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As I've said many times in the past, never in my wildest dreams did I expect this site to grow the way it has when I started it back in 1995. During that time the Guestbook took on a life of it's own. What started with just a few posts about how much people enjoyed the music of Steely Dan, turned into an online community of friends from all over the world. One of the by-products of this was the suggestion by Clas Lundkvist that the musicians who frequent the guestbook submit music for inclusion on a CD. Thus was born the Guestbook Compilation CD. The first one -- titled Technicolor Motorhome 2000 -- was organized by John Warren (JWMailbu). It was his original idea and hard work that produced the first 2 editions. In 2002 those duties were assumed by Brett Barney (Schwinn) and the name was changed to Steely Knives.

The fourth and final edition brings us full circle. Clas has taken the reigns and produced Yellow Peril. 20 songs clocking in at 72 minutes. This version includes a number of Steely Dan covers, but also 11 originals from a variety of musicians in the Steely Dan fan community.

Below are links to downloadable MP3 of the songs off each album. Feel free to download and listen. All songs are copyrighted by the respective artist. You may not copy or redistribute these songs without permission from the artist themselves. All rights are reserved. All Steely Dan covers are owned and copyrighted by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker.

Yellow Peril (The Guestbook Compilation 2002)

1. Yellow Peril Intro - Steve Chernove
2. 2nd Intro - Steadysession
3. Bad Sneakers - Steven Baker
4. Oh Wow It's You Again - & Juliet - Gina Vodegel & E. van Egdom
6. Those Days - Steadysession
7. Lovin' - Simpleflower
8. Eldorado - Sergio Ruiz-Mier
9. At The Beach - David J. Moore
10. Calle sin Nombre - Nigey Lennon
11. Ingen alskar dig - C. Lundkvist
12. Weightless - Roy Moats
13. Dr. Wu - The Dan Collective
14. Buddha on the Bowery - Ken Vogel
15. Any Major Dude - Tortfeasor
16. Gaucho - The Pretzel Logic Band
17. Evelyn - Leif Losater & Lars Norgren
18. Brain Tap Shuffle - Nigey Lennon
19. Antartica Falls - Howard Wright & Simon Roberts
20. Yellow Peril Outro - Steve Chernove

Steely Knives (The Guestbook Compilation 2002)

1. U Turn - Clas
2. World Go Round - Florida Dave
3. Candy - The Faradays
4. That Seven Feel - Howard Wright
5. Eye To Eye - Malcolm Hunter
6. Symphony Blues - Gina
7. Caves of Altimira - Steven Baker
8. Reunion Condition - Roy Scam
9. Soon Morning - M Hutchenson
10. Vocal Jam - Miz Ducky w/Neon Brown
11. Oh No, I'm a Waiter Again - Ken Vogel
12. Because of Him - Dinah Yonas/Jonas Lundkvist
13. Dr. Warren's Heights - Clas
14. Short Skirt - The Faradays
15. Babylon Sisters - Pretzel Logic

Links to many of these MP3 currently broken. Will restore soon

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