an upcoming recording?


YourGoldKeith @whatever Wed Sep 11 11:00:57 PDT 1996

I'm here, kidz . . .

Cubangentleman @biscaynebay Wed Sep 11 11:46:01 PDT 1996

Calling all Irish Dan fans......I know you're out there.... In the true spirit of Irish hospitality, I would like to suggest a mini gathering on saturday night.The place...well never mind the Steely Damned, there's are faantastic band in Dublin called The Naked Lunch and normally they play every saturday night at St Andrews Lane theatre,,raround midnightt. Would not be surpised if WB and DF but in a personal appearance, after all this is the place to be in Dublin on a saturday night. Any one interested...drop me a line.

zeke Wed Sep 11 12:22:14 PDT 1996

Can anyone tell me if the "Don Grolnick" guy who played on earlier recordings is the same guy who played/produced for James Taylor??

I subscribe to "Acustic Guitar" magazine and in it there was something mentioned about Don recently dieing from cancer. Is this the same guy???


LuckyHenry Wed Sep 11 12:51:27 PDT 1996

One and the same, Zeke. He's credited with also having worked with Linda Ronstadt and a host of others. Unfortunately I don't have his obit in front of me--a good one appeared in the NY Times after his untimely death. I showed it to someone I work with who's a big JT fan. She said she saw them in a show a couple years ago, but didn't know who Grolnick was. "That's the guy!" she said, when I showed her the obit. She told me Taylor looked at Don during the show, apparently, for reinforcement on his (Taylor's) performance. Grolnick would respond with a nod of approval... "He also worked with Steely Dan, y'know," I told her, being the resident Danhead here....It was a revelation for both of us, actually. I can't help but think Grolnick is responsible for the opening sequence on Babylon Sisters which Beasley has done so adeptly on the Fender (I know there're G-flats and C-flats in there somewhere).

Peter Noss Wed Sep 11 13:30:24 PDT 1996

zeke: The Don Grolnick you speak is the very same. He is also quite an excellent writer of some great music. Check out some of his compositions with Steps Ahead - lineup featuring Michael Brecker and Mike Manieri..... "Pools." He also puts out albums of his own...check 'em out.

LH kissing@up Wed Sep 11 14:16:29 PDT 1996

Sidebar to Joe M's post on William Gibson: Gibson will be doing a book signing this weekend to promote IDORU: Saturday 9/14 1:00-2:30 pm at Gene's in King of Prussia, PA (800) 573-4404. DONALD, let me know if you want me to grab a copy for you!

Bob Tedde Wed Sep 11 15:29:13 PDT 1996

CUBANGENTLEMAN: That's " well never mind *THE* Steely Damned"


Ben Tatar Wed Sep 11 16:35:03 PDT 1996

For an 18 year old, I'd say I'm extremely into the Dan. I got the chance to see them on August 3rd this year at Alpine Valley in WI and consider a major part of my passion for their music complete, except for a few small pieces:

1)I would die to get my hands on a copy of Dallas, Sail the Waterway, Mobile Home, or perhaps You Gotta Walk It...

2)I have never met them (or Napoleon)

Besides that, I have the Hal Leonard book, the other book (Reelin' in the Years, and two shirts, as well as all of their albums. I've also got plenty of Java...

I'd love to hear from some other Dan fans, and until then, I eagerly await the new album (hopefully out before I'm hey 19)

bob tedde Wed Sep 11 16:44:09 PDT 1996

oooops I Meant "*The*"

rudy Wed Sep 11 17:51:31 PDT 1996

hmmmm...first time I ever had to hit the CLEAR button on this thing...

StAlphonzo Wed Sep 11 18:53:19 PDT 1996

Hey now!

Sorry folks for the excessive length of the guestbook. Having computer configuration problems right now. I will edit as soon as possible. See Peg, you're not the only one....

Rudy: Did it hurt?

YGK & Maxine: Good luck you knutty lovebirds....

To everyone else: Again I have to revisit the message I sent out a while back. Where is it written that this guestbook is STRICTLY a forum for conversation about Steely Dan? I never wrote that.

Let's make it official: It is herby stated in HTML that you people can talk about whatever the f*ck you want to talk about. What you don't like you flame or ignore. What you do like you participate in. Otherwise quit yer bitchin.

For instance....

To that snoop doggystyle fellow: You are an idiot.

To Clas:

To Ben Tatar: Pick up a copy of "Four Tracks from Steely Dan" It has both Dallas and Sail the Waterway. Andriod warehouse is on a few different compilations. I suggest Catalyst because it has most of the early dan stuff and is easy to find. Goto my SD Link page for a link to Goldmine magazine. Last time I looked I found a couple of copies of 4 Tracks available.

You see how easy that was? Let's face it. The thing that brings us all together IS Steely Dan. If all any of us did was discuss, listen and breathe SD, you'd probably have to locks us in one of them rubber rooms....

Zombie: Email me. I've got some things I'd be happy to send a brother in need.

One of the things that makes this place so interesting and why many return day after day is the sense of camaraderie. Meeting Walter and Donald was a definite highlight but it is not why I continue to do this. I had the opportunity to meet Zombie face to face as well as a few others. I do this for all of my pals out on the web....

Peace, StAl

Zombie Wed Sep 11 19:00:14 PDT 1996

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all so much for the hospitality!! Especially The madman who started it all. I've been sort of bummed out, and when I logged on today I was so damned happy!! Y'all are DIAMONDS. I won't POST my mailing address for paranoid delusional/security reasons, but to those who offered I sure will e-mail you all my address.

RUBY: Could you be any cooler? Thanks!

Peter Noss: Sure, I'd loooove some rarities, I'll be in touch. By the way, I had to pull MYSELF over in Nevada, I'll tell you about it. Dr. Mu, Minor World, Maxine, Al & Gas and all other super kind folk, thanks again. JOSIE, and all other Steely obsessed souls: Crazy beaches, Killer Moonlight, the alternate universe is alive and well, somewhere. Peaceful living to all. Zombie. "...libations, sensations..."

ZOMBIE Wed Sep 11 19:06:08 PDT 1996

I almost forgot, St.Al, good to meet you and your clan at the Gorge. I think maybe you really ARE a Saint. Ever think of that? Weird.

Jagged Little Pill @ in her windpipe Thu Sep 12 03:11:13 PDT 1996

Isn't it ironic that Alanis Morrisette doesn't know what "ironic" means?

...don'tcha think?

bob tedde Thu Sep 12 03:24:13 PDT 1996

RIKKI: You *HATE* The Beatles???? That's down right un- American, uh...sorta. In many ways I see Becker and Fagen as the Lennon and McCartney of the 70's. We used to call Steely Dan the "cool" Beatles, in fact. If faced with that age old hypothetical question: were John, Paul, Walter and Donald in a burning building and you could save but two of them .......Etc. I'm not really sure what I'd do. Probably something like Lennon & Fagen. (Wow, think about that album for a second)

ANYWAYS...As for your inquiries as to the nature of ROCKOLA:..."sensitive???" Hmmm.....I think *passionate* might be a better word. "Sophisticated?" Weeeeell, about *compelling*! The long and short of it is that ROCKOLA is a four piece, VERY vocally oriented, fun band. We do a mixture of Rock, Roll, Pop, and Soul, from about 1963 to 1975. (No disco, thank you.) And while our Beatles material is probably our strongest suit, our Sam and Dave ain't too shabby neither. I won't lie to you, Jazz is not our bent. We do however understand the original definition of soul, which (and I'm gettin' on my high horse here) most self proclaimed "soul revival" acts tend to confuse/water down with Jazz &/or Funk. We have an extensive repetoir and NEVER work from a set list. So what we play at Le Bar Bat will depend greatly upon what the audience is receptive to. Our boss for the evening, Mr. Fogel, tells us "the bottom line is that people come to this club to dance, party and have a good time." These things we can facilitate AND still keep a respectable musical face. Unless I miss my guess, this means (if you attend) you will probably know most of the words to most of the songs. We will, however, subject any and all comers to 4 songs from that most dreaded of all music categories: ORIGINAL MUSIC! We are hoping that the cosmopolitan metropolis of Manhattan will respond more favorably to this than the staunchly conservative Navy town we live in where people psychologically attach the unspoken words "now go to the bathroom" at the end of the band's "Here's one of ours!" announcements. (Yeah I know, it's a run on. So sue me) If The Fab Four and Soul ain't yer bag, how about CSN, CCR, or the Eagles perhaps? (the neighbors are listening!) Grand Funk, Van Morrison, Sly & TFS, or The Who? (Have I scared everyone off yet?) *The* Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, Paul Anka, or Barry Manilow (the last few reserved for very bad, self absorbed audiences who don't acknowledge live band.) And the list goes on and on, from Soul staples like Mustang Sally to lesser known album tracks like Into The Mystic. Hope this helped, Somehow I feel I could ramble on for an hour and not acurately depict us. You might like to ask Peg, she might be able to relate something I've missed, or fix something I've miss-represented. If you live in the city and are tentative about the whole thing, how about a money back gaurantee? I'm good for it, assuming I don't get mugged or anything.

TO MAXINE AND OTHER INTERESTED PARTIES: at this writing, we are currently ATTEMPTING to put together some SD for the New York show. It will, given our nature, have to be some/one of their more rock oriented tunes. Certainly nothing later than Pretzel Logic. Keep in mind we are NOT The Steely Damned, and as such will be performing stripped down versions IF AT ALL. (I refuse to butcher what is arguably some of the best music of our age!) Regardless, I'll let you know before you make such a long haul if we've succeeded in pulling it off or not. But I may keep the titles a secret until the night of. Hey, a little suspense is always fun, no?


PS as if my/this post(s) aren't already too long.....My Mac Spell checker gave the following "suggested changes" for the following names: Fagen- fagged, Morrison- moron, Lennon- Lenin (what'd he ever write?) Fogel- fogged, and my personal fav, Manilow- Manila! (From now on he will always be Barry Manila to me!!)

Jerry Zigmont Thu Sep 12 04:19:38 PDT 1996

NEED 93' STEELY DAN TOUR INFO: Looking for the dates and locations of the 93' tour. Any help from you scurvy brothers would be apppreciated. Many thanks Jerry

Ruby Thu Sep 12 07:49:12 PDT 1996

Der George: You are Der Steppenwolf, no? Sounds like you're having a grand time over there! Still regret that we didn't have our "hot August Night". Can we still play that piano duet you suggested way back when? (or at least share a bench?) You and I have never played with each other before so I know it could take a little time for us to find the perfect rhythm together. Don't worry, mein Liebling, if you are going too fast for me, I will tell you by gently taking your hands in mine and showing you how...Too slow and you will hear my sweet voice whispering,"faster,faster..." For the rest of the dynamics, my sweet German friend, I will look to you. So, George, spielense? (did I get that one right?)



PS - I think of you when I hear Any World.

The Madman You're Longing To Be Down @ The Lido Thu Sep 12 08:01:03 PDT 1996

Ruby Baby:

I'm aware of the principle of ethnocentricity which states that all X's look alike, but is is *possible* you are confusing our good friend George with our good friend the Clas Clown?

Just wondering....

majordude Thu Sep 12 08:27:03 PDT 1996

Well, when I originally mentioned the idea of a home-made compilation tape titled, "The BEST of Steely Dan DePRESSED", I was amusing myself for I was taking a liking to some of the songs for their reflective nature. Recently, the idea took on more significance.

I was visiting my little sister at what amounts to the "Camarillo-in-the-East" last week, dropping off some Arches and Fabriano watercolor paper for her to use during her stay until she comes to terms with why she gobbled up a mass of pills, and to chat. Before I got there, I picked up the copy of Catalyst that had arrived at my local shop. She had a CD player there and so I played "A Little With Sugar" for her and did my best lefty-righty Donald impersonation at the Rhodes. She laughed and said that I better stop doing that in front of the doorway or their gonna come lock me up too. We laughed, it was pretty pathetic looking.

Since she seemed to like the stripped down sound, I offered to make her a tape of some of the songs, then suggested that I could make her a "manic-depressive" tape. We were howling at the idea. She wanted to alternate happy/sad within one side but we settled on a manic side and a depressive side and I said that if she was feeling extra volatile, to simply hit the reverse program button.

So here's what I ended up with and I'll be dropping it off later today complete with homemade tape cover if I can manage the time. Feel free to comment on the selections and order for they are arranged for particular emphasis. I'd be curious to hear feedback. The first few selctions really hit home because they are a mirror of what has transpired recently for her.

Depressed Side: Android Warehouse

Android Warehouse/ Take It Out on Me/ Charlie Freak/ Any World That I'm Welcome To/ Sun Mountain (DF vox)/ A Little With Sugar/ Oh Wow It's You Again/ This Seats Been Taken/ I Can't Function/ Black Cow/ Any Major Dude Will Tell You/ Bad Sneakers/ Doctor Wu/ Monkey In Your Soul/ Razor Boy. (Exactly 45 mins, how bout that!).

Manic Side: Don't Take Me Alive

Your Gold Teeth 2/ Don't Take Me Alive/ The Fez/ Aja (I'm going with the "healing regression" interpretation)/ Pehhhhhhg/ Green Earrings (live)/ Bodhisattva (live)/ Reeling In the Years (live)/ Josie (live). (All live stuff comes from Alive in America, this side also exactly 45 mins.)

Hope you're feeling better, Kim. Love ya. "....when the demon is at your door, in the morning it won't be there no more, any majordude will tell ya, any majordude will tell ya, oooooo-oooooooooo-ooo, any majordude will tell ya." (G-A-G-A).

Lucky Henry Thu Sep 12 08:28:06 PDT 1996

lovebob: CCR, The Who, I Can't Function, Stones, Grateful Dead, I Can't Function, Bob Dylan, Grand Funk, Reelin (CBAT version), Beatles are fine with me, CSN is okay, Jefferson Airplane, Richie Havens, Edgar Winter, Hot Tuna, Brain Tap Shuffle and I Can't Function.....Van Morrison just gets too much airplay around here.

Say, thanks awfully, lh.

zeke Thu Sep 12 08:35:52 PDT 1996

Lucy Henry, Peter Noss.

Thanks for the confirmation. I was hoping he wasn't the one. I taped JT on a Disney channel special. I can remember exactly what he (Don) looks like. He seemed to be a peaceful man who played in the background. He also seemed to enjoy what he did very much.

Anyway, another great musician gone in our life time.

Anyone have any ideas on the line "she's no high climber" from Do It Again?? Am I even saying this right??

I was grocery shopping last week with my Dan concert shirt on (2 old farts). The checkout lady read the shirt and said "Boy, those guys are getting old".


Peg Thu Sep 12 08:57:34 PDT 1996

lovebob: how 'bout some ZEP?!?!? (i don't know how to spell it). And I still need to teach you guys the words to Sweet Caroline; you botched it in Santa Clara.

Dude: i think your tape selections are right-on. Tell Kim we're thinkin' of her.


Al&Gas Thu Sep 12 10:01:41 PDT 1996

YGK: q=2. No mail from Maxine. Al&Gas' encryption skills ranking awfully low.

Dude: Worldwide celebrated Italian sun sends a very special ray to Kim. She'll recover quickly and then she'll come relaxing in Italy and we'll take her to Venice (if the item is still appealing). Good selection, when you say DEP side you really mean it, uh?

md happy/sad Thu Sep 12 10:44:37 PDT 1996

yup, al&gas. i really mean it. thanks for the kind words, you too pehhhhhg. lovedude.

The Boston Rag Thu Sep 12 11:01:34 PDT 1996

Kudos to StAl for allowing fertile social soil in which to prosper.

To Zombie-my sincerest condolences. If you need some help, we can go gunnin' for the man who stole your water.

To bob tedde-very much looking forward to the Le Bar Bat show on October 11th. Throw down the jam till the girls say when!

To Josie-see you at Le Bar Bat. For me it will be an evening with a movie queen, a face we all have seen.

We are all a race of angels bound with one another.


This page has become more important to me than my daily bowl of Buckwheats.

peg Thu Sep 12 13:54:34 PDT 1996

Nice jacket, Walter. The velvet is the perfect touch.

Peter Noss Thu Sep 12 14:08:32 PDT 1996

Zombie: Look forward to your stories... RE: Nevada..I have a feeling I know what it's all about... e-mail me and we'll talk about putting together a "care package."

Boston Rag: For a new definition of "buckwheats," rent the film, "Things to do in Denver When You're Dead," - pay very close attention to Christopher Walken (Mr. beyond self-parody) and Jack Warden's descriptions.... Amusing?....Yes, but certainly not for the squeamish. Whenever I hear the word "Buckwheats," I begin to giggle now because of this movie. It's a mediocre "Resevoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction," wannabe, but it's worth a look.

Josie: Got your message @home. Thanks. By the way, if you do go to Le Bar Bat in NYC, make sure you say hi to Pete and Shari AND FOR GOD'S SAKE - BE CAREFUL! IT'S NYC!!

Greetings to All our European friends who now feel as we did in 1993. Yes - we can die happy now (!).....

Zombie Thu Sep 12 14:24:13 PDT 1996

BOSTON RAG: You eat buckwheats too??!! WOW.

ANYONE: Is there any truth to the rumour that the Vegas show was broadcast over the radio with some sort of delay?? My brother claims that as he was driving down the strip to the Stratosphere in post-concert revelry, he turned on the radio in my Kamakiri only to hear Cash Only Island etc. Hell, I was in the casino getting my ass kicked! Does anyone know anything about this? If so can I get a tape?

Even MORE libations and sensations to all. Zombie.

Mike Hendon Thu Sep 12 14:48:26 PDT 1996

My first visit to the guestbook since seeing the Dan in London. At the moment, I am still reeling from two fantastic shows and the shock of reading such poor press reviews and a luke warm net response. I've now seen the Dan four times: Rainbow 74, Shoreline 96, Wembley 9th & 10th. I offer my own observations:

"Do It Again" I loved it at Shoreline, it was magic to be under the stars on a warm Californian evening, twenty two years on. On Monday, there were tears in my eyes, I can't express the feeling of seeing them again in London, playing this great song. Modern arrangement, but still the same feel that excited me back then. The sound was not quite as clear as in the Bay, but the volume was overpowering. Fantastic !

The London set list was more geared towards the hits, but it worked for me! I wouldn't argue with any selection. Perfect!

The sound started to get worse towards the end of the first half. There was a ghastly echo coming from the back. I know that Wembley is a dump, but I've heard better. However, the "wall of sound" effect completely took me over. The second half was superb, the last seven numbers were outstanding. Melodies completely enveloping the crowd, who seemed to be mouthing every word.

Sorry about the two drunken women who staggered around in front of the stage, during "Glamour Profession". Lyrically, one of my favourite numbers, but I became more intent on rooting for the security staff throughout the number.

"Don't Take Me Alive" For me, the best number of a fantastic evening. It combined the best of early and late Dan. The nearest to a sing-a-long number. I thought that the audience was completely won over. The "F.M." play-out seemed to be longer than in the States and everyone seemed to be content to groove along to the tune all night long. The band seemed to be enjoying the event, smiling and congratulating the audience. Magic!

Wednesday was almost as good. The band seemed tighter than at the Shoreline, although a couple of numbers seemed to be cut a little short. I guess I was slightly disappointed by some of the soloists but lets give a hand to the singers. Donald and the girls were superb. One of the friends who came along, said that he had formed the impression that D.Fs voice would not be effective live, but he was amazed. I was sitting closer to the front on Tuesday ( almost stage right )and the echo seemed worse. However, I was much more appreciative of the drunks. The couple in the front row doing the "We're not worthy " act were hilarious. The man sung along with every line and displayed an interesting interpretation of rhythm, whilst his ample lady friend played some fantastic air guitar. As for the bearded gent, tremendous! I loved the way that he banged on the stage to attract Walter's attention, so that he could give him the old thumbs-up. A stylish crash into the stage saw him disappear for a while, but he got up and tried to whip the audience into a frenzy. If your reading this, I'm sorry about the missing beer, but you took it well. First rule of concerts: don't put your pint on the stage!

Crowd control was more than a little slack, but to quote two girls giving out Virgin stickers outside: " Crowd control for an audience of this age ? You've got to be joking !"

Maxine Thu Sep 12 14:49:47 PDT 1996

Ugh. This bug is really annoying. But fever and loss of appetite aside, it gives me a chance to hole up with my CD collection and listen lots...

Al&Gas: mailed you from netscape, using the email you provide with your posts... you didn't get it? hmmm. wonder what's up. anyway, if you can read my email, email ME with your email. (god, this is getting complex!)

Lucky Henry: thanks for picking up the "i can't function" campaign in my absence. If it works I'll owe you one.

Zombie: I think you should assign a cee-dee to each of us who offered, that way you won't get all of the same thing. But I'll await your email nonetheless, should you need a tape.

YGK: recovering slowly, but stayed at home today. hope all's well, got the envelope(!) and have sent reply.

Major: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought a manic depressive tape was a good idea... love your choices.

Bob Tedde: thanks for the attempt. do your best, but I think I'll still make it in, especially if so many guestbook folk are attempting to show. Besides, who couldn't use a trip to NYC?...

StAl: gee, shucks... thanks for the email again!


DanFanDave Thu Sep 12 15:41:13 PDT 1996

Those of you who show up for the Sunday night chats will know what I'm talking about here. This sunday, any song, within 15 seconds guaranteed. You can even give me the end of one line and the beginning of another as long as they are in the same verse.

peg same Thu Sep 12 15:43:48 PDT 1996

DanFanDave...and you're not going to ask 'which album'?!? Sorry I'll miss it this week.

The Mandman You're Longing To Be Down @ The Lido Thu Sep 12 17:34:33 PDT 1996

Major: good choices for your tape. My only suggestion for the DEP side would be just about anything from 11TOW - sure to fit right it. Or "On the Dunes" from Kama. Or is that cheating?

Your a nice brother: tell Kim we said so

Maxine Thu Sep 12 17:45:48 PDT 1996

DanFanDave: wow... that's some challenge. Fortunately (or is it unfortunately?) I'm pretty sure you're good for it. what's the prize should you fail, though? Any incentive for coming up with a really tough one? I'll put my thinking cap on now.

Bob Tedde: About my mail message: I've been listening to the song on repeat to see how correct I was in my assurances... will report after a few more spins.


Ben Thu Sep 12 18:06:55 PDT 1996

1. What really happened to that copy of the Second Arrangement?? How was it erased?

2. Where can I find a file of what Steely Songs are about? Although everyone has their own interpretations and the guy who wrote Reelin' In The Years seems to think that he definitely knows, it just all left me very curious. I'd love to know what the hell something like Time Out Of Mind or Android Warehouse is about (along with dozens of others).

3. How often to wb and df visit these websites?


Beautiful Survivor Thu Sep 12 18:19:19 PDT 1996

majordude: sorry to [Get] The News about Kim. I'm very glad that you are able to be with her and help her in a meaningful way. She's doing better already, because you are there for her. BTW, nice choices on the song list. I think I would have put Bodhisattva at the end of the tape, though - dynamite ending and a great finale!

Maxine: There's a nasty little bug making the rounds at my office. If it happens to find me - just think; we could be charter residents at the Guestbook Infirmary.

Walter: Nice jackets!!! Do Michelle and Carolyn each get one, too??

Later, Beautiful Survivor

Maxine Thu Sep 12 18:38:02 PDT 1996

Major: before I sound like an insensitive person, allow me to rephrase:

I meant I once thought of making myself a tape of similar style. Not meaning to lessen the situation in any way.. I realize in my recovering state that it may have sounded that way. Wish Kim my best.

Beautiful Survivor: Here's hoping I'm the singular resident of the infirmary - stay well. (pump the vitamin C, something a wise person once reminded me.)

It's juice and then sleep for me as well.


maj. dude what you are and what I am. Thu Sep 12 20:08:42 PDT 1996

Kim was very appreciative of the tape. As a buffer, I cued up the manic side for starters. Yeah, I considered stuff from 11TOW, Nightfly, and Kama, but there was already enough Dan to fill two tapes. And doesn't that say something about our guys.

I was able to squeeze out a tape cover, but in retrospect, I should have just lifted the image from the cover of Alive In America. I will save and/or pass along your wishes, especially the special Italian sun rays from al&gas for I have soaked up those rays, where the water meets the cliffs, at La Fenice, outside of Positano on the way to San Pietro.

lovebob: you've piqued my curiousity and I suppose there's only one way to find out for sure.

Josie Thu Sep 12 20:41:47 PDT 1996

So I'm in the Ed Sullivan theatre today and it's time to write a note to Dave to go along with the t-shirt we brought him from school. A simple greeting, and then a post-script worthy of any danFan. "p.s. Dave, bring Steely Dan back again." Let's see what the LetterMan has to say about that.

After the show, I'm walking around and find myself in the vicinity of the Roseland B. As if that wasn't enough, I go to have lunch in a nearby diner and there's "I.G.Y" over the airwaves. Beautiful.

Walter: Ooh-la-la, les vetements faisent l'homme (or maybe vice versa in this particular case). Make sure you include a "Penko Power: Friend or Foe" pamphlet with each jacket.

Danielle is still mysteriously missing and I'm starting to find the whole situation unsettlingly curious.

What's the deal with Le Bar Bat? October 11th? Can someone heed my wishes and give me all necessary info?

"If you're going to the city..." .josie.

JamaicanDude Thu Sep 12 20:55:51 PDT 1996

Josie: this info has been posted many times, man. Someone (YGK?) answered you the last time you asked, man. Read the archives, man. I won't be there; gotta stay in Jamaica in hopes of meeting Peg.

Stiff Fri Sep 13 00:32:55 PDT 1996


The gig was fantastic! Sound system clearer (though still a very rumbly bass) and the audience were much more into it than at Wembley. I got there so early I found myself listening to the sound check, which was fun in itself. But the highlight was the interaction between band and crowd. I may never go to Wembley again. Tim: Good to meet you. Maxine: The programme is on its way. Jeff from Dallas: Tried to find you in the bar but (obviously) no luck. Everybody else: Lets ask for more shall we?


Chips Fri Sep 13 01:30:35 PDT 1996

Stiff, glad to hear you enjoyed Birmingham more than Wembley, you lucky b@$@%d! Kind of puts the whole acoustics thing into perspective for me. Lets hope they play Earls Court next time.

Keep playin' and keep it live! Chips.

PS: Next time Sting plays with your band, just ask him whether he remembers Dave Brown the sax player from Newcastle (who now plays with us).

Stiff Fri Sep 13 03:18:01 PDT 1996

Andy: The guy from Last Exit? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our 'sue us for the publicity' stunt. I wish you had been at the NEC show. The crowd were so much more into it and you could tell from Don & Walt's reactions. Donald was singing a lot more (in the sense that he was holding those notes for longer) and Krantz's guitar soloing seemed to have been reduced. Damn, what a night! Eh Walt?


CLAS Fri Sep 13 04:40:51 PDT 1996

MAXINE/DELIA why no respons on my analyse of the Mr. Wu lyrocosoil secret? I guess mayby, you girls have other things to do that answering a sad lonnsem swede Poor and ugly to. I like Maxine, both song and woman. Ilike Delia, but for her I fell more strange, sheso hard. I thinka Daila is a bit off that girl in Gaucho, you know, the girl that could.nt "...sleep on the floor..." A snakehips "...with the studs that match your..." DO YOU think that dr. Wu was a MEDECINE MAN" Maxine, you first.

George Fri Sep 13 04:52:07 PDT 1996

St.Al: Will you, won't you move that CLEAR button some place else. Like to the right hand side of the Name and address fields. Just wiped out aowl my text when I had netscape iconized and wnated to restore it again. Oh, btw: thanx for the mail, dagoods will be on daway tomorrow.

Ruuubee: Hey that was a sweeet li'l post! I also regret not having made it and met you this summer, but let's wait yes. Instead I had a cold (un-)summer but 2 hot shows - guess who played ... I also am aware that it takes time to find that perfect rythm together and will come back to your offer re your hands! Wir spielen! And, if Walter and the web boys show that other series of casio shots, you will be able to see der Steppenwolf himself. I'm waiting still. So good to hear from you baby! Cheer up!

The madman: No, she's not!

Major: great selection on your M/D tape. Big hugs to Kim! Been down that dreadful road once myself, never going back again. Take care.

The mandman: 11TOW has a totally different feel for me as I see much of it as looking back on dark days from a bright and colorful present. Its release also came along at an important cornerpoint into the positive in my life. Still, I get your point. I think the perception of the emotions of a song very much depends on our own emotional situation. The songs that make you cry are probably different from those that make me cry. Or laugh. Or whatever. Sue me if I talk too long ...

If you want to console me for the poor (not existing) internet bandwidth of my current online provider - I will not be able to read the guestbook from home over the weekend - you can make me happy dropping those letters into my mailbox (see above). See ya later.

50fromHuyton Fri Sep 13 05:14:00 PDT 1996


Hi to Stiff, you must have been the guy 5 rows away who startled the OAP's next to us into singing along with 'Hey Nineteen'!

I agree the gig was just so emotional, the guy next to me wiped away tear when Donald said "Its good to be back, 22 Years is a long time" (I of course just had something in my eye)

Don't Take Me Alive was incredible with Donald doing his little dance in front of(a bemused) Walter.

Cornelius was so chilled and handled all the solo's in his stride, Ari was mega enthusiastic but for me Mike Leonhart's playing was so sharp, if Coltrane was 'Double Cream'and Chet Baker was skimmed milk then Mike is totally Fat-Free! and we all know how good that is for you

Downsides? Tom Barney's base was slightly lost (NEC Custerdome just too high maybe?) My only disappointment was with Wayne Krantz, I don't want to be unkind but sometimes less IS more and wayne could do with a couple of weeks with Larry C. or Steve Khan just to show him the difference between phonetic and frenetic, which judging by the way Walter stepped in second half to help him out.

Overall? A Dream come true!

ps. Thanks to the Crew member who gave my 10 year old son his tour pass.

CLAS ateljelundkvist@mbox300.swipnet Fri Sep 13 05:17:16 PDT 1996

I think Bonaparte has to do a grest deal in Fagens life

clas Fri Sep 13 05:43:20 PDT 1996

I guess nobody wants to talk to an ugly swede. c

Jeremy Fri Sep 13 05:47:19 PDT 1996

Last night in Birmingham - I enjoyed it a lot, but I think the enormous wait to see them live meant that nothing they could have done would have lived up to my expectations of them. Going from listening to those songs (some of which I think are among the best songs ever in the history of the world) in the privacy of your own mind to sharing them with an aircraft hanger full of other Dan fans took me a while to get used to,

However, I thought the set was very good - I liked "Jack of Speed", "Reelin' in the Years" and the killer "Aja" trilogy at the end of the second half. There were some weaknesses, though - I still think "Glamour Profession" is a soppy song, and I thought the choice of "My Waterloo" was disastrous - the song doesn't have much of a melody, but the little there was vanished in the mix last night. I loved the encores, for which I escaped from my seat in block 6 and ran down to the front section to leap about a bit.

I thought the band worked hard to try and create an atmosphere, but I wonder whether the combination of the music, the occasion and the venue made the audience unsure of what to do - in the end, they seemed to opt for respectful listening, which made it somewhat arid, especially on the tight, funky numbers. The explosion of enthusiasm for the encores appeared to come from another concert altoghether.

Finally, I'd expected the merchandise to be overpriced, but I was disappointed to see that the programme was made up from those semi-humorous notes by WB that have been on the website all summer. Life in a wired world... Here's to the next time, eh?

prosit Fri Sep 13 06:12:05 PDT 1996

Zombie - If you get your hands on said tape, would you let me know details?

Jerry - My 93 shirt has cities, but not dates. I've moved twice since then and can't find my ticket stubs or my 93 date book...oh my. Good luck.

DaveS - Oooh, I love a challenge! See you Sunday. In the meantime FBTE tick...tick...tick

Maxine - All the best to you this weekend.

Prosit done up in blueprint blue

rudy Fri Sep 13 06:22:10 PDT 1996

rosh hashanah, baby.

see you @ sundown.

goy rudy

YourGoldKeith - Returnz Fri Sep 13 07:57:40 PDT 1996

Prosit: It's NEXT weekend . . .

Josie: October 11th & 12th, it's ROCKOLA, Bob Tedde's masterful plan of a 4-piece, good-time band. AT Le Bar Bat - time? I THINK it's 8, perhaps nine, we'll be there all night, feelin' fine (unless I'm servin' the drinks in SOHO). . . and since you are NYC-proximate, why not put in some face-time . . .

Maxybaby: At the ole desk, today, looking forward to next weekend - however, I missed all of the advisory posts that you mentioned. It IS Official, only 3 more days at S*ITIBANK . . . hope all is well


YourGoldKeith @whatever Fri Sep 13 07:59:39 PDT 1996

M: wqw.wuw.wtpu if you dare . . .

Rikki (look familiar?) Fri Sep 13 08:27:45 PDT 1996

lovebob: I appreciate your expounding on the Rockola info and 97% of the music you play sounds like a great time. Being in a severe minority like I am (re: Beatels), I will not broadcast the reasonz here. Perhaps, we'll get to meet at your Gig Oct. 11. Hate is a strong word, so I use it where appropriate. It does sound like a good time. For your originals, I'll stay in the room and maybe get another beer. For the B's, - I'll go to the bathroom. Yeah, it's that bad. No disrespect intended to you or your fine group - it's just a personal thing. Like when I was a cocktail pianist, I had one simple rule - no Broadway unless you want to clean the keys afterword . . . ; )

YourGoldKeith Fri Sep 13 08:36:20 PDT 1996

AL&GAS:2122722507 today or wqw.wuw.wtpu YGK

YourGoldKeith Fri Sep 13 08:50:10 PDT 1996

M: "some say that we're reckless - they were much too young tell us to stop before we've begun we've got to hold on till graduation

Try to hang on, Maxine

So be my senorita in jeans and pearls but first let's get off this highway

so come up to Manhattan and meet some of my friends One day we'll wake up . . . but till then

Try to hang on"


Maxine Fri Sep 13 09:02:18 PDT 1996

Prosit: Thanks. See YGK's post (I guess he told you!) unless you were talking about losing this bug. (I haven't yet.)

Stiff: will await postal arrival--a big THANKS! Oh, and STING was your secret guest??? My computer at work has a B&W monitor, so I couldn't make out much of anything in your pics. I'll have to go back and look again now that I'm at home. Wow... impressive. (Was Lyle Lovett there, too?) I'll have to tell my friend Heather who's a very big Sting fan.

Clas: I didn't agree with your interpretation, and didn't feel like commenting. I'm sick, give me a break. No offense meant, though.

YGK: will try calling. I'm home (as you might have noticed by my post.) Tried to make it in today, but ended up coming back home. Oh, and the *advice* wasn't posted, just his little message of "luck.." (9-11 18:53... scroll up!)

Josie: Here's the details: sorry, I didn't see you had asked for them else I'd have made good on that favor I owe you. Rockola will be playing at Le Bar Bat October 11 and 12. Location is 311 W. 57th St (between 8th & 9th aves.)Time is unknown to me (Bob T- did you post that??) I'll most likely (should all go well) be in town for both shows. Dan Fan Dave said last week he'd get us a table... Dave, make it a BIG table, by the sounds of things.

REALLY hangin' on, Maxine

YourGoldKeith Fri Sep 13 09:32:28 PDT 1996

October 11th - I 'll be at the Rockola show, partying with other Danfriendly types . . . October 12th, I'll invite all of the other Dan-heads down to the restaurant in SOHO, where I'll be bartending, and, perhaps, slipping some Dan on . . .

Details will follow in the coming weeks . . . YourGoldKeith

Thomas Fri Sep 13 10:26:53 PDT 1996

Hi to everyone!

hmmm...what should i say??? The show in Frankfurt(Germany) last week was fantastic...the first concert in europe...hope they come back soon...



YGK y'know Fri Sep 13 10:31:41 PDT 1996

Maxine, you think I'm being cryptic? will there be one waiting pour moi?

The Boston Rag Fri Sep 13 10:34:09 PDT 1996

Mr. Pete Noss-The Buckwheats/Things To Do In Denver When You'e Dead comment gave me a private on-line chuckle. My buddy Scott Rosenberg from BU wrote the script and co-directed the film. The Buckwheats slant on the script was all mine. We were kicking script ideas around one night after another chiba session and essentially the dialogue in the scene was a product of our altered states. Scott is now in LA living large making his scripts into forgettable films and even more sadly, forgetting his friends. Even more ironic was my Chris Walken sighting in Harvard Square recently. I love that cat! Mr. Zombie-Buckwheats and dry rye toast are a groovy way to start each day. Especially good with the music from Katy Lied. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you my Buckwheat Brother.

Does anybody have any more color on the Le Bar Bat show in NYC?

Peter Noss Fri Sep 13 11:11:52 PDT 1996

Boston Rag: Thanks for the nod. How is Boston these days? I used to live there and there are quite a few things I miss about that town (e.g. the customarily rude waitresses at Durgin Park)....

STIFF: Did I read correctly? At one point you mentioned that a programme was on the way (presumably to a fellow danfan). Would you be talking about a 1996 Art Crimes Europe Tour Programme?? If so, could you tell us all a bit about it? We poor slobs here in the States were only privvy to shirts and hats this year..... Being a programme collector, I am naturally interested....

Thanks for any input you may have....

Josie Fri Sep 13 12:04:37 PDT 1996

Thanks YourGoldKeith and Maxine...I'll be there, shine in your Japan, sparkle in your China, etc...

YourGoldKeith Fri Sep 13 12:18:35 PDT 1996

Josie:Break out the hats and hooters!

Boston: Color? What do you like? Forest Green? Midnight Black? Que pasa Signor? Interesting tale of Buckwheats . . . If I didn't know any better, it's beginning to look like a Danvention in NYC . . . and I'm proud to say that I'll be able to play a partial host - if I can get you guys down to SOHO after the Rockola Show Saturday - any takers? YGK

Kinky Fri Sep 13 12:29:40 PDT 1996

Just returned from London, and I can't tell you how nice it was to be able to enjoy an entire show without loudmouth, intoxicated, obnoxious Americans talking through the songs and running to the concessions every five minutes. You people should make the journey abroad to take a lesson from the European crowds.

The second show at Wembley was one of the best I've seen (I think some of you fellow attendees need to bathe and clean out your ears). The only thing that sucked was the loss of Midnite Cruiser and Cash Only Island, what a shame.

Josie, now that you've scammed the Dan, I see you are now hot on the trail of Letterman. I guess you will keep us posted on any up-and-coming Late Night ventions. By the way, if I can make Le Bar Bat, I'll be sure to bring you a copy of Aja, it's a great album, you should hear it sometime.

Maxine Fri Sep 13 12:33:56 PDT 1996

Making the best of my illness... listening to everything, chronologically, today, in an attempt to come up with a "Guitar" album for Jive Miguel. In the process, I'm thinking of other posible collections, will post more after I've mulled it over in my sick mind. (not sick as in... well, never mind, if you know me there's no need explainin', if not, let 'em wonder.)

Al&Gas/YGK: finally, the connection is made! I got your email, my Italian friends, and while I can't email you back (thanks for the p.s., BTW) I can surely pass on that number to YGK. However, for my sake, how many hours ahead of us are you? Should YGK be calling at 1:00 a.m.?

Josie: good to know you'll be there, it'll be good to meet you!

Peter Noss: yes, Stiff's mailing me a program; however, he says it's made up of web page hilarity from Walter's running commentary. I wanted one not just for memorabilia's sake, but also because my pics from Kansas didn't turn out. (Cheap camera.)


maj. Fri Sep 13 12:48:29 PDT 1996

YGK: Touchdown, fieldgoal? <'dude leans over to whisper in YGK's ear> My friend, how 'bout going for the two-point conversion next time -- run it up the middle, ya know?

Peter Noss Fri Sep 13 12:56:57 PDT 1996

Maxine: Thanks for the clarification. Hope you feel better....

The Boston Rag Fri Sep 13 13:48:58 PDT 1996

Peter Noss-The waitresses at Durgin Park are as rude as ever. I was there the other day after work for a yummy Newcastle Brown Ale when Hogatha the waitress with the caramel colored teeth and hairy nose wart asked me to leave her section if I was just going to be drinking. I retorted by explaining that it was a bar and since her section was THE BAR with BARSTOOLS that stale nachos and buffalo pigeon wings weren't in my plans. Otherwise, Boston is the same-tight and white. New landmarks include The Ted Williams Tunnel, which was way behind schedule and way over budget. Also it is rumored to have more leaks than Ted's liver.

YourGoldKeith-My color is midnight blue. smooth. sultry. sexy. Looking forward to Le Bar Bat's mini danvention. Sounds like it will quite a time. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Have a nice weekend y'all.

Maxine Fri Sep 13 14:45:39 PDT 1996

Dude: coaching from the sidelines, are you? uh-huh...

Nice color choice, Boston. My personal favorite as well.

Here's my guitar album picks, although I haven't determined order yet... tell me what you think: 1) Don't Take me Alive 2) Reelin' 3) Do It Again 4) Bodhisattva 5) King of the World (noodlin' at its best!) 6) Night by Night 7) Daddy Don't Live 8) Green Earrings 9) FM 10) Haitian Divorce Bonus Track: Josie

Now, I still have to determine a) whether I'd prefer AIA versions on any of these that are available, and b) what preferred order I'd like 'em to be in. Now's the time I wish I had "Citizen" and a multi-disc changer... Still working on a title.

To those who are off, have a good weekend. Chat folks, see you Sunday (I'm preparing for Dave's challenge...)


The Madman You're Longing To Be Down @ The Lido Fri Sep 13 15:02:04 PDT 1996

Kinkyyyyy! You're back! Tell us more about that Wembley show (and any others you saw), pretty please. I have heard from other sources that although the London audiences were somewhat staid at the start, the Art Crimes Orchestra redoubled their jammin efforts and "won 'em over in the end". Would you agree? And what, in your opinion, made it one of the best you've seen? I for one want more on these europe shows, *especially* if the reviewer can compare the band, the setlist & the audiences against early or midsummer US gigs

Peg Fri Sep 13 15:17:57 PDT 1996

Kinky: I second The Madman's request.

Zombie Fri Sep 13 17:04:50 PDT 1996

*What the hell is going on between Maxine & Your Gold Keith??

*Whoever is comparing Leonhart to Coltrane is really, really funny. Cut it out you crazy, crazy, cat!! Put on Africa/Brass, think of Michael Leonhart, and you'll still be laughing a week from now. No offence to ML, but Becker & Fagen couldn't even solo with 'trane. Although Drew Zingg....

*KINKY-You're a funny guy!! I am actually starting to like you. What the hell is going on? Must be a full moon.

*BOSTON - Yeah, Christopher Walken is a totally cool cat! (I'm into cats today). You got me thinking, if there was ever a Steely Dan film, wouldn't Walken be the PERFECT shady, sketchy, seedy, STEELY character. Wait a sec., maybe Christopher Walken IS Steely Dan, Whoa!! I shouldn't have eaten that thing that that dude gave me in the park today I'm starting to bug hardcore man. Holy shit, it's Al Gore, I gotta go...

Edd Cote Fri Sep 13 17:37:22 PDT 1996

Well, sonnafugun, I'm gonna be in New York the entire week of the Rockola gig.

Anybody mind if I stopped in?

prosit Fri Sep 13 19:00:34 PDT 1996

Maxine and YGK - sorry, all that anticipation had me confused.

DaveS - HNTOR (heh,heh)

Prosit ...done up in blueprint blue

bob tedde Fri Sep 13 20:14:51 PDT 1996

RIKKI, EDD COTE! : More keyboard players?!?!?!?!? And all of you descending on Le Bar Bat!!!! Here is my keyboard disclaimer: While I own keyboards and use them alot in Rockola, and press down on the black and white keys in rhythmic patterns producing what could technically be called "music", I am not a keyboard PLAYER. I am first and foremost a singer/entertainer, and at these skills I would say I am competative on a national/international level. In the bar band circuit I can certainly hold my own on guitar (my main ax), but I don't think my studio chops will ever be sought by the likes of our heroes at large. You have been warned!

TO ANYONE PLANNING TO ATTEND THE ROCKOLA AT LE BAR BAT SHOWS: According to Mr. Fogel, no one in Manhatan even goes out until 10:30pm, so the bands at Le Bar Bat don't start 'till 11pm!!!! He says we are required to play two 1hr sets and one 1/2 hour set. When I told him we usually play an hour and a half first set just to warm up, he said he'd see if he could start us at 10:30. He went on to say that we didn't HAVE to stop at 2am, and that if people were there and diggin' it, we could play as long as we liked. We sure as hell ain't doin' this one for the money, we're comin' to play! (Test out that "City that never sleeps" thing we've all heard so much about.)

KINKY: Haven't got the patience to go back thru the guestbook and see if you've left any clues as to your continental location, but if you were at all serious about making an appearance, great! I/We'd love to have you. One condition: none of this showing up anonymously, not revealing yourself, and then writting a scathing review later, buisness. And please note, I am not referring to this little soire as a "Danvention". Hope to see you there.

JOSIE: Hey 19! Le Bar Bat! Think about it.

EDD COTE AGAIN: RE:"Anybody mind if I stopped in?" : Can you imagine what your fellow posters would say if you were in NY and didn't stop by. Consider yourself officially invited!

PEG: Wow, you were right!


Mike Hendon Sat Sep 14 03:14:53 PDT 1996

Madman ( and others ) If you want to compare sets, just read through the archives. However, if it helps, here are the lists for the U.S.A. and G.B. shows that I saw ( Wembley 10/9/96 was the same as the previous day's )

Wembley 9/9/96 Shoreline 13/8/96Do It Again Do It AgainBad Sneakers Bad SneakersJosie Everyone's Gone To The MoviesHey 19 Jack Of SpeedJack Of Speed Hey 19Reelin In The Years JosieBabylon Sisters RikkiF.M. F.M.Green Earrings Green EarringsRikki Green Flower StreetGreen Flower Street PegPeg

East St. Louis Toodle-oo East St. Louis Toodle-ooGlamour Profession Glamour ProfessionMy Waterloo My WaterlooChain Lightning Cash Only IslandDeacon Blues Midnight CruiserBlack Cow Black CowHome At Last Home At LastKid Charlemagne Kid Charlemagne

Don't Take Me Alive Don't Take Me AliveMy Old School My Old School

I've got to say that, as much as I enjoyed the numbers dropped from the Shoreline gig, the London show was far superior. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Low point of my Stateside tour. Two days to go and still no tickets for the concert. On the car radio, a guy wins a competition. The prize: a choice of Steely Dan or A.C/D.C. tickets. He goes for the Heavy Metal. "You *%@** Fool !" we all shout. "Is there no justice in the world!"

One ( of the many ) high points. Night drive through Santa Cruz, listening to Public Service Radio oldies. This is a great little town with a superbly preserved funfair. Listening to Bobby Darrin singing a live version of "I've Got A Woman" whilst imagining The Coconut Grove in its golden age was magic. Other, long forgotten songs included "Heart Of Stone " Stones, "Untie Me" Manfred Man, "Dirty Water" Standells. These sent me scouring the record shops for copies. I ended up spending the best part of a day in two shops in San Louis Obispo ( Another great town )Amongst the purchases: Bobby Marchant, Brook Benton, Gene Chandler, Otis Clay, Jack McDuff. However, my secret lounge leanings got the better of me. I can thoroughly recommend Rhino's "Swinging Singles" CD. Sarah Vaughan's "One Mint Julep" and Rosemary Clooney's "Come On-A My House" swing like crazy. Peggy Lee's "Heart" has replaced Dean Martin's "Relaxez-Vouz" as the song to psyche me up on the golf course and Robert Mitchum's "Not Me" has sent me off on yet another record search for his legendary calypso album.

As for the concerts: The Aja trilogy at the end of the second half, leading into Kid Charlemagne was inspired. Don't Take Me Alive, absolute magic ! Has anyone spotted a decent review of the London concert?. I've read The Standard and The Telegraph, neither of whom liked the show.

The Madman D@TL Sat Sep 14 03:40:45 PDT 1996

Thanks, Mike for the setlists, yes I was able to discern what they were from previous posts - I was asking as much about *impressions* of how they worked (or didn't work), which you provided above. And it looks like DTMA is the voter's choice over there (as here) for Inspired Pick Of The 90s Tours. And to think, they only added it in Hartford.

"Gimme the AC/DC": Right you are, Only A Fool Would Say That.

As for newspaper reviews, I believe our Man on the Street John G may eventually find and post most of those that get web published, he seems to have a knack for finding those things. Which is another opportunity to say "thanks" to him for serving as AC96 historian for us all with his SDIR site.

Edd Cote eddcote@ultranet Sat Sep 14 04:11:56 PDT 1996

I'm scheduled to fly home on Friday, but I suspect I can stretch it out till Saturday.

Since I'll be staying within a short walk (Marquis) there should be no excuse. If I hear a wailing combo, I'll climb the flight of twisted stairs...

I've got eyes!

maj dude Sat Sep 14 07:33:32 PDT 1996

I had a dream last night that I was at the Desert Sky Ampitheater, Phoenix on 9/18/94 and the show was unf*cking believable. To hear the instrumental with "the Fez" was a dream within a dream come true. Uh, it was a dream, wasn't it? .....hmmm, lemme thinkaboutthat......

And yes, Maxxybaby, I always go for the two-point conversion.... any MD will tell ......

DaveS: Does it have to be recorded versions? What was you're source for the lyrics? There are a few variations between recorded lyrics and what appears elsewhere. At any rate, I'm saving my puzzla's (like that Click n' Clack Boston accent?) for Sunday. He, He, He.

Bob Crudgley Sat Sep 14 10:08:40 PDT 1996

Wow. Steeleye Dan, man. Great show at Wembley, London. What a shift in musical direction! Shame they didn't bother to play All Around My Hat though. Any chance of Gaudete next time guys?

Kinky Sat Sep 14 10:51:35 PDT 1996

As per Madman's request, I will elaborate on the European details. First of all, I disagree with you and felt that the crowds were psyched from the beginning. But, you must take into consideration that Brits tend to be a bit stuffy, not displaying much emotion. I think the crowd was more intent on hearing the band they've waited 20-some-odd years to see and just preferred to watch and listen, because, believe me, the electricity was flowing. I was a bit disappointed about the change in the setlist, the exclusion of Midnite Cruiser and Cash Only Island? What the hell happened here? Thought they wouldn't get it?

Since this is probably the longest time any of the SD bands have played together, it is little wonder why they sound better and tighter than they did in the States. I felt that all the players were at their best the second show at Wembley, and, yeah, the crowd did show a little more emotion than the first night. It's amazing how very few people ever mention Ricky Lawson (OK, so he's toured with Michael Jackson, but let's not hold that against him), he was born to play these songs. And the new Chain Lightening arrangement is fantastic!

Hey, this is fun, maybe I'll report from Tokyo, but wait, isn't Bob Tedde playing at Le Bar Bat the same night? Decisions, decisions...

Maxine Sat Sep 14 11:01:43 PDT 1996

Zombie: what? where? when? I say nothing. My lips are sealed.

Maj Dude: I think Sunday's night's chat will be very interesting, " friend." We can have a little football talk...

Bob Tedde: Well, I think it's being referred to as a mini-Danvention (although I prefer an "eastcoastchatvention" which is what we came up w/ two Sundays ago.) But you can tell Kinky that it's not a Danvention anyway, maybe he will actually show.

Peg: about your mail message, it's a shame you won't be chatting Sunday. "are you with me, Dr.??"

Edd Cote: If you're near the place, by all means come on in! We're hoping to gather as many Danfans from this locale as possible.


Ruby Livin'like a gypsy queen@a fairytale Sat Sep 14 11:01:56 PDT 1996

Not For Clas: Random thoughts on Dr.Wu - it is so SMOOTH! It starts out suddenly, reminding me again that the piano is percussion, but then it flows right through to the end. A beautiful blend of various kinds of keyboards, drums, bass & even windchimes - How do they do that? And DF's voice is at it's best! I've always liked the way he pronounces his Rs. And Os. But my favorite part is how we just glide into the sax solo, a magnificent interlude. The sax sneaks in again near the end before it becomes an obvious background. Perfect!!

But who is this Dr. Wu? He is the narrator of the story. You see, some women tend to destroy the men who fall in love with them.The poor guys never find out 'till it's too late. Anyway, Katy tried.(Hence, the praying mantis on the cover) And I strongly suspect Dr.Wu is now using. But there is a 3rd person, the one to whom he is talking. She's a woman from his past that has come back into his life, somehow. She adores him, but she is like Eponine to him. She's there for him if he would just open his eyes. His eyes, however, are too full of Katy so he doesn't really notice her, which is why we can imagine his surprise when he saw her just as he woke up from his Biscayne Bay dream. And for once, she's come at a time when he realizes he needs her(for now). So it's she that is always singing to him,"Are you with me Dr.Wu...Has she finally got to you.....Can you hear me Dr?" BTW: Dr.Wu isn't his real name. It's a nickname she gave him a long time ago. There's no point in telling you the details;it's one of those things - you'd have to be there.

Just needed to get that out. If anyone has read this, thank you for your patience!


Ruby kanga1776......................................... Sat Sep 14 11:07:30 PDT 1996

To the Madman(I'm not wishing I was) - This sister is free. I'll be what I want to be.

The Madman Nothing Personal Ruby Baaaaaby Sat Sep 14 12:11:17 PDT 1996

Thanks Kinster. Glad to hear they were still getting tighter by London, vs falling apart. Bet Cash and Cruiser were dropped simply to make room for more Gold - on the assumption that E-crowds (having missed out in 93 and 94) would want to hear 'em. Wonder if that assumption was correct. We could have a long discussion about Lawson, which I'm not prone to start.

You may be our only ears for Tokyo, which is at once a comforting and a frightening thought.

Ruby: your post confused me, that's all. Feeling a little testy, are we?

Maxine Sat Sep 14 16:19:53 PDT 1996

Kinky: I don't doubt that you're correct about the change in the band from the States to the UK. I will agree that the band sounded much tighter when I saw them in August than when I saw them in July. I base that partly on the fact that the span of time allowed them to get it more together, and also partly on the fact that when I saw them in August, I spent the 24 hours before the trip psyching myself up for the show, what with the long drive to KC and all. It's probably a glorius conbination of the two. I wonder then what the later shows will be like - "shine in your Japan?"

Madman: a similar feeling I had about ticket prizes: after having driven 800 miles to see the show, I was disappointed to learn that despite my devotion, I couldn't register for the front row contest. Something about a lack of "Hippo Wear", whatever that is.


Maxine only a fool would say th@ Sat Sep 14 20:25:40 PDT 1996

My apologies to Mike Hendon, whom I inadvertantly confused with Madman when I was scrolling up to respond. Previous note re: tickets to Mike, thanks.


bob tedde Sun Sep 15 01:25:05 PDT 1996

KINKY: Interested in more info on the new arrangement of Chain "Lightening" (as you call it.) Always liked Derringer's guitar work on that one, and although as a song in the SD catalog it has never been one of my favs, it absolutely floored me in '91 at the NYR&SR! I would've preferred it to a good number of the repetoir at the Hollywood Bowl Show. Were the changes in the form, the feel, or both? Any and all enlightenment would be savored and appreciated.

Oh, and on the subject of your Tokyo / Le Bar Bat dilemma: my vote would be for the latter. Sure we don't compare to The Great Ones (who does?) but you have seen them a number of times, and besides, your sarcasm/cynicism would be wasted on the comically challenged Japanese. (not to mention the language barrier) Come to the Big Apple where they practically invented the stuff.

Peg: Ready for another night of blind terror? Should at least be interesting. Did anyone (like it's not MY job) confirm Matte? Yikes!!! Sneakers could happen. I'm in a wierd mood.

Always lookin' out "for da liddle guy"................lovebob

dc @ Dreaming of The Ol' Sod Sun Sep 15 04:16:32 PDT 1996

CUBANGENTLEMAN IN DUBLIN: Did D+W Show up at St Andrew's last night? Will you post a review of the last misdemeanor of the Crime Spree Proper? Will you have a reelin' great jig at The Point tonight? Inquiring minds want to know.

K. Barbarian Sun Sep 15 05:33:42 PDT 1996

Dear Mr. Tedde, I do not consider myself a keyboard player either, but I would certainly consider giving up any prior commitments to make the pilgrimage to NYC and be your keyboard tech\roadie\comic relief\ --especially now that Mitch G. won't be going! Your sister can attest to the fact that as far as LIMO humor goes, I'm your gal! Looking forward to hearing/seeing that Dan thang you have happening tonight! Love that darling little thing Peg, too! Q. If you were in a room with John, Paul, George, Ringo, Donald, and Walter and had a gun with only two bullets, who would you shoot? A. Wait for Linda to come in and shoot her twice. See ya!

Kinky Sun Sep 15 06:58:40 PDT 1996

Madman, I agree with the gold theory. But, hey, why take out MC and Cash Only when we have way too much green in the show. I mean Earrings and Flower have been a bit overplayed the last four tours, and in my opinion, they don't hold a candle to MC and COI, and I would not consider them gold. I'd also be interested in your elaboration on the Lawson debate, sounds like you don't care for him much, I thought he was right on.

To the Great Bob Tedde, the new Chain Lightening has a whole new energy that I think just has to be experienced to be understood. After the first verse, all three horn players take turns blowing their brains out. What can I say, it's just a very cool arrangement. Oh, by the way Bob, I think I might make your gig at Le Bar Bat. I called the club last night and they informed me that you must be 21 years old to enter. I guess that excludes Queen Josie, that's reason enough for me to go. Besides, rumor has it that you think you're better than Steely Dan. Keep dreamin', Bob.

The Madman you may or may not want to be, depending Sun Sep 15 07:52:00 PDT 1996

ZOMBIE: did you get the FedEx tunes ? Sent them for saturday delivery...let me know if they arrived.

KINKSTER: Totally agree about the Greens vs COI and MC, but I think the greens (and other choices) may get put in and stay in for a variety of reasons, only some of which relate to crowd-pleasing (do we stop to consider, for example, that DF may have to preserve his voice and that some songs are easier on him than others?)--leaving other tunes more likely to be dropped when making room for the BabSis's and Reelin's, etc. Who the hell knows. I'll have to think about starting that Lawson discussion, it's sort of complicated.

Dexter Live@TheVillageVanguard Sun Sep 15 15:42:22 PDT 1996

Well, I have read this board for almost a solid month now, and would like to throw a bit of intelligence into the bitch's brew. I find myself ashamed to be a fan of Steely Dan after reading this page. I allways wash my hands after, but how to was away the dirt that is not only on the body, but invading the mind? It stands to surmise that the vast majority of you have the same thing to say each time you contribute, and each time you can not express yourself in a clear voice, instead resorting to insults and threats. I feel assured that many of you own a Kenny G album, and am sure that you listen to it interspersed with bits of "Through With Buzz". Where is your pride? I am ashamed that no one responded to Alive's mention of Charlie Mingus and Wes Montgomery...the only thing which has caught my eye on this page in a very long time. To each and every one of you I pose a challenge: listen to a Dexter Gordan album, know the opening bass to a Horace Silver song, listen to Miles play Someday my Prince Will Come...Listen to the piano of T.Monk Sr. I know I will be flamed for my suggestions, but someone must spread the word.

Dexter Live@TheVillageVanguard Sun Sep 15 15:44:42 PDT 1996

Pardon my transgression. It is Dexter Gordon not Gordan.

Edd Cote Sun Sep 15 16:17:31 PDT 1996

Jeez, Dexter, who put the monkey in your soul?

"Listen to a Dexter Gordon album..." Is "Manhattan Synphony" good enough? Or maybe "Biting The Apple"? "Great Encounters"? "Blues Walk"?

"...know the opening bass to a Horace Silver song" C'mon, "Song For My Father" is in everybody's regular rotation. And besides, the best thing Horace Silver ever wrote was recorded by Tommy Flanagan.

"...listen to Mile's play..." After I forgive him for Jean-Pierre.

"...listen to the piano of T. Monk." Hell, kill two birds and flip on "Miles and Monk At Newport" or catch him with Blakey and TJM.

Then get brave. Check out Horace Tabscott with The Panafrican People's Arkestra doing "Quagmire Manor at 5:00 AM" (highly recommended) Too pedestrian? Check out the "Tales Of Capt. Black" (Ulmer) or "Manna Mirage" by the Muffins. Try Archie Shepp's "Four For 'trane". For that matter, anything by Coltrane except "Favorite Things". Remlar does Montgomery, probably to this day. Try Desmond's gorgeous live version of "Wendy". Janis Siegel does "Jackie" and so did Laurel. Listen to Keith Jarrett moaning thru just about anything and see if you can figure out what he's doing with his other hand.

Flame you? For what? Catchin' up?

Kenny G indeed...

Sarah Vaughan @The 55 Bar Sun Sep 15 17:05:23 PDT 1996

Hey Dexter, take it over to

Rite on, Edd. And how about adding Lennie Tristano to that "get brave" list?

DrMu I Can See for Miles and Miles Sun Sep 15 17:38:35 PDT 1996

Dexter Pointdexter: Try Miles' cover of "My Funny Valentine" instead and then top it off with Wynton Marsalis' CD "Black Codes from the Underground." Man, that's such a good idea, I think I'll do that, put the kids to bed, and put on Katy Lied.

I am intrigued by Ruby's theory. Dr. Wu was a detective in the movies. He lost this case.

Peg Sun Sep 15 17:51:42 PDT 1996

Maj.Dude: I know you e'd me something yesterday morn, but it's gone and I didn't get to read it. Send it again, please?!? Thx.

K.Barbarian: ...they say that Salt Lake City, a town where men are men...


Peg same Sun Sep 15 17:57:10 PDT 1996

This didn't post; I'll try again... BobT.: I got your email; sorry I can't respond, I'm still blushing.

Maxine Sun Sep 15 18:58:52 PDT 1996

Aww, c'mon Dex, can't we all just get along?

As I've said before, some folks just don't get it. Why flame, when you could've educated? I think now I'm going to go out and buy some Kenny G in your honor.



Stiff Sun Sep 15 23:29:31 PDT 1996

Mr Stiff will be away from the computer room for a few days as he has to work some unbroken 12 hour days before becoming a student again. Hassle, hardship, bad diet, etc. So sympathy and nice thoughts will be appreciated. See you soon. Love, Stiff

Clas Mon Sep 16 00:34:31 PDT 1996

Howdy folks! How you doin, except for some pains in my sternum Im fine. Come to think of it, I think every country have their Steely Dan with the same solid, substantiel intelligentzia as the dan. England has, what I think Guns and Rosen, and we, we in Sweden have Ace of Base. Man have you listen the deepth in their outstanding lyrics? The swing in the grooves, I mean, thats not so far from becker/fagen! On that you have Ace of Bases enourmus cataloguie of harmonies and chords. Just wanne say this. Clas the Intellegntzo Fan Lundkvist

Bodacious Mon Sep 16 01:01:59 PDT 1996

Dex: After washing off the mud you've been slingin', I have decided that reading and talking about D+W , et al, on this page may be a little more fun than those artists you snob about because Miles and Wes didn't entertain me on 4 glorious nights this summer and Charlie and Dexter won' t be recording any new music this millennium.

By the way... That new Miles Davis Columbia set would make a nice Christmas gift.....


Santa Mon Sep 16 01:19:11 PDT 1996

Let's see... Little Dexter... Hmmmmm.....Yes!

1. Lever 2000 Brain & Body Wash 18 fl. oz.....


Beautiful Survivor Mon Sep 16 02:32:35 PDT 1996

Kinky: It was great reading your review re: UK shows. Sometimes when I read your posts I am reminded of a somewhat notorious (??) commentator on 60 Minutes. Have you ever taken cues from Andy Rooney? I dunno; but sometimes the phrases "Reality Check" and "Dope Slap" makes themselves pretty clear in your messages....or maybe I'm just losin' it - it -is- early Monday morning, after all.

....doing buisiness in the normal

dc @ among the Philistines Mon Sep 16 04:08:43 PDT 1996

Maxine: You wrote: "Why flame, when you could've educated?" Well ok, maybe that would have been nice too, but what I personally find so offensive in the Dex Text is the assumption that as a population we need it. Plenty of residents of this guestbook could wipe Dexter's nose with The Righteous Stuff in their sleep. Why many of us know this and s/he doesn't just adds to the mystery that is pretentiousness.

But on to *more important matters* -- like, is it possible we'll not get reports from either Glasgow or Dublin? How sad!

Random factoid PS: Tom Barney tours with Kenny G.

LuckyHenry Mon Sep 16 04:45:29 PDT 1996

Hey, all, especially Joe Murtha for giving me the hot tip and great advice (Yo, Joe--Le Bar Bat 10/11: BE there): I met best-selling author William Gibson on Saturday and spoke with him for about 60 seconds about, what else, The Dan. I have a taped confession from him that he is as big a fan of Donald's as Donald is of him ("This is Lucky Henry reporting live with Little Mickey and the Flat Hat from Gene's Books...."). Hope to post more details in Hoops! digest soon...

Oh, yeah, the twenty-third chapter of Idoru is called: "Here at the Western World".


Jon Stone @ his yellow stripe Mon Sep 16 05:07:40 PDT 1996

Can't believe "Sarah Vaughn" in an above post mentioned one of my all-time jazz piano heroes, Lennie Tristano, the man credited with making one of the first, if not THE first free jazz recordings. "Crosscurrents" a Capitol reissue, is a must-have for anyone with ears. In the spirit of "Six Degrees of Separation", can anyone name the link between Lennie and Walter & Donald? Not a real "puzzla" but kind of interesting.

Maxine Mon Sep 16 05:19:51 PDT 1996

Delia: I took his words to heart, because "my old school" didn't offer "Fundamentals of Jazz" any time that I could take it. I've picked up some here and there, but don't claim to know everything. Whether we as a populus need educating isn't a problem to me - I learn something new every day. What I had a problem with is the need to make those of us who *aren't* so enlightened feel like morons. Oh well. I won't let it ruin my day.


Tim Mon Sep 16 06:36:50 PDT 1996

Belated comment on last week's Birmingham date.

What a SHOW!

I can't think of anything they could have done to improve on the night's performance (OK, maybe something from WB other than My Waterloo - minor quibble). The sound was better than anything I've heard at Wembley, and the crowd were straight into the mood.

The only mystifying thing was the number of people that left BEFORE the encores. So you sit through the lengthy and incredible build-up, then withdraw before the climax? Is this some kind of religious thing? Anyway, the majority of us stayed and were up and dancing through to the end.

STIFF: Good to meet you too. Likewise, I may never visit Wembley again.

JEREMY: Overpriced merchandise? You obviously didn't make this year's Springsteen shows.

rudy Mon Sep 16 08:17:03 PDT 1996

dexter: hm. what do we do, if we've already taken your challenge...well, I guess we show up here, converse a little, and wait for the likes of YOU to show up....

hey, what about a "Steely Fran" kinda git-together, every one could come and see me, clean up some trees, power lines, pass out ice, some bootlegged tapes over loudspeakers (gotta be loud enough to drown out all these chainsaws...)

STILL toweling off


Siddhartha Mon Sep 16 08:40:25 PDT 1996

Good to hear all the updates from the Euro-tour!

Jeremy: What was the AJA trilogy comprised of? Was it what they did in the US in '94 with Royal Scam, Bad Sneakers & Aja all instramental? Boston Rag: You've omitted (purposely?) the illustrious new Fleet Center in Boston. Sarah: Great wit.

Does anyone know if there was a Vegas similcast? Or if there was or will be any at all. God, that would would be great! How about a full length Steely Dan concert video in stores by Christmas?

Leigh Woolford Mon Sep 16 08:51:08 PDT 1996

Birmingham was kickin'

From first to last....

Deacon Blues was awesome and Don't take me alive was a BIG surprise and a big success.... cool guitar Wayne

You really should've got the Larry Carlton solo down for Kid Charlemagne though...

WOW !!!!

anyone sell me a cheap flight to Japan for October ?


Ben Tatar Mon Sep 16 09:57:34 PDT 1996

Is Fagen's video tape any good?

Also, does anyone have the copy of Musician Magazine where they're on the cover? Is it any good? I just ordered it yesterday and am eagerly awaiting the copy to come.


rudy Mon Sep 16 10:42:28 PDT 1996

BEN (STEAK) TATAR: yes, and yes. The tape is a little over 60 mins. long, and was filmed right after their '93 tour...the Don looks like he just got up, but it's a great show.

and the Musician (sept. 93) article is great, with lots of good pics (you should be able to recognize a bunch of 'em in this site *chuckle*...)


Al&Gas Mon Sep 16 11:02:42 PDT 1996

Lovebob: if virtual participation is allowed at Le Bar Bat count two more. We'll be the two eating all night and tryin' to sneak out without paying. Sometimes it's sad to be so far away...

Delia: happy to see you out on the book.

Maxine/YGK: your country has something like 6 different time zones, and we don't know where you live. It's easier for you to find out, we just have one.

Dex: cheap stuff buddy, cheap and boring.

fezzy Mon Sep 16 11:38:54 PDT 1996

does anyone happen to know what the red or orange DOD effects pedal is that fagen plugs his rhodes through? It just sits on top of the rhodes.


-Fez "gonna be your holy man"

I know @bout these things Mon Sep 16 12:17:18 PDT 1996

Maxine/YGK: Al&Gas are sitting six hours later than Eastern Standard Time.

Lester WJAZ_here@home Mon Sep 16 12:22:53 PDT 1996

Well! Ill go to the foot of Mt.Belzoni, a Steely Dan web page!! no less. I was at Earls Court 9th Sept. After buying the tee-shirt, waiting nearly a quarter of a century to see our heroes, Don and Walt. I couldnt help but come away feeling disappointed. From my point of view, there were just two things wrong. 1)The sound quality from where I was sitting, was appalling. To be fair I dont think it would be the fault of SD (they are after all musicians, and at the mercy of their sound crew). 2) Wayne Krantz - his guitar solos left me wondering if he he had ever listened to the original recordings, or if he was playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order. Two small hiccups in an otherwise prefect evening;

Meanwhile.. Ill go back to listening to the music.

Thanks for the memories Dont stay away too long guys....

Dexter Live@TheVillageVanguard Mon Sep 16 12:28:02 PDT 1996

Excuse me for offending those who have replied in such a graceful manner. I did not realize I was surrounded by such literate men and women. I assumed that the vast majority of you tuned into steely dan and bachman turner overdrive at the same time, and I suppose I was wrong. I have simply had enough of the constant bickering that goes on here. I know, I don't have to read it, but I feel the need to converse with those of my kind. I know that those I mentioned can never record again, as most are now gone, but listening to Chet play My Funny Valentine can do something for me that no other music can...with the exeption of Steely Dan. I would like to continue along these lines at a later time, if it is within the realm of the non-jazz fans here to let me do so. Dexter

Maxine Mon Sep 16 12:45:34 PDT 1996

Al&Gas: I was just playing messenger. It's up to YGK to pick up the ball and call, now.

Dexter: the most important thing about this forum, I think, is that it exists for whatever purpose you (in the general sense) want it to be. I may not be as jazz-literate as some, but I am always seeking more knowledge, as I stated earlier. If that's what you want to discuss, then just discuss it. I think the reason for the flames (and I must admit, my own feelings of anger) were caused by your assumption that no one here would know about such things. My general feeling about the whole thing, and one of the reasons that this music appeals to me so, is that it holds many lessons for all of us. There are those of us who are musicians who may benefit from the unique sound of the music - there are those of us who are guitarists (this is the collective "us", now, not me) who can compare notes on that front, and there are those of us who can appreciate the Dan for their lyrics. Still others come away just liking the music, and there's nothing wrong (IMHO) with being a fan that falls into all or one of these categories.

There are still more folks who just need an outlet for something and may have found it here. Who knows.

At any rate, whether you thought my reply was graceful or not, I will read your jazz thoughts eagerly, and may learn something from them. I hope so. I hope still others can read my posts (occasionally trivial though they may be) and come away with something meaningful, too.


The Boston Rag Mon Sep 16 12:56:20 PDT 1996

Somebody tell Walt & Don to cover the Isley Brother's tune Harvest for the World on their new album. They could nail it without a hammer.

Some jerk in my office just told me that if hate were people then he'd be China. This was the same dolt who saw my SD concert shirt and asked if "steely dan was still with john ford coley.

It just has to be a monday!

Sassy Swingin' @ The Tivoli Mon Sep 16 13:07:52 PDT 1996

Dex: I can see by what you carry that you are either conflicted or confused: are you pissed at us for our "constant bickering" (which, after all, you have observed over the whole of "almost a solid month" (!)), or are you pissed at us for not spontaneously talking about what interests you most? If the former, you might wonder if simultaneously insulting both jazz buffs (for not showing enough) and jazz babys (for not knowing enough) is likely to improve or exacerbate the situation. If the latter, you might wonder if the same approach is best way to start an engaging conversation.

And in other news, "Autumn In New York....why does it feel soooo in-VITE-ing....?"

AJustMachine Mon Sep 16 13:39:56 PDT 1996

Thanks to Prosit and Maxine who showed up last night to give my decoder program a test. Thanks also to Joe Murtha's reader program for providing a convenient collection of lyric files to use. For all of you who are upset at D&W's 15 year layoff, my next project will be to artificially create a new album of Steely Dan music. I'm still in the song writing stage. Anybody know of a word that rhymes with lasagna?

Chris I don't know Mon Sep 16 13:52:06 PDT 1996

I'm only 21.

Matthew macarena Mon Sep 16 14:31:08 PDT 1996

That's you Brian.Xena Brian.I want Princess Leia in a dress.

rudy Mon Sep 16 14:53:59 PDT 1996

MAXINE: re: Dexter: (a la gabby johnson) RAW-ba.

AJustMachine: "whass on ya"...?

It does seem that the bickering that happens here scares off many folks who get enough of it in the real world...lordy knows I get enough stress and I probably give more than my share, and it inevitably runs over to this poor page. You get two schools of thought on this: do I use this forum as a release, as an outlet for my feeble sarcasm (which would probably get me slapped if I said it out loud) or do I try to modulate my discourse so as to behave like a redeeming member of society, and play by the same rules as you would, say, at a dinner party?

does Ann Landers know HTML? I think I'm in the wrong site.....rudy.

Maxine @the end of a long (not perfect) day Mon Sep 16 15:32:51 PDT 1996

Rudy: re: gabby, et. al: (imagine cockney accent) begging your pardon, sir? I'm afraid my brain isn't allowing me to process that, along with economics, the English exchange rate, and several other things that went out the window when 5:00 p.m. rolled 'round.


Zombie Not enjoying computers Mon Sep 16 17:44:59 PDT 1996

Hello and thanks to all who have offered to send me some lost music.

Especially MinorWorldKent and DeliaMadman.

KENT, my e-mail is all messed up, and for some reason I can't e-mail anyone. So I'll get you my snailmail address as soon as I can. No need to make the "Dallas/Sail the waterway" recording, though. I received these courtesy of Ms. Magnificent One.

"Sail the Waterway" Cool. Beckeresque. Funny stuff. "Dallas." Who the hell is singing, and what the hell were they thinking?? Painful. Vomit enducing. Souns like "Horse with no name" band.

MADMAN. when the cold wind comes I go where the delias bloom, or something like that.

Ruby home@last Mon Sep 16 17:49:23 PDT 1996

Hey Der George:(if you can read this, yet) Thanks for sticking up for me to the Madman! Glad you liked my post to you - I knew you'd understand.

Madman(who,do-I-don't-I-will-I-won't-I,long to be): Okay, I was testy. But you brought it out of me. You rascal.


Hank Silvers Mon Sep 16 19:00:56 PDT 1996

Zombie: Listen to CBAT's "Midnite Cruiser", then listen again to "Dallas." Hmm, scratch that idea. "Vomit enducing" is a mighty strong reaction, but you've got a right to it. Anyway, it's Jim Hodder's other lead vocal with the band. Skunk has a nice steel solo, too.

"Riot and arson followed, and Kreisel and Spaak became household words."

DONNIE ROUZANO Tue Sep 17 04:02:37 PDT 1996


Jeremy Tue Sep 17 05:46:15 PDT 1996

Siddhartha: the "Aja" trilogy at Birmingham was "Black Cow", "Deacon Blue" and "Home at Last". Amazing to hear them live, and such a nice surprise to have "Deacon Blue" in there - I hadn't seen it (or "Reelin'" on any of the US setlists.

Tim: No, I wasn't at Springsteen's show - in fact, I haven't been to a concert at the NEC for quite a while. I think my comment just reflected the wide-eyed innocence and niaevete of someone who thought that seven quid was quite a lot for sixteen pages (hell, ten quid would buy you Brian Sweet's nice biography of the band). Market forces, I guess.

I too was mystified why everyone steamed out before the encores (but I wasn't complaining, since it left plenty of room for everyone else to swarm down from the corrals at the side to the front). I had plenty of time to ponder this mystery, however, as I sat for an hour in the car park, going nowhere... After a bit, I think I realised why the seasoned NEC concert-goers had left early...

Another highlight that I forgot - DF lit by purple and red lights bashing out the beat in the opening to "Jack of Speed", arms waving all over the place like a thing possessed. Someone had earlier dubbed him Dr Funkenstein, and the label was indeed apt, I thought.

Jeremy Tue Sep 17 05:50:05 PDT 1996

A question - has anybody tried using the Steely Dan songbook (published by Hal Leonard, I think)? I'm contemplating its purchase (we play piano and guitar in my house) and I was wondering if it was any good. The reason I ask, of course, is the story that WB tells of going out to buy a copy when they decided to tour again (because they'd forgotten how all their songs went) and discovering that most of the chords were wrong. Anyone agree? Thanks for the feedback.

Pete Tue Sep 17 06:51:12 PDT 1996

Back from Europe. What a way to end this summer. All the shows were great, except maybe Frankfurt where the sound was a little funky due to the lack of about 8,000 people. Shari and I made all but Hamburg and Glasgow, they were a little out of the way. Although I missed some of the songs from the states, it's always nice to hear Deacon Blues and the new Chain Lightning. The highlights were the second show at Wembley (got to agree with Kinky on that one) and the crowd at Dublin, which may have been due to the high volume of Guinness being consumed. Rotterdam and Birmingham were also right up there. Thanks to Cornelius O'Bumpus (as he's affectionately known in Ireland), we now know where every McDonalds and Burger King are located in Western Europe.

Great wrap party in Dublin, I'll never drink Guinness in the states again.

YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 17 07:08:23 PDT 1996

Who is this Maxine? AL & GAS - many many thanx you's for the T - and the contact - peace, love and the Dan. I'm soo glad we connected. Tx, M. Dexter: Y'know, just because you heard some cool albums once in your short little life does not make you some kind of authority. How dare you walk into this room and insult the versatile, open-minded musicians/fans of this wonderful musical establishment. Who are you really, or who do you pretend to be, Winton Marsalis? You seem as arrogant and closed minded. Do you even know where the Vanguard is? Your rudeness and arrogance are completely out of line, and your lame duck apology a few lines back is as lame as your Kenny G solo. Chill out - grow up - shut up . . .

YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 17 07:15:50 PDT 1996

YourGoldKeith y'know Tue Sep 17 07:37:05 PDT 1996

*OK, So I'm not a morning person, unless, unless, I'll try to hang on . . . *

YourGoldKeith Tue Sep 17 08:10:20 PDT 1996

Looking forward to the future . . . this weekend and the Mt.Washington Run . . . Rockola Show Oct.11th & 12th . . . New Dan Album . . .

Rikki @thefloor Tue Sep 17 08:55:39 PDT 1996

I think it's safe to assume that YGK is a keyboard player . . .

Looking forward to your gig's, lovebob

it's always good to see an ass eat his ego - Dex. Try again, this time, wit restraint and feelin' . . .

Cuban Gentleman @Biscayne Bay Tue Sep 17 09:57:34 PDT 1996

To Mr Fogel:I'm glad you enjoyed the Guinness in Dublin. What a night it was. It was my fourth concert in Europe and the guys seemed to be having the most fun - boy did we struggle with those bouncers to let us get up and dance.

Maxine @...well, you know, hasn't changed... Tue Sep 17 10:04:34 PDT 1996

Rikki/YGK: five posts in a row? (didja think we weren't paying attention a few days back?)

Someone must not be very busy. "this Maxine" is, though.

My personal life aside (if it can be put there... maybe? please?): Pete Fogel, sounds like a good time at the Dublin show. Any more specific notes, or did the consumption of Guinness make them illegible? No changes, I assume, other than what's been changed from the Stateside shows. I wonder what they'll change in Japan?


YourGoldKeith wonderingwhyIam@work Tue Sep 17 10:10:26 PDT 1996

Well, apparently, you were paying attention . . . I don't feel that well, perhaps I should go home . . . I did, however, digest lots of Vit C - still have chills - I hate being sick . . .

majordude & garcia Tue Sep 17 10:11:35 PDT 1996

hmmmmm.....rhymes with 'bout: Tonya, don ya', for starters. I'm curious about how you'll simulate the drug culture in the "studio".

But you know, if you want to do this "in the manner of" W+D, then you must search for a town, street, village, place, proper name, etc... that completes the rhyme. It's the ultimate Danian lyrical device. For example, Guernsey of the stairs; Washington Zoo.....found this to be true. And that's just one song.

"....Or maybe you would like to see a show. You'll enjoy the Cafe D'Escargot. Folks are in a line around the block. Just to see her do the conch-con-Jacques."

PS. I have a visitor here for a few days. Meet Garcia!

As for SD songbooks: I recently got "Best of Steely Dan" for guitar (H. Leonard) and so far its been more accurate than SD Complete, which may not be saying much. But then again, if you only knew how badly I play.

Thanks for the euro-words, Fogel.

Anybody heard Ben Folds Five? Any similarities?

And finally. Re: drummers, let me throw out: Chambers or Erskine = style, variety. Lawson = thunder.

rudy Tue Sep 17 10:54:21 PDT 1996

MAXINE: anyone who's seen Blazing Saddles will tell you. RAW-ba.


Christopher Walken Tue Sep 17 12:29:32 PDT 1996

Steely Dan. I knew him. He used to hassle all the dumb bastards at Aquaduct back in the day. I wonder.............why.................... people say I'm him. It gets me angry. Come see my movies......I'm an actor...........not a steely dan.

Michael Murtha MURTHAM@EMH.AON.AF.MIL Tue Sep 17 13:06:45 PDT 1996

For the man serious Dan Fans that have logged on to my brother's most excellent home page (JGMURTHA), I'm his brother Mike. Joe and I have been Dan fans for as long as I can remember and have been to several shows together. The last show we caught was at The Meadows in Hartford on 27 Jul 96. As always we came to party. We had 4 varieties of Sam Adams plus some home brew provided by Joe's brother-in-law called "Deacon Brew".....the taste I said I would bring to you. To make a long story short, we were primed and ready to go by showtime. We had with us one of those little portable and disposable grills that we used to stoke up some fine italian sausage. This lil' sucker was still burning furiously when it was time to enter the show and it needed dowsing. I being of unsound mind extinguished the lil' grill with the four gallons of Deacon Brew in my system. I never removed the remaining portion of sausage that we could not finish. When returned to the parking lot after one hellacious show all sausage in question had been eatin'. So, if you are reading this and you're the poor fellow that saw an opportunity for free munchies and took it..............I apologize. Take care out there and look for future scary stories from the concert trail by Murth Man from Murth Land.

Rikki @thefloor Tue Sep 17 13:32:20 PDT 1996

Where's the traffic??

DrMu DoYouSeeHowTheyRoll Tue Sep 17 14:55:48 PDT 1996

Maj. Dude & Garcia,

I hear you with Pete Erskine. He really knows how to fill and change pace. His work on AIA in Book of Liars alne is really a treat. Where is he now? I hope he's included on the next Dan release.

Does the Dan remind anyone of the way Stan Kenton worked? I have heard some of his stuff from the early 50's (HiFi for different types of fusion - Big Band and Bop and Big Band and Classical. He seemed to know how to keep the reigns on great talent also like the stratospheric horns of Maynard Furgeson (sp?). The Dan has gotten the best out of many recent day studio talent.

YGK: I agree Wynton is a bit of a snob, but he's trying to preserve a heritage. and His music can be warm... at times. I really like the stuff he did with his father on Marsalis Standard Time III

Zeke Tue Sep 17 15:53:33 PDT 1996

I have a little side bet with this babe I work with. Can anyone tell me if Pat Matheny ever shared studio space with the Dan on ANY recording?

(Man, I'm praying he didn't, even if he did, if you know what I mean!)

Are there any Matheny fans on this page? My fav is American Garage.

later, Zeke

dc Using all 16 Tue Sep 17 16:14:45 PDT 1996

Dr Mu: Where is Peter E now? Visit Drumming and The Dan where, among other things, you'll find an entry for Erskine with links to his homepage and other reference sources. why not!! Tue Sep 17 16:18:35 PDT 1996

Major post Dan depression struck after the birmingham show i needed another fix ,last plane seat,no tik, from wales to liverpool airport i raced,Dublin here i come help! how the hell can i get tiks for the two shows at budokan anyone else want to rough it round japan!!!! one of you dan phreaks must know a travel agent with cheap flight details {yes i got in just and a better seat than the one i had at brum and i booked that show months earlier) The Nec is a crap venue

Peter Noss Tue Sep 17 17:18:15 PDT 1996

Zeke: Metheny fan #2 checking in.... I've seen him every tour for the past ten or so years - a couple of times each tour. Also had the pleasure of interviewing both Pat and Lyle Mays on different occasions while doing college radio in Boston. Amazing musician and, at least when I met him and Lyle, unfailingly polite, down to Earth and gracious. You probably know this - Pat Metheny was apparently approached by D+W to join them as a 3rd guitarist on the 1993 tour. It said in Brian Sweet's book that Pat thought 3 guitars would have been one too many....... he was probably right, but it would have been interesting to hear Pat do some solos on Steely Dan material. I guess we'll never know.....

prosit Tue Sep 17 18:03:03 PDT 1996

Dave - happy to help on Sunday. We'll have to figure out a new challenge for you..

Maxine - how are you?

StAlphonzo Tue Sep 17 22:08:51 PDT 1996

Well, I, or should I say my HTML editor did it again. Seems that during the editing process I, or should I say MY FUCKING HTML EDITOR mysteriously deleted all posts from Sept 3 to Sept 10.

There must an HTML editor that doesn't have trouble handling large blocks of text? And they say Hotdog is the best.....

Anyway, I'll try to recover the text from cache soon. Please bear with me. I am too tired to be mad. I am going to bed now. I hate f*ing computers....


Beautiful Survivor Wed Sep 18 02:45:42 PDT 1996

....Tuesday,check-up...filling needed...@#$!...novocaine...waiting, waiting,will this be over soon?'s playing, New Frontier!!!!...waiting becomes foot tapping, head bobbing...I'll get through this after all.....

...the key word is survival....

George Wed Sep 18 03:22:12 PDT 1996

Here's a much belated but promised review of the Frankfurt show that was broadcasted by south-west Germany's major rock/pop station. They rated the show at 4.75 of 5 possible moose (their famous mascot is the before little known Blackforest Moose) rating the categories Show, Sound, Music, and Atmosphere. With a fat five for sound I was kinda wondering where the guy had been sitting - probably upfront. Well, we liked that show as well, as it was. Whatelse could be found in the review: "serene, cool pop-jazz", "DF in his black suit with his gestures was pure cult by himself", "held together by fine arrangement and the band". This is finished stating "they sounded fresh and not a bit like a revival band".

Ruby: you made me listen to Katy Lied yesterday night AND start my day today with it. It really is my favorite SD album. And I gave Dr.Wu an extra ear. It is a very smooth song. So suitable ... I like your vision of the story too.

Bob Tedde: here's another virtual visitor of the ROCKOLA shows at October 11/12. Let me take seat next to Al&Gas - hi buddies! - we'll join you in spirit!

StAl: you're a poor boy, console toi. Oh, and put this in memory for now: when I wrote Snakes, I actually meant Flakes. You will know ... Well, the clear button: daddy don't double-click his icons no more.

Bob Tedde Wed Sep 18 03:38:39 PDT 1996

Okay, I'm online for the first time FREE of AOL!! (Applause, confetti, etc.) But I just posted this huge post, hit reload, and.......nothing! (except George's new post) Several "reload"s later and I'm wondering, am I missing something here? BTW George, Al&Gas: 3 chairs will be left empty in your honor, and a toast made to physically absent friends.I'm sure your virtual cyber presence will be felt. Thanks for the good vibes!

NOw, a slight pause. A deep breath. Steady, and POST

bob tedde Wed Sep 18 03:40:19 PDT 1996

Okay, that worked. now let's try.........this!

bob tedde Wed Sep 18 03:42:20 PDT 1996

HAL-o there KINKY: Thanks for the "enlighninment" as to the song in question. I whole heartedly half agree with your take on the "Greens" vs. Midnight Cruiser and Cash Only Island. While it's true that "Flower" and "Earrings" have both worn out their welcomes in Live Land, and for that reason should be pulled in favor of the new and the REALLY new, I reject the notion that Green Flower St. is any less of a song than MC or COI. It was made to be played live, ESPECIALLY with horns! I'll agree that "Earrings", while a kick to perform, never did a whole lot for me from the audience side of the stage, but judging from the response it got at the Hollywood Bowl this summer, you and I both are in the minority here. On the subject of Riki Lawson: Right on, he was right on! I think he was an inspired choice for this year's tour. He seemed to ad back some of the Rock element that was (at times) noticeably absent when Mr. Erskine was behind the kit. The use of nuance players like Erskine and Chambers might be a great call for the studio, but Lawson's broad stroked "thundering" is just what the doctor ordered for translating the music of SD live to a large audience.

Re: Le Bar Bat: It's a shame about the little purty one. I think alot of people were really looking forward to seeing the two of you together. I think we all thought a love connection was eminent, especially given that special tone you take with her. But on that front, be careful: Rumor has it you think you're funnier than Andy Rooney!

Bob "better-than-Steely-Dan Tedde

To EVERYONE: While it is Mr. SoNSo's opinion that the new Chaen Liteghnen "has a whole new energy that MUST be experienced to be understood." I felt a closer "understanding" might be gleaned from a more detail oriented account of the song's new and improved arrangement. And since the K-man didn't seem game, here is what my research has uncovered thus far: (let me know if this is accurate Mr. A).

The current performances of Chian Lighttnin' have a similar feel and tempo to the '93 performances. A little slower and 'swingier' than the studio version, perfect for the live domain. The first verse kicks in with the familiar harmonies followed by the very new and VERY cool horn solos section. Here, as Ky mentioned, Ari, Michael, and Cornelious (in that order) take turns "blowing their brains out," in what I am told is some of the best soloing of the evening. (Damn!) The really exciting part, however, is this: each solo begins with the band stopping completely, leaving the soloist unaccompanied!!!!! You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen: BARE NAKED SOLOING! Equally cool is the Orchestra's re-entrance from these dramatic pauses using unison stabs (quarter note triplets I should imagine) as a sort of "run way" back into the tune. After the last speck of brain has been blown from the heads of our horn heroes, the second verse ensues, setting up a beautiful Wayne Krantz laden outro. Sure sounds like perfection and grace to me. (Weeeell,..... grace with a kick maybe.) How much is a ticket to Japan.

MADMAN: I can't agree with your theory that Cash Island and Midnight C were strategically replaced by Green Earrings and Green Flower St. in order to save Donald's voice. For one thing, neither of the latter are particularly easy songs to sing (given Fagen's range) More importantly, Walter has assumed the lion's share of the vocals on Cruiser, making it the perfect fodder for Fagen's vocal folds. I do believe that DF has put some serious time into his live vocal performances though, as the improvement from '93 to '96 is stunning. I do think, however, that vocal preservation and not artistic whimsy was the catalyst behind the noticeable key lowerings of Do It Again and Josie. They are by far two of the most difficult SD songs to sing live. Oh are you ever going to weigh in on the Lawson discussion? Sounds like you have some serious thoughts on the matter, and my cat like curiosity is peeked!

FEZZY: The orange box in question is undoubtedly a Phase Shifter. The use of a this effect on a Fender Rhodes is Don's signature sound. Are you sure it was a DOD? I thought for some reason he was using an MXR Phase 100. Either way, I'm sure it's gone through a few modifications. Those suckers were noisy as hell! Hmm, now that I think of it, was it DOD that bought out MXR? Any old guitar heads out there know what I'm talking about?

StAl: Sorry I didn't get back to you right away, I was waiting in hope of having some good news for you. Unfortunately there will be no S. Damned dates while you are here. There will however be a Rockola performance and a free first round waiting for you thursday night at Blind Melons in Pacific Beach. Sorry to hear about your HTML Hell. Keep fighting the good fight secure in the knowledge that ye are loved as only a legend can be loved.

Another nausiatingly long post.........lovebob

Maxine Wed Sep 18 05:54:37 PDT 1996

Prosit: I'm fine, but very, very busy. It's that time of year at my university , so I have my hands full. Not to mention that I'm catching up on all the classwork I missed last week, and studying for the economics test I have tomorrow. Did I say busy?

Bob Tedde: congrats on graduating from AOL. Did the mail arrive yet? Re: Don's voice: You mentioned that Josie was lowered this tour, and I had forgotten that - how far did they lower it?

StAl: Don't worry, we still luv ya.

YGK: alive and well?


fezzy Wed Sep 18 06:06:33 PDT 1996

Bob Tedde: You are right, I saw the reissued MXR phaser in a magazine. And yes, DOD did buy the name. Thanks for the reply!

fezzy (the jack of speed)

YourGoldKeith @NYC - where it's "cold" weather season Wed Sep 18 06:54:33 PDT 1996

Dr. Mu: Marsalis is upkeeping a tradition? Which one? A tradition of snobbery? Why don't we keep up the tradition of slavery as well? (I'm NOT serious). What I agree that the musical trancendance of jazz has a tradition to be followed, i.e. history which evolves which teaches, what I've always found in Wynton Marsalis' music is his lack of soul. Yeah, yeah, technique, technique. The thing in common with Wynton Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr. is NOT their musicianship, it's their arrogance that they are "leaders" in the jazz world. Show me a leader and I'll show you someone who plays like one - womeone who plays so I can feel it in my soul - not one who talks it . . . If any Marsalis has "it", it's his Dad, and then Brandon . . . I can't honestly say I've heard the album you mentioned - though I would guess the addition of his dad is welcome . . .(alright, enough already)

Maxybabe: I'm much better, and you?? I'm busy, too - start the training tomorrow night - so I'd like to call tonight, cool?

bobtedde: Congratulations, now, you wanna pay my old AOL bill? : )


YourGoldKeith Wed Sep 18 06:58:23 PDT 1996

bobtedde: I have had the same posting problem using Yahoo here at work which is why sometimes I have frequent posts. Go figure . . .


YourGoldKeith @thepointoffrustration Wed Sep 18 07:20:38 PDT 1996

C'monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn POST!

Clas Lundkvist vava@pedal.swipnet Wed Sep 18 07:24:41 PDT 1996

When my dog Pompe, its a great dane, is sleepin on his back and all his lips are falling down, he looks just like Fagen singin Deacon Blues. Hej maxine! Love you. Clas

YGK @thepointoffrustrstion Wed Sep 18 07:57:40 PDT 1996


Zeke Wed Sep 18 08:17:01 PDT 1996

Peter Noss: Right Arm,man!!! Quite an amazing musician indeed. I was not aware of Don asking Pat to join in. Somehow I feel we may see him on future recordings. I have a strong feeling that the next CD will not be the last for Don + Walt.

YourGoldKeith: Living in Naw'lins all my life, we do get bombarded with Marsalis and Connick Jr. and Sr. Now I'm not here to defend them but let me comment on both of them. To judge their musicianship you must see them live. Harry Connick Jr. played a fund raiser at the Orpheum Theater in N.O. recently. Let me say he was PHENOMENAL! Very little singing. Don't let his "Sinatra like" appearance fool you, this dude can play! On Winton, I saw him along with Doc Cheatum (sp?)at the Saenger Theater during a Jazz Fest. It was an amazing night. Bone chilling!!

Anyway just my thoughts. Speaking of the "New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival"(or "Jazz Fest" if your from N.O.) if you have never been, do plan on being there in '97. Its a great time. Music is great and the food is the same.

later, Zeke.

Pete Wed Sep 18 08:48:26 PDT 1996

Pat Metheny fans-I promoted a show in '91 at the Lonestar Roadhouse with, then Donald's girlfriend, Libby Titus. Libby had asked me to go out and get a name player that would work well with Donald. Well, as luck would have it, Metheny was recording in NYC the week of the shows, and he didn't need much convincing to sit in. Unfortunately, the show was not advertised because the key players weren't getting paid. It was on this night that Donald broke out Sign In Stranger for the first time. All I remember was Metheny going nuts on that solo and how cool it was to see both of these guys on stage together. This may have started the ball rolling on Metheny working the '93 tour, but contrary to Brian Sweet's book about the three guitar player theory, I think the reason was more of a monetary thing.

YourGoldKeith Wed Sep 18 09:03:14 PDT 1996

Pete: Thanx for the Metheny story - was the sound good then, at the roadhouse? As I recall, it was an engineer's nightmare . . .

When is the House of Blues going to open - on Union Square? - that has the possibility of being a good room . . .

Zeke: Perhaps I should check them out live - my first impressions of HCJr. was a video of him (at 22) telling me (the viewer) how to play Monk (like he really knew) - the nerve! Marsalis' recordings have left me flat - and he's in charge of Jazz at Lincoln Center, which gives him this highbrow importance that may or may not be justified. I think my problem with these two is that they speak with their mouths more than their music - at least in my experience. I tend to question overwhelming success by anyone, just based on critics positive remarks. My basic tenet for a successful artist is how it touches ME. I don't have a lot of respect for musicians/artists, etc. who like to whack off on me. "Tell me something through your art" - I think that has the most lasting impression. I respect your opinions of these two and am glad you had such positive experience - it's unfortunate that many New Yorkers share my opinion, but I'm glad you got something - I'm still waiting . . . .

Maxine Wed Sep 18 09:04:18 PDT 1996

Zeke: re: Connick, I would have to concur that he is different when you see him live, but that has only developed recently, IMHO. I saw his first tour, when he was promoting the "harry/sally/sinatra" stuff he started with, and yes, he was phenomenal, but I think he was probably given the nudge from his label to play up the "Sinatra bit". Just my thoughts at the time. Now, I saw him again on his "She" tour a few years back - a much different sound - one that left a lot of his Sinatra-esque fans wondering - but one that I thought was very polished and soulful.

As for Branford vs. Winton, well I have a recording of W. playing Stardust that is verrrrry soulful (melts away stress like chocolate...ahhh!) but I would say that Branford has it down in the long term area. (this part's off topic re: jazz, of course, but I love some of the stuff he did while touring/working with Sting, another in my listening collection.)

Clas! You got a new email address. Bet you thought I wouldn't notice. I notice everything. Just ask YGK...

And speaking of YGK: I may/may not be home tonight... big econ test tomorrow, want to corner the TA for some assistance. Machine works, though.


Maxine same Wed Sep 18 09:11:45 PDT 1996

YGK: "My basic tenet for a successful artist is how it touches ME." - sounds kinda like my opinion of that movie we were discussing, doesn't it? (it's that whole "art is subjective" idea.)

Oh, and Zeke: dates for said Jazzfest?


DrMu Wyntondon'tdothatfreejazznomore(heneverdid) Wed Sep 18 09:24:39 PDT 1996


I don't disagree with anything you've said. Wynton's let a few Grammy's go to his head.

Maxine is right though. His Stardust is an excellent rendition. Wynton can be very warm and fun.-especially when he's doing covers. MST3 is wonderful.

You do have to get past his mouth and listen to what he's blowing. To keep him in perspective, he grew up in New Orleans watching a lot of jazz tradition die a slow and painful death around him ( for , drunk tourists in the French Quarter, etc.). It's gone to his noggin.

It is ironic that a number of your criticisms of Wynton Marsalis, which do have some creedence, are ones that have been applied to SD in the pop/rock venue by "rock critic."

YGK y'know, don'cha? Wed Sep 18 09:29:47 PDT 1996

M:Which film was this again? Refresh me, er, my memory, Maxybabe. I don't want to interfere in the importance your Edanomics test tomorrow, but Thurs. night is my training and I don't know if/when/how late I'll get away . . . g'luck. Looking forward to speaking with you soon ; ) - whenever I can . . . what day is today? WWRafting may be hairy due to excessive rains, no? Perhaps something, er, else . . . like play Stardust for me . . . needs a candy bar, no? A Steely Dan Bar - two nuts and a whole lotta jazz . . . - iz it Friday yet?

Rikki @theeasternworld Wed Sep 18 10:41:51 PDT 1996

Zeke: Are the JazzFest Dates the same as, like, Lend, er, Lent, that religious thang? Sounds like a good time for blasphemin' if 'tis. Could be worth a trip to Naw'lins.


YourGoldKeith Wed Sep 18 10:51:43 PDT 1996

Dockter: 1)I'll have to check out the MST3 - thanx for the reco

2)and a big thanx for the perspective - it has made me think about my own "mouth" . . .

3)Yeah, but those rock critix were a-holes and just out-and-out wrong! - they probobly checked out SD after listening to Slayer, therefore making the Dan WAY too complex (or something like that)


Maxine Wed Sep 18 10:55:42 PDT 1996

To the last two posters: you're not schizophrenic, are you? Never thought to ask that one, even though I covered lots of other bases.

Film we were discussing was Trainspotting. Perhaps you've forgotten that you made a blanket statement something like "so you're saying if you think a film looks annoying, then it's not good art?" Perhaps you were joking and I missed it. Were you?


lady Wed Sep 18 11:23:27 PDT 1996

Why doesn't SD ever play "The Royal Scam" live? In 93/94 we were treated to instrumental virgins of ths song, hows about doing a vocal version of it!! Kudos for playing DTMA, that song is ripping live. Regards, lady heathen ed to an instrumental version of it, but that sounded muzaky howzabout a vocal performance on the next fart crimes tour? What about Katy Lied how come no Throw Back Little Ones or Daddy dont live in that NYC My Waterloo was one of the worst songs walt could have played...why no Lucky Henry or Surf & or Die.?? Even Cringemaker is better then w'loo

Kinky Wed Sep 18 12:31:37 PDT 1996

Hey BobEgo Tedde not a bad review of Chain "Litening" considering that you were only 10,000 miles away. You may have heard some second-hand info on the tune, but, you see, while you were in San Diego trying to play Android Warehouse, I was at Wembley enjoying the real thing. Actually Bob, I'm really going to try to make Le Bar Bat, right now it's 50/50. However, Before I make any definite plans, I'm going to call the club to make sure the front door is big enough for your head to fit through.

YourGoldKeith @NYC Wed Sep 18 12:43:36 PDT 1996

That's a negative on the schizo - ("Shuddap, don't tell'er") Really - a total negative - I just thought I could "diversify without repeating myself or multiple posts" Sorry - I tried to remember what movie it was and then remembered. Then you reminded me oh so kindly again.

No, I wasn't joking. Something could be annoying and still touch you and still be good art - What I meant was - I thought Trainspotting was good in that it brought me to many emotions: disgust, relief, sadness, anger, etc. It generally pushed me' butt'ns a lot - it moved me despite it's grossness at times . . .

It is me, or do you have an edge on?

YourGoldKeith Wed Sep 18 12:58:40 PDT 1996

Kinky: Le Bar Bat has double doors, so Bob'sHedde should get through . . . now about those two BIG Bouncers . . . M: Surely, M, if you find something offensive, and it turns you off, then I would assume you wouldn't recommend it to others as a personal fave. However, if someone else finds something, let's say, "difficult to take", it doesn't mean it's bad, necessarily - i.e. Apocalypse Now - tough to take, but deeply moving . . . in my opinion . . . So I guess I was joking when I said that. I oughta been . . . YGK

rudy Wed Sep 18 13:54:59 PDT 1996

Mr. Fogel, love them posts. Keep 'em coming.

St. Al: Keep this text loss thing up and you won't have to worry 'bout HD space...(nudge) I've said anything worth documenting...


Zeke Wed Sep 18 13:57:42 PDT 1996

YGK: I understand. I've seen the video. Your right. Hey, this is a formal invite to the '97 Jazz Fest. It seems when Connick, and Winton are at home, the atmosphere is really relaxed. More music, less show. Let's not forget Dr. John!! (or Docta Jawn).

Maxine: Jazz Fest dates:*Always* the last weekend in April and the 1st weekend in May. First weekend starts Friday at 11:00am until 6:00pm and goes thru Sunday same times daily.Night concerts start at 8:00pm and goes until the music stops. Second weekend same thang except it all starts on Thursday! A much better time than Mardi Gras and very cool people. I'll dig up a '96 program and give a taste of the talent. I haven't missed a 'fest in 13 years, a really good time.

Rikki: Thats that Mardi Gras thing that happens around Easter. (Fat Tuesday / Ash Wednesday) Is this a great country or what!

I'm also a BIG blues fan. Keb' Mo' at House of Blues next Tuesday. Zeke.

Bob Tedde Wed Sep 18 15:23:52 PDT 1996

KINKY: Which one?

Kinky Wed Sep 18 16:12:59 PDT 1996

BOB: The one on your shoulders

Dexter Live@TheVillageVanguard Wed Sep 18 17:41:46 PDT 1996

I posted my initial post not because I was mad at the bickering, I can allways scroll down. I posted to hear if(I knew somebody was) a jazz fan like myself. It apparently worked. I've seen Buckshot L'Fonque's alias used here recently among other promenaries. I am glad to be in such high company. Hey, I like BTO as much as the next guy, just trying to incite a riot. I take this page like a soup; if you don't keep it stirred up, a scum develops at the top. There, that should keep them busy for a while says the old coyote, vox clamatis in deserto.

CLAS LUNDKVIST Wed Sep 18 22:00:33 PDT 1996

Howdy. I dont understand why YGK always get so mad at me. I only told that pompe lokes like Donald when Pompe is sleeping on his back and all his lips are falling down and showing those enormous teeth. YGK dont have to go jelling and melling like fucking stupid fat american. Maxine, love you more than ever! See you in sommer, Ill show you Stockholm, the hometown of Ace of Base. Clas

bob tedde Thu Sep 19 01:15:38 PDT 1996

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I have here in my left hand, from the home office at the foot of Mt. Belzoni, tonites top ten list. Here it is , The Top Ten better retorts than Kinky's "The one on your shoulders" Thats the top ten better retorts than Kinky's "The one on your shoulders Here we go. Reason number ..............

10) "So much fuss over a little thing like that.".........................................

9) "Stop it Bob, Your killing me with all this clever inyourendo."

8) "The one you wank with your Steely Hand. "

7) "I rest my case folks, bob tedde, a legend in his own pants."

6) "Another good example of what D & F would call "a head owner". "

5) "The one you use in Rockola for singing The MACARENA!" (& ouch, that one woulda hurt)

4) "Will you still have a song to sing, when the Razor boy comes and takes your fancy thing away? "

3) (sorry, this one was too blue, even for this page)

2) "Throw Back the little one!"

And the number one better retort than Kinky's "The one on your shoulders"

1) You're a GUY???

I mean, yours was good too, "the one on your shoulders". yeah. Sounds more like Mickey than Andy Rooney though. Or am I thinking of that computer from 2001: A Space Oddesey.

Re: the door. If it would increase the 50/ 50 odds in favor of your making the show, just say the word and I'll put your name at the door AND cover your first libation to boot! . Hell you oughta get free tickets to at least one show this year.


PS Any thoughts on my thoughts in the great drummer discussion? I know we both liked Lawson, but i'm thinking it might be for different reasons. Also, how do you rate chambers? I was unable to make the '94 tour and only have his performances on AIA to go on. Live, I know, it's a whole nother ball game.

CLAS LUNDKVIST Thu Sep 19 04:14:50 PDT 1996

I wonder when the real Seely Dan Book comes, the one about heroin,coke,jail, death. Rivalty, hate and friends no more. Id like to read that one. "the darka side of the dan" I love you Maxine, goodbye. And Bob Tedde what are you wrighting about? Lull lull, bahoa bahoa. Stop that shit. You gotta be a man someday son. Clas

Andy Thu Sep 19 04:59:44 PDT 1996

Clas, will you chill out, man. You're not making many friends round here. Let's keep the language down, too. My 8 month old reads this.

Maxine Thu Sep 19 05:26:12 PDT 1996

Andy: your eight month old can read HTML? Wow. I'm impressed.

Clas: ditto Andy's words, 'cuz Maxine isn't finding the Swedish machismo very attractive, n'est-ce pas? Understood? Good.

Bob Tedde: read your email before I read the guestbook and then almost doubled over laughing. What a great way to start my day! Oh, and you mean NO CAPS LIKE THIS?? (heh)

Zeke: thanks for the dates on the jazzfest; if i can actually swing a vacation next year, I'm thinking New Orleans might be just right...


Andy Thu Sep 19 05:40:08 PDT 1996

Maxine: Yes he does! - but only while the world is sleeping...

prosit Thu Sep 19 08:00:07 PDT 1996

In regards to Le Bar Bat - I'm hoping someone from NYC can help me out here...I live upstate.... should I take the train or drive my car (gasp). Is there any parking in the area? If so, will my car still be there after the show?

Majordude - any luck with the giggles? Hello, Garcia.

DaveS - lasagna?!

Maxine - hope the test went well...


George Thu Sep 19 08:12:56 PDT 1996

Clas: we desparately want to see more of your bathroom graffitti here. So keep it comin' ... C'mon you kinky swede ... If you'd like to become a "dirty old man", you might want to try it with some more subtle lingual painting. But, what can I say ...

Mr.Squonk: Hehehe ... yeah, it's refreshing to see these little flames again. We've been missing that spirit here over the tour season.

StAl: If there was anything I could put on a wish list besides that said tape, would it prob'ly be William Gibson's "Idoru" from Putnam Publishing, if it's a paperback ?

Hasta luego, Jorge.

YourGoldKeith Thu Sep 19 08:37:28 PDT 1996

Prosit: Ah, what every New Yorker Loves, a Reason to writie/writ/rite, er, speak about New York and its endless possibilities to take your money. Firstly,Prozac, (what's Greek for that?) There are parking garages that are attended 24 hours in that area. They have weekend rates, and all of that. Some hotels have garages with them as well, so keeping your car over the weekend isn't a problem - it's just takes green. How much? I'm not sure - it's a jungle out there - perhaps $50-100 for the weekend or $9-20 for the night. You must know that 57th Street (where Le Bar Bat is located) is the "2nd most expensive retail location in the world"! - after a street in Tokyo. It's not even Mid-town, tourist trap Central. 57th Street is where Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Fashion Cafe, Harley Davidson Cafe are ALL located. And who goes there besides the curious tourist? Models, Europeans, European Models and their "families" and/or entourages (see Monica Seles, etc.) So I recommend that you train it - and takes cabs 'round Manhattan. It's fun and you actually get to see the city more if you're not worried about your car. And If you're planning to stay overnight, stay away from 57th Street. Try Mid-town West (Theatre District) Don't count on a Motel 6, but you'll lose less of your shirt there. Unless you want to spend upwards of $100 per night . . . and if you do, there's always The Plaza on CPS (Central Park South). I always want to help, and if I can give more specifics, let me know. Take Amtrak - stay at the Marriott - have a ball . . . .

There IZ sucha thing as "Swedish Machismo"? Go figure.


I know @bout these things Thu Sep 19 09:04:41 PDT 1996

Prosit: I'm with YGK on the bottom line recommendation that you train it. It's the only way to go, as having a car in Manhattan can be a royal pain even if you are rich. For cheap stays I'd add the Pickwick (more like a European-style hostel) on um east 51st I think it is between 2nd & 3rd (nice location!), or the Best Western near 8th Ave, on one of the 40's I think (less good location)-- both have singles for about $80/night. Less at the Pickwick of you're willing to share a bath!

JamaicanDude Thu Sep 19 09:30:17 PDT 1996

I believe a vote is in order for "most amusing, original and creative exchanges"

Couple #1: Delia and Clas

Couple #2: Tedde and Kinky

Hey, man, you gotta love it. Votes, anyone?

Maxine Thu Sep 19 10:01:36 PDT 1996

Jamaican Dude: can I put in a vote for StAl. and his text editor??

(lack of punctuation induced smile faces doesn't mean the sentiment's not there)

Prosit: I guess this means that Mr. P came through! Good to know you'll be there, and in your "Steely Dan t-shirt" so that Dave S. knows who we are. (Unless of course we'd get bounced from LBB for such attire... any clues, N'Yorkers? We "foreigners" would luv to know.)


DrMu Rumblin',Bumblin',Stumblin' Thu Sep 19 10:27:01 PDT 1996

I was listening to Michael Franks' "Blue Pacific" this morning to check out Walter' great production (his best IMHO) of Vincent's Ear and All I Need along with Pete Erskine's smooth and sneaky drumming - now that's rhythm. Two of my favorites on that release, though are "Long Slow Distance" and "Chez Nous." featuring All-Stars Joe Sample and Larry Carlton. I know we have some fans of their work out there. You might want to check this out , if you haven't already.

Zeke Thu Sep 19 10:42:59 PDT 1996

Any Dr. Strut fans out there?

I moved recently and dug this old LP out of the stash. Its pretty cool.


YourGoldKeith Thu Sep 19 10:43:37 PDT 1996

I'd have to go with Tedde & Kink. Even though from what I think I understand about their locales, I think Tedde rocks (for a left-coaster) and could probably cut it with most Manhattanites . . .


Rikki y'know Thu Sep 19 10:48:30 PDT 1996

I don't think LBB is that pretentious, Maxine, so as long as you DO wear a T-Shirt, It should be cool. However, if you're going to go to YGK's bartending gig after, you may want to dress it up. It is Manhattan, after all . . .

Rikki(donelosthismind)-not really . . .

Pete Thu Sep 19 11:04:35 PDT 1996

It looks like we're going to have quite a turnout for Rockola at Le Bar Bat October 11th and 12th. To those of you that are making the trek, I can put you on a reduced admission list. The normal fee is $20 per person, if you email me with your name, the number of people you will be with, and the night/s you are coming, you will only have to pay half price ($10 p/p). Again, I don't need all the names in the party just one name plus the # of guests with you.

There is a parking garage directly across the street from the club. If you park there, you can have your ticket validated for a reduced price (around $6-$8), however, I recommend public transportation and cabbing around the city. As far as attire, people wear everything from jeans and T-shirts to tuxedos, just don't look too sloppy.

The club consists of three levels and four bars. Dinner goes until 11:00 (if you are going to eat dinner, you'll be refunded your admission when you leave). There is also a late night menu that goes until 2:00am. The club is open until 4:00am, expect the music to go from around 10:30 till 3:30. (I'll make sure the D.J. throws in some Dan between sets).

I'm sure you will all have a great time. Le Bar Bat is considered one of the coolest clubs in NYC, and I'm sure Bob's band will do it justice. I'll give Drew Zingg a call to see if he can make it, and maybe sit in with the band. Looking forward to meeting you all. (Don't worry, if Kinky comes, I'll make sure we have extra security that night.)

Remember, you must be 21 to enter.

YourGoldKeith you'know Thu Sep 19 11:11:10 PDT 1996

what I mean iz - "LADEEEZ and GENNLMEN, In THIS corner, BOB TEDDE, bandleader extroadinaire, master of wit wisdom and courage, in addition to being a master of his universe, from the left coast, mainly LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA VERSUS and UNKNOWN Quantity, from somewhere in New Jersey, a possible relation to the East Coast and, perhaps being somewhere near the center of the universe that is NEW YORK CITY, MR. KinkySo&Sew (mild appalause) ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL?

YourGoldKeith Thu Sep 19 11:17:00 PDT 1996

Mr. Fogel: As my e-mail here at work doesn't "work" - although I can post to the Dan Page - I'd like you to know that I'll be there will bells on, Friday the 11th with a guest or two. I also happen to be a friend of SWard at Mu (see e-mail address) who could supply you with my real name (unless M. you would).

As I'm working downtown Saturday, I won't be albe to make that night, but do look forward to meeting everyone possible Friday . . .



YourGoldKeith nowhere near Sweden Thu Sep 19 12:32:09 PDT 1996

Clas, . . . . you are uh, nevermind . . . such an inappropriate name . . .

peg Thu Sep 19 14:02:34 PDT 1996

While Bob n Kinky are both quite funny and clever, my vote must go to Delia & Clas (that strapping Nordic Abbababy).

minorWorld Thu Sep 19 15:09:04 PDT 1996

...Long Post Warnings are in effect...


>>On the subject of Riki Lawson: Right on, he was right on! I think he >>was an inspired choice for this year's tour. He seemed to ad back >>some of the Rock element that was (at times) noticeably absent when >>Mr.Erskine was behind the kit. The use of nuance players like >>Erskine and Chambers might be a great call for the studio, but >>Lawson's broad stroked "thundering" is just what the doctor ordered >>for translating the music of SD live to a large audience.

ok, you wanted feedback on this, here's my listening experience:

While I'll agree that Lawson's playing did the job, I'd debate that he was an inspired choice. An inspired choice would indicate someone who played in a style that defined (FOR ME) the 'Live Steely Dan Drum Feel/Sound' . The guy who came closest to this for me was Dennis Chambers (and Erskine would place second, BTW) . When I imagine the ultimate live Steely Dan drummer I hear flawless, teeth-grinding time, great energy, and a 'Dan-Like' clarity that I is an essential part of their sound both in or out of the studio. Also, the ability to provide ideas and interact with the other musicians based on the moment must be carefully administered. The term 'Nuance Players" is pretty murky, and bothersome to me because it rules out the coexistence of subtle -AND- 'thundering ' ideas / squeaky-clean-clarity -AND- the improvisational nature of a perfomance - all which are vital to the excitement of ANY band's live sound.

Also, your "Rock Element" and "Broad-Stroked thundering" being " just what the doctor ordered for translating the music of SD live to a large audience" comments infer that we become cattle in large groups who can only become blood-engorged (unintentional sexual imagery, I assure you) by decibel level. Given this premise am I to believe the Lars Ulrich would be even a better choice than Lawson? That the likes of Pat Travers screaming, 'BOOM, BOOM out go the lights!!!' ,would be preferential to D&W?

Nawwwwww. We like D&W BECAUSE they are perfect balance between nuance and Pat Travers, Right? So my take is this: I like the eclectic playing approach of Chambers and Erskine over Lawson. Yes Lawson thundered, yes his energy was great, but the improvisational aspects of his playing and his approach to the clarity/grooves weren't as exciting or pleasing to my ears - he simply did the job... I'm tempted to blame the clarity issue on those Remo drums (I know, there's an invitation to be set on fire), I sat at both close and distant proximity this tour and still experienced the same muddy drum sound...

I also liked the way Barney and Chambers played together better, case in point (since you missed the '94 shows): those unison rhythms they pull off in AIA's 'Bodhisattva' (Nice, kinda takes Pocaro's earlier version and hips it their own way...this isn't thunder?) - you'll have to trust me, there were some great moments in the '94 show. I really would have loved to see Chambers play Glamour Profession with Barney - a tune where I felt Lawson's interpretation fell short, it was more fun to just listen to Barney's thing (and God, no, not the ride cymbal during the chorus!!) but I digress...

myfriendlovebob, where we part ways here is how we think the Dan's drummer should sound (because there is obviously no point in debating anyone's' technical ability - they're all incredible players). I'm looking for 'nuance'/groove AND some monkey in the soul in our quest for the ultimate 'Inspired choice' Live Dan for Lawson over Chambers: No thank you my friend.


Ben Thu Sep 19 15:26:51 PDT 1996

Anyone here ever seen a copy of Megashine City or Mobile home?

Jus' Curious.

L8R. ben

nightfly Thu Sep 19 17:27:53 PDT 1996

hey dudes. i am changing my steely dan page so you guys should check it out in the weeks to come. the address:

anyways, see you around.

at the grottom in the greasy chair, nightfly

Beautiful Survivor Fri Sep 20 02:47:09 PDT 1996

bob tedde: ROFL over your Top Ten List - it really made my Thursday morning! Due to a prior commitment we will be unable to attend the Rockola show @ LBB, but I will be with all of you Danites in spirit.

....move up to Manhattan, and fill the place with friends....

Beautiful Survivor

Lucky Henry Fri Sep 20 05:37:54 PDT 1996

lovebob, I know you know the lyrics, but I hope this will be a motivator anyway:

1:Im workin hard from mornin til night

My shoulder bending to the wheel

I get home you start to run me down How do you think it makes me feel?

Your lashin tongue, it hurts my soul

I start to thinkin that I lose control

Im not movin like I know I should Or feelin like I ought to feel

And I spend my days just foolin around

I cant function, honey when you run me down

Oh, darlin dont you run me down.

2: I got to make a little fortune So I can bring it on home to you

Youre only hurtin yourself, my friend Treatin me the way that you do

My hands are tied behind my back Im drinkin dinner from a paper sack

Every days the Fourth of July But Im nothin but an April fool

Well I spend my days just cruisin around

I Cant Function, honey when you run me down

Oh, darlin dont you run me down

(Sax solo)

3: Im half a man with half a heart

I hear you laughin and I fall apart

Id like to put it on the table But Im lost before I even start

Do me wrong and its bringin me down

My idle ways are the talk of the town

You make me feel like a do-nothing clown

I Cant Function, honey when you run me down

Oh, darling dont you run me down

Oh, darling dont you run me down

Hey, dont you run me down, darlin

Its not Hawaii--D

In public--W

Down there in front of Abraham and Strauss--D

Thats it--W

I was a W now Im an M--D

Theres something wrong with my finger--W

Finger rash--D


rudy Fri Sep 20 07:00:35 PDT 1996

LuckyHenry: my favorite song on the double-CD....

...(finally) had me first SD dream last night...the Guys were playing @ a small club in Richmond, VA...the wife sees 'em first (naturally), we sit in on the afternoon (?!) gig, hang out with Walt later, who makes time with my better half whilst I go dream about something else (3 coffees/2 hrs. tends to erase some REM memories) - then Don and I spend the rest of the dream trying to find Walt and the wife, who are shopping.....Becker obviously has got his head on straight 'cause the wife can find ALL the good shoppin deals...


Maxine Fri Sep 20 07:16:33 PDT 1996

Lucky Henry: wanna run for office together? 'course, we'd need to pick a song *other* than the one we're pushing for our campaign theme, that doesn't suggest a positive image to me.

Peg: Clas seems to prefer Ace of Base, although his thoughts on Abba have really not had much critical acclaim of late. Perhaps his next published work will include these gems.

Coffee + antihistamines= a really strange view of the world.


Steve Cox Fri Sep 20 07:18:06 PDT 1996

Hey Scurvy ones... Check out David Letterman on the 24th of Sept. Your's truly will be on with my new boss, Trisha Yearwood. Yeah, I know it aint the Dan, but she is very cool. Those of you who have a phobia of modern Country should listen. At least you know the keyboard player knows how to play every note of Babylon Sisters.... PEG: Thanks for the tape...havent heard it yet.

YourGoldKeith Fri Sep 20 07:56:44 PDT 1996

RecentDanExperience: 1st night at the new bartending gig in SOHO, NYC, crowded bar/restaurant, much Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cosmopolitans, Martinis, and the occasional White Russian, etc., and suffering because the restuarant is French and we MUST listen to Edith Piaf, and all that. Well, at 1 AM, somehow, the tape we're listening to runs Royal Scam, and I begin to think of the immense significance of this song, in this place, at this time, and just when I being to share SD with my last two late night couples, on comes Dr. Wu.

So after all is said and done, my hectic evening becomes a Dan Experience, and all was right in the world.

BTW - I start on Monday; will be working Saturday, October 12th - not to take anything away from LeBarBat on that Dan-like evening with Bob Tedde and Rockola - but . . . just so you know, there's a DanFan working a nice Bar, in SOHO . . .

"kidz if you want some fun . . . "


Kinky Fri Sep 20 08:36:22 PDT 1996

Minor World--I, too, went to many of the shows on every tour, with seats in different sections. And, yes, all three drummers were great. But I must say that seeing Lawson play on Black Cow and Don't Take Me Alive convinced me that no other drummer around could play those particular tunes better. I think what you were trying to say in so many words was that it's too bad Jeff Porcaro is dead.

Lucky Henry--Don't you think that if Rockola was going to perform a Steely Dan song it would be one of their good ones? Why are you all so fixated on all that pre-Dan, early years, juvenile bullshit? Oh, and Thanks for reprinting the lyrics, I always wanted to know who mentioned Abraham and Strauss.

LH same Fri Sep 20 09:47:10 PDT 1996

juvenile bullshit? Sorry you can't appreciate it more, Kinkster. Mock Turtle Song really had me bah-bah-bahping last night. Actually, the dialog above was my best guess. I appreciate whatever contrary opinions anyone may have. Hey, and thanks for the reports from the UK!


YourGoldKeith Fri Sep 20 10:00:45 PDT 1996

juvenile Bullshit? Remember, Kink, ALL art is subjective, so you are entitled to your opinion, however, rawness in an art form from artists who are developing/doing can be quite revealing. Go see "Basquiat". Fortunately, where Steely Dan falls is on the positive toggle switch side of good/bad. Y'know, there are only two types of art/music: good/bad. Hopefully, we all know what is good. And will dig it.

"Just because your paranoid doesn't mean that someone isn't out to get you."


Al&Gas Fri Sep 20 10:18:25 PDT 1996

YGK: B.C. taking off tomorrow morning. Will wait for info about the landing. Good to speak to you. Peace.

Dude: How's Princess Kim?

Clas: Mama mia, here I go again... Ace of Base against Queen Anita? Hard challenge chap, maybe your dog could do the arbitration. Think of it.

Lovebob: Is your head really that big? Gee, wanna come and see you!

Marelizapageth @the institute for the molecularly-challenged Fri Sep 20 10:20:33 PDT 1996

Kent/minorWorld - check your email - I got the list

Maxine Fri Sep 20 10:22:07 PDT 1996

Juvenile bullshit? (I just wanted to start this post with that, as it seems to be a new form of greeting 'round here...)

Kinky: I think that there's something good to be said for keeping in touch with musical roots... and there's a lot to be said about the Dan's musical roots, because remember that much of what they played early on is still FAR more interesting and complex than the likes of many that reached great fame on the popularity charts. And while I, too, prefer *some* of their fuller versions of many of their re-recorded early pieces (Caves, for example) I love hearing the development process behind any song, which is what Early Years gives to many of us. However, individuals are entitled *not* to like anything and I'll respect your opinion... just explaining mine. You may have said this previously, but I wonder what you have against the early stuff? (I suppose I could check the archives to see if you have in fact mentioned it, but thought it would be simpler to ask the source first.)

YGK: I think if you're asking people to come to your place of employment it might be nice to tell us where it is and what it's called... although we know it's French, oui?

Steve: will keep an eye out, remind me Sunday night (if you'll be around...)


YGK y'know Fri Sep 20 12:54:40 PDT 1996

Anybody home? My posting time is quite slow . . . please, please, please, it's lonely in here

John Gillespie Fri Sep 20 13:14:48 PDT 1996

Great site - but I can't get the Dan reader program to download - connection refused. Any thoughts ?

YourGoldKeith Fri Sep 20 13:16:30 PDT 1996

AL&GAS: Thanks SO Much - I'll look for it next week . . .

Maxine: Oui, C'est Francoise . . . October 12th - after Rockola until perhaps 2 AM, I'm serving 'em up at Le Pescedou, 6th Avenue and King Street, 1 block South of Houston (pronounced "HOW-ston")in SOHO - quaint little place - and I will bring my own Dan. How you can come own down . . .


rudy Fri Sep 20 13:27:53 PDT 1996

I wanna know why Gadd isn't even considered as the quintessential Dan drummer.....

KINKY: in regards to your question, I guess some of us see it as a great song; not as pre-Dan, early years, juvenile bullshit.....if it'll help, please keep in mind whom you're addressing...rudy

Rikki stuckinthisvynylgroove Fri Sep 20 13:49:31 PDT 1996

Juvenile Bullshit? Everybody - Have a nice weekend . . .

Juvinile Bullshit Fri Sep 20 14:03:31 PDT 1996

Juvinile Bullshit?

Hank Silvers Fri Sep 20 16:07:23 PDT 1996

Lucky Henry: Good to see "I Can't Function," and it prompted me to put Early Years on. IMHO, two of those muttered lines over the fade sound to me like

"It's not polite."


"I was a W, now I'm an L." (had my share of "L"'s myself in the old days before getting the one big W that counts.)

J.B.S.? As a wise man said, "I try to steer clear of that kind of foolishness, myself." I like Early Years, but just wish D & F were making money from that unreclaimed juvenilia. It's still better than 90% of the stuff I hear on the radio, although that's as much the fault of the orange peels and coffee grounds that pass for "product" these days.

Steve Cox: Excellent! Thanks for the heads up -- I'll have the VCR set up for Dave next week.

and StAl: Expect a package. . .incomplete, but HTH.

"A pantonal 13-bar blues with chorus."

bob tedde Fri Sep 20 16:24:58 PDT 1996

minor WORLD: My thoughts on your thoughts on my thoughts:

Excellent post! (I LOVE this page! )More than anything, it makes me wish I had somehow been able to make the '94 tour with Chambers. But while Donald was saying "What a night!" I was saying "I do", followed by a honeymoon in the wrong direction.I finally make it to Maui, and Walter shows up in So. Cal. Go figure.

Peg, who missed the '93 tour, also preferred Chambers to Lawson. She said alot of the time that Lawson "bored her". I've been dying to take the AIA challenge since the day before yesterday, but I lent out my copy of "Alive" to a friend who is currently unreachable. If this urge gets any stronger, I may be the proud owner of 2 AIA's.

I realize after reading your thoughts (and re-reading mine) that I did a pretty lame, and somewhat misleading job describing what for me was a big point. When I said " just what the doctor ordered for translating the music of SD live to a large audience" I in no way intended it to be a reflection on the audience. I should have said "....for translating the music of SD in a large, live concert setting" as I was alluding to the acoustic nightmare that is live music in large venues. So much of Erskine's playing was lost in the translation, and came out sounding "busy" to me , even though it sounded great on the recording. I have explored this concept with both of my bands, and in all my travels as the facts unravel I find this to be true: The bigger the venue, the broader the strokes. Now for Rockola, this is mainly a vocal matter. When we sing for a large crowd, we almost overennunciate the words, and hold out notes longer than on the recordings we are trying to emulate. It sounds almost campy on the board tapes but great on recordings made from the audience. The converse is true when we sing like we we're in a studio, with more dynamics and vocal style, great on the board tape, weak on the audience mic. I couldn't help thinking that Donald had made this same discovery between the '93 and '96 tours as he seems to be giving each note it's full value this time around. By this principle, I should like Lawson the least when Live Art Crimes hits the shelves in'03.

God , I could go on forever about this kinda stuff! Alot of it ties into a discussion that was kinda touched on a while back (one I could write a whole book on if I got started):As fans, do we really want a whole new interpretation of these songs, or would we prefer a text book reading? The short answer for me (and most people, I suspect) is somewhere in the middle. The question is, where exactly?

more latter, lovebob.

KINKY: RE:Porcaro: Brother you said a mouthfull! Amen.

LH: Not to burst your bubble or anything, but whatever SD we MIGHT play, Early Years material will not be among it. And if rehearsals keep going as dismally as our last, about the only thing we'll be able to do is a note for note cover of Jerome Aniton's introduction to Bodhisattva! (Remind me to tell you a funny story sometime)

MAXINE: aol's at it again. lost 2 of myEmails. So if you didn't get my private message re:"The Package" ........the pearl is in the liver.....repeat....the pearl is in the liver. Hopefully I will have my ctsnet eudora thingy worked out today or tommorrow.


minorWorld Fri Sep 20 16:49:44 PDT 1996

The guestbook's Monday Night Bowling League has made the championships thanks to Peg picking up a spare in the10th Frame and a little creative scorekeeping from Stal. They are (L to R) Geoff 'That Port Guy' Lloyd, Julie 'Mrsqounk' Tedde, Shari Kambaroff, Peggy 'Peg' Totzke, Tim 'Front-Row' Bostwick, Cathy Kambaroff, Bob 'Sqonk, lovebob' Tedde, Pete 'The Fogel' Fogel, Kent 'minorWorld' Hillman, Cherie 'Sisqonk' Tedde, and Brian Hamada. My apology if this (my first) attempt at HTML achieves limpness. I guess worst case is you can cut 'n paste the URL.


bowling dude Fri Sep 20 19:36:48 PDT 1996

The bowling league post is quite interesting. Being both an avid bowler and Steely Dan nut, I often find myself humming Steely Dan tunes when bowling. In bowling, a "Brooklyn" is a shot which crosses the center of the lane on a first shot. When ever I throw such a shot, you can imagine which Steely Dan tune starts playing in my head. Also, whenever I get into the 7th or 8th frame without any opens (an open frame is one in which you didn't get a strike or spare) the chorus of "Turn that Heartbeat over again" plays in my head because of the line "Good clean game." Perhaps other people have life situations which causes a particular Dan tune to come to mind??

Bill Gates Fri Sep 20 19:42:23 PDT 1996

One more reason to use MSIE instead of Netscape: With Netscape you are very prone to posting your message more than once because of that stupid message that comes up and says "Repost Form Data?" when you hit reload. I guarantee you that everyone who ever did a double post on this board was using Netscape.

me @trying netscape Fri Sep 20 21:16:27 PDT 1996


Clas Fri Sep 20 23:48:27 PDT 1996

Howdy. So you dont like to hear anything else than stupit chat about college and prosit, im sick Delia (you sure is, but not in the way you think). Why dont you dear to talk about real things about the Steely Dan, for example how Walter, at the time at Gaucho, felt so put aside so he almost drowned in that wine dog see of heroin, and how Walter and that Eagle-member was accussed for having sex with a fourteen old girl. Thats fame and thats Steely Dan. And why dont you dear to talk about what the song "Gaucho" really is about? And you, and dont and wont remember you name, you think this is bathroom graffitti, youre a typicall double standard american. Mickey Mouse at day time and Maxs at nights. And Im not here to make friends, remember that. If you cant laugh at my comparison of Steely/Ace of Base, you must have a very funny? humor in USA. Cheech and chong...? So, this is a free Net and if you people dont like what I wright, scroll along. See you in summer Delia, Clas

Wheel In Space Sat Sep 21 02:05:52 PDT 1996

Take me back to Birmingham!! it was the best night of the year!!!

CLAS Sat Sep 21 02:22:46 PDT 1996

AH what a wonderful morning. The sky is high, the air is fresh and its autumn but I like it. Before I went to my work this morning I played some tunes from Alive in America. Its good. Like a swinging metronome. Tight and funny. Did you notice the change of chordes Fagen made on reelin In The years, in the verse? Instead of go D, A/#C, Bminor, A. He goes D#Cminor/+5, Bminor, A. Is,nt that cool. Im sorry to say that mr Wadenius sounds more like a lemon than a guitarplayer at the end of Third World Man. Well, pumsy, pumsy, soon its b-que time in Knoxville. Enjoy your self but dont touch your sister man. AND please dont wright to this place unless you dont have something to say. I love you Lazy Lena, back in the maze. Clas

bob tedde Sat Sep 21 03:06:04 PDT 1996

Hey Geoff, Julie, Shari, Peggy, Tim, Cathy, Pete, Kent, Cherie and Brian:

"We"re a star"!

Marcy Fagan Sat Sep 21 05:51:38 PDT 1996

How nice to see a sight dedicated to my (near) namesake. It's amazing that someone who's sold over 100 million records could be so down to earth. Take, for instance, the shows at the Garden State Arts Center. They come back on for the encore and Donald thinks hmm, I should talk a little. So he turns and faces the band and says "I guess I'm the only person here from New Jersey" looking to see if there were any Jersey natives he could acknowledge for the crowd. Well, the crowd took exception to that statement, so he quickly qualified it by saying "On the stage!" Maybe it doesn't seem like a big deal, but his demeanor is nothing like the phony theatrics of most other rock stars.

Clas Sat Sep 21 05:56:35 PDT 1996

Howdy Dan-Fans! Im in good mood today, this verwhelming autimnicus saturday. In fact, Im in so good mood that Ive decided to shaare my peronall TOP TEN-list off steelys.

1." Through with buzz". This is the hi lite-song of theire whole carrier. Listen to the strings!

2. "King of the world". Screens out exactly the Lappland-sickness. Alone in the northern wilderness.

3. "On the dunes". Guarranteed all is upp on their feet in two seconds, a real partyswinger.

4. The moogsolo on "King of the world"

5. "Your goldteeth2". Listen to Denny Dias guitar. Not audi exactly. He he.

6. The vibes on "Black Cow". That song itself is not much to hope high over.

7. "ShowBizKids". The line; and in all my travel as the facts unravel to be true...

Japp. We save the next three til tomorrow. Back to the maze, Clas

rudy Sat Sep 21 06:24:05 PDT 1996

early-rising howlie in the chat room for some slow-loading conversation NOW


Mark Lysaght Sat Sep 21 06:28:13 PDT 1996


I finally consummated a 24 year love affair with Steely Dan at the Point Depot, Dublin on 15th September. Since I first heard the unique cadences of "Do It Again" on the radio in 1972 I've been hooked - persuaded my mother to buy me "Can't Buy A Thrill" and have every album, etc. etc. Bought the songbooks and learned the tunes which was a very good education - I frequently use Mr. Dias's discords to enhance Irish traditional music - it works very well, guys!

Donald and Walter obviously enjoyed themselves in Dublin - we know 'cos they said so, and Dublin certainly enjoyed them. Full house and very enthusaistic audience, it was brilliant to see these guys live and kicking. Suggestion - persuade the Skunk to play on your next tour???

DrMu PretzelLogic@MicrosoftUberAlles Sat Sep 21 09:36:28 PDT 1996

Juvenile BS: Gaaaaaaaaaaatessss! "With my last breath I stab at thee!!

This is the same Mr. Gates who leveraged (euphamism for stole) the DOS operating system (I'm wearing garlic as I write this), a weak sister of CP/M for $50,000; then made billions of $$$ selling this lame system with unuser friendly software to stupefied businessmen worldwide; who watched people actually enjoying working on MacIntosh computers, and developed a wimpy substitute (Windows); who took advantage of short-sighted stategies within Apple and the chaos of the internet; who is even now trying to squelch entrepreneurism (sp?). He's not after the big boys (and girls); he's after the little guy. Until the sidewalks are safe - my fellow DanFans -use the competitors' software whenever possible. Peace.

DrMu NoDoublePOSTatall Sat Sep 21 09:41:33 PDT 1996

I've DP'ed too. It's not a problem for most. Quick "no fail" directions using Netscape:

1. POST for posterity

2. OK

3. Back (upper left side)

4. Reload


John Scott/KLK RADIO Sat Sep 21 11:40:48 PDT 1996

"AJA" was the best LP OF ALL TIME!!!!


I REMAIN, Seattle's ONLY:


StAlphonzo Sat Sep 21 16:25:54 PDT 1996

Hey now!

It's fixed (sort of). That is the archives have been repaired thanks to Hank Silvers. I believe we may only be missing a few posts. Again, I'm sorry I took the money.

To Bill: Nope, once again you've missed the mark. It seems a majority of the double postings come from AOL users. Don't realy know why? Perhaps you could shed some light on this since you are now in bed with them.....

Watch closely.....


StAlphonzo Sat Sep 21 16:29:02 PDT 1996

See what I mean?


PS. Thanks for all that free software you keep sending me in hopes that I'll turn this into a I.E. showcase sight. Sorry though, you're too late....

Michelle Sat Sep 21 17:00:00 PDT 1996

Pretzel Logic has to be the best of the best.

ZOMBIE Sat Sep 21 17:12:35 PDT 1996

so, when they stop playing peg live, does that mean it's come back to us??

Clas Sun Sep 22 03:14:27 PDT 1996

Yummi yummi in my tummi ! Now Im back to reviel the three last Dan-favourits I have. Are you excited? Here we go:

7. The part in "walk between the raindrops" before the organ solo (its not much of a solo I think, Jimmy Smith could have done it much better). Its where everybody yelling: "ooooooooooooh Miami. I could listen to it over and over again. Its so neat.

8. The flarpy sequencing of Nichols on "New frontier", sounds like a butterfly, gives the song character.

9. "The goodbye look". A tourist is involved when Nicaragua rightousley been been taken back by the socialists. Im glad Fagen voted for Clinton.

10. "Chase the dragon" - Delias song. The part where Mark Knoppler plays the guitarsolo. Seemes like it must be an englishman to put a song to higher grounds.

So, that was the three last ones. If you want to, I can come back tomorrw and reviel my cover-favos?

Back to the maze with lazy Nina, walking the dog and watching Soul Train. Love you Knoxville, Clas

Tom Gorman Sun Sep 22 04:42:33 PDT 1996

Oh well, missed the tour as I just moved from Ireland to Wales in the week of the Dublin gig. Gutted. Anyway, Take care - did you realise you were Italian in their eyes?

CLAS Sun Sep 22 04:52:37 PDT 1996


I thought you where a grown girl. You dont like me. Im very sad now. Because Im beginning to like you. You are so intellegent. The things you wrote about that everybody is here of their own reasons, even if you cant play a Cminor+5. EVERYBODY has to be here, everybody should be here who loves the Dan. And your so sweet when you learn us that a man can learn everything from...whatever. That is a very bright point. And you seem so sweet when you are trying so hard to explain things for us. I like people who talks nice and slow to me, who think themselves has a innerbrightness that is far above any others. I think we/you can learn a lot from Dan to to, listen;

Tobbaco they grow in Peking Even Cathy Berberian knows theres one roulade she cant sing

So long.

me Me Sun Sep 22 04:58:14 PDT 1996

Thats it. After that last post I refuse to believe that clas is for real. Who are you? Donald in disguise? or Walter perhaps? Nobody can be as entertaining as you by accident. Are we to believe you can correctly spell "pumsy pumsy" but you can't grasp the concept of the number 3? Come on. lovebob

Clas Lundkvist Sun Sep 22 06:10:55 PDT 1996

Hallo ME, are you also from Knoxville, dont lay hands on your sisters muffy muffy, he he, if you know what I mean, not audi exactly. Mm... so you dont think Im for real? Real like a real american boy/girl? No Im not. There is no legerdemain in my wellformulated writings. Im just a normal man with a nexus to steely. When I look out my window today, its looking a bit chilly. The Pacific is bluegray and the Baywachshooting team dont seem to have so fun. Down to the right I see the santa Monica pier, people are strolling around with bags of popcorn. If I look behind, on the other side of the house I can see Civic Center where Dan made their last gig for years. Well I think walk down to Third Street Promenade and buy me some of those darn good doughnuts. But wait. Hell, I cant, and probably you cant wait for my top five coverlist. Shall we sweez?

1. The cover to "You got walk like you talk it" It interluds so well with the songs on that records. Nice outlet to.

2. Katy Lied. Did you no that Walter spent 2 weeks on the island of Maui just to capture those rare grasshoppers, only living in extrasalted water near Maui. And more; Karen Stanley got credits for have beeing a nurse during the sessions. Now in retro its very tragic.

3. The best of Steely Dan, the cover with those giant, burning steelwires, from Pennsylvania?

4. Pretzel Logic. A man standing in Central Park and selling... pretzels! Outstanding.

Well, that was my five favous of steelycovers, maybe you have any to share with us, you unknown steelyfan.

Cool runnings man. Clas

Edd Cote Sun Sep 22 06:31:14 PDT 1996

re: earlier discussions of songbooks...

By and large, they're terrible. All the albums except 11TOW have been done. They seem to get better as time went on.

The first songbook included the first 4 albums, and is the worst. Many songs are in the wrong key, and the chords are wrong in ANY key. The second book, containing Scam and Aja isn't much better.

Gaucho, on the other hand, starts to show some promise, but by this time D&W have drifted so far from their signature m7s that it gets hard to tell if the chords are right or not.

"Transcribed Scores" is by far the best. Most of the chords are "close enough", solos are included, but the bass and drum lines are inaccurate.

Donald's two solo albums seem to work fairly well.

Edd Cote me again Sun Sep 22 06:43:41 PDT 1996

re: "Jimmy Smith could have done it better..."

...and would have spent hours telling us just that.

CLAS Sun Sep 22 07:21:45 PDT 1996

EDD COTE! Gaucho has some chords that is wrong. If you play the titlesong and come to part when the song is "just one more expensive kiss of..." the book says the chord should be a F without a third. Thats wrong, it has to be a third, Fsus2.If you dont play that third you miss that luxuriance that has to be in that part. Speaking of parts, Ive just desire to tell you guys my favou parts from steelys enourmous catolique of hipster grooves and neat chordchanges if you want to? Clas

Jules Sun Sep 22 08:23:09 PDT 1996

l/ldnv'l 'l

Jules Sun Sep 22 08:37:03 PDT 1996

Hi all, my first message was just a try. How do you like Kid Charlemange on Alive in America ?

Edd Cote Sun Sep 22 09:03:34 PDT 1996

Since the 3rd was covered in the descending line from the Dm7 by way of the F/Bb, the 3rd was probably left out of the final F to eliminate any hint of a 9th when the 2nd is introduced in the melody. Not like this is unheard of.

As others have alluded to, I also harbor the suspicion you aren't who you say you are. Should my suspicions be correct, I have absolutely no place in the above conversation.

crewman crewman@true.companion Sun Sep 22 10:16:12 PDT 1996

How about editing this guestbook a little more often, even if it means just disposing of previous posts. How many people are really going to look back at the archives? St Al. how about once a week or so just slashing the current contents by 50% or so.

Edd Cote Eddcote K@ylied Sun Sep 22 10:57:21 PDT 1996

Hey Clas, you Nordid noodnik, what's this foolishness about salt-water grasshoppers?

Any intelligent person knows katydids live in trees. Dorothy White gets credit for the photo.

(I've got a similar shot of 2 grasshoppers, sort of "Katy does...")

Joe Wolfe Sun Sep 22 11:17:31 PDT 1996

SD '96 - Drum Tech

Hey, Dave - Walter - I miss you guys already Peace

Maxine Sun Sep 22 11:57:51 PDT 1996

Clas: who are you really? everybody else's got my wondering, too. Delia's not asking, but this senorita wants to know the real you. Oh boy, I may be asking for trouble- let me rephrase that... are you an imposter poster? How's Sweden?

Great radio Dan story: I was in the car today, listening to the radio and finding nothing on, preparing to put the boys in the cassette deck. Decide first to push the scan button on the stereo... the station that lands calls itself "smooooth jazzzzz" (can you hear the DJ's voice now??-I digress) -- but the song that had just started was Black Cow. First time I've *ever* heard it on the radio around here. Maybe the cheese factor isn't quite so bad.


majordude Sun Sep 22 14:08:16 PDT 1996

So I'm minding my own business in the restaurant of the Marriott Harrisburg, plotting my next voyage to the breakfast buffet. I'm getting a kick out of an article on the happless NY Jets and NY Giants in 9/19/96's USA Today about the upcoming game. The article referenced a New York Daily News readers' poll respondent who commented on the Jets-Giants game:

""A dead heat, with the key word being dead," wrote Walter Becker of Massapequa."

No lie. It's right there in the sports section, page 13C.

Al&Gas: funny thing, how appropriate that you selected the word, "princess". I'm the one who needs the Italian rays now.

After listening to tapes of the last tours: Gimme Chambers till My Old School, at which time introduce Lawson for he drives home the rock steady beat better.

Maxine Sun Sep 22 18:39:45 PDT 1996

O.k., now I've had time to actually look at the bowling league pic, Peg! (Tried yesterday, but couldn't put faces to names, etc.)

minorWorld: don't know if this'll come as a compliment or an insult, but I was writing down the listing of folks in the picture that you provided (so I could look at said pic and say "hey that's..." -- accidentally wrote your last name down as "Tedde"...


Clas Lundkvist Mon Sep 23 00:32:28 PDT 1996

JULES! I think Kid Carlemange on Alive on America is very stiffed played, and Donald sing not so good, he sounds not convinient with the song, and when he comes to "is there gas in the car..." it sounds very audi. So, the version on Royal Scam is a real swinger but on Alive in America, well, its no good.

Maxine, if you don`t believe Im real, Email me, you got my adress.

Kisses from Stockholm.

CLAS LUNDKVIST Mon Sep 23 01:56:38 PDT 1996

Ed Cote, maybe youre right. Ive played the song again (difficult) and it sounds better they way it is noted. Thanks for the help.

Maxine: Here in Sweden its autumn now. The trees are red, brown and yellow. The air is fresh and its not so cold. I run my own business, advertising and stuff like that. In my Email adress you can see the word atelje, its similar to studio in english. I admit Ive been a little bit whacky some times, but thats my sense of humor. I love Steelys music and lyrics over everything in this world, nothing else will do. So, Im real, try me! Love, Clas

Beautiful Survivor Mon Sep 23 03:02:23 PDT 1996

Weekend road trip...Friday night...driving through CT...Nightfly on tape, Ruby Baby...passing exit for---Ruby Road!!.........Sunday afternoon...driving home across upstate NY...Katy Lied on tape, Daddy Don't Live In That NYC No More...passing exit for---NYC!!

Lucky coincidence, or divine intervention?? You be the judge!!

Later, Beautiful Survivor (and -not- Juvenile BS! I will never abbreviate my moniker again.)

maj.dude Mon Sep 23 06:53:31 PDT 1996

Yeah Clas, good catch there on the AinA version of Royal Scam. The boyz changed it so much, I didn't even realize that it WAS Royal Scam. You strapping Nordic abbababy's are observant!

BTW, in an August issue of "Entertainment" magazine in which the editors rated the best 100 summer songs, Rikki was ranked 76th, between Human League's "Don't You Want Me Baby" and Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Takin Care of Business". Abba's "Waterloo" was ranked 84th.

YourGoldKeith Mon Sep 23 09:13:50 PDT 1996

Mr. Scott at KLK Radio: I highly agree with your "Best" pick - the reason that I think it doesn't get many votes is that "I think" (IMHO) that most of Steely's listener/fans originated from the rockish side of the Dan and perhaps cannot fully appreciate the jazzier W&D - just a guess, tho.

Maxine: Any more Dan surprises in your neck of the woods?

Clas: What is a "Lundkvist" and how does it relate to the Dan? our higher consciousness? and your ability to see the Pacific AND be in Sweden at the same time? Friendly questions from NYC . . .

BS: Great Story - are you coming to the Rockola Gig?


YourGoldKeith Mon Sep 23 10:59:59 PDT 1996

re: Bowling Pic - Cheri(sp) Tedde is wearing the coolest T - the AJA shirt - iz that tour shirt? I want one

minorWorld: r U a Star now? r U gonna B at Rockola?

loveBob: nice headband, dude . . .

Peg: iz that really you??

How about a check of who's showing up for Rockola? I'm just trying to put names/handles with faces . . .


peg Mon Sep 23 11:13:52 PDT 1996

YGT: last time I checked, it really wuz me. I think the only people in the photo that will be at LeBarBat are Bob and Julie, and I'm assuming Pete and Shari, as well.

"...yes I'm dyin' to be a star..."

Well, not really.

minorWorld Mon Sep 23 12:46:43 PDT 1996


Regrets on Rockola. I have to mind da Bovine kine.

Place me in the non-star catagory ...unless of course you're working on a Book of Liars...then I might qualify...and hey:

Don't let Peg fool ya, that's not really her, it's one of those (red-haired) inflatable security companions to keep you from getting robbed...everybody in California owns 'em...lovebob brought that one, inflated it with his cars cigarette lighter, I think...

"...yes there's a star in the Book of Liars..."


YourGoldKeith Mon Sep 23 12:57:42 PDT 1996

The only forunate thing is . . .

. . . stuck at the airport sunday, as we headed out to the runway and got in line, the tower had us turn off our engines. Then, later, we headed back to the terminal so we could all watch Sunday football and whatever. Finally left 3 hours after my start time. The only fortunate thing is, I did NOT hear any muzak versions of Steely Dan music, just had a bunch of fine memories to deal with . . .

DrMu IsssthatJaaazzzz Mon Sep 23 14:02:20 PDT 1996

YGK: I prefer the jazzier side or Steely Dan, too. I guess that's why I'm in favor of the Dan recording their next release of new material LIVE as an ensemble with say Pete Erskine on the drums. It's in general the rhythm section that makes band. There's fusion-like rhythms in many of their songs, but more often the rhythm section is R&B with Latin and Jazz inflections. You have to listen hard to find a "walking bass" (Bodhisattva or Walk Between the Raindrops) or "fill-in" snare (Your Gold Teeth II). How about an all-jazz SD set?

bob tedde Mon Sep 23 16:00:14 PDT 1996

mWORLD: You mean your not gonna jump on a plane and fly coast to coast to see a band you live 2 1/2 hrs away from? (you drive fast, dont'cha) WELL!.... BTW Looking into a San Juan Capistrano gig for The Steely Damned.

Beautiful S.: I vote for Divine Intervention. God is a big Steely Dan Fan. Especially likesthe line "The Archbishop gonna sanctify me" (Most religion bores the big guy.) he thinks D & W are a scream.

Peg: add Cherie 'SisterSquonk' to the list. When I told her Pete was bringing Walter and Donald in, she broke open her piggy bank. Mum's the word!

IGYGK: The good news :Yes the shirt Cherie(sic) is wearing is a tour The bad news: it's from the '93 tour and I haven't seen them since.

Too lazy to go to the home page and check out which headband I was wearing, but thanks. I'm not only the president of the "Hide Your Receding Hairline with a Headband Club for Men", I'm also a member!

minorWorld Mon Sep 23 17:14:21 PDT 1996

Mister Squonk:

Unless you can fit me with some rack ears and stuff me in a case I'll be eagerly awaiting the San Juan Capistrano date. Also, sorry for the twice unchecked spelling of your moniker in the bowling post...oh yeah,one other thing, I think we could market this anti-carjack Peg it:

'True Companion'...


Beautiful Survivor Mon Sep 23 18:26:16 PDT 1996

YGK: We will be attending a wedding the weekend of Rockola, so we will be unable to attend. That is, unless I can figure out a way to be in two places at once by then; don't think I'll have much luck in that department, though. Have a great time you guys!!

YGK/Dr. Mu: I tend to agree with your asessment re: jazz-oriented Steely Dan. I can hear those walking bass lines and drum fill-ins quite easily.

bob tedde: Amen!!! The Big Guy loves a great party, and who better than D & W to provide a joyful noise!

Some day we'll all meet at the end of the street At the Teahouse on the Tracks.....

Outta here, Beautiful Survivor

DrMu TheGanglia'sAllHere@theWesternWorld Mon Sep 23 19:45:31 PDT 1996

Dan Sighting/Aural Fixation Tonight on Chicago Hope. The Neurosurgery was awash with "Here at the Western World." Was that the hypothalamus or sausage and beer?

Beauti: I'll bring the axe

Clas Mon Sep 23 23:56:20 PDT 1996

Hi, Lundkvist is my last name for you who wondered. Maxine, I did not mean that the trees was red, yellow and brown, the leaves are.

I think one of the greatest songs for years is the opening of Beckers "eleven...". "In case you wondering its alive and well that little habbit that you left with me how did you know that it would bring me down down to the bottom of you wine dark sea..."

Tonight i had been drinking so much and was so pisi and the toilett here at YMCA is so far away so I decided to make it out of the window. So I did. I pissed out a tequila anaconda down on 33rd street, the full length of a parking lot. Then I got scared and closed the window. I like to here from you girls! Clas

Beautiful Survivor Totally.Grossed.Out Tue Sep 24 02:19:54 PDT 1996

Clas: I was referring to your last paragraph, of course. Then again, perhaps this is your way of baiting us all.

Hank Silvers breaking_like_the_waves@malibu Tue Sep 24 03:38:07 PDT 1996

"P*ing a pina colada . . . the length of the parking lot" -- isn't that from a Joni Mitchell song?

Clas Tue Sep 24 04:13:12 PDT 1996

Beautiful Survivor, Im sorry. Sometimes I get so carried away... Hank Silvers, yes, its from a Joni song. Im so lonely here in my studio, my dogs just sleeping and I have so much to do... Well, its more fun here in cyber. You know, its so fun to be with you.

Dont you think Junkie Girl is a damn good song: "I believe you but I got to know how come that the right side of your brain is hurting..."

Its a pity he has so much drummachines on 11 tracks of...

Maxine, I want to know more about your life. In wich state do you live? Are you studying. The best Steely-song? Well I guess you have to sleep a while now. Hear from you tomorrow? Goodbye everybody Clas, the strapping...

DrMu notyourClas@You'renotClas Tue Sep 24 07:48:46 PDT 1996

YMCAs in Sweden? I'd believe you if you had misspelled it.

Edd Cote Tue Sep 24 08:43:46 PDT 1996

I understand St. Al's back in school and subsequently doesn't have the time to archive this page as often as could be.

Given that, when the page gets as big as it is currently (130K) would it be too much to ask to keep the S/N down a bit? I just spent 10 minutes waiting to download a conversation about Clas pissing out a window. When the file is small, this is no big deal, but the page is pretty big at this point.

Too much to ask?

fezzy Tue Sep 24 10:20:05 PDT 1996

Dr. MU: I wholeheartedly agree with the Jazz ensemble thing, I could dig it, thats what I dig about some of the kamakiriad stuff, namely Trans-Island Skyway and Springtime. How about a Dan pay-per-view? Sounds good to me.


Clas Tue Sep 24 10:35:20 PDT 1996

Who is this Bob Tedde? Has he been on tour with Steely? Mixing that sound so the band could hear? I wasnt in Sweden when I pissed out on 33rd street from YMCA, Manhattan. I was on Manhattan.

On Alive in A. I think Sign In Stranger sounds like it has a flat tire. Very strange groove.

Maxine will not answer me.

Delia, do you live in Nebraska, your mam and dad has a farm, youre grown now and you longing for Hollywood Boulevard. Or maybe Inglewood? Tell me Delia what youre doin. I mean, I know what your doin to me, poor boy. But else? How come you like Steely Dan.

Ive been grubbing all the sweezy day about those corny riffs and grooves I promised to share with you folks... ah here we got one;

If you listen very carefully on AJA, in the middle where John Porcaros doin that drummeli drumm thing and Jan Garbarek (I think its Jan, could be Brecker) cranks over hes drumming, if you listen very carfully you can hear a whistle. Yes you can. Its a policewhistle. A tip; whear headphones, you will hear it better then. Eh? A polcewhistle! It took me years to waizing that.

I got another curiosa slap for you whos interested; When Donald sings "new Frontier" and he comes to the part when he says hes mad about Brubeck, you can, if you listen very carefully, in headphones, you can hear a voice responding to that, short; BRUBECK it says. Its a kinda choir. Well theyre asking and yelling after me in the studio I must run By everybody and Maxine and Delia

JamaicanDude Tue Sep 24 11:00:07 PDT 1996

Clas: here's another curiousa slap, my man. If you listen realllly closely on Tomorrow'sGirls and it comes to the part when he's beckoning to the girls, one of them says 'come to me' then another, then Donald says it too. It took me a very long, long time to hear this, use headphones and smoke something (jamaican) first, it helps.

YourGoldKeith @ajazzystateofmind Tue Sep 24 11:00:43 PDT 1996

-dropping the needle on my vinyl-mind- "hey, kidz, how about the concept of a Steely Dan Big Band? I know there was a Steely Dan Orchestra on what I think was a '93-'94 tour, however, think about D&W and a 20-piece - hmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . "

thanx for all the jazz respos!


Clas Tue Sep 24 11:23:40 PDT 1996

Jamaican Dude! Kool runnings my man. I dont have any of that jamaican to query, so Ill try to find that place me self. Hm. Come to me... sure. If it wasnt for pains in my sternum I maybe had foun it Hm, come to me, come to me... sounds like a mantra, Delia, come to me and Delia sings; come to me you swedish breico. Se you tomorrow. Come to me, come to me, Maxine, come to me.

YourGoldKeith @theBIGband lobby Tue Sep 24 11:59:13 PDT 1996

Can't you hear it? New work from D&W that Swings. IGY would be perfect for a re-make/re-arrange . . . or Do It Again in double time percussion, slamming for breaks, bizzarro horn fills, and the ultimate Benny Goodman-esque Clarinet solo . . . Of course, my dreams are made with the assumption of unlimited $$


maj. Tue Sep 24 12:10:11 PDT 1996

....And maybe rework "True Companion" into something to talk about.....

JamaicanDude Tue Sep 24 14:31:32 PDT 1996

Clas: it's like this -- come to me (woman singing, like Maxine), come to me (woman singing, like Peg), then come to me (man singing, like me). No sternum pain, only serious longing for more women's voices on SteelyDan music. Like --- sun goes doowwwwn, dahlias blooooom, drifting back, aaahhhh.

AnyWorld better than the world th@ I come from Tue Sep 24 19:07:06 PDT 1996

Hey, anyone here know what's up with the chat channel? I went to check to see if anyone was hangin' out and was told "there is no channel steelydan."

who me? Tue Sep 24 19:56:48 PDT 1996

me: you said "After that last post I refuse to believe that clas is for real. Who are you? Donald in disguise? or Walter perhaps? Nobody can be as entertaining as you by accident."

i personally think that clas is donald and jamaicandude is walt. anyone else see it? they're talking about smokin jamaican and "longing for more women's voices..." sound like it's time to audition a couple extra female singers to anyone else? clas has been "grubbing all the sweezy day"... that's conclusive, if you ask me.

'course i could be wrong...

Ben Tatar Tue Sep 24 22:26:47 PDT 1996

1. Is there ever any sort of get together (wing-ding) that is organized out of all of us loyal dan fans? That would probably be sorta hard, but just a thought.....

2. We all mention our favorite songs, but what about our least favorite? Here are my least favorites in no particular order....

Show Biz Kids The Fez The Royal Scam I Got The News My Rival

Well, maybe I don't hate all of these, but when it comes up on the CD, I skip ahead. But who knows, I hated Throw Back The Little Ones until last week. Weird.


Clas Wed Sep 25 00:29:24 PDT 1996

Sometimes I feel so glad that we all share the graining musicfavou. Its a large world and were sittin, in Stockholm, Manhattan, Nebraska(Delia), Corpus Christi and Oslo and gremling around in this venuesly musical dream. I self must commit that I... oh my sternum. Hear from you later pals. Clas

bob tedde Wed Sep 25 01:37:38 PDT 1996

Hey STEVE COX! Re: David Letterman/Trisha Yearwood: Nice job! Excellent two-shots of you and TY. You look more NYC than Nashville. A look like that was more what I was expecting from the Steely Bands of the last four years. The words "hip", "reclusive", and "beat" come to mind.(all Congrats on the great gig (the whole thing, not just Letterman). I shoulda had you say hi to Paul for me. Rockola and I really owe him and a guy named David Peck big time for a recent favour. I like your tone alot, it cuts through well, well defined, at least comin' out of TV speakers. Now you'll probably tell me you hated the way it sounded and that you were going for a more dispersed tone or something. (or am I projecting my own neurosis on you?) Anyways keep rockin' and showing us guys in the clubs that hard work and perseverance do occasionaly pay off.


bob again Wed Sep 25 01:41:25 PDT 1996

STEVE COX: after " "beat" come to mind" should read (all intended affectionately)


Clas Wed Sep 25 01:50:38 PDT 1996

Pals! Last night I couldnt sleep so I started humming on some cool lyrics. Its something like this;

(beginns with a cool groove, much of marimbas and pickin guitars)


Do you folks think its something to go on with? It could be a monster. Hear from you later. Clas

bob tedde Wed Sep 25 05:03:47 PDT 1996

Ben Tartar: (should sign all your posts "Ta Tar for now". {or is it pronounced "tay ter")

1. A Steely Soire'(sp?) is planned for October 11th (& maybe also the twelvth) at Le Bar Bat in Manhattan, NY. This is the club booked by THE Pete Fogel (You wouldn't say Pete THE Fogel would you?) The get together is somewhat set to co-incide with a performance by a band I do call Rockola. Scroll back a ways and you can pretty well piece together what it's all about and who is likely to be there. I get the sense, however that you're either in Missouri, or Kansas and thus a bit of a ways from the big battle Apple.

2. WOW! I believe it was Will Rogers who first said,"I never a Dan I didn't like. And while I can't say I hate anything by Steely Dan (proper), I, like most others, realize that some of their material is merely great as opposed to astoundingly great. That being said, you hit upon two of my bottom five straight away with "Everything You Did" and "Show Biz Kids" While both are preferable to 98.8% of what gets played on the radio today, they stick out as somewhat less interesting and more repetetive than the majority of the Steely cataloge. The bridge in EYD feels like blessed relief after 4x through the 'A' section. (is there even a 'B' section??) And while "turn up the Eagles....." is one of my favourite SD lines of all time, It's not enough to make me crave it like say, Sign In Stranger. Similar problems with SBK. Is it my imagination or is this W & D's attempt at writting a two chord Sly and the Family Stone song? It contains many good things, but I am blessedly relieved when the ever present "ya go to Lost Wages" b/vox begin to fade slowly into the sunset. (BTW:am I the last guy on earth to figure out that the name being annoyingly wallered at the songs end is "Dawwww- naaaald")My Rival is another matter altogether. The vocal on "the smell of prickly pear" alone is worth hearing that one again, and again, not to mention some amazing chord voicings. Like you, some songs have taken years for me to warm up to, Monkey in Your soul being the most extreme for me going from least favourite to top 20. As a result of a religious experience at Art Crimes '96, Glamour Profession is turning around for me. That and Time out of mind were my biggest reasons for rating Gaucho, least best of all SD albums. But now.....hmmmm, maybe I should go listen to "Show Biz " a few more times. Better yet, Kamakiriad.


(PS Well there you have it Clas. Time Out Of Mind, Show Biz Kids, and Everything You Did: my 5 least favorites by Steely Dan. Whatdya think?)

some other guy @corrections Wed Sep 25 05:15:34 PDT 1996

BEN TATAR: Ok so you never mentioned "Everything You Did". Hey it's late, cut me some slack. Also the Roy Rogers "quote" should read "I never MET a Dan I didn't like". sorry lovebob

peg Wed Sep 25 07:28:16 PDT 1996

no, bob, 5am is early. not late

maj. dude rovineye@yourmouth,yourlegs,yourgift4therunaround Wed Sep 25 07:31:54 PDT 1996

lovebob: does that mean "Show Biz Kids" is off the set list for Oct. 11?

Ben: ya just named my five most favorite songs. What gives? Hey, if I covered my ears when they played "Glamour Profession" this tour, I'd be missing out on all the times since then that I hummed, ".....Hollywood, I know you middle name......"

Isn't the "personal discovery" of new SD gems, as you mentioned for "Throw Back", a moment to behold, that instant frozen in space-time when a chord or tempo or other SD realization hits you?

Remember the first time you heard Dan? Remember the first time you heard Aja?

Remember your parents anniversary date? Didn't think so......

Edd Cote Wed Sep 25 07:38:23 PDT 1996

Like others, there are no Danian ditties I dislike, but there are a couple which don't rise as high as the rest...

"Chain Lightning" and "Pretzel Logic". I'm not a big fan of blues music, and these lie too close to "roots" to dazzle me.

[Sidebar:] Hey, Trisha Yearwood dood, izzat you on my TV right now? (Rosie O'Donnell show?)

...back to our regular programming.

These two tunes seem almost cliche' with the lazy triplet feel.

Aja is the best album ever released. If there's a more gorgeous song than "Deacon Blues" it hasn't been written yet. (Apparent dichotomy noted.) My cat's name is aja.

Relative obscures that I dig - "Parkers' Band", "Through with Buzz", "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again", and "Monkey In Your Soul". I imagine if TB added the fuzzbox to his muddy mix this tune would probably physically tickle everyone on the house.

Edd Cote Wed Sep 25 07:43:10 PDT 1996

...tickle everyone IN the house. In.

Don't tickle strangers on their house. Bad things happen.

rudy Wed Sep 25 08:03:07 PDT 1996

Mr. Cote: NOT A BIG FAN OF BLUES MUSIC...?! How do you EVER get to enjoy Steely Dan? Seems like you'd be a walking contradiction (an enigma wrapped within itself, so to speak) if you call yerself a big DanFan with that admission...

personally, SD's 12-bar blues is a BIG of the reasons I listen.rudy

jamaicandude Wed Sep 25 09:26:55 PDT 1996

Ed, Rudy: OK, boys, let me translate. Rudy is saying that much of SD is based on 12-bar blues (he's been watching that video-Fundamentals of Jazz or something), so how could a dude not like blues but be a FanDan? Ed's point is (first we must remember that Ed is a great keyboardist, and big jazz fan and probably one of what LuckyHenry calls a chord slut, and he understands basic song and chord structure, yes man, we know) that while he understands on what structure the songs have been written, neither Chain nor Pretzel vary much from that very basic, boring style (1,4,5,1etc.). Look at HomeAtLast, yes, based on that style, but with the slutty chords thrown in, and with a reggae beat, we in Jamaica walk down the streets singing the live version. Yes, man? And if you listen real close with headphones, you hear Donald sing about being tied up or something. Listen real hard. And drink rum instead of that gooey retsina goop. It ain't so smooth.

Kinky Wed Sep 25 11:10:52 PDT 1996

Hey Rudy, who's calling the kettle black? For someone who doesn't own the boxed set and disses Walter's version of Midnite Cruiser maybe YOU shouldn't be questioning other's degree of fandom.

Remember, if it's too hot in the kitchen, get out.

To those of you who intimated that Clas is B and/or F, please don't insult their intelligence. Sorry to say that Clas is for real, probably residing in a mental institution in some foreign part of the world. This psycho hates us "fat Americans", but loves our women? I guess we know his taste.

BobLovesBob would you please tell your groupies that you will NOT be playing material from the Early Years.

Edd Cote really muddy.waters@heart.NOT! Wed Sep 25 11:23:38 PDT 1996

"Roots" blues music has the same effect on my musical tastes as, say, my great-great-grandparents have on my life. While there's no denying I simply wouldn't be here without them, that's about as far as it goes. Honestly, I couldn't tell you their names or where they lived.

Same same blues. As stated above, I'm well aware of the debt contempory popular music owes to the genre, but I want MORE. Yes, I am most decidedly a chord slut. The move from I to IV doesn't bother me too much, but if the next change is to V, I'm pretty much gone.

||: I-IV-V :|| Argh!

Jamdud has it pretty close, except for that part about me being a great keyboard player. My ambitions far exceed my capabilities.

DrMu BrutandCharisma Wed Sep 25 13:01:20 PDT 1996


I'm there. Guaranteed to be more satisfying and last 100 X longer than a Tyson fight. Steely Dan indeed!

Clas: Sign in Stranger from AIA is SD's BEST performance. It's virtually a throwaway on Scam. It schviinggs. Got it.

Briefly my 12 favorite SD Melodies (not songs or perofrmances) in no particular order

Any World, Blamour Profession, Babylon Sisters, Barrytown, Only a Fool Would Say That, Dr. Wu, Midnite Cruiser, Black Cow, Aja, Don't Take Me Alive, Third World Man, Razor Boy

uMrD typing101 Wed Sep 25 13:04:11 PDT 1996

that's Glamour Profession

rudy Wed Sep 25 13:56:00 PDT 1996

COTE: rebuttal.well taken.i guess i just like to dig up the great-great-grandparents more often than most.

KINK: I don't question degrees of fandom, just degrees of logic....still trying to muddle thru yours...if you think owning a BOX and sniffing gleefully every time Walter farts makes a DanFan, then you just keep yer clueless nose where it is.

see you in the kitchen


TIAGO SOCHACZEWSKI Wed Sep 25 15:54:09 PDT 1996

First and foremost,I would like to say hi to all you STEELY DAN heads around the planet and although I thought that I was losing my cool,it is great to be home at last! The Stoneridge,VA gig this past july was simply awesome.W.B. was swingin' harder than ever and Donald was wackier than ever.Wayne Krantz played great(and so did the whole band) and the new version of DO IT AGAIN(with the chromatic descent on the verses-Bbmaj9/Am11/Ab7+11/Gm7)totally blew me away.The new songs(ACE OF SPEED,WET SIDE STORY)funked up my mind.Actually,does anyone have any news/info about the long-awaited new album? I'd love to hear about it.Here in Washington D.C.,the local musical scene is all about alterna-crap and/or GREATFUL DEAD clones,so I feel kinda musically alone donw here!DONALD+WALTER,please save us from "power chords"! see ya, TIAGO SOCHACZEWSKI

Zeke Wed Sep 25 16:01:24 PDT 1996

YGK: Big Band Theory. Hey, it worked for Lyle Lovett. If Don and Walt went for it, the arrangement would surely give us wood. I can understand your position on Blues. I can't live w/o it, my brother just doesn't get it. And we're both Dan addicts. Wierd. Although he does resemble the milk man.

Clas,Jamaican Dude: I'm off to Radio Shack to grab the decoder headphones and to Tchopitoulas St. for some good smoke.

Man, for the life of me I can't skip any Dan tune on any CD. Sorry. Shit happens I guess.

Who do you think the Rival is on "My Rival"? It's on now. Nice percussion.

TIAGO SOCHACZEWSKI Wed Sep 25 16:21:22 PDT 1996

ZEKE:Actually I go to scholl at Montgomery College in Rockville,MD as a music major(why,JAZZ GUITAR of course...)and I play with the big band over there,thus the chordal stuff.Regarding your question,MY RIVAL is one of the few lyrics that I haven't analysed yet,but my guess is it's probably some third party trapped in an oddball love triangle(as many of the DAN's lyrics suggest). My question is:what about RIKKI DON'T LOSE THAT NUMBER? I've heard numerous tales about it's topic(a girl DON&WALT kwew from the Bard College days,RICK DERRINGER,HOMOSEXUALITY,etc...).


jamaicanDude Wed Sep 25 19:49:11 PDT 1996

tiago: hey, man, not so many caps, please, man. it's hurtin' my brain.

Mr. Whatever/Flotsam Wed Sep 25 20:48:06 PDT 1996

You gotta walk it like you gotta talk it, is the bomb.

Bob Tedde Wed Sep 25 22:56:24 PDT 1996

Peg: if you see this before your EMail, call me, I'll be up most of the night.

Clas Thu Sep 26 00:08:28 PDT 1996

Mr Kinky. You insulted me. I got lots of american friends, and Im not chasing your girls. Im married. Happily. If you cant take that Im joking about your country, I feel sorry for you. Clas

Clas Thu Sep 26 00:39:15 PDT 1996

Oh, I forgot. Im doin lots of progress on my song. Do you wanna hear?

(remember, lots of marimbas, and pickin)


Pissed Thu Sep 26 01:43:47 PDT 1996

Bob, what are you doin up all nite. Spending some namedropping with your friends? Letterman bla bla, Streisand bla bla Be a good boy and go to bed.

Rosmand Gottlieb Thu Sep 26 02:25:06 PDT 1996

When I first saw this site I thought it was very funny. But now I think its depressing to see all this bullshit you throw on each other. We are here in cause of Steely Dan, nothing else. Rosmand

viva Cuba!

Clas Thu Sep 26 02:34:38 PDT 1996

YEAH! Now youre talking. Im a subversive socialist my self. What are you doin upp so late? Ah, youre not an american boy. Nice to hear from you Normand. Viva Nicaragua, there are lives in the balance!

bob tedde Thu Sep 26 03:04:14 PDT 1996

Clas: AAARGH! I bait my hook for the big fish and this is what I catch! Ah well. for the first time your right. Shoulda Emailed Mr. Cox. But hey, I was under the impression that you don't get David Letterman in Sweden. Oh sure you WATCH it but.........

RUDY! KINKY! EDDIE! if you boys don't straighten your asses up I swear ta God I'll turn this car around right now. Don't make me come back there goddamnit! Oh. Sorry. I was turning into my father there for a second. Pardon me but if there's enuf room in this kitchen, I'd like to weigh in a thought or two. Ed Cote, I too am not much of a Blues afficianado. I've seen some stirring live performances but never felt it translated well to the recorded format. (I've a similar feeling twards classical.) But taking the Blues outa Steely Dan would be like ...well one of those clever "like" comparisons writers use all the time. On the other hand it has also been suggested on this page that one cannot like SD without loving Jazz. Well I like some Jazz but by and large would not consider myself much of a Jazz fan. Still, how interesting would our favorite band be if we took all the Jazz element outa them hmmmm? My point is that Steely Dan, for better or for worse is a POP/Rock band. By definition, pop music allows for, nay, THRIVES on the integration of a veritable smorgasbord of styles and forms of music. It is the superb blend of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, (Skunks chick'n pick'n in MOS and his pedal steel on "Fire" for ex.) Reggae, etc. that makes Steely Dan so popular with such a large and diverse group of listeners. And while i have said before that they attract one the most musically literate audiences of any band in the world, they also appeal to folks who wouldn't even know a diamond if they held one in their hand. So ease off a bit Rudy, Blues worship is not a prerequisite for liking The Dan. And play fair Kinkmeister, BOX ownership is not a requirement of DAN Fandom. And Damnit Ed listen to "Pretzel" again and focus on those great chord changes that turn the ends of the verses around. (It's the songwritting i tell ya. The SONGWRITTING!) And if that still doesn't do it for you, well put Aja back on, and enjoy!


Rosmand Gottlieb Thu Sep 26 04:14:50 PDT 1996

DOES anyone know if thers a video from some of the later tours Steely Dan has done? Clas: my name is Rosmand. But I dont think you care. You only think of your self and your foolish messages. I dont understand why I have to listen to the crap you write. And Im not a socialist. Keep that for your self. I dont even like Jackson Browne anymore for his engagement in Nica. and he beats his woman to. Dont write to this site anymore. Rosmand

bob tedde MrSquonak Thu Sep 26 04:55:12 PDT 1996

And then Clas says..................

Clas Thu Sep 26 07:43:07 PDT 1996

JAMAICANDUDE, come to my rescue now man. Am I not allowed to here anymore? I thought we lived in a free world! Viva Fidel!

YourGoldKeith Thu Sep 26 08:24:00 PDT 1996

DrMu: Pleased that you will attend!

Maxine: Where did you disappear to?

Peace, love and happiness to everyone while I toil away in the busy NYC restaurant night life . . .


DrMu rapwithyourCane Thu Sep 26 08:26:05 PDT 1996

I'm making it a "baker's dozen" on favorite Dan melodies: "Here at the Western World" Sometimes the obvious is right under your nose.

Clas: Exciting assignment/opportunity for you. Emigrate NOW to Cuba, or the wheel in space while there's time, Give us a report next year from a Cuban prison. How's the stale bread and brown water? "If it doesn't kill you, it's good for you." -Texas proverb. The question is can you get on internet there. Good luck! This POST will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

For N'awlins jazz fans: Preservation Hall band, Pete Fountain etc. were cookin' with Marvin Hamster and Pittsburgh Symphony on PBS last night. Did anybody catch it?

yOURgOLDkEITH Thu Sep 26 09:25:32 PDT 1996

(Still thinking about the Steely Dan Big Ban) Being that the Dan has always had a Latin flavor to it, the Big Band would have a kickin' percusssion section, like a Latin-Jazz Big Band. Do it Again would take on another life . . . Why doesn't NASA wake the astronauts up with AJA? or something else?

1 Vote here for the Dan broadcast to the Aliens. If this happens, then maybe they'll hear that there IS intelligent life on Earth . . .


jamaicandude Thu Sep 26 09:32:18 PDT 1996

You be jammin' last nite, you big men! All the good stuff is happenin' at nite, when I'm asleepin' (like some lazy American-no, they're not all lazy, but I am). I coulda had a slo-mo chat with Tedde and Clas and, who's that Rosmand.

Clas: you stay here, man, you be jammin', you talk chords, you slut, you. Just don't offend the American DanFan women anymore. They're beautiful and we want to keep them around this place. And that verse sucked, man. Try again, with a little Class next time.

Tedde: do keyboardist have 'good tone'? I dunno, man, I only do some pickin' on guitar and percussion-like noise makers. I thought Cox was a keyboardist, sounds like you thought he was the guitarist with TY. Hell, what do I know, where the hell am I?

Clas: if you listen real close, with headphones, at the very start of Katy Lied on the Doctor Wu album, you can hear some drum tracks that were a mistake. But listen real close, and tell me if it changes your interpretation of the song.

Maxine Thu Sep 26 10:05:46 PDT 1996

(peering out from beneath the rock I've been hiding under otherwise known as work... is it safe?)

I don't know whether to defend one's right to free speech, try to start another topic of Dan discussion in a feeble attempt to keep that going, or just stay hidden and watch Clas talk to himself with occasional comments thrown in for laughs.

(retreating back to the busy thing that is my life... it's easier)

Kinky Thu Sep 26 11:04:10 PDT 1996

Rude-E you have a lot of nerve calling me clueless, take a look at your links page. While you're at it, take a look at your post, you clearly stated that someone could not be a Dan fan if they didn't like the blues. I say that anyone who is a big fan of ANYTHING collects everything they can find on that subject. The boxed set not only is remastered and contains a demo song not found on anything else, but also has a great booklet that any BIG fan would gladly pay to have. It sounds to me that you and BobLovesBob just can't afford it, which is understandable, but you can't argue with what I'm saying. As far as Walter goes, it's not his flatulence I enjoy, but his version of Midnite Cruiser. Maybe if you had seen more than one show, you'd know what I mean. By the way, do you even own 11 Tracks of Whack? In case you didn't know, it was put out by the other half of Steely Dan.

GoldKeithII - SD Big Band arrangements have already been done with Woody Herman and the Hoops McCann Band and it all sounds like cheesy elevator muzak, so lets drop it, OK? I'm surprised that you were unaware of this, considering that you live in the "center of the world" and all.

Rosmand - Viva Cuba? Why don't you go back on the raft you came on.

YourGoldKeith Thu Sep 26 11:36:13 PDT 1996

Kink: Woody Herman covered Becker & Fagen? That is news, however, Woody Herman is not the type of Big Band I was thinking of. If Woody did do it, it probably DID sound cheezy, which, being in Manhattan, and not in New Jersey - that's YOUR local, eh? - I haven't heard, thank you very much.

With no disrespect to the Hoops McCann Band, I think Fagen would probably have to do the arrangements.

Check out Eddie Palmieri "Palmas" - THAT is the type of hard edged horn section I hear - with the hard, latin percussion.

Just because it's been done, doesn't mean it was done RIGHT.

Go back to your shack in Hackensack, stick your thumb up your ass with a piece of glass, and shower once a month whether you need it or not.


YourGoldKeith Thu Sep 26 11:52:59 PDT 1996

I think ghat lovebob is trying to say in his last post is that we all come to Steely Dan with different influences/agendas. Some are inevitably hailing from the rock side. Jazzers (like me) most likely will strongly appreciate AJA from that Jazz sensibility. Ultimately, there is something for almost everyone, with the exception of A-tonal Berg and Webern freaks . . . and Christians who are annoyed by "that evil drum beat" . . .



rudy Thu Sep 26 12:04:54 PDT 1996

[standing in front of kinky, left hand up, flapping fingers like it's yapping incessantly...silently...]


rudy Thu Sep 26 12:06:37 PDT 1996

goodness gracious, kink, what a kiler display of sarcasm!

Edd Cote Thu Sep 26 15:55:59 PDT 1996

Part of the fun of discovering sites like this is learning who's opinion you can take seriously, and who's you can usually disregard without much fear of losing something.

So far: lovebob gets my vote for "reliable". Kinky just lost all credibility with his dismissal of the big band stuff. Clas remains neutral, every time he says something intelligent, I have to sift it out of 10 lbs of crap.

George Thu Sep 26 16:10:27 PDT 1996

Well, guess we have heard enough of all that CLAS and whatever bullshit now. Do not feel insulted, CLAS, if people react to you as you are posing and talking here yourself. You make people want to go some place else to communicate, and this is REALLY SAD - sorry man, jamaicanDude, have to put in some CAPS weight!

So Clas, will you please try to behave a little bit more as if you were not in any institution, or go play with someone else! Much of what you thought you had to say these last weeks is NOT considered FUNNY or WITTY by anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, not just any Americans you yell at or make bad jokes of.

And if there is anything you want to write a song text about, why don't you try it in Swedish. Your unpleasant, repellent and offending language will then be hidden for most of the world ...

For the sake of peace: Let's communicate and not communifake again. This will be a friendlier place again. I know we're in for some depression after the tour, but think again! The flames and the fun we used to have, with some style ... 'nuff said.

Viva Steely Dan!

Ben TAY-Tuhr Thu Sep 26 18:03:51 PDT 1996

1. I will happily send out a pronunciation key to anyone who would like it for the proper usage of my last name. :)

2. WEll, I finally got some attention here with my last post here on my 5 least fav's. Maybe they'll turn around for me like Throw Back did last week, or Babylon Sisters did when I first started listening.

BOB TEDDE-YEah, I can understand your problems with EYD. I had that too, and while it is at the bottom of my listening list, I do also enjoy listening to it, simply for the eagles line. And although Glamour Prof isn't one of my fav's either, it was still great to hear it in Wisconsin On Aug 3, especially for the chord played over the lyrics "silver bowl." Being a music major and another trombone and piano player in the world, I've grown to appreciate those little things, I guess. Well, thanks for the Bar-Bat invitation, although it may be a bit difficult for me to make it, being in college and all. Well, have fun for me and let me know how it goes.

SOME OTHER GUY-Is that your real name, I wonder? Well, sorry to rain on your parade. As mentioned above, EYD isn't too high on my listening list.

MAJ DUDE-Well, no, I didn't cover my ears during Glam. Prof, but I felt that those 7-8 minutes could have been dedicated to some of their more well liked and unheard stuff (unheard during the show), such as Aja or Chain Lightning. Like some, hate some. It may be a gem to you, but I can't find any sort of gem inside an 8 minute disco tune (keep in mind I'm being a bit cynical here). And to continue to answer you literally, I do remember the first Dan tune I ever heard-Do It Again, on the radio. It, to my 6th grade ears, was a catchy tune, but now, having given it plenty of time to shine up it's "gem power," I see a lot more impressive material in their other works. I feel similarly towards Glam Prof.

Anyone else?


Kinky Thu Sep 26 19:42:12 PDT 1996

Won't you pour me a Cuban Breeze Keith. I hope you know more about mixing drinks than you do about Steely Dan. The album is entitled Chick, Donald, Walter, and Woodrow and was put out on the Century label originally, and more recently, by the BBC on cd. Both this and the Hoops McCann albums were basically tributes to Donald and Walter's music. I'm a fan of the big band sound too, but I think the attitude gets lost in the translation, and from what I've read, Donald tends to agree. Latin percussion? Yeah, Kid Charlemagne and Peg would sound great with a latin big band beat, come on.

It's OK Keith, you can disrespect the Hoops McCann Band because the album sucked. But as far as Donald having to do the arrangements in order for you to be happy, he hardly did any of the arrangements on the Steely Dan albums, check your liner notes. Besides, isn't Donald's voice one of the main reasons we all like Steely Dan? And the arrangements on their albums are fantastic. Why mess with perfection?

Edd Cote I'm devestated that you have lost all respect for my opinion, but you obviously just don't get it, and I obviously don't give a flying fuck.

jamminDude Thu Sep 26 21:12:01 PDT 1996

Edd: peace, man, but Kinky consistently has something intelligent to say, as do you, Bob, Rudy, Clas, YGT/Rikki (tho' he just doesn't *get* the Beatles), and long-lost Maxine. All points are well-taken and appreciated. Hey, what happened to Ruby? I liked her Dr.Wu story; tell us one about Aja, Ruby. Your imagination is wild and free.

And if you put on your headphones and listen real hard, you'll hear... uh, a cowbell on MyOldSchool. A tip; whear headphones, you will hear it better then. Eh? A cow-mooo-bell! It took me years to waizing that.


jamaicanDude one more thing Thu Sep 26 21:18:31 PDT 1996

Kinky: word on the streets is that BobLovesBob Hedde has the boxed set, so let that one go. I don't, though. I been spending all my money on compuserve. Hell, I just borrowed NYR&S Review a few months ago. Can't afford it to buy it. Cool one, man.

MajorDude: yes, I prefer the energy on NYR&S Review over AIA. Anyone else? Thu Sep 26 21:59:26 PDT 1996

I think Donald calculatingly threw in just enough Steely Dan material into NYS&R to bring the Dan Fans out of the woodwork (the faithful legions who buy his stuff automatically, like me) to insure it wouldn't be a flop. He even plugged an '89 show by appearing on the radio and politely answered the type of questions that would make he and Walter tear into a reporter. To me, NYR&S is the only thing he's done that really doesn't interest me. In fact, I think the Steely Dan material is out of place on that album. Just my $.02 US.

luckless pedestrian easternworld Fri Sep 27 00:00:20 PDT 1996

I kinda like the idea that Clas is around to give Kinky a run for his money. Maybe the two assholes will cancel each other out. The Swede really cracks me up though, whereas Kinky's rage rampaging isn't as entertaining...too much implicit personal pain for comfort.

he's got a cobra gunship for his golden boy....

baby g zus bgz Fri Sep 27 00:14:51 PDT 1996

sign in stranger has a flat tire on the ALIVE IN AMERICA, it's awful

Rosmand Gottlieb Fri Sep 27 00:34:48 PDT 1996

I think Kinky should sue Clas. I think Clas is a shame for internet and for the free speech in the world. Rosmand

Clas Fri Sep 27 01:05:49 PDT 1996

Rosbuddy. Didnt you now you cant sue a swede from the states?

Baby g zus, yes, thats what I said, Sign in Stranger sounds like it has a flat tire on AiAmerica.

Jamican dude, is it true, that drumthing on Katy Lied? Ill will go home and listen.

Goodbye Maxine, hoppas du fr ett bra liv. (I hope you get a good life, thats swedish)

Tonight I was grubbing and strolling and humming on a new lyric I had in my brains. It goes like this: Starts with A6-chord, Like put a dollar in the kitty,

In sweden we call guys like george for Messerscmidts

When he talks we all get scared cause his language hits...

not so good. I get back to toy pals Love clas )

Rosmand Gottlieb Fri Sep 27 03:52:48 PDT 1996

I think its a shame that Clas has destroyed this site so the woman dont dare to be here anymore. Cuba, for cryin it out loud, thats why we can sleep safe at nights!

I think Peter Erskine plays better on ALive in A. then the other drummer. More jazzy feel. Is there someone who agree with me? Rosmand

Rosmand Gottlieb Fri Sep 27 05:48:22 PDT 1996

Apropos Erskine, tonight I was grenning around on my lawn. We had just beeing barbequin. ISome crazy lyrics came to me. Sort of classy:

I was in a sweary mood looking out the neighborhood fancy wicked, meesing missils those are dangerous, those can kill

Eh? Rosbuddy

maj. dude Fri Sep 27 05:55:26 PDT 1996

I just go ape over the drumming in "Josie" AinA. Chambers. And that gem he throws in right at/after"...we're gonna break out the hats and hooters when Josie comes home......" is a ring of rare design.

Love the drum solo too, and noticed that the AinA recording pieced together the drum solo for the cd. The drum solo was much longer than that on 9/18/94, Phoenix.

DaveS: has the decoder ring stopped smoking and sparking yet? We had that puppy on the ropes, huh?


Maxine Fri Sep 27 06:29:07 PDT 1996

Dude: can we market Dave's decoder ring with the pocket Donald? (threw that one in for old time's sake...)

Jamaican Dude: thx for the kind words. I'm still here, I just have less to say right now and less time to say it in.

Ben Tatar: I've had Throw Back in my head for three days now. Luckily that's not a bad thing. I've been thinking about faves (best and least) and pretty much think there's nothing I won't listen to (even Kama's converted in my book now). I like the jazz/blues/rock elements for the synergy they produce more than any one element in the Dan's music.

My least faves? Show Biz Kids, I suppose, falls up there, as does Royal Scam, although I'll listen to both. SD's one of the few that I will listen to the entire CD no matter what.

OOH! Radio station's playin' Hey 19. My day improves vastly. You have to understand that around here, to get the stations to play anything but what I like to call "limited Dan" is like pulling teeth sometimes.

Wow, I guess I really did have something to say... go figure.


DrMu tophat'snottooflat Fri Sep 27 08:45:32 PDT 1996

Rosmand: I am with you 100% on Mr Erskine. Even the liitls he thing he does on the AIA version of "Third World Man" make it an even bette the original. His work on "Book of Liars" is spectacular. I looked through his Vita, and found that Mr. Erkine even played with Stan Kenton's band in the early 70"s!!. He and Walter Becker's production helped to elevate Michael Franks on some songs (Vincent's Ear, Crayon Sun, All I Need on "Blue Pacific.")

My 2 piaster's on "flat" songs on AIA. OK, I'll agree that perhaps the AIA version of 'Kid Charlemagne" doesn't have as much punch as the original. (Even though I'm not as big a fan of Scam as some. I love the s, but the album sounds a little compressed and 2 dimensional because of the over and over-dubbing). I think the "comments" on AIA "Sign in Stranger" are strange indeed. Do you all have the same CD? To each his own.

Kinky: Given your comments, it is inexplicable that you even go to any live shows. It must be to kiss W&D's feet or "shine their silver bowl." You desire to be their one and only groupie. As the great Tom Lehrer just said "If you can't communicate, then shut up!" Now that I'm sinking to bickering as well, I'm just going to sit back and watch the colorful metaphors fly through the air...until I have something more positive to say.

Oh Maxine, Glad to have you back. The lack of estrogen was beginning to putrify this html.

YourGoldKeith Fri Sep 27 10:12:33 PDT 1996

Kink: You live -shrug- you loin! I M always into learning about new things, so put me into the enlightened ones category. I happen to be a growing fan of Latin music and recognized the Latin elements of many Dan songs. Y'know that that thing about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? Y'see, the kind of Latin music I've experienced over the past 3 months leads me to the conclusion that some Dan songs could be reworked (not messing with perfection grant you, IMITATION) with a Latin-Jazz Big Band. I can hear it, and if you can't, well -shrug- you can't. No biggie. But hey, Kid Charlemagne would sound hot with Latin Percussion. Get some ears, or, at least, stretch the ones you've got. Better yet, never mind . . .

Maxine: Glad you're still around - I think we need to call someone in to scrape the crap off the walls in here. I M busy, too - training all week, home at 2, start workin' Saturday, officially - this doesn't stop till Monday . . . ouch

jahmmin mon: OK, OK, we've heard (and heard and heard and heard and heard and heard) the beatles and their slick, 1990's style marketing campaign - can't we all just move on . . . ?

Cheers Dr, luckless, maj. Rosmand, Ben,

Martini's on me . . .


Steve Cox Fri Sep 27 10:32:54 PDT 1996

Mr Squonk: Thanks for the kind words. Letterman was a blast. I only wish Schaffer would have let me play the Hammond B-3. But hey, it's _his_ gig. So I had to create a piano part that wasn't on the CD. Sitting on Paul's B-3 was an old business card that read "Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records, The Thin Line Between Talent and Stardom"! A cool piece of Spinal Tap memoribilia that required all of my willpower not to steal it... turn that jungle music down...

Ruby flat broke@cash only island Fri Sep 27 10:34:50 PDT 1996

Greetings, all! What a beautiful world this (can) be - What a glorious time to be free! Whatever "free" is to ya'.

Hey, JamminJamaicanDUDE: So you liked my Dr.Wu story? Bless you for saying so and actually wondering where I am. Dr.Mu informed us that Dr.Wu was a detective in the movies - which shed new light on the whole thing for me. Now my old theory fits neatly into a larger detective Dr.Wu story. When I'm satisfied with it, I'll tell it to you, if you want. I'm really starting to love these characters. Especially Katy: she is so diabolically BAD,but she doesn't want to be...But it's still the music,as always, that inspires me. I'll think about Aja. Gotta listen to it and let it "take me away".

Der Steppenwolf! Danke, mein lieb, for your magnificent defense of all of us and this page! You have such a way w/English! But, hey, when you&I, wir splien, can you talk German to me? I promise to go wild.


Clas Fri Sep 27 10:37:27 PDT 1996

Maxine! Please come back! I promise to be a disant and friendly boy. Its all that Prozacshit theyre given me here at Bellevue that makes me so mean sometimes. But now its over man, its over. Clas

guess who's Alive In America Fri Sep 27 10:54:21 PDT 1996

I have a question for KinkySoNSo : Are you really Rush Limbaugh?

YourGoldKeith @whatever Fri Sep 27 11:20:23 PDT 1996

Guess: Rush wouldn't dare listen to SD. It's just not Republican . . .

Pete Fri Sep 27 11:30:54 PDT 1996

I have an interesting story from the other night at Le Bar Bat. I booked a band called Bock & Blu. The leader, Gary Blu, did all the horn charts for the last couple of SD tours. Donald would tell Gary which songs they were going to play, and then Gary would translate the horn parts for the players. Well, one of the songs Donald gave him was Green Earrings. Gary was confused because the song did not have any horns. When he informed Donald of this, Donald told him to write them himself. So, what we heard in concert was Gary Blu's arrangements, not bad, eh?

Hey Steve, sorry I missed your Letterman gig. I actually live around the corner from the theater, and go to a lot of the soundchecks. If I would have known you were playing I would have come by to say hello.

Don't forget the Rockola gigs at Le Bar Bat October 11th and 12th. Email me if you want a discounted admission.

Maxine Fri Sep 27 11:50:40 PDT 1996

Pete Fogel: will we get a response when we do so? I've known folks whose mail on AOL got lost, and just wanted to make sure mine was received.

Geoff Fri Sep 27 13:33:53 PDT 1996

I am an amateur guitarist, and I am looking for sheet music for Steely Dan's "Third World Man". I have the book published by Freejunket Music & Zeon Music, but their music does not have the instrumental section.

My question is this: does anyone know of where I can get/buy the music for "Third World Man", written for guitar (e.g., in tab notation)?


Ray Fri Sep 27 14:42:42 PDT 1996

Hey Pete: I've heard that band Bock & Blu locally at a couple of clubs in Connecticut and I think they're one of the best bands around. I also bought their CD. You can definately hear the Steeley Dan influence in the writing. Especially in the horn parts. And Barbara Bock is an incredible singer. It wouldn't surprise me if they really took off. I hope you have them at Le Bar Bat again because I'd like to come hear them in the city. I found out the band's e-mail address. in case anyone else is interested.

Djawdge reheller@the-latest-in-internet-gateway-technology Fri Sep 27 15:12:22 PDT 1996

Hello again, I must say I envy you quite a bit for your closeness to the big apple, but hey, we are who and we are where we are.

Tonite was the first ever time I was able to download the guestbook through my current online service provider! What a party, man. Mark this red. Well, it was only because I started me session by feeding all the kangal'oos, right.

Reading about the top and bottom favorites of people, I find it's difficult to find songs that I really don't like for a long time. Some of my former lesser liked ones where Glamour Profession and Green Flower Street until I heard them live this year. This happens every once a while with a song, so maybe there's just the tops-and-bots-of-the-day/week/month for me. I must admit songs like Walk between the Raindrops don't open easily for me still.

Enjoy your day.

no handle yet Fri Sep 27 15:15:18 PDT 1996

Major dude, the decoder program is still in beta form. Here's a funny story: I needed to add the lyrics to "Confide in Me" to the program. I couldn't find a printed list anywhere so I threw it on the CD to try to learn the words. There's a line in there that says "Ya know I'm a big fan, I've got a program." I almost fell out of my seat laughing!

George Fri Sep 27 15:39:38 PDT 1996

There has been some discussion on horn arrangement lately. One fine piece of this is I Got The News, where the horns take the piano's harmonies in a smooth transition. Lovely.

If someone knows a source for The Complete Songbook please let me know via email or post here. I have the Best Of - Transcribed Scores from HL Publishing which I think is quite good, but it's only a Best Of, you know. Is there anything published on 11TOW? Some big fans like to have a program and some like to have a book of liars, too.

Bill, if you's still 'round, see how I managed to post two different messages in a row? Hope this didn't netscape your attention ...

Charlie Tokyo @ClubHi-Ho Fri Sep 27 15:45:15 PDT 1996

I wish to hell D&W would get off the road and start recording their new fucking album already. I mean, we got it--the Aja stuff sounds great live. Now it's time to move on. I mean, "Alive In America" didn't sell shit and you can find "Kamakiriad" and "Whack" in the $3.99 cutout bins. Don't those guys like selling albums anymore, or is it just easier for them to take $100 bucks a pop at a concert from their loyal fans with overpriced tickets, t-shirt and nachos? It's a lot harder to sell a million $15 CD's and I don't think they can do it any more.


Kinky KinkySoNSo@aol.c Fri Sep 27 17:29:23 PDT 1996

Clueless Pedestrian: I find it amusing how you compare me with Clas. This moron goes on the board with absolutely nothing relevent to say about anything. The problem that some people have with me is that what I say is true and I guess some just can't handle that. I'm not here for entertainment purposes, just to set the facts straight.

Dr. Moo: You obviously don't read this board too well, because your comments towards me make no sense. Again, it seems as though you can't stand the fact that I know what I'm talking about. Just because I can afford to see a number of shows does not mean that I want to hang out with the band, don't confuse me with Josie. No, I don't sit at home all night watching sitcoms so I can report which ones used SD songs, as seems to be a favorite pastime for some here. So, if my coming on here and making comments where I deem appropriate constitutes kissing D&W's feet, then I guess I'll be needing a chiropractor. Have you realized yet that the person you call Rosmand is Clas in drag, or did that one float right by you? Hey, I almost forgot, I think tonight's episode of Seinfeld is going to include Here at the Western World. Make sure we get a full report, Dr.

James Fri Sep 27 18:26:29 PDT 1996

Guest fan dropping in from the world of Danlessness...I was taken for re-education to Wembley to see the band for the first time, and you guys are just plain lucky. Be glad you got into this band before the cultural revolution of the Kings Road 1977; I envy you the memories, but at least I'm getting these albums at midprice. And a new one each week. I don't see anything from London on a quick read through, but even a convert thought they kicked better without the bonus clever stuff in the first half. IMVHO.

Jim Bauer Fri Sep 27 20:40:22 PDT 1996

In reference to the posts about the "least favorite" Steely Dan songs, it looks like you have found out the same thing I have; there aren't any. I have been a die hard fan for 22 years and one reason for this is that all these songs stand up to repeat listenings and at some point in a song I didn't initially care for, I'll notice a phrasing, a bass line, a drum part or somthing that I hadn't noticed before and I'll realize, again, how much care was put into every one of these songs and another song would be added to my "favorites" list. Finally, my "least favorite" list was blank

Jay Fri Sep 27 22:45:19 PDT 1996

When Gaia or Maitreya or Gabriel or the Michelin Tire Monster comes to usher in the era of happiness for all sentient beings, the end of suffering will heralded world-wide by "Aja" from Alive In America.

In this life, my only fear is that I will suffer stimulus habituation from listening to it so much. Quite a bit more likely is that I will be identified by my fellow night-students at UTA as the fanatic who purposely blasts it's breaking guitar riff (is that a "chromatic descent"?) at full volume while arriving and leaving every single Tuesday and Thursday, rain or shine...and made to pay for my hubris.

I seem to have had good luck getting answers to questions here, so... please tell me: has "The Second Arrangement" actually been heard by any of you (and how/where?) Transcription of lyrics would be good deed for those of us who never have heard it! I experience cognitive dissonance at the idea that once the track was erased it just ceased to exist. And from whence comes "Kuli Baba"?

Anyone else feel that The Nightfly is also a road-trip account and could have been as aptly titled: Aquamarine-Blue-Chevy-Bel Air-iad?

Jay Fri Sep 27 22:52:28 PDT 1996 aptly titled: Aquamarine-Blue-Chevy-Bel Air-iad?

Sam with showing scalp flat top flatop Fri Sep 27 23:48:01 PDT 1996


Clas Sat Sep 28 00:20:01 PDT 1996

HI, in one way I think its tragic with Steely Dan comin out in the light again. You cant get back the seventies when the Dan was angry, hungry and very sarcastic. I think all is about money now. Walter (who used to be called a babyfaced fascist) is nice and friendly. Livin his god life on Maui.(I dont blame him for that) And Donald, A businessman(?) who keeps his analyst busy, getting it harder and harder to get a song together. So, in a way those days are gone. And im afraid that Steelys touring and new CDs will be like the Who comin out again or Stones or whatever, just keep a big machinery goin. Theres lots of people around who make fortunes these days. Hi from Clas

tired Sat Sep 28 02:12:50 PDT 1996

And one more thing. When Steely was touring here in Europe, there was not ONE word about it in swedish newspaper or rockmagazines. Not ONE review from a concert. And you wonder why Im sittin on a institution now? A Skinny Man With Two-Tone Shoes

luckless pedestrian Sat Sep 28 03:56:07 PDT 1996

Kinky: Man, will you relax? Of course this guestbook is for entertainment purposes. I mean I doubt if we're going to get any answers to serious'meaning of life' questions in this little cyber interlude from our daily drudgery. Actually, I agree with your moron reference. Who knows what the Lunkhead's on ?

So our dynamic duo are a couple of sarcastic bastards, do the fans have to emulate this aspect of their personalities, esp. since there's a thin line between really funny and just annoying, when applying this sort of humor? Unlike WB and DF, some of us have yet to figure out the nuances.

Re: the blues vs. jazz discussions: As a blues/rock fan, I appreciate that delicious little pocket that noone but the Dan seem to live in: somewhere in the netherland between pop, blues, jazz and rock. I've tried to get into straight jazz (e.g. Miles, Coltrane), but, while I find it enjoyable for certain moods, I tend to agree with David Letterman, who once referred to jazz as 'sleepy'. (My apologies to the chord sluts.) I don't know about you but the best sounding jazz chordwork I've ever heard were all in SD tunes, probably because of their strong melodic sense. They also don't throw in so many chords that the song gets boring and too obtuse. There's just enough complexity in there to keep things interesting, and just enough of a rock/blues edge to get me doing air vocals during the choruses(complete with bobbing head). The point is, who cares what got you into the Dan? Let the jazz nazis (terminology based on someone's previous post) talk chords, hey we all might learn something. Incidentally, did anyone notice that W. Bernhardt is a better player than DF in that 'jazz-rock concepts' video?

And will everybody please work on their spelling?


...sharing the things we know and love with those of my kind, libations, sensations,that stagger the mind...

one of the lucky ones @large Sat Sep 28 04:28:58 PDT 1996

Jay: Metal Leg published the (partially incorrect) lyrics to "The Second Arrangement" in the Feb 88 issue, which is on line here

bob tedde Sat Sep 28 05:14:34 PDT 1996

STEVE COX: Jamachan Dude is partially correct in that I thought you was someone other than Keyboard guy. For some reason (actually a reason I understand but won't go into) I thought you were the bass player. Ooops. I'll have to snag a copy from one of my Letterman Fanatic friends and re-watch for you. Great story about Paul's "Artie" card. I have a great related story I'll e mail you some time (lest Clas and the Kinky descend upon me for being a name dropper. Keep Rockin'.


peg Sat Sep 28 06:48:06 PDT 1996

Bob: I'm no Letterman Fanatic (I didn't even know the B-3 guy's name), but I have it on tape. You can borrow it if I can borrow something you have on tape. Deal?

Steve Cox: Nice job! I liked your harmonies, too; good blend with TY's voice. I'll be out to see the show (again) when ya'll come to San Diego.

p.s. Bob: 9 disks and 2 tapes done; 653 to go.

Nick Kreisge Sat Sep 28 07:47:24 PDT 1996

Claus, it's all about the records. If they put out a new CD that is up to the standards we are used to getting from SD, that's all that matters. I have strong reservations about Walter singing on a Dan album; c'mon if he was any good we would have heard from him before his mid 40's. But as long as whatever we get from them is good, I hope they become billionaires. As far as Donald being a businessman, it's foolish to think that a successful middle aged man is not one to some extent. But would any of us be here if he was more interested in putting out songs with "hit potential" instead of "quality" on his albums? Probably not. Granted, they felt compelled to play a "greatest hits" type concert this time out, but that's because they learned from previous tours that it's what the fans want, not everyone who goes to the shows has digested the entire Dan discography. But just wait for the new stuff to come out before jumping to any conclusions.

Edd Cote Sat Sep 28 08:33:00 PDT 1996

Argh! Business forces me to leave NYC just hours before the gig a La Bob Bat. To add insult to injury, I'll be staying within staggering distance of the gig. (Sheraton @52nd) Who's getting in when? I'll be at the infamous "JJ's Bar & Grill" (aka Jacob Javitts) during the day all week.

If B&F want to take another 10 years to put out another album, that's fine with me.

Buzz Sat Sep 28 10:51:26 PDT 1996

Clas:Maybe the way D and W are treated over the pond should be a wake up call. Next time tour the U.S. for a full tour and get great fans, great reviews, and greater appreciation.

I'm looking into the future. Whats the story on Donald and Walters kids? Are there any? Is it possibe we may see Don or Walt Jr. someday??

Kinky: You are the man. Don't let anyone tell you any different. I like your style. Keep it coming.

Maybe Donald should get into the acting business. He would play a great "Silence of the Lamb", "007", "killer scientist trying to take over the world using the internet powers, musician, kind of dude."

He is the coolest dude on the Earth.


Jay Sat Sep 28 11:03:31 PDT 1996

When I graduated from high school in 1976, I remember driving to the beach one hot summer night in N.C. jamming to Royal Scam on 8-track. When I got to East Carolina in the fall of '76, my roommate had a Pioneer system and the "Royal Scam" album and those sounds blew me away.........even with the CD's, it seems like it never sounded better than that time......Is that a revelation or what?????????

Phil Filestrio @walkitlikeyoutalkit Sat Sep 28 12:30:58 PDT 1996

On the way to work the other day the "King of all Media", Howard Stern, was doing his show. One of his producers mentioned how much he loved Steely Dan, and Stern decided to go off on how much he hated them. He called their tunes homomusic and said the only song he ever liked of theirs was Show Biz Kids because they said "fuck". What do you expect from a guy who's favorite band is Enuffs Enuff and judges music on the length of the band's hair and number of tatoos?

Maxine Sat Sep 28 13:15:35 PDT 1996

Peg: You can borrow it if I can borrow something you have on tape." You go, girl. Get me some of that Moet while you're at it.

George Sat Sep 28 13:44:58 PDT 1996

Buzz: Re Clas: Well, well, c'mon, to take the disturbed mind and talk of one Scandinavian about SD in Europe is not The Truth. As far as I have seen reviews on the Euro-shows, most of the shows were enjoyed by both the audience and the artists - as far as we can tell. Maybe there are reasons for not playing (e.g. Sweden) were there's no reaction ... And I might add, playing few shows where the reaction was kinda low - German audience was small in numbers while good at it in the shows! So please let's stay cool and not have the pond as a barrier between musical interests, and I do hope they'll play Europe again on the next round trip. I will go to see their show(s) if they do and if they don't, and so will others. Peace, Buzz, and others. And: what else can we do to make the morons shut up? Assist with some help, please!

I don't understand the argument about B + F and business and the new album and so on: If you heard the new material, you know what you're waiting for. So what's up? If you think you don't want to pay for something, then don't. You decide what's of value for you. If the Beevis&Butthead T-shirts are cheaper, go buy one of these. Or go to a concert of I-don't-know-who.

Ruby: aol returned my email ... Will you show me the way ? Make me happy and lead George

My 6 year old's current favourite is Rikki. Bye for now.

Ben Tatar Sat Sep 28 14:42:45 PDT 1996

PHIL:What else do you expect from a cross dresser? Accuracy?


Kristy Hinds Sat Sep 28 18:03:38 PDT 1996

Hello Dannites,

I wanted to introduce myself, as I have done for the SD digest, so if any of you read that post, I apologize for the redundancy. I saw D&W once in concert at George, WA, in a crowd of about 10,000. It was great! I'm also a big fan of Ani DiFranco. I love alot of disco music from the 70s (Am i banned? Will I be flamed for this? ;> Let's see . . . I love Chaka Khan, the Doobie Bros (especially Michael McDonald's work and the tune Black Water!), and I love Earth, Wind & Fire, Basia, and Manhattan Transfer has two albums that are essential for me: Offbeat of Avenues, and Brasil.

I live in Portland, Oregon, and saw Skunk Baxter about a year and a half ago in some little club with some new band of his that I can't remember the name of. I do remember, however, that he sat on his trademark stool, and played his trademark Roland Jazz Chorus amp and a see-through plastic strat-like guitar.

I'm also a musician and just released an alternative-jazz album that conjures many of the previously cited influences. Clips and info on that can be had at

Looking forward to the guestbook experience!

kristy hinds

Clas Sun Sep 29 04:17:17 PDT 1996

So, maybe its true what someone in Rolling Stone wrote: Donald Fagen is an overgrown child with only spaceships and science fiction in his head. I was supriesed when "11 tracks..." came and I listened to it the first time. Walter sings with sensitive brutallity, the lyrics are about life, and all the humor who is in them. I never listen to Kamakirad longer. Its something wrong with it, but I cant point it out. And Walters basschops are not that tight they should be.

I had to look up the word moron and now I know what it is.

Hi from Clas

Clas Sun Sep 29 05:17:42 PDT 1996

Oh, hallo Kristy Hinds. I also like to introduce myself for you, you newcomber. Im a man, thats what my wife tells me all the time, 42 yers old, and running my own business. Some on this site keep telling me I should mind my own business to and not write to this quering, adoptylos site nomore. Im also been told that Im a Moron. Thats a kind of folkgroup that wandered in from east Arabia to Spain in early 1500-something. Kristy, Im glad youre here cause I have lots of things to tell you. You know, I write some lyrics from time to time and someday, I dont promise anything, but someday I maybe write a song to you. But in case I do, you have to imagine the music and just read the lyrics.

Well, that was that. You know, tonight when I couldnt sleep I was spending some time in my bed looking at the moon. It was full. But I wasnt so I went to our downcellar (thats a kind of naturall refrigurator we have here in Sweden) and made my self a sweezy sandwich. Back to bed I put on "Nightfly". And do you know, when the CD came to the popular name Maxine and Bruce Hornsbys moroniousley pianosolo, I suddenly realized that he took the theme on the solo from a famous song. Shall I tell you wich you snakehips? It is from Kinks "You really got me" Isnt that sfearing?

Well, I hope to hear from you lots of times. (and you, you kinky little hipster girl, dont bother when the All American Boys starts to yell here about that foolish swede is communicating with an american girl.

Love from Clas

CLAS Sun Sep 29 06:57:17 PDT 1996

KINKY, and others who answered my thoughts about Steely 1974 vs Steely 1996. What I meant is that it is a little bit pathetic to see Roger Daltrey singing "My Generation" nowdays. But I think you are so locked up in Danfanatism so you dont to see what I mean. Or maybe its just a lack of intelligence. (yes, I think its the last)

When I was growing up in the seventies and I was listen to the Dan and Doobies, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell, there where some nerds who was living for the fifies and Elvis Presley. Well, you wont understand me and dont give a shit cause you belive you are something very speciall.

kirsty, my Belle! Im coming up with something here, its a beginning on a song, listen.

You start with a constant groove (like sign in stranger) Lots of yelling guitars, marimbas and a weisley hornsection. No pickin. The lyrics; I like the you walk baby (oooh baby(choir)) I like the way you smoke maybe (ooh dont get cancer baby)

Well thats not much, but get back to you and I PROMISE that this masterpiece will be ready for you.


Broadway Dutchess still@large Sun Sep 29 07:34:03 PDT 1996

Hi Kristy. How do you like the Guestbook Experience so far? Strap in tight...

Clas Sun Sep 29 08:59:39 PDT 1996

Ah, Kristy, dont mind mr Broadway Dutches, hes also a Moron. Wait till you hear from mr Kinky (is that his real name?) hes a real besserwisser. Hes the man who run this page. Dont you dare to disagree with him. Ill be back...

StAlphonzo Sun Sep 29 10:09:48 PDT 1996

I've got to take exception with the negative comments about Sign In Stranger on AIA. Personally this was one of the highlights of the '94 show. Sit back for a momment and think about those little pieces of paper that have pictures of mickey mouse and other colorful drawings on them. Then, think about ingesting one of those pieces of paper.

Now, listen again. I think you'll get it this time....

Added a couple of pictures to the picture page. Both taken at the Gorge in '94. Courtesy of Pete Fogel.

Peace, StAl

StAlphonzo Sun Sep 29 10:23:39 PDT 1996

Apparently Walter has really done it this time. I just went surfing over to the Pathfinder chat server and guess what? NO #steelydan. Wiped out, gone, nada.

Now what? I propose that we all meet in #HOB. This is pathfinders chat room for "Rhino's House of Blues". If those fat boys think they're gonna stop us, they've got another thing coming.

So, unless the #steelydan room magically reappears before 7:00pm pst tonight then we meet in #hob instead.

Chain lightning it feels so good StAl

Maxine Sun Sep 29 11:16:26 PDT 1996

StAl: noted the room change. Do you think it would help any to suggest that regular chat users send mail to the Pathfinder folks? Politely asking for the channel back, thanks?

Just a thought.

See you tonight, wherever we are.


Maxine Sun Sep 29 11:30:41 PDT 1996

I promised myself (and others!) I wasn't gonna do this (StAl, we'll talk later) but...

Clas: What are you on? "Maxine" solo and Bruce Hornsby? Do you have a version of Nightfly that was only released in Sweden? I'll bet that Jon Bon Jovi did all the guitar work on it, too.

There. I feel better now.

Calm as usual, -max

Jules Sun Sep 29 12:06:31 PDT 1996

CLAS : Thanks for your answer, I really like Kid on alive, I like this nervous, stiff kinda groove, but I will listen to Kid on Royal Scam again, maybe you're right. What's happened to you to let Bruce Hornsby play the great piano solo on Ruby Baby ? Jules, Hi all !!!

Jules Sun Sep 29 12:21:24 PDT 1996

Question : Can anyone tell me where I can find the music sheets of some SD songs (like I found the lyrics) on th Internet ?

Paul C. Sun Sep 29 12:54:04 PDT 1996

Hey DanFans, how's everyone doing? Love reading this page from time to time. A bit too much technicality and bickering, but hey, do what you want! Saw the Dan at Hollywood Bowl. A fine show and much enjoyed by me and my honey. Well that's all for now...y'all keep cool!

Ruby's just hangin'out Sun Sep 29 13:20:28 PDT 1996

Hi, everyone! I've got a question. What do you think about the piano in Fire In The Hole? Is it blues or is it more jazzy? Or is it something else? I can't decide, except that I am loving it so much!


Oh, yeah. Somebody recently said it wasn't Republican to listen to SD. I beg to differ.

Edd Cote Sun Sep 29 15:58:18 PDT 1996

re: "Is it blues or is it jazzy"

Well, I like it, so it can't be blues, but it's not like the two are mutually exclusive.

Actually, I hear Ellington all over that piece. Listen to the piano solo in "Fire..." back to back with "East St. Louis..." and see if you don't agree.

I'm not YOUR Nancy Sun Sep 29 16:18:08 PDT 1996

I am not able to bring up the Official SD Homepage on my favorites list anymore. I have used all of the tricks I know but it has been two (2) weeks since I have been able to view that page. We are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. I don't really know much about the nuts and bolts of the Internet, I just use it all the time. Can someone help me out there. I believe it is one of 5 things:

1. It is my fault.

2. Bad karma.

3. It is my fault.

4. Bill Gates hates me.

5. It is not my fault.

Any ideas out there?

SD web drone @html hell Sun Sep 29 17:14:42 PDT 1996

Not My Nancy:

Although Pathfinder is notorious for spot-screwups (case in point: the chat room mysteriously closing again today) and crashes of anywhere to an hour to a day, the SD site itself is usually up, and I've been getting it on both Mac and PC (but both via Netscape). I think #4 is most likely correct. But you might check with your Internet (online) provider too; perhaps they have been having connectivity problems somewhere in your region web.

Ed Beatty Sun Sep 29 19:07:14 PDT 1996

Keep the fat boys in red speedo's in check.

Thanks for the GREAT SUMMER!!!

HowyB Sun Sep 29 19:54:36 PDT 1996

Pete or Ray

I picked up a CD by Gary Blu ( the guy who played at your club & did the SD arrangements) Boch & Blu "I hide my face like this"

Great CD...very SD ish I beleive Drew Zingg plays on the CD as well.

A friend of mine turned me on to them... I ordered the CD right off the net. (

Maxine Sun Sep 29 21:42:23 PDT 1996

Ruby: "Is it blues or is it more jazzy?" I hear all the dissonances and interesting modes in the solo, and think jazz-- but it's got the rhythmic influences of a blues/rock tune... so which comes out more to you? I can't pick one over the other, actually.

md: just listened to YGTII and think that the intro would work *very* well for P/R segues. I couldn't picture it till I heard it, but it works.

Past my bedtime. The keys aren't working right. Night all.


jrkoffartst jrkoffartst Sun Sep 29 21:44:11 PDT 1996

Why doesnt Walter becker take some singing lessons? he needs 2 sing in key

Lars Mon Sep 30 01:57:19 PDT 1996

"Your unpleasant, repellent and offending language will then be hidden for most of the world ..."

heres for you George:

Clas -dom tar dig pa allvar! Eller varfor skiter dom i att korrigera dig? Jag tror inte att det finns manga over 20 pa den har sidan. I fortsattningen vore det kanske en id att ta det hele pa svenska.

Beautiful Survivor Mon Sep 30 02:47:50 PDT 1996

Steve Cox: I -finally- got to watch the tape I made of the Letterman gig. Great job! It's also nice to be able to add another face to the list of names.

StAl: Thanks for the new pictures. Once again we see that the Big Guy loves a great show; the backdrop he provided for D & W and Company is living proof!

To Shannon Lucid: Could it be that [you] have found [your] Home at Last?

Later, Beautiful Survivor

Clas Mon Sep 30 03:05:58 PDT 1996

Maxine: Bruce Hornsby did ALL the keyboardwork on "nightfly". I can also tell he had a hell playin the fast notes on "new frontier". He had to use TWO hands on one key.

Lars: Du, jag fick ett email frn Pat Benner dr han sger att dom mailar honom och sger att han mste gra nt t Clas. S hr sger han till mig; "Uh what shall I do? Tell mammy? Shit, keep posting away. One thing that always confounds me is the sensetivity that some of the people on the board exhibit. For chrissakes, this is STEELY DAN!! Dont these people actually listen to the lyrics? Peace StAl "

Hej Clas

Edd Cote This space for rent Mon Sep 30 03:18:16 PDT 1996

Bruce Hornsby didn't play a note on "The Nightfly."

George Mon Sep 30 03:22:49 PDT 1996

Hehehe ... thanks for the spell, Lars.

"Bring your flat hat and your axe ..."

Clas Mon Sep 30 03:49:11 PDT 1996

Lars: kan vi i fortsttningen vara verens om att du skter ditt skrivande s skter jag mitt? Jag r INTE intresserad av vad du tycker om mig. Frsttt?

Maxine; I hope youre not jealous that Im working on a song for Chrissie. I will make one to you later.

George; zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Clas Mon Sep 30 06:19:18 PDT 1996

Sorry pals, I had little discussion with our new friend Lars (I think hes from norway) He says that no one on this site is over twenty so they wont understand that Im joking from time to time. "They take you seriously, write in swedish instead."

Kristie, I admit that the lyrics to the song wasnt to good. So I have been up all night and grubbing and moronesley inspired myself to a new one. It goes something like this; First the chords; Cm7, Cm7, Gm7, Gm7, Fm7, Bb/Eb F/Bb, G/C, Eb/Ab F/G.

Im a woodpeckers son, I dont want to pick no one, cause I hate to destroy those, banyan, trees in the summer.

Well so youre from Portland. Thats very funny because Jackson Browne wrote a song who goes;

"drivin down the two-ninetyfive to the Portland, Maine, still high from the people up there..."

Maxine; patience is a virtue.

Free Tibet Clas

Maxine Mon Sep 30 06:27:12 PDT 1996

Clas: I'm not even going to argue with someone who posts personal email. Fine; Bruce Hornsby must have played silent keyboard on Nightfly... or just didn't *want* to be credited.

And it's Pat Beemer, not Benner. Right, StAl?


Lars Mon Sep 30 07:07:59 PDT 1996

George - what spell?? YGK - Benny Goodman?????? Clas - ditt skrivande skter du ju alldeles utmrkt p egen hand och jag har inga ambitioner att bist.

Psycho @the dark room in your mind Mon Sep 30 07:28:47 PDT 1996

Mr. Kinky So N So,

My, My, My, you are an arrogant motherfucker. But it is time for your high-mindedness to stop. So it will.

I know where sweet little faggot ass lives.

Say goodnight, Gracie. You are World War II:



YourGoldKeith Mon Sep 30 08:50:56 PDT 1996

Just a heads'up on the October 12th Post-Rockola show festivities . . . not that anyone would show, but I am not bartending in SOHO at Le Pescedou that night, or any other night for that matter . . .

Maxine: re: jazz/rock: I'm quite sure you could extract the piano solo from the track in question - I can't find the post right now - and put a jazz section behind it and it would still fit. Whereas, the piano solo swings on its own but fits over the four of what is typically a rock beat. This is part of the reason SD is considered jazz/rock. Hope things are well with you . . .


clas Mon Sep 30 09:06:01 PDT 1996

Maxine, seriously (ok I dont know how it spells) What do you mean with "someone who posts personal email". Im very confused when you say so, Im serious, what do you mean? Hi from clas

a democr @ Mon Sep 30 09:41:04 PDT 1996

Ruby: Ok, you can start your begging now.

Kinky Mon Sep 30 09:56:56 PDT 1996

OK Clas, whatever you say, Psycho.

Maxine Mon Sep 30 10:10:28 PDT 1996

Clas: nevermind, maybe I was wrong. Overreacting goes well with our American selves sometimes. Check your email.

YGK: "...part of the reason SD is considered jazz/rock." Yes, I was responding to Ruby's post, asking which we thought it was. I agree that it's both.


maj. dude Mon Sep 30 12:27:13 PDT 1996

What do you think would be a great title for the next Steely Dan album? .................huh?

DrMu ourtimehascomeandgone Mon Sep 30 12:48:42 PDT 1996

Maxine: I, too, thought that Greg Phillanganes and Michael Omartian with DF were manning the keyboards on "The Nightfly." ..and they don't even sound the least bit like Bruce Hornsby, either. Go Figure.

your comments on "Sign in Stranger"

Klunky (or should I say Dr. Moot): It is clear that your blade is as dull as your wit. After checking some of the postings, you're also only half right at best (which is to be expected as you clearly are typing with one hand). You are a boor and a bore, and maybe even a boar. "The weekend at the college didn't turn out like you planned..."

DrMu msgdat.again Mon Sep 30 12:53:12 PDT 1996

St. Al: Enjoyed your take on "Sign in Stranger"

Lou Chang Mon Sep 30 15:44:28 PDT 1996

New Album Title Suggestion: "Steely Dan-The Older We Get, The Better We Used To Be" ...Come on guys, you can do better than "Wet Side Story"-what a clever pun... Did Little Kawaii teach you that one, Walter? and "Cash Only Island", are you talking about tollbooths or gas stations for your Beemers? Where are the misanthropic and cool groovin' fellas we fell in love with? Married with children... Lost their edge... Creativity sapped... So sad.

A Pioneer Mon Sep 30 15:46:34 PDT 1996

Hola smack daddy's it has been a long, long time. So I got a few things to say.

1. Damn those swedes sure are funny!


Thats right you SD geeks and silly little freaks there is a bootleg out that you-yes even you too clas-must have. Stop me if you've heard it, then again don't. It is Steely Dan Live in '94. Recorded live at the Riverside Ampitheater in disgusting St. Louis, Missouri (from kansas city myself). Oh my little SD friends you must trudge out into the mean streets to get this one. Sure it may cost you up to $50.00-$60.00 (thats alot of money for CD's around here clas von beulow) but hey your not just getting one CD your getting 2. Yes 2 great Steely Dan live cd's for the whole shabang. Would you like for me to list the songs-I knew you would. 1. Instrumental overture #1 featuring (the royal scam, bad sneakers, aja) 2. green earings 3. Bodhisattva (yes again) 4. I.G.Y. 5. Josie 6. Hey Nineteen 7. Book of liars 8. Chain Lightning 9. Green flower street 10. HOME AT LAST (my favorite) 11. Instrumental Overture #2 DISC2 1. deacon blues 2. tomorrow's girls 3. babylon sisters 4. reelin' in the years 5. the fall of '92 (WB-I love this song) 6. peg 7. third world man 8. Countermoon 9. teahouse on the tracks 10. my old school.

There it is. Total track time of both CD's is 138 minutes of live SD music. AND... for you Steely Dan buffs it (the show) was engineered by Roger Nichols. A little more info: It was made in Italy by Bolero Music Co. SRI., 1429 via del corso, Milano, Italy.

So my SD friends, and you too clas, if you don't already have it go to your record store and demand it, it truely is worth it. WB I'll send you a copy if you send me that lithograph you promised me. Remember?

Keep the brotherhood,

A Pioneer

Edd Cote Phhhhtttt.... Mon Sep 30 16:00:04 PDT 1996

The '93 show from Maryland is also available.

Sound quality sux. Some parts are downright painfull.

A Pioneer same@above Mon Sep 30 16:04:10 PDT 1996

Hey is it just me, but when you read posts from clas do you read it in a swedish accent? Man thats crazy.

Kinky: I think you need to go into the witness protection program-swedish mafia may be looking for you ready to beat you with 3 day old cheese and attack with witty uncomplete sentences.

Come on people this is all about brotherhood and sharing our respected opinions on things Steely Dan. In the words of Rodney King, "Ouch, that F*CKIN' hurt"


Peter Noss Mon Sep 30 16:09:01 PDT 1996

Luckless Pedestrian: I, too noticed that Warren Bernhardt is a vastly superior keyboardist on the instructional vid. Then again, Warren Bernhardt is much more of a sightreading/improv chopsmeister than a composer/arranger of pop-Jazz classics. Similar sentiments were echoed by one of their reeds players from the '93/'94 tours......

I saw "Bob Curnow's L.A. Big Band Plays the Music of Pat Metheny," two years ago in DA VALLEY. It was about two months after the '94 SD tour was over. Bob Sheppard - who played tenor and soprano on both tours was in this 20-piece band. After the show, I went over and said "hello and thanks for the shows...." He was in the middle of telling someone what he thought of D+W's abilities as players. He basically said that what they lack in playing chops they more than make up for in terms of composition and in terms of Donald - the pinpoint accuracy of his hearing (e.g. tempo/harmony,etc.)

I don't think D+W ever claimed to be virtuoso Jazz noodlers. They've done a unsurpassable job of surrounding themselves with monsters.

Hey Josie...Speaking of the instructional Vid....WELL??????? Hope you're doing well...

Greetings to St. Al, rudy, minorWorld, Zombie and Delia and our friends in the UK and abroad........

Happy Monday if you can.....


Me, Yes that same assh*le again do not get mad@me Mon Sep 30 16:16:00 PDT 1996

Hey ED, funny you should say that. This one sounds great. I have heard the Maryland one (at least I think it was that one) and yes sound is terrible. The St. Louis one however seems like it is recorded right off of the board. You can hardly hear the crowd. Of coarse that could just be the But really the sound is all there-no skips, bumps, or background noise. Honestly worth it.

CUERVO Mon Sep 30 16:20:24 PDT 1996

Clas: In the masterpiece AJA the police whistle is played by D F according to the lp credits.

simple Q: finally what is the real meaning of "drink your big Black Cow"?

In the best manner, please stop talking easy of Cuba. Those who are interested in latin-jazz must know that Cuba has given the best precursionistas y musicos in the world. Try Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Keyboards) Cachao (bass) as example.

StAlphonzo Mon Sep 30 17:40:31 PDT 1996

Hey Jckoff: Why don't you go back to practicing you craft?

Hey DrMu: When i heard it live in '94 I figured it was just the paper. When I heard it on AIA I figured, well, it was just the paper....

Clas And Lars: Cut it out you two, sheesh. Understand that a majority of us on this board went to US public schools where english as a first language was barely taught effectively, or is that affectively....?

Beautiful Survivor: Until I saw the pictures I thought it was the paper...

Maxine: Right!

Peace, StAl

StAl's @significant other Mon Sep 30 18:23:06 PDT 1996

Psst....Hey everybody. It's StAl's b-day today.....

Tiago Sochaczewski Mon Sep 30 20:26:24 PDT 1996

Female pianist/singer needed. Preference given if from the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area. Must have JAZZ chops or at least,basic understanding of "jazz-chords".Should be willing to write original material;jazzy,swinged-out&pop.Influnences: You know who... those interested,please contact:Tiago Sochaczwski at

see ya! Tiago

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