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Complete unedited transcript of Steely Dan in conference in the CompuServe Convention Center(tm) on October 20, 1995.

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Glenn: hello everyone....
Glenn: welcome to an evening with Steely Dan
Glenn: Donald Fagen...
Glenn: and Walter Becker...
Glenn: without further ado...


Steely Dan: WB - Yes it is

Barney asks: Your classic "Ricki Don't lose that number" ... is the lyric a plea on the part of a friend of a heroin abuser ... that (she) should call him if she needs to kick the habit and the urge to use grows too great?

Steely Dan: WB - Of all of the outre interpretations of the lyrics of Riki that is the most boring yet (ga)

peter asks: I've been both a fan of your music and a casual student of Medieval History since my college days back in the '70s. I'd really like to know what prompted you to write "Kings", as royal secession in twelfth and thirteenth century Britain is not the stuff of which most pop songs are made.

Steely Dan: DF - We wanted to write a song that would chain mail (ga)

David Lavalley asks: Donald and Walter,
The guitar solo from "Don't Take Me Alive" is my all-time favorite...just rips my head off. Who played it, and how far did you go in composing solos vs. letting players improvise? P.S. Glad you're back

Steely Dan: WB - that particular solo, a doosey, was played by Larry Carlton
Steely Dan: DF -That's Larry "Mr. Guitar" Carlton
Steely Dan: WB - All of the solos on our records were improvised by the players themselves, with no more than the occasional ryeballed encouragement offered up buys
Steely Dan: (ga)

John asks: To Donald: With all the mixed reaction to Kamakyriad, (I loved it, naturally), what's your outlook for another state of the art digitally recorded new cd?

Steely Dan: DF - What thehell are you talking about, what mixed reaction everyone I knew love it, it was nominated for records of the Year
Steely Dan: WB - Actually I think I had a couple of reservations about one thing and another, perhaps now would be as good as a time as any.... of the hell with it (ga)

Marc Printz asks: What is the difference between Pretzel Logic and Predicate Logic?

Steely Dan: DF - Nickt verstehen. (ga)

Nancy asks: Using Walter's "Quick Read Song Quotes" format, how would you classify your political beliefs? Have they changed any from the '60s and '70s?

Steely Dan: DF - That's a good one
Steely Dan: DF - Nixon then. Gingrich now. Same old, same old.
Steely Dan: WB - Anarcho-Syndicalist gutterpuppies with a taste for a well put backbeat (ga)

Harris Bookfor asks: Steely Dan's music can be categorized as having jazz, adult contemporary and rock influences. Some songs have a blend of several types of music. The last few Becker-Fagen-SD albums appear to be gravitating away from rock. What does the future hold?

Steely Dan: DF - Its breath
Steely Dan: WB - Just you wait (ga)

Big Al asks: Do you know about the "Steely Damned", a 13 piece band in San Diego, that does a great job covering exclusively Steely Dan material?

Steely Dan: WB - Yes and it is my fond dream of someday surprising them at their nasty work and sitting in for a set or two...don't tell them though (ga)

Brian asks: Ordinary robots would blow up trying to compute some of your material. In a Universe without art how would you reconcile the two inputs of 1) WONDERFUL MUSICIANSHIP AND MELODY and 2)CHARMING CYNICISM AND BIZARRE LYRICAL IMAGERY?(all good things)

Steely Dan: DF - I assume you mean how would we channel our unique energies in a world without art. Rollerball maybe
Steely Dan: WB - I never liked Art as much as Zoot. (ga)

mike p. asks: What is your favorite SD song and which is your least favorite

Steely Dan: WB - Favortie is "The Elephant's Secret" . All the others are tied for second. (ga)

Robert Drumm asks: What are your plans? More touring? A Studio album? A video?

Steely Dan: DF - A video
Steely Dan: WB - A series of videos. (ga)

Chad asks: Walter, which one track is not a track of whack?
ps...loved the Chicago '93 show..travelled 800 miles & a harried customs crossing for it!!!!

Steely Dan: WB - The one in the back. (ga)

Brian Caterino asks: Is Donald Fagen doing anymore work with the New York Rock and Soul Review?

Simon J. Gregory asks: What are each of your top 5 favorate albums that have been released in the last several years?

Steely Dan: DF - Not at the present time. (ga)

Dan Butler asks: I have a CD called "Becker and Fagen, Founders of Steely Dan, Greatest Hits Volume 1". It doesn't sound very produced. The label is "Fabulous Sounds". My suspicions are that this may be an "unauthorized" recording. Is it?

Steely Dan: WB - The last five Milli Vanilli albums were bitchin' . (ga)
Steely Dan: WB - This recording is part of a series of recordings dedicated to financing the college education of a former managers children. (ga)

Marcus Allen asks: Walter and Donald...which one of you came up with the name "Steely Dan"? Is it true that it came from the movie "Naked Lunch"?

Steely Dan: DF - I did
Steely Dan: WB - I did
Steely Dan: DF - Yea from the movie
Steely Dan: WB - Same for me (ga)

Dave asks: The Eagles and Bee Gees had a big influence on your 70's albums. How has Michael Bolton inspired you?

Steely Dan: WB - He has inspired my hairline to receed at an ever accelerating pace. (ga)

Abisch/Scott asks: is the website address in the "liner notes" from Alive in America legit?

Steely Dan: WB - try it and see. (ga)

John Dawson asks: What did you play on Letterman tonight, and how'd you choose?

Steely Dan: DF - "The Elephant's Secret", it is our favortie song. But you should know that by now. (ga)

Steve asks: there is still about 4 songs that were not released on citzen steely dan why?

Glenn: % Moderator recognizes [103071,1547] Steve
Glenn: % Recognized [103071,1547] Steve
Glenn: what songs there Steve?
Glenn: Go Ahead!

Keith Rosenfield asks: What album aould you suggest for someone who wants to hear Steely Dan at their best?

Glenn: while Steve thinks
Steve: dallas , and i forgot the others but they were released on b sides
Steely Dan: WB/DF "Becker and Fagen, Founders of Steely Dan, Greatest Hits, Volume 1". (ga)
Glenn: thanks Steve
Glenn: % Moderator no longer recognizes [103071,1547] Steve
Glenn: % [103071,1547] Steve is no longer recognized
Steely Dan: WB - "Dallas" was left out because it is stinko.
Steely Dan: DF - Ditto for the others. (ga)

George asks: Can you define a mu-major chord? It is the type of major chords in in the song Peg?

Steely Dan: DF - As I told the prodigy hacker the other night, a mu major chord is a major triad with an added second. (ga)

Scott Butler asks: Sci-fi author William Gibson, father of the term "cyberpunk", seems to be a big fan of Steely Dan. Have either of you ever read any of his work?

Steely Dan: WB - Of course we have, and he is entitled to his opinion concerning great music of the 20th Century.

peter asks: Donald, I remember reading in an interview 10 or 12 years ago that you said you wanted to be a "dirty old man" when you grew up? Still aspiring?

Steely Dan: DF - I am proud to say I have achieved my goal. (ga)

Tjitze van Dijk asks: I am from the Netherlands. Dutch fans would love to see and hear you live in concert. Do you have plans to tour Europe?

Steely Dan: WB - We hope that we will be able to bring a band to Europe in the next year ot two. (ga)

Tam asks: Do you have any pets?If so what